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Cruise Wear for Women Over 50: What to Pack

One of my very favorite ways to see the world is via a cruise. I know many AWSL readers share my love for cruising because I’m often asked for ideas of what to pack for a cruise. I’ve learned several new packing tricks since I have a few more cruises under my belt, so let’s get to it.

cruise outfits for seniors

If you have an upcoming cruise on your travel calendar, I hope you find this guide helpful! Here are a few more posts you might like:

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What to Pack for a Cruise

What to pack for a cruise is, unfortunately, not a one-size-fits-all answer. For example…I’m packing very different items for my upcoming adventure cruise to see the polar bears than I did to cruise the Baltics. The items and the amount of items you’ll need to bring heavily rely on several different factors.

The first thing I look at when I start planning what to bring is the destination and the season. It’s common sense that if you’re boarding a ship that takes you to somewhere sunny and tropical, you’ll need different items than if you were heading to somewhere in a colder or rainier climate. Take a look at the cities and ports you’ll be stopping at, as well as any excursions you choose to participate in.

I also look at the length of the trip, as I’ve taken cruises that last anywhere from three days to three weeks. I seldom check bags when I fly, so I pack versatile pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. I bring fewer items than most do because I wear things several times in different ways, allowing me to piece together outfits that can work for both onboard fun and exploring at ports. For those longer adventures, especially ones stretching past two weeks, you’ll need to get more strategic and pack a bigger variety of clothes.

cruise outfits for seniors

Understanding the ship’s dress code and level of formality is essential when packing for a cruise. It ensures that you’re appropriately dressed for all onboard activities and events, from formal dinners to poolside lounging. For cruises like luxury liners or those with formal dinners, passengers are expected to dress accordingly, often requiring something formal. In contrast, cruises with a more relaxed atmosphere may have less stringent dress codes, allowing for casual or resort wear throughout the voyage.

My Guide to Packing for a Cruise

Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or embarking on your maiden voyage, getting your packing list just right can make all the difference in your onboard experience. From navigating the seas to exploring ports, having the proper pieces packed ensures you’re prepared for every adventure that awaits.

Choose a Color Scheme and Proper Fabrics

When it comes to packing for a cruise, sticking to a color scheme can streamline your wardrobe and make outfit planning a breeze. A smart strategy is to choose two main colors for your garments, allowing for easy mixing and matching throughout your journey. Opting for solid colors over bold patterns or vibrant prints not only creates a cohesive look but also ensures versatility in your outfits. Solid hues such as navy, black, white, or khaki serve as excellent base colors, providing a timeless and elegant foundation for your cruise wardrobe.

rolling rack of clothes for river boat cruise on A Well Styled Life

By keeping your garments primarily in two main colors, you create a harmonious palette that minimizes decision-making and maximizes outfit options. A simple yet stylish capsule wardrobe composed of interchangeable pieces enables effortless coordination, whether you’re lounging by the pool, dining in the evening, or exploring ashore. Additionally, solid colors tend to be less memorable than busy patterns, allowing you to re-wear items without drawing attention to repetition.

cruise outfits for seniors

Knit fabrics, such as jersey or cotton blends, are ideal due to their stretchiness and wrinkle-resistant properties, making them perfect for long days of exploring or lounging on deck. Crushable fabrics like linen or lightweight cotton are also excellent choices as they pack easily and can withstand the rigors of travel, ensuring you arrive at your destination looking fresh and put-together. These materials not only offer breathability in warm climates but also provide easy care, allowing you to focus more on enjoying your cruise adventure and less on ironing out wrinkles.

My Personal Cruise Packing List

Here is my personal packing list, which includes clothing essentials and must-have accessories.

  • 3-4 bottoms, skirts, or pants: My favorites? I haven’t traveled or packed a suitcase for over fifteen years that hasn’t included two or more pairs of these washable crepe, slim-knit ankle pants.
  • 1-2 casual to dressy dresses: The right change of shoes, bag, and jewelry can easily transform a dress from daytime to nighttime wear.
  • A wrap . I also find light cashmere ones like this one invaluable to have in my carry-on bag for flights.
  • Lightweight jacket : A knit jacket or blazer polishes many looks. You can pop one over Bermuda shorts during the day or a dress at night.
  • Several scarves of varying size and weight: I wear scarves more often when I travel because they help me switch up the look of basics, protect my hair from getting trashed on a windy bus ride, and cover my neck when the sun feels too strong.
  • Comfortable walking shoes : These are critical because you’re going to do a lot of walking!
  • Dressy flats or small heels (optional)
  • Swimsuit : Even though I don’t sunbathe, I don’t swim, and I don’t use public hot tubs, I always bring a couple of bathing suits. You can see more of my favorites here.
  • A tote : You’ll want one for shore excursions or trips to the pool aboard the ship. Perfect for holding souvenirs, sunscreen, a small umbrella, etc.
  • Small bag: This bag is invaluable. It switches from a crossbody to a belt bag to a clutch with a quick change of straps.
  • Sun hat : A stylish way to shield your skin from the sun. You can see more of my favorite sun hats here in this post.
  • Sunglasses : I always bring at least one extra pair of prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. Obviously, they couldn’t be replaced on a cruise and my trip would be ruined if I’d only brought one pair and they broke or were lost. I always opt for polarized sunglasses to cut down on glare and squinting.
  • Costume Jewelry: Having a variety of necklaces, earrings, and scarves helps to add variety to a capsule wardrobe. I always pack nice costume pieces on cruises because I would be devastated if they were stolen or if I were to lose them.
  • Toiletries: You can view my toiletry packing list here.
  • Sunscreen is a constant for me, and I like to bring favorites I know will perform well and be ultra-protective. You can see some of my favorites here .

What to Wear for Excursions

Obviously, this will depend on your cruise destination, but I typically find that excursions call for comfort. Flat shoes, a travel purse or tote, and sunnies are part of my everyday wear for a cruise.

cruise outfits for seniors

More Items to Pack for a Cruise:

Do you have any upcoming cruises?


This is great, thank you! I’ve done two recent polar expedition cruises. It is indeed a very different packing list. Mine were both on Quark and were largely very casual. My key recommendations are wool leggings, socks, and tops, plus a good pair of goretex pants if you are on an expedition cruise.

Thanks Jamie. I have them on order.

Yes ! Heading to Amsterdam and then Belgium in May…always try to pack light but do check a bag. Have three more cruises booked, so thanks for the tips. I do basic colors and mix and match. Now in the market for some nice stretch, comfy pants for the flight and tours!

I highly recommend the Eileen Fisher and Athleta stretch pants. Both are very comfy and don’t wrinkle.

I second the Athleta Endless pant! Perfect for travel, super comfy yet polished, with two zipped pockets in front.

Yes!! So nice for travel or any day.

Great cruise packing ideas. We started with carryon bags after Covid. Yes, it can be done! We were quite surprised. Question: is the backdrop in one of the photos above from Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic? Absolutely loved that little town. We stopped there on our Passau to Budapest river cruise.

Yes it is! This was the last time I wore my favorite scarf because I lost it that day. Great little town.

We’re spending 10 days in the Netherlands followed by a cruise around Iceland, with three stops in Scotland on the way back. We have always taken only carry-ons on our European trips, but are planning on one checked piece this trip in order to pack warmer clothes like down jackets. I’ll be curious to see what you take on your Arctic cruise. Do you think you’ll manage with carry-ons?

Your trip sounds awesome!! They’ll be providing the heavy parka and boots so I might be able to. We’re traveling over without airline changes so that makes it more reassuring a checked bag will arrive. I’ll let you know.

Holland America has wonderful laundry service, allowing you to pack less.. It’s free for us because we are almost 5 star, but the $25 “all you can stuff in the bag” special is the best deal around. Roll your items very tightly and cram in. Stuff undies and socks into the corners. Fill out the laundry sheet and tuck a $5 into it. Your laundry will come back next day (sometimes that day!) perfectly cleaned and pressed and on hangers or folded -along with a note from the person who did it. Be sure to leave an ”attaboy” comment on the Navigator app. Workers earn extra time off and other benefits when they get praised by guests.

Thank you for letting us know Laurie! That’s terrific.

We are cruising to Bermuda out of NYC this year. I really enjoy cruising and find it to be a relaxing vacation. However, I do usually check a bag as well as having my lightweight carryon for essentials.

Bermuda is so beautiful. We haven’t been back in many years. Have a great trip. I love cruising too. It’s much more relaxing for me.

Great info Jennifer, especially the need for more than one pair of prescription glasses. I forgot once and a monkey took them on my face and all I had left was my prescription sunglasses. I would have been left looking like Jackie O, for a month long cruise. Luckily got them back mangled but wearable, so absolutely necessary to pack an extra pair. I never travel without an extra pair of everyday glasses and of course sunglasses!

Wow! But how cool to be that close to a monkey. It sounds like a fun adventure.

I like your advice about extra glasses. A few years ago, we were in a remote part of the Czech Republic. I had my sunglasses on and had my glasses hanging from my top. I bent over and somehow my glasses dropped and I stepped on them. I had a pair of readers with me, too. This was early in the trip and it was a real pain to have to rely on either readers or glasses that no longer were wearable for a lot of days.

I really couldn’t survive with just cheaters. I actually bring two extra pairs of progressives. One rimless pair that I keep in the cabin. They’re small and easy to pack.

These are all great tips for cruising. I’ve only been on warm cruises and I felt I packed pretty well. We had two formal nights and the rest were just casual. Mix and matching outfits helps.

Mixing and matching is the way to go Rosemary.

I don’t see a link for the light blue shawl type wrap that you’re wearing over the long black dress in the top photo. I love it. Where did you get both pieces?

The skirt is 25+ years old and the wrap is a very old piece from Eileen Fisher. She makes very pretty wraps.

Great Post. Can you give some examples of packable dresses that would work for a more “formal” night on a cruise.

Choose knits or soft woven fabrics like rayon that don’t wrinkle. I prefer a dark neutral without prints that you can dress up with accessories. This allows you to wear it several times and make it look different.

I’m a pants girl. One pair of black silky crops, three tops (one black, one white and one glitzy). Same black flats as every night but add a clip-on bow or bling for dressy. Glitzy necklaces and boom! Done!

I love that idea. Great combos Laurie.

I cruise twice a year and always take a basic black midi dress with batwing sleeves and a v neck by Norma Kamala ( classic style. Will last 20 years lol) Sometimes I wear it with a wrap. Other times jewelry or a long chiffon short sleeved scarf. On occasion I’ve even worn it as a top with leggings or with a jacket and boots. Fabulous investment piece.

It does sound like a fabulous piece!

We are doing the Alaska cruise in May, first time. All other cruises were Caribbean so my cruise wear will be very different.

We’ve always wanted to do that Alaska cruise. Maybe next year!

I don’t know if all ships are the same but formal night on our Alaska cruise had men in tuxedo and women in long elegant gowns. Very formal! There was even a photographer taking pictures of all the beautiful couples. I had bought a pair of palazzo pants and and a beautiful flowy top, both in black as I had an injury and had to wear flats. I added gold jewellery to up the up the elegance. My husband wore a dark grey suit. I felt terribly underdressed once I saw all the gorgeous gowns. Prepare for rainy days and chilly ones so layers are important. Enjoy your Alaska cruise!

Great advice! Palazzo pants are perfect for cruising.

I love to wear formal attire, so I’m curious as to what cruise line you were on. We cruise on Regent Seven Seas, but the dress code is becoming increasingly more casual, which is disappointing to me.

We’re doing our first Alaska cruise in June. Black velvet jeans will be my go-to for regular dinners. Same black silky crops for dressy.

I love that outfit idea!! Brilliant idea.

Me too. Leave May 4th.

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cruise outfits for seniors

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cruise outfits for seniors

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The Ultimate Guide on What to Wear on a Cruise

picture of a cruise ship

If you are having trouble deciding what to wear on a cruise, you are in the right place. In this article, we will highlight what you need to know about the dress code for a cruise, and a few tips on what to pack for your cruise vacation.

Packing for a cruise can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you do not know about the cruise line’s dress code. After all, the last thing you want to experience is ending up on the cruise and realizing you do not have anything to wear because you have not packed accordingly.

what to wear on a cruise

Continue reading to find out more about what to wear on a cruise.  

Table of Contents

Basic Cruise Line Dress Codes

Before going into detail about what to wear on a cruise, you should follow dress codes for specific occasions on the cruise, let’s break down the three main dress codes. These dress codes describe the type of clothing cruise lines expect you to wear for certain occasions. Understanding the different dress codes will give you a better idea of what type of clothes you can expect to pack for your next trip. 

Casual attire is commonly known as everyday wear type of clothes it is also referred to as a non-dress code because of how simple it is. The casual dress code is probably the easiest and most comfortable to follow. Despite the casual dress code being acceptable for comfortable clothing, it is important to remember that what you wear on a cruise should always be appropriate. To help give you a better idea of the types of clothes that you should wear for casual occasions on a cruise, here are a few items that are considered casual:

  • Cargo pants
  • Polo shirts
  • Sun dresses

Smart Casual 

Smart casual is one level up from casual and is known to be a more formal dress code than casual. It is typically a combination of casual and formal attire or casual and business attire, giving you a look that is comfortable and elegant. Smart casual is one of the more popular dress codes requested on cruise lines for most occasions. This means you should pack quite a few smart casual items for your next cruise. A few of these smart causal clothing items might include: 

  • Chino pants
  • Dress pants
  • Pencil skirts 
  • Buttons down shirts
  • Leather shoes 

The formal dress code is one of the harder dress codes to follow, but it is essential to ensure you have packed a few formal items to wear on your cruise. Formal attire is the most elegant dress code typically worn on cruises and falls between cocktail and black tie. A few items to pack for a formal occasion on your next cruise includes: 

  • Dinner suit
  • Business suit 
  • Dress shirt 
  • Cocktail dress
  • Long dresses 
  • Leather dress shoes

What to Wear on a Cruise in the Evening?

Deciding what to wear on a cruise in the evening will usually depend on where you plan to go on the ship that evening. Typically most cruise evenings call for smart casual attire, but you can choose to wear formal clothes if you wish. Keep in mind that the evening is the time most cruise lines have photographs of their guests taken. This is another reason why it is important to be a bit dressed up, especially if you are going to have a photo taken. 

If you plan on having dinner in the main dining room or one of the specialty restaurants, then it is a good idea to stick to one of these dress codes. For certain specialty restaurants, it may be acceptable to wear smart casual. However, casual attire might not be acceptable for these locations. If you have not packed formal attire or do not feel like getting dressed in the evening and you would rather stick to a more casual dress code, you can always choose to dine in the casual dining room. This can include the buffet restaurant or even a few of the more causal resultants on the ship. Many times the main dining room will accept casual attire.

Almost all cruises will have at least one specified formal night. Cruises that are longer may have two or more formal nights. These occasions are sometimes referred to as the Captain’s Dinner and have a strict formal dress code. Most guests will choose to be dressed in an elegant dress or suit for this evening. 

What to Wear for a Casual Dinner?

As mentioned above, casual attire includes most everyday items that are comfortable and appropriate. It is a good idea to follow a smart or elegant casual dress code for a casual dinner. Here is a list of a few outfit combinations you can use for ideas for a causal cruise dinner.

Outfits for women over fifty years old:

  • Flowy dresses 
  • Dark denim jeans with a blouse 
  • Dress slacks with a blouse
  • Midi skirts with a blouse

All these outfit options can be paired with either pumps, low heels, or even high heels.

Outfits for men over fifty years old: 

  • Chinos with a golf shirt or button-up shirt
  • Dark denim jeans with a golf shirt or a button-up shirt
  • Dress pants with a button up

If you would like to dress these outfits a bit more but keep them casual, you can add a blazer. For shoes, these outfits can be paired with leather dress shoes or even sneakers. 

What to Wear on a Cruise During the Day?

During the day, the more appropriate choices are casual or smart casual. If you are planning to stay on the ship and visit the pool, you can keep it casual with your swimming suit underneath. Keep in mind when walking through the ship, it is best to wear clothes, a wrap, or even a robe over your swimming costume. 

If you are planning to go on a day excursion, it is a good idea to check with your excursion guide about any outfit recommendations before planning what to wear. Certain locations may require comfortable shoes, heat protection along with sun block, or even a jacket if you are opting to do a winter cruise. 

What do most people wear on a cruise?

Most people choose to go for more casual attire on a cruise, this includes items like t-shirts, tank tops, skirts, shorts, etc. 

Do you have to dress nicely on a cruise?

It is recommended to dress nicely during your cruise vacation but ensure your outfit is comfortable for you. If you do not enjoy dressing in formal attire, it is always best to stick with the smart or elegant casual dress code.

What should you not pack on a cruise?

You should not pack extremely warm clothes for a summer cruise. It is best to stick to cool clothing items, and it may be a good idea to pack a jacket. On the other hand, for a winter cruise, it is best to pack clothes that will keep you warm and leave out items like shorts, and sundresses. 

Does Royal Caribbean have a dress code?

Royal Caribbean does not follow a strict dress code. You can wear casual or smart casual clothes during your cruise. Royal Caribbean does have a Captain’s Dinner, which is a formal night, and it is recommended that guests wear formal attire. If you are planning to cruise with Royal, it is also a good idea to pack a full white outfit as the cruise line has its well-known White Party, where guests are requested to dress in full white. 

Final Thoughts

Most cruise lines typically stick to casual, smart casual, and formal dress codes. This is why it is a good idea to include clothing items that fall into these categories. Now that you know exactly what to wear on a cruise, you do not have to worry about not having the correct outfit. This will give you more time to enjoy your cruise while being perfectly dressed for the occasion. 

In conclusion, what you wear on a cruise can greatly impact your experience. By following our guide, you can ensure that you feel comfortable and confident in your attire, while also adhering to any dress codes or expectations onboard. Remember to pack for various occasions and climates, and don’t forget about accessories and footwear. With the right wardrobe, you’ll be ready to make the most of your time at sea.

For more cruise tips and secrets, check out our article on Important Cruise Secrets . From saving money to finding the best activities, this guide has everything you need to know to make your cruise vacation unforgettable. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your dream cruise today!

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Are you ready for the most epic cruise trip of your life read on to learn some style secrets to look effortlessly elegant in this guide for women over 50..

cruise outfits for seniors

My dear stylish ladies, welcome aboard to a journey where elegance meets ease on the open sea. Here, we cast off the myth that fashion fades with age. Instead, we tailor chic, comfortable cruise outfits for ladies over 50 that complement your timeless grace. Envision yourself basking in the sun, clad in attire that marries sophistication with leisure. Let’s dive into this curated fashion guide – your treasure map to sartorial splendor, and discover how to be the jewel of the ocean, where every deck becomes your runway.

Coco Chanel, the epitome of timeless style, once said, “Fashion changes, but style endures.” And ladies, I aim to empower you with the tools to craft your individual, enduring style with the help of this guide. But before sailing on, can you do me a favor and subscribe to our blog below? I promise to send only top-notch style content to your inbox!

Email Address

Decoding Cruise Dress Codes

If you’re wondering how to dress on cruise ship, then remember balance is the key. Setting sail on a cruise ship marries comfort with high style. Aim for versatile pieces that transition from day to evening. Opt for breathable fabrics ; they promise ease and elegance under the sun. Layering becomes your fashion secret weapon, offering adaptability for unpredictable temperatures. Embrace accessories—they elevate simple outfits and save precious cabin space. Think statement jewelry and bold scarves. Don’t forget footwear; comfortable, stylish shoes are essential. Lean towards chic flats and functional wedges for seamless movement onboard. Every ensemble should capture the spirit of the sea—effortless, classic, and always ready for the next adventure.


Tamsy Mint Leaf Asymmetrical Kaftan Dress

Crafting your individual style beyond 50 isn’t just about following trends—it’s about setting them with personal twists. Start by identifying colors that complement your skin tone and pieces that highlight your best features. Invest in quality basics and personalize with signature accessories like a vintage brooch , fine jewelry or a silk scarf.

Delve into textures and patterns that tell a story, like artisanal weaves or classic floral prints. Experiment with asymmetric cuts to add modern edge. Cultivate a collection of statement belts—they can redefine the silhouette of any outfit. Remember, personal style in cruise outfits for ladies over 50 resonates in the details: think eclectic cufflinks, heirloom watches, or a bespoke hat. These elements aren’t just additions; they’re reflections of a life richly lived.


Cruise outfits for ladies over 50 blend style with sun-savvy sensibilities. Choose light, airy kaftans in vibrant colors—chic yet sun-conscious. Incorporate wide- brimmed hats ; they protect and add a flair of sophistication. Opt for wrap dresses in breathable fabrics, perfect for onboard breezes and sun-drenched decks. Embrace long, flowing skirts teamed with floral blouses. Complete the look with polarized sunglasses —essential for glare-free vision and an air of mystery. Remember, the key lies in marrying function with elegance, ensuring you shine under the sun. Here are 5 best breezy cruise outfits:

  • Tamsy Mint Leaf Asymmetrical Kaftan Dress 
  • Winlar Blue Elephant Print Satin Kaftan
  • Tamsy Brown Block Pattern Long Dress
  • Tamsy Ocean Blue Sequin Floral Embroidery Dress
  • JOVIE Beige Kaftan Swing Top with Embroidery

Daytime Cruise Jewelry: Choose Function and Flair

Winlar Blue Elephant Print V-Neck Long Satin Kaftan

Select jewelry that makes a statement yet remains fuss-free. Gemstones like opal , turquoise, and morganite are best for daytime vacation wear. Remember, less is more; a few key pieces can define your look.

Bags: Smart and Stylish Storage

Opt for big canvas totes that secure your essentials and distribute weight evenly. Go for designs with zipped compartments that combine security with accessibility. A fanny bag serves well for poolside lounging or shore excursions.

Scarves: Versatile Fashion Anchors

Pack scarves that serve multiple purposes—sun protection, warmth, or a pop of color. Lightweight materials like silk or linen offer elegance without the bulk. Scarves effortlessly transform outfits, doubling as a shawl during cooler evenings at sea.

Also Read – Rock a cocktail ring to your walktail party with the girls


Tankini Bikini Best Cruise Outfits for women over 50

Selecting the right swimwear is crucial, especially for women over 50 seeking confidence and comfort. Opt for one-piece suits with rushing to flatter the figure and ensure poise. Tankinis offer versatility and ease, while swim dresses provide extra coverage with a playful edge.

When it comes to cover-ups, aim for elegance with a breezy kaftan or a crochet poncho . These pieces are not just for poolside; they’re perfect for a casual stroll on the deck. For a touch of sophistication, choose cover-ups in luxe fabrics or with intricate details, ensuring you look as stylish as you feel. Always remember the best cruise outfits for ladies over 50 balances fashion with a nod to functionality.

Evening Outfit Inspirations

Elegance on deck: cruise clothes for women over 50.

Embrace evening elegance with cocktail dresses that skim the silhouette gracefully. Select rich hues and soft, flowing fabrics that whisper sophistication. A well-tailored pantsuit stands as a timeless choice, offering a blend of classic style and modern charm.

JOVIE Beige Kaftan Swing Top with Embroidery

Accessorizing with Purpose

Adorn your evening wear with pearls or metallics for a touch of glamour. Glamorous clutch bags add a refined touch while keeping your essentials at hand. Opt for a statement watch or bracelet—it’s both functional and fashionable. Remember, accessories not only complement but also complete your nighttime cruise attire.


Layering with outerwear becomes an art form for ladies over 50 aboard a cruise, marrying practicality with panache . Here’s a comprehensive guide:

  • Start with a lightweight, water-resistant puffer jacket . This piece acts as a shield against unpredictable sea breezes while remaining effortlessly stylish.
  • Add a tailored blazer . It’s a chameleon of sorts, fitting for casual daywear or evening dining.
  • Incorporate fine-knit cardigans . They offer a layer of warmth without the bulk, keeping your look sleek and comfortable.
  • For cooler nights, a pashmina or cashmere wrap is essential. They provide cozy elegance and can easily be draped over the shoulders for a touch of sophistication.

Best cruise outfits for ladies over 50 Tamsy Black Knit Cardigan with White Lace Detail

Each layer should coordinate, allowing for a smooth transition through the cruise’s varying temperatures and occasions.

Smart Packing Strategies for Cruising

Efficient packing for cruising is key for ladies over 50, aiming for both function and flair. Here’s how to pack smartly:

  • Choose good quality, spacious and smart luggage bags that are easy to carry.
  • Emphasize multipurpose garments : Choose items like a black maxi dress that transitions from day to night with ease.
  • Rely on mix and match pieces : Pack tops and bottoms that work in multiple outfits, allowing for different looks.
  • Select wrinkle-resistant fabrics : Keep your wardrobe ready-to-wear, straight out of the suitcase.
  • Don’t forget a sarong : It’s the ultimate versatile piece, doubling as a skirt, dress, or cover-up.

This approach ensures a suitcase filled with possibilities, not excess.


Fashion after fifty isn’t just about what’s in, it’s about sailing into the horizon with confidence and a style that’s all your own. Let each outfit you pack be a chapter of your story, radiating the elegance and adventure that comes with every nautical mile. It’s a time to highlight your life’s journey through styles that speak to you. With each ensemble, flaunt your age as a badge of sophistication and a spark of your unique spirit. After all, real style doesn’t age, it simply evolves with you, as fabulous and as fearless as ever. Here’s to smooth seas and a style as timeless and endless as the ocean. Bon voyage, darling!

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide as much as I enjoyed writing it, if yes, please subscribe below:

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cruise outfits for seniors


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My Itchy Travel Feet

My Itchy Travel Feet

The Baby Boomer's Guide To Travel

Luxury Cruise Wear for Boomer Women

This article may contain referral links. Read our DISCLOSURE

After years of sharing cruise fashion photos on my Facebook profile, many of you have asked me to write more about cruise wear for over 50 women, over 60 and even over 70. This is the first of a series of articles about what to wear on a cruise, especially luxury cruises , which is what I know best.

I encourage you to think of my ideas as a template for using what you already own to dress well on a luxury cruise. While I usually purchase a couple of new pieces, most of what I wear has been hanging in my closet for a few years.

Also, the photos on this article are not current. So don’t look at them for the latest styles. Instead, use the photos as a guide to mixing and matching. The goal is to create your own cruise wear for women style guide that works well for new or old pieces.

Table of Contents

My cruise wear tips for boomer women

One of the reasons that I enjoy luxury cruising is that I get to dress up. For most of my days in Montana , I wear exercise pants and a sweatshirt (or t-shirt in the summer). When it’s time to go out to dinner, I change into blue jeans, nice shirt and boots. Boring!

Donna Hull in printed blouse and black pants

A cruise changes that dynamic. It’s my time to dress up and be girly. Alan appreciates it.

And I like that dressing up for a cruise is the push that I need to stay healthy and fit. Feeling good about myself is the end result. And that’s an important component to boomer health .

What’s my secret? Picking a clothing line like Chico’s ( shop here ) or J.Jill ( take a look ) where the items easily mix and match to create many variations of an outfit. I don’t claim to pack light, but I do plan an efficient cruise wardrobe.

My rule of thumb: wear an item at least twice during the cruise or put it back in the closet.

How do I accomplish this? On a 21-day cruise, I’ll pack about 3 to 4 pair of pants for evenings, with a color scheme that allows me to mix and match the tops to create different looks.

Who wants to wear the same thing each night? Not me! I might as well be back at home in Montana dressed in sweatshirt and warmup pants.

To start this cruise fashion series off, I’m sharing some of the looks that I wore on a 42-day cruise from Hong Kong to Vancouver . There were 6 formal nights and 36 elegant casual evenings.

In this article, I’m showing ways that I combine pieces of clothing to dress for a cruise. Look for more articles on formal nights, tropical cruise gear , cold weather cruise wear , adventure cruise dressing, and packing strategies soon.

For now, let’s take a look at some of the clothes that I’ll be wearing. And sorry about the lighting. I’m not a big fan of taking photos of myself (I’m shy) and usually seek out a private area to photograph the outfits rather than a well-lit public area of the ship.

For me, cruise wear for women over 50 starts at Chico’s

After moving to Tucson many years ago, I discovered Chico’s. The clothes fit me, they’re easy to mix and match—especially with the knowledgeable help of a Chico’s associate—and pieces carry over from one season to another, with the addition of one or two pieces to freshen things up.

Once I figured out my style, for me that’s pants that are slimming and long tops with a classic look, I became a happy customer. That’s right, Chico’s doesn’t pay me to write about them. Now on to cruise outfits.

Donna Hull in her favorite cruise wear

I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of this black travelers pants and tank top. And I especially like that Chico’s has narrowed the pants leg to match the current styles. Remember how baggy travelers pants used to be?

In the first photo, I’m dressed for formal night with a sheer sparkly long sleeve jacket, silver sparkly shoes, dressy jewelry and black evening bag. No, it isn’t ultra formal but the understated look fits right in on most formal nights.

The second time I wore this outfit, I topped it off with a royal blue fringe jacket and long necklace. This look would work for either informal nights or elegant casual (although I’d change out the shoes for elegant casual night).

The third outfit pairs a geometric black and white jacket, casual necklace and shoes, with the same pants and top. Three different looks!

Donna Hull modeling her favorite cruise wear

Now let’s switch to white pants. This is the 2017 version of the Chico’s So Slimming Brigitte ankle pants . I’ve added a blue tank to the blue fringe jacket for a more casual outfit.

The center photo showcases my favorite top. I think it’s a much better look than cold shoulder tops. And, as you’ll see in the next series of photos, it can be dressed up or down.

The third photo shows a black travelers tank with geometric white and black jacket, worn with a long silver necklace.

Donna Hull wearing black and white geometric blouse

And here’s an example of how versatile a top can be. Worn loose over black travelers pants, the top looks somewhat dressy. Tie it at the waist, over a pair of So Slimming pants, change out the jewelry and the look becomes more casual. And, you’ll notice, the sleeves have slits in them. Again, I like this better than a cold shoulder top.

Donna modeling taupe travelers pants

But who wants to wear black and white ALL the time? Let’s add in a third color. I’ve worn these taupe travelers pants for several years.

In the first photo, I’ve combined the pants with a matching tank and lace jacket. Add sparkly silver shoes and a malachite necklace and I’m ready for formal night. Yes, I’ll be understated but will still feel that I’m appropriately dressed.

The peach sweater in the middle photo came from the 2017 fall collection. Now the pants work for elegant casual night. And the shell necklace is a really old Chico’s find. That’s the beauty of my favorite clothing line. One or two pieces and I’ve updated my look.

The last photo shows that yes, black and taupe do go together, especially if you wear gold jewelry.

This isn’t all that I packed for 42 days, but it gives you an idea of how I mix and match cruise wear.

What about formal night?

I’m planning to write several posts on dressing for formal night. For now, here’s how I mix and match clothes to create a formal night outfit.

More cruise fashion for boomer women

Knowing what to pack, no matter the trip or weather, makes for a more enjoyable trip:

  • Are you traveling to Alaska on a cruise? You’ll need my tips for what to pack for an Alaska cruise.
  • Are you planning a cold weather adventure? Check out cold weather gear for women that packs light.
  • Going on a warm weather trip? Read about the tropical cruise gear that I recommend.

Do you have questions about dressing for a cruise? I’ll try to answer them or turn your questions into a future article. Email me here .

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Text: Luxury Cruise Fashion for Boomer Women. Photo: 9 photo college of boomer fashion choices for a cruise.

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Travel Fashion Girl

What to Pack for a Cruise for Women over 60: the Mediterranean and Seine River

Cruise , Europe Packing List , Packing Lists

cruise outfits for seniors

Support TFG by using the links in our articles to shop. We receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) so we can continue to create helpful free content. We earn from qualifying purchases made to the featured retailers. Thank you, we appreciate your support!

One of our readers wanted to know what to pack for a cruise for women over 60 when traveling to the Mediterranean and the Seine River. Find out our suggestions!

What to Pack for a Cruise 60+

Travel Fashion help! Reader asks:

“I am trying very hard to pack carryon for a 38 day trip which includes a 21 day Mediterranean cruise on Princess Cruises and a Vantage River cruise on the Seine River ending in Paris for 2 nights.

We have a flight on Vueling Airlines which has similar baggage requirements to Ryanair. I’m concerned that I’ll have to check my carryon bag and don’t want the bag to be ruined by luggage handlers.

I thought about bringing my Samsonite carryon, which weighs about 9 pounds – almost half of the weight allowed on the Vueling Airlines carryon. I’m also worried that the baggage handler may damage my bag.

At 66 years of age and wearing a size 22, nothing I own is small and lightweight, including medications & supplements. However, I’m trying to carryon even with four formal nights on the cruise and one on the river cruise. I do plan to do laundry on the 21 day cruise.

Can you please help me figure out what to pack for a cruise?

Also, I was watching the video that Alex did on the Osprey Ozone rolling suitcase . Did I hear Alex correctly that she was going to retire this suitcase? Which suitcase is she going to use instead?”

cruise outfits for seniors

Osprey Ozone 22 |  Delsey Traversee Lite

I’ve temporarily retired my Osprey Ozone 22 because I’m no longer traveling full-time, but I still love it and use it for long trips to non-city destinations. I do think it’s slightly too tall to fit as a Ryanair carryon.

Ryanair has extremely limited baggage restrictions and they’re very strict. If you’d like to go carryon, I’d recommend choosing a bag that weighs around 4 lb. My favorite soft-side carryon suitcase is the Delsey Traversee Lite  – it’s so light! Use slim packing cubes to help you organize and even compress your belongings to maximize your space.

For more luggage recommendations, this article reviews the  best lightweight suitcases !

General Tips on What to Wear on a Mediterranean Cruise:

Start by reading the clothing tips in these articles to ensure you only pack the clothing you need and avoid overpacking things that might not be necessary:

  • What to Pack for a Mediterranean Cruise
  • 5 Items to Add to your Mediterranean Cruise Packing List

General Tips on What to Pack for a Cruise:

In addition, here are some general cruise packing tips:

  • Cruise Packing List
  • 10 Unexpected Things You’ll Find on a Cruise
  • What to Pack on a Cruise

The most common piece of advice offered by our readers is that there will be so many people on board the cruise that it will be difficult to tell if anyone wears the same thing twice.

You can even take just one formal dress then dress it up with a colorful or print pashmina, scarf, or light coverup. If you choose a dress in a classic solid color, such as black or navy, then it will automatically look more formal even if you choose a less dressy fabric.

Want to look your best when traveling but still be comfortable. Read my travel tips to Pack Light Stylishly !


Tunic | Blouse | Shirt | Short Sleeve | Top | Longsleeve | Pants 1 | Pants 2 | Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Scarf | Shawl | Sandals | Wedge | Shoes | Bracelet

What to Pack for a Cruise to the Mediterranean

Above you’ll find an example Mediterranean cruise packing list. Use these items as visual inspiration and choose items from your own wardrobe that follow the general principles explained below. ( Here are more tips on how to customize our clothing visuals for your trips.)

For clothing, you can bring two to three bottoms in neutral colors and bring five to seven tops . If you choose items that are interchangeable and can mix and match, then you can rotate them to have a new outfit almost every day for your entire trip.

The same goes with shoes. Bring three pairs in neutral colors that are interchangeable with your clothing: one for everyday cruise walking, one for sightseeing excursions, and a pair to dress up at night.

Read more about how to choose the best shoes for travel !

Just changing your shoes in the evenings and adding costume jewelry can make you look dressier for business casual days.

You can then do laundry about once a week and hand wash items more frequently as needed (such as underwear). Some cruise bathrooms have a laundry line already in your cabin. However, you can also bring an additional line like  this so you can dry more clothing as needed.

One of our readers mentioned that Princess Cruises has washers and dryers, but not all cruise lines do. You can bring your own laundry pods like these .

Read these tips on how to hand wash clothing while traveling!


3/4 Sleeve | Tunic | Linen | Blouse | V Neck | Tee | Pants 1 | Pants 2 | Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Scarf | Cardigan | Sandals | Wedge | Shoes | Necklace

The same principles described above can be applied to women of all sizes, which you can read about more in this post on carryon plus-size packing tips .

All the clothing shown in the above sample cruise packing list is available in extended sizes.

We also have a plus-size packing list and it even has a short video to show you how we packed carryon only using packing organizers like these .

You can find more ideas about how to mix and match your clothing in our Signature Packing Lists . The visuals shown are only to be used as examples, so you can apply them to your own wardrobe and style preference.

For instance, a skirt signifies any bottom or a sleeveless top only stands for a top. The exact style is up to you. Read more about how to use our visuals here .

See our top picks for comfortable and stylish travel shoes for women over 60 !

Traveling with Medications

Packing prescription medication can get a bit complicated especially when traveling for extended periods of time. You should always pack your prescriptions in your carryon.

Depending on the amount you need to pack, this may limit your space. If you do need to check a bag, avoid bringing a carryon in addition to a checked bag. Try to limit your baggage to two items such as a regular suitcase in addition to one personal item you bring on the plane with you.

Read more about carryon personal items for flights!

While the occasional issue occurs with baggage handlers, try not to worry too much about this as it’s not a frequent incident. There were many times I checked my carryon over my nine years of full-time travel and thankfully, I haven’t had an issue with broken luggage at this point.

If you’d like extra protection, you can pay to have your luggage wrapped at the airport. Any time I’ve had to pack delicate items such as souvenirs, this little trick has worked very well!

What are your tips on what to pack for a cruise in Europe? Share and comment below!

For more cruise packing tips, please read:

  • What to Pack for the Bahamas
  • What to Pack for Alaska Cruise
  • What to Wear on a Cruise to the South Pacific
  • Caribbean Cruise Wear Essentials


cruise outfits for seniors

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I’m planning a European river cruise, and found this so helpful! Thank you!

Tay Kennedy

I always learn so much from your posts! Great job, awesome tips.

Glenda Sims

Just returned from a 3-week trip that included a 12-day Rhine cruise and several extra days in Paris. Lightweight quick-dry capsule clothing, a stretchy clothesline, and packing cubes saved the day. I used a lightweight Travelon rollaboard with a Baggalini topper plus a Travelon crossbody that stuffed into the Baggalini for boarding—didn’t check my bag. Worked on planes and trains.

Candie Steinman

Great help in packing for Med cruise next month! Thanks!

Lea Collins

I’m helping my daughter pack for 65 days in Asia. She is driving and hiking a lot. Will be taking flights around Asia and needs to carry on. Purchased Osprey pack with detachable day pack. Can you help us decide exactly what to pack in this carry on. Traveling to Bali, Vietnam, Japan for cherry blossom and China. Any safety tips are greatly appreciated. Do you think a live aboard is safe for two 23 year old girls?


Hi Lea, thank you for reaching out! For help with what to pack for Asia, have a look at this 10 step guide: If you are worried about safety then have a look at our various articles about safety and theft here: We have articles on how to avoid being pickpocketed and keeping your passport safe. You may also be interested in our own Secret Bra Wallet with RFID Protection from our line Compass Rose. It is designed keep your belongings safe from pickpockets while traveling abroad. You can learn more about it here: Hope this helps. Hope your daughter has the most phenomenal time on her adventure!! 🙂

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cruise outfits for seniors

Cruise Outfits Over 50: Elegant And Comfortable Attire

Packing for a cruise is fun, especially grabbing a new maxi dress and a casual dress for those special evenings is unforgettable experience. 

Last time, I’d sailed with my aunt– a fashion-conscious lady, she picked some fabulous outfits for her 7-day cruise. I’m so impressed by the collection of her outfits. 

Today, I will share the same impressive outfit ideas my aunt dresses up in. If you turn 40 or 50, this outfit list is for you. All the outfits in this list are elegant, versatile, comfortable, and best for over 50 ladies. 

So let’s get into it. 

Table of Contents

Outfit To Pack For 7 Days Cruise

We just came from a Caribbean cruise last month, and it was such a nice experience. The streets of the Aruban Islands and Puerto Rico were insane. One thing that further elevates your cursing experience is your outfit. 

I suggest packing light and packing smart to prevent yourself from dragging bulky luggage. 

Here is the perfect cruise outfit over 50 for a seven-day cruise. 

  • Two formal dresses (for the formal evening)
  • 2 sundress / maxi dress
  • 1 Jeans and two shirts 
  • 2 shorts and two blouses 
  • 2 swimsuits
  • 2 cover-ups
  • 1 – 2 night dresses 
  • 1 pair of running shoes
  • 1 pair of walking sandals 
  • 1 pair of flip flop

Embarkation Day Dress 

The first impression is the last impression. So, for embarkation day, wisely choose the outfit. But comfort is the key because everyone wants to feel comfortable in their outfits while dragging luggage. 

I prefer to wear short and sleeveless summer dresses if you’re sailing to a tropical region. This flattering button-down summer dress is breathable and perfect for the first day. Strolling in this dress is a breeze. 

Because of the flow and breezy skirt part, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable while walking on cruise ports. You can wear this dress for port excision and daytime. 

A hat and comfortable walking sandals pair perfectly well with this dress. You can also wear cozy walking sneakers under this dress. 

Sleeveless Summer Dress

Crewneck swing sundress.

cruise outfits for seniors

Option 2: Mini Dress Pleated Ruffles 

A woman over 50 looks so fantastic in a pleated ruffle dress. This mini dress has an attractive print, giving you a tropical vibe, and it’s perfect for Caribbean cruises. 

The dress’s material is superb; it’s made of Rayon, which is a lightweight fabric. There are dozens of colors and designs, but I love Paisley Floral Black, which gives a classical feel. 

Short Sleeve Mini Dress

Day time dress .

During the day, the sun radiates intense heat on the cruise, so wearing a breezy, breathable sundress is the best option. You can also go for shorts, capris, and tops. 

Option 1: Floral Midi Dress 

This cute floral dress has a beautiful print and features a scoop neck, empire waist, and smooth fabric. Also, it is suitable for pool parties and other outdoor fun. 

The stretchy material hides your tummy. This dress is also light to pack in your luggage. 

Floral Midi Dress 

Option 2: beach vintage dress .

If you sweat a lot, this boho vintage-style attire is going to be your best companion onboard. The skin-friendly fabric, blowy design, and breathable texture will help you stay cool. 

This one is also versatile, and you can dress it up for port activities, evening time, and on the beach. 

Beach Vintage Dress 

Option 3: capris with tops.

Capris are becoming so popular on the cruise because of comfort. It is perfect for dressing up for port excursions and exploring. The walking shoes or comfortable sandals look gorgeous with capris. 

I love this stretchy lagging capris; slim ladies look stunning in this wear. This one is also lightweight, and the fabric moves with you no matter your direction. 

French Terry Capris

Stretch women capri.

cruise outfits for seniors

Option 4: Shorts & Tops

Shorts & Tops

Nowadays, cruises have so much laid-back environment regarding outfits. Especially if you’re cruising with Norwegian, you have the freedom to wear whatever you want onboard. 

For a more comfortable experience, shorts and tank tops are also perfect for women over 50. This hiking cargo short is the best bet if you want more pockets to hold your items or if port excursions include hiking. 

Otherwise, you can wear these ripped jeans shorts with more casual vibes. I prefer to wear soft and light colors when it comes to tops and shirts, and you will look more sophisticated with this match. 

Denim Shorts for Women 

Beach & port outfits .

Port excursions are the fun and best way to explore the culture of various countries, but it’s also a tedious task. However, with a comfortable dress, you can make your experience more amazing. 

Option 1: Shorts Or Pants  

Shorts, pants, or capris are the first options to pack for your cruise port excursions. Make sure to choose lightweight and breathable shorts and pants to scroll smoothly. 

Check out this pull-on golf pants that comes with moisture-wicking technology and absorbs sweat. Best for tropical regions like the Caribbean islands or Santorini. 

With shorts and pants, you can opt for v-neck t-shirts that my aunt wore for two days on her last cruise. 

Women’s Pull-on Golf Pant

V neck casual tshirts, option 2: maxi dresses .

This loose Bohemian floral dress is a great pick for plus-size ladies . My aunt is a little curvy, and when I suggested this dress to her, she instantly grabbed it. 

The smart floral pattern gives the best tropical vibes; you can wear it on ports and on beaches, and it’s also perfect for cruise evenings. This dress comes in many vibrant colors, but I like the purple and floral421.

Casual Loose Bohemian Floral Dress

Option 3: consider shoulder tops .

Off-shoulder tops pair well with pants or shorts. This Boho floral print-off shoulder top will make you look attractive and sexy. It has a tie knot on the front, so you can adjust it according to your belly. 

Casual Boho Floral Off Shoulder

Other items to pack for ports excursions in your carry-on, 1- swimwears.

Regarding swimwear, I prefer coverage, and this women’s halter one-piece skirt is one of my top swimsuits for cruise voyages. It features a low-back design that looks more elegant and hides your tummy. This swimsuit is available in many bold colors; the blue and black are my favorite. 

Recommended: One Piece Swimsuits

2- Cover Ups

Onboard, you’re not allowed to enter any restaurant or bar wearing that swimwear. So, once you’ve had your fill of sun by the pool, it’s time to throw on some cover-ups. This v-neck chiffon cover-up is the best bet for women over 50, as it’s made of polyester and feels so much more comfortable on the body. 

Recommended: Blooming Jelly Womens Swimsuit

  Strolling on a Caribbean beach under the blazing sun can cause you headaches. That’s why you always wear hats while enjoying these beaches. This beautiful Panama Summer Beach hat is an amazing option for ladies. 

Recommended: Panama Roll up Hat 

4- Water shoes and Flip flops

Water shoes and flip-flops are essential beach essentials. So I must pack them. Especially if your port excursions include rough tracks, you can’t ignore the significance of water shoes. They protect your feet from being hurt by sharp stones. 

Recommended Water Shoes: Athletic Hiking Water Shoes

Recommended Flip Flops: Arch Support Recovery Flip Flops 

Formal Night Or Elegant Night Outfits

Typically, there are two formal evenings on a 7-day cruise. But it can vary depending on your cruise, so make sure to check the number of special nights before packing formal dresses. 

On most of the cruises, there is a dress code for an elegant night. Most females wear cocktail dresses, capris, and tops, or maxi dresses. So, you can choose any of them. 

Option 1: Cocktail Dress 

I’m a big fan of cocktail dresses because they make you look more sophisticated. This beautiful cocktail dress is perfect for ladies over 50. The pattern is crazy and gives a more professional look. Plus, the slit sleeves design makes it a super comfortable party dress. 

Lace Chiffon Evening Dress

Option 2: long maxi dress .

Another great idea for formal nights is the long maxi dress. Long dresses are more comfortable for women over 50; along with comfort, you will look more sophisticated and elegant in these attires. 

I’ve got this amazing summer wrap maxi dress featuring a neck so you can show your necklace. These low-heeled sandals look great with this maxi dress. 

Formal Maxi Dresses

Women’s wedge heel sandal, option 3: mid-length pencil dress.

The mid-length pencil dress is a go-to option if you’ve got a beautiful, slim body. This slim clothing highlights the cuts of your body, making you look more sexy and affluent.  

No matter if you’re at 50 or 60, these pencil dresses are okay until you have a slim body. But you can look for the first two options if you’re a curvy lady. 

Nonetheless, t his amazing pencil dress from Amazon is one of my top picks. It features a ruffle on the right and covers the line of the body to look slimmer.

3/4 Sleeve Bodycon Ruffle Vintage

Final thought.

I hope you’ve captured some amazing cruise ideas. For over 50 women, the key thing is comfort, so always go for a dress that makes you feel comfortable onboard. Plus, you don’t need to compromise on the look and style of the outfit; there are numerous outfits out there to choose from. 

Ultimately, I would like to say that always pack light and smart for your cruise. Don’t put the entire wardrobe in your luggage because it might be challenging. 

I am Zoe Grace, a passionate enthusiast of cruise ships. With a decade of firsthand experience in the cruising industry, I have developed a deep understanding of the intricacies and wonders that these majestic vessels hold.

Now, I am excited to embark on a new journey as an author, sharing my knowledge and insights with readers who share my fascination for the world of cruising.

Join me as we explore the captivating world of cruise ships together.

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cruise outfits for seniors

25+ Fashionable Cruise Outfits for Ladies (affordable cruise wear)

Cruise Outfits for Ladies - Cute and Affordable

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Are you going on a cruise and looking for cruise outfits that are fashionable and affordable? In this post you’ll find casual cruise dresses and daywear, formal night dresses , plus a few must-have accessories. 

Use this list of cruise wear to plan outfits to wear on a 7 day cruise. Of course, you can add more clothing items or bring less, depending on the length of your cruise.

All the cruise wear in this post is available on Amazon and linked for convenience. If you’re simply looking for great cruise outfit ideas, you can find similar items elsewhere as well.

This post contains affiliate links which means if you click and buy that I may make a commission, at no cost to you. Please see my disclosure policy for details.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Affordable and Stylish Cruise Wear for Ladies for a 7 Day Cruise

What to Wear on a Caribbean Cruise - Cruise Outfits

If you’re going on a Caribbean , Bermuda or Bahamas cruise, plan on packing light sundresses, shorts and tops, bathing suits and cover ups. Add a couple formal night outfits and some dress shoes , and you’re all set.

Remember that you can pack lighter by wearing outfits more than once on a cruise . A good tip is to pair a daytime outfit with dressier shoes and some jewelry, and wear it in the evening for a whole new look.

Shop my Amazon storefront for current favorites and deals.

Cruise tip: Always pack for the weather of your cruise destination. Cooler weather cruises require warmer clothing. 

Cruise Embarkation Day Outfit Ideas

If you have time to change before heading to the cruise ship on embarkation day , wear something comfortable that you also feel good in. Shorts and a t-shirt or a light sundress are perfect.

Cruise tip: You may want to wear a bathing suit under your clothing, if you’re planning on heading to the pool soon after you board your cruise ship .

Cute Romper

This cute romper is a very cute and affordable embarkation day outfit. It’s perfect for shore excursions and tours as well. 

cruise outfits for seniors

Casual Sundress

A sundress is a great embarkation day outfit. Plus, it can be worn later on in the cruise and no one would even know.

This sundress is so cute, with pockets, and available in small to plus sizes.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Sundress with pockets sizes (see color and fabric options, & sizes)  

Romper Tee and Shorts

Very cute and casual, this short sleeve romper shorts outfit is a great comfortable embarkation day outfit.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Comfy short sleeve romper shorts set

Ladies Cruise Wear for Daytime

Cute sundress.

This cute sundress has pockets, along with some cute details!

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Short sundress with pockets

Swimsuit Cover up Dress

This sundress cover up is perfect for pool and beach days on a cruise.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Sundress cover up (see price & Amazon reviews here)

Casual T-shirt Dress Tank Style

Wear this cute t-shirt style dress on boarding day, as a cover up or even dressed up with accessories in the evening. 

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Casual t-shirt style tank dress (see amazing reviews on Amazon & color options)

Shorts, Tops and Rompers

One piece rompers are very popular and are perfect when you’re hanging out by the pool or doing activities on the cruise ship.

Sleeveless romper shorts

This sleeveless tank romper jumpsuit is available in several colors.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Sleeveless romper (see over 8000 Amazon reviews)

Spaghetti Strap Romper

Perfect for days on a cruise or even a beach vacation, this colorful romper shorts outfit gets amazing reviews!

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Romper Shorts Outfit (verify price & styles on Amazon here)

Cute Tops (daytime to evening)

Floral off-the-shoulder top.

This floral top is is gorgeous paired with shorts or white pants. This loose blouse is available in different colors and patterns as well.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Floral off the shoulder top (check price & over 30,000 4.5* Amazon reviews here)

Lace Detailed Top

This v-neck spaguetti strap tank top will look great during the day with shorts or in the evening on a cruise paired with dark jeans. The black is very flattering, but the white is gorgeous too!

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Vneck lace spaghetti strap top (see reviews & color options)

Halter Chiffon Top

A halter chiffon top like this pairs beautifully with a white skirt, pants or jeans. It can go from day to evening, depending on how dressy you’re feeling.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Halter chiffon tank top (verify pricing here)

Cute Cruise Outfits for a 7 Day Cruise

Casual Sundresses

Pretty boho dress.

This tank style dress is great for day or casual evenings on a cruise. Love the pockets!

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Tank style boho dress (see fabric options & price here)

Sleeveless Striped Casual Dress

This casual striped dress is great on a cruise or for everyday!

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Casual striped sleeveless dress (see different colors & reviews here)

Long sundress

This long halter top dress is so pretty! It’s great for day or evening on a cruise.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Long halter top dress (check price & reviews on Amazon here)

2 piece sundress

This sleeveless floral 2 piece sundress is so pretty for a Caribbean or even a Mediterranean cruise .

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: 2 piece sundress (see beautiful style choices on Amazon)

This long boho floral print sundress is on trend this year and will look great on a cruise, either day or evening. I’m excited to wear this dress on an upcoming cruise!

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Long floral boho sundress (see reviews & other patterns here)

Casual Sleeveless Dress

A loose casual dress like this one can look great on it’s own, or over a bathing suit if you’re off on a shore excursion.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Sleeveless dress tank style (see 15,000+ Amazon reviews)

Related:  What I Wore on a 7 Day Caribbean Cruise (Cruise Outfits with Photos)

Get The Ultimate Cruise Planner

Regular price: $27 now just $17.

cruise outfits for seniors

Sleeveless Bodycon Hollow Out Dress

If you like a tighter fit dress, this bodycon hollow out dress is a great vacation outfit. The tropical patterns and solid designs are equally pretty!

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Sleeveless Hollow Out Bodycon Short Dress

Maxi Dresses & 2 Piece Outfits

2 piece outfits are in style these days, and look great day or evening on a Caribbean, Bahamas or even a Mediterranean cruise.

2 Piece Jumpsuit with Drawstring Pants

This 2 piece jumpsuit is with drawstring pants is very flattering and very on trend this year. The long crop top has gorgeous ruffle detail, and pairs well with the loose drawstring pants.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: 2 piece jumpsuit (see over 7000 Amazon reviews)

I love maxi dresses! They’re gorgeous for day or casual evenings on a cruise.

This halter style maxi dress is so flattering for ladies of all ages!

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended:   Halter style maxi dress (verify price & color options here)

Maxi Dress with Pockets

This maxi dress with pockets comes in several fabric choices and two styles, with and without sleeves.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Maxi dress with pockets (see style options here)

Halter Neck Beach Dress

The detail on this halter neck long dress is so pretty! This is a newer dress that is popular (4.5* reviews) for good reason.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Halter dress with detail (see different colors & price on Amazon here)

Loose Dress with Pockets (Racerback style)

This loose dress is so easy, cute and comfortable. I love the black, however there are so many colors to choose from!

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended:  Tank style maxi dress (with pockets & racerback)

Summer Casual Midi Dress

This cute mid-length dress is on trend this year. It’s classy, yet casual and perfect for cruising!

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Midi casual dress (see color and pattern choices on Amazon)

Ladies Dresses for Evenings on a Cruise

Cruise tip: The dress code on most cruise lines will be casual and smart casual for 5 days out of a 7 day cruise. There will usually be 2 formal nights or dress up evenings. Longer cruises will have an additional formal night.

Ladies Floral Halter Dress

This floral dress is very flattering, light and airy. It would work well any evening in the main dining room or specialty restaurant on a cruise.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Floral halter dress (see reviews and photos on Amazon)

Mid-length Strapless Dress

Here’s a pretty strapless dress that will look great in the evening on a cruise, from Celebrity to Norwegian.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Mid-length strapless dress (available in solid colors too)

A Line Midi Dress

This elegant dress is beautiful in every color! 

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Elegant mid length dress (see reviews photos on Amazon here)

Jumpsuit Romper

While there are a lot of beautiful dresses in this post, you can definitely wear pants and in many cases, even jeans on a cruise. Jumpsuits and rompers are trendy and flattering, and will look great on a cruise in the evening.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Pants jumpsuit romper (see different styles here)

Halter Style Floral Summer Dress

This floral dress is so pretty! It’s available from small to plus sizes.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Halter style short dress (see 3500+ awesome Amazon reviews)

What to Wear on a Caribbean Cruise - 25 Outfit Ideas

Ladies Cruise Formal Dresses

Mermaid style long dress.

This Bodycon long dress is perfect for formal nights on a cruise. The halter top style is absolutely gorgeous!

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Bodycon mermaid style long dress (see 5000+ Amazon reviews)

Short Cocktail Dress

A short cocktail dress is a popular choice for many women for cruise formal or chic evenings. The ruffle sleeves and slit add a beautiful detail to the dress.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Ruffle sleeve cocktail dress (verify pricing & Amazon reviews here)

Lace Top Cocktail Dress

A little black dress is always appropriate for cruise formal nights, however the lace detail on this dress just adds an extra touch of elegance. Like most of the other dresses in this list of cruise outfit ideas, it’s very affordable.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Lace detail cocktail dress (verify price on Amazon here)

Plus Size Long Cocktail Dress

This short sleeve plus size dress is gorgeous and very flattering.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Plus size cocktail dress (see sizing & color options here)

Related: 20+ Favorite Cruise Dresses & Resort Wear on Amazon (I’m wearing right now)

Must-Have Shoes and Accessories for a Cruise

Make sure to bring a cute sandal, a closed toe walking or running shoe, and a pair of dress shoes. If you’re planning on hanging by the pool or beach, flip flops are a must as well.

Cruise tip: Often flip flops are not permitted in restaurants and main dining rooms, so make sure to bring a slightly dressier sandal for evenings.

For more shoe suggestions, please read this post next: Best Shoes to Pack for a Cruise .

Nice sandals

These stylish sandals look great and cost way less than anyone would think.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Dressy flat sandal (check pricing on Amazon here)

Swimsuit Cover Up

Make sure to pack a bathing suit cover up or two for cruise sea days.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Swimsuit cover up (see color options here)

Make sure to have a wide brim sun hat on your Caribbean cruise packing list! The bow detail on this sunhat elevates the look.

cruise outfits for seniors

Recommended: Wide brim sunhat

More Cruise Outfit and Packing Ideas

Please feel free to check my Amazon storefront where I share and list my favorite cruise clothing items, packing essentials , jewelry and beauty essentials for a cruise  and more.

Life Well Cruised Amazon Storefront – I update and add great items frequently, so make sure to Follow my pae and check back as you need items for your future cruise.

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Final Thoughts: 25 Fashionable Cruise Outfits for Ladies (affordable cruise wear)

In this post I shared 25 cruise outfits for women that are stylish and affordably priced. Hopefully you’ll have found some cruise wear suggestions that will be helpful as you plan your next cruise!

Have suggestions of outfits you love? Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy cruising!

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' src=

Love your Blog. I do have one suggestion, would you please show samples of what to wear for those of us over 70 who do not wear the cute sleeveless tops and dresses?

' src=

Absolutely! Thanks for your suggestion 🙂

' src=

Outfits for the 70+ woman who is also plus size and cannot wear sleeveless or strapless. I’ve had a mastectomy and wider straps work better over spaghetti straps.

Thanks Ann for reading! I have this post (by request) which has a lot of nice options with sleeves:

' src=

Thanks a lot for sharing these great tips with us. I am really need this. Keep it up.

So glad this was helpful 🙂

' src=

Love the information. Could you include outfits for plus size women too?

So glad you enjoyed the post! I have another one with plus size cruise wear here:

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What to wear on a cruise – the cruise clothing essentials to pack

by Sylvia | Dec 25, 2023 | 3 comments

Going on a cruise this season? Lucky you! It’s a great way to visit several destinations in one trip. But that can also make it tricky to decide what to pack. Below, we will show you what to wear on a cruise and which cruise clothing essentials you will need, This will ensure that you have everything you need for shore excursions and fun aboard the ship.

Rooms on board ships tend to be small with limited space. Although, the big advantage is that, even though you are traveling to multiple destinations, you only need to unpack once! Your accommodation is also your mode of transportation.

But, you will still want to plan your outfits carefully and pack pieces that you can wear in multiple ways so you don’t take up vital cabin space.

Below, you will find our list of what to wear on cruise and what to pack to set sail for sunny destinations in style. But first, some general tips when thinking about what to pack for your cruise vacation.

Is it okay to wear jeans on a cruise?

Should you take your trusty jeans on your cruise? Yes, denim is definitely acceptable in most situations, although think about how much room it will take up in your case. You can wear denim shorts during the day, and you’ll probably be able to wear your jeans in the evening. Just check the dress code for your cruise line as some don’t allow jeans in the dining room at night.

What colors should you wear on a cruise?

Anything goes when it comes to your choice of colors. Make sure that you think about how your clothes will go together to create different choices. Have fun with your color combinations. And, we’d avoid too many dark colors as they go ‘against’ the fun element of a cruise.

Do you still have to dress up on cruises?

Some cruise lines do still have a dress code for diner, so be sure to check. Plus, dressing up is one of the fun things about a cruise. It’s a great excuse to make an effort with your evening outfits.

what to wear on a cruise – Your cruise packing list

Below is what we recommend taking along for a cruise trip. Take a look for your what to wear on a cruise packing essentials.

Cruise dresses for day and night

Dresses don’t take up much space in your luggage, and are vacation workhorses.

A dress can take you from brunches and lunches on board and can easily be dressed up or down with a change of shoes.

If the weather is warm or humid, a dress can be worn alone or paired with a jacket or lightweight sweater when it turns cooler at night.

Wear your dress with comfortable gladiator sandals or stylish slip on sneakers in a metallic hue.

Pack at least one stylish maxi dress and a sundress in a shorter length.

Cruise essential – Maxi dress or jumpsuit

A maxi dress or jumpsuit can be perfectly laidback, or more formal, depending on the cruise you are going on.

Choose one which you can sling over your swimsuit after a day at the pool so that you can head to the bar for cocktails.

You can pop a cardigan or wrap over for evenings.

You may also wish to take a look at the best dresses with sleeves for women over 40 and how to wear a maxi dress .

What to wear on a cruise - Loveappella Maxi Dress |

Loveappella Maxi Dress

What to wear on a cruise - Carmen in a pink sundress |

Carmen @carmen_gimeno above chooses a pink dress and shirt that would be perfect for a cruise. You could wear the shirt with your shorts or as a swimsuit cover-up too.

Recreate her outfit with this similar dress , shirt , sandals , handbag and sunglasses .

what to wear on a cruise – a Versatile sundress

As well as a maxi dress, you will want an easy-breezy knee-length or midi style that you can wear for days on board as well as for sightseeing excursions.

Choose a dress that you can easily pop over your swimwear, but which will also take you from day to night.

A dress in a light fabric will be perfect. You can wear over your swimsuit, or for sightseeing with sandals. Or you can dress up with heels for evening. You can also wear over pants for a different look.

What to wear on a cruise - Polo Ralph Lauren Ivara Floral Puff-Sleeve Midi-Dress |

Polo Ralph Lauren Ivara Floral Puff-Sleeve Midi-Dress

Evening dress for cruise formal night

If you’re thinking about what to wear on cruise and what to pack, consider that most cruise have formal nights. Depending on the cruise line, it can be anywhere from an elegant dressy affair to a more casual dinner and cocktails.

Pack two dinner outfits if your cruise is a week, so you’ll be prepared. As well as a cocktail dress, We’d be tempted to pack a jumpsuit as these can easily be dressed up or down. A black dres s will go with everything and you can easily change it up with accessories to create different looks.

What to wear on a cruise - J.Crew A-Line Matte Jersey Midi Dress |

J.Crew A-Line Matte Jersey Midi Dress

What to wear on a cruise – Tops

I’d keep the tops you choose, like the rest of your cruise outfits, very versatile.

Opt for tops you can either dress down for day, or dress up with jewelry and heels for evening. Also, choose tops which you can wear either with pants or shorts, or over your swimwear as cover-ups.

A T-shirt (or more) is essential no matter where you are going. The Caslon T-shirt (below), will add interest to your daytime outfits, and could be dressed up with wide leg pants or a midi skirt for evening.

What to wear on a cruise - Caslon Twist Hem V-Neck T-Shirt |

Caslon Twist Hem V-Neck T-Shirt

A tunic top is the ideal choice as you can pop over your swimsuit for days onboard, but you can also wear over your shorts or pants for days spent ashore sightseeing. You can leave loose or tuck it in to create different looks.

Natori Barong Gradient Tunic |

Natori Barong Gradient Tunic

When thinking about what to pack for a cruise, a shirt is so useful for your trip. You can wear over your shirts or pants, you can tuck into jeans or a skirt, or you can wear over your swimsuit as a cover-up.

120% Lino Linen Buttoned Shirt |

120% Lino Linen Buttoned Shirt

If you’re cruising somewhere warm, you may want to opt for some sleeveless tops. Tank tops can be worn with your shorts, pants or skirts, or are useful for layering under your shirts, or you can always wear as pajama tops. The J.Crew tank top (below) features a bra shelf for extra support.

J.Crew Vintage Rib Shelf-Bra Tank Top |

J.Crew Vintage Rib Shelf-Bra Tank Top

What to wear on a cruise - Georgette wears palazzo pants |

Georgette @grownandcurvywoman above (read her style interview here ) chooses a red tank top with her palazzo pants.

Get her look with this similar tank top (another option here ) , wide pan ts (another option here ), sandals , bag and earrings .

Day to night top

Choose a top that will go with your shorts during the day and that you can elevate at night with a statement necklace. If you choose a top in a beautiful material or with some draping, you can easily dress it up or down.

Ramy Brook Sabrina Surplice Tie Top |

Ramy Brook Sabrina Surplice Tie Top

What to wear on a cruise – pants and shorts

When considering what to wear on a cruise, think about the weather. If you’re going for sunny locations, it’s highly recommended you bring shorts. On most cruises, you’ll be going ashore to explore ports of call. Pack a pair of stylish crop pants or shorts to wear for sightseeing.

Choose pants or shorts you can move comfortably in. You probably want to avoid denim as this isn’t the coolest fabric in hot weather.

cropped pants

A pair of pants will also be a hardworking staple of your cruise wardrobe. Choose a cropped pair to keep your ankles cool. You can wear it with your t-shirt and sandals or sneakers for the day, or you can dress up with a silky top and heeled sandals for the evening.

Theory Crop Straight-Leg Trousers |

Theory Crop Straight-Leg Trousers

For more tips check our article on how to wear cropped pants .

palazzo pants

A pair of wide, palazzo pants can look effortlessly stylish on a cruise or vacation. Wear with your tank top and shirt and sandals during the day.

Bird & Knoll Darcy Striped Cotton Voile Palazzo Pants |

Bird & Knoll Darcy Striped Cotton Voile Palazzo Pants

What to pack for a cruise: Shorts

A pair of shorts is a must for casual days on the ship and for excursions. Choose a pair that is mid-length so you have enough coverage but is also cool.

The J.Crew chinos (below) are a good mid-length, and come in a choice of neutral shades.

See more of our tips in our article on how to wear shorts .

J.Crew Pleated Capeside Chino Short |

J.Crew Pleated Capeside Chino Short

What to wear on a cruise - Kylie wears shorts and a white shirt |

Kylie @kylish_aus above chooses a classic shorts and shirt outfit and makes sure to protect her face and eyes.

Steal her look with this similar blouse , denim shorts , sneakers , sun hat and sunglasses .

Packing for a cruise – Swimsuits & cover-ups

Pack at least two swimsuits for your trip, so you can rotate them in case the other is wet. There’s nothing worse than having to put on a wet swimsuit.

Choose cover-ups which you can wear not just over your swimwear, but also as tops and dresses.

You will want more than one swimsuit as you will want to be in a position where you can rinse one out and leave it to dry, and wear the other one.

We’d make one of your swimsuits a classic black or one color style as you can wear it under any cover-up you choose, or you can wear it with shorts or pants instead of a top.

Want more ideas for bathing suits, check our article on the best swimwear brands .

Miraclesuit Swim Razzle Dazzle Siren One-Piece Swimsuit |

Miraclesuit Swim Razzle Dazzle Siren One-Piece Swimsuit

You could also opt for a tankini. That way you can wear the bikini bottoms with the rashvest below or the tankini top.

Boden Capri Tankini Top - Boden Amalfi Fold Over Bottoms |

Boden Capri Tankini Top – Boden Amalfi Fold Over Bottoms

If you might be spending some time swimming, snorkeling or paddle boarding, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t get sunburned. A rash vest can protect your chest and arms from UV rays. The rashguard swimsuit (below) comes well-reviewed with wearers saying it is a flattering fit, and you can leave it slightly unzipped for a sexier look, or fully zipped for more coverage.

Trina Turk Solar Floral Half Zip Rashguard Swimsuit |

Trina Turk Solar Floral Half Zip Rashguard Swimsuit

Choose a hardworking cover-up that you can pop on over your swimsuit, or wear with your pants as a top.

You might also wish to pack a longer cover-up. Depending on your ports of call, this could be useful if you are visiting any religious sites such as temples and you need to cover your knees and shoulders.

Elan Wrap Maxi Cover-Up Dress |

Elan Wrap Maxi Cover-Up Dress

Depending on the style of cover-up you choose, you can wear it over your swimwear, or as a duster jacket on cooler evenings. The Farm Rio sarong (below) would look good over your bathing suit.

Farm Rio Inner Beach Printed Long Sarong |

Farm Rio Inner Beach Printed Long Sarong

Check out our list of the best swimsuit cover-ups in stores now.

What to take on a cruise – jackets, Wraps & cardigans

If you are heading to a tropical destination, you may think you don’t need warm clothing. But, you are likely to want a wrap or cardigan (or both) for cooler evenings on deck, and because you will find that much of the ship is air-conditioned.

short jacket

A short jacket can be an incredibly flattering choice to wear over your maxi dresses as it can make your legs look long in comparison to your torso. The Mother denim jacket (below) comes in a pattern that will make your denim jacket stand out.

Mother The Mountain Drifter Geometric Denim Jacket |

Mother The Mountain Drifter Geometric Denim Jacket

What to wear on a cruise - Kimba in a denim jacket and cargo pants |

Kimba @kimbalikes above chooses pink denim with her cargo pants.

Get her look with this similar top , denim jacket , pants , sneakers and sunglasses .

You can wear your wrap over your shoulders with your evening dress, or slung over your daywear if it’s chilly on deck.

Nordstrom Shimmer Wrap |

Nordstrom Shimmer Wrap

A cardigan is also a versatile option. You can wear over your dresses as well as if you have a plane journey to and from your first and final port.

Cara Cara Bettina Stripe Cardigan |

Cara Cara Bettina Stripe Cardigan

4 pairs of cruise shoes to pack

It may seem like a lot, and we agree as usually we’d recommend only packing 3 pairs of shoes for most vacations.

However, for a cruise, it’s useful to have a pair of pool shoes you don’t mind getting wet, some smarter flat sandals, a pair of comfy sneakers for walking on excursions, and a pair of low heels to go with your evening dress. And, your flat shoes won’t take up much room.

Choose a pair of stylish, yet comfy sandals which you can wear for walking around your ship and for days offshore which don’t require too much strenuous walking.

TOMS Sidney Tread Sandals |

TOMS Sidney Tread Sandals

Flip flops are always handy to have, and they don’t take up very much room in your luggage at all. Slip on after your swims on the ship.

Tory Burch Miller Soft Sandals |

Tory Burch Miller Soft Sandals

Excursion sneakers

You may find that some excursions require more walking than others. Perhaps you are hiking to a waterfall, or walking up steps to get to a fabulous view. I’d pack either some comfortable canvas slip-ons or walking shoes.

Dolce Vita Zina Sneakers |

Dolce Vita Zina Sneakers

Low heels for evening

Even if you don’t tend to take heels on vacation with you, when you are cruising, you are likely to find that there is an eveningwear dress code. Your heels will go well with your formal evening dress.

Make sure to opt for block heels because these are much easier to walk in while you’re at sea than thinner heels like stilettos or kitten heels and they won’t damage the deck.

Opt for a lower or block heel. Really high heels on a swaying boat can be difficult to walk in or dance the night away in.

Vionic Chardonnay Ankle Straps Heeled Sandals |

Vionic Chardonnay Ankle Straps Heeled Sandals

Cruise clothing essentials: What to wear on a cruise and what to pack |

Nikki @midlifechic above shows how you could wear flat sandals with your evening dress.

Recreate her outfit with this similar halter dress (anther option here ), sandals (another option here ), clutch and necklace .

You may also want to look at the most comfortable heels that look hip and are comfortable to wear .

Cruise outfits – Accessories to pack on a cruise

Accessories can make or break an outfit anywhere, and the same applies to a cruise. But, they can be even more vital on vacation.

You will want a sun hat to protect your head and face from the sun, a pair of sunglasses to add style and protect your eyes, and a crossbody bag which you can keep your purse secure in when you leave the ship for excursions.

If you’re heading to sunny climes, a hat is vital to protect your skin and your eyes. You can wear while reading your book by the pool, and for sightseeing. Choose a style with a wide brim to keep the sun off your face.

The straw hat (below) is ideal for packing for a trip, and it comes in a wide choice of colors, so you’re sure to find a shade that goes with your cruise trip capsule. Reviewers say it looks great on everyone, and it holds its shape well.

Lanzom Wide Brim Straw Panama Hat |

Lanzom Wide Brim Straw Panama Hat

Excursion bag

Take a small crossbody bag to hold your essentials.

Select a bag that works with your daytime casual outfits and is large enough to easily hold your cell phone, passport, money cards and sunscreen – keeping everything safe and secure if you are heading out on a shore excursion.

Your excursion bag will have to be hardworking. You want to make sure it is stylish, but that it will keep your belongings close to you.

The Travelon anti-theft messenger bag is a favorite among travelers.

Also take a look at our article on the best travel purses .

Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag |

Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag

Slip a small evening clutch into your luggage. It won’t take up much room but will make your outfit evening-ready. Make sure it’s large enough to hold your cellphone and lipstick.

Olga Berg Amalia Pleated Woven Straw Clutch |

Olga Berg Amalia Pleated Woven Straw Clutch

beach or tote bag

A tote bag is useful so you can pack a towel and your book for going ashore, or a tote if you just want to carry your essentials around the boat.

Longchamp Le Pliage Green Recycled Canvas Large Tote |

Longchamp Le Pliage Green Recycled Canvas Large Tote

You probably don’t want to take anything too valuable when considering what to pack for a cruise, but a few well-chosen pieces can make a big difference to your cruise outfits. Plus, they won’t take up too much room in your luggage, or your cabin.

A statement necklace or earrings can dress up an outfit to get you ready for a drink at the bar.

Lizzie Fortunato Interval Cultured Pearl Collar Necklace |

Lizzie Fortunato Interval Cultured Pearl Collar Necklace

BaubleBar Macaw Me Beaded Statement Drop Earrings |

BaubleBar Macaw Me Beaded Statement Drop Earrings

Just as your sunhat is important for both protection and style, your sunglasses will protect your eyes and add some pizzazz to all of your daytime outfits. Choose a color that will go with all your outfits.

Loewe Stella 52MM Acetate Sunglasses |

Loewe Stella 52MM Acetate Sunglasses

What to wear on a cruise - Tamera in a white outfit |

Tamera @tamerabeardsley above (read her style interview here ) chooses an all-white outfit, and a wide-brimmed hat to shade her face from the sun.

Check out this similar off the shoulder top , pants , flats , woven bag , sunhat , earrings and sunglasses .

cruise essentials

As well as your outfits, you’ll want to pack some essentials into your suitcase.

No matter where you are traveling, sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from sun damage. Reviewers say the Neutrogena sunscreen (below) goes on sheer and can be worn under make-up.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Water Resistant and Non-Greasy Sunscreen Lotion |

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Water Resistant and Non-Greasy Sunscreen Lotion

Mosquito repellent

You probably won’t need insect repellent while onboard your cruise as the ocean breeze will keep mosquitos away. But it’s useful to have for any excursions.

OFF! FamilyCare Mosquito Repellent IV |

OFF! FamilyCare Mosquito Repellent IV

It can get breezy when you’re cruising, so to make sure your towel stays on your sunlounger, a couple of beach towel clips can be handy.

Beach Towel Clips |

12 Pack Clothes Pins

your kindle

You can download all your reading material on your Kindle rather than carrying bulky books around with you. You can add guidebooks to the destinations you will be visiting as well as novels to read by the pool. The Kindle Oasis (below) is metal rather than plastic, and waterproof in case you splash it while by the water.

Kindle Oasis |

Kindle Oasis

something to put it in

Of course, you’ll need something to pack your cruise clothing in. The TUMI suitcase (below) is well-reviewed and should be easy to roll up the gangplank.

TUMI 20 Degree International Expandable Roller Carry-On Suitcase |

TUMI 20 Degree International Expandable Roller Carry-On Suitcase

Cruise attire – 9 cruise outfits to inspire you

If you’re thinking about what to pack for a cruise this year, I hope these outfits inspire your cruise packing list and help you experience a wonderful ship bound vacation.

You can see that you could easily change the outfits around to create more looks. For example, you could wear the striped cardigan over the red dress, the gold wrap with the sundress and heels for evening, or the tie top with the shorts or cropped pants.

Cruise capsule wardrobe |

shop some of the items above here:

Want more of our tips on how to create capsule wardrobes? Read our article on how to create a capsule wardrobe for a complete guide.

Below is a previous cruise capsule. While the items are past season, they should still give you some inspiration if you are thinking about what to wear on a cruise.

Cruise capsule wardrobe |

Do you know what to wear on a cruise? Don’t forget to tell us about your own cruise clothing essentials in the comments below. What’s on your cruise packing list?

Bon Voyage!

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Cruise clothing essentials: What to wear on a cruise and what to pack |

Feature image by Nikki @midlifechic

cruise outfits for seniors

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I have been cruising for 10+ years with a group of women friends. My capsule consists of at least 2 swimsuits and dedicated cover-ups (don’t want suntan lotion stains/smells on a top I’m going to wear again). I bring a black skirt and black pants with 2-3 tops for regular dinners, and one dressy top/dress for formal nights. One outfit for an excursion (mostly we go to beach clubs, so swimsuit/cover-up works for that). Flip flops, low heels, sandals (we don’t do excursions requiring heavy walking), 1 pair of each. A crushable sun hat. A caftan for wearing in the room and a tee shirt/yoga pant for breakfast. All my clothes fit in an under-seat (rolling) carry on bag. Toiletries and one of the cover-ups/swimsuits to change into once on the ship go in a tote that becomes my beach bag and fits over the handle of my carry on.


This is a wonderful line-up of possibilities. And not only for on a cruise.


Hello Sylvia I been following your blog for a while now and I am a FAN and share it with all my “over 40” friends. I was missing these kinds of posts where you suggest outfits for different occasions or seasons. Your club is fantastic but not affordable to me so I really enjoy these kinds of posts and not only interviews (which are nice too). Keep them coming, éxito! Esther from the other side of the world ( PR in the Caribbean)

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cruise outfits for seniors

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What to wear on a cruise: daytime, formal nights & more.

Experts share their top recommendations for versatile cruise clothing.

What to Wear on a Cruise

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Know what types of clothing, shoes and accessories are best to wear on a cruise.

When it comes to cruising in style, packing the right attire for every occasion is essential. Including a few key versatile items on your cruise packing list will prevent your suitcase (and the limited closet space in your stateroom) from becoming overcrowded – and keep you looking appropriate for all events.

Although most cruise lines outline their suggested dress codes in the FAQ sections of their websites, be sure to also review the specifics of your cruise itinerary. Not only will the destination and weather factor into what you should wear on your cruise, but you'll also want to know if formal nights require black-tie attire, themed dress parties need costumes or shore excursions necessitate unique clothing or footwear.

Whether you'll be lounging by the pool or attending a glamorous dinner, our list of must-have items and suggestions from industry experts will help you navigate dressing for your next cruise vacation.

cruise outfits for seniors

For relaxing sea days, prioritize comfort above all else. Depending on your planned activities, any of the following casual options are considered acceptable attire:

  • Skirts or skorts
  • T-shirts and tank tops
  • Breezy lounge pants
  • Bathing suits
  • Cover-ups 
  • Sun hats or baseball caps

Travel writer Jill Schildhouse always packs her VOTEPRETTY sundress . "This is my go-to cruise workhorse," says Schildhouse. "It's light and breezy, and the pockets come in very handy." She adds that the sundress can be worn to casual dinners on the ship or on shore excursions, and it can even double as a swimsuit cover-up. "I've taken it all over the world and it always arrives wrinkle-free," she says. Schildhouse has received many compliments on this classic sundress, which is available in multiple colors.

Sheri Griffiths, host of YouTube series CruiseTipsTV , suggests wearing comfortable, broken-in shoes on a cruise. She recommends avoiding brand-new footwear during your voyage to prevent blisters and daily discomfort. A basic sneaker can be worn for just about any cruise itinerary, from Alaska to the Caribbean . Griffiths says, "We love these Adidas Stan Smiths because they wear in quickly and have a timeless style."

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Mature African American couple, standing and leaning on railing on deck of a cruise ship, looking off into the distance.

In the evening, most cruise ships adopt a dress code in their main dining rooms and specialty restaurants that incorporate smart-casual or resort-wear attire. The following clothing choices will suffice:

  • Maxi dresses
  • Elegant tops
  • Long- or short-sleeved button-down shirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Blazers and ties (typically optional, unless otherwise stated)
  • Shawls or wraps
  • Closed-toe dress shoes
  • Sandals or heels

Colleen McDaniel, editor-in-chief at Cruise Critic, shares her best advice for cruise footwear. "I always pack my Rothy's shoes for any cruise because they're infinitely comfortable, work as both a formal and [an] informal shoe and can be tossed in the laundry if they get dirty." She notes that she has several pairs, but two of her go-to styles are The Point and The Ballet Flat . McDaniel adds that the shoes work in every occasion, from strolling along the ship decks to perusing cobblestone streets on shore. "I bought both [pairs] 5 years ago, and they look as new today as they did out of the box despite literally hundreds of hours of wear," she says.

Jason Leppert, founder of YouTube channel Popular Cruising , always packs his signature Hawaiian shirts to wear day or night. He says, "I love the RSVLTS collection because they can play casually with shorts or more dressy with slacks for dinner."

Formal Nights

cruise outfits for seniors

While more casual these days, cruise formal nights still call for a bit more sophistication and style. Appropriate options include:

  • Cocktail dresses
  • Evening gowns
  • Dress shoes

Ashley Kosciolek, senior cruise writer for The Points Guy, always packs a gown or a fancy cocktail dress for a formal night. "I work from home and don't have a reason to dress up otherwise, so I look forward to it." Still, Kosciolek is a firm believer that travelers should wear what is most comfortable for them while on vacation. She adds, "My dinner won't taste any better or worse based on what others are wearing."

Mikkel Woodruff, editor of cruise site Sometimes Sailing , always brings her Omega Sailing Bracelet on cruises. She says, "I like to bring jewelry that reminds me of the ocean and being on the sea." Woodruff appreciates the bracelet's versatility, noting how easily it can go from shore excursions to formal evenings to everyday activities.

Explore cruise deals on  GoToSea , a service of U.S. News.

Shore Excursions

cruise outfits for seniors

When heading off the ship for a shore excursion, opt for comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear to make the most of your adventures on land. Consider packing the following items:

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Mesh water shoes
  • T-shirts or tank tops
  • A waterproof jacket

Freelance travel writer David Swanson shares his favorite versatile cruise shoes. He discovered a comfortable pair of Danner multitasking shoes that worked for dinners, casual events and multiple days of cycling on a recent European cruise. "I didn't think I'd find something to do dual duty, but I love this comfy pair from Danner, an outdoor brand [that is] new to me but has been around since 1932," says Swanson.

Paul Thornton, host of The Joy of Cruising Podcast , always packs his Coofandy linen shirts and shorts for hot Caribbean days and breezy cruise ship evenings. "I love Coofandy because they enable this senior to look 'youthful' on the beach and excursions," says Thornton. He adds that the brand is also his go-to retailer for White Party-themed nights on board.

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Cruise Line Dress Codes

Dress codes can vary significantly from one cruise company to the next, so it's a good idea to check with your specific line before filling up your suitcase. Once you're on board, be sure to read the daily program for reminders about the dress codes required at the events and dining venues during your voyage.

Azamara Dress Code

  • Daytime: Fairly casual attire is suitable throughout Azamara 's ships during the day. However, baseball caps, distressed denim, tank tops and bathing suits cannot be worn at Discoveries, Aqualina and Prime C restaurants (and shoes are required).
  • Evening: At night, women typically wear casual dresses, skirts, pants, capris, blouses and knit tops, while men are welcome to wear collared golf and polo shirts, shorts and pants. Sport coats are optional. Note: There are no official formal nights on Azamara's voyages.
  • Themed Nights: Be sure to pack an all-white outfit for Azamara's signature White Night dinner and deck party.

Carnival Cruise Line Dress Code

  • Daytime: Pack casual, comfortable attire to sail with Carnival Cruise Line , such as T-shirts, polo shirts or relaxed tops paired with shorts, capris, khakis or jeans. Athletic wear paired with a lightweight sweater or jacket are suitable for those looking to stay active. 
  • "Cruise casual" attire for men typically suggests longer dress shorts, pants or jeans and a collared polo shirt. Women usually wear sundresses, blouses, skirts, dress shorts and capri pants.
  • "Cruise elegant" typically translates to dress slacks, dress shirts and sports coats (suggested) for men, with some wearing suits, ties or tuxedos. Women choose dresses (party or cocktail), pantsuits and elegant skirts with blouses, while some may wear evening gowns. Kids should follow the adult dress code, opting for school dance- or party-appropriate attire. Note: Jeans, men's sleeveless shirts, shorts, T-shirts, sportswear, exercise clothes, baseball hats, flip-flops and bathing suits are not permitted. The number of "cruise elegant" evenings varies based on the length of the cruise.
  • Carnival Journeys cruises feature a "Throwback Sea Day," where guests can relive the '80s by day (outfits included) and dress up for a themed Captain's Cocktail Party by night. 
  • Cruises between early December and Christmas Day feature an "Ugly Sweater Contest."
  • Costumes are suggested for Halloween cruises between the end of September and October. However, when choosing a costume, keep in mind that full masks are prohibited (masks covering half of the face are allowed).

Celebrity Cruises Dress Code

  • Daytime: During the day, smart casual resort wear is suitable throughout Celebrity Cruises ' ships. (Think: sundresses, shorts, polos and button-down shirts paired with sandals, low heels and loafers.) Bathing suits with cover-ups, T-shirts, tank tops, hats and sunglasses are only appropriate poolside. Cruisers should avoid wearing these items in the dining areas.
  • Evening: Most evenings, guests are expected to wear comfortable yet tasteful attire. This entails dresses, skirts, long pants or jeans, stylish tops and button-down shirts. Shorts and flip-flops do not meet the evening dress code. Depending on your voyage, there will be one or two formal nights that require "evening chic" wear. Passengers can dress to impress in formal gowns, tuxedos, cocktail dresses, dressy jeans or blazers.

Costa Cruises Dress Code

  • Daytime: During the day, Costa Cruises ' passengers may wear casual clothing like T-shirts, shorts and sundresses. Beach clothing and flip-flops are not permitted in ship restaurants. Depending on the itinerary, some shore excursions may have specific dress codes.
  • Evening: Most nights require resort attire; however, Costa hosts one or two Elegant Evenings per cruise, when men may wear dark suits or tuxedos and women can wear evening gowns or cocktail dresses.
  • Themed Nights: Costa recommends that guests pack white clothing for its White Night events and white, red and green clothing and accessories for its Italy-themed evenings.

Cunard Line Dress Code

  • Daytime: Shorts, T-shirts and sundresses are appropriate daytime wardrobe options on sailings with Cunard Line . Swimwear is acceptable by the pool but should not be worn in indoor dining areas.
  • Evening: In the evenings, passengers are asked to wear smart attire, which includes dress shirts and trousers for men, and cocktail dresses or sophisticated tops and skirts for women – similar to what you'd choose for dinner at a trendy restaurant or a special occasion. Voyages lasting seven nights host at least two Gala Evenings, during which guests are requested to adhere to a more formal dress code. 
  • Themed Nights: Gala Evenings employ themes ranging from specific colors (such as black and white or red and gold outfits) to the roaring '20s to masquerade balls.

Disney Cruise Line Dress Code

  • Daytime: On Disney Cruise Line sailings, cruise casual attire is acceptable during the day; outfit options include sundresses and shorts and tees. Swimwear and tank tops are not permitted in dining venues.
  • Evening: After the sun sets, polished attire like collared shirts and jeans without rips are acceptable. Bathing suits, tees, tank tops and sports attire are not allowed. Adult-exclusive dining venues on Disney ships call for elegance; formal or semiformal wear is recommended.
  • Themed Nights: On three- and four-night sailings, there is typically a pirate-themed deck party and one optional dress-up night for guests of all ages. Sailings lasting seven nights or longer add one formal and one semiformal night, when women may wear a formal dress or pantsuit and men can opt for a suit or dress pants with a jacket.

Holland America Line Dress Code

  • Daytime: Plan on wearing casual attire aboard Holland America Line 's ships during the day. When indoors, guests must wear shirts, cover-ups and footwear.
  • Evening: On most nights, smart casual clothing is acceptable. However, in table service restaurants, shorts, bathing suits, distressed jeans and tank tops are prohibited. Grand Voyages cruises host formal nights, when suits and dresses are appropriate.
  • Themed Nights: Once per cruise, Holland America hosts an Orange Party in celebration of King's Day. Pack your favorite orange clothing and accessories for this event, which honors the cruise line's Dutch heritage.

MSC Cruises Dress Code

  • Daytime: Guests of MSC Cruises dress fairly casual during the day in T-shirts and shorts.
  • Evening: Collared shirts, dresses and tailored pants are expected at night in the main dining rooms, specialty restaurants and entertainment venues. There is one optional Gala Night, when varying levels of elegance are acceptable. Guests should wear what makes them feel comfortable, ranging from tuxedos or ball gowns to dressy jeans and polo shirts.
  • Themed Nights: MSC hosts a White Night Party (where guests wear all white) and a Sunshine Party, where guests don cheerful colors.

Norwegian Cruise Line Dress Code

  • Daytime: During the day, plan to wear cruise casual attire like summer dresses, jeans, khakis, shorts and casual shirts on Norwegian Cruise Line voyages. At the buffet and outdoor restaurants, swimwear can be worn with a cover-up and footwear. In dining rooms and specialty restaurants, Norwegian does not permit tank tops for men, jeans with rips or tears, flip-flops, baseball caps or visors.
  • Evening: In Norwegian's upscale specialty restaurants, smart casual attire is the norm. Women can wear slacks, jeans, dresses, skirts and tops, while men should opt for jeans or slacks, a collared shirt and closed-toed shoes. Children ages 12 and younger may wear shorts in all restaurants. On each cruise, there is one particular "Dress-Up or Not Night," when guests can wear fancier clothing (if they choose).
  • Themed Nights: Pack an all-white outfit for the White Hot Party and formal attire for Norwegian's Night Out.

Princess Cruises Dress Code

  • Daytime: In Princess Cruises ' restaurants and public spaces, casual resort wear is required. Shoes must be worn in the dining areas, and pool or beach attire, ball caps and frayed jeans are prohibited in restaurants.
  • Evening: On most nights, smart casual attire is acceptable in restaurants. However, on formal evenings, women may wear evening gowns, cocktail dresses or elegant pantsuits; while men may opt for tuxedos, dark suits or dinner jackets with slacks. The number of formal nights per cruise depends on the length of the sailing.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Dress Code

  • Daytime: Elevated resort wear, including jeans, shorts, T-shirts and tennis shoes, is appropriate before 6 p.m. on Regent Seven Seas Cruises ' ships.
  • Evening: At night, elegant casual attire is recommended. Women typically dresses, pantsuits or slacks paired with blouses or sweaters; a collared shirt and dress pants for men is the norm, with the option for sport jackets and ties. On cruises lasting 16 nights or longer, there are two evenings when guests can choose to wear formal or semiformal attire. Wardrobe choices include dark suits and cocktail dresses or tuxedos and gowns. Note: On the last night of every voyage, the dinner dress code is "relaxed casual" to accommodate guests packing for early morning flights.

Royal Caribbean International Dress Code

  • Daytime: A relaxed, casual style is acceptable during the day on cruises with Royal Caribbean International . However, swimwear should be limited to the pool deck. 
  • Evening: On most nights, guests wear smart casual attire, which includes collared or button-up shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses and pantsuits. Jackets, sports coats and blazers are encouraged but not required. On formal evenings and for the Chef's Table dining experience, cruisers are expected to wear black-tie attire, which includes tuxedos, suits with ties, cocktail dresses and evening gowns. The number of formal nights per cruise depends on the length of the sailing.
  • Themed Nights: Offered on cruises lasting four nights or longer, themed nights may include toga parties, masquerade balls, decade themes and black and white nights.

Silversea Cruises Dress Code

  • Daytime: Casual attire akin to what you'd wear at a five-star resort is suitable during the day aboard Silversea Cruises ' ships.
  • Evening: Evening attire is categorized into three groups: casual, informal and formal. On casual evenings, women wear pants, blouses, skirts, and casual dresses, while men wear open-neck shirts and slacks. On informal evenings, ladies often choose dresses or pantsuits, and gentlemen typically wear jackets (ties are optional). Formal night is always optional; if you choose to participate, outfits may include cocktail dresses, gowns, tuxedos and suits. The number of formal nights per cruise varies by voyage length.

Seabourn Cruise Line Dress Code

  • Daytime: Casual resort wear like jeans and shorts are welcome in all lounges and dining venues on Seabourn Cruise Lines ' ships. Athletic apparel and swimwear should only be worn in the pool area, on the deck or at the spa and fitness center.
  • Evening: After 6 p.m., the dress code is "elegant casual." Men are expected to wear slacks with collared shirts or sweaters (jackets are optional), while women can choose pants, skirts, pantsuits or dresses. Elegant jeans are allowed in all dining venues except The Restaurant. On formal evenings in The Restaurant, men may wear tuxedos, suits or slacks and jackets, while women can opt for evening gowns and cocktail dresses.

Viking Ocean Cruises Dress Code

  • Daytime: On Viking Ocean Cruises ' ships, casual daytime clothing such as shorts, pants, jeans and comfortable walking shoes are acceptable. Athletic wear including exercise clothing, swimsuits and cover-ups may only be worn in the fitness center, pool zones and sports deck.
  • Evening: While there are no dedicated formal nights, the dress code after 6 p.m. calls for elegant casual attire for all dining venues, lounges, bars and theaters. Jeans are not permitted (with the exception of the World Cafe, where the dress code remains casual in the evenings). For women, wardrobe options include dresses, jumpsuits, skirts or slacks paired with elegant tops. Jackets and ties are optional for men, but trousers and collared shirts should be worn in the evenings.

Virgin Voyages Dress Code

  • Day or night, cruisers on Virgin Voyages ' ships are encouraged to wear attire that expresses their personal style. Just note: In restaurants, bathing suits are not permitted, and shoes are necessary. There are no formal nights; guests can dress up or down, depending on what makes them feel their best.
  • Themed Nights: Pack something scarlet red for the Scarlet Night Party, which occurs once per voyage.

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Senior Cruise Planning and Tips

6 Senior Cruise Packing Tips: Pack Smart -Your Essential Guide for Stress-Free Travel

  • Post published: September 26, 2023

In this comprehensive Senior Cruise Packing Tips guide, I’ll share essential tips and insights to help you pack efficiently for your senior cruise vacation, making it a stress-free and memorable experience.

One of the first steps in packing smart for your senior cruise adventure is thoughtful planning. Begin by creating a detailed checklist that takes into account the specific needs and preferences of senior travelers. Consider factors like the climate of your cruise destination , the duration of your trip, and any activities or excursions you plan to take part in. Packing for a cruise involves a careful balance between being well-prepared and traveling light. By planning ahead and having a clear checklist, you’ll not only reduce the chances of forgetting important items but also minimize the stress associated with last-minute packing. That’s where Senior Cruise Packing Tips come into play – the key to unlocking a seamless and enjoyable journey.

Table of Contents

senior cruise packing tips

Senior Cruise Packing Tips

When it comes to cruise travel, preparation is key, and for seniors, thoughtful preparation can significantly enhance the overall experience. Senior cruise packing tips go beyond the conventional packing lists; they cater to the specific needs and comfort of mature travelers. One of the great joys of cruising is the convenience of having everything you need on board, from gourmet dining to entertainment options. However, ensuring you have the essentials and a few personal touches in your suitcase is vital to fully embrace the cruise experience.

In this guide, we’ll explore not just what to pack, but also how to pack efficiently. Seniors, who often have more wisdom than physical strength, will find value in practical advice on maximizing luggage space and minimizing unnecessary items. From versatile clothing choices that transition seamlessly from day to night to smart organization techniques that keep your stateroom tidy, these senior cruise packing tips are designed to make your journey more enjoyable.

Traveling as a senior may come with unique mobility considerations, and packing wisely can make a world of difference. Whether you require mobility aids or wish to ensure easy access to medications, our senior cruise packing tips will address these specific needs. After all, your cruise adventure should be defined by the beautiful destinations you visit, the fascinating people you meet, and the incredible experiences you create – not by the stress of packing or logistics. In the following sections, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty details of what to include in your suitcase, how to organize your belongings, and how to avoid common packing pitfalls, all with the goal of making your cruise as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Senior Cruise Packing Tips: Packing Checklist for Seniors

Before you start packing, create a checklist tailored to your cruise destination and duration. This checklist should include items such as clothing, toiletries, medications, travel accessories, and entertainment.

The right checklist is your guiding compass, helping you navigate the seas of packing with ease and confidence. Remember, it’s not just about what you pack; it’s also about what you choose to leave behind. Here, we’ll break down the essentials that every senior traveler should consider when preparing for a cruise so, let’s dive into the world of Senior Cruise Packing Tips.

1. Medications and Prescriptions : Your health is paramount, so ensure you have an ample supply of your medications. Don’t forget to carry a copy of your prescriptions for emergencies. Keep these in your carry-on bag for easy access during travel days.

2. Travel Documents : Gather your passports, cruise tickets, travel insurance information, and any necessary visas. Make photocopies and store digital copies in case of loss or theft. It’s wise to keep these documents in a waterproof pouch.

3. Comfortable Clothing : Cruise ships are known for their relaxed atmosphere, so prioritize comfortable clothing. Think breathable fabrics, elastic waistbands, and easy-to-layer pieces. Consider the weather at your cruise destinations and pack accordingly.

4. Adapters and Chargers : Different cruise lines may have varying power outlets, so bring adapters if needed. Don’t forget to pack chargers for your devices. Staying connected and capturing precious memories is part of the modern cruise experience.

5. Toiletries and Personal Care : While most cruise cabins provide basic toiletries, it’s always a good idea to bring your favorites. Think travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, soap, and any specific skincare items you can’t do without.

6. First Aid Kit : Pack a small first aid kit with band-aids, pain relievers, motion sickness medication (if needed), and any personal medical supplies. It’s better to be prepared for minor mishaps.

7. Entertainment and Reading Material : For moments of relaxation, bring along your favorite books, e-reader, or audiobooks. Additionally, consider some travel-sized board games or puzzles for leisurely evenings. By following these senior cruise packing tips, you’ll be well-prepared for a comfortable and sterss-free travel.

Senior Cruise Packing Tips for Elderly Passengers

  • Plan Your Outfits: Choose versatile clothing items that can be mixed and matched. Opt for wrinkle-resistant fabrics to minimize the need for ironing. Choose clothing that is breathable, lightweight, and easy to wash and dry. Avoid fabrics that are too tight, too heavy, or too wrinkly. Opt for colors that are neutral or bright to match the mood of the cruise.
  • Comfortable Footwear: Pack comfortable shoes for walking and shore excursions. Don’t forget a pair of sandals for the pool deck. Choose footwear that is supportive, cushioned, and slip resistant. Avoid shoes that are too high, too narrow, or too open. Opt for shoes that are versatile and can be worn for different occasions and terrains.
  • Senior-Friendly Travel Accessories: Invest in travel accessories like a neck pillow, compression socks, and a lightweight, foldable backpack. Choose accessories that are functional and fashionable. Avoid accessories that are too bulky, too flashy, or too fragile. Opt for accessories that are simple and elegant to complement your outfits.
  • Efficient Packing: If you are looking for some advice on how to pack light for your cruise, this “Senior Cruise Packing Tips” guide will give you the essential information you need. Packing light is one of the most important tips for seniors who are going on a cruise. Packing light can help you avoid excess baggage fees, reduce the risk of losing your luggage, and make it easier to move around the ship and the ports. According to the AARP, airlines charge an average of $30 for the first checked bag and $40 for the second one. Cruise lines also have their own luggage policies and limits, which vary depending on the cruise duration, destination, and cabin category. If you pack too much, you may end up paying extra fees or having to leave some items behind.

     To pack light, you should follow these steps:

  • Choose a small and lightweight suitcase that fits the airline and cruise line’s size and weight limits. You can use a luggage scale to measure your suitcase before you leave home.
  • Plan your outfits ahead of time and pack only what you need. Mix and match pieces that can be worn for different occasions and weather conditions. You can use a packing list to make sure you don’t forget anything essential.
  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them to save space and prevent wrinkles. You can also use packing cubes, ziplock bags, or compression bags to organize your items and compress them.
  • Leave some room in your suitcase for souvenirs and gifts that you may buy during your trip. You can also bring a foldable tote bag or backpack to carry your extra items on your way back.

Packing light is not only practical, but also beneficial for your health and well-being. According to the Mayo Clinic, lifting heavy luggage can cause back pain, muscle strain, or injury, especially for seniors who may have weaker bones or joints. Packing light can also reduce stress and anxiety, as you don’t have to worry about losing your luggage or finding space for it on the ship or in your cabin. Packing light can also make your trip more enjoyable, as you can focus on the experience rather than on the things you brought with you.

  • Adaptive Packing Strategies: If you have mobility challenges, consider collapsible walking aids or mobility scooters, if necessary.
  • Pack your prescription medications in their original containers with labels that show your name, dosage, and expiration date. Bring enough for the duration of your trip plus some extra in case of delays or emergencies.
  • Pack your over-the-counter medications, such as painkillers, antihistamines, antacids, or anti-diarrhea pills. Check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any new medications or combining them with your prescription drugs.
  • Pack your medical supplies, such as glasses, hearing aids, blood pressure monitor, glucose meter, or oxygen tank. Make sure they are in good working condition and have enough batteries or chargers.
  • Pack a copy of your medical records, insurance cards, emergency contacts, and travel documents in a waterproof pouch or folder. Keep them with you at all times or store them in a safe place on the ship.
  • Toiletry Essentials: Pack travel-sized toiletries to save space. Most cruise cabins provide basic toiletries, so check with your cruise line beforehand. By following these senior cruise packing tips , you’ll be well-prepared for comfortable and safe voyage.

Senior Cruise Packing Tips: Cruise Wardrobe Essentials for Older Travelers

Choosing the right clothing for your senior cruise is not just about looking good; it’s about feeling comfortable and confident throughout your journey.

  • Swimsuits and Cover-Ups : Many cruises feature inviting pools and sun decks. Don’t forget to pack a swimsuit that makes you feel fabulous and a cover-up for when you’re not in the water. This ensures you’re ready for those relaxing days by the pool or on the beach.
  • Casual Wear : For daytime activities and exploring ports of call, casual wear is essential. Consider lightweight shorts, breathable t-shirts, and comfortable sundresses. Look for fabrics that are both comfortable and easy to care for, allowing you to enjoy your cruise without worrying about wrinkles or stains.
  • Formal Attire : Most cruises have formal or semi-formal evenings where dressing up is part of the experience. For women, a stylish cocktail dress or a pantsuit is a great choice. Men can opt for a suit or dress shirt and slacks. Investing in a versatile formal outfit ensures you’re ready for elegant dinners and special events on board.
  • Outerwear : Depending on your cruise destination, weather conditions may vary. Be prepared with a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings or unexpected changes in weather. Having a versatile outer layer ensures your comfort as you explore different ports of call.
  • Hats and Sunglasses : Protecting yourself from the sun is crucial, especially for senior travelers. Pack a wide-brimmed hat to shield your face, and don’t forget sunglasses with UV protection to keep your eyes safe and comfortable.
  • Appropriate Attire : Different dining venues on the cruise may have specific dress codes. Research your cruise line’s guidelines and pack accordingly to ensure you can enjoy fine dining without any surprises.

By considering these cruise wardrobe essentials, you’ll be well-prepared for any situation that arises during your voyage. Remember, “Senior Cruise Packing Tips” aren’t just about what you bring; they’re about enhancing your overall cruise experience, making it enjoyable, stylish, and hassle-free.

Senior Cruise Packing Tips: How many outfits should I pack for a 7-day cruise?

When it comes to senior cruise packing tips, one common question that arises is, “How many outfits should I pack for a 7-day cruise?” It’s essential to strike a balance between having enough clothing options and not overpacking. For a week-long cruise, packing around 10-12 outfits should be sufficient. This allows for a variety of choices throughout the trip, considering different activities and occasions. Remember to pack versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched, maximizing your outfit options while minimizing the amount of clothing you bring.

In addition to outfits, don’t forget to pack essential accessories such as hats, scarves, and jewelry to add flair to your ensembles. It’s also wise to include a few layers like cardigans or light jackets, as cruise ship temperatures can vary. To save space and ensure wrinkle-free clothing, consider rolling your garments instead of folding them. Lastly, keep in mind the specific dress codes and activities offered on your cruise to pack accordingly, whether it’s formal nights, casual dinners, or active excursions.

By following these senior cruise packing tips, you’ll be well-prepared for a stylish and comfortable voyage. Aim for a versatile wardrobe with around 10-12 outfits, including mix-and-match items that can be easily layered. Don’t forget to pack essential accessories and consider the specific dress codes and activities on your cruise. With smart choices and careful planning, you can enjoy your trip with confidence and style.

Senior Cruise Packing Tips: Maximizing Space in Your Cruise Luggage for Seniors

Packing efficiently is an art, and for senior cruise travelers, it’s the key to a more comfortable and enjoyable voyage. When it comes to maximizing space in your cruise luggage, seniors have the added challenge of needing essentials while avoiding over-packing. Here are some practical Senior Cruise Packing Tips to help you make the most of your available space and ensure that you’re fully prepared for your journey.

  • Prioritize Versatile Clothing: One of the most effective ways to save space in your luggage is to pack versatile clothing. Choose items that can be mixed and matched easily, creating multiple outfit combinations from a few key pieces. Neutral colors and classic styles work well for this purpose.
  • Roll Your Clothes: Rolling your clothes instead of folding them not only saves space but also minimizes wrinkles. This technique allows you to fit more items into your suitcase and makes unpacking a breeze when you reach your cruise cabin.
  • Limit Your Shoes: Footwear can be bulky and heavy. Consider the types of activities you’ll be doing during your cruise and pack only the shoes you’ll truly need. Comfortable walking shoes, a pair of sandals, and perhaps one dressier option for formal nights should suffice.
  • Compact Accessories: When it comes to accessories, think compact. Jewelry organizers that keep necklaces from tangling, collapsible sun hats, and small, foldable bags are great space-saving options.
  • Leave Room for Souvenirs: If you plan on picking up souvenirs during your cruise, be mindful of how much space you’ll need for them in your luggage. Leaving some room for these mementos ensures you won’t be struggling to zip up your suitcase on the journey home.

By implementing these “Senior Cruise Packing Tips,” you’ll not only maximize space but also reduce the physical strain of lugging around heavy luggage. Remember that packing light isn’t about sacrificing comfort; it’s about ensuring you have everything you need without the added burden of excess baggage. As you embark on your cruise, you’ll appreciate the convenience and freedom that comes with a well-organized and efficiently packed suitcase.

Senior Cruise Packing Tips: Mistakes to Avoid

Packing for a senior cruise requires careful consideration, and avoiding common mistakes can make your journey smoother and more enjoyable. Let’s explore some pitfalls and the corresponding senior cruise packing tips to help you sidestep them.

  • Overpacking: One of the most prevalent mistakes seniors make is overpacking. It’s tempting to bring your entire wardrobe and every accessory you own, but this can lead to a cumbersome and unwieldy suitcase. Instead, focus on versatility. Choose clothing items that can be mixed and matched and remember that many cruises have laundry facilities available. Packing light not only makes it easier to navigate your luggage but also leaves room for souvenirs you might collect during your travels.
  • Senior Cruise Packing Tip: Create a detailed packing list and stick to it. Lay out everything you think you’ll need and then reconsider. Aim to reduce your initial selection by at least a third. Prioritize comfort and practicality over fashion trends.
  • Neglecting Medications: Forgetting or mishandling medications can lead to unnecessary stress and health concerns during your cruise. Ensure you have an adequate supply of all your medications and supplements. Additionally, it’s wise to carry copies of your prescriptions, just in case you need to replace any lost or stolen medications while abroad.
  • Senior Cruise Packing Tip: Use a pill organizer or a medication management app to keep your doses organized. Split your medications into multiple containers and keep some in your carry-on bag in case your checked luggage is delayed.
  • Ignoring Weather Forecasts: Cruises can take you to various climates, so it’s essential to check the weather at your destinations before packing. Failing to do so might result in being unprepared for unexpected rain or chilly evenings.
  • Senior Cruise Packing Tip: Research the weather for each port of call and pack clothing layers that can be easily added or removed. A lightweight, packable rain jacket can be a lifesaver.

By avoiding these common packing mistakes and following these senior cruise packing tips, you’ll be well on your way to a hassle-free and enjoyable cruise adventure. Packing smartly not only enhances your comfort and convenience but also allows you to fully savor the pleasures of cruising and exploring new destinations.

In conclusion, mastering the art of packing efficiently is the first step toward ensuring that your senior cruise adventure is a resounding success. The journey of a thousand nautical miles begins with a well-organized suitcase, and “Senior Cruise Packing Tips” have been your guiding light in achieving this. By carefully curating your wardrobe, prioritizing comfort, and taking heed of important considerations like medications and travel accessories , you’ve set yourself up for a worry-free voyage.

Remember, the goal of packing smartly as a senior cruise traveler is not only to make your life onboard more convenient but also to enhance your overall enjoyment. By adhering to the tips and strategies discussed in this guide, you’ve laid the groundwork for a vacation filled with relaxation, exploration, and cherished moments with loved ones.

As you set sail and embrace the incredible experiences that await, rest assured that your well-thought-out packing choices will serve as the foundation for a seamless journey. “Senior Cruise Packing Tips” are your trusted companions, ensuring that every item in your suitcase has a purpose, and that you can focus on creating unforgettable memories as you navigate the open waters. Bon voyage!

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Ultimate Cruise Packing Tips for Seniors

By Carnival Cruise Line

A cruise ship is your home away from home, so for cruising seniors, you’ll want to pack accordingly to make sure you have everything you need. Carnival goes above and beyond taking care of any last-minute needs or medical challenges on your trip, but you don’t want anything to get in the way of your fun, adventure or relaxation. You’ll find packing tips throughout this guide, and a helpful, basic packing checklist for seniors too. Use it to keep track of what you need to bring, so you’re free to enjoy the sights and sounds of your cruise vacation in total pleasure.

senior couple and their family standing by the ship railing

Pack for Your Health

You’ll want to manage any medications and healthcare needs you may have when planning and packing for a cruise:

  • Have a general checkup a few weeks before traveling to make sure your doctor gives you the OK to cruise, to update your medicine and to obtain any back-up prescriptions you may need while on vacation.
  • Pack your doctor’s contact information and list of medications. Keep the information with you at all times while cruising, in case of emergencies.
  • Pack your medications and bring extra doses just in case. If any medications need special temperature control, make sure to ask about onboard accommodations .
  • Plan to bring your wheelchair, scooter or other mobility device with you, or you can rent one ahead of time from Carnival’s preferred vendor, Scootaround™.
  • Remember to bring an extra pair of sunglasses. You’ll need them for every cruise destination.
  • Bring sunscreen , but please note that you’ll need to use biodegradable sunscreen if you want to participate in any beach based shore excursions. For example, if you cruise to Australia to visit the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll need to wear biodegradable sunscreen if you want to swim or take part in reef shore excursions . The same goes for cruise destinations to any water-based shore excursions such as in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Florida, and so on. The reason? Non-biodegradable lotions that wash off into the water are very harmful to coral reefs around the world.  

Pack for Your Destination  

The specific destination you choose will dictate what you’ll need to pack in the way of clothing and footwear. Here are packing tips for popular locations:

  • When you cruise to Alaska , pack for shifting temperatures that range between the 40s and 50s in the spring to temperatures that could rise to the mid-60s in the summer through September. Temperatures do vary depending on which area of Alaska you cruise to, however, so it’s best to check the temperature norms in your particular destination ahead of time . Bring waterproof gear for sightseeing glaciers and marine life from the ship’s deck and your “cruise elegant” dinner attire for temperature controlled indoor dining on the ship.
  • When cruising to Europe , you’ll be sailing longer than you would with many other itineraries, so comfortable walking shoes for sightseeing are always a must. Lightweight pants and tops will keep you looking fashionable and feeling cool while visiting the world’s landmarks.
  • When cruising to tropical destinations, like the Caribbean , The Bahamas or Hawaii , pack as you would for a tropical trip on land. That means plenty of lightweight fabrics, such as cotton and linen. Ditch anything that can’t take the heat or humidity, like polyester and nylon blends. Go with bright and light rather than darker, heat absorbing fabrics.
  • If you’re a senior who’s going to take advantage of touring ports via accessible vans and motor coaches , you may want to bring a lightweight cover-up for air-conditioned vehicles. For example, if you’re sailing to Italy to visit historical Sicily’s Palermo and Monreale , you’ll be comfortably sitting in an air-conditioned coach.
  • Choice shore excursions can be ideal for seniors with slight mobility challenges. For example, when you cruise to the Cayman Islands and visit Stingray City Sandbar , you’ll board a unique boat that lets you descend into shallow water to enjoy the stingrays. For these types of excursions, you’ll need a swimsuit or clothing you don’t mind getting wet.

senior couple taking a kayak out

  Pack for Onboard Fun

Carnival cruise ships all have one thing in common: amazing onboard activities that engage the senses. Dress appropriately for your cruise so you can enjoy all there is to do both indoors and outdoors on your ship.

  • Hit the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat ™ or Cloud 9 Spa ™ in your favorite yoga pants or shorts.
  • Bring shorts to play a round of mini golf on deck under the sun.
  • Stay warm and comfortable indoors in your cruise casual wear evening attire while playing at Carnival’s famous onboard casinos , including the Carnival Players Club ® , blackjack tables, table games and bar.
  • Bring your bathing suit and non-slip boat shoes that provide good traction to enjoy sparkling pools during the day and take in movies poolside during the evening.
  • If you’re hoping to stay fit during your cruise, bring your jogging gear so you can take advantage of walking or running on your seaside jogging track .
  • Bring your best Broadway-inspired theater-going outfit to enjoy onboard play productions and musicals .
  • Whether you’re glamming it up for a reservation at the Steakhouse or going casual to Guy’s Burger Joint , anything goes when visiting one of the eateries .

senior couple sitting on a hammock on the beach

  Your Basic Cruise Packing List  

Check off the following items when packing for your cruise. This list of the basics brings together tips for both men and women. Remember to pack just enough to stow away; you want to have room to stretch out and relax in your stateroom .

  • Clothing (double up for cruises longer than five nights):
  • Stretchy, comfy casual pants
  • Casual dress pants
  • Workout top
  • Swimsuit(s)
  • Tunics and polos (for layering)
  • Lightweight waterproof jacket (for rain or wet activities)
  • Lightweight cover-up (for around the ship and in air-conditioned tour vehicles)
  • One lightweight sweater (for cool days and nights)
  • Cruise elegant dinner wear (for dressier dinners)
  • Walking shoes (for shore)
  • Non-slip boat shoes that provide good traction (for on board)
  • Flat or low-heel dress shoes
  • Running shoes/sneakers (and socks)


  • Medications plus extra dose
  • Extra prescriptions
  • Emergency contact and doctor’s info
  • Ear plugs (to block out noise)
  • Health and beauty products
  • Small backpack or tote (for shore)
  • Small evening bag for more formal dinners
  • Hat (cap, visor or head scarf) for beach and pool
  • Sunglasses (multiple pairs)
  • Reading glasses (multiple pairs)
  • Durable, plastic zippered baggies (to keep valuables/electronics dry)
  • Your mobility device (unless renting on board)
  • Required travel documents

A vacation aboard Carnival offers seniors fun, adventure and relaxation all bundled together in luxury and comfort. Carnival always offers cruise deals for seniors , so isn’t it time to treat yourself to that trip you’ve earned?

Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary by  ship  and destination.

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Best Resort Wear Pieces To Pack for Your Next Beach Vacation

Save big on resort wear for spring break!

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resort wear for women over 50

You’ve made it through the dredges of winter, with its snow, sleet, and frigid temps. Now more than ever, you’re ready to take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of. There’s just one teensy, tiny little problem: It practically requires a whole new wardrobe! Not to worry, though — we’ve rounded up the best resort wear for women over 50 , so you can enjoy your well-deserved vacation in style. We found flattering, comfortable pieces you’ll love, from hats and sunglasses to swimsuits and sandals . Keep scrolling to shop our picks — we’ve practically made your packing list for you, so all you’ll need to focus on is having fun in the sun!

Best Deals on Resort Wear for Women Over 50

  • Up to 60% dresses off at Nordstrom
  • Up to 15% off select sundresses at Amazon
  • Extra 50% off select swim styles at J.Crew

The Best Resort Wear for Women Over 50

  • Best halter dress for women over 50 : Look Into The Sun Maxi Dress
  • Best one-piece swimsuit for women over 50 : Summersalt The Ruffle Blackflip Swimsuit
  • Best sarong for women over 50 : Vix Paula Hermanny Sarong
  • Best beach hat for women over 50 : Women’s Sun Straw Hat Wide Brim
  • Best resort sleepware dress for women over 50 : Printfresh Cami Nightgown
  • Best smock dress for women over 50 : Free People Golden Hour Maxi Dress
  • Best slides for women over 50 : Vionic Vesta Sandals
  • Best wide leg pant for women over 50 : Alex Evens Tie Waist Mesh Pants
  • Best slingback sandal for women over 50 : Zodiac Lola Slingback Sandal
  • Best sundress for women over 50 : The Positano Resort Dress

What is resort wear?

Also known as “cruise wear,” resort wear is exactly what it sounds like: Summer-ready, lightweight, packable clothing that you can wear on vacation. Pieces are typically made from breathable materials, such as cotton, silk, straw, and microfiber, while patterns tend to be either bright and fun, like you’d see on a Hawaiian shirt, or classic, such as nautical print.

How should I dress for a resort?

It’s your vacation, so you should dress however makes you happy! That said, if you’re headed someplace sunny, you’ll probably want several swimsuits, a few swim cover-ups, a sun hat, and sandals. You’ll also want some lightweight, flowy dresses, pants or skirts, and tops. Make sure you have at least one outfit that feels fancy enough to wear out to a nice dinner, and plenty of pieces that are easy to pair and wear anywhere your adventure happens to take you.

What’s the best resort wear for women over 50?

Since resort wear shows off a lot more skin than, say, your comfy winter sweatpants , you’ll want pieces that are supportive, comfortable, and of course, stylish.

While some women over 50 will be more than happy to show off their bodies in an itsy-bitsy bikini and shorts , others may prefer pieces with a bit more coverage. One-piece swimsuits or tankinis (Buy from L.L. Bean , $65), which have an elongated, tank top-like cut, are slightly more conservative. You can also throw a cover-up over your suit for a bit of added modesty and sun protection.

Cropped pants or shorts with a 7 or 5-inch cut (Buy from Tommy Bahama , $90) will keep you cool without riding up your backside, and oversized hats will keep aging skin safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Regardless of your age, however, the best resort wear will consist of the pieces you feel the most attractive and confident in. We’ve chosen a wide selection of breezy finds that will be suitable for whatever activities your vacation may bring, whether you’re strolling the beach or lounging in a hammock.

Ready to trade in your winter boots for flip flops and your sweaters for tunics? You’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling to shop our picks for the best resort wear for women over 50.

The Best Resort Wear For Women Over 50

Look into the sun maxi dress.

Best Resort Wear For Women Over 50

Buy from Free People, $98

Why we like it:

Summer is the time to show some skin, and it doesn’t get much sexier than this gorgeous halter dress. The Look Into The Sun Maxi is the perfect blend of elegant and fun, making it a great option for nights spent dining and dancing. Although the flowy bottom looks airy light, the material is substantial enough to keep everything in one place if a breeze comes your way. The top is adjustable, and there are some subtle slits on the side. Flattering to both small chested ladies, as well as the busty, you’ll love how the rayon material skims your curves.

Editor’s review: “I love a halter dress, so I was excited to try this one sent to me from Free People! As you may already know, halter dresses are universally flattering to all bust sizes. I also love a maxi, and was pleasantly surprised by the weight of this one. Some dresses with a guazy look feel really flimsy, but not this one! I could feel the quality as soon as I tried it on, and I know I’d be comfortable wearing this to a fancy summer wedding or resort restaurant. I tried a small, and it fit great. I don’t have much in the bust department, so I really appreciated how I could adjust the straps and cups to cover me. You don’t need a bra with it, but I still think I’ll invest in some push-up pasties when I wear this out on the town. The dress is long, and even with my 3.5-inch heels the back dragged, so unless you’re very tall (I’m five-foot-five), you may want to have it hemmed. Is it worth it? Uh, yes! It’s simply too lovely to pass up.”

Summersalt The Ruffle Blackflip Swimsuit

Best Resort Wear For Women Over 50

Buy from Summersalt, $95

  • 13 different print choices
  • Deep-V front
  • 4.2 out of 5-star rating on Summersalt

The straps on The Ruffle Blackflip make it look like a cute bodysuit for summer, and if you pair it with shorts and wedges, that’s how it can be worn! Of course, it’s perfect for the pool, too, or frolicking along the beach. The swimsuit has built-in soft cups for coverage, as well as Summersault’s signature compression material for a comfortable fit. We love it in black, but it also comes in many different prints, such as strawberry and spritz, and nectarine orchard. Whatever you decide on, we’re sure you’ll look unbelievable!

Vix Paula Hermanny Sarong

Best Resort Wear for Women Over 50

Buy from Vix Paula Hermanny, $69

  • Available in 3 different prints
  • Made of 100 percent viscose
  • Sand repellent

It wouldn’t be a week at the beach without a Vix Paula Hermanny Sarong , right? It’s a breeze to pack and lightweight, plus the scarf-style beach-essential provides the perfect amount of coverage without making you sweat. Its viscose fabric is cooling to the skin and impervious to sand, so it can be comfortably worn on the daily. Wrap around your waist to show off a bikini top or tie around your neck to create a dress. You’ll be the most stunning lady at the cabana.

Women’s Sun Straw Hat Wide Brim

Best Resort Wear For Women Over 50

Buy from Amazon, starting at $26

  • Floppy, boho design

For the love of your skin, don’t forget a wide-brim floppy hat . We’re packing this one , since it’s foldable, as well as stylish. Seriously, we’ll be wearing it even when we return home, because sun protection is always fashionable, and this hat offers UPF 50 plus of it. It’s available in 10 different looks, has an adjustable chin strap — handy for when those sea breezes hit, and a moisture-wicking inner sweatband. In our book, that makes it a resort wear must!

Printfresh Cami Nightgown

Best Resortwear For Women Over 50

Buy from Printfresh, $98

  • Made of 100 percent cotton
  • Available in lots of different prints
  • Sizes up to 6X

Unless you plan on sleeping in the buff, we suggest packing a fun and cooling nightgown, like this cami-style one from Printfresh . It comes in a variety of fun prints, is short enough to wear over a pair of shorts (for those quick runs to the ice machine), and is made of 100 breathable cotton. You’ll love this fun sleepwear frock so much, you’ll want to keep it on during the day. We admit, it would look super cute with leggings and a pair of motorcycle boots!

Free People Golden Hour Maxi Dress

cruise outfits for seniors

Buy from Free People, $168

  • Comes in several different prints
  • Lightweight material
  • Sleeves for extra coverage

A flowy, flirty dress we can enjoy on vacation and at home? Yes, please! That’s exactly what this Bodice Cotton Maxi Dress offers, and we’re here for it. The sweet puffed sleeves gives extra coverage while providing breathing room, and the skirt has the perfect amount of movement to prevent sweaty legs. This looks fantastic with sandals, wedged heels or your freshest white tennis shoes. It’s made from 100 percent cotton, so you know it will keep you cool in tropical weather, and if you’re going somewhere chillier, simply add a cute bomber or jean jacket.

Vionic Vesta Sandals

Best Resort Wear For Women Over 50

Buy from Zappos, $100

  • Arch support
  • Great for those with over-pronation and flat feet
  • Color options

Give footsies a break with these stylishly supportive sandals from Vionic . The podiatrist-designed shoe has all the arch support and cushion feet need, plus the puffy crisscross straps are very on trend. Featuring a deep cup heel for stability and a dual density mid-sole, the shoes cradle the foot without add weight, bringing ease to calf muscles and ankles. An ideal choice for those with flat feet or who over-pronounce, they’re a must for those who refuse to sacrifice comfort for fashion sake. They also add a smidge of height, which never hurts!

Alex Evens Tie Waist Mesh Pants

Best Resort Wear for Women Over 50

Buy from Amazon, starting at $66

  • Relaxed fit
  • Black goes with everything

Don’t box yourself in on holiday. Instead, opt for this roomy wide-leg pant from Alex Evens. It’s perfect with a bikini top, tee, or tank. Made with air chiffon, you’ll love how breathable these pants are. Hitting right above the ankle, they won’t drag on the pavement while you sightsee or become damp from walks on the beach. Although relaxed, they slightly come in at the waist, which gives them a look that’s still tailored. Wear them as you lounge by the pool, grab drinks, or even on the plane ride home.

Zodiac Lola Slingback Sandal

Best Resort Wear For Women Over 50

Buy from Amazon, $99

  • Thick ankle strap
  • Rubber sole

A vacation isn’t a vacation without a pair of contemporary sandals to go sightseeing in. We like how these Zodiac Lola Slingback Sandals give some height without putting a lot of strain on the leg or back. Their straps are adjustable, so regardless if you’re ankles are dainty or on the larger size, your feet will stay in place. The black and white print reminds of snakeskin, and go with a variety of styles. Whether your choose them to go with a flowy skirt, shorts or flirty sundress, they’ll make you look fabulous from the toes up!

Promising review: “This shoes are true size, [comfortable] and just high enough.”

The Positano Resort Dress

kenny flowers positano dress

Buy from Kenny Flowers, $158

  • Fun lemon print
  • Customizable straps
  • Organic material

Whether you’re walking on the beach or grabbing a quick bite while you see the sights, no one will be able to take their eyes off you in this number! The Positano Resort Dress from Kenny Flowers will instantly make you (and everyone else) smile when you slip it on. We’re not sure what we love more: its bold and cheerful lemon print, or the 100 percent organic rayon material. However, we’re sure you’ll be as obsessed with it as we are. The dress features adjustable straps that can be tied or tucked inside, and it’s ethically made. Pair with your favorite sandals, and prepare for all the compliments.

SNDYS Leo Shirt

Best Resort Wear For Women Over 50

Buy from Revolve, $71

  • Bright color
  • Made with a blend of cotton and linen

An easy button-up shirt, cooly tucked into a pair of shorts or jeans is what you need when strolling the resort. We recommend this cheery pink Leo Shirt for the occasion. It will instantly perk your mood, as well as your outfit. Its breast pocket easy fits sunglasses or a room key, and the button barrel cuffs look very cool when rolled to the elbow. The shirt is long enough to be tied or worn as a beach cover-up, plus the lightweight material will keep you comfy through the day.

Dokotoo Women’s Oversized Denim Jacket

Best Resort Wear For Women Over 50

Buy from Amazon, $47

  • Light but warm

Don’t forget a jacket, even if you’re traveling somewhere warm. This Dokotoo Oversized Denim Jacket from Amazon is a great option, perfect for chilly plane rides or air conditioned Ubers. It’s large enough to wear over a sweater or dress with puffed sleeves, and can be tied around the waist when not in use. The delicate fringe at the bottom adds lovely detail, and breast pockets with buttons keep your phone and credit cards safe. Available in more than 10 colors and under $50, it’s one of the best resort wear pieces for women.

American Optical General Sunglasses

Best Resort Wear for Women Over 50

Buy from Amazon, $260

  • Customizable
  • Smudge resistant
  • Reduces eye-fatigue

Keep your peepers safe and your look chic with these classic sunnies. Since 1833, American Optical has been the ultimate crafter of eyewear, and their creations have been a favorite of movie stars and visionaries alike. We know you’ll feel like A-list royalty when you show up to the resort in a pair of the General Sunglasses . They have the perfect aviator shape, and make every wearer look sophisticated and cool. I love them in rose gold, but you can snag them in regular gold, or silver. Customize the look and fit on their website, where you can upload a shot of yourself to get a truer feel for how you’ll appear once you are sunning yourself poolside. The glasses offer full UVA and UVB protection — the most important thing — and the lenses are scratch resistant and have a smudge resistant coding to keep them in tip top shape.

Editor’s pick: I’m really impressed by these sunglasses from American Optical. I’ve always wanted a pair of aviators, but could never find the right ones. These fit my face perfect, and give me that downtown cool girl vibe I’m always chasing. I can wear them with anything — dresses, jeans, sweats…you name it! I look instantly put together. They’re distortion free, which I love for when I’m driving. Plus, they come in a very sturdy, very nice case.

London Rag Diyora Espadrille Platform Sandal

Best Resort Wear For Women Over 50

Buy from DSW, $50

  • Ribbed rubber bottom
  • Comfortable height
  • Adjustable closure

We’re obsessed with the Liza Espadrille Wedged Sandal from Dolce Vita. It gives just enough height to elongate the leg, while remaining comfortable enough to wear all day. The bottom has ridges, and basically performs like a sneaker. The adjustable straps keeps you from sliding around as you jet from one spot to the next. They’re fancy enough to wear with a sundress or skirt, but also will liven up a pair of shorts or pants. Available in several classic colors, you’re not going to want to take a vacation without them.

Promising review: “I bought these for a trip down to Florida and! I love them! They are super sturdy for walking, and they’re also super comfy!”

Sopligon Linen Cotton Shirtdress

cruise outfits for seniors

Buy from Amazon, $25

  • Can be worn for work and play
  • Quarter length sleeves

It can be really frustrating to buy clothes that work for vacay but not everyday life. Fortunately, that’s not an issue with this flowy number. The Sopligon Cotten and Linen Shirt Dress is perfect for causal sightseeing strolls, but can also be worn to work or an evening with friends. It comes in every-so-gently at the waist, and remains relaxed enough for you to remain comfortably cool on the hot days. If you’re self-conscious about your arms, you’ll love the sleeves. Plus, the dress has pockets! You can pair this lovely dress with a pair of wedged sandals, but I’d even wear it with ice white sneakers, and cardigan.

Tory Burch Miller Leather Sandal

Best Resortwear For Women Over 50

Buy from Nordstrom, $139

  • Made with soft leather
  • Perfect for a minimalist style
  • Available in different colors

Comfort is key when you’re trying to relax — particularly when it comes to footwear. Invest in a pair of luxe flip flops, like this leather pair from Tory Burch , that will get you through every activity on your itinerary. Their clean, minimalist aesthetic will pair well with the rest of your resort wardrobe, wacky patterns included.

Happy customer: “ I bought this shoe in the vintage vachetta leather and I love them! The color is a great brown neutral. The shoes are comfortable and non-blister inducing.I like the fact that while this shoe has a large logo, it blends in with the rest of the shoe without being straight up in your face and can still just look like a pretty design. I would say these shoes run pretty true to size but if between sizes, I would go with the bigger of the two just because I hate too small looking sandals where toes or heels hang over.  “

Craftsman Rattan Adjustable Crossbody Bag

Best Resort Wear for Women Over 50

  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for carrying essentials

No one wants to carry a heavy bag when out on the town. This light, handmade rattan crossbody bag is perfect for day excursions and relaxed dinners. Crafted by Vietnamese artisans, the bag’s strap is adjustable and perfect for carrying your wallet, phone, and room key. It has a button closure, and is lined with linen to keep your valuables scratch free. Toss your bracelets or necklace inside if you take a dip in the pool. They wont become entangled by the natural fiber. This goes great with a sundress, pants or shorts, but can also be worn with a little LBD to make your look more modern or downtown chic.

Promising review: This small bag is super comfortable, and spacious. I love that every time I wear it I get compliments. It’s trendy but also classic. The price is incredible compared to others on the market. I usually have a hard time finding a small bag that fits my large cellphone, and this one does!

Michelle Tunic Cover-Up

Best Resort Wear for Women Over 50

Buy from Zappos, $94

  • Relaxed, flowy style
  • Button-down V-neckline
  • Also comes in black

We think this breezy garment from Nordstrom could easily double as the perfect beach top. Flowy and loose, with a flattering button-down V-neckline, you’ll feel light and free, while the gauzy design adds some coziness for breezy shoreline walks. We also love that it’s available in four neutral colors!

Promising review: “This shirt was exactly as expected. Very oversized and comfy. Good for lounging around the house or even [as] a beach cover up. “

Eric Javitts Squishee Classic Fedora

Best Resort Wear for Women Over 50

Buy from Bloomingdale’s, $315

  • Classic look
  • Goes with many different looks
  • Sun protectant

Floppy sun hats are great, but Fedoras are a bit cooler. Take the Squishee Classic Fedora , for example. Its brim is just under three inches, so it will protect you from the sun without hiding your gorgeous face. No matter if you wear it with a sundress, swimsuit or shorts, you’ll look classically stylish. Best of all, even when your vacation is over, you’ll be able to wear it out on the town. Throw it on when running errands or for a lunch date. You’ll turn heads and get compliments. The design is packable — perfect for getaways — and has a timeless black ribbon above the brim. Available in cream or tan.

Promising review: “This hat was chosen to wear to a wedding in a very hot climate. Not only did it look amazing, but it provided protection from the sun and disguised any hair imperfections from the humidity. I felt composed and confident. On my flight to Oklahoma, I was asked repeatedly where I purchased it and the designer. The fit is perfect, feels comfortable and is worn with ease, which I find necessary when wearing a hat. I am grateful to have found it. It will be a part of my wardrobe for many years.”

The Sidestroke

best stylish swimsuit

Buy from SummerSalt, $95

Buy from Amazon, $95

  • Asymmetrical design
  • 11 shades to choose from
  • Editor favorite

People rave about this fun and flattering asymmetrical colorblock suit . A perennial bestseller, it offers full bust support and coverage for your derrière and comes in a long-torso version as well. Available in nine color combos (including solid black for a more classic look), your biggest problem will be choosing just one! 

Promising review: “ So not only is this beautiful swimsuit comfortable and aesthetically gorgeous but it is so flattering. I’ve never felt so comfortable in a swimsuit. Not worried about my boobs popping out or having to tuck them in. The suit is very formfitting but not in a uncomfortable way. Keeps everything in its place. “

Coral Stretch Knit Walking Shoes

Best Resort Wear for Women Over 50

Buy from Ortho Feet, $115

  • Great for diabetics
  • Flexibility
  • Lots of color options!

If you’re going to view local attractions, you need a good pair of sneaks! Take these Walking Shoes , for example. Along with coming in a variety of colors, they’re also engineered to support your arches and heel. Your feet won’t get funky, thanks to their anti-microbial fabric and foam, and they’re flexible enough to move with your natural stride pattern. They’re a great option for those with diabetes, bunions, or even plantar fasciitis. More importantly, they’re amazing if you have a full day of museum hopping and clothes shopping planned. Available in standard and wide, you’ll wear these even when vacation has ended.

Promising review: “Love these shoes! Comfortable from day one, and they’ll come in handy for my trip to California!”

LNX Womens Linen Pants

Best Resortwear For Women over 50

Buy from Amazon, $30

  • Available in lots of colors
  • Great for multiple seasons

When the weather warms up you want a pair of pants that don’t make you sweat, but can be worn in different ways. What we love about these linen capri pants that they’re just the right blend of tailored and relaxed, hitting a little below the mid-calf and cuffed. Available in several colors, these ultra soft pants have a drawstring tie to avoid gaping (we hate that), and are made with a cotton-blend fabric. Pair these with a tee and jean jacket, blouse or cable knit sweater. You can wear these in spring, summer, and even fall. Don’t be surprised if you decide to snag several pairs.

BeanSport Swimwear High-Neck Tankini

Best Resort Wear for Women Over 50

Buy from L.L. Bean, $60

  • Features a slimming fit
  • Can mix and match with coordinating bottoms
  • Included soft cups provide support

Modest is far from frumpy in this eye-catching L.L. Bean tankini , which covers your tummy without sacrificing an ounce of style. It’s got soft cups for shaping and support and detailing at the neckline for a bit of added flair. Pair it with the bottom of your choosing — we like the mid-rise skort featured below the top, which has a higher leg line and a more modest rear.

Promising review: “ This suit is not only beautiful but makes you feel slimmer, which is what I was looking for! I am slowly losing weight but I felt really good about my belly not being a distractor. 100% more confidence in this suit! I also got the cute skirt to go with it……love it! “

Bluetime Women’s Chiffon Maxi Skirt

Best Resort Wear For Women Over 50

Buy from Amazon, $34

  • Available in different prints
  • Goes up to XXL

This gorgeous skirt from Bluetime doesn’t only work for vacay but home. When the days are warm it looks lovely with a pair of sandals and cami. On cooler afternoons it can be worn with tights, boots, and a sweater. The flowy skirt features an elastic band for comfort, and is made from lightweight chiffon. Plus, the price is amazing. We’d buy more than one, especially since it’s available in a variety of prints.

Sanibel One-Piece Swimsuit

best resort wear for women over 50

Buy from Amazon, $ 180

  • Adjustable straps

Let’s bring the one-piece back, shall we? Especially if it’s as sexy and flattering as the The Sanibel One-Piece Swimsuit . The stretchy nylon conforms to your curves while slenderizing. The built-in wired cups offers support as you splash in the ocean or pool. It’s recommend that you order one cup size up. The adjustable straps mean you won’t have to deal with material digging into your back or unsightly bulges.

Happy Customer: “This is the second Miraclesuit Sanibel Underwire one piece style I’ve purchased. I am 5 foot three, 150 pounds, and wear a 38D. I love the fit and style. The suit fits snugly, and you will definitely appear 10 pounds slimmer. It really smooths your shape!”

Pha Resort Wear Skirt Long Maxi Skirt

cruise outfits for seniors

Buy from Amazon, starting at $25

  • Made with soft cotton fabric
  • Has an elastic waistband for added comfort
  • Bright red color adds a pop to your wardrobe

With its easy tiered design and its cotton fabric, this skirt was made for kicking up your heels. It has a comfortable, elastic waistband and reaches down to your feet, covering up any lower body imperfections. This bright red shade will add a pop of color to your beach wardrobe, and is perfect for strolling along the beach while sipping your favorite tropical drink.

Happy customer: “ Color just like in picture, lovely feel and length. “

La Blanca Hooded Coverup Tunic with Kangaroo Pocket

cruise outfits for seniors

Buy from Neiman Marcus, $85

  • Adjustable drawstring hood
  • Comes in 2 colors

Even paradise can get a little chilly from time to time! Cover up with this oversized sweater from La Blanca , which has a hood for added warmth.

Jezabell 57mm Round Sunglasses


Buy from Nordstrom, $75

  • Vintage-inspired design
  • Round lenses
  • Can be worn year-round

Dark and alluring, Quay Australia’s upscale Jezabell sunglasses speak to the affluent lifestyle resort wear, and were originally created to accommodate while remaining relatively reasonable in the price department. Old Hollywood glamour, anyone?

Promising review: “ Alas! A pair of sunglasses that can be worn on a daily basis and I don’t feel like I need to be dressed up to wear them. Also, they fit my big head and are extremely comfortable to wear (no digging on the bridge of my nose or behind my ears!) For reference, I have a square-shaped head and these glasses suit me well! You also can’t beat the price! I own a range of sunglasses from a bunch of different designers and these, by far, are the best I’ve ever owned! “

Tommy Bahama Boracay 5-Inch Shorts

cruise outfits for seniors

Buy from Nordstrom, starting at $90

  • Come in a 5-inch cut
  • Made with cotton material
  • Available in 3 colors

For a breezy pair of shorts with a longer cut, we love these Boracay bottoms  from Tommy Bahama. Not only do they hit at the mid-thigh, thanks to a comfortable 5-inch cut, they’re made of a mostly cotton fabric with a hint of stretch for added ease. A khaki color, like the pictured pair, will also go with just about anything you happen to pack.

Happy customer: “ These Boracay shorts are the most soft and comfortable shorts I’ve ever owned. I’ve bought different types from a variety of stores and these are far, far better. The quality of the material is amazing. I won’t buy shorts any where else. I love all the colors I ordered. I am beyond satisfied. “

Floerns Square Neck Ruffle Boho Maxi Dress

cruise outfits for seniors

Buy from Amazon, $44

  • Romantic square neck
  • Relaxed flowy design
  • Features fun florals and spaghetti straps

If you need a little extra coverage in the swimwear department, look no further than this cover-up , which offers just a hint of what lies beneath without baring it all. It has an A-line design to it, making it the perfect fit and flare frock for your vacation. Adjust the straps for your ideal fit and try not to be obsessed with the fun floral. The popular dress is always being released in new patterns, so if you’re not crazy about this one, keep checking back for its latest edition.

Happy customer: “I love this dress! It’s light and airy, while still providing plenty of coverage … I got the leopard print and it’s just a wonderful summer/spring/fall option you can dress up or down. Cannot beat the price and the delivery time!”

Sheln Wide Leg Pants

cruise outfits for seniors

Buy from Shein, $6

  • Extra-wide leg design
  • Adjustable drawstring waist
  • Breathable material

Flowy and ventilated with an extra-wide leg and a slit on either side, these flouncy pants are exactly what we want to be wearing on our next seaside venture. There’s a drawstring waist for a custom fit and a bit of intricate detailing at the edges. 

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF 70 Sunscreen Spray

Deal of the Day

Happy customer: “I bought these for my Florida bachelorette trip, and absolutely love them! They are very comfortable, and great quality! Highly recommend!”

Shop more of the best resort wear for women over 50

Want even more shopping? Keep reading!

13 Best Beach Cover-Ups for Women Over 50

The Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis That’ll Fit Any Kind of Style

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cruise outfits for seniors

Travel Clothes for Women Over 60

Fashion choices for women over 60 have evolved, and this extends to travel clothes too. You no longer need to sacrifice style for comfort. Whether you’re exploring new destinations, strolling through city streets, or going on a domestic cruise, your travel clothes should reflect your style and zest for adventure.

  • Optimal Outfit for Extended Flights – The Royal Robbins Spotless Traveler Shirt is a comfy, lightweight choice for extended travel. It has a hidden passport pocket, and the fabric fights stains and static.
  • Perfect Outfit for a Train Journey – JCPenny Liz Claiborne Ponte Slim Fit Wide Leg Trouser features a modern pleated front and a slim fit. Made from a comfortable blend of 70% Rayon, 25% Nylon, and 5% Spandex in Ponte fabric, they offer flexibility, making them ideal for travel.
  • Stylish Outfit for a Beach Destination – REI ExOfficio BugsAway Everyday Woven Pants are perfect for travel with their lightweight cotton and TENCEL™ lyocell blend that wicks moisture. The BugsAway® fabric keeps insects away, and the elastic waistband ensures comfort and easy on/off.
  • Nautical Outfit for a Cruise – The Lululemon Love Crew Neck T-Shirt is a comfy and versatile t-shirt made with soft fabric with a classic crew neckline and short sleeves. It’s ideal for when you’re heading out to board your ship.
  • Ideal Outfit for a Chilly Destination – REI Smartwool Edgewood Wrap Sweater is made of a single-layer jersey knit with a double-button closure at the shoulder. It’s longer for extra coverage, and the Smartwool regular fit ensures warmth and room to move without extra bulk.

Discover how to navigate airports confidently, explore local attractions, and enjoy the beauty of different climates with outfits that seamlessly blend fashion and comfort. Travel clothes for women over 60 can be both stylish and comfortable.

What to Consider in Clothing for Traveling When Over 60

When assembling your travel clothing, concentrate on aspects that prioritize comfort, style, and functionality to guarantee a smooth travel experience.

Comfort Is Key

Opt for fabrics such as cotton, jersey, or blends infused with a hint of spandex to facilitate movement during your travels.

Learn to Layer

Choose garments that can be effortlessly layered to accommodate varying temperatures. Lightweight cardigans, scarves, and jackets are excellent options for this purpose.

Elasticized Waistbands

Select bottoms featuring stretchy waistbands for comfort during extended periods of sitting. They may not be your go-to for your regular wardrobe, but they are handy when traveling. Read on to see the selections I have featured that are comfortable and stylish.

Low-Profile or Low-Heeled Footwear

Give precedence to comfortable and supportive shoes suitable for walking through airports or exploring new destinations. Research shoe brands that offer specialty footwear that cater to foot issues like flat feet, plantar fasciitis, or wide feet.

Wrinkle-Resistant Items and Low-Maintenance Garments

Opt for fabrics resistant to creasing to uphold a polished appearance without the need for ironing while traveling.

Choose clothing that is hassle-free to care for and can be laundered without extensive effort, enabling you to maintain a refined look with minimal fuss.

Learn to Mix and Match

Pack items that can be blended and matched to craft diverse outfits, maximizing wardrobe versatility without overburdening your luggage.

Have you ever heard of a capsule wardrobe? Read about how to create one here .

Practical Accessories

Consider accessories like crossbody bags for both practicality and safety and scarves that can have several uses while traveling.

Travel Clothes Ideas for Women Over 60

Best outfit for extended flights.

Finding the perfect balance between comfort and style is key for those extended flights. These clothing items combine coziness with a touch of fashion flair, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable throughout your journey.

Royal Robbins Spotless Traveler Shirt

REI Royal Robbins Spotless Traveler Shirt

This Traveler shirt is a light, comfortable garment designed for extended travels. It features a breezy, blousy style and has the added convenience of a hidden pocket for your passport. This shirt is equipped to combat stains and static, ensuring a carefree and enjoyable travel experience.

Swift Wide-Leg Mid-Rise Pant

Lululemon Swift Wide-Leg Mid-Rise Pant

These pants are so light and airy that you’ll want to wear them in warm weather. Made from Swift fabric, they efficiently wick sweat and dry quickly, ensuring you stay cool, dry, and comfortable.

Perfect Look for a Train Journey

This suggested outfit seamlessly combines warmth with a hint of fashion finesse, offering an ideal selection for train travel that prioritizes comfort without sacrificing style. Just add your favorite accessories!

JCPenny Liz Claiborne Ponte Slim Fit Wide Leg Trouser

JCPenny Liz Claiborne Ponte Slim Fit Wide Leg Trouser

These pants have a stylish pleated front design with a slim fit, offering a modern look. The closure features a zipper, button, and hook & eye for secure fastening. Crafted from a blend of 70% Rayon, 25% Nylon, and 5% Spandex, the Ponte fabric ensures a comfortable and flexible feel that is great for traveling.

Stylish Outfit for a Beach Destination

Are you heading to a warm and tropical location? Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton or linen to stay cool. This outfit is perfect for the plane ride and exploration.

Macy’s Cotton Embroidered 3/4-Sleeve Tunic

Macy’s Cotton Embroidered 3/4-Sleeve Tunic

This 3/4-sleeve top from Style&Co has exquisite embroidery enhancing the neckline. By choosing cotton products from this brand, you support Better Cotton’s mission, sourced through a mass balance system. This garment is produced in a factory with RISE programs promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality.

REI ExOfficio BugsAway Everyday Woven Pants

REI ExOfficio BugsAway Everyday Woven Pants

Made from a blend of lightweight cotton and TENCEL™ lyocell fabric, these pants efficiently wick moisture, providing breathability and making them ideal for travel, and the BugsAway® insect-repelling fabric wards off ticks and mosquitoes.

Nautical Outfit for a Cruise

Preparing for a cruise requires a comfy, stylish, and practical outfit. Opt for relaxed pants, a breathable top, and slip-on shoes. You can never go wrong with a striped, nautical-inspired top!

Lululemon Love Crewneck T-Shirt

Lululemon Love Crewneck T-Shirt

This t-shirt is versatile and designed for comfort and style. Made with soft fabric, it features a crew neckline and short sleeves for a classic look. It’s perfect for when you’re heading out to board your ship.

NYDJ Slim Bootcut Pull-On Jeans

NYDJ Slim Bootcut Pull-On Jeans

Traveling with jeans is not typically recommended unless they are pull-on and fit comfortably like leggings, like these from NYDJ.

Ideal Outfit for a Chilly Destination

Traveling to a chilly destination demands an outfit that combines warmth, style, and practicality. Choose cozy, stretchy pants, and a warm long sleeve top.

REI Smartwool Edgewood Wrap Sweater

REI Smartwool Edgewood Wrap Sweater

This lightweight wrap sweater features a single-layer jersey knit with a double-button closure at the shoulder. Its extended length provides more coverage, and the Smartwool regular fit is designed to offer warmth and room for movement without added bulk.

Patagonia Wind Shield Pants

Patagonia Wind Shield Pants

The Wind Shield Pants provide lightweight and soft-shell protection for cold-weather traveling. They effectively release excess heat and moisture through strategically placed breathable panels. These pants are produced in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory and prioritize ethical and responsible manufacturing.



Let’s Have a Conversation:

How often do you travel? Do you make sure your travel clothes are comfortable and correspond to your destination? What are your favorite travel clothes? Share your travel clothing tips in the comments below!


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed .


Enjoy reading these articles but sadly many shops not available to those of us not in US.


If you are travelling to/in somewhere cold, I suggest thermal underwear (spencers & leggings) are a brilliant way to keep warm, simply worn under a shirt and everyday pants.


Good idea, I was in Copenhagen back in December. It was windy, rainy and zero degrees but I was cosy in a thermal vest under my sweaters.

Regarding cross body bags, I buy the type that have metal reinforcing in the strap, bag thieves can’t cut them.

I should also say Travelon are a great brand for this type of strap.

Tags Fashion for Women Over 60 Travel Tips and Plans

Sandra Roussy

Sandra Roussy

Sandra is the middle-aged woman you hear about who sheds everything she owns and sets out into the world to rediscover and redefine herself. After more than twenty years spent in the fashion industry designing collections for brands such as La Senza, Victoria’s Secret, and JACOB Lingerie, she shifted her path and pursued her longtime passion for writing, traveling, and photography. Sandra was published in the NY Times best selling book Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It. A deeply personal essay hand-picked by Elizabeth Gilbert about loss, facing fears, and going after dreams. Visit her website:

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cruise outfits for seniors

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cruise outfits for seniors

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Traveling Tulls

Eco-Travel in Retirement – Nature and Sustainable Luxury Travel

cruise outfits for seniors

Women Over 50: Your Best Guide to a Capsule Travel Wardrobe

capsule travel wardrobe for women over 59

Social media is filled with travel photos of gorgeous young women in flowing gowns that coordinate with the scenery. We long to look like these women, but the reality of travel, for us more mature women, is not as glamorous as these images portray. Travel involves a lot of walking… and dust… and sun. And how do these influencers climb a mountain in a full-length gown? Let alone pack light with sundresses in every color? Sleeveless dresses and high heels just aren’t practical, especially as travel clothing for women over 50. But no worries! You can create a travel capsule wardrobe with stylish and functional clothes that allow you to pack light, feel comfortable, and look great!

My travels have taken me to over 60 countries, from luxury African safaris and European cruises to rafting and camping through the Grand Canyon. Through trial and error (and maybe a few overstuffed suitcases!), I’ve honed my packing skills and space-saving strategies. Now, I’m here to help you create a capsule wardrobe that lets you travel light and explore in style .

This post includes affiliate links. I may earn a small commission at no additional expense to you if you purchase something or take an action on one of these links. This is how I am able to run this website. I only suggest items we have enjoyed and hope you will too. DISCLOSURE

Table of Contents

What is a capsule wardrobe and why use one for travel?

A capsule wardrobe is defined as a collection of basic items that mix and match, and don’t go out of style. The items harmonize in color and put together can create many, many looks. It’ll take you from a morning walk to afternoon tea . This system is ideal for traveling light. By curating your travel clothes, you can travel carry-on only, limit decision fatigue, and still look lovely. Perfect for the older woman adventurer!

examples of mix and match outfits for travel.. Pack light with a capsule wardrobe for women in retirement.

As a frequent traveler, I have created two basic capsule travel wardrobes, one for cold weather and one for warm. As I plan my trip, I adjust these capsules. I’ve tried to stick to a 10-piece wardrobe for my trips, but may add or subtract as the circumstances dictate. [On recent trips I’ve included a statement piece for more versatility and fun, creating an 11-piece capsule. ] To make things simpler I use a phone app for my packing lists with the capsule wardrobe items as basics for every trip. But you don’t need an app or anything special to create your capsule wardrobe – just make a list of the clothes you will use in your capsule or keep the list in a notebook or a spreadsheet. Whatever works for you!

A capsule wardrobe is defined as a collection of basic items that mix and match and don’t go out of style.  In theory the capsule wardrobe is all you need for a 2-week holiday wardrobe for over 50s. In practice the capsule wardrobe is often the base wardrobe for the trip, with extra pieces added as space allows.

Consider your itinerary

If you’re off on a work trip or visiting a city you know well, you likely know what types of clothing you’ll be needing and will only have to account for the weather. But if you’re planning an adventure it’s helpful to make a list of the activities you’ll be doing to understand what clothing you’ll need.

Zuri Paradiso dress as skirt, duster, and dress. Pack light for a Caribbean cruise by choosing multi-use items. #zurikenya

Creating a calendar, or printing out your itinerary, can be helpful. Planning ahead for hiking in the morning and a nice dinner in the evening will make your life easier. And can save decision time if you bring your notes with you!

I’ve found that after days of travel, I might forget some of the options my capsule allows. It’s great to have a reminder of what I’d planned! (Left: I almost forgot to wear my Zuri duster as a skirt until I noted it on my planning app!)

Choose the basics for your capsule travel wardrobe

Begin with what you have . There is no need to go out and buy items if you have the makings of a good travel wardrobe already. Let’s set an example of sustainable living by using what we have, before buying something new! Look for clothing that travels well – lightweight, easy-care clothing you enjoy and would happily reach for at home. (I’d add wrinkle free clothing, or wrinkle resistant, if that’s not already your closet standard. It is mine! Who has time for ironing?!)

Simple is best – make your clothing the least interesting thing about you.

Choose a neutral color for your base : Black works for most cities, whites for the tropics. But choose navy or beige if it’s more flattering on you. Still neutral! I began with a black base but have changed to navy as it’s softer against my skin and hair.

Pick 2 tops and 1 bottom (pants, shorts, skirt) in this neutral color. Make sure these items are comfortable, classic, and easy to care for. A Breton striped shirt is a great item to add here.

Add one solid white (or black) shirt: Bring one additional solid top, a tee if the trip is casual, or a button down for dressing up. These are the travel wardrobe essentials. The classic button down goes well with everything and can even be worn open as a jacket. I pack either a black merino tee or an Eddie Bauer wrinkle-resistant button down shirt . Just splurged on a quality merino wool top from Wool&, the Stevie 3/4 sleeve top. I’m thrilled with it – flattering and super comfortable. I know it’ll make it in my every packing list!

Add a solid black (or neutral) bottom: I always pack one pair of black pants or capris. These go with everything and don’t show dirt. (Helpful hint: wear dark colors on a flight. Nothing like turbulence to cause a spill!) Some people always pack jeans. These are heavy, and slow to dry when laundered, so don’t usually make it into my luggage, but there are trips when jeans are mandatory! You do you!

Add a topper – a lightweight sweater or jacket in the neutral or a coordinating neutral. Having some sort of topper is critical if you’re visiting sacred sites, or traveling in areas where women dress conservatively. A pashmina will do the trick if you’re averse to sweaters. (If you’re cold weather traveling, you’ll probably need 2 toppers.)

[Optional] Add a dress , or two, depending on your destination and style of travel. I have a couple of print shift dresses I may pack, but generally choose to bring a dress in my neutral color. Extra points if this dress is able to be styled up and down. I’ve been won over to Wool& merino wool dresses lately which can be styled as a dress, a top, or a tunic.

Add 2 tops/blouses in complementary color: Choose silky sleeveless tops and you can pack three!

travel clothing for women after 50, putting together a capsule travel wardrobe

I took a camel DKNY cashmere cozy as my topper on our South African trip. It was perfect on the long flight, serving as sweater and blanket in one. I reached for it again in the cool evenings on safari and in the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town wore it to dress up for dinners out. 

Pay attention to the lengths that work for your body. Unless blessed by genetics, most women in their fifties and sixties will want a bit more coverage in their over 50 capsule wardrobe. Tights, and short skirts may not flatter as they once did but pair those tights with a long tunic and you’re good to go! I find capris or cropped pants flatter my legs and I choose tops with sleeves to protect from the sun.

Example of a Minimalist Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Create a capsule travel wardrobe around a basic neutral. Add color and texture to liven it up.

Example of the Minimalist Capsule expanded to 11-pieces

Use the core capsule as a base for an 11-piece travel capsule wardrobe with plenty of options.

Accessorize your capsule travel wardrobe by adding color and style

Have fun – choose a few colorful pieces to jazz up your outfits. This is where we can learn from the renowned style of the French woman. She might wear a simple neutral outfit every day (often black) but will liven it up with accessories! A silky blouse, a colorful scarf, or a bright skirt – lightweight pieces that add some spice to your outfits. Some women will design their whole capsule wardrobe around the colors of their favorite scarf.

Jewelry – those neutral outfits are asking for some fun jewelry. Leave your valuable pieces at home but bring a chunky necklace or sparkly earrings. Small things can bump your day outfit to evening wear! I love to pick up jewelry as I travel. Great to wear on the trip and a wonderful (lightweight!) souvenir when we’re home.

Review and visualize your capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe template will help you to choose items that mix and match well. We’ve shared our favorites on Easy Elegance: 3 Templates for Capsule Wardrobe Planning .

Pack light with a capsule wardrobe. Travel with carry-on only, using scarves and jewelry to add color. Image of luggage with scarf

Use an app like Outfit Planner, Stylebook or Cladwell to visualize how your wardrobe picks work together. Don’t pack anything that doesn’t go with two or more pieces. Remember, your goal is to create mix and match outfits for travel. (see Pack Lighter with Stylebook)

Test pack I lay out all my planned clothing at least a week before the trip. This is a great time to make sure the pieces work together as well as to check for stains, and necessary repairs. This is also when you might notice you have a bit of extra room to add another favorite scarf or t shirt! But be careful, it’s easy to throw in a couple of “just in case” items that’ll negate all the work you’ve done to create a minimalistic travel capsule!

[scarf: Gold & Blue William Morris from the Met Opera Shop – a favorite, shown also in capsule collage above!]

Shoes for travel

Probably the biggest challenge for packing light is shoes. It’s difficult to pare down our options when it comes to footwear. Most experts recommend limiting ourselves to two pairs of shoes, with the heaviest being worn on the flight. I must admit I often take three – sneakers or hiking shoes on the flight, a pair of flats, and sandals. Wear heels if you are absolutely comfortable in them, but for my travel wardrobe over 60, I stick to stylish flats.

But I’m still hopeful that I’ll come across that unicorn – a casual flat/sandal option that’ll take me to dinner or the pool… Recommendations gladly accepted!

Adding new items to your travel wardrobe capsule 

Shop your closet first! Set an example of sustainable travel by using what you have before buying something new . The fashion industry is one of the leading contributors to global carbon emissions. Commit to reducing your ‘fast fashion’ consumption. Wear what you have and, when new is necessary, invest in well made, timeless designs.

If you don’t already have items in your closet that will work for your trip, there are many options for women’s clothes for travel. In addition to the tried-and-true big travel clothing companies – Travelsmith, Magellans, etc. – many clothing lines cater to women in their 50s, 60s, and above. They usually offer flattering clothes that travel well.

Quality first! It’s past time for fast fashion- those trendy, inexpensive items that’ll be worn one season before ending up in the donation pile. If you’re going to buy women’s clothes for travel, invest in good quality pieces. You will pay more initially for that merino wool top, but it’ll serve you for many years. (Merino wool is the ultimate travel fabric – wrinkle resistant, odor resistant, and quick drying! Bonus points for it’s being a sustainable fabric!)

Find a brand that fits you well and is designed with travel in mind, i.e. wrinkle resistant. Look into convertible clothing which can give you a lot of options. The following brands carry stylish pieces for a holiday wardrobe for over 50s:

Brands offering quality travel clothing for women over 50

Athleta carries affordable pants that work for travel days, and evenings out. Well tailored, the black Venice pintuck pants, are always on my list.

Encircled in Canada has a line of ‘dressy casuals’ which are ideal for travel . I love the dressy sweatpants. They’re slouchy and soft, great for travel days, but look refined enough for an evening out with a jacket or pretty scarf. Encircled has committed to sustainability and is making many of its classic pieces in bamboo and merino wool.

Coolibar Amara shirt -classic summer style - coastal grandmother

Coolibar specializes in sun-protective clothing. This is so important as travelers are out in the sun so much and often forget to reapply sunscreen! I’ve added several of these pieces to my travel wardrobe. My favorite is the Amara button-down shirt which resists wrinkles and lets me channel my inner “coastal grandmother.” Ha!

Chico’s Travelers Collection has wrinkle free options that look great coming straight out of the suitcase. Many dressy options, too! I always include a few items from Chico’s in my capsule wardrobe.

Wool& clothing isn’t designed specifically for travel, but the simple merino dresses are a natural to work as your base. They also offer merino wool leggings which are wonderful for layering on chilly mornings. Other responsible wool brands to check: Ridge Merino (love my Hyde dress/topper ), Unbound Merino , and (U.S. Made) Wuru .

Toad & Co . has many natural fiber pieces that are great as accent pieces to your capsule wardrobe.

Eileen Fisher ‘s styles are timeless. The silk tops and the luxe merino stretch line would seem to be perfect travel solutions. (I haven’t had the opportunity to try this line, but have had great success with lightweight, odor resistant merino wool.)

Diane Kroe specializes in travel-friendly clothing and has some of the best travel clothes for women. Most are multi-functional – converting from scarves to cardigans, skirted tights to bodysuits. Diane Kroe’s line includes stylish clothing for plus size women as well. I always have a Diane Kroe piece on my packing list!

Visit REI to see lots of options for active travel – Patagonia, Prana, Exofficio, Smartwool, Icebreaker – all are great options if you’ll be hiking or cycling on your trip.

Perfect travel clothing for women over 50 is comfortable and makes you feel good

It’s most important that you pack only things that are comfortable to wear and make you happy. Don’t include a ‘travel friendly’ option that you’d never reach for at home.

I can’t emphasize this enough. DO NOT pack anything you wouldn’t be comfortable wearing at home. Traveling in our older years is a gift. We no longer need dress to impress but can dress to de-stress. We can find comfortable clothing for older women that will make us feel good. And as we have come to learn – if we feel good, we look good!

This basic over 50 capsule travel wardrobe will serve you well from Paris to the Grand Canyon. But if there’s room in your luggage, allow yourself a favorite item or two. A brightly colored dress, graphic tee, or signature piece will be a nice change from the basic wardrobe.

And as always -make sure to pack a hat for skin protection!

Are there clothing essentials you reach for when packing? Please share your travel tips in the comments!

travel wardrobe for women over 50

For more suggestions read Traveling Clothing for Women, Easy to Pack Favorites

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capsule wardrobe for the mature woman traveler. #styleover50 #travelover50 #capsulewardrobe

Amy Tull and Team

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Amy’s dedication to sustainable travel practices, including efficient packing techniques, ensures that every adventure leaves a positive impact on both the environment and the traveler's well-being. Trust Amy to guide you towards meaningful and eco-friendly travel, making the most of your retirement years.

A lifelong New England resident, Amy is also the source for insider tips on travel in the Northeastern U.S.

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  • Easy Elegance: 3 Capsule Wardrobe Templates for Travel Planning
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59 thoughts on “ Women Over 50: Your Best Guide to a Capsule Travel Wardrobe ”

There is virtually nowhere you can’t go in a white blouse and black pants. Dressed up or down, having these two items that fit well are indispensable.

Yes! But I make sure to pack two white blouses as I’ll inevitably spill something the first day! 🙂

I own the Edie Bauer wrinkle free shirt, I’ll leave it home and pack my llbean pinpoint wrinkle free shirt instead , because it is really really wrinkle free.

Thanks for the tip! I haven’t tried the LL Bean pinpoint wrinkle free, but will now!

This is an EXCELLENT article! As a full-time International Petsitter, you would think I would have the packing thing down to a science, but I SO do not. This will help me immensely! Thank you!

Most of my wardrobe for years has come from Eileen Fisher. Her tunic tops and crepe or ponte pants (black) are perfect for travel. And they come in all sizes now.

I’ve heard great things about that line, but haven’t tried it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Lovely informative article!

Loved your information. I find it so hard to pack for long trips. The younger gals make it all look so easy.

Thanks, Dana! I can’t imagine how many clothes the younger girls bring to create such instagramable images!

Over the years I have managed to create a coordinated set of clothes that come with me when I travel. But I must admit because I wear many of these just when travelling they don’t wear out. So I feel like I am always looking the same in my travel photos! Good idea to think about one for hot and cold temps. My biggest challenge too is shoes.

Ha! But I bet you’re likely the only one who notices the repeated outfits!

Lindsay phillips shoes……her tag line is change your style not your sole, I have several pairs, Switch flops with changable straps for the day, heels with changable button decorations for meals and evenings, 2 pairs……endless possibilities, a travellers dream

Due to ongoing foot problems,I have chosen vionic flip flops. Choose plain ones for everyday and sparkly ones for dinner.

Thanks. What capsule app do you use?

I use Stylebook mostly. I used to use Cladwell. Do you have an app you recommend?

I love the short sleeved blouse you picture below your heading, “What is a capsule wardrobe and why recommend using one for travel?” Where can I find that or something similar? Been struggling to find blouses that serve many purposes like that one would, that are not cheaply made and that travel well. Help!

One of the fashion tips my husband and I brought home from Europe is their use of scarves in the winter. They are beautiful, warm and functional. Great ideas for travel clothes.

Shoes I have found that are comfortable and I can wear to dinner, Naot- Kayla or Hero

Thanks Leslie, I haven’t tried Naot shoes. Will have to look for them.

I LOVE Naot shoes! Almost every pair of shoes I own is from Naot. They are so comfortable, even for long walking days. I’ve worn them all over Europe, in many Disney parks, and to Sydney and Cape Town. I never even have to break them in!

I have a pair of sparkly Fit Flop sandals that are extremely comfortable and take me easily to dress up at night. I’m about to embark on a long multi seasonal trip and hope to be able to pack in a smaller suitcase for ease getting on and off trains. Being plus size is a challenge because it takes up more space. Thanks for your ideas.

I’m only 33 but I’m also baffled by how these ladies pack all these long flowy dresses to hikes (some even rent them!). I love clothes and fashion, but I too prefer being practical. There’s a middle ground. Thanks for sharing these tips!

Starting to build my wardrobe now for a 2-week trip to Europe in early spring. My biggest challenges are being prepared for rain/cooler weather and being able to stick with carry-on luggage only. I have some wrinkle-free basics (tops and bottoms) which supposedly will wash easily (we’ll be in AirBnBs with washers but no dryers). I am sensitive to fabrics so Merino wool is not an option for me. I have a lightweight packable down jacket and recently invested in some waterproof trainers, plus I am planning to bring a pair of flat boots. Thank you for your tips, the scarf-for-a-pop-of-color idea is a game-changer!

Sounds great Neysa! Consider a technical fabric base layer to help with the cooler weather. Packs light but will keep you cozy.

I LOVE bamboo fabrics. Similarly to merino wool, I find that they are cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cool. They drape well, and are soft to the touch. They’re also naturally antimicrobial, so they don’t stink and need to be laundered less frequently. I own leggings, nightgowns, tanks, and tees!

may I ask where do you purchase the dress at the top of your first picture with the scarf around the neck. I have been looking for one of theses but not having much luck.

Love this article as most seem always to skinny models, which i am not!!!!!

Hi Carol, that dress is an old favorite of mine, from Travelsmith. It’s no longer available but you might find similar dresses at Lands End, Chicos, or Wool&.

Thanks for your kind words!

Thank you so much for this post. It is great to see the pieces all work together. Re sandals, I have a pair of rose pink Merrel sandals that are great to walk around in all day, and are lovely worn with a sun dress. These are my day/evening shoes for a hot tropical destination.

Ooh! I love those. I have similar in black but I love the subtle pink. Thanks for sharing!

We are going on the Viking Grand European cruise this fall. I am trying to put together the Capsule wardrobe & I love your suggestions. I know the white/black stripe long sleeve Tee is popular & I love it. I just can’t seem to find one I love. Any suggestions?

That will be a wonderful cruise!!

The stripe shirt is a classic and perfect for Europe. But as you’ve found, sometimes it’s hard to find one that suits you. I recently purchased one from Yala made of bamboo. Haven’t travel tested it yet but plan on taking it to Peru next month. Let me know if you find one you love!

I always pack one of these! I just got one from Yala in bamboo that I like. Have a great time on your trip. We’re looking at that cruise too.

Such great tips and suggestions! We’re newly empty nesters and have just started to enjoy the cruising life but man, packing and knowing how..for different destinations can be tricky! This will be a big help for our Alaskan cruise coming up in a month.

Great! Our Alaskan cruise was cancelled in 2021. But we’ll get there someday! Have fun!

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Excellent article! Thanks so much!

I love the “formula” for putting together a practical travel wardrobe; it looks like a perfect starting point for any trip! I’d never choose black for the neutral. Brown, olive or navy are more friendly travel colors, as they hide dirt better than black.

A couple questions: You didn’t mention PJs … I’d lean towards a casual lounge outfit like joggers + an oversized tee, and I’d bring two lounge outfits so you could wear one while washing the others (of course, I’m assuming the luxury of a washing machine). Also, lounge outfits need to be “decent enough” to be seen by others.

That’s a great addition. Thanks, Resa! I usually bring a light nightgown, but have definitely packed loungewear when I’m traveling with friends.

Absolutely spot on with the image versus reality scenario. I’m 64 travelling to several cities in Italy and then going on a cruise. Also I do t want to lug a suitcase so everything must fit in my backpack carryon. The reality is I perspire, get sore feet, and occasionally need to have a nap. Love all the suggestions you’ve made.

Wow! So helpful, I tend to overpack!! We are going to Italy for 3 weeks in November, so I’m already fretting about what to pack.😬

Three weeks in Italy! Lucky you!

We were in Italy for 3 weeks last Nov. Plan for wetter and colder than you think, and plan to do laundry. Don’t forget your umbrella, great walking shoes no matter what they look like and a camera.

I’m 60 and putting together a wardrobe for my trip to Europe, but I’m sorry you lost me with the dowdy capris (or ANYTHING Chicos) and the old lady scarves. We all have our own style, and this works for you, but I wouldn’t wear anything so frumpy myself. I DO intend to wear breezy sleeveless dresses and not sure why those are considered “not appropriate.”

Hi Donna, I certainly don’t think breezy sleeveless dresses are inappropriate and am delighted that you’ll be enjoying them! Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for all your tips. They are great. I always try to avoid buying new clothes before I travel and take what I have in my wardrobe ..that way I can buy that nice new top in Italy or something from the place I am visiting and leave some of my older clothes behind. That way I have room in my case & come home with something I have bought for myself. 😀

Me too! I love having special pieces that remind me of a great trip.

The concept of a capsule wardrobe is truly a game-changer for travel. The idea of mixing and matching essential pieces to create numerous outfits is brilliant. It’s wonderful to see how a well-curated wardrobe can take you from a morning walk to afternoon tea, all while feeling confident and put-together.

Your tips on choosing a neutral base color and adding complementary pieces to jazz up the outfits are spot on. Accessories truly make a difference in transforming a simple outfit. And your emphasis on quality over fast fashion is incredibly important – investing in well-made, versatile pieces not only benefits the traveler but also contributes to sustainable living.

I’m planning a trip to Copenhagen next month and hoping to pack in just a backpack so I’m not stuck finding a place to stash a suitcase between hotels. Thanks for the capsule tips. I’m looking for lightweight, rollable, wrinkle-free clothes so they’ll look as good on Day 4 as the day I pack. Any tips?

I love my merino wool and bamboo clothing. Super lightweight and wrinkle-free. Have a great trip!

my go to shoes are bobs by sketchers. they have on amazon called women’s desert kiss stretch quarter strap sandal flat . the only shoe that has zero sciatic pain due to a low heel .

Thanks Ann, I have a pair of Skechers I wear all the time! I’ll be bringing it to France with me next month.

Chico’s no ion shirts are wonderful and come in many colors. I have their long and 3/4 sleeve white for travel. They work great!!! I get compliments each time I wear them with scarves. I,too, wear sketchers most travel days. The are fantastic and can be washed. Great site and info.

Love it! As a mom I struggle to find practical clothes. Capsule wardrobe is a great option. Next summer I will definitely create my travel capsule wardrobe!

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I need to assemble a capsule wardrobe for an Alaska cruse for a plus size women. I don’t ask for much. The weather varies greatly.

Focus on layers, Wendy. I’d suggest a base layer top (and perhaps bottom) and then create the capsule as you usually would. (I’d bring a merino dress that can be accessorized to create several looks, a pair of dark pants and top. Pack your favorite scarves, etc. Adding a lightweight sweater that can be removed as the day warms up works well.)

I love all of your suggestions for minimalist packing. My problem is I seem to have a small head, so hats overwhelm me! If I try the hats in the kids dept., they have cartoon characters on them! Help! Any suggestions on how to pick out or fit a hat? TIA Erin

Hi Erin, I have the opposite problem and have had some luck getting hats on Amazon. If they don’t fit, you can return them.

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12 Cruise Outfits You’ll Love to Wear

Taking a cruise is a once in a lifetime experience. Cruising gives you the chance to relax by the pool, sightsee & shop at various ports, go on thrilling excursions and dine on incredible meals. A cruise is the ultimate vacation! Plan your cruise outfits carefully and not only will you look good in your photos but you’ll also be able to travel relatively light. Read my complete cruise ship packing list with printable PDF checklist that you can download.

Wondering what to wear on a cruise? Cruise ship attire can be a little tricky to plan, especially if this is your first cruise. Cruise attire varies from a bathing suit & cover up to cocktail dresses and if you’re not careful you can end up way overpacking. With this post, I’ve put together 12 outfits for a cruise that will take you from excursions to evening easily, without stuffing your suitcase. You’ll see that all my cruise clothing can be mixed and matched to create multiple cruise ship outfits from just a few key pieces.

These Caribbean cruise outfits are by no means definitive but I just want to show you how easy cruise wear can be to put together when you know how. With seven basic pieces you can build so many different outfits for cruise activities and excursions, pack light and, most importantly, look fantastic.

Note that this is all Caribbean cruise attire but almost all these outfits would work for a Mediterranean cruise also. You can read my European Cruise Packing List post here.

If you’re looking for advice on what to wear on an Alaskan cruise, please see my Alaska Cruise Packing List for lots of ideas as your outfits for this will be much, much different than the ones listed below.

Cruise Wardrobe Essentials

For a full list of what to bring on a cruise, read my Ultimate Cruise Packing List here.  We also just on our first cruise with Carnival so I created a Carnival cruise packing list too .

My cruise wardrobe ideas are all built on a few key pieces. With these few items and a few well-chosen accessories you can create so many outfits to wear on a cruise! You’ll notice that all the accessories I’ve picked to go with this cruise dress attire have been repeated throughout the outfits. I’ve included plus-size alternatives to the key basic pieces and of course the accessories are all plus-size friendly. I have also tried to pick affordable pieces with many  items coming in under $35.

  • White bermuda shorts   – Add a pair of denim shorts too and double the amount of outfits you have. If you don’t do shorts, you can switch these out for capri pants.
  • Striped t-shirts   – A couple of striped t-shirts are perfect for a cruise and nicely nautical.
  • White jeans   – White jeans or pants are a great cruise outfit. If you don’t want to wear jeans, you can switch these out for linen pants or capri pants. See my list of the best travel pants for more ideas.
  • Sundress   – So simple and easy. I’ve gone for a royal blue here but this dress comes in lots of colors. Add a black one in for even more outfit options.
  • Maxi dress  – Easy and comfortable to wear on travel days, around the ship or when you feel your waist expanding from all the delicious food onboard! A solid is more versatile than a print but you could easily bring along a second dress in a print.
  • Black jumpsuit  – Stylish and versatile. You can build so many cruise outfits ideas with a black jumpsuit as a base. If you’re not comfortable trying out a jumpsuit a black maxi dress would work instead.
  • Kimono   – A super lightweight addition to any women’s wardrobe and one of the best cruise wardrobe items. It can be used as a pool cover up with a bathing suit and flip flops.

Here are my Ideas for Best Cruise Outfits!

Bright maxi dress for day.

A maxi dress is one of the best outfits for cruise ship passengers because it is lightweight, comfortable and works with many body types. Just remember to pack a suitable bra if you’re getting one like this with spaghetti straps.

  • White cat eye Ray Ban sunglasses
  • Floral print scarf
  • Brown beach tote
  • Tan sandals

Plus size option:

Bright Maxi Dress Dressed Up for Evening

  • Black & teal statement necklace & earrings
  • Peacock print sequinned purse
  • Gold wedge sandals

Colourful Tunic with Shorts for Day

This is perfect casual cruise attire for on or off the ship.

  • Colorful tunic
  • White vest top for underneath
  • White bermuda shorts

Plus size options:

  • White bermuda shorts or capri pants if you’re not comfortable in shorts
  • Pink tunic or blue print tunic or aqua tunic

Colorful Tunic with White Jeans for Evening

  • Gold statement necklace
  • Gold wristlet purse
  • White jeans

Black Jumpsuit for Sightseeing Excursion

A black jumpsuit is one of the best outfits for a cruise! It’s so versatile and stylish.

  • Black jumpsuit
  • Aviator sunglasses

Black Jumpsuit for Formal Dining

This jumpsuit goes easily from daywear to attire for Captain’s dinner on a cruise just by switching out the accessories for more glamorous options. If you don’t want to do a jumpsuit then a black dress would also make perfect cruise dinner attire.

  • Black sheer & beaded bolero
  • Black strappy heels
  • Sequin bolero

Striped T-Shirt for Easy Excursions

A nautical-inspired striped t-shirt is one of the nicest cruise wear ideas. Comfortable, practical and easy to wear. I like this one because it’s slightly longer length means it covers my butt but could also be knotted at the side or tucked in and flounced over jeans.

  • Striped t-shirt
  • Sketchers Go Walk sneakers

Striped T-Shirt for Smart Casual Dining

  • Blue statement necklace

Kimono with Sundress for Day

This is classic cruise casual attire and would work for a city sightseeing excursion or a day at the beach. The kimono provides good sun coverage for your back & shoulders and can be worn over a swimsuit as a beach coverup also.

  • Sundress (Same dress as picture, goes up to 3XL)

Kimono with Chiffon Vest & White Jeans for Evening

  • Chiffon tank top
  • Longer length vest top – the one pictured above does go up to 2XL though

Simple Sundress for Informal Evening

Dressed up sundress for formal dining.

Cruise ship dinner attire for formal dining evenings doesn’t have to be a cocktail dress or evening gown. You can dress up a simple sundress with the right accessories.

I hope you enjoyed my cruise wardrobe planner!

These cruise clothes ideas are based on my own experience on two Caribbean cruises. I way overpacked my Caribbean cruise wardrobe on my first cruise. I didn’t know what proper cruise attire was so packed much more than I needed, just in case. By my second cruise I had some practical experience on cruise attire ideas based on what other travelers wore on board and what I did and didn’t use from my first experience. On my second cruise our whole family of four managed to travel in just one carry on backpack!

On my first cruise with RCL I did note that Royal Caribbean cruise attire was slightly dressier in my experience than what we observed on our second cruise with Norwegian. As mentioned above, we just went on a Carnival cruise too so I have put together a packing list for that also.

Now you should have some really good ideas on proper cruise attire for women. Be sure to drop me a comment below to let me know if this blog post helped you pack for your cruise.

Join Our Facebook Group to Chat More About Cruise Packing Tips

If you want to ask a specific question, chat to other cruisers about what to pack for your cruise or share your own cruise packing advice then join our Facebook group on Cruise Packing Tips!  Whether you’re going on a honeymoon cruise , cruising with kids or just treating yourself to a much needed vacation, these outfits should cover it! We would love to help you work out exactly what to pack or hear your own ideas about what gear you use on your cruise. Join us for some fun and friendly discussions.

Pin this post for later!

Use Pinterest to keep track of all your travel and fashion ideas. You can follow my cruising board here and my packing tips board here .

12 Cruise Outfits You'll Love to Wear Using Just 7 Key Pieces!

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Best Toddler Travel Bed (2019) – Top Picks from Family Travel Expert!

Love your wardrobe planners!

' src=

Thank you Mary! 🙂

' src=

Thanks a lot didn’t know what to wear

' src=

This is some awesome information for my first cruise. I always seem to pack to much. This helps to know how to mix n match perfectly! Thanks

Thanks Kay! I’m glad it’s helpful!

' src=

This is great! Has given me lots of ideas for my first cruise. Thanks

' src=

Great idea’s! Going on my 2nd cruise on the 19th!

Awesome Karri! Where are you cruising to on this trip?

We’re going to Montego Bay, Georgetown and Cozumel on Carnival!

' src=

I am going on my first cruise…a New England cruise on Carnival Sunshine in early September ….what are some suggestions to pack as I am not sure of the weather at that time of year..

' src=

Great ideas for a cruise wardrobe and I really like all the outfits.

' src=

Thank you for the great cruise wardrobe ideas! We are cruising the Mediterranean at the beginning of October. Do I pack for the Fall/seaon or ignore the season for cruise wear?

' src=

Love, love, love this post! Thank you so much for breaking down the clothing into outfits. I am going on a ten day cruise to the Caribbean in February. I am following your packing suggestions. Our cruise will be on an Italian ship (MSC Divina) leaving from Miami. We will be visiting the US Virgin Islands, St. Kitts & Nevis, Martinique, Barbados, and Guadeloupe.

Have you tried the black jumpsuit that you reference on Amazon? I am considering buying it, but I was wondering what your experience has been with it.

As for sandals, I love the Abeo brand available from the Walking Company because of the arch support that they provide. I’ve had plantar fasciitis before, so now I always wear shoes with good arch support.

Awesome Karen! I have plantar fasciitis on and off too so definitely wear comfy sandals. How tall are you? The jumpsuit is long but I’m only 5’2″ so needed it taken up.

' src=

This is a brilliant list and I’m even more grateful for the plus sized versions! This will make things so simple! ?

Thanks for the compliment Jennifer! Gotta represent for the plus size ladies! 🙂

' src=

I like the combinations but do you really need a hand bag or clutch on a cruise? I never carry a bag so I don’t get it.

No, you don’t need it. Sometimes it’s just nice to have to complete the outfit though. You don’t need it for cash of course but for your cruise card and a bit of extra lipstick to touch up after dinner is always nice. Especially if you’re having photos on formal night.

' src=

This was so helpful as I plan my first cruise in April. We are sailing on the Summit from San Juan on a 7 day trip. I am a planner and guilty of overpacking, overthinking scenarios. We are doing 2 excursions and have to consider that attire as well. Thank you

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Cruise Wear

What should I wear at sea? Here's what to know about cruise line dress codes

cruise outfits for seniors

When I was getting ready to take a cruise in October, there were a handful of items I made sure to pack: my passport, anti-nausea medicine, and a blazer and tie.

The cruise line, Holland America Line, had advised me that during the transatlantic voyage from the Netherlands to New York there would be some occasions to dress up. But after lint-rolling my jacket and multiple attempts at a half-Windsor knot, I left my stateroom and realized I may not have needed them.

While plenty of guests were decked out in jackets, dresses and slacks, others were in sartorial vacation mode, dressed in varying degrees of (in)formality.

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First-time cruisers may not realize that ships have some guidelines for clothing, from formal nights to events that call for unique attire, but those rules and recommendations have evolved over time. 

"It really has gotten more and more relaxed as we've gone along, especially after the pandemic," said Valerie Dorsey, a franchise owner and travel adviser at Cruise Planners.

Here's what travelers should know about what to pack and wear on their next sailing.

Do cruise lines have dress codes?

Though travelers may associate cruising with formal nights – when lines encourage passengers to dress up for dinner in certain venues, stemming from grand tradition – the onboard experience has grown more easygoing, Dorsey said. 

Dorsey said she noticed a shift from true formal wear to "smart casual" or "smart elegant" clothing around 2015 and began hearing more from clients about how other travelers weren't dressing up as much, a change that has irked some guests .

Passengers have gotten more casual on regular nights, too.

That shift has only been exacerbated in the wake of COVID-19 as more travelers work from home, according to Dorsey, though some lines take formal nights more seriously and some passengers choose to go all out, regardless.

"I've seen people dress way up, meaning tuxedos, evening gowns, beautiful clothing, down to 'I'm just going to dinner at Red Lobster tonight,' " she said. "I think it's all over the place."

Enforcement of the dress codes has eased, as well.

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"It used to be if you walked in in a pair of shorts, they would say, 'I'm sorry, you can't enter the dining room,' and they don't even stop people anymore," Dorsey said. "So that's why it's really hard to get a handle on how you're supposed to dress."

If you want to opt out of dressing up altogether, there are parts of the ship that usually remain more casual, even on dressy or formal nights. Travelers can always head to the buffet or other casual eateries, Dorsey said, though on smaller lines more passengers may be dressed up more across the board.

Cruise lines each have their own dress codes, but we've rounded up some of the major lines' policies:

Carnival Cruise Line dress code

Passengers can wear casual clothes during the day, but the line requires smart casual clothing after 5:30 p.m. in its public lounges and restaurants or as stated in the ship's newsletter, spokesperson Matt Lupoli said in an email.

The line's Cruise Casual dress code calls for collared sport shirts, casual pants or jeans – but no cut-offs – and long dress shorts for men. Women can wear items including casual dresses, blouses and skirts or pants, dress shorts and jeans.

In accordance with the dress code, passengers cannot wear regular shorts or gym shorts, bathing suit attire, beach flip-flops and other similar items in the dining room.

When the Cruise Elegant Dress Code is in effect, men can wear dress trousers and shirts, and the line recommends a sport jacket.

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For women, the line calls for cocktail dresses, "elegant skirts and blouses," pantsuits or even evening gowns. Items like T-shirts, jeans, shorts and gym shorts and bathing suit attire are similarly barred from the dining room.

The length of the cruise determines the number of Cruise Elegant evenings, according to Carnival's website . The Cruise Elegant dress code applies for the main dining rooms and the Steakhouse. However, Lupoli said passengers dressed in Cruise Casual will not be turned away from those venues on Cruise Elegant nights.

Royal Caribbean International dress code

Royal Caribbean breaks its suggested attire into several categories. Casual includes polos, jeans and sundresses, but the line asks that guests wear swimwear only on the pool deck and shorts at breakfast and lunch, according to its website .

The line defines smart casual "as a step up from your typical dinner wear," including collared shirts, dresses, skirts and blouses. Passengers are also welcome to wear items like jackets and blazers.

For formal attire, the line said on its website, "make it a night out in your best black-tie look - suits and ties, tuxedos, cocktail dresses or evening gowns." The line may have one to four formal nights on a given cruise.

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Norwegian Cruise Line dress code

"When it comes to what to wear, you can go resort casual or get decked out and look your best – it's your call," Norwegian said on its website . 

Cruise casual clothing – including jeans and shorts for men and jeans, casual dresses and shorts for women – is acceptable at the buffet and most specialty restaurants anytime during the day. Guests can wear swimwear at the buffet and outdoor restaurant as long as they have a shirt or cover-up and footwear.

Passengers cannot wear certain items such as tank tops for men, baseball caps and overly faded jeans, those that have holes in them or those worn below the hips in the main dining rooms or specialty restaurants, the line said on its website.

In Norwegian's "more formal dining room or in our more upscale specialty restaurants," the line calls for smart casual clothing, which includes slacks or jeans, dresses, skirts and tops for women, and collared shirts, jeans and slacks for men.

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Holland America Line dress code

Holland America guests can dress casually during the day, though they must always wear shirts or cover-ups and footwear inside, a spokesperson for the line said in an email.

The nighttime dress code has two categories. Smart casual includes a sport shirt or sweater and slacks for men, and a sweater or blouse and a skirt or pants for women. "Shorts, pool and beachwear, distressed jeans and tank tops are not permitted in table service restaurants," the spokesperson said.

On dressy nights, the line recommends blouses, skirts, slacks, dresses, collared shirts and jackets. There will be two dressy nights on most seven-night cruises, with additional dressy nights for longer sailings. Guests can reference the ship's daily program for the evening's suggested attire.

On the line's Grand Voyages, the line recommends suits or dresses when formal attire is suggested. "Grand Voyages are 60-plus-day voyages, and this is the only time guests would be in 'formal' attire," the spokesperson said.

Cunard Line dress code

Cunard passengers can dress as they like during the day. "Then as the sun goes down, the style goes up," Cunard said in dress code guidelines provided by a spokesperson.

At night, the line asks guests to wear smart attire in the majority of its restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. That includes "smart trousers" with a collared shirt – and optional jacket and tie – for men, and blouses and skirts or "stylish trousers and dresses" for women.

The line also has at least two Gala evenings over seven days of a sailing, when passengers are invited to dress up more. 

"After 6:00pm on Gala evenings, it's dinner jacket, tuxedo, or dark suit for the men with a regular tie or bow tie," the line said. "Evening or cocktail dress, smart trouser suit, or formal separates for the ladies please."

How should passengers pack for cruise line dress codes?

Dorsey recommended women bring a "nice long skirt" and a blouse or a dress. "You know, you might wear slacks every other night, but if they come upon a more formal night, then you can kind of dress something like that up," she said.

For men, she suggested packing collared shirts and nice pants – even chinos are formal enough. "And maybe throw one jacket in there and then you're prepared"

Cruise lines may also have special events that call for unique attire, such as an all-white ensemble  at Norwegian's White Hot Party.

Even if formal nights aren't as formal as they used to be, they still provide an excuse to get dressed up: cruise lines will have photographers out on those nights to take portraits of guests, Dorsey said.

Nathan Diller is a consumer travel reporter for USA TODAY based in Nashville. You can reach him at [email protected].

cruise outfits for seniors

7 best cruises for seniors who love to travel by sea

T he best senior cruises mix adult-focused onboard activities with fascinating destinations ashore. No two retirees want the same thing from their travels. However, generally, most seniors have time to dedicate to longer itineraries.

Some have saved their money to enjoy a more premium cruise ship experience, but all are happy to snap up a cruise deal or find a promotion offering increased value from their cruise booking.

How did we choose the top cruises for seniors? We prioritized cruise lines that target couples and adults, rather than families, as well as cruise ships with fine dining, grownup entertainment and plenty of opportunities to socialize. We looked for destination-intensive cruises offering immersive cultural opportunities, bucket-list itineraries and a range of sailing lengths.

We dismissed the huge ships with their whiz-bang top-deck attractions, although these are ideal for grandparents on a multigenerational holiday with family. We also skipped the small expedition ships that require a level of physical fitness not all seniors possess.

For cruise news, reviews and tips, sign up for TPG's cruise newsletter .

Based on those criteria, here are the seven best cruise lines for seniors who love to travel and are looking to spend more time at sea.

Viking 's 930-passenger ocean ships top our list of the best cruises for seniors because they are designed specifically for an adult crowd. No one younger than 18 is allowed on board, and all the programming is created with passengers aged 50-plus in mind.

These cruises are ideal for academic-minded seniors. Viking chairman Torstein Hagen says that he set out to create "the thinking person's cruise," and lectures and other destination-specific programming are the main form of entertainment on board. That doesn't mean Viking cruises are boring, though. In fact, the crowd-pleasing ABBA tribute show in the theater is not to be missed.

Viking ships are comfortable, homey oases done up in sophisticated Scandinavian decor.

Itineraries are focused on getting senior cruisers to key attractions around the world, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with a shore excursion each day included in the cruise fare. Thrifty retirees will appreciate the "no nickel and diming" philosophy and cruise fares that cover everything except cocktails and spa treatments.

Complimentary dining includes a specialty Italian restaurant and the Chef's Table, with its rotating tasting menus themed around international cuisines.

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Also recommended for the senior and baby boomer crowd are Viking's river ships in Europe , Vietnam and Egypt (among other destinations) and the line's expedition products in Antarctica and on the Great Lakes , which have similarities to the ocean ships, including the all-inclusive pricing.

Windstar Cruises

Windstar 's small sailing ships and motorized yachts range from 148 to 342 passengers. Although kids 8 and older are allowed on board, you are unlikely to see many on these upscale vessels. Most Windstar cruisers are active seniors who come as couples, pairs of friends or solo travelers, looking for a destination-rich experience on ships where they won't feel lost in a crowd.

Windstar has two classes of ships. Older couples celebrating a milestone anniversary should choose a sailing ship, with its vast open deck space and picturesque sails that set the mood for romance. Seniors who prefer more personal space should seek out the 312-passenger motorized yachts with their all-suite accommodations.

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Cruise highlights on all ships include an outdoor deck party with a lavish buffet and late-night conga line, as well as meals created by James Beard Foundation-affiliated chefs. (Windstar partners with the prestigious culinary organization.)

Because of their small size, all Windstar ships can visit quiet harbors and out-of-the-way places that big ships can't in destinations like Tahiti, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean .

Azamara Cruises

With four nearly identical ships holding fewer than 700 passengers each, Azamara has carved out a niche catering to well-traveled seniors looking to cruise in clubby surroundings.

The line's cruises are best for seniors who don't want to splurge on a fancier luxury product but still want an upscale level of ambiance, service and amenities. While kids aren't banned, the line makes clear on its website that it "discourages" passengers younger than 18.

Azamara passengers appreciate the boutique hotel-like decor, which includes faux fireplaces in the impressive libraries, called The Drawing Room on each vessel.

The line's destination-focused itineraries in Europe and elsewhere spend more time in ports than average ships, staying overnight in key destinations. This is ideal for passengers who want to explore on their own. The line also offers a complimentary "AzAmazing Evenings" program on every cruise. They feature cultural performances ashore in amazing destinations, such as Turkey's ancient city of Ephesus.

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Holland America

Holland America is one of the best cruise lines for seniors because it hits the sweet spot with its midsize ships. Carrying 2,668 passengers or fewer, these vessels offer big-ship amenities but lack the more over-the-top waterslides and thrill attractions found on megaships. The line is a great choice for baby boomers and older seniors who wish to enjoy the line's alternative dining options, casinos and choice of entertainment.

An older crowd does not mean a sedate group. Holland America hosts live music in a big way. Passengers dance the night away at venues that include B.B. King's Blues Club, featuring some of the best live bands at sea. Explorations Central (EXC) programming is designed to educate passengers about the destinations they visit, and a fun roster of other onboard pursuits includes a winemaking experience with Chateau Ste. Michelle.

The ships are also particularly accessible. Many staterooms offer roll-in showers and other assistive features. Vessels also are equipped with a lift system for pools and tenders.

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In addition to one-week cruises in the Caribbean and Alaska (the line's specialty), Holland America explores South America, the South Pacific and other destinations around the globe. The line also offers months-long world cruises.

Senior travelers with a penchant for traditional cruising will find Cunard 's ocean liners to be a top cruise option. Founded in 1840, the cruise line has a long legacy and is proud of its less casual vibe, which includes nightly dress codes. Go old-school with dress-up galas held in real ballrooms with high ceilings and twinkling chandeliers. Gentlemen hosts are on hand if ladies need a dance partner.

Those same ballrooms host daily afternoon tea, complete with finger sandwiches and scones with cream, served on fine china by white-gloved waiters. Other refined onboard activities include watching shows in Queen Mary 2's onboard planetarium, attending lectures by guest speakers, fencing, taking art classes and enjoying classical concerts.

Not everyone stays in a fancy suite, but seniors ready to splurge should book either Queens Grill or Princess Grill rooms for upscale accommodations and meals served in exclusive, intimate restaurants.

QM2 is the only ship that offers regular transatlantic service between Southampton, England, and New York. The 2,081-passenger Queen Elizabeth and 2,061-passenger Queen Victoria spend time in Europe and other destinations, and all three ships offer world cruises around the globe. When it debuts in 2024, the line's 3,000-passenger Queen Anne will also sail in the Mediterranean.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Retirees who have worked hard and are ready to treat themselves right will find that Regent Seven Seas Cruises is one of the best cruises for seniors looking for luxury.

The cruise line brags of operating the most luxurious ships afloat. It's hard to argue that point, especially on the line's latest ship, $545 million, 746-passenger, all-suite Seven Seas Grandeur. The ship boasts a football field's worth of marble, an impressive art collection and one of the most expensive suites at sea — a Regent Suite, which is priced at $11,000 per day, per couple.

Other high-end lines, such as Seabourn and Silversea , operate intimate ships with extraordinary service, accommodations and cuisine. However, Regent differs with its shore excursion-inclusive, one-stop-shopping fares and grand European hotel ambience — especially on the sister ships Seven Seas Splendor and Seven Seas Explorer.

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The other Regent ships are well-maintained 480- to 684-passenger older vessels. On all, if you don't feel like going to one of the restaurants, you can stay in your bathrobe and order a meal served course by course in your suite.

Also, except for summer and holiday periods, you are unlikely to find kids on board.

Regent sails to some 450 ports of call around the world, including world cruise itineraries, so senior travelers can find sailings to all the destinations they've been waiting to explore.

Oceania Cruises

Wellness-focused seniors love Oceania Cruises ' 648- to 1,210-passenger ships for their spa and fitness center and healthy food options. Foodies are drawn by the inspired dining. PBS host and cookbook author Jacques Pepin has a French bistro on the line's two largest ships, Marina and Riviera, and he's one of the line's culinary advisors. All the line's ships include impressive steakhouses , and some feature Red Ginger, an extraordinary modern take on Asian cuisine, as well as other eateries.

The ships provide an appealing country club-like ambiance, which is upscale without being fancy. Older passengers tend to be the sort who like to entertain themselves, though they might be distracted by the standout attraction of a real cooking school where expert chefs give classes on Marina and Riviera.

As a nod to solo travelers, the line is in the process of adding solo cabins designed and priced for one.

Oceania is known for destination-focused itineraries in the Caribbean, Alaska and Europe, among other places. Most are 10 nights or longer; world cruises are up to 180 days.

Bottom line

You'll find seniors on nearly every cruise line out there. Some older travelers are looking to explore the world, while others prefer cheap trips to beachy destinations.

Everyone's top choice will be different, but we think these seven lines represent the best senior cruises. They prioritize an adult-focused onboard experience and destination-intensive itineraries more readily accessible to retirees.

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Editorial disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airline or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.

Portrait of a senior couple enjoying cruising on their yacht.

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Royal Challengers Bengaluru

MI vs LSG Highlights, IPL 2024: Lucknow Super Giants Beat Mumbai Indians By 18 Runs

Mi vs lsg highlights, ipl 2024: lucknow super giants beat mumbai indians by 18 runs at wankhede stadium on friday..

cruise outfits for seniors

MI vs LSG Highlights, IPL 2024: Lucknow Super Giants beat Mumbai Indians by 18 runs at Wankhede Stadium on Friday. Chasing the target of 215 runs, MI were restricted to 196 for 6. Earlier, Nicholas Pooran scored 75 off 29 balls as LSG posted a total of 214 for 6 in 20 overs. LSG needed to beat MI with a margin of over 300 to stay alive in playoff race but they posted only 214. KL Rahul also played a crucial knock of 55 off 41 balls. In defence of the total, Ravi Bishnoi's 2 for 37 played a pivotal role for LSG. ( Scorecard | IPL 2024 Points Table )

Mumbai Indians (Playing XI): Ishan Kishan(w), Naman Dhir, Suryakumar Yadav, Dewald Brevis, Hardik Pandya(c), Nehal Wadhera, Romario Shepherd, Anshul Kamboj, Piyush Chawla, Arjun Tendulkar, Nuwan Thushara

cruise outfits for seniors

Lucknow Super Giants (Playing XI): KL Rahul(w/c), Devdutt Padikkal, Marcus Stoinis, Deepak Hooda, Nicholas Pooran, Ayush Badoni, Krunal Pandya, Arshad Khan, Matt Henry, Ravi Bishnoi, Mohsin Khan

MI vs LSG Highlights, IPL 2024

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Right then, that's it from the coverage of this game. The Indian T20 League will continue on 19th May, 2024 when Bengaluru will be locking horns against Chennai in match number 68 of this season. This game holds significant importance in the league as it will confirm one team's place in the playoffs. The first ball will be at 7.30 pm IST (2 pm GMT), but you can join us early for the build-up. Until then, take care and goodbye.

Nicholas Pooran is the Player of the Match for his knock of 75 runs off just 29 balls. He says he had to do his job and it was good. He says that he likes batting in powerplay as well but he likes to bat in any order and that's his strength. He adds that he is blessed with batting and he enjoys batting. Mentions that the World Cup is near and they will be looking forward to that and playing together.

KL Rahul, the skipper of Lucknow, says that they are very disappointed, as at the beginning of the season, it felt like they had all bases covered and a few injuries happened to such guys that it really hurt the team and the batters couldn't come together often. He mentions that he is happy for the Indian pacers, that the franchise has invested a lot of time and energy, and that the likes of Mayank Yadav and Yudhvir Singh were sent to South Africa for training as well. He recognizes that he isn't sure about opening in T20 cricket and it is a season where he has learned a lot about his batting and what the team wants. On Nicholas Pooran, he says that ideally they would want him to bat higher but given the set-up of the team, Pooran needed to be slightly down the order as Marcus Stoinis was batting at number 3.

Krunal Pandya is in for a chat. He says that it was a tough season but it feels good to end with a win. Adds that fielding is more related to fitness and the boundary save felt good. Ends by saying that it would have been great to get a shot in the playoffs but he is happy to finish on a high.

Hardik Pandya, the captain of Mumbai, says that the season has been quite difficult as they didn't play quality cricket. Adds that it is a professional world and as professionals, you need to come out and give it your best but as a group, they weren't able to play their best cricket. Mentions that it is difficult to make out what went wrong in this game as it has been a similar story throughout the season and will now look forward to the next season.

Presentations coming up...

Earlier in the game, Lucknow set a challenging target of 214 runs, propelled by impressive batting displays from Nicholas Pooran, who scored 75 runs off just 29 deliveries, as well as notable contributions from KL Rahul, Krunal Pandya, and Ayush Badoni. Mumbai began their innings with the ball strongly but encountered difficulties in the later stages, as Arjun Tendulkar was dealing with an injury and had to walk off the pitch. Some effective bowling performances from Nuwan Thushara and Piyush Chawla helped them, as both picked three wickets each. The rest of the bowlers remained wicketless.

Lucknow displayed a commendable performance with the ball in hand. Despite a shaky start, they managed to maintain their composure and continuously build on their momentum throughout the game. Their bowlers got the breakthrough late in the game but once they did, they kept on building on it. Ravi Bishnoi stood out with two crucial wickets, while Naveen-ul-Haq, Mohsin Khan, and Krunal Pandya also made significant contributions by picking up one wicket each.

A tough season for Mumbai as they end at the bottom of the points table! They were off to a promising start as their openers, Rohit Sharma and Dewald Brevis, forged a solid partnership. However, the momentum shifted when Brevis departed after contributing 23 runs. Despite this setback, Rohit Sharma continued to display exceptional form, anchoring the innings with aggressive strokeplay. Mumbai faced another blow as Suryakumar Yadav was dismissed without scoring. Rohit Sharma's departure in the 11th over marked a turning point, leading to wickets falling in quick succession. Naman Dhir and Ishan Kishan tried their bit in the end but the required rate was way too high and yet, Dhir got them a lot closer than expected.

SIX! Naman Dhir finishes off in style but it is Lucknow who sign off with a win. Overpitched from Naveen-ul-Haq and bowled quite outside off, Dhir uses quick hands and gets under the ball before stylishly lifting it away over deep extra cover for a maximum. Lucknow win the game by 18 runs!

No run there! Full and wide outside the off stump, right in the blockhole, Naman Dhir gets across the off stump to lap it away but misses and gets hit on the boot.

Back of a length and outside off, dabbed away past point for a single.

WIDE! A quick bumper just angled down the leg side for a wide.

Romario Shepherd walks in.

OUT! CHOPPED ON! Slower delivery, on a hard length and angled across the left-hander. Ishan Kishan doesn't move his fee and just looks to hit through the line and ends up getting an inside edge that goes back onto the stumps and Kishan's struggle at the crease comes to an end.

That is an extraordinary effort from Krunal Pandya on the fence. Pitched up full and in the slot around off, Naman Dhir stays deep in the crease and lofts it down to long off where Krunal leaps up over his shoulder and grabs the ball with his left hand and manages to throw it back in time. The hang time on that was pretty ridiculous and Krunal even managed to throw the ball back to Naveen-ul-Haq who took off the bails and almost got a run out. The replqys show that Dhir just grounded his bat in time.

SIX! Smashed away Tennis-style and Naman Dhir brings up his maiden Indian T20 League FIFTY! Banged in short and outside off, Dhir flat-bats the pull and the ball pings off the blade, going well over deep mid-wicket for a biggie. This has been some knock from Dhir.

Gets it full and in the blockhole this time around off, Naman Dhir hits it down to long off for a run and Mohsin Khan manages to get out of the over. 34 needed off the final over!

In the air but safe! Too full again from Mohsin Khan and it ends up being a low full toss on off stump. Ishan Kishan tries to get under it but miscues it badly and in front of long on for just a single.

Very full and around off, Naman Dhir can't quite get under it and drills it on the bounce to long on for a single.

Mumbai Indians



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    Mornings on the Ship - Bermuda shorts are always good to pack on a cruise. Choose colors that can match several different tops. Afternoon Cocktails - Long dresses with pretty patterns are a great addition to your cruising wardrobe. Exploring Ports - Long sleeve tops containing SPF 50 for ultra sun protection will protect you from the sun ...

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    The third outfit pairs a geometric black and white jacket, casual necklace and shoes, with the same pants and top. Three different looks! White So Slimming Brigitte ankle pants. Now let's switch to white pants. This is the 2017 version of the Chico's So Slimming Brigitte ankle pants.

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    Cruise tip: The dress code on most cruise lines will be casual and smart casual for 5 days out of a 7 day cruise. There will usually be 2 formal nights or dress up evenings. Longer cruises will have an additional formal night. Ladies Floral Halter Dress. This floral dress is very flattering, light and airy.

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    Senior Cruise Packing Tips: How many outfits should I pack for a 7-day cruise? When it comes to senior cruise packing tips, one common question that arises is, "How many outfits should I pack for a 7-day cruise?" It's essential to strike a balance between having enough clothing options and not overpacking.

  14. Ultimate Cruise Packing Tips for Seniors

    A cruise ship is your home away from home, so for cruising seniors, you'll want to pack accordingly to make sure you have everything you need. Carnival goes above and beyond taking care of any last-minute needs or medical challenges on your trip, but you don't want anything to get in the way of your fun, adventure or relaxation. You'll find packing tips throughout this guide, and a ...

  15. Best Resort Wear for Women Over 50: Swim, Sundresses & More

    The Best Resort Wear for Women Over 50. Best halter dress for women over 50 : Look Into The Sun Maxi Dress. Best one-piece swimsuit for women over 50 : Summersalt The Ruffle Blackflip Swimsuit. Best sarong for women over 50 : Vix Paula Hermanny Sarong. Best beach hat for women over 50 : Women's Sun Straw Hat Wide Brim.

  16. Travel Clothes for Women Over 60

    Travel Clothes for Women Over 60. Fashion choices for women over 60 have evolved, and this extends to travel clothes too. You no longer need to sacrifice style for comfort. Whether you're exploring new destinations, strolling through city streets, or going on a domestic cruise, your travel clothes should reflect your style and zest for adventure.

  17. Women Over 50: Your Best Guide to a Capsule Travel Wardrobe

    By curating your travel clothes, you can travel carry-on only, limit decision fatigue, and still look lovely. ... We are going on the Viking Grand European cruise this fall. I am trying to put together the Capsule wardrobe & I love your suggestions. ... Pingback: - Easy Seniors Travel. Resa says: June 10, 2023 at 10:58 am. Excellent article ...

  18. 12 Cruise Outfits You'll Love to Wear

    White bermuda shorts - Add a pair of denim shorts too and double the amount of outfits you have. If you don't do shorts, you can switch these out for capri pants. Striped t-shirts - A couple of striped t-shirts are perfect for a cruise and nicely nautical. White jeans - White jeans or pants are a great cruise outfit.

  19. Cruise Wear

    Dillard's Credit Card. Apply for a Dillard's Card. Pay Bill / View Credit Account Opens a simulated dialog. Dillard's Cardholder Benefits. Contact Us. Call 1-817-831-5482.

  20. What should I wear at sea? Here's what to know about cruise line dress

    Carnival Cruise Line dress code. Passengers can wear casual clothes during the day, but the line requires smart casual clothing after 5:30 p.m. in its public lounges and restaurants or as stated ...

  21. 7 best cruises for seniors who love to travel by sea

    Viking 's 930-passenger ocean ships top our list of the best cruises for seniors because they are designed specifically for an adult crowd. No one younger than 18 is allowed on board, and all the ...

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    MI vs LSG Highlights, IPL 2024: Lucknow Super Giants beat Mumbai Indians by 18 runs at Wankhede Stadium on Friday.