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Woman dancing in colourful red and yellow costumes, with headdresses at the Rio carnival in Brazil

Everything in Brazil is bigger, brighter and bolder – from the waterfalls and jungles to the street parties and beaches. It’s no wonder there’s always a festival.

Brazilians are famous for their zest for life. The country is loaded with incredible natural attractions – the Amazon, roaring Iguazu Falls and jungle-clad mountains where you feel on top of the world (much like Christ the Redeemer). And let’s not forget Brazil’s infectious music – from samba and bossa nova to Afro-Brazilian beats – and a party to be had around every corner. And of course the pumping beaches, where you can play football until the sun dips low behind Corcovado.   Brazil   is your cue to pick up a caipirinha and join the fun.

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Brazil at a glance

Capital city.

Brasilia (population 3 million)

214.3 million

Brazilian real (BRL)

(GMT-03:00) Brasilia



Type A (North American/Japanese 2-pin) Type B (American 3-pin) Type C (European 2-pin) Type I (Australian/New Zealand & Chinese/Argentine 2/3-pin)

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Best time to visit brazil.

In most parts of Brazil, temperatures range from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, regardless of the season. The summer months between December and February can be hot and humid, bringing temperatures to the high 30s – perfect weather to enjoy Brazil’s famous beaches. It’s also festival season, so it’s well worth visiting during this time.

Rainfall varies greatly around Brazil so depending on where you’re traveling, you could experience some rain. Around the Pantanal, Manaus and the Amazon basin, expect patches of rain all year round. Rio and the areas around Foz de Iguacu don’t have distinct rainy seasons and are typically drier than some other areas of Brazil.

The south of Brazil experiences extreme seasonal changes, so pack accordingly.

Read more about the best time to visit Brazil

Culture and customs

Brazilians are universally known for their infectious enthusiasm and lust for life. The wild celebratory atmosphere of Carnaval isn’t a one-off —impromptu street parties, heaving nightclubs and busy dance halls all display the same vibrant energy and passion all year round. Travelers will find that music, dance and good times are all passionately pursued by most Brazilians, regardless of income, gender or age. But it doesn’t stop there. Fun is not limited to the dynamic bars and clubs of the big cities - the natural world is also enjoyed by most Brazilians. With so many spectacular beaches, national parks, mountains and forests, there are plenty of places for Brazilians to enjoy their favorite past times – football, surfing, swimming, hiking, volleyball and capoeira (a Brazilian blend of martial arts and dance). Brazilians are also known for being one of the most open, friendly and affectionate nationalities – personal space isn’t regarded as highly in Brazil as in most other countries, so expect to be hugged and kissed by new and old friends when traveling here.

In contrast to the exuberant, modern life that Brazil's city dwellers live, are the humble, traditional ways of the indigenous tribes that live in the Amazon and surrounds. Despite modern advances, many still live off the land – hunting for wild animals and gathering fruit and berries - although sadly this is rapidly changing due to deforestation and urbanization. In the face of this, many tribes still cling to their ancient culture through traditional clothing, dance and song.

Eating and drinking

Intrepid believes that one of the best ways to experience a country is by eating! Whether you're sampling street food, savoring a cheap eat or indulging in a banquet, there are endless options to choose from wherever you are in the world. 

Brazil’s major cities feature a wide range of international cuisine, so it’s possible to eat a western-style breakfast, Mexican for lunch and Italian for dinner, with a few traditional Brazilian snacks in between. For an in-depth look at what you can eat in Brazil, visit our   South American food guide . 

Things to try in Brazil

1. Churrasco

This traditional Brazilian barbecue is a true pleasure for meat eaters. Beef, pork, chicken, duck, lamb and fish are all skewered and cooked to perfection over hot coals, creating a smoky flavor and tender texture.

Brazil’s coastline is home to a bounty of marine life so when on the coast, be sure to eat seafood while it’s at its freshest. Fried baby octopus, king prawns and fragrant, seafood stew are great options.

3. Feijoada

This stew of beans and beef is Brazil’s national dish, and reflects its rich immigrant history. The flavors and style are a mix of African, Indian and Portuguese food traditions, making it a direct culinary link to Brazil’s past.

4. Caipirinha

This refreshing cocktail made from cachaca (a spirit derived from sugar cane), sugar, crushed ice and lime is the Brazilian national drink, and the perfect accompaniment to a beachside sunset.

Brazil has plenty of tropical fruits and berries – so for a quick snack, head to the markets and buy fresh bananas, limes, oranges, guava, jackfruit and acai berries.

Discover the must-try foods in Brazil

Geography and environment

Being the fifth largest country in the world, Brazil shares land borders with many other countries including   Venezuela , Guyana,   Colombia ,   Peru ,   Bolivia , Paraguay,   Argentina , Uruguay, Suriname and French Guiana. Home to many different landscapes and ecosystems, Brazil’s natural environment is one of the most famous in the world. From the steamy tropical rainforest that surrounds the Amazon River and the swirling torrents of white water at Iguazu Falls, to the stunning beaches, reefs and islands of the coast, Brazil is certainly blessed with the very best of Mother Nature. Home to many of the world's most rare and endangered species, travelers will be able to see the full spectrum of colorful bird life, curious mammals, gigantic snakes and unique marine life.

With such a large population, Brazil’s major cities are busy, crowded and chaotic. It can take some getting used to, but once you’re working with the flow of the Brazilian way of life, you’ll begin to enjoy the pace. With a widening gap between the rich and the poor, housing can vary from large mansions in upscale neighborhoods and modern apartments right in the heart of the city, to humble tin sheds in the sprawling favelas. In some ways, Brazil’s major cities are full of contrasts but the universal appeal of partying, dancing and drinking seems to cross all cultural and social barriers.

History and government

Early history.

Indigenous tribes inhabited Brazil for centuries before the arrival of the first European settlers from Portugal in the 1500s. Colonization brought agriculture and crop growing to Brazil, resulting in extensive land clearing which dispossessed much of the indigenous population. The growing of sugar cane resulted in an influx of new residents, mainly slaves who brought rich African traditions with them. Remnants of this can still be seen in much of today’s music, dance and food. By the 19th century, coffee had taken the place of sugar as Brazil’s most valuable crop. The increase in coffee production brought a new wave of migrants to Brazil, mainly from Europe, and Brazil’s economy continued to flourish until the military coup of 1889.

Recent history

Brazil’s more recently history has also been characterized by wide spread immigration – especially during and after World War II - with large numbers of Jewish people choosing to flee persecution to live in Brazil, as well as significant numbers of people from the Middle East and other European countries.

In 1989, Brazil held its first democratic election in almost 30 years after decades of military rule. More recently, a stable government has resulted in increased economic prosperity, although many of Brazil’s residents are still impoverished, living well below the poverty line.

Top 10 beach spots of Brazil

1. praia do rosa.

The big surf and relaxed vibe of this hip holiday haven in Southern Brazil makes it a firm favorite with visitors and locals alike. Praia do Rosa manages to balance development with tradition - elegant small-scale hotels and eco-lodges provide the perfect place to rest after hiking, whale watching or surfing.

The cosmopolitan charms of this world-famous beach make it popular with people from all walks of life. Expect to see enthusiastic travelers, smug millionaires, bohemian artists and indifferent locals all enjoying Ipanema’s magnetic magic.

3. Jericoacoara

Far away from the showy extravagance of Rio lies this secluded spot only accessible by 4x4. Strictly protected from overdevelopment, the slow pace suits the windsurfers and kite surfers who prefer to get their thrills from the ocean's wild tides.

4. Lopes Mendes

This beach, located on the island of Ilha Grande, is considered one of Brazil’s best. The killer combination of fine white sand, great waves and clear, blue water guarantee perfect conditions for swimming, surfing and sun-worshipping.

5. Canoa Quebrada

This mellow hippie haven boasts stunning sand dunes and a deep blue-green sea. Horse riding on the dunes at sunset or cruising the coast on an old fishing boat are great ways to make the most of this picture perfect piece of Brazil.

Put on the world map by Bridget Bardot back in the 1960s, Buzios is the epitome of Brazilian sophistication. The designer boutiques, glam hotels and cool bars attract the celebrity jet set – but it’s the beautiful bays and beaches that are the true superstars of Buzios.

7. Copacabana

One of the world’s most famous urban beaches, Copacabana, is a top spot to indulge in a bit of people watching. Watch an eclectic mix of people play football, work on their tans and strut their stuff on this busy meeting spot that attracts all walks of life.

8. Praia da Mole

Soft white sand for lazing in the sun and a year-round supply of waves for surfing make this beach in Florianopolis a top pick. Paragliding, wakeboarding and other water sports provide more thrills, while the nearby bars and clubs ensure good times when the sun goes down.

9. Maragogi

Found on the Coral Coast of Brazil, Maragogi’s calm waters offer some respite from the big breaks found on many other Brazilian beaches. Colorful offshore reefs make snorkeling or scuba diving a must for visitors looking for aquatic adventures.

10. Tambaba

One for the free spirits of the world, Brazil’s only official nudist beach is flanked by steep, dramatic cliffs and dotted with swaying coconut palms. Choose to get cheeky and take advantage of lying on Brazil’s only sanctioned nudist beach in all your glory, or keep your kit on and stick to the “non-naturist” side.

Brazil’s two largest cities – Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo – offer a wide range of shopping opportunities, from high-end designer shops to independent boutiques and everything in between. Every mid-sized city will have at least one ‘shopping’ (what Brazilians call their shopping malls), but as you move to more rural and remote areas, your best bet is the local market.

Shopping tips in Rio

Peddlers roam Rio’s beaches offering an enormous range of items including footballs, bathing suits and jewelry. Be aware that the price might be good but the quality likely isn’t. For better quality bikinis and swim trunks, consider heading to Blue Man, Brazil’s most successful beachwear label. Or visit Barra Shopping, one of the largest malls in South America, which boasts more than 570 stores, a movie theatre, a bowling alley and a range of restaurants and bars. Rio also hosts a number of popular markets including the Hippie Fair in Ipanema, where more than 700 vendors sell one-of-a-kind jewelry, clothing, leather shoes, paintings and gourmet goods each Sunday. Like many markets, bargaining is accepted.

Responsible travel tip 

You may come across goods made from the skins of protected species (such as reptiles or wild cats). Keeping with Intrepid’s commitment to responsible travel, please refrain from supporting any business that exploit or abuse endangered animals. 

Festivals and events in Brazil

Rio carnival.

Colorful, raucous and hedonistic, there’s a reason Rio’s Carnival is one of the best-known parties in the world. The parade of elaborate floats and colorful, bejeweled dancers in barely-there costumes dancing to samba may be the main event, but the revelry begins a whole month before. Each February in the lead up to Lent, the caipirinhas are free-flowing as clubs hold glitzy parties and bandas (street parties also called blocos) take over the streets.

Parintins Folklore Festival (Bumba-mei-boi)

An annual spectacle that commemorates a legend about a pregnant woman’s craving for bull tongue, the murder of a bull to satisfy said craving, and the bull’s magical resurrection. Two teams retell the myth and attempt to outdo each other using flamboyant song and dance routines, colorful costumes and giant floats. Spectators cheer and moo to performances at this three-day June celebration.

Festa Junina

This nationwide festival held each June celebrates saints John the Baptist, Anthony and Peter, but celebrations in the north-east take on a distinctly country flair. People flock to rural fairs wearing straw hats and plaid shirts to feast on corn and sweet treats, play games and dance the quadrilha (similar to a square dance).

Rio New Year’s Eve

Join two million revelers decked in white at Copacabana beach for a unique New Year’s celebration. Before the concerts and massive fireworks display begins, Candomble worshippers (an Afro-Brazilian religion) push boats filled with flowers and other offerings into the sea in exchange for safe sailing in the upcoming year.

Public holidays that may impact travel include:

Independence Day

Our Lady of Aparecida

All Soul's Day

Republic Day

Please note dates of Brazil's public holidays may vary.

Further reading

Brazil travel faqs, do i need a covid-19 vaccine to join an intrepid trip.

Trips from 1 January 2023 onwards

From 1 January 2023, Intrepid will no longer require travelers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (excluding all Polar trips and select adventure cruises).

However, we continue to strongly recommend that all Intrepid travelers and leaders get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Specific proof of testing or vaccination may still be required by your destination or airline. Please ensure you check travel and entry requirements carefully.

Do you need a visa to visit Brazil?

Foreign nationals from over 80 countries – including folks from EU countries, the United Kingdom , New Zealand, South Africa and Japan – can travel to Brazil without a visa for up to 90 days per entry. You’ll need an empty page in your passport, as a border officer will stamp it on arrival.

If you’re not from a visa-exempt country, you’ll need to apply for a Visitor Visa (VIVIS) through Brazil’s consular website.  Find out whether you require a VIVIS or not .

Passport holders from Australia , Canada and the United States must apply for an e-visa to enter Brazil for tourism, transit or business  on the Brazilian government's e-visa website . If you have a valid physical visa on your passport for the purpose of your visit, you do not need to apply for a new visa.

The page is for general information only and may be subject to change. It is your responsibility to obtain relevant visa and travel information required for entry, departure and travel to each country or region you visit on your trip. You should confirm these with the relevant embassies and/or consulates. 

Last updated: 15 Jan 2024

Is tipping customary in Brazil?

Tipping is up to the individual when traveling in Brazil. It isn’t expected but will be happily received by service workers like taxi drivers and waiters. Restaurants in Brazil add a 10% surcharge, which is included in the bill. Feel free to leave spare change or tip extra if the service is particularly good.

What is the internet access like in Brazil?

Internet access is widely available in cities and tourist areas like Rio and Sao Paolo, where there are many internet cafes. Internet access is less frequent in rural and remote areas.

Can I use my cell phone while in Brazil?

You will be able to use your cell phone in most urban areas of Brazil, although some of the more remote areas may not have network coverage. Ensure you have global roaming activated with your cell carrier before you leave home if you wish to use your cell while in Brazil.

What are the toilets like in Brazil?

Toilets in Brazil will vary depending on what area you are traveling in. Flushable, western-style toilets are common in the cities large hotels, malls and clubs but more modest squat toilets are the standard in rural areas and while camping. Either way, carrying a supply of toilet paper and soap is a good idea, as these aren’t always available in public toilets.

Can I drink the water in Brazil?

Drinking tap water isn't recommended in Brazil. For environmental reasons, try to avoid buying bottled water and fill a reusable water bottle or canteen with filtered water instead. It's also advisable to avoid ice in drinks and peel fruit and vegetables before eating.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Brazil?

Major credit cards are widely accepted by large shops, hotels and restaurants in Brazil. However, they may not be accepted by smaller vendors such as small family restaurants, market stalls or in remote towns and rural areas. Make sure you carry enough cash for purchases, since credit cards aren't always an option everywhere in Brazil.

What is ATM access like in Brazil?

ATMs are found widely throughout Brazil and withdrawing cash shouldn't be problematic in most areas. Some smaller villages and rural areas may not have ATM access, so prepare for this before venturing too far from a city or major town.

Do I need any vaccinations before visiting Brazil?

No vaccines are required in order to enter Brazil but some are recommended for protection against disease. Visit your doctor or travel clinic for advice and make sure to schedule vaccinations 4-6 weeks before your departure date, as some require time to become effective.

Is Brazil a safe destination for LGBTQIA+ travelers?

Brazil is a welcoming destination for LGBTQIA+ travelers. There is no law against homosexuality, and the country tends to be more tolerant than anywhere else in South America. Rio is considered the gay capital of Latin America, though Sao Paulo and Salvador have lively gay scenes as well. That being said, discretion is still advised in smaller towns, which tend to be more conservative.

How do I stay safe and healthy while traveling?

From Australia?

Go to: Smart Traveller

From Canada?

Go to:  Canada Travel Information

From the UK?

Go to:  UK Foreign Travel Advice

From New Zealand?

Go to:  Safe Travel

From the US?

Go to:  US Department of State

The World Health Organisation also provides useful health information.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance before traveling?

Absolutely. All passengers traveling with Intrepid are required to purchase travel insurance before the start of their trip. Your travel insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day of the trip. Due to the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world, travel insurance is very much an essential and necessary part of every journey.

For more information on insurance, please go to: Travel Insurance

Does my trip to Brazil support The Intrepid Foundation?

Yes, all Intrepid trips support the Intrepid Foundation. In fact, we make a donation on behalf of every traveler. Trips to Brazil directly support our foundation partner, Gastromotiva Brazil . 

Gastromotiva Brazil  

Gastromotiva Brazil is tackling youth unemployment and homelessness while promoting a zero-waste movement. Gastromotiva addresses important social and environmental issues through job training, advocacy, and sustainable cooking classes. Donations from our trips support their professional cooking courses for vulnerable youth in Rio De Janeiro. Intrepid will double the impact by dollar-matching all post-trip donations made to The Intrepid Foundation.

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Brazil Tours and Vacation Packages 2024/2025

After trying too hard to attract tourists for decades, Brazil has finally come up in a big way. The country is now attracting all kinds of travelers with its Patanal adventures, the biodiversity of the Amazon, enchanting coastal drives of the northeast, exotic beaches of Costa Verde and the luxe resorts of Santa Catarina. City dwellers enjoy the culture and lively attractions of Salvador da Bahia and food lovers cannot miss out on a trip to Sao Paulo.  There are a few adventures that simply have to become a part of your holidays in Brazil. The Iguacu Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the planet, is a must-see, as is the Amazon rainforest, home to some of the most unique species. Other things to see include Christ the Redeemer, Ipanema Beach, Sugarloaf Mountain and Teatro Municipal.  Check out our Brazil tours below.

  • Brazil Travel Guide
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157 Trips in Brazil with 187 Reviews

Best Of Brazil Tour

  • Starts Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Ends Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Best of Brazil

  • Best price guaranteed
  • No booking fees
  • Tour Type Small Group Tour
  • Activities Explorer
  • Accommodation Hotel
  • Transport Boat, Ferry, Bus, Private Vehicle, Minibus & Taxi
  • Age Range 15-99 yrs
  • Operated in English
  • Jun 30 Only 3 seats left
  • Jul 28 Only 4 seats left
  • View More Jan 1, 2019 Jan 2, 2019 Jan 3, 2019

Pure Brazil Tour

  • Starts Salvador, Brazil

Pure Brazil

  • Activities Wildlife & Active and outdoor Wildlife , Active and outdoor , Cruise , Cultural, religious and historic sites & Safari 'data-more-tripid='17109'>+3 more
  • Accommodation Hotel, Lodge & Eco Lodge
  • Transport Boat, Bus, Flight, Private Vehicle & 4WD Jeep
  • Age Range 16-95 yrs
  • Jun 15 Only 6 seats left
  • Sep 07 Only 6 seats left

Sustainable Rio, Foz Do Iguazu And Amazon Experience Tour

  • Ends Manaus, Brazil

Sustainable Rio, Foz do Iguazu and Amazon Experience

  • Trip customizable
  • Tour Type Private Tour
  • Activities Explorer & Sightseeing Tours Explorer , Sightseeing Tours , Beach & Active and outdoor 'data-more-tripid='27194'>+2 more
  • Transport Private Vehicle, Flight, Boat & Minibus
  • Age Range 1-99 yrs
  • Operated in English, Portuguese, Spanish

Land Of The Jaguar Tour

  • Starts Cuiaba, Brazil
  • Ends Cuiaba, Brazil

Land of the Jaguar

  • Activities Wildlife & Bird watching Wildlife , Bird watching , Wildlife safaris and game drives & Safari 'data-more-tripid='7959'>+2 more
  • Accommodation Hotel & Lodge
  • Transport Boat & Jeep
  • Age Range 16-99 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 8,098
  • Special Deal (14%): - US$ 1,153
  • Total Price from: US$ 6,945
  • Jul 01 Only 6 seats left
  • Jul 18 Only 1 seat left

Discover Pantanal, Rio & Costa Verde Tour

  • Starts Campo Grande, Brazil

Discover Pantanal, Rio & Costa Verde

  • Activities City sightseeing & Trekking and Hiking City sightseeing , Trekking and Hiking , Natural landmarks sightseeing & Honeymoon 'data-more-tripid='23613'>+2 more
  • Transport Boat, Private Vehicle & Bus
  • Age Range 1-80 yrs

Rio De Janeiro And Amazon Rainforest Experience Tour

Rio de Janeiro and Amazon Rainforest Experience

  • Activities City sightseeing & Natural landmarks sightseeing City sightseeing , Natural landmarks sightseeing , Rainforest and jungle visits & Local boat rides 'data-more-tripid='27179'>+2 more
  • Transport Flight, Private Vehicle & Minibus

Sustainable Amazon Experience Tour

  • Starts Manaus, Brazil

Sustainable Amazon Experience

  • Activities Rainforest and jungle visits & Local boat rides Rainforest and jungle visits , Local boat rides , Local culture , Wildlife & Safari 'data-more-tripid='17876'>+3 more
  • Transport Boat & Flight

Natural Wonders Of Brazil - 12 Days Tour

Natural Wonders of Brazil - 12 days

  • Tour Type Group Tour
  • Activities Natural landmarks sightseeing
  • Transport Flight, Boat, Private Vehicle & 4WD Jeep
  • Age Range 18-80 yrs
  • Sep 21 10+ seats left
  • Nov 16 Only 8 seats left

Manaus Amazon Jungle Adventure 4D/3N Tour

Manaus Amazon Jungle Adventure 4D/3N

  • Activities Rainforest and jungle visits
  • Accommodation Camping & Lodge
  • Transport Boat & Bus
  • Age Range 18-99 yrs
  • Jun 12 10+ seats left
  • Jun 13 10+ seats left

Rio, Foz Do Iguazu And Pantanal Experience Tour

  • Ends Campo Grande, Brazil

Rio, Foz do Iguazu and Pantanal Experience

  • Activities City sightseeing & Natural landmarks sightseeing City sightseeing , Natural landmarks sightseeing & Waterfalls 'data-more-tripid='27203'>+1 more
  • Transport Flight, Boat & Private Vehicle
  • Age Range 12-99 yrs

Pantanal Wildlife Tour

Pantanal Wildlife Tour

  • Activities Wildlife & Local boat rides Wildlife , Local boat rides , Horseback riding , Kayaking and canoeing & Safari 'data-more-tripid='18427'>+3 more
  • Accommodation Lodge & Eco Lodge
  • Transport Boat & Private Vehicle
  • Age Range 1-90 yrs

Rio De Janeiro Carnival Experience Tour

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Experience

  • Activities Explorer & Rio Carnival
  • Transport Bus & Taxi
  • Age Range 12-95 yrs
  • Feb 28 10+ seats left

Pantanal, Bonito & Iguazu Adventure 9D/8N (from Foz Do Iguacu) Tour

  • Starts Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil

Pantanal, Bonito & Iguazu Adventure 9D/8N (from Foz do Iguacu)

  • Activities Adventure & Wildlife Adventure , Wildlife & Explorer 'data-more-tripid='34452'>+1 more
  • Accommodation Lodge, Hostel & Hotel
  • Transport 4WD Jeep, Boat, Bus & Flight

Manaus Amazon Jungle Adventure 5D/4N Tour

Manaus Amazon Jungle Adventure 5D/4N

  • Activities Rainforest and jungle visits & Honeymoon

Traveling to Brazil? Chat with a local travel specialist in Brazil who can help organize your trip.

Rodrigo Fernandez

Brazil Tour Reviews

  • Edward Smith
  • Jackie Quirk
  • Bridgett And Stephen Shrum

Brazil - Tour Highlights and Travel Tips

Brazil Tour Highlights and Travel Tips

Tour Highlights

  • Look over Rio de Janeiro from the Christ the Redeemer statue
  • Dance the streets during Carnaval (held just before Lent each year, typically during February or early March)
  • Search for toucans in the Amazon rainforest
  • Relax on the Copacabana beaches
  • Explore the depths of Buraco das Araras, a massive sandstone crater
  • Climb Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Snorkel in the Rio de Prata

Travel Tips

  • A Brazil tour is not for relaxing indoors. Brazilians love to be outside, and the country has plenty of natural phenomena to explore: from the Amazon rainforest to the Pantanal wetlands and sandy tropical beaches. Pack your sunscreen.
  • Brazilians are some of the most outgoing people in the world. Get ready for plenty of energetic (and loud) conversation with locals.
  • Get ready to party. Beyond Carnaval and the New Year's Reveillon, Rio de Janeiro is known for hosting many free music festivals throughout the year.
  • English isn't as widely spoken as you would expect. Waiters, taxi drivers and others in the tourism industry will try their best, but have patience and prepare a few words in Portuguese just in case.
  • Unlike in some countries, pedestrians do not have the right of way in Brazil. Do not try to jaywalk, and take extra caution when crossing the road.

Brazil has seasonal weather so please do check up on best time to visit Brazil before planning your tour.

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Brazil in 2 weeks.

Pure Brazil tour

Pure Brazil

Flights & transport:, itinerary focus:.

  • Feel samba beats in Rio and the pounding Iguazu Falls
  • Wildlife spotting in the nature-rich Pantanal
  • Explore the Amazon rainforest and colourful Salvador

Brazil (North): See & Experience it ALL in 13 Days, 1st Class Custom Tours

Brazil (North): See & Experience it ALL in 13 Days, 1st Class Custom Tours

  • Amazon Cruises & Lodging Inside the Jungle
  • Flightseeing Over Mangrove Swamps & Desert Landscape
  • A Morning-to-Sunset Sand Dunes & Lagoons 4x4 Safari
  • Dune Bashing & Sand Boarding
  • A Visit to North Brazil’s Party Island
  • Interacting with Pink Dolphins
  • A Guided Tour of 2 Famous Colonial Cities
  • Sailing to Impressive Natural Pools
  • Beach Clubs Surrounding Natural Pools
  • Buggy Riding & Quad Riding on White-Sand, Tropical Beaches
  • Snorkeling in Clear Waters
  • Familiarizing with & Immersing in Culture
  • And Much, Much More

Brazilian Amazon by Boat tour

Brazilian Amazon by Boat

  • Discover the rich ecosystem of the Amazon by boat
  • See the white-sand beaches of Alter do Chao
  • Find the pink river dolphin and enormous waterlillies on the Rio Negro

Brazil, Argentina & Chile in 18 days - Cities, Falls & Glaciers of South America - Charm

Brazil, Argentina & Chile in 18 days - Cities, Falls & Glaciers of South America - Charm ...

  • Puerto Natales
  • Santiago de Chile
  • Torres del Paine National Park
  • Buenos Aires
  • El Calafate
  • Iguazu Falls, Argentinian side
  • Perito Moreno
  • Iguazu Falls, Brazilian side
  • Rio de Janeiro

Fascinating Tour of Brazil 14 days / 13 nights

Fascinating Tour of Brazil 14 days / 13 nights

  • Rio de Janeiro with green hills, blue sky, beautiful bays, islands and marvelous beaches.
  • The Pantanal, a unique world conservation area in Brazil.
  • Lakes and rivers with crystal clear water.
  • Bonito, the land of rich flora and fauna.
  • A Trip to the heart of the Amazon jungle.

Landscapes of the North & Falls

Landscapes of the North & Falls

  • Experience an authentic tango show in a traditional tango house in the former immigrant neighborhood of Buenos Aires.
  • Explore Jujuy’s giant salt flats and their surreal deserts.
  • Take a boat tour to the lush waterfalls in Iguazú Falls.
  • Best time to travel: All year round

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South America for Food & Wine Lovers

South America for Food & Wine Lovers

  • Beauties and delights of Rio de Janeiro
  • Iguazu Falls Exclusive jungle lodge experience
  • Buenos Aires tango, food and Gaucho Culture
  • Luxury wine experiences in Mendoza and Santiago de Chile

Highlights of Bolivia

Highlights of Bolivia

  • Enjoy a three-day Salar de Uyuni 4x4 adventure, which includes the train cemetery, salt flats, Incahuasi (cactus) Island, colourful lagoons, geysers and ancient volcanoes
  • Discover the pre-Columbian Unesco World Heritage sites of El Fuerte and Tiwanaku
  • See the giant tree ferns and spectacular landscape of Amboró National Park
  • Visit La Recoleta viewpoint overlooking the White City of Sucre
  • Learn about the colonial and silver mining heritage of Potosí
  • Walk to the Fountain of Eternal Youth on Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca
  • Embark on an afternoon city tour of La Paz, including the cathedral and cable car ride
  • Part of the Aldo Kane collection

Brazil (South): See & Experience it ALL in 13 Days, 1st Class Custom Tours

Brazil (South): See & Experience it ALL in 13 Days, 1st Class Custom Tours

  • A Helicopter Ride Over & Boat Ride to the Continent’s Grandest Waterfalls
  • Exploring Both the Brazilian & Argentinean Side of Iguazu Falls
  • Sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro
  • A Wetland Cruise & Exotic Creatures
  • A Daytrip to Brazil’s Most Stylist Beach Resort
  • Swimming in the Clearest Rivers on Earth
  • An Expedition Around the Country’s Most Popular Island
  • Visiting 2 Postcard-Perfect Colonial Towns
  • Cruising Along the Tropical Coastline & Snorkeling
  • Familiarizing with Culture

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Classic South America (Small Groups)

Classic South America (Small Groups)

Brazil & Argentina with Amazon and Waterfalls

Brazil & Argentina with Amazon and Waterfalls

  • Rio de Janeiro: stunning beaches surrounded by lush green mountains, islands off the beach, beautiful bays, colonial history, legendary culture.
  • The alluring nature in the Amazon jungle and its tributaries (like the Rio Negro), elusive native tribes!
  • Raging Foz de Iguazu, the biggest waterfall system in the world, and perhaps the most romantic scenery in the world!
  • Buenos Aires, the amazing European spirit in Argentina!

Charming South America

Charming South America

  • Beauties of Rio de Janeiro
  • Iguazu Falls and bird watching
  • Discover Buenos Aires Tango and Gaucho Culture
  • Food and history in Cusco
  • Explore the Sacred Valley of Inkas
  • Dawn in Machu Picchu

Exotic Brazil 12 days/11 nights

Exotic Brazil 12 days/11 nights

  • Experience the most exotic places of Brazil in 12 days.
  • Visit Rio de Janeiro, Foz de Iguassu Falls, and Paraty.

Lake District, Wine & Falls

Lake District, Wine & Falls

  • Travel to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina and a hub for sensual tango and bustling culture. 
  • Fly to Iguazú Falls and wander through the rainforest of Argentina.
  • Travel to Mendoza, a region overflowing with wine and tasty delicacies, and finish your journey in Patagonia.
  • Best time to travel: From October to April

Dunes, Lagoons, Waterfalls and Beaches  13 days/12 nights

Dunes, Lagoons, Waterfalls and Beaches 13 days/12 nights

  • Tour in Brazil is a journey for the exotic, which only Latin America is capable of with its bright colors, happy people, and active and festive beach scenes.
  • One of the best attractions in Brazil is the endless sugar-white dunes of the Lencois Maranhenses desert, with lagoons filled with clear emerald water.

Exclusive Amazon & Highlights of South America

Exclusive Amazon & Highlights of South America

  • Explore Buenos Aires, its Historic Districts, Local Markets and taste street food.
  • Adventure in the Iguazu including bird watch and navigations.
  • Sailing and boat expeditions in the Amazon.
  • Stay in an exclusive Amazon lodge
  • Highlights of Rio de Janeiro

Peru & Brazil in 16 days - Empire of the Incas, Iguazu & Rio - Charm

Peru & Brazil in 16 days - Empire of the Incas, Iguazu & Rio - Charm

  • Machu Picchu
  • Sacred Valley
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Sun, Tango and Wine 2023

Sun, Tango and Wine 2023

  • Foz do Iguacu

Exotic Carnival in Brazil 2024

Exotic Carnival in Brazil 2024

  • Be a part of the greatest event of the world: The Carnival!
  • Admire Rio de Janeiro‘s green hills, blue sky, turquoise ocean, beautiful bays, and marvelous beaches!
  • Enjoy the breathtaking, spectacular and not to be missed Iguazu Falls!
  • Get a closer look at the unique nature of the Amazon!
  • Leisure time on the amazing beaches in Buzios!

Chile & Brazil in 16 days - From the Andes to Iguazu - Superior

Chile & Brazil in 16 days - From the Andes to Iguazu - Superior

  • San Pedro de Atacama

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Brazil reviews & ratings, why travelstride, additional details, what you should know before going on a brazil tour, best time to visit brazil.

The timing of your trip will largely depend on what you plan to do. It’s important to pay attention to the amount of rain, the temperature, and when the festivals are to ensure your expectations are met:

Touring the Amazon and Pantanal in Brazil

If you are planning an Amazon adventure , know that the rainy season runs from December to May. That’s all relative though, as heavy rains can occur all year round. To give yourself the best chance of not being stuck in a torrential downpour, plan your Amazon trip after the rainy season in May. June is the best time to see wildlife, as the river is at its highest but the driest season hasn’t arrived yet.

The same goes for the Pantanal. The rainy season is between February and April. It is best to avoid the time between February and March, when the rains are relentless. The Pantanal sees its hottest temperatures in the summer, December to February, and hotels and hostels often close due to the heat and the mosquitos. The dry season in the winter, May to September, is your best bet for wildlife sightings and comfortable weather.

Bahia and Northern Brazil

If you plan to visit one of the many charming cities in northern Brazil, you will be rewarded with tropical temperatures and humidity. The northern area of Brazil experiences temperatures that linger in the 80’s all year long. The ocean temperatures also stay at a comfortable swimming temperature year-round. The north does experience a rainy season from

Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

These two cities have pleasant weather all year round. December to February are Brazil’s summer months, when temperatures are in the high 80’s and rain falls often. Even with the precipitation, rain storms tend to come and go quickly, so sunny days are plentiful. February is also the month of Carnival, and Rio is the top destination to celebrate.

Carnival season is incredibly expensive in Rio. Hotels rates can triple and vacancy can be limited. It is recommended that you book lodging a year in advance if you want to be a part of the biggest party in the world.

Spring and autumn in these cities are far more temperate and without the haze of the precipitous summer. Winter temps are still pleasant during the day but drop in the evening, so travelers may be surprised when they need a jacket.

How long should you plan for a tour in Brazil?

If you stick to one region of Brazil, it is totally possible to have an amazing tour in one week. You can take an Amazon River tour , or visit the city of Rio and venture from there to Iguazu Falls in just seven days. These tours do have a quick pace, so if you’re looking for a more in depth look at Brazil, plan for at least a ten day tour. If you want to include different regions in your tour, such as the Amazon and Rio , plan for a tour that is 10-14 days long to avoid feeling rushed

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Top Brazil Attractions

Christ the Redeemer

Sugarloaf Mountain

Amazon Rainforest

São Paulo

Top Activties in Brazil

Hiking to see the Christ the Redeemer Statue

Copacabana Beach

Exploring the many sides of Rio

Seeing amazing wildlife in the Amazon

Spending the night at a lodge in Iguazu Falls

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THE 10 BEST Brazil Tours & Excursions

Brazil tours.

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  • Cultural Tours
  • Up to 1 hour
  • 1 to 4 hours
  • 4 hours to 1 day
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2nd tour bresil

1. Rio's Full Day: Selarón Steps, Christ & Sugarloaf – Tickets & Lunch Included

2nd tour bresil

2. Full Day: Christ Redeemer, Sugarloaf, City Tour & Barbecue Lunch

2nd tour bresil

3. The Best Half Day in Rio with Christ Redeemer and Sugar Loaf Hill

2nd tour bresil

4. Private Custom Full-Day Highlights in Rio: Only the best sights!

2nd tour bresil

5. Sunset Sailing Tour in Rio de Janeiro

2nd tour bresil

6. Full Day Iguassu Falls Both Sides - Brazil and Argentina

2nd tour bresil

7. Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf, Lunch and Small Group City Tour

2nd tour bresil

8. 25 - Full Day Tour to Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande

2nd tour bresil

9. Amazing São Paulo overview in 4 or 5 hours with a private guide

2nd tour bresil

10. Dona Marta's sunrise, undisturbed Christ the Redeemer and more

2nd tour bresil

11. Rio Hidden Gems: Waterfalls & Caves Trail in Tijuca Park

2nd tour bresil

12. São Paulo’s Full Day City Tour: Main City Sights in 7 Hours – (Shared Group)

2nd tour bresil

13. The Best Helicopter Flight Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer

2nd tour bresil

14. A day in Arraial do Cabo the Brazilian Caribbean

2nd tour bresil

15. Full-Day Private Tour of Rio with Pick Up

2nd tour bresil

16. Rio's Cookin' Good: 9-Dish Fiesta w/ Market tour & Caipis Galore

2nd tour bresil

17. Diving with Turtles in Floripa

2nd tour bresil

18. A day in Rio - Full City Tour

2nd tour bresil

19. Private Day trip: Both sides of Iguazu Falls

2nd tour bresil

20. Private Tour: 2Day to Both Sides of Iguazu Falls

2nd tour bresil

21. Private tour of both sides in a day (Brasil and Argentina Falls)

2nd tour bresil

22. Two of Rio's Best: Christ the Redeemer & Sugarloaf Mountain Half-Day Tour

2nd tour bresil

23. 3 Hour Sailing Experience in Rio

2nd tour bresil

24. Rio de Janeiro Helicopter Tour - Christ the Redeemer

2nd tour bresil

25. Rio de Janeiro Sightseeing Cruise with Morning and Sunset Option

2nd tour bresil

26. A Whole Day in the Jungle

2nd tour bresil

27. 5-hour Private Tour Of São Paulo With Its Main Sights – Optional Airport Pickup

2nd tour bresil

28. Rio Little Africa Tour

2nd tour bresil

29. Visit the Best Spots in Tijuca Forest - Hike to Caves & Falls

2nd tour bresil

30. 3 Hours Snorkel and Swim with Turtles Tour at Tijuca Islands

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David I

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Wild Junket

Brazil Itinerary: My Guide to 2 Weeks in Brazil

Brazil Itinerary: My Guide to 2 Weeks in Brazil

Last Updated on June 5, 2024

Dive into Brazil’s vibrant beaches, wild jungles and islands with this all-encompassing Brazil itinerary that will show you the best of Brazil in 2 weeks!

Brazil is the largest country in South America , encompassing around half of the continent’s land area and population. Spread out over a large landmass, the country packs in very diverse landscapes and experiences: from the impenetrable rainforests of the Amazon to the wetlands of Pantanal and sultry beaches of Rio.

Brazil is also home to the world’s biggest Carnival celebrations. Time your trip to coincide with the Rio Carnival like I did, and you’ll be experiencing Brazil at its best. I sure didn’t want to leave Brazil after Carnival ended! 2 weeks in Brazil are barely enough time to scrape the surface of what the massive country has to offer, but for those with limited time, this Brazil itinerary packs in the best parts of the country.

brazil itinerary 2 weeks

Table of Contents

Where to Stay in Rio de Janeiro

Where to stay in paraty, where to stay at foz do iguaçu, where to stay in bonito, where to stay in the pantanal, brazil itinerary day 14: rio de janeiro, how to get to brazil, how to get around brazil, is it safe to travel brazil, travel brazil independently or on guided tour, when to travel brazil, travel insurance in brazil, cost of travel in brazil, what to eat in brazil, enjoy your brazil trip, 2 weeks in brazil.

Brazil is a massive country with each province offering different cultures, cuisines and landscapes — you’ll need a minimum of 2 weeks in Brazil to just scratch the surface.

Please keep in mind that this itinerary is designed to help those of you who want to get an overview of Brazil in a short time. The itinerary packs in a lot, so be prepared to be on the go a lot and to spend quite a bit on domestic flights and day trips.

I have included all my favorite states in the itinerary and what I think are the essential areas to explore in Brazil. If you’d like to slow down a bit, I would suggest removing one state and extending your stay in the other three states.

Summary of my Brazil Itinerary

  • Days 1-4: Rio de Janeiro
  • Days 4-6: Paraty & Ilha Grande
  • Day 6-9: São Paulo
  • Day 9-12: Bonito
  • Days 12-14: Pantanal

Brazil Itinerary Day 1-4: Rio de Janeiro

Most travelers, including myself, fly into Rio de Janeiro. While it’s no longer the capital of Brazil (which moved to Brasilia in 1960), Rio de Janeiro is one of the most vibrant and culturally-rich cities in the world. It offers pretty much everything you could want in one place – awesome views, white-sand bays, and buzzing nightlife.

By day, head to Copacabana Beach and Ipanema Beach for the sun and surf or view Brazil’s historic relics and fine art at Museu Histórico Nacional . Look up from almost any street in Rio and you’ll see Christ the Redeemer , the open-armed statue of Jesus Christ that sits atop Corcovado Mountain. You can reach this peak and enjoy an unforgettable view of the entire city by taking a narrow-gauge train. By night, you’ll find the year-round party at the samba clubs in Lapa, an eclectic bohemian district and nightlife centre.

Don’t miss the Escadaria Selarón , 125 meters of steps covered in bright tile which have been transformed into a world-known piece of art. Next to the steps is the Santa Teresa neighborhood, a renowned gathering place for intellectuals, academics, artists and politician. If you’re interested in visiting favelas (slums), I recommend going to the Santa Marta favela in Botafogo , which appeared in Michael Jackson’s MTV.

  • Recommended nights: At least 3 nights (but you can also leave Rio for the end of your trip)
  • READ: My experience celebrating Carnival in Rio

brazil itinerary 2 weeks - rio de janeiro stairs

There are lots of hotels with fantastic views and rooftop swimming pools overlooking the beach in Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon. Many of them are surprisingly affordable if you’re not traveling during the holidays. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to book your hotel in Rio de Janeiro way ahead of time, as they get booked up (and prices get jacked up) at peak travel season. 

Luxury: Rio Othon Palace

Rio Othon Palace is right on Copacabana beach, with spectacular views of the bay and Sugarloaf Mountain. It’s also got a beautiful rooftop pool and a popular restaurant and bar on its 30th floor. Check the prices here.

Mid Range: Orla Copacabana Hotel

A cheaper hotel in the same location is Orla Copacabana Hotel , also overlooking the beach and steps from restaurants, bars and attractions. There’s a metro station just 900m away and prices are as low as $59 for a double room. Check the latest prices.

Budget: Rio Beach Hostel

For a budget option, check out Rio Beach Hostel which is clean, funky and very affordable. It’s located in the Botafogo district and around an 18-minute walk from the beach. It’s perfect for solo travelers who are looking to connect with other travelers. Book here.

brazil itinerary 2 weeks - copacabana rio de janeiro

Brazil Itinerary Days 4-6: Paraty & Ilha Grande

Travel by bus from Rio de Janeiro to Paraty , a colonial town with fantastic architecture and coastal vibes. Laid-back Paraty gives you the chance to slow down and relax, after partying too hard in Rio de Janeiro. The town has plenty of bohemian markets, fresh seafood restaurants and plenty of charm. Read this guide to Paraty .

If that doesn’t sound tranquil enough – its cobbled streets are closed to cars, and this popular holiday retreat has lured artists and writers from Brazil and worldwide. Wander around the historical centre, visit Santa Rita church and its surrounding houses, chill on the beach in Barra do Corumbê or kayak the Jabaquara Mangroves . You can also take a boat cruise around the bay or a day trip to Trindade.

On your second day, be sure to make a day trip to Ilha Grande . The island remains largely undeveloped as it was closed by the Brazilian government for more than a century to free movement or settlement because it housed prison. The island is now a popular tourist destination, known for its scenic beauty, unspoilt tropical beaches, luxuriant vegetation and rugged landscape. Here’s

  • Recommended nights: 2 nights (add 2 more nights if you want to go to Ilha Grande)
  • Rio to Paraty: Approximately 4 hours by bus. Book your bus ticket here.
  • READ: How to get from Ilha Grande to Paraty or vice versa.

2nd tour bresil

Luxury: Pousada do Principe

A good high-end place to stay is Pousada do Principe , a colonial-style heritage hotel that’s really charming and historical at the same time. It’s located in the Paraty centro (old town) and just a few minutes’ walk from the beach. Check for prices here.

Mid Range: Pousada Villa del Sol

I stayed at Pousada Villa del Sol , the most popular accommodation option in Paraty. It’s well-priced and well located, just 800m from the Praia do Pontal beach but a little further from the old town. It has a relaxed, casual beach resort feel, with a swimming pool. Check the latest prices here.

brazil itinerary 2 weeks - paraty

Brazil Itinerary Days 6-9: São Paulo 

From Paraty, it’s a 4-hour bus ride to the São Paulo Airport . If you have more than 2 weeks in Brazil, I suggest allocating a few extra days for São Paulo. Sadly I didn’t have enough time to explore the city. São Paulo has the worst reputation of all the cities in Brazil among foreigners, due to the level of crime, pollution, climate and overcrowding, but I know some friends who actually like it.

After a quick flight, you’ll arrive at the spectacular Iguassu Falls , lauded as one of the natural wonders of the world . Visit the Brazilian side of the falls and meander along its boardwalks to get the best panoramic view. You’ll probably see lots of coatis (an endemic South American animal that resembles the raccoon) on the way. Prepare to get wet as you can walk all the way up close to the gigantic falls.

There’s an excellent bird park in town, Parque das Aves , that I recommend visiting for a chance to see Brazil’s rich birdlife. I also took the chance to hop over to the Argentinian side of the falls for a day trip — remember to bring your passport for the border crossing! You’ll find that the views are very different and well worth seeing on both sides. You can even take a jet boat to go right under the falls in the water on the Argentinian side.

  • Recommended nights: 3 nights (add 3 more nights if you want to go to São Paulo)
  • Paraty to São Paulo: Approximately 4 hours by bus. Book your bus ticket here.
  • São Paulo to Foz do Iguaçu: A 2-hour flight costs around $77 one way. Check for flights here.
  • READ: A 2-week Argentina itinerary

brazil itinerary 2 weeks - iguassu falls

Luxury: Nadai Comfort Hotel

Nadai Comfort Hotel is an affordable, four-star hotel with big spacious rooms, all-white zen design and an excellent spa (great to relax in after a whole day of exploring the falls). There’s also a beautiful pool and big outdoor lounge area. Check the latest prices here.

Mid Range: Foz Plaza Hotel

I stayed at Foz Plaza Hotel , a modern three-star hotel right in the city centre. It’s cheap, relatively comfortable and has a good location. If you’re looking for something fuss-free, then this is it.  Book here.

brazil itinerary 2 weeks - iguasu falls

Brazil Itinerary Days 9-12: Bonito

Rise early as it’s an early flight to Campo Grande, then a 5-hour car journey to Bonito. This charming small town is an ecotourism hub in the Mato Grosso do Sul state. The area surrounding Bonito is known for crystal-clear rivers such as the Rio da Prata , a snorkeling destination abounding with fish.

The Abismo Anhumas is a huge, stalactite-covered cavern that offers abseiling and diving in an underground lake. Flocks of macaws nest in the deep, ocher-colored depression Buraco das Araras. It is highly recommended to make your reservations in advance even if traveling in the low period. This snorkeling trip in the Rio da Prata has excellent reviews.

  • Recommended nights: 3 nights (1 night will be spent on the bus)
  • Foz do Iguaçu to Bonito: Fly to Campo Grande, which is then 5 hours by bus. Book your flight here!

2 weeks in brazil - bonito cave

Luxury: Zagaia Eco Resort

Zagaia Eco Resort is one of the best resorts in Bonito — it’s spread out over a big green space and is fantastic for families with kids. It features 3 swimming pools and 2 restaurants serving Brazilian specialities. Check for the latest prices here.

Mid Range: Pousada Arte de Natureza

I stayed at Pousada Arte de Natureza and absolutely loved it. It’s got a very natural wooden design, with a beach resort feel. There are two stunning outdoor pools with three artificial waterfalls, an outdoor spa and a bar. It’s also in Bonito city centre, with easy access to restaurants. Check the latest prices here.

Budget: Che Lagarto Hostel

A cheaper option is the Che Lagarto Hostel , that looks nice and clean. It’s got a swimming pool and within walking distance from Bonito centre. Rooms are very cheap, at around $25 per night. Check the prices here.

Brazil Itinerary Days 12-14: Pantanal

From Bonito, I headed straight into the Pantanal, the world’s largest seasonal wetland, and Brazil’s wildlife capital. Get ready for the highlight of this Brazil itinerary! Almost 700 species of birds can be found here, along with 80 mammals – but you’ll need to have a guide to point out capybaras, monkeys and hyacinth macaws.

Porto Jofre is also the best place in the world to see jaguars. I sadly didn’t see any jaguar, and would recommend staying more nights and deeper to join a Pantanal jaguar safari . Read this guide to jaguar spotting in Pantanal from my friends Dave and Becca who did a self-driving safari and saw a few jaguars!

  • Recommended nights: 2 nights
  • Bonito to Pantanal: Drive back to Campo Grande and onwards to Porto Jofre 
  • READ: How to See Jaguars in Pantanal, Brazil

brazil itinerary 2 weeks - jaguar in pantanal

Poconé: Pouso Alegre Lodge

We stayed at Pouso Alegre Lodge and highly recommend them. The rooms were simple but comfortable and there was plenty of activities at the lodge. The cost per night was $190 per night for 2 people sharing, full board .

Porto Jofre: Pousada Porto Jofre Puma lodge

Dave and Becca stayed at Pousada Porto Jofre Puma Lodge . The cost for the stay there is $390 per night for 2 people sharing. That included a full day river safari for every full day spent in Porto Jofre and full board meals.

brazil itinerary 2 weeks - boat in the pantanal

From the Pantanal, it’s a few hours’ drive to Campo Grande Airport where you can fly back to Rio de Janeiro. I suggest leaving a day or two in Rio de Janeiro at the end of your trip to make sure you arrive back in time for your flight home.

Brazil Travel Guide & Tips

U.S., EU, Canada, Australia citizens do not need a visa to travel Brazil and can stay up to 90 days.  There are direct flights to Rio de Janeiro from New York JFK Airport on LATAM for under $1000 return. Most major airports in the US fly to Rio de Janeiro and flights are usually around US$800-1200 return. You can also find flights from most parts of Europe and UK to Rio de Janeiro for around 600 euros return.

Search for Flights here!

iguazu falls - 2 week brazil itinerary

Brazil is a huge country and most of it is impenetrable forests — which makes flying an inevitable part of traveling here, particularly if 2 weeks in Brazil (or less!) are all you’ve got. Thankfully airfares for domestic flights in Brazil are affordable. For example, a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Foz do Iguaçu is US$100 each way.

Trains are practically non-existent in Brazil, as is in the rest of South America. Buses are pretty comfortable in Brazil but distances are long (at least 5 hours to get to any destination). Some of the most popular bus companies include Cometa, 1001 and Kaissara. Comets has first class seats that rival those of airlines (with seats that turn into beds.) More details on bus travel in Brazil here.

Brazil Itinerary: My Guide to 2 Weeks in Brazil

Safety in Brazil is a concern for many, rightfully so. Cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, for example, have areas that can be more prone to crime. Petty theft, including pickpocketing and bag snatching, can occur in crowded tourist areas, public transportation, and popular attractions. While the majority of tourists have safe and enjoyable experiences in Brazil, incidents of violent crime, including armed robbery and assault, can occur.

It’s important to exercise caution, particularly in areas with higher crime rates, and avoid displaying wealth or valuables that may attract attention. Following common-sense safety precautions, such as traveling in groups and staying informed about local safety advice, can contribute to a safer travel experience. Brazilians are very warm people and will be more than happy to get to know you. Learning some Portuguese words can go a long way in Brazil.

brazil itinerary 2 weeks - salvador de bahia

Traveling Brazil independently can be challenging, especially since the country is very big and distances between cities are large. The country doesn’t have great tourism infrastructure in place, making it tough to explore the more remote and rural areas like the Pantanal . If you only have 2 weeks in Brazil, then it’s best to book a guided tour, that way you get to see more within a short time.

I traveled with G Adventures on the Wonders of Brazil trip . Our local guide was excellent and led us on an exciting adventure in Brazil. If you like the itinerary below and would prefer to travel with a group, check out the trip details . G Adventures is a Canadian adventure tour operator I’ve worked with many times and can highly recommend!

2nd tour bresil

The best time to visit Rio is between December and March , when the weather is warm and sunny enough to hit the beaches. The city’s seductive samba beat and incredible panoramic views last year-round, but arrive in February to experience Carnival.

Brazil is an all year round destination made up of several climatic extremes, none of which are severe enough to avoid traveling to any part of the country. Across Brazil the warmest months are November to March: summer in the southern hemisphere. The Pantanal’s driest months are between April and October, but like in the Amazon, its wetter months offer distinct wildlife spotting opportunities and experiences.

I traveled Brazil in February to celebrate Carnival in Rio and it was SO much fun being part of the world’s biggest party! Easter (April) is another good time to travel Brazil, when the cobbled streets of Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais are covered in carpets of intricate patterns of flowers and other natural materials. Hotel prices are usually booked up during these peak travel periods, so be sure to book your hotel way in advance.

brazil itinerary 2 weeks - carnival

I always recommend travelers to buy travel insurance, whether you’re traveling for a year or a week. It is particularly important have travel insurance that covers COVID-19.

Safety Wing is the most popular travel insurance company for COVID19-coverage. I use their Nomad Insurance plan , which covers COVID-19 as any other illness as long as it was not contracted before your coverage start date. Refer to my travel insurance guide for more details.

brazil itinerary 2 weeks

Brazil uses the Brazilian Real (BRL). The current exchange rate is around USD1 to 4.99 BRL. As compared to the other countries in South America , Brazil is relatively expensive with prices comparable to Argentina. A meal in an average diner is around 40 BRL and a nicer meal for two in a restaurant is usually around 200 BRL. It’s generally quite cheap to drink in Brazil; you can usually find a caipirinha for just 3.50 BRL.

brazil itinerary 2 weeks - brazilian flag

Before my trip to Brazil, all I’d heard of Brazilian food was their succulent meat and the rodizio (all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse).

Here are some of the most traditional Brazilian foods and drinks:

  • Churrasco: Brazil has always fought with Argentina for the title of South America’s barbecue champion. In Brazil, you have to visit a rodizio at least once: waiters will be serving up thick pieces of barbecued meat from skewers. You just need to tell them when to stop!
  • Feijoada: If Brazil had a national dish, this would be it . It’s a pot of black beans cooked with chunks of meat, although the truly traditional feijoadas are made with pig’s ears, trotters and other parts. It’s served with fried kale mixed with bacon bits, rice, farofa and a slice of orange to flavor.
  • Açaí: This renown super-food originated in Brazil, found especially in coastal cities. Try it plain as sorbet, or ask for banana, strawberry or granola. Açaí can also be found as a smoothie, a juice, in powder or even added into a main meal using its raw, berry form.
  • Coxinhas: This hearty snack is a heap of shredded chicken wrapped up in a gooey, warm dough before being battered and fried.
  • Pão de Queijo: This is so much more than just cheese bread. Made with cassava flour so it is totally gluten-free, these little puffs are crispy on the outside, squidgy on the inside and filled with cheesy flavor.
  • Cachaça : Dating back to the 1500s, this Brazilian liquor is made from fermented sugarcane juice, and is best known as the fiery kick in caipirinhas – Brazil’s national cocktail.

feijoada - what to eat 2 weeks in brazil

2 weeks in Brazil will give you the bare minimum amount of time to experience this outstanding country. I hope this Brazil itinerary will get you to fall in love with the country, the way I did.

Did we miss out anything on this 2-week Brazil itinerary? Let us know in the comments field below if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Here are more of my articles on Brazil and surrounding countries  to help you with your trip planning:

  • Celebrating Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
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  • 2-Week Argentina Itinerary

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links i.e. if you book anything through my links, I’ll get a small commission at NO EXTRA COST to you.

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Isadora Martinez

Yes, very useful and complete, Nellie! I consider it possible to travel by bus in the country, though, even if you have less time… First because it, nearly always, cheaper… and also because the buses have great comfort, so you can take a night bus and rest well and get in the destination ready to enjoy the tours (also saving the money of the hotel for one night, haha)!

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Dear Nellie, First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the quality of your articles they are just amazing and very detailed. feel free to contact us for your next trip in Brazil we are a local travel agency localised in northeast of Brazil close to the lencois maranhenses national parc we would be glad to give you all the informations concerning about regions to made a successful trip and continue publishing amazing articles

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Excellent and very helpful thinking through the possibilities and practicalities of a visit to Brazil

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Eric Wilson

It seems like you had been spent really lovely weeks in Brazil. Your info is really attractive to learn and imagine the Brazil itinerary. Good Luck!

' src=

I noticed that u travel mostly by bus between cities. Most of the other websites recommend via air. Is the bus comfortable enough for such a long journey?

I’m visiting Brazil during Oct/Nov 2019 :D

' src=

hi Jun Mun, yes it is comfortable but journeys can be long. I would recommend taking domestic flights if you can afford them as you’ll have more time at each destination.

' src=

Hi! Planning my trip to the Pantanal, and was wondering which company you used so I can avoid that one? Thanks in advance!

hi Claudia, I went with G Adventures on my trip to Brazil and the Pantanal excursion was included in the tour. Sorry I can’t be more of help! Enjoy your trip!

' src=

Hi Nellie- great blog and very helpful in planning my trip for September. Do you know what company for Iguazu-bonito bus was with? And do you have to book far in advance? Thanks!

' src=

Hii Nelly congratulation for your blog, you definitely should come back to explore the northeast of Brazil one of the most beautiful regions of the country, In case your planing to come back, please let us know we are a small local travel agency located close to the Lencois Maranhenses National parc ( Maranhao State) we would be happy to show you around and give you all the informations your need to set up a great road trip in Brazil. Best regards from Barreirinhas Amine

hi Amine, thanks for the very kind message! I sure will get in touch the next time I’m in Brazil!

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Gringo Traveler

Brazil is a wonderful country to visit, and you are correct when you say that safety should be a concern for most. I have traveled all across Central and South America and I have been safe so far, thankfully, but I speak the languages and I also blend in so that could be part of it. Keep up the great writing, I will be sure to read more!

' src=

Brazilian food is simple, delicious and filling. As is the case in most destinations, if you want a taste for the real local food, try street food. Here are some that I sampled on a recent trip there.

Feijoada. The national dish served everywhere from the street market to the finest restaurants is a very healthy choice. Boiled rice is mixed with cooked beans, chipotle papers, garlic, tomato, and sweet potatoes. A great choice for vegetarians. Coxinhas with salsa. Probably the most popular snack in Brazil is coxinhas with salsa. Little dough balls stuffed with chicken thigh and cheese cream. They go perfectly well with hot salsa. Carne Seca. Brazilians say you can only try Carne Seca on a street. It is a little sliced cake with dry pork that tastes unbelievably tasty with sugar cane juice. Banana dessert. Brazilians use all of their food, so when bananas go brown, they make a dessert out of it. Bananas are mixed with fried sugar and cream cheese, usually served on toa

' src=

Great blog! Thanks for sharing

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2-Week Brazil Itinerary: Perfect for First-Time Visitors

Brazil was my 65 th country and somewhere I was incredibly excited about. At the same time, despite all my travel experience, I found planning my trip to Brazil daunting. I received countless warnings about safety and the country itself is massive which made it hard to plan when I had a limited amount of time. In the end, I joined a group trip to explore Brazil and while I was grateful for the friends I made, I now know that I easily could have done it myself safely and for (a lot) less money. So, for anyone trying to figure out a 2-week Brazil itinerary and wondering if you can do it on your own, the answer is yes. Here’s how to best spend 2 weeks in Brazil if you are a first-time visitor.

Getting to Brazil

beach umbrellas lining the sandy beach of Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro

Getting to Brazil is pretty easy by air and overland if you are coming from a neighbouring country. If you are flying directly into Brazil chances are you will route through Sao Paulo Airport. It’s the largest and the most popular among international airlines. For my suggested itinerary, however, I suggest you start in the South of Brazil to see Iguazu falls. It might seem a little bit out of the way but trust me, it’s worth it. So, book a connecting flight to Foz do Iguaçu/Cataratas International airport.

If you are crossing into Brazil from neighbouring Argentina you can also fly directly into Foz de Iguaçu/Cataratas airport. This is the easiest option if you are coming from Buenos Aires . However, you can also easily cross the border by land.

Getting Around Brazil

Stormy sunset skies and Rio as seen from the top of Sugar Loaf

Brazil is enormous and unless you are renting a car (which I do not recommend for this 2-week Brazil itinerary) you will rely on a mix of public transportation, Ubers, boats and your feet!

Buses, shuttles, and flights are the easiest way to get from city to city. When in smaller towns you can easily walk around. When in larger cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, you can use the public transportation system or Uber. I found Uber to be very affordable, easy, and safe as a solo female traveller in Rio. You can connect the app to your credit card, no need for cash.

Two Weeks in Brazil Itinerary: My Suggestions for First-Time Visitors

As I said earlier Brazil is a huge country and there is tons to see and do. My itinerary will take you from the Southern border and end in Rio de Janeiro since this is the part of the country I explored. That being said, if you have more time, then consider heading north which is meant to have some of the most beautiful spots in the country when it comes to nature and beaches. Don’t forget that Brazil also holds nearly 60% of the Amazon rainforest, so if that’s on your bucket list, then consider adding it into your itinerary.

With that in mind, here is my suggested 2-week Brazil itinerary which is perfect for first-timers looking to explore some of the major highlights of the country.

2 Days in Iguazu Falls

2nd tour bresil

Iguassu Falls is located in Southern Brazil on the border of Argentina. With 275 waterfalls, this incredible area is of the natural wonders of the world and a world UNESCO heritage site. I recommend spending your first 2 days here so you can see them from both the Brazilian side and the Argentinian side. Although I suggest staying in Brazil itself to make things a little easier.

For recommendations on where to stay near Iguazu Falls, I suggest the following:

Hostel: Concept design hostel and suites or Hostel Wanderlust 

Midrange: Viale Iguassu or Foz Plaza Hotel

Luxury: Hotel Das Cataratas which is right by the falls themselves.

Your first day, when you are probably a bit tired from travel and jetlagged, should be spent on the Brazilian side. Brazil has the best view of all the falls since you look across to the Argentinian side. You only really need a couple of hours here to walk the trail and take your photos. Keep an eye out for the local wildlife as well which includes everything from multi-coloured butterflies to jaguars if you are incredibly lucky. From the Brazilian side, you can also take a helicopter ride to see the falls from above. This tour will pick you up from your hotel and take you to explore Iguazu falls from the Brazilian side.

On day two, head over to the Argentinian side for the day. This will be a full day as there are multiple walking trails and a boat excursion that I highly recommend. Only two of the three walking trails were open during my visit. The upper one, we were told, was much more beautiful than the bottom trail so that’s what I did and wow was it stunning. It’s amazing seeing all the waterfalls from a distance when you are on the Brazil side, but the Argentinian side really allows you to get up and close and see just how big and powerful they are. 

There is then the option to take a boat ride to see the falls from the water. In my opinion, this was the most fun so I highly recommend it. Just note it’s a long downhill trail through the jungle to the boats and you will get soaking wet (so wear a bathing suit and bring a change of clothes!). This tour will pick you up and take you across to explore Iguazu falls from the Argentinian side.

Travel to Paraty

Old colonial white buildings on a cobblestone street

I apologize in advance but Day 3 is going to be a long travel day. I promise you, however, that it is worth it!

The next stop on my suggested 2-week Brazil itinerary is Paraty, which means you’ll need to take a domestic flight and a bus ride.

Start by flying to Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos airport. It’s a 1.5 hour flight and should only cost you about $85CAD if you book in advance. From Sao Paulo Airport you will need to get a bus or shuttle to Paraty which will take 5-7 hours depending on traffic. Trust me, there will be traffic. 

You can take public transit which will be the cheapest method but also the longest. Using the local buses will require 2-3 transfers.

The other option is to take a shuttle. They have 2 pick-ups per day from the airport and will take you to Paraty direct. It is more expensive (about $90 CAD one way). However, it is comfortable, with room for your luggage in the back, and air conditioning. They also include a rest stop. The shuttle company we used was Paraty tours and it was fantastic. You can find them here.

I suggest staying in Paraty for 3 nights. The old town is beautiful but the streets are pedestrian only and will be incredibly difficult to wheel a suitcase down. If you travel with a suitcase, pick a hotel just outside the old town centre. If you are backpacking, you can stay in the old town if you like.

Suggestions for accommodation in Paraty:

Hostels: Che Lagarato Paraty  

Midrange: Pousada recanto do Jabaquara or Pousada Antigona 

Luxury: Pousada do Ouro or Sandi Hotel

2 Days in Paraty

reflection of white building with blue windows in a puddle in Paraty, Brazil

Days 4 and 5 of my 2-week Brazilian itinerary are for Paraty. Paraty is a colonial Portuguese town located along the coast against a backdrop of jungle and mountains. It is gorgeous! Not just the picturesque old town but the location and the scenery. You’ll want to spend at least two full days here, one exploring the town and area and the second on the water.

Paraty old town is quite compact which is ideal because it’s accessible by foot only. No cars allowed! This will make sense once you see the streets; cobblestones of all shapes and sizes and nowhere is flat. So, make sure you wear good shoes; these streets are potential ankle-breakers!

Paraty is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is famous for its beautiful buildings and the local cachaça, which is the liquor used to make caipirinhas. There is a special type of caipirinha here in Paraty called the Jorge Amado which uses a cachaça infused with cloves and cinnamon and passionfruit. It was by far my favourite drink in Brazil. If you plan on buying any cachaça while in Brazil, Paraty is the place to do it. There are a number of shops in the old town where you can try different types or you can take a local distillery tour. Try this half-day jungle waterfall and cachaça distillery tour.  

Hannah laughing in a purple bikini on a boat

For your second day in Paraty, take a boat trip around the bay. The trip I took included 4 snorkel stops. You could also order all types of food anddrinks on board. It was a really fun day that allowed us to see some of the beautiful islands and beaches in the area. The water here is also a beautiful blue/green colour and really clear. You can book your boat trip here.

In the evening, wander around the old town and have a drink somewhere with music. There are lots of great restaurant options here. 

One thing to note about Paraty is that if it rains, the streets really flood here. I walked through water well above my ankles when I got caught in a rainstorm the first night!

Travel to Ilha Grande

Walking out of the jungle to a white sand beach with a boat, and an island in the distance

Day 6 is another travel day but don’t worry, it’s not a long one! You will, however, be taking a combination of a bus or shuttle and then a boat.

The first part of your journey is to travel from Paraty to Angra Dos Reis. There is the local bus or, again, you can book a shuttle which is what I took. The journey is a little under two hours. Try to grab a window seat on the right side of the bus for the best coastal views.

Once you arrive at Angra Dos Reis you’ll head to the pier where you will catch a ferry across to Ilha Grande. Now, these ferries aren’t quite what you probably have in mind. They are large speed boats and you get a plastic seat while the luggage is all lined up in the middle. It’s the local mode of transportation, nothing super fancy. Our journey wasn’t rough at all but if you do get seasick, take some meds just in case!

The ferry will take you to the main village in Ilha Grande which is Vila do Abraão. This is where you will spend the next 4 nights. For accommodation recommendations consider:

Hostel: Mahalo Hostel or Biergarten Hostel

Midrange: Pousada Recanto da Ana Alice or Pousada Porto Girassol

Luxury: Pousada Portal do Sol

Two important things to note about Ilha Grande. The first is that there are no vehicles. You walk and get around by boats. The second is that cash is king but there are no ATMs (at least not as of March 2024) on Ilha Grande. So, make sure to get cash beforehand because not everywhere takes credit cards.  

3 Days in Ilha Grande

Hannah Logan in a red swimsuit sitting on a rock with a huge wave splashing behind her

Ilha Grande was my favourite part of Brazil. It’s a beautiful island full of incredible beaches, a national park, hiking trails, and is a great place for scuba diving. If you are a beach/water person like me, you are going to love it here.

I suggest spending 3 full days on the island. Even if you choose not to be super active it’s a good place to relax before heading to busy Rio do Janeiro.  Here’s how I suggest spending 3 days on Ilha Grande.

One day should be a beach day, specifically, Lopes Mendes beach. This beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in Brazil and one of the most beautiful in the world. I absolutely agree-it is stunning. However, it’s a bit of a trek to get there. You will need to take a boat from Vila do Abraão about 20 minutes to another beach. Here, you will follow the signs through the jungle trail to Lopes Mendes beach itself. The walk takes about 30 minutes but it is a proper up-and-downhill hike over rough and uneven terrain. I didn’t trust my flipflops so actually did it barefoot. It wasn’t too bad (made even better by the baby monkeys I saw) but it is definitely a bit of an adventure. However, it’s 100% worth it when you get to the beach on the other side. Huge expanses of soft, white sand. Bright blue waves, palm trees, jungle, and rocks. Lopes Mendes beach is gorgeous. What you do need to keep in mind is that it is a natural beach. There are no shops, toilets, etc. So, bring everything you need for your time there including plenty of drinking water. Personally, I could have spent the entire day here but I’m also a big beach person. I’d suggest at least half a day since your journey also includes the boat ride and hike.

For your second day, book a boat tour. Ilha Grande has half and full-day boat options that will take you to some of the most beautiful swimming and snorkelling spots around the island. The water is clear and beautiful and the boat tour will allow you to see some more of the island. You can book your boat trip here.

For your third day, you can go scuba diving, hike, or just hang out and explore town. There is a cool national park within walking distance of the village. You’ll spot plenty of wildlife and there is a small natural waterfall that you can slide down and swim in the pool below. It’s a lot of fun!

Hannah in a blue swimsuit with her arms in the air ready to slide down the waterfall

If you are a super-keen hiker you might also want to consider hiking to the Pico do Papagaio, or the parrot head. This rock, which really does look like a parrot head, can be seen from the water towering over the island. Hikers can go at any part of the day, but many leave around 1am to get to the top for sunrise. It is a long, tough hike. I did not do it but a couple of my friends did. You get hiking sticks because you can’t grab branches/rocks in case of poisonous spiders (my literal nightmare) and there is some climbing involved. You will definitely want to hire a guide, especially if you want to go for sunrise. Just do yourself a favour and be sure to check the weather first. If it’s clear, the views look amazing. My friends went and it was all covered in fog, they couldn’t see a thing.  

Travel to Rio De Janeiro

Colourful street art of a cartoon toucan

Day 10 is another travel day! Don’t worry, today isn’t too long but you do still need to take a boat and bus/shuttle to get into Rio. Traffic again may be an issue so I don’t suggest planning too much for today aside from travel. I’d recommend enjoying your final morning in Ilha Grande and then making your way to Rio in the afternoon. The journey will take around 3-4 hours.

To get from Ilha Grande to Rio de Janeiro you’ll need to take the boat back to Angra Dos Reis where you can either catch a local bus which is the cheapest option or book another shuttle. We took the shuttle which was easy and comfortable. You can book it here.

Rio is the last stop on this 2-week Brazil itinerary and I am suggesting you spend 4 nights so you have three full days here. There are a number of different neighbourhoods to explore in Rio but I loved and recommend staying in Copacabana. It’s right by the beach, safe to walk around and through to Ipanema, and central enough to get to other parts of the city easily enough by public transit or Uber.

Here are some suggestions on where to stay in Copacabana.

Hostel: Pura Vida Hostel

Midrange: CLH Suites Domingos Ferreira or Rio Design Hotel

Luxury: Emiliano Rio or Copacabana Palace 

3 Days in Rio De Janeiro

Christ the Redeemer statue against a very storm sky

Rio is a vibrant city full of life and character. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it but I absolutely loved my time here. I found that my three days in Rio went by really quickly but also allowed me to see and experience some of the best parts. Here’s how I recommend you spend 3 days in Rio de Janeiro.

Make day one all about seeing the highlights. This means Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf, the colourful Selarón Steps etc. You can visit them on your own and purchase your own tickets but I do recommend spending a little extra money and taking a tour. It means you don’t have to worry about public transit since everything is spread out and you get a guide who will also fill you in on some facts, history, stories, and provide tips for the rest of your time in the city. It’s a great way to learn a little about Rio while getting to see the big tourist attractions. You can book a 6-stop highlights of Rio tour here. You’ll finish the tour in the late afternoon leaving you time to rest a bit before a night out or, time to head to the beach for the evening.

For your second day, head to Parque Lago, which is a rainforest in the middle of the city. It’s here that you will find Plage Café which despite its Instagram fame, does have pretty good food and a beautiful setting. It fills up quickly though so if you want to go for brunch, get there early as you will likely have to put your name on a list. In the meantime, you can wander around the park area itself. If you like, you can visit the nearby Jardim Botânico.

Pink building in the jungle of Parque Lago

In the afternoon, I suggest joining a favela tour. Favelas are the slums of Rio and while there are mixed thoughts about visiting them, after having a discussion with a couple of different guides and locals I decided to go. Favelas are a huge part of Rio. Oftentimes the people you meet working in the tourism industry like hotels, restaurants, etc. may live in a Favela. Favelas are a reality of life in Rio and I don’t think you can turn a blind eye to that. However, you do need to go with a reputable guide and a company or tour that visits the favelas responsibly. The most popular Favela that tourist groups will be taken to is Rocinha, which is where I went. I don’t want to give too much of the tour away but I thought it was really well done, I found everyone we came across and spoke to very friendly and welcoming, and honestly, while it might not have been shiny and new, there were parts of Rocinha that were truly beautiful. I definitely recommend it.

Street art and a view of the street in Rocinho Favela

For your third day in Rio de Janeiro, take it slow and enjoy the beaches and neighbourhoods. You can easily walk between Copacabana and Ipanema by the beach. If you happen to be in Rio on a Sunday, Ipanema has the ‘Hippie Fair’ which is one of the most popular markets in the city. While in Ipanema, head to Nusa Café for an amazing acai bowl and the Havianas flagship store to pick up some of the famous flipflops. At the flagship store, you can even customize the straps with fun little jewels and beads.

For the evening, head to the Santa Teresa neighbourhood. This neighbourhood is home to old mansions, street art, and lots of samba music. I spent a few hours in a bar called Armazem Sao Joaquim which had incredible live music. The entire bar was up and dancing in the middle of the day- it was amazing. From here, if you want to experience some of Rio’s best nightlife, you can head to the Lapa district.  

Depart Brazil

Stunning library in Rio with shelves and shelves of old Portuguese books

Today is day 14, the final day of this 2-week Brazil itinerary so depending on the time of your flight you have a little more time to explore Rio or head to the airport. If you do have some time, consider checking out the Real Gabinete Portuguese de Leitura which is a small but stunning library. Sadly you can’t get close to the books, they are roped off. But the library itself looks like it belongs in Beauty and the Beast.

International flights will depart from Rio de Janeiro/ Galeão airport. If you are flying back to Sao Paolo to get your connecting international flight there, then you will probably leave from the domestic airport which is the Santos Dumont Airport. The easiest way to get to both is by taking an Uber. Just remember that Rio can have quite a bit of traffic so give yourself some extra time.

Insider tip: If you are flying out of Santos Dumont Airport (the domestic one) ask for a window seat on the right side of the plane. The view is incredible as you fly right by Sugar Loaf!

What to Eat and Drink in Brazil

Different types of cocktails

Wondering what to eat and drink in Brazil? Here are a few of my favourites:

  • Brazilian BBQ: there are places in everywhere where you can try this. Essentially you play a flat fee, load up at the salad bar and then the staff will come around with different cuts of meat that you can choose to try or pass.
  • Sushi: Japan has the second largest population of Japanese people so sushi here is actually incredible. I had it twice during my trip!
  • Acai: I found acai to be served two ways in Brazil. The first is like a smoothie bowl like we are used to at brunch in North America. The second is more like a dessert. It’s sweeter and you can add toppings like candies and chocolate.
  • Pao de Queijo: little cheese bread puffs. Delicious.
  • Coxhinas: chicken croquettes. Very typical street food and they are amazing.
  • Caipirinhas: the famous Brazilian cocktail made with cachaça liquor, sugar and lime.
  • Brigadeiro: a little ball of chocolate-y goodness. Love them.

The Best Time of Year to Go to Brazil

Hannah wearing a white t-shirt looking out over Iguazu Falls

Brazil is in the southern hemisphere so the seasons are opposite from the northern hemisphere. This means that if you live in the north and want a warm escape from winter, it’s a great place to go. Summer in Brazil runs from December to March meaning it will be the hottest. However, it’s also worth noting that this is vacation time for Brazilians as well, so it’s considered high season. Especially if you plan your trip during the world-famous Carnival. Brazilian summers are also very humid and can be quite rainy which is worth keeping in mind.

That being said, winter in Brazil isn’t exactly cold. Temperatures in Rio will range from around 20C-30C which may feel cool to the locals but is still beach weather for many tourists. It’s also a lot drier during the winter months which means beautiful blue skies and sunny days. July is when Brazilian schools have their winter break, so it can be busy at this time.

My 2-week Brazil itinerary doesn’t include the Amazon, however, those looking to venture to the Amazon as well, the seasons are a little bit different. Rainy season is December to June which is colder and wetter than dry season. There are pros and cons to visiting during both seasons but dry season is the best time to go if you are keen on hiking the jungle trails.

Is Brazil Safe?

Hannah standing on Copacabana beach in a red swimsuit looking out to the mountains

Out of all the countries I have been to so far, I’ve never received more safety concerns for a destination than I did for Brazil. I was warned about drugs, violent crime, petty crime, gang violence, and more. Even the government of Canada’s travel advisory website lists Brazil as a destination where travellers should exercise a high degree of caution.

However, during my time I never felt unsafe in Brazil. I found the locals to be warm and friendly, especially in the smaller towns. And never felt threatened. I will say that I was more cautious than normal in Rio. If I was out after dark I didn’t walk anywhere, I took Ubers. I stayed in busier places during the day, again choosing to use an Uber rather than walk long distances when I was unfamiliar with the neighbourhoods. I put my phone away and left my big camera behind, making sure I had nothing too flashy. It was totally fine. As with every destination, common sense goes a long way! And if you are unsure, ask the locals at your accommodation, restaurants, a tour guide etc. for their opinions and suggestions.

One important thing that is worth noting, I had an incredibly difficult time getting my Canadian debit card to work at any of the ATMs, even at actual Brazilian banks. One day I went to 12 different ATMs before I found one that would work. Apparently, this is quite common for foreign cards. I would recommend making sure you have a couple of different credit cards on you and when you can get cash, take out a large sum at once. It also might be a good idea to have some of your home currency on you in case you need to visit a currency exchange if you can’t get your cards to work.  

Final Thoughts on This 2-Weeks Brazil Itinerary

With all the warnings I received about Brazil, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the country. However, I absolutely loved it and definitely plan on going back.

As I said above, I visited as part of a small group tour which, in my opinion, was kind of a waste of money. The 2-week Brazil itinerary I shared above is easy for independent travellers to do on their own and allows for more time and flexibility than a tour would.

I hope that this 2-week Brazil itinerary comes in handy and that you love Brazil as much as I did!

Ready to Book Your Trip?

Don’t forget travel insurance!

Please do not travel without travel insurance! I’ve had to use it multiple times throughout my travels and it has saved me thousands of dollars. You can learn more about travel insurance  here . If you are looking for a provider I love and recommend  SafetyWing . For Canadian readers, take a look at  SoNomad.

Book your accommodation

I love and recommend  for accommodation. They have a range of hostels, guesthouses, hotels, and resorts. Plus, the platform has a great loyalty program that means the more you book, the more you can save. 

Book your tours

My go-to tour provider that I love to recommend is  GetYourGuide . They have options all over the world and partner with local companies for everything from day trips to food experiences and even airport transfers. 

Get connected

If you want to have data while travelling for online maps or any other needs, an esim is one of the easiest solutions. I’m a big fan of Airalo and have used their sim cards around the world from Brazil to Uzbekistan, Greece to the USA. It’s really easy- you download the app, pick what country you want an esim for, and after you purchase it follow the installation instructions. You can use promo code HANNAH3326 to save $3USD on your next esim purchase. 

Not sure what to pack?

I have destination-specific guides for some countries but you can also check my  travel essentials  and  camera gear  if you are looking for some ideas. 

Looking for a travel buddy?

Check out my group trips!

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Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Aerial Panorama Of Botafogo Bay, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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"I love watching our guests find their rhythm in Brazil. Learn how to dance the samba, move to the drumbeats of Carnival, or listen to the jungle song of the Amazon."

Travel Director

Visit a traditional Brazilian churrascaria

We’ll take you on a journey through Brazilian culture, with a visit to a churrascaria, a traditional Brazilian barbecue where meat is cooked in churrasco style. We’ll have churrascaria dinners while enjoying folkloric performances of Samba and Tango, and we’ll even learn how to make the perfect caipirinha.

Ascend Sugarloaf Mountain by cable car

Board a cable car and take to the clouds, as you glide up Sugarloaf Mountain. This monumental mountain is one of the most famous peaks of Rio de Janeiro, towering 396 metres over the harbor, and you’ll make it to the top for spectacular views over the bay and city.

See how the country prepares for the annual Rio Carnival

When you join our Brazil group tours, you’ll dive into culture with a visit to a local Samba school. Discover how the school prepares for the pageantry of the annual Rio Carnival, see the colorful costumes and feel the rhythms of Samba as you experience an exciting dance lesson.

Take a walking tour around Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a gorgeous hillside district, built around a convent during the 16th century. It was once home to upper-class residents, although it’s now the home of artists with many galleries and museums. We’ll show you around the beautiful architecture, bohemian atmosphere and sweeping views of the city below.

Visit one of Rio de Janeiro's hillside favelas

Join our Local Specialists on a journey into Rocinha, one of the hillside favelas of Rio de Janeiro. You’ll see the daily lifestyles of the locals of Rocinha, visit a community school, and you’ll also have the chance to interact with locals and gain a deeper understanding of Brazilian culture.

Our top 5 things to do in Brazil

Our Brazil tour packages soak up the monumental sights of Sugarloaf Mountain, and also delve deeper into Brazilian culture with visits to a churrascaria, Samba school and a hillside favela.

Rio de Janeiro

Museum of Tomorrow (Museu do Amanhã)

Housed in an incredible futuristic building, the Museum of Tomorrow shares a glimpse of life in the future. The museum displays digital ideas rather than objects, and predicts the future based on social, environmental and economic factors. You can spend hours exploring interactive experiments and exhibitions on a sustainable future.

Rio Art Museum

The Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR) tells the history of Rio de Janeiro through art. You’ll find traditional and contemporary Brazilian works of art, including paintings, photographs and sculptures. The museum is housed in a striking building, with a wavy roof canopy that appears to float above the building.

Museum of Modern Art

Located in Sao Paulo, the Museum of Modern Art (MASP) has one of the best collections of European art in Latin America, with artworks by Rembrandt, Monet, Van Gogh, Botticelli, Picasso and Renoir. The museum building is also a fantastic piece of architecture, perched on large pillars.

Best museums in Brazil

See the country’s top museums on our Brazil vacations tours, from a collection of Brazilian art to a digital insight into the future.

The Brigadeiro is a popular Brazilian dessert made from a mix of condensed milk, cocoa powder and butter, shaped into small balls and showered in chocolate sprinkles. It’s named after Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes, a Brazilian war hero, and can be found in bakeries across the country.

Coxinhas are the quintessential snack of Brazil. These beloved deep-fried treats are made from breaded and fried dough filled with potato and chicken, and shaped in a triangular cone. You can find these everywhere, from street stalls to lavish restaurants.

Beijinho de Coco

The coconut version of the brigadeiro, Beijinho de Coco are one of the most favorite desserts in Brazil. They’re made from condensed milk, coconut milk, butter, covered with sugar or grated coconut. They’re a classic treat at birthday parties and you can find them in bakeries all over Brazil.

Best food in Brazil

Our group tours in Brazil will introduce you to the delicious Brazilian cuisine, from deep-fried chicken croquettes to sweet desserts sprinkled with chocolate and coconut.

What to pack for Brazil

People packing for a tour

Portuguese phrasebook

Unlike the majority of Latin America, the official language of Brazil is Portuguese. Learning a few phrases is always appreciated and will help you connect with the locals.

Brazil is famed for its golden coastline and has some of the world’s best beaches. Pack a swimsuit to soak up the sun and the dazzling waters.

Sunglasses and sunscreen

As one of the sunniest destinations in the world, sunglasses and sunscreen are essential items in Brazil. Be sure to pack UV-protected sunglasses and SPF 30 sunscreen or higher.

Adaptor plug

In Brazil the standard voltage is 127 / 220 V and the power plugs and sockets are of type N. The standard frequency is 60 Hz.

Versatile shoes

You’ll need to pack shoes that can take you from exploring hillside favelas and traversing jungles, to dancing the Samba in Rio de Janeiro.

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Two Week Traveller

2 Weeks in Brazil: 2 Itineraries

DISCLAIMER: This post might have links to travel services and products that we enjoy. We might make a commission from it at no extra cost to you.

If you plan to stay for 2 weeks in Brazil, this article offers you two different itineraries to choose from. I’m sure Brazil is famous for football enthusiasts as they won the world cup several times. Football is also their national sport, and they have so many world-renowned players.

I mean, there must only be a handful of people who don’t know Ronaldinho, Pele, Ronaldo (the Brazilian), and Neymar.

However, that’s not only the reason why Brazil is worth visiting. They have more than 1,500 beaches that are simply otherworldly, and street parties that have the most outlandish and creative costumes.

Not to mention tropical weather that is perfect for people who love to soak in the sun’s warmth and most of the people there are very cheerful and would greet the tourists as if they are their long-lost friends.

Their music is also amazing as they have a gazillion lively music genres that would draw people to dance their hearts out. Yep, Brazilians love to dance. Aside from being culturally diverse, there is also great ecological biodiversity here. It is home to the ethereal Amazon forest with more than a hundred thousand tons of plants.

And since we’re already talking about nature, you’ll surely be awestruck by their nature parks. Some have sand dunes, and others have waterfalls, caves, and even plateau mountains.

Responsible for more than one-third of the coffee being produced worldwide, their coffee beans have a distinct taste and a rich quality that people can’t get enough of. And, of course, don’t get me started on their food. There are so many desserts and street foods that originated in this country.

I’m sure I still couldn’t list all of the reasons why one should visit Brazil at least once in their lifetime, but I think these reasons alone are convincing enough.


Before we delve into discussing the itineraries, there are some things that a tourist needs to know first when going to another country. Knowing these things will also help in planning and writing our own preferred travel itinerary .

4 images - Christ the Redeemer statue, amazon river, sugarloaf mountain, and brasilia - 2-Weeks in Brazil Itinerary

When is the best time to go to Brazil

The best time to go to Brazil is from November to March because these are the warmest months of the year. This festival usually happens in February for people who want to experience their Carnival. You might want to check out our 2 weeks in South America itinerary if you’re not sure if Brazil is the place for you.

Getting around

Taking a domestic flight is the most convenient and fastest way to get around Brazil. Remember, this country is massive. You could also ride intercity buses, but it would definitely take a lot longer to reach your destination, and you’ll probably ride a couple of intercity buses.

You might even ride water taxis. Taxis are commonly used by tourists, but they rarely go outside of the major cities, so this is only suitable if your destination is a major city. You can also use ride-hailing apps.

Car rental is also an option, but it is advisable to utilize this only if it is peak season.

Language and currency

The people in Brazil speak Portuguese. Here are some of the most common phrases for those who are planning to go to this country.

  • Oi means hi so this is what one should say when greeting someone
  • Obrigado means thank you
  • Quero a conta, por favor means I want the bill, please and 
  • com licensa could mean excuse me, this is handy if you want to get off public transport or if you’re in a crowded place and want to pass through. 

The currency used in Brazil is the Brazilian Real. In big cities, paying with your bank is easy. However, cash is still the king. ATMs should allow you to take out about $200 per transaction.

Brazil offers free visas to nationalities of most EU members, US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Namibia, Botswana, and many places in Latin America. Those travellers can travel around Brazil for up to 90 days.

Other visitors can apply for an evisa online . It’s valid for a year, allowing you to stay for 90 days, and it’s multiple entry.

Other travel tips

Pinned map of must-see places in brazil.

Click the icon on the top right to enlarge the map. Credit: map data: Google


Brazil is definitely one of the best holiday destinations to spend your 2-week vacation . Since 2 weeks is not that long, you will have more reason to come in the future.

We prepared two jamp-packed itinerary options for those planning to vacation for 14 days in Brazil. Each itinerary consists of the tourist spots as well as tips on how to get to the next destination from where you came from.

Itinerary #1: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Amazon Rainforest

2 images - view of sufarloaf mountain aerial and Christ the Redeemer on a sunset - 2-Weeks in Brazil Itinerary (

The first itinerary consists of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, and Amazon Rainforest. Rio de Janeiro is a humongous seaside city, well-known all over the world for its Ipanema and Copacabana beaches.

Aside from that, it also has the Christ the Redeemer statue, sugarloaf mountain, as well as favelas, and Carnival Festival. Sao Paulo, on the other hand, is a cosmopolitan city. It is Brazil’s financial centre, with tons of cultural institutions and amazing architectural structures.

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil. It is an aeroplane-shaped planned city located at the top of the Brazilian highlands.

Last but absolutely not least is the Amazon Rainforest. I mean, there must only be a handful of people who don’t know about this rainforest. This is the world’s largest tropical rainforest, covering not only almost all of northwestern Brazil but expanding up to Peru , Colombia , and other South American countries.

Rio de Janeiro for 4 days

2 weeks in Brazil is incomplete without visiting its most popular city. Rio De Janeiro is a wonderful city, so much so that it was named a world heritage site by UNESCO. If you plan to stay in Brazil for two weeks, 4 days in Rio is plenty. Some of the top tourist attractions that can be found here include

Sao Paulo for 3 days

You can reach Sao Paolo if you’re coming from Rio de Janeiro by bus or plane ride; it’s about 6 hours driving or half an hour flight.

Brasilia for 4 days

Many people assume that Rio de Janeiro is the capital of Brazil. Although it was until 1960 that the capital city was then changed to Brasilia. The reason for this is due to the fact that Rio was the capital of Brazil during colonial times.

It was changed to Brasilia (built on vacant and uninhabited land) to declare that Brazil was an independent country.

There are three options to reach Brasilia if you’re coming from Sao Paolo: riding a plane, bus, or driving. The fastest option for this is via plane, but it’s also the most expensive.

Riding a bus is the cheapest, but make sure that you have enough time because it would take more or less 17 hours for you to reach your destination.

Amazon Rainforest for 4 days

2 images - amazon rainforest, river, trees - 2-Weeks in Brazil Itinerary

If you’re coming to Amazon Rainforest from Brasilia, you could ride a plane, bus, ferry, and drive. The most advisable, albeit expensive, option is to ride a plane because it would take days for you to reach your destination if you choose the other modes of transportation.

However, the travel time would be worth it as you would see a lot of unforgettable sights in this place.

Itinerary #2: Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Fortaleza, Amazon Rainforest

The second itinerary for the 2 weeks in Brazil includes the Amazon Rainforest, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Fortaleza. Those who are fond of music and dancing might be thrilled to know that Bossa nova was created and popularized in Rio de Janeiro.

It is also where the world’s largest urban forest could be found, the Tijuca forest, and they also have the biggest carnival party in the world.

Fortaleza is an urban hub that also has beaches with panoramic views aside from the vibrant nightlife and contemporary restaurants. Its beaches are highlighted by palm trees, dunes, red cliffs, and lagoons.

Aside from the facts stated above, there’s still more to the Amazon Rainforest than what meets the eye. It has about 40,000 plant species, 2.5 million insect types, 430 mammal species, 1,300 bird species, and 3,000 types of fish. Now I bet that’s something anyone would want to explore!

Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo for 7 days

2 images - sao paolo and brasilia big modern buildings - 2-Weeks in Brazil Itinerary

In this specific itinerary, you’re going to stay in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo for 7 days. To reach Sao Paulo from Rio de Janeiro, you could ride a plane, ride a bus, ride a subway, then fly, take a bus, then ride a plane, use rideshare, or drive.

The most recommended option would be to fly because it is the fastest. However, if you’re on a budget, the cheapest option would be to ride a bus.

Fortaleza for 4 days

You could reach Fortaleza from Rio de Janeiro by riding a plane. Fortaleza is up to the northern part of the country. The most recommended option would be to fly because other options would take days for you to reach your destination. Once you reach Fortaleza, the recommended stay there would be four days.

There is a little beach town (Jericoacoara) west of Fortaleza, about a 5-hour drive famous for its sand dunes next to the Atlantic Ocean. Getting there is quite a ride since you have to take a 4×4 jeep through the massive sand dune of the Jericoacoara National Park.

I spent about 4 days here, and I could stay for more! Not going to lie. There are not many things to do apart from sand dunes driving, the beach, dancing, party, and reading a book. But the place is so authentic, and the people are very nice.

Amazon Rainforest for 3 days

The Amazon Rainforest is the biggest and most diverse in the world. No wonder it has to be visiting during your 2 weeks in Brazil.

To reach the rainforest from Fortaleza, you could ride a plane, ride a bus, then ferry or drive. However, just like the mode of transportation above, it would take you days to reach your destination, so if you don’t plan on staying for a long time, riding the plane would be the best option.


Now that you have some ideas and can visualise how to spend 2 weeks in Brazil, below are lists of things to do and places to see in each city on the itineraries above.

Rio De Janeiro

  • Christ the Redeemer – get your ticket and cog train ticket
  • Copacabana Beach
  • Rocinha Favela – you can join a walking tour
  • Tijuca National Park
  • Angra dos Resi boat trip
  • Sugarloaf Mountain – buy a ticket
  • Stroll around Ipanema
  • Don’t miss the annual Carnival – get a ticket
  • Jardim Botanico
  • Fly with hang gliding experience over the city
  • Santa Tereza and Escadaria Selaron
  • Enjoy an exhilarating helicopter tour over the city
  • Combo tour – Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf, and Selaron Stairs with BBQ lunch or without BBQ but with sunset
  • Day trip to Ilha Grande and Angra dos Reis – check the tour price
  • Museu de Arte
  • Museo de Futbol
  • Se Cathedral / Sao Paulo Cathedral
  • Sao Paulo city tour
  • Avenida Paulista – high street
  • Parque do Ibirapuera
  • Join historical bike tour
  • Beco do Batman – graffiti street
  • Explore Santos, Sao Vicenta, and Guaruja
  • Mosterio de Sao Bento
  • Exciting 20-minute helicopter over the city tour
  • Praça dos Tràs Poderes
  • Palacio dos Arcos
  • Catedral Metropoletana Nossa Senhora Aparecida
  • Memorial JK
  • Santuario dom Bosco
  • Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge
  • Congresso Nacional
  • Parque Nacional de Brasilia
  • Pontão do Lago Sul

Amazon Rainforest

  • Anaconda Lodge Tour and Accommodation (2, 3, 4 days)
  • Juma Floating Lodge Tour and Accommodation (2, 3, 4, 5 days)
  • Juma River Guest House Tour and Accommodation – (3 or 4 days)
  • Waterfalls and caves day tour
  • Manaus city tour
  • Piranha fishing and Alligator watch evening tour


To help you with making your 2 week stay in Brazil more convenient, book hotels and resorts in advance. This will not only give you more choices (before peak season), but it will also help you save some money.

Rio de Janeiro

  • Affordable: Rio Way Beach or Maracana Hostel Vila Isabel or Hostel Estacao Maracana
  • Mid-range: Venit Barra Hotel or REF House or Vila Gale
  • Luxury: Radisson Hotel and Resort or Venit Mio Hotel or Ritz Copacabana Hotel
  • Affordable: Lamparina Hostel or O de Casa Hostel or Hostel Ipe
  • Mid-range: Nikkey Palace Hotel or Paulista Suites or Hotel Itamarati
  • Luxury: INNSide by Melia or Hotel Transamerica Berrini or Cozzy Suites Paraiso Hotel or Radisson Pinheiros
  • Affordable: KzaZendf Cama e Cafe Asa Sul or Hotel Diplomat or Joy Hostel & Suites
  • Mid-range: Grand Mercure or Manhattan Plaza or St Paul Plaza Hotel
  • Luxury: Melia Brasil 21 or Windsor Brasilia Hotel or B Hotel Brasilia or Brasilia 21 Convention
  • Affordable:


Brazil is undoubtedly a vibrant country in scenery and culture-wise. However, there are some final reminders that we need to impart before you plan your 2 weeks in Brazil. For instance, when visiting Amazon, taking a yellow fever vaccine is mandatory.

Also, don’t forget to put on mosquito repellant lotion, as there can be tons of mosquitos in this place. Take note that you wouldn’t be able to withdraw after 10 pm so make sure that you do so beforehand. Avoid going to favelas unless you’re on a guided tour, as it could be dangerous, especially for tourists. And there you have it.

I hope that you found these itineraries for 2 weeks in Brazil helpful.


Discover Brazil affordably by exploring Rio de Janeiro's beaches, hiking in the Amazon rainforest, experiencing the vibrant culture of Salvador, and relaxing in the colonial town of Paraty. Opt for budget accommodations like hostels or guesthouses. via @twoweektraveller

As We Saw It

The Best 2 Week Brazil Itinerary for Your First Visit

Aerial view of Rio de Janeiro and Sugarloaf from behind Jesus statue with overlay text that says Best of Brazil in 2 Weeks

Brazil, the 5th largest country in the world, occupies almost half of the South American continent. Not only is it rich in both culture and natural beauty, it is also home to a third of the world’s largest rainforest. So if you like both city life and outdoor activities, Brazil is definitely a destination worth considering.

Brazil is also rich in history, with world-class museums and stunning architecture throughout the country. The country is also famous for its music – it fills the streets, especially during Brazil’s major festivals. And festivals take place all year round.

To make the most of your trip, read up on the things you should know before going to Brazil before you make your arrangements.

Brazil visas

Brazil used to charge a hefty sum for tourist visas, but that changed on June 17, 2019. Now, citizens from Canada, Australia, Japan, the U.S., and many other countries can visit Brazil for up to 90 days without a visa.

Travel insurance for Brazil

Travel insurance is something that is often overlooked, but it can really come in handy if something unexpected happens while you are on your trip.

Obviously, no one likes to think about things going wrong on their vacation. But if the worst does happen, travel insurance is a godsend. It can help cover the cost of hotel and flight cancellations, lost luggage, stolen items, medical expenses, and even help reimburse you if you need to be evacuated from your destination due to political unrest, or natural disasters. (Some policies even have COVID coverage!)

The cost for this peace of mind is surprisingly affordable. So be sure you’re covered in case of an emergency.

Inspired? Pin this post and share it with your friends!

4-image collage of Christ the Redeemer, jaguar, Iguassu Falls and Amazon boat with text overlay on white circle that says 2 Week Brazil Itinerary

Itinerary for two weeks in Brazil

Vacation time is precious, so we decided to create a travel plan that would fit into a two-week holiday. We’ll admit: It’s hard to choose when there are so many incredible things to do in Brazil.

Of course, it’s impossible to experience all the amazing nature and culture that the country has to offer in that length of time. But our Brazil itinerary contains the best Brazil highlights:

  • Amazon cruise
  • Jaguar jungle safari
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Rio de Janeiro

Bonus: All destinations are protected UNESCO world heritage sites.

So if you are one of the unfortunate people who have a limited vacation period, this itinerary will help you experience a major part of Brazil sites and culture. Trust us: This plan is full of “bucket list” experiences.

ⓘ PLANNING TIP: Your two-week vacation includes three weekends. If you leave on a Friday, that means you can have a 17-day holiday and only miss 10 days of work! Our 14-day itinerary was designed to allow plenty of wiggle room for connecting flights.

Map showoing where South American countries are located. The southern tip is cut off.

Getting to Brazil

American Airlines, US Airways, and LATAM offer direct nonstop flights from Miami (MIA) to Manaus (MAO), and TAP offers direct flights from Europe via Lisbon (LIS).

The MIA-MAO flight takes just over 5 hours. This makes much more sense than flying via Rio or Sao Paolo. Save the long trip for your return; we know you want to get this holiday started. You’ll be working your way southward from here.

ⓘ BUDGET TIP: Compare the price of a full round-trip fare vs. separate legs. It might be cheaper to book two separate round-trip flights: one from your home airport to Miami, and a second ticket that goes from Miami to Manaus and back to Miami from Rio. If so, make sure there’s enough layover time in Miami to manage immigration and change planes!

Brazil Itinerary Days 1-2: Fly Miami to Manaus, Brazil

The northern town of Manaus might seem like an unusual place to begin an itinerary, but this maximizes every minute of your trip. You’ll waste a lot of sightseeing time if you don’t fly directly to Manaus.

Your overnight flight will land in the morning on Day 2. Welcome to the Amazon River Basin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can’t say you’ve seen Brazil without making a trip to the Amazon River Basin .

Manaus sits 1,000 miles inland, at the point where Rio Negro and the Amazon River meet. The city began as a strategic Portuguese fort, and only grew after they discovered practical uses for the rubber plant, which grows all over the rainforest.  The city’s fortunes have risen and fallen since then but today, Manaus is proud to be the home to t he only bridge in the Amazon river system, and a new football stadium, used for the 2014 World Cup.

If you have time before boarding your cruise, these are Manaus’ most popular sights:

Amazon Theatre

The 700-seat Amazon Theatre (a.k.a. the Manaus Opera House) is Manaus’ landmark. Renovated in 1990, it is a truly opulent piece of Renaissance architecture. It has hosted big name performances from the Italian opera and music world, and is home to the annual Amazonas Film Festival.

Alfandega among the oldest buildings in Manaus. The amazing construction gained recognition as a national historical heritage in the 1800s. It combines elements from renaissance and middle age styles. The architect used bricks imported from England in its construction.

Encontro das Aguas

cruise boat approaches the tan and black water division at Encontro das Aguas in Manaus

If your cruise itinerary doesn’t include Encontro das Aguas, try to see this phenomenon. Encontro das Aguas, “Meeting of the Waters.” is a popular incredible tourist attraction. where the muddy waters from the Amazon River connect with the dark waters of Rio Negro, which is the largest tributary of the Amazon and the world’s largest black-water river.

Decaying vegetation creates Rio Negro’s black water as it rushes down from the cold Andes Mountains, and it also creates high acidity and little sediment. The muddy Amazon River is the opposite: warm, slow, and full of sand. Thanks to the different temperatures, speeds and densities, their waters stay completely separated for six whole kilometers.

Brazil Itinerary Days 2-5: 4D/3N Amazon River cruise

brilliant sunset silhouettes a boat on the Amazon River

By volume of water, the Amazon is the largest river in the world. It stretches across several South American countries and offers an incredible array of flora and fauna. River cruises allow you to experience it all, with breathtaking scenery and a chance to see it up close in the company of top quality naturalist guides.

Cruises from Manaus begin at the Amazon River and continue along the Rio Negro. You can find cruises that last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks.

ⓘ PLANNING TIP: Fly to Pantanal as soon as your cruise ends, and stay there the night before your tour. Safari departures can be as early as 7:30 am.

What to look for in an Amazon cruise

Ensure the cruise offers land excursions that will take you deeper into the jungle. Some also offer excursions allow you to meet the locals. We visited an Amazon tribe in Ecuador, and it really adds an extra dimension to the entire Amazon experience.

Here are some Brazil Amazon tours you may like:

Brazil Itinerary Days 6-9: Jaguar safari in the Pantanal

jaguar lapping water in Pantanal Brazil

The Pantanal is the world’s largest inland wetland. Jaguars still roam here and many endangered species call it home, including the South American tapirs, giant anteaters, giant river otters, and the brilliant indigo Hyacinth Macaws. To ensure their safety, a portion of the wetland is protected by UNESCO.

This section of wetland, called the  Pantanal Protected Area , is the best place for you to encounter rare wildlife. This is not something you should try to do on your own. You will need to hire professionals for this unique experience, and it’s worth it.

Tips for choosing a Pantanal tour

Jaguar safaris run from both Cuiabá (CGB) and Campo Grande (CGR). This itinerary allows for a 3D/2N eco-tour.

  • Campo Grande safaris are for people who consider budget more important than comfort.
  • Cuiabá safaris are slightly pricier because they have smaller groups and go into the protected area. You will have a better chance of seeing the star animals.

ⓘ PLANNING TIP: Safaris end late in the day. Stay in a Pantanal hotel after your tour and fly to Iguassu Falls (IGU) the following morning. Search hotels here.

Here are some Pantanal tours you may like:

Brazil Itinerary Days 10-11: Iguassu Falls

crowds of people stand on walkway over the water coming from Iguazu Falls in the background

Many travel fanatics consider Iguassu Falls  to be the most beautiful waterfall in the world. These waterfalls are located at the exact spot where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet.

You will need to cross the border into Argentina if you want to take a boat or walk around the falls. Photographers will get a more comprehensive sense of its splendor from the Brazilian side.

What to do at Iguassu Falls

After you’ve seen Iguassu’s failing waters, you can explore the town you flew into, Foz de Iguazu. If you prefer hiking, the surrounding jungle is also worth exploring. Iguassu National Park is only a few miles from the falls. Keep your eyes open for the many species of animals and birds in thick vegetation.

Here are some Iguassu Falls experiences you may like:

Brazil Itinerary Days 11-14: Rio de Janeiro

Aerial view of Rio de Janeiro from above and behind the Cristo Redentor statue.

We’ve saved the best for last: The final stop on your 2-week holiday in Brazil is … Rio, the second-largest city in Brazil. One look at the iconic statue of Jesus with his arms stretched wide in a worldwide embrace, and you immediately know where you are.

Rio de Janeiro  is famous for its white sandy beaches and its amazing landscape draws visitors to the city like moths to a flame. If you want true craziness, Rio de Janeiro is especially lively during the carnival season,  when music, parades and colorfully dressed dancers fill the city. This incredible street party attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

What to see in Rio de Janeiro

You don’t need us to tell you that Rio has a lot to offer its visitors, but since you’ll only be in town for a few days, focus on a few of the highlights.

Relax on the beaches, go to a football (soccer) game, take a cable car to Sugarloaf Mountain, learn to make caipirhina cocktails … the list is endless!

Day 14: Fly home

After two weeks in Brazil, full of amazing and unforgettable experiences, it is now time for you to fly home.

ⓘ TIP: To make the most of your trip, read up on the things you should know before going to Brazil before you make your arrangements.

We hope you have lots of fun and get loads of amazing photos!

When is the best time to visit Brazil?

High season and Brazilian vacation time coincide: December through March, and July. If you travel just outside of this time, you will find lower prices and fewer crowds.

In particular, you should book your trip when the climate is particularly pleasant. To be honest, this isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. Did you know that Brazil has 5 distinct weather systems?

What is the weather in Brazil?

Here is a general overview of the weather in Brazil :

  • Autumn (March-May), and Spring (September-November) are probably the best time to visit Brazil, with comfortable temperatures and moderate rain.
  • Summertime (December-February) brings heat and crowds. This is also the wettest time inland, which brings more insects. The Amazon River and Iguassu Falls will be at peak flow, perfect for photography. If you visit now, pack insect repellent and a raincoat.
  • Brazilian winter (June-August) can be surprisingly chilly. Bring long sleeves!

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Written by Linda

Linda is multilingual and has been to over 50 countries. Her insatiable love of travel, cuisine, and foreign languages inspired her to create As We Saw It, where she documents her trips, shares practical itineraries, and offers insider tips. She’s passionate about helping fellow travelers save time, money, and hassle, and loves to discover new places to explore.

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The national flag of Brazil, a blue disc depicting a starry sky (which includes the Southern Cross) spanned by a curved band inscribed with the national motto "Ordem e Progresso" ("Order and Progress"), within a yellow rhombus, on a green field.

10 Things to Know Before Visiting Brazil

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Hey Explorer

A Two-Week Brazil Itinerary for Your First Visit

It’s with great pleasure that today I’ll show you around my home country. I’ve prepared a two-week Brazil itinerary that will introduce you to all the colors, flavors, and sounds that the largest nation in South America is known for.

sunset at a beach in Rio de Janeiro

Let’s start off in Rio de Janeiro so Christ the Redeemer can bless our journey. We’ll then go on to discover beautiful colonial towns, pristine beaches, and restless cities before finishing our Brazilian odyssey at the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

There’s just one thing you’ll need to think about: which souvenirs you’ll be bringing home !

Table of Contents

How to get around

Pouso no Santos Dumont, airport in Brazil

Brazil is larger than the contiguous United States, so most of the time you’ll need to hop on a plane to go from one region to the next.

Rio and São Paulo, however, are separated by a mere 6-hour drive. And since Paraty stands right between the two, you can rely on buses, private transfers, or a rented car for the first part of your trip.

Subway lines reach the touristy areas of all the big cities you’ll be visiting (Rio, São Paulo, Salvador, and Brasília), yet only São Paulo has a comprehensive network.

Sao Paulo subway network

Calling an Uber usually comes cheaper than hailing a cab if you need to go someplace that isn’t serviced by the subway. A 10- to 15-minute Uber ride will hardly cost more than $6.

By the way, in case you’re wondering how much money you need for 2 weeks in Brazil, I’m pretty sure $100 a day (plus accommodation and air tickets) will let you enjoy a very comfortable trip across the country.

Also read: Is Brazil Expensive to Visit? Your Guide to a Budget-Friendly Trip

Two-week Brazil itinerary: What first-timers can’t miss

Days 1-3: rio de janeiro.

Where to stay : Copacabana Palace , where Hollywood stars have stayed for 100 years, or Guesthouse Bianca , a budget-friendly alternative in the quaint Santa Teresa district

sunset beach in Rio de Janeiro

Any Brazil 2-week itinerary just has to start in my hometown, the country’s most famous city. Rio de Janeiro boasts a one-of-a-kind landscape, warm weather year-round, impressive architecture, and delightful nightlife.

Let’s kick off our 3-day Rio trip by checking off its ultimate symbol: the Art Deco statue of Christ the Redeemer .

When you’re done soaking up the million-dollar views of the whole city, head to the Maracanã stadium (for decades the largest in the world). If you have the chance, come back for a match and you’ll learn what supporting is actually like.

Flamengo Park is probably the best place I can think of for an afternoon stroll. You’ll be quite close to the Sugarloaf, but you’ll have to take the cable car to reach the top. A hard choice follows: watching the sunset up there or over a cold beer at the Urca promenade.

For your second day in town, don’t miss the 200-year-old Botanical Garden or the neighboring (and picturesque) Lage Park. Afterward, you can stroll along the heart-shaped Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, then hit the quintessential Copacabana Beach.

crowded beach in Rio de Janeiro

Spend your afternoon relaxing on the equally iconic Ipanema Beach. By the end of the day, locals and visitors gather at the Arpoador Rock to clap for the sunset.

Downtown Rio is where you should go for your third day in town. Highlights here include the bold Museum of Tomorrow, designed by Santiago Calatrava, and the Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading, which is consistently ranked among the most stunning libraries in the world. 

The São Bento Monastery, with its elaborate gilded interior, and the Olympic Boulevard along the city’s port are worth a stop as well.

A yellow streetcar will then take you up the hill to Santa Teresa , Rio’s artsiest and quaintest district. On your way back, check out the lovely Selarón Steps. Stick around for as many caipirinhas as you manage to drink — you’re now in Lapa, Rio’s infamous red light district. 

Consider visiting Rio during Carnival, when you can enjoy the city-wide street parties during the day and watch the awe-inspiring samba school parade at night.

Days 4-5: Paraty

Where to stay : Sandi Hotel , a lovely townhouse in the middle of the cobbled city center

colonial church in Paraty, Brazil

The town of Paraty was a sugarcane port in the colonial era. Ironically, the decadence that followed ultimately saved it: both its cobbled streets (which were designed to flood at high tide) and its white townhouses have stayed intact over the centuries.

If you want to find out more about Paraty’s rich history, a walking tour of the city center is the perfect option. Ask the guides where the best distilleries are and go try some cachaça, Brazil’s national liquor and a local specialty.

The only fjord from Brazil in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro Province

Paraty is on a dazzling and jagged stretch of coast where mangroves and green hills cut between golden sand beaches. But unless you hop on a schooner for a boat tour of the region , you won’t see much of all that beauty.

Paraty is also a wonderful spot for adventure travel. You can kayak through the mangroves or hike Sugarloaf Peak to see Saco do Mamanguá, Brazil’s only fjord, from above.

Days 6-7: São Paulo

Where to stay : Hotel Unique , a boldly designed and luxurious option with the most iconic rooftop in town, or the Hilton Garden Inn Rebouças to discover the bohemian Pinheiros neighborhood

Night view of the famous Paulista Avenue, financial center of the city and one of the main places of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Home to the biggest Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Lebanese diasporas on the planet, São Paulo feels almost like a tropical New York. With 30 million people living in the metropolitan area, Brazil’s largest city is astonishing and overwhelming — which is exactly why it’s so fascinating. 

Start the day strolling along the city’s one and only main street, Paulista Avenue (above), where you’ll find world-class museums like the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP) and the Moreira Salles Institute.

The best time to tour the avenue is on Sunday mornings, when it’s entirely car-free. While you’re at it, notice the colorful murals that pop up all over the place.

Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo, Brazil

In the afternoon, relax at Ibirapuera Park, where locals flock to jog, picnic, or simply hang out in the sun. You won’t be too far from the hipster-chic Pinheiros and Vila Madalena districts, both dotted with trendy bars and tempting fusion restaurants.

On your second day in São Paulo, head to the city’s historic core. Certain parts of it are a bit sketchy, but at least a couple of landmarks are worth a visit. Check out the Farol Santander overlook on top of the Altino Arantes building, affectionately called Banespão (seen below).

Banespão, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Afterward, stop by leading museums like the Museum of the Portuguese Language and the Pinacoteca do Estado (a major painting gallery run by the state of São Paulo). The city has the largest chopper fleet on Earth, so you might as well do as the locals do and see it from a helicopter .

For lunch, you’ll have at least two equally delicious options. Every weekend, Liberdade, São Paulo’s Japantown, hosts a day-long street market where you can have authentic takoyaki and other delicacies.

Then you have the vast Municipal Market, where countless kinds of multicolored fruit are a few stalls away from huge bologna sandwiches and pastéis (deep-fried dumplings).

If you’re after some nighttime fun, hit Augusta Street in the Paulista Avenue region. This is the go-to place for a younger crowd looking for either loud music or more laid-back vibes — there’s something for everyone.

Day 8: Iguazu Falls

Where to stay : Vivaz Cataratas Hotel Resort ; apart from being great value for money, it’s close to both the airport and the Falls

Located between Brazil and Argentina, the Iguazu Falls (or Iguaçu in Portuguese) are the largest waterfalls on the planet. In 2011, they were rightfully voted one of the world’s seven natural wonders. 

tourists at the edge of Iguazu Falls

Some Brazilians will wittingly tell you to visit the Argentinian falls so you can check the best views of the park — the ones overlooking the Brazilian section. Jokes aside, you should definitely cross the border to enjoy a thrilling boat adventure .

If that sounds like too much adventure, stick to the Brazilian side, where you’ll just have to hike an easy trail to reach the observation deck and take in the fantastic views.

Days 9-10: Salvador da Bahia

Where to stay : Fera Palace Hotel for a delightful experience right by the historic core or Zank by Toque Hotel in Rio Vermelho to enjoy the Bahian nightlife

Visiting Pelourinho in Salvador da Bahia is a must if you have 2 weeks in Brazil

Salvador, in the northeastern state of Bahia, served as Brazil’s first capital for two centuries up to 1763 (when Rio took its place). The city was dubbed the Black Rome for its unique mix of lavish Baroque architecture and Afro-Brazilian culture, and as such its historic core became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

Explore the cobbled streets around the Pelourinho, Salvador’s best-known square, then take the Art Deco Lacerda Elevator to reach the Lower City. Hunt for souvenirs at the Mercado Modelo and don’t forget to try acarajé , a black-eyed pea fritter that is stuffed with dried shrimp.

In the afternoon, head to the area around the Barra Lighthouse for some wholesome beach time. Though Farol da Barra Beach is a bit more spacious, the sunsets on Porto da Barra Beach are unforgettable.

Sunset at Farol da Barra Lighthouse in Salvador, Bahia

For your second day, beach hopping is probably the best thing to do. You’ll find quieter beaches like Itapuã and Flamengo on the eastern side of town, but the islands within the Bay of All Saints are even more peaceful. You can take a ferry to Itaparica or book a day trip to Ilha dos Frades .

Come nightfall, don’t miss the Rio Vermelho district for the tastiest Bahian cuisine and the liveliest bars and clubs.

Day 11: Brasília

Where to stay : Brasília Palace Hotel , a classic of modern architecture, or B Hotel for its minimalist-chic vibes and the best views in town

Dedicated in 1960, Brasília was built in about 1,000 days in the geographical center of Brazil to replace Rio as the nation’s capital. 

Famously shaped like an airplane to symbolize a country that dreamed of taking off , Brasília was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 thanks to its lofty modern architecture.

Ironically, a few of its most prestigious buildings are temples, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Dom Bosco Sanctuary. 

Brasília, the capital of Brazil

You’ll see these and other landmarks on a bike tour of Brasília , which should be even more pleasant given the city is virtually flat and its roads are well-maintained.

Brasília is also noted for beautiful parks like Parque da Cidade Dona Sarah Kubitschek and Pontão do Lago Sul, where you can watch a breathtaking sunset over the capital’s vast blue skies.

Days 12-14: Amazon Rainforest

reflection of the jungle on the water of the river in the amazon

From Brasília, you can catch a direct flight to Manaus and land right at the heart of the jungle. This is where the dark waters of Negro River and the muddy waters of Solimões River meet to form the colossal Amazon River.

Distances are huge around here, especially since ferries and canoes are the default modes of transportation. This will of course allow you to discover the region more thoroughly.

Agencies offer amazing multiday trips through the rainforest. Some include swimming with pink dolphins and visiting indigenous communities along the river , while others will take you canoeing and fishing for deadly piranhas .

rock formations in Fernando de Noronha

Bear in mind this two-week Brazil itinerary is supposed to cover just the basics. There’s a lot more you could (and should) discover if you visit again! If you have three weeks to spare, this 21-day Brazil itinerary is worth checking out.

Sights you shouldn’t miss on a second tour of the country include the town of Ouro Preto, a colonial gem in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais, and the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha (pictured above), home to a few of the most gorgeous beaches on Earth.

Now don’t forget to tell me in the comments which landmarks and places to visit in Brazil you can’t wait to explore! Why haven’t you booked your tickets yet, though?

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backpacking latin america

2 weeks in Brazil itinerary

' src=

Welcome to our 2 weeks in Brazil itinerary.

One of the most diverse countries you can visit in Latin America, Brazil really is the gift that keeps on giving!

From its world-class beaches and pumping cities of Rio and Salvador, to the vast Amazon Jungle , it’s no wonder that most travelers keep on coming back for more.

join backpacking latin america travel blog

What's in this guide?

2 weeks in Brazil Itinerary

In this guide, we’ll explore Brazil, which includes the very best things to see. We’ll also include our very own customized 2 week Itinerary for those who are keen to get the most out of their trip here .

From visiting the wonders of Rio de Janeiro to hiking deep into the rainforest, let’s now see what’s in store for us on this two week itinerary.

Getting to Brazil

When backpacking South America there are many entry points. Usually the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro serve as the best points of entry into Brazil . São Paulo is more connected, however Rio also has many direct flights arriving from across the globe.

buses south america

And given we’ve started our itinerary in Rio, you’ll first need to make your way here (you can always take a domestic flight from São Paulo to Rio also).

The other main way of getting into Brazil is by bus from the many neighboring countries . These include Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay to the south, Bolivia to the west, as well as Venezuela and Guyana to the north.

You can also make your way in from Peru and Colombia, however, you’ll need to travel by boat to Manaus (which in itself is a pretty memorable experience).

Other Things to know: Travel Tips

When traveling on our itinerary through Brazil, we recommend a minimum daily budget of $30 per day . With this budget, you’ll stay in a comfortable and air-conditioned dorm room, where you’ll also eat in local restaurants too.

brazilian food

It’s important to remember that Brazil is more expensive than other Latin American nations, so try not to be too shocked once you arrive.

Other costs such as international flights, travel insurance or long-distance buses are not included in this budget.

Many people heading to Brazil are quite fearful of the safety situation, so here’s our two cents having spent a while here.

Cities like São Paulo and Rio are safe as long as you stick to the more touristy areas (Vila Madalena and Ipanema respectively, we’ll cover these in more detail later) and also leave valuables locked away in your accommodation.

Other parts can be dodgy and we’ll list tips for each city later on in this guide. Wearing a secure Money Belt is a very good idea when exploring the big cities.

flying into rio brazil

Brazil is a massive country, and as such travel distances are going to be very big . You’ll need to use flights to get around, which is definitely the case for getting to Manaus.

Those who have more time can take buses between Salvador and Rio, given there are lots of nice places like Itacaré to see in between.

It’s better to use a bus between São Paulo and Rio to save, but those with shorter on time can easily hop on one of the main flights between these two major cities.

Brazil Itinerary (2 Week)

Now let’s explore our personalized 2 weeks in Brazil itinerary.

Here we’ll give you a full breakdown of how to arrange your days so you can get the very most out of a trip here.

Days 1-4: Rio

Kicking off our itinerary, we head to arguably one of the most vibrant cities in all of Latin America .

sugar loaf braz

Rio de Janeiro is known for its bustling atmosphere and party vibes, and those looking to throw down will love the district of Lapa where there’s some kind of party on every night of the week.

Ipanema and Copacabana are also known for their beaches and amenities, although you’ll want to be careful when walking alone at night in these areas (especially the beach where muggings are common).

One of the best things to do in Rio is to head up to Christ the Redeemer , which has solidified its place as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. You’ll also want to head on a day trip to Rocinha (one of Rio’s most famous favelas) and also take the cable car up to Sugarloaf Mountain.

We recommend joining this all-action day tour , where you’ll visit the 6 best sites of Rio (including Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain and the Maracanã.

Days 5-6: São Paulo

From Rio we’ll now take the 6 hour bus over to the sprawling city of São Paulo.

liberdade sao paulo brazil

The largest city in all of Latin America , this beast can be quite intimidating for a first-timer. That’s why we recommend staying within the lively and safe district of Vila Madalena. Here it feels much more chic, with lots of great restaurants and nightlife along its main street.

Whilst in this barrio you’ll want to explore Beco do Batman, which is famous for its artsy streets and impressive murals. Ibirapuera Park is another must-visit, where you’ll have many forested paths and a massive lake to explore.

beco do batman brazil

Other worthwhile things to see in São Paulo include the Sé Cathedral, the Museu do Futebol as well as the Japanese neighborhood of Liberdade .

There are also many hidden secrets to explore in São Paulo (which is natural given its massive size), which are best explored with this walking tour .

Days 7-10: Manaus

Having spent a week exploring the colourful big cities of Brazil, it’s now time to head into the uncharted region of the Amazon. The world’s largest rainforest, over 60% of it lies within Brazil , and Manaus is the perfect base camp for those looking to trek deeper into the region.

backpacking brazilian amazon

Once you’ve arrived with your flight here (it’s the only feasible way given our timeframe), you’ll want to head on a jungle tour asap.

The city of Manaus itself really isn’t anything special, so it’s best to use your days within the jungle (George, unfortunately, got stuck in Manaus for days on end, and also thinks the city just isn’t worth it).

The best way to explore the Amazon Jungle is with this highly-rated, multi-day tour . Here you’ll spend as many as 4 days within a jungle lodge (you can customise the amount of days), where you’ll spend your time fishing for pirañas, swimming with pink river Dolphins as well as heading on wildlife tours through the dense rainforest.

Days 11-14: Salvador

Last but not least, we now take a short flight over from Manaus to Salvador. Located on the Atlantic coast, this city is known for its Bahian culture, beaches and colorful architecture .

pelourinho salvador brazil

There’s two main areas to stay in. Barra is best for those who want to be near the beach and is overall one of the safest districts (along with many restaurants and amenities along the coast). The other is Pelourinho , which is where the majority of the must-see sites are located.

One of the best things to do in Salvador is to enjoy the unique culture that’s found in this region of Brazil. With strong Afro roots, you can learn more through the food, dance (there are many awesome places to head out to within Barra and Rio Vermelho) as well as from the landmarks.

Some of these include the Barra lighthouse, Lacerda Elevator , Convent of São Francisco as well as the stunning Portuguese architecture found in Pelourinho.

As you can imagine, with such a diverse city the cuisine is going to be top-notch too, such as dishes like Moqueca and Vatapá.

We recommend joining this authentic cooking class , where you’ll learn to make several Bahian dishes, as well as getting to mix with locals too.

From Salvador, you can easily catch a flight back to either Rio or São Paulo for your international flight out of Brazil.

Best time to visit Brazil

Given how massive and diverse Brazil is, it’s not surprising to hear that the climates can vary drastically between regions.

backpacking amazon brazil

What is usually straightforward is the fact that it’s going to be hot in most places . So you’ll want to pack mostly lighter clothes and garments.

Within the Amazon rainforest you can expect rain regardless of when you visit, so be sure to bring a quality rain jacket or poncho with you.

Overall, we’ve found (through our experience) that the months of November until February are the best time to visit Brazil . This is the summer season, which is nice and hot most days. It will be wetter during this time in the Amazon Jungle, however to be honest you’re going to get wet here regardless of when you visit!

Brazil Backpacking Tips

Below you can find a list of our top recommendations for Brazil:

  • 🛏 Solar Hostal (Rio de Janeiro), MADÁ Hostel (São Paulo), Local Hostel (Manaus), Salvador Surf Hostel (Salvador)
  • 🌮 Brazilian food is very diverse, and here you’re bound to find something that you’ll want to keep on ordering. Pão de Queijo is one of the favourites, and you’ll also want to try popular local dishes such as Feijoada, Empadão as well as Vatapá (the latter is best to try when in Salvador).
  • 🌴 Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain, Liberdade, The Amazon Jungle, Pelourinho.
  • 🍺 Nightlife in Brazil is memorable to say the least. In Rio you’ll find the best party spots in Lapa, as well as many options in Ipanema and along Copacabana beach. In São Paulo you’ll want to head to Vila Madalena, whilst the neighborhood of Rio Vermelho is the best place to throw down in Salvador. Whilst Manaus also has some good spots, it’s more low-key and local.
  • 💡 The cities in Brazil are truly massive, which becomes apparent when you visit the “smaller ones” too! Using the bus is the best way to get around as it’s really cheap, however, you’ll also want to make the most of Uber since some areas can be really sketchy (especially near the bus stations).

2 Weeks in Brazil Itinerary

Brazil is one of the best countries you can explore in Latin America. Not only is it full of incredible destinations that range from the Amazon Jungle to remote Atlantic beaches, it’s also home to some of the most fun and welcoming people on earth!

In this itinerary, we’ve covered all you need to know about Brazil. This includes the very best destinations to visit, our top recommendations as well as our customized 2 week Brazil itinerary for you to use when heading here .

Be sure to come back to this article whenever you need help planning, or even to suggest your own tips once you’ve completed the adventure yourself.

See our full backpacking Brazil guide for more tips.

👉🏽 P.S. If you’ve found this guide helpful, buy us a coffee here to say thanks! Or, support us by downloading our South America Travel Bible to get our best content.

“ Dear traveler! Some links in this post contain affiliate links. Meaning, if you click through and make a purchase, book a hostel or sign up for a tour, we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you . Your support means a lot and helps us to carry on traveling and maintaining the quality of this site for you.”

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Every Steph

The Perfect 2 Weeks in Brazil Itinerary for First Timers

By: Author Stefania Guglielmi

Posted on Last updated: January 1, 2023

Categories Brazil , South America

Heading for 2 weeks in Brazil and don’t know where to start planning your trip? Check out the perfect Brazil itinerary for first timers!

Brazil is a large country. In fact, it is the world’s fifth largest country with a population of over 211 million people. Located in South America it covers close to half of that continent. Just to understand how big it is, it’s bigger than all of Europe! The country also has 60% of the Amazon forest, the world’s largest tropical rainforest.

Why visit Brazil, you say? Being such a large country, the country has a lot to offer its visitors. From beautiful beaches, amazing street carnivals, wild nightlife and some world famous architecture, Brazil has it all so you should be prepared to have loads of fun when you travel to Brazil.

As a first timer to Brazil, you may be overwhelmed by what to include in your travel plans and what to leave out. So we have done that for you and created a two-week itinerary for a trip to Brazil.

The plan will take you to some of the best places in Brazil including cities like Sao Paulo (which is Brazil’s largest city), Rio de Janeiro, Paraty and Foz do Iguacu. Let’s get into it!

Table of Contents

Day 1-4: Rio De Janeiro

2nd tour bresil

Try and fly into the country through Rio de Janeiro, as it makes the most sense for this two weeks in Brazil itinerary. Rio De Janeiro was the capital of Brazil until 1960, when the capital was moved to Brasilia. As Brazil’s second largest city, there is plenty to do here, but I’m sure you already know!

Start with visiting the world-renowned Christ the Redeemer statue. The open arm statue of Jesus Christ has been named one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, and attracts millions of tourist each year. It is located on Mount Corcovado and can be seen from every point in Rio De Janeiro. Ride the tram that takes tourist up Mount Corcovado to get a close look of Christ the Redeemer and enjoy a beautiful view of Rio .

Once you are done with touring this statue, head over to Copacabana or Ipanema Beach to soak up some sun. While at the beach you can just work on your tan, or surf or join in a game of beach football. Football is big in Brazil, they’re mad about the sport! So, while in Rio, try also to catch a football game at one of the local stadiums.

To enjoy a night out in Rio , head over to the samba clubs in Lapa. Other popular activities in Rio include visiting the Sugar Loaf Mountain, trekking in the Tijuca rainforest, and checking out the colorful Lapa stairs.

2nd tour bresil

Depending on what time of the year you visit, you might also be able to take part in the world famous Rio Carnival. It is usually in February and there will be plenty of music, parades and colorfully dressed dancers on the city streets.

For accommodation, Rio has lots of hotels which are affordable, but keep in mind that if you are traveling during carnival season, Easter or New Year’s, prices will be higher.

Day 4-8: Paraty and Ilha Grande

2nd tour bresil

After visiting the sights and partying hard in Rio, it’s time to get some relax on the beach, what do you think? Paraty and Ilha Grande, which neighbor each other, offer the perfect destinations for a beach holiday.

Ilha Grande is on your way to Paraty from Rio De Janeiro. You can stop over here for two days to enjoy the beautiful and unspoiled tropical beaches.

2nd tour bresil

Also known as Parati, Paraty is a coastal town where the Portuguese settled in 1667. The city maintains its old charm with cobblestone streets and old churches.

Other than lying on the beach sipping caipirinha, which is never a bad idea, you can do some kayaking at the Jabaquara mangroves, or hike the local trails to see lovely waterfalls and forests in the area. If you are into seafood. there are plenty of great seafood restaurants in Paraty for you to dine at.

You can take a four-hour bus ride to get to Paraty from Rio, and enjoy scenic views of Brazil at the same time. Otherwise, you can rent a car for your 2 weeks in Brazil- it’s Brazil road trip time, babe!

Day 8-11: São Paulo

2nd tour bresil

Your Brazil travel itinerary now brings you to Sao Paulo, Brazil’s financial center. Sao Paulo is just a four-hour drive from Paraty. Just like Rio, the city is vibrant. While in Sao Paulo, you can visit the numerous cultural institutions and see the rich architecture the city has to offer.

We recommend visiting the São Paulo Museum of Art. The museum opened in 1968, and has a good collection of art done by Renoir, Van Gogh, Matisse, Manet, Debret, Picasso, Miró, along with 73 works of bronze sculpture by Degas. Other popular places to visit in Sao Paulo include:

• Teatro Municipal (City Theater) • Ibirapuera Park, which is a green space with monuments, museums, playgrounds, gardens, trails, lakes, and performance spaces. This is Sao Paulo’s equivalent to Central Park in New York. • Museu de Arte Contemporânea (Contemporary Art Museum) • Sé (Cathedral) • Avenida Paulista

Day 11-14: Iguazu Falls

2nd tour bresil

Once you’re done with Sao Paulo, take a flight to Foz do Iguacu, which will get you there in two hours. The major attraction in this multicultural city which borders Argentina is obviously its giant Iguazu Falls, one of the best places to visit in Brazil .

The waterfalls on both the Brazilian and Argentina side make up the world largest waterfall system. Iguazu Falls was chosen as one of the New 7 Natural Wonders of the World , so you can imagine how breathtaking they are.

READ ALSO: The Top 24 Ecotourism Destinations for 2019

You can get up close to see the waterfalls by walking on a footbridge, but be prepared to get wet as you walk up to this magical site. If you want, you can also cross the border and also view the falls from Argentina. Remember to carry your passport if you plan to do this!

If you love bird watching, be sure to make a stop at Parque Das Aves where you’ll see incredible birds like the toucan, macaw, cassowary and pink flamingo.

2nd tour bresil

As I said at the start, Brazil is a huge country and two weeks is not enough to see all of it, it would take you months!

If you have more time you can extend your stay and visits other cities like Salvador, Fortaleza, or Manaus for a trip to the Amazon, one of the best ecotourism destinations in the world .

Brazil Travel Tips for First Timers

• If you’re a citizen of the United States, Canada, Australia or Japan, to enter Brazil you will need an e-visa. You can easily make a Brazil visa application online . The application takes less than five minutes and you should have your visa within 5 days. The visa allows travelers to spend 90 days a year in Brazil for multiple purposes, over a 2 year period.

• To move around in Brazil you can use buses, rent a vehicle, or fly to your destination. Domestic airfare in Brazil is affordable, for example a flight from Rio De Janeiro to Foz Do Iguacu is about $100 each way.

• Brazil is an all year round travel destination with warm temperatures most of the time. However, the best time to visit Brazil is probably February so you can be part of the world’s largest party the Carnival in Rio (if you don’t like crowds, though, go any other time).

One Week, 10 Days, or 3 Weeks in Brazil Itineraries

• If you only have one week in Brazil, we suggest you head to Rio de Janeiro and then skip the rest of the itinerary until the incredible Iguazu Falls. These two destinations will keep your 7 days in Brazil pretty busy!

• If instead you are looking for a 10 days in Brazil itinerary, follow this Brazil two week itinerary but skip Sao Paulo, which is a mega city with many interesting cultural attractions, but can be overwhelming from how big it is.

2nd tour bresil

Looking to spend more time in Brazil? Lucky you! For a 3 weeks Brazil itinerary, these are our two favorite options:

• Fly north to Salvador de Bahia, a culturally diverse and colorful city full of colonial buildings, markets, and beautiful churches. This is also where Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian art that combines dance with martial arts, was born. Spend two or three days here and then fly directly to Fernando de Noronha, this stunning island pictured above here.

You might have never heard of it, but this remote island 350 km off the coast of Brazil has the best beaches you’ll find in the country, and incredible snorkeling and diving.

• Otherwise, fly to Manaus, the door to the Amazon. This, together with Iguazu Falls, is something unique that really shouldn’t be missed. Go on a jungle tour and relax at some of the wonderful eco-lodges surrounded by nature. I can’t wait to do this next year as I loved my Borneo jungle safari so much and this looks similar.

There you go! Hopefully this itinerary is useful for planning your trip to Brazil. Boa viagem!

Stefania Guglielmi

Stefania Guglielmi is the founder of Every Steph. Originally from Bologna, Italy, she's been traveling full-time since 2016 and has visited over 50 countries across 6 continents. She believes sustainable travel and luxury travel can go hand in hand and has been advocating for responsible tourism since 2014. Stefania's advice and travel experiences have been featured in important publications such as Business Insider, Refinery29, and Yahoo Money.

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2nd tour bresil

Weather conditions & Packing list

2nd tour bresil

"Nature & Photography Tours in South America"

[email protected]

+55 65 9 99754406 | +55 65 996097994


Roseate Sponnbill - Birdwatching in Pantanal

PANTANAL JAGUAR SAFARIS is a Brazilian based company, specialized in Jaguar Safaris, Wildlife Tours, Birdwatching, Photography and Natural History Tours to the finest wildlife destinations of Brazil. Owned and operated by professional wildlife biologists, Leen Gillis & André Moratelli, Pantanal Jaguar Safaris takes you in comfort to the wilderness.​​​​​​

Jaguar  tours.

_BLF0542 ret_00001.jpg

The best place to photograph jaguars in South America

 cuiabá river | state park.


Highlights: Jaguar, Giant Otter, Tapir, Hyacinth Macaw, Toco Toucan, Anaconda

June to November

Porto jofre jaguar safari.

jaguarTree (3).jpg

The seldom visited Taiamã Reserve

Paraguay river | taiamã​.

Highlights: Jaguar, Giant Otter, Tapir, Armadillo, Toco Toucan, Osprey, Anaconda


Pantanal wilderness, the two best locations to photograph jaguars in one tour, transpantaneira | p. jofre | taiamã.

Highlights: Jaguar, Giant Otter, Tapir, Giant Anteater, Hyacinth Macaw, Toco Toucan, Anaconda

2nd tour bresil


Group  tours, small group tours & fixed departures.

waters ague-1524.jpg

Check out the scheduled Tour dates & Book now your wildlife holiday of 2023

 porto jofre | taiamã | wetlands & savanna s, june to october, puma´s of patagonia.

pumas landscape2.jpg

Check out the scheduled Tour dates for 6N Puma Tour in Patagonia, Chile PUNTA ARENAS | PUERTO NATALES | TORRES DEL PAIN June to Oc tober

Wildlife tours, jaguar safari included, birdwatching and photography in central brazil, pantanal &  savanna, all year round.

2nd tour bresil


2nd tour bresil

Photographing Jaguars, wildlife and a  fine selection of  neotropical birds

Transpantaneira & porto jofre, pantanal classic tour, overland safaris, boat trips, forest walks, scenery, wildlife photography, pantanal, chapada & nobres.

2nd tour bresil


Videos of pantanal jaguar safaris, pantanal & family tours.

Pantanal is the aquatic heart of South America, it is an ever changing celebrating of life! Join us on one of our Private or small group Tours. Our Tours take you in comfort to one of the last trully wilderness in the world.

PJS offers you offer you front row seats to the finest wildlife show on earth.

PANTANAL, the aquatic heart of South America

We hope you love it as much as we do!  💚

Two males fight for supremacy

In July 2018, our guide André alongside his guests managed to capture this dispute between Juru and Scarface at close range from our speedboat. Scarface shows submission to the newcomer as he puts his tail between his legs. The newcomer Juru is quickly climbing his way to supremacy. The Meeting of the Waters State Park (Porto Jofre), located at the Northern Pantanal, in Mato Grosso, Brazil, is one of the hot spots of jaguar safaris in South America.

Jaguar takes down large caiman

This video was shot by our guest John Medlock & wildlife guide Leen Gillis in Porto Jofre in October 2016. We found ourselves marveled at this male jaguar power.

No other big cat is as active as Jaguars at day time. Our Safaris often produce amazing encounters with jaguars in action, which provides photographers great photo opportunities. Since 2013, all of our guests watched and photographed Jaguars on our Safaris (minimum of 03 nights at Porto Jofre or Taiamã Reserve).

Jaguar killing caiman in Pantanal

In the recent years, the Pantanal has emerged as one of the best places in the world, if not the best place in the world, to watch and photograph Jaguars in the wild. Pantanal Jaguar Safaris takes his travelers to the realm of the Jaguars, into the depths of Pantanal, in search of this elusive cat along the rivers.

This video was taken in September 2013 during one of our Jaguar Safaris in the Meeting of the Waters State Park, Northern Pantanal.

Jaguars mating in the wild

Since 2013 all of our guests watched and photographed Jaguars at close range for extended periods (Minimum three nights at Porto Jofre or Taiamã Reserve). We can observe their daily activities from comfortable motorboats making the most of the Pantanal's photographic potential. 

This video footage was taken by André Moratelli in 2013. Our guests watched and photographed these Jaguars mating on the riverbanks of the Piquiri river for two and half hours.


2nd tour bresil

Steve Brandon, Chattanooga, USA - Pantanal North & South July 2019

"Unbelievable experience!" written on TripAdvisor

We booked our trip through Pantanal Jaguar Safaris. Leen was extremely helpful in designing our tirp and booking all of the details (including sending shampoo and conditioner with the bush plane pilot!) Andre was our guide. He has his own boat at Hotel Pantanal Norte - the only boat with a canopy -- up when needed against the sun and down when you need to be photographing jaguars and birds. Andre is very patient with nature staying with the jaguar to get some amazing shots. If you've been to Africa you know about "sundowners", we were not disappointed sitting on the boat in the middle of the river, sipping cocktails, watching the sun go down. Definitely recommend booking with Pantanal Jaguar Safaris.

2nd tour bresil

Family Ley , Germany –  Pantanal Photography tour, September 2019

"incredible trip of returning guests" written on tripadvisor.

We have been returning guests to the Pantanal with Pantanal Jaguar Safaris for the second year in a row. It was again an overall fantastic trip to say the least. There are many reasons for why; however I would like to highlight a few: 1. Andre, who is one of the managers was our guide and boatman in the Pantanal. He is very experienced, knowledgeable and was able to position us in the perfect spot always. He is a keen photographer himself, which is a huge plus, as he understands light, composition and scenery. This allows for outstanding photographic opportunities. We are into birding as well and were amazed by Andre’s expertise.  

John & Janet Rochester, Great Britain - Wetlands and Savannas 2019. 

"Brilliant Personalised Safari" written on TripAdvisor.

This was an amazing trip. Second time visiting the pantanal, previous holiday with a different company's group tour of 12 which was OK but had significant frustrations. For this trip with Pantanal Jaguar Safaris we wanted to be able to see and do what we wanted but with the benefit of someone who knew how to do this. Our first 10 days in the Pantanal Andre took the time to find out exactly what we wanted, he was friendly, knowledgeable and clearly as passionate about the wildlife and ecosystem as we were. We saw a huge amount of wild life - animals and birds, with the opportunity to stop for photography at any time requested. The second part of our trip was in Chapada with, at our request, more emphasis on birds. Leen was equally as friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

2nd tour bresil

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Présidentielle au Brésil : Lula devance Bolsonaro, un second tour aura lieu le 30 octobre

Avec 48,43 % des voix, le représentant du Parti des travailleurs, chef de l’Etat de 2003 à 2010, enregistre plus de cinq points d’avance sur le président d’extrême droite sortant.

Le Monde avec AFP

Temps de Lecture 3 min.

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Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva remercie ses supporteurs après l’annonce des résultats du premier tour de l’élection présidentielle brésilienne, à Sao Paulo, le 2 octobre 2022.

L’élection présidentielle du Brésil se décidera au second tour. A l’issue du premier tour de scrutin, dimanche 2 octobre, l’ex-président de gauche Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, dit « Lula », termine en tête devant le chef d’Etat d’extrême droite sortant, Jair Bolsonaro, avec 48,43 % des voix contre 43,20 %, selon les résultats publiés par le Tribunal supérieur électoral (TSE) portant sur 99,99 % des bulletins dépouillés.

Plus de 6 millions de voix séparent les deux hommes, Lula comptabilisant plus de 57,2 millions de votes en sa faveur. Mais aucun des deux candidats n’ayant atteint la majorité absolue, ils seront départagés lors d’un second tour, dimanche 30 octobre.

Quelque 156 millions de Brésiliens étaient appelés à voter pour ce premier tour afin de choisir leur président pour les quatre prochaines années. La centriste Simone Tebet récolte la troisième place, loin derrière, avec 4,16 % des voix. Le travailliste Ciro Gomes la suit, à 3,04 %. Tous les autres candidats sont autour ou au-dessous de 0,50 %. Le taux de participation de ce premier tour a atteint 79 %.

« La lutte continue jusqu’à la victoire finale » , a déclaré, dimanche soir, « Lula », qui a admis qu’il espérait l’emporter dès le premier tour et semblait touché après l’annonce du résultat. « C’est juste une prolongation. Nous allons remporter cette élection » , a-t-il prédit en utilisant une formule sportive, promettant « plus de déplacements, d’autres meetings » à la rencontre des Brésiliens pour décrocher un troisième mandat.

« Une surprise »

Parmi les onze prétendants à la fonction suprême, « Lula » partait favori. Samedi soir, le dernier sondage Datafolha donnait le candidat du Parti des travailleurs (PT) largement en tête, avec 50 % des voix, contre 36 % pour Jair Bolsonaro (Parti libéral).

Lula, qui a passé cinq cent quatre-vingts jours en prison  pour corruption  en 2018 et 2019, a fait un retour en force  après l’annulation de ses condamnations , en 2021. A 76 ans, il fait une campagne sur la « reconstruction » d’un pays très divisé, promettant l’éradication de la faim, ainsi qu’une lutte en faveur de la préservation de l’environnement.

Le président brésilien, Jair Bolsonaro, candidat à sa réélection, s’adresse à la presse après l’annonce des résultats du premier tour le plaçant en deuxième position, à Sao Paulo, le 2 octobre 2022.

Jair Bolsonaro a déclaré, dans la soirée, avoir « vaincu les mensonges » des sondages, et s’est montré optimiste pour le second tour. Les Brésiliens ont moins sanctionné que prévu le président d’extrême droite pour son déni du Covid-19 (685 000 morts), la crise économique, dans un pays où plus de 30 millions de personnes souffrent de la faim, et les crises ayant émaillé tout son mandat. D’ici au 30 octobre, le dirigeant d’extrême droite aura l’occasion de galvaniser ses troupes dans les rues et de trouver un nouvel élan.

« C’est une surprise, Bolsonaro a obtenu plus de votes que ce que l’on attendait, notamment à Sao Paulo et Rio de Janeiro, les deux Etats les plus importants du pays » , dit à l’Agence France-Presse (AFP) Paulo Calmon, politologue de l’université de Brasilia. « Au second tour, la course présidentielle reste ouverte et promet d’être très disputée. Bolsonaro a encore toutes ses chances d’être réélu » , ajoute-t-il.

Par ailleurs, de nombreux candidats bolsonaristes, dont des ex-ministres du gouvernement, ont été élus au Congrès. Le très controversé Ricardo Salles, qui avait été soupçonné d’avoir pris part à un réseau de contrebande de bois d’Amazonie quand il était ministre de l’environnement, a, par exemple, obtenu un siège de député. Claudio Castro, allié du chef de l’Etat à Rio de Janeiro, a été réélu gouverneur dès le premier tour.

Au quartier général du Parti des travailleurs, un hôtel de Sao Paulo (Sud-Est), la tension était palpable dimanche soir, alors que les résultats étaient égrainés. Au début du dépouillement, Jair Bolsonaro a compté plus de cinq points d’avance sur Lula, mais l’écart s’est ensuite réduit progressivement, avant de s’inverser.

« Fiabilité et transparence » du scrutin

Des craintes persistaient sur l’après-scrutin en cas de succès dès le premier tour de « Lula ». Son rival avait menacé de ne pas reconnaître les résultats en cas de défaite, ciblant le système électoral, avant de montrer quelques signes d’apaisement à l’approche du vote.

Le président du TSE, Alexandre de Moraes, a assuré dimanche que le vote se déroulait « sans problème » et a tenu à « réaffirmer la fiabilité et la transparence » du système d’urnes électroniques, moult fois critiqué par M. Bolsonaro. Plus de 500 000 membres des forces de l’ordre avaient été mobilisés pour assurer la sécurité du scrutin, qui s’est déroulé en présence de dizaines d’observateurs étrangers.

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Upcoming Tours


Brazil,  the largest country in South America by far,  is composed of 6 distinct biomes that include the Amazon Forest, Atlantic Forest, Cerrado (Brazilian Savanna), Caatinga, Pantanal and the Pampas. Those biomes as a whole contribute to the maintenance of the biological megadiversity that makes up it territory. Brazil is famous for being considered the second richest country in the world in number of species of birds, with over 200 being endemic. BITW offers strategically created routes for the observation of these incredible birds. With us  you are guaranteed a tour of satisfaction that starts from the moment you choose an itinerary.


Current booking tours for 2024 and 2025

Endemic birds of the atlantic rainforest  -  oct 7th-14th,  2024  , great hummingbirds of southeast: the bucket list - sept 3rd-13th, 2025, now booking 2025, amazon birding expedition for women: sept 16th - 27th,  2024     , maned wolf safari and birds: in the heart of the brazilian savanna - nov 2nd-7th, 2024 / sept 8th-13th,  2025, pantanal- featuring the brazilian jaguar and much more , 2025    coming soon, unique and rare birds of the brazilian savanna - oct 15th - 24th, 2025  .


The Company

Birding is the World Brazil offers a vacation birding experience like no other. We specialize in tailoring tours for birders of all levels, and they offer an extensive network of local guides and connections to help you explore the country's rich biodiversity. Birding is the World Brazil was Founded by Maira and Jeffrey Oakar who have been traveling to Brazil for over 10 years. They are passionate about sharing and preserving the unique wildlife of Brazil! They have traveled extensively throughout the country, while making many local and domestic connections. They both share a love for birding, as well as the culture in Brazil - which they want you to see firsthand! Whether you're looking for an adventure close up with birds or scenery from above on land-they'll be able to help guide you to your birding dreams.

Couple and Dog on Camping Trip

The Founders

Maira, Jeffrey and Benjamin! We are a trio with a passion for nature in all its beauty, but we are especially crazy about birds! Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Maira studied biology and has since become an expert photographer. After graduating with honors and acquiring experience doing research on South America's largest monkey, the endangered Muruqui monkey, Maira moved to Denver, Colorado. Jeffrey is from Cleveland, Ohio but has lived all over the world. His photography skills led him to Brazil where he won several exhibits and awards doing documentary photography. Along the way, a third lover of nature appeared! Like mom and dad, like son....Benji loves to observe birds and when one comes along, he always asks for his "onoculars".

About Us Birding Is The World Brazil Founders

The Mission

Birding Is The World is a new organization that explores the world of birding, with an emphasis on Brazil. Why are we interested in birds? Because they're amazing creatures and because it's important to save them for future generations.Why are we interested in Brazil? Because it's one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, home to over 1/3 of all bird species. These environments are in danger of non-existence. What can we do about this problem? There are lots of things that people can do but Birding Is The World believes that the best way to help is by getting out there and observing what’s happening with your own eyes so you have some idea of what needs more attention.

This philosophy leads us towards being a global conservation project with birding and local culture cultivation at its infrastructure.

Blog / News /Updates

View all blogs.

Come meet us at Wild Birds Unlimited, Denver unit

Come meet us at Wild Birds Unlimited, Denver unit

2nd tour bresil

The best place in the world to go birding!

2nd tour bresil

Maned Wolf Safari: join us on this new adventure and meet the mysterious fruit eating wolf!

Get In Touch

(720)809-5934  , [email protected], have a trip detail request or another specific question.

Thanks for submitting!

Our Partners

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2nd tour bresil

Recommended Brazil Travel Itineraries

Brazil is a massive country that requires a fair amount of dedication to travel completely.  Personally, I spent 3 months in the country and felt like I could have spent a year exploring each nook and cranny.  I would like to say that I hit nearly every major spot in the country during my exploration, but that isn’t to say that I couldn’t have visited more places.  I have included below a number of travel itineraries that I recommend for Brazil .  They have been put together in a way to make sure that you get the most out of your time in Brazil.  Whether you only have 10 days or 2 months, there is a Brazil travel itinerary set up for you.  These itineraries are written as though your means of transportation is bus but, of course, there is always more than one way to skin a cat.  Personally, I travel nearly all the time over land, but air travel in Brazil is widely popular and quite affordable if booked in advance.

Of course, these travel itineraries for Brazil are meant as a guide and are by no means the only way to travel the country.  If you have any questions about travelling Brazil in any capacity please don’t hesitate to contact me .

Itinerary 1: The Loop (39 Days)

The loop itinerary is meant to give you the most extensive possible travel experience in Brazil.  This itinerary offers a little bit of everything: beaches, cities, wildlife and natural wonder.  If you have a lot of time to spend in Brazil this might be the itinerary for you.  You might also want to check itinerary 6 if you have a lot of time and prefer not to do a loop.

The Loop Itinerary for Brazil

  • Days 1-4 Rio de Janerio
  • Days 5: Bus to Ilha Grande
  • Days 6-7: Explore the island, maybe go for a hike
  • Day 8: Bus to Paraty
  • Day 9: Explore Paraty
  • Day 10: Visit beaches nearby Paraty
  • Day 11: Bus to Sao Paulo
  • Day 12: Explore Sao Paulo (Football museum is a must)
  • Day 13: Morning in Sao Paulo with night bus to Florianopolis
  • Day 14: Arrive in Floripa, head to Barra Lagoa
  • Days 15-17: Florianopolis
  • Day 18: Bus to Curitiba
  • Day 19: Curitiba
  • Day 20: Morning in Curitiba, Afternoon bus to Iguazu Falls
  • Day 21: Iguazu: Brazilian site
  • Day 22: Take day trip to Argentinean side of falls
  • Day 23: Bus to Campo Grande
  • Day 24-26: Pantanal wildlife tour
  • Day 28: Night bus to Brasilia
  • Days 29-30: Brasilia
  • Day 31: Night bus to Salvador de Bahia
  • Days 32-34: Salvador
  • Day 35: Bus to Porto Seguro
  • Day 36-37: Porto Seguro and Trancoso
  • Day 38: Night bus to Rio
  • Day 39: End in Rio de Janeiro

Itinerary 2: The Southern Loop (24 Days)

The southern loop itinerary is meant to give visitors to Brazil a quick look at the highlights of the country without over extending all too much.  This itinerary still gives travellers the chance to see some of the most amazing places in the country while not travelling the massive distance to get to the north of the country.  This itinerary is meant for those who do not have a whole lot of time in the country but still want to experience a little of everything.

The Southern Loop Brazil Travel Itinerary

  • Day 5: Bus to Paraty
  • Day 6: Explore Paraty
  • Day 7: Visit beaches nearby Paraty
  • Day 8: Morning in Paraty, night bus to Curitiba
  • Day 9: Curitiba
  • Day 10: Bus to Florianopolis
  • Days 11-13: Florianopolis
  • Day 14: Night bus to Iguazu Falls
  • Day 15: Iguazu: Brazilian site
  • Day 16: Take day trip to Argentinean side of falls
  • Day 17: Bus to Campo Grande
  • Days 18-20 Pantanal Wildlife tour
  • Day 21: Bus to Sao Paulo
  • Day 22: Explore Sao Paulo
  • Day 23: Morning in Sao Paulo with night bus to Rio
  • Day 24: End in Rio de Janeiro

Itinerary 3: Cultural Brazil (19 Days)

Cultural Brazil Travel Itinerary

If you find yourself on a search for history rather than a hunt for beach destinations than you might want to consider the “Cultural Brazil” travel itinerary.  This itinerary guides visitors to some of the more important historical regions of Brazil while still offering some time on the beach to catch a bit of that Brazilian sun.  Obviously, with a little bit more time one could also include a trip to the famous Iguazu Falls to this trip.  Brazil has a lot of offer in terms of history and culture and this itinerary will be sure to fill your spirits with the Brazilian character.

  • Days 1-4: Rio de Janeiro
  • Day 4: Bus to Paraty
  • Day 5: Explore Paraty
  • Day 6: Explore beaches near Paraty or historical hiking trail
  • Day 7: Bus to Sao Paulo
  • Days 8-9: Explore Sao Paulo
  • Day 10: Overnight bus to Belo Horizonte (10hrs)
  • Days 11-12 Belo Horizonte
  • Day 13: Night bus to Salvador de Bahia
  • Days 14-16 Salvador
  • Day 15: Bus to Porto Seguro
  • Days 16-17: Porto Seguro
  • Day 18: Bus to Rio
  • Day 19: End in Rio de Janeiro

Itinerary 4: From Uruguay to Rio (24 Days)

From Uruguay to Rio

If you are coming from Uruguay and heading to Rio de Janeiro you will basically have everything laid out for you in terms of Brazilian destination hot spots.  This is probably the most popular route of travel, especially for travellers that fall in the class of backpackers.  If you don’t really care about visiting Florianopolis, and prefer not to cross Uruguay, this itinerary is also possible if you start from the Argentinean side of Iguazu Falls.

  • Day 1: Arrive in Porto Alegre
  • Day 2: Porto Alegre
  • Day 3: Bus to Florianopolis
  • Days 5-7: Florianopolis
  • Day 8: Night bus to Foz do Iguacu
  • Day 9: Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls
  • Day 10: Day trip to the Argentinean side of Iguazu Falls
  • Day 11: Night bus to Curitiba
  • Day 12: Curitiba
  • Day 13: Night bus to Sao Paulo
  • Days 14-15: Sao Paulo
  • Day 16: Bus to Paraty
  • Days 17-18: Paraty
  • Day 19: Bus to Rio
  • Days 20-23: Rio de Janeiro
  • Day 24: End in Rio

Itinerary 5: From Bolivia to Rio (27 Days)

Coming from Brazil and travelling to Rio perhaps gives you the greatest swath of available destination opportunities starting with the wildlife rich Pantanal and ending with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  This itinerary will give you a great means of exploring the best of what Southern Brazil has to offer.

From Bolivia to Rio

  • Day 1: Arrive in Campo Grande from Bolivia
  • Days 2-4: Pantanal wildlife tour
  • Day 5: Campo Grande and Night bus to Iguazu Falls
  • Day 6: Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls
  • Day 7: Day trip to the Argentinean side of Iguazu Falls
  • Day 8: Bus to Curitiba
  • Day 14: Night bus to Sao Paulo
  • Days 15-16: Sao Paulo
  • Day 17: Bus to Paraty
  • Days 18-19: Paraty
  • Day 20: Bus to Ilha Grande
  • Days 21-22: Ilha Grande
  • Day 23: Bus to Rio de Janeiro
  • Days 24-26: Rio
  • Day 27: End in Rio de Janeiro

Campo Grande-Iguasu-Curitiba-Florianopolis-Sao Paulo-Parati-Ihla Grande-Rio

Itinerary 6: Complete Brazil: From Uruguay to Venezuela (73 Days)

When I travelled Brazil, I basically did a variation of this Itinerary Although my itinerary was different since I left Brazil for French Guyana instead of Venezuela (although I did eventually cross the border from Brazil to Venezuela).  This trip is a true adventure if you have the time, or if like myself, you are circumnavigating South America trying to see all its glory.  Quite obviously, this itinerary can be manipulated with a quick flight back to Rio de Janeiro at the end if you are trying to avoid Venezuela.  This itinerary is extensive and long, however, if you are up to it, this is a great adventure.

From Uruguay to Venezuela

  • Day 1: Porto Alegre
  • Day 2: Bus to Florianopolis
  • Days 3-5: Folianopolis
  • Day 6: Bus to Curitiba
  • Day 7: Curitiba
  • Day 8: Catch the train to the coast and boat to Ilha do Mel
  • Day 9-10: Ilha do Mel
  • Day 11: Bus back to Curitiba and overnight bus to Foz do Iguasu
  • Day 12: Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls
  • Day 13: Day trip to Argentineans side of Iguazzu Falls
  • Day 14: Bus to Campo Grande
  • Days 15-17: Panatanal wildlife tour
  • Day 18: Bus to Sao Paulo
  • Days 19-20: Sao Paulo
  • Day 21: Bus to Parati
  • Days 22-23: Parati
  • Day 24: Bus to Ilha Grande
  • Days 25-27: Ilha Grande
  • Day 28: Bus to Rio de Janeiro
  • Days 29-32: Rio de Janeiro
  • Day 33: Bus to Belo Horizonte
  • Days 34-36: Belo Horizonte
  • Day 37: Bus to Porto Seguro
  • Days 38-40: Porto Seguro and Trancoso
  • Day 41: Bus to Salvador de Bahia
  • Days 42-44: Salvador de Bahia
  • Day 45: Bus to Recife
  • Days 46-48: Recife and Olinda
  • Day 49: Bus to Fortaleza
  • Days 50-51: Fortaleza
  • Day 52: Bus to Jericoacoara
  • Days 53-56: Jericoacoara
  • Day 57: Bus to Belem
  • Days 58-60: Belem
  • Days 61-62: Boat to Santarem
  • Days 63-65: Santarem
  • Days 66-67: Boat to Manaus
  • Days 68-71: Manaus and Wildlife excursion
  • Day 72: Bus to Boa Vista
  • Day 73: Bus to Venezuela

Travel Advice for Brazil

I wanted to end this post with some bits of travel advice for Brazil.  Hopefully this guide to travelling Brazil has helped you plan your trip here.

  • Accommodation : In Brazil you have options for hotels, and hostels. Some places also offer an ultra-budget option to hang up your own hammock. I will say, though, that I’ve found hotels to be just as good a value as hostels in Brazil.  The hostels aren’t incredible, and unless you’re hoping to meet other travellers, the hotels are great.  For either hotel or hostel, I use this site for the cheapest prices .
  • Tours : If you’re looking to book your local tours at places like Iguazu Falls or Rio de Janeiro, check out Get Your Guide . You can book everything online to make things easier.
  • Flights : Flights within Brazil are quite cheap. There’s lots of competition between the major airlines (TAM, Gol, and Azul) But, the earlier you book the better.  Personally, I use Kiwi for my flights in Brazil .
  • Buses : If you’re travelling by bus in Brazil, you sort of have to go to the bus station to book your tickets. As far as I know, there’s not a great online option.
  • Money : Most of Brazil takes credit card and debit card these days. Aside from street stands, you’ll be able to use your cards almost everywhere.  Where you can’t, there are always ATMs nearby.

Brazil is awesome. I would love to do the last one! If you don’t mind sharing, about how much money was it for you to do?

Hey Maggie… no problem sharing. I didn’t exactly live on a shoestring in Brazil like I normally do. When I did it I spent about 50US$ a day (mostly because of the fact I was there during the high season and carnival) but I’m sure that I could have done it for about 40$ a day had I tried a little harder.

I am parked at the moment in Buenos Aires and one thing I need to do is make a plan for Brazil so this should prove very helpful. I think I am going to try a variation of that last itinerary, possibly with a quick foray into Paraguay. Thanks for sharing. If I want to do the Guyanas also before Venezuela how would you recommend modifying the route? Also, I wasn’t planning to bother with Manaus but what do you think, is it skippable or a must-see?

I actually did the trip to the Guianas, and it’s really simple. When you get to Belem you just either take the 24 hour boat ride to Macapa or you can fly to Macapa. The from Macapa it’s about a 12 hour bus ride to the border town called Olapoque where you cross into French Guiana.

Manaus is amazing for wildlife, but if you do the Pantana it would be much of the same thing, you could skip it.

Heyyy, so glad to know that you came to my home country! I’m from São Paulo, but there’s a place called Maragogi, in the state of Alagoas that is really beautiful here. If you come another time, be sure to go to this beach, cause it’s quite amazing! =)

Thanks for the tip Barbara… I’ll make sure to check it out next time I’m around!

Hi Brendan,

I’m travelling to Brazil in a group of four this August/September and we are looking at doing a route similar to your 39-day loop.

Could you tell me more about the Pantanal wildlife tours? Is it best to book in advance through an operator or to arrange tours when we get there? How much does the Pantanal cost? (I understand that the lodges are quite expensive).

Beej, If you’re looking for a budget trip into the Panatanal give Ecological Expeditions in Campo Grande a look. I don’t have their website on hand but they’re good and low budget for sure. You will likely only need to give them dates a week or two in advance. The pantanal is sweet the time of year you’re going. That’s when it’s easiest to find cats. Also, there’s less rain and mosquitoes.

First of all: thanks for all your stories, I love them! I fly to Suriname the end of august, and my plan was to travel over land to Brasil. I had a question about the visum for French Guinea: how did you get this? I think you also don’t have an outgoing flight because you were travelling over land? I also saw that most of the long travels, you use a full day in you itinerary. Is that because there are no nightbuses, or is it not safe? I would like to use them because it also make a difference in the accomodationcosts.

Greetings, Esther The Netherlands

Hi Esther, French Guiana is a French department, so it’s just like entering a European country. You don’t need a visa if you’re a European citizen. In Brazil, the night buses are fine, and I normally would do the night bus personally. However, most people find them quite uncomfortable. They aren’t really nice buses like in Argentina. Still, to save time, take the night buses. Just make sure it’s a safe line as bus robberies used to be a major problem in Brazil, although it’s getting better.

Hi…Great post and very helpful for newbies like myself to Brazil. I wondered if you may be able to assist me?

I am travelling from London and I have about 3 weeks for Brazil and possibly somewhere else. My plan is to fly from Lon to GIG, stay in Rio for 4-5 days, then take a bus to Paraty and stay there for 2-3days. After this is when I get stuck with my plans as I want to also visit Salvador, the falls on both sides, The Amazon for 4 days and possibly the Pantanal, I just don’t know what order to do these trips in, I do know that I want The Amazon to be my 2nd to last stop. As it looks like I will have some spare days I was thinking of leaving Brazil and going to Buenos Aires then fly back to GIG to get flight home. The reason why I will fly back to GIG is because the return flight from Lon to Gig to London is the same price as me leaving Buenos Aires and taking a one way flight home to London. Do you have any suggestions as to what route to take and also where possible to take a busother than Rio to Paraty? Thank you very much Kelly

Thank you for simplifying what has been an overwhelming trip to plan. How would you add the Iguazu Falls to the 19 day Cultural Brazil trip to make it a 22-24 day trip?

Pleasure Gena! From Sao Paolo there are direct buses to Iguazu Falls. It’s done quite easily. If you plan on visiting both sides of the falls, you’ll want a half day on the Brazilian side and a full day on the Argentinean side. For accommodation, and in general as a tourist staying the night, the Argentinean side is much better.

Hi Brendan, have to thank you for this site, it’s been a great source of knowledge in advance of my trip to arg/bol/bra.

One question I have is whether it’s best to book bus trips and flights in advance. A friend advised me not to book buses whilst in the location you want your bus to depart from. He also said that you get better deals on inbound flights if you book in South America and not prior to your trip.

I’ve since read the opposite on a few sites and would be very grateful to know your opinion on booking transport in advance.

Jack, I’m not sure about the buses as I always booked them in the location of departure. I’m not sure it matters much. But, honestly, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard of that so it could be the case. As for flights, they are right. You’ll find better prices with the South American carriers. BUT, you can book with these airlines in advance too. It just takes more digging. The earlier you book, the better deal you’ll get, generally speaking.

Hey Brendan,

I’m planning a trip to Recife for a wedding and I have about 4 additional days to explore the area outside of the wedding itinerary which includes Recife, Maracaipe, and Porto de Galinhas. Do you have any recommendation of what to do those 4 days that isn’t too expensive? I’m thinking of traveling to either Salvador or Rio or both?

If you only have 4 days, I’d pick either Salvador or Rio as the moving would be too much. Personally, I love Salvador. However, it doesn’t have the same amount of tourist attractions Rio has. That said, I much prefer Salvador to Rio, in general.

Thanks for the quick response Brendan! One quick question, I’ve heard Salvador is similar to Recife, do you find that to be true as well?

Similar, yes. But not the same. I feel like Salvador has far more history and is more interesting for tourists. But from a local culture and atmosphere sense, yeah, they are fairly similar. There is a divide in Brazil between the south and the north. Both Recife and Salvador have that “north Brazil” feeling.

I’m planning g to go to Brazil on August as one of my good friends lives there. She stays in florianapolis but ill be flying in from sao Paulo as it’s just much cheaper. I’ll spend about a week with her and was thinking to then do do something like your 21 day tour. Do you have a rough estimate on what a trip like hat would cost (excluding flights to Brazil) obviously I would do the trip the other way around as well. Any other tips are more then welcome too. Thanks

Hi Britt, I’d say something like $50-55 a day would be reasonable in Brazil these days. I did it for $45 but I travel on a pretty strict budget.

I will be in Brazil from September to December, during which I will have a month long leave during september, after which my classes will start at FGV Rio, which I will be attending as a part of semester exchange program. I intend to tour places far away from Rio during september, as I will be in Rio from october to december.

Can you please advise me regarding planning my trip.

We are planning a month trip to Brazil in February for 2 people. We are 21 years old so we are trying to make it as cheap as possible. We want to do something like the itinerary number 3, but we can’t find information for the transportation from Belo Horizonte to Salvador. Do you remember the bus brand that you used?

Thanks for the amazing information.

Micaela from Chile.

Fly. It’s not worth it to bus. The flights will likely be cheaper anyways. If you book the flights a month or so in advance you’ll get very cheap fares. Check for the lowest prices on the airlines in Brazil.

Hi Brendan, my 22 year old son has booked a flight to Sao Paulo in June, returning end Aug. He is interested in doing some volunteering work as well as seeing as much as he can. He is a student and so he needs to be doing things on a budget… Can you give us any advice?

Many thanks

I’m planning on doing a similar route as the last itinerary but starting in Manaus and ending in Rio, January to March. I’m having trouble figuring out how much I should set aside for transportation expenses and adventure/activity expenses. When should I look into flying/busing and which cities should I set aside more/less for activities and adventuring? Right now I’m budgeting about $70 Canadian a day.

Hi, I’m going to Rio de Janeiro for new year’s eve than flying to pantanal, from here flying to Manaus and travelling by boat to Belem and by bus to forteleza. So you think it’is worth a visit to Pantanal since I’m going to Manaus too? Is it better to go to Campo Grande or Cuiaba to do a tour into Pantanal? Thanks

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Concacaf : place au premier tour des qualifications pour le Mondial 2026

Les quatre associations les moins bien classées de la Concacaf s'affrontent lors de deux rencontres en format aller-retour. L'objectif : rallier le deuxième tour qualificatif du Mondial 2026.


Après la CONMEBOL, l'AFC et la CAF, l'heure est venue de lancer les qualifications de la Coupe du Monde de la FIFA 26™ dans la zone Concacaf. Le 22 mars, les quatre associations les moins bien classées de la confédération vont s'affronter dans l'optique de rallier le deuxième tour.

Anguilla affronte les Turks-et-Caicos, avant que les Îles Vierges américaines ne défient les Îles Vierges britanniques, un peu plus tard dans la journée.

Le programme Le programme

Vendredi 22 mars

Anguilla - Turks-et-Caicos Anguilla - Turks-et-Caicos

Coup d'envoi 15h (heure locale)

Îles Vierges américaines - Îles Vierges britanniques Îles Vierges américaines - Îles Vierges britanniques

Coup d'envoi 17h (heure locale)

Zoom sur Anguilla - Turks-et-Caicos Zoom sur Anguilla - Turks-et-Caicos

Dans ce premier tour qualificatif, Anguilla est l'outsider par excellence. Au Classement mondial FIFA/Coca-Cola , seule la sélection européenne de Saint-Marin se situe derrière les Caribéens. Qu'à cela ne tienne, ces derniers vont tout donner lors du match aller disputé au Centre Technique Raymond E. Guishard, dans la capitale La Vallée.

Les quatre nations alignées au premier tour vont toutes débuter leur septième campagne qualificative consécutive pour la Coupe du Monde de la FIFA™ et pour Anguilla, un premier succès se fait toujours attendre. Son meilleur résultat remonte à 2004 en qualifications du Mondial 2006, quand la sélection insulaire est allée chercher un match nul 0-0 en République dominicaine, avant de s'incliner 6-0 au retour.

Les visiteurs que sont Turks-et-Caicos ont aussi un passé difficile derrière eux en qualifications, à ceci près que ces derniers ont déjà eu le bonheur de célébrer une victoire. En février 2008 en effet, un but de l'ancien attaquant des LA Galaxy Gavin Glinton notamment a assuré une victoire 2-1 contre Sainte-Lucie, bien qu'une défaite 2-0 au match retour ait mis un terme à tout espoir de rallier Afrique du Sud 2010.

La formation qui remportera ce duel se qualifiera pour la Groupe F où elle retrouvera le Suriname, Saint-Vincent-et-les-Grenadines, le Salvador et Porto Rico.

Pour l'anecdote Pour l'anecdote

Le tout premier but marqué par Anguilla en qualifications pour la Coupe du Monde fut l'œuvre de Kenneth Hughes, contre les Bahamas en mars 2000 (revers 3-1). Le second fut inscrit par son cousin Richard O'Connor, lors du match retour (défaite 2-1).

Zoom sur Îles Vierges américaines - Îles Vierges britanniques Zoom sur Îles Vierges américaines - Îles Vierges britanniques

Pour affronter son voisin des Caraïbes, la sélection des Îles Vierges britanniques n'aura à négocier qu'un rapide "saut" au-dessus de la petite étendue d'eau qui sépare les deux îles situées au nord de l'oc��an Atlantique. Le match aller aura lieu au Bethlehem Soccer Complex de Kingshill, le tout premier espace des Îles Vierges américaines exclusivement dédié au football.

Les hôtes de cette rencontre sont les seuls parmi les quatre équipes en lice au premier tour à s'être déjà invités au deuxième dans l'histoire. Sur la route de Brésil 2014, une victoire 4-1 face... aux Îles Vierges britanniques leur avait permis de poursuivre l'aventure. Au deuxième tour cependant, la marche s'était révélée trop haute et les insulaires avaient subi six revers en autant de rencontres.

Les Îles Vierges britanniques de leur côté ont en commun avec Anguilla de n'avoir jamais remporté le moindre match de qualification pour une Coupe du Monde. Leurs six premières tentatives les ont toutefois vus décrocher trois matches nuls. Alors qu'ils luttaient pour se qualifier au Mondial 2010, les Nature Boys ont été éliminés par la règle du but à l'extérieur après avoir obtenu deux matches nuls contre les Bahamas. Huit ans plus tard, ils ont glané un nul (0-0) contre la Dominique mais leur revers 3-2 à l'aller leur a valu une élimination précoce.

Le vainqueur de ce duel entre voisins ralliera le Groupe E aux côtés de la Jamaïque, du Guatemala, de la République dominicaine et de la Dominique.

Le vol conduisant d'un pays à l'autre ne dure que 22 minutes environ.

Le globe-trotter Gary White, aujourd'hui à la tête de Chinese Taipei, a commencé sa carrière de sélectionneur aux Îles Vierges britanniques, après avoir candidaté via l'envoi d'un fax. Il est revenu sur cette anecdote originale auprès de

2nd tour bresil

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Pure Brazil

  • Fully Guided
  • Sightseeing

Places You’ll See


  • Admire the Sugarloaf Mountain panoramic views
  • Discover Brazil's colourful colonial Salvador
  • Explore the very best of the Amazon Rainforest
  • Search for wildlife in Pantanal by canoe
  • Bask in the magnificence of Iguazu Falls
  • Introduction
  • Day 1 Join trip in Salvador
  • Day 2 Guided tour of the city; free afternoon
  • Day 3 Fly to Manaus, gateway to the Amazon
  • Day 4 Journey by bus and boat to reach our Amazon lodge
  • Day 5 In the Amazon; Jungle walk , visit the local community and search for caiman on a night boat trip
  • Day 6 Return to Manaus and fly to Cuiaba
  • Day 7 Drive to the Pantanal Wildlife Reserve
  • Day 8 Explore the Pantanal on foot and by 4x4 or boat
  • Day 9 In Pantanal; jeep safari or boat ride
  • Day 10 Fly to Iguazu Falls, overnight in Foz do Iguacu
  • Day 11 Visit the Brazilian side of the falls
  • Day 12 Fly to Rio de Janeiro; Free afternoon
  • Day 13 Visit to Santa Teresa and Sugar Loaf Mountain
  • Day 14 Tour ends Rio de Janeiro

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    Best of Brazil. Ioana · Traveled May 2024. Augustin, our tour leader, made the trip unforgettable with his kindness, enthusiasm, and exceptional guidance. The trip was filled with incredible highlights: breathtaking views of Rio from Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer, the relaxed vibes of Copacabana, the pristine waters of Paraty, and ...

  2. Brazil Tours and Vacation Packages 2024/2025

    The Iguacu Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the planet, is a must-see, as is the Amazon rainforest, home to some of the most unique species. Other things to see include Christ the Redeemer, Ipanema Beach, Sugarloaf Mountain and Teatro Municipal. Check out our Brazil tours below. 153 Trips in Brazil with 172 Reviews.

  3. 2 Weeks in Brazil Tours

    Compare tours, packages, and independent trips for a 2 week Brazil vacation. Find and compare all 874 Brazil tours, cruises, and packages from 98 companies. 594 expert & traveler reviews on Brazil trips. In partenership with ... A Guided Tour of 2 Famous Colonial Cities; Sailing to Impressive Natural Pools; Beach Clubs Surrounding Natural Pools ...

  4. 15 Incredible Brazil Trips, Tour & Vacation Packages 2024-25

    We also recommend combining Brazil with other countries in South America. A popular combination includes Rio, Iguaçu Falls, and Peru. Another popular option is Rio, Iguazu Falls, and Argentina. Those two-country combinations will only set you back - traveling in good comfort - around 3000 to 4000 USD plus airfare.

  5. THE 10 BEST Brazil Tours & Excursions for 2024 (with Prices)

    Embark on this full-day Rio de Janeiro City Tour with a guide and visit Rio de Janeiro's top landmarks and highlights. We…. Free cancellation. Recommended by 95% of travelers. from. $95. per adult. 10. Iguazu Falls Full Day Tour Brazil and Argentina.

  6. Brazil Itinerary: My Guide to 2 Weeks in Brazil

    2 Weeks in Brazil. Brazil Itinerary Day 1-4: Rio de Janeiro. Where to Stay in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil Itinerary Days 4-6: Paraty & Ilha Grande. Where to Stay in Paraty. Brazil Itinerary Days 6-9: São Paulo. Where to Stay at Foz do Iguaçu. Brazil Itinerary Days 9-12: Bonito. Where to Stay in Bonito.

  7. 2-Week Brazil Itinerary: Perfect for First-Time Visitors

    The next stop on my suggested 2-week Brazil itinerary is Paraty, which means you'll need to take a domestic flight and a bus ride. Start by flying to Sao Paulo's Guarulhos airport. It's a 1.5 hour flight and should only cost you about $85CAD if you book in advance.

  8. Brazil Tour Packages & Brazil Destination Guide

    Book your Brazil tour package with Trafalgar and learn to dance the Samba, eat at a traditional churrascaria, and meet the locals in Rio de Janeiro. TTC family of brands. FAQs Get a Quote Agents Login. My Trafalgar. Destinations. Ways To Go. Deals. About Us. Get Inspired. 866 513 1995. or call your travel agent. Customers.

  9. Brazil: The Perfect 2-Week Itinerary

    Detailed 14-day itinerary for traveling around Brazil, the largest country in South America. Tips on the best things to do, must-visit places, how to get around, when to visit, where to stay, and safety advice. Explore in two weeks Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Iguazu Falls, Florianopolis, Paraty, Ouro.

  10. 10 Best 14 Days Brazil Tours & Trips

    Find the best 2 week tours to Brazil with TourRadar. Choose from 29 tours with 31 real tour reviews. Book now and save with! Shop 2,500 operators. 4.5 stars on (6,144 reviews) 24/7 customer support. FLASH SALE💥 Book now for up to 60% off! Ends in 0d 11h 41m 50s

  11. Exciting 2 Weeks in Brazil: 2 itineraries with map

    Itinerary #2: Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Fortaleza, Amazon Rainforest. The second itinerary for the 2 weeks in Brazil includes the Amazon Rainforest, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Fortaleza. Those who are fond of music and dancing might be thrilled to know that Bossa nova was created and popularized in Rio de Janeiro.

  12. The Best 2 Week Brazil Itinerary for Your First Visit

    Here is a general overview of the weather in Brazil: Autumn (March-May), and Spring (September-November) are probably the best time to visit Brazil, with comfortable temperatures and moderate rain. Summertime (December-February) brings heat and crowds. This is also the wettest time inland, which brings more insects.

  13. A Two-Week Brazil Itinerary for Your First Visit

    Days 1-3: Rio de Janeiro. Where to stay: Copacabana Palace, where Hollywood stars have stayed for 100 years, or Guesthouse Bianca, a budget-friendly alternative in the quaint Santa Teresa district. Any Brazil 2-week itinerary just has to start in my hometown, the country's most famous city. Rio de Janeiro boasts a one-of-a-kind landscape ...

  14. 10 Best Fully Guided Tours in Brazil 2024/2025

    Find the right Brazil Fully Guided tour for you with TourRadar. Choose from 62 trips with 146 customer reviews. Book now and save with! Shop 2,500 operators. 4.5 stars on (6,131 reviews) 24/7 customer support. FLASH SALE💥 Book now for up to 60% off! Ends in 0d 21h 49m 3s. 0.

  15. 2 weeks in Brazil itinerary

    This 2 week in Brazil Backpacking itinerary covers places such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Manus, Salvador and more. ... We recommend joining this all-action day tour, where you'll visit the 6 best sites of Rio (including Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain and the Maracanã. Days 5-6: São Paulo.

  16. The Perfect 2 Weeks in Brazil Itinerary for First Timers

    Day 8-11: São Paulo. Your Brazil travel itinerary now brings you to Sao Paulo, Brazil's financial center. Sao Paulo is just a four-hour drive from Paraty. Just like Rio, the city is vibrant. While in Sao Paulo, you can visit the numerous cultural institutions and see the rich architecture the city has to offer.

  17. 10 Best Brazil Tours & Trips 2024/2025

    Best of Brazil. yanqing xia 7 May, 2024. 4. Do not book hostel, hostel is terrible. Pantanal, Bonito & Iguazu Adventure 9D/8N (from Campo Grande) Amanda Hawkins 3 Jul, 2023. 5. We had a blast and all of our tours, drivers, and tour guides were great! A truly unforgettable trip for a family of four (including 9 and 11yo).

  18. Pantanal Jaguar Safaris

    PANTANAL JAGUAR SAFARIS is a Brazilian based company, specialized in Jaguar Safaris, Wildlife Tours, Birdwatching, Photography and Natural History Tours to the finest wildlife destinations of Brazil. Owned and operated by professional wildlife biologists, Leen Gillis & André Moratelli, Pantanal Jaguar Safaris takes you in comfort to the ...

  19. Présidentielle au Brésil : Lula devance Bolsonaro, un second tour aura

    Présidentielle au Brésil : Lula devance Bolsonaro, un second tour aura lieu le 30 octobre. Avec 48,43 % des voix, le représentant du Parti des travailleurs, chef de l'Etat de 2003 à 2010 ...

  20. Bird Watching Tours

    The Company. Birding is the World Brazil offers a vacation birding experience like no other. We specialize in tailoring tours for birders of all levels, and they offer an extensive network of local guides and connections to help you explore the country's rich biodiversity. Birding is the World Brazil was Founded by Maira and Jeffrey Oakar who ...

  21. Brazil Small Group Tours

    November is the most popular month to join a small group tour to Brazil with 670 departures starting between June 2024 and December 2025. Explore the best small group tours to Brazil. Choose from 27 unique tour itineraries with 7 past traveller reviews from 8 leading tour operators. November is the most popular month to join a small group tour ...

  22. 10 Best Brazil Small Group Tours & Trips 2024/2025

    Brazil Small Group Tours. Uncover new and exciting adventures in Brazil by taking part in our small group tours. Go sightseeing at your own pace surrounded by travellers like you. Provided by top tour operators & travel companies, our small group tours in Brazil will offer you the perfect balance between spending time on your own and group ...

  23. Recommended Brazil Travel Itineraries

    Brazil has a lot of offer in terms of history and culture and this itinerary will be sure to fill your spirits with the Brazilian character. Days 1-4: Rio de Janeiro. Day 4: Bus to Paraty. Day 5: Explore Paraty. Day 6: Explore beaches near Paraty or historical hiking trail. Day 7: Bus to Sao Paulo.

  24. Concacaf : tout savoir sur le 1er tour des qualifications

    Les quatre associations les moins bien classées de la Concacaf s'affrontent lors de deux rencontres en format aller-retour. L'objectif : rallier le deuxième tour qualificatif du Mondial 2026.

  25. UCI America Tour 2024

    L'UCI America Tour 2024 est la 20 e édition de l'UCI America Tour, l'un des cinq circuits continentaux de cyclisme de l'Union cycliste internationale. Il se déroule du 22 octobre 2023 au 8 octobre 2024 en Amérique .

  26. Pure Brazil by Explore! with 8 Tour Reviews

    Introduction. Day 1 Join trip in Salvador. Day 2 Guided tour of the city; free afternoon. Day 3 Fly to Manaus, gateway to the Amazon. Day 4 Journey by bus and boat to reach our Amazon lodge. Day 5 In the Amazon; Jungle walk , visit the local community and search for caiman on a night boat trip. Day 6 Return to Manaus and fly to Cuiaba.