We fish for Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Walleye, Bream, Catfish, White Bass, and Hybrid Striper

on Lake Hamilton, Lake Ouachita, Lake DeGray, and Lake Greeson

in the Hot Springs, Arkansas area.

Visit my Trip Pictures page to see what we've been catching

Go to my calendar to view available days and make your reservation.

Eclipse Day Trip

April 8, 2024

full-day ... $1200.00

afternoon only ... $800.00

Full-day option ... We will fish starting at sunrise, bring your lunch and cooler, bring your eclipse glasses and jackets (the temp will drop),

and then we will observe the once-in-a-lifetime full solor eclipse from it's epicenter on Lake Ouachita and fish some more till it's over.

Afternoon only option ... I will take a normal morning trip then start your afternoon trip between 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Bring you snacks, drinks, eclipse glasses and jackets and we will observe the eclipse and fish till it's over.

Go to my Calendar/Reservation page for more details and book your trip.

We will fish from this 2009 Blue Wave 22ft Classic powered by a 2011 Yamaha 200hp 4-stroke and MinnKota Ultera trolling motor with iPilot.

She's fully equipped with three Garmin Panoptics LiveScope sonar units and all the crappie poles and casting rods you'll ever need.

She's custom built to fish 4 adults comfortably and up to 6 with children. She's wide and stable with room to move around.

That's why her name is Fat Bottom Girl 2 .

Capt. Darryl Morris


If we don't catch your dinner, you get a BOGO coupon.

The next time you book a full-priced trip, you get a second day for FREE

Guarantee valid only with full-priced trips and you follow my recommendation

Not valid in the months of July, August and September

[email protected]



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with Capt. Darryl Morris

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I earned my Eagle, Globe and Anchor

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Trout Fishing

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  • Marissa Snider
  • Dec 26, 2022

Spend Quality Time Together Outdoors: Plan a Family Fishing Trip

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

A Beginner's Guide to Planning a Family Fishing Trip to Get Outdoors and Spend Quality Time Together

The Ozarks is well-known for its fishing holes. And that means an abundance of opportunities to get outdoors and spend more time together. You will find a variety of opportunities for bass, trout, crappie, catfish, and even paddlefish across the Ozarks. The lakes, rivers, and streams provide enough fishing for experienced anglers (an official-sounding term for people who enjoy fishing), beginners, kids, and everyone in between.

grandpa and grandson fishing in lake

Heads up: This page contains affiliate links. That means if you click and buy—we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Read more about it here .

If you’re interested in taking the kids fishing, here’s what you need to know

Where to Find the Best Fishing Spots in the Ozarks

When to Visit & What to Fish For

What You Need (Equipment for First-Time Anglers)

Fishing License Requirements by State

Tips from the Pros to Get You Started

Best Fishing Spots in the Ozarks

If you're looking for the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and spend quality time together with your family, a great fishing spot will do the trick! Choosing the best fishing spot depends on how you want to try fishing. First, you’ll need to decide if you want to fish in a lake or a stream. Lakes are deep, providing easily controlled factors that make fishing a little easier as long as you have the right season, time of day, and bait.

By contrast, stream fishing can be more challenging. The water is often shallow and experiences a larger variation of factors like temperature and water flow throughout the day. River fishing is generally thought to require more patience and more skill, but can provide a complete float, camping, and fishing experience with a wide variety of scenery.

Here are a few recommendations to find a starting point (but by no means is this an exhaustive list of fishing opportunities).

Lake Fishing in the Ozarks:

1. Lake Tenkiller State Park in Oklahoma

2. Bull Shoals Lake in North Central Arkansas & South Central Missouri

3. Table Rock Lake in Southeastern Missouri

4. Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas

5. Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri

6. Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas

7. Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees in Oklahoma

River and Stream Fishing in the Ozarks:

1. The Lower Illinois River at Gore, Oklahoma

2. Buffalo River in Arkansas

3. Meramec River in Missouri

4. Big Piney River in Missouri

5. Flint Creek in Oklahoma

6. White River in Arkansas

7. Glover River in Oklahoma

8. Eleven Points River in Missouri

9. Little Red River in Arkansas

When to Visit & What to Fish for in the Ozarks

Many places across the Ozarks region offer year-round fishing. However, your success will depend on understanding the natural feeding and migration cycles of different fish, which are predominantly driven by water temperatures .

First, you need to understand that fishing is a favorite hobby and pastime of many Ozarkians. You could talk strategy all day long (and then some) with local anglers. There is a fine line between art and science in locating and catching fish. This post is not that. Here, we aim to give you the very tip of the iceberg type of information so that you can plan a family fishing trip.

trout fish

Fishing comes in many different forms--in boats, on docks, propped up on the side of a bank along a river or on a lake. Whatever you're looking for, you probably have an idea of an iconic family fishing trip in mind.

Here is what you need to know:

Fly fishing is harder than it looks . If this is what you're looking for, consider hooking up with an instructor to show you the ropes.

Rod and reel fishing with live bait for crappie and bass is good for beginners.

If you fish rivers, you may catch catfish (and they sting).

Paddle fish charters offer a unique, adventurous fishing experience in the Ozarks.

Lures are generally for experienced anglers. Live bait attracts more fish.

Lake fishing and stream fishing are two different things that require two different skill sets when it comes to casting and catching.

Trout Fishing from the Riverbank

The Ozarks lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams are flush with various species of trout. For the lakes listed in this post, trout are stocked several times throughout the year. And for the rivers and streams, you’ll find trout upstream or downstream depending on natural spawning cycles.

Trout stick to routines. This makes these fish predictable and easier to locate when you want to fish. The bad news is that trout tend to hole up in hard-to-reach areas, like logs and other debris jamming up a current.

When it comes to fishing from the riverbank, you’re probably not going to have a lot of luck just dropping a line in the water without any strategy. For river and stream fishing, you need to learn how to flip or fly in and catch their attention without snagging a rock or branch.

If you’re fishing for trout in a river or stream, fly rods are the most popular type of equipment. But a skilled angler can make do with any setup. The key is to understand how and when trout feed. These fish are looking for bugs and larvae, which are most active on the surface of the water and at dusk. If you’re out mid-day, these fish will be deeper in the water and noticeably less active.

If you’re a beginner, look for trout on the bank of the river using Powerbait (a synthetic polymer fishing bait). Bring folding chairs, a cooler of drinks and food, and plenty of patience.

When to Go: The best season for trout fishing is fall, when these fish head upstream to spawn.

Lake Fishing for Bass and Crappie

If you’re wanting to fish from a lake, you can drop a line from a dock or head out in a small fishing boat to spend the day on the water. The Ozarks region is home to several large lakes that provide easy access and plenty of options to rent a boat. One thing you'll notice is that the lakes in the Ozarks region are pretty clear.

Try these lakes:

Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri

Table Rock Lake in Missouri

Beaver Lake in Arkansas

Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma

Bull Shoals Lake in Missouri and Arkansas

Charter Fishing for Paddlefish

Paddlefish are found throughout the Ozarks region. However, they are less common than the trout and bass varieties that are more commonly fished. Still, many anglers enjoy the sport of fishing paddlefish for something a little different. Keep in mind that paddlefish are typically restricted to a set fishing season.

What You Need: Equipment for First-Time Anglers

If you plan to take the kids fishing, you'll need some basic equipment. If someone in your group is a recreational and sport angler, you probably have what you need. But if this is the first time you're going out fishing with the family, or you are traveling without room for extra gear, you might still have a few options for securing the equipment that you need.

fishing pole leaned against tackle box at the lake

Here's a quick list of common requirements for bass fishing:

Fishing License(s)

Light to Medium Weight Rod & Reel (One per Person). Beginners should look for a medium action, closed-face reel.

Fishing Line

Live Bait (Earthworms)

Bobbers (Keeps the Bait suspended in the water and off the bottom)

Sinkers (Pulls line into water)

Pliers with a Cutting Tool

Bucket or Line to Keep Caught Fish

Pocket Knife

Portable Chairs

Sunscreen, Fishing Hats

Bottled Water

Picnic Lunch

Of course, if you want to fish from a boat, you'll need to own or rent a boat that is a sufficient size. You can fish solo from a kayak or with a couple of people from a bass fishing boat. But if you're taking a group, you'll need something larger.

Fishing permit and licensing programs vary by state. These programs are designed to protect fish and wildlife populations by allowing the governing conservation department to impose restrictions and regulations on fishing, hunting, or trapping activities.

Generally, both residents and non-residents are required to obtain a fishing permit. But the rules vary and there are plenty of exceptions. Here is what you need to know if you are planning a family fishing trip to the Ozarks.

Missouri Fishing Permits

Missouri fishing permits can be purchased for daily, annual, or lifetime use. For residents and non-residents, a daily permit is $8 per person in 2022. The Missouri Department of Conservation also offers a limited number of free fishing days where anyone can fish without a permit so check their calendar before buying your permits.

MO Fishing License Exemptions:

Youth Age 15 & Under (Resident & Non-Resident)

Missouri Residents Age 65 & Older

Individuals with Certain Medical Conditions or Disabilities

Veterans and Warriors in Transition

Anyone fishing in a trout park is required to purchase a daily trout permit. Additionally, trout permits are required to keep trout outside of a park or to fish the upper portion of Lake Taneycomo.

How much does a fishing permit cost in Missouri? A resident fishing permit is $12.00 and a non-resident fishing permit is $49. If you're not from Missouri, and only plan to fish for a few days, it might be better to buy a daily permit at $8 per day.

Arkansas Fishing Permits

In the Arkansas Ozarks, fishing is regulated by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission . Anyone age 16 or older is required to carry a fishing license in Arkansas. Additionally, a trout permit is required to fish certain waters (Bull Shoals Lake, Norfolk Lake, Greers Ferry Lake, Beaver Lake tailwaters, Lake Greeson, and Spavinaw Creek east of highway 59).

A non-resident fishing license is available for short-duration fishing trips and annual purchases:

Non-Resident Annual Fishing Permit - $50

Non-Resident 3-Day Fishing Permit - $16

Non-Resident 7-Day Fishing Permit - $25

Non-Resident Trout Permit - $20

Residents of the state of Arkansas can purchase discounted fishing permits and special border lake permits that enable fishing certain lakes without buying dual-state permits.

Resident Annual Fishing Permit - $10.50

Resident Trout Permit - $10

Resident 3-Day Fishing Permit - $6.50

White River & Border Lakes Permit - $10.50

Residents of Arkansas with mobility impairment may receive a free fishing license. Senior residents age 65 and older may receive a discounted lifetime fishing license for $10.50 (or lifetime trout license for $10).

Oklahoma Fishing Permits

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife manages fishing permits in the state of Oklahoma. Here, youth 15 & Under can fish without a permit. Youth ages 16 & 17 may purchase a permit for $5.00. And adults, age 18 and older can purchase an annual license for $25.00.

Non-resident licenses:

One-Day Permit - $15

Six-Day Permit - $35

Annual Permit - $55

Lake Texoma Permit - $12

Resident licenses:

Two-Day Permit - $15

Five Year Permit - $88

Annual Permit - $25

Disability Permit - $10

Lifetime Permit - $225

Senior Citizen (65+) Lifetime - $15

Youth Annual Permit - $5

Tips from the Pros to Kick Off Your Ozarks Fishing Trip

Fishing is a relatively simple, yet endlessly strategic pastime. It is as easy as dropping a line in the water if you want it to be. It's also something that you can pour hours, days, or weeks into researching, analyzing, and overthinking if you're so inclined. Why? It's simple, everyone has an opinion on how, when, and where to find fish and get them to bite.

Tip #1: Do Some Research & Make a Plan Before You Go

Choosing the type of fish you're hoping to catch can help you decide whether to head out in the early morning hours or wait for a crisp, fall afternoon. It can also help you choose the right equipment and bait, and ultimately have more success on your first fishing trip.

Tip #2: Have a Backup Plan

Not all fishing holes provide the same experience, and even anglers with years on the water will tell you that sometimes the fish just don't bite. Instead of leaving defeated, choose a backup fishing location within a close proximity to your target location and be willing to change the gameplan.

Tip #3: Dress for Comfort & Weather

Wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing is important. But also keep in mind that you'll be spending hours in the outdoors and that the weather can change from dawn to midday to dusk. Check the weather forecast early and often. Bring layers and packable rain gear just in case.

Tip #4: Leave No Trace

Practice responsible stewardship of the environment. Keep a clean camp and properly dispose of used line, leftover bait, and broken tackle.

Tip #5: Be Friendly, Accept Help from Experienced Anglers

One thing you're likely to encounter at the lake (or stream) is other fishermen. It's almost required that you exchange simple pleasantries like asking 'how are the fish biting' in passing. But it's also a great opportunity to get a little advice. Most of the time, more experienced anglers will be happy to oblige, offering a small bit of wisdom that might literally make the difference between a great fishing trip and dashed hopes of snagging a big one.

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Get Outdoors and Spend Quality Time Together on a Family Fishing Trip in the Ozarks

Find a Local Hotel: Check dates and rates on Trip.com

Rent a Car: Road trips are the best way to experience the Ozarks, get the best rates on Economy Bookings

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Visit Lake Tenkiller in the Oklahoma Ozarks

Action Fishing Trips

Thanks to Trey Reid and Arkansas Game & Fish for their special with us and their time spent  on Lake Greeson!

We are headed into the 2023 Fall crappie season. It's one of our best times of the year. Book your trip in advance to make sure you get the date that you want. If the date you want is taken, please check the SECOND BOAT OR THIRD BOAT.

Click Here for our up to date Calendar / Schedule to book your trip!

Click Here if you want to call or email us! 1-870-828-0605 [email protected]

Click Here to see what we've been catching!

All you need to know!

 We'll fish for anything that is biting but we target crappie most of the   time and we've developed a system for locating and catching them  year around on Lake Greeson, about 45-miles southwest of   Hot Springs, Arkansas between Murfreesboro and Glenwood.  We are located at beautiful Swaha Lodge & Marina but we will pick up at any marina on the lake! 

Call them what you will - crappy, white perch, specks, sacalait, calico bass  papermouths or whatever - we like catching them and love eating them! 

But most of all, we enjoy taking folks out on the water to "unwind" and  spend quality time making memories with their family and friends  while they catch a good "mess" of crappie. 

While fishing for crappie we often catch black bass, white bass, bluegill,  catfish, an occasional striper or walleye and a few other species. 

I guide out of a very stable, safe and comfortable  22' Blue Wave Center Console Bay Boats  powered by 200-horsepower four-stroke motors  and equipped with Jig Poles and Crappie Rods from BnM Poles.

I guide out of Swaha Lodge & Marina and recommend their cottages for your lodging needs. 

Youngsters are welcome and no fishing experience is required.

Bottled drinking water, crackers, life jackets, bait and tackle  are provided but you're welcome to bring your own tackle  and favorite snacks and beverages if you wish. Sandwiches, p izza, beverages, ice and snacks are available at the marina. 

We're never far from clean bathrooms and we'll  take bathroom breaks whenever needed. 

Fish that you want to keep are filleted and packaged for you. 

My boat can accommodate up to four adults(or bodies) and (or up to 1,100-pounds maximum weight)  with plenty of room for everyone to fish comfortably. I offer half-day and full-day trips.    

Half-day trips are $450 for one or two anglers plus $50 for each additional  adult and last about 5-hours including time for pictures and filleting fish. 

Full-day trips are $850 for one or two anglers plus $50 for each additional  adult and last about 8-hours including time for pictures and filleting fish. 

There are no additional taxes or charges for fuel, bait, tackle,  supplies, drinking water or snacks. 

If you're not sure whether you want a half-day or full-day trip you can  decide after you see how the trip is going and talk it over with your guide. 

We usually start around sunrise but it's not always n ecessary to start that early, especially in the cooler months.    

We usually take a lunch break on full-day trips but you are  welcome to bring your lunch if you prefer to fish through.  

Visit the Reservation-Calendars page to book a trip. 

Visit our Comments page to see what previous guests have said. 

E veryone age 16 and up will need a current Arkansas fishing license,  available at any Arkansas Walmart or sporting goods store, by calling  800-364-4263 or on-line from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission . 

Bring your camera, Polarized sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats,  raincoats or ponchos (just in case), warm clothes and boots in  cool weather and don't forget an ice chest for your fresh fillets! 

If you have friends or family members that don't care to fish b ut enjoy wildlife and scenery, bring them along. Bald eagles,  osprey, great blue herons, waterfowl, deer, otter, beaver  and other wildlife are often seen on a fishing trip. 

Click here to reserve your ACTION FISHING TRIP now!

Contacts Email: [email protected] Phone: 1-870-828-0605

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Arkansas Fishing Guides

Easily find an Arkansas fishing guide that fits your needs. Confidently book your next day on the water.

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4.94 / 5 Average Review Score

Team of Experts Available 24/7

100% Weather Guarantee

Licensed and Insured Guides

Recently Booked Fishing Guides In Arkansas

family fishing trips arkansas

River Fishing Trip in Cotter

White River Fly Fishing

Most popular types of trips in arkansas.


“Our Damn Good Guides go above and beyond to provide you an incredible trip, and we’ve handpicked every single one. We’re passionate about the outdoors and about empowering people to find the perfect-match guide for the trip of a lifetime, every time.”

Jonathan and Attison   |   Co-founders   |   Austin, Texas

Everything to Know About Booking a Fishing Guide in Arkansas

What are the best fishing trips in arkansas.

Our Damn Good Guides currently offer 1 trip in Arkansas: White River Fly Fishing guided by Dan .

Our guides in Arkansas are rated a 5 out of 5 based on 9739 verified reviews on Captain Experiences.

All guides on Captain Experiences are licensed, insured, and vetted by our team. You can access their reviews, click through trip photos, read bios to get to know them, and preview trip details like species, techniques, group sizes, boat specs and more.

The most popular city to book a charter in Arkansas is Cotter .

Looking for kid friendly guides in Arkansas? Check out our beginner and family friendly guides in Arkansas .

What types of fishing trips are common in Arkansas?

River fishing is the most popular in Arkansas.

The most commonly sought after species in Arkansas are: 1. brown trout, 2. cutthroat trout, and 3. rainbow trout.

The most common fishing technique in Arkansas is fly fishing.

How much does an Arkansas fishing trip cost?

in Arkansas prices can range anywhere from an affordable $400 to $525, but the average price for a half day trip in Arkansas is $400. The average price for a full day trip in Arkansas is $525.

What month is best for fishing in Arkansas?

The most popular season for fishing in Arkansas is fall, and most anglers book their trips 26 days in advance.

Do I need a Arkansas fishing license and what are the bag limits in Arkansas?

See here for more information on fishing licenses in Arkansas, bag limits for target species, and fishing season regulations in Arkansas. When in doubt, your fishing guide will always know the right rules and regulations in Arkansas.

Arkansas Fishing Calendar

Recent reviews of captain experiences.

Simon S. with Dan R. of Cotter, Arkansas

The Best Places to Fish in Arkansas

Featured cities.

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Family Fishing Trip Guide Service

family fishing trips arkansas

I moved to Royal, AR just west of Hot Springs in February 2020. I still guide Lakes Hamilton, DeGray and Greeson but now we are having great success on Lake Ouachita.

Since then I have grown my business into other species of fish like Walleye and Catfish and expanded into other seasons for my favorite fish like wintertime Crappie.

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Guided Trout Fishing Trips..... It's All About Relaxation and Fun

About Cotter Trout Dock - An Arkansas Trout Fishing Guide Service Since 1954

For over 50 Years Cotter Trout Dock has been conducting exceptional guided trout fishing float trips and camping float trips on Arkansas' White River and North Fork River and smal lmouth bass fishing trips on the Buffalo National River in Northern Arkansas.

We are a Buffalo National Scenic River (National Park Service) approved fishing and camping outfitter. On Buffalo River trips, we camp on riverbank gravel bars at the rivers edge.

For White River camp trips, Cotter Trout Dock owns Smith Island our private 15 acre island at the confluence of the White River and Buffalo River. Our favorite trip is 24 miles down the Buffalo River through two Wilderness Areas; camping one night on the Buffalo River and the second night on our island on the White River, then fish 12 more miles on the White River to Norfork.

Where We Do Our Guided Trout Fishing Trips For Rainbow and Brown Trout On The White River In Arkansas

The cold, crystal clear White River flows from Bull Shoals Dam 18 miles above Cotter, Arkansas, our starting base. For the next 60 miles its chilled waters are perfect for rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout, as well as providing natural air conditioning that keeps you comfortable even during July and August.

The Arkansas White River receives regular trout stocking, plus it has good populations of native trout.  The White River in Arkansas is the producer of several trout World Records.

Fishing Float Trips - 30 to 40 Rainbow Trout Caught Per Person On One Of Our Guided Fishing Trips Is Very Usual

family fishing trips arkansas

Our Arkansas trout fishing float trips range in length from a half day trip to camping trips of several days covering about fifteen miles per day. All trips are fully outfitted with all you need for a safe, comfortable excursion.

Our guided fishing trips are conducted by professional, well-trained guides with many years experience. Lots of stories! And they are great cooks over a charcoal fire. We are famous for our excellent shore lunches and camp meals.

We are happy to "put-you-in" at any point on the rivers and "take-you-out" at any point on any river.

We Are Happy To Help You Plan Your Arkansas Trout Fishing Trip

Cotter Trout Dock is open all year around. We've been in the same location since 1954; just after trout were introduced into the Arkansas White River. We are fully licensed and insured. We are very safety conscious and are inspected by the National Park Service on a regular basis. We do not have any hidden charges.

When you book your fishing trip with Cotter Trout Dock, we'll make your room reservations at the accommodation of your choice. We'll be happy to make reservations at restaurants or attractions for your group. For corporate groups we can pay for rooms, meals etc., and your company can write one check to us.

Overnight and Extended Camp and Trout Fishing Float Trips

family fishing trips arkansas

Cotter Trout Dock owns a 15 acre island in the middle of the Arkansas White River directly in front of the mouth of the Buffalo River. Your privacy and solitude is guaranteed! We maintain multiple grassy, shaded camp sites on our island so that we do not need to combine groups. Your campsite is for your group alone. This private campground is for our overnight float trip guests only.

Arkansas Southern Cooking - Shore Lunch And Camp Trip Meals - Hush Puppies Included

family fishing trips arkansas

At Cotter Trout Dock in Cotter, Arkansas, we are famous for our shore lunches and camp cooking. Field & Stream and other outdoor magazines have written several articles about us, and they all raved about our meals. But the article we are most proud of is one that appeared in Gourmet Magazine. They had many good things to say about our meal and our guides. We bet you will too! We use top quality ingredients like corn-fed beef, hand-picked tomatoes, and cooks who know what to do with them.

Who Goes On Our Arkansas Trout Fishing Trips

family fishing trips arkansas

We fish from traditional White River Arkansas John boats.  All boats are fully outfitted with comfortable, padded swivel seats, life jackets, and throw cushions. Our guides either own or are assigned their own motors and equipment. Motors and equipment are well maintained and clean. See People Who Fish With Us

Thanks for reading clear down to here!

Arkansas game and fish commission information, local weather, mileage map, local information, state of arkansas information, to find local lodging and food/restaurants .....

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Top Arkansas Fishing Trips

Copper john's resort.

Lakeview, Arkansas

Nestled on the lush banks of the world famous White River, Copper John’s Resort provides the ideal accommodations and surroundings for the ultimate fishing adventure.

Being located in the expanse of dense forests in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, Copper John’s Resort offers seclusion in addition to some of the best fishing in Arkansas. For almost a decade the resort has been welcoming fisherman and those looking for a hidden vacation retreat. Upon first arriving at the resort the surrounding terrain, vegetation and wildlife set a peaceful and relaxing tone for the resort. The log cabin construction gives the resort a warm cabin feel while having many amenities to enhance comfort. They offer 10 different cabins that can accommodate from one to eight people respectively. Each of the cabins is rustically furnished and decorated, giving you the feeling of being at an authentic mountain retreat. Between cabins the amenities differ but you’ll find amenities like comfortable beds, full kitchens, quality furniture, fireplaces and a full bathroom. The biggest attraction to the resort is fishing on the White River. No matter your skill level, they have classes and guides to help you maximize your experience. They even have a fully outfitted fishing shop that has all the equipment you’ll need as well as mementos to remember your trip. Copper John’s Resort is ready to help you realize that dream fishing trip you’ve always wanted, contact them today to see how you can make it a reality.

Copper John’s Resort 469 River Road Lakeview Arkansas 72642

Related activities

Fishing is not the only thing to enjoy during your trip to the heart of the Ozark Mountains. From nature viewing to golf, there is a little something for everyone here.

Lakeview has a population of roughly 800 people and the primary source of the local economy is the tourism industry.

Can-U-Canoe Riverview Cabins

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Can-U-Canoe offers a quintessential Arkansas Ozarks fishing experience just outside of the beautiful and historic city of Eureka Springs.

Surround yourself with Ozarks beauty only minutes away from Eureka Springs, Arkansas! If you’re hoping to target trout and bass and everything in between, Can-U-Canoe is within ideal proximity to both the White River and Beaver Lake—both of which are considered some of Arkansas’ best fishing destinations. And with such an eclectic assortment of suites, cabins, and vacation homes, it’s no surprise that so many anglers choose Can-U-Canoe as their ultimate basecamp for fishing in the state.

161 County Road 210 Eureka Springs, AR 72632

After minimal research, it doesn't take long to realize that water is integral in making Can-U-Canoe an excellent destination for an unforgettable Ozarks fishing retreat.

When you're not out fishing on the White River or Beaver Lake, you can find many other outdoor activities such as canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, and even scuba diving!

Village Villas Vacation Rentals

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

In the heart of beautiful Hot Springs Village is an unforgettable vacation experience that's perfect for families, friends, and couples alike. Stay with Village Villas Vacation Rentals and discover the comfort and adventure of this extraordinary destination.

Fishing enthusiasts are in for an exceptional experience when staying at Village Villas Vacation Rentals. Their premier location puts you close to Hot Spring Village's eleven beautiful lakes. Every lake offers a relaxing fishing adventure for both the expert and beginner angler. Three local marinas provide rentals as well! No matter where you choose to cast your line, you're guaranteed to reel in a variety of fish including crappie, bass, catfish, and more!

4136 Highway 7 North, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas 71909

Village Villas Vacation Rentals makes it easy to enjoy a relaxing lake vacation on your Arkansas getaway! Their premier location in the heart of Hot Springs Village means you're minutes away from 11 beautiful local lakes. Soft sand beaches let you unwind under the sun while two area marinas provide rentals and easy access for outdoor adventures.

With eight championship golf courses just minutes away, there's no place better than Village Villas Vacation Rentals to plan your next golf vacation!

Buffalo Outdoor Center

Ponca, Arkansas

There are times when a fishing resort becomes much, much more than a fishing resort. This would be one of those times. Buffalo Outdoor Center rests on the Buffalo River - which means, with the surrounding Ozark Mountains, it’s one of the most scenic Arkansas fishing vacations you’ll ever take.

The cabins here are plentiful, in a variety of sizes and levels of luxury. The five Classic cabins provide all the basics - and more - for an Ozarks fishing getaway, complete with stone fireplaces. The Valley Luxury cabins are great for romance, from the intimate Valley Mist with a Jacuzzi tub to the Mills Cabin with an outdoor hot tub and space for eight. And the Mountain Top Luxury Cabins - well, we’ll let you see for yourself. Did we mention fishing? The Buffalo River is much sought-after for anglers is search of smallmouth bass. Yet you’re also likely to run across leopard gar, goggle eye, catfish and more - if you can take your eyes off of the surrounding natural beauty.

The Buffalo National River is also a tremendous choice for scenic canoeing and spotting elk and a great variety of other mountain and wilderness wildlife.

Buffalo Outdoor Center also has its own wind generator - the first in Arkansas to co-generate.

Related Onsite Offerings

The Riverwind Lodge, with its stunning wilderness views, vaulted ceilings, great room and sleeping accommodations for up to 24, is ideal for business getaways, group events and weddings.

Cedar Springs Country Inn

Bull Shoals, Arkansas

Discover fishing in the Ozarks with Cedar Springs Country Inn.

Surrounded by great fishing waters, Cedar Springs Country Inn is your destination for excellent fishing. The nearby White River has long been noted as a first-class float stream among anglers. Rainbow, German brown, cutthroat and brook trout are waiting in its waters. Or, if you'd prefer lake fishing, Bull Shoals Lake offers even more fishing opportunities. After a day of fishing excitement, retire to your room for comfortable and rustic charm. Lounge on your cedar construction bed, curl up in front of the fireplace, or enjoy the modern convenience of wireless internet. All this and more awaits you at Cedar Springs Country Inn.

590 Rivercliff Drive Bull Shoals, Arkansas

Need a break from fishing? Why not hit the green with one of the golf packages from Cedar Springs Country Inn.

Panther Valley Ranch

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Nestled in the Scenic Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, Panther Valley Ranch is an authentic 100-year-old Western horse ranch offering scenic lodging described as rustic elegance.

Enjoy mountains, creeks, and woods that surround Panther Valley Ranch’s relaxing scenic lodging. Being surrounded in natural beauty does not mean you’ll be roughing it, their suites come with wireless internet, Jacuzzi's, air conditioning, and more. With four lakes in the area, Hot Springs is a great place to fish. DeGray Lake is best known for hybrid striped bass but is also popular for walleye, bream, crappie, and catfish. Rainbow trout, catfish, crappie, bass, and walleye can be found on Lake Ouachita. The ranch is only five miles from downtown Hot Springs National Park but it is still far removed enough that you feel you have left the world behind. Bask in the views on a hiking trip through the park or head to the nearby shooting range and line up your sights with a round of clay shooting. Come to Panther Valley Ranch and let your stress melt away.

1942 Millcreek Rd., Hot Springs, AR 71901

Relax at one of the day spas in the area, take the kids to the Magic Springs Amusement Park, or do some trail riding in the Off Road Vehicle Park.

The Hot Springs National Park calls itself the “oldest area in the national park system” because in 1832, 40 years before Yellowstone became the first national park, President Andrew Jackson set aside the hot springs as a special reservation. The federal land became a national park in 1921.

Lake Shore Cabins on Beaver Lake

One thing we’ve noticed about fishing: it’s not really a noisy sport. Which is what gives Lake Shore Cabins on Beaver Lake an added bonus for your Ozarks fishing getaway: the main highlight here, besides the pure luxury of the Arkansas cabin accommodations, is the peace and quiet.

It doesn’t hurt that these eight spacious log cabins rest on the serene Beaver Lake. From above, the lake features breathtaking limestone bluffs on a total of 487 miles of shoreline. Below, it teems with fish - bream, white bass, catfish and smallmouth bass to name a few. People have been known to haul in 40-pound stripers from the 28,000-acre Beaver Lake, which might explain the abundance of marinas and outfitters here. But back to the peace and quiet: you’ll enjoy all of this from a luxury log cabin, either one or two stories, with showers, comfortable sleeper beds, decks, TVs and simply gorgeous rustic construction. And you’ll never believe the view from your deck. It showcases northwest Arkansas, high in the Ozark Mountains - a complete fishing vacation.

Beaver Lake itself provides plenty of chances to catch the big one, but the creek mouths around it are just as plentiful. They include Ford’s Creek, Cedar Creek, War Eagle Creek and of course the incomparable White River.

Getting there

From Eureka Springs, take Hwy 62 west to 187 South. Turn left. Travel four miles and take the left fork in the road onto Mundell Road. Go two miles. Lake Shore Cabins on Beaver Lake is on the right.

Beaver Lake is the first of the manmade lakes created along the legendary White River in Arkansas and Missouri.

Buffalo River Outfitters

St. Joe, Arkansas

Located on the United States' first national river, Buffalo River Outfitters has been offering fantastic fishing trips for years and years. With multiple species of fish and breathtaking Ozarks scenery, this angling oasis is an Arkansas adventure to remember!

Set off on this stunning river and reel in a wide variety of fish. This crystal-clear waterway is the perfect fishing hole for bass, perch, and catfish. The most popular method of fishing is on a canoe and this outfitter provides plenty of them. Enjoy a relaxing trip surrounding by stunning scenery before you cast your line and hook a boatload of fish. This fishing fantasy is the crowning achievement of the Ozarks! After recreation on the river, enjoy relaxation in your cabin. These spacious cabins exude rustic charm and feature welcoming amenities. Curl up beside the stone fireplace, soak in the scenery from the porch, or fry up the catch of the day on the barbecue grill. Choose a luxury cabin and rejuvenate in the soothing Jacuzzi tub. And, the entire family can fit in these cabins, which can accommodate up to 10 guests!

9664 US-65, St. Joe, Arkansas 72675

The cabin is perched atop Silver Hill, overlooking the Tyler Bend area of the river, offering a cool vantage point during those hot summer days.

When you're not fishing, try kayaking, tubing, or rafting. Stay dry and hike the scenic Ozarks or traverse the terrain on horseback. Adventure is always in season!

Lobo Landing Resort

Heber Springs, Arkansas

Every lure is lucky at the Lobo Landing Resort! Claim that perfect river spot for your own when you take the Little Red River road to the Lobo Landing.

The silence is only broken by the calming current of the Little Red River and the wistful whistle of your line, lifting like a kite before falling like a star into the best fly fishing spot in Arkansas. Slip into bliss and into your waders to wander the lucky waters alive with the silver-dollar scales of slippery, shining trout. This isn’t just luck. It’s the Lobo Landing Resort. Lobo Landing Resort is the avid angler’s answer to Arkansas fly fishing. Peek into a simpler past at the riverside log cabins designed with a Montana fishing lodge in mind, but with all the modern comforts of a current Bassmaster. A boat dock, covered walkways, and a fishing deck complete the picture of your next fly fishing adventure in the outback of Arkansas.

Lobo Landing Resort has partnered with Arkansas’ only Orvis-endorsed guide service, Jamie Rouse Fly Fishing Adventures, to get you your next trophy trout!

Seclusion and solitude are the freeing friends of a fly fisherman. Soak in the silence, the peace and quiet, and feel your stresses melt away at the popular but private Lobo Landing Resort. Riverside cabins and your own trophy trout will have you thinking you’re the river king!

“Rip" Collins proved that the Little Red River is a premier trout stream in 1992, when he reeled in a world-record 40-pound, four-ounce brown trout on the Little Red River.

The Fisherman's Lodge

Cotter, Arkansas

Fishing has always been kind of a community activity. Give an angler a boat and a good trout river, and he’s happy; put a buddy next to him and he’s delirious. Here’s a wonderful lodge that illustrates this point - for groups up to 100. The more the better!

The whole idea of Fisherman’s Lodge is still what keeps it vital today: it was a place for people to stay so they could fish for longer than one day on the fantastic White River. That was 25 years ago. Now, the lodge serves fabulous meals morning and evening on entertainment decks and in the grand dining room; an equally delicious lunch is served out on the shores. That’s not to mention the Great Room, the onsite conference room or the six beautiful guest rooms. It’s also not to mention the fishing. The lodge employs expert guides who conduct four types of fishing trips, including family, trophy trout, group and fast-action fishing, where you’re likely to catch up to 12 fish per hour!

The covered deck at the Fisherman's Lodge provides spectacular views of the Ozark Uplands, the White River and the Ozark Plateau.

You can also blend a little golf into your Arkansas White River fishing trip with the Fisherman’s Lodge packages to the Big Creek Country Club, just 15 minutes away.

The Fisherman’s Lodge also offers a two-day fly fishing school courtesy of Jim Traylor, professional fly fishing guide.

The White River Inn

Plan the ultimate fishing experience at the magnificent White River Inn. Located right beside the famed White River itself, the White River Inn offers everything you need for an exceptional 5-star fishing experience. Their all-inclusive packages provide luxury accommodations, delicious meals throughout your stay, and incredible fishing adventures. Their Orvis-endorsed fishing guides will happily show you the ropes around the river, which is considered to be the "best trophy brown trout fishery in the world!" The river is also teeming with all four species of trout so you have plenty of opportunities to reel in a great catch. Whether you're a fan of fly-fishing or spin-fishing, you can enjoy it here as well. There's no doubt about it; The White River Inn offers the best trout fishing in the lower 48!

924 County Road 174 Cotter, AR 72626

Enjoy 100 miles of fishing on your stay at The White River Inn! Their fishery starts below the Bull Shoals Dam and continues for 100 miles or so downstream!

The back deck at the lodge offers unbeatable views of the river as well as a place to unwind, bird-watch, and bask in the stunning sunsets and sunrises everyday.

Norfork Resort & Trout Dock

Norfork, Arkansas

Planning the ultimate fishing trip has many options to consider such as location, transportation, guides, equipment and lodging. Take the worry out of planning your next fishing excursion by staying at Norfork Resort & Trout Dock.

The goal of the resort is to help you have the best fishing trip you can imagine. Your dream fishing adventure begins with their high quality accommodations and service. The cabins each have a unique layout and can comfortably house groups of almost any size. Each cabin has a different perspective and location so you can enjoy different aspects of the surrounding landscape. The amenities differ from cabin to cabin but include a/c units, porches, full kitchen, full bath, washer/dryer and much more. On site the resort has a swimming pool for guests to use as well as a conference room that can hold up to 75. Fishing is the specialty of Norfork Resort & Trout Dock and it shows in their service and knowledge of the area. They offer a range of fishing trips that have something for any angler. You can go on a fully outfitted trip with a guide and you will always be on the best hot spots. There is also the option to go on overnight camping expeditions where your group and guide stay out under the stars for a memorable experience. You can rent boats and all the equipment you need for your journey right at the resort. Don't miss out on the 100 plus year old tradition of shore lunches. A cook will prepare your catch as well as side dishes and drinks riverside. Let the rustic charm and beautiful surroundings be the backdrop for your ultimate fishing adventure at Norfolk Resort and Trout Dock.

Norfork Resort & Trout Dock 297 Fisherman St. Norfork, AR 72658

The Buffalo River was Americas first river to be named a National River.

If your in need of a boat don't worry the resort features boat rentals. Rentals come with life preservers, paddles, net and anchor. There is a max of four people per boat so plan accordingly.

Lake Forest Luxury Log Cabins

Lake Forest Luxury Log Cabins, located in Eureka Springs, abounds with opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

Onsite, you’ll find an outdoor swimming pool to go along with your deluxe cabins. These well-appointed cabins sit between Beaver Lake and the Ozark Mountains. Inside, you’ll find such amenities like fully-equipped kitchens, satellite television, vaulted ceilings, and a BBQ grill fit to make delicious meals. The real highlight will be your access to Beaver Lake where you can fish from sunrise to sunset. Under the surface lurk striped bass, smallmouth and largemouth bass, as well as bream, crappie, and catfish. Around the area, you’ll find no shortage of fishing guides who will take you to the hot spots. Take advantage of all the fishing opportunities you’ll have among the Arkansas Ozarks at Lake Forest!

351 Lake Forest Drive Eureka Springs, AR 72631

Extra Stops

Aside from fishing guides, Eureka Springs also has a handful of day spas, restaurants, and arts and entertainment to keep you busy.

Lake Forest Luxury Cabins has two pet-friendly cabins onsite, so feel free to bring Fido!

River Ridge Inn

If you are looking for the only premier fly fishing destination on the North Fork of the White River, look no further than the River Ridge Inn!

Accomplish the goal of every Arkansas fly fishing enthusiast as you try to catch the always elusive "Grand Slam". Catch these four different species of trout (brown, cutthroat, rainbow and brook), and you will become a legend in the Heart of the Ozarks! Onsite fishing guides and instructors will make this a successful fishing group for your entire group, helping you find the perfect spot to land your next trophy fish. One particular stretch of the White River, Dry Run Creek, has been called "the best quarter mile of trout fishing in the world". Why pass up an opportunity to catch your limit in these abundant waters? Arrange your next Arkansas fishing getaway now!

57 River Ridge Road Norfork, AR, 72658

Norfork - 511

Mountain range

The Ozark Mountains

-The Main Lodge at River Ridge Inn provides a six bedrooms and bathrooms, making it the perfect place for groups of up to 20 to stay for a long weekend of family reunion. Or, the lodge rooms can be rented out individually. -For those learning to fly fish for the first time, River Ridge Inn provides a Fly Fishing Academy.

Driftwood Resort

Nestled among a tranquil wooded area overlooking Bull Shoals Lake, Driftwood Resort is the ideal spot for a relaxing getaway where there is no such thing as too much fishing.

You’ll have a hard time choosing where to drop your line in. Nearby Bull Shoals Lake spans approximately 45,000 acres and has largemouth and smallmouth bass, white and striped bass, walleye, and catfish. Also close by is the famed White River where you’ll take in breathtaking views of the Ozark mountains. In the river, you’ll catch some of the best rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout in the United States. Whether you go fly-fishing, on a guided trip, or bank fishing, the experience will always be unique and productive.

205 Pinehurst Point, Bull Shoals, Arkansas, 72619

There are plenty of other water activities to participate in besides fishing including boating, jet skiing, and swimming.

From Branson: Take US 65 S (Entering Arkansas) approx 30 miles turning left onto US65/US62/US412/AR43. Continue to follow approx 7.2 miles and turn left onto US 65/US 62/US 412. Go approx 21 miles, turn left on AR 202. Go 7.4 miles and turn left on AR 178. Go 7.5 miles and turn left on Shorecrest Dr. Take the third left onto Pinehurst Point and go approximately 1 block. Look for Driftwood Resort on left.

Beaver Lakefront Cabins

There is no better place to plan your next fishing trip than Beaver Lakefront Cabins in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Beaver Lakefront Cabins are located on the shores of Beaver Lake and within driving distance of Eureka Springs. Fishing enthusiasts will be impressed by their indoor heated fishing room, the only one on the lake. Beaver Lakefront Cabins also has a boat dock and luxury pontoon rentals if you want to fish out on the lake in the warmer months. They offer free kayak, canoe, and pedal boat rentals for those who want to explore the nearby coves. Beaver Lake is famous for its fishing, so grab their local fishing guide and catch some of their incredible striper basses. You can also catch some white bass and trout on White River, which is only a few minutes away. Book your cabin now and experience an unforgettable Arkansas vacation!

1234 County Road 120, Eureka Springs, AR 72631

Consider a visit to the National Historic Register's Blue Spring Heritage Center with its inviting gardens and prolific spring or to the nearly 500 acres Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge housing over 100 rescued big cats. The area also offers a variety of outdoor adventures including zip lining, horseback riding, scuba diving near the Beaver Dam, and hiking at Lake Leatherwood.

Every cabin and suite has a front glass wall and a large, two-person Jacuzzi facing the lake. In addition, they provide native stone gas fireplaces, exceptionally comfortable custom beds with luxurious linens, fully equipped kitchens, and modern bathrooms. For your indoor entertainment, they offer complimentary wireless internet, large flat-screen HDTVs with HD satellite, and an up-to-date 750 plus DVD/Blu-ray library.

Gaston's White River Resort

Gatson’s White River Resort in Lakeview, Arkansas is the ideal place to have an unforgettable fishing trip with the whole family.

Gaston's White River Resort began 59 years ago with only six cottages and six boats, now Gaston’s has 79 cottages and over 70 boats. The years have also brought an award-winning restaurant, a private club, a conference lodge, and much more. Gaston’s is perfect for any size family or get-together, with cottages ranging from two double beds to ten private rooms. At Gaston’s, it is all about fishing. Visitors can choose to purchase a guided fishing trip or rent a boat and get out on the water on their own. Visitors who have their own boats can also rent fishing equipment if needed. For guests’ convenience, they can purchase a full or half day guided fishing trip, as well as rent the boats and fishing equipment for a full or half day, depending on their needs.

1777 River Rd, Lakeview, AR 72642

Gaston's White River Resort may offer premiere fishing, but it also features a gift shop, a tennis court, a playground, a game room, a duck pond, three nature trails, a swimming pool, and a fly fishing school. You won't ever run out of activities to do at Gaston's.

Gatson's offers their very own Bermuda grass airstrip. It is open to everyone, not just resort guests. Known as the best fly in destination in that part of the country, Gaston's has people fly in from all over the country to enjoy their resort or even just breakfast, lunch, or dinner at their first-class restaurant.

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We fish for Crappie, Walleye, Bream, Catfish, White Bass, Hybrid Striper and Striper on Lake Hamilton, Lake Ouachita, Lake DeGray, and Lake Greeson all near Hot Springs, Arkansas. …

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family fishing trips arkansas

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family fishing trips arkansas

White River Family Fishing (Reviews) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

River Pirate Guide Service

River Pirate Guide Service - Trout & Walleye Fishing Charters for the White River & Beaver Lake Arkansas

Richard Rusher Ph: 479-330-1368 Email: [email protected]

After your guided trip, give us a review on Facebook . We’d love to see the photos and hear about your rainbow trout, brown trout, or walleye fishing experience.

(870) 706-7952


Our fly fishing guides are the best in the business! We offer fully guided – All inclusive – Guided fly fishing trips on the White River and North Fork rivers.   Call or text at (870) 706-7952

White River Fishing Guides Arkansas - Brown Trout Fishing Arkansas - Fly Fishing Arkansas Trout

We guide anglers for trophy Brown Trout on the White River below Bull Shoals Dam. All Inclusive guided Trout fishing for anglers of all ages. Light Spin Fishing or Fly Fishing Tackle. Call or text at (870) 706-7952

Fly Fishing White River Arkansas - White River Trout Fishing Arkansas - Fly Fish Arkansas Trout

Year around Trout Fishing Guide Service for Rainbow and Brown Trout. We spend thousands of hours on the water to ensure your success. We make sure that you and your family have a positive and memorable Trout fishing experience! Call or text at (870) 706-7952

Fly Fishing Arkansas Trout - White River Fly Fishing - Fly Fishing Guides White River Arkansas

White River Fishing Guides ~ Upscale Guided Fishing Tours for Trophy Brown Trout and limits of Rainbow Trout located in the Ozarks, on the White River in Arkansas. Family style guided Trout fishing adventures! Call or text at (870) 706-7952

White River Fishing Guides

We make it easy for you to catch the big ones! Welcome to White River Fishing Guides for Trophy Brown trout, and limits of Rainbow trout, on Arkansas’s White & North Fork Rivers. We offer both fly fishing and light spin tackle guided trips. Our guided White River trout fishing trips are all inclusive, all gear, tackle, rods, reels, bait, and flies are included. Heck, we’ll even clean your fish!

White River Fly Fishing Report

Whether your a novice, or a well seasoned veteran, we have a guided trip for you! Our guided tours are catered to the clients wants, and special needs. Our customized trips are designed for anglers to jump into the boat, and be ready to fish. White River Fishing Guides, take time to explain the techniques in detail, so that you have an enjoyable day on the water and free of frustration.

Our fly fishing guides and casting instructors are top notch! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a novice learning to cast for the first time. Our Fly Fishing guides are patient and helpful. Willing to take time to instruct and help with fly selections. Fly casting instructionals are included in all fly fishing guided trips.

Our professional guides, either fly fishing or spinning, love the sport of chasing giant Brown Trout, or the ear to ear smile of a young child that’s landed his/her first limit of rainbow trout. We love White River trout fishing, and we want to make sure that your family has a memorable fishing experience that you’re to remember years down the road.

We have both Fly fishing guides and Light Tackle Spin Fishing guides at your disposal. Our fly fishing guides offer casting instructionals, Nymphing techniques, how to fish dry flies, and streamer fishing tips. There’s no better place to learn fly fishing with White River Fishing Guides. All guided Fly Fishing trips are all inclusive.

Guided Fishing adventures and family oriented trout fishing tours on the White and North Fork Rivers in Arkansas. During the winter months we have the best trophy trout fishing for giant Brown trout. Shad kills are a primary food source for trout during the winter months. Fly fishing with streamer flies accounts for some very large trout during January and February. Brown trout spawn in late fall so the egg bite is also good at this time.

During the Winter months , we are devoted to fly fishing trophy trout on Streamers. Streamer fly fishing represents injured bait fish such as Shad, or planted hatchery trout. Injured minnows are easy prey for larger trout, especially big Brown trout. Sink tip fly lines work well for this technique. When fly fishing streamers, remember, the water is cold, so a strip strip pause with your fly works best, giving trout a moment to hit and eat the fly. Here is a good fly shop to purchase streamers for the White River in Flippin, Arkansas.

Streamer Flies for White River

All of out guided fishing adventures are family oriented and all inclusive. Use of all gear, tackle, rods, reels, bait and tackle is included in your fishing trip. There are no hidden charges. You show up to fish – We take of the rest!

Fishing Gear – Lots of it! Our gear is high quality. Great gear makes for a great day of fishing. Stress free and relaxing when your focus is your next Rainbow or trophy Brown trout.

Give a Call or Text – (870) 706-7952

Our boats and fishing gear are top notch! When you step into our fishing boats, these boats are clean, comfortable, and well stocked. First class tackle and service for your day of fishing. Guided trips are all inclusive with no hidden charges. Fish cleaning, and use of all gear comes with the trip. (*Lunch is not included*). We have the best Arkansas trout fishing guides.

White River Fishing Guides Arkansas - Trophy Brown Trout White River Arkansas - Fly Fishing White River

We have both light spin tackle and fly fishing options available for our guided White River Trout fishing adventures. Guided trips are all inclusive – All gear, tackle, and flies are included – Free of charge. Call or Text at (870) 706-7952

Fly Fishing Guides White River Arkansas - Trout Fishing White River Arkansas - Fly Fishing Arkansas trout

Some of our best guided trout fishing trips are during the Winter months. Our largest trophy Brown trout are caught during January and February. We have hand warmers and gear available to help you stay warm! White River Fly Fishing Reports for Arkansas. (870) 706-7952

  • Phone : (870) 706-7952
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Address : 125 E Main St, Flippin, AR 72634
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Arkansas River Float Fishing

Enjoy the excitement of the rapids and fishing on the gold medal arkansas river., book your trip.

Departures at Cotopaxi location

Our most popular option

Starting at $450

Arrival time: 7:45am, 12:45pm, 3:45pm, duration: 3 hours, based on water levels.

Action-packed day w/ lunch included

Starting at $575

Arrival time: 7:45am, duration: 6-8 hours, based on water levels.

Enjoy a magical time of the day

Arrival Time: 3:45pm

Trip details.

Arkansas River fly fishing for Brown and Rainbow trout in Colorado is an unparalleled experience that many only dream about. Rather than standing on the riverbank, you'll be drifting down the river by raft, providing you with access to prime fishing spots that are impossible to reach by foot.

With predominantly 10" to 16" Browns, Arkansas River fly fishing offers some of the fastest dry fly action in the West, with feeding and holding zones that are only accessible by raft. Our float fishing trips provide an unparalleled view of the Arkansas River, with no crowds, breathtaking sunsets, and plenty of wildlife to observe.

Only flies or lures are allowed – no bait! Anglers should be proficient in casting skills to ensure a rewarding experience. Novices should consider our instructional fly fishing course prior to Arkansas River float fishing.

Location: Arkansas River with departure at Cotopaxi location

Requirements: Minimum age requirement 12+

Adventure Level: A reel great time

Our all-time favorite trip

Starting at $425 per person

Arrival times: 8:00am, 1:00pm, 4:00pm, duration: 2.5 hours, based on water levels, starting at $550 per person, arrival times: 8:00am, duration: 5-6 hours, based on water levels, what to expect.

family fishing trips arkansas


Trip information & faqs.

No! For people that have never fly-fished, the Colorado wade fishing trip is usually better as it allows for more instruction time. That said, we do take people float fishing with no experience as our guides can adjust the positioning of the boat based on your casting ability.

Yes, you do and you can obtain one at Colorado Parks & Wildlife !

Transportation to and from the river, PFD/life jacket and lunch on full-day tours. Fishing gear is available for rent.

We recommend bringing your own flies. That said, your guide will be stocked with all flies and tackle needed for the day (as a backup). If you lose a lot of your guides’ flies, it is customary to reimburse them.

No. Our fishing boats have hard floors, swivel seats and lean bars. Fishing can be done either standing or sitting down. The only walking during the trip is to get in our out of the boat.

family fishing trips arkansas

Trips for all ages & experience

Find Your Right Trip

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We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer service and are here to assist you in any way we can. Let us know how we can help!

If you'd prefer, email us at [email protected] or call 1.800.321.4352 .

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Since our inception in 1973, Arkansas River Tours has been committed to providing the safest, highest-quality river trips available. Phone: 1.800.321.4352 [email protected]

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  3. 9 Best Spots for Trout Fishing in Arkansas

    family fishing trips arkansas

  4. 5 Best Fishing Spots in Arkansas

    family fishing trips arkansas

  5. Fishing by Region

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  6. White River Float Trip with Hurst Fishing Service

    family fishing trips arkansas


  1. Family Fishing Trips Guide Service

    501-844-5418 Info Links THE WEATHER Sunrise/Sunset Times LAKE LEVELS DeGray Lake Level Ouachita Lake Level Greeson Lake Level Farmers Almanac Long Range Weather Forecast for the Deep South region Family Fishing Trips Guide Service is Coast Guard approved for all Inland Waters in the U.S. with Capt. Darryl Morris Active Duty Marine 1983-1988

  2. THE 10 BEST Arkansas Fishing Charters & Tours

    Fishing Charters & Tours in Arkansas Enter dates Outdoor Activities Filters • 1 Sort All things to do Category types Attractions Tours Day Trips Outdoor Activities Concerts & Shows Food & Drink Events Shopping Transportation Traveler Resources Outdoor Activities Golf Courses Hiking Trails Fishing Charters & Tours Gear Rentals Show all

  3. White River Family Fishing

    Trout Fishing White River Family Fishing? Call (870)405-8215 for the most fun a family can have fishing for trout on the White River in Arkansas. Serving Bull Shoals, Mountain Home, Fayetteville and Branson Missouri

  4. The 10 BEST Fishing Charters in Arkansas (Winter 2024)

    Home United States Arkansas Top Arkansas Destinations Mount Ida 3 fishing charters Bentonville 4 fishing charters Mountain View 3 fishing charters Cotter 4 fishing charters Fayetteville 2 fishing charters Lead Hill 30 fishing charters Hot Springs 3 fishing charters Calico Rock 3 fishing charters Filter results by: Price per Day $0 - $400

  5. Spend Quality Time Together Outdoors: Plan a Family Fishing Trip

    A Beginner's Guide to Planning a Family Fishing Trip to Get Outdoors and Spend Quality Time Together. ... Anyone age 16 or older is required to carry a fishing license in Arkansas. Additionally, a trout permit is required to fish certain waters (Bull Shoals Lake, Norfolk Lake, Greers Ferry Lake, Beaver Lake tailwaters, Lake Greeson, and ...

  6. Action Fishing Trips

    Boat 1 Capt. Dustin Holmes All you need to know! We'll fish for anything that is biting but we target crappie most of the time and we've developed a system for locating and catching them year around on Lake Greeson, about 45-miles southwest of Hot Springs, Arkansas between Murfreesboro and Glenwood.

  7. Arkansas Fishing Guides

    Check out our beginner and family friendly guides in Arkansas. What types of fishing trips are common in Arkansas? ... How much does an Arkansas fishing trip cost? in Arkansas prices can range anywhere from an affordable $400 to $525, but the average price for a half day trip in Arkansas is $400. The average price for a full day trip in ...

  8. Family Fishing Trip Guide Service

    Family Fishing Trip Guide Service I moved to Royal, AR just west of Hot Springs in February 2020. I still guide Lakes Hamilton, DeGray and Greeson but now we are having great success on Lake Ouachita. Since then I have grown my business into other species of fish like Walleye and Catfish and expanded into other seasons for

  9. Arkansas Trout Fishing

    Guided Arkansas trout fishing and fishing/camp trips on the White River. Bass fishing and fishing/camp trips on the Buffalo River. We also rent boats. Since 1954. ... Cotter Trout Dock guided trout fishing trips are great for family vacations, customer appreciation and employee reward groups or just one boat full of friends. ...

  10. JL Guide Service (Mount Ida)

    JL Guide Service is an experienced and family friendly operator that offers fishing trips in some of Arkansas's finest lakes. Join them on the stunningly beautiful Lake Ouachita or Lake Greeson and enjoy your day catching fish in beautiful surroundings. All you need to do is decide whether you want to fish for half a day or a full day.

  11. Top Arkansas Fishing Trips

    1 Copper John's Resort Lakeview, Arkansas View Website call direct +1 (866) 560 - 2769 Nestled on the lush banks of the world famous White River, Copper John's Resort provides the ideal accommodations and surroundings for the ultimate fishing adventure.Being located in the expanse of dense forests... read more 2 Can-U-Canoe Riverview Cabins

  12. Family Fishing Trips

    150 Henning Ln Hot Springs, AR 71913 Get Directions View Map Phone 5018445418 Email I specialize in Crappie and Bass fishing on Lake Hamilton, DeGray Lake, Lake Ouachita and Lake Greeson near Hot Springs, Arkansas.

  13. Family Fishing in Arkansas

    Family Fishing in Arkansas All Arkansans are within one tank of gas to lakes and waterways where they can fish. Arkansas is home to some of the best fishing in the country as well as one of the best state park systems in the nation. You can combine these two assets into a great budget friendly and family road trip destination.


    FAMILY FISHING TRIPS GUIDE SERVICE - Hot Springs, Arkansas - Yelp Family Fishing Trips Guide Service Claimed Fishing Open 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM See hours See all 27 photos Write a review Add photo Location & Hours Suggest an edit Hot Springs, AR 71913 About the Business

  15. The 10 BEST Fishing Charters in Hot Springs, AR (Winter 2024)

    The 10 BEST Fishing Charters in Hot Springs, AR from $300 (Winter 2024) Hot Springs Fishing Charters The best out of 3 charter fishing deals in Hot Springs - enter dates to check availability Home United States Arkansas Hot Springs Show map Filter results by: Price per Day $0 - $400 $400 - $600 $600 - $800 $800+ Review Score 4.75+ 4.50+ 4.25+

  16. White River Family Fishing

    Fishing Charters & Tours in Flippin Cotter Trout Dock Guided Trout Fishing Tours James A. Gaston Visitor Center Bull Shoals Dam Big Spring Park Arkansas On The Fly Papa Bill's White River Trout Guide Service Bull Shoals-White River State Park Dally's Ozark Fly Fisher Bull Shoals Caverns Hurst Fishing Service White River Distillery, Inc Ozark ...

  17. Home

    River Pirate Guide Service offers guided fishing trips to all of Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri for Beaver Lake & the White River. Trout, walleye, smallmouth bass, crappie and other types of fish can be found and caught to create lasting memories for you, your family, and your friends! ... your family, and your friends! Contact Us to ...

  18. White River Fishing Guides

    Guided Fishing adventures and family oriented trout fishing tours on the White and North Fork Rivers in Arkansas. During the winter months we have the best trophy trout fishing for giant Brown trout. Shad kills are a primary food source for trout during the winter months.

  19. Action Fishing Trips

    Action Fishing Trips, Murfreesboro, Arkansas. 2,556 likes · 3 talking about this · 36 were here. Action fishing trips is an Arkansas Attraction serving Lake Greeson and Lake Degray in the Ouachita...

  20. Arkansas River Fly Fishing

    We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer service and are here to assist you in any way we can. Let us know how we can help! If you'd prefer, email us at [email protected] or call 1.800.321.4352. Message. We provide Gold Medal fly fishing for brown trout and rainbow trout on the Arkansas & Gunnison Rivers.