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senior adventure tours canada

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Ageless Adventure Tours

Ageless Adventure Tours is a family owned BC Tour Operator, founded in 1988. We specialize in unique escorted tours of Canada (especially the West Coast), US, and International destinations. All our tours are thoroughly researched and designed for the mature adult.

The goal of Ageless Adventure Tours is to provide a luxurious and welcoming tour experience. You can expect diverse sightseeing, comfortable accommodations, quality meals, and tours that provide a historical perspective. Each tour is led by a professional, experienced, and personable tour guide who will create a fun and casual atmosphere. We organize our tours with smaller groups in mind for a more personalized vacation, many lasting friendships have started on one of our tours! One of our most popular services is our Home Pick-Up and Drop-off service, we take care of all the details of your getaway, just pack your bags and let us do the rest! (All tour prices are in Canadian Funds)

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senior adventure tours canada

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Travel Solo But Not Alone

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Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador

Yukon & the NWT

Yukon & the NWT

Haida Gwaii – 3 Departures

Haida Gwaii – 3 Departures

St. Lawrence Seaway Cruise

St. Lawrence Seaway Cruise

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senior adventure tours canada

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senior adventure tours canada

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senior adventure tours canada


Being a senior does not limit the experiences that can be had in Canada, it simply allows travellers to appreciate the surroundings with more perspective! Watching the glaciers and lakes come into view from the comforts of a moving train such as the Rocky Mountaineer is the ideal way to see the Rockies - the glass of wine in hand or the fine dining options are flourishes that add to the storytelling after the journey. Once nestled into the historic hotels of Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper, the stories of Canadian exploration really come alive. Rail journeys can continue across the country with the comforts of a private cabin onboard 'the Canadian' train with VIA Rail. As the train chugs over mountains, across the Prairies and through the Lake country to it's final stop in Toronto, there is time to read up on the culinary hotspots of the city. Tasting tours through Kensington Market will leave visitors with a full belly and a better understanding of 'What is Canadian food...eh?' Another travelling experience in Canada ideal for those wanting to control the touring, learning and independent time, is an Arctic cruise. Being a part of history as the ship passes iceburgs, anchors along shorelines that have no human settlements and allow passengers to sit in the tundra and watch the world go by or stroll along a beachfront with geological experts - is more than a trip of a lifetime, it a deserved trip for those with perspective.

senior adventure tours canada

MOST POPULAR TRIPS FOR Canada Tours for Seniors


Custom Trip Inquiry

What you get with a custom trip:


When are your vacation dates, how many are travelling, who's this custom trip for, thank you for your reservation request.

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  • Expert Tour Leader
  • Maximum 24 passengers
  • 3-4 stars comfortable accommodation (when available)
  • Coach transportation
  • Breakfast Included Daily
  • Lunch or Dinner Included on Select Days
  • Most Gratuities included


  • Maximum 18 passengers
  • Variety of 'off the beaten path' experiences
  • Stays at Unique Inns and Boutique Hotel (when available)
  • Mini Coach and Comfortable Local Transportation
  • Lunch or Dinner Included Daily
  • Unique Local Restaurant Experiences
  • Most Gratuities Included


  • Private trip on a date of your choice
  • Incorporates all modes of travel (coach, RV, car, VIA Rail, Rocky Mountaineer train)
  • All Attractions, Activities and Events are Customizable
  • Offers levels of accommodation from budget 3-star hotels, boutique lodges, to luxury properties
  • Itineraries available in all 10 Canadian Provinces and the 3 Northern Territories and Alaska
  • Itineraries also available in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific
  • Itineraries cover all seasons and all travel styles
  • Detailed crafted itineraries designed to agent/client specifications for content and budget


  • Option for Expert Tour Leader to lead group at destination
  • All Attractions, Activities, and Events are Customizable
  • Offers levels of accomodation from budget 3-star hotels, boutique lodges, to luxury properties
  • Daily breakfasts included

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Discover the Best Canadian Tour Companies for Seniors: Unforgettable Travel Experiences Await

Discover the Best Canadian Tour Companies for Seniors: Unforgettable Travel Experiences Await : Embark on an enriching journey with our carefully curated list of Canadian tour companies designed to cater to the discerning senior traveler. From coast to coast, these reputable operators offer experiences tailored to your preferences, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free adventure.

Best Canadian Tour Companies For Seniors

Key Takeaways:

EF Go Ahead Tours: offers guided tours to all 7 continents, some specializing in food and wine.

Singles Travel International: offers cruises and trips for various age ranges, including cruises for singles aged 50 and older.

Solos Holidays: specializes in solo travel experiences, allowing travelers to explore destinations independently while being part of a group.

Tauck World Discovery: provides escorted tours to various destinations worldwide, catering to the interests and needs of older travelers.

TourRadar: an online platform that offers a wide selection of tours for seniors in Canada, ranging from 2 to 24 days.

Canadian Rockies by Rail: a popular rail itinerary for seniors, taking travelers through stunning landscapes, including Banff and Jasper National Parks.

Table of Contents

Best Canadian Tour Companies for Seniors

Canada’s breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich history beckon seniors to embark on unforgettable travel experiences. Choosing the best Canadian tour companies for seniors is paramount to ensure a seamless and enriching journey. From escorted tours to independent group travel, let’s delve into the world of Canadian tour companies that cater to the unique needs and desires of senior travelers.

Choosing the Right Tour Company:

Selecting the best Canadian tour companies for seniors requires careful consideration of various factors:

Experience and Expertise: Seek tour companies with a proven track record of catering to senior travelers. Look for companies that specialize in creating itineraries tailored to the interests and needs of seniors, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Destinations and Itineraries: Explore the tour company’s destinations and itineraries to align with your preferences. Whether you seek natural wonders, historical sites, or cultural immersions, choose a company that offers tours that resonate with your interests.

Amenities and Accessibility: Consider the amenities and accessibility features provided by the tour company. Look for accessible accommodations, comfortable transportation, and tours designed to accommodate seniors’ physical abilities and dietary requirements.

Safety Measures: Ensure that the tour company prioritizes safety and security. Look for companies with comprehensive safety protocols, experienced tour guides, and emergency response plans in place.

Top Canadian Tour Companies for Seniors:

Navigating the vast array of Canadian tour companies for seniors can be daunting. Here’s a curated list of reputable companies offering exceptional senior-friendly tours:

EF Go Ahead Tours: Renowned for guided tours spanning seven continents, EF Go Ahead Tours caters to seniors with food and wine tours, cultural explorations, and scenic adventures.

Singles Travel International: Embark on a solo journey with Singles Travel International, offering cruises and trips tailored to various age ranges, including those specifically designed for singles aged 50 and above.

Solos Holidays: Experience the freedom of solo travel while being part of a group with Solos Holidays. Explore destinations independently while enjoying the camaraderie of like-minded travelers.

Tauck World Discovery: Known for its escorted tours to worldwide destinations, Tauck World Discovery caters to older travelers, providing immersive experiences and exceptional customer service.

TourRadar: Discover a comprehensive selection of senior-friendly tours in Canada on TourRadar, ranging from short excursions to extended adventures, all designed to cater to the unique needs of older travelers.

Unforgettable Canadian Destinations for Seniors:

Canada’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry offer endless possibilities for senior travelers. Here are a few popular and suitable destinations to consider:

Canadian Rockies by Rail: Journey through the stunning Canadian Rockies, taking in breathtaking vistas of Banff and Jasper National Parks. This iconic rail adventure is perfect for those who want to experience the grandeur of the Canadian wilderness.

Niagara Falls: Marvel at the thundering waters of Niagara Falls, a natural wonder that attracts visitors from around the world. Explore the surrounding area, visit wineries, and enjoy the lively entertainment options.

Vancouver Island: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Vancouver Island, home to lush rainforests, rugged coastlines, and charming towns. Discover hidden gems, encounter wildlife, and indulge in culinary delights.

Quebec City: Step back in time as you wander through the cobblestone streets of Quebec City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore its historic landmarks, enjoy French-Canadian cuisine, and immerse yourself in its vibrant culture.

Toronto: Experience the cosmopolitan charm of Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Visit iconic landmarks, explore diverse neighborhoods, and indulge in world-class dining and entertainment options.

Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, the best Canadian tour companies for seniors will guide you towards an unforgettable travel experience, ensuring that your journey is safe, enriching, and filled with cherished memories.

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Key factors to consider when choosing a tour company, such as amenities, accessibility, safety measures, and customer reviews.

Planning a tour as a senior comes with its own set of preferences and considerations. Choosing a tour company that caters specifically to seniors and takes into account their unique needs can make all the difference in creating an unforgettable travel experience. Here are key factors to keep in mind when selecting a tour company for seniors:

Amenities and Accessibility:

Look for tour companies that offer amenities and services tailored to seniors. This can include accessible accommodations, comfortable transportation, and suitable dining options. Additionally, consider companies that provide guided tours and excursions that are designed for seniors’ interests and abilities.

Accessibility: Is the tour company committed to providing a barrier-free experience for seniors with disabilities? Check if they offer accessible transportation, wheelchair-accessible accommodations, and tours that cater to different physical abilities.

Safety and Security:

Trustworthy Tour Operator: Choose a tour company with a solid reputation and a proven track record of safety and reliability. Look for companies that have been in business for a while, have received positive reviews from previous customers, and have a strong safety record.

Emergency Preparedness: Does the tour company have a comprehensive emergency plan in place? Check if they provide 24/7 support, have trained staff equipped to handle medical emergencies, and have established evacuation procedures in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Customer Reviews:

Read Online Reviews: Take some time to read online reviews and testimonials from previous customers. This can give you valuable insights into the company’s services, reliability, and overall customer experience. Look for reviews that specifically mention the company’s handling of senior travelers.

Ask for Recommendations: Talk to friends, family, or fellow seniors who have traveled with tour companies. Their personal experiences and recommendations can be invaluable in helping you make an informed decision.

Amenities and Accessibility: Consider companies that offer accessible accommodations, comfortable transportation, suitable dining options, and guided tours designed for seniors’ needs.

Safety and Security: Choose tour companies with a solid reputation, a proven safety record, and a comprehensive emergency plan.

Customer Reviews: Read online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends, family, or fellow seniors who have traveled with tour companies.

Sources: – How to Choose a Tour Operator – Choosing the Right Tour Company

Highlights of popular and suitable destinations in Canada for seniors to explore, such as natural wonders, historical sites, and cultural attractions.

Canada has an abundance of captivating destinations befitting the tastes and needs of senior globetrotters. These places boast a blend of nature’s splendor, historical significance, and captivating cultural traditions. In this guide, we’ll unravel some of these gems to inspire your next unforgettable exploration.

Nova Scotia:

A Haven for Seafood Aficionados: Nova Scotia is a haven for seniors who adore fresh seafood. Indulge in delectable dishes infused with the flavors of the sea while overlooking the Halifax waterfront—a picturesque fusion of history and modernity.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic: Dive into the region’s rich maritime history at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Discover captivating tales of seafaring adventures, shipbuilding, and the vital role Nova Scotia played in shaping Canada’s maritime legacy.

Boat Tours of the Halifax Harbor: Embark on a leisurely boat tour of the Halifax Harbor and witness the city’s stunning skyline from a unique perspective. Marvel at the majestic fortifications of Georges Island and uncover the stories of the historic naval battles that took place in these waters.

Vancouver Island:

Immerse in Nature’s Majesty: Vancouver Island is a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts, offering an array of breathtaking landscapes. Get up close with majestic whales during a thrilling whale-watching tour or immerse yourself in the tranquility of lush gardens like Butchart Gardens.

Indulge in Culinary Delights: Vancouver Island is a culinary paradise, renowned for its farm-to-table dining experiences. Savor the freshest seafood, organic produce, and tantalizing local wines, all while relishing the island’s stunning vistas.

Explore First Nations Heritage: Delve into the rich cultural tapestry of Vancouver Island’s First Nations communities. Visit authentic cultural centers, engage with local artisans, and uncover the captivating traditions and stories that have been passed down through generations.

Quebec City:

Step Back in Time: Quebec City is a living testament to North America’s rich history. Wander through the cobblestone streets of Old Quebec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and admire the architectural grandeur of iconic landmarks like the Château Frontenac.

Immerse in French-Canadian Culture: Quebec City is a vibrant hub of French-Canadian culture. Delight in traditional music, savor delectable French cuisine, and experience the warmth and hospitality of the locals, who are proud to share their heritage with visitors.

Explore the Plains of Abraham: Take a leisurely stroll or bike ride along the Plains of Abraham, a vast green space steeped in historical significance. Immerse yourself in the pivotal events that transpired here, including the legendary battle between the French and British that shaped the fate of North America.

Experience Cosmopolitan Charm: Toronto is Canada’s vibrant cultural mosaic, blending diverse communities and showcasing global cuisines, arts, and entertainment. Explore iconic landmarks like the CN Tower, wander through eclectic neighborhoods, and indulge in world-class dining experiences.

Discover Artistic Treasures: Toronto is home to a plethora of art galleries and museums, catering to a wide range of artistic tastes. Visit the Art Gallery of Ontario to admire masterpieces from renowned artists, or explore contemporary exhibits at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.

Enjoy Outdoor Thrills: Escape the urban bustle and embrace the outdoors in Toronto’s numerous parks and green spaces. Take a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, cycle through scenic trails, or enjoy a picnic surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Natural Wonders: Canada is home to breathtaking natural wonders, from the majestic mountains of the Canadian Rockies to the serene beauty of Nova Scotia’s coastline.

Historical Sites: Explore iconic historical sites that tell the story of Canada’s rich past, including the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City and the Halifax waterfront.

Cultural Attractions: Canada’s diverse cultural heritage is reflected in its vibrant cities, where you can experience a blend of French-Canadian charm, cosmopolitan flair, and First Nations traditions.

Culinary Delights: Savor the freshest seafood, organic produce, and tantalizing local wines in Canada’s culinary hotspots like Vancouver Island and Nova Scotia.

Practical tips for planning and booking a tour, as well as resources for additional information and support.

Hey there, seasoned travelers! Are you eager to explore the wonders of Canada in the company of fellow seniors? Embarking on a guided tour can be a fantastic way to create unforgettable memories while ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey. Here are some practical tips and resources to help you plan and book the perfect tour:

1. Consider Your Travel Interests

Before you start your search, take some time to reflect on your travel preferences and desires. What kind of experiences do you seek? Are you drawn to nature, history, culture, or adventure? Identifying your interests will help you narrow down your tour options and find one that aligns perfectly with your passions.

2. Research and Compare Tour Companies

Delve into the world of Canadian tour companies catering to seniors. Look for companies with a solid reputation, experienced guides, and a proven track record of providing exceptional service. Explore their websites, read reviews, and contact them directly to inquire about their offerings, availability, and pricing. Comparing multiple tour companies will help you find the best value for your money and ensure you choose a company that meets your needs and expectations.

3. Embrace Flexibility

Remember that flexibility is key when planning a senior-friendly tour. Be open to considering different itineraries, dates, and destinations. This flexibility will increase your chances of finding a tour that fits your schedule and preferences. It’s also important to keep an open mind and embrace the unexpected moments that often arise during travel.

4. Prioritize Comfort and Accessibility

As a senior traveler, prioritizing comfort and accessibility is essential. Look for tour companies that provide comfortable transportation, accessible accommodations, and well-planned itineraries that consider the physical abilities of their guests. Make sure the tour operator can cater to any specific needs or preferences you may have, such as dietary restrictions or mobility assistance.

5. Ask Questions and Seek Clarification

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek clarification from the tour company before making a booking. Inquire about the tour’s pace, group size, and level of physical activity involved. Ensure you understand the cancellation policy, payment terms, and any additional costs or hidden fees that may apply.

6. Utilize Helpful Resources

In addition to your own research, there are valuable resources available to assist you in planning and booking a senior-friendly tour. Consider consulting with a travel agent specializing in senior travel. These experts can provide personalized recommendations, handle all the necessary arrangements, and offer peace of mind knowing that your journey is in capable hands.

  • Reflect on your travel interests and preferences to choose a tour that aligns with your passions.
  • Research and compare various Canadian tour companies to find one with a solid reputation, experienced guides, and exceptional service.
  • Embrace flexibility in your planning to increase your chances of finding a tour that fits your schedule and needs.
  • Prioritize comfort and accessibility by selecting tour companies that offer suitable transportation, accommodations, and itineraries.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions, seek clarification, and utilize helpful resources like travel agents to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.
  • How to Choose the Right Tour Operator
  • Tips for Choosing a Tour Operator

Best Canadian Tour Companies For Seniors

Q1: What factors should seniors consider when choosing a tour operator in Canada?

A1: Seniors should consider the tour operator’s specialties and expertise, exclusivity and customization options, credentials and coverage, price and inclusions, and references and reviews when choosing a tour operator in Canada.

Q2: What are some of the most popular tour destinations in Canada for seniors?

A2: Some of the most popular tour destinations in Canada for seniors include the Canadian Rockies by Rail, Nova Scotia, Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Vancouver Island.

Q3: What types of tours are available for seniors in Canada?

A3: Seniors in Canada can choose from a wide range of tours, including guided tours, escorted tours, independent tours, and small group tours.

Q4: What are some tips for seniors when booking a tour in Canada?

A4: Seniors should book their tour well in advance, consider their budget and travel preferences, pack accordingly for the weather and activities, and bring any necessary medications and documents.

Q5: What are some of the benefits of taking a tour as a senior in Canada?

A5: Taking a tour as a senior in Canada offers benefits such as convenience, companionship, language assistance, and the opportunity to explore new places and cultures without the hassle of planning and arrangements.

senior adventure tours canada

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Best countries in europe to visit in december: unraveling hidden gems for an enchanting winter escape.

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Canada Tour for Seniors 2024/2025

There’s no better destination for senior travel tours than Canada, with its first-world infrastructure and jaw-dropping sites. Whether you’re looking to rub shoulders with the locals in its eclectic cities—Quebec and Montreal are a must—or gawk in awe at its magnificent national parks like Jasper and Banff, there’s an adventure here for every taste. And with easy-to-access attractions and stacks of short senior-friendly walks, you don’t need to be a young whipper snapper to savor the sites. Our bus tours for seniors in Canada whisk you between the highlights in comfort and style, from culture-focused sightseeing tours to easy-going national park tours . And with a fun team of like-minded senior explorers, our senior travel groups in Canada offer a great way to make new friends on the road. Take a look at our eclectic range of Canada tours for seniors below to find the perfect hassle-free adventure.

  • Best Time to Visit Canada
  • Things to do in Canada

98 senior tours in Canada

Canadian Rockies Tour

  • Starts Vancouver, Canada
  • Ends Vancouver, Canada

Canadian Rockies

  • Best price guaranteed
  • No booking fees
  • Tour Type Small Group Tour
  • Activities Active and outdoor & Trekking and Hiking Active and outdoor , Trekking and Hiking , National parks , Wildlife , Camping , Adventure & Safari 'data-more-tripid='3513'>+5 more
  • Accommodation Hotel, Camping & Tent
  • Transport Private Vehicle
  • Age Range 15-99 yrs
  • Operated in English
  • Brochure Price: US$ 3,245
  • Special Deal (5%): - US$ 162
  • Total Price from: US$ 3,083
  • May 25 Only 5 seats left
  • Jun 01 Only 5 seats left
  • View More Jan 1, 2019 Jan 2, 2019 Jan 3, 2019

Vancouver Island & Northern Rockies Tour

  • Ends Calgary, Canada

Vancouver Island & Northern Rockies

  • Activities Beach & Natural landmarks sightseeing
  • Accommodation Hotel & Lodge
  • Transport Ferry, Private Vehicle, Boat & Train
  • Age Range 12-95 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 3,949
  • Special Deal (17%): - US$ 672
  • Total Price from: US$ 3,277
  • Jun 20 Only 9 seats left
  • Jun 22 10+ seats left

Grand Canadian Rockies Tour

Grand Canadian Rockies

  • Activities Natural landmarks sightseeing & National parks
  • Accommodation Hotel, Resort & Lodge
  • May 19 Only 6 seats left
  • Jun 02 Only 6 seats left

Wonders Of The Canadian Rockies Tour

  • Starts Calgary, Canada

Wonders of the Canadian Rockies

  • Tour Type Group Tour
  • Activities Adventure
  • Transport Coach, Ferry & Boat
  • Age Range 5-99 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 2,338
  • Special Deal (22%): - US$ 515
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,823
  • May 13 Only 6 seats left
  • May 27 10+ seats left

Whales & Bears Of British Columbia Tour

Whales & Bears of British Columbia

  • Activities Marine wildlife & Wildlife Marine wildlife , Wildlife , Bird watching & Safari 'data-more-tripid='7969'>+2 more
  • Accommodation Lodge
  • Transport Ferry, Bus & Boat
  • Age Range 16-95 yrs
  • Aug 23 Only 7 seats left
  • Sep 03 Only 1 seat left

Canadian Rockies & Northern Lights Tour

  • Starts Edmonton, Canada

Canadian Rockies & Northern Lights

  • Activities Natural landmarks sightseeing & Northern lights tours
  • Brochure Price: US$ 5,235
  • Special Deal (10%): - US$ 523
  • Total Price from: US$ 4,712
  • Mar 03 Only 6 seats left
  • Nov 24 Only 8 seats left

Rockies Trail

  • Starts Alberta, Canada
  • Ends British Columbia, Canada

Rockies Trail

  • Trip customizable
  • Activities Explorer
  • Accommodation Hotel, Lodge & Resort
  • Transport Boat, Coach, Ferry & Motorcycle
  • Age Range 10-99 yrs
  • Jun 06 10+ seats left
  • Jun 13 10+ seats left

Panoramic Canadian Rockies Tour

Panoramic Canadian Rockies

  • Activities Explorer & Adventure
  • Transport Coach, Ferry, Boat & Train
  • Brochure Price: US$ 2,998
  • Special Deal (22%): - US$ 658
  • Total Price from: US$ 2,340
  • Apr 21 10+ seats left
  • Apr 27 10+ seats left

Best Of Eastern Canada Tour

  • Starts Toronto, Canada
  • Ends Toronto, Canada

Best of Eastern Canada

  • Activities Explorer & Adventure Explorer , Adventure & Sightseeing Tours 'data-more-tripid='33802'>+1 more
  • Accommodation Hotel
  • Transport Coach & Boat
  • Brochure Price: US$ 3,325
  • Special Deal (18%): - US$ 605
  • Total Price from: US$ 2,720
  • May 10 Only 5 seats left
  • May 17 10+ seats left

Canadian Rockies Express Tour

Canadian Rockies Express

  • Accommodation Hotel & Guest House
  • Brochure Price: US$ 2,499
  • Special Deal (10%): - US$ 250
  • Total Price from: US$ 2,249
  • May 30 Only 2 seats left
  • Jun 15 Only 8 seats left

Enchanting Canadian Maritimes Tour

  • Starts Halifax, Canada
  • Ends Halifax, Canada

Enchanting Canadian Maritimes

  • Activities Cultural, religious and historic sites
  • Transport Coach, Boat & Ferry
  • Brochure Price: US$ 3,650
  • Special Deal (5%): - US$ 191
  • Total Price from: US$ 3,459
  • Jun 09 Only 9 seats left
  • Jun 16 10+ seats left

Discover The Canadian Rockies - Eastbound Tour

Discover the Canadian Rockies - Eastbound

  • Activities Wildlife & Explorer Wildlife , Explorer & Safari 'data-more-tripid='5042'>+1 more
  • Accommodation Hotel, Resort & Guest House
  • Transport Ferry, Boat & Private Vehicle
  • Jun 13 Only 8 seats left
  • Jul 22 Only 9 seats left

Eastern Canada Explorer Tour

Eastern Canada Explorer

  • Tour Type Independent Tour
  • Activities City sightseeing & Natural landmarks sightseeing
  • Transport Boat & Private Vehicle
  • Age Range 8-95 yrs
  • Apr 02 10+ seats left
  • Apr 09 10+ seats left

Canadian Rockies And Pacific Coast Tour

Canadian Rockies and Pacific Coast

  • Activities Active and outdoor & Walking tours Active and outdoor , Walking tours , Wildlife , Explorer , Cultural, religious and historic sites , Adventure & Safari 'data-more-tripid='17383'>+5 more
  • Accommodation Hotel, Lodge, Hostel & Resort
  • Transport Ferry, Private Vehicle, Boat, Minibus & Taxi
  • May 25 Only 3 seats left
  • Jun 08 Only 3 seats left

Chat with a local travel expert who can help design a custom-made trip to Canada, targeted senior travellers.


Canada Trip Reviews

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The Best Tours for Seniors to Canada

Quebec City, Canada

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary senior-friendly journey through Canada with our specially curated tours just for you. We understand the importance of a memorable travel experience, and that's why we've meticulously analyzed all the tours from highly reviewed companies. From affordable prices and excellent service to captivating destinations and enriching activities, these tours are designed to cater to your unique preferences. They are comfortable, relaxing, and yet adventurous and exciting, too.

  • Enchanting Islands Escape 8 Days, $2802.66
  • Atlantic Maritimes 13 Days, $4172.45
  • Newfoundland Explorer from Corner Brook 9 Days, $2674.17

What are tours for seniors like in Canada?


Here are the important factors:

  • 144 trip options analyzed
  • $350 average price per day (USD)
  • 1 to 21 days in length
  • 4.6 of 5 average rating
  • 37 people or less on average

Curious about the diverse range of tours for seniors? Prepare to be amazed by the array of options available to suit every traveler's preferences. It comes as no surprise that visitors adore these tours, given their exceptional average guest rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. When it comes to group sizes, the average maximum capacity stands at 37 people, allowing for a comfortable and sociable experience. The shortest tour is 1 days, while the longest is 21 days. As for physical activity options, the tours are thoughtfully categorized as easy, moderate, and relaxing, with the most being easy. For transportation , the tours are marked as coach / bus, ocean cruise, and train & rail, with a prevalent number on coach / bus tours. With a comprehensive analysis encompassing 144 tours for seniors, you can rest assured that Canada has something tailored to your interests and preferences, promising an unforgettable experience for all.

(All tour prices are in US Dollars before taxes, and come from a base price that is reported by TourRadar. Peak season prices can vary significantly, particularly in destinations where seasonal travel fluctuates dramatically.)

So, let's get to it and see...

The 10 Best Tours for Seniors in Canada

Enchanting islands escape.

  • High Quality: guest ratings are higher than average.

This exceptional trip offering by Omega Tours has received a 5 out of 5 rating. On this 8-day voyage you can unwind while also making new memories. Along the way, this journey encompasses 4 destinations, including Charlottetown and Prince Edward Island. You'll start and end this amazing trip in Halifax. With a group size of 50 people, it's suitable for travelers from 16 and up. This remarkable trip is priced at an unbeatable $350 per day.

  • In-depth Cultural

Atlantic Maritimes

  • Great Value: the daily price is lower than average for tours for seniors.

Check out this voyage that has received rave reviews, earning a stellar 5 out of 5 rating. This itinerary covers 8 captivating destinations, with stops in Saint Andrews, Digby, Charlottetown, and Prince Edward Island, among others. Halifax will be both the start and end of your journey. Spanning across 13 unforgettable days, this voyage offers an intimate group experience with 50 participants, and it's great for travelers from 12 to 110 years old. Brought to you by the renowned Atlantic Tours & Travel , this exceptional opportunity is priced at an incredible $321 per day - an unbeatable value.

Newfoundland Explorer from Corner Brook

This 9-day trip is ideal for travelers from 12 to 110 years old. And priced at only $297 per day, it's a great value, too. Immerse yourself in a travel experience that includes 7 destinations, featuring Gros Morne National Park Of Canada, Gander, Clarenville, and Bonavista. Beginning in beautiful Cow Head, you'll have a terrific journey that ends in St. John’s. It's offered by Atlantic Tours & Travel , a very popular company with rave reviews and knowledgeable guides.

Winter Carnival Quebec City

  • On Sale: 10% Off See Prices

Priced at just $272 per day, this terrific 4-day voyage is ideal for travelers from 12 to 100 years old. Quebec City will be the beginning and end of your trip. Organized by the reputable Tours of Distinction , this is one of the best tours on this list. It's currently on a special discounted offer.

Wonders of the Bay of Fundy

Check out this incredible journey that has received a 4.9 out of 5 rating from previous guests. With a duration of 7 days, this journey ensures an intimate group size of 50 people, and is good for travelers from 12 to 110 years old. Traverse through 5 enchanting destinations, with Moncton, Saint John, and Saint Andrews among the must-see stops along the route. Begin and conclude your remarkable journey in the gorgeous destination of Halifax. This fantastic option, organized by Atlantic Tours & Travel , presents an unbeatable value at just $288 per day.

Newfoundland & Labrador West to East

Spanning over 12 days, this voyage has a maximum size of 50 individuals. Welcoming travelers from 12 to 110 years old, it is organized by Atlantic Tours & Travel , a very popular company with plenty of great reviews. This trip visits 11 destinations, including Port au Choix, L'Anse au Clair, Saint Anthony, and Cow Head along the way. Beginning in beautiful Corner Brook, you'll have a terrific journey that ends in St. John’s. Available at an unbeatable price of only $305 per day, this option also has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from previous guests.

Heart of the Canadian Rockies with Alaska Cruise

Here's your chance to take off on an exceptional trip, visiting Canada and USA, that has garnered a 4.5 out of 5 rating. With a duration of 17 days, this jouney will have 50 participants, and it warmly welcomes travelers from 5 and up. Rest assured, this trip is all about local culture and family-friendly activities, guaranteeing an unforgettable adventure. Expertly organized by Cosmos , this amazing trip is an incredible value at just $202 per day.

  • Ocean Cruise

Best Value Aurora Viewing | Basic

This memorable trip is offered by Arctic Range Adventure which has received plenty of positive reviews. The trip itself has a guest rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and is priced affordably at $161 per day. You'll start and end this amazing trip in Whitehorse. This extraordinary adventure also revolves around wildlife, local culture, family-friendly activities, and photography. The maximum group size is 20 people, welcoming travelers from 3 to 90 years old.

  • Photography
  • Northern Lights

Taste of the Maritimes

Set off on an extraordinary journey that has been awarded a 4.4 out of 5 stars by previous guests. With a duration of 6 days, this trip offers an intimate group setting, accommodating 50 individuals, while extending a warm welcome to travelers from 12 to 110 years old. Discover a journey that spans 4 destinations, with notable stops in South Shore and Charlottetown. Halifax will be both the start and end of your journey. Brought to you by Atlantic Tours & Travel , this exceptional deal is an incredible steal at a mere $268 per day.

Ontario & French Canada with Ocean Train to Halifax

With this option you can experience an unparalleled voyage for 11 unforgettable days. It ensures an intimate group setting with 50 participants at most. This trip takes you on an adventure to 7 destinations, including Thousand Islands National Park, Ottawa, Montreal, and Niagara Falls. Toronto will mark the start of your journey, while Halifax will serve as its final destination. Cosmos , the organizer of this journey, extends a warm invitation to guests travelers from 5 and up. You're in for an epic adventure with a strong emphasis on local culture and family-friendly activities. This extraordinary opportunity offers exceptional value at only $246 per day.

  • Train & Rail

See also The Best Family-Friendly Tours to Canada , The Best Wildlife Tours to Canada , The Best Hiking & Trekking Tours in Canada , The Best Historical Tours in Canada , The Best 10-Day Tours in Canada , The Best One Week (7-Day) Tours in Canada , The Best 3-Day Tours in Canada , The Best 2-Week Tours in Canada , The Best 3-Week Tours in Canada , Tours for Outdoor and Nature Lovers in Canada , The Best Christmas & New Years Tours in Canada , The Best Coach Bus Tours in Canada , The Best Adventure Tours to Canada , The Best Eco Tours in Canada , The Best Train & Rail Tours in Canada , The Best Thrill-Seeking Tours in Canada , The Best Cruise Tours and Packages in Canada , The Best Sightseeing Tours in Canada , The Best Cultural Tours in Canada , The Tours for Animal Lovers in Canada , The Best Photography Tours in Canada , The Best Camping Tours in Canada , The Best Romantic Tours for Couples in Canada , The Best Self Drive Tours in Canada , The Best Polar Tours & Cruises in Canada , The Best Walking Tours in Canada , The Best Northern Lights Tours in Canada , The Best Honeymoon Tours in Canada , The Best Tours Under $1000 in Canada , The Best Luxury Tours to Canada , The Best Budget Tours to Canada , The Best Contiki Tours to Canada , or The Best G Adventures Tours to Canada for more tour ideas. With so many options, there's a guided tour or vacation package for every type of traveler.

Also, if you're departing from a specific destination, see The Best 3-Day Tours from Vancouver , The Best One-Week (7-Day) Tours from Calgary , The Best One-Week (7-Day) Tours from Whitehorse , The Best One-Week (7-Day) Tours from Vancouver , The Best One-Week (7-Day) Tours from Toronto , The Best One-Week (7-Day) Tours from Halifax , The Best 10-Day Tours from Calgary , The Best 10-Day Tours from Vancouver , The Best 2-Week Tours from Vancouver , The Best 2-Week Tours from Calgary , The Best 2-Week Tours from Whitehorse , The Best 2-Week Tours from Halifax , or The Best 2-Week Tours from Toronto for more package tour options.

How much do tours for seniors cost in Canada?

After analyzing 144 tours for seniors in Canada, we found the average price to be a remarkably economical $350 per day. Naturally, this region has many fantastic options for tours for seniors with a variety of prices. The individual costs will vary by the destinations, travel style, available dates, and other factors. If you're interested in more information about tours here, see our guide to tour prices in Canada .

And for more information on Canada, see Canada Travel Costs and Canada Hotel Costs .

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senior adventure tours canada

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Guided tours are a great way for senior travelers to explore the world together. Enjoy the ease of having all the trip planning details handled, so all you have to do is enjoy your journey.

February 2024

views of the aegean sea from the greek islands with white buildings in the foreground

4.7 out of 5 stars

senior adventure tours canada

4.6 out of 5 stars

senior adventure tours canada

Explore all our destinations

Why go guided as a senior traveler.

While we welcome people of all ages on tour, our trips are a good fit for those interested in senior travel. When you travel with us, you'll experience:

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A few of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

Helpful phone staff to help plan your trip

Easy monthly payments & travel coverage

Easy airfare package options

Included meals, handpicked hotels & well-balanced itineraries

Friendly Tour Directors to help you uncover the best of your destination

What's included on our senior bus tours

The comfiest hotels.

We think that where you stay is as big a part of your tour experience as the historical sites, cultural attractions, and stunning natural scenery you’ll encounter along the way. (Plus, we want to make sure you’re plenty rested for each day’s new adventure.) Throughout your tour, you’ll rest your head in some seriously stylish, impeccably clean hotels—many with stories of their own to tell.

Full-service flights to and from your tour

When you travel with us, you can book your own flights to and from tour or enjoy the perks that come with letting our pros take the reins. We partner with top airlines to secure your flights at competitive rates, and we arrange airport transfers for your on-tour arrival and departure. If your Go Ahead-booked flight is canceled, we’ll help get you on a new one.


Singles holidays for over 60s

Solo holidays for the over 60s.

Travelling solo in your 60s can be daunting, but whether you are a first time or a seasoned solo traveller, you’ll be in great company. Our trips attract people of all ages from all over the world who love to explore, discover and share their love for travel. Our average small group size is just 11 people and includes around half singles and the rest couples or friends travelling together.  Our trips are perfect for single travellers in their 60s and are graded from relaxed to full-On to make sure that you can explore your chosen destination at your own pace. Wherever you chose, you’ll get to the heart of the destination with the help of our expert local tour leaders .  New to Explore? We’ve answered some of the most-asked questions about joining our tours as a solo traveller.

Adventure holidays for single travellers over 60

Active holidays for solo travellers in their 60s+.

For those who love life on two wheels, take a look at our group cycling tours that are ideal for solo travellers over 60 who would like to explore further without tackling challenging terrain. Whether you'd like to go  Cycling in the Baltic States , where you'll breeze past coastal landscapes and explore castles or journey along the the  backwaters of Kerala  where you'll be spellbound by the authentic sights, scents and sounds of rural India, we'll take care of everything - including your bike - so all you have to do is arrive, and enjoy.

Popular tours for 60+ year old solos

Historic baltic republics.

Feefo logo

Sri Lanka in Depth

Feefo logo

Jordan Discovery

Feefo logo

Amalfi Coast Walking - Agriturismo

Feefo logo

Why take a solo travel tour in your 60s or over with Explore?

Mountains icon

Unforgettable experiences

From big wows to hidden gems, our tours leave you feeling that you've really explored.

Leaders icon

Expert tour leaders

Chosen for their great knowledge of your destination and a passion to make your trip extraordinary.

Square icon with number 11

Small groups

Average groups of 11; solos, couples and friends, united by a desire for authentic experiences.

Thumbs up icon

Responsible at heart

How we operate sets us apart; our flexible booking policy, our loyalty scheme & sustainable approach.

Other solo holiday ideas

Solo holidays, solo holidays for over 30s, solo holidays for over 40s, solo holidays for over 50s, solo adventure holidays, solo walking holidays, solo cycling holidays, ready for your solo adventure, read more about our solo travel adventures.

senior adventure tours canada

Top 10 trips for solo travellers

senior adventure tours canada

10 unusual places to visit as a solo traveller

senior adventure tours canada

First solo trip with Explore? Top 7 questions answered

senior adventure tours canada

Solo travel guide for women

senior adventure tours canada

Where to go? Our recommendations by month

senior adventure tours canada

7 questions answered for your first small-group adventure holiday

Best Senior Tours in Canada Tour Companies

Search 18 Senior Tours in Canada tour operators and travel companies, with 2 reviews.

ROW Adventures

ROW Adventures

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Featured Senior Tours in Canada Trips

Quark Expeditions

Quark Expeditions

Caravan Tours

Caravan Tours

Butterfield & Robinson

Butterfield & Robinson

Audley Travel

Audley Travel


Lindblad Expeditions

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Grand Circle Travel

Grand Circle Travel

International Expeditions

International Expeditions

Great  Rail Journeys

Great Rail Journeys



Adventure Destinations

Adventure Destinations


Road Scholar


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senior adventure tours canada

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Senior Tours in Canada Reviews & Ratings

Excellent trip.

Recently returned from Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island tour and must say it was an enjoyable trip. Our guide Loren, was great, having grown up in Nova Scotia he k...

Another wonderful trip with Caravan

The trip we took with Caravan tours was very nice. The tour guide was very informative and pleasant. All the accommodations were satisfactory to great, however, I di...

See all Senior Tours in Canada reviews

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Our unique Approach to senior travel

The right destination will leave its mark on you, but the right experience has the power to change your life. We believe that the way seniors travel is just as important as where they travel to, and our promise to you is that we will stop at nothing to ensure you have the absolute best experience. That promise sets us apart from other senior tour companies, and is centered around 5 ideals.

Welcome to a new approach to senior tours

All Inclusive

Radically All-Inclusive

When we say we are all-inclusive, we mean it. Our tours have everything you need to sit back and enjoy your experience. No precious time wasted, no extra costs, no fine print.

When I'm on vacation...

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Feel free to break away and to rejoin the group whenever you want – we’ll even give you tips on how to get around and what there is to see. Just give us a heads up!

We’re with you!

Our Group Gurus are full of good ideas; just ask for recommendations, or better yet – join them for an evening activity. We also have optional excursions during scheduled free time (at NO additional cost!). Check out our apple strudel-making class in Vienna on Day 12.

All-inclusive doesn’t mean “all of my time”

While everything is included on an Approach tour, we built our experiences with different travel styles in mind. After all, your time is yours to enjoy as you please.

senior adventure tours canada

No commission. Ever.

We sell directly to you so that you never have to pay for expensive agency commissions

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senior adventure tours canada

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From 24/7 customer service, to making every interaction as delightful as possible, we make it easy for our guests – every step of the way. Just ask.

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We’ve taken time to select our favourite spots for you to safely explore the local cuisine while on tour. Pack your taste buds.

Hotels we know and love

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High quality, modern coaches

  • Air conditioning
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  • Extra seating
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Ready to dream? Check out our tours below

Ancient Egypt & the Nile

Take a journey back in time as you amble through the monuments, tombs and temples that line the ancient avenues of Egypt. Gaze up at the Great Sphinx and the panoramic pyramids of Giza, venture inside a pyramid and stand awestruck in the face of astonishing temples built for the gods. Travel to Alexandria, historically known as the capital of knowledge and learning, and soak in the splendour of picturesque scenery as you spend seven days cruising down the Nile. Relax by the Red Sea and experience brilliant white sand and sparkling turquoise waters in the coastal town of Hurghada. On this tour, get swept away in Egypt’s living history with every sight you see and every city you visit.

Departures: March, April, October & November 2024 April 2025


$10,495 CAD

Enchanting Portugal

Flanked by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal seems to enchant anyone who has made a trip along its 1,800 km of pristine coastline. With picturesque vineyards, jagged cliffs and hilly cities, history can be found on every cobblestoned street, and the Portugal experience is different for each traveller. Warm people and delicious food are central to every visit. If salted cod and fresh sardines are everyday staples, the Pastéis de Belém pastry is now an institution in its own right.

Departures: April, May & September 2024 April & May 2025

Colours of Morocco

The vibrant contrast of the orange clay architecture against electric blue skies will draw you further into the lively yet ancient culture of this modern kingdom. Marvel at the splendour of royal palaces, coastal havens, lavish Riads, disorientating souk streets, and local artisanry. Savour local cuisines, both unexpected and familiar. Venture through the Merzouga desert on camel back, knowing that a unique and restful night under the stars of the Sahara awaits.

Departures: April & October 2024 April 2025

Iconic Greece & the Cyclades

With some of Europe’s oldest civilizations developing in this country, impressive monuments still stand as proof of the empires that once called the ancient Panhellenic capital home. While the mainland’s architecture will take you on a trip through time, the Cyclades of Mykonos and Santorini will inspire you to cherish the simpler things in life. Endless blue seas, whitewashed buildings at dramatic angles and pink skies play backdrop to the distinctive cultural heritage and fascinating local traditions of a millennia-old and multifaceted civilization. Local favourites of fresh seafood, strong Ouzo liquor, sun-filled tomatoes, perfectly ripe olives and organic feta cheese will quickly become yours, too.

Departures: May & September 2024 April & May 2025

Grand Tour of Ireland

A lyrical culture in a land of 40 shades of green, Éire is seducing at every turn. From the untamed quiet of Connemara to the thunderous waves crashing against the Cliffs of Moher, through the famous Giant’s Causeway coast, it’s easy to understand why residents of the Emerald Isle proclaim that their land is the most beautiful in the world. The melting pot of eras offers an experience rich in modern culture, founded on over 5,500 years of history and ancestral traditions.

Departures: April, May, September & October 2024 April & May 2025

Sicily & Southern Italy

Fresh artichokes, tomatoes, sweet almonds, aubergine and cold pressed olive oil will never taste the same. The south of Italy has its own spin on everything, and food is only one example. Lose yourself in the Sicilian heartland and learn about the myriad of civilizations that each left their mark on the island. Discover Greek temples, Arab-inspired markets, Norman castles, and the shimmering beauty of the volcanic Aeolian Islands. A few kilometres north, Calabria and Puglia offer distinct culinary traditions and spectacular coastal towns. Celebrate the art of living, eating and travelling slowly, in the region that started it all.

Departures: May, September & October 2024 April & May 2025

Treasures of Croatia & the Balkans

Whether you are relaxing next to the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic, strolling through the historical city centers of Split or Dubrovnik, or taking in the fairy tale beauty of Plitvice’s 100 synchronized waterfalls, experience life in landscape with endless immersive views. In Bosnia, you will learn about the Balkan region’s tumultuous history, while Slovenia will overwhelm you with exquisite views of alpine lakes and million-year-old cave formations. If that isn’t reason enough, get an early taste of what the world is discovering to be a budding wine region.

Departures: May & September 2024 April 2025

Signature Italy Tour

A cherished favourite for many travellers, and the home of the “Dolce Vita” way of life, Italy has an expansive and established influence in world culture. Fall under the subliminal charm of fine leathers, renaissance art, classical music, delicate pasta, Neapolitan pizza, wonderful wines, fresh mozzarella and velvety chocolate. From Venice’s waterways and Pisa’s leaning tower, to Florence’s Duomo and Cinque Terre’s panoramic views – an unforgettable experience awaits. Our complete itinerary goes beyond the essentials and is the perfect way to discover Italy for the first, second or tenth time.

South Africa & Victoria Falls Tour

Sweeping panoramic views, a rich and diversified cultural heritage and a true wildlife haven are here to be discovered. In a few words, be ready to feel small – stand between two oceans at the southern tip of the continent, witness the Big Five up-close in their natural habitat, and cruise near the world’s largest waterfall. Enjoy some of the finest wines, a product of this unique climate. This once-in-a-lifetime adventure will awaken all your senses.

Departures: March, April, August, September, October & November 2024 February, March & April 2025

$11,995 CAD

Prague, Krakow, Budapest & Vienna

Captivating moments await curious travellers and history buffs alike. Gaze at the evolution of different architectural styles. Walk across roman bridges while biting into a warm strudel. Quietly enjoy world-class street melodies. Taste a savoury Pierogi made using a century-old original recipe. Feel the emotional remnants of human conflict. These four cities and their countries come together seamlessly to form a timeless tour that will continue to mesmerize travellers for years to come.

Peru & Mystical Machu Picchu

This land of ethnic splendours offers distinct cultural experiences that vary depending on where you are standing. Experience colonial Conquistador plazas in major cities, local handmade bead wares, charming communities living among the rolling Andean peaks and soaring condors. No visit would be complete without discovering Machu Picchu, the mystical remnants of the great Incan Empire dating back over 700 years. Practice your conversational Quechuan, one of the oldest native languages still spoken today, and cleanse your palate with wedges of sweet Cherimoya fruit, spicy Aji and savory ceviche.

Departures: March & November 2024 March 2025

Vietnam & Angkor Wat

If you come to Vietnam for the delicious food, dramatic landscapes and bustling markets, you will stay for the people whose complex history and rich heritage continue to seduce even the most seasoned travellers. Be humbled by the recounting of war-time stories with French colonial buildings as a backdrop in Ho Chi Minh City. Embrace the sense of awe that takes over while waking up to the dragon-like island formations dotting Ha Long Bay. Get up close and personal with locals while discovering true foodie culture, spanning from humble broths to rich curries. The sprawling temples of Angkor will leave you speechless, as Cambodia’s ancient traditions contrast with modern culture.

Departures: February & October 2024 February & March 2025

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Join us at Adventures Abroad for senior travel tours that offer outstanding value in small-group packages, spanning over 120 countries including Asia Travel , Africa Travel , Americas Travel , Middle East Travel , Europe Travel , Oceania Travel and beyond. While our tours have been a favourite for all manner of travellers for more than thirty years, they are thoughtfully designed to suit the needs and interests of senior adventurers.

Our tours feature over 350 unique itineraries, expertly blending top sightseeing spots with hidden gems. These tours are especially considerate of the preferences of travellers over 50, offering a balanced combination of adventure and relaxation. Adventures Abroad's signature tours are ideal for seniors who enjoy exploring the world in the company of like-minded people.

We focus on creating culturally immersive experiences, perfect for seniors who wish to deeply engage with local communities, enjoy diverse culinary experiences, and truly understand the cultures they visit. Our itineraries are carefully graded for physical activity, allowing seniors to choose a tour that best fits their activity level and interests.

For active seniors, our series of Active Tours offers an ideal blend of city or nature explorations at a leisurely pace. These tours are designed for over 50s and provide detailed estimates of walking distances and times, offering a unique alternative to traditional tours.

For those seeking a more customized experience, our travel experts are on hand to create Custom Tours that meet your unique needs and interests, with a particular focus on senior travellers.

Adventures Abroad tours, ranging from 7 to 45 days, are particularly suited for travellers aged 50 and above. These "soft adventure" trips focus on cultural, historical, and natural aspects of destinations. Our flexible tour modules allow seniors to select the duration that best fits their schedule, from short stays to extended adventures.

Unlike typical large bus tours, our groups are limited to 18 participants, ensuring a more intimate and interactive experience. This small-group setting enhances learning and social interaction, and ensures every question is heard and answered by the guide.

With over three decades of expertise, Adventures Abroad is a leader in senior tours . We meticulously plan each itinerary and oversee every aspect of the tour. Our tours are regularly updated to include new attractions and exclude those that no longer shine.

Our commitment to a no-shopping policy ensures that our tours focus exclusively on educational experiences, aligning with the preferences of travellers who prioritize learning and cultural engagement over shopping.

Explore the world with Adventures Abroad's senior tours , where every journey is an adventure crafted to suit the experienced traveller, promising new discoveries and unforgettable experiences.

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Canada Tours & Trips 2024/2025

Canada really does have it all - from the dancing Northern Lights in Yukon and the fresh-powdered slopes of Banff, to the magnificent French heritage of Québec and the thundering waters of Niagara Falls. Whatever the season, Canada never ceases to amaze from sunlit hiking trails in the Canadian Rockies to glistening glaciers nestled in the national parks of Alberta . Pair your Canadian adventure with Alaska for an ocean cruise along the West Coast , or time it right and see some whip crackin' at the Calgary Stampede!

250+ Canada tour packages in with 3,043 reviews

Caribou Tour

  • Active Adventure
  • Hiking & Trekking
"This was one of the best tours I have ever been on! If you are thinking of booking with Moose DO IT …you will not regret it! Lee is one of the best tour guides I’ve ever met and he made the trip so memorable! Amazing tour, tour guide and meet awesome people on this trip."
  • 10% deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Canada\'s Rockies (Base, 8 Days) Tour

  • In-depth Cultural

Canada's Rockies (Base, 8 Days)

"Ben is simply the best!, Would highly recommend him as he is knowledgable, entertaining and makes the tour a once in a lifetime event. Fabulous!!!!!"
  • €100 deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Rockies Premium Tour from Vancouver (34 Seats) Tour

Rockies Premium Tour from Vancouver (34 Seats)

"Enjoyed the tour very much the tour guide Kara was excellent and we really enjoyed the itinerary. What let the tour down for us was the stay at Blue River on the first night for the following reasons, 1. A premium tour should not have the guest staying in log cabins with not kitchen facilities like a fridge or basic cutlery, plates etc especially as we were asked to buy dinner prior to arrival to eat in our rooms. The stay felt like we staying in rooms but had no access to the lodge in the evening and we even had to carry our suit cases up the cabins steep stairs to get to our rooms, not acceptable at age 65 ! While the location as stunning the accommodation was not up to a premium standard."

Canada\'s Rockies (7 Days, Calgary Airport And Post Trip Hotel Transfer) Tour

Canada's Rockies (7 Days, Calgary Airport And Post Trip Hotel Transfer)

7-Day Rockies 5 National Parks Special Tour Tour

7-Day Rockies 5 National Parks Special Tour

"The Canadian Rockies tour of 5 national parks was amazing! I cannot even describe how beautiful this country really is. My favorite places include: Bow Lake, Columbia Icefield, Jasper, Maligne Lake, Peyto Lake, Lake Louise with an excellent Lunch, Moraine Lake, Yoho, Johnston Canyon, Banff Town and Aspen Hotel (the best), and Waterton Prince Wales Hotel. Some suggestions would be to always provide heathy breakfast, air conditioning in hotel. Calgary Tours guides were not always respectful to all tourists and the tour group was very large at times 50 people! Jesse was our best guide since he was friendly to all, informative, and had a great personality. A great asset to this tour company."

Canadian Rockies: National Parks Westbound Tour

Canadian Rockies: National Parks Westbound

"Awesome trip, awesome scenery, awesome people, awesome tour guide!"

Wonders of the Canadian Rockies (10 Days) (7 destinations) Tour

  • Coach / Bus

Wonders of the Canadian Rockies (10 Days) (7 destinations)

"Hotels were too far from main town Dated and waited too long for rooms"

Looking for tours beyond just Canada?

Explore tours with itineraries going through multiple countries, including Canada.

Rockies Classic Summer Tour Tour

Rockies Classic Summer Tour

"This has been one of the best trip I've ever had. Chris was awesome! There was a technical problem with the bus but somehow Chris managed to keep up entertained. He is very insightful and knowledgeable. Kudos. I jist wish the trip was longer. Ha!"

Coho Tour

"Amazing trip - highly recommend it!"

Heart of the Canadian Rockies Tour

Heart of the Canadian Rockies

"Well organize &experience"

Via Railway Experience|5-Day Vancouver to Rockies Railway Full Experience Tour Departure Tour

  • Train & Rail

Via Railway Experience|5-Day Vancouver to Rockies Railway Full Experience Tour Departure

Rockies Classic Summer Tour Tour

"Recently, my husband and I was truly delighted with our unforgettable Western Canada experience. From Aug 13 to 16, we joined Tour Guide, Becky, and Bus Driver, Ye, on the Classic Rockies Mountain Tour. I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism, engagement and laughter we encountered on our trip, all completed in a timely manner. And if things didn't go as planned due to traffic, the appropriate adjustments were made with regular updates. Becky is so much fun and definitely a natural in her presence as Tour Guide. She made the effort to learn everyone's name, their interests and provided great recommendations. She also kept bus load of 37 people entertained with music requests, games, trivia and fun facts. Ye is gifted at managing those sometimes narrow roads up the mountain. He neatly loaded and unloaded our luggage and kept the bus nice and cool before we boarded to our stop. Definitely appreciated! Overall, we had an amazing trip, we went in with low expectations and everything surpassed our expectations with amount of sights to see, quality of care and new memories created. The accommodations and breakfast were pretty decent, too! And of course, you want to stay longer at each stop, but with the amount of sights to visit, you can't, so everything is perfectly timed to optimize your Vancouver and Alberta journey."

Canadian Rockies: National Parks Eastbound Tour

  • Mountain Hikes

Canadian Rockies: National Parks Eastbound

"The 2 week camping tour of BC and Alberta was absolutely amazing. Marco was a fantastic guide, great cook, very friendly and knowledgable. He created an atmosphere that facilitated the entire group getting along and having an enjoyable time together. I'd highly recommend the tour and Marco as guide to anyone. Thanks for a great few weeks!"

Wonders of the Maritimes & Scenic Cape Breton (11 destinations) Tour

Wonders of the Maritimes & Scenic Cape Breton (11 destinations)

"The tour was good. There was some information overload that got overwhelming at times. Meals were okay but only a couple were great."

7 Day Rocky Mountain Camping Adventure Tour

7 Day Rocky Mountain Camping Adventure

"I had THE BEST time on this fresh adventures trip. It was 6 nights of camping, with 5 full days of hiking. We had a group of 12 with 2 guides and they were all the best people. We bonded straight away and worked together really well. Our guides Jafar and Morgan were absolutely awesome - they made everything so much fun and had endless enthusiasm. They were really mindful of people’s different abilities and just made all of our hikes incredible. They knew the best places to take us to, where there were fewer tourists and unbelievable views. They were both just so much fun to hang out with for the week. They also cooked us amazing meals and provided us with literally bottomless snacks. There were loads of options everyday for breakfast, including delicious pancakes one day. We were taken to some of the most stunning lunch spots you could imagine, and were fed with delicious charcuterie board lunches there! And every night our dinner was cooked from scratch, completely delicious and full of healthy veggies. They catered really well for everyone’s dietary requirements. Camping and hiking is just THE WAY to see the Rockies. We were so lucky to be fully immersed in the environment. I have never been much of a camper but I’m so glad I did it this way and Fresh Adventures made it really easy. The tents were huge and in good condition, and they gave us comfy sleeping mats. The campsites we stayed in had toilets and showers and the guides made sure we were really safe from any wildlife. That week was one of the best I’ve ever had."
  • €130 deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Canada Tour Reviews 2024/2025

"Die Reise war toll! Die wunderschönen Orte, die Leute und die ganzen Erinnerungen waren definitiv das Geld wert! Der Tourguides (Hunter) war super! Wer eine Reise voller Wanderungen erwartet, wird jedoch nicht ganz zufriedengestellt, meistens läuft man nur bis zu 30 Minuten irgendwohin, wenn überhaupt, man fährt eigentlich immer sehr nah mit dem Bus zu den Aussichtspunkten. Hostels waren super, auch die Planung war gut, an einem Tag nie zu viel oder zu wenig unternommen. Abends hat man meistens frei und kann was mit den anderen unternehmen oder ausgehen. In so kurzer Zeit könnte man nie so viele Orte auf einmal abklappern und man hätte auch nicht die Insider-Tipps der Tourguides, sondern wäre immer an überfüllten Touri-Orten! Mein persönliches Highlight war das Kayaking in Revelstoke und die Übernachtung in Rampart Creek. Insgesamt 11/10!! Kann es nur jedem weiter empfehlen!"
"Great time very good ,guide and driver"
"Just returned from the 5 day Premium tour of the Rockies. What an amazing trip! We traveled in a very comfortable bus under the guidance of of our exceptional guide Richelle. Richelle was a wealth of knowledge sharing interesting information on each area we visited, we learnt so much from her about the areas we explored. The trip follows absolutely breathtaking landscapes. The accommodation choices were wonderful and it was good having this all organised, made the holiday a breeze for us . It was spectacular having breakfast organised at the top of the gondola in Banff , felt very special as well as all the other adventures Richelle took us on. Having the tour all organised for us took the stress out of us having to organise things , we had the adventure of a life time and loved every moment. Highly recommend this tour if you have limited time and want to visit as much as possible between Vancouver and Banff."

Canada Destinations

  • West Coast Canada (392)
  • Eastern Canada (164)
  • The Prairies (145)
  • Alberta (144)
  • Canada Alaska (68)
  • Pacific Northwest (61)
  • British Columbia (47)
  • Canadian Maritimes Provinces (36)
  • Nova Scotia (33)
  • Canadian Shield (28)
  • Arctic / North Pole (21)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador (18)
  • Dempster Highway (15)
  • Ontario (15)
  • Bay of Fundy (11)
  • Canada Northern Lights (10)

Travel Styles

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  • Luxury (42)
  • Singles and Solo (383)
  • For Couples (205)
  • Young Adults (17)
  • Seniors (213)
  • Group (781)
  • Fully Guided (765)
  • Explorer (707)
  • Family (440)
  • Active Adventure (217)
  • In-depth Cultural (175)
  • Personalized (163)
  • Coach / Bus (144)
  • Ocean Cruise (119)
  • Private (80)
  • Partially Guided (75)
  • Hiking & Trekking (54)
  • Northern Lights (46)
  • Train & Rail (29)
  • Self-Guided (23)
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  • Starting in Vancouver (168)
  • Starting in Calgary (88)
  • Starting in Whitehorse (57)
  • Starting in Toronto (50)
  • Starting in Halifax (34)
  • Starting in Victoria (10)
  • Starting in Yellowknife (8)
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  • Starting in Lund (6)
  • Starting in Corner Brook (6)
  • Canada Travel Guide | All You Need to Know
  • 10 Best Stargazing Tours & Trips 2024

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Canadian Train Tours for Seniors

When it comes to travel for seniors, nothing compares to a train vacation. Relax in your spacious seat, sip a fresh coffee and chat with your travel companions as pine forests, mountain valleys and rushing waterfalls roll past your window.

A senior couple looks out at the view from the outdoor platform on the Rocky Mountaineer train

Table of contents

Best canadian train trips for seniors.

  • Why travel with us?

Quick Facts About Train Vacations for Seniors

Discover why a canadian train vacation is perfect for mature travellers, frequently asked questions.

The service is ideal to meet your needs. There are full-service meals, gourmet food and friendly waitstaff. Plus, Canada offers unmatched sight-seeing opportunities. All of the details of the journey will be organized for you, giving you absolute peace of mind. When you return home, you'll have plenty of wonderful stories to share with your family. 

At Canadian Train Vacations , we have extensive experience planning custom senior travel tours. Canada truly does have something to offer everyone, whether you're an active adult looking for adventure or someone who prefers to relax with a glass of wine and a good book. 

Our agents have the inside track on the best accommodations and activities throughout the country, ensuring that your custom itinerary takes you on the trip of your dreams. We also understand how to accommodate a wide range of mobility and accessibility needs. So, sit back and relax, knowing our expertise in VIA Rail deals for seniors and Rocky Mountaineer vacations will be all the help you need.

blue Lake Louise with trees and Fairmont Hotel in background

New Year Offer

Circle the Canadian Rockies by Rail

12 days  from  Loading... pp

When to go:   May – September

Places visited:   Vancouver, Whistler, Quesnel, Jasper, Icefields Parkway, Lake Louise, Banff, Kamloops

View Trip Details

A VIA Rail train glides by a lake in the Canadian Rockies

Canadian Cross-Country Journey

9 days  from  Loading... pp

When to go:   April – October

Places visited:   Toronto, Vancouver

The Rocky Mountaineer train travels along a lakeside, fringed with fall colors with a mountain range behind.

Complete Canadian Rockies by Rail

8 days  from  Loading... pp

Places visited:   Vancouver, Kamloops, Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary

Circle the Canadian Rockies by Train  

Circle the Canadian Rockies by Train is one of our most popular trips for seniors . It gives you a minimum of 12 days of exploring and lets you experience Canada's most stunning sites. You'll visit Banff and Jasper National Parks, have a chance to ride two gondolas and make a stop in Whistler along the way. With a wide variety of accessible activities and plenty of opportunities to relax, this itinerary truly is one of the best vacations for an older traveller. 

Miles on train : 1,311 Miles 

Days on train : 5 

Train Stops : Vancouver, Whistler, Quesnel, Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise, Kamloops  

Nights on Train : n/a 

Complete Canadian Rockies by Rail  

Who says you can't be adventurous? The Complete Canadian Rockies by Rail itinerary takes you from Vancouver to Calgary, with stops in Kamloops, Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff. Excursion choices include sight-seeing boat cruises, wildlife tours, and even a motorcycle-sidecar tour. When it comes to train travel in Canada for seniors , this journey offers it all.  Miles on train: 559 Miles 

Days on train : 2 

Train Stops : Vancouver, Kamloops, and Jasper  

Canadian Cross Country Journey  

The Canadian Cross-Country Journey is one of the best Canadian Rockies tours for seniors . It takes you from Toronto all the way to Vancouver, travelling through Canada's Prairie provinces and showing you the best the region has to offer. You'll even get to visit Niagara Falls when you're in Toronto. Highlights include time on the Canadian, VIA Rail’s famous sleeper train.  

Miles covered on train : 2,762

Days on train : 4

Nights on train : 4 

Download a brochure

Get inspired with sample itineraries, train information, route maps, and travel advice from our local experts.

Polar bear cartoon looking through a pair of binoculars

  • Baby Boomers on average take 4-5 leisure trips per person, even more than Generation X! So if you're a Boomer, you'll be in good company. 
  • VIA Rail trains have been upgraded to make them as accessible as possible for travellers with mobility issues. Every train has a cabin that is wheelchair-accessible and is equipped with grab-bars in the washroom and tie-downs. 
  • If you are retired and can travel whenever you want, it's a smart idea to aim for the shoulder season of April to mid-June or September and October. You'll avoid the crowds and the heat of the summer. 
  • Many Canada train tours for seniors include excursions that are accessible to travellers who use mobility aids. 
  • The best train trips for seniors include on-board meals and sightseeing excursions. 
  • Rail vacations for seniors are gaining in popularity. Why deal with traffic or rush through multiple airports when you can find fun trips for seniors over 60 and let someone else worry about the driving?

A VIA Rail train host serves wine to a senior couple in the dining car

#1 Travel tip: Get specialized meals

Many of our suppliers can make accomodations for dietary considerations. Notify your vacation advisor when booking your trip.

Blog Author - Athena McKenzie

Download our Brochures and Mini Guides

  • More seniors are looking for adventures that allow them to see new sights, meet interesting people and go somewhere they've never been before. Rail trips for seniors certainly fit the bill. 
  • When it comes to tours for seniors, Canada has hundreds of options. Whether you want to climb a glacier or relax at the spa, the best Canadian train tours can help you get where you need to go. Forget about struggling with heavy bags, flagging down cabs or searching high and low for a destination that fits your needs. Canadian train vacations for seniors make everything as easy as possible. 
  • A way to explore which is comfortable and stress-free, yet still allows you to see and enjoy as much as possible. As the travel guru Rick Steves proclaims, "Age matters only if you're a cheese." The iconic trains that take you across Canada are comfortable and spacious, featuring bucket-style seats with lumbar support. The ride is smooth, and you'll have plenty of scenery (and wildlife sightings) to enjoy outside your window. 
  • As one of the best Canadian tour companies for seniors, we can even arrange accessible excursions, ensuring you have a great vacation regardless of your mobility restrictions.

Senior couple with walking poles go hiking through the forest during fall

#2 Travel tip: Consider accessibillity

If mobility issues are a concern, consider the popular SilverLeaf service on Rocky Mountaineer. There are no stairs and meals are served at your seat.

senior adventure tours canada

What Our Customers Say

Service, food and scenery were fabulous.

Just a note to let you know how much everyone enjoyed our Essential Canadian Rockies tour. Everything was very well organized so that we had nothing to worry about while on the tri...   read more

Bob and Kathleen review of their [object Object] trip

Bob and Kathleen

There is not one negative thing I can say

I can not thank you enough for our wonderful Rocky Mountain trip. There is not one negative thing I can say. The schedule ran like clock work, our tours were right on time, with ou...   read more

Ellen and Marion review of their [object Object] trip

Ellen and Marion

Every accommodation and transfer was made with ease

Our trip was fantastic. Fresh Tracks Canada made the trip with my 9 year old grandson seamlessly wonderful. Every accommodation and transfer was made with ease. We both had a marve...   read more

Toni review of their [object Object] trip

A great experience not to be missed

Firstly we thank Fresh Tracks for the excellent organization of our trip and dealing so efficiently with the minor problem we had with our car rental. Travelling in winter does hav...   read more

Peter, Diane, Steph and Bev review of their [object Object] trip

Peter, Diane, Steph and Bev

Can't thank you enough for all your detailed planning and advice

We had an absolutely wonderful trip! All the arrangements worked out perfectly. The train staff were wonderful. The dining car stewardess was particularly kind to my seventeen year...   read more

Elanor review of their [object Object] trip

Why book your luxury rail trip with Canadian Train Vacations?

senior adventure tours canada

We take care of all the details

You want to relax and enjoy your trip, not get overwhelmed by the planning. Let us make all of the bookings for you, including rail tickets, hotels, excursions and activities, meals and transfers.

Maple leaf icon

Independent travel with expert support

Enjoy local expertise and guidance with a personalized itinerary. Your preferences and needs are our priority. We take care of you from the moment you land until the moment you leave.

senior adventure tours canada

Get help when you need it

You’ll receive the inside scoop before you even leave home. And you can relax during your vacation because we’re only a phone call away if you have any questions while you’re in Canada.

Is it a group tour?

This is not a group tour, but rather a fully supported independent trip. All of the details of your trip will be organized and booked for you.

You'll be free to explore at your own pace and choose your route, but you'll have the peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your vacation has been organized in advance.

Can diet restrictions be accommodated?

Yes, special dietary needs can be accommodated on most routes. Whether you require a meal that is vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, low-sodium or low-cholesterol, it may be possible to order this in advance.

We will do our best to meet your request whenever we can. So, please contact us with your travel details and your dietary requirements as soon as possible so that we can let you know if your needs can be met during the trip you would like to take.

Are rail vacations accessible?

Even if your mobility is limited, you will be able to enjoy this style of travel. The friendly staff are happy to help you with boarding and meals will be served to you in your cabin. If you're wheelchair-bound, you won't be able move around the train, as the corridors are quite narrow, so you'll spend the most of your journey in the cabin.

Are there tours for seniors travelling alone?

Absolutely! These Canadian train trips for seniors are ideal for independent travellers who want to see the sights in style. Whether you're exploring Canada on your own or travelling with a companion, one of these rail trips for seniors is sure to suit your needs.

Are there maritime tours for seniors?

Halifax and other coastal destinations have a variety of maritime attractions. Depending on which itinerary you choose, we may be able to arrange a maritime tour as an add-on.

Are these tours for seniors all-inclusive?

Canadian rail trips for seniors include meals on the train, excursions, transfers from the airport and the train ride itself. We can help you arrange meals for days you're not on the train.

Are these escorted tours for seniors?

These Canadian tours for seniors are designed for independent travellers, but there are guides available on the Rocky Mountaineer. You'll also have an experienced guide with you on privately arranged tours and excursions.


About the author: Athena McKenzie is the Content Manager at Fresh Tracks Canada. An experienced lifestyle journalist, she has written about travel, design, arts and entertainment. Her work has appeared in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Zoomer Magazine, Elle Canada and...   Read more

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Whether you’re a retiree looking for your next big adventure or just think it’s time to see more of the world now that you’ve been around the block a few times, traveling with us means getting under the skin of a destination with expert local leaders who know it best. Join a small group of like-minded people from all walks of life as you check out hidden noodle bars, fascinating galleries, and real-life experiences you won’t find on any search engine. With a good range of styles (from Premium to Basix) and the best balance of social activities and ‘you’ time, our trips are for every single curious and adventure-hungry traveler – no seriously, as far as we’re concerned, age is just a number.  

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senior adventure tours canada

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Take four or more on an exclusive trip and tailor your itinerary

Premium Morocco Explorer with Essaouira

15 days from 3263.

A 15-day Premium journey through Morocco’s best sights, taking in Casablanca, Fes,...

Our Comfort tours

Morocco uncovered, 13 days from 1500.

Uncover the heart of Morocco on a journey from Casablanca to Marrakech, through Roman...

Egypt Experience

12 days from 2569.

From Cairo, Alexandria and Aswan to the Valley of the Kings at Luxor, see the pharaohs,...

9 Days From 2260

We are thrilled to offer a legal trip for US citizens that supports the Cuban people....

Classic Galapagos: Central Eastern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

10 days from 7945.

Travel to the Galapagos Islands and sail around the central eastern islands, witnessing...

Classic Borneo

10 days from 2259.

Journey through Borneo on a wild 10-day adventure from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan,...

Classic Morocco

8 days from 1254.

See the wonders of Morocco, including Ait Benhaddou, Casablanca, the Atlas Mountains,...

Jordan Discovery

8 days from 1414.

Experience the best of Jordan on this 8-day adventure. From Amman, 4WD through Wadi Rum...

Journey to the Antarctic Circle (Ocean Endeavour)

14 days from 9990.

Set sail for the trip of a lifetime – a 14-day journey on board the Ocean Endeavour,...

Explore Egypt & Jordan

19 days from 4485.

This 19-day tour explores the best of Egypt and Jordan in Comfort, from Cairo to...

Map of Croatian Coastal Cruising: Dubrovnik to Split (Aurora) including Bosnia And Herzegovina and Croatia

Croatian Coastal Cruising: Dubrovnik to Split (Aurora)

8 days from 3055.

Join Intrepid for a small ship cruising adventure to Croatia. Voyage along the...

Croatian Coastal Cruising - Split to Dubrovnik (Aurora)

Take a small-ship cruising adventure in Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik. Voyage along...

Classic Vietnam

15 days from 2138.

Uncover the proud, spirited heart of Vietnam on this classic 15-day adventure. Tour...

Italy Experience

10 days from 4400.

Travel to Italy on a journey from the canals of Venice to the cobblestone streets of...

Treasures of Vietnam

8 days from 1424.

Discover the spirit of Vietnam on a small group tour from south to north, visiting Ho...

Turkey Encompassed

15 days from 3299.

Travel through Turkey and see Istanbul's Blue Mosque, Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys, the...

Cambodia & Vietnam Discovery

13 days from 2861.

Uncover the dramatic histories of these two beautiful countries on a trip through the...

Best of Antarctica: Whale Journey (Ocean Endeavour)

11 days from 15530.

Follow the whales of Antarctica as they migrate south on this 11-day expedition cruise,...

Rajasthan Experience

15 days from 2202.

See the best of Rajasthan on this 15-day tour. Behold the delights of Agra, Jaipur,...

Classic Cambodia

6 days from 987.

Unearth the essence of Cambodia on a leisurely journey that spends time seeing the...

Best of Antarctica: Wildlife Explorer (Ocean Endeavour)

11 days from 7863.

Experience the magic of the Antarctic Peninsula and its islands aboard the Ocean...

Classic Japan

11 days from 5486.

Journey from Kyoto to Tokyo with Intrepid and explore temples, post towns and lush...

Brisbane to Cairns Adventure

8 days from 2655.

Discover K'gari (formerly Fraser Island), the Whitsundays, Great Barrier Reef, Mission...

Western Balkans Uncovered

12 days from 3150.

Combine the must-sees of the Balkan region and the lesser-known glories of North...

Classic Egypt

8 days from 1674.

Travel Egypt on this adventure that visits Cairo, Aswan and Luxor. See pyramids, visit...

WWF Journey to the Circle and Giants of Antarctica (Ocean Endeavour)

14 days from 12750.

Cross the Antarctic Circle with World Wildlife Fund Australia (WWF-Australia) whale...

Best of the Top End & Kakadu

4 days from 1862.

Visit the natural wonders of Litchfield National Park and Kakadu National Park,...

Hobart & Southern Tasmania Explorer

4 days from 1520.

Explore the best of south eastern Tasmania, from Hobart to Bruny Island to Port Arthur,...

Classic Nepal

11 days from 2012.

Journey around Nepal from Kathmandu to Pokhara and Bandipur, meet the creatures of...

Morocco Family Holiday Comfort

10 days from 1260.

Take your family on a Moroccan adventure through Casablanca, Fes, Midelt, Merzouga, Ait...

Majestic Peru

15 days from 3996.

Tour through Lima, Puno, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, Aguas Calientes and...

Best of Antarctica In Depth (Ocean Endeavour)

14 days from 10073.

Experience the rare opportunity to explore both the eastern and western sides of the...

Georgia History Trail to Nashville

8 days from 3195.

Explore the Georgia History Trail on your way to Nashville on this small group tour...

Sydney to Brisbane Adventure

7 days from 2050.

Travel from Sydney to Brisbane and soak up the best of Australia’s east coast beaches,...

Botswana Adventure

10 days from 5320.

Visit Africa and travel through Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe on a tour from Windhoek...

Hiking in Sedona and the Grand Canyon

4 days from 2620.

Discover the very best of Northern Arizona on this 4-day hiking adventure through...

Best of Mexico

15 days from 4086.

Experience the best of Mexico on a 15-day adventure from Mexico City to Playa del...

Tasmania's Tarkine & Cradle Mountain Explorer

5 days from 2016.

Discover the untamed beauty of north west Tasmania on a 5-day tour departing from...

Queensland Daintree Explorer

5 days from 1864.

Take a five-day adventure tour through the coastal wilderness of Kuku Yalanji land,...

Classic Egypt & Jordan

15 days from 4128.

Tick the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Nile, the Dead Sea and The Treasury in Petra...

Yellowstone and Grand Tetons Adventure

6 days from 3035.

Take a discovery tour of Wyoming’s highlights, with plenty of wildlife-spotting and...

LA to Vegas: Grand National Parks

10 days from 4285.

From the famed LA streets to the glitz of the Vegas strip, travel through the hush of...

Namibia Discovery

13 days from 3140.

Crossing the border from Cape Town, South Africa, head towards Windhoek to encounter...

Map of Highlights of Thailand including Thailand

Highlights of Thailand

10 days from 2200.

Experience Thailand’s greatest hits on a 10-day comfort adventure through Bangkok,...

Best of Costa Rica

10 days from 2670.

Take a Costa Rican adventure starting in San Jose, visiting Copey, Manuel Antonio...

Classic Cambodia & Vietnam

20 days from 3285.

Get to know Vietnam and Cambodia, each with their own uniquely enchanting culture and...

Shackleton's Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands Explorer (Ocean Endeavour)

21 days from 24400.

Embark on a 21-day Intrepid expedition including the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia...

Classic Sri Lanka

8 days from 1563.

Explore wonders of nature and humanity – often both at once – on this 8-day adventure...

Classic Barcelona to Madrid

7 days from 3012.

Travel south along the coast of Spain, leaving Barcelona, travelling through Valencia...

Best of Argentina & Brazil

7 days from 3204.

Experience the best of everything Argentina and Brazil have to offer on this fantastic,...

Classic Galapagos: Central Southern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

10 days from 6790.

Sail the aquamarine waters of the Galapagos’s central southern islands taking in...

Iceland's Golden Circle in Depth

5 days from 2600.

Set off on a five-day circuit from Reykjavik, visit thundering waterfalls, steamy...

Iceland's Classic Northern Lights

5 days from 2545.

Set off on a five-day aurora-spotting circuit from Reykjavik, visit thundering...

Classic Madrid to Lisbon

9 days from 3772.

Take a trip through Portugal, starting in Spain’s capital, Madrid and heading through...

Best of Cairns, Great Barrier Reef & Daintree

From Cairns, take a trip to explore Port Douglas, Daintree Rainforest, the Great...

Brisbane to the Daintree Discovery

12 days from 4485.

12 days to uncover Queensland’s best, from Brisbane to K'gari (Fraser Island), the...

Ultimate Galapagos: Central Islands (Grand Daphne)

10 days from 5479.

Spend 10 unforgettable days on board the Grand Daphne, discovering the central islands...

Best of Northern Territory

8 days from 4220.

Tour through the Australia’s Red Centre and Top End, visiting Uluru, Kings Canyon,...

Explore China

12 days from 3300.

Spend 12 days exploring northern China from Shanghai to Beijing, including Luoyang, the...

Best of Uluru & Kings Canyon

4 days from 1940.

Discover Australia’s Red Centre on an adventure to the spectacular sights of Tjoritja ...

Our Original tours 

Vietnam express southbound, 10 days from 1176.

Take a tour of Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, with stops to cruise the Mekong...

Sydney to Cairns Adventure

14 days from 4560.

See the natural wonders of Queensland and New South Wales on an adventure through the...

Classic Costa Rica

15 days from 2164.

Travel to Costa Rica and discover a tropical playground of immense natural beauty....

Northern Lights Escape

6 days from 2100.

Discover the unique beauty of Iceland. Visit the Gullfoss waterfall, touch the...

Beautiful Bali

9 days from 927.

Travel to Bali and experience this oasis off the coast of Indonesia. Bali's Ubud, Mt...

Best of Sri Lanka

15 days from 1984.

Discover the must-sees, must-eats, and must-meets of gorgeous Sri Lanka on this 15-day...

Inca Trail Express

7 days from 1148.

Travel to Peru to discover Peru's ancient civilisation. Trek or train to Machu Picchu,...

Vietnam Express Northbound

10 days from 1103.

Travel through Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. Visit the Mekong Delta, cruise...

Rome to Amalfi

8 days from 2613.

Travel to Italy on a tour from Rome to Amalfi and explore the best of the region....

Best of Vietnam & Cambodia

18 days from 2072.

Travel into the heart and soul of South East Asia on this tour of Vietnam and Cambodia....

Best of Morocco

15 days from 1165.

Discover the best of Morocco on an action-packed trip exploring Marrakech, Fes, the...

Athens to Santorini

8 days from 2825.

Travel from ancient Athens to the spectacular island of Santorini on this wonderful...

Sacred Land of the Incas

15 days from 3107.

Visit the Sacred Land of the Inca and delight in Peru's culture with two weeks through...

Everest Base Camp Trek

15 days from 1484.

Embark on the trek of a lifetime to Everest Base Camp on this tour. Fly into Lukla and...

Egypt Adventure

8 days from 1058.

Visit Egypt and adventure along the River Nile through the land of the pharaohs, from...

Explore Jordan

8 days from 1223.

Travel to Jordan and tour Amman, Madaba and the inspiring desert landscape of Wadi Rum....

Classic Rajasthan

15 days from 1249.

Travel to India and visit the Rajasthan region. Tour from Delhi to Pushkar through...

Guatemala to Belize

10 days from 1501.

Wander the cobblestone streets of Antigua, float along the waters of the Rio Dulce, and...

India's Golden Triangle

8 days from 792.

Take an action-packed eight-day tour through the essential sights and bites of India’s...

South Korea Highlights

9 days from 3083.

Take a dive into all that South Korea has to offer, from Seoul to Sokcho, Andong and...

Best of Italy

14 days from 4351.

Immerse yourself in classic culture, history and incredible sights on this Best of...

Cambodian Traveller

9 days from 952.

Travel from Vietnam to Thailand on a South East Asian adventure that explores Cambodia...

North Morocco Adventure

8 days from 829.

This tour of North Morocco from Casablanca to Marrakech will capture your heart....

Inca Trail Express from Lima

8 days from 1450.

Travel to Peru and retrace the steps of the Inca. Follow traditions from Lima to Cusco,...

Classic Hikes of Patagonia

15 days from 7272.

Embark on all the classic hikes of Patagonia – including the Torres del Paine base hike...

Thailand & Laos Adventure

13 days from 1926.

Travel from Bangkok to Vientiane on a tour through Thailand and Laos. Visit Thailand's...

Japan: Land of the Rising Sun

13 days from 4560.

Discover Japanese culture on this 13-day tour. Travel with a local from Tokyo to Kyoto...

Cycle Vietnam

15 days from 2291.

Jump in the saddle for a two-wheeled adventure tour of Vietnam. Take in cultural...

Morocco Encompassed

17 days from 1615.

Explore Morocco on this in-depth tour with Intrepid. Spend 17 days exploring Marrakech,...

Inca Trail & Amazon Adventure

12 days from 2108.

Travel from the heights of the Andes to the exotic Amazon rainforest on this best of...

South Korea Real Food Adventure

8 days from 2980.

Slurp, crunch and spoon your way into the heart of South Korean cuisine, snacking at...

Turkey Highlights

See the highlights of Turkey on this eight-day adventure. Start in Istanbul and visit...

Costa Rica Experience

9 days from 1416.

Encounter the natural beauty of Costa Rica, from La Fortuna’s volcano and Monteverde’s...

South Morocco Discovery

10 days from 842.

Discover Morocco's southern highlights on this well paced adventure including Marrakech...

Best of Galapagos

10 days from 3202.

Discover amazing wildlife and natural beauty in the Galapagos Islands.

China Highlights

8 days from 1416.

Take a trip through epic China and see the Terracotta Warriors, the Great Wall,...

Central Asia: Five Stans Express

24 days from 6415.

Join a 24-day adventure through Central Asia from Ashgabat, to Tashkent, to Bishkek and...

East Africa Highlights

10 days from 3935.

Travel through East Africa from Kenya to Tanzania, stopping at the Masai Mara, the...

Discover Egypt & Jordan

15 days from 2629.

Take an adventure holiday through Egypt and Jordan. Visit Cairo, the Pyramids of Giza,...

Explore Colombia

10 days from 2525.

Travel to Colombia on a ten-day Intrepid. Stroll the cobblestone streets of Cartagena...

The Maritimes: Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick

6 days from 2315.

Experience the seaside charm of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick on this 6-day...

Sabah Adventure

11 days from 2202.

This Sabah Adventure tour through the Borneo wilderness will truly capture your...

Balkan Adventure

15 days from 2983.

Travel across historic Eastern Europe from Hungary to Croatia. Visit cultural sights...

Botswana Highlights

9 days from 2635.

Discover the culture, wildlife and waterways of Botswana on this upgraded adventure...

Scenic Vietnam

15 days from 1777.

Journey from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City on this Vietnam adventure. Trek in the quiet...

Best of Turkey

15 days from 2513.

From Istanbul to Ephesus, Pamukkale to the coast, and Cappadocia to the Anatolian...

Best of Spain

15 days from 3695.

Kick off a colourful Best of Spain tour in Madrid and visit some of Spain's highlights....

Madagascar Adventure

14 days from 3820.

Embark on a wildlife and jungle-filled adventure through Madagascar visiting...

Central Asia Explorer

17 days from 3735.

Soak up Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan on this 17-day tour that begins in Bishkek and visits...

Walk the Camino de Santiago

7 days from 1600.

Over seven days, join a local leader and small group of likeminded travellers to walk...

Greece Sailing Adventure: Cyclades Islands

10 days from 2533.

See the best of the Cyclades on this 10-day Greece sailing adventure. From Athens to...

Land of Belize

8 days from 1943.

Dive into Belize’s natural and cultural wonders on this slow-paced adventure through...

Classic Peru

9 days from 2399.

Visit South America and travel to Peru. Visit Lima, Cusco and Lake Titicaca, tour the...

Iceland Discovery

8 days from 3625.

See Iceland on this eight-day tour that travels to Reykjavik, the Golden Circle,...

Annapurna Circuit Trek

15 days from 1200.

Go trekking in Nepal on an adventure that takes you around the Annapurna Circuit. From...

Portuguese Camino

10 days from 2390.

Be challenged and be fulfilled on this coastal Camino, starting in Porto and walking...

Montenegro Sailing Adventure from Dubrovnik

8 days from 2263.

Sail into the sublime waters of Montenegro, departing from Dubrovnik and exploring...

Europe Christmas Markets: Munich to Budapest

8 days from 2460.

Experience the festive markets of Central Europe. Go Christmas crazy in the market...

East Africa Safari & Coast

13 days from 4880, our basix tours , hiking in the canadian rockies, 8 days from 2440.

Hike the Canadian Rockies, exploring Lake Louise, Yoho National Park, Emerald Glacier...

Maya Encounter

17 days from 1497.

Find authentic adventure on this experience through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala....

Okavango Experience

10 days from 1464.

Tour through Johannesburg, Maun, Chobe, the Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls on a ten...

Utah Parks Circuit

8 days from 2390.

Explore rugged Utah on this eight-day adventure. Hit Zion National Park, Monument...

Explore Southern Africa

18 days from 3069.

Spend some time exploring Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe with included safari...

Uluru & Kings Canyon Adventure

4 days from 1120.

Discover the history, culture and incredible landscapes of Australia’s Red Centre on a...

Canadian Rockies

15 days from 3083.

Discover the Canadian Rockies on this 15-day adventure tour with Intrepid that hits...

Mexico Unplugged

15 days from 1705.

The incredible cultures and colours of Mexico await on this 15-day adventure through...

Gorillas & Game Parks

16 days from 2935.

Encounter the wildlife of Kenya and Uganda on this adventure including a gorilla trek...

Explore Egypt

15 days from 1369.

Explore Egypt with a trip to Cairo, the Nile, Aswan, Luxor and Alexandria. Pyramids,...

Highlights of Italy

8 days from 1934.

See the best of Italy – Venice, La Spezia, Cinque Terre, Florence and Rome – in eight...

Cape Town to Vic Falls

22 days from 2750.

Spend three weeks exploring South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, from Cape...

Kenya Wildlife Safari

8 days from 1690.

Experience Kenyan wildlife on an eight day trip travelling from Nairobi to Lake...

LA to Vegas Adventure

5 days from 1397.

Take a five-day road trip from Los Angeles to Vegas, stopping by Joshua Tree National...

Central American Journey

17 days from 1603.

Travel from Guatemala to Costa Rica, through gorgeous Monteverde, La Fortuna, Leon,...

Jordan & Egypt Uncovered

22 days from 2835.

Explore Jordan and Egypt with a trip to Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, Cairo, the Nile, Aswan,...

Indian Getaway

11 days from 657.

Get the most out of 11 days in India on this trip exploring the best of Delhi, Varanasi...

Vegas to San Fran

6 days from 1265.

Hit the road from Las Vegas to San Francisco on a six-day adventure, stopping by...

Japan Express

9 days from 2002.

See Japan in nine days on a trip visiting Tokyo, Nikko and Kyoto. Say konnichiwa to...

Road to Zanzibar

12 days from 1908.

Experience the beauty of the Ngorongoro and Serengeti, Usambara Mountains and Zanzibar...

Patagonia: Torres del Paine Classic W Trek

6 days from 2502.

Hike the W Trek in Chilean Patagonia and discover the wild beauty of Torres del Paine...

Costa Rica & Panama Discovery

12 days from 1184.

Hit San Jose, Sarapiqui, Puerto Viejo, Bocas del Toro, Boquete and Panama City on this...

The Masai Heartlands

15 days from 4230.

Uncover Kenya and Tanzania on a 2 week trip with Serengeti safaris, Ngorongoro, Nakuru,...

Serengeti Trail

8 days from 2286.

Roam the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Amboseli National Park to spot Africa's Big...

Vic Falls to Kruger

9 days from 1422.

Take on a safari adventure through Hwange National Park, Matobo National Park, Kruger...

North China Getaway

12 days from 1036.

Discover China’s northern hotspots with Intrepid on a 12-day trip to Beijing, the Great...

Gorillas, Game Parks & Beaches

27 days from 4846.

Go deep in East Africa on this epic trip, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Essential South Korea

9 days from 1459.

Take a journey through South Korea, starting in Seoul and heading to Jeonju, Wanju,...

Best of Argentina, Uruguay & Brazil

10 days from 2385.

Travel from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro on a ten-day trip, including Iguazu Falls...

North India Revealed

22 days from 1120.

See the essentials of India’s north on a 22-day trip through Delhi, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur,...

Iceland Express

5 days from 1406.

Tour green Iceland on a five-day trip visiting Reykjavik, the Golden Circle, Vik,...

One Week In Costa Rica

8 days from 672.

Head to the Caribbean coasts of Costa Rica with a fun-filled adventure to San Jose,...

Turkey Explored

18 days from 1917.

Go deeper than Derinkuyu on an 18-day Turkey trip beginning and ending in Istanbul,...

Jordan & Egypt Express

9 days from 1112.

Follow in the footsteps of prophets on an adventure tour through Jordan and Egypt....

Simply Sri Lanka

8 days from 725.

Discover idyllic Sri Lanka from Negombo to Colombo on this eight-day Lonely Planet...

Best of Brazil

8 days from 910.

Experience Brazil’s coast on an eight-day adventure. From Rio to Ilha Grande, see jaw...

Galapagos Discovery

9 days from 2017.

See the Galapagos Islands on an eight-day adventure including Isla Isabela, Isla Santa...

Kruger, Coast & Cape

22 days from 2882.

Embark on a 22 day Southern African odyssey through wildlife-rich game parks, idyllic...

Kilimanjaro: Marangu Route

8 days from 3569.

Conquer Mt Kilimanjaro on the picturesque Marangu Route, hiking with porters on an...

Mount Toubkal Trek

7 days from 685.

Trek through Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains exploring Aroumd and Imlil and then climb...

Trek the Cradle Mountain Overland Track

6 days from 1652.

Tackle one of Australia’s greatest treks, among some of its most incredible scenery, on...

Kakadu, Katherine & Litchfield Explorer

4 days from 1135.

Tour the best bits of Australia’s Top End, exploring Kakadu National Park, Litchfield...

Tanzania Family Safari

8 days from 2400.

Experience the people, culture and wildlife of Kenya and Tanzania on a small group...

Mount Toubkal Winter Trek

7 days from 808.

Set off on a seven-day adventure through the Atlas Mountains, joining an expert guide...

Central American Adventure

33 days from 3555.

Tour jungle ruins and Caribbean coastline on a 33-day adventure to Mexico, Belize,...

Galapagos Experience

7 days from 1214.

As far as face-to-face wildlife encounters go, the Galapagos wildlife experience rivals...

Essential Italy

10 days from 2247.

Visit Venice, Verona, Parma, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Florence and Rome with like-minded 18...

Kilimanjaro: Machame Route

9 days from 3576.

Travel to Tanzania on a nine-day trip taking in Kilimanjaro along the Machame Route....

Vic Falls to Cape Town

22 days from 3146.

Discover the unique and contrasting lands of Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South...

Turkey Uncovered

14 days from 1428.

Discover the best of Turkey on a 14-day trip exploring Istanbul, Gallipoli, Fethiye,...

Amazing Central America

28 days from 2939.

Spend 28 days visiting Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and...

Peru Essentials

21 days from 3055.

See Peru in-depth on a trip from Lima to La Paz. Trek the Inca Trail and marvel at...

Cambodia Adventure

12 days from 982.

Hit Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City then take a trip through Cambodia, visiting Angkor Wat...

Garden Route Adventure

14 days from 1785.

See Africa from Durban to Cape Town on a 14-day adventure. Tour Tsitsikamma, Addo...

Best of East Africa

20 days from 4685.

Step out onto the Serengeti and keep your eyes out for rhinos, lions, leopards and a...

Vietnam Discovery

15 days from 1143.

Discover Vietnam’s east coast on this 15-day tour, uncovering the hidden delights of...

Vanuatu Expedition

8 days from 3074.

Embark on an expedition to the beautiful islands of Vanuatu where you can trek to the...

Delhi to Goa

15 days from 978.

Discover India in all its glory on this 15-day spice-filled adventure from Delhi...

Mount Toubkal Long Weekend Trek

5 days from 560.

Challenge yourself to this ambitious hiking trip and climb to the summit of Mount...

Central America Encompassed

31 days from 3247.

Take an epic adventure to Central America through Mexico’s hotspots like Chichen Itza,...

Recent tour reviews

Do i need a covid-19 vaccine to join an intrepid trip as a senior.

Trips from 1 January 2023 onwards

From 1 January 2023, Intrepid will no longer require travelers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (excluding all Polar trips and select adventure cruises). However, we continue to strongly recommend that all Intrepid travelers and leaders get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Specific proof of testing or vaccination may still be required by your destination or airline. Please ensure you check travel and entry requirements carefully.

Learn more about Intrepid's COVID-19 policy

Who are Intrepid travelers?

Intrepid adventures are for travelers with a yearning to get off the beaten track. Whether you're traveling solo, with a group of friends, or are aged 18 or 70, there is an Intrepid adventure to suit your interests and comfort level. Each Intrepid adventure has a physical and cultural grading to help you decide if the trip is right for you. No special skills are required for most adventures, just a sense of adventure and a curiosity about the world. Even on our camping adventures no previous experience is required; our tents are easy to set up, even for first-time campers. 

Are there age restrictions on your trips?

For the majority of our trips the minimum age is 15. An adult must accompany all children under the age of 18. Our Overland Adventures have a minimum age of 18. Younger children can join us on our Family trips and Short Break Adventures, but check each trip for its minimum age, which is located on the trip’s overview page on the website. Most of our trips don’t have a maximum age limit, but a Self-Assessment Form is required for all passengers 70 years and over. 

How many people will be on my trip?

Good things come in small packages, which is why we keep our group sizes down. This means we’re small enough to remain flexible as we thread our way through communities without intimidating the locals. On most of our trips you’ll be part of an intimate group of 12-16 people, though our group sizes are on average 10 people. Our Overland trips are in purpose-built vehicles that can carry up to 24 travelers. Group sizes are displayed on each trip’s overview page on our website. 

I’m traveling alone – is that OK?

This is the beauty of the Intrepid style of travel: many of our travelers join because they are traveling solo and want to meet and share experiences with like-minded people.

Learn more about solo travel

I have a disability – can I join an Intrepid trip?

Intrepid is committed to making travel widely accessible, regardless of ability or disability. We ask that you carefully consider whether you are physically and mentally able to complete the itinerary you have chosen, recognizing that on many trips you will be required to carry your own bags and use public transport. 

Where we can we will make reasonable adjustments to the operation of our trips to facilitate the requirements of disabled travelers – such as booking ground floor accommodation, or having our leaders communicate important directions in writing as well as verbally. Many travelers with disabilities have been able to enjoy our trips by traveling with a friend or companion who can assist with specific needs. If joining a group trip is not practical we may be able to provide you with a private departure. Please contact our sales team for further information on any of our itineraries. 

Learn more about accessible travel with Intrepid

Do I need to buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance is compulsory on all our trips if you’re traveling internationally. Minimum coverage may differ from trip to trip, so make sure you check the Travel Insurance section in your Essential Trip Information. You will not be permitted to join the group until your leader has sighted your insurance policy number and the insurance company's 24-hour emergency contact number – it’s really important there are no barriers to getting emergency assistance for you. 

Will I have my own room?

It's your call. Rooming on our trips is organized on a twin-share basis, but most of our trips also have the option to pay an extra fee for your own room. Just let us know at the time of booking and we'll arrange it for you. 

For twin-share rooms, we pair up solo travelers with another traveler of the same gender as per the gender marker on each of their passports. As a responsible tour operator, we strive to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. In the case that your gender identity differs from what's indicated on your passport, please contact us so that we can discuss rooming options with you. 

On a small selection of itineraries some accommodations are booked on an open-gender, multi-share basis. In those instances it will clearly be stated in your Essential Trip Information. 

How does group time work?

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a partner, our trips have a set itinerary. But within that there’s time set aside for your own exploration (if you want to – no pressure). Depending on how you're feeling, you may want to have some downtime, ask your guide for a few tips then head out alone, or hang out with the group and see where the day takes you. 

What makes a small group tour better than a coach tour?

The main difference between a small group tour and a coach tour is the size of the group; our tours have 10 travelers each (on average) while coaches can hold up to 60 people. This means that you'll never have to vie for your leader's attention on a small group tour because you'll automatically have it.

Learn more about the differences between a small group tour and a coach tour

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14 Best Senior-friendly Travel Groups

These senior-friendly travel companies offer tours and travel experiences as diverse as their clients.

senior adventure tours canada

The benefits of travel, whether it's a refreshing weekend getaway or a month-long trip to a new destination, are undeniable. And for retirees and seniors who have time and a travel budget, the opportunities are nearly endless — their own city, state, country, and even the whole world are all waiting to be explored.

It should be recognized that seniors are as diverse as any other generation, perhaps even more so as their years of experience have taken them in many directions. While their interests, abilities, values, and habits may vary, it can safely be said that for many, travel is in their plans.

Seniors travel to visit family, learn about the countries of their ancestors , or explore new destinations. Many seek immersive experiences, educational opportunities, or adventure. And travel companies are responding to their needs and wishes by offering tour options ranging from independent to fully guided, budget to luxury, and group to individual. The 14 organizations listed below are either aimed specifically at mature clients or feature experiences that are flexible enough to accommodate a variety of travelers.

Walking the World

Operating out of Grand Junction, Colorado, Walking the World offers walking and hiking tours mainly for travelers over the age of 50 who want to be immersed in the destinations they choose. Experienced hikers will enjoy its Rocky Mountain National Park tour , for example, with treks of up to 10 miles on some days during the eight-day itinerary. Meanwhile, the Ireland trip covers 11 days of exploring fishing villages, rolling green hills, the stunning Cliffs of Moher, the Dingle Peninsula, and Killarney National Park. Daily walks range from four to eight miles and are described as gentle to moderate.

Road Scholar

Originally launched as Elderhostel in 1975, the company rebranded in 2010 as Road Scholar , recognizing the values and interests of lifelong learners who have participated in their lectures, tours, field trips, and educational experiences over the years. Participants are typically over the age of 50 and ready to learn from travel or focus on a specific interest. Trip themes such as grandparent adventures (special types of trips you can take with your grandchild), cruises, urban exploration, art and history, historical sites, and academic topics can be browsed by destination, activity level, and interest to help clients select their ideal tour experience.

Adventures Abroad

While Adventures Abroad largely caters to travelers over 50, tours are open to adults of all ages, and operate on every continent except for Antarctica. The company's "soft adventure" trips, which concentrate on the culture and history of a destination, don't include strenuous activities, though a reasonable degree of fitness and the ability to walk are required. Trips are rated from one to three based on physical activity, with the first level featuring only leisurely walks and level two meaning more time on your feet each day. Level-three trips might include walks or hikes on uneven ground for three to seven hours, though at a leisurely pace. Specific trips are suggested for each activity level for easy planning.

An adventure travel company designed for people ages 50 and over, ElderTreks offers small-group adventures — think wildlife safaris, hiking trips, cultural journeys, and other unique expeditions — in more than 100 countries. The tours are rated by activity level, ranging from one to five. At level one, travelers should be able to walk for one to two hours, whereas at level five, they'll need to be capable of hiking for eight to 10 hours.

Ariel Skelley / Getty Images

Senior Cycling

Specializing in bicycle tours for active adults ages 50 and up, Senior Cycling limits groups to a maximum of 13 participants. And they are always accompanied by the "sag wagon" in case someone needs a break from riding. Trips are rated at two levels: intermediate (for the occasional rider who prefers bike paths and flat terrain for 20–40 miles per day) and advanced (for those who are at ease with up to 50 miles per day, hills, and traffic). Custom tours can also be arranged for families or groups of friends.

Firebird Tours

With a focus on clients ages 50 and over, Firebird Tours offers small group trips to destinations in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East that deliver value, comfort, and quality. Themes for guided tours include gastronomy, history, architecture, and the Northern Lights , as well as theater and opera. Private family tours are also available, with destinations and activities suitable for a wider age range depending on the group.

Seniors interested in active vacations should check out Backroads , based out of Berkeley, California. While tours are open to all ages, the majority of participants tend to be over 50. Guided biking, walking, and hiking tours to a variety of destinations are geared toward adults, but also include options for families traveling with "teens and kids," "older teens and 20s," and those in their "20s and beyond." The company's Dolce Tempo tours offer a more relaxed pace, and include trips such as the Easygoing E-bike Tour in California wine country and the Easygoing Multi-adventure Tour in New Zealand.

Overseas Adventure Travel

With a variety of trips available to destinations on every continent, Overseas Adventure Travel makes a great choice if you're interested in seeing the world via small-ship cruises. In addition to guided land tours for groups of eight to 16, OAT offers sailings through the Norwegian Fjords, along West Africa's coast, and throughout the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas. Mature travelers are often attracted to the flexibility of the trips and the ability to personalize activities. Recognizing that many of their customers travel alone — including a whopping 85 percent of their female clients — the company has created its getaways with solo travelers in mind, whether they're first-timers or experienced adventurers.

EF Go Ahead Tours

Operating out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, EF Go Ahead Tours offers a selection of small group tours for 10 to 22 guests. The senior-friendly trips focus on interests such as food and wine, adventure, and safaris, as well as specific destinations and seasonal events (think Oktoberfest in Germany, annual holiday markets in Europe, or St. Patrick's Day in Ireland). Traveling alone? The company's solo tours provide private rooms and personalized experiences especially geared toward those traveling by themselves. Clients can also gather their own group and take advantage of the services of EF's professional coordinators.

Kensington Tours

If you're looking to create a fully customized, privately guided trip based on your group's specific needs and travel preferences, look no further than Kensington Tours . Their expertise in more than 100 destinations worldwide makes planning easy, whether the goal is a culturally immersive experience, enjoying fine wine and dining, discovering the history of a place, or relaxation. While these arrangements are ideal for mature travelers who appreciate ease and luxury, the company also provides experiences for multigenerational travel in countries like Thailand, Japan, Iceland, and South Africa, featuring kid-friendly trips that come with private vehicles, local guides, and dining options fit for the whole family.

Intrepid Travel

A leading adventure tour operator known for its efforts to make travel accessible to all, Intrepid Travel offers a good mix of bespoke and ready-made itinerary options that can be adapted to suit your group's comfort level. Intrepid's Accessible Tours are especially inclusive, with trips that are designed for every type of traveler. Whichever trip you decide to book, you'll have access to local destination specialists to help you choose the perfect places to stay as well as organize transportation, activities, and guided tours, depending on your needs. The company's Walking & Trekking trips, suitable for a range of fitness levels, are especially popular with seniors, though adults of all ages are free to join in.

YMT Vacations

In business since 1967, YMT Vacations designs all-inclusive trips with mature travelers in mind. Prices cover hotel accommodations, guided sightseeing tours, baggage handling, and the expertise of tour directors and driver guides. Destinations include Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, North America, Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, among others, and the company arranges travel for popular events such as the Rose Parade in California. A number of river cruise and transatlantic sailing options are also available.

Grand European Travel

Grand European Travel is an AARP-preferred travel provider (check the website for members-only discounts) that promotes itself as a one-stop shop to help clients plan their desired travel experiences. The company represents a collection of 30 travel brands — including the likes of Trafalgar and Insight Tours — which, altogether, cover seven continents. Offerings range from budget to luxury getaways, and everything from cruises to land tours. Thinking of taking a multigenerational trip? Browse the company's family experiences section, stocked with tours fit for all ages, whether you're into all-inclusive European river cruises or exploring U.S. national parks.

Country Walkers

Country Walkers aims to introduce travelers to new landscapes and cultures around the world by traveling on foot. Established in 1979, the Vermont-based operator offers walking tours in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America. Tour types include guided (in a small group of up to 18) and self-guided (in a private group of up to 12), providing a great option for independent exploration. Travelers can choose from five levels, starting at "easy walking," which includes a daily distance of two to six miles for up to four hours per day. "Moderate walking," the mid-range option, suggests four to 10 miles and up to six hours of walking per day. Trips at the "challenging walking" level might go up to seven hours a day on foot, covering anywhere from six to 14 miles. Guests of all ages should be able to find a destination and tour that's best suited for their interests and fitness level.

senior adventure tours canada


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