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Sights around Timisoara from our guide 'Extreme places on Earth'

Cathedral timisoara trei ierarhi.

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Sightseeing in Romania: things to see

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The Travel Hack

The Travel Hack’s Guide to Timisoara, Romania

By: Author Elle Croft

Categories Romania

The Travel Hack’s Guide to Timisoara, Romania

It may not be at the top of every traveller’s bucket list, but Timisoara is a city you’re going to be hearing about a lot more in coming years. Which of course means it’s best to book your flights now, while it’s still relatively undiscovered.

Since being named the 2021 European Capital of Culture, the Romanian city of Timisoara has been pulling out all the stops to get their city ready for the events that’ll be happening in four years’ time. But there’s really no need to wait until then to visit.

With cheap flights, Instagrammable pastel-coloured buildings and epic summertime weather, it’s the perfect destination for a great weekend getaway. Don’t believe me? Take a look at what Monica, Ari and I got up to when we visited recently after being invited by a local, Mihaela Codre, to see what her city has to offer.

A Travel Hack's Guide to Timisoara, Romania

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, here are 10 great reasons to choose Timisoara for your next city break .

Persuaded? Great! Here’s The Travel Hack’s guide to Timisoara, for all the information you’ll need to discover this up-and-coming destination.

Getting to Timisoara

At the moment, there are only two direct routes from the UK to Timisoara, and that’s with Wizz Air from London Luton, or Ryanair from London Stansted.

Either way, the flights are cheap (I’ve seen them for as low as £28 return), and short, with a flight time of around 2 hours 45. There’s a time difference (Timisoara is 2 hours ahead of London), which is worth bearing in mind when booking. Take a look at Kayak to find your flight.

Express bus 4 goes from the airport to the city centre, which is definitely the cheapest option (I read somewhere that a ticket is 2.50 Lei – around 50p – but I don’t know how current that information is).

When we arrived, we got a taxi, which was 60 Lei (or £12), the easiest option for us, as we arrived late at night and our hotel wasn’t in the city centre. The journey took around twenty minutes.

When to go and for how long

With temperatures in winter plummeting to -40 or so, I’d probably avoid travelling to Timisoara in the coldest months (although it could be a fun Christmas market destination).

Summer can get pretty extreme too, with the mercury soaring above 40 degrees on a regular basis, so if you’re looking for milder temperatures, think about a spring trip.

A Travel Hack's Guide to Timisoara, Romania

If you don’t mind the scorching heat though, summer is a really great time to visit, as the long nights mean afternoons spent lounging by the pool and lazy evenings spent relaxing along the river with the locals.

You can see all of Timisoara’s main sights within 48 hours, which makes it the perfect weekend getaway – arriving Friday night and getting home on Sunday, in time for work on Monday morning. Any longer than that and you’ll want to rent a car to see what lies beyond the city limits.

Timisoara is a truly affordable destination for a city break. Flights are cheap, you’ll get great value for money on your accommodation, and the prices of meals and entertainment are incredibly low, especially when compared to the UK.

The currency is the Leu (plural Lei), and at the time of writing, 1 Leu is the equivalent of 20p. I wouldn’t recommend taking a huge amount of cash with you, only because you probably won’t spend it all. There are ATMs at Timisoara airport and around the city if you haven’t arranged any currency before you departed the UK (or if you couldn’t find it – not all currency exchange locations carry Lei).

For a better idea of how much you’ll need, check out this post on how much a weekend in Timisoara will cost .

Where to stay in Timisoara

Timisoara is a small and compact city, which makes it perfect for a weekend break as you don’t spend all your time trying to get between sights. This means that the best place to stay is right in the city centre.

A Travel Hack's Guide to Timisoara, Romania

Hotel Timisoara is apparently where the president stays when he’s in town, and it’s super close to most of the city’s main attractions. With rooms from around £50 a night, it’s a really affordable and central option.

Alternatively, there are some excellent Airbnbs that are close to the centre of Timisoara – I’ve seen a couple for around £30, which is amazing if you’re splitting it between two people (or even if you’re travelling solo)!

Where to eat and drink

We had some great meals in Timisoara, and we also went to (or spotted) a bunch of great bars that are worth a visit. I’m sure there are plenty more than what I’ve listed here, but these are a few recommendations to get you started on your culinary quest!

Our hotel served breakfast, but we went one morning to see what else there was in town, and stumbled upon Neata , an omelette bistro. Yep, you read that right. A whole restaurant dedicated to the humble omelette. The interior was really trendy, the staff were friendly and the food was delicious – try the four cheese omelette, it’s incredible!

A Travel Hack's Guide to Timisoara, Romania

Lunch / Dinner:

There are plenty of places right in the centre of town to grab a bite to eat that thankfully you don’t have to go far. For traditional fare such as goulash and polenta, go to Restaurant Timisoreana right in Victoriei Square overlooking the fairytale-like Orthodox Cathedral.

I’ll be honest, Romanian dishes are hearty, but they’re not as flavourful as I’d hoped for. Still, worth a try (and cheap, which is always an added bonus).

Just a few doors up is Restaurant Lloyd , an upmarket lunch spot with a stunning interior and lovely terrace serving modern fare overlooking the pigeon-filled square, perfect for leisurely people-watching.

A Travel Hack's Guide to Timisoara, Romania

Look up and you’ll see a cluster of yellow umbrellas above the square. That’s Craft, a rooftop bar and restaurant that you’ll want to visit for dinner as the sun’s setting over Timisoara’s rooftops. The menu is modern, with pizzas and pasta featuring heavily, and you can’t visit without trying a refreshing mint lemonade. So good.

Further into the centre of town you’ll see cafes and restaurants lining the edge of the pretty pastel-coloured Unirii Square. We ate at Stradivarius , which served good food (nothing too memorable, although not bad either), but the real appeal is the view of the Baroque buildings all around you.

And finally, check out Amphora in the city’s Bastion (the old city walls). It has a gorgeous terrace and serves really delicious food and wine in a historic setting.

Desserts and Snacks:

Don’t even think about leaving Timisoara without visiting  Massimo , an Italian gelateria that always has a queue, and for good reason. Try the lime sorbet for a super refreshing afternoon snack, or the dark chocolate gelato for an after-dinner treat.

If cake and pastry are more your thing, you’re in luck.  Cofetaria Trandafirul near the Bastion serves sugary confections in a pretty cafe reminiscent of a British tea house. There’s also the pastel-coloured Senneville  near Unirii Square, which has an enormous selection of cakes and pastries, with tables to enjoy your treat on the sidewalk as you watch the world go by.

A Travel Hack's Guide to Timisoara, Romania

Anywhere along the river!

The riverbank comes alive when the sun’s gone down and the temperatures dip enough to be comfortable. There are loads of options to choose from, they’re all outdoors and have great decor and the atmosphere to match. Start at La Capite or Vineri 15 for chilled out riverside vibes.

A Travel Hack's Guide to Timisoara, Romania

Things to see and do

Start at the Orthodox Cathedral, the tallest cathedral outside of Russia at 90.5 metres, with a Disney-like exterior and an interior dripping with gold. It was here, on the steps outside, where the Romanian revolution of 1989 began, so it’s steeped in history as well as beauty.

A Travel Hack's Guide to Timisoara, Romania

Get your art fix at the Art Museum in Unirii Square. The building – a Baroque palace – is stunning and if you’re lucky you’ll catch a memorable exhibition like the one we saw (called Meating by German sculptor Virgilius Moldovan).

Don’t miss the Communist Consumers Museum, a quirky basement on a residential street packed to the rafters with household objects from Romania’s years before the 1989 revolution. And you’ll want to stop here for a drink, too – the weird and wonderful bar and beer garden are open until 11pm.

A Travel Hack's Guide to Timisoara, Romania


Unirii Square! Honestly, I can’t say it enough times, but this square is so stunning. It’s home to a number of pastel-coloured Baroque buildings as well as an Armenian Church, a Catholic Cathedral and the Trinity Monument that serves as the square’s centrepiece.

A Travel Hack's Guide to Timisoara, Romania

There’s also the Opera House in Victoriei Square, designed by the same architect who created the famous Vienna Opera House, which is how Timisoara gained its comparisons to the Austrian city. There are plenty of breathtaking buildings in the city, but these are a few highlights to get you started.

A Travel Hack's Guide to Timisoara, Romania

Timisoara is a really green city, with loads of parks to choose from, as well as the Bega River snaking around it.

Take a stroll through the Rose Park, which lives up to its name. Just across the road is the Children’s Park, which is a pretty incredible adventure spot for young travellers. There’s crazy golf, a bouncy castle slide, trampolines, play equipment and way more.

Rent a pedalo to make your way lazily down the river, watching the world go by in the sunshine, and if you’re looking to really get into nature, head out of the city to the Recas wine region or to discover the adventure park at Herneacova.

A Travel Hack's Guide to Timisoara, Romania

If you visit Timisoara in the summer, the public pools are a must-do. There are a few to choose from around the city, but the most convenient one is probably Thermal Resort ZHH, right on the river, just a short walk from the city.

A Travel Hack's Guide to Timisoara, Romania

Here’s where the locals while away the hottest hours of the day, followed by dinner and drinks in the nearby bars and restaurants – the perfect ending to a spectacular day in Timisoara!

Romania: Timi?oara – ROAM WILD

Friday 19th of June 2020

[…] Guide to Timisoara, Romania […]

Thursday 7th of September 2017

I'd only vaguely heard of Timisoara before I read this post, but you've definitely sold it to me, Elle! Love the idea of an omelette bistro (who can resist a good omelette?!), and the Communist Consumers Museum sounds so interesting, to see what life was like behind the Iron Curtain.

One of my travel resolutions for 2018 will definitely be to visit more obscure places, and Timisoara sounds perfect.

Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

Thank you for this beautiful blog post. I have seen repetitive blog posts featuring the exact same destinations and activities which makes me think that people are going to various cities and countries due to trend. Don't get me wrong, Marrakech is nice, but "influencers" are taking the same pictures and staying at the same hotels. That being said, thank you again for this breath of fresh air.

Charles McCool

Friday 11th of August 2017

I will have to add this spot to the Worldwide McCool Travel Gelato Tour! Actually, my great-grandparents lived just a few miles/kms from Timisoara until the early 1900s. That is the main reason I want to visit.

just smile travel timisoara

Timisoara Travel Guide: 25+ Things to Do & Places to Visit

Timisoara is a major Romanian city known as the rebel child thanks to its proximity to the Western part of the country. Because of this, and unlike other cities in Romania, the Romanian revolution of 1989 that overthrew the communist regime started here on 16 Dec and by the following weekend, Ceausescu was dead!

Besides its important role in modern Romanian history, in recent years the city of Timisoara has become a top IT, student, and commercial hub. Timisoara was the 2023 European Capital of Culture and the city still lives in this afterglow of

With shiny Art Nouveau beautiful buildings, lots of green spaces, and friendly, laid-back locals - it's a great place for a city break!

Be sure to check our travel guide for visiting Romania to make your planning easier.

In this Timisoara travel guide, you'll find over 25 of the best things to do in the city.

Table of contents

What makes Timisoara special

Short history of timisoara, timisoara and the 1989 communist revolution, timisoara today, top attractions and best places to visit in timisoara, 1. go for a walk in the old town area, 2. admire union square aka unirii square, 3. admire bruck house inside and out, 4. hop on the tram in liberty square, 5. victory square, where the communist revolution started, 6. attend a concert at the romanian opera house, 7. visit hunyadi castle museum, 8. visit the imposing orthodox metropolitan cathedral, best things to do in timisoara, 9. take the kids to the ion creanga children’s park, 10. go for a walk in roses park, 11. see central park, 12. admire flora at the botanic park, 13. take a walk on the bega river promenade, 14. discover the history of maria theresia bastion, 15. visit the historic neighborhoods of timisoara, 16. travel back in time in the communist consumer museum, 17. the village museum of banat, day trip ideas from timisoara, 18. the best castle in romania corvin castle, 19. the dacian ruins at sarmisegetusza, 20. be amazed by the king decebal statue, 21. go on a boat ride at the danube gorges, 22. the lost beauty of bigar waterfall, 23. a slow and scenic train ride, 24. hike to ochiul beiului lake, 25. hike to remote villages, 26. hike in retezat national park, places to go out in timisoara, 27. try different restaurants with great food, 28. have a drink with a view, timisoara travel guide final tips.

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With a population of around 350.000, Timisoara is the third largest Romanian city thanks to its importance as an economic, cultural, and regional hub in Western Romania known as Banat region.

  • Pro tip: Timisoara Airport is well serviced by flights from Europe so flying in is a good option to get here!

Ethnic Hungarians, Serbs, Germans, Croats, Jews, and Turks lived here for a long time, and Romanians were not always the majority population like today.

Even now if you go for a walk in Union Square (city center) or in the nice places of the Old Town area you'll hear different languages spoken - and not by tourists!

Locals always had an interest in culture, arts, and its many expressions: literature, plastic arts, music, theatre, and many others. Even during the Romanian communist regime years the cultural life in Timisoara was very active, almost rebellious.

  • Local tip: many contraband items circulated then: Kent cigarettes, Levi's jeans, Western magazines, books, vinyl records, and much more; so if you're passionate about vintage objects - visiting antiquarians is one of the best things to do in Timisoara!

The city's cultural heritage was rich not just from a historical 'official' perspective like what you'll see if you visit Sibiu - but was deeply ingrained in local life and people's hearts even when it went underground due to political restrictions and ideology.

That's why a guided tour with a native of Timisoara is the best way to understand this. Because it's not about the city's main sights or a walking tour in the main public squares - it's about the people that live here and their mindset.

All this helped the city secure its place as the European Capital of Culture initially in 2021 - but due to obvious Covid reasons, was moved to 2023. Lots of events, exhibitions, and concerts (kid-friendly too!) took place that year in Timisoara.

Timisoara is a city of particular importance, being the first city in Europe with street lighting. On November 12th, 1884, the very first electrical lamps in Europe were turned on here. Timisoara was also the first European city that used horse-drawn trams.

The best time to visit is during Summer time, maybe at the end of the weekend on a city break.

just smile travel timisoara

Union Square is one of the best places locals like to hang out

The earliest traces of people living here date back to 4,000 BC (still, the city was first mentioned in the Middle Ages). But it's undeniable that our ancestors, the Dacians, lived here: the ruins of the Dacian fortresses are nearby in the Carpathian Mountains.

Due to its strategic location on the Bega River linked to the Danube River, the city of Timisoara quickly became a crossroad point for trading routes between the East and West. Due to its economic importance, the city quickly became desirable for the main players in Central Europe and the Ottoman Empire on a continuous quest for expansion.

That's why the city’s history was marked by numerous wars and takeovers by no less than six ethnic groups! And in the Banat region around the city, there are some villages with a distinct ethnic personality, some of which are like an open-air museum! But for a long time, it was under Austrian rule (Habsburg Empire) until the early 20th century. The Austrian heritage is strongly seen in the city's main squares, Piata Unirii (Union Square), and Piata Victoriei (Victory Square), but also in the architecture of its beautiful buildings in the city center. This is when it became the first European city to have street lightning.

The history of Timisoara is complex, with many representative sights and landmarks. Our local guide is happy to take you on a walking tour so you see the main sights in the city and find out about its history and culture.

City tour of Timisoara

Walking Tour of Timisoara [2023 European Capital of Culture]

Start from: Timisoara

What's certain is that the legacy left by the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Timisoara is truly fabulous and remains an integral part of the city's charm today.

But Timisoara was always known as the Little Vienna and maybe that's why Johann Strauss performed his first-ever concert outside of Vienna at the Timisoara Beer Factory - which is a great place to visit!

just smile travel timisoara

The Romanian communist revolution started in Union Square in Timisoara

The communist revolution started on 16 Dec 1989 when the supporters of a Hungarian pastor peacefully protested against his removal by the local authorities. Police intervened using force and opened fire - which only angered protesters further.

As news of these events spread to families and friends, in the following days protests quickly erupted in other cities and factories in Western Romania. Eventually the events reached their climax in 23 December in Bucharest when dictator Nicolae Ceausescu fled and was later executed.

Despite its turbulent, rebellious past, today Timisoara is a beautiful city and a peaceful place - except for the occasional military parade on December 1 which is Romania's National Day.

The city breathes diversity and acceptance of its multi-ethnic community. Besides the city’s Romanian population, you will notice a lot of Serbians, Hungarians, Jews, Arabs, Germans and Italians.

When you're in the city center take a look at these religious places of worship:

  • the impressive Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral just opposite of Victory Square and the Romanian Opera House
  • the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Piata Unirii
  • the Roman Catholic Cathedral also in Piata Unirii
  • the Stronghold Synagogue close to Liberty Square
  • the Misericordia Church of Greek-Catholics also close to Liberty Square
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With such a diverse cultural background and complex history you can expect an equally rich architectural mix of Baroque, Art-Nouveau, Neoclassical, and, of course, communist-inspired buildings in the main squares of Timisoara. The city is not called Little Vienna for nothing!

The central area in Romania's third-largest city is called Old Town. It's circle shaped on the map surrounded by many parks (Roses Park and Central Park being the most popular places) and the Maria Theresia Bastion

The best way to explore all the nice places and see the beautiful buildings in the city center is on a walking tour. But you can also choose a bike tour if you want to go beyond the central area and see more sights.

In the Old Town, there are several main squares with the best places to visit and main sights for tourists.

This square goes by many names but in Romanian it’s called simply Piaţa Unirii and is arguably the most beautiful place in the central area of the city.

You’ll find here the Art Museum in the superb Baroque Palace dating back to the late 18th century and a symbol of Habsburg Empire domination.

The Catholic-Orthodox Cathedral is also here (sometimes called the Dome - hence the name Dome Square for this landmark), and many other beautiful buildings.

Timisoara also boasts the largest pedestrian area in Romania, which starts in Unirii Square, making it an excellent starting point to explore the city on a walking tour.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Romanian Friend (@romanian_friend)

Nearby is Bruck House is a four-level impressive and colorful Art Nouveau building built in 1910. The original owner opened a pharmacy on the first floor and it’s still there along with the original furniture and equipment - so this is one of the best places to visit while in Union Square.

In the centre of Union Square there's a small park where you can sit and enjoy this peaceful place where locals like to hang out. Or take a seat at the many cafes and restaurants you'll find here.

In Romanian called Piata Libertăţii here you'll find the Old City Hall building of Timisoara. The Museum of the Revolution is also here and serves as a solemn memorial, preserving the memory of the events in December 1989 when peaceful demonstrators confronted the repressive forces of the Romanian communist regime.

Unfortunately, this memorial museum is presently closed for renovations but we’ll update this article once it’s opened again.

On the other hand, from here you can take a tourist tram for a guided tour of the Old Town area. Tram tours are organised only on Sundays between 10:00 and 19:00 and tickets can be bought from the conductor.

Piaţa Victoriei is the most important place in the city center and it’s where the communist revolution started in the city - which later spread to the rest of the country.

What started as a gathering of angry citizens quickly turned for the worst. Local authorities trying to contain the protest from spreading called in the army who eventually opened fire on the unarmed civilians.

If you look closely at the walls of some buildings here you can still see bullet holes left there on purpose to remind people of what happened here…

But now this is a popular place for locals to go on a walk and have a good time. You’ll see many beautiful buildings on both sides of the central alley which turns into a small roses park during the warm season.

The Romanian Opera House in Victory Square is the main concert building and cultural hotspot in the city. It is a beautiful building where you can enjoy various plays and events with excellent acoustics.

The Opera House also holds historical significance. From its balcony, Timisoara was proclaimed the first free city in Romania on December 20 1989.

The same building also houses the National Theatre (Teatrul Național „Mihai Eminescu”) and the German State Theater.

Nearby is the Hunyadi Castle Museum, housed in a construction built between 1307 and 1315 during the reign of King Charles Robert of Anjou.

Sadly, it’s also currently closed for renovations, which means that you can't go inside. But you can still admire its architecture from the outside.

Towering in Victory Square is the Romanian Orthodox Cathedral and this is the most famous landmark in Timisoara. It houses notable religious artifacts and historical relics significant for Orthodox faith in Romania.

Built between 1936 and 1946, it stands out for its distinctive Byzantine style, reminiscent of the style found in the monasteries in the Bucovina region .

Notably, its dome reaching a height of 83 meters, holds the distinction of being the tallest in Romania.

just smile travel timisoara

A walk in Roses Park is one of the best things to do in the city

After you're done with the typical tourist sights, let's see what else the city offers. You'll soon discover it's perfect for a weekend getaway!

If you are in Timisoara with your kids, then the Ion Creanga Children’s Park is the perfect place to visit. It’s on the Bega river bank, in the central area of this vibrant city.

The development of the park began approximately 160 years ago in 1858, and the work was not completed until 33 years later, in 1891. It is a place where you can engage in various recreational activities. The park also has a fairy castle that will surely delight the kids.

Roses Park is famous in the entire country during the warm season for its collection of flowers (not just roses).

Established at the close of the 19th century, this beautiful park boasts more than 9,000 rose bushes and 450 trees. Its lush greenery and vibrant blooms have earned Timisoara the charming nickname 'The City of Flowers.'

Central Park, just behind the Romanian Orthodox Church in Victory Square, is considered the most beautiful park in the city and a favorite place for locals. During summer, the park offers a cool and shaded escape from the heat, providing a refreshing retreat for a few moments.

Here, you can also discover the 'Alley of Personalities,' featuring more than a dozen statues of prominent figures from the city's history. So, it's not just a great spot to unwind but also an opportunity to delve into the rich history of the city.

If you have a passion for flora, the Botanic Park (Parcul Botanic) is an exquisite haven for you. Explore distinct botanical gardens featuring over 200 plant species meticulously arranged into thematic sectors.

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The best way to get a taste of the laid-back atmosphere in the city is to go for a walk along the Bega River promenade, as many locals do.

Behind the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, there is a docking station from where you can go on a 2h boat ride on the Bega River but only during weekends starting at 12:00 or 17:00. In the cold season, the boat ride isn't available.

The Maria Theresia Bastion was one the main gate and defense to Timisoara fortress which no longer exists since the city centre was built and expanded over it.

Named after the Habsburg Empire archduchess Maria Theresa, it was built between 1730 and 1735 and covers about 1.7 hectares.

With a rich and varied history, the Bastion has undergone a multitude of transformations. Once the residence of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Timișoara, it evolved to house workshops, warehouses, schools, a printing house, and a state archive.

Now, the Maria Theresia Bastion is home to an exhibition space for the National Museum of Banat, a library, and diverse commercial venues, such as an art gallery, bars, and restaurants.

Go see it, it’s worth visiting.

The neighborhoods of Cetate, Elisabetin, and Fabric stand out in Timisoara for their captivating architecture.

Go for a walk through these areas so you can admire the beauty of many houses built in Art Nouveau, Baroque and Renaissance style.

You’ll also seamlessly blend in with the locals in their residential area. You’ll find lots of chic cafes, restaurants and small artisan shops too.

An easier way to see these places is to go for a ride on Tram 6. As of January 2024 the tram is suspended due to some road works, but it’s expected to resume in March.

just smile travel timisoara

If you’re interested in communist history the first thing to do on your list should visit the Communist Consumer Museum which is basically an old house full of objects and items typical of Romania under the communist regime.

This unique museum will take you back in time and help you understand life under the communist regime in Romania and Eastern Europe. Given its proximity to the border, in Timisoara were a lot of prohibited objects from Bulgaria, former Yugoslavia, and Hungary.

The museum is located in an artsy-hippie bar with a yard that looks more like a jungle named Scârţ - don’t even bother pronouncing it, ask a local instead!

This is an open-air museum and a great way to get some fresh air and find out more about rural life in Banat region.

If this is your first time in Romania, you need to know that every traditional region, for example if you visit Transylvania , Maramures or Bucovina , have their own folk particularities and traditions, as well as similarities.

The region of Banat has its own particularities partly due to its multi-ethnic heritage, and you can learn about these by visiting the Banat Village Museum.

For example, there’s the village called Eibenthal of Czech minority. Or Charlottenburg, a Saxon village established in 1771 known for its unique round layout.

just smile travel timisoara

The impressive Corvin Castle is one of the best places you can visit on a day trip

Timisoara is a great place to set up base and tick from the list of the best things to do in Romania . There are some nice places you can visit on a day trip but unfortunately only if you rent a car or go on a guided tour since tourist attractions in the Banat region are not accessible using Romanian public transport .

The best place to visit on a day trip from Timisoara is the famous Corvin Castle which I think is much better than its more popular rival - Bran Castle aka Dracula Castle.

A quick look at this famous Romanian castle

Also known as Hunyadi Castle, this is a well-preserved Gothic-meets-Reinassance masterpiece that served as a citadel and home to Transylvania's rulers. Now it's considered to be one of Europe's best preserved medieval castles.

Dacian ruins tour

Corvin Castle and the Mystic Dacian Ruins at Sarmisegetusza

just smile travel timisoara

If you’re into history and lost civilisations, then you shouldn’t miss visiting the ruins of Dacian fortresses, the most popular one being at Sarmisegetusza.

Our ancestors, the Dacians, had a distinct culture and settled these lands before being conquered by the Roman Empire in 106 AD. They lived in the mountains where they built several citadels to protect against invaders.

While not much of them have remained today, they give a unique insight into life 2,000 years ago and thanks to their historical heritage and importance were included on the UNESCO list.

Decebal was the last king of the Dacians who fought the Romans in 100 A.D. He was known for his leadership and bravery, so naturally, he became an important figure in our history.

The Danube River is Romania's natural Southern border with Serbia and its winding path created an area of superb beauty: the Danube Gorges. And in the least place you'd expect, on the side of a mountain, you'll discover a massive sculpture of King Decebal.

Decebal Statue Tour

Timisoara Day trip to Danube Gorge & King Decebal Statue

If you decided to go see the King Decebal Statue, you'll be driving along the scenic Danube Gorges.

But in some parts of the river there are some interesting caves you can explore, only on a boat ride though.

Or you could go on a short hike to get beautiful views of the area. And, obviously, enjoy a delicious meal with fresh fish and views!

Bigar Waterfall was world-famous for its incredible beauty!

But this massive limestone rock hanging by a thread from the mainland collapsed in 2021 due to natural erosion. And now it seems a new beautiful waterfall is forming here, so it’s still worth visiting.

Another great idea for a Timisoara day trip is to go for a ride on a slow train called the Semmering (Semeringul Banatean).

Bigar Waterfall

Hotspots around Timisoara: Bigar Waterfall & Oravita-Anina Steam Train

Traveling at 40-50 km/h between Oravita - Anina through what locals consider the most picturesque valleys and villages in the Banat region, this is a great chance to disconnect from busy life and admire beautiful views.

just smile travel timisoara

Two happy hikers on one of our day trips

The Carpathian Mountains have lots of natural attractions and trails for all experience levels to choose from - read our guide on hiking in Romania to find out more.

One of the best places to visit on a day trip if you want to spend the day in nature is Ochiul Beiului Lake known for its unique and fascinating blue colour. The best time to visit is anytime except July - August when because of the heat and less rainfall, the lake is dry.

To get there you’ll have to go through the beautiful Cheile Nerei–Beușnița National Park, one of the richest in biodiversity in our country. The hiking trip to the lake is quite easy, but there are several other routes you can take if you want to make it more challenging and our guide will be happy to take you.

Ochiul Beiului lake tour

Magical Hike in Nera-Beusnita National Park to Ochiul Beiului Lake

One of the best things to do if you’re in Timisoara and want to discover what traditional rural life looks like is to go on a hiking trip to a couple of remote villages accessible only after climbing ladders on rocks!

Hiking day trip from Timisoara

Hiking Tour from Timisoara to Remote Villages & Cernei Valley Natural Park

There's no electricity, roads, or shops in these villages yet locals live in a tight community and are happy and eager to welcome you in their home for a home-cooked meal.

just smile travel timisoara

Finally, if you’re looking for serious hiking, then Retezat National Park is for you. Reaching altitudes of over 2,000m with Peleaga Peak at 2,509m, this is one of the most beautiful and well preserved national parks in Romania .

Retezat Mountains are quite challenging, inaccessible and there are no guesthouses or signs of civilisation in the area. Because of this, few hikers venture in the park so you need to be well prepared and experienced for this trip, and our recommendation is to go with a licensed hiking guide and not underestimate the difficulty and wilderness of the Romanian Carpathians .

just smile travel timisoara

1 or 2 Day Hiking Trip in Retezat National Park

In Retezat National Park you’ll find many glacial lakes, the most popular one being Bucura Lake. The best way to experience the beauty of this park is on camping expeditions. Your other alternative is a day trip - but it will be long and hard.

Being a major student centre in Romania and having such a diverse cultural background, you can expect lots of great places to go out. Here are some of my suggestions:

  • for a coffee break, try Mokum Cafe or breakfast at Neaţa Omlette Bistro or Zai Appres Cafe, near Union Square; check our list of the best coffee shops in Timisoara .
  • for lunch, you can try Vinto or Grill to Chill.
  • for delicious homemade desserts and very good coffee, there is only one place to be: Garage Cafe.

If you’re a meat lover and can handle the heavy side of food, I dare you to try our local cuisine at Casa Bunicii 1 (Grandma's House) a lovely place with a charming garden terrace to enjoy in summer.

Here you can eat ciorba de burta (sour beef belly tripe soup), sarmale (meat cabage rolls), mici (Romanian version of grilled meatballs or kebab) and papanaşi (fried dumplings with jam) for dessert. These are some of the best things on the menu for traditional Romanian food you must try!

Gratarul cu Staif is also a good choice if you’re a fan of ribs, burgers, or grilled meat in general. Vegetarians – do not despair: BioFresh offers vegan and raw vegan dishes that will certainly please you.

Looking for delicious coffee or drinks with a view? Try any venue on the shores of Bega River - you won’t be disappointed! Some of them turn into mini-clubs in the evening so they're a great way to blend in with locals and have some fun!

If you’re into dance music you can party at Scottish Pub, if you’re into techno and DnB you should try Escape Venue or Database. For the fancy (and more expensive) night out I warmly recommend Epic Society Club.

If you’re looking for a shopping session, I’ve got a good idea for you: Iulius Town is a huge shopping mall with shops, restaurants, lounge areas, and lots of entertainment venues.

This is a relatively new place in the city but a little further away from the city center and worth the extra cost of going there if shopping is on your mind. The Old Town area is not a great option for that! Traveling to Timisoara is easy. You can find a direct flight from WizzAir, HiSky, Lufthansa from various European cities. Tarom, the local airline flies from Bucharest. Timisoara Airport is located in the North and getting to the city center is easy by taxi (approx. 10 Euro cost).

Due to its proximity to Central Europe, it’s also easy to get here by train from Budapest, or Vienna. This is actually a really good option as the train station is conveniently located in the central area of Timisoara.

You can also get to Timisoara from Budapest using FlixBus or private shuttles. Check our guide on getting to Romania .

But due to its location and underdeveloped Romanian public transport infrastructure, traveling from Timisoara to other parts of Romania or cities such as Cluj-Napoca or Sibiu is possible only by car or bus and will take about 4h. In the city, you can use Uber or install the Tudo Taxi app to order a cab online. A usual ride inside the city is about 4-7 Euro and around 10 Euro to Timisoara Airport.

For places to stay in Timisoara check Booking.com or Airbnb and you'll find plenty of options.

As for a typical tourist budget to visit the city - the city is a little cheaper than the popular tourist cities in the country. So an average of 35-45 Euro per day per person for accommodation and meals, depending on what you choose, will be enough.

That's it - if you have any questions contact us we're happy to help you plan your trip!

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  • Arabu R. 25 noiembrie 2021, 3:07 pm Foarte slabe serviciile. Nu recomand. Și un student face mai bine 0 0 Răspuns
  • Daniel G. 18 mai 2021, 1:28 pm Am fost la aceasta clinica pentru ca firma la care lucrez are contract cu ei. Mi-au facut o lucrare de 3000+ lei (incluzand reducerea din partea firmei), in care mi s-au scos nervii de la 2 masele adiacente. Cateva luni mai tarziu au inceput din nou sa ma doara maselele si mi s-a umflat gingia. Am mers la un alt cabinet unde mi s-a spus ca e ditamai infectia acolo, si lucrarea a fost facuta execrabil. Nu recomand aceasta clinica! 0 0 Răspuns
  • zippopink 13 aprilie 2021, 9:36 am Personal foarte bine pregatit muniti de rabdare si profesionalitate, explica orice procedura pe intelesul fiecaruia, am ramas satisfacuta dupa orice lucrare facuta iar programarile sunt facute mereu pe placul pacientului Doamna Ioana este o persoana extraordinara si voi continua sa merg la Recomand 0 0 Răspuns
  • Daniel M. 24 martie 2021, 11:44 am Nu recomand sub nici o forma această clinică. Am mers de câteva ori la ei doar pentru că asigurarea privată pe care o am are contract cu ei…ultimul detartraj care l-am făcut nici nu ar fi trebuit sa le semnez decontarea, efectiv nu a fost vreo diferență înainte și după. 0 0 Răspuns
  • pictoriada 15 octombrie 2020, 3:11 pm O clinica dentara cu doctori profesionisti si preturi accesibile. Recomand cu incredere! 0 0 Răspuns
  • OTILIA C. 8 octombrie 2020, 10:17 am Servicii de calitate în conditii de igienă maximă. Personal foarte bine pregătit și cu experienta.Se explicat pe întelesul tău fiecare interventie, cum se abordează planul de tratament etapă cu etapă. O recomand cu încredere! 0 0 Răspuns
  • deea d. 7 octombrie 2020, 4:40 pm Profesionisti in tot ceea ce fac, tratand orice problema cu foarte multa seriozitate! 0 0 Răspuns
  • Alexandru C. 29 februarie 2020, 1:03 am Condiții moderne, personal superior calificat, fac treabă foarte bună 0 0 Răspuns

Alte centre medicale pe care le recomandăm

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Centre medicale din Timișoara

  • Sanofam Strada Ion Mihalache
  • Cabinet Dr. Pricop Splaiul Nistrului 7
  • Picodent Timișoara 300120, Strada Barbu Ştefănescu Delavrancea 17

Stomatologie de bază din Timișoara

  • dentasim Timișoara 300127, Strada Basel 4
  • Medic dentist Dr. Daniela Rain Timișoara 300073, Bulevardul Take Ionescu 73
  • The Dental Clinic Timișoara 300073, Bulevardul Take Ionescu 73

Clinici stomatologice din Timișoara

  • Jasmine Dental Clinic Timișoara
  • Smile Avenue Timișoara 300324, Strada Oravița 2/B
  • Glamour Clinic Timișoara 300262, Strada Carol Davila 30

Corectarea mușcăturii din Timișoara

  • Sagrada Medicis — Cabinet ginecologic Timișoara 300254, Strada Zimbrului 4
  • Medoptim 300134, Calea Dorobanților 3, In incinta Centrului Medical Cardioprevent
  • L’EsthetiX French Beauty Timisoara — Clinica estetica Timișoara 300254, Strada Carol Davila 30

Russia Weddings

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  • by Melissa Hammam
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Hands up if you’re ready to be dazzled! From a ceremony structure designed to float on water to a jaw-dropping reception room with flowers blooming from every service, we’re swooning over every bit of this wedding. If you can believe it, that’s just the beginning. Julia Kaptelova artfully shot every detail, like the ballet performance guests were treated to and snow falling from the ceiling for the first dance! Prepare to be amazed and take a visit to the full gallery .

just smile travel timisoara

From About You Decor … Our design is a symbol of dawn and a distant endless horizon. Ahead is a long, happy life without any borders. An international couple, Pavel and Cherry, met in London and have been walking together for many years.

just smile travel timisoara

From the Bride, Cherry… My husband and I we decided to have our summer wedding in Moscow because the city is where his roots are. As we knew we were going to have the other wedding ceremony in China, we wanted our Moscow one to be very personal and intimate. We’ve known each other since we were fourteen, together with many of our friends whom we’ve also known for a decade.

just smile travel timisoara

I didn’t want to walk down the aisle twice so the plausibility of my request quickly came into discussion. The open pontoon stage was constructed in order to facilitate the bridal entrance on water, although there were concerns about safety as the last thing we wanted was probably a drowned bride before she could get on stage, picture that! I have to say on that day it wasn’t easy to get on the pontoon stage from the boat, in my long gown and high heels. Luckily my bridesmaids still noticed even though they stood the furthest from me on the stage, and helped me out without prior rehearsal. My girls could just tell whenever I needed a hand or maybe they were just so used to my clumsiness. Who knows 😂

We all love our photographer Julia! She’s so talented and her style is so unique. Our beloved host Alex is exceptional who made everyone laugh and cry. It was truly a blessing to have so many kind and beautiful souls on our big day. Thank you all!

just smile travel timisoara

[iframe https://player.vimeo.com/video/384992271 600 338]

just smile travel timisoara

Photography: Julia Kaptelova Photography | Wedding Planner: Caramel | Cake: Any Cake | Invitations: Inviteria | Rings: Harry Winston | Band: Menhouzen | Grooms attire: Ermenegildo Zegna | Wedding Venue: Elizaveta Panichkina | Bridesmaids’ dresses: Marchesa | Bridesmaids’ dresses: Alice McCall | Bride’s gown : Jaton Couture | Bride’s shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Decor : About you decor | Earrings: Damiani | Muah: Khvanaco Studio | Video: Artem Korchagin

More Princess-Worthy Ballgowns

just smile travel timisoara

I’m still not convinced this Moscow wedding, captured to perfection by  Sonya Khegay , isn’t actually an inspiration session—it’s just  that breathtaking. From the beautiful Bride’s gorgeous lace wedding dress and flawless hair and makeup to the pretty pastel color palette and stunning ceremony and reception spaces, this wedding is almost too good to be true. Do yourself a favor and see it all in The Vault now!

just smile travel timisoara

From Sonya Khegay … It was the last day of April and still very cold in the morning. The weather forecast wasn’t pleasing and no one expected that the sun would come out, but miracles happen and light rain gave way to the warm rays.

I love how all the details went together, you could feel the harmony in everything throughout the entire wedding day from the morning until the fireworks.

A gentle look of the bride, elegant but so airy and unique decor, the fresh and light atmosphere of early spring and, of course, true happiness in the eyes. My heart becomes so warm from these memories, it is always a pleasure to see the birth of a new family of two loving hearts.

Photography: Sonya Khegay | Event Design: Latte Decor | Event Planning: Ajur Wedding | Floral Design: Blush Petals | Wedding Dress: La Sposa | Stationery: Special Invite | Bride's Shoes: Gianvito Rossi | Hair + Makeup: Natalie Yastrebova | Venue: Rodniki Hotel

  • by Elizabeth Greene

You really can’t go wrong with simple: a beautiful Bride , perfectly pretty petals , loved ones all around. But add in an amazing firework show  to cap off the night and simple just became downright extraordinary. Captured by Lena Elisseva , with assistance by  Katya Butenko , this rustic Russian celebration is simply fantastic. See it all in the Vault right here !

just smile travel timisoara

From Lena Eliseeva Photo …  This cozy and warm summer wedding of gorgeous Natalia and Anton was in the middle of June. The young couple decided to organize their wedding themselves, and the day was very personal and touching. I am absolutely in love with rustic outdoor weddings, and this one is my favourite because of the free and easy atmosphere.

All the decor excluding the bride’s bouquet was made by a team of ten friends of the bride and groom. And it was charming – a light and beautiful arch, eco-style polygraphy and succulents, candy-bar with caramel apples and berries – sweet joys of summer.

At the end of ceremony the guests tossed up white handkerchiefs embroidered by Natalia’s own hands.

The most touching moment was the happy eyes of the groom’s grandmother, the most estimable person on the wedding. And the fireworks were a bright end to that beautiful day.

just smile travel timisoara

Photography: LENA ELISEEVA PHOTO | Floral Design: Katerina Kazakova | Hair And Makeup: Svetlana Fischeva | Photography - Assistance: Katya Butenko

These photos from Lena Kozhina are so stunningly beautiful – as in you can’t help but stop and stare – it’s hard to believe it’s real life. But these pics are proof of this gorgeous Bride and her handsome Groom’s celebration at Moscow’s Fox Lodge , surrounded by vibrant colors and breathtaking blooms . Oh, and the idea of prepping for your Big Day outside in the sun ? Brilliant. See more bright ideas right here !

just smile travel timisoara

From Lena Kozhina … When we met with the couple for the first time, we immediately paid attention to Dima’s behavior towards Julia. There was a feeling of tenderness and awe, and we immediately wanted to recreate this atmosphere of love, care and warmth on their Big Day.

Later, when we had chosen a green meadow and an uncovered pavilion overlooking a lake as the project site, it only highlighted a light summer mood with colorful florals and a great number of natural woods. The name of the site is Fox Lodge and peach-orange color, as one of the Bride’s favorites, set the tone for the whole design – from the invitations, in which we used images of fox cubs to elements of serving guest tables and other decorative elements with the corresponding bright accents.

Photography: Lena Kozhina | Event Planning: Ajur Wedding | Wedding Dress: Rosa Clara | Shoes: Marc Jacobs | Catering: Fox Lodge | Makeup Artist: Elena Otrembskaya | Wedding Venue: Fox Lodge | Cake and Desserts: Yumbaker | Decor: Latte Decor

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just smile travel timisoara

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    JUST SMILE & Travel, București. 3,122 likes · 6 talking about this · 7 were here. Vacanțele noastre sunt concepute pentru ca turiștii să se bucure de o gamă diversă de țări.

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  6. Timisoara Travel Guide

    OrangeSmile.com city guide to Timisoara, Romania. What to see and to visit - best attractions and sightseeing, famous touristic places and landmarks in Timisoara. OrangeSmile.com provides you all the information you need to make your trip to Timisoara exciting and juicy: sights, culture, architecture, maps, photos, weather forecast, addresses, hotels and car rentals.

  7. 10 Top Things to Do in Timisoara, Romania

    7. Bega River. After visiting the Metropolitan Cathedral, you can walk through Cathedral Park to get on the Bega River ferry. The city of Timisoara has boats that go up and down the Bega River. The price for a one-way ferry ride is 1 RON ($0.21). The ferry is cheap, and it makes for a fun adventure.

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    Agentie: Just Smile Travel : Locatie: Bucuresti: Adresa: Str. Justitiei, nr 51-53 - Bucuresti Str. Simion Barnutiu, nr. 7 - Timisoara: Telefon: 0725020993

  9. The Travel Hack's Guide to Timisoara, Romania

    At the moment, there are only two direct routes from the UK to Timisoara, and that's with Wizz Air from London Luton, or Ryanair from London Stansted. Either way, the flights are cheap (I've seen them for as low as £28 return), and short, with a flight time of around 2 hours 45. There's a time difference (Timisoara is 2 hours ahead of ...

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    JUST SMILE AND TRAVEL Contact; Despre noi; Contract cadru; Termeni si conditii; Contact ... 759.020.921 Timisoara . Newsletter-ul nostru Introdu adresa de email Inscrie-te acum Sunt de acord ca datele mele cu caracter personal sa fie prelucrate in vederea comunicarii ofertei / informatiilor solicitate. ...

  11. Just Smile Photo Booth Timisoara

    Just Smile Photo Booth Timisoara. 666 likes. Oferim servicii profesionale pentru evenimente,cabina Just smile este echipata complet si este prega

  12. Timisoara Travel Guide: 25+ Things to Do & Places to Visit

    Timisoara is a major Romanian city known as the rebel child thanks to its proximity to the Western part of the country. Because of this, and unlike other cities in Romania, the Romanian revolution of 1989 that overthrew the communist regime started here on 16 Dec and by the following weekend, Ceausescu was dead!. Besides its important role in modern Romanian history, in recent years the city ...

  13. JUST SMILE & Travel

    JUST SMILE & Travel, București. 3,126 likes · 40 talking about this · 7 were here. Vacanțele noastre sunt concepute pentru ca turiștii să se bucure de o... JUST SMILE & Travel, București. 3,126 likes · 40 talking about this · 7 were here. Vacanțele noastre sunt concepute pentru ca turiștii să se bucure de o gamă diversă de țări fa

  14. JUST SMILE Dental Clinic

    JUST SMILE Dental Clinic, Bucharest, Romania. 5,018 likes · 180 were here. Timisoara: Strada Simion Bărnuțiu nr 7, Mobil: 0734.22.66.26 Bucuresti:...

  15. JUST SMILE Dental Clinic

    JUST SMILE Dental Clinic, Districtul Timișoara: fotografii și 8 recenzii pe Nicelocal.ro. Detalii de contact. JUST SMILE Dental Clinic, Districtul Timișoara: fotografii și 8 recenzii pe Nicelocal.ro. Detalii de contact. ... Dr. Bianca Francesca Moga - Medic Dentist Timisoara. Timișoara 300425, Strada Ciprian Porumbescu 5 din 50leu ...

  16. Circuit autocar

    Circuit autocar - JUST SMILE AND TRAVEL. Circuite cu autocarul in Europa. Vezi ce oferte ti-am pregatit. Tirana. Albania. de la€718€. 2 adulti / 7 nopti. Viena. Austria.

  17. John Deere Officially Opens New Manufacturing Facility in Russia

    The new facility at Domodedovo is open just nine months after John Deere first announced its plans at the Russia - U.S. Business Forum last summer. Deere received strong cooperation from the ...

  18. Moscow Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

    This real wedding is pure inspiration. With each stroke of the brush, the details add to the already ideal picture: one of the most picturesque Moscow areas, the warm day in June, the tenderest and the most beautiful bridal portraits, the ceremony in the greenhouse, wallowing in flowers and sun rays….


    View prices for your travel dates. Check In. Sun, May 26. Check Out. Mon, May 27. Guests. 1 room, 2 adults, 0 children. ... No fuss was made: just served with a smile. Very well run hotel and an oustanding example of Russian hospitality! Will definitely come back. Restaurant Yakitoria is in the same buildling and is a bonus ( with a wide choice ...

  20. Apelsin Hotel

    43 reviews. #1 of 4 hotels in Elektrostal. Location. Cleanliness. Service. Value. The hotel "Apelsin" in Electrostal which was opened in December 2012 is the newest hotel in the town. In May 2015 opened the second floor of our hotel. Total number of rooms reached 81.