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Antwaun Sargent’s Lightly Planned, Restorative Week in Barbados

Boat tours, scenic drives, and seaside drinks with rihanna..

barbados travel blog

Everyone knows that person who spends weeks sniffing around travel blogs, going deep into Tripadvisor rabbit holes, collecting Google docs from friends of friends, and creating A Beautiful Mind –style spreadsheets to come up with the best vacations/itineraries possible. In this recurring series, we find those people who’ve done all the work for you and have them walk us through a particularly wonderful, especially well-thought-out vacation they took that you can actually steal.

Art critic Antwaun Sargent travels a lot, but almost never for pleasure. “I’m pretty frequently in places people go to vacation, like Italy, but I’m usually working.” But during the last weeks of the year, around Christmas and New Year’s, he gets a rare break. “The art world sort of shuts down, no one’s on email. And honestly, no one cares where I am.” In 2019, he took the opportunity to travel with his friend Miles Greenberg to Barbados , where his family owns a house. “I found a place where people just hang out. I took extremely long walks on the beach , swam , and just cleared my mind. It ended up giving me the moment I needed to take in and process the year.” Last year, he went back, this time with several famous friends in tow, including Jeremy O. Harris and JiaJia Fei . Here, Sargent shares what he’s learned about the island, including why you should rent your own house, what kind of curry to order, and where you might run into Rihanna.

1:30 p.m.: Arrive in the early afternoon 

barbados travel blog

There aren’t a ton of flights to and from Barbados. But if you’re in NYC, JetBlue does an easy one from JFK that’s about four and a half hours. It’s pretty comfortable. Once you arrive, the airport itself is tiny, so it’s really easy to find your way around and out. But you will notice that you can easily get outgoing flights to any other Caribbean island, Canada, and a lot of different parts of Europe. One year, after we had spent Christmas in Barbados, we all went to Reykjavik, where New Year’s is a really big deal. If you’re looking to have a hot Christmas and a cold New Year’s, there’s really no better way you can do it.

3 p.m.: Rent a beach house on the Caribbean side 

The main reason I’ve started going to Barbados is because my friend’s family has had a house there for a long time. He’s spent a lot of summers and holidays there. The house is on the water next to Gibbes Beach, which is my main tip: Stay on the water. If you’re there to surf, stay on the East Side, next to the ocean. But if you want those waters to be calm and chill, like I do, stay on the Caribbean Sea side, the West of the island. It should be pretty easy to rent a house on either side, through something like Vrbo or a luxury service like Altman Real Estate , throughout the year that is basically on the beach. If you would prefer to stay at a hotel, there are great ones there. The biggest luxury one is Sandy Lane ( Sandy Lane St. James, BB24024, Barbados ), where Tiger Woods got married. I’ve heard it’s nice, but you have an equally good experience if you just stay at a beach house. Plus, all the houses have a house staff and someone who is managing the property. They’ll cook for you, clean for you, give you recommendations for things to do, and connect you with people who can help you do them.

Altman Villa Rentals Royal Villa 26

4 p.m.: Coordinate your transportation 

barbados travel blog

In my experience, most of those houses also come with a driver. Which is great; Barbados isn’t a big place, but it can be tough to get around without a car. There is a bus system, which I’ve taken into downtown, but it doesn’t run that frequently. The driver on staff at Miles’s house was able to take us everywhere we wanted to go during the trip. If you can’t hire someone through your house, Airbnb, or hotel, you should be able to get one either through the staff of your house or through one of the many car services available on the island, like Terrvette Tours , Five Star Fast Track , and Ambitious Tours and Taxi .

5 p.m.: Pick up wine and fancy vinegars for the house

I’m not a big vacation shopper; I’m just super-meticulous about what I require and buy. One thing that’s nice is that the dollar is like, two to one, so the island isn’t that expensive. Everything is really fucking cheap. So we did buy a lot of provisions at this organic food shop called Gourmet Shop ( #5 Chattel Village, Highway 1 ). It’s the place on the island to buy nicer wines, cheeses, special vinegars. It’s like a foodaholic’s dream. That’s where we’d get any of the expensive shit you want that you might be used to in New York, if you’re craving something specific.

10 a.m.: Head to the beach 

Barbados is one of those places where the main activity is just going to the beach. And because all the beaches in Barbados are public beaches, all the beaches are good. It’s not like the best beaches are private, where you’d need something special to get in. I like that because it means that, no matter where you’re staying, you’re not cut off from anything, you’re not cut off from the culture. I spent the most time at Gibbes Beach myself, since it’s next to Miles’s house. But I also like Mullins Beach and Brandons Beach. You can’t really go wrong. There’s nowhere on the island you can’t be. And there aren’t a ton of rules on the beach once you get there. Everyone is BBQing, drinking, in the water, all sorts of things.

barbados travel blog

We spent a lot of time just hanging out in the house and on the beach. We played some games, some people read books. But I really like to completely unplug and hang out. I took a lot of extremely long walks, like for hours. As an end-of-year vacation, that lets you take in the year and reflect on what went well, what didn’t, and really process everything, Barbados is a perfect place.

1 p.m.: See the island by car

There’s a lot of touristy stuff on the island, like the downtown and this plantation on the island, but I’m not really big into attractions. What I love to do is take these long drives around the island, mostly from the West where we were staying to the East. It would take you about three hours to do a full loop, but our drives were more in the hour to two-hour range. The island is so beautiful, and the scenery changes so dramatically as you drive from the sea side to the ocean side. You see these incredible landscapes as you drive around the island, without there necessarily being specific places where you need to stop.

barbados travel blog

3 p.m.: Take photos at the Animal Flower Cave

This is the one “touristy” thing I would suggest. The Animal Flower Caves ( North Point, Conneltown ) are on the northern tip of the island. It’s this rocky area with a cove. You walk into it and around and you get these super-picturesque views of beautiful water through these dramatic, large rocks. The rocks kind of form into these windows that you can look through. You just get to see the beauty and power of the ocean. Sometimes you can see humpback whales. There’s also some really nice hiking and a decent restaurant.

barbados travel blog

7 p.m.: Try the curry … everywhere 

My favorite thing to eat in Barbados is curry. Because the island is part of the West Indies and was a British colony until 1961, there is curry all over the island. It’s a product of that cultural exchange between colonies. And it tastes amazing. I could literally eat curry on the island; I subsist on it. I’m the kind of person who can eat the same thing over and over again, and on this vacation, I got curry everywhere. I like the one at Chutney’s ( The Walk, Welches, St. Thomas ), which is a chain with several locations on the island, but I mostly ate the curry made by the house staff.

11 a.m.: Spend the day out on the water 

This year, on Christmas Day, we rented a boat and drove out into the water. Barbados famously has like one climate, it’s always like 80, 85 degrees. It’s really great, especially out on the water. What’s so nice about the island is that it’s so small, everyone knows everybody else. If you’re staying at a hotel, you can ask the staff of the hotel for a recommendation. If you’re staying at a house, you can ask the person who manages the property. If you don’t have access to either, you can book everything from small sailboats (from $90) to massive catamarans (from $767) from services like Set Sail Barbados and Silver Moon . Usually whatever boat you’ll rent will also come with a crew, too. So you don’t have to worry about driving. We took our boat out and did a tour of the island, since Jeremy and his boyfriend had never been before. We had food on the boat, then swam and saw some turtles, fish. If you want to, you can find fishing boats where you actually catch fish, and then bring it back to have it prepared for you at your house.

barbados travel blog

6 p.m.: Try the flying fish at Round House

barbados travel blog

Barbados is known for its flying fish, a fish I did not know existed before I started going there on holiday. It does what it sounds like; they hop out of the water and float in the air a bit. It’s usually fried in a batter, kind of like cod. But Barbados is part of the West Indies, so the batter is spiced and has a lot of flavor. It offers just a little bit more than your typical New England fish. One of my favorite places to eat it is Round House ( Highway Z Bathsheba ), which we usually go to after the end of one of these beautiful drives, since it’s a hotel on the ocean side of the island.

8 p.m.: Binge Emily in Paris  

We spent most of our evenings just hanging out together at the house; it wasn’t the kind of vacation where we were going out and partying or anything. Jeremy and his boyfriend are both in the entertainment industry, so we watched a lot of movies. One night we watched the second season of Emily in Paris , because Jeremy is actually in it. It was just a really fun good friend hang. It was totally relaxed.

barbados travel blog

6 p.m.: Grab a farewell beer, look out for Rihanna 

Jeremy and Rihanna are friends, and she happened to be in Barbados with her family. So we all got a drink one night at the Sea Shed ( Mullins Beach, Bridgetown ), a bar near Mullins Beach. The beer that Barbados is really known for is Banks Beer, if you’re a beer drinker. If you’re not, I would try any sort of rum drink, like a rum punch. The oldest rum, Mount Gay Rum, is made in Barbados.

Antwaun’s Barbados Packing List

A game-night game.

Monopoly Deal Card Game

It’s a faster version of Monopoly that you play without a board. We played for hours.

Aunt May's Hot Bajan Pepper Sauce

Aunt May’s is an Asian pepper sauce that goes really well in curry. You can get it anywhere now, I’m sure even on Instacart in Brooklyn, but I’m the sort of person where, if I have something on vacation in a place, I like to leave it there.

Biologique Recherche Protection U.V. SPF 25

Barbados is the kind of place where your main activity is the beach. You gotta use sunscreen to protect your skin.

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A protective hat

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13 Weeks Travel Blog

13 Weeks Travel Blog

The Best Barbados Itinerary

The best barbados itinerary: 10 days in barbados + insider tips [2023].

Barbados, often referred to as the “Gem of the Caribbean,” is a stunning island nation located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It’s known for its pristine white-sand beaches, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking relaxation on the beach, exploring historical sites, or savoring local cuisine, this 10-day Barbados itinerary will guide you through an unforgettable Caribbean experience.

In this Barbados travel itinerary, you’ll discover insider tips on where to stay, the best activities to enjoy, and how to make the most of your visit to this beautiful island. We’ve also included options for a shorter 5-day Barbados itinerary and an extended 2-week adventure.

From the turquoise waters, lush tropical landscapes, and vibrant festivals to the historic sites, local delicacies, and lively nightlife, Barbados offers a wide range of experiences for travelers. Get ready to explore the best of Barbados!


Where to stay.

Finding the right accommodation in Barbados can significantly impact your experience. Whether you prefer beachfront resorts, cozy guesthouses, or vacation rentals, Barbados offers a wide range of options to suit your preferences. Popular areas to consider include St. Lawrence Gap for nightlife, Holetown for luxury resorts, and Bathsheba for a more laid-back coastal experience.


  • My Top Tip: Explore Barbados at your own pace by renting a car, allowing you to access the island’s hidden gems.
  • Don’t forget to pack a waterproof dry bag and a waterproof phone case for your beach and water adventures.
  • Reading a travel guide like “Lonely Planet Barbados” can enhance your anticipation for the trip.


With 10 days in Barbados, you have the perfect opportunity to experience the island’s diverse attractions, both popular and hidden gems. Before diving into the details, here’s a quick overview of how to spend the perfect 10 days in Barbados.

  • Day 1-2: Bridgetown and Carlisle Bay
  • Day 3: Animal Flower Cave and North Point
  • Day 4: Holetown and Folkestone Marine Park
  • Day 5: Oistins and Miami Beach
  • Day 6: Harrison’s Cave and Welchman Hall Gully
  • Day 7: Bathsheba and Andromeda Botanic Gardens
  • Day 8: St. Lawrence Gap and Dover Beach
  • Day 9: Barbados Wildlife Reserve and Hunte’s Gardens
  • Day 10: Explore Local Cuisine and Departure


The primary gateway to Barbados is Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI), located in the capital city of Bridgetown. The airport is well-connected with numerous international flights, making it easily accessible.

Insider Tip : Consider searching for flights to neighboring Caribbean islands with good flight connections to Barbados. It might be more cost-effective and offer a unique island-hopping experience.


  • Rent a car: Renting a car in Barbados is one of the most convenient ways to explore the island. The road network is well-maintained and driving is on the left side of the road. It gives you the flexibility to visit various attractions and hidden spots at your own pace.

Why rent a car : Public transportation on the island is available, but renting a car provides more freedom and efficiency, especially for reaching less accessible areas.


  • Choose the type of car: Renting a car in Barbados is best arranged in advance online. Opt for a vehicle that suits your needs, from compact cars for city driving to SUVs for off-road adventures.
  • Prices and logistics: Car rental rates can start at around $40-50 USD per day for a basic car, while larger vehicles may cost more. Most car rental companies require drivers to be at least 21 years old.


🌴 day 1-2: bridgetown and carlisle bay.

Begin your Barbados adventure in the vibrant capital, Bridgetown. Explore the city’s historic sites, including the Parliament Buildings, Independence Square, and the historic Garrison. Visit the Barbados Museum to dive deeper into the island’s history.

  • Must-Visit: The UNESCO-listed Bridgetown and its Garrison is a significant cultural and historical site.
  • Savor local cuisine: Try Barbadian specialties such as cou cou, flying fish, and macaroni pie at a local eatery.

Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful Carlisle Bay beach, perfect for swimming and water sports.

Insider Tip : If you’re interested in diving or snorkeling, there are excellent opportunities to explore shipwrecks and vibrant marine life right off the coast.


On Day 3, head to the rugged north of the island. Visit the famous Animal Flower Cave, known for its natural beauty and sea caves. Take in the stunning views from North Point.

Insider Tip : Guided tours of the Animal Flower Cave are available, providing insights into the geological formations and local history.


Explore the charming town of Holetown, known for its luxury resorts and shopping. Don’t miss the chance to visit Folkestone Marine Park, a protected marine reserve offering snorkeling and underwater adventures.

Insider Tip : Rent snorkeling equipment or join a guided snorkeling tour to explore the colorful marine life and coral formations within the marine park.


Oistins is renowned for its Friday night fish fry, a lively gathering with live music, delicious seafood, and a great atmosphere. During the day, relax at the beautiful Miami Beach.

Insider Tip : Explore the local food stalls at Oistins, where you can sample various seafood dishes.


Discover the underground wonder of Harrison’s Cave, where you can take a tram tour through incredible caverns and crystalline formations. Later, visit Welchman Hall Gully, a tropical forest filled with unique plant species.

Insider Tip : It’s a good idea to book your cave tour in advance, as it can get busy during peak hours.


Head to Bathsheba on the island’s east coast, known for its striking rock formations and world-class surfing. Explore the Andromeda Botanic Gardens, home to a remarkable variety of tropical plants.

Insider Tip : If you’re not a surfer, simply enjoy the mesmerizing views of the powerful Atlantic Ocean at Bathsheba.


St. Lawrence Gap is Barbados’s nightlife hub, with restaurants, bars, and entertainment. Enjoy a night out and explore the lively atmosphere. During the day, soak up the sun at Dover Beach.

Insider Tip : Check out local establishments for live music and cultural performances in the evenings.


Experience the local wildlife at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, where you can observe Barbadian green monkeys and other animals. Visit Hunte’s Gardens for a serene and picturesque escape amidst lush greenery.

Insider Tip : Arrive at the wildlife reserve during the feeding times to get a closer look at the animals.


On your final day in Barbados, take some time to indulge in local cuisine. Visit a local rum shop for a taste of Barbados’ famous rum punch, and don’t forget to enjoy one last swim in the turquoise waters. Depart from Grantley Adams International Airport with incredible memories of your Barbados adventure.


If you have some extra time in Barbados and would prefer a 2-week itinerary, here are some ways you can spend the next 4 days in this country.

2-Week Barbados Itinerary

Option 1: Explore the Heart of Barbados

  • Day 11: Drive from St. Lucy to Bridgetown (about a 1-hour drive). Spend the afternoon exploring Bridgetown’s historic sites, such as Parliament Buildings and the Barbados Museum.
  • Day 12: Relax on the beautiful beaches of the south coast, like Rockley Beach. Enjoy watersports, sunbathing, and local cuisine at the boardwalk restaurants.
  • Day 13: Discover Oistins and its famous Friday night fish fry. Explore the lively atmosphere and enjoy delicious seafood.
  • Day 14: Visit the Barbados Wildlife Reserve to see green monkeys and other local wildlife. Then, spend the afternoon exploring Hunte’s Gardens.

Option 2: Explore the East Coast and North Barbados

  • Day 11: Drive from Bridgetown to Bathsheba on the east coast (about a 1-hour drive). Explore the rugged beauty of Bathsheba’s rock formations and watch the surfers.
  • Day 12: Visit Andromeda Botanic Gardens and hike along the scenic coastline. Take in the breathtaking views.
  • Day 13: Explore the Animal Flower Cave in North Point and enjoy the dramatic cliffs and sea caves.
  • Day 14: Drive back to Bridgetown (about a 1-hour drive) and spend your last day shopping for souvenirs and savoring local cuisine.

5-Day Barbados Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrive in Bridgetown and explore the capital, including historic sites like the Parliament Buildings and Independence Square.
  • Day 2: Take a day trip to beautiful Carlisle Bay for swimming and watersports.
  • Day 3: Explore the UNESCO-listed Bridgetown and its Garrison, delving into the island’s history. Enjoy local cuisine.
  • Day 4: Head to St. Lawrence Gap for a taste of Barbados’ nightlife and soak up the sun at Dover Beach during the day.
  • Day 5: Visit the Barbados Wildlife Reserve to see green monkeys and Hunte’s Gardens for a tranquil escape before your departure.


Getting the barbados evisa.

Barbados offers an eVisa to citizens of many countries, including the US, Canada, UK, and most countries in the EU. The eVisa is easy to obtain, and you can [apply for it here](insert link). The cost is approximately 50 USD, and it allows you to stay in the country for up to 30 days.


Having travel insurance is essential for peace of mind when visiting Barbados. It’s highly recommended because, let’s face it, the last thing you want on any trip is for accidents and mishaps to disrupt your plans.


The currency in Barbados is the Barbadian Dollar (BBD), and 1 BBD is roughly equivalent to 0.50 USD. The country is modern, with ATMs widely available at the airport, hotels, banks, and throughout the island. Major credit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, are widely accepted for most transactions.


  • Accommodations: Expect to pay around $50 – $70 USD per night for a double room in a 3-star or 4-star hotel.
  • Food: Budget around $10 – $15 USD per meal per person.
  • Car Rental: A 10-day car rental, including a 4WD, might cost around $550 USD.
  • Fuel: A full tank for a 4WD might cost approximately $35 USD.
  • SIM Card: You can purchase a SIM card for around $13 USD, which typically includes 2GB of data and unlimited WhatsApp usage, valid for 10 days.


Barbados offers a variety of delicious traditional dishes and snacks. Some of the must-try items include:

  • Cou-cou and flying fish (a national dish)
  • Pepperpot (a spicy meat stew)
  • Macaroni pie
  • Fish cutter (a local sandwich)
  • Bajan black cake (a traditional dessert)
  • Coconut bread


English is the official language of Barbados, making travel in this country straightforward. You shouldn’t encounter significant language barriers while exploring the island.


For the best weather and a bit more crowds, consider visiting Barbados from November through March, with temperatures ranging from 62°F to 86°F (17°C to 30°C). If you prefer fewer crowds but hotter temperatures, April and August through October offer temperatures between 77°F and 96°F (25°C to 36°C). It’s advisable to avoid visiting during the hottest months from May to July, when temperatures can reach up to 104°F (40°C).


While Barbados doesn’t have specific dress code requirements, if you plan to visit religious sites, it’s respectful to wear clothing that covers your knees and shoulders. Also, don’t forget to wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun.


Barbados is known for its safety. It’s considered one of the safest countries to travel to, even for solo female travelers. The low crime rate can be attributed to the strong adherence to local laws.


Most hotels in Barbados offer fast and reliable WiFi, which can be used for downloading offline maps. However, if you prefer having a local SIM card, consider using the services of Barbados’ main telecom provider.


I hope this guide to Barbados has been helpful and provided you with valuable information for your trip. Barbados is undoubtedly a spectacular destination, and I trust you’ll share the same sentiment after your visit. If you’re interested in exploring other captivating places in the Caribbean, don’t miss the enchanting beauty of Barbados.

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Wanderlust Chloe

Barbados Travel Blogs

These are all of my barbados travel blogs.

From exploring the landscapes, snorkelling and going on a rum tour, to visiting the capital and enjoying a festival or two, find out the best places to travel to in Barbados here, in my Barbados travel blogs.

Happy exploring!

Barbados vs Antigua: Which Is Better For Your Caribbean Holiday

Barbados vs Antigua

Struggling to choose between Barbados and Antigua? From food and activities, to landscapes and culture, it’s time to look at what makes each island unique.

Barbados travel guide – barbados travel blog filled with ideas.

Beautiful views at Cherry Tree Hill, Barbados

This detailed Barbados travel guide has all the information you need to plan a great holiday on the island, including top things to do, restaurants, hotels and plenty more.

Afternoon tea at sandy lane, barbados.

Wanderlust Chloe Sandy Lane Barbados 4

What’s it really like to go for afternoon tea at Sandy Lane in Barbados?

This guest post was written by Sarah Connolly

Some hotels are known globally, be it for the guests they host, a long standing reputation as a leading hotel, impeccable service, the destination of a high profile wedding, or just as somewhere people aspire to go to. I’m thinking of places like The Ritz, George V, Beverly Wilshire, or in my case Sandy Lane.

The word luxury is thrown around a lot and used far too often when it comes to hotels. Luxury to one person may not be luxury to another but having been to Sandy Lane I am 100% confident that this hotel wholeheartedly deserves to be deemed a luxury property, and that all those who have stepped through its doors would agree.

I was in Barbados for a week staying at a nearby hotel and booked to have afternoon tea at Sandy Lane. From the gated entrance to the long and winding driveway, everything plays a role in creating a really exclusive and beautiful setting. On arrival we were led to the lower level of Bajan Blue; an alfresco restaurant looking out to the beach, scattered with the famous pink sun loungers and even more famous guests.

barbados travel blog

An Insider’s Guide To Visiting Barbados

For most, the thought of a Caribbean island getaway conjures images of idyllic beaches bordered by azure ocean, swaying palm trees, and luxury resorts.

While this picture of paradise can be found on Barbados, there’s so much more to this tiny coral outcrop than one could imagine . 

The “most British” of the Caribbean islands, Barbados boasts a rich history, vibrant landscape, and infectious soca beat that resonates from north to south. Affectionately known as “Little England”, afternoon tea is a ritual, cricket is the national pastime, and dressing for dinner is a firmly entrenched tradition.

Planning a quintessential Caribbean escape ? Here’s my insider’s guide to visiting Barbados.

The best time of year to visit Barbados is May

insiders guide to visiting Barbados

Barbados boasts a year round temperate climate that rarely drops below 70 degrees (21 degrees Celsius) , and while the summer months bring patchy rain and the occasional hurricane threat local’s believe that “God is a Bajan” because severe weather systems rarely make landfall.

November through June clear skies and sunny days attract the majority of visitors to the island. Christmas and New Year see a peak in occupancy and consequently prices soar . For those seeking a more affordable escape, July and August offer discounted rates (up to 50% off peak prices) and the opportunity to take part in some of the island’s famed festivals such as the Crop Over Kadoonment Day.

For travellers who crave an appealing blend of price, weather, and activity, May is the perfect time to visit . Most of the island’s main attractions are still open, the rainy season has yet to set in, and the winter crowds have long since dispersed.

Visitors to Barbados should also consider the opportunity to explore other Caribbean islands during their visit , take a look at my Caribbean travel guides for inspiration.

barbados travel blog

Where to stay on Barbados

Barbados is divided into 11 parishes, but for ease of planning your visit I can tell you there are really only three areas to consider when booking accommodation.

Looking for low cost accommodation on Barbados?

I was fortunate enough to spend 12 months living rent free on the island by house and pet sitting for residents who needed home and pet care whilst they were away. 

Did you know that in exchange for caring for a lovely home and one or more pets, you can find free accommodation when you travel.  You can read all about how I have stayed rent free all over the world in my guides to house and pet sitting . Click the banner below to find out more about finding house and pet sitting stays with TrustedHousesitters.

barbados travel blog

I pay annual  membership to TrustedHousesitters  and have used their platform to secure sits in amazing destinations like New York, Las Vegas, Sydney, Barbados, and St Kitts & Nevis.

If you choose to purchase membership through a link in this article a percentage of your payment will go to me. Thank you in advance for your support in helping to keep my blog online!

The west coast of Barbados offers elegant luxury

insiders guide to visiting Barbados

Known as Barbados’ Platinum Coast, the west is home to manicured beaches, mill-pond calm ocean, and luxury resorts. Plan to stay on the west coast if you have a flexible budget and are keen to sample the very best of island life. Insider’s guide to visiting Barbados.

For the ultimate Barbadian retreat check into Cobblers Cove Hotel or the Coral Reef Club . Both properties are the epitome of West Indian elegance and offer a Caribbean charm like nowhere else on the island.

The east coast of Barbados is rugged and wild

insiders guide to visiting Barbados

Crane Beach to Pie Corner

Tranquil and unspoilt the east coast of the island is ideal for travellers looking for a quintessential Barbados escape . Battered by Atlantic breaks the coastline is juxtaposed to that of the west ; the beaches are sculpted into undulating dunes and the palm trees grow crooked under the constant strain of onshore winds.

There are very few places to stay on the east coast, however the Atlantis Hotel is ideal for visitors keen to explore Bathsheba and the rolling hills of the island’s interior.

The south coast of Barbados is popular with package holidays

insiders guide to visiting Barbados

Heavily developed and home to the country’s capital Bridgetown, the south coast is the epicentre of the island’s tourist trade. Wide swathes of flat sandy beach and clam bays are perfect for families and couples looking to relax in the sun.

The south is also the centre of the island’s party scene which is based in and around St. Lawrence Gap. Affordable accommodation options range from $50 to $180 per night. Don’t forget to check out self-catered options on Airbnb.com .

If you’re in search of a more upscale accommodation option but still want affordability, Barbados timeshare rentals  are a viable choice. By renting, you can still enjoy all the amenities and benefits as an owner would.

These timeshare units are homes away from home complete with kitchen facilities, air conditioning, TVs, washer/dryers, dining/living rooms and more! You’ll be dazzled by all the amazing on-site amenities like private beaches, pools, spas, game rooms, ocean-view dining and other enticing activities. 

Read more Caribbean travel guides

barbados travel blog

Considering the Caribbean for your next vacation? Find inspiration and travel tips in my Caribbean travel guides .

Things you need to know about Barbados

Barbados is an island where by and large everything works (transport, communication etc) and you can find almost anything you need. Having said that, visitors should make allowances for the island mentality that makes Barbados what it is, a paradisical island escape.

Bajan food is simple and tasty

insiders guide to visiting Barbados

Barbados boasts a number of major supermarket chains that stock the majority of items you’ll find in your stores at home. You should note that almost all food and beverage products are imported and so will likely be more expensive than in the UK and major US cities.

Travellers with dietary requirements will find at least one or two options on most menus (or can be accommodated by the chef), and dairy and gluten free basics are widely available in supermarkets and speciality stores.

Check out barbadosglutenfree.com for more information. 

A traditional Bajan meal can be bought in a rum shop – these come in all shapes and sizes and are found in all neighbourhoods and towns on the island – for around BB$25. Currently this is around US$12 and £9. It will consists of chicken, pork, or fish, with macaroni pie, cou cou, or potato, and salad.

Crime on Barbados

insiders guide to visiting Barbados

The island does not suffer the blight of crime that others in the region struggle with (visitors will feel safe when walking through the capital and along the coastline), although it is advisable to remain diligent with valuables and personal safety. Just as you would when travelling to any unfamiliar destination.

Barbadian laws and local customs

insiders guide to visiting Barbados

Tipping is welcomed (10% is standard) although not expected. Double check to make sure gratuity has not been included on your bill.

The Caribbean style of dancing, especially in bars and clubs, is far removed from that in the USA and Europe. Don’t be alarmed if you see party goers grinding and wining up against each other into the wee small hours.

Topless and nude sunbathing is illegal on Barbados.

It’s an offence for anyone, including children, to dress in camouflage clothing. The recognisable print is reserved for the island’s military.

Driving on Barbados

insiders guide to visiting Barbados

As a visitor to Barbados you will need to obtain a local permit to drive. These can be acquired through your chosen car rental agency or by visiting the Barbados Licensing Authority – offices located in Christchurch, St. Michael, St. Peter, and St. James.

Be aware that the rules of the road are practised in a rather relaxed manner on the island. Indicating appears to be optional, while horn hooting is customary and can mean anything from “Hello mate” to “I’m turning left and you need to get out of my way”.

There is currently no drink-drive limit, however a driver’s blood alcohol level is still recorded at the scene of any major accident.

Take extra care at dusk as many vehicles drive without lights until long after sunset.

Public transport on Barbados

insiders guide to visiting Barbados

Taxis are not metered. Always negotiate a rate before getting into the vehicle. As you exit Grantley Adams International Airport you’ll see a board with taxi rates to each parish, if you choose to you can negotiate on these rates with the awaiting drivers.

The public transport system is relatively simple. Routes go one of two ways (to or from the capital) along the three major routes on the island.

Passengers can choose between a blue government owned bus, a yellow privately owned bus – which often blasts out reggae and soca music from a home-built stereo system, and a privately owned taxi known as a Zadar – noted for their erratic driving style and probably not the safest option.

All buses have the final destination on a wooden plaque in their front window.

Natural hazards on Barabados

insiders guide to visiting Barbados

You can’t swim on the east coast because the tempestuous Atlantic Ocean whips up the water into a frenzy on a daily basis.

Rip currents and waves make swimming and even surfing quite dangerous, although experienced surfers can often be found riding the waves in the Soup Bowl near Bathsheba. Beginner surfers should head down to the south coast for an easier ride.

There are very few critters that can cause you trouble on Barbados. If you’re staying on the east or west coast (or exploring the island’s interior) watch out for centipedes . These creepy crawlies can give you a nasty nip which may require treatment.

It’s unlikely you can handle the local hot sauce. If you like a fiery kick try the Bajan pepper sauce which is offered as a condiment at most local restaurants and can be bought in all supermarkets.

Be aware that the potency of the rum punch served across the island can vary dramatically. Those that stew their brew serve up a stronger hit, so remember to pace yourself when trying somewhere new for your sundowners.

You’ll probably find that you’ll be approached by a beach vendor on the pretence of selling you a shell necklace, and when you decline they may offer you drugs instead. Politely decline, there’s nothing sinister to be wary of, the locals are business savvy and take opportunities to earn when they can.

Barbados has strict drug laws and it is not advisable to partake in recreational use whilst on the island.


insiders guide to visiting Barbados

Almost all of the photos in this post were taken from our Instagram gallery. Are you on Instagram? Follow me @WanderlustCharli and travel the world with us! Featured image source CC Flickr Omega Man

Have you been to Barbados? Share your insider advice with us in the comments below.

Ahhh, this post brings back such fond memories of our first visit to Barbados – we got engaged on the island :-). Stayed at the Colony Club on the west coast. Really enjoyed visiting the old mansions on the island… And seeing the waves crashing on Crane Beach.

Stunning photos!!

Such a beautiful island, isn’t it? One of our team members stayed went to Barbados for his honeymoon…stayed at The Crane. He says Barbados is the treasure of the Caribbean. Amazing beaches, great food and that island sauce is soooo spicy but delicious. Nothing like a crispy flying fish sandwich with a little yellow sauce.

HI CHarli, thanks for all the info in this post. Nice to see that Barbados is not as dangerous and some may think. It looks beautiful. Hopefully we can make it someday. Thanks for great pics.

Hi Charli, you have my husband’s interest peaked when talking about the hot sauce. Sounded like a challenge to him, lol He loves hot food and loves it when he sweats eating.(I think it’s gross, but it is what it is, lol) We will have to definitely try the sauce when there one day. Love the awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Pretty spot on. Lovely boutique hotel on the south coast is Soco – it’s on our local beach. I’m a British freelance journalist currently living in Barbados with my family and blog all about island life at threekindsofsunshine.com

Great tips – thanks! We are planning our first foray to Barbados in November, and this has helped me with planning!

The army print rule seems to be common across a few caribbean island…..

Thanks Charlie for the amazing and very informative post. Expect more writing from you. I have also spent a week in Barbados with family and wanna share my living experience in Barbados. I choose Best E Villas holiday apartments for staying. I found staff of the apartment very supportive and the location quite near to sea beaches. I have stayed in hotels also during my trips but here in Best E Villas rental apartments I found the same facilities at much less price. I will like to recommend these apartments to my fellow travellers to stay.

Great post, with so many helpful details! I was recently in Barbados on a cruise. We did the Eco-tour at Harrison’s Cave, which was awesome but I’d love to go back for a longer trip to see more of the island! Happy travels!

Absolutely great post with brilliant photos.

I loved your post! I just went to Barbados in January 2018 and stayed on the east coast in Bathsheba, and had an incredible time.

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barbados travel blog

An Adventurous World

We All Dive at the Yellow Submarine, Barbados

dive sites barbados

Dive sites Barbados: Diving at the SS Stavronikita, the Pamir, and trying to understand the lyrics to the Yellow Submarine (does anyone really know what the Beatles were going on about!?)

Barbados itinerary: one week in barbados.

barbados itinerary

Are you looking for an amazing Barbados itinerary? From the best beaches to island safaris to drinking rum, this is how to spend one week in Barbados!

Next Stop Barbados

The Ultimate Barbados Travel Guide

Published: January 5, 2021

Updated: October 6, 2023

A tranquil white-sand beach in Barbados with two palm trees and two boats on the horizon.

*This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, please read our disclosure.

Heading to Barbados? Whether you’re stopping by for a Barbados shore excursion, a shorter visit, or a long-term stay, this Barbados travel guide will help you make the most of your trip!

About Barbados

Barbados is a tropical island country in the West Indies is known for beautiful beaches, friendly people, and being the birthplace of rum! It’s only 21 miles by 14 miles in size, but this small island has a huge, colorful personality.

Over 280,000 people call Barbados home and the capital city is Bridgetown. Tourism is a big industry on the island and many people choose to visit Barbados for vacation, shore excursions from cruise ships, and even for longer-term stays.

Related Post: 33 Fun Facts About Barbados

rock formations in Bathsheba Barbados

Weather In Barbados

The weather in Barbados is generally hot and sunny. Barbados has a wet and a dry season. The wet season runs from June to December and the dry season runs from January to May. Year-round, temperatures range from the low 70’s (F) to the high 80’s (F).

Are There Hurricanes In Barbados?

Generally, Barbados doesn’t get hit hard by hurricanes. Because of its location in the far east of the Caribbean, Barbados often misses the worst impacts of hurricanes in the region.

Passing storms might bring heavy rainfall, but it’s been many years since a hurricane hit Barbados that caused any damage.

When To Visit Barbados

While the weather in Barbados is almost always warm and sunny, most people prefer to visit during the dry season between December and June.

If you’d like to avoid the crowds, July through October is the low season and you’ll likely see fewer people and lower prices. The winter months tend to be the most crowded since many travelers come to Barbados to escape colder temperatures back home.

Money In Barbados

The currency in Barbados is called the Barbados Dollar (BBD). One Barbados dollar is worth $0.50 USD. While there are some businesses in Barbados that only take cash, cards are widely accepted in most establishments.

Getting To Barbados

The two main ways to get to Barbados are flying or taking a cruise ship.

Flying To Barbados

There is one international airport on the island of Barbados called Grantley Adams International Airport. The airport code is BGI and it is located on the south side of the island in Christchurch.

Normally, international fights between the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom operate frequently, sometimes even multiple times per day. Flights from other destinations in Europe, South America, and the Caribbean are also usually available.

With increased travel restrictions in 2020, these flights are less common but still available.

Here are the estimated flight times to Barbados from major airports:

  • Miami to Barbados Flight Time: 3 hours, 35 minutes
  • New York to Barbados Flight Time: 4 hours, 30 minutes
  • Toronto to Barbados Flight Time: 5 hours, 15 minutes
  • London to Barbados Flight Time: 8 hours, 55 minutes

Check flight prices to Barbados on SkyScanner.

Taking A Cruise To Barbados

Many cruise lines offer cruise itineraries to Barbados. While you’ll have less time in Barbados than if you came for a traditional holiday, cruising to Barbados can be a great way to get a taste of the island and see other spots in the Caribbean.

Find Barbados cruises with popular cruise lines below:

  • Royal Caribbean cruises to Barbados: Check here
  • Carnival Cruises to Barbados: Check here
  • Norwegian Cruises to Barbados: Check here

It’s also possible to take a cruise that departs from Barbados and uses Bridgetown as its port of call. This is a good option if you’d like to see more of the island before sailing off to other Caribbean islands. You can see a list of cruises departing from Barbados here .

Also, make sure to check out the best Barbados cruise excursions in this post!

view looking out of animal flower cave barbados travel guide

Where To Stay In Barbados

There are many excellent places to stay in Barbados and because the island is so small, you can easily travel around different parts of the island quickly. When deciding where to stay, consider these popular areas!

West Coast: Also called the Platinum Coast with calm, turquoise beaches, most luxurious area of the island. See best west coast hotels.

South Coast: Great beaches for swimming and surfing, budget-friendly options available. See best south coast hotels .

East Coast: Rugged beauty, best for experienced surfers and people who want to “get away from it all,” water is often too rough to swim. See best east coast hotels.

Read more about places to stay in Barbados:

  • Best Long-Term Rentals in Barbados
  • Amazing All-Inclusive Resorts in Barbados
  • Best Resorts in Barbados
  • Best Beachfront Villas in Barbados
  • Barbados Accommodation Guide

Bridgetown, West/South Coast Barbados

Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados and the largest city on the island. If you’re traveling to Barbados on a cruise, this is where you’ll disembark. Bridgetown is known for good restaurants, easy access to boating activities, and the stunning Carlisle Bay and Brownes Beach areas.

  • Top Things To Do In Bridgetown: Mount Gay Rum Tasting, Carlisle Bay, Catamaran Trip, Boatyard Beach Club , Pirates Cove Beach Club
  • Places To Stay In Bridgetown: The Raddison Barbados , Sugar Bay Barbados

Holetown, West Coast

Located on the famous west coast of Barbados is the luxurious Holetown neighborhood. Holetown is home to some impressive beach-front villas and incredibly calm water, making this an ideal location for anyone who wants a high-end escape.

  • Top Things To Do In Holetown: Folkestone Marine Park, Sandy Lane Golf Course, Sandy Lane Beach
  • Places To Stay In Holetown: Sandy Lane Hotel , Waves Hotel and Spa , Mango Bay Hotel

Speightstown, West Coast

On the northwest corner of the island you’ll find the 400-year-old port town of Speightstown, Barbados. Speightstown is the second largest town in Barbados and is rich with history. 

Some of the first settlements in Barbados were located in the Speightstown area and this can be seen in the colonial architecture. History buffs who want a slower pace of life should consider staying in Speightstown.

  • Best Things To Do In Speightstown: Mullins Beach, Arlington House Museum, Fishermans Pub, Orange Street Grocer
  • Places To Stay In Speightstown: Sugar Cane Club Hotel , Cobblers Cove Hotel

St. Lawrence Gap, South Coast

St. Lawrence Gap is a lively area of Barbados and home to dozens of top bars, restaurants, and nightlife venues. If you’re looking for a party, The Gap is where you want to be. You’ll also have no shortage of beautiful white-sand beaches in this south coast neighborhood.

  • Best Things To Do In St. Lawrence Gap: Dover Beach, pub crawl, ocean-front dining
  • Best Places To Stay In St. Lawrence Gap

Oistins, South Coast

Oistins is a small fishing village on the south coast of Barbados. The atmosphere is laid back and there are incredible beaches, great surf, and a memorable night market on Fridays. If you’re looking for a quieter stay with a more local feel, Oistins is a great option.

  • Top things to do in Oistins: Friday night fish fry, Miami Beach, Welches Beach, Surfing Lessons Barbados
  • Top places to eat in Oistins: De Roti Shop, Surfer’s Cafe , Epic Surf Cafe, Cafe Luna Barbados
  • Best Hotels In Oistins Barbados

Read more in this Oistins Travel Guide

South Point, South Coast

South Point is another surfers paradise! With easy access to Freights Bay, South Point, Silver Sands and Surfers Point, watersports enthusiasts will have no shortage of beaches to choose from. 

For the most part, South Point is a residential area with stylish apartments and villas on every corner. This is a great place to stay if you want peaceful, beachfront living without the price tag of the platinum (West) coast. 

  • Top Things To Do In South Point: Beginner Surfing at Freights Bay , Kitesurfing at Silver Sands , Surfers Bay Beach Bar, Dinner at Chicken Ritas 
  • Where To Stay In South Point: Silver Point Villa Hotel , Airbnb

St. Philip, South/East Coast

St. Philip is the parish in the southeastern corner of Barbados. With Atlantic Ocean views, sandy beaches, and plenty of historical spots to explore, St. Philip is a good choice for a quieter holiday in Barbados. 

  • Things To Do In St. Philip: Sam Lords Castle , Sunbury Plantation Great House, Bottom Bay Beach, Shark Hole Beach , Crane Beach , Lunch and Rum Punch at Cutters, Barbados
  • Best Place To Stay In St. Philip: The Crane Resort

Read more in this St. Philip Barbados travel guide.

Bathsheba, East Coast

Bathsheba is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Barbados and is located on the rugged east coast. Here, the landscape is more wild and the waves are perfect for advanced surfers. 

The pace of life is slower here. While you won’t have as many amenities as you would on other parts of the island, Bathsheba makes up for it in impressive nature and a peaceful atmosphere. 

  • Top Things To Do In Bathsheba: Surf Soup Bowl (advanced surfers only), Andromeda Botanical Gardens, Bath Beach, Dinner and Drinks at Round House
  • Places To Stay In Bathsheba : Eco Lifestyle and Lodge , Round House Inn

barbados travel blog

Getting Around Barbados

Even though Barbados is a tiny island, you’ll still need a way to get around. Some areas have sidewalks but in general, Barbados is not a particularly walkable destination. For that reason, it’s best to learn the public transportation options or rent a car.

Renting A Car

While you don’t need a car to enjoy your stay in Barbados, it’s nice to have one. Especially if you’re traveling with a large group or would like to do more off-the-beaten-path exploring, having a rental car can make your trip to Barbados more enjoyable. 

Popular Rental Car Companies on Barbados

  • Drive-A-Matic : Popular rental car company in the Caribbean, they pick up and drop off the car for you
  • Sixt Rent A Car: Available at the Barbados airport and hear Holetown
  • Stoutes Car Rental: This family-run rental car service in Barbados has vehicles for short-term and long-term rental

ZR Taxi Van

One of the best ways to get around Barbados is with Route Taxi vans, also called ZR (zed-R) vans. These vans are communal taxis that run on a set route throughout the day. You can identify these vehicles because they are white with a red stripe down the side and they have ZR in the license plate. 

The ZR taxis charge a flat rate of $3.50 Barbados (cash only) per person, per ride, regardless of how far you go. 

These vans cover most of the island and are the best low-cost way to get where you need to go. The vans typically run from around sunrise until midnight. Drivers are friendly and helpful. If you don’t know if a van is going to your destination, just ask before getting in. 

See the different routes here.  

Barbados Bus

There are two types of public buses that run on the island: yellow Mini-busses and larger blue busses. The bus fare is $3.50 Barbados or $1.75 USD. You’ll need cash in the local currency to ride the bus.

You can use the Moovit App to find the shortest route between destinations in Barbados.

  • See the Mini-Bus routes here
  • See the Blue Bus Routes here

Private Taxi

Private Taxis are available in Barbados but they come with an expensive price tag. Usually, taxis in Barbados don’t have meters and the price is decided before the ride begins. Make sure to ask your driver what the fare will be upfront to avoid confusion.

Best Things To Do In Barbados

You definitely won’t run out of things to do in Barbados ! Adventure-lovers and beach-enthusiasts alike will enjoy the variety of activities Barbados has to offer.

Barbados Beaches

Barbados is known for having incredible beaches and so much of the island has beach access that you could practically walk all the way around the island! Whether you’re looking for a place to relax in the sun, go for a swim, snorkel the reef, or try water sports like surfing, Barbados beaches are the place to do it!

Just cruising by for a day? This post covers the best beaches that are close to the Barbados cruise port.

Read more about the best beaches in Barbados here!

Snorkeling in Barbados

With a vibrant reef and large sea turtle population, Snorkeling is a popular thing to do in Barbados! The West Coast and occasionally the South Coast have calm waters with high visibility for snorkeling and enjoying the wildlife.

One of the best places to snorkel in Barbados is Carlisle Bay because there are several shipwrecks within a short swim or boat ride from the shore. Check out the best Barbados snorkeling tours here !

Take a Barbados Catamaran Tour

Everyone should take a catamaran tour at least once during their visit to Barbados! Most companies offer lunchtime snorkeling tours and romantic sunset tours, as well as all-inclusive food and drinks. Learn more about the best Catamarans in Barbados in this post!

Surfing in Barbados

Barbados is a great place for beginners and advanced surfers! If you want to learn to surf, Freights Bay has gentle waves and calm conditions for beginners. Take a surfing lesson with Barbados School of Surf if you’re a first-timer, or rent a board if you want to go out independently.

You can read more about Barbados surfing in the posts below.

  • 8 Best Surf Spots In Barbados
  • 5 Reasons Why Barbados is the Best Caribbean Surfing Destination
  • 5 Best Barbados Surf Schools and Instructors

St. Nicholas Abbey

St. Nicholas Abbey is a historical plantation estate located in the northern central part of the island. Here, you can ride a restored steam engine to Cherry Tree Hill lookout point, explore the Great House, and sample rum at the St. Nicholas Abbey rum distillery.

Learn more about visiting St. Nicholas Abbey here .

Visit Mt. Gay Rum Distillery

Barbados is the home of rum, so of course, you have to visit a rum distillery while in Barbados! Mount Gay Rum is a popular distillery to visit and they offer tours, rum tastings, mixology lessons.

Learn about Visiting Mount Gay Rum Distillery here .

Explore Sam Lord’s Castle

On the southeastern coast of Barbados, you’ll find the remains of a mansion estate belonging to a famous Bajan buccaneer, Sam Lord.

Once a stunning home filled with historical artifacts, this property was turned into a hotel and later fell into disarray. Unfortunately in 2010, the home burned down, leaving just a skeleton behind.

Now, visitors can see the ruins and walk along coastal cliffs at the Sam Lord’s Castle viewpoint.

Learn more about Sam Lord’s Castle here.

Oistins Friday Night Fish Fry

On Friday Nights, the fishing village of Oistins is the place to be! Try some of the best seafood on the island and experience the festive atmosphere at the Oistins Fish Fry.

This event is casual and widely-attended by locals and visitors alike. Take some time to wander through the stalls and try some of the best traditional foods on the island, prepared with love! There is usually live entertainment later in the evening too.

Explore Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave is located in the center of the island and is the perfect place to learn about history, geology, and the power of mother nature. Ride through the beautiful cave system on a tram and see impressive stalagmites and caverns.

Watch the Sunset in Barbados

One of the highlights of any Barbados vacation is getting to watch the sunset over the ocean. Pull up a beach chair or head to a beach-front restaurant to watch the sky change colors and unwind after an exciting day.

Learn more about the best sunset spots in Barbados!

barbados travel blog

Foods To Try In Barbados

Speaking of traditional foods, you won’t want to miss these popular local dishes.

Roti: A roti is a thin wrap, similar to a tortilla or flatbread, that is served filled with curried vegetables or meats. Potatoes, chickpeas, and meat are all common fillings for this quick but tasty grab-and-go meal.

Buljol: A buljol is a type of salad made with chopped meat or vegetables and served with Fry Bake (or fried bread)

Cutter: A cutter is a type of sandwich served on local salt bread. Cutters can come with fish, meat, egg, and other toppings and are usually eaten for lunch. Head to the Cutters restaurant in St. Philip for an excellent homemade cutter!

Fresh Fish: There is no shortage of fresh fish and seafood in Barbados. One of the best places to try wildly fresh fish is at the Oistins Fish Fry on Friday nights.

Rum Punch: Barbados is the birthplace of rum, and their signature rum drink? Rum punch! This fruity, spiced drink is stronger than it seems, so proceed with caution. Try it at any bar on the island.

Discover some of the best restaurants in Barbados in this guide , and the best places for breakfast in Barbados in this post .

Health and Safety in Barbados

In general, Barbados is a very safe country to visit. Crime is infrequent and usually non-violent. There isn’t much dangerous wildlife in Barbados, but use caution when swimming, snorkeling, and diving since some lionfish, stonefish, and other stinging sea creatures can be found here.

In general, you should take normal travel precautions when visiting.

Can I Drink The Water In Barbados?

Yes, it is safe to drink tap water in Barbados. The tap water here is high in calcium so you might notice a white residue inside your kettle or coffee maker.

Health Care In Barbados

Barbados has great health care! In fact, Barbados offers universal health care for all its citizens. If you’re sick or injured in Barbados, you can visit a clinic or pharmacy to get the care you need.

When traveling, it’s always a good idea to purchase a travel medical insurance plan in case the unexpected happens.

What Are The Emergency Numbers In Barbados?

If you need police, medical, or fire assistance, you can use the following numbers to get help.

  • Police – 211
  • Ambulance – 511
  • Fire Department – 311

Digital Nomad Tips

In 2020, Barbados introduced their Welcome Stamp program which allows people to work remotely from the island for one year.

Digital Nomads love calling Barbados home because the internet on the island is exceptionally fast. Barbados also is in a similar time zone to North America, making it easy for those working remotely for a job back home.

Coworking opportunities are somewhat limited but seem to be on the rise. In the meantime, most digital nomads choose to work from one of the many cafes or coffee shops around the island.

You can learn more about traveling to Barbados as a digital nomad in this post .

barbados travel blog

What to Pack For Barbados

When packing for Barbados, remember you’ll be in a tropical country with warm temperatures day and night. Swimwear, warm-weather clothes, and sun protection are a must.

If you’re traveling during the rainy season, it’s helpful to bring an umbrella or raincoat in case you get caught in a storm.

In general, the style in Barbados is casual and laid-back. While there are some nicer restaurants and venues where dressing up is required, in most places, relaxed clothing is totally acceptable.

If you have them, these items are helpful to bring to Barbados

  • Snorkel gear, goggles, fins
  • Long-sleeve shirt with sun protection
  • Reef-safe sun screen
  • Strong bug-spray
  • Flip Flops or comfortable walking sandals
  • Sun hat or baseball cap
  • Beach coverup or wrap
  • Light-airy clothing (avoid dark colors to stay cooler)
  • Backpack or beach bag that you don’t mind getting sandy
  • Reusable shopping bag (Barbados is trying to cut down on plastic waste)
  • Re-fillable water bottle
  • Contact Solution (if you use it, this is harder to find on the island)

Barbados Travel Guide Final Thoughts

Barbados is an awesome place to travel if you’re looking for relaxed vibes, pristine beaches, and plenty of fun watersports to keep you busy. The island has a contagious, joyful energy that will keep you coming back again and again.

More Barbados Travel Guides

  • Bridgetown, Barbados Travel Guide
  • Oistins, Barbados Travel Guide
  • St. Philip, Barbados Travel Guide

ultimate barbados travel guide

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Complete Barbados Travel Guide 2023

Barbados Beach travel guide

Barbados Travel Guide

Our Barbados travel guide answers some of the most frequent questions about visiting Barbados. Additionally, see our other travel related articles at the bottom for more inspiration to plan your next trips!

Last Updated: December 30, 2022

Topics we cover:

Where is Barbados?

What are the barbados travel restrictions, do i need a visa to visit barbados, when is the best time to visit barbados, what are the best things to do in barbados, where to stay in barbados, what currency does barbados use, is barbados expensive, is barbados safe to travel alone.

Barbados is an island nation in the southeast side of the Caribbean Sea. It’s a relatively short flight from the southeast side of the United States, making it a great vacation destination.

The Visit Barbados tourism site includes the current travel restrictions and protocols for entry into Barbados. We recommend checking the site before you start planning a trip. Remember to check the site frequently leading up to your vacation to make sure you are familiar with any changes to the Barbados travel restrictions.

Barbados sunset

Currently, US citizens do not need a visa to enter Barbados. As long as you have a valid passport, you are permitted to stay for up to 6 months.

Visitors from other countries might need a visa, so it’s best to double check the requirements for your country on the Barbados Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade website here . It’s best to always check a countries official website to make sure you’re getting the most up to date information.

December to April is the best time to visit if you want to avoid the rainy season and hurricane season. Visiting in the summer months is usually still ok if you want to miss the crowds. This is because Barbados’ location makes it rare for hurricanes to hit the island. Additionally, rain is almost always followed by the sun, which means it isn’t very disruptive.

Barbados beach

1. Relax on the beach

If you’re visiting a Caribbean island I’m guessing you’re at least mildly interested in checking out the beaches. Barbados beaches are definitely worthwhile and it has quite a few choices.

Some of the popular beaches worth visiting are Bathsheba Beach, Dover Beach, and Miami Beach. Bathsheba Beach has good surfing and offers beautiful views to enjoy. Plus, the rock formations are great for photographers looking to capture stunning images of their vacation.

2. Mount Gay Visitor Center (Rum distillery)

The Mount Gay rum distillery provides tours to see behind the scenes of what it takes to make their spirits in Bridgetown. Rum enthusiasts can learn about the history and techniques used by this historic distillery. Plus, they offer packages that include a traditional Bajan lunch and sessions to craft your own cocktail.

Additional information can be found on the Mount Gay website here .

3. St. Lawrence Gap Nightlife

Enjoy some drinks and dancing at St. Lawrence Gap. The Gap is a mile long stretch that includes bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Barbados recently renovated and upgraded the area to enhance the experience, as it is one of the primary nightlife entertainments areas in Barbados.

4. Visit historic Speightstown

Speightstown is one of the larger cities in Barbados. It’s a great place to stop for a meal and walk around town to enjoy the architecture. The town has maintained a lot of the historic charm, and is full of colorful buildings and shops.

There are also museums and nearby beaches if you want to make a full day of your visit.

5. Harrison’s Cave

Adventure seekers can explore the stream cave system and admire the columns in this wonder. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the cave and are treated to a nature walk. Just note that this excursion is a little more costly than some of the other things on the island.

6. Walk the Barbados Boardwalk

The Barbados Boardwalk offers beaches, views, and bars. It’s about one mile long, and makes for a nice morning jog if you’re feeling motivated. While there are a lot of fun things to do in Barbados, this is a decent option for all ages and it’s free.

Barbados offers a variety of places to stay depending on your budget. Visitors that are looking for an all inclusive resort that don’t mind spending a little more have a few good options. The Sandals or Turtle Beach resorts both have good reviews.

Budget conscious travelers can try to search for deals at hotels. In general, many of the hotels are a little more expensive than some of the other Caribbean islands. Also, Airbnb is an option and a local host can be beneficial if you’re looking for insider knowledge on the island.

Barbados resort

The official currency in Barbados is the Barbados Dollar (BBD). However, many places around the island will accept the US Dollar.

Generally speaking, Barbados can be on the expensive side compared to other vacation destinations. It’s a popular destination and because they import many items it raises the cost.

If you make your own meals with food from local grocery stores and travel in the off-season from May-early December, it’s possible to reduce the cost by a lot.

Yes, Barbados is a relatively safe place to travel alone. The locals are very friendly and the island has low crime rates. As always make sure you are smart as even generally safe locations have some level of crime.

Be careful of theft by keeping expensive items locked away and not carrying too much money. Avoid isolated, unfamiliar areas if you’re not in a group. Also, make sure you only use licensed taxis.

Additional Caribbean Travel Articles

Check out our other articles below for more Caribbean travel guides and tips that we’ve learned on our journey.

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The Perfect Barbados Holiday – A Complete Guide

The Perfect Barbados Holiday – A Complete Guide

This post (probably) contains affiliate links, including Amazon Associates links, and I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking through one. This is at no extra cost to you and allows the site to keep running! Thanks for understanding.

Last year I visited Barbados twice and *spoiler alert* – I absolutely LOVED IT. I saved a baby turtle, I drank a lot of rum and I snorkelled to my heart’s content. In this post I’ll take you through all the things I got up to on my perfect Barbados holiday. I’ve even included a Youtube video in case you’d rather watch than read. OK, let’s get into it.

My Barbados Holiday Guide

How to get to barbados and who to fly with.

My perfect Barbados Holiday

Barbados is pretty easy to get to from the UK, there are direct flights from Gatwick with Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. From Dublin the easiest thing to do is book a Ryanair flight to Gatwick and then you’re ready to go. I booked a Ryanair flight, stayed in a Gatwick hotel overnight and then rolled out of bed and onto the flight direct to Bridgetown.

Of course, Lord knows what airlines will be in business after this quarantine and what airport slots they’ll be left with . The above info was accurate before Covid-19, but we’ll have to wait and see what the flight situation looks like when the world eventually gets back to normal.

When is the Best Time to Visit Barbados?

babay turtle Barbados holiday

I visited in July and September. I definitely felt like September was a better time to visit. Turtle season is June to October. But I saw way more turtles in September than June.

September was also a nice time to visit because it was quieter but the weather was still great. Sure, it rained a couple of days but it didn’t last very long. Technically June to October is hurricane season but Barbados tends to dodge the major storms because it’s quite far out to the East in comparison to other Caribbean islands.

December to April is supposed to be the best time to visit. It tends to be drier and temperatures are usually around 30 degrees C every day. Honestly though, it was roasting in June and September when I was there and the accommodation prices were lower so I guess it really depends on your priorities.

What to do and see in Barbados

Harrison’s cave.

Harrisons Cave Barbados Holiday

Harrison’s Cave is one of the main tourist attractions in Barbados. The cave itself is set in this beautiful gully full of plants and butterflies with a very majestic lift down to it (you’ll understand when you visit). You get kitted out in a hard hat and then take a tram tour through the cave with a local guide.

There are giant stalagmites and stalactites as well as beautiful pools and huge caverns. There’s also a little info centre and a couple of gift shops on site. Harrison’s Cave can be visited as part of a larger day tour taking in more of the island, or you can just get a taxi/rent a car, head there yourself and pay upon arrival.

Cool Runnings Sunset Catamaran Cruise

Cool running sunset catamaran cruise barbados

This was one of the most fun things I did in Barbados. It’s essentially a booze cruise with dinner and snorkel stops. The cocktails were delicious and free flowing. The guys on the boat also kept our cups topped up throughout the evening. The first snorkel stop (equipment is included) was Carlisle Bay where I saw a couple of sea turtles. The dinner was a simple boat buffet and there were even a few veggie options. Of course, the most impressive part was the sunset. Ours was a bit cloudy, but still stunning. I’d definitely recommend it and considering what’s included I think the price is very reasonable.

There’s a lot of partying and dancing on the way back so if you’re looking for a serene, quite boat trip this probably isn’t the one for you. But I did this trip with my mam and we both loved it. You can check out all the details here .

Mount Gay Rum Tour

Perfect Barbados Holiday Mount Gay Rum Distillery

This was probably my favourite tourist attraction in Barbados. I adore rum so I couldn’t skip the Mount Gay tour. Especially since Mount Gay is the oldest commercially run rum distillery in the world!

We bought our tickets online and then collected them upon arrival. We arrived a bit early for our tour so we sat in the bar and had a couple of cocktails (there’s a discount for ticket holders).

Once everyone had arrive for our time slot we met our guid, a lovely local woman who was pure charisma embodied. She took us through the history of Mount Gay rum and had us plied with rum right from the beginning. We tasted various types of Mount Gay rum as well as a cup of rum punch.

We did the signature rum tasting tour which cost about $20 and organised our own transportation. They have a great gift shop where we also picked up a couple of bottles of Mount Gay for ourselves.

Oistins Fish Market

Oistins is one of the most talked about attractions on the island. The night when everyone goes is Friday for the Fish Fry. It’s a lively market selling and serving fresh fish and seafood. If you decide to eat you’ll sit at a plastic table outside with other tourists and locals. There’s a stage with entertainment as well if you fancy a dance. If you’re staying in a self catering apartment you can pick up cheap fruit and produce here instead of the supermarket.

Walk the Richard Hynes Boardwalk

Perfect Barbados holiday guide 1

If you’re near Hastings then I highly recommend a stroll down Richard Hynes Boardwalk. It’s right on the water, peaceful and has stunning views. There are small bars and restaurants along the way, including the most scenic KFC I’ve ever seen. It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Rent a Car and Drive the Coast

If you don’t mind driving abroad then renting a car is a great way to see Barbados’ gorgeous East coast. Bathsheba beach is well worth a visit with its iconic rock formations. You can drive up the whole coast, stopping at beaches, some beach huts and bars.

See Rihanna’s House

If you’re a big Rihanna fan then you’ll want to head to Rihanna Drive just outside Bridgetown. Here you can see the house and street when the Bajan super star grew up. Take some photos, have a drink in one of the local bars and soak up the island vibes.

If you need anymore ideas of things to do in Barbados then check out this post on the Sandals blog.

Barbados Travel Vlog

Check out my vlog for some visual evidence of how stunning Barbados is, as well as extra tips for your Barbados holiday. Don’t forget to give it a like/comment and subscribe to my channell if you haven’t already.

Where to Eat in Barbados

Jake’s island grille.

Jakes Island Grille Hastings Barbados Holiday

Jake’s Island Grille in Hastings, just across from the Coconut Court Hotel is a great place for dinner and a cocktail. The vegetarian tacos are divine. It’s casual but a bit pricey (though probably standard by Barbados standards).

The Good Life

This is a veggie/vegan restaurant that a guy at my hotel recommended. It’s at Rocklye, just to one side of the small mall area. I loved this place, and even my mam, who isn’t vegetarian, enjoyed it. It was great to see a whole menu full of interesting and exciting veggie options. Lentil burgers, tofu pittas, fresh juice shakes and more. Highly recommend if anyone in your group is veggie/vegan.

Mama Mia Italian Deli and Pizzeria

This great value Italian restaurant is a couple of doors up from Jake’s and does reasonably priced and delicious pizza for take away or sit in. It’s also a lovely place for a little romantic dinner. It’s very popular but usually they can squeeze you in.

This is possibly the most famous restaurant on the island of Barbados. It’s in St.James, north of Bridgetown. It’s best known for the spectacular views and spectacularly high prices to match. I didn’t go there because the prices made me weep, but if you’re a foodie or on your honeymoon and fancy splashing out then this is the place for you.

Quayside Shopping Plaza Food Court

The food court at Quayside has lots of great options for an affordable price and a couple of lovely coffee shops. If you’re staying in Rockley it’s incredibly handy. We tried the Alibaba kebab/falafel shop there. It was like a small takeaway shop with lots of plastic tables and chairs outside. Great portions and meal deals. Perfect if you’re on a budget!


Veggie burger Mojos Barbados

When I stayed in Worthing in the Blue Orchids hotel Mojo’s was just across the road so I had dinner/lunch there a few times. I really liked the outdoor covered seating area. The service was good and there were usually drinks offers available too. It’s fun and casul and gets pretty busy on the weekends.

Where to Stay in Barbados – By The Beach

Blue orchids beach hotel.

Blue Orchid Beach Hotel

I visited Barbados twice and Blue Orchids Beach Hotel was my absolute favourite place to stay. It is surprisingly cheap for Barbados and offers self-catering apartments. Because I booked via Booking.com we had breakfast included and it was an IMPRESSIVE breakfast.

Sure, the restaurant service was VERY island time, and sure breakfast looked different every morning, but we were in no hurry and the food was always good. Plus the restaurant looked right out over the sea.

sunset at Blue Orchids Beach Hotel

The hotel had its own private beach which was full of turtle hatchlings when we were there in Sepetember. It also had an incredible decked area right over the sea at the back which was perfect for watching the sunset while the turtles popped their heads up above the waves.

Where to Stay in Barbados – In the Rainforest

The cottages at Naniki Barbadose

Naniki is an eco-friendly retreat and wellness centre in Surinam, Barbados. I didn’t actually stay here but I did visit for a day. I had lunch in their restaurant (lentil pie *drools*), which was absolutely delicious, I hiked through the palm forest, I checked out their cottages and even had a look around their wellness centre where they offer Ozone therapy. Naniki showcases a different side of the island and highlights that there is more to Barbados than beaches and turtles.

Let’s Wrap it up

So I hope you feel like you know a bit more about Barbados now! Of course, I couldn’t cover everything in one video and article but I covered my favourite bits. Would you visit Barbados? Let me know in the comments below.

DISCLAIMER Visit Barbados hosted me on a couple of my activities while I was on the island. However, all opinions are, as always, my own.

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barbados holiday guide

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Barbados travel guide.

Barbados has long been a top Caribbean destination thanks to its year round comfortable temperatures, invigorating culture, top beaches, scuba diving, and inviting locals. Now, with their world-class handling of the Covid pandemic and programs like the 12 month remote work visa, Barbados is a leader in the Caribbean in efforts to reopen to tourists and digital nomads .

Although technically in the Atlantic, Barbados is the most easterly Caribbean island nation, separated from the Windward Islands cluster of Dominica, Grenada, Martinique, St Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Barbados offers everything one expects in a Caribbean getaway including white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, fresh seafood, and so much more. Uncover why Barbados is a must visit destination and everything you need to know for your time on the island in this travel guide.

Barbados Travel Guide | Flashpacking Destinations

Is it Safe to Travel to Barbados During Covid?

In general, Barbados is a very safe destination and a great choice for solo travelers  and digital nomads. Since the onset of the Covid pandemic Barbados has had a world class response and set the standard for other Caribbean island nations on how to safely handle reopening to tourists.

Cases were kept to an absolute minimum throughout 2020 thanks to accessible testing and strict lockdown measures. Mask wearing, contact tracing, and social distancing are all strictly enforced. There was a spike in cases through the first few months of 2021 but numbers have since been brought under control.

Barbados is open to travelers, and has clear and strict entry requirements which include multiple tests for both vaccinated and unvaccinated arrivals. The official Barbados tourism website is consistently kept up to date, the most recent protocol is effective as of May 8. It requires all travelers to present a negative PCR test valid within 3 days prior to arrival. Vaccinated travelers will take a rapid test at the airport and are free to explore the island as soon as negative results are received (same day or within 1-2 days). Unvaccinated travelers must quarantine for 7-8 days after arrival. They will take a test after 5 days and are free to explore the island once a negative test result comes back.

There are special considerations for select countries and for visitors who recently traveled to these countries so verify your recent travel history doesn’t add any extra steps. When awaiting test results travelers are required to stay in government approved accommodations.

Thanks to these stringent entry requirements and strict enforcement of Covid prevention methods, Barbados has done a fantastic job positioning themselves as a safe destination for travelers during Covid. We recommend Barbados as one of the top places for digital nomads in 2021 and after experiencing it first hand we felt completely safe.

NOTE: This information and advice is constantly changing. This article was most recently updated on May 7, 2021 . Please check all country, state and local restrictions before planning your next trip.

Barbados Weather

There’s no bad time of year to visit Barbados. The island nation boasts warm and sunny weather year round. The trade winds constantly blow to keep the temperature from getting exceptionally hot and helps cool the evenings during winter. Expect average temperatures throughout the year between the high 70s and mid 80s.

The dry season is January to June with the rain picking up through late summer and into fall, however, rain showers are always short bursts followed by sunny skies. The rain clouds are gone just as quickly as they appeared and within no time the ground is dry again. Keep an umbrella in your daypack or be prepared to dip into a bar for 20 minutes when the rain comes but otherwise, it's no reason to avoid visiting during this time of year.

June to October is hurricane season in the Caribbean, although they very rarely come close, the last time Barbados was directly hit was in 1955. Tropical storms during this period do hit the island so there could be a day or two with grey skies and heavy rains.

Bridgetown | Barbados Travel Guide

What to Pack for Barbados

If tropical casual is your style, Barbados is perfect for you. Prioritize lightweight, breathable clothing. You can comfortably live in flip flops and shorts but don't hesitate to pack some nicer clothes for special occasions or dinners, like long pants, a linen shirt, and shoes. Anything you consider beachwear will be perfectly suited.

A great daypack is a must, for days at the beach, on a boat, or exploring the hotspots around the island. Something in the 15-20 liter range is a great option so you can squeeze a towel and change of clothes in. Load it with an insulated water bottle , a dry bag to protect your valuables, and a beach hat and you’ll be all set. During our recent trip to the island we relied on the Cardiel Packable Daypack , it was lightweight to carry around all day and handled getting wet and sandy on our beach visits.

Your primary bag won’t make a significant difference so use whatever luggage you're most comfortable with; a rolling suitcase , duffel bag , or travel backpack will all work. You won't be bouncing between destinations, constantly packing and unpacking, and you aren't likely to be walking any further with it than the terminal to a taxi.

Barbados Travel Guide | Flashpacker Co

Getting to Barbados

Flights are regular and frequent from many US hub cities so there are plenty of opportunities to find cheap flights . Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) is the only international arrival point for tourists by air. Located in the southern end of the island, the airport is typically a 30-60 minute drive to the main accommodation locations across the south and west coasts.

Taxis Taxis are the most common and efficient method of getting from the airport to your accommodations. They can be booked in advance through your hotel or Airbnb host, or you can take an authorized taxi from the airport. The authorized ones have standardized rates based on the parish you’re going to, they’re well displayed at the taxi stand so there won’t be any surprises. Expect to pay more for a pre-arranged taxi. Once you’re settled in and want to get out exploring taxis again are a common and efficient way of getting around. You can always arrange one in advance, just ask your host or hotel staff.

Car Rentals Car rental services are plentiful, both at the airport and arranged through you accommodations or privately. Many travelers opt for a car rental to explore the island. If you plan to move around a lot it's probably a good bet - just remember they drive on the other side of the road!

Buses There is bus service to and from the airport but it's not frequent and likely hard to time when you’re just arriving. However, once you’re settled, the bus service works great across the country. There are three options, which at first seems confusing but in practice works out great. The public buses are blue with a yellow stripe. Private buses are yellow with blue stripes and slightly smaller. The ZR’s are white vans that seat about 10 people. All of these options work, however we always opted for the buses over the crowded ZRs. The price is the exact same regardless of the service; $3.50 BDS. Exact fare is required on the public business, the private ones will give you change.

Bus stops are well marked and the direction of travel is indicated by either in or out of the city (the city being the capital, Bridgetown). Buses run up and down the west coast where the majority of locals and travelers are based, with some buses stretching around the island to the north and east coasts.

All the buses will have a sign in the dash showing their destination but never hesitate to double check with the driver or attendant to make sure they’re going where you want, they’ll always be willing to help. Buses are extremely frequent and unless you’re going to an out of the way destination it's rare to wait more than a couple minutes for one, plus it's by far the most affordable way to get around.

Where to Stay in Barbados

The main areas to stay are along the south and west coasts. This is where all the action is; beaches, restaurants, and nightlife. There are hotels scattered along the coast ranging from upscale all-inclusive resorts to more casual room only accommodations. Airbnb and apartment rentals are plentiful both on the water and short drives or walks to the coast, but of course expect to pay much more for oceanfront. Apartment or villa rentals can be arranged in advance through property management services, both for short and long term stays.

You can find a town or area to stay in that suits every travel style, regardless what type of accommodation you’re staying in.

West Coast Holetown or Speightstown are great choices for smaller town feels (although Holetown is known as a more upscale and expensive location). For a more laid back experience look at these smaller areas north of Bridgetown. You’ll have everything needed nearby, but might have a longer drive to some of the other things to do.

South Coast The parish of Christ Church makes up the south coast where there are plenty of great areas to stay in when you want to be near the excitement and things to do.

To be closer to the nightlife look at areas in or around St. Lawrence Gap. It's more densely developed here so there’s more tourists and activities suited towards them.

Hastings is another popular area with a beautiful coastal boardwalk and one of the best ‘beach town’ vibes.

Bridgetown The capital city of Bridgetown is the commercial and historic hub of the country and though you might visit for various activities it's not a common place to stay. The beach access locations and great restaurants are all north and south of Bridgetown along the coast.

East Coast For something more secluded check out the east coast, just remember the water is rougher and the beaches are coarser. But if you’re looking for peace & quiet or surfing, this is the best area to choose.

Barbados Travel Guide

Top 10 Things to do in Barbados

Check out these 10 can’t miss activities during your time in Barbados.

Snorkeling/ Scuba Diving Barbados has beautiful dive spots scattered across the west coast and they proudly boast many of the best wreck dives in the Caribbean. With so many wrecks in relatively shallow water amateur and experienced divers alike can explore them. Some wrecks in Carlyle Bay are so shallow you swim alongside them while snorkeling! There are protected areas just off many beaches that are great to snorkel at and don’t be surprised passing a turtle at your local beach!

Catamaran Tour One of the most popular activities in Barbados is taking a catamaran tour. And for good reason, 5 hours on turquoise water along the beautiful coast, with drinks and meals, and plenty of swim spots is a great way to spend a day. There are many tour operators and the option to go with a public group or privately, either in the morning with lunch included or in the evening with dinner.

Barbados Travel Guide | The Best Things to do in Barbados

Oistins Fish Fry Seafood doesn't get better in the Caribbean than Oistins. Most popular on Friday nights when the party is getting started with live music but equally enjoyable weeknights if you're after an incredible meal.

The Gap Bars, restaurants, and nightlife abound in this lively neighborhood. Book reservations for dinner if you’re going on the weekend.

Beaches We don’t need to tell you to go to the beach on your island visit but don't settle for just one! From the famous pink sand Crane Beach to secluded ones scattered along the west coast, you could hit a different beach every day on your trip and still just scratch the surface. All beaches are public in Barbados and generally easily accessible so don't hesitate to explore and find your perfect sandy spot to spend a day.

Beautiful Beaches in Barbados | Barbados Travel Guide

Caves Two caves in Barbados consistently make the list for top things to do on the island; Flower Cave on the north point and Harrison's Cave in the center of the island. Both are dramatic and worth a visit. Don't miss out on the breadfruit tacos at Flower Cave’s restaurant (trust us!).

East Coast While you might not feel like taking a break from the beautiful white sand beaches and calm water of the west coast you should absolutely venture out to the east coast at least once. The change in landscape is staggering with smooth shores and calm waters being replaced with jagged cliffs and rolling waves. The surfers flock to this side of the island but even if you wont be getting on a board its worth exploring.

Barbadoas Travel Guide | Top Things to do

Eat Seafood and rum, what more do you need? There’s no shortage of mouthwatering restaurants across the island. Catch of the day is always a great bet and the famous flying fish sandwiches (known as cutters) will consistently leave you wanting more, especially if you can find a local shop making them.

Hastings Boardwalk Cruise up and down the boardwalk in beautiful Hastings. Pop into shops, restaurants, and bars along the way and soak in the beach town feel of this area. When you need a break simply find a sandy area and hit the water.

Sunset Cocktails The incredible sunsets never grow old along Barbados’ west coast and with a tasty cocktail in hand you’ll be at the pinnacle of island life. Waterfront bars and restaurants are dotted along the coast so time a visit to catch the sunset, just remember that it sets earlier than you might be used to - around 5:30 in the winter and 6:30 in summer. La Cabane at Batts Rock Beach is highly recommended.

Barbados Travel Guide | Flashpacker Co

Digital Nomads in Barbados

Thinking of working & traveling while in paradise? You’re in luck, Barbados is a top destination for digital nomads in the Caribbean, particularly with their new welcome stamp remote worker Barbados visa program . You can check out our personal experience of living and working from Barbados in our digital nomad during Covid blog .

The cost of living in Barbados is high, and there’s no way around that, so covering your travel costs by working during your time here is a great idea. Living expenses are higher on average than at home, even when taking measures to limit spending like cooking your own meals and cutting back on paid activities. If you can stomach the high cost of living, all the other factors that make a great digital nomad destination are available.

Wifi and phone service are never a concern so you’ll always be connected. There’s virtually nowhere on the island where you can’t get a strong cell signal and adequate wifi is the norm.

Barbados is easy to get to and easy to leave if you need to get back to the US. If you’re using your time in Barbados to explore other parts of the Caribbean, the BGI airport is one of the main connection points for regional flights. Although flights aren’t cheap, there will be plenty of options for island hopping when you have time to explore.

Even before Barbados issued the welcome stamp remote worker visa there was a great digital nomad and expat community on the island, but now it's really taken off. You’ll meet solo and couple travelers living in Barbados long term at bars, dive shops, and at your local beach. It won't take much effort to find a community and there are online groups to help with some introductions.

Barbados is in Atlantic time and does not practice daylight saving so half the year they’re equal to Eastern time, the other half, its plus one hour. This makes it very easy to work east coast hours and will give many the unique opportunity of working one hour ahead - perfect for morning swims before work!

Barbados Travel Guide | Flashpacker Blog

Visiting Barbados

If a tropical island getaway is on your radar Barbados will absolutely fit the bill. Thanks to their strong handling of the Covid pandemic it's one of the few places in the world you can feel incredibly safe visiting, knowing all necessary protocols have been implemented to keep locals and tourists safe.

Locals are warm and welcoming, and with an economy so reliant on tourism you’ll see their appreciation coming through in every interaction. Barbados truly has it all; beaches, nightlife, food, diving, outdoor activities, history, and culture. Soak up some sun and switch to island mode in this tropical paradise.

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With more than 80 white sand beaches, snorkeling and diving among marine life, deep sea fishing, and surfing, Barbados is a beloved destination for water sports enthusiasts.The island is rich in cultural history, with several joyous festivals each year, and Barbados boasts some of the Caribbean’s best rum. Visitors can relax on the beach or seek adventure in the island’s caves, take hiking tours, or dive among underwater shipwrecks.

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14 Very Best Things To Do In Barbados

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (12)

Look, there’s no beating around the bush, I’m in LOVE with this country! It’s an island that is as charming as it is beautiful , especially with all the best things to do in Barbados. 

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (24)

There really is so much to do on this wonderful Caribbean Island so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just a “lounging by the pool” or sun-bather’s dream destination. The culture, food (like Oistins Fish Fry) , natural history and the people make Barbados a perfect island to get a delicious taste of Caribbean life. 

This is why I wanted to show you some of the very best things to do in Barbados that you cannot miss.

barbados travel blog

Take a look below on what to do on your trip. I really hope you have the most gorgeous time exploring the best things to do in Barbados. Have fun! 

1.) Swim with turtles

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (12)

I stayed at The Club Hotel in Barbados  who organise special tours (on the hotel’s boat) to the stomping grounds of these gentle giants.

It’s one of the best things to do in Barbados, especially if you love wildlife. 

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (15)

Take a swim around the shore and around the boat and you’re almost guaranteed to see a few turtles. Just remember to be respectful of their environment and don’t try to touch or interact with the turtles. 

2.) Find a secret beach

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (19)

There are no private beaches in Barbados. Not one! Every single beach has to be publicly accessible so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of its magical coastline. I love this ethos and I wish other countries would follow suit.

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (16)

One great thing about this legislation is that you can literally ‘discover’ your own little piece of paradise.

Each morning I visited this little cove beach, 30 minutes walk from The Club Hotel , it was pristine, with no one there except a few friendly starfish to keep me company! 🙂

3.) Explore Animal Flower Cave

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (1)

Situated in the northern tip of the island, Animal Flower Cave is a great place to start your exploration of the wilder and more dramatic east coast of Barbados.

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (5)

Take a trip underground and head within the caves for this dramatic view into the Atlantic Ocean. Just be careful with your step… I ended up dropping my rum punch on the steps down… urghhh! 😉

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (6)

It really is one of the best things to do in Barbados if you love the more rugged side of the island.

4.) Sail the Caribbean Sea

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (34)

Grab yourself an intimate afternoon on a catamaran. I chose to experience this on The Calabaza Barbados .

Group numbers were small (between 6-8 people) and we even got our own tracker to spot all the wildlife in the Caribbean Sea. To be honest, this was one of the main reasons why I liked this tour best. 

Totally intimate, small and really friendly. 

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (36)

A great way to explore the shores, especially if you’re a wildlife fanatic. 

5.) See a piece of Scotland

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (3)

Yup, you read that correctly!

English settlers that first came to Barbados thought that the east coast of Barbados looked identical to Scotland. Head up into the hilly north of the island and you can judge this for yourself. 

It’s quite easy to find and explore on your own (if you have a car). Just make sure to head all across the island as there as so many amazing and the best things to do in Barbados that are dotted across the country.

6.) Gorge at Oistins Fish Fry

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (10)

Oisitns Fish Fry is a local hangout for visitors and local residents alike – definitely a perfect place to spend a Friday evening.

Choose some delicious food, watch residents playing dominoes and even listen to the Caribbean beats that fill the stage. A perfect place to end a Friday night on the Island. 

It really is one of the best things to do in Barbados on a Friday night. Its so much fun! 

Read more: What to do at Oistins Fish Fry  

7.) Try eating ‘dolphin’

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (20)

Actually, it’s Mahi-Mahi but locals refer to this fish as a dolphin. So, don’t worry… it’s not actually dolphin you’re eating.

A tasty treat that’s very popular in the Southern Caribbean. Pair it up with some fried plantains and a little Bajan Pepper Sauce! Obviously, if you’re a veggie, you might wanna give this one a miss.

8.) Explore the rainforests

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (30)

About 40 minutes north of the capital city, Bridgetown, are some of Barbados’s most beautiful forests. Take a drive and head straight for this beautifully lush landscape. It’s a perfect place to go if you like a little hike!

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (32)

Best of all, there are no poisonous snakes or spiders to worry about so explore to your heart’s content.

9.) Meet the army

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (33)

This was a random meeting. On my way to the forest, I came across there two local army guys that were patrolling the route. The guy on the left looks particularly grumpy.. mainly because the soldier on the right really wanted me to take his photo and the one on the left didn’t.

He definitely put on this menacing look on purpose as they were actually really friendly in person! 🙂

10.) Go to Bathsheba Beach 

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (2)

On the east coast of the Island is Bathsheba Beach. An unspoilt rocky terrain that is shaped by the Atlantic Ocean.

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (7)

Head for a drive down the coast and explore the area (along with some local rum houses that line the roads). It’s one of the best things to do in Barbados, especailly if you’re already visiting the rugged coastline. 

11.) Eat delicious fish bites 

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (37)

A local speciality, these fish bites are the bomb! I scoffed this whole basked in a matter of seconds (okay, maybe minutes). They’re all made fresh made each morning and produced locally.

They’re so yummy and totally moreish! 

12.) Discover Speightstown 

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (25)

One of the larger towns in Barbados, Speightstown is a great place to spend a morning exploring some of the histories of the beautiful Island.

I headed into the Museum of Barbados in the centre of the town… swiftly followed by a massive ice-cream.

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (24)

Somehow, in my sugar haze, I managed to get myself totally lost which actually turned out to be a great way to discover the town.

13.) Head To St. Nicholas Abbey

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (31)

St Nicholas Abbey is one of Barbados’s best-kept homes and rum distilleries. I swear I was blind-drunk after leaving this place – their rum punch is just too delicious. The number of photos I had to straighten while editing is testament to this.

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (29)

Though, one point to remember, make sure you have a designated driver! You’ll be tasting lots of rum.

14.) Chill out

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barbados This Year (35)

Just like any paradise island, Barbados has plenty of opportunities to chill-out.

Grab yourself a cocktail, rub on that sunblock and run down to the beach.

Read more: Best places to see in St Lucia

11 Best Things To Do In St Lucia

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Puppy Defender. Foodie. Chocolate Fiend and Custard Lover. Dip, Cover or Wrap anything in sugar and I'm Yours!

barbados travel blog

Photos And Postcards From El Nido, Philippines

barbados travel blog

Visiting Universal Studios In Singapore

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Getty Images

While it's justifiably famed for its fantastic beaches, Barbados is an island that has it all. In addition to fine powdery sand and brilliant turquoise bays, you'll find smashing nightlife, a Unesco World Heritage–listed capital, a beautiful interior dotted with gardens, and wild surf on the lonely east coast, all inhabited by a proud and welcoming populace.

Best Time to Visit

Best places to visit, attractions, must-see attractions.

Shark Hole

Well off the beaten track, the pint-sized Shark Hole is one of those special places for which your selfie will not do justice. Down a short flight of…

Lifegard's paradise

Miami Beach

A somewhat hidden gem that is the antithesis of its American namesake. Small, shady and intimate, it's well removed from the often frenetic south-coast…

barbados travel blog

St Nicholas Abbey

St Nicholas Abbey is a Jacobean-style mansion that is one of the oldest plantation houses in the Caribbean and a must-see stop on any island itinerary…

Parliament Building, Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies, Caribbean, Central America

Parliament Buildings

On the north side of National Heroes Sq are two stone-block, neo-Gothic-style buildings constructed in 1871. The western building with the clock tower…

Bottom Bay

On an island blessed with beautiful stretches of sand, Bottom Bay is up there with the best. With translucent turquoise waters framed by rocks and…

Rockley Beach

Rockley Beach

The largest beach in the area, Rockley is a picture-perfect crescent of sand. Backed by shade trees, there’s moderate surf. The new boardwalk allows you…

Paynes Bay Beach

Paynes Bay Beach

Fringed by a fine stretch of sand, gently curving Paynes Bay is endlessly popular and its calm waters make it one of the west coast’s best spots for…

Hunte's Gardens

Hunte's Gardens

These gardens at the home of famed local horticulturalist Anthony Hunte already have a magical aura. Set mostly within the confines of a collapsed cave,…

Top picks from our travel experts

11 of the best things to do in barbados.

Harrison's Cave

Harrison's Cave

This cave is promoted as one of the island's premier attractions, but how much you enjoy it will depend on which tour you choose. The main 'tram tour'…

Beach at Soup Bowl in Bathsheba, Barbados.

Bathsheba Beach

A wild stretch of golden sand that's framed by rough headlands and punctuated by magnificent rock formations standing defiant in the shallows against the…

Gun Hill

This 1818 hilltop signal tower has impressive views of the surrounding valleys and the southwest coast. The island was once connected by six such signal…

Pebbles Beach

Pebbles Beach

Running between two high-end hotels, this lovely stretch of sand is really just an extension of Brownes Beach. It has soft sands and calm waters and is…

Cherry Tree Hill

Cherry Tree Hill

A historic avenue lined with mahogany trees that leads from St Nicholas Abbey down to the Atlantic. The view from the top is spectacular.

Planning Tools

Expert guidance to help you plan your trip.

Best Things to Do

Barbados is so much more than just beautiful beaches. Here are the top island experiences.


Nothing provides a peek into Bajan culture quite like hopping on a city bus – here's everything you need to know about getting around Barbados.

Visa Requirements

Boasting some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, Barbados is a great choice for getting away from it all. Here's everything you need to know about visas.

Best Road Trips

Everyone makes a beeline for the beach on the gorgeous island of Barbados on the beach, but taking a road trip reveals a whole other side to the island.

Latest stories from Barbados

Filter by interest:

  • All Interests
  • Adventure Travel
  • Art & Culture
  • Beaches, Coasts & Islands
  • Food & Drink

De Thirsty Lizard is a well-known rum shop in Barbados and a pillar of the community.

May 13, 2024 • 7 min read

Discover Barbados’ rich history as the birthplace of rum and how it became home to almost 1500 rum shops across the island.

barbados travel blog

Apr 30, 2024 • 8 min read

Bottom Bay in Barbados, and a resort in the Maldives

Dec 15, 2023 • 7 min read

Crop Over, Barbados

Oct 30, 2023 • 7 min read

Photo Taken In Holetown, Barbados

Nov 25, 2022 • 6 min read

Shot from inside of a Reggae Reggae bus looking through the windshield. There are people sitting around the bus.

Nov 20, 2022 • 5 min read

BWRYFM Two sightseers on coast at Bathsheba, Barbados, West Indies, Caribbean.

Nov 18, 2022 • 7 min read

Photo taken in Bridgetown, Barbados

Nov 17, 2022 • 6 min read

A bodyboarder runs along a beach in Barbados in front of a lifeguard tower

Nov 15, 2022 • 8 min read

Local woman wearing a colourful headdress during the Barbados Crop Over festival

Nov 14, 2022 • 7 min read

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Book popular activities in Barbados

Barbados and beyond.

Yellow building in The Careenage, Bridgetown

Barbados   Travel Guide

barbados travel blog

Courtesy of Getty Images |

barbados travel blog

Why Go To Barbados

Barbados is a vibrant island known for its friendly people and delectable food, especially its fish. You can find a white sand beach, a sprawling golf course or a duty-free shopping plaza just about anywhere in the Caribbean, but in Barbados, visitors can taste the bittersweet Mount Gay Rum , dance to the thrum of a calypso song or take in a polo or cricket match. And though you  could  spend all your time on the beaches, you'll find plenty more to do when exploring this Caribbean paradise. This luxurious island is brimming with breathtaking architecture, a passionate sports culture and a party-loving attitude. 

The easternmost island in the Caribbean, Barbados juggles two different cultures to create a distinctly Bajan personality. Even after gaining its independence from Great Britain in 1966, this island still holds tight to British traditions like afternoon tea, cricket and horse races. Trademarks of the Caribbean and West Africa are still evident, however, in the island's sugar cane fields, rum distilleries and lush landscapes. And then there are the many beaches. While all of Barbados' shorelines boast picturesque views and calming ocean breezes, some of the country's must-visit beaches include  Dover Beach ,  Bathsheba Beach  and the sands overlooking  Carlisle Bay .

Find Flight and Hotel Deals

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  • # 7 in Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean for 2023
  • # 7 in Best Caribbean Honeymoons
  • # 8 in Best Cheap Caribbean Vacations

See All 8 Rankings

Best of Barbados

Best hotels in barbados.

  • # 1 in Sandy Lane
  • # 2 in Fairmont Royal Pavilion
  • # 3 in Beach View

Sandy Lane

Best Things to Do in Barbados

  • # 1 in Carlisle Bay
  • # 2 in Hunte's Gardens
  • # 3 in Bathsheba Beach

Popular Tours

Barbados Catamaran Turtle and Shipwreck Snorkeling Cruise

Barbados Catamaran Turtle and Shipwreck Snorkeling Cruise

(1741 reviews)

from $ 85.00

Barbados Catamaran Turtle Snorkel with Lunch and Open Bar

Barbados Catamaran Turtle Snorkel with Lunch and Open Bar

(943 reviews)

from $ 105.00

Barbados Turtle and Shipwreck Snorkel Adventure

Barbados Turtle and Shipwreck Snorkel Adventure

(591 reviews)

from $ 26.40

Barbados Travel Tips

Best months to visit.

The best time to visit Barbados is between July and November. Though these months fall within the Caribbean's hurricane season, hurricanes rarely hit the island, and you could attend one of the lively Crop Over Festival activities if you vacation during this time of year. Temperatures stay between the mid-70s and mid-80s year-round, so there's little reason to travel during the peak season, which occurs from late December to mid-April.

Weather in Barbados

Data sourced from the National Climatic Data Center

What You Need to Know

This is Little Britain Though island attire is acceptable at the beach, thanks to its colonial history, Bajans are fairly conservative in attitude and dress. Don't be surprised to see men wearing pants and women in dresses.

This is rum country  White, aged and flavored are just some of the rum varieties you'll find produced on the island. To sample some of Barbados' best, take an interactive tour of a top-notch distillery like  Mount Gay Vistior Center  or  St. Nicholas Abbey .

This is where the sun lives Barbados is only 13 degrees north of the equator, meaning you'll likely enjoy plenty of sunshine and hot weather during your visit. To avoid dehydration, heat strokes and sunburns, apply sunscreen regularly and drink plenty of water.

How to Save Money in Barbados

Be mindful of the exchange rate  The Barbadian or Bajan dollar (BBD) is permanently fixed at Bds$2 for every $1. Although most establishments accept U.S. currency, you should pay in Barbados dollars – your money will go further.

Visit in the offseason  Though you may face a hurricane, visiting between May and November will save you some coin on airfare and hotels .

Go for an all-inclusive  To avoid added food, drink and activity expenses, consider staying at one of the island's all-inclusive  resorts .

Culture & Customs

Independent since 1966, Barbados has maintained a political system similar to that of Britain, with a constitutional monarchy and a democratic parliamentary government. Bajan customs and ways of life are also similar. You should bring light colors and fabrics to wear on your vacation but note that Bajans tend to dress conservatively. Long pants for men and dresses for women are not uncommon.

Throughout the country, the Barbadian dollar (BBD) is used (Bds$2 equals $1). When tipping in Barbados, travelers should expect to add an additional gratuity based on the service received. However, unlike the U.S., some restaurants will include a 10% to 15% gratuity in food bills, so be sure to check your receipt before you pay.

And though English is the official language in Barbados, the Bajan dialect, which is typically used in casual conversations, may confuse some foreigners. Key phrases to remember include "wha gine on" (what's going on), "aight" (how are you) and "ga so" (go this way).

What to Eat

An array of Caribbean and international cuisine, with African, Indian and British influences can be found in Barbados, though the island's fresh seafood is the focal point of many restaurant menus. Look for sweet plantains, rice and peas, curries and rotis (flatbread) on menus. Gourmet chefs have opened the most sophisticated establishments in the St. James and Bridgetown areas, but you should expect to pay a pretty penny for the experience.

Popular fine dining restaurants include Champers Restaurant , The Tides and The Cliff . Make sure to plan ahead at these eateries since most require a reservation to get in the door. Recent visitors to Barbados mention that the food in St. Lawrence Gap is well worth the price; reasonable prices can also be found in Holetown on the central west coast.

Getting Around Barbados

The best way to get around Barbados is by car or bus. Taxis are an option; fares are set by the government. For example, it'll cost between 26 and 179 Barbadian dollars (about $13 to $89) to get from Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) to various parts of the island. There is also a public bus service that takes visitors to popular spots across the island, including Bathsheba and Harrison's Cave. 

Barbados is also a popular port of call for  cruise ships  sailing to the eastern or southern Caribbean. Cruise ships dock at the Bridgetown pier, which is located about 3 miles from downtown Bridgetown.

Entry & Exit Requirements

U.S. citizens will need a passport to enter Barbados; a visa is not required unless you plan to stay more than six months. One blank page is required in each passport. Visit the U.S. State Department's  website  for the latest information on foreign exit and entry requirements.

Head to any of Barbados' beaches for sublime sunset views.

Explore More of Barbados

Hunte's Gardens

Things To Do

Best hotels.

World Map

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St. Vincent & The Grenadines

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The Best Reasons to Visit Barbados

Famed for its fine pearlescent white beaches and warm azure waters, Barbados is the Caribbean island that has it all. But there’s more to this island than meets the eye. Past the laidback lifestyle and the island’s dreamlike-haze, you’ll uncover a lively nightlife, the heartiest comfort food and a to-die-for shopping scene.

Not that you needed any more convincing (but just in case), we’ve listed all the glorious reasons to visit Barbados…

The Sea Turtles…

Sea Turtles - Barbados

Will unquestionably steal your heart. But besides their undeniable appeal, two of the world’s rarest sea creatures make their nests on the beaches of Barbados, the Hawksbill and the Leatherback Turtles. Sadly sea turtles have been subjected and mistreated to years of hunting (for their meat, eggs and shell) – BUT you’ll be pleased to know that there is in fact, a hunting ban in Barbados, allowing these beauties to rest and repopulate.

If you do happen to sight a sea turtle, then, of course, enjoy it but don’t forget to give them enough space (as they could be nesting) – after all, the island has enough room for animals and admirers alike. But if you can’t shake that niggle that something might be wrong, get in touch with The Barbados Sea Turtle Project .  They operate a 24hr hotline to monitor sightings and any emergencies. So ping them a line if you spot a hatching or nests threatened by high tides!

Local hospitality 

Is as good as it gets. Bajan people are welcoming, helpful, good-witted and friendly. If you’re in need of anything, big or small, they’ll do their very best to accommodate. Those qualities are especially important when you’re travelling with a young family. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than travelling to unknown territory only to be fronted with cold and unfriendly locals. It’s the cherry on top of an already loaded exotic cake.

Dark and Stormy Rum Cocktail with Lime and Ginger Beer

Dark and Stormy Rum Cocktail with Lime and Ginger Beer

The home of sweet, sweet rum. And no holiday to Barbados would be complete without sampling a fair share of the world’s finest. If rum punch and piña coladas arent enough to hit the spot, you can book a tour at Mount Gay and take part in one of five different experiences ( the bottomless rum sounds like a winner though ).

*If rum doesn’t float your Caribbean boat, there’s plenty else to try. From award-winning Banks Beer and ever-refreshing coconut water to the island’s favourite mauby. Made from the bark of the mauby tree, this zinger is treasured among the locals, and once you get a taste for it, you’ll understand why.*

Food glorious food

Cou-Cou & Flying Fish The Crane

Barbados might be best recognised for its paradisic beaches, but I bet you didn’t know that it’s also referred to as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean.  

Cou Cou served with Flying Fish is the national dish of Barbados. It’s made with cornmeal and fresh okra which is then served with flying fish in a stew-like sauce. It’s an absolute moreish treat. And then there’s another favourite, especially for the carb aficionados – the macaroni pie. It’s a rich, baked version of mac and cheese and includes generous helpings of cheese as well as some extras flavours like ketchup and mustard. It’s hearty, calorific but most importantly utterly delicious.

Shopping in Bridgetown

Barbados’ capital is an absolute dream for shopaholics and budding trendsetters. From bespoke jewellery shops, clothing boutiques and farmers markets ( TIP: stock up on Bajan spices ), there’s something for everyone to indulge in.

For duty-free shopping head down to the  Limegrove Lifestyle Centre. You’ll find some of the bigger brands like Ralph Lauren and Longchamp. The centre even has a cinema, entertainment platform and a selection of bars and cafes, so you and your brood can make a whole day of it.

Sunsets on the beach

I know, it’s a little controversial to put beaches so far down on the list, but hear me out. We all know that Barbados puts the B in beaches, so it’s only fair to showcase all it’s other offerings, before getting down to the crown jewels.

On the west coast, of the island, you’ll find white sandy shores with azure waters fit for a cool gentle swim or a smooth ride on a jetski. Whereas in the south and east coast, you’ll find a lively surf scene with a plethora of ongoing watersports. And then in the north, the coast is undeveloped and brimming with clifftops and coves.

Good weather

You didn’t think we’d forget to mention the weather, did you? Us Brits love to natter about the weather, so it’s definitely not surprising that Barbados’s year-round sunshine is one of the many reasons to visit.

The average daytime high is around 30°C, but thanks to the northeastern winds, it rarely gets unbearably hot. Although if you’re easily agitated by the heat, then the evenings will provide the ultimate release.

The vivid images of blue skies and sunshine for days does ring true to Barbados, but you can expect the occasional quick rain showers (July-December time).  

Watersports and more

Harrisons Cave

The island is ringed by beautiful coral reefs, all of which provide an excellent environment for snorkelling and scuba diving. But not only that, as a result of the coral sediment there’s numerous caves and underground lakes to be explored. The most famous is arguably Harrison’s Cave ; a network of caves, waterfalls, pools and fantastic stalagmites and stalactites. It’s an experience that money can’t buy.

Now that you’ve discovered the very best reasons to visit Barbados, have a look at our luxurious villas to complete the ultimate Caribbean holiday package. If you need a little guidance, our  concierge team  will point you in the right direction! 

Top 10 things to do in Barbados

10 best beaches in Barbados Barbados travel guide


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barbados travel blog

Barbados On A Budget

Barbados On A Budget

Barbados is full of fun things to do at a fraction of the cost other warm weather countries call for. Nestled in the Southeastern Caribbean sea, this magical location has something for everyone—from local food haunts to aquatic excursions, you can really create your own adventure at your own financial pace.

Despite this, the mainland of Barbados isn’t considered to be one of the more popular tropical travel destinations, especially for those aiming to spend the majority of their vacay on resort grounds. Fortunately, when asked to join a group girls trip, I knew I wanted to spend my time getting the best of the island for a fraction of the price. Here is how I managed to enjoy Barbados on a budget.

Getting there

Research shows that the cheapest time to visit Barbados is during the off-peak from May through June and September through November. During these periods, Barbados typically sees less visitors which means smaller crowds and smaller fares. With that, for my late May trip, I did some additional research to ensure I got the best deal.

I used aggregative travel platform Hopper to compare flight prices and landed on a $600 roundtrip American Airlines flight from Chicago to Barbados. I also made sure to use my American Airlines Citi Advantage credit cards to knock a few extra bucks off my final flight price and earn points along the way.

Instead of staying in a high-end, pricey resort, I opted to lodge in a beautiful two bedroom, one bathroom beach front condo via VRBO.

Barbados On A Budget

Located in Silver Sands, Christ Church, it was just 14 minutes away from the international airport, and central to the local supermarket and eateries.

Barbados On A Budget

For a five night stay, I was able to snag this amazing property priced at $675 USD. Plus, members earn OneKeyCash™¹ on eligible bookings and use it on future bookings.

Barbados On A Budget

With the help of the property owners Cheron and Walwen Ashby, we were able to travel across the island, as Uber is not largely available and taxis can be a bit pricey after a few days. For instance, it can cost between 25 and 190 Barbadian dollars to get from Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) to different tourist-favored parts of the island.

Barbados On A Budget

Things to do

If you want a cheap, quick and fresh meal,  Chefette  is the place to go. The Barbadian fast-casual chain offers traditional Barbadian meals like roti, and international fare including fried chicken, pizza and burgers.

Oistins Fish Fry

  Oistins Fish Fry  is where everyone goes on Friday nights, and I mean everybody . The open air event venue, which features live music, is also a food marketplace with local eateries situated next to one another, all as delectable as the next. It was packed to the brim with people joined together over great food, and even better vibes.

A typical meal will cost between $11 and $20.

Saint Lawrence Gap, Christ Church is one of the best-known neighborhoods in the country of Barbados, so much so, I was referred by locals to visit “the Gap” for a good time. Saint Lawrence Gap is located on the southern coast of Barbados along the island’s Highway 7, and features a few miles of bars and various restaurants. Most of the bars don’t charge a cover and the price of drinks cost about $7-13 USD.

Full sightseeing and tasting tour

For about $175, I spent a day exploring the sights and sounds Barbados on a sightseeing tour that includes a lunch of local cuisine. We were able to take a guided tour of the horticultural masterpiece of Hunte’s Gardens with stops to take photos of the picturesque Bathsheba and Cherry Tree Hill. Among the many stops on the tour was the sugar plantation of St. Nicholas Abbey and the Barbados Wildlife Reserve where the islands charismatic green monkeys live. For the price, you not only get to partake the tour but also receive roundtrip transportation.

If you’re concerned about staying within your budget while planning your fun in Barbados, fret not. As evidenced above you can take in most of what the island has to offer without breaking the bank.

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  1. Read This Before Visiting Barbados: 2024 Guide

    If you're wondering when to visit Barbados, there are a few things to think about. It's warm all year round in Barbados with temperatures between 23 - 30 Celsius. There's a wet and dry season across the Caribbean, with December to March being a good time to visit for rain-free sunshine-filled days.

  2. Barbados Itinerary: Five Days of Things to Do

    10 a.m.: Head to the beach. Barbados is one of those places where the main activity is just going to the beach. And because all the beaches in Barbados are public beaches, all the beaches are good ...

  3. The Best Barbados Itinerary

    Before diving into the details, here's a quick overview of how to spend the perfect 10 days in Barbados. Day 1-2: Bridgetown and Carlisle Bay. Day 3: Animal Flower Cave and North Point. Day 4: Holetown and Folkestone Marine Park. Day 5: Oistins and Miami Beach. Day 6: Harrison's Cave and Welchman Hall Gully.

  4. Barbados Travel Blogs

    Barbados Travel Blogs These are all of my Barbados travel blogs! From exploring the landscapes, snorkelling and going on a rum tour, to visiting the capital and enjoying a festival or two, find out the best places to travel to in Barbados here, in my Barbados travel blogs. Happy exploring!

  5. 15 Best Things to Do in Barbados in 2023

    Going to the Oistins Fish Fry is one of the best things to do in Barbados at night. To get to Oistins, you need to take an Oistins, Airport, Silver Sands, Sam Lords Castle, Fairy Valley or St. Christopher bus, depending on where you are staying. Either way, the cost is $2 BBD per person per ride. 9.

  6. An Insider's Guide To Visiting Barbados

    The best time of year to visit Barbados is May. Barbados boasts a year round temperate climate that rarely drops below 70 degrees (21 degrees Celsius), and while the summer months bring patchy rain and the occasional hurricane threat local's believe that "God is a Bajan" because severe weather systems rarely make landfall. November ...

  7. Barbados Travel Blogs

    I'm Macca & I run the multiple award-winning blog An Adventurous World. Nothing makes me happier than capturing the world one destination at a time so make sure you follow me on my adventures! If you're looking for some advice and information on Barbados then make sure you check out all of my Barbados travel blogs here at An Adventurous World.

  8. The Ultimate Barbados Travel Guide

    With increased travel restrictions in 2020, these flights are less common but still available. Here are the estimated flight times to Barbados from major airports: Miami to Barbados Flight Time: 3 hours, 35 minutes. New York to Barbados Flight Time: 4 hours, 30 minutes. Toronto to Barbados Flight Time: 5 hours, 15 minutes.

  9. Complete Barbados Travel Guide 2023

    3. St. Lawrence Gap Nightlife. Enjoy some drinks and dancing at St. Lawrence Gap. The Gap is a mile long stretch that includes bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Barbados recently renovated and upgraded the area to enhance the experience, as it is one of the primary nightlife entertainments areas in Barbados. 4.

  10. Barbados Travel Stories

    Travel Stories. destination practicalities. A first timer's guide to Barbados Crop Over. Oct 30, 2023 • 7 min read. With some planning and prep, you'll have a blast at Barbados Crop Over. Here are our tips for first-timers attending the island's biggest party. beaches. 5 incredible road trips that show a different side to Barbados.

  11. The Perfect Barbados Holiday

    If you need anymore ideas of things to do in Barbados then check out this post on the Sandals blog. Barbados Travel Vlog. Check out my vlog for some visual evidence of how stunning Barbados is, as well as extra tips for your Barbados holiday. Don't forget to give it a like/comment and subscribe to my channell if you haven't already.

  12. 9 best places to visit in Barbados

    Barbados' 14 best beaches to find sun, fun and food Stop for something to eat at Animal Flower Cave. Animal Flower Cave is perched on the tip of the northernmost part of Barbados in the St. Lucy parish. Inside you will find reflective pools and several large jagged openings that act as windows looking out over the ocean and offering enough ...

  13. Visiting Barbados

    When visiting Barbados you simply must try the island's national dish of flying fish and cou-cou! You can order your fish fried, baked, steamed or grilled. Cou-cou is made from corn meal and okra, and has a very creamy texture. Pudding and souse is another local favourite consisting of steamed sweet potato and pickled pork.

  14. 11 of the best things to do in Barbados

    1. Enjoy a traditional fish cutter at Cuz's Fish Shack near Pebbles Beach. There are few things more "Bajan" than a fish cutter, so make sure you don't leave the island without trying one. The difference between a sandwich and a cutter is that a cutter is made with a traditional Bajan salt bread.

  15. Barbados Travel Guide

    Barbados Travel Guide. December 20, 2020 Flashpacker Co. Barbados has long been a top Caribbean destination thanks to its year round comfortable temperatures, invigorating culture, top beaches, scuba diving, and inviting locals. Now, with their world-class handling of the Covid pandemic and programs like the 12 month remote work visa, Barbados ...

  16. Barbados Travel Tips & Advice

    Barbados. With more than 80 white sand beaches, snorkeling and diving among marine life, deep sea fishing, and surfing, Barbados is a beloved destination for water sports enthusiasts.The island is ...

  17. 14 Very Best Things To Do In Barbados

    Look, there's no beating around the bush, I'm in LOVE with this country! It's an island that is as charming as it is beautiful, especially with all the - 14 Very Best Things To Do In Barbados - Travel, Travel Advice - Barbados, Caribbean - Travel, Food and Home Inspiration Blog with door-to-door Travel Planner! - Travel Advice, Travel Inspiration, Home Inspiration, Food Inspiration, Recipes ...

  18. Plan Your Caribbean Travel Itinerary & Make Most of Barbados

    Island Stories. Somewhere just off the island chain, you'll find Barbados! Surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean sea, Barbados has something for every kind of traveller: the foodie, the explorer, the historian and the adventurer! From our cuisine to our rum, to our UNESCO World Heritage sites, your Barbados adventure awaits!

  19. Barbados travel

    Barbados. Caribbean. While it's justifiably famed for its fantastic beaches, Barbados is an island that has it all. In addition to fine powdery sand and brilliant turquoise bays, you'll find smashing nightlife, a Unesco World Heritage-listed capital, a beautiful interior dotted with gardens, and wild surf on the lonely east coast, all ...

  20. Barbados Travel Guide

    Why Go To Barbados. Barbados is a vibrant island known for its friendly people and delectable food, especially its fish. You can find a white sand beach, a sprawling golf course or a duty-free ...

  21. Barbados Travel Guide: Get the Most out of Your Holiday

    Barbados Travel Guide. February 6, 2022. Barbados, Caribbean. With its verdant rainforest, sensational beaches and a long list of natural wonders, it's no wonder Barbados is such a popular holiday destination. Located 100km east of the Windward Islands, this bucket-list destination is just as dreamy as it looks in the pictures, offering that ...

  22. Visit Barbados

    Island Stories. Somewhere just off the island chain, you'll find Barbados! Surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean sea, Barbados has something for every kind of traveller: the foodie, the explorer, the historian and the adventurer! From our cuisine to our rum, to our UNESCO World Heritage sites, your Barbados adventure awaits!

  23. The Best Reasons To Visit Barbados

    Us Brits love to natter about the weather, so it's definitely not surprising that Barbados's year-round sunshine is one of the many reasons to visit. The average daytime high is around 30°C, but thanks to the northeastern winds, it rarely gets unbearably hot. Although if you're easily agitated by the heat, then the evenings will provide ...

  24. Barbados On A Budget

    Despite this, the mainland of Barbados isn't considered to be one of the more popular tropical travel destinations, especially for those aiming to spend the majority of their vacay on resort ...