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12 Best Ship Movies of All Time

 of 12 Best Ship Movies of All Time

Ships, yachts, cruisers, there’s something about the open sea that calls to many a person – the adventures of yore, the possibility of taming an untamable force, or maybe just an opportunity to sail out to some quiet and calm waters and enjoy a few moments of silence. Whatever it is, the sea has called out to many people, and they have answered. Cinema has effectively captured the various circumstances that can possibly arise on a ship – the pleasures, the possibility of entrapment, the dangers of the sea, the promise of freedom. Here is the list of top movies ever that take place on a ship. And yes, it does include the Tom Hanks pirate ship movie — if that’s what you were thinking. You can also watch some of these best ship movies on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

12. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (2004)

ship travel movies

One of Wes Anderson’s finest films, this movie is marked by beautiful storytelling, poignant acting and themes, and breathtaking cinematography. Steve Zissou, the protagonist played by Bill Murray, is an oceanographer who decides to document the movements and destruction of a ‘jaguar shark’ that was responsible for the death of his partner Esteban. Accompanied by a motley crew that includes his estranged wife, Steve Zissou sails into adventures and tries to overcome them. He forms a special bond with Ned, a boy who believes Zissou to be his father. When Ned dies in this quest, Steve undertakes the remainder of the quest alone but decides to let the shark live upon coming face to face with it. A deeply moving film that reveals its subtle nuances on repeated viewing, Bill Murray makes his indelible mark as ‘the Zissou.’ The ship Belafonte serves as the home and refuge that witnesses the development of Zissou’s character and serves as the primary setting of this excellently made film.

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11. The Perfect Storm (2000)

ship travel movies

Wolfgang Petersen makes another entry in this list with yet another film adaptation of a non-fictional event of a natural disaster at sea. The film stars George Clooney as the captain of Andrea Gail. He is a proud swordboat captain, and his loyal crew and him embark on a late-season fishing expedition. However, when they decide to brave a storm on their way back, things go awry terribly, and in a tragic turn of events, the crew never makes it back. This movie is a gripping tale of bravery and camaraderie even in the face of death, this movie also remains a testament to the love of sailing.

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10. Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)

ship travel movies

Starring the likes of Charles Laughton and Clark Gable, this movie is a retelling of the actual mutiny on HMS Bounty. A lot of people enjoy sailing, but not many enjoy sailing under a cruel captain. Bligh, an unjust and harsh captain, makes life unbearable on HMS Bounty and the movie depicts methodically the mounting atrocities which culminate in the death of Dr. Bacchus and ultimately lead to the mutiny. The crew ultimately save themselves from the grasp of the harsh captain and find their own happiness in this tale of strained relationships and the need for unity at sea.

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9. Ship of Fools (1965)

ship travel movies

This film, directed by Stanley Kramer, raised a few eyebrows at the Academy Awards and was nominated in eight categories. The plot follows strained relations at sea and how human relations are formed in an enclosed space over a long period of time. A testament to human conditions with the ship merely serving as a setting, this film still remains one of the finer ship movies to have graced Hollywood and stars Vivien Leigh in her final film role marking an important cinematic moment in film history.

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8. Poseidon (2006)

ship travel movies

This disaster film stars Kurt Russell. What’s the worst thing that can happen while you’re enjoying a cruise on a luxury liner – yep, you guessed it, a rogue giant wave that sinks your ship. While the plot line is thin, the visual effects are beautiful and got the film nominated for the same category in the 79th Academy Awards. A well-shot film about a group’s escape from a sinking luxury liner, this movie serves to remind us of the dangers out at sea.

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7. In the Heart of the Sea (2015)

ship travel movies

Directed by Ron Howard, this film focuses on the real-life incidents that inspired Melville’s classic literature ‘Moby Dick.’ The film is in a flashback format as Melville interviews Thomas Nickerson the last survivor of the whaling ship Essex. The interview brings out the story of Pollard and Chase, the latter played by Chris Hemsworth. The tale goes on to describe their encounter with an albino sperm whale that causes them trouble and drives some stranded crew members to cannibalism. However, this gripping tale is one of coming to terms with the wildness of the sea and its refusal to be tamed, and the shared bond of compassion and understanding between man and beast. The film also focuses on issues of human self-preservation and makes it one of the finest ship stories in film.

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6. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007)

ship travel movies

If anyone loves movies about ships and how they call to the free souls, they will love Jack Sparrow and his love for his vessel, the Black Pearl. The entire franchise is about pirates, so there are numerous ships throughout the films, but I have chosen this film for a particular purpose. The extraordinarily long movie culminates in one of the most satisfying naval battles between the free-spirited pirates and the English navy that seeks to quash them. The fight between Black Pearl and Davy Jones’ the Dutchman remains etched in one’s memory as an old-school naval battle with cannons blazing. Hoist the colors high and watch this tale of free men who refused to conform to the rules.

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5. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)

ship travel movies

Starring Russel Crowe as Jack Aubrey in this epic war drama made the right waves at the Oscars and won two awards but lost out on other counts to Lord of the Rings. However, the plot is tightly packed with naval chases with the British navy’s HMS Surprise in the trail of the French privateer’s ship, the Acheron. However, the Acheron gets the upper hand in multiple skirmishes, but Aubrey remains hot on the pursuit, and the movie ends with the chase still going on as Acheron’s captain tricks Aubrey into believing in his victory on the one occasion that the HMS Surprise actually lives up to its name and surprises Acheron. A finely made film, this movie is a must-watch for any lover of ships and war movies.

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4. Captain Phillips (2013)

ship travel movies

Tom Hanks plays the titular captain of the boat Mv Maersk Alabama, a merchant ship. The story is based on true incidents and recounts the harrowing details of Phillips being kidnapped by Pirates. The movie shows the dark side of the situation and how piracy is really dangerous for those being robbed. A tale of desperation and reserve in the face of danger, Hanks’ role remains impressive and holds the films to extremely high standards.

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3. The Boat That Rocked (2009)

ship travel movies

Often also referred to as Pirate Radio, this movie deals with the freedom that the open seas represent in a unique light. Set in a time in 1996 when pirate radio channels broadcasted rock and pop music that the BBC radio did not, this plot focuses on one such ship and the carefree life of the crew members. The tale that shows the nature of music and how music teaches us to rebel and be free, this ship becomes a doyen of free thought and something that will not conform to censorship. A touching tale that will bring tears to the viewers’ eyes in the portrayal of relationships and the love of music, this movie remains one of the finest ship movies ever made.

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2. Titanic (1997)

ship travel movies

It was a tough call between Cameron’s best work to date and Eisenstein’s masterpiece, and Titanic comes a close second when it comes to movies about ships. Perhaps the most recognized vessel name, the plot revolves around the actual sinking of the Titanic in the tragic crash against the iceberg. The film typecasts a Hollywood success formula of a boy meets a girl from different walks of life, and an illicit love blossoms against all odds but meets a tragic end. However, the movie gained cult status because of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s performances. Titanic remains the world’s most popular movie about ships and perhaps will for the considerable future.

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1. Battleship Potemkin (1925)

ship travel movies

Directed by Sergei Eisenstein, this silent-era Soviet film is one of the finest examples of filmmaking and is a foundational stone in the very art of filmmaking in terms of cinematography and direction. The plot revolves around the mutiny on board the vessel Potemkin around June 1905. Part of the Imperial Navy’s fleet, the sailors on board revolt as a sign of support for the revolution taking place in Russia. A stunning visual tale divided into various parts to show the multi-faceted mutiny, this cinema remains one of the most heartwarming narratives of solidarity and is easily the best movie about ships.

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12 Top Boat Movies To Inspire Nautical Adventures

Titanic (1997) is one of the Top Boat Movies

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read the disclaimer here .

As someone who watches a lot of travel-inspiring films, I love watching movies set in far-flung destinations. But as the saying goes, “It’s about the journey, not the destination” so I’m focusing on a mode of travel in this post. Everyone else might focus on planes, trains, and automobiles but I’ve created a list of the top boat movies instead!

Boating movies, ship movies, sailing movies… They all sound similar but there are so many different types of boat movies!

Many are ship disaster movies with sea creatures, storms, and iceberg crashes. Some of the best boat movies are about the stormy seas within. Others are plain old swash-buckling adventure movies, and we love those too.

There are honestly too many movies with boats to mention, but I’ve done my best. I feel like that “Boats! Boats! Boats!” character on season six of How I Met Your Mother , I’ve written the word so many damn times.

Without further delay, here is my boat and ship movies list complete with boat movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more.

List of Top Boat Movies

1. lifeboat (1944).

English | 97m | 90% Rotten Tomatoes | Watch on Amazon Prime

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock and based on a novella written by John Steinbeck, Lifeboat  was always going to be a brilliant boat movie.

It’s a story set during World War II about British and American citizens fleeing to lifeboats after their U-boats sink a passenger vessel. Because it was sympathetic to German soldiers and released while the war was still ongoing, many viewers didn’t rate this claustrophobic drama too highly!

Luckily, with the passage of time, the film holds up as one of the great boat films of all time.

Lifeboat (1944)

2. The African Queen (1951)

English, German, Swahili | 105m | 96% Rotten Tomatoes | Watch on Amazon Prime

Winning four Academy Awards including Best Actress for Katherine Hepburn,  The African Queen  is one of the best movies about sailing. Many think it’s a true story, but it’s a fictional tale set at the start of World War I with Hepburn playing a British missionary in German East Africa .

After the war breaks out, she is forced to flee on a little postal boat named African Queen with boat captain Humphrey Bogart. It’s one of the top classic movies about boats that stands the test of time.

Although set in the former German East African territories ( Burundi , Rwanda , the Kionga Triangle , and parts of Tanzania and Mozambique ), it was filmed in entirely different places.

Studio filming was carried out in  Shepperton Studios  in the  UK . On-location filming was in places like the Ruiki River and Ponthierville Falls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Other scenes were shot in Lake Albert, Port Butiaba, and other beautiful destinations in Uganda .

The African Queen (1951) Top Boat Movies

3. Moby Dick (1956)

English | 116m | 84% Rotten Tomatoes | Watch on Amazon Prime

Love to watch movies about boats sinking and movies about sailing ships? You’re in luck, Moby Dick  is both!

Moby-Dick by Herman Melville is an American classic (one I still need to read). It’s a tale told from the point of view of a sailor called Ishmael. He’s sailing on a Nantucket whaling ship called Pequod run by Captain Ahab. The captain has an obsession with killing a white whale called Moby Dick, even if it puts his crew in danger.

Moby Dick  is directed by John Huston and stars Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab and Orson Welles as Father Mapple. There have been several other TV and film adaptations of the 1851 novel, but out of all of these movies about ships at sea, this version is still the best.

Moby Dick (1956)

4. Jaws (1975)

English | 124m | 97% Rotten Tomatoes | Watch on Amazon Prime

Like  Jaws  wasn’t going to be on the list, right? Sure, it would be more at home on a list of thrillers or monster movies than a list of boating movies, but it definitely falls under the  nautical  movies banner. And the, “we’re going to need a bigger boat” line is iconic.

Jaws  is Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster mega-hit about a great white shark that is terrorising the fictional New England beach town of Amity Island . It was mostly shot at Martha’s Vineyard . Three men (played by Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, and Robert Shaw) hunt down the shark on a boat called Orca .

It was just big enough to accomplish the task of taking down the great white (spoilers, I guess?) but not so big for everyone to survive.

Jaws (1975) One of the Top Boat Movies

5. Dead Calm (1989)

English | 95m | 83% Rotten Tomatoes | Watch on Amazon Prime

Dead Calm is an Australian psychological thriller starring Sam Neill and Nicole Kidman as a couple grieving the loss of their young son. While sailing through the Great Barrier Reef , they pick up a sailor (Billy Zane) who claims he is the sole survivor of a sinking sailboat.

They sail a 23-meter Bermudian ketch although I’m not sure of its name. But  Dead Calm  is one of the best boat trip movies with sailboats if you’re in the mood for a thriller. Plus, it’s not the only boats movie on this list with Billy Zane playing a bad guy!

Dead Calm (1989)

6. The Hunt for Red October (1990)

English, Russian | 135m | 88% Rotten Tomatoes | Watch on Amazon Prime

I don’t know if I would’ve put  The Hunt for Red October  on a list about ships in movies considering it’s about submarines, but it’s just too popular to leave out. Specifically, it’s about an undetectable typhoon-class ballistic missile submarine with a caterpillar drive.

The Hunt for Red October  is based on the Tom Clancy novel set during the Cold War. It stars Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan, a CIA agent who suspects the captain of the Red October sub, Marko Ramius (Sean Connery) of being a Russian defector. 

He must find the captain and confirm his suspicions before Ramius’s submarine is targeted by either the Americans or Russians.

Many movies about ships are naturally full of suspense and The Hunt for Red October  is no different. Hopefully, this is one of the better ship movies so you’ll forgive the fact that it’s a submarine! Unless submarines are ships?! Honestly, I’m not the person to ask.

The Hunt for Red October (1990) Top Boat Movies

7. Captain Ron (1992)

English | 100m | 26% Rotten Tomatoes | Watch on Amazon Prime

Here’s one of the few films about ships on this list that is a comedy! Kurt Russel stars as the titular character in  Captain Ron . Martin Short’s character inherits a Formosa 51 sailing boat docked in the Caribbean and he enlists Captain Ron to sail the vessel to Miami for him.

The only trouble is that Captain Ron is what I would call a ‘bit of a character’ and not everything is plain sailing when he’s at the steering wheel.

Is this one of the best sailing ship movies of all time? Probably not, but if you’re in the mood to watch lighthearted, travel-inspiring movies on boats then you could do worse.

Captain Ron (1992)

8. Forrest Gump (1994)

English | 142m | 71% Rotten Tomatoes | Watch on Amazon Prime

Okay, so  Forrest Gump  is a film set on a boat entirely, but in my opinion, it does have one of the most famous boats in movies! Forrest’s Beaufort shrimp boat called Jenny is an icon. And, of course, all of the other Jennys that Forrest adds to his fleet of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. boats.

Forrest is a hapless, affable human who just happens to live an extraordinary life. He becomes a shrimping boat captain after promising his army friend Bubba (who dies while fighting in the Vietnam War) that they would start the company together.

After a rocky start, a storm grounds all of the other shrimping boats in the area allowing the Jenny to thrive.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched Forrest Gump. 10 times? Maybe more? It’s not perfect, but I watch it whenever I want to travel around the US or just be inspired by a beautiful story.

Forrest Gump (1994) Top Boat Movies

9. Titanic (1997)

English | 195m | 88% Rotten Tomatoes | Watch on Amazon Prime

Yes, you knew  Titanic  would be on this list of movies with ships somewhere! James Cameron directed not only one of the most successful films at the box office (as only James Cameron can) but one of the best Hollywood ship movies ever.

Titanic  uses the real-life disaster of the RMS Titanic, a White Star Line passenger liner and now one of the most famous movie ships. It hit an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic Ocean while sailing from Southampton to New York City . The movie follows a wealthy Rose (Kate Winslet) and the lower-class Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) as they find love against the odds.

It really is one of the best ship-sinking movies for many reasons. One is that in the extended cut, the Titanic takes just as long to sink in the film as it did in real life.

10. The Perfect Storm (2000)

English | 130m | 46% Rotten Tomatoes | Watch on Amazon Prime

One, while it’s not one of the best films with boats,  The Perfect Storm  is a true story. And despite getting mixed reviews, it was a commercial success at least.

It tells the tale of ‘Andrea Gail’, a commercial swordfishing boat that got caught up in one of the worst storms in modern history back in 1991. Three fierce weather fronts collided creating, some might say, the perfect storm.

George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, and John C. Reilly lead an all-star cast of fishermen caught up in this monumental storm somewhere between Gloucester, Massachusetts, and the  Flemish Cap . Slight spoilers, but The Perfect Storm comfortably falls within the ‘boat sinking movies’ category.

I hope you aren’t an optimist and you hoped that a small fishing boat would be able to survive one of the worst storms ever, right?

The Perfect Storm (2000)

11. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

English | 143m | 80% Rotten Tomatoes | Watch on Disney+

Based on a ride at some of the  Walt Disney   theme parks,  Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl  is the first in a successful (yet mixed) fantasy franchise. Thinking about the movie, it has a much more complicated plot to explain than I first expected!

Basically,  Curse of the Black Pearl  stars Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, a pirate captain without a ship who arrives in Port Royal in the Caribbean . Orlando Bloom as blacksmith Will Turner and Keira Knightley as the governor’s daughter Elizabeth Swan also star.

The Black Pearl is a ship manned by undead pirates who are in need of Will’s blood, and a coin in Elizabeth’s possession to break their curse.

It’s a family-friendly, fun adventure movie and by far the best of the series. And who doesn’t love a pirate film?! 

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

12. True Spirit (2023)

English | 109m | 79% Rotten Tomatoes | Watch on Netflix

You don’t have to resort to watching amateur sailing videos on YouTube to satiate your desire to watch free boat movies. If you have a Netflix subscription,  True Spirit  is one of the best boating movies on Netflix!

Based on a memoir of the same name, True Spirit  is about a 16-year-old Australian sailor. She wants to become the youngest person to sail around the world alone. Naturally, she must deal with tons of challenges and face her greatest faces (one of them being a horrendous death, I assume).

Although there aren’t many sailing movies Netflix has made as an original production, this one is a really great one. She sails a S&S 34 Ella’s Pink Lady and goes through some unbelievably scary moments.

True Spirit (2023)

Other Top Boat Movies on Ships: Overboard (1987), Hook (1991),  The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou  (2004), The Boat That Rocked/Pirate Radio  (2009),  Life of Pi  (2012), All Is Lost (2013),  The Mercy  (2017),  Dunkirk  (2017),  Adrift  (2018)

Top Boat Movies: That’s a Wrap!

Those are some of my favourite boat movies and ship Movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other platforms.

Have you watched any of these films or have any more recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!

75+ Best Travel Movies To Inspire Your Wanderlust

ship travel movies

Hey! I wrote this. And I'm the human (and hair) behind Almost Ginger. I live for visiting filming locations, attending top film festivals and binge-watching travel inspiring films. I'm here to inspire you to do the same! Get in touch by leaving a comment or contacting me directly: [email protected] .

4 thoughts on “ 12 Top Boat Movies To Inspire Nautical Adventures ”

ship travel movies

Wonderful list Rebecca. So many of these I love. Lifeboat is in my list of top 10 Hitchcock films, and Jaws is an all-time fav of mine. Nice to see Dead Calm make the list – a top-notch, edge-of-your-seat thriller. I must check out Captain Ron, Kurt Russell is great but this one has passed me by.

ship travel movies

Thanks, Dan! There are so many great ones, and so many more I need to check out and add to the list!

ship travel movies

I love this post. So many good ones. Jaws is by far my favorite on this list. So much of the fun of that film is the boat itself. I feel like I know every detail of it.

I would put Peter Weir’s Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World on a list like this. Impeccably well-made and almost entirely on a ship. I also have Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo on my mind. That is how you work with a boat on a film set.

Thanks Kevin! 🙂 Funnily enough I’d thought of Fitzcarraldo but I’d JUST included it in a list of movies about Peru so I thought it would be a bit much considering it’s a more obscure film. I can’t say if heard of the others but I do actually need to watch Jaws again, it’s been aaaages

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Atlas & Boots

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best sailing movies 2020 lead image

25 sailing movies for when you’re knot shore what to watch

We share some of our favourite best sailing movies, from Hollywood blockbusters and indie films to illuminating documentaries

I still hang on to the rather fanciful notion of sailing in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race . Until I pluck up the courage (and the funds), I’ve been busying myself with more realistic nautical escapades.

From  tall ship sailing off the west coast of Scotland  to  sailing the Whitsunday Islands  in Australia , more and more of our travels have taken place on the water.

However, until I make the leap from weekend warrior to blue water sailor, I’ll have to make do with films, books and daydreams.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of the best sailing movies I’ve seen. What follows is a broad mix of modern and classic, indie and feature, drama and documentary film. Whatever their style, these flicks are thoroughly wet and wonderful.

And, I’m sorry about the pun, but you know, ship happens.

best sailing movies

Listed in no particular order, these nautical movies include terrifying ordeals of tragedy, inconceivable stories of survival, turbulent tales of adventure and wild journeys of discovery – perfect for a night in on a dry and comfy sofa.

1. Kon-Tiki (1950) Let’s start with one of the best sailing movies ever made. In 1947, Heyerdahl and five others sailed from Peru on a balsa wood raft. This is the classic Academy Award winning documentary of their astonishing journey across 4,300 miles of the Pacific Ocean.

Kon Tiki is one of the best sailing movies

Watch on Amazon Rotten Tomatoes IMDB

2. Red Dot on the Ocean (2014) Once labelled a ‘youth-at-risk’, 30-year old Matt Rutherford risked it all in an attempt to become the first person to sail solo non-stop around North and South America. Red Dot on the Ocean is the story of Matt’s death-defying voyage and the childhood odyssey that shaped him.

Red Dot movie poster – one of the best sailing movies

3. The Dove (1974) Produced by Gregory Peck, this coming-of-age adventure is based on the true story of Robin Lee Graham . At 16, he set sail in a 23ft sloop determined to be the youngest person to sail around the world.

The Dove – one of the best sailing movies

4. Wind (1992) In over 140 years of competition, the US has lost the America’s Cup just once. This is a fictional story of the American challengers intent on winning back sailing’s top prize. A tale of money, power, love and ambition follows… oh, and some sailing.

Wind  movie poster

5. Morning Light (2008) A riveting true-life adventure aboard the high-tech sloop Morning Light. Fifteen rookie sailors have one goal in mind: to be part of her crew, racing in one of the most revered sailing competitions in the world, the Transpac Yacht Race .

Morning light movie poster

6. Between Home – Odyssey of an Unusual Sea Bandit (2012) An independent filmmaker’s account of his solo voyage from the UK to Australia, negotiating the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans en route. A trip that eventually takes over two years to complete.

Between Home movie poster

Watch on Amazon IMDB

7. Styx (2019) When a lone yachtswoman comes across a sinking ship of refugees, she is torn away from her idyllic trip and tasked with a momentous decision. Should she act when authorities tell her to sail away?

Styx movie poster – one of the best sailing movies

8. Captain Ron (1992) After inheriting a yacht, a Chicago businessman enlists long-haired, one-eyed low-life Captain Ron to pilot the yacht from the Caribbean to Miami. During the voyage, the sailor frequently loses his way while becoming a hit with the businessman’s family. Goofy comedy starring Kurt Russell and Martin Short widely recognised as one of the funniest sailing movies ever made.

Cpt Ron movie poster

9. Maidentrip (2013) This riveting documentary chronicles the life and adventures of 14-year-old Laura Dekker who set out on a two-year voyage in pursuit of her dream to be the youngest person ever to sail solo around the world.

Maidentrip movie – one of the best sailing movies

10. Kon-Tiki (2012) A well-crafted retelling of the epic original and one of the best sailing movies ever made. This dramatised version is a throwback to old-school adventure filmmaking that’s exciting and entertaining in spite of its by-the-book plotting.

Kon Tiki 2012 movie – one of the best sailing movies

“But you can’t navigate a raft,” he added. “It goes sideways and backwards and round as the wind takes it.” – Thor Heyerdahl, Kon-Tiki

11. Abandoned (2015) Four men set sail on the trimaran yacht Rose Noelle . It capsizes in a storm, trapping the crew in a space the size of a double bed. After 119 days adrift, the yacht washes ashore. The crew’s story is extraordinary, but doubt is cast on their claims and they face hostility from the media and authorities.

Abandoned is one of the best sailing movies

12. Adrift (2019) There are far better films on this list, but Adrift is just about worth a watch. Based on true events, a young couple embark on an adventure of a lifetime that brings them face to face with one of the worst hurricanes in recorded history.

Adrift best sailing movies

13. The Perfect Storm (2000) A skipper insists that his crew go out on a final fishing trip before winter sets in. Unknown to them, a brutal storm is on its way. While the special effects are excellent for the time, the film falls a little  short on characterisation.

The Perfect Storm movie – one of the best sailing movies

14. Sea Gypsies: The Far Side of the World (2016) The vessel is Infinity, a 120ft hand-built sailboat, crewed by a band of miscreants. The journey, an 8,000-mile Pacific crossing from New Zealand to Patagonia with a stop in Antarctica .

Sea gypsies movie poster

15. Turning Tide / En Solitaire (2013) Franck Drevil is a star skipper, having won the latest Vendée Globe , the most prestigious round-the-world single-handed yacht race. However, with this year’s race approaching, a sudden accident forces Franck to withdraw.

Turning Time movie poster

16. Knife in the Water (1962) When a young hitchhiker joins a couple on a weekend yacht trip, psychological warfare breaks out as the two men compete for the woman’s attention. A storm forces the small crew below deck and tension builds to a violent climax.

best sailing movies knife in the water poster

17. Dead Calm (1989) This tense thriller tells the story of an Australian couple (Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill) whose yacht cruise is violently interrupted by the mysterious lone survivor (Billy Zane) of a ship whose crew has perished.

Dead Calm movie poster – one of the best sailing movies

18. The Riddle of the Sands (1979) A classic British swashbuckling yarn based on the early English spy novel of the same name. In 1901, two British yachtsmen visit Germany’s Frisian Islands and accidentally discover a German plot to invade England.

best sailing movies movie poster

19. Maiden (2019) The story of Tracy Edwards, a 24-year-old cook on charter boats, who became the skipper of the first-ever all-female crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989.

Maiden movie poster

20. White Squall (1996) Based on a true incident from 1960, White Squall is the story of the tragic sinking of the Albatross , a prep school educational two-masted schooner, during a Caribbean storm. Starring Jeff Bridges.

White Squall movie poster

21. The Mercy (2017) Starring Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz, this is certainly no heroic tale. Instead, it’s the dramatisation of the bizarre story of amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst and his attempt to pull off one of the greatest hoaxes of our time: pretending to be the first to sail singlehandedly around the world!

The Mercy movie poster

22. Deep Water (2006) Following on from the above, Deep Water is a British documentary about the remarkable story of the first Golden Globe round the world yacht race , focusing on the psychological toll it took on its competitors – particularly one Donald Crowhurst.

deep water movie poster

23. Captains Courageous (1937) A spoiled brat who falls overboard from a steamship gets picked up by a fishing boat, where he’s made to earn his keep by joining the crew in their work. Based on the 1897 novel by Rudyard Kipling.

Captains Courageous movie poster

24. Open Water 2: Adrift (2006) A silly premise, but entertaining nonetheless. Six friends jump off a yacht without lowering the ladder first. With no way to climb aboard, it’s only a matter of time before bickering turns to terror.

Adrift is one of the best sailing movies

25. Master and Commander – The Far Side of the World (2003) During the Napoleonic Wars, a brash British captain (Russell Crowe) pushes his ship and crew to their limits in pursuit of a formidable French war vessel.

best sailing movies

“Do you not know that in the service one must always choose the lesser of two weevils?” – Capt. Jack Aubrey, Master and Commander

Readers’ suggestions

Here’s what our readers have added to the list of the best sailing movies.

  • Masquerade (1988)
  • Violets are Blue (1986)
  • Kill Cruise (1992)
  • Message in a Bottle (1999)
  • High wind in Jamaica (1965)
  • Caddyshack (1980)
  • O Mundo em Duas Voltas (The World in Two Round Trips) (2007)
  • One Crazy Summer (1986)
  • Coyote: The Mike Plant Story (2018)
  • The Weekend Sailor (2017)
  • Harpoon (2019)
  • Waterworld (1995)
  • Around Cape Horn (1929)
  • Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)
  • Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)
  • The Bounty (1984)
  • All Is Lost (2013)

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The 18 Best Sailing Movies to Watch on Netflix & Amazon

Watching one of these best sailing movies, you can sail into the ocean from the comfort of your couch.

Watching movies is a great way to take a trip without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. So, if you’re longing to take a voyage on the sea, a sailing movie is a great option!

woman on a sail boat at sunset

Our favorite sailing movies include a great story and amazing views! All of the films on our list are available on Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix at this time. So you can watch a great film about setting sail without ever leaving your house!

Most of these options also lend them selves to be a great outdoor movie night or pool party movie choice !

The 18 Best Sailing Movies

From action-packed thrillers set on a boat to inspiring documentaries about real-life sailors, you’re going to love each of the sailing movies in this comprehensive list.

Rated PG-13

A young couple sets sail on an adventure of a lifetime across the open sea together. But as they’re sailing across the ocean, one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in history capsizes their boat, leaving them to fight for their lives in the ocean, in this sailing thriller based on a true story.

2. Life of Pi

After surviving a shipwreck, the young son of a zookeeper is trapped on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger in this Oscar winning sailing movie directed by Ang Lee.

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3. deep water (2006).

This sailing documentary tells the true story of the first solo, non-stop boat race around the world. As the film progresses, the filmmakers work to uncover the toll the grueling sea trip took on the race’s participants. The documetary features Simon and Clare Crowhurst.

4. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

In this historical drama, Russell Crowe plays a 19th century British ship captain who struggles as he prepares rag-tag team of crew members to attack a French ship.

5. Captain Ron

After a man finds out he’s inherited a yacht, he takes his family on a trip to the Caribbean to bring the ship home in this sailing comedy. When they arrive, the family hires a shady captain to help repair the ship and sail them back to Miami, leading to plenty of trouble on the trip home.

Kurt Russell and Martin Short star in this sailing film.

A group of sailors come together to reclaim the America’s Cup for the American team after a defeat the year before in this action-packed sailing movie starring Matthew Modine and Jennifer Grey.

7. White Squall

An educational sailing trip turns into a larger life lesson for a group of prep school students when their boat gets caught in a white squall storm in this Ridley Scott sailing movie classic featuring Jeff Bridges and John Savage.

group of men working on a sailboat

8. Dead Calm

When a seasoned sailor and his wife, played by Nicole Kidman, take their yacht out on a long vacation trip across the ocean, they come upon a sinking boat in the middle of a calm sea. After rescuing the distressed sailor, the couple uncovers a horrifying sight and works to uncover the mystery behind the capsized vessel.

9. Kon Tiki

This Academy Award winning classic sailing documentary tells the story of a group of sailors who took a 4,300 nautical mile trip across the Pacific ocean on a raft. 

10. Maidentrip

Follow 14-year-old Laura Dekker as she achieves her dream of becoming the youngest person to set sail around the world alone in this riveting sailing documentary.

11. The Old Man and the Sea

Based on the classic novel by Ernest Hemingway, this sailing movie follows Santiago on a fishing trip that ends with the biggest catch of his life. But when sharks attack his catch, he must fight to keep his fish and save himself.

12. Morning Light

Watch as 15 young sailors compete to join the crew of the Morning Light, a sleek racing boat bound for the Transpac LA to Hawaii open ocean race in this Disney sailing documentary.

13. The Perfect Storm

To help tide his crew over for the winter, a fishing boat captain insists the group go out for one more fishing trip before the cold weather arrives. But as the crew sets sail, a storm begins to brew directly in their boat’s path in this sailing movie starring George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg.

14. Red Dot on the Ocean

Hoping to become the first person to sail around North and South America alone, Matt Rutherford goes on a death-defying ocean journey in this popular sailing documentary.

15. The Mercy

Leaving behind a loving wife (Rachel Weisz), an amateur sailor named Donald Crowhurst (played by Colin Firth) competes in the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race around the world. This movie has some of the prettiest sailing scenes and is based on a true story.

An overworked doctor takes her dream trip sailing alone across the Atlantic. But when she comes across a boat filled with refugees, she jumps in to organize the group and get them to safety.

17. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Famous Steve Zissou sets sail with this crew to find a (possibly nonexistent) Jaguar Shark. This quirky comedy stars Bill Murrary, Owen Wilson, and Cate Blanchett.

18. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Johnny Depp plays Captain Jack Sparrow in this popular Disney franchise about the days of pirates and treasure hunts.

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list of the best sailing movies on a backdrop of an ocean sunset

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or you get sea sick at the sight of water, you can enjoy a vicarious trip across the ocean with the help of a good movie. And these amazing sailing movies won’t disappoint!

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Sailing Movies

13 Of the Best Sailing Movies, You Can Watch Again and Again

I’m a recreational sailor. I’ve been sailing on Saginaw Bay since I was a little kid. We started off sailing Snarks and Sunfish. Our family loved sailing movies, and we watched them all. In the early 1970s, my dad took advantage of a marketing campaign by Kool cigarettes where we could purchase a Snark with the white and green KOOL logo on the sail. We still have this old boat and manage to bring her out to play with from time to time. One of the things that irk me is the lack of movie entertainment that revolves around my favorite pastime. I’ve managed to collect a few examples of movies with sailboats here.

Sometimes you can find these sailing movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu.

White Squall (1999)

ship travel movies

The true story of a bunch of boys, a ship, and the sea.

The movie White Squall is based on the 1961 sinking of a brigantine named the Albatross—a two-masted sailing vessel with a fully square-rigged foremast—White Squall is an exciting tale of adventure, friendship, and tragedy. This sailing movie stars Jeff Bridges as Captain Christopher “Skipper” Sheldon, who takes his charges on an epic voyage around the world on the Albatross.

Along the way, the boys learn how to sail and how to work together as a team. They also develop life-long friendships and forge incredibly tight bonds that they can only get from being in such close quarters with each other.

But then tragedy strikes: A white squall appears out of nowhere, sending massive waves crashing down upon their beloved ship. With their lives on the line and all hope of survival seeming lost, Skipper urges his boys to keep fighting for their lives—and trust each other above all else, no matter what happens next.

Wind (1992)

ship travel movies

Wind is a 1992 film directed by Carroll Ballard that follows Will Parker, played by Matthew Modine as he loses America’s Cup, the world’s biggest sailing prize, to the Australians and decides to form his own syndicate to win it back. Will hires Kate Bass, played by Jennifer Grey, to help him with his PR campaign.

The film co-stars Cliff Robertson as Morgan Weld, a businessman who offers to sponsor the team and pays for their yacht. Rounding out the cast is Jack Thompson as Michael “Brue” Brindley, a sailor who found success in racing and now manages an Australian team; Stellan Skarsgård as Bjorn Ericson, a Swedish sailor who sails for an American syndicate; and John McGlinn as Frank Hennessy, an Australian businessman who is investing in the Australian team.

All is Lost (2013)

ship travel movies

All is Lost is one of the most harrowing survival stories ever committed to film, All is Lost is a minimalist exploration of a man’s struggle for survival in the face of adversity. In this case, “adversity” means “the Indian Ocean.”

The story begins with Robert Redford waking up halfway through a solo voyage across the Pacific. He finds that he has struck a floating shipping container, and his boat is filling with water.

Redford’s character is never given a name, but we do get to know him through his actions. He doesn’t panic when he discovers the leak; instead, he sets about repairing it as best he can. He rigs a jury-rigged sail to help him stay afloat while he waits out a storm. When the radio fails, there’s no bemoaning his fate; instead, he puts on his best poker face and keeps going. Each time he faces down yet another crisis and finds a solution, we learn more about him—and the stakes just keep getting higher.

Dead Calm (1989)

ship travel movies

A young couple on a yacht trip in the South Pacific encounters a damaged ship and its only living inhabitant. He is looking for a ride home, so he can return to his wife and kids. The captain is suspicious and refuses to take him on board. As the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that the stranger was responsible for slaughtering the other crew members and that his wife may not be waiting for him at all.

The director depicts this story in an original way, shot completely on a boat, as it sails through the Pacific Ocean. Although the story is fictitious, it still gives us some real sailing skills and challenges of open water navigation.

This movie Dead Calm stars Nicole Kidman, Sam Neill, and Billy Zane.

Morning Light (2008)

ship travel movies

Morning Light is a documentary that follows the youngest crew ever to compete in the Transpac sailing race. All crew members were between 18 and 23. The film follows the development of the Morning Light sailing team, their six months of sea training, and finally, the weeklong race across the Pacific between Los Angeles to Honolulu.

The film follows the young sailors as they develop their teamwork and learn to navigate under pressure and in high winds. The film also gives viewers a glimpse of the athletes’ personal lives: one woman struggles to find childcare so she can attend training while several others struggle with homesickness or the physical and emotional toll of leaving their families behind for months at a time.

The young sailors operate under incredible pressure: they are working hard to impress their sponsors (who have provided them with $2 million worth of equipment), they have only six months to learn how to sail, and they are constantly being compared to more experienced crews. They also must contend with a strict coach who pushes them harder than they’ve ever been pushed before.

Adrift (2018)

ship travel movies

When you’re out on the open sea, you never know what fate may bring.

For Tami and Richard, it was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure—and one they’ll never forget.

Adrift is the true story of their journey to love and their battle with Hurricane Raymond in 1983, considered one of the most destructive storms ever recorded. Tami wakes up in the aftermath of the storm to find Richard seriously injured and their sailboat in shreds and sinking. Now, Tami must summon all her will and strength to save herself… and Richard, with no possibility of rescue.

Starring Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin, Adrift is an incredible tale for anyone who’s ever felt like they were fighting against the world.

Kon-Tiki (2012)

ship travel movies

It’s not often that you can come away from a movie with a new appreciation for the world around you—but that’s precisely what happened when I watched Kon-Tiki!

The movie is based on an actual expedition led by Thor Heyerdahl, a famous Norwegian explorer, and ethnographer, in 1947. Thor theorized that South Americans had settled parts of the South Sea Islands, and he wanted to prove his point. So, after months of preparation, he and five other guys set sail from Peru on a balsa-wood raft. They planned to use natural elements (like stars and ocean currents) to navigate their way through the sea.

It sounds impossible, right? But they did it! And they didn’t even have modern equipment like GPS or maps—just a radio. It’s one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. You should watch this movie; it leaves you feeling inspired about what you can accomplish if you believe in your aspirations.

Maidentrip (2013)

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The documentary, Maidentrip , chronicles the two-year journey of Laura Dekker as she attempts to become the youngest person to sail around the world. The video, directed by Jillian Schlesinger, is a testament to the human spirit and what can be accomplished when one pursues one’s ambition and works hard to attain it.

Dekker is depicted as a free-spirited outsider who finds her utopia in a never-ending sea. She is shown spending time with friends, getting tattoos, and enjoying life on her boat. While she does occasionally use bad language in the video, it never interferes with her message that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to if you are willing to work hard and overcome obstacles that may arise along the way.

The Endurance (2000)

ship travel movies

The Endurance tells the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914-1916 journey to Antarctica, which is considered one of history’s greatest survival stories. Following the terrible death of legendary English polar explorer Robert Falcon Scott on his journey to the South Pole, Shackleton embarked on his third voyage.

Shackleton assembled a 27-man crew aboard his ship, Endurance, and set out in search of a new route across Antarctica from the Weddell Sea to the Ross Sea. The expedition was thwarted by ice near the Weddell Sea, and Endurance was trapped for nearly a year before being crushed by the ice and sinking. The men escaped with their lives onto the floes, where they remained for another five months before reaching Elephant Island. Five men stayed behind at the site of their camp as Shackleton sailed in a small boat with five others in search of help. He sailed 800 miles through dangerous seas to reach South Georgia Island, where he arranged for a rescue ship to save his stranded crew members. All 27 men survived this ordeal, which is considered an epic feat in polar exploration history.

Sea Gypsies: Far Side of the World (2017)

ship travel movies

Picture this: a gang of roving miscreants, with no licenses or insurance and an almost non-existent budget, is bound towards the most perilous seas on the planet.

This is almost the polar opposite of what you may have learned in your sailing classes. But for the crew of “Sea Gypsies: The Far Side of the World,” their story is one of adventure, courage, and determination.

In this heart-pounding documentary, a group of friends takes on the challenge of a lifetime: sailing from New York to Japan without any formal training, using only an old wooden boat that they built themselves.

“We knew it was crazy,” says Timmy Sniffles, one of the participants. “But we threw ourselves at it anyway.”

With three cameras on board to capture every moment and a host of experts who explain the dangers, they faced along the way, “Sea Gypsies” is a real-life thriller that will keep you glued to your seat.

The Old Man and The Sea Return to Cuba (2018)

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Finbar Gittleman is a 75-year-old master sailor. He has a mythical position among sailors in Key West and the Caribbean after living a rough and perilous life at sea. As he returns to Havana, Cuba for the first time since Castro’s revolution, this is his narrative.

The Old Man and The Sea Return to Cuba : Finbar Gittleman takes you on an adventure of sailing, perseverance, and self-discovery.

In this video, Finbar recounts his life at sea and how he came to be in Florida. He also shares some of the hardships he faced along the way as he struggled to make a living in the harsh environment of Key West.

He then describes the day when he decided to sail back home – through the dangerous reefs of Cuba – with nothing but his old boat, a compass, and some provisions.

The Mercy (2018)

ship travel movies

Featured on the Today Show and in the New York Times, this extraordinary narrative of amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst’s effort to solo around the world in the first race of its type, the 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, is told in “The Mercy.”

Crowhurst was an amateur sailor who dreamed of winning the race. Struggling with his business and family life, he decided to enter the race. He convinced a local businessman to support him and set about building a boat for the race.

The race was ill-fated from the start: one competitor died at sea and another disappeared without a trace. Crowhurst became increasingly unstable as he sailed around the world; radio transmissions from him became more erratic as he sailed on.

He finally returned to England, where he was declared the winner of the race due to his competitors’ fates. However, it was discovered that he had never made it past the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa and had falsified his log entries. He returned home in disgrace and committed suicide shortly after his return

The Weekend Sailor (2016)

It’s not often that a story like this comes along. “ The Weekend Sailor ” is a documentary about Ramon Carln, a Mexican man who, in 1974, wins the first crewed around-the-world sailing race on his boat Sayula II. The race is now known as The Volvo Ocean Race, and it takes place every three years.

The reason this story is so captivating? Carln wasn’t your typical sailor. He had very little experience with sailing, and he won the race with a crew of family and friends.

The film follows Carln’s journey: from his humble beginnings as a young boy when he began to dream of being a sailor, to his later years when he competed in the race and then won it (overcoming many obstacles along the way). It’s an inspiring story of determination and drive that you’ll want to watch with your whole family!

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Interview with Author Jacki Howard – I reached out to Jacki Howard to see what she has done since the book was published 10 years ago. She is still involved with the book, but life has moved on. Like so many in the Thumb region, we are distant cousins. While we have never personally met, we found common ground with our interest in the “Dying Sparlings” Here is our exchange.

Boat Names – Transom Charm – The boat name you select may not seem like an important thing, but most of us feel that selecting the right name for our boat is important.

A Kool Little Cigarette Sailboat – In 1971 KOOL Cigarettes ran a unique marketing campaign. Magazines around the country ran an ad that if you sent in $88 and one box end from a carton of Kool cigarettes that this fully functional sailboat would be shipped to your door.

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The Amazing Michigan Photography of Steven Donahue – Steven was born and grew up on his family farm near Port Hope. He moved away and started studying the arts, including photography, in Chicago. He was in the military during the Vietnam War and became an MP. Part of his job was to photograph deaths and burials. A job I’m sure was not pleasant.

Michigan's Thumb ThumbWind

Michael Hardy

Michael Hardy is the owner of Thumbwind Publications LLC. Michael was born in Michigan and grew up near Caseville. In 2009 he started this fun-loving site covering Michigan's Upper Thumb. Since then, he has authored a vast range of content and established a loyal base of 60,000 visitors per month.

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2012 great lakes water levels drop – marina’s scramble, 3 thoughts on “ 13 of the best sailing movies, you can watch again and again ”.

Substitute “Captain Ron” for “All is lost” and I am all aboard.

Charlie St Cloud was a recent movie with some sailing focus.

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ship travel movies


20 Best Sailing Movies of all Time

20 Best Sailing Movies of all Time | Life of Sailing

Last Updated by

Daniel Wade

June 15, 2022

If you have been looking forward to curling up on the couch, grabbing a bowl of popcorn, and watching some captivating movies, this can be a good time. A good sailing movie can be perfect given that you'll hear a few lines that you're already familiar with when on the dock or setting sail.

This can be a perfect time to binge-watch some of the best sailing movies.

So in no particular order, we'll highlight 20 of the best sailing movies of all time. From the brutal and dramatic tales of man vs. sea to inspirational explorations and expeditions, we've covered it all. Keep reading and you'll be inspired while waiting to get off dry land when it's safe to do so.

Table of contents

All is Lost (2013)

For lone sailors, All is Lost is probably the best movie to give you a glimpse of what might go wrong for you if you decide to sail the big blue ocean alone. With a near-mute performance as an old man who loves sailing alone, Robert Redford puts in an almost quasi-silent performance by portraying the ordeal of what a lone sailor can undergo when the sea turns on you.

Directed by JC Chandor, there's only one person on the screen throughout the film. He's all alone in the vast sea with his damaged boat. He has to become tough, resourceful, and calm even when things turn against him. Single-character movies are a rarity even today but this is a great survival film that perfectly depicts what could happen even to the hardest lone sailors out there.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)

Directed by the talented Peter Weir, this critically-acclaimed movie was nominated for 10 Oscars and won for best cinematography and sound editing. Depicting the return of the high-seas adventure, this movie is skillfully and meticulously adapted from the historical novel by Patrick O'Brian set during the Napoleonic Wars and starring Russell Crowe.

Crowe plays an arrogant captain who pushes his ship crew to the limits while trying to capture a French warship. This movie offers action-packed battle scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This movie gives you an insight of what sailors undergo in their struggles to make it through the high-seas alive.

Captain Ron (1992)

With little sailing experience but with an inherited yacht moored on an offshore island Martin Short hires charismatic Captain Ron to take them back to Florida. The voyage isn't as easy as they expected as they have to face pirates, breakdowns, and other obstacles. They all get more than what they bargained for.

Portrayed by Kurt Russell, Captain Ron depicts the misadventures of a nominal sailing character that is hired by an upper-middle-class father to guide a yacht through the Caribbean. From the marine accidents, pirates, guerilla carnivals to malfunctioning equipment, and Russell's croaked absurdities, this movie is just full of double humor and worthy performance. 

Wind (1992)

As one of the biggest races in competitive sailing, America's Cup is often associated with rich people competing in weird-looking boats. But this movie changes this as it takes viewers through the eyes of tanned and rugged Will Parker as played by Matthew Modine. He's hired by a self-made millionaire (Cliff Robertson) to lead his crew in the competition.

Together with his girlfriend Kate who is an equally skilled sailor, Parker intends to win America's Cup but Kate is thrown off the crew leaving Parker angry. When the crew loses America's Cup to the Australians, Parker decides to form his own syndicate to win back the cup. 

White Squall (1996)

This movie follows a young man's adventure movie that follows a group of high school students who boards the brigantine ship called Albatross for their senior year at sea. They sail to the tip of South America and back. They get to accept responsibility, learn how to be sailors, and grow up.

The skipper of the ship, Christopher Sheldon together with the 13 teenage boys set sail for an eight-month voyage. The boys soon discover Sheldon's psyche gradations, rattling tension, and freak storms that sink the ship. As a sailor, you'll be disturbed by the fact that four students and two crew members drown, leaving skipper Sheldon facing a fierce tribunal, tortured conscience, and grieving parents and students.

Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)

As one of the greatest epic movies of the 1960s, English Captain Bligh is on a sea voyage to transport breadfruit from England to Jamaica. He is so abusive that he gets on the nerves of his crew members, especially 1st Lieutenant, Fletcher Christian.

Tension eases when they reach Jamaica and the crew indulges in the island's lifestyle but the captain claps some members of his crew in irons as they try to desert. Further abuses lead Fletcher to inspire a mutiny against the Captain. Fletcher and his men set the Captain and his loyal members afloat in a rowboat. This movie offers a realistic depiction of a larger-than-life character that most sailors are known for. 

Dead Calm (1989)

Starring Billy Zane, Nicole Kidman, Sam Neil, and a gorgeous 60 ft. ketch, Dead Calm revolves around a mass-murderer who kidnaps and seduces a young beautiful woman after leaving a husband to die on a vessel whose crew he has just murdered.

This movie was filmed in the Whitsundays Islands of Australia, which is one of the best sailing destinations in the world. Bringing forth an epic combination of deadly sailing conditions , complete isolation from the rest of the world, and a skillful villain aboard the vessel, this movie is thrilling and will leave you looking behind your back whenever you're out there on the sea.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)

This adventure-comedy follows the high journeys of Steve Zissou, a character adaptation of French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. It follows his ocean expedition when tracking the ‘jaguar shark' that apparently ate his partner, Esteban.

Esteban had been working with Zissou on a documentary about mysterious circumstances by a shark. This is a sharp film with lots of fun and adventure on the sea.

Kon-Tiki (2012)

Legendary Norwegian explorer and ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl believes that the South Sea Islands were originally colonized by South Americans. Thor, who fears water and doesn't know how to swim, partakes on a voyage in 1947 to prove his belief. Together with five crew members, set sail from Peru on a balsa-wood ancient raft.

Even though their only modern equipment is a radio, they have to navigate through the ocean while relying on stars and ocean currents and they achieve the impossible after exhausting three months at the sea. This is a very spirited adventure that depicts what's possible when we believe in our dreams. 

Maidentrip (2013)

A 14-year-old sailor by the name Laura Dekker sets sail on a two-year voyage in pursuit of her dream to become the world's youngest sailor. Laura sets out from Holland and sails throughout the world. Apart from the occasional foul language that Laura uses now and then on the documentary, this is an excellent film that shows what one can achieve when he/she lives her dream and works hard towards achieving it.

The documentary, however, doesn't suggest that Laura is alarmingly young to sail across the unforgiving Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Instead, she's depicted as an independent outsider who is looking for paradise in a never-ending sea. 

Adrift (2018)

In most cases, sailors seem to never anticipate that they may sail directly into a catastrophic hurricane and this is exactly what Richard Sharp and Tami Oldham do when they sail directly in one of the worst hurricanes ever recorded in history.

Tami awakes in the aftermath of the hurricane to find their boat in ruins and Richard is badly injured. And because they do not have any hope that they would ever get help or get rescued, Tami is left with two options: sit there and perish or find strength and determination to save herself as well as the only man she's ever loved.

Turning Tide (En Solitaire) (2013)

In this daring tale, this movie portrays how a fearless sailor known as Yann Kermadec finds a lot of obstacles in his biggest race as a two-hander named Turning Tide falls flat. In a nail-biting tension, the story begins when Kermadec replaces the main skipper in the Vendee Globe on short notice.

After some smooth sailing, things go eerily wrong for the sailor as his ship is damaged and he's forced to anchor off the Canary Islands to repair it. When he gets back on his journey, he soon discovers that a Mauritanian teenage boy has sneaked inside the boat and he has no option but to sail with him at least until they cross the Atlantic Ocean.

The Old Man and the Sea (1958)

An old Cuban angler known as Spencer Tracy is so unlucky that he hasn't caught any fish in 84 days. And despite the commitment of a young boy to bring him food, the angler fears that he's forever lucky but catches a small fish on his 85th day, so he decides to keep fishing.

When one of his many fishing lines hooks a large marlin, he decides not to go back to the shore until he reels it in. For almost two days and nights, he has no choice but to sit there and do everything he can to redeem himself from what seems like a perpetual failure.

Morning Light (2008)

By entering the TRANSPAC, which is one of the world's best open-ocean competitions, 15 young men and women prepare for a sailing adventure of their lives. With world-class teachers, these sailors begin intense training in Hawaii but only reach a climax in an elimination process that comes in the form of who-stays-and-who-goes process.

This documentary follows these sailors for six months as they embark on a 2,300-mile sailing ordeal, which starts in Los Angeles and ends in Honolulu.

The Perfect Storm (2000)

Created by Wolfgang Petersen, The Perfect Storm is a blockbuster that's big on visuals and depicts an action-packed escapade on the water as Captain Billy Tyne and his crew set on a fishing expedition aboard a ship known as Andrea Gail.

They're soon caught up in a catastrophic destructive storm when they decide to risk the storm and have to deal with a very powerful hurricane. At the height of their fishing expedition, their ice machine breaks down and the only way to ensure that their catch doesn't go stale is by hurrying back to the shore to sell their catch. This is exactly why they decide to risk their lives and it doesn't turn out as they expected.

Captain Phillips (2013)

When Captain Richard Phillips takes command of an unarmed container ship known as MV Maersk Alabama from the port of Salalah in Oman, they anticipate that they'll be attacked by Somali Pirates on their way to Mombasa, Kenya.

They attack the ship and Captain Phillips has to use his wits and diplomacy to negotiate with the pirates and save his crew. 

Maiden (2018)

As the saying goes; what a man can do a woman can do even better. This is exactly what's depicted by this sailing movie that follows the life of Tracy Edwards as she leads the first all-female crew when competing in the Whitbread Round the World Race.

Covering 33,000 miles and lasting for nine months, this is a truly grueling race that depicts the corrosive sexism that still exists in the sailing world as well as the ocean terrors that sailors have to deal with during voyages or competitions. 

Chasing Bubbles (2016)

This is a captivating documentary that follows the journey of Alex Rust who is a free spirit who gives the normal life to sail around the world. Alex is brought up as a farm boy but becomes a stock trader in Indiana. At the age of 25, he decides to abandon his life in Chicago, buys a modest sailboat known as Bubbles and embarks on a very unique free-spirited voyage. It takes him three years to sail around the world and to quench his insatiable curiosity while meeting great people and fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a free soul.

This is a breathtaking travelogue that depicts the sailing life of a truly absorbing character.

180° South (2010)

Directed by Chris Malloy, this is a sailing documentary that covers the journey of Jeff Johnson as he travels from Ventura, California to Patagonia in Chile. He does this to retrace the same trip covered by Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins in 1968.

While the two initial explorers made the journey on the land, Johnson travels by sea using a small boat.

Deep Water (2006)

This movie follows the true-life story of Donald Crowhurst, an inexperienced British sailor who enters the Golden Globe, which is the first nonstop boat race in the world. Donald puts up his home as collateral to gain financial backing to compete in the race but soon finds himself on the wrong end of things as he enters the race under-prepared.

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20 Best Sailing Movies of all Time

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20 Best Sailing Movies of all Time

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15 Best Sailing Movies You Can’t Miss

sailing movies

A true sailing enthusiast suffers when forced to stay at home… So here we are to help you, presenting our selection of the best sailing movies that a sailor absolutely cannot miss. We discussed, because the world of cinema and TV (just think of Netflix) give us an almost infinite catalogue. We finally succeeded and we are happy to present you our favorite sailing movies. Which is your favorite?

1. 180° SOUTH (2010)

“180° South” is a 2010 adventure documentary film directed by Chris Malloy. The film follows the journey of Jeff Johnson as he retraces the steps of his heroes Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins to Patagonia, Chile. Along the way, Johnson encounters a variety of challenges, including navigating rugged terrain and dealing with extreme weather conditions. The film also explores themes of environmental conservation and the importance of protecting natural resources. It features stunning cinematography and is narrated by actor/musician/environmentalist Jack Johnson.

2. All is lost (2013)

“All Is Lost” is a 2013 survival drama film directed by J.C. Chandor. The film stars Robert Redford as an unnamed man who is stranded at sea after his sailboat is damaged by a shipping container. The man must use all of his survival skills and resourcefulness to stay alive in the face of increasingly dire circumstances. The film is notable for its minimalist approach, with no dialogue and minimal music, and Redford’s performance as the only actor on screen. It was praised for its technical achievements and the acting of Redford.

Mike Plant

3. Captain Ron (1992)

“Captain Ron” is a 1992 comedy film directed by Thom Eberhardt and starring Kurt Russell as the titular character, a slovenly, irreverent sailor who is hired to help a family sail their yacht from the Caribbean to Miami. Along the way, they encounter a variety of mishaps and adventures, including pirates and a hurricane. The film also stars Martin Short as the head of the family, Mary Kay Place as his wife, and Benjamin Salisbury and Meadow Sisto as their children. “Captain Ron” is known for its silly and irreverent humor and the strong performances of its cast. We have to be honest: Captain Ron is our favourite between the sailing movies of this list!

We discussed, because the world of cinema and TV (just think of Netflix) give us an almost infinite catalog of sailing films

4. Chasing Bubbles (2016)

“Chasing Bubbles” is a documentary about the journey and spirit of Alex Rust , a farm boy turned day trader from Indiana who, at 25, abandoned his life in Chicago, bought a modest sailboat (called Bubbles) and set out to sail around the world.

5. Dead calm (1989)

Dead Calm is a 1989 Australian psychological thriller film directed by Phillip Noyce and starring Sam Neill, Nicole Kidman and Billy Zane. The screenplay by Terry Hayes was based on the 1963 novel of the same name by Charles Williams; the film represents the first successful film adaptation of the novel after Orson Welles struggled for years to complete his own film based on it titled The Deep . Filmed around the Great Barrier Reef, the plot focuses on a married couple, who, after tragically losing their son, are spending some time isolated at sea, when they come across a stranger who has abandoned a sinking ship. A must see among sailing movies!

6. Deep Water (2006)

“Deep Water” is a 2006 documentary film directed by Jerry Rothwell and Louise Osmond about the history of the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race , a solo sailing race around the world that was held in 1968. The film follows the stories of the race’s participants, including Donald Crowhurst, a British sailor who became embroiled in a scandal when it was revealed that he had falsified his position in the race. The film also explores themes of adventure, ambition, and the human cost of pushing oneself to the limits. It was well-received by critics and audiences and won a number of awards.

7. Maidentrip (2013)

“Maidentrip” is a 2013 documentary film about the life of Laura Dekker , a Dutch sailor who, at the age of 14, became the youngest person to sail solo around the world. The film follows Dekker’s journey as she navigates the challenges and dangers of her voyage, including rough seas, equipment failures, and isolation. It also explores Dekker’s background and her motivations for embarking on such a risky and ambitious journey. “Maidentrip” was praised for its intimate and engaging portrayal of Dekker’s journey and for its powerful depiction of the human spirit and determination.

8. Master and commander (2003)

During the Napoleonic Wars, a brash British captain pushes his ship and crew to their limits in pursuit of a formidable French war vessel around South America. The naval action in the Mediterranean is  closely based on the real-life exploits of Lord Cochrane , including a battle modelled after Cochrane’s spectacular victory in the brig HMS Speedy over the vastly superior Spanish frigate El Gamo.

9. Morning light (2008)

Fifteen young sailors… six months of intense training… one chance at the brass ring. This documentary tells the story of a group of intrepid and determined young men and women, on the cusp of adulthood, as they embark on life’s first great adventure. Fifteen young men and women prepare for the adventure of their lives when they enter the TRANSPAC, one of the world’s most prestigious open-ocean sailing competitions. They begin their training in Hawaii with world-class teachers, but it is the race itself, a 2,300-mile ordeal featuring top professionals, that molds them into a cohesive whole.

10. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

“Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” is a 2003 adventure film directed by Gore Verbinski and based on the popular Disney theme park attraction of the same name. The film stars Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, a wily and unpredictable pirate who teams up with a blacksmith named Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and a Governor’s daughter named Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) to rescue Elizabeth’s father and defeat the cursed pirate captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush). The film also features an ensemble cast of supporting characters and is known for its action, humor, and special effects. It was a commercial and critical success and spawned a successful film franchise.

11. The Mercy (2018)

The Mercy is a British biographical drama film , directed by James Marsh and written by Scott Z. Burns. It is based on the true story of the disastrous attempt by the amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst to complete the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race in 1968 and his subsequent attempts to cover up his failure.

12. The Odyssey (2016)

The Odyssey is a movie which chronicles the life of the great Jacques Cousteau. Jacques Cousteau is perhaps one of the most famous French persons in the world due to his pioneering work on scuba diving, underwater exploration and film-making which introduced a whole generation to the wonders of reef and marine life in the ocean.

13. Turning Tide – En solitaire (2013)

It tells the story of Yann Kermadec whose dreams suddenly come true when he has to replace the DCNS star skipper at the last minute before the start of the Vendée Globe (a round-the-world non-stop single-handed yacht race). After several days of racing, Yann, who is in the lead, has to stop to repair a damaged rudder. This will disrupt his round-the-world journey…

14. White squall (1996)

Teenage boys discover discipline and camaraderie on an ill-fated sailing voyage. It is a coming of age film in which a group of high school and college-aged teenagers sign up for several months of training aboard a sail ship, a brigantine, and travel around half the globe when suddenly they are challenged by a severe storm.

15. WIND (1992)

Will Parker, played by Matthew Modine, loses the Americas Cup, the worlds biggest sailing prize, to the Australians and decides to form his own syndicate to win it back. In 1983, yacht sailor Will Parker (Matthew Modine) leads an American crew financed by millionaire Morgan Weld (Cliff Robertson) to defeat during the America’s Cup race against an Australian crew. Determined to get the prize back, Will convinces Morgan to finance an experimental boat designed by his ex-girlfriend Kate’s (Jennifer Grey) new beau, Joe Heisler (Stellan Skarsgard). When the boat is completed, the Americans head to Australia to reclaim the cup.

Finally, what do you think about our 15 sailing movies to watch at least one time in your life?

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Maiden Voyage. Round the world race by first all female crew.

What about “Maiden”. Terrific women’s movie, but good for all.

Wandermust Family

BEST Cruise Ship Movies List for Cruise Fanatics

By: Author Wandermust Mummy

BEST Cruise Ship Movies List for Cruise Fanatics

Do you want to know what the best cruise ship movies are before you head off on your cruise vacation? In this guide we will round up our favorite movies about cruise ships, tell you which ships feature on them and where to watch them from Netflix to Apple TV to Prime and more. 

Table of Contents

BEST Cruise ship movies list

Like father (2018).

What Cruise Ship is Like Father set on: Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas

Like Father is one of the newest additions to the cruise ship movie genre. Starring two of Wandermust Family favourite actors in Kristin Bell and Kelsey Grammar. This movie is set almost entirely on the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas. 

This cruise ship movie actually starts out on land where Kristen Bell is left at the alter who then proceeds to head out on her honeymoon cruise with her estranged father – played by the great Kelsey Grammar of Frasier fame. 

Of all the movies filmed on cruise ships I think this one is my favourite as the ship really shines in this movie. 

  • Jack and Jill

Jack And Jill - cruise ship movies list

Cruise Ship in Jack and Jill Movie: The Jack and Jill cruise ship is the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas!

I actually watched Jack and Jill on a cruise ship going round the Caribbean and I think watching it on a ship actually improved the experience

This Adam Sandler film where Adam Sandler plays both the lead roles of Jack and Jill, virtually estranged twins that go on a cruise together has been universally panned. And for its efforts won a record total of 10 Razzie Awards. For those that don’t know the Razzies are basically the polar opposite of the Oscars. They are handed out on the afternoon of Oscars night as a reward (if you can call it that) for the worst films of the year. 

Despite all of these accolades (?) it is still a fun film to watch especially for fans of cruise ships who don’t take things too seriously. 

Alvin and the chipmunks – Chipwrecked – one of the best kids movies set on cruise ships

Alvin and the chipmunks - one of the best kids movies set on cruise ships

Cruise Ship in Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked Movie is set on: Carnival Dream

This is one of the more family friendly cruise ship movies. Alvin and chipmunks sequel called Chipwrecked is the second sequel to the 2007 Chipmunks movie. 

Whereas the first is set on land this film is set on the Carnival Dream cruise ship. In the movie the Chipmunks and Chipettes are heading to some music awards via cruise ship. As always with the chipmunk films they don’t listen to Dave and stay in the cabin and escape round the ship to cause mayhem which leads them to being shipwreck or as the film would tell you chipwrecked on an island awaiting rescue. 

Parent trap

movies about cruise ships - the parent trap

This film from 1998 is actually a remake of the Hayley Mills classic from the 60s. When parents Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson split up they each decide to take one twin to raise each – what a great idea. 

Years later siblings reconnect at summer camp and switch places until the parents are reunited onboard a cruise ship. 

The ship isn’t specified however we know it was a Cunard ship that the finale was shot on. 

Hotel Transylvania 3

My daughter is a huge fan of the Hotel Transylvania franchise which stars Adam Sandler, Andy Sandberg and Selena Gomez about vampires who run a hotel for monsters.

The third instalment in the franchise sees them joined by Kathryn Hahn, of  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty  and WandaVision   fame as the captain of a cruise ship for Monsters. 

The ship sets sail to some great mythical locations such as the Lost Island of Atlantis and is a lot of fun for the whole family. 

An affair to remember 1957

An Affair to Remember - one of the best cruise ship films/ romance cruise ship movies

This has to be one of the best romantic cruise ship films around dating from the romantic cruising age!

Although this film is more commonly associated with New York and the Empire State building as that is where the meeting at the end of the movie takes place, many people forget that the lovers meteor a cruise ship crossing to New York. 

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953

This is another one of the classic films that features on this list. Gentleman prefers blondes stars the fabulous Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell as they cross the ocean on a luxury liner.

Monroe’s characters is newly engaged and is secretly being investigated by her soon to be father in law who suspects her of marrying for money. 

There is a reason this film always features on the top 100 films of all time and as far as I am aware is the only film that makes it into these lists that features a cruise ship. 

Royal Wedding 1951

A Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers classic set on board a ship. Expect big musical numbers, great dancing and fabulous costumes. 

Shall We Dance? (1937)

The second film set on a cruise ship starring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire that makes it into our list. 

Death on the Nile – one of the best detective movies with cruise ships

Death on the Nile - one of the best detective movies with cruise ships

I am a huge Agatha Christie fan and my absolute favorite film based on her books is Death on the Nile. 

It has a book that has warranted many adaptions including the recent 2020 version with Gal Godot and Kenneth Branagh. Personally I prefer the older versions but any of the films will delight any murder mystery fan.

Romance on the High Seas (1948)

This was Doris Day’s first ever movie and is set on a cruise that is headed to Rio. 

Speed 2 cruise control – one of the best movies about cruise ships

ship travel movies

When I was growing up Speed was one of my favorite films. Starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves this film set on a bus  quickly became a modern classic.

The sequel, Speed 2 Cruise Control did not receive such rave reviews but it still a fun watch. Sandra Bullock returned for this sequel set on a cruise ship but Keanu did not. 

I would say that this film is not one to be watched if you are taking your first cruise and are a bit anxious but will be a lot of fun for seasoned cruises. In my opinion this is one of the best action packed movies that take place on a cruise ship. 

Assault on a Queen

Assault on a Queen is a heist film set on a cruise ship starring the great Frank Sinatra. The film was made in the 60s so is one of the older films on the list but it is still well worth a watch. 

The Poseidon Adventure 2006

This 2006 remake is another that isn’t for those that are anxious about cruising but is a great action packed film. A New Years Eve Party goes awry when a rogue wave hits a cruise ship on a transatlantic crossing.

Everyone knows what happened to this famous ocean liner but may not be the best film to watch if you are a new or anxious cruiser. 

Table for Five

This 1983 comedy starring Jon Voight is another cruise film about an estranged father. This time Voight is estranged from three children and takes them on a cruise around the Med in an effort to reconnect. 

Out To Sea 1997

This Walter Mathieu and Jack Lemmon vehicle sees the two posing as dance instructors on a cruise ship. 

The film was filmed on an actual Holland America sailing, on a ship that was then called the Westerdam (another ship holds this name currently). 

Carry on Cruising

I must admit to not being a fan of the Carry on films despite being British and brought up on these films. I personally find the humour very outdated. However if you like the Carry On series you will love Carry on cruising which has all the classic hallmarks of a carry on movie with the added bonus of being set onboard a cruise ship. 

This 2002 Cuba Gooding Junior film was a critical and commercial flop and winner of several Razzies. Cuba Gooding Junior accidentally ends up on a gay cruise. 

Unless you are desperate for a cruise ship movie I would personally give this one a pass. 

Monkey Business (1931)

An early Marx brother film where stowaways have to avoid staff and being caught on a transatlantic voyage.

TV Shows Set on Cruise Ships

I know this isn’t a film but Frasier is one of my all time favorite sitcoms and one of my favorite episodes is The Voyage of the Damned episode taps into many peoples worst fears about what a cruise is like. It is hilarious and is a much watch for cruise fans.

 Movies about cruise ships FAQS

What movie was filmed on royal caribbean.

The films that we are aware of being set on Royal Caribbean ships are:

  • Like FAther

What is your favorite film set on a cruise ship?

Musick Harris

Friday 6th of September 2019

I loved the movie 2024 and have not been able to get it on the movie check lists. It was sired in 2015. On the ship at that time.

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The ships that get our hearts racing

Which ship do you want to see take off?

Image featuring three spaceships within angular heart shapes on a background of the universe

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It’s Valentine’s Day, so obviously we all have one big thing on our minds: our favorite ships in fiction.

Fandom has largely claimed the word “ships” to mean “relationships,” as in “two (or more) people you think belong together,” as in “I ship Dean Winchester and Castiel from Supernatural . ” That’s all well and good, but it isn’t what we’re talking about. We mean what “ships” used to mean before fandoms stole the word — vessels designed for transporting people or goods across space, through the air, or on the sea. Isn’t there something inherently romantic about being aboard a fearless ship that soars and/or sails through the unknown? As it turns out, there are a lot of fictional ships to get all swoony over — especially as they turn from simple vessels to important narrative devices for the characters involved.

The R.L.S. Legacy from Treasure Planet

a ship soaring through space

There are far too few “spaceships that are also traditional sailing ships” out there, but Disney’s sci-fi take on Treasure Island , 2002’s Treasure Planet , helps fill the gap. The movie was a huge flop when it came out, but it has absolutely gorgeous visuals, and it really pushes the button on what that weird blend of CG and traditional animation at the turn of the millennium could accomplish. These things are not mutually exclusive.

The R.L.S. Legacy exemplifies the best that Treasure Planet has to offer. It looks like a traditional galleon, but it soars through space. It embodies all the romance of sailing the high seas, coupled with the splendor of space. Some of the movie’s most gorgeous scenes come from Jim Hawkins dangling on the rigging and gazing out at the vast expanse of the galaxy. — Petrana Radulovic

The airships from Hunter x Hunter

a blue zepplin with a face

One of the cutest quirks of the Hunter x Hunter world is that blimp and zeppelin-like airships are the norm for air travel instead of planes. It is a design decision I fully support, especially because they’re also brightly colored and really darn cute! They have little faces!!! I just want to give them all wee kisses on the nose. — PR

The Rocinante from The Expanse

a shot of the rocinante from the expanse

The best spaceships are ones that become characters in their own right — and the Rocinante is a shining example. The ex-Martian Navy ship becomes the centerpiece of the series. It’s the escape vessel of a group of coworkers who become a found family. It’s a getaway frigate. It’s a warship defending the peace. It’s the place Jim and Naomi meet, and where the former keeps trying to make a decent cup of coffee. It’s the place where Alex Kamal makes Mariner Valley lasagna and attempts to lighten the mood. It’s the eternal improvement project of Amos, then Clarissa “Peaches,” and more. It’s the ship where Bobbie makes a stand.

After nine books, read over the course of 10 years, the interior of the ship is as familiar as any place I’ve ever lived — with even the mention of crash couches and “the juice” mentally preparing me for action and adventure. The Roci changes so much over the years, starting out as a spritely example of tech that always felt out of reach. Nine books later, with a several-decade time jump, the ship’s old bones begin to tire, and her tech is outdated. But she’s still part of the family! Finally parting with the Roci was just as hard — if not harder — than parting with the crew. — Nicole Clark

Helva, the Ship Who Sang

It’s been a long damn time since I’ve read Anne McCaffrey’s The Ship Who Sang stories, which kicked off in 1961 and were eventually wrapped up into a novel that eventually got several collaboration sequels. I can’t speak for how I’d feel about it today, but as a teenager, I really enjoyed the tragic, yearning romance of the first book, The Ship Who Sang . In a far-future setting, some people with badly damaged bodies become “shell people,” encased in life-support systems that interface with the control systems of cities, planets — or ships. The protagonist here is a sentient ship (a “brain”) partnered with a hunky captain (a “brawn”) and sent out on dangerous missions. Naturally, they fall for each other, and naturally, they can’t exactly be together in a conventional way, and naturally, no one who isn’t a ship partner can really understand their special relationship. The whole setup is rife with unrequited longing, secret passion, and perilous space adventure. I don’t know what more you could want out of your sci-fi ships. — Tasha Robinson

The Venture Star from Avatar

a shot of the venture star from avatar

Do fictional space vehicles need to be realistic? Of course not! But when time and attention is given to spaceship realism, I believe it’s worthy of praise. That’s why one of my favorite spaceships is the Interstellar Vehicle Venture Star from Avatar . This spaceship only gets a fraction of the movie’s runtime on screen, but it’s bursting with visual details that reveal an incredibly well-thought-out interstellar vehicle.

The Venture Star is designed for travel from Earth to Pandora, a journey that takes approximately seven years. In order to achieve a significant fraction of the speed of light, the Venture Star is actually pushed by an Earth-based laser for half the journey, which explains the large photon shield in the front (back?) of the ship. After a mid-journey flip, the Venture Star pumps the brakes, which in this case are two gigantic antimatter engines. Just like on a real spaceship, the Venture Star needs to get rid of all the heat those engines create, so two huge radiators slowly dissipate the heat from the antimatter reactions. The engines never even fire in the movie: the only hint at their power is the fact that these radiators continue to glow red hot long after.

The long, thin design of the Venture Star allows the crew quarters to be placed a far enough distance from the antimatter engines heat and radiation, another nod to realism. The gigantic truss connecting the two sections evokes the International Space Station and two Valkyrie atmospheric spacecraft evoke NASA’s black and white space shuttle design. These references help make the Venture Star feel even more grounded as a spaceship design, while also giving the Venture Star plenty of room for Unobtainium storage.

Even before you reach Pandora, the Venture Star helps communicate how the rapacious Resources Development Administration operates. Though it evokes governmentally designed spaceships, it’s purpose is clearly more exploitation than exploration. This audacious spaceship is economical and efficient, designed to transport the resources the RDA extracts from Pandora. — Clayton Ashley

The lander from Echo

the lander from echo

Though only briefly glimpsed during the game’s opening cinematic, the asymmetrical lander from 2017’s Echo is one of the most eye-catching designs in a game with no shortage of striking imagery. Essentially a personal landing craft designed to transport passengers on and off-world, the lander exemplifies all the qualities that I could want out of a personal spacecraft — it’s compact, nimble, and visually unique. It’s the type of design that inspires you to ask a million questions about the technology and civilization that produced it, which makes it the perfect type of fictional vehicle in my opinion. —Toussaint Egan

The Bubble Ship from Oblivion

the bubble ship from oblivion

Opinion may be split on Joseph Kosinski’s 2013 sci-fi action film Oblivion , but what’s not up for debate is the Bubble Ship, the personal reconnaissance aircraft piloted by Tom Cruise in the movie. This ship is f’n cool . Vehicle designer Daniel Simon describes it as “a dragonfly [combined] with a Bell 47 helicopter.” The end result is a memorable, elegant design, soaring through the clouds above a post-apocalyptic Earth with ease and grace. Every moment the Bubble Ship was onscreen was pure bliss, while every moment it wasn’t onscreen had me asking, “Where’s the Bubble Ship?” –TE

Protoss Mothership from StarCraft 2

the protoss mothership from starcraft 2

My favorite ship is the Protoss Mothership from StarCraft 2 . It’s the sort of vessel that I don’t often get to use in multiplayer matches — they are expensive and move too slowly to be useful to a incompetent StarCraft 2 player. But in theory , they are perfect machines: Gorgeous to look at, can make things go invisible, call back allied units, and slow time. It’s pretty good at base defense, but the build order and tech tree to make one is absolute nonsense to me. Typically, I am not good enough at StarCraft 2 to get to a point in the late-game where the ship is viable. Occasionally, I do enjoy employing a Mothership Rush strategy , which I first saw a pro-player do in 2010.

This is an absolutely mad strategy: Instead of doing things that will ensure a good economy and a powerful army, you simply pivot all resources to getting the Mothership as fast as possible. It sometimes works because it’s so stupid and no one expects it. However, again, I am not quite as good and often fail. And so I look on the Mothership with awe — the sort of vessel that is always out of reach. — Nicole Carpenter

HMS Terror from The Terror (and real life)

the terror sailing ship

Let me start by saying that in many ways, this is a terrible ship. Everyone aboard died, and by the end of the voyage, it was a literal wreck. It is best known for complete and total failure.

But I also love this ship. The real-life disaster story is fascinating, and AMC’s highly fictionalized television adaptation is phenomenal. (season 1 of The Terror , based on Dan Simmons’ novel, is available to watch on Hulu.) I feel like I know the ship inside and out, even though I most certainly do not. Among the many excellent things about the series is the amount of attention devoted to the interior details of the ship. The ship is lived-in, and you live in it with the crew. This ship is a home. It’s a doomed home filled with death, but it’s a home nonetheless. Also, it’s called the freaking Terror — perhaps doom was slightly foreseeable. — Pete Volk

The SSV Normandy SR-2 from Mass Effect

a shot of the normandy gliding through space

I’m not a big ship person, unlike some of my friends, who know who they are. I don’t have a favorite Star Trek ship, much less one that’s appeared in fewer than five episodes of the franchise total. For me, ships are interesting settings, bases of operations, places to explore, but rarely characters in their own right. They don’t make me feel feelings .

Except the first time I saw the SSV Normandy pull out of dock, my shitty monitor speakers doing their best to blast the chords of the Mass Effect theme. My heart swelled with a feeling that could only be voiced by the phrase “That’s my ship ,” in the same tone that, say, a total wife guy might say “That’s my wife!”

But I confess my full love is reserved for the SSV Normandy’s resurrection as the SSV Normandy SR-2, a cutting-edge stealth frigate kitted with a luxurious captain’s quarters, observation deck, and a fucking bar . Granted, she skirts very close to being a humanized ship when her illegal onboard AI, EDI, gets her own body in order to conform to the BTG standard (big tiddy girlfriend). But EDI is my ally and compatriot — not the Normandy itself.

One woman can’t be the mighty sword with whom I cut through the galaxy’s myriad struggles, the spot where I go to hang out with my buds, and the place I keep my collection of exotic fish. Only a ship can do that. — Susana Polo

The Fisher-Price Shark Bite Pirate Ship

I don’t even know where I first ran across this toy, which has been around since at least the mid-2010s, and Fisher-Price being largely eternal, maybe long before then. I just know I wish it had been a thing when I was a kid. It’s a (probably extremely leaky) pirate ship, but it’s also a giant shark that eats Fisher-Price people ! Also, to judge from the TV ad, it maybe fights crime too for some reason? Exactly what I’d do if I was a giant shark someone had turned into a biomechanical monstrosity. Also, it comes with a little shark-pirate, which raises endless questions about the biology or superscience of whatever imaginary world this thing exists in. I like to think of the shark-ship as the Alphonse to the shark-captain’s Edward, just two brothers with very different bodies, trying to get by in a world that’s probably pretty prejudiced against shark-people and shark-ships. At least once they’re both safely out of devouring range. — TR

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Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World


The Hunt for Red October

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide

Moby Dick

The Poseidon Adventure

The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and the Sea


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Mutiny on the Bounty

Mutiny on the Bounty

Mutiny on the Bounty

Captain Ron

Dead Calm

A Night to Remember

White Squall

White Squall

Sink the Bismarck!

Sink the Bismarck!

Captains Courageous

Captains Courageous

Ghost Ship

The Philadelphia Experiment

Cape Fear

The African Queen

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In the middle of the ocean, no one can hear you scream.

The Creepiest Places In The Ocean

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ship travel movies

  • Best Boat and Nautical Themed Movies

01 Boat Nautical Movies

From the classic film “Moby Dick” to the modern movie franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean,” boat movies have long been a staple of American culture. The stories of brave sea captains, fierce storms and mutinous first mates captivate and entertain us. We dream about joining the crew aboard the  Black Pearl  or searching for the great white whale alongside Captain Ahab. Thrilling movies about boats and sailing remind us of our love of the water and inspire us to head out on our own boating adventures.

Watching sailing movies is the perfect activity for a rainy day or when the sun sets on a long day of sailing. With your boat safely anchored for the evening, you can sit back and enjoy a swashbuckling tale with your friends and family. The next time bad weather sends you below deck, pop in one of these best nautical movies to keep you entertained until the storm passes.

1. Master and Commander

Set in the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century, “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” tells the story of British Captain Jack Aubrey and his crew as they pursue a French ship around the coast of South America. Aubrey is ordered to apprehend the French privateer ship Acheron in his vessel named  Surprise . Despite Aubrey’s determination and steadfast will, Acheron continually avoids capture and ambushes  Surprise  several times as they travel to the Galapagos Islands.

“Master and Commander” is an adaptation of the first two novels in the Aubrey-Maturin series by Patrick O’Brian. Released in 2003, the film stars Russell Crowe as Captain Aubrey and Paul Bettany as the ship’s surgeon Dr. Stephen Maturin, who is Aubrey’s closest companion. The film was received well by critics and  earned several significant awards . At the 76th Academy Awards, “Master and Commander” was nominated for 10 Oscars and won in two categories. A mix of thrilling maritime battles and gripping dialogue, “Master and Commander” will keep you on the edge of your seat.

2. The Perfect Storm

2 The Perfect Storm

Based on the  real-life Perfect Storm of 1991 , this disaster drama movie follows the crew of the  Andrea Gail  as they attempt to sail through a powerful storm building in the North Atlantic. After an unsuccessful fishing trip, Captain Billy Tyne takes his crew out for one final trip late in the season. They set sail from Gloucester, Mass., and find favorable fishing waters in the Flemish Cap.

With a bountiful catch on board, the ship’s ice machine suddenly breaks, and the crew must hasten back to shore before their catch spoils. Unfortunately, the  Andrea Gail  now faces a much more serious problem — a tropical storm brewing between the ship and the shore. Underestimating the strength of the storm, the crew decides to sail on towards Gloucester and is met with fierce winds and pounding waves that eventually take the boat under.

The Perfect Storm depicts the  Andrea Gail’s  fateful last journey and how the crew fought without avail to survive the Perfect Storm. Starring George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, “The Perfect Storm” will make you grateful to be watching from the comfort of your cabin on a calm night.

3. Hunt for Red October

Set in the Cold War era, “Hunt for Red October” traces a rogue Soviet submarine captain who violates orders and sets course for the U.S. in one of the Soviet Navy’s newest and most advanced submarines. The submarine, named  Red October , is a nuclear missile submarine equipped with a newly developed stealth drive that renders the vessel undetectable by passive sonar.

Captain Marko Ramius is given command of  Red October  and sent out with another Soviet attack submarine to conduct exercises. However, once at sea, Ramius murders the captain of his companion submarine and heads towards the U.S. The plot thickens as American forces must determine if Ramius is trying to defect or instigate a war before things get ugly.

Starring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin, “Hunt for Red October” is a thrilling spy movie full of action and intrigue. The 1990 film is an adaptation of the 1984 bestselling novel of the same name by Tom Clancy.

4. Das Boot

Another exhilarating film about war and submarines, “Das Boot” is a 1981 German film set during World War II. “Das Boot” follows the crew of  U-96 , a German U-boat on a patrol during the Battle of the Atlantic. The film captures the reality of life on a U-boat — depicting days of boredom, exciting battles and the relationships built among the men on the submarine. Offering a new perspective of WWII, “Das Boot” shows the crew of  U-96  as ordinary men seeking to serve their country.

“Das Boot” was originally produced in German, with an English dubbed version available in the U.S. The film received positive reviews and received  several awards and nominations , both in the U.S. and abroad. “Das Boot” is among the best nautical movies for a cozy night spent below deck.

5. Captain Ron

This 1992 American comedy begins when a Chicago family inherits a yacht that was once owned by Clark Gable. The father, Martin Harvey, played by Martin Short, decides to take his whole family to the fictional Caribbean island of St. Pomme de Terre to retrieve the boat and sail it back to Miami. When they arrive, they realize that the boat is in terrible condition. Instead of sending a professional captain to escort the Harvey family, the yacht broker instead hires a local sailor named Captain Ron Rico.

Captain Ron, played by Kurt Russell, is a one-eyed Navy veteran with a colorful personality and equally colorful past. As they cross the Caribbean together, the Harveys experience various mishaps caused by Captain Ron and encounter a little more adventure than they bargained for. This hilarious ship movie will have the whole family laughing — and feeling grateful that you have a steady captain at the helm.

No list of the best nautical movies would be complete without the famous Steven Spielberg film “Jaws.” Based on the 1974 novel of the same name by Peter Benchley, “Jaws” was released in the summer of 1975 and quickly became a blockbuster hit. Since then, the “Jaws” franchise has expanded to include three sequels that continue to scare beachgoers out of the ocean the minute they see that ominous fin.

In this classic thriller, a great white shark begins terrorizing the fictional summer resort town of Amity Island. Rather than closing the beaches and ruining the local tourist economy, the town council decides to hunt and kill the vicious shark instead. To complete this mission, Amity Island police chief Martin Brody recruits a local shark hunter named Quint and a marine biologist named Matt Hooper.

The three men set sail in Quint’s boat  Orca  to track down the shark. After a grueling battle at sea, the shark kills Quint, and the  Orca  begins to sink. Hooper and Brody finally manage to kill the shark by wedging a pressurized scuba tank into its mouth and shooting the tank with a rifle. The victorious men are seen swimming back to shore just before the final credits roll.

7. Moby Dick

3 Moby Dick

Another classic seafaring movie, “Moby Dick” tells the tale of Captain Ahab and his hunt for the white whale Moby Dick. Based on the 1851 novel by Herman Melville, “Moby Dick” captures the epic journey of a man dead-set on revenge. After a massive white whale almost kills Ahab and bites off most of his left leg, Ahab gathers a crew and sets sail to kill the whale.

Driven by his obsession to defeat Moby Dick, Ahab cannot turn back even when the chance of success seems dangerously slim. The hunt for revenge eventually becomes fatal for Ahab and nearly all of his crew. The lone survivor is Ishmael, who serves as the story’s narrator.

8. Pirates of the Caribbean

If you share your love of boating with your kids, this film is a perfect sailing movie to watch during your next family movie night. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise traces the adventures of the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and his infamous ship the  Black Pearl . In the original film, released in 2003, Sparrow teams up with a blacksmith named Will Turner and an ill-fated adventure ensues. Turner aims to rescue a woman he loves who was captured by Sparrow’s mutinous former first mate Barbossa, while Sparrow seeks revenge against Barbossa.

When boating with children, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies are perfect to carry onboard in case the weather turns sour. With five films in the series so far, you can stay entertained no matter how long the storm endures. Your family will stay in the nautical mood while enjoying rip-roaring adventures, daring sea battles and a hefty dose of humor.

9. The African Queen

Set during World War I in Africa, “The African Queen” tells the story of riverboat captain Charlie Allnut, who is persuaded by a missionary named Rose Sayer to destroy an enemy gunboat. After the war breaks out between Britain and Germany, German soldiers burn down the village where Rose is living and kill her brother. Charlie, who delivers their supplies in the eponymous riverboat, offers to transport Rose out of the region safely. Rose instead convinces Charlie to seek revenge by attacking the gunboat  Königin Luise  with improvised torpedos.

Starring Katharine Hepburn as Rose and Humphrey Bogart as Charlie, the 1951 film was well-received and remains a classic boat movie. In 1994, “The African Queen” was added to  the National Film Registry  of the U.S. Library of Congress due to its cultural and historical significance.

10. Titanic

4 Titanic

One of the most well-known movies about boats, “Titanic” recounts the true story of the  R.M.S. Titanic  that sank during its maiden voyage in 1912. The  Titanic  set sail from England on April 10th and sank just five days later when it struck an iceberg off the coast of Canada. More than 1,500 lives were lost when the  Titanic  sank, and the sunken vessel still remains at the bottom of the ocean.

The film adaptation of the famous shipwreck spins a fictional tale of romance, betrayal and disaster. A wealthy young woman named Rose Bukater meets a poor artist named Jack Dawson while on a cruise with her equally wealthy fiance Cal Hockley. Rose and Jack meet when Rose is contemplating suicide to escape her unhappy engagement. The two begin to spend time together and soon fall in love. However, fate is not on their side, and Cal discovers the affair just before the  Titanic  starts to sink.

11. Dead Calm

This 1989 psychological thriller is not for the faint-hearted. Set on two boats in the middle of the Pacific, “Dead Calm” tells the chilling tale of an innocent couple caught in a deadly situation with a not-so-innocent man.

After the death of their son, Rae and John Ingram take a vacation on their yacht to help process their grief. While cruising across the Pacific, they discover a damaged boat that appears to be sinking. A man named Hughie Warriner rows over to the Ingrams’ yacht for help, claiming that his crew had died from food poisoning. However, when John investigates the ship, he discovers bloody carnage that tells a different story.

John rushes back to warn Rae, but Hughie is already piloting their yacht away with Rae on board. With his wife now in the hands of a killer, John must attempt to stay afloat to rescue her while Rae fights to stay alive.

12. All Is Lost

An epic story of survival, “All Is Lost” tells the tale of a man lost at sea with his boat taking on water. The man, played by Robert Redford, takes every measure to repair his damaged vessel and broken marine radio to regain communications. Instead, he is greeted by a tropical storm that tears apart his vessel. Left on a small inflatable life raft, the man struggles to survive as his minimal supplies dwindle and there is no sign of rescue.

This 2013 sailing movie has only one cast member and almost no dialogue. The film relies on carefully crafted music and sound effects along with striking visuals to capture the terror and despair of being lost at sea. “All Is Lost”  won a Golden Globe  for Best Original Score for a Motion Picture in 2014 and was nominated for an Oscar for sound editing the same year.

13. Jungle Cruise

02 Jungle Cruise Movie

Strap in for an adventure down the Amazon with Disney’s “Jungle Cruise,” starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson. Watch the characters on their journey in a boat down the river and all of the situations they face on their journey for an ancient tree. The “Jungle Cruise” movie is based on the well-known Disney Parks ride and came out in 2021.

The 2016 Disney animated movie “Moana” is a fan favorite and a wonderful maritime movie to watch on your boat. The story follows Moana and the people on her island. When the fishermen aren’t catching any fish, and the crops fail, Moana sets off on a journey sailing through the ocean to find the heart of Te Fiti, a goddess from Polynesian mythology. You can watch Moana and her new friends sail on their adventure while relaxing on your boat.

The 2018 survival drama “Adrift” is a boating story that will keep your attention throughout the entire film. Starring Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin, this movie shows the journey between their two characters meeting, falling in love and setting sail on the journey of a lifetime. Their journey takes a sharp turn when they sail directly into one of the worst hurricanes ever recorded.

16. Charlie St. Cloud

The 2010 movie “Charlie St. Cloud” starring Zac Efron is based on the Ben Sherwood novel “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud.” The movie follows the story of a boy named Charlie St. Cloud as he loses his brother and continues to visit him every day after his passing. The sailing, setting and boats throughout the story make this one of the best nautical films.

17. Life of Pi

03 Life Of Pi

Another seafaring film that is great for your next movie night on the boat is the 2012 movie “Life of Pi,” which is based on the Canadian novel by Yann Martel. Pi Patel and his family make their way from India to Canada with some of their zoo animals on a cargo ship. When they encounter a bad storm, there are only two survivors —  Pi Patel and a Bengal tiger.

18. Overboard

If you want to enjoy a funny romantic comedy on your boat movie night, watch the 2018 remake of “Overboard” with Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez. The story follows single mom Kate Sullivan working on a yacht for Leonardo “Leo” Montenegro. After an accident causes Leo to have amnesia, Kate pretends to be his wife and teaches him how to work on the yacht.

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Cruising For All

29 Movies To Watch About Cruise Ships

The allure of cruise ships, opulent vessels sailing the open seas, has a magnetic pull, not only for travelers but also for filmmakers seeking captivating backdrops for their stories. In this cinematic voyage, we’ll delve into a broader selection of Movies To Watch About Cruise Ships that have set sail on the high seas of entertainment.

This collection of movies on cruise ships will give you a much-needed cruise fix between voyages. And live the cruise ship life through classic and modern movies with cruise ships as the main focus. Sit back and enjoy these ocean-fairing movies whilst planning your next voyage.

Movies to Watch about cruise ships

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Movies To Watch About Cruise Ships

1. the titanic 1997.

A film directed by James Cameron that tells the story of a young couple, Jack and Rose, who fall in love aboard the ill-fated RMS Titanic during its maiden voyage. The ship hits an iceberg and sinks, leading to chaos and tragedy. The film alternates between the past and present as an elderly Rose recalls her experiences. The movie was a huge success, winning multiple Academy Awards and becoming a cultural phenomenon.

2. The Poseidon Adventure (1972)

A cinematic classic, this disaster film thrusts passengers into chaos when the S.S. Poseidon capsizes after being struck by a tidal wave. Their journey through the ship’s interior to reach safety forms the heart-pounding core of the story.

3. Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997)

The sequel to the hit “Speed,” this film ups the ante by placing its action-packed events on a cruise ship . A rogue hacker takes control of the vessel, leaving the heroes with the daunting task of regaining control and averting disaster.

4. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018)

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” is an animated comedy film where Count Dracula and his monster friends go on a cruise vacation. Dracula falls for the ship’s captain, Ericka, unaware that she’s a descendant of a monster hunter. As their romance unfolds, secrets are revealed, leading to comedic chaos as they navigate mishaps and save their vacation from turning disastrous. The film combines humor, animation, and positive themes of acceptance.

5. Overboard (1987)

In this delightful romantic comedy, a wealthy heiress with amnesia is misled into believing she’s the wife of a working-class carpenter. The story takes a playful twist when the duo finds themselves on a luxury cruise, navigating not only the sea but also the waters of love.

6. Out to Sea” (1997)

This comedy duo Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, shines once again as they play dance hosts aboard a cruise ship. Their escapades and misadventures in this maritime setting create a perfect recipe for laughter and heartwarming moments.

7. Deep Rising (1998)

A unique blend of action and horror, “Deep Rising” takes a group of mercenaries to a hijacked cruise ship, only to find it infested with deadly creatures. The film’s suspense and adrenaline-pumping sequences keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

8. Monkey Business (1931)

A comedy film starring the Marx Brothers as stowaways on an ocean liner. Their irreverent and zany antics lead to chaos and confusion, involving gangsters and a young woman named Lucy. The film highlights the Marx Brothers’ signature rapid-fire wordplay and physical comedy, leaving a comedic legacy and showcasing their unique brand of humour

9. Virus (1999)

In a chilling twist, an alien force takes over a research ship, transforming it into a malevolent entity threatening humanity. The tense atmosphere and the survival struggle aboard the ship add layers of suspense to this sci-fi horror film.

10. An Affair to Remember (1957)

A romantic drama about Nickie and Terry, who meet on a cruise, despite both being engaged. They promise to reunite at the Empire State Building in six months if they still love each other. A tragic event separates them, but fate eventually brings them back together. The film explores themes of love, fate, and second chances, with an iconic Empire State Building scene. It’s a timeless tale of enduring romance and human connection.

11. Cruise Into Terror (1978)

A made-for-television horror film set on a cruise ship. When an ancient Egyptian curse is unleashed from a sarcophagus, passengers and crew members are haunted by supernatural events and mysterious deaths. The film combines horror and mystery elements within the unique backdrop of a luxury cruise, creating a suspenseful and eerie atmosphere.

12. The Last Voyage (1960)

A disaster film set on the S.S. Claridon, a luxury ocean liner that experiences an engine room explosion and fire. Passengers and crew, including the Webster family , must navigate chaos and peril as the ship sinks. The film captures tension and heroism amid the disaster and showcases the realistic portrayal of a ship’s demise.

13. Cruise (2018)

Set against the backdrop of a summer cruise, this drama explores the evolving relationship between two friends. As they sail through their vacation, unexpected emotions and challenges lead to introspection and growth.

14. Jack and Jill (2011)

The movie tells the story of Jack Sadelstein, a successful executive, and his identical twin sister Jill, both played by Adam Sandler. As part of their holiday adventure, they join a cruise on the Allure of the Seas, a groundbreaking ship by Royal Caribbean International . Onboard, a blend of sibling rivalry and comedic attempts to matchmake Jill with Al Pacino leads to hilarious chaos and calamity.

15. Carry on Cruising (1962)

A British comedy film set on a cruise ship, featuring Captain Crowther and his bumbling crew as they navigate a series of hilarious misadventures involving passengers. This film is part of the renowned “Carry On” film series, known for its slapstick humor and memorable ensemble cast.

16. Ship of Fools (1965)

A drama set on a German ocean liner in 1933. The film follows a diverse group of passengers from different backgrounds, each with their own stories and conflicts. Through their interactions, the movie delves into themes of prejudice, class divisions, and human nature, serving as a microcosm of society and reflecting the tensions of the era. The film’s ensemble cast and exploration of complex social issues have made it a notable entry in cinematic history.

17. Shall We Dance (1937)

A musical romantic comedy starring Fred Astaire as Petrov, a ballet dancer, and Ginger Rogers as Linda Keene, a musical comedy star. The film follows their mistaken identity as a married couple on a cruise ship, leading to romantic complications and charming dance routines, including the famous roller skating dance. The movie showcases the iconic partnership and dance skills of Astaire and Rogers in a lighthearted and entertaining story.

18. Open Water 2 (2006)

A psychological horror film about a group of friends who become stranded in the open ocean after jumping off their yacht for a swim and realising they can’t climb back aboard. Tensions rise as they confront their mistakes and struggle to survive while adrift at sea. The film explores their psychological and emotional turmoil in the face of their dire predicament.

19. Assault on a Queen (1966)

A heist film where criminals led by Mark Brittain (played by Frank Sinatra) plan to rob the luxury ocean liner S.S. Queen Mary using a refurbished submarine. The heist unfolds with tension and complications as the group faces unexpected obstacles and personal conflicts during the daring plan. The film’s unique premise and ocean liner setting make it a notable entry in the heist genre.

20. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

A musical comedy film following showgirl friends Lorelei and Dorothy as they embark on a cruise to Europe. Lorelei aims to marry a wealthy man while dealing with a missing diamond tiara, leading to comedic chaos and romantic escapades. The film is known for its iconic musical numbers, including Marilyn Monroe’s performance of “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,” and remains a classic in Hollywood musical history.

21. Like Father (2018)

A comedy-drama film about Rachel, a woman left at the altar, who ends up on her honeymoon cruise with her estranged father, Harry. As they navigate the challenges of reconnecting, the cruise becomes a personal growth and healing journey. The film combines humour and heartwarming moments, emphasising the importance of family connections and forgiveness.

22. Romance on the High Seas, a Comedy Cruise Movie (1948)

A musical romantic comedy about Elvira Kent, who sends a look-alike, Georgia Garrett, on a cruise to test her husband’s fidelity. The switch leads to comedic misunderstandings and romantic entanglement, featuring musical performances. The film marked Doris Day’s debut and is a charming example of classic Hollywood musical comedies.

23. Legend of 1900 (1998)

A drama film about a pianist named 1900 who grows up on an ocean liner and becomes exceptionally skilled. When encouraged to leave the ship by a fellow musician, he faces a personal struggle between his love for music and his fear of the outside world. The film is known for its evocative storytelling, beautiful cinematography, and a memorable piano duel scene.

24. Murder Mystery (2019)

A comedy-mystery film starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. The story follows a couple on a European vacation who get caught up in a murder investigation during a family gathering on a super yacht. The film is known for its humor and the chemistry between the lead actors and found success on Netflix.

25. Bon Voyage! (1962)

A comedy-adventure film set during World War II, following the Willard family’s trip to Paris, which turns into an unexpected adventure involving espionage and intrigue. The film blendshumourr and suspense and features a talented cast, offering an entertaining take on wartime Europe.

26. Ghost Ship (2002)

In this supernatural horror film, salvage crew members discover a derelict Italian cruise liner that holds a dark secret. As they uncover the ship’s eerie history, they are drawn into a terrifying mystery.

27. Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011)

An animated comedy where the Chipmunks and Chipettes embark on a cruise that turns chaotic when they get shipwrecked on a deserted island. The film combines humor, music, and life lessons as they learn to survive and work together to find a way back home. It’s a family-friendly adventure within the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” film series.

28. The Parent Trap (1998)

Is a family comedy about identical twin sisters, Annie and Hallie, who meet at summer camp and decide to switch places to reunite their divorced parents. The film is known for its humour, heartwarming moments, and Lindsay Lohan’s dual role performance. It’s a beloved family classic that emphasises the importance of love and unity.

29. Triangle (2009)

A psychological horror film about a group of friends stranded on an abandoned ocean liner after a storm. As they face eerie events, one of them, Jess, experiences unsettling deja vu and realises they are caught in a twisted loop of time, leading to a mind-bending and suspenseful story. The film is known for its inventive storytelling and psychological horror elements.

Enjoy a Little Cruise Fix with these Fabulous Movies About Cruise Ships

There’s nothing like the real thing but the world of cruise ship movies is a captivating realm that offers a wide array of genres, from romance and comedy to disaster and horror.

These films transport us to the high seas, where adventures, mysteries, and emotions unfold against the backdrop of these magnificent vessels. Whether you’re seeking thrills, laughter, or romance, the movies set on cruise ships provide an engaging and immersive cinematic experience that lets you sail away from reality for a while.

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Why jerry seinfeld's new movie's rotten tomatoes score is even worse than his 17-year-old meme disaster, ella purnell's 2020s success makes rewatching her forgotten movie role from 11 years ago really weird.

Life at sea is not always paradise. Movies remind viewers of that easily, primarily with the horror films  that take place on the water (or under it). But there are certainly plenty of big box office  hits and smaller out-at-sea movies that remained fan favorites long after they were released.

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Moviegoers automatically think about the one-and-only couple (that could have made it through if only he had a chance to fit on the floating piece in the Atlantic), Jack and Rose from Titanic . However, there are countless other films that grip viewers tight and keep them engaged until the end, whether they involve romance, action, horror, or all of the above.

Adrift (Netflix)

Shailene Woodley plays the important role of Tami Oldham, based on the true story of her and her fiancee who set sail from Tahiti to San Diego.

Woodley and Sam Clafin nailed their respective roles in Adrift as the two sailors that fall in love. Adventure and fearlessness come into play throughout the beginning of this film, only to then twist into a heartbreaking reality for the duo when they get stranded at sea. Netflix currently has this film available to stream.

Captain Phillips (FuboTV)

That iconic line from brilliant actor (aside from the great Tom Hanks), Barkhad Abdi, "Look at me, I am the captain now," showcases how  Captain Phillips displays the fright that happens when an entire ship is taken over by pirates.

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Like any other role, Hanks played the captain genuinely, showing his demeanor under stress and also the effects of the fearful event he goes through. This movie is currently offered on FuboTV.

The Triangle (Youtube)

There are a myriad of versions of what happens in the middle of The Bermuda Triangle, but all the films mostly involve the haunting and inexplicable circumstances that people are put through in this location. This 2001 television movie stars the late Luke Perry , follows that trope.

A couple of friends go to Bermuda and go out to the triangle for some fun. They originally have absolutely no idea that (spoilers ahead) the triangle is basically a wormhole and they've been missing for quite some time when they went out deeper through the water. The best part is that anyone can search for this film on Youtube (no subscription required) and watch it for free at this time.

The Shallows (FX)

Aside from being another shark-infested flick, Blake Lively portrays a convincing one-woman show trying to evade a killer shark attack.

Being that most of the film takes place on one rock in the middle of the water, the entire plot is unique because this one location is already extremely suspenseful. Unfortunately for the main character, life at sea is not the best for her for a while. The Shallows is currently streaming with a subscription to FX.

47 Meters Down: Uncaged (Amazon Prime)

The first 47 Meters Down film is available to purchase on multiple platforms, but its sequel is available to stream on Amazon Prime as part of a subscription

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Aside from its seriously tough-as-nails ending, the entire film has some pretty cool shots under the sea. The teenage girls that wind up in this deeply gnarly trouble have state-of-the-art scuba gear as they try to find a way out of the underwater maze. The threat of the sharks isn't the only frightening aspect of their traumatic adventure.

All Pirates of the Caribbean Films (Disney Plus & Starz)

Some consider the Pirates of the Caribbean series to be the best swashbuckler movies of all time . Each film is detailed with the most intricate details in the landscape, costumes, and characters. The romance and action tie up each film with unique endings.

The presence out at sea is full for the audience to swallow, as they watch the waves crash and the pirates fight when they approach Jack Sparrow's beloved horizon. The comical moments throughout each film lighten up this treacherous sea life they all are living. Four of the five films can be accessed on Disney Plus, while On Stranger Tides is on Starz!

Cast Away (HBO)

Tom Hanks is at it again here with another oceanic, adventurous role, except this one is one of his earlier films that helped his stardom. The movie is considered a work of art with its combination of love, intelligence, and survival overall to get through the struggle of living on an island for years.

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The concept of loneliness is frightening for people to live through. However, that is precisely what keeps audiences fishing for more as they watch the main character live a new life out in the middle of the entire ocean. Cast Away is now streaming on HBO!

Finding Dory (Disney Plus)

Everyone knows about Finding Nemo and deem it as one of Pixar's best creations . But what about Dory's sequel? This happy movie isn't always given as much attention now, possibly because some fans are still very attached to Nemo.

Finding Dory is a fun adventure under the sea. It's hard for Pixar veteran and new generation viewers to not enjoy this swim with Dory. Since it's a Disney film, anyone can stream it on Disney Plus, of course.

Aquaman (HBO Max)

Jason Momoa does not disappoint in his role as the badass underwater superhero. It's impressive to watch as he easily can switch positions in life on land and under the sea.

Arthur isn't the typical hero because his aggression definitely makes his position look questionable at times, but it's obvious that his intentions are good as his quest is personal because his mother is involved. The movie's ending is a refreshing sight because of its comical and lighthearted aura. Aquaman is currently streaming on HBO Max.

Nim's Island (Available To Rent Amazon Prime)

Many may have forgotten one of Abigail Breslin's coolest roles of her career. Nim's Island  follows a young girl who lives on an island with her intelligent father. When he leaves for a scientific mission, Nim is left alone for a bit which causes concern.

The little girl's inspiration with "Alex Rover" leads to an interesting encounter with Jodie Foster's anxious character, an author, but Nim believes she is an actual adventurer. The family-friendly film depicts a child's daily life out at sea on an island—an inspirational sight for younger viewers to see. This movie can be rented on Amazon Prime.

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Pursuit of the Graf Spee (1956)

5. Pursuit of the Graf Spee

The Battle of Trafalgar (1911)

6. The Battle of Trafalgar

Battleship (2012)

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Walter Giller, Elke Sommer, and Nadja Tiller in Geliebte Hochstaplerin (1961)

8. Geliebte Hochstaplerin

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (1995)

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Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979)

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John Garfield, Paul Henreid, Faye Emerson, and Eleanor Parker in Between Two Worlds (1944)

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Vicky Kaushal in Bhoot: Part One - The Haunted Ship (2020)

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Ukraine-Russia war latest: Putin's words might concern West as he gives inauguration speech; plot to 'kill Zelenskyy' stopped

Vladimir Putin is officially sworn in as Russian president for a new six-year term, although many Western nations have not attended.

Tuesday 7 May 2024 17:00, UK

Vladimir Putin

  • Putin sworn in again as president | Claims Russia would work with West
  • 'We elect our president': Kremlin defends 'purely democratic' Russia
  • Ivor Bennett analysis : Translating Putin's  speech - and why it might worry West
  • Plot to 'kidnap and kill Zelenskyy' stopped, Ukraine says
  • Many nations boycott Putin's inauguration ceremony
  • Putin has 85% approval rating - here's why
  • Big picture : What you need to know as a new week begins
  • Your questions answered: Why can't Ukraine destroy key Crimean bridge?
  • Live reporting by Lauren Russell  and Ollie Cooper

We're pausing our live coverage of the war in Ukraine for the time being - thanks for tuning in.

Before you go, here is a recap of today's developments.

  • Vladimir Putin was officially sworn in again as Russian president, marking the start of his fifth term in office;
  • During his inaugural speech, Mr Putin said he is willing to work with the West, but it is down to them to cooperate with Russia;
  • Two people have been arrested after Ukraine's intelligence agency foiled a plot to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelenskyy;
  • The widow of former Putin critic Alexei Navalny criticised Mr Putin on the day of his inauguration calling him a murderer and a liar.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has said Europe needs to spend "big money" in order to prevent other powers in the world from "raising a hand against it". 

Speaking at a conference in the Polish city of Katowice, Mr Tusk called on European countries to take joint action to increase spending on defence by at least €100bn (£85bn).

"Europe must be prepared in the next dozen or so months and the entire next five years for a situation in which no power in the world will dare raise a hand against it," he said.

"Big money will move the war away from Europe's borders for a long time, perhaps permanently."

He also repeated the idea of building a common European air defence system - saying Europe has "more initiatives than real actions". 

Due to the war in Ukraine, Poland is strengthening its defence capabilities, allocating over 4% of its GDP.

Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, agreed Europe must spend more on defence and declared that if she remains in office for another term she will propose new defence projects.

A Russian national has been sanctioned in the UK, US and Australia for his alleged role as the creator of the most prolific ramsomware group in the world. 

The sanctions target Dmitry Khoroshev who has been identified as one of the leaders of LockBit, the ransomware group responsible for extorting over $1bn from thousands of victims globally. 

In the US, Khoroshev has been charged with 26 counts of allegedly developing and administering a malicious cyber scheme.

The UK's foreign office said the LockBit group was behind attacks on over 200 UK businesses and major public server providers and 25% of all global ransomware attacks. 

Pro-Russian Chechen forces are baring the brunt of the frontlines in Ukraine and training Russian troops behind the scenes, the UK's Ministry of Defence says.

Around 9,000 personnel are currently serving within the Pro-Russian Chechen forces in Ukraine, which has been pushed back onto the frontline since the withdrawal of Russia's private military company, Wagner, the MoD said in its daily intelligence update. 

At the start of the Ukraine war in 2022, Chechen forces became known as "TikTok troops" for their presence on social media.

But, they have since provided personnel and given training to Russians at The Special Forces University in Gudermes, Chechnya. 

The MoD said troops receive up to 10 days' training at the so-called university. 

Chechnya has historically always supported Russia's military action in Ukraine.

Ukraine and Russia have accused each other of using banned toxins on the battlefield. 

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which is in The Hague, said that all accusations were "insufficiently substantiated".

But it added: "The situation remains volatile and extremely concerning regarding the possible re-emergence of use of toxic chemicals as weapons." 

Neither side has asked the OPCW to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons.

Last week, Russia denied allegations from the US that it had used the choking agent chloropicrin against Ukrainian troops and utilised riot control agents "as a method of warfare".

Under the Chemical Weapons Convention, any toxic chemical used with the purpose of causing harm or death is considered a chemical weapon.

We've been covering the fifth inauguration of Vladimir Putin as Russian president.

The ceremony took place in Moscow's Grand Kremlin Palace, and our correspondent Ivor Bennett was there to experience the entire event.

He also interviewed Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov about the state of democracy in Russia and the lack of opposition during the presidential election back in March.

Bennett asked Mr Peskov: "Western leaders and Western governments believe that Vladimir Putin has turned Russia into a dictatorship, why do you think that’s not the case?"

Mr Peskov replied: "This is not the case.

"It's just propaganda, it's rough propaganda, nothing else."

He went on to say Russia was "purely democratic", adding: "We choose our power. We elect our power. We elect our president. We vote for the president or don’t want to vote for the president.

"And we insist that we have the right to do it the way we want to do it.

"And we don’t want a third country to interfere in our choices, in our preferences."

Pressed on whether the lack of opposition to Vladimir Putin in Russia was democratic, Mr Peskov said: "But there is opposition inside the country, of course the conditions are much tougher here because we are in war conditions."

Mr Peskov used the word "war" twice in the interview - typically, the Kremlin refers to its invasion of Ukraine as a "special military operation" - a term he also used once.

Ivor Bennett then asked if it was even more important for the public to have the right to speak out in wartime.

"No, to the contrary. It needs tougher measures to ensure the victory, to ensure that we reach our goals," Mr Peskov replied.

Asked whether this was democratic, Mr Peskov insisted: "It is, it is."

He added that the Western media in Europe and the US exists in the "same circumstances".

Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside The Hague's Peace Palace in The Netherlands to protest the inauguration of President Vladimir Putin. 

The protesters, many of whom had travelled from Germany, carried a giant carnival float that showed a caricature of the Russian leader with blood on his hands in a striped prison uniform.

They also held Ukrainian flags and placards saying: "Putin to The Hague" - which is the home of the International Court of Justice.

Dina Musina, who works for a Berlin-based charity that supports Russian prisoners, said they need to "raise awareness about Putin's crimes internationally".

A plot to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been uncovered by Ukraine's state security service (SBU).

The SBU claimed two agents who were posing as Ukrainian state guard servicemen were tasked by Moscow to figure out a way to capture Mr Zelenskyy and later kill him. 

They also planned to kill other high-ranking Ukrainian officials, the SBU said in a statement on Telegram . 

Head of the SBU, Vasyl Malyuk, described the plot as a "gift to Putin before the inauguration".

The SBU said two suspects have been detained after an investigation gradually documented their alleged criminal actions.

Ukrainian claims that plots to kill Mr Zelenskyy are not new. 

The president said in 2022 there had been at least 10 attempts to assassinate him since the start of the war.

The widow of former Putin critic Alexei Navalny has criticised President Vladimir Putin on the day of his fifth inauguration as Russian leader. 

In a video posted on YouTube shortly before the ceremony took place in Moscow, Yulia Navalnaya called Mr Putin a liar, a thief and a murderer. 

She added that the war in Ukraine is "bloody and senseless" and no one wants it apart from the Russian leader.

"Huge sums of money are stolen from all of us every day to fund bombings of peaceful cities, riot police beating people with batons, propagandists spreading lies. And also for [the elite's] own palaces, yachts and private jets," she said.

"And as long as this continues, we can't stop the fight."

Having been exiled from Russia, Ms Navalnaya has vowed to continue the work of her late husband, who died in an Arctic penal colony on 16 February. 

She has accused Mr Putin of having him killed, an accusation which the Kremlin has always denied.

By Ivor Bennett , Moscow correspondent 

The speech was vintage Putin.

Talking up Russia's greatness, blaming the West for Moscow's isolation and doubling down on his current path.

If there was any hope of him mellowing in this next term of office, President Putin dispelled that right at the beginning, referring to the security of the Russian people as a matter "above all". 

Translation - we're in the confrontation with the West for the long haul.

But whose fault is it? 

Not ours, he said. 

All part of the Kremlin's narrative to portray Russia as the victim.

What might concern Western officials is the tone of the speech, especially the last line: "We will realise everything we have planned, together we will win." 

With things going his way at home and on the battlefield, the Russian president appears increasingly confident, and increasingly defiant.

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    10. Titanic. One of the most well-known movies about boats, "Titanic" recounts the true story of the R.M.S. Titanic that sank during its maiden voyage in 1912. The Titanic set sail from England on April 10th and sank just five days later when it struck an iceberg off the coast of Canada.

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    Movies To Watch About Cruise Ships. 1. The Titanic 1997. A film directed by James Cameron that tells the story of a young couple, Jack and Rose, who fall in love aboard the ill-fated RMS Titanic during its maiden voyage. The ship hits an iceberg and sinks, leading to chaos and tragedy. The film alternates between the past and present as an ...

  19. 30 Best Sea Movies of All Time

    The Hunt for Red October (1990) The devastating danger emerges from the depths of the sea, and the destiny and future of the human race are in the hands of one man. Sometimes, betraying your own country can save the whole world. The Soviet Union created a deadly weapon that could mark the beginning of new world order.

  20. Top 30 movies about boats and submarines, sea captains and ...

    62 Metascore. A German submarine is boarded by disguised American submariners trying to capture their Enigma cipher machine. Director: Jonathan Mostow | Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton, Harvey Keitel, Jon Bon Jovi. Votes: 87,434 | Gross: $77.09M. Top 30 movies about boats and submarines, sea captains and admirals, oceans and seas.

  21. 10 Great Out-To-Sea Movies Besides Titanic & Where To Watch Them

    That iconic line from brilliant actor (aside from the great Tom Hanks), Barkhad Abdi, "Look at me, I am the captain now," showcases how Captain Phillips displays the fright that happens when an entire ship is taken over by pirates. RELATED: The Meg & 9 Other Scariest Movies About The Deep Sea, Ranked Like any other role, Hanks played the captain genuinely, showing his demeanor under stress and ...

  22. These Are The Cruise-Related Shows and Movies You Have to See

    The Other Side of the List: "Jack and Jill" and "Speed 2: Cruise Control". Speed 2: Cruise Control is often lambasted, but is largely filmed aboard a real ship (Photo: Fox) Not every film ...

  23. Films set on ships

    The Adventures of Tintin (2011) PG | 107 min | Animation, Action, Adventure. Intrepid reporter Tintin and Captain Haddock set off on a treasure hunt for a sunken ship commanded by Haddock's ancestor. Director: Steven Spielberg | Stars: Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg. Votes: 241,944 | Gross: $77.59M.

  24. Ukraine-Russia war latest: Putin claims he could work with West

    Vladimir Putin now heads outside, facing troops from the Russian army, who salute and congratulate him on his new term. He in turn congratulates the troops of the presidential regiment on the 88th ...