Tokyo Now Platform user interface

Guided tours, table of contents.

  • Exploring your default landing page
  • Using the Next Experience Unified Navigation
  • Using search in Next Experience
  • Next Experience user start options
  • Next Experience administrator start options
  • Configure Next Experience display preferences
  • Configure Next Experience accessibility preferences
  • Configure Next Experience notification preferences
  • Configure Next Experience Workspace preferences
  • Select a theme in Next Experience
  • Considerations for activating Next Experience
  • Next Experience Readiness Checker
  • Create a Next Experience style
  • Configure a Next Experience theme
  • Difference between core styles and variants
  • Add Next Experience font and image assets
  • Change instance banner logo in Next Experience
  • Override the Next Experience theme
  • Set the location of a notification toast banner
  • Preserve your custom Next Experience theme during clones
  • Edit login theming in Next Experience
  • Create a Next Experience landing page
  • Configure per-user landing pages in Next Experience
  • Configure a user-selected start page
  • Configure a Core UI global landing page in Next Experience-enabled instances
  • Configure a Next Experience landing page footer
  • Differences between landing pages and dashboards
  • Next Experience default admin landing page
  • Performing admin user functions in Next Experience
  • Configure custom menus for Unified Navigation
  • Add a workspace to the Unified Navigation Workspaces menu
  • Configuring search in Next Experience
  • Next Experience in-product help
  • Next Experience banner announcements
  • Exploring Next Experience pickers
  • Next Experience client-side scripting global variables
  • Next Experience system properties
  • Navigating Workspace documentation
  • Domain separation and Workspace landing pages
  • Workspace domain separation plugins and tables
  • Components installed with Workspace
  • Workspace tutorial for agents starting with a record
  • Workspace tutorial for agents starting with a chat
  • Customize your Workspace
  • Use the landing page to find issues to work on
  • Work with lists in workspace
  • Create My Lists in workspace
  • Edit your Workspace list columns and save the list
  • Personalize your Workspace list columns by dragging them to the order you want
  • Inline edit one or multiple cells in a list
  • Get work by phone in Workspace
  • Accept a chat session
  • Transfer a chat to another queue
  • Transfer a chat to another agent
  • Add an attachment to a chat
  • Change your status in the chat panel
  • Set up a new chat or work item alert
  • Monitor chat conversations
  • Create a problem from an interaction
  • Create a standard change from an Interaction
  • Getting notifications in workspace
  • Performance Analytics and Reporting for Workspace
  • Create a record in workspace
  • Updating records using templated information
  • Specify a domain for a form template
  • Undo a form template
  • Make form templates available for multiple groups
  • Configure a template value field
  • Getting information related to the open record
  • Domain separation for Workspace records
  • Group and find records using tags in workspace
  • Add records to related lists
  • Hide journal fields on Workspace forms
  • Search Activity stream
  • Use condition builder in reference lists
  • Use more form options
  • Use personalize form
  • Communicating via email in workspace
  • Attach a document for a requester
  • Encrypt an attachment in a record
  • Send an article to a requester
  • Order a catalog item for a requester
  • Finding solutions using Agent assist
  • Add an activity to a playbook
  • Cancel a playbook
  • Open full lists within playbook
  • Using activity stream within playbook
  • Global search in Workspace
  • Managing teams and schedules in your workspace
  • Create a Configurable Workspace landing page
  • Set up a form header in Configurable Workspace
  • Set up a highlighted value in a form header in Configurable Workspace
  • Set up a form action in configurable workspace
  • Set up a ribbon configuration in Configurable Workspace
  • Display field values as interaction record tab titles
  • Create a configurable workspace list action
  • Fetch your list record count asynchronously
  • Activity stream
  • Agent assist
  • Branding and theming
  • Declarative actions
  • Email Composer and Email Viewer
  • Form headers
  • UI Action Bar
  • Brand your workspace
  • Assign Service Catalog to a workspace
  • Hide global search result counts in your workspace
  • UI Builder landing page tutorial
  • Create a custom landing page in UI Builder
  • Add components to a landing page in UI Builder
  • Update a landing page's name in UI Builder
  • Delete a landing page in UI Builder
  • Container components in UI Builder
  • Heading components in UI Builder
  • Image components in UI Builder
  • List components in UI Builder
  • Rich text components UI Builder
  • Create User Experience filters
  • Set up supplied landing pages in workspace
  • Set up landing page permissions
  • Set up list categories in a legacy workspace
  • Set up filtered lists in a legacy workspace
  • Highlight list fields in a legacy workspace
  • Speed up how fast lists load in legacy workspace
  • Create custom list operations in a legacy workspace
  • Set up the condition field length in exports
  • Add a Sys ID to a list
  • Enable the list refresh prompt
  • Disable list export
  • Enable inline editing in lists
  • Enable record import in Workspace lists
  • Select list flag features
  • Select the records agents can create in legacy workspace
  • Set up form views based on Agent roles
  • Supported fields in Workspace form panes
  • Add a Sys ID to a form
  • Add help to a field label
  • Set up form annotations
  • Configure change and problem task records in legacy workspace
  • Disable Document Viewer in legacy workspace
  • Change the default form section navigation in legacy workspace
  • Highlight values in the form header
  • Disable tagging
  • Set up ribbons in workspace
  • Set up adding records to a related list
  • Hide the Details tab and UI actions in legacy workspace
  • Create a related item in Related Items
  • Create a related list
  • Default notification formats
  • Setting up the legacy workspace email client
  • Add custom components to the Contextual Side panel
  • Set up templates in the contextual side panel
  • Set up Agent assist information sources
  • Set up Predictive Intelligence in Agent assist
  • Configure Agent assist cards
  • Set up multiple Agent assist
  • Personalize Agent assist search results
  • Set default source for search context
  • Set catalog item request method in Agent assist
  • Set up a dynamic filter for Agent assist
  • Attach articles to a new record in Workspace for Agent assist
  • Verify Contact and Verify Consumer UI action client script
  • Disable the Post Comments button from disappearing in Activity stream
  • Display avatars on Activity stream tiles
  • Enable the Show more link in the Activity stream
  • Components installed with Playbook
  • Install Process Automation Experience Demo
  • Configure a Playbook user experience
  • Create Playbook experience configurations
  • Create custom Playbook Activity UIs
  • Set up playbook activity overrides
  • Playbook record generator
  • Preview a playbook
  • Custom Playbook actions
  • Configure UXF client actions for playbook
  • Integrate Playbook with Workspace
  • Playbook activity state mapping
  • Configure experience status mapping
  • Manually trigger a Playbook
  • Add a cancel playbook action
  • Embedding a form in playbook
  • Configure activity stream for playbook
  • Configure wait for condition form
  • Upgrading playbooks for Quebec
  • Render a component in a modal
  • Close tab and save-and-close tab UI Actions
  • Group UI actions in legacy workspace
  • Set up custom actions on record fields in legacy workspace
  • Use the client GlideList API in the Workspace Experience UI
  • Setting up Advanced Work Assignment (AWA)
  • Setting up Agent Chat in legacy workspace
  • Use embedded softphones with legacy workspace
  • Integration with Interaction Management System (IMS)
  • Limiting conversation data growth
  • Embedded help system properties
  • Use embedded help qualifiers
  • Modify embedded help role priority
  • Create internationalized embedded help
  • Add custom embedded help from a copy
  • Add custom embedded help content
  • Embed video content in help topics
  • Create Help Center content for configurable workspaces
  • AI Search within Help Panel
  • Create an onboarding experience
  • Edit the default onboarding guidance
  • Create guided setup
  • Domain separation and Guided Setup
  • Enable guided tours
  • Designing guided tours
  • Guided tour triggers
  • Guided Tour Designer interface
  • Create a guided tour
  • Edit a guided tour
  • Use the Guided Tour Designer with accessibility enabled
  • Use a view with a guided tour
  • Guided Tours dashboard
  • Configure auto-launch for guided tours
  • Create domain-separated guided tours
  • List fields
  • Configure and use list functions
  • Activity streams in list view
  • Search a list
  • Grouped lists
  • Quick filters
  • Create a filter in List
  • Add related list conditions
  • OR conditions
  • Filter on multiple string values
  • Dynamic operators
  • Save and use filters in a list view
  • Create and edit filters
  • Delete filters
  • Create scripted filters
  • Create a dynamic filter option
  • Generate an encoded query string through a filter
  • Use the list editor
  • Edit multiple records in a list using the list editor
  • Edit multiple records in a list using an editing form
  • Personalize a list
  • Form context menu
  • Form fields
  • Configure the activity filter
  • Embedded lists
  • Select or create records in a related list
  • Configure when a related list loads
  • Create a default filter for a related list
  • Configure the edit option
  • Add incidents by same caller related list
  • Add transactions by user related list
  • Add fields to selections in a related list
  • Create a default filter for list selector records
  • Edit a form
  • Personalize a form
  • Manage attachments
  • Attach files with drag-and-drop
  • Enable Document Viewer
  • Document Viewer plugins
  • View attachments with Document Viewer
  • Disable Document Viewer
  • Activate checklists
  • Create a checklist
  • Delete checklist or a template
  • Core UI form header
  • Activate Core UI
  • Use the Core UI navigator
  • Configure the number of history entries displayed in the application navigator
  • System settings for the Core UI
  • Enable tiny URL support
  • Examples of navigating by URL
  • Restrict content additions to a homepage
  • Disable homepage creation
  • Secure a homepage
  • Homepage user preferences
  • Add a homepage to an update set and application
  • Add existing reports to a homepage
  • Create a widget that displays a ServiceNow UI page
  • Create a new personal homepage
  • Create a personal homepage based on an existing homepage
  • Create a global homepage or a homepage for specific users
  • Create a dashboard version of a homepage
  • Convert multiple homepages to responsive dashboards
  • System Administration dashboard
  • System Administration homepage
  • View and return to a homepage
  • Homepage items
  • Edit widget appearance
  • Change the homepage layout
  • Delete a custom homepage
  • Homepage and content page layouts
  • Homepage caching
  • Homepage splash page
  • Enable content types
  • Customize a catalog homepage
  • Define the mobile layout
  • Configure content types
  • Configure search and navigation
  • Change the parameter for parallel homepage rendering
  • Turn on homepage render time
  • Troubleshoot a report on a homepage
  • Domain separation and Homepage Administration
  • Types of Visual Task Boards
  • Elements of Visual Task Boards
  • Visual Task Board tools
  • Visual Task Board SLA indicators
  • View card details in a task board
  • Activate Visual Task Boards
  • Freeform Visual Task Boards
  • Data driven Visual Task Boards
  • Add or modify Visual Task Board lanes
  • Add or remove a Visual Task Board member
  • Delete a Visual Task Board
  • View Visual Task Boards details
  • View a Visual Task Board in a list
  • Add a Visual Task Board as a favorite
  • Share a Visual Task Board in a Connect conversation
  • Create a Connect conversation from a Visual Task Board
  • Edit Visual Task Board card details
  • Add an attachment to a Visual Task Board card
  • Configure the card limit for Visual Task boards
  • Configure the card view on a Visual Task Board
  • Label a Visual Task Board card
  • Assign a Visual Task Board card to a user
  • Archive a Visual Task Board card
  • Access a task record from a Visual Task Board card
  • Move a Visual Task Board card to a different lane
  • Move a freeform Visual Task Board card to a different board
  • Customize the look and feel of a task board
  • Sort Visual Task Boards
  • Configure Visual Task Boards labels
  • Configure a Visual Task Board with swimlanes
  • Modify the query or lane field for an existing Visual Task Board
  • Set lane limits on a Visual Task Board
  • Create a checklist for a Visual Task Board card
  • Create a checklist template for Visual Task Board tasks
  • Delete a checklist from a Visual Task Board card
  • Configure which types of tasks can be created from Visual Task Board checklist items
  • Domain separation and Visual Task Boards
  • Supported browsers for Visual Task Boards
  • Installed with Visual Task Boards
  • Log in to an instance
  • Navigate directly to a table
  • Add the tree picker attribute
  • Tree picker examples
  • Dot-walking examples
  • Set the number of list collector items visible in the available column
  • Activity streams
  • Filtering on empty fields
  • Values for date/time fields
  • Evaluate equality between date values
  • Operators available for filters and queries
  • Enable or disable an application menu or module
  • Administering tags
  • Configure Zing tag indexing for text search
  • Assigning tags
  • Editing tags
  • Disable user presence
  • Disable live form features
  • Configure time intervals for user presence
  • Enable keyboard shortcuts
  • Disable keyboard shortcuts globally
  • Configure keys for keyboard shortcuts
  • Response time indicator
  • Navigation stack
  • Add sites to the always cancel list
  • Prevent users from canceling module transactions
  • Create a new help context
  • Help context types and prioritization
  • Create custom overview help
  • Example of adding a panel to an existing overview help page
  • Create user guide help
  • User guide help URLs
  • Manage audio files
  • Update an existing image
  • Upload one or more images
  • Restrict file extensions
  • User preference settings
  • Turn off the Next Experience welcome screen after upgrading your instance
  • Configure available keyboard shortcuts
  • Create and delete views
  • Create a view rule
  • Control when the system displays a view
  • Navigation handler
  • Welcome pages
  • Enabling accessibility features
  • Using accessibility features
  • Set up Google Maps API
  • Create a map page
  • Create a map page module
  • Configure map data items
  • Create a map marker
  • Add a map filter
  • Set map application scope
  • Create a smartphone map page module
  • Scripting for map pages
  • Configure logo, colors, and system defaults for Core UI
  • Select a theme in Core UI
  • Customize menu categories
  • Change survey question header colors
  • Activating CSS theme support
  • Create or customize a theme
  • Default CSS styles
  • Banner logo link
  • Customize the banner logo in Core UI
  • Customize the favicon
  • Examples of how to modify the banner
  • Modify the banner
  • Add help to a field label on a form
  • Updated Aug 4, 2022
  • 6 minutes to read
  • Adoption services

Use the Guided Tour Designer to create tours that demonstrate to users how to use a feature. For example, an administrator can create a task demo with callouts to demonstrate how to perform the task.

Watch this five-minute video to learn about creating guided tours that help users learn how to perform tasks in ServiceNow .

Guided tours help train and onboard users within the ServiceNow user interface (UI). Each tour contains a series of interactive steps that help users complete online tasks within their browser window. Administrators can create tours for ServiceNow applications, service portals, and custom applications. For example, you can create a tour to represent a training model for specific policies and processes, such as creating an incident or reviewing change requests.

Guided tours use a series of steps that may span multiple pages. You can create purely informational steps that users read through and acknowledge, which result in no change to the ServiceNow instance. Alternatively, you can provide users with an interactive experience where they click through and actively work with the application at hand. For example, an “Introduction to Incidents” tour may simply show them the key features of the Incidents table, while a “Create your first incident” tour may actually walk them through creating a real incident, which results in a new record in the Incidents list.

  • Creating and running new or existing Guided Tours in the Classic Environment (including lists and forms).
  • Creating and running new or existing Guided Tours for a Service Portal.
  • Creating new Guided Tours for Unified Navigation menus (such as the All or Favorites menus).

Several guided tours are provided in the base system for particular applications, for example, Performance Analytics. As an administrator, you can edit existing tours or create tours. You can also assign one or more roles to a tour to control access.

The guided tours feature uses these two plugins: Guided Tour (com.glide.guided_tours) and Guided Tour Designer (com.glide.sn_tourbuilder).

Navigating to guided tours

Blue Toggle Help sidebar indicates tours are available

Guided Tour Designer support

The Guided Tour Designer (GTD) supports most of the standard platform UI areas and their content, such as lists, forms, and the elements they reference. It also supports Service Portal pages, including those that have custom UI elements.

The GTD does not currently support the following areas.

  • Flow Designer
  • Agent Workspace
  • Pop-up windows
  • Connect Chat and Embedded Help on the GTD sliding panel
  • Select2 elements
  • SVG elements
  • Custom Tags
  • Standard UI pages that have custom UI elements
  • Service Portal pages that contain IFRAMES
  • The Service Portal Branding Editor, which also contains IFRAMES

Guided tour example and outline

Guided tours are composed of the following components that function as building blocks for the tours that you create.

Guided tours require careful planning before entering the tour into the instance. You can create an outline and include any assumptions to guide you when you create the guided tour. List each step, callout, and trigger.

Knowledge 2024

About the session

To enroll in this lab, click here: 

Discover how to create and manage guided tours that offer timely training for workspace and portal processes. Guided tours help users find essential information right when they need it. During this session, learn how to set up guided tours in workspaces and Employee Center. The session will cover best practices and share insights gained from experience along the way.

  • Type: CreatorCon Lab
  • Topics: CreatorCon , CreatorCon

developer portal logo

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guided tours next experience servicenow

Guided Tours Gain Popularity Among Millennials and Gen Z

Jesse Chase-Lubitz , Skift

June 26th, 2024 at 12:29 PM EDT

A new survey by GetYourGuide found that 70% of respondents have a plan to book a guided tour in the next year.

Jesse Chase-Lubitz

Guided tours are experiencing a resurgence, with Millennials and Gen Z leading the trend, according to a new survey from Berlin-based GetYourGuide.

Of 1,000 U.S. individuals who traveled for leisure at least once in the past 12 months, 70% planned to book a guided tour for the next year, the survey found. Roughly two in five of Millennials and Gen Z travelers surveyed booked a guided tour in the past year, the results show – that’s 40% of Gen Z and 42% of Millennials compared to 22% of Gen X and 22% of Boomers.

“Across the board, we see travelers expressing interest in authentic experiences where local experts can unlock something deeper about a destination,” GetYourGuide’s chief marketing officer Emil Martinsek told Skift.

Authentic Experiences

Travelers seemed particularly drawn to tours that brought them closer to the society or geography they visited. They prioritized a deep dive into the history of a city or landmark, experiencing local cuisine, and the opportunity to meet locals.

Walking tours were most popular with bus or boat tours following closely behind.

Out of those surveyed, 89% of travelers believed that a local guide is essential for exploring a new destination.

An Ongoing Trend

The findings track with a previous report , published by research and events company Arival in January. This study showed that Millennials and Gen Z are prioritizing guided tours, from culinary and shopping tours to eco and adventure tours. 

Arival’s 2024 U.S. Tour Taker Report found that the younger generation is shifting from sightseeing to experiential tours. Sightseeing tours remain the most popular overall, but that popularity is driven by people over the age of 55. Younger travelers are looking for something more active, experiential, or educational.

The trend is likely to stay positive. GetYourGuide’s latest study also showed that nearly all leisure travelers who booked a guided tour in 2023 plan to do so again this year. 

More on Travel Experiences

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Tags: culinary tourism , cultural tourism , gen z , getyourguide , guides , millennials , tour operator , Travel Experiences


ServiceNow Guided Tour for a Catalog Item | Guided Tour Designer for Service Portal

Take a look at how to create a guided tour in ServiceNow for a catalog item on the Employee Centre (can also be done on Service Portal). In this short video we look at what are ServiceNow Guided Tours? Where can we use them? What plugins we need, if any and of course we do a quick setup demo for a guided tour on a catalogue item. Guided tours: Guided tour builder Demonstrate to users how to use a feature Help train and onboard users Interactive steps that help users complete online tasks on the browser Service Portal, Standard UI, Custom

Guided Tour (com.glide.guided_tours)

Guided Tour Designer (com.glide.sn_tourbuilder)


#servicenerd #servicenow #guidedtour

Tags: catalog item catalogue item employee centre guided tour guided tour designer service portal servicenerd servicenow servicenow admin servicenow demo servicenow guided tour servicenow guided tours servicenow tutorial

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September 12, 2022

guided tours next experience servicenow

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ServiceNow San Diego Polaris | ServiceNow Next Experience UI #SanDiego #Polaris #Shorts

February 7, 2022

ServiceNow Flow Template Builder

Flow Designer

ServiceNow Flow Template Builder | Create a template using Flow Template Builder

October 6, 2022

  • artificial intelligence business rule client script flow Flow designer Flow designer development flow designer for service catalog flow designer servicenow flow designer servicenow orlando flow designer servicenow training flow design tutorial g form glideajax GlideRecord integration hub onload script include service catalog service catalog in servicenow service catalogue servicenerd servicenow servicenow admin servicenow administrator training servicenow community servicenow demo servicenow developer servicenow developer training servicenow flow servicenow flow designer servicenow flow designer approval servicenow flow logic servicenow glideajax example ServiceNow how to servicenow integration servicenow microsoft teams servicenow new features ServiceNow Next Experience ServiceNow Polaris servicenow reference field ServiceNow San Diego servicenow shorts servicenow training servicenow tutorial subflow

Expedia Rewards is now One Key™

Elektrostal, visit elektrostal, check elektrostal hotel availability, popular places to visit.

  • Electrostal History and Art Museum

You can spend time exploring the galleries in Electrostal History and Art Museum in Elektrostal. Take in the museums while you're in the area.

  • Cities near Elektrostal

Photo by Ksander

  • Places of interest
  • Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
  • Central Museum of the Air Forces at Monino
  • Peter the Great Military Academy
  • Bykovo Manor
  • Balashikha Arena
  • Ramenskii History and Art Museum
  • Malenky Puppet Theater
  • Balashikha Museum of History and Local Lore
  • Pekhorka Park
  • Saturn Stadium
  • Orekhovo Zuevsky City Exhibition Hall
  • Noginsk Museum and Exhibition Center
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  • GBP (£)
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guided tours next experience servicenow

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Yury Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Centre (Zvezdny Gorodok - Star Town) (7 hours)

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guided tours next experience servicenow

The Yuri A. Gagarin State Scientific Research-and-Testing Cosmonaut Training Center is a Russian training facility responsible for training cosmonauts for their space missions. It is in Star City of Moscow Oblast, a name which may refer to the facility itself or to its grounds. (Read more about Yury Gagarin Cosmonauts training center )

The secret Star City was built to train Soviet cosmonauts, including Yuri Gagarin, the 1st man in space. Many other famous Russian cosmonauts trained here with Gagarin: German Titov, Valentina Tereshkova, the first female cosmonaut, and Alexei Leonov, the first cosmonaut to exit the spaceship into space . The best facilities were built for them: the world’s largest centrifuge and hydro laboratory. Many cosmonauts from other countries (USA, Japan, Germany and many others) also have trained here together with Soviet Russian cosmonauts. On this Star (Space) City Tour you will see:

  • Models of Soyuz Soviet spacecraft 
  • World's largest centrifuge with an 18-meter radius 
  • Hydro laboratory, with the model of the International Space Station in water, which allows to simulate the weightlessness and many more

Important info

Ask a travel expert.

  • Professional English-speaking guide assistance. Other languages upon request (additional charge may apply)
  • Roundtrip transportation to and from your central hotel (Comfortable car/minivan with A/C)
  • Fully private tour to ensure a personalized experience
  • Entrance fee to Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre (territory)
  • Entrance fee to Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre Museum
  • All taxes, fees and handling charges
  • Food  / Drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuities to guide/driver (optional)

The tour price already includes all the taxes & fees, you will not see any of them later during the checkout.

Adult pricing applies to all travelers

IMPORTANT! To book the tours please provide us with the copy of your passport (scan of page with photo) and the following information (for all the travellers):

1. Surname / Names (as in passport) 2. Passport number 3. Passport expiry date 4. Date of birth 5. Place of birth (country, city, state) 6. Place of current residence (country, city, state) 7. Citizenship 8. Place of work 9. Position held 

This information is required to get access to the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, as per their security policy.

If it took Gagarin 1 year to get prepared, now it takes 7 years to become a cosmonaut, and 50 days to pass  security  check for foreign visitors.

Due to the security policy of the Centre, the guided tours are to be arranged in 50 days before the tour date. Last-minute arrangements are not available. 

Departure: from your Moscow hotel

Return: to your Moscow hotel (or any other place in Moscow that you choose)

Sights included in program

guided tours next experience servicenow

SPECIAL OFFER US$ 366 Now 5% off

Thanks ! We will reply you in less than 24 hours (usually within 1-2 hours) .

Our flexible payment options allow you to pay 20% of a deposit first and the remaining 80% in 14 days prior to your tour date - payment can be done both online or over the phone. This gives you the peace of mind knowing your spaces are booked on the tours and that you do not miss out on making the most of your time in Russia.

Also you get 5% discount and get the best, top-rated and most experienced and knowledgeable hand-picked tour guide appointed on a priority basis. In our experience, exceptional travel experiences are almost always delivered by exceptional people. With that in mind, we utilize a comprehensive approach to select and employ the best tour guides only. Multilingual and well travelled, each possesses deep insight into the diverse attractions and cultural patterns throughout the region. With us guides undergo a rigorous selection process, achieving outstanding knowledge of local culture and language. Rest assured that the best tour guides only will be working on the tours to give you excellent opportunity to explore the best of the sights during both short and long-term stay in Russia.

Once you complete your reservation, we will send you a booking confirmation email. As the day of the tour approaches, our logistics team will provide you with all relevant information for your tour.

Speak  to an expert Call us now

+1 (888) 845-8877

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  • Russia's Ancient Kingdoms
  • Cradle of Russia
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Guided Tours

Provides methods for launching and stopping guided tours.

This API includes methods used in Guided Tour Designer .

Guided Tours - startTour(String tour_id, Number step_number, Function cb_function)

Starts a tour. Because this method is asynchronous, you must pass a callback function\n to determine operation success.

Complete signature includes\n top.NOW.guided_tours.api preceding the method name.

Guided Tours - endTour()

Stops a currently playing tour. This method silently exits if no tours are\n playing.

Guided Tours - applyListFilter(Function filter_func)

Sets a function to retrieve filtered tour results when the\n getAllTours() method is called.

The following example shows basic API usage.

The following example shows how to use the options field on the tour\n object to add JSON with custom tour identifiers for reading and filtering tours inside the\n filter_func() function.

Guided Tours - getAllTours(Function cb_function)

Gets a list of tours on the current page from which this method is called. Because this\n method is asynchronous, a callback function must be passed to determine operation success and\n get a list of tours.

Guided Tours - loadPlayer()

Loads the guided tours player on a page in which guided tours player is not present by\n default.

Guided Tours - events.on(String event_name, Function listener_function)

Attaches an event listener to a guided tour event.

The following example shows how to use the listener_function parameter\n with obj as an argument.

Guided Tours - event_name, Function listener_function)

Removes an existing event listener.


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