Where to Go on a Winter Road Trip in Europe: 13 Winter-approved Itinerary Ideas

Winter might not be everyone’s top choice for a driving holiday in Europe – but driving in the off-season is a great strategy for beating the crowds and taking advantage of low car rental prices.

An abundance of festive events, winter sports and other special experiences on offer makes winter the perfect time to explore parts of Europe by road.

Whether you’re searching for a chilled escape in the winter sunshine or a full ice-and-snow immersion, this list of the best winter road trip routes in Europe has something for you. Discover Christmas markets, fairytale villages and castles, frozen waterfalls, truffle-hunting, winter hiking and skiing, and more!

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Quick tips for planning a winter road trip in Europe

Make sure your car is winter-ready. Winter tires or snow tires are mandatory in some European countries (including Romania, Germany and Norway), and it’s a good idea to have tires with a deep tread regardless. If you’re travelling with your own car, make sure you know how to properly fit your tires in advance. If you’re renting a car , most agents include a winter set in the price.

Account for shorter days when planning your itinerary. Daylight hours are obviously more limited in winter, and you’ll want to avoid driving at night whenever possible. This means you’ll need to do a bit more pre-planning to make sure you get your timing right. You should also add 20-30% more time onto each travel leg to account for driving at slower speeds.

Avoid driving in snow and ice. Some major roads and highways are gritted overnight and by morning, they can be icy and slippery. Wherever possible, try to start your drive in the mid-morning or early afternoon after the roads have had a chance to warm up a bit.

Always check weather conditions before you set out. It’s no fun driving through a snowstorm or battling icy rain – in fact, it can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have a lot of winter driving experience. Research the best local channels for checking the weather and stay abreast of changes to avoid getting caught out.

Know when to leave the car behind. Remember, you don’t always have to drive. If there’s a place you want to visit but don’t feel comfortable driving yourself (such as a mountain region), you can always leave your car somewhere safe and take the train instead .

Hiring a car in winter in Europe

One of the best things about hiring a car in winter is lower prices. You’ll also find that many destinations have a greater availability of vehicles in winter.

For destinations in the Balkans including Montenegro , Bulgaria and Greece plus Spain, Portugal and Iceland, I recommend using Local Rent to find a car. This platform offers budget-friendly cars from local agents with lots of perks.

→ Check rates for your destination on Local Rent

For other destinations around Europe, I recommend using Discover Cars to search and compare rates from international car hire companies.

→ Compare prices for your destination on Discover Cars

13 epic winter road trips in Europe

Transylvania winter road trip for ethereal castles & winter sports.

Transylvania in winter, with a view of Bran Castle in the Carpathian mountains.

When it comes to dreamy winter destinations in Europe, it doesn’t get much better than Transylvania. Make no mistake, Romania is cold in winter – but if you can brave the chilly conditions, you’ll be treated to vistas of the snowy Carpathian Mountains, romantic cities , ethereally beautiful hilltop castles and fortified churches, winter hiking opportunities, and even skiing.

December is an ideal month to drive in Romania. The famously windy Transfagarasan Highway is closed from November due to snow, but you’ll find all major highways are accessible. Remember to ensure your car is winter-ready and always check conditions before you set out. For ease, it’s best to stick to the centre of the country and avoid the high mountains. Allow yourself 7-10 days to explore.

Before hitting the road, give yourself a couple of nights in the capital to experience Bucharest in winter . Enjoy the quiet streets, indulge in life-affirming Romanian food, and warm up with a day at Therme, Europe’s largest spa.

Make a loop around Transylvania, first visiting Brasov and Sinaia Castle. If winter sports are your thing, there are 14 km of ski and snowboard runs at Poiana Brasov in the hills above the city. Continue to the fortified towns of Sibiu, Alba Iulia and Sighisoara , each with its own beautiful town square that is lit up with Christmas decorations and markets throughout December.

Be sure to include a few of Romania’s iconic medieval fortresses on your itinerary too, including the must-see Bran Castle.

Driving the Iceland Ring Road in Winter for Frozen Waterfalls & the Northern Lights

Driving Iceland's Ring Road in winter, with snow-capped mountains and the Northern Lights.

One of the best winter road trips in Europe can be found in Iceland on the Ring Road from Reykjavik to Hofn. Although you can drive around the entire island on the Ring Road, the northern part of this drive can be unsafe in the winter. For this reason, it is recommended that you stick to the southern half.

You will likely start your trip from the Reykjavik area. There are many neat things to see and do in the capital including Hallgrímskirkja, The Sun Voyager, and Harpa Concert Hall. In winter, you must your accommodation in Reykjavik wisely, being sure to stay somewhere central.

After leaving the city and heading south on Route 1, the next major stop you will come to is Vik, Iceland. If time allows, plan to spend 1-2 days in this area.

A few of the best things to do near Vik, Iceland include Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Dyrhólaey, the DC3 plane wreck, and Yoda cave. This is also an excellent location to view the Northern Lights.

Continuing towards Hofn, you will find several lovely stops including Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach, Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, and Vatnajökull National Park. There are also countless incredible waterfalls along this route. If the weather allows, consider stopping for a few hikes along the way. The views are hard to beat!

Driving in Iceland is relatively stress-free compared to many other countries. The traffic outside of the major cities is very light, and you will often have long stretches of the road to yourself – especially in winter.

Always be aware of the weather. Keep an eye on any storms brewing in the area, and be aware that during high winds, it can be unsafe to drive at all. Have a backup plan in mind in case the weather impacts your travels.

By Janae from Adventures With TuckNae

Winter Road Trip from Bergen for Colourful Houses & Norwegian Fjords

Houses on the water in Bergen, Norway, the perfect place to start a winter Europe road trip.

A fantastic winter road trip for those used to driving in snow is the fjords of Western Norway. The fjords are heavily visited in the summer months, but few embark on the journey between November and March. This is a great time to hit the roads and see the scenery for yourself!

There are a few factors to consider when visiting Western Norway in winter. The first is that winter tires are mandatory when driving. If you are bringing your own car, they must be on as soon as you cross into Norway. If you’re renting a car, they will already have them ready to go. Secondly, daylight hours are far shorter in winter than in summer, so you should be prepared for nighttime driving or staying overnight on the road.

An ideal starting point for your winter adventure is Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city. The city is milder than other Norwegian cities in the winter, and if you’re there in December, you will have a chance to check out the world’s largest gingerbread village at Pepperkakebyen! Be sure to also eat some pinnekjøtt, fiskesuppe, and raspeballer when visiting Bergen during the colder months.

From Bergen, you have plenty of options for road trips, but the most beautiful one will take you to Flåm and the Aurlandsfjord. Some of the best stops along the way are Voss (Norway’s adventure sports’ capital), Stalheim (for the famous hotel as well as one of the curviest roads in Europe called Stalheimskleiva), Gudvangen (home of Viking Valley), and finally Flåm. If you venture a little further, you can check out the famous Stegastein viewpoint.

This road trip would only take 2 hours and 45 minutes during the summer months, but will likely take around 4 hours or more in the winter. There are also plenty of waterfalls and attractions along the way that you’ll likely want to stop at. Flåm has a few accommodation options, and the Fretheim Hotel is a historic Norwegian hotel with affordable prices during the winter.

The great thing about using Bergen as a base for a road trip is that you can find at least four different (and extremely diverse!) routes to drive.

By Megan from Megan Starr

Alsace Winter Road Trip for Europe’s Best Christmas Markets & Fairytale French Villages

Colourful half timber houses in Alsace, France in winter.

This road trip takes you through the historical region of Alsace in eastern France. While wine country is stunning at any time of the year, it is perfect for winter since Alsace does Christmas like no other region in France.

Featuring some of the most picturesque, fairytale-like villages and exquisite Christmas markets, this itinerary is perfect for every Christmas lover and anyone interested in culture and history.

The Alsace region is not too big, so this itinerary can be a long weekend road trip.

Start your journey with one day in Strasbourg , the self-proclaimed capital of Christmas. Grab some mulled wine to keep you warm and start exploring the city! Admire the impressive Strasbourg Cathedral, stroll the cobblestone streets of La Petite France, and browse the Christmas Market on Kleber Square.

On your second day, you will drive along the oldest wine road in France, the Alsace Wine Route. Your first stop will be Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg, the best preserved medieval castle in Alsace.

Alsace villages along the route are as fairytale-like as it gets – they inspired Disney’s Beauty and the Beast , after all. Riquewihr and Ribeauvillé feel untouched and sparkle in the winter light.

Next up is Colmar, where Cobblestone streets and half-timbered, colourful houses look magical when decorated for Christmas.

Finally, if you want to spend a day in nature, make a detour to Lac Blanc. The lake is stunning, and you can see it from the road. This is a fantastic place for hiking or winter sports such as skiing and sledging, if you happen to catch a snowy day!

By Natali from She’s Abroad Again

Winter Road Trip on Portugal’s Silver Coast for Palaces & Cities

The Arch in winter in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Portugal Silver Coast is one of the best winter road trips in Europe. This 400 km scenic route runs from Lisbon to Porto and is dotted with charming towns and villages. While the entire trip is only a 4-hour drive, take at least a few days to enjoy it at a leisurely pace.

Start your trip by checking into one of Lisbon’s best boutique hotels then explore the city, seeing famous sites such as Belem Tower, Jerónimos Monastery, Tram 28 up to Alfama, the LX factory shops and restaurants and festive Christmas markets like Wonderland Lisboa and Campo Pequeno.

As you start your road trip, spend a half day in the castle filled hilltop town of Sintra visiting Pena Palace and Castle of the Moors. Then drive 30 minutes to the charming white washed village of Ericeira, where you can wander the cobblestone streets, enjoy a delicious meal and admire the stunning coastline.

Nearby, the historic walled town of Obidos is transformed into the cutest Christmas village complete with a ferris wheel, concerts, ice skating, and more. A true highlight of the silver coast are the massive winter waves Nazaré, made famous by the 100-Foot Wave Documentary.

Finally make your way to the stunning city of Porto, Portugal . Do your holiday shopping, sample Port wine, take a cruise on the Douro River and soak in the magic of Portugal .

By Jenifer from The Evolista

Southern Spain Winter Road Trip for Sunshine & White Villages

Winter at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

If you’re looking for a place to escape the chill this winter, Southern Spain’s mild temperatures and blue-sky days make it an ideal road trip destination. It might be too brisk for the beaches, but there is no shortage of other things to do in Spain in the colder months, especially if you have the freedom to explore with your own car .

A convenient plan is to make a loop from Madrid, starting with a day in historic Toledo before heading to coastal Andalusia. See the late-blooming orange trees and bask in the winter sunshine in Valencia before making your way down the coast to historic Cartagena, an often overlooked port town with incredible Roman ruins. There are dozens of sweet towns and fishing villages where you can stop along the way.

The culture-packed cities of Cordoba, Granada (for the Alhambra) and finally Seville are all worthwhile winter destinations. For something adventurous, take an optional detour into the Las Alpujarras for mountain scenery and to visit the White Villages.

While you could easily spend a month or more in Southern Spain, a week is a fair amount of time for driving in winter.

Winter Road Trip on the Peloponnese Peninsula for Archaeological Sites Sans Summer Crowds

Leafy trees at Olympia, an archaeological site in Greece.

If you’re looking for a road trip to forget that it’s winter in Europe, look no further than Greece’s Peloponnese Peninsula . The Peloponnese forms the southern tip of mainland Greece. Its location on the Mediterranean leads to mild, pleasant, and often sunny winters. With average high temperatures ranging from about 15-18 degrees Celsius (59-65 F) along the coast, a winter dip in the sea along the Peloponnese coast is not unusual.

The Peloponnese is known for having beautiful beaches and stunning mountains, but the main draw here – especially in winter – is the archaeological sites. The peninsula is home to some of the most famous historical sites on the planet, including Olympia, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Messene, Mystras, Sparta, Acrocorinth, and let’s include Delphi too since it’s easy to hit on a road trip even though it’s on the other side of the Gulf of Corinth. In the winter these amazing sites are practically empty due to the lack of other tourists and they’re also half-price to enter (until the end of March).

On top of these archaeological sites, there are endless beautiful coastal villages to explore, such as Limeni and the ridiculously charming medieval city of Monemvasia.

The downside of road tripping around the Peloponnese in the winter is that many restaurants will be closed and of course the daylight hours are limited. But should you make the road trip around the Peloponnese in the off-season, you will be rewarded with endless beauty nearly all to yourself.

By Chris from Around the World With Me

Tip: Find more Greece road trip ideas here .

Crete Winter Road Trip for Ancient Villages, Quiet Fishing Harbours & Hiking Trails

Winter in Heraklion, Crete.

Winter is the perfect time to head to the Greek islands, hire a car, and set off on a Crete road trip of between 1-2 weeks. The temperature sits between 19C/66F degrees in November to 14C/57F degrees in March, and the 5 million tourists who arrive by plane each summer are nowhere to be seen!

Crete is a large island, and a road trip makes sense as there are several major towns to see but the other main sites are scattered around the countryside. These include Minoan ruins, tombs and cemeteries and excellent hiking trails alongside beaches, through ancient villages, and along the bottom of gorges.

The second most visited site in Greece is Knossos Palace where the legendary Minotaur was trapped below the Palace in Daedalus’ labyrinth. It’s a large outdoor site that is uncrowded. In winter you can spend time ambling around without the sun beating down on you.

The main towns of Chania, Heraklion, and Rethymno are also worth a few days. Their old harbours have waterfront cafes and tavernas that stay open during the winter months and there are phenomenal museums to visit such as the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. The Venetian harbour and old town of Chania is a must to explore and hiking the Samaria Gorge is an unforgettable experience.

By Monique from Trip Anthropologist

Isle of Skye Winter Road Trip for Highland History & Dark Sky Discoveries

The famous Fairy Pools in the Scottish Highlands in winter.

Famous for its rugged coastline, unparalleled vistas, abundance of wildlife and intriguing Highland history, the Isle of Skye is an island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. From chasing waterfalls to distillery tours , there is an abundance of things to do on the Isle of Skye .

In winter, snow lingers in the higher mountains, making the landscapes beautiful and moody. It is much less crowded than in the peak season. The island is home to nine Dark Sky Discovery Sites in Britain, making it one of the best places in Scotland for stargazing in winter. You can even spot the Northern Lights here.

Start your road trip from Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands and allow at least 3-4 days to explore the main sights of Skye.

One of the must-visit attractions in Skye is the picturesque Fairy Pools, a web of small waterfalls renowned for their clear turquoise blue waters against the backdrop of the majestic Cuillin Mountains.

Take a look inside the 800-year-old Dunvegan Castle and Gardens, the ancestral house of the Chiefs of Clan MacLeod. Visit the colourful houses of Portree, the largest town on the island. Portree has many restaurants, cafes and hotels and serves as a great base to explore Skye.

By Moumita & Sankha from Chasing the Long Road

Want to extend your Scotland road trip? Check out this 14 day North Coast 500 itinerary for more ideas.

Winter Road Trip Along the Causeway Coast for Moody Landscapes & Wild Beaches

Ireland's Giant's Causeway rock formation in winter.

Northern Ireland is a relatively small country with lots of close-knit tourist attractions, which makes it ideal for a road trip. The main attraction, however, is the Causeway Coastal Route, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Antrim coast dotted with quaint coastal villages, cliffside castles, sandy beaches, and plenty of untamed coastal beauty.

Some of the more famous attractions on the Causeway Coast include the iconic basalt columns of the Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede Ropebridge, and the Bushmills Distillery. But there are many more lesser-known stops including the Dunluce Castle, Ballintoy Harbour, and the Dark Hedges.

Summer months are by far the busiest time on the coastal route. Locals know the best time to explore is during winter when the crowded coaches are nowhere to be seen, and the weather and coastal landscapes are wild and rugged. Winter is the perfect time to admire scenery that inspired the Game of Thrones franchise, with various filming locations across the Causeway Coast and elsewhere in Northern Ireland.

The best bits of this road trip can be covered in a weekend, although 4-5 days are recommended with more time for other attractions on the coast, including Rathlin Island.

Also consider a second, newer driving trail in Northern Ireland, the Mourne Coastal Route, which starts in Bangor-by-the-Sea in County Down.

By Allan from It’s Sometimes Sunny in Bangor

Switzerland Winter Road Trip for Glassy Lakes & the Snow-capped Matterhorn Mountain

Snow covered Zermatt Valley with the Matterhorn mountain in the background.

For a stunning Swiss road trip through snow-capped mountains and ice cold lakes, consider driving between the beautiful cities of Basel and Lugano in Switzerland. Taking the quieter roads and avoiding the main highway is best to see the landscape and local villages. Be sure to have safe winter tires and pack plenty of warm clothes for all the pretty pit stops you will make!

Starting in the city of Basel, commence your drive towards the Regional Nature Park Thal, then to the UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch and Lake Lungern. This section of road is absolutely stunning, with snow-topped mountain ranges and gorgeous winding roads. Take your time to enjoy and stop at every viewpoint.

For the next part of the route, head south towards Murmeltierpark Grimselpass and Pizzo Gallina. This section allows you to pass through the canton of Bern, via Valais to the final Ticino canton. For photographers and nature lovers, Valais canton is the place to be in winter, so if you have time, stay a few nights in the area for more local explorations.

For the last section, you have to join the A2 highway, simply since it’s the only way to finish the journey down to Lugano. Lugano in winter does not always have snow, but it’s still magical and very festive with a local Christmas market. Find a grotto restaurant and end your road trip with some delicious local Swiss food and wines.

By Zoe from Together In Switzerland

Snowy Drive on Germany’s Romantic Road for Bavarian Winter Beauty

Christmas decorations in the German town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a must visit on a winter Germany road trip.

The Romantic Road in Germany is a 285-mile (459-kilometre) route in Bavaria, South Germany. This road trip starts in the north in Würzburg and ends in the south near the Austrian border in Füssen.

Known for scenic landscapes and fairytale towns, a snowy drive in these parts is all the more special. Some of the most iconic and authentic Christmas markets happen to be in these regions of Germany , and the towns along the Romantic Road host the most unforgettable festivities . Most are held every day from 10am until late in December.

Start your winter drive on the Romantic Road in the baroque wine city of Würzburg before continuing to the cute and vivid Christmas town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Other highlights along the route include the medieval towns of Feuchtwangen, Dinkelsbühl, Nördlingen, and Augsburg. The last stop in Füssen completes the journey with a visit to the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle.

The Romantic Road is perfect for those looking for snow-covered landscapes, medieval towns and Christmas cheer. It can take anywhere between 3 and 10 days to drive, depending on the chosen stops.

By Paul from Paulmarina

Malta Road Trip for Winter Sunshine & Christmas Cheer

Rocky coast with the skyline of Valletta, Malta in the background.

If you are one that prefers the sun to snow, the best winter road trip is Malta . With great weather, amazing views and super easy roads to navigate, this European gem is a fantastic option. 

No matter if you are visiting Malta for one day or one month, you will have plenty of amazing places to see by road. For those wanting to see the best of Malta, it’s recommended to visit for 5-7 days. This is a great route for driving in Winter as you will have brighter days and no winter conditions hindering your trip.

To make the most of your Winter road trip in Malta, fly into Malta international airport and start your journey from there. This will save you money on airport transfers and allow you to start seeing the amazing Maltese views straightaway. 

For those travellers who want to see amazing views, Malta is full of them. So have your camera at the ready when you visit. The best views to see by car are Għadira Bay, Mnajdra and the salt pans. 

Malta is a very religious country so you will find lots of wonderful things to do during the build up to Christmas. To get yourself in the festive spirit, stop by Valletta for a candle lit service. 

By Lowri from Many Other Roads

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Vagrants Of The World Travel

Best Winter Road Trips in Europe: Snowy Landscapes and Historic Towns

By: Author Vagrants of the World Travel Writer

Posted on Last updated: October 18, 2023

Home >> Europe >> Best Winter Road Trips in Europe: Snowy Landscapes and Historic Towns

Europe gives us some of the world’s most beautiful and diverse landscapes and a winter road trip is the perfect way to experience them. We’ll guide you through an itinerary for what we’ve found to be the best winter road trips in Europe, giving you unique and adventurous ways to explore Europe during the winter months.

Winter scene at Hallstatt near Salzburg, in Austria, Europe. Church steeple with snow-capped mountains in the backdrop

From snow-capped mountains to the Northern Lights to charming villages, Europe has something to offer every type of traveler and a winter road trip is the perfect way to experience them all.

Table of Contents

Why Choose Europe for Winter Road Trips?

Europe is a winter wonderland with a wide range of destinations that offer unique experiences for beginner travelers to the most experienced.

Whether you want to ski in the Alps, explore Christmas markets in Germany , or soak in thermal baths in Iceland (yes, you can do that!), Europe has it all, and we’ll take you through some of our favorites.

It’s also a perfect time of year to experience local culture and heritage and sample delicious winter cuisine. If you follow us, you know the food experiences are some of our favorites!

Aros Castle, Dounarwyse Castle, in winter. A 13th-century castle near Salen on the Isle of Mull, Scotland

Best Itinerary Alternatives

Some of the top winter road trip destinations in Europe include the Swiss Alps, the Scottish Highlands, the Black Forest in Germany , and the Northern Lights in Norway. Each of these destinations offers stunning natural beauty as well as unique cultural experiences.

Planning your winter road trip can be overwhelming, but we’ve put together some of our best itineraries for you, and with a bit of research and preparation, you can create an unforgettable adventure.

If you’re a fun and experienced traveler who loves a natural winter wonderland or visiting Europe for the first time, Europe should be at the top of your list for winter road trips!

Winter is the best time to explore Europe by road. The crowds are thinner, the air is crisp, and the scenery is breathtaking. Plus, you can take advantage of low car rental prices and hotel rates. A little bit of savings is always a plus!

View of Salzburg with Festung Hohensalzburg in the wintertime

Real Winter Wonderland

If you’re from a warmer climate, experiencing a real winter wonderland can be a magical experience. Europe’s winter landscapes are postcard-perfect, with snow-covered mountains, frozen lakes, and frosty forests, and then add on the Northern Lights in countries like Norway and Finland, it makes the perfect destination.

If you’re looking for more unique things to do on your visit, check out our article, Unique Things to do in Europe in the Winter for a full rundown.

Top Winter Road Trip Destinations

If you’re looking for the best winter road trips in Europe, we’ve got them for you. Here are some of the top winter road trip destinations that are perfect for your next adventure.

Northern Lights Tour

road trip europe en hiver

If you want an incredible winter experience, head to the Arctic Circle for a Northern Lights tour . You’ll have the chance to witness the aurora borealis, one of the most stunning natural wonders in the world. There are plenty of tour companies that offer Northern Lights tours, so you can easily find one that suits your needs and budget.

Our favorite Northern Lights tour has been the Northern Horizon tour in Tromso, Norway . If this is a bucket list item, this tour has it all and is well worth it. This is a small group tour that includes transportation, warm hot chocolate, and cookies. You also get to cook over a bonfire!

Canary Islands Escape

road trip europe en hiver

If you’re looking for a warm-weather escape , the Canary Islands are the perfect place for a winter road trip. With beautiful beaches and plenty of sunshine, you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical island. There are also plenty of great places to explore on the islands, so you won’t be bored.

We recommend renting a car in Tenerife to get you started. The Canary Islands offers sand dunes, mountains, pine woods, beaches, and flowers for diverse beauty and experiences. You’ll be able to explore on your own time and discover some off-the-beaten-path locations. The main highway between Las Palmas and Maspalomas is easy to drive. Here are a few less-known locations we recommend adding to your route:

  • Barranco de las Vacas
  • Bollullo Beach
  • Piscinas Naturales Aguas Verdes (the natural pools are incredible)

If you love traveling Europe and enjoy the sun, we have put together a list of the 9 most Glorious European Winter Sun Destinations . You can read about them here .

Sierra Nevada Adventure

If you’re up for a challenge, head to the Sierra Nevada mountains for a cross-country skiing adventure. Sierra Nevada is Spanish for “snowy mountains” , so you know you’re in the right place for a winter destination!

The mountain road is perfect for a winter road trip, and the winter temperatures make it ideal for skiing. You’ll also have the chance to explore the beautiful natural wonders of the Sierra Nevada.

Ring Road, Iceland

road trip europe en hiver

The Ring Road in Iceland is one of the best European road trips you can take in the winter. This 800-mile road trip takes you around the entire country, where you’ll witness some of the most incredible natural beauty in the world. From waterfalls to glaciers, the Ring Road has it all.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is a perfect place for a day trip or a weekend getaway. The natural beauty of the lake and surrounding mountains is breathtaking, and the medieval town of Bled is full of history and charm. It’s an incredible place to explore and take in the natural beauty of Slovenia.

If you add Lake Bled to your itinerary, consider taking a guided tour to make the most of your stay. From trekking through caves to touring Bled Castle , there is a lot to see and do in this charming town.

San Gimignano, Italy

San Gimignano is a medieval town in Tuscany, Italy, that’s full of history and charm. The town is known for its medieval architecture and rich history, and it’s the perfect place to explore on a winter road trip. With easy access to other great European cities, San Gimignano is a great stop on your next road trip.

A road in the hills of Tuscany (Italy) with the first snow of winter

While in San Gimignano, an absolute must is a pasta-making class . These take place in a local home where you’ll learn their recipes and it even includes wine. These sell out far in advance, so book early . The refund policy is generous. You have until 72 hours before the class to cancel if you change your trip, so it’s wise to claim your spot early.

If you’d like more time in Florence, follow our Fall Fun in Florence guide. Most all the activities and locations will be just as wonderful in the winter months!

Whether you’re looking for the best places to explore or the best road trips to take, these winter road trip destinations are perfect for your next adventure.

Exploring Local Culture and Heritage

road trip europe en hiver

When embarking on a winter road trip in Europe, one of the best ways to experience the local culture and rich history of the region is by visiting the various tourist destinations. From the festive Christmas markets to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Europe has a lot to offer in terms of cultural and historical experiences. Here are some of the top places to visit:

European Christmas Markets

One of the highlights of a winter road trip in Europe is visiting the many Christmas markets. These markets are a great way to experience the festive season and get a taste of the local culture. You can browse the stalls for unique gifts and souvenirs, sample local cuisine, and enjoy the Christmas lights and decorations. Some of the best Christmas markets in Europe include the ones in Vienna , Prague , and Berlin .

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Europe is home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, recognized for their cultural and historical significance. These sites offer a glimpse into the region’s rich history and are a must-visit for anyone taking the trek to Europe no matter what time of year.

Interior at The Royal Palace at Caserta, Italy. Statues along the decorative walls.

Some of Europe’s top UNESCO World Heritage Sites include the Royal Palace of Caserta in Italy , the Historic Centre of Bruges in Belgium , and the Medieval Town of San Gimignano in Italy.

Historic Cities and Towns

Europe is also home to many historic cities and towns, which offer a unique glimpse into the region’s rich history and culture. These cities and towns are filled with stunning architecture, museums, and other cultural attractions. Some of Europe’s top historic cities and towns include Prague in the Czech Republic, Krakow in Poland, and Salzburg in Austria.

Exploring the local culture and heritage is an essential part of any winter road trip in Europe. From the festive Christmas markets to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and historic cities and towns, Europe has a lot to offer in terms of cultural and historical experiences. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Planning Your Winter Road Trip

When planning your winter road trip in Europe, there are a few things to remember to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Here are some of our best tips to help you plan:

Timing Your Trip

The best time to take a winter road trip in Europe is from December to February. This is the peak season for winter holidays and the festive season, which means there are plenty of winter activities and events to enjoy. New Year’s Eve is also a popular time to visit Europe, especially for fireworks displays and celebrations.

New Year fireworks over the Baltic Sea on the beach in Gdynia. Poland, Europe. Boat on the beach

When planning your trip, keep in mind that the weather can vary greatly depending on where you are in Europe. The north coast and mountainous regions tend to have colder temperatures and more snow, while southern Europe may have milder winter temperatures and warm weather.

Safety Measures

When traveling in winter conditions, safety should be a top priority. Here are some safety measures to keep in mind:

  • Check the weather forecast and road conditions before setting out.
  • Drive slowly and cautiously on snowy or icy roads.
  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles and avoid sudden movements.
  • If renting a vehicle, try to get one with 4-wheel drive and check the tires before you take off.
  • Always have a charged phone and emergency supplies in case of a breakdown or accident.

You shouldn’t let the extra safety measures deter you from a winter trip, following these tips, you can have a fun and safe winter road trip in Europe!

Packing Essentials

When packing for your winter road trip, it’s important to pack warm clothing and gear. This includes layers, waterproof jackets and pants, hats, gloves, and boots. You may also want to bring winter sports gear if you plan on skiing or snowboarding.

In addition to warm clothing, it’s important to pack essentials such as a first aid kit, snacks, water, and a map or GPS device.

Travel Tips

To make the most of your winter road trip in Europe, consider the following travel tips:

  • Plan your route in advance and make sure to check road conditions and closures.
  • Take advantage of cable cars and mountain roads for stunning views.
  • Avoid peak season to experience fewer crowds and easier access to attractions.
  • Research winter sports activities and events in advance to ensure availability.
  • Be prepared for shorter daylight hours and plan your driving accordingly.

Czech Republic - Prague. Charles Bridge on a winter morning with street lights and a snow-covered bridge

From the bustling Christmas markets in Germany to the stunning natural beauty of Norway, there’s no shortage of incredible destinations to explore for your best winter road trip in Europe!

Now that you know where to go, it’s time to start planning. If you want to experience the magic of Christmas markets, plan your trip for December. You can read Best Places to Visit in Europe in December for even more ideas. If you’re more interested in winter sports, aim for January or February.

Before you set off, make sure you’re prepared. Check the weather forecast and road conditions, and ensure your vehicle has winter tires and other essential equipment. And don’t forget to pack warm clothing, snacks, and plenty of entertainment for the journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned road tripper or a first-time explorer, there’s never been a better time to embark on a winter adventure in Europe. Get ready to experience the beauty and excitement of Europe in the winter!

Frequently Asked Questions

wooden houses on the banks of the Norwegian fjord, beautiful mountain landscape in winter

What are some of the best winter road trip destinations in Europe?

Europe is home to some of the most stunning winter destinations in the world. Some of Europe’s best winter road trip destinations include the Swiss Alps, the Norwegian Fjords , the Scottish Highlands, the Austrian Alps, and the French Alps. These destinations offer breathtaking natural scenery, winter sports, and charming towns to explore.

What are some must-see sights on a winter road trip in Europe?

Winter road trips in Europe offer a wide range of must-see sights. Some of the most popular sights include the Northern Lights in Norway, the Christmas markets in Germany, the castles in Scotland, the ski resorts in the Alps, and the thermal baths in Iceland. These sights offer a unique and unforgettable winter experience.

How can I plan a budget-friendly winter road trip in Europe?

Planning a budget-friendly winter road trip in Europe requires some research and preparation. Some tips for planning a budget-friendly winter road trip in Europe include traveling during the shoulder season, staying in hostels or budget accommodations, cooking meals when possible, and using public transportation whenever possible. You can also save money by booking activities and attractions in advance.

What are some unique winter experiences to have on a road trip in Europe?

Winter road trips in Europe offer a variety of unique experiences. Some of the most popular experiences include skiing and snowboarding in the Alps, dog sledding in Lapland , ice skating in Amsterdam, and visiting the ice hotels in Sweden . You can also try traditional winter activities like snowshoeing, ice fishing, and sleigh rides.

What are some of the best scenic routes for a winter road trip in Europe?

Europe is home to some of the most scenic routes in the world, especially during the winter months. Some of the best scenic European winter road routes include the Trollstigen Road in Norway , the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria , the Black Forest High Road in Germany , and the Great Glen Way in Scotland. These routes offer stunning views of snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes, and charming villages.

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10 UNMISSABLE Winter Road Trips in Europe

Best Europe winter road trip ideas and itineraries

Looking for winter road trip ideas in Europe? Not sure where you can head to enjoy safe driving and incredible scenery even in the low season? Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the best winter road trip ideas for every itinerary.

Don’t forget to download your FREE Europe road trip checklist below.

*We work hard to make this the best motorhome travel blog and road trip website possible, full of helpful content for you. The website is supported by our readers, so if you buy through links on this site we may earn a commission- at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain our own .

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Best Winter Road Trips in Europe

Winter road trips in Europe can be difficult. Depending on where you live (or where you’re starting the road trip from, getting there can be tough! Many mountain passes are closed and many big tourist towns and attractions close for the winter

However, don’t despair. There are still some incredible places to visit all around Europe during winter. If you’re going in November and December, you could enjoy some of the best and biggest Christmas Markets in Europe.

If you’re going from January- March you could choose between finding winter sunshine, or going to enjoy some towns and cities in Europe which are EVEN BETTER in winter!

Intrigued? Read on…

Tips for planning your Europe Winter Road Trip

Before you set off, whether you’re travelling by car, motorhome, campervan or motorbike (!), there are some things you need to do to prepare your vehicle.

Firstly, make sure you know all the kit you MUST have in your vehicle while touring Europe. Get your free checklist here:

Europe Motorhome travel- free checklists

Want to head to Europe with your motorhome?

Grab your FREE (printable) checklist and discover 25 things you NEED to take with you when you travel in Europe. Make your life easier today.

Make sure you have winter tyres fitted. These are mandatory in many countries in Europe between October- March, and in countries like France in mountainous regions . You may also need to carry snow chains.

Plan your itinerary carefully.  Days are shorter in winter, meaning you can’t travel as far. Roads can also be more treacherous at night when it gets colder, so try to avoid driving at night where possible.

You’ll also want to allow extra time between stops, whether you’re touring Europe in a motorhome and using campsites/ aires, or staying in hotels/ B& Bs. If the weather is bad, you’ll drive more slowly, so it will take longer to get between places. Adding an extra 20-30% is a good rule of thumb.

Start your day later. Cold temperatures overnight can leave many roads slippery in the morning, even if they have been gritted. Wait until mid-morning to start your travels so the roads have had a chance to warm up a little.

Epic places to visit on a winter road trip in Europe for snowy scenes

Here are some of our favourite European winter road trip itinerary ideas. If you’re going before Christmas, here are some of the best and biggest Christmas Markets in Europe.

Western Norway

Best Europe winter road trip ideas and itineraries- Norway

  • Start point/ city: Bergen
  • Endpoint/ city: Flåm
  • Route: Various

Western Norway’s fjords are a great winter road trip for snow-savvy drivers. In the winter, few people visit the fjords, making it a fantastic time to view the sights AND take incredible photos.

Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city, is a great winter base. There’s plenty going on and, if you visit in December, you can see Pepperkakebyen, the world’s largest gingerbread hamlet!

Some epic winter road trip ideas from Bergen

  • One of the prettiest routes is to Flåm. You could ride the Flåm railway and visit Aurlandsfjord.
  • You could also drive to Voss, one of the best places for adventure sports, Gudvangen (home of Viking Valley), and the Stegastein viewpoint.
  • Don’t miss the many waterfalls around the area- they’re breathtaking.

Don’t forget, whether you’re driving a car or motorhoming in Norway , you must have winter tyres, and drive with your headlights on all day.

Remember the days are much shorter so you won’t be able to travel so far. Also, the south of Norway is below the arctic circle. If you want to go above the Arctic Circle, head to Tromso.

You could also tie this in with some other Scandanavian counties, like Rovaniemi in Finland (Finnish Lapland is the home of Santa Claus!)

Romantic Road, Germany

Best Europe winter road trip ideas and itineraries- Germany

  • Start point/ city: Würzburg
  • Endpoint/ city: Füssen
  • Route: Autobahn B3
  • Distance (miles and km): 460km / 290miles
  • Time to drive: 3-10 days

The Romantic Road is one of the most famous road trips in Germany. The entire route is around 290 miles (460km) through Bavaria in South Germany, starting in Würzburg (in the north) and ending in Füssen (in the south, near the Austrian Border and the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein! )

Although this route is phenomenal at any time of the year, driving it in winter is extra special. The architecture and scenery is spectacular and the towns look even more like they’ve just sprung from a fairytale.

Winter Road Trip itinerary idea

  • Start your winter road trip in the traditional wine city of Würzburg.
  • Don’t miss the spectacular Christmas town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, or the historic towns of Feuchtwangen, Nördlingen or Augsburg (apparently the the oldest city in Germany!)
  • Many many castles and historic sights, including Harburg and Hohenschwangau. If you’re motorhoming in Germany , there are nearby aires which are fantastic.
  • Detour into the Black Forest and visit Triberg , home of the world’s largest (and smallest!) cuckoo clocks!)
  • The final stop is Füssen, full of beautifully painted buildings and the closest town to the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle.

You could also tie this winter road trip in with visits to nearby Austria (Salzburg, Innsbruck, Hallstatt and the Alps are great winter destinations), Bruges in Belgium, or incredible old town centres like Prague and Vienna.

Southern Ring Road, Iceland

Best Europe winter road trip ideas and itineraries- Iceland

  • Start point/ city: Reykjavik
  • Endpoint/ city: Reykjavik
  • Route: Varies depending on the weather

One of the most breathtaking winter road trips in Europe is in Iceland.

If you visit between November to March, you’ll find frozen waterfalls, incredible snow-covered vistas and, if you’re lucky, it’s one of the best places in Europe to see the elusive Northern Lights.

My husband and I were lucky enough to visit Iceland in winter and by far the best bit was having a vehicle suitable for driving around. If you are hiring a vehicle, make sure it has winter tyres fitted and carry a ‘just-in-case’ pack of blankets, hot drinks and food.

If you’re taking your own vehicle, make sure you have proper winter tyres fitted. Also, although the Ring Road doesn’t technically shut during winter, the northern half can become treacherous in bad weather, so keep a close eye on the forecast and you may wish to stick to the southern half.

If you’re planning to camp, be aware that many campsites close during winter, so it can be tricky to find places with electricity and fresh water.

Highlights and itinerary ideas for an Iceland winter road trip

  • Spend a day exploring Reykjavik- there’s a lot of history to see here.
  • Plan to spend a day or two around Vik. Here, you’ll find the Black Sand Beach at Reynisfjara, the abandoned DC3 plane wreck, and Yoda cave.
  • If you continue towards Hofn, you’ll find the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach, Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, and Vatnajökull National Park.
  • Don’t miss any of the incredible waterfalls along the route. Depending on the weather and when in winter you go, many will be frozen, which makes for spectacular photos!

road trip europe en hiver

Switzerland winter road trip ideas

Best European road trip ideas- Switzerland.

  • Start point/ city: Basel
  • Endpoint/ city: Lugano
  • Distance: 270km

For an unforgettable winter road trip with breathtaking scenery, plan a drive between the beautiful cities of Basel and Lugano in Switzerland.

If you’re confident driving in snow and wintery conditions, you can take backroads to enjoy the best of the views and visit some local villages. You’ll also go over some spectacular mountains, so be sure your tyres are good and stop frequently to let your brakes cool.

NOTE: Make sure you have winter tyres fitted and pack an emergency kit with food and warm clothes. If you’re motorhoming in Switzerland , make sure you have your tank heaters on too.

Winter road trip itinerary idea

  • Start in Basel, a city which is worth exploring for a day or two if you have time.
  • Then head out towards Lucerne. Almost every corner of this road makes you go ‘wow’ and there are plenty of viewpoints to stop at and capture the views.
  • If you’re early enough, you might be able to drive the spectacular Furka Pass- one of the best road trips in Switzerland.
  • You might also want to detour West to Valais and the Matterhorn- the views are incredible.
  • Head south to Lugano. There may not always be snow here, but it always has a wonderfully warm atmosphere and plenty to enjoy. This area is famous for winter sports, so you can enjoy some cross country skiing or snowboarding if you fancy it.

Edinburgh to Inverness, Scotland 

Best Europe winter road trip ideas and itineraries- Scotland

  • Start point/ city: Edinburgh
  • Endpoint/ city: Inverness
  • Route: Edinburgh- A84- A82 to Glencoe, Fort William and Invernesss
  • Distance (miles and km): 253.88 km
  • Best time to visit: New Year/ Hogmanay

One of the best winter road trips in the UK is a circular route from Edinburgh up to Inverness, via Glencoe and Loch Ness.

Definitely spend a few days exploring Edinburgh either before or after your winter road trip- this city is fabulous and there’s so much to see. Don’t miss Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile or climbing Arthur’s Seat for a spectacular perspective of the city.

Once you’re ready, set out on your road trip, driving through Loch Lomond and up to Glencoe. The views here are SPECTACULAR- definitely one of the most scenic road trips in Scotland. The route starts as the A84 but turn onto the A82 towards Fort William.

After travelling for three to four hours, you’ll arrive at Fort William and be able to see Ben Nevis, Britain’s tallest peak, in the distance.

Take the A-82 along Loch Ness to Inverness. Allow around three hours for this section- there are plenty of places to stop for photos or trying to spot Nessie.

From Inverness, you can either return to Edinburgh via the A9, or carry on north and tackle the famous North Coast 500!

And, if you can, spend Christmas and certainly New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh to experience to wonders of Hogmanay and the famous fireworks!

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Wild Atlantic Way , Ireland

Best Europe winter road trip ideas and itineraries- Ireland

  • Start point/ city: Malin Head, Donegal
  • Endpoint/ city:  Mizen Head, County Cork
  • Route: Wild Atlantic Way
  • Distance (miles and km): 1600 miles (2600 km)
  • Best time of year to drive or specific festival/ event: March- St Patrick’s Day

The Wild Atlantic Way is one of the longest coastal driving roads in the world- and one of the most famous! The coastline is wild, rugged and breathtakingly beautiful.

It runs from Malin Head in County Donegal to Mizen Head in County Cork. Usually, the route is packed by anyone wanting to go roadtripping or campervanning in Ireland , but in winter, it’s MUCH quieter.

How long does it take to drive the Wild Atlantic Way?

The best part of this route is that you can choose to do as much or as little as you wish. If you want to do the entire route without rushing, I recommend 1-2 weeks minimum. Don’t forget, there’s plenty to see off the main route which you won’t want to miss and you can combine it with several of Ireland’s other famous road trip routes.

Highlights of a Wild Atlantic Way road trip

Some of the highlights of a Wild Atlantic Way road trip include:

  • Mizen Head (one of the locations where the latest Star Wars movie was shot)
  • the windswept isle of Skellig Michael,
  • Achill Island (Ireland’s largest island and an epic kitesurfing destination)
  • Galway City
  • Cliffs of Moher

Of course, there are PLENTY of other places you can visit in Europe during winter. Places like Italy, Spain and Portugal are always popular, as are further away destinations like Croatia and Greece. If you’d like to see more, here are some of the best European cities to visit in winter.

But I hope these helped give you a little inspiration to get the ball rolling.

Other posts you might find useful:

  • The best road trips in Europe
  • How to plan an EPIC road trip
  • Winter Motorhoming- read this before you go!

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Les meilleures villes et destinations pour l'hiver en Europe

Rien n'arrête les véritables amoureux de voyage, ni le froid ni la neige. Malgré les aprioris, l'hiver est aussi bien que les autres saisons lorsqu'il s'agit de voyager, de découvrir des paysages exceptionnels et des lieux magnifiques. 

Louez un camping-car, fourgon ou van aménagé et trouvez l'inspiration pour votre prochaine escapade parmi notre sélection des destinations d'hiver en Europe.

Pourquoi découvrir une destination européenne cet hiver ?

Avant toute chose, rappellons les avantages de voyager en hiver vers une destination européenne. Pour certains ils sont certainement évidents mais cela ne peut pas faire de mal de le rappeler selon nous 😉

Etre tranquille

Partir en hors-saison, c'est partir (presque) tout seul. Fini les plages bondées, les embouteillages sur des kilomètres et autres joies des beaux jours ! Pour votre plus grand plaisir, les touristes sont peu présents sur les routes européennes en hiver. Vous apprécierez beaucoup mieux les paysages et les lieux d'intérêts si vous n'avez pas à faire la queue pour les voir. 

Faire des économies

Une conséquence directe des touristes moins nombreux est la baisse des prix. Que ce soit pour les locations, les transports, pour les restaurants ou les activités, les prix sont plus avantageux en basse saison. C'est d'autant plus le cas si vous louez un camping-car ou un van car vous êtes bien plus indépendants !

Se faire plaisir 

Et oui ! Découvrir une destination ou une ville en hiver et en Europe c'est aussi pour se faire plaisir. Ne perdez plus votre temps à attendre le printemps en vous plaignant du froid mais offrez-vous plutôt des vacances pour vous reposer. C'est le meilleur remède contre une déprime passagère.  De plus, vous vous rendrez compte que la saison hivernale donne à voir des paysages vraiment envoûtants.

La destination hiver d'Europe par excellence : l'Espagne

L'Espagne recèle bien des merveilles et parmi elles près de 45 lieux inscrits au Patrimoine Mondial de l'UNESCO mais aussi plus de 5 000 kilomètres de côtes. Cependant, selon nous, c'est bien l'ambiance chaleureuse et la nourriture réconfortante que l'on trouve en Espagne qui séduit dans cette destination d'hiver. Tour d'horizon de nos destinations coups de coeur pour s'immerger dans la culture espagnole.

La Catalogne  est toujours une excellente idée de destination et ce toute l'année. Au nord-est de la Péninsule Ibérique et bordée par la mer Méditérranée, les possibilités sont nombreuses. Barcelone, sa capitale, est un arrêt obligatoire lors de votre voyage. Entre les oeuvres architecturales de l'artiste Gaudí comme la Sagrada Familia et la vie nocture animée, ce lieu est une belle ville d'Europe à visiter en hiver. Il parait qu'une visite de Barcelone n'est pas complète sans une promenade par la rue commerçante de La Rambla ! Nous vous conseillons donc de faire un tour par le marché coloré de la Boquería pour grignoter au  Bar à tapas Pinotxo .  

Pour le reste de votre escapade, explorez les nombreux parcs naturels de la région sans être accablé par la chaleur de l'été et le tourisme de masse ; les plus populaires étant  Cap de Creus , Els Aiguamolls , Alt Pirineu et Serra de Montsant . Si votre destination européenne pour l'hiver s'avère être la Catalogne, vous pourrez même faire de la plongée sous-marine ! Cela peut paraître insolite mais vous avez juste besoin d'une bonne combinaison car l'eau n'est pas si froide qu'on ne le pense.

Si vous rêvez de trouver la ville la plus chaude d'Europe en hiver, vous pouvez vous dirigez vers l' Andalousie et ses températures douces ou même vous envoler pour les paradisiaques Iles Canaries . Les côtes du sud du pays se prêtent parfaitement à une excursion en camping-car mais nous vous recommendons particulièrement la Costa del Sol  dans la province de Málaga. Faites un tour aux  plages de Nerja , plus tranquilles et sauvages que le reste des plages de la région, appréciez la vue magnifique depuis le " Balcon de l'Europe " et découvrez la Grotte de Nerja . Dans les terres, ne partez pas sans avoir visité le village de  Ronda .

Cet hiver, redécouvrez la France !

Cela peut être une évidence pour certains mais connaissez-vous vraiment la France ? Notre pays témoigne d'une culture et d'un patrimoine bâti comme naturel exceptionnels auxquels on ne pense pas assez souvent. Ne remettez plus à plus tard ce que vous pouvez faire dès maintenant et offrez-vous des vacances en France ! 

Notre gastronomie légendaire et la multitude de paysages que l'on trouve sur le territoire français ne sont pas seulement réservés aux voyageurs étrangers. Par exemple, l' Alsace  avec ses paysages vallonnés, ses maisons à colombages et sa belle campagne est un véritable paradis pour les citadins en manque d'air pur. Et si vous visitez cette région en décembre, vous serez transporté par l'ambiance magique de ses marchés de Noël.

Dans une ambiance parfaitement différente, la célèbre Côte d'Azur est une destination d'hiver en Europe qui peut en surprendre plus d'un. La mer Méditérranée se teinte d'un charme tout particulier en hiver alors n'oubliez pas de vous faufiler dans les Calanques . Partez en Février pour célébrer les évènements locaux comme le Carnaval de Nice ou la sympathique Fête des Citrons de Menton. En voyageant en camping-car ou en van aménagé, vous pourrez profiter pleinement de Marseille, Cannes, Toulou ou Antibe s en toute tranquilité, des villes d'Europe agréables à visiter en hiver. 

Sachez que la France est un pays de rêve pour les véhicules de loisirs ; pour les infrastructures d'accueil mais aussi pour les nombreuses destinations qui s'y prêtent. La Bretagne est évidemment un incontournable pour les voyageurs nomades, surtout en hiver où les paysages sauvages sont d'une beauté saisissante.

Laissez-vous séduire par l'Italie en hiver

Là encore, l' Italie est une destination hivernale européenne de choix. La moitié sud de la péninsule jouit d'un agréable climat méditérranéen au même titre que la Sardaigne , la Sicile et les Îles Éoliennes. On peut donc considérer que l'Italie fait partie des pays chauds en hiver et en Europe ! Cela n'empêche que dans le nord, la neige des Alpes recouvre les paysages et offre un cadre magnifique pour tout voyageur souhaitant visiter les environs. 

Les voyageurs en camping-car, fourgon ou van seront ravis d'arpenter les routes des Alpes Italiennes  et leurs paysages. A seulement 40 kilomètres de Milan, la nature est reine en Lombardie , aussi appelée la région des lacs. L'incontournable est le fameux Lac de Côme, idéal pour une balade ou même une randonnée. Si vous êtes des amateurs de ski, la Lombardie possède de nombreuses stations et beaucoup d'entre elles sont équipées avec des aires de service.

Nous invitons les épucuriens à profiter de l'hiver pour visiter une destination européenne célèbre pour ses vignoles : la Toscane . Certes, vous n'aurez pas l'occasion de voir les panoramas verdoyants comme vous les imaginez mais les paysages vallonnés restent d'une grande beauté en cette saison. Vous pourrez certainement profiter d'un échange en tête à tête avec un vigneron pour une dégustation intimiste. De plus, la Toscane est également connue pour ses sources chaudes naturelles, de quoi passer une après-midi des plus relaxantes. Parmi les villes d'europe à visiter en hiver, Florence , Pise et Sienne  sont d'un grand intérêt et elles sauront vous accueillir chaleureusement.

La Norvège, l'hiver à l'état pur 

En hiver, une grande partie de la Norvège  se recouvre de neige et ce pays regorge d'opportunités pour vivre des expériences uniques. Profitez d'une balade en chien de traineau, faites du patinage sur glace, du ski, de la randonnée en raquette ou contemplez les aurores boréales. Aucun doute, ce phénomène naturel en fait une des meilleures destinations d'hiver en Europe. 

Avec ses fjords, ses villages de pêcheur pittoresques et ses sommets, la Norvège est un voyage formidable à découvrir lors d'un road-trip. Parcourir le pays en longeant la Trollstigen, littérallement "échelle du Troll" en norvégien, vous offrira des paysages de montagne époustouflants ! Le fjord de  Geiranger, inscrit au Patrimoine Mondial de l'UNESCO, est également un incontournable de votre périple avec ses montagnes enneigées, ses cascades et sa nature luxuriante. Loin d'être les villes les plus chaudes d'Europe en hiver, Oslo, Bergen et Tromsø conviendront parfaitement à ceux qui souhaitent  absolument ajouter des escapades citadines à leurs vacances.

Un pays chaud en hiver et en Europe ? Le Portugal !

Si nous devions élire la meilleure destination d'hiver en Europe, la palme reviendrait au Portugal sans aucune hésitation. A partir de Février, le climat est aussi agréable que le début du printemps en France : les journées sont lumineuses et il est rare que le soleil ne pointe pas le bout de son nez pendant une semaine entière ! 

Loin du tumulte de la saison estivale, l'hiver en Algarve vaut vraiment le détour. En camping-car ou van aménagé, les côtes et les plages du sud du Portugal se dévoileront sous vos yeux. Parmi nos lieux favoris, nous vous conseillons la  praia da Marinha , le point de vue qu'offre Ponta de Piedade , le Sentier des sept vallées suspendues  et évidemement tous les paysages du  Parc naturel du Sud-Ouest Alentejano et Costa Vicentina . En hiver, il est même possible de surfer au Portugal. Assurez-vous seulement d'avoir une combinaison adéquate ! Ne manquez pas non plus d'explorer les charmants villages de la région comme Monchique dans les terres ou  Ferragudo . 

Les aficionados de randonnées en montagne apprécieront quant à eux le Parc national de Peneda-Gerês tout au nord du pays. Depuis Porto, comptez moins de 2h de route en camping-car pour vous y rendre. Mais si vous aspirez plutôt à une courte escapade alors Lisbonne est une ville européenne chaude en hiver et surtout où il est presque impossible de s'ennuyer ! Où que vous voyagez au Portugal, vous en reviendrez forcément ravi. Vous pouvez nous faire confiance 😉  

Notre sélection des destinations en hiver d'Europe vous a plu et vous a donné une folle envie de partir ? Louez un camping-car ou un van aménagé avec Yescapa pour profiter pleinement de votre voyage en toute liberté.

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Découvrir la région Rhône-Alpes en camping-car

La région Rhône-Alpes est une des plus grandes de France. Située dans le centre-est du pays, elle cumule 8% du territoire. Ses huit départements, tous très différents en terme de patrimoine, histoire et géographie en font une destination très riche et pleine de surprises. Pour explorer une si vaste région s’étendant sur 43 698 km², un camping-car ou un van aménagé reste le moyen le plus approprié. Laissez-vous tentez par ce voyage qui vous dépaysera tant par sa diversité que par la beauté de ses sites en louant un camping-car dans la région Rhône-Alpes.

Visite de la Camargue en camping-car

Vous avez déjà imaginé la Camargue avec ses flamants roses dans les marais, ses taureaux, ses chevaux ou encore ses plages immenses... Pour passer des vacances en Méditerranée, une visite de la Camargue en camping-car est idéale, ravissant à la fois les amoureux de la nature et les passionnés d'histoire.

La Sardaigne en camping-car

La Sardaigne est une des destinations les plus appréciées du monde grâce à ses plages de sable fin et à sa mer limpide aux mille nuances de bleu. Les villages authentiques, les traditions et la culture marquée de l'île lui donnent un charme certain depuis des millénaires.Autant privilégiée par les Italiens que par les étrangers et surtout pendant l'été, la Sardaigne peut pourtant se visiter à n'importe quelle période de l'année. Tous les recoins de l'île sont à explorer, de la côte à l'arrière-pays, ce qui en fait une destination idéale pour le camping-car. 

Soller Mallorca from above, with sailboats parked in the brightly covered bay. Mallorca is one of the best road trips in Europe!

55 Epic Road Trips in Europe (Itinerary Ideas + Tips!)

Whether you’re looking for coastal views, mountain villages, castles, wine country, or all of the above, one thing is for sure: there is absolutely no shortage of epic road trips in Europe.

Over the past several years, we have absolutely fallen in love with sampling the best road trips in Europe, and have explored parts of more than a dozen European countries by car, including driving from Portugal to Italy and back a few times!

Driving in Europe provides the freedom to find uncrowded corners and offbeat delights, while also ensuring you have a chance to hit up some of the biggest bucket list destinations on the continent.

In the beginning stages of planning a European road trip and not sure where you want to go?

With the help of many other travel bloggers, we have you covered–more than 50 times over!–in this giant guide to the best road trips in Europe.

Table of Contents

Once You Pick Your Perfect European Road Trip…

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kate storm and jeremy storm posing in front of a rental car iceland ring road trip

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… We’d love to help you plan your trip in more detail!

Here on Our Escape Clause, we’ve written detailed, step-by-step road trip guides for many of the destinations covered in this giant bucket list, based on our personal travels around the continent.

We’ll link them where relevant below, but to see them in one place, you can scroll through all of our road trip guides here .

We also have hundreds of travel guides on specific European destinations on our website.

To peruse by country, you can use our  destinations page  or the search bar on the top right of the page (on desktop) or at the top of the pop-out menu (on mobile) to find what we’ve written about the places you’re most interested in!

kate storm jeremy storm and ranger storm on a balcony overlooking matera on a southern italy itinerary

This travel guide to the best European road trips is already giant, so I’ll keep these brief, but here are a few essential tips for planning a European road trip!

Shop around for your rental car.

The best company to rent a car for your road trip in Europe from will likely vary dramatically depending on where and when you’re traveling.

Sometimes large international carriers offer the best prices, sometimes local outfits. Sometimes one company has an excellent base price, but terrible rental requirements.

The best way to find your rental car is to search through Discover Cars , which will sift through dozens of companies to find the best combination of low prices and reasonable rental terms for your European road trip.

Browse rental cars for your European road trip today!

Jeremy standing to the right of a country road during our road trip in France. He's standing in front of a black rental car with the rear hatch open, and he's wearing a black jacket.

Read the rental requirements carefully.

Especially make sure you know how many kilometers you’ve been allotted (or ideally, if they’re unlimited)!

You’ll also want to note whether you need to return the car empty or full of fuel, what to do if the car breaks down, and what damages you’re liable for in the event of an accident.

ranger storm sitting on a ledge overlooking the puglia countryside in locorotondo

Manuals are cheaper and easier to rent than automatics.

Ideally, you’ll want to know how to drive a manual before taking any road trips in Europe.

While most companies carry a few automatic cars for non-European visitors, manuals are standard on the continent and are both far cheaper and much less likely to sell out.

Don’t focus on big cities.

Generally speaking, Europe’s legendary trains , plus plentiful bus and flight routes, can get you between major cities easier than a rental car.

Plan your European road trips around small towns, natural highlights, and countryside beauty instead.

Kate Storm and Jeremy Storm standing in front of a waterfall when visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia

Plan ahead if you want to rent a car in a competitive area.

Want to road trip Iceland in the height of summer?

If so, be sure to plan ahead: rental cars have been known to sell out!

Booking your rental car in advance is most important in places at a crossroads of extreme popularity and limited availability–like islands, for example.

kate storm at jokusarlon lagoon iceland in a yellow jacket

Lofoten Islands, Norway

From Michele of The Intrepid Guide

Located in Northern Northern, the Lofoten Islands are a quiet and almost untouched corner of Norway.

Connected to mainland Norway in the north by road, this beautiful archipelago extends out into the Norwegian Sea.

The long highway connects most of the islands by bridges or ferries, making it super easy to get around.

There are countless things to do in Lofoten which range from easy roadside stops to hiking the mountain tops for stunning panoramic views.

Lofoten highlights include seeing the brave arctic surfers ride the waves at Unstad Beach, seeing the bright yellow Fisherman cabins at Nusfjord, watching the Northern Lights reflect in the wet sand at Skagsanden Beach, and seeing the iconic red cabins and cod drying racks on Hamnøy Island. 

If you only do one hike, make the Reinebringen Trail.

view of Reinebringen trail in lofoten islands norway, one of the best places to plan a road trip europe

This popular hike leads you to some of the best views you’ll ever see and the elevation will make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

Start your trip in Svolvær, the region’s capital, and work your way down to Å – the most southerly town connected by road.

For the ultimate Lofoten experience, be sure to stay in a traditional fishermen’s cabin ( rorbuer ) and get hygge (Norwegian for ‘cozy’).

Recommended Road Trip Length

Allow at least 5 days to gently explore Lofoten and take it all in. This is not a place you want to rush!

From Svolvær to Å, it’s just 80 miles (129km), so you’ll be able to cover a lot of ground during your road trip.

Snowy beach in Lofoten Norway as seen during a northern Europe road trip, with a small red building in the center of the photo

Westfjords, Iceland

From James of Where You’re Between

Home to some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes, Iceland, in general, is one of the best countries for road trips in Europe.

Iceland’s second city of Akureyri is a fairly easy drive from Reykjavik, though one way to stretch out the journey is to take a multi-day detour through the Westfjords . 

Being one of the most remote areas in Iceland means that the Westfjords is also one of the least visited.

Despite this, the Westfjords is one of the most dramatic and spectacular corners of Iceland.

As an added bonus, a detour via the Westfjords also passes through the equally beautiful regions of Western Iceland and Northern Iceland.  

Before reaching the Westfjords take a further detour to Snæfellsjökull National Park, wherein true Icelandic style a glacier sits on top of a volcano.

There are countless waterfalls all along the route, including Kirkjufellsfoss, underneath the jagged shard of Kirkjufell Mountain.

Sunset over waterfalls in Iceland, one of the best places to visit in Europe in summer

Just inside the Westfjords region is Dynjandi, the largest in the whole region at over 100 meters tall. 

Much of the Westfjords is made up of mile after mile of sensational landscapes.

The roads often cling to the craggy mountainsides as they peak and trough around the jutting fjords.

Dotted throughout the Westfjord’s dramatic landscape are a number of beautiful idyllic towns, such as Flateyri and Ísafjörður.

Sat beneath the sloping mountains and facing the fjords these picturesque towns feel as though they’re a million miles away from anywhere.

Iceland’s second city of Akureyri also sits on the rim of a huge fjord in the far north of the country.

The nearby town of Husavik is one of the best places in Iceland to go whale-watching, and don’t miss the other-worldly landscapes of Dimmuborgir lava fields before you make your way back to Reykjavik.

3-5 days will give you a great introduction to the Westfjords.

From there, you can either explore the region more deeply or combine it with time in the rest of Iceland!

Dynjandi waterfall in the westfjords of Iceland, one of the best offbeat road trips in Europe

Algarve, Portugal

From Nina of Where in the World is Nina

We’re not sure what the best part of road-tripping Portugal’s Algarve is… the beauty, the cheap car rentals, or the ease of getting everywhere.

Perhaps it’s all three that make it one of the best European road trips!

If you fly into Lisbon or Faro, get your rental car booked ahead of time.

If you visit in the off-season, you can get a steal of a price for your car rental and lodging.

On your Algarve road trip, you can work from east to west or vice versa.

An ideal route would start in Lisbon, drive south, and then end in Faro.

You may pay just a bit more to drop the car off in another city but it’s well worth not having to backtrack.

The Algarve is known for its incredible beaches, cliffs, coves, and surf.

View of small beach on Algarve Coast in Portugal with a sailboat in the distance and rocky cliffs jutting out to sea

Some highlights you must check out include the sleepy surf town of Sagres featuring three nearby beaches (Amado is the furthest but best for beginner surfers).

Just thirty minutes east is Lagos , known for its headland views, watchtowers, and perhaps the prettiest view you’ll lay your eyes on at Ponta da Piedade.

Take a boat tour to Benagil Cave, or anywhere along the coast, exploring its sandy rock towers that sprinkle the shores.

There are also numerous coastal hikes that are really easy and provide great views. A favorite coastal hike is the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail.

One of the best parts of this Europe road trip is that you don’t have to pack up every day!

There’s no reason why you can’t choose where to stay in the Algarve once, and then not worry about it again since everything is pretty close and you’ll have a car.

Suggested Road Trip Length

Your trip should be nothing under three days, otherwise, it would be too rushed!

Five days is a good number and a week would be extremely ideal and you’d probably get to see everything you want and more without being too busy.

praia da marinha from above, one of the most beautiful beaches algarve portugal

Andalucia, Spain

From Tom of The Travelling Tom

A road trip around Andalucia is the best way to see this beautiful part of Spain.

There is no shortage of beautiful places to stop, such as popular Seville , Granada, and Malaga, and lesser-known spots such as Cadiz and Ronda .

Andalucia is full of history and interesting sights. From the towering Puente Nuevo in Ronda to the Moorish palace La Alhambra, the region is arguably the most interesting part of Spain to visit.

History is everywhere you look. Buildings from the Moorish rule of Spain, to Roman baths and amphitheaters. Andalucia is the place to visit if you’re a culture vulture!

You will also find loads of activities along the way. One of these is the Caminito del Rey outside of Malaga. It once had the reputation of being the world’s most dangerous hike.

court of the lions in nasrid palaces alhambra spain

However, the hike on boardwalks overlooking a gorge is a lot safer than it used to be.

Now, you can admire the views instead of worrying whether you’ll fall off or not!

Starting from Malaga and passing through Seville, Granada, Cordoba , and Huelva is one of the best routes to take. A detour to Gibraltar is possible as well.

This road trip in Spain can be done in 7 to 10 days depending on how fast you want to go.

whitewashed town of tarifa spain with africa visible beyond the water

Amalfi Coast, Italy

From Chrysoula of Travel Passionate

Italy’s stunning Amalfi Coast is a memorable destination for a road trip as the colorful coastal towns are linked together with wonderful winding roads that meander along the hillside with spectacular sea views along the way.

Not only this, but the beaches, restaurants, markets, and museums en route make the Amalfi Coast ideal for travelers of any age.

Keep in mind, though, that driving on the Amalfi Coast in summer is not for the faint of heart: only undertake this road trip if you’re a confident driver!

The whole of the Amalfi Coast has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site which just goes to show what an incredible destination it is.

Start your  Amalfi Coast road trip from Sorrento or Salerno, and work your way down the coast to towns like Ravello, Positano, and Praiano.

The panoramic views you witness as you drive along these coastal roads are absolutely breathtaking so make sure you pull over to take in the views on regular occasions throughout the drive!

While the joy of taking a road trip along the Amalfi Coast is that each journey can be totally unique as you have complete flexibility, there are certain stops that you’ll probably want to add to the list to ensure you see some of the highlights.

View of the Amalfi Coast with the sea to the right and a village on the left. The beautiful Amalfi Coast is one of the best places to visit in Italy.

These include Positano (the official starting point of the Amalfi Coast), Furore (the only fjord in Italy), the quaint village of Atrani, and, of course, the port of Amalfi itself.

The Amalfi Coast runs as far as Vietri sul Mare and you can take in as many or as few towns and villages as you wish.

The larger, more northern towns are the busiest and therefore most expensive, so if you’d prefer something a little more relaxing head to one of the smaller villages further down the coast.

You could spend absolutely anywhere from a few days to a few months exploring the Amalfi Coast, but the sweet spot is probably somewhere between one and two weeks.

If you have longer to spend in southern Italy, consider visiting Sorrento, Pompeii , and Capri too as these all have tons of character, culture, and history to explore.

Positano and Positano Beach from above along the Amalfi Coast, one of the best road trips in Europe

From Rai of A Rai of Light

There are plenty of places to visit in Malta and a road trip sure is one of the best ways of doing so.

The island is perfectly made to get into your car and head for the open roads (as long as you’re confident–the driving on Malta is intense).

However, Malta is small enough to ensure getting lost is not a regular occurrence, while large enough to hold many distinguished features and scenic routes.

From the start point in Sliema don’t miss a stop at the Birgu Waterfront for great views of Valletta, before moving on to the picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk.

This laid-back village will make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time.

kate storm wearing a pink dress on a side street in valletta malta

Most of the scenic drives in Malta will have the sea featuring in one way or another.

After a stop in Golden Bay, the drive down from Mellieħa to Għadira comes with many good stops along the way, including Għadira Bay and The Red Tower.

On the way back to Valetta, a stop in St. Julian’s is recommended.

Malta is just so compact that you really can fit in most of the island on a day-long road trip.

However, it is recommended to increase this to two to four days if you’re really keen to take your time and see all that this island has got to offer.

Things to Do in Malta: Marsaxlokk

Costa Brava, Spain

From Justine Ancheta of Latitude 41

Translated as “the rugged coast”, the Costa Brava blesses northeastern Spain with sandy beaches, medieval villages, and the eccentricities of artist Salvador Dalí.

From Barcelona , head north to Tossa de Mar, a small town where you can get a view of towering medieval walls while basking on Platja Gran, the main beach.

Then spend a day or two exploring the best thin gs to do in Girona, including the 12th-century Arab baths, the well-preserved Jewish Quarter, and the imposing Girona Cathedral.

From there, visit the charming former fishing village of Cadaqués.

tossa de mar, costa brava, from above, with castle in the foreground and water in the background, one of the best beach towns in spain

A warning to the driver: the last few kilometers of the road leading up there are narrow and winding, but not dangerous.

However, the journey is worth the scenic beach coves, whitewashed residences, and cobbled streets wrapped up in a sophisticated ambiance.

It’s also where artist Salvador Dalí spent his summers and home to the famous Casa-Museo de Salvador Dali.

Next up is Figueres, the birth town of Dalí and home to the quirky Dali Theatre-Museum.

Some of his avant-garde works lie here like his holographic art, stereographs, and the Mae West installation. Also, the artist himself is buried in the crypt.

This European road trip is ideal if you’re seeking the warm Mediterranean sun while discovering local Catalan and Spanish art and culture.

Carve in at least seven days to see the magnificent Costa Brava!

coastline of Costa Brava Spain as seen from across with water, with a village visible in the distance. Spain's Costa Brava is one of the best European road trip routes!

Sardinia, Italy

From Hayley Lewis of A Lovely Planet

The stunning Italian island of Sardinia is a fantastic road trip destination, with stunning beaches, incredible scenery, and delicious Italian food.

Start your Sardinia road trip in Cagliari, the island’s largest city, and head southwest to Isola di Sant’Antioco, accessed by a mile-long causeway.

This is one of the oldest parts of Sardinia, and is not as frequented by tourists.

Next, drive to Bosa on the east coast. The coastline is incredibly scenic along the way, with rugged hills and sandy beaches.

Bosa is a hillside town filled with quaint colorful houses, and a castle at the center – a must-visit – especially for great views of the town.

aerial view of the colorful buildings of bosa sardinia surrounded by mountains, one of the best seaside towns in italy

Continue north to Alghero, a town with a strong Spanish influence and striking coastal walls.

North of the town you’ll find some of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches – perfect for a few days of relaxing.

Make your way across the island to the west coast, and the town of Cala Gonone, the gateway to Golfo di Orosei – a stretch of incredible coastline accessed by boat or by hiking.

The water here is clear and a striking aquamarine color and the coast is dotted with great little beaches including the famed Cala Goloritze – one of Sardinia’s most prized beaches.

There is also an extensive cave network, which you can visit part of, via boat at Bue Marino Grotto, which is filled with striking stalactites and stalagmites.

Before you make your way back to Cagliari for your flight home, be sure to stop at Cala Sinzias, a white sand beach reminiscent of the Caribbean or French Polynesia.

Ideally, it’s best to have at least a week to explore all that a Sardinia road trip has to offer.

overview of a beach near cagliari sardinia

Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal

From Megan of MeganStarr.com

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where the European plates meet the American ones sits the Azorean Archipelago, a group of volcanic islands that are an autonomous region of Portugal. 

The largest of the islands is Sao Miguel and you’ll find the main airport there, as well as a copious number of things to do.

Sao Miguel is the perfect place to start your Azores itinerary as there is a network of well-taken care of roads that wind around the island allowing visitors to see all of the viewpoints.

This Azorean island is the perfect place for a road trip, and exploring Sao Miguel in-depth by car should take around 3-4 days.

The best place to embark on this road trip is in the capital city of Ponta Delgada.

After visiting the colonial city brimming with architecture constructed with a touch of black, volcanic stones, you should head west where you will have the opportunity to look down into craters of old volcanoes and lakes that now fill them.

Sete Cidades is the most famous and the landscape will blow one’s mind.

As you cruise around Sao Miguel by car, you’ll have the chance to drive by some attractive black sand beaches and small villages, such as Capelas along the north coast.

view of cliffside hiking trail in azores lined with hydrangeas. the azores are a europe bucket list destination

There are several natural pools along this route that you’ll want to be sure to tote along a bathing suit and beach towel.

The next place worth tackling on Sao Miguel is the eastern part of the island, where you’ll find many hot springs, botanical gardens, and relaxing parks such as Terra Nostra where you can spend time rejuvenating yourself in natural pools heated by geothermal energy.

Another can’t-miss thing to do in Sao Miguel is to find a restaurant near Furnas that specializes in ‘Cozido das Furnas’, a famous Azorean dish that has been slowly stewed by the Earth’s underground heat.

There is plenty to do in the Azores and Sao Miguel is an ideal starting point. 

Whether you stay there for three or four days, which is the minimum number I recommend, or more, you will definitely be glad you got to experience one of the best road trips in Europe.

lake filling ancient volcano in azores portugal

Eastern Sicily, Italy

From Annabel of Smudged Postcard

Sicily is a big island so to do it justice it’s worth concentrating on just part of it. Eastern Sicily lends itself particularly well to a road trip.

Fly into Catania and start your Eastern Sicily road trip, starting with a few days spent exploring the beautiful coastal city of Syracuse with its stunning cathedral and fascinating ancient history.

Next up is the Val di Noto where a huge earthquake resulted in many of the cities being rebuilt in an elaborate Baroque style in the 17th century.

Noto and Ragusa are particularly impressive although fans of chocolate might prefer Modica and its interesting chocolate history.

Drive into Sicily’s interior for a morning exploring Caltagirone with its incredible ceramic staircase before heading on to Enna.

Kate Storm in a blue skirt overlooking Ragusa Ilba from Ragusa Superiore, one of the best views on this 10 days in Sicily itinerary

In the center of Sicily, Enna is a hilltop city like none other with awe-inspiring views across the wheat plains.

Also not to be missed near Enna are the Roman mosaics at Piazza Armerina, which are said to be some of the best-preserved in the world.

From Enna, you’ll pass smoldering Mt. Etna before ending the trip in pretty Taormina with its Greek amphitheater and the lovely beaches at Isola Bella below.

This trip will take around 10 to 14 days if you’d like to explore Sicily at a leisurely pace.

The road trip is best undertaken outside of the scorching summer months: the ancient sites are best visited during the milder weather of spring or autumn.

kate storm sitting on a garden wall in taormina sicily overlooking the ionian sea, one of the best places to visit in italy summer

Southern Italy From Puglia to Rome

From Marta Correale of Learning Escapes

The south of Italy is one of the most beautiful areas of the Italian peninsula and a wonderful destination for a European road trip.

Blessed with beautiful weather almost all year round, this is a land of many wonders and rewards the adventurous visitor with stunning coastlines, charming whitewashed villages, and important cultural sites.

This southern Italy itinerary travels from Puglia to Rome, via the little-known region of Basilicata.

Start your trip from the small city of Trani, marvel at its stunning waterside cathedral, and make your first overnight stop in Alberobello.

Famous for its hobbit-like dwellings of UNESCO fame, this is a pretty town with flower-filled alleys and fairy-tale architecture, perfect for slow travelers and photography lovers.

kate storm sitting on the edge of a balcony on matera in summer--visiting matera in july can be considered a bit of an italy travel mistake

Make unique Matera your second stop and spend a few days taking in the incredible sight that is this city, entirely carved out of rock ( sassi ).

Explore its rupestrian churches and get pleasantly lost among its labyrinthine city center, beautiful views, and restaurants!

If you book in advance, you may also be able to find accommodation in one of the  sassi : these have now been restored and are a unique and romantic place to call home for a few days!

From Matera, drive towards Rome but before diving into the dream that is the Eternal City, make sure you visit the archaeological site of Paestum along the way.

Famous for beautiful Greek temples abandoned among vast green fields, it is one of the most scenic Unesco sites in Italy and one not many visitors know about yet! 

This road trip is ideally spread over a week to 10 days and it is particularly suited to those travelers who enjoy cultural sites and getting off the beaten track.

Temple of Athena as seen in Paestum Italy shot dead-on, as seen during a fun Europe road trip itinerary

Tenerife, Spain

From Paulina of Paulina on the Road

Some may think of Tenerife as a plain beach and sun destination, but it’s much more than that.

There are plenty of things to see and do on this Spanish gem once you get away from the shore.

The best to explore Tenerife is by going on a road trip, which will help you understand how diverse this island is: rocky volcano mountains in the north and golden, sandy beaches in the south.

I recommend starting in Adeje, one of the best places to stay in Tenerife , from here you can make your way up north to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, famous for its Auditorium and carnival.

white village perched on a dramatic cliff in tenerife, one of the best winter sun destinations in europe

From here, continue to La Laguna, a gem of historic architecture.

This is already the highest point you can get in Tenerife.

From here, drive all the way southwards passing along La Orotava and Los Gigantes. 

The island may seem small in size, however, you should at least calculate 2-3 days if you want to explore all its attractions with a road trip.

Mountain view of the jagged peaks and dense forests of Tenerife, one of the best islands for a road trip in Europe

Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal

From Sylvia of Wapiti Travel

Terceira Island is probably the most spectacular island in the Azores archipelago. 

It can be visited as part of a broader Azores itinerary . This European road trip is a versatile vacation that is sure to please hikers and nature lovers.

Since none of the islands is really large, most tourists visit multiple islands in one trip. Island hopping, either by boat or by plane, is part of the charm of a trip to the Azores.

The island was the third to be discovered, hence its name, and it is also the third-largest island of the group. 

A few hours is all you need to drive the entire loop, but by just driving around the island you would miss the majority of the impressive sights that are located in the center of the island.

view of  from Alto da Memoria, Terceira from above in azores with ocean in the background

The island is home to two impressive caves. You can visit both in one afternoon leaving ample space to hike the Mistérios Negros trail that starts at the entrance of Gruto do Natal. 

The next day you can visit the Furnas do Enxofre, a fairytale-like landscape at the heart of the island.

The island has numerous impressive viewpoints and if you plan your visit in summer you can dive into the countless natural swimming pools to cool off.

Three days is all you need to see all of the highlights of Terceira, which will allow you time to leisurely road trip the island and enjoy all the beauty it has to offer.

Cave on Terceira Island in the Azores with light shnging in an opening at the top and a trail visible on the right.

From Linn of Brainy Backpackers

A  road trip across the Tramuntana mountain range in Mallorca is a must if you visit the small Spanish island.

Starting in Palma de Mallorca, drive straight to Cap de Formentor for breathtaking cliff views.

You should not miss Cap de Formentor’s viewpoint, but even more spectacular are the views from an old abandoned building and watchtower up the hill next to the viewpoint.

You can either walk for 30 minutes or you can drive up the narrow road.

The reward is the most mesmerizing view of the entirety of Cap Formentor and Menorca in the distance.

famous Cap de Formentor viewpoint on mallorca with road to the left and sea to the right

Continue through the picturesque villages of Pollensa, Fortnalutx, Soller, Deia, Valldemossa, and Port Valdemossa.

In Soller, you should leave the car and take the old-fashioned tram down to Port de Soller. This town is a great place to stay the night during your Mallorca road trip.

 Recommended Road Trip Route

The route can be done in a day, but it is recommended to spend at least 2-3 days to get the most out of it.

With more time, you can add additional island destinations to sightsee, enjoy the beaches, and go snorkeling in Mallorca !

electric tram running along the beach in mallorca spain

Lisbon to Porto, Portugal

From Or of My Path in the World

Full of incredible stops along the way,   a road trip from Lisbon to Porto   is a great and easy way to explore multiple regions in Portugal.

This wonderful route includes quite a few unique landmarks, so it should be on any Europe lover’s bucket list.

The first one that shouldn’t be missed is Cabo da Roca, Europe’s westernmost point.

It provides the most scenic views of the Atlantic coast, and it’s the starting point of several hikes alongside it.

There’s also a nice bonus of getting a personalized certificate confirming the visit to this unique place.

view of coast from cabo da roca, a fun stop during an itinerary for portugal in 10 days

Another must-see on this road trip is Sintra. It’s home to the iconic, colorful, and Insta-famous Pena Palace, but there’s a lot more to this town.

Other historical landmarks to visit here include the Castle of the Moors, the Palace of Sintra, and the palace of Quinta da Regaleira.

The fairytale town of Obidos is also worth a visit: be sure to walk the town walls!

And, Portugal’s incredible UNESCO-recognized monasteries of Alcobaça, Batalha, and Tomar lie between Lisbon and Porto.

Your road trip isn’t complete without a stop at at least one of them!

Not including a few days in Lisbon and Porto, this route can take about 3-4 days.

Pena Palace in Sintra, an excellent day trip from Lisbon Portugal

Northern Spain Road Trip (Bilboa to Santiago de Compostela)

From Jessica of My Feet Will Lead Me

One of the most underrated areas of Europe may just be Northern Spain.

The diverse landscape from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela makes for multiple mini destinations in one road trip.

From tiny surf towns to mountain villages, to medieval cities, this region of Spain is an absolute gem.

And because it typically gets overshadowed by Barcelona, Madrid , and Andalucia , there won’t be swarms of tourists and prices are very reasonable.

Starting with the autonomous community of Basque Country, this culturally distinct region of Spain is known for its amazing cuisine and especially seafood.

Here, you’ll want to get your fix of “pintxos” or bar finger food.

For a lesser-known but incredible sight, visit the little surf town of Bakio and see the Game of Thrones filming location for the Dragonstone castle, known as Gaztelugatxe.

Continuing west to the Principality of Asturias, the Picos de Europa National Park is a dramatic and stunning area of snowcapped peaks, turquoise rivers, tiny traditional villages, and cliffside roads with views that will make your jaw drop.

Spain Picos de Europa Puente la Jaya stone bridge over a bright blue river

Head back to the ocean in the Asturias region where seaside villages cling to the dramatic coastline.

There are sandy beaches, rocky and rugged beaches, and jade-colored water.

Visit the capital of Oviedo for architecture and history and if small seaside villages intrigue you more, wind your way down the coast stopping for tapas and drinks in towns like Ribadasella, Lastres, and Cudillero.

Finally come to Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia.

It also is the culmination of the iconic Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, so you’ll see many backpackers with trekking gear.

This is a fairly small city with a stunning medieval old town and cathedral. It’s a perfect place to spend a couple of days sampling tapas and sightseeing.

Northern Spain is perfect for mountain and beach-loving adventurers alike.

You’ll need at least a week to adequately cover the small towns, and longer if you want to spend time in the cities of San Sebastian, Bilbao, Santander, Oviedo, or Santiago de Compostela.

panoramic view of san sebastian spain from above

Barcelona to Andorra

From Mar of Once in a Lifetime Journey

Most people drive from Barcelona to  Andorra  without any stops, arriving at Andorra la Vella in about 2.5 hours.

However, you can also make it a day trip and visit a few of the interesting villages along the way.

Start with a morning stop at Montserrat Mountain. This famous landmark outside of Barcelona is a holy mountain for Catalans and contains the black Virgin of Montserrat.

There is a museum that holds paintings from famous artists such as Caravaggio and Picasso as well as the church which can be visited. 

After Montserrat, the next stop should be Manresa. This modern city has a Medieval core that contains a beautiful church, bridges over the River Cardoner and other places worth a visit.

Visit La Seu, the 14th-century basilica that took almost two centuries to build and is a gem of the Catalan Gothic style. 

Have lunch in Manresa, the more local a place looks, the better. Most restaurants will have lunch menus for less than 15 Euro, including coffee and usually a glass of wine.

view of cathedral of manresa spain from above, a fun stop when planning a european road trip from spain to andorra

With a full stomach, continue towards Berga, famous for La Patum, a fire festival that takes place every year during mid-June and which sees an explosion of fire, dancing, and drums.

If La Patum is not on, you can learn more at its small museum, and explore this small Medieval village with its entry gate called Portal de la Magdalena. 

After Berga, continue to La Seu d’Urgell, the capital of the county of La Cerdanya and the last territory before reaching Andorra.

In la Seu, as the name indicates, you can see a fabulous Romanesque Catedral de Santa Maria, which is one of the most important in Catalonia and has been well preserved.

There is an adjacent museum with Romanesque art pieces and a cloister.

You can comfortably complete this short European road trip in a day.

stone village in the hills of andorra, visible on a france road trip itinerary from toulouse to andorra

From Stephanie of Sofia Adventures

Slovenia is a stunning country, and some of the   best places to visit in Slovenia  are best reached by car.

While many tourists know to see Ljubljana and Lake Bled, gems like the UNESCO World Heritage site of Idrija, Lake Jansa, and Triglav National Park are can’t-miss spots that are slightly more remote. 

Start with a day or two in Ljubljana before you pick up a rental since Ljubljana is famously walkable and compact. When you’re ready to hit the road, you truly can go in any direction!

Head southwest to Predjama Castle, Skogjan Caves, and the seaside town of Piran , or you can head west to Idrija and the Julian Alps. 

Or go northwest to the waterfall-laden paradise of Triglav National Park.

Soca River in Slovenia with trees on either side and a mountain visible in the background, as seen during a Slovenia road trip

If you’re itching to go east, set your GPS to Maribor and enjoy this gorgeous and quiet Slovenian city that too many tourists skip over. 

If you’re going to be in the country in the wintertime and intend to drive through the mountains or do any skiing, make sure you pick a rental car that can handle the driving terrain!

The mountain roads in the west can be a bit tricky.

You can cover a lot of the country in one week, but give yourself two weeks to enjoy a lazy circuit around this tiny but packed country. 

Slovenia Travel Budget: Vintgar Gorge

Bay of Kotor

From Emily of Wander-Lush

Petite, affordable, and with only one toll road to its name, Montenegro is a terrific place for a European road trip.

While you can reasonably cover the entire country from mountains to sea in 7 to 10 days, for a slower-paced  road trip around Montenegro , I highly recommend honing in on the Bay of Kotor.

Montenegro’s crowning jewel, the Boka winds its way along the northern part of the country’s Adriatic coast, carving deep coves into its stony mountains.

Eighty kilometers of well-maintained highway hug the shoreline, meaning it takes just over 2 hours to drive around the entire bay.

Along the way, there are plenty of small towns and national parks to stop off at.

Highlights include the town of Kotor , with its UNESCO-listed Old Town, Budva, Sveti Stefan, and Herceg Novi, and Perast, a tiny Venetian town sandwiched between a pretty blue-water bay and towering hills. 

One of the best things about this road trip is that because of the short distance, you’ll never have to do more than an hour or so worth of driving in a single day.

view of our lady of the rocks from across the bay in montenegro

You can easily break up the journey with longer stays in the more laid-back towns (Perast is perfect for this – mainly because it’s free from cruise ships).

If you want a change of scenery, it’s only a quick detour up the steep hills above the bay to reach Lovcen National Park.

If you’re feeling brave, take the Kotor Serpentine, a notorious road that involves 16 hairpin bends.

The views get more and more spectacular with every turn, and there are plenty of places to pull over for a photo once you reach the top.

I recommend setting aside at least 5 full days to do this route, and the towns along the way, justice.

Girl in pink shirt climbing San Giovanni Fortress: Best Things to Do in Kotor Montenegro

Hvar, Croatia

From Martina of The Global Curious

The island of Hvar, in Croatia, is known for being a stunning, party island lying on the crystal clear depths of the Adriatic Sea.

Some head there to spend a few wild days, and others would visit for a couple of hours as a day trip from Split .

But travelers keen to unwind and truly enjoy Hvar could easily spend from 4 to 7 days road-tripping and discovering some of the island’s gems. 

Hvar’s most famous spots can be found in the Old Town and its surroundings, from the cathedral to the Spanish Fortress and a Franciscan Monastery.

If visiting over the summer, the lavender fields up on the hills around Velo Grablje and Brusje are a must, even if you are just passing by!

Camping and off-the-beaten-path enthusiasts can stay in Milna, a tiny villa by the sea with beautiful sunsets and great seafood.

If planning a visit to Croatia’s most famous beach, Zlatni Rat on the island of Brac, Jelsa is also a cute little town with a campsite where you can park and set camp. 

famous Zlatni Rat beach in brac croatia as seen from above via a drone

The best of road-tripping is the chance to get to more ‘secret’ places.

Pitve is definitely one of those! It’s a tiny ghost town up in the hills with a population of 69 people.

Getting there is quite fun as you must cross an old narrow tunnel before reaching a settlement full of abandoned stone houses left to nature’s will.

Dubovica is also another very scenic beach in Hvar. 

Another great idea is not just touring the island but visiting the Paklinski Islands, especially Marinkovac and Jerolim. 

Small boats parked near a rocky shore on the Pakleni Islands, one of the best things to do in Hvar

To kick start your road trip, catch the ferry in Split, arrive in Stari Grad, and tour the western half of the island. It’s also possible to rent a car once you arrive there! 

To complete the experience, drive across the island to the East and catch the ferry from Sucuraj to Drvenik.

Once in Croatia’s mainland, if you still have time on your hands, drive south for 2 hours and reach Dubrovnik !

Ideally, travelers would spend 5 or 6 nights in Hvar to really explore the island and its surroundings.

The roads are well maintained and although it can get crowded, as soon as you leave the main town, you’ll find peace and quiet.

View of Hvar Town from Spanish Fort with Pakleni Islands in the distance, one of the best things to do in Hvar Croatia

Southern Albania

From Rick of The Road is Life

Albania isn’t the first country that comes to mind when planning a European road trip, but if you give it a chance it will prove to be an amazing adventure.

This is a country with both great natural beauty and interesting history.

Towering mountains plummet precipitously into the crystal clear and stunning Mediterranean waters that span the entire west coast and further inland there is no shortage of beautiful UNESCO-listed sites and old towns to explore.

This southern Albania road trip will start you off in the port city of Saranda before visiting the stunning coastal town of Ksamil, with striking azure waters and nearby UNESCO-listed Roman ruins.

Then, head inland, passing by the beautiful “blue eye” lake before heading to the ancient town of Gjirokaster, with its traditional stone-roofed buildings and market.

Hike up to the ancient hilltop fortress for panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys .

Continuing north you can spend the night in a 13th-century citadel situated high above the UNESCO world heritage town of Berat , eating in beautiful local restaurants as you take in sweeping views of mountains and sunset.

Albanian Riviera as seen from above with a winding mountain road in the foreground and the bright sea in the background

Explore the unique town and architecture before getting back on the road for one of the most stunning drives in the world.

After leaving Berat you’ll head back to the coast via a winding and amazing mountain road, offering jaw-dropping views out across the Albanian riviera; keeping your eyes on the road is no easy task!

You can have lunch at a mountain-top restaurant overlooking the ocean before heading back down to have your choice of beaches to stay on. 

Spend as many days on the Albania Riviera as you please, feasting on fresh seafood (at amazing prices) and enjoying the pleasant lack of crowds compared to mainstream European beachside destinations.

There are multiple ferry trips between Corfu, Greece, and Saranda per day so fly into Corfu to save money.

Cars can be rented at Saranda port, consider paying a little extra for a well-known company to avoid scams.

This road trip in Europe can be done comfortably in a week but can be extended for as long as you can handle the sun-drenched beaches, cheap beer, and delicious seafood. 

Beach chairs and umbrellas facing toward the bright sea on the Albanian Riviera, as seen as part of a Europe road trip itinerary

Bosnia and Herzegovina

From Arzo of Arzo Travels

One of the best road trips to take in Europe is through Bosnia-Herzegovina.

This beautiful but definitely underrated country surprises its visitors who venture to enjoy a Bosnia road trip .

Many travelers drive over from Croatia: if so and you come from Dubrovnik or Split , start from Kravica Waterfalls, Pocitelj, and Blagaj.

You can visit all three beautiful places in one day before driving to Mostar which is just a few kilometers from Blagaj.

After spending a day in Mostar it is time to drive to Sarajevo , which makes for a scenic ride .

stari most bridge as seen from across the river, one of the best things to do in mostar bosnia and herzegovina

Pass the Neretva River, Lake Jablanica, and Konjic and spend a full day on the road with many breaks.

Sarajevo is a wonderful city where you can spend a day or two before ending your day trip.

For this European road trip itinerary, I would plan in about 5 days.

If you have more time (6 or 7 days), consider driving the M 18 toward Montenegro.

You will get to Bosnia´s longest and deepest canyon – Rakitnica Canyon – where you can do some water sports. 

sunset from the yellow fortress, one of the best things to do sarajevo bosnia

Eastern Crete

From Una of Wandernity

Crete is the largest island in Greece, and it takes several days to visit all of the must-see places on the island.

Renting a car and going on a road trip will make it possible to reach as many points of interest as possible, making Crete a fantastic option when planning a road trip in Europe.

Malia is a great choice for the apartment on the Eastern Crete. It’s known as a party location and has a lot of hotels, beaches, and attractions.

A perfect day-trip from Malia is going to   Spinalonga Island, Agios Nikolas town, and Richtis Gorge .

Spinalonga island is uninhabited, and tourists can reach the Venetian fortress and ruins of a former leper colony by boat.

You have to be there early to secure a place on a boat, as during the high season there might be queues.

Agios Nikolas is a coastal town with beautiful houses and streets leading from a hill to the seaside.

There is an old harbor surrounded by charming cafes and very photogenic architecture.

Agios Nikolaos in Crete as seen from above

Richtis Gorge is a green and lush hiking path ending at the seaside. The hike is around 4 kilometers long one-way.

It has a waterfall in the middle for a refreshing swim before going back up the gorge.

Another day-trip you can make from Malia is to the cave of Zeus, Knossos, and Heraklion.

Knossos is a place famous due to the well-known myth of the Minotaur. Half-man and half-bull, the Minotaur is said to have lived there in a labyrinth, and the ruins which exist today actually look like the labyrinth.

Knossos is a ceremonial and political center of the Minoan civilization and culture, which might be the oldest city in Europe.

Finally, Heraklion has an impressive Koules Fortress built by Venetians. It’s a perfect place to go for a walk and see the city from a long breakwater. 

Try to spend at least a few days dedicated to Eastern Crete if possible!

As the island is quite big, one way to save time on road trips is to rent an apartment on one side of the island for a few days, and then change the base to the other side.

boats in the old port of heraklion, a fun stop on a road trip crete

Transylvania, Romania

From Rachelle of Adventure is Never Far Away

With fortress-dotted hills strewn across valleys, quaint medieval towns, and narrow highways slicing through dense forest, road tripping through the countryside of Transylvania is like something out of a fairytale, not a feature that many other corners of the world can boast. 

Starting in Brasov, head north towards the vibrantly colorful town of Sighișoara and wander through the maze of cobblestoned streets.

Get lost in the old town city center, which also happens to double as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Continue northwest to Cluj-Napoca, the unofficial capital of Transylvania, and immerse yourself in the hopping local college nightlife scene.

Travel southwest to the charming town of Hunedoara and visit Corvin Castle, which resembles a real-life version of Hogwarts.

Wander through one of the largest castles in Europe and one of the Seven Wonders of Romania.

Then, start heading east to the city of Sibiu, home to some of the most dramatic houses in all of Europe: the old city center houses have eyes!

cityscape of sibiu romania from above, a unique place to visit on a road trip through europe

Catch a side-eye stare from the homes as you try your luck walking across the Bridge of Lies.

Finish your road trip through Transylvania by heading east back to Brasov, nestled snugly amongst the mighty Carpathian Mountains. 

Transylvania is one of those places that you should visit now before it explodes with tourism.

Prices are cheap, the countryside is beautiful (as you will discover on your road trip through Transylvania!), and it’s fairly easy to navigate! 

Road trippers should allow themselves about 5 days to make the journey, as many of Romania’s country roads have slower speed limits and cut through endless villages along the way. 

Corvin Castle in Transylvania with a bridge to the right side. Transylvania is one of the best road trips in Europe

From Julie & Zach of Ruhls of the Road

A road trip through Croatia is basically a gauntlet of adventure and absolutely stunning sites!

Start in bustling Zagreb and head through Plitvice Lakes National Park to Split, and finish in the walled city of Dubrovnik.

This adventure is full of unique sites and experiences that you can’t find in any other country on Earth!

Start your road trip in Zagreb and get your fill of Croatian city life. Head to a local restaurant and pub to get some fuel and prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime Croatian adventure.

The first stop on the road is Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is about as close to the Garden of Eden as you can get.

Explore this paradise for a few days until you are ready to move on. Once you tear yourself away from Plitvice, head to the Croatian coast to Split. 

Postcard view of Plitvice Lakes Croatia showing lake and waterfalls seen from above in a vertical image

Split is a wonderful coastal town that gives you a truly Croatian experience.

Don’t miss wandering through Diocletian’s Palace, sampling the fresh seafood, or admiring the views from the promenade.

Relax and recharge in Split before making your drive down the coast to Dubrovnik, Croatia’s premier tourist destination.

Dubrovnik’s Old Town, used in Game of Thrones as King’s Landing, is an ancient walled city that makes for a unique adventure.

You can walk the entire wall, experiencing a city that has been home to so much of Europe’s history, and has still never been conquered!

Dubrovnik will be the perfect end to the perfect Croatian road trip.

Plan your trip for one week at least, with a few days in each place, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Fun Things to Do in Dubrovnik Croatia: view of Old Town from Minceta Fortress

Korçë to Përmet, Albania

From Anita of Travelling Balkans

One of the lesser-known drives within Albania and the Balkans is the road trip from Korçë to Përmet. 

Korçë is a lively city with the biggest cathedral in Albania as well as the best beer and Qofte (a sort of meatball).  There are many great things to do in Korce , so it makes a great starting point!

The road starting here and leading to Përmet, which is a small town known for its slow food movement and being close to the incredible nature spot Bënjë, is one not to be missed.

It winds through forests, small villages, and natural hot pools, and the road sits parallel to the border of Greece. 

thrift store selling various goods in korce albania

There are also many old bridges along the way which are perfect photo opportunities too. Just beware that you cannot cross safely due to half of the boards missing!

Make sure you stop off at Bënjë which is around 20 minutes from Përmet.

Here you can relax in many hot pools as well as marvel at the Old Ottoman bridge which is a true feature of this area. There is also a canyon and waterfall if you walk directly up the river.  

This road trip takes about 4 hours but do allow a couple of hours at Bënjë to relax in the hot pools as well as the various other stops along the way!

Stone footbridge built over a bright blue river, as seen on an Albanian road trip

Transfăgărășan Road, Romania

From Dominika of Sunday in Wonderland

If you aim to check all the best European road trips from your bucket list, you should definitely visit Transfăgărășan road in Romania.

This picturesque path among the Transylvanian mountains is one of the two most famous roads in the country (just next to Transalpina).

It was called the absolute best road trip in Europe by the Top Gear team, but even without this honor, it has a lot of stories to tell on its own.

The road was built by the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu.

Although there were many easiest ways to travel through the Făgăraș Mountains peaks, he decided to build the Transfăgărășan road to show the power of Romanian technology.

The must-visit place during the Transylvania road trip is the Poenari Citadel.

aerial view of Poenari Castle romania with mountains in the background at golden hour

The ruins of the ancient fortress are situated on a high peak which you can reach by climbing ~1500 steps. The castle was the citadel of Vlad The Impaler.

He was the archetype of the famous character of a vampire from Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”.

There are many more  interesting facts about the Transfăgărășan road  that you should know like Bâlea Lake or Vidraru Dam. But this trip is something you simply must try on your own.

You can drive the Transfăgărășan road in a day, but be prepared! You’ll need to pay extremely good attention when driving, as this is far from the easiest driving in Europe.

Transfăgărășan road winding through the mountains of Romania on a cloudy day--definitely not the easiest road trip in Europe as far as driving goes!

Eastern Scotland

From Gemma of Two Scots Abroad

There’s no denying that Scotland’s most popular road trip is the North Coast 500 but there are other routes which are lesser-known, and have historic castles, cute villages, and fewer midges!

Starting in Scotland’s capital, collect your car from Edinburgh Airport to avoid the stress of city driving or brave the roads and catch the highlights of the city.

Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile, Dean Village, Calton Hill, and of course all the Harry Potter attractions should make your list.

Leaving Edinburgh drive over the Queensferry Crossing to the Kingdom of Fife. Park up at North Queensferry for views of the Forth Bridge which is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Drive to Culross and walk back in time. Outlander fans might recognize Culross Palace.

Next, head to the ancient capital of Scotland, Dunfermline, and spend the afternoon at the Heritage Quarter and the Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries. 

historic stone bridge in a glen with church in the background in east scotland

The following morning, enjoy breakfast in Aberdour. Take a stroll along the beach then drive to the East Neuk stopping at Ellie and Anstruther for fishing village feels.

If you like to hike, consider staying in this area of Fife to do part of the Fife Coastal Path or head to St. Andrew’s for the night before moving on to Dundee.

From Dundee, head north to the city of Aberdeen stopping at Braemar and Ballater in the Cairngorms National Park.

At Stonehaven, visit Dunnottar Castle, you can’t miss it, literally! Arrive in Aberdeen and wander the streets discovering the Nuart street art mural trail all over the city. 

On the final day, head up to Slains Castle and on to Bullers of Buchan.

From here, you can turn back to Aberdeen for the night or drive to the gateway of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness.

It’s best to set aside a minimum of a week and a half for this road trip, but two weeks is even better.

Gemma Armit wearing tartan and looking out over a cliff on the east coast of Scotland

French Riviera

From Victoria of Bridges and Balloons

Experience the glitz and charm of the world-renowned French Riviera on this road trip along one of Europe’s most exciting coastlines.

Though not technically part of France, kick off your French Riviera road trip in Monaco, the fanciest of all the Riviera destinations where you’ll be among mega yachts, Lamborghinis, and diamonds aplenty.

For something more quaint, head to the hills and the village of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, a picturesque enclave famous for its art and the great artists who stayed there in the past.

Cannes is your next stop on this France road trip for some time by the beach and, if you time it right, the famous film festival.

St. Tropez is another popular spot for yachts and as such has the glitz that goes with that, but somehow also retains its charm with pretty streets and a laid-back vibe.

harbor of st tropez in the south of france road trip itinerary

Before your final stop in Marseille, stop at the breathtaking Calanques National Park, one of France’s most stunning sights with turquoise water and hidden coves.

And finally, in Marseille, enjoy the vibrant, multicultural port city with all its gastronomic and cultural delights.

Seven days is ideal for this road trip and I recommend going in the springtime before the crowds hit in the summer.

If you want to extend this road trip into more of the best places to visit in the south of France , consider turning inland to the Luberon Valley after visiting Marseille.

Buildings in front of harbor of Cassis France, their reflections are on the water in the bottom half of the photo.

Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

From Allan of It’s Sometimes Sunny in Bangor

Probably one of the most iconic road trips in Europe is the Wild Atlantic Way, a 1,553-mile coastal road trip following the west coast along the Atlantic Sea.

It is also a route that connects many of Ireland’s more famous tourist attractions which include the Ring of Kerry, the Cliffs of Moher , Connemara, and of course the cobbled streets of Galway.

The route itself can start in either the north in County Donegal or the very south in County Cork which will likely depend on the vantage point of arrival.

For example, from Dublin (2h 50mins) or Shannon Airport (1h 45mins), it may be best to start in the south at Cork, although a more convenient start would be from  Belfast in Northern Ireland  which is just over an hour from the borders of Donegal.

Kate Storm in a cream cardigan near Inch Beach Ireland at sunset--this is an incredibly romantic place to visit on your Ireland honeymoon!

The overall time it then takes really depends on interests along the way!

With enough time, detours to places like the Slieve League Cliffs and Slea Head Drive are well worth your time.

While it is only an 8-9 hour drive direct from the most Northern Point at Malin Head, Donegal to the most Southern point of Mizen Head in Cork, this time would be at least triple when following the scenic coastal routes.

I would give at least 3 full days for any Wild Atlantic Way road trip, and, for a more leisurely drive visiting the various attractions along the way, I would give a week or so.  

Rocky coastline along Slea Head Drive, Dingle Peninsula drive Ireland

Alsace, France

From Elisa of World in Paris

Alsace is one of the best regions in France and there’s no better way to explore Alsace than on a road trip.

Alsace is best known for Strasbourg, the capital, and its picturesque villages.

It is also one of the most important  French wine regions and there are also beautiful natural sites and impressive châteaux to visit.

Start your trip in Strasbourg , Alsace’s capital, to visit Strasbourg’s amazing Gothic cathedral and the streets of La Petite France, in the Old Town, with beautiful architecture surrounded by canals.

Head to the south to visit Colmar , the most famous town in Alsace.

Colmar is a great place to taste some of Alsace’s typical dishes in one of its traditional restaurants (winstubs).

La Petite Venise in Colmar on a summer day. Visiting La Petite Venise is one of the best things to do in colmar france.

Spend the third day exploring a couple of picturesque towns like Kaysersberg, Riquewihr, or Eguisheim. This may sound like too much but they are really small towns.

Don’t leave Alsace without tasting its wines, especially the whites.

If you don’t know what to choose, let yourself be guided by the winegrowers and you will be fine.

If you want to hit the road to explore Alsace, a minimum of 3 days is recommended.

This will give you time to visit Strasbourg well (we recommend one full day) plus explore some of the region’s picturesque villages and do a couple of wine tastings.

If you are interested in hiking in the Vosges, then a minimum of 4 days will be necessary.

Kate Storm in a brown coat in the Alsace village of Riquewihr with a clock tower in the background

From Ben Holbrook of Driftwood Journals

The open road, cozy country pubs, and wild horses galore… Wales really is made for those who love road trips in Europe.

Many a visitor to the UK makes the mistake of only visiting Cardiff in their bid to “tick Wales off” their bucket list. Needless to say, they’re missing out in a big way. 

Instead, what they should really do is hop in a rental car and head straight to the glorious Brecon Beacons National Park.

Located less than an hour away from the English border (via the newly free-to-cross Prince of Wales Bridge), this is a land of endless rolling hills and unspoiled natural beauty. 

If you have time then be sure to make a pitstop in the charming town of Abergavenny on your way, aka the Gateway to Wales, followed by a quick stomp up Sugar Loaf Mountain. 

white castle in Abergavenny wales on a sunny day when road tripping europe

Once in the Brecon Beacons National Park itself, simply let the winding, pine-fringed backroads guide you and stop for photos and picnics at secluded spots along the way, such as the Talybont Reservoir and Usk Reservoir.

Then it’s time to wind the windows down, shift into top gear and cruise the inspiring Black Mountain Pass, named one of the greatest driving roads in the UK (made famous by none other than motoring icon Jeremy Clarkson). 

From the Brecon Beacons, you can continue west to the rugged Gower Peninsula and/or Pembrokeshire Coast National Park for some of the best surfing and camping in the UK.

And all of this beauty can be reached within just 2 or 3 hours from the English border! 

Ideally, set aside at least a few days to explore all that Brecon Beacons National Park and Wales as a whole have to offer.

Three horses grazing on a hill in Brecon Beacons National Park Wales, with rolling green hills and a small villages visible in the distance. Wales is one of the best underrrated road trips in Europe.

Brittany, France

From Shelley of Lifejourney4two

A Brittany road trip will introduce you to an amazing collection of destinations.

Brittany, located in the northwest corner of France, has a rich Breton culture and a mix of landscapes that makes a road trip here exciting and varied.   

Starting in the historic town of Kerhinet, you can wander through romantic thatched cottages, before moving along to the pretty seaside town of Sarzeau and its moated castle, Chateau de Suscinio, built in the middle ages.

The fabulous Bretagne coastline provides ample opportunity for beautiful coastal walks. Make sure to take time to explore the Quiberon Peninsula with its White Port Arch.

Further along, is the Pink Granite Coast and the seaside town of Perros-Guirec. In Plougrescant, you’ll come across an incredible house nestled impossibly between two rocks.

castle ruins of the coast of brittany france near saint-malo

As well as coastal and seaside experiences, this Brittany road trip will have you stepping back in time in the charming medieval town of Dinan.

Set within its old city walls, it is known for its quaint half-timbered houses, cobbled streets, and its array of historical monuments. 

Don’t forget to sample the local Brittany delicacies such as sweet crepes, savory galettes, and the butter-rich Bretagne Gateau. 

Four days will have you traveling about 500km through Brittany and will give you enough time to experience the variety of flavors Bretagne has to offer. 

Sandy beach in Brittany France as seen on a road trip Europe itinerary

Northern Ireland

From Amanda of Toddling Traveler

Northern Ireland is by far one of the best road trips in Europe.

Between the beautiful scenery and the unique outdoor activities, it’s something that needs to be experienced at least once.

The best area for a 1 week road trip in Northern Ireland is the Causeway Coast and Glens, after spending a couple of days in Belfast. 

With towns like Cushendall, Ballycastle, Ballintoy, and Bushmills, there are so many great places to stop along the way. 

From Belfast, you can make a stop at Carrickfergus for the castle and seaside restaurants.

Between the views of the ocean on one side and the sheep nestled among the cliffs on the other side, there’s so much to take in.

Cushendall is a quaint little seaside town with the friendliest people, and it’s a great location for sightseeing in Northern Ireland. 

From Cushendall, you can drive through the beautiful Glens of Antrim and make a stop at the Dark Hedges for any Game of Thrones fans.

Kate Storm in a red dress facing away from the camera at the Dark Hedges, one of the most popular locations to see on a Northern Ireland road trip itinerary

Another famous stop on the Causeway Coastal Route is the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge which takes you a few hundred feet above sea level. 

Ballintoy Harbour and Fullerton Arms are two additional stops that are popular with Game of Thrones fans. 

From Cushendall, you can change your home base to Bushmills for a change of scenery. 

Bushmills Distillery and the Giants Causeway are two sites that shouldn’t be missed in that area. For golf fans, Portrush is a popular seaside town that also boasts a world-famous golf course.

If your Northern Ireland road trip allows for more time, spending more time in Portrush or Portstewart is definitely recommended as well. 

7-10 days is ideal for a road trip through Northern Ireland, but you can easily spend more time if you’re exploring beyond Antrim County.

giants causeway in northern ireland on a sunny day looking toward the island

Loire Valley + Normandy, France

From Brianna of Curious Travel Bug

The  Loire Valley and Normandy are two of France’s most beautiful areas and combined, they make for a fantastic road trip from Paris.

This European road trip is perfect for those who enjoy the countryside, castles, and adorable villages. 

Start your trip by driving to Amboise from Paris.

Amboise is small enough to be walkable and has a scenic chateau that overlooks the town, and a great base for visiting the Loire Valley.

From Amboise, you can visit famous chateaux like Chateau Chenonceau, Chambord, Villandry, and Usse.

After exploring the Loire Valley head towards Normandy and the coast.

A great halfway point to break up the driving is Chateau d’Angers, a massive castle with huge towers.

Stay in the village of Pontorson to visit nearby Brittany, towns like Dinan and Saint-Malo are both worth a visit.

Mont St. Michel in northern France with its reflection showing in the water in the bottom half of the photo

From Pontorson you will be only 20 minutes from the incredible Mont Saint Michel.

Mont Saint Michel is what brings most people to Normandy and it is certainly impressive.

If you can, try to visit both at high and low tides as the contrast between the two is interesting to witness.

Drive further into Normandy and stay in the town of Bayeux. Bayeux is a cute medieval town made famous by both the Bayeux Tapestry and its proximity to the D-Day Beaches.

The D-Day sites are worth spending at least a day exploring.

Finish up your road trip by stopping in the port town of Honfleur to see its cute harbor.

Head back to Paris, stopping en route in Giverny to see Monet’s gardens.

Other places to include on your itinerary if you have more time are the city of Rouen and the cliffs at Etretat.

This route requires at least 6 days but you can easily spend much longer exploring both the Loire Valley and Normandy as these areas are rich with history, charming villages, and castles to explore.  

White cliffs of Etretat with bright blue water to the left side of the photo. Etretat is one of the best places to visit in France

Cotswolds Road Trip

From Laura of Travelers Universe

If you have more than 3 days in London and are ready for a quick European road trip, then a visit to the Cotswolds is a must. No other area in the UK compares to the old-fashioned charm and heritage of the Cotswolds.

When planning your road trip route I recommend you start with the 4 must-see villages in the Cotswolds: Bourton-on-the-Water, Upper Slaughter, Lower Slaughter, and Bibury.

Bourton-on-the-Water has a unique appeal to everyone. It is regularly voted as one of the prettiest villages in England and is famous for its honey-colored stone architecture and idyllic scenes.

The village is known as the Venice of the Cotswolds and it’s the perfect place for you to enjoy some relaxing time by the River Windrush.

Upper and Lower Slaughter share an interesting name that could be translated as a ‘miry place’.

Lower Slaughter has been very well conserved and walking alongside the stream seems like a trip into the past. 

english village of lower slaughter with creek and bridge in the foreground

There is no wonder the village has been used for filming productions on several occasions. 

Upper Slaughter is equally as charming. Interesting fact – it lost nobody in the First World War and that’s why these days it is considered to be a sainted village. 

If you are by car, I recommend parking in Bourton-on-the-Water and walking from there, as there is limited parking in the Slaughters. 

When it comes to Bibury, everybody will quote William Morris as he famously said that Bibury is ‘the most beautiful village in England’. 

Well, this should be convincing enough to check it out for yourself. 

Don’t miss the picturesque Arlington Row cottages, dating back to 1380. Arlington Row is one of the most photographed places in Cotswold.

Recommended Road Trip Route

Try to set aside at least a couple of days to enjoy road-tripping the main villages of the Cotswolds.

Castle Combe village in the Cotswolds with a small stone bridge in the foreground and stone houses in the background

Route des Grand Alpes, France

From Kat of Wandering Bird Adventures

One of the best road trips in Europe is the Route des Grandes Alpes, in the southeast corner of France. 

It’s possible to drive this route by car and stop along the way at one of the many beautiful towns, but a better option is to   travel the Alps by motorhome  and stop up a mountain in the middle of nowhere.

Technically, the Route des Grande Alpes starts in Lake Geneva and goes south over the highest mountain passes until you reach the French Riviera, but you can easily drive it in reverse if you wish.

Highlights include breathtaking mountain views; the Milky Way at night; going up Mont Blanc in a cable car; exploring picturesque Lake Annecy and the awe-inspiring Gorge du Fier.

Of all the places to enjoy a road trip in Europe, the French Alps are definitely one of the most awe-inspiring! 

view of the french alps from a ski resort in chamonix, one of the best european winter places to visit

This road trip can take anywhere from 3-5 days and the best time to go is late spring or early autumn, (May/ June or September/ October.) 

The reason for this is the weather (winter snow means road closures in the mountains) and also cyclists- you will not believe the number of cyclists who ride up and down these crazy roads! 

And that’s not including the Tour de France which regularly passes through this route- another reason to avoid July!

Chateau d'Annecy as seen from between blooming tulips over a canal. Annecy is one of the best small towns in France.

Dublin to Dingle (Cross-Country Ireland Road Trip)

By Jennifer P. (aka Dr. J) of Sidewalk Safari

A road trip from Dublin to Dingle is one of the longest you can undertake in Ireland.

Dingle is one of the most picturesque places in Ireland and is well-worthy of a road trip in itself. However, sometimes getting there is more than half the fun.

Take a road trip to Dingle and use the 5-hour drive to explore lesser-known parts of Ireland on the way.

Start at Birr Castle, a 19th-century house and gardens that was home to the world’s largest telescope for nearly 75 years.

Next up, drive to Adare, which is best known for quaint thatched cottages and for being one of the most beautiful small towns in Ireland .

Adare is an ideal road trip pitstop; there are cool things to see and do but not so many things that one is tempted to linger (budget 30-60 minutes).

Thatched roof cottages in Adare Ireland with white walls and a red door. Adare is one of the best small towns in Ireland

Listowel is known as the literary capital of Ireland because writers like Bryan MacMahon and John B. Keane once lived there.

Grab a coffee on the colorful square and follow in the footsteps of some of Ireland’s best-known writers.

Do not miss Foynes and the Flying Boat Museum! Fun fact: Irish coffee is believed to have been invented in Foynes.

Finally, stop at Belvedere House in Mullingar for its follies.

Follies are large-scale structures that look ancient but are actually modern.

Belvedere House also has a Jealous Wall erected in a feud between two brothers centered around alleged adultery. 

Recommended length: 2 days. Take one day en route to Dingle and a second day on the way back to Dublin to cover all the stops referenced.

Kate Storm standing on a pebble beach on Dingle Peninsula, Ireland. Minard Castle is behind her. This is a great example of what to wear in Ireland!

Montpellier to Toulouse, France

From Maura of Travel Kiwis

The region of Occitanie in southern France has spectacular scenery and diverse history.   

Start in the pedestrian-friendly and vibrant city of   Montpellier for shopping and French cuisine.

From Montpellier, allow an hour to travel the coastline dotted with pink flamingos to the fishing village of Sete, a perfect place for lunch and fabulous seafood.  

One-hour inland is Beziers, one of the oldest cities in France where high above the river Orb sits the Bezier Cathedral.

Bezier is famous for the Orb Aqueduct, which carries the Canal du Midi over the river, and the Fonserannes Locks, a staircase of nine water levels, which traverses the canal.   

Half an hour from Beziers is the old Roman town of Narbonne.

historic bridge and river in narbonne france with gothic cathedral in the background, an interesting stop on europe road trips

You can explore the Hordeum, a labyrinth of underground warehouses when Narbonne was a Roman port, and view part of the first Roman road in France, Via Domitia. 

An hour from Narbonne, overlooking the Aude river, is Carcassonne.

The spectacular UNESCO heritage site Chateau Comtal de Carcassonne is perfect for a short stay. Make sure to try the local dish Cassoulet.

The final stop is Toulouse, the capital city of Occitanie, referred to as the La Ville Rose with its pink terracotta brick buildings.

Visit the Aeroscopia museum to learn more about the Airbus A380, built-in Toulouse; it is the largest airliner in the world.

This route is 276kms taking four hours with no stops. So, take your time and plan a night or two along the way.

kate storm and ranger storm standing in front of medieval walls of carcassonne france

Scottish Highlands & Islands

From Jessica of One Girl, Whole World

Exploring deep into the Scottish Highlands and islands with one of the most stunning European road trips you can take.

A  10-day road trip itinerary  has gorgeous landscapes, interesting history, hiking options, boat trips and ferries, and few crowds.

There are infinite route combinations, but here is one that’s a great combination of landscapes, history, and activity, and avoids long stretches of driving. You can start from anywhere, but Edinburgh or Glasgow is the most common.  

Head toward the upper Highlands, covering Glen Torridon, Applecross, and (weather-permitting) driving the famous and slightly nerve-wracking Bealach na Ba pass. 

Then spend a few days on the Isle of Skye, possibly hiking the stunning Quiraing and taking a boat trip from Elgol to the misty Black Cuillin mountains.

Colorful village set along the water on the Isle of Skye in Scotland with boats parked in the harbor--Scotland is home to some of the best Europe itinerary road trip options around!

Then get further out to islands that most tourists rarely visit. 

You can take a 90-minute ferry north to the Isle of Harris & Lewis and spend a day or two driving the island and experiencing the turquoise beaches and ancient standing stones. 

Once you’re back on the mainland, consider hitting beautiful Glen Coe and the Glenfinnan Viaduct (the Hogwarts Express!) in the Highlands on your way west to the tiny Isle of Iona. 

Iona has both beauty and some of the earliest Christian history in Scotland, and also a perfect base to take a boat trip to the almost-mythical Isle of Staffa. 

Finally, spend a day or two exploring charming Edinburgh at either the beginning or end of your trip. 

The length of your visit is flexible, but to cover everything above you should plan for at least 10 days–if you can set aside two weeks, that would be even better!

jacobite steam train crossing viaduct in the scottish highlands

Northumberland Coastal Route, England

From Stuart Forster of Go Eat Do

The Northumberland Coastal Route is a scenic driving route that runs for 48 miles between Blyth and Berwick-upon-Tweed.

The marked route meanders past broad beaches and castles built when this region saw regular raids by cattle rustlers, known as border reivers, and Scottish armies.

If you choose to drive on the most direct route, the A1, the journey between Berwick and Newcastle takes just 75 minutes.

Plan at least a couple of days to pause along the way and take walks to view the castles at Bamburgh and Dunstanburgh.

It’s also worth taking a reflective stroll on the golden sand of Alnmouth Beach after popping into nearby Alnwick to shop at Barter Books, England’s biggest second-hand bookstore, and see the castle where Harry Potter movies were filmed.  

Following the Northumberland coastal route offers opportunities to pause for locally landed seafood at the Fish Shack in Amble or The Jolly Fisherman pub in Craster.

alnwick castle in england

The fishing village of Craster gives its name to traditionally smoked kippers, a local delicacy. Craster kippers pair well with Earl Grey tea, which was first mixed for consumption at Howick Hall, the 19th-century British prime minister’s estate in  England’s most northerly county .

Check the tidal table before driving to or from Lindisfarne, otherwise known as Holy Island.

Many a driver has had to abandon their vehicle in the face of rapidly advancing waters.

We suggest completing this trip in about two days.

Dunstanburgh castle england in the distance with rocky landscape in the foreground

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

From Cath of Travel Around Ireland

One of the best road trips to take in Europe is one in which you visit the Ring of Kerry in Ireland .

Encompassing the Killarney National Park and part of the epic Wild Atlantic Way, this part of Southern Ireland is filled with beauty that will leave you awe-inspired.

This is a popular tourist area of the region and it is best explored by car or motorbike.

Points of interest to stop and explore include the Gap of Dunloe, a beautiful valley snaking through the MacGillycuddy Reeks Mountains.

You cannot drive a car through it, but motorbikes, cyclists, hikers, and joggers can traverse it. There are tourist horses and carts which can take those in cars into the Gap to enjoy its beauty.

At the top of the Gap lies Kate’s Cottage, a historic coaching house, now with a restaurant, bar, and craft shop.

Not far from this is Lady’s View, affording magnificent views across the Killarney National Park.

Kate Storm in a blue long-sleeved shirt overlooking Killarney Natoinal Park--a must-see spot when planning a trip to Ireland!

You should also take a day to visit Ross Castle and Muckross House, Gardens, and Farms, both of which are steeped in history.

Got a Star Wars fan on your hands? Then a boat trip from the Ring of Kerry to Skellig Michael is a must. It featured in Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens.

Skellig Michel is famous for its 6th to 8th-century Christian monastery and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

Another site to visit during your road trip around the Ring of Kerry is Torc Waterfall.

This lies only 7km from Killarney Town and is a beautiful waterfall with a height of 20 meters and a cascade of 110 meters long. 

Many of the towns that you pass through are worth stopping in for a cuppa or a meal including Kenmare, Sneem, and Killorglin.

The town with the most choice when it comes to accommodation and eating options is Killarney and should be your starting point when traveling around this stunning part of Ireland.

Killarney, the town at which you should start your visit to the Ring of Kerry, lies 300km southwest of Dublin and it will take you approximately four hours by car to reach this quaint little town.

Although you could drive the outer circuit of the Ring of Kerry in one day, you will need more than a day to visit the many places to stop around this 179km-long circular route in County Kerry.

Kate Storm in a yellow raincoat standing in front of Torc Waterfall in Killarney National Park Ireland

Germany’s Romantic Road

From Hannah & Adam Lukaszewicz of Getting Stamped

Southern Germany is home to the Romantic Road, a journey from Wurzberg to Fussen that captures both the scenic beauty and beautiful, fairytale castles Germany has to offer. 

Start out by stopping at the Wurzburg Residence, a stunning palace with extensive gardens.

Next up is the Neuschwanstein Castle which has many great viewpoints, like Mary’s Bridge. Another castle in the vicinity that’s worth a stop is the Hohenschwangau Castle.

Those are the most popular stops on this European road trip, but also make sure to stop at some of the charming Bavarian villages along the way, such as Rothenburg ob de Tauber and Würzburg. 

For the average tourist, it is suggested to have a three-day itinerary for the Romantic Road .

It’s just enough time to see all the highlights on the route.

However, it is up to you to extend the trip by a few extra days if you’d like to explore more villages on the way. 

Rothenburg ob de Tauber on Germany's Romantic Road, one of the most popular road trips in Europe. Image from Getting Stamped.

Austrian Alps

From Kati Walzl of Moon & Honey Travel

Austria is synonymous with the Alps. While Austria’s cities are easily accessible by transit, its mountains are best explored on a road trip.

If you love hiking and scenic alpine roads, follow this Vienna to Innsbruck road trip anytime between June and October.  

Start in Vienna, the capital city of Austria before driving directly to Filzmoos, a small alpine town in the Dachstein mountains.

Here, you can hike to scenic alp huts and explore the Gosaukamm, a subrange of the Dachstein.

After hiking in the Northern Limestone Alps of Salzburg, your road trip continues to the heart of Hohe Tauern National Park, which encompasses Austria’s highest mountains.

Drive the celebrated Grossglockner High Alpine Road to East Tyrol. If you want to experience the glaciers of the Vendiger Group, explore the lesser-known Virgental and Gschlösstal valleys.

Next, head west to Mayrhofen, which is the perfect base for exploring the Zillertal mountains.

woman standing in front of bright turqouise lake in the austrian alps, one of the best road trips europe

If there’s one range that epitomizes “the Alps” this is it.

After a few days in Zillertal, continue your drive to Innsbruck.

If you have more time, drive to Vorarlberg to explore the Rätikon Alps for a few days.

Tip: If you rent a car in another country, don’t forget to purchase a “Vignette” before driving on the Austrian “Autobahn” (highway). 

You’ll need 10 – 16 days to complete this route.

Person sitting on a small footbridge in Zillertal Alps in Austria, with a lake and mountain range visible in the distance

Czech Republic

From Celine of Family Can Travel

While Prague is certainly worth the visit, there’s so much more to see in the Czech Republic, and the best way to see it is by planning a Central European road trip.

Plan to make four major stops along the way: Cesky Krumlov , Karlovy Vary, Bohemian Switzerland National Park, and Bohemian Paradise.

The real charm of having a car is not only getting to each of these places but visiting some incredible sights near each of them.

Near Cesky Krumlov, explore the ruins of Hrad Divi.

After visiting the multitude of colonnades around Karlovy Vary, stretch your legs with a hike from Karlovy Vary to the charming town of Loket.

Next, leave the cities behind to enjoy the more natural side of the Czech Republic. 

colorful houses in historic Karlovy Vary in the fall, a czech town that is a great option for driving tours in europe

Hiking in Bohemian Switzerla nd National Park to see the Pravcicka Brana (the largest natural stone bridge in Europe) and then continuing on to the Wild Gorge Loop will give you a real sense of the varying landscapes you can find in the Czech Republic.

If you find yourself with some extra time in Bohemian Switzerland, the Bastei Bridge in Saxon Switzerland National Park (Germany) is only a short drive away.

The Tisa Walls are also worth a stop.

Before returning to Prague, make one final stop in Bohemian Paradise to see Trotsky Castle and the incredible rock formations on the hike from Hruba Skala to Valdstejn Castle.

This Czech Republic road trip could be done in one week, but 10 days would be better to add in a few extra places to visit along the way and truly enjoy all that the area has to offer.

Winter in Český Krumlov: View of the City

East Germany Castle & Nature Road Trip

From Annemarie Strehl of Germany on the Brain

For an East Germany road trip heavy on castles and natural beauty, start in the gorgeous state capital of Mecklemburg-Vorpommern.

It‘s one hour away from Hamburg by train (90 minutes with a car) and there are plenty of things to see in Schwerin .

Its center is simply gorgeous, with typical Baltic houses and historic buildings, and from here, it’s a short walk to the fairy tale castle of Schwerin.

It was modeled after French chateaus and has even been featured in Hollywood productions.

From Schwerin, you can easily reach Berlin, where you can stroll around Charlottenburg Palace or Friedrichsfelde Palace.

Those beautiful baroque buildings can make you almost forget you are in a big and busy metropolis.

Complete your visit in the North with a trip down to Potsdam’s extensive Sanssouci Castle estate.

aerial view of berlin tv tower at sunset, one of the most interesting european cities to visit

For Dresden alone, you can easily fill a week exploring castles inside and around the city.

Your starting point should be at the Zwinger and move on to the famous Frauenkirche, to name just two iconic attractions. For more castles, check out Pillnitz or Moritzburg.

Complete your journey in the neighboring state of Thuringia and visit charming Jena, Weimar, and Erfurt.

Weimar especially looks straight out of a history book in the best of ways.

In total, such a trip should be no shorter than seven days so you don’t have to rush through your destinations.

Driving times are between one to three hours from one place to the next, so it’s definitely doable to do one city per day.

However, for places like Berlin or Dresden you can easily schedule in multiple days.

schwerin castle in germany with lake in the foreground, modeled after french chateaux

The Italian Dolomites

From Kristen & Jeff Miller of Our Passion for Travel

Fans of jagged mountains, windy roads, and stunning landscapes will rejoice in a   Dolomites road trip .

Picking up a car in Verona and heading north, make your first stop in the hillside town of Trento. This stunning town is perfectly wedged in a valley with dramatic cliffs surrounding you.

Choose to spend a night here or head further north to the cute town of Ortisei.

Here, you can excite yourself with some of the winding passes that will take you from blazing sunshine in the middle of summer, up to near-freezing temperatures.

Admire the snow falling off the mountains in the Gardena and Sella Pass.

Later, mix it up with the majestic Lago di Carezza, one of the greenest alpine lakes you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

lake carezza italy with dolomites in the background on a sunny day when road tripping northern italy

Ortisei is also home to the highest alpine meadow, Alpe di Siusi. Spend a day up top wandering in awe as the lush green grass meets the jagged peaks and rich blue skies.

Leaving Ortisei behind, consider Cortina d’Ampezzo as your next overnight destination.

Not only is Cortina d’Ampezzo home to the future 2026 winter Olympics, but it’s well located to explore the surrounding areas.

Lago di Braies is the insta-famous lake, complete with rowboats to fill your feed with.

A short drive from Cortina, you’ll find Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

The entry of €30 to the national park may seem steep, but it’s about as picturesque as you’ll find in this region.

Those jagged peaks you’ve been admiring are so much closer here, and rip into the sky like daggers.

This road trip through the Dolomites can be done comfortably in as little as 4 days.

It is easily stretched to 2 weeks depending on your pace and how much hiking you’re contemplating. Also, be sure to allow time for good weather (it can be temperamental like all alpine regions). 

View of the Italian Dolomites on a clear day with a village visible below it.

Vienna to Budapest Road Trip

From Pashmina of The Gone Goat

Imagine traversing through stunning countryside covering charming and beautiful towns and some very obscure ones, while crossing the capitals of these three countries Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest .

Whether you want to start your road trip in Vienna and end it with a weekend in Budapest , or vice versa, a road trip in these places is often brimming with exciting stories, culture, and unique landscapes.

Although the entire trip is approximately 243km and may only take you 3 hours to drive, this trip is best done with a detour spending time in Lake Neusield, Austria, followed by Sopron, Gyor, and Esztergom in Hungary. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take the other route and pass through Slovakia and see firsthand what it is like to see a new generation of Slovakians who are eager to bring modern elements and street culture to their lives.

Tips for Airbnb Hosts: Hiking in Slovakia

You can also stop in Bratislava and casually stroll through the old town while taking in the picturesque views of the architecture.

Compared to its neighboring cities, Bratislava is unhurried and feels small and quiet, and deserves that extra time to slow down, people watch and take in what you can.

The recommended time to spend on this Central European road trip is about 4 to 5 days. 

Prague or Budapest: Budapest view of Danube

From Kate of I Live 4 Travel

The small country of Luxembourg is a great place for a European road trip. 

It is a country dominated by castles and old towns that you can walk around and some beautiful countryside to hike in. 

If you fly into Luxembourg then it is very easy to rent a car .

A trip to Luxembourg would not be complete without a visit to Luxembourg City and here you need to spend a day exploring the old town and visiting the Bock Casemates, walk the Chemin de la Corniche and visit Fort Thungen. 

After visiting Luxembourg City head north to visit the beautiful castle of Vianden, the town is worth a walk around and you can always get the chairlift slightly higher up the mountain to get a view of the town and the castle before walking down to visit the impressive castle.

It is worth stopping here for lunch in one of the many cafes in the town.

vianden castle from a distance overlooking the village in the mountains of luxembourg

Next drive to Bourscheid Castle, which is only partially restored but has amazing views down the valley.

After visiting Bourscheid head across to the little town of Esch-Sur-Sure, it is in a horseshoe shape and surrounded by a river running along the outside, it is a beautiful town and it’s worth a walk up to the ruins of the castle located on the top of the hill in the middle of the town.

If you have a third day then head across to Echternach and hike part of the Mullerthal Trail.

If you do not want a long hike, you can just drive the route and explore the highlights.

The drive through the countryside to these places is stunning and it’s recommended you take 2 or 3 days to explore the country of Luxembourg.

View of Luxembourg City from above. Luxembourg's small size makes it an ideal short European road trip itinerary

From Dhara of It’s Not About the Miles

Looking to complete one of the best road trips in Europe? Consider Poland!

In about 10 days, you can see the best of this northern European country. 

Begin your trip in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Warsaw’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

World War II bombing destroyed quite a bit of the city, but it has been reconstructed.

Apart from Old Town, Powazki Cemetery, the monument to the heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto, and the Presidential Palace are must-visits.

From Warsaw, drive to Krakow where you can visit Market Square, St. Mary’s Church, and the famous Wawel Castle.

Old Town Krakow is gorgeous so plan on a walking tour to admire the architecture.

From Krakow, drive to Auschwitz  to tour the former concentration camp. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

View of St. Mary's Basilica in Main Market Square, a must-see destination when visiting Krakow in 2 days!

Next, travel to Wroclaw, with its beautiful Old Town. Market Square has stunning architecture.

From Wroclaw, drive to Torun, one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe. Torun is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the birthplace of Nicolas Copernicus.

Next, drive to the port city of Gdansk, the birthplace of Lech Walesa’s Solidarity Movement.

Gdansk has a beautiful Old Town as well. A   walking tour of Gdansk Old Town  is the best way to experience the sights.

Also do not forget a stop at Westerplatte, where the first shots of WWII were fired.

Return to Warsaw to complete your road trip through Poland. On the way, you can stop at Malbork Castle, the largest castle in the world!

This Poland road trip is best completed in about 10 days.

View of Town Hall Tower with Cloth Hall in the foreground in Main Market Square, one of the best things to see in Krakow Poland

South Styria Wine Road, Austria

From Lori of Travlin Mad

The  South Styria Wine Road  in southern Austria is the perfect European road trip for food and wine lovers.

This 44-mile-long patchwork of woodlands, lush rolling hills, and verdant vineyards just an hour from Graz is the southern part of Styria, known as the Green Heart of Austria, and looks more Tuscan than Alpine.

This part of Austria also borders northern Slovenia so combining both as part of a multi-country road trip in Europe is a great idea.

Fall is an especially good time to visit when autumn colors begin to appear in the vineyards and the first wine is being pressed.

People gather outdoors at local wineries along Wine Road drinking stürm wine and roasting chestnuts around a crackling fire.

Through the breeze, you’ll hear the unusual clacking sound of the klapotetz windmills spinning slowly through the countryside, designed to ward off birds and other pests who tend to gobble up the grapes.

Vineyard with hundreds of grape vines planted on a rolling hill with a windmill on the foreground on the left side of the photo in Austria

Food lovers should start their tour with a visit to Vinofaktur Genussregal, the largest store in Styria featuring over 2,500 Styrian wine and culinary products from over 250 regional producers.

For lunch or dinner, local winery-owned buschenshanks are the place to go for platters of local smoked meats and cheeses.

It’s all so quintessential Styria and the perfect destination for a fall road trip through Europe.

Though you can complete this European road trip in a day, it’s best to set aside at least a couple of days if you’d like to leisurely explore what the wine route has to offer (and allow your designated driver some chances to sample the wine).

clock tower of graz austria at sunset with fall foliage in the foreground

From Inma of A World to Travel

There are a surprising number of things to do in Latvia , the beautiful Baltic Republic located in northeast Europe–and it’s possible to cross the entire country in six hours!

The road trip itinerary suggested here covers 6 of the wonders of this country, from west to east, starting in the immediate vicinity of the Lithuanian border.

From exceptional natural landscapes to charming villages and large cities, this European road trip itinerary has something for everyone!

Stop first in Liepaja, known for its beaches with dunes and its constant wind, before moving on to Kuldiga, a picturesque village in the Western part of the country.

ruins of bunkers of a beach in liepaja latvia

Be sure to make time for the unique Kemeri National Park, where it is possible to practice bog-walking with the right equipment and a guide!

Riga, the capital of Latvia and your next stop on this Europe road trip, needs no introduction. Neither does its historic center, central market, and lively nightlife.

From there, move on to visit Sigulda, a historical village that has lots to offer to lovers of active tourism.

Finally, pay a visit to Gauja National Park, located near the border with Estonia. There is no other place like this in the whole country to go hiking on its many trails. 

If possible, set aside about a week to explore this European road trip route through Latvia.

Colorful buildings of Riga Latvia as seen from above. Latvia makes a fabulous, lesser-known European road trip itinerary!

From Jo of Lost Wanders

There’s plenty to see in Lithuania other than the trendy capital Vilnius and it’s well worth having your own transportation for a road trip in this beautiful Baltic country .

The first stop is the Hill of Crosses near Siauliai to see a unique memorial dedicated to the many unknown deaths of the Lithuanian uprising against Russian rule.

The hill now holds over 100,000 crosses memorializing people from around the globe with more being added daily.

A two-hour drive west uncovers an old nuclear missile silo, one of only three left in the world, that’s been turned into a Cold War Museum.

It’s located deep within Žemaitijos National Park, down bumpy gravel roads, where you can also get a chance to spot wild animals such as Lynx.

aerial view of trakai castle, a fun stop on a lithuania road trip through europe itinerary

Another hour’s drive towards the Baltic Sea, Klaipeda is the base for heading out to the Curonian spit, a large sandbar covering Lithuania’s coastline.

The town is famous for its spas and long open beaches.

Back down towards Vilnius, Trakai Castle is a must-see.

If you do just one castle on this trip make it this one. It sits on an island out on a lake where you can pedal and paddleboard in the summer months. 

You can do this trip in a week but allow 10 days to 2 weeks to fully see everything and don’t miss a couple of days in the capital.

Summer is by far the most favorable time to do this trip, crowds aren’t as big as in Central Europe and winters can get very cold for taking northern European road trips!

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About Kate Storm

Image of the author, Kate Storm

In May 2016, I left my suburban life in the USA and became a full-time traveler. Since then, I have visited 50+ countries on 5 continents and lived in Portugal, developing a special love of traveling in Europe (especially Italy) along the way. Today, along with my husband Jeremy and dog Ranger, I’m working toward my eventual goal of splitting my life between Europe and the USA.

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These road trip ideas are fantastic. I’d love to do the Dublin to Dingle trip someday.

We’ve done that one ourselves, and can absolutely endorse it! It’s phenomenal.

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Carnets Voyages

22 idées de road trip en Europe

En cette période d’incertitude pour les voyages à l’autre bout du monde pourquoi ne pas envisager de partir en road trip en Europe ? Également appelé autotour ou circuit en français, le road trip qui combine aventure et liberté permet de découvrir une destination ou une région au volant d’une voiture, d’un van, d’un camping-car et même d’une moto. Notre bon vieux continent européen regorge de routes légendaires et il n’y a souvent pas besoin d’aller très loin de chez soi pour partir à l’aventure. J’ai donc sélectionné 22 idées de road trip à faire en Europe parmi mes récits sur le blog voyage .

[Article initialement publié le 8 décembre 2020]

Dolomites – Italie

  • Durée : 3 à 7 jours
  • Étapes : Lago di Carezza – Santa Maddalena – Seceda – Lago di Sorapsis – Tre Cime – Lago di Braies

Les Dolomites sont une chaîne de montagnes situées au nord de l’Italie dans la région autonome du Sud-Tyrol. La route qui traverse cette région via deux cols de montagne vous fera découvrir des sommets abruptes ainsi que de nombreux lacs de montagnes aux couleurs arc-en-ciel. La plupart des sites sont facilement accessible en voiture, seul l’accès aux Tre Cime et au Lago di Braies se font via une randonnée. Ne manquez pas de goûter aux spécialités locales, un mélange de cuisine italienne et autrichienne.

Retrouvez tous les détails de cet itinéraire sur l’article du blog : Road trip dans les Dolomites en Italie .

Raodnnée Seceda Dolomites Italie

Alpes slovènes – Slovénie

  • Durée : 5 à 12 jours
  • Étapes : Piran – Ljubljana – Logarska dolina – Ptuj – Lac de Bled – Lac de Bohinj

La Slovénie qui était encore peu connu il y a quelques années a depuis gagné en popularité auprès des voyageurs. Si vous appréciez la nature et la vanlife vous ne pourrez que tomber sous le charme des ces montagnes, rivières, cascades, lacs et villes médiévales. Même sa capitale a été élue Capitale verte de l’Europe en 2016. Cet itinéraire peut facilement être combiné avec le précédent dans les Dolomites si vous voyagez avec votre propre véhicule (Piran étant assez proche de Venise).

Pour plus d’informations rendez-vous sur l’article : Road trip en Slovénie .

Visiter lac Bled Slovénie

Iles Lofoten – Norvège

  • Étapes : Å – Reine – Hamnøy – Nusfjord – Plage de Kvalvika – Henningsvær

Si je devais faire un classement des plus beaux road trip en Europe que j’ai réalisé, les îles Lofoten en Norvège seraient sans aucun doute en 1 ère place. Cet archipel situé au delà du cercle polaire possède des paysages de toute beauté. Savant mélange de montagnes abruptes sortant de la mer, de fjords, de lacs de montagne, de plages de sable aux eaux turquoises et de villages de pêcheurs, c’est le road trip parfait pour les amoureux de la nature. Bien que la Norvège soit un pays très cher il heureusement facile de faire du camping sauvage ou d’utiliser les campings aménagés.

Tous les détails techniques et récit de mon aventure dans cet article : Road trip aux îles Lofoten .

Hamnoy Lofoten

La Goméra – Iles Canaries Espagne

  • Durée : 5 jours
  • Étapes : Hermigua – Valle Gran Rey – Parc Garajonay

L’île de la Goméra ne fait pas partie des îles les plus connues aux Canaries, il faut dire qu’elle n’est pas spécialement réputée pour ses plages par rapport à ses voisines. Tout l’intérêt de venir à La Gomera est de randonner dans de spectaculaires paysages luxuriants, dont des forêts de lauriers sombres et humides. L’île qui reste à l’abri du tourisme de masse possède quelques villages à l’architecture coloniale comme sa capitale San Sebastian de la Gomera. C’est ici que Christophe Colomb et son équipage serait venu prier avant d’embarquer pour le Nouveau Monde.

Retrouvez toutes les informations sur l’article : Randonnées et road trip sur l’île de La Gomera aux Canaries .

La Gomera Canaries Espagne

Causeway Coastal Route – Irlande du Nord

  • Durée : 3 jours
  • Étapes : Dunluce Castle – Chaussée des Géants – Ballintoy – Belfast

L’Irlande du Nord qui fait partie du Royaume Uni possède quelques trésors à découvrir le long de la mythique Causeway Costal Route. Cet itinéraire panoramique qui longe la mer vous fera découvrir des châteaux médiévaux en ruines, la célèbre Chaussée des Géants avec ses colonnes de basaltes, des petits ports de pêche et même un pont de corde reliant un îlot isolé. Sachez que si vous êtes fan de Games of Thrones plusieurs scènes ont été tournées dans la région. Ce road trip se termine à Belfast où vous pourrez visiter le musée du Titanic.

Itinéraire complet à découvrir sur le blog : Road Trip en Irlande du Nord sur la Causeway Costa Route .

Torr Head road trip Irlande du Nord

Route de la lavande en Provence – France

  • Durée : 2 à 5 jours
  • Étapes : Alpes de Haute Provence – Vaucluse – Drôme

La France est un réservoir immense d’idées de road trip, on a tendance à toujours vouloir partir loin alors que l’on a à côté de chez nous des sites magnifiques. La route de la lavande fait partie des ces itinéraires incontournables. Elle permet outre de découvrir les magnifiques villages de la Provence, d’admirer des champs de lavande en fleurs. Pour photographier ces derniers il faudra impérativement venir pendant la période de floraison entre fin juin et fin juillet.

Retrouvez tous mes conseils sur Où et quand voir les champs de lavande à Valensole dans les Alpes de Haute Provence.

Champs de lavade Valensole Provence

Tenerife – Iles Canaries Espagne

  • Durée : 5 à 10 jours
  • Étapes : La Laguna – La Orotava – Forêt d’Anaga – Parc Teide – Garachico – Masca

L’île la plus touristique des Canaries ne se limite pas à ses clubs all inclusive, bars et restaurants où les touristes viennent faire la fête. Tenerife possède de nombreux et superbes itinéraires de randonnée, notamment dans le nord et le centre de l’île. Le Parc National du Volcan Teide et son ascension feront partie des moments fort du voyage. Ajoutez à ça de magnifiques villes coloniales comme La Laguna et un climat ensoleillé toute l’année, Tenerife représente une belle idée de road trip en Europe.

Tous les détails sur l’article de mon road trip de 10 jours à Tenerife .

Tenerife - Volcan Teide

Route romantique en Bavière – Allemagne

  • Étapes : Wurtzbourg – Nördlingen – Augsbourg – Château de Neuschwanstein – Füssen 

La route romantique est un itinéraire de 400 kilomètres entre les villes de Wurtzbourg et Füssen en Bavière. Cet itinéraire, l’un des plus populaires en Allemagne, vous fera traverser des villages médiévales, des abbayes et des églises classées au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO. Ne manquez pas la visite du château de Neuschwanstein qui inspira Walt Disney pour son château de la Belle au Bois Dormant. La route romantique est également l’occasion de découvrir les spécialités locales dans les nombreuses auberges traditionnelles bavaroises.

Retrouvez une partie de cet itinéraire sur notre road trip de 3 jours en Bavière .

Visiter le château de Neuschwanstein Bavière Allemagne

Wild Atlantic Way – Irlande

  • Durée : 3 à 15 jours
  • Étapes : Mizen Head – Ring of Kerry – Péninsule de Dingle – Cliffs of Moher – Connemara

L’Irlande possède de nombreux itinéraires propices à des road trip et pour les découvrir rien de mieux que d’emprunter la Wild Atlantic Way. Cette route de 2 500 km qui longe les côtes du pays depuis le sud jusqu’à l’Irlande du Nord vous fera découvrir de magnifiques paysages sauvages. Pas besoin d’avoir 15 jours devant soit, des programmes de 3 à 5 jours peuvent être organisés depuis la capitale Dublin . Parmi les sites les plus connus ne manquez pas : Mizen Head, Ring of Kerry, la péninsule de Dingle, les falaises de Moher et le parc du Connemara.

J’ai écrit un article sur comment préparer son road trip en Irlande qui retrace plusieurs itinéraires.

Mizen Head Irlande

Ile Madère – Portugal

  • Durée : 7 à 14 jours
  • Étapes : Funchal – Pico do Ariero – Ponta do Sol – Porto Moniz – Santana – Presqu’île Saint-Laurent

Madère est un archipel du Portugal situé dans l’océan atlantique au large du Maroc. L’île d’origine volcanique au relief escarpé a la particularité d’être très verdoyante ce qui en fait une destination idéale pour la randonnée (elle est surnommée l’île aux fleurs). De nombreux itinéraires suivent les levadas, des canaux d’irrigation creusés depuis le XVI e siècle pour acheminer l’eau des montagnes vers le sud de l’ile. Madère possède également une jolie capitale avec de nombreux bâtiments de l’époque coloniale.

Pour plus d’informations sur l’île et les plus belles randonnées rendez-vous sur l’article de mon road trip à Madère .

Madère - Randonnée pointe Saint Laurent

Route circulaire n°1 – Islande

  • Durée : 7 à 21 jours
  • Étapes : Reykjavik – Geysir – Gulfoss – Vik – Skaftafell – Jökulsárlón – Mývatn

Terre de glaces et de volcans l’Islande se prête admirablement bien à un road trip. La route circulaire n°1 qui fait le tour de l’île sur 1 332 km permet de voir glaciers, iceberg, geyser, fjords, cascades, plages de sable noir, lacs, volcans et de jolis villages de pêcheurs. L’unique route principale de l’île reste accessible été comme hiver. L’Islande est également réputé pour ses sources chaudes que l’on trouve un peu partout dans le pays, la plus célèbre étant le Blue Lagoon. Cet itinéraire peut être entièrement réalisé en bus, c’est d’ailleurs ce que j’avais fait lors de mon voyage.

Retrouvez sur le blog mon récit du tour de l’Islande par la route n°1 .

Islande road trip en Europe

Tour de Corse – France

  • Étapes : Saint-Florent – Calvi – Porto Ota – Ajaccio – Bonifacio – Porto-Vecchio – Zonza – Corte

Le tour de l’île de Beauté en voiture, moto ou van est l’un des road trip en Europe les plus populaires et certainement l’un des plus beaux. La Corse regorge de paysages variés entre plages paradisiaques, montagnes, rivières et villages typiques. Sur votre itinéraire ne manquez pas le Cap Corse, le désert des Agriates avec ses plages de rêve, les calanques de Piana et la pointe de la Parata. Le sud de l’île entre Bonifacio et Porto-Vecchio abrite des plages parmi les plus belles d’Europe. Ne manquez pas non plus les îles Lavezzi. En remontant vers le nord, les montagnes du centre de la Corse raviront les amateurs de randonnées est de canyoning.

Retrouvez sur le blog l’itinéraire de mon road trip en Corse .

Plage de Rondinara en Corse vue drone

De l’Istrie à la Dalmatie – Croatie

  • Étapes : Rovinj – Lacs de Plitvice – Sibenik – Parc Krka – Trogir – Split – Dubrovnik

La Croatie est principalement connue pour ses îles du sud de la Dalmatie et sa ville emblématique Dubrovnik. Mais le pays ne s’arrête pas au séjour all inclusive. Nous avons découvert lors de notre road trip dans le nord de la Croatie des coins beaucoup moins touristiques. Je vous invite à aller jusque dans la région de l’Istrie à la frontière de la Slovénie. Elle abrite de superbes villages médiévales et des villes à l’influence vénitienne comme Rovinj, notre coup de cœur. Le parc des lacs de Plitvice fait également partie des sites incontournables. Parmi les villes à ne pas manquer on trouve entre autre Sibenik, Trogir et Split.

Pour plus d’informations sur les choses à voir consultez l’itinéraire de mon road trip en Croatie .

Vue sur la vieille ville de Rovinj en Croatie depuis les quais du port

Tour de la Sardaigne – Italie

  • Étapes : Archipel de La Maddalena – Costa Smeralada – Iglesias – Péninsule du Sinis – Bosa – Alghero

Comme la Corse, la Sardaigne est une île parfaite pour partir en road trip en Europe. Elle est facilement accessible en ferry depuis la France en voiture, van ou camping-car. L’autre option est de prendre un vol jusqu’à Olbia, Cagliari ou Alghero puis de louer une voiture. Une fois sur place des dizaines de plages paradisiaques s’offrent à vous. Vous pouvez en fonction du temps dont vous disposez faire le tour complet de l’île (minimum 2 semaines) ou vous limiter au nord ou sud de la Sardaigne. Les plages sont plus jolies au nord (souvent de petites criques) mais c’est aussi le secteur le plus touristique. Parmi les villes à ne pas manquer Alghero figure en haut de la liste.

Vous trouverez sur le blog l’itinéraire complet de notre road trip en Sardaigne .

Visiter la Costa Smeralda Sardaigne Italie

De Sommar ø y aux Alpes Lyngen (Troms ø ) – Norvège

  • Étapes : Sommar ø y – Ersfjordbotn – Grøtfjord – Tromvik – Skulsfjord – Alpes de Lyngen

Avec ses paysages sortis tout droit d’une série sur les vikings, la Norvège offre des road trip parmi les plus beaux d’Europe. Cette fois je vous propose de partir tout au nord du pays au-delà du cercle polaire dans la région de Troms ø . La ville et ses environs sont connus pour être l’un des meilleurs spots pour observer les aurores boréales en Europe. Mais les paysages de fjords et de montagnes invitent tout autant à un circuit en voiture. Les panoramas sont très différents entre le soleil de minuit l’été et les paysages enneigés de l’hiver (préférez partir en février – mars pour ne pas avoir la nuit polaire).

Retrouvez tous les détails de l’itinéraire de ce road trip dans l’article que faire à Tromso en hiver .

Fjord Ersfjordbotn port village ile de Kvaløya Norvège

Tour de l’île d’Ibiza – Espagne

  • Durée : 2 à 7 jours
  • Étapes : Eivissa – Es Vedrà – Santa Eulària des Riu – Platja de Ses Salines – Platges de Comte – Cala Saladeta

Quand on parle de road trip en Europe on ne peut pas dire que la première idée qui nous vienne soit Ibiza dans les Baléares. Pourtant l’île ne se limite pas à la fête et aux soirées en boite de nuit à écouter les meilleures DJ. Je dois dire que j’ai été très agréablement surpris par le charme d’Ibiza, loin des clichés que je pouvais en avoir. Sa capitale Eivissa classée au Patrimoine Mondial de l’Unesco pour sa forteresse est absolument superbe. Et que dire des plages paradisiaques dissimulées dans des criques tout autour de l’île. Vous pouvez même partir explorer l’île de Formentera située à 30 min de ferry d’Ibiza.

Pour tous les conseils sur les choses à voir et les hébergements je vous invite à lire l’article du blog que faire à Ibiza .

Que faire à Ibiza îles Baléares Espagne visiter

Route des vins des Langhe au Piémont – Italie

  • Étapes : Barolo – La Morra – Serralunga d’Alba – Grinzane Cavour – Barbaresco – Alba – Asti

Voilà un petit road trip en Europe à réaliser proche de chez soi, surtout si vous habitez le sud de la France. C’est le genre de destination parfaite pour les week-ends prolongés ou les ponts des jours fériés. Les Langhe sont une région viticole située dans le Piémont au sud de Turin. Au programme de ce circuit en voiture, de nombreux petits villages médiévaux installés sur des collines formant des paysages sublimes de châteaux et de vignes. Les amateurs de truffes ne manqueront pas de passer par Alba. La région se pare de couleurs chatoyantes en automne, période à laquelle je vous recommande de venir car c’est la saison de la truffe et du Palio d’Asti.

Retrouvez mon itinéraire complet dans l’article visiter les Langhe .

Serralunga d'Alba visiter les Langhe Italie panorama

Iles Vesteralen – Norvège

  • Étapes : Nyksund – Stø – B ø – Andenes – Stokmarknes

Cet archipel qui se situe juste au nord des célèbres îles Lofoten en Norvège reçoit très peu de touristes en comparaison à ces dernières. Pourtant même si les panoramas y sont moins spectaculaires, la beauté des paysages méritent le détour et vous aurez la sensation d’être seul au monde. De plus les îles Vesteralen sont le seul endroit en Norvège où l’on peut voir des baleines et orques toute l’année (les croisières d’observation partent de la ville d’Andenes). Ne manquez pas non plus le village de pêcheurs abandonné de Nyksund . Et si vous venez en hiver vous aurez la possibilité d’observer des aurores boréales. C’est le road trip en Europe parfait pour ceux qui aiment les grands espaces sans touristes.

Pour organiser votre road trip et ne rien manquer des sites à voir rendez-vous sur mon article visiter les îles Vesteralen .

Road trip îles Vesteralen Norvège paysages montagnes neige mer hiver

Algarve – Portugal

  • Étapes : Tavira – Faro – Benagil – Silves – Lagos – Sagres

L’Algarve se situe tout au sud du Portugal, le long de l’océan atlantique. Cette région est connue pour ses magnifiques plages de sable et ses grottes creusées dans les falaises calcaires du littoral. L’Algarve attire chaque année des millions de touristes dans ses stations balnéaires. Mais heureusement la région ne se limite pas aux plages et on peut facilement éviter la file en réaliser un road trip. L’arrière pays est ponctué de villages au riche passé, de forteresses maures et même de ruines romaines. Les amateurs de surf ne manqueront pas de faire un tour à Sagres où se trouve une plage fréquentée par les surfeurs.

Pour préparer votre itinéraire je vous conseille de lire l’article visiter l’Algarve en road trip .

Randonnée des 7 vallées suspendus Algarve Portugal falaises karstiques

Du Tyrol à Salzbourg – Autriche

  • Durée : 5 à 7 jours
  • Étapes : Innsbruck – Kufstein – Bad Gastein – Salzbourg – Hallstatt

Je vous propose de découvrir un pays moins couru pour les road trip en Europe, l’Autriche. Avec ses routes de montagnes dépassant les 2500 mètres (comme la r oute alpine du Grossglockner), ses cascades et ses lacs, l’Autriche a de quoi attirer les amoureux de grands espaces et de montagnes. Sur cet itinéraire partez du Tyrol, la région la plus à l’est du pays, puis poursuivez vers Kufstein en direction de la Bavière (Allemagne) avant de revenir sur Salzbourg, la ville de Mozart. Depuis cette dernière vous pouvez passer une journée à Hallstatt, un magnifique village typique au bord d’un lac. Si vous avez plus d’une semaine allez jusqu’à Vienne.

Pour organiser ce circuit vous pouvez vous aider de mon article visiter l’Autriche en road trip .

Visiter l'Autriche en road trip d'une semaine : blog, guide et conseils

Les Pouilles – Italie

  • Durée : 5 à 15 jours
  • Étapes : Otranto – Gallipoli – Lecce – Matera – Monopoli – Polignano a Mare – Alberobello – Ostuni

L’Italie qui est l’un des pays les plus touristiques en Europe offre une multitude de road trip à travers les villes et campagnes. Cette fois je vous propose de découvrir les Pouilles dans le talon de la botte italienne. Cette région agricole (nombreuses cultures d’oliviers, de céréales et de vignes) est réputée pour ses magnifiques plages et ses beaux villages. Le Salento, tout au sud du pays, abrite plusieurs villes baroques à découvrir dont la superbe Lecce. En remontant vers le nord faites un petit détour par la région Basilicate pour découvrir Matera, l’une des plus vielles villes au Monde. Continuez vers la célèbre Alberobello et ses trulli avant de rejoindre le bord de mer à Polignano a Mare et Monopoli.

Pour organiser votre autotour rendez-vous sur mon guide complet visiter les Pouilles .

Photo drone vue aérienne Polignano a Mare Pouilles Italie

La route des fjords de l’ouest – Norvège

  • Étapes : Stalheim – Naeroyfjord – Nigardsbreen – Geirangerfjord – Trollstigen

La Norvège est l’un de mes pays préférés en Europe, les paysages naturels y sont absolument magnifiques. C’est pour cette raison que je vous y propose un nouveau road trip mais cette fois dans le sud du pays. La région des fjords de l’ouest située au nord de Bergen est splendide. Si vous rêvez d’immenses fjords profonds c’est ici qu’il faut venir, certains sont d’ailleurs classés au Patrimoine mondial de l’Unesco. Mais le sud de la Norvège ne se limite pas qu’aux fjords, on y trouve aussi des glaciers, des routes panoramiques spectaculaires et des églises en bois datant du Moyen-Age.

Pour découvrir la région je vous invite à lire mon article sur la route des fjords de l’ouest en Norvège .

Point de vue ornevegen sur Geiranger route des fjords de l'ouest Norvège

Louer un véhicule pour un road trip

J’ai d’écrit un article spécial avec de nombreux conseils pour louer une voiture . Vous y trouverez pas mal d’informations pour bien choisir votre véhicule et les arnaques à éviter.

Pour plus d’indépendance et de liberté vous pouvez réaliser les road trip en Europe présentés dans cet article en van ou camping-car . La location de ce type de véhicule étant assez cher, je vous suggère de passer par des particuliers pour trouver des tarifs plus abordables. Pour cela je vous conseille le site Yescapa , leader européen de la location de camping-cars, fourgons et vans aménagés entre particuliers.

Cette liste d’ idées de road trip en Europe est loin d’être exhaustive, elle se base sur les voyages que j’ai déjà réalisé et je ne manquerai pas de la mettre à jour. Si vous avez des road trip en Europe à suggérer n’hésitez pas à utiliser les commentaires.

Visiter les Pouilles en Italie : itinéraire de 10 jours en road trip

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Europe Road Trip – 24 Incredible Routes

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The Best Road Trips in Europe

Europe is perfect for an epic road trip! From the rolling fields of Tuscany and the soaring mountains of the Sierra Nevada to the beaches of the South of France and the mighty Alps, you can find a European road trip route to suit your taste and travel style.

Whether you’re road tripping in Europe for a week, a month, or a year, our top Europe road trip itinerary ideas will give you plenty of inspiration to get on the road.

We have lived on the road in Europe for over five years, and in our Europe trip planner, we share our top routes and itineraries, ideas about what do to and see, and accommodation recommendations. If you’ve got wheels there’s a European road trip here for you!

Europe road trip

Europe Road Trip Planner

We have traveled every single one of these European roads in and on a variety of vehicles! Whether you ride a motorbike, drive Europe by car or you’re traveling in a motorhome or RV, you’ll find some of the best Europe road trip ideas here.

If you’re on a flying visit and or want a 3 month Europe road trip , we have the best Europe road trip itineraries for you. Our road trip planner Europe includes specific road trip routes, amazing hotel recommendations, and insider travel tips to help you plan a driving holiday in Europe.

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Europe Road Trip Map

Europe road trips map

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Vienna to Innsbruck Road Trip

Vienna – graz – hallstatt – salzburg – zell am see – mayrhofen – innsbruck.

  • May-October

We recommend starting your two week Austrian road trip in Vienna and concluding the itinerary in Innsbruck.

As you leave Vienna, beautiful and quaint Austrian towns and villages will greet you as you travel south toward the foodie city of Graz, the next major stop on your Austrian itinerary. From here, it’s north to Hallstatt, a small, alpine village situated on the western shores of Hallstätter See, also known as Hallstatt Lake, that offers iconic views and outdoor experiences. 

Next up is Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We recommend leaving enough time in your itinerary to explore the Baroque architecture of the city and visit the Salzburg Fortress for stunning panoramic views. From Salzburg, head to Zell am See, a charming mountain town surrounded by the unforgettable mountain peaks of the Alps. 

Zell am See is the perfect spot from which to drive the spectacular Glossglockner high alpine pass, a mountain road that twists and bends itself along the Alps mountains, providing panoramic scenery and an unforgettable experience.

Your journey will continue on to Mayrhofen, a popular skiing destination known for its vibrant nightlife, unrivaled winter sports, and stunning alpine scenery. 

Finally, finish your Austria road trip in Innsbruck, the capital of the Tyrol region. This Austrian city is surrounded by breathtaking mountains and is home to several impressive landmarks. Innsbruck is the perfect place to end your road trip and reflect on the stunning beauty of Austria.

  • Driving the gorgeous mountain roads, when you feel like you’re on top of the world!
  • Listening to Mozart in Salzburg, his birthplace and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Walking out 1,48 feet onto the Hallstatt World Heritage Skywalk for breathtaking views of the Hallstätter See.

Where to Stay

Vienna ⇒ Jaz in the City Vienna for its city center location, modern interior, and funky bar.

Salzburg ⇒   Altstadthotel Wolf-Dietrich  for its old town setting, luxury spa, and fantastic breakfast.

Innsbruck ⇒ Hotel Grauer Bär for its perfect downtown location, light and stylish rooms, and excellent customer service.

snow capped mountains with wooden huts and green pastures in the foreground

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Route des Grandes Alpes: An Epic French Road Trip

Loire valley road trip.

Orleans – Blois – Tours – Angers – Nantes

Centre-Val de Loire is a landlocked region, located to the southwest of the French capital Paris. As the name suggests this region is all about the magnificent river Loire. Just four to five hours from Calais to the capital of Orleans, and three from Paris, this region is a popular holiday region and makes an ideal destination for a road trip.

This is a real France bucket list trip. Fine historical cities and towns, many of which stand on the banks of the Loire, offer superb Renaissance religious buildings and architecture and of course, the fabulous and extravagant chateaux the region is best known for.

Follow this Loire Valley road trip between famous cities and marvel at the natural wonders, opulent architecture, charming towns, and breathtaking castles of one of France’s best-loved regions.

You’ll visit the many chateaux on the route, including the famous Chateau de Chambord and Chateau de Villandry, and explore the Loire’s historic towns, learning about French history, architecture, and culture and you go.

Discover Joan of Arc’s legacy in Orleans and take a ride on a giant machine elephant in Nantes as you take in the beautiful Loire landscape.

  • Taking a vineyard tour to taste the delicious white wines, like Vouvray, Pouilly-Fume, and Sancerre, which are produced here.
  • Visiting the world-famous Chateau Chenonceau, the only castle on the Loire built by women.
  • Watching the iconic steampunk elephant strutt its stuff at Machines de L’Ile on the Ile de Nantes, an urban island in the Loire river.

Orléans ⇒   Empreinte Hotel & Spa for its riverbank location, beautiful bathrooms, and private spa.

Tours ⇒ Château Belmont  for its wonderful grounds, stylish bedrooms, and excellent restaurant.

Nantes ⇒ Okko Hotels Nantes Château   for its city center location, cool decor, and private parking.

Fine French chateau with turretssurrounded by lush grass and foliage

Pyrenees Road Trip

Lourdes – cauterets – gavarnie – arreau – bagnares-de-luchon.

  • May-September

This is a Pyrenees road trip and hiking tour all in one. With four easy-to-moderate classic Hautes-Pyrenees hikes en route plus an extra in Spain just over the border and some of the most spectacular mountains on the map of Europe at your feet, this is an amazing route. 

One of our go-to happy places, get our detailed seven day Pyrenees hiking tour guide, including an interactive map of hikes and the suggested route.

  • Taking a dip in the crystal clear waters of the beautiful Lac de Gaube on a hot summer’s day.
  • Braving the nail-biting drive up the Pic du Midi and the incredible views from the Col du Tourmalet.
  • Standing at the top of Pic de la Pahule with the entire Pyrenees mountain range at your feet.

Lourdes ⇒ Villa L’Orante  for its commanding views, beautiful bathrooms, and delicious homemade breakfasts.

Gavarnie ⇒ Hotel Le Taillon  for its location, views, and hearty mountain food.

Bagnares-de-Luchon ⇒ Le Castel d’Alti   for its elegant decor, heated jacuzzi and pool, and live music in the bar.

Pyrenees mountains in spring time

South of France Road Trip

Lyon – st croix du verdon – aups – cassis – aix-en-provence – bezier – carcassonne – toulouse.

  • avoid July & August

A road trip in France is one of the best ways to see this beautiful country, and because France is so accessible, this is an easy 2 week Europe road trip from UK and the rest of Europe

Start in the foodie city of Lyon, a five hour drive south of Paris , before using the historic Route Napoleon to travel south. It’s one of the  best drives in Europe , free and incredibly scenic.

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie is a gorgeous little town and worth a stop before you take a jaunt around the stunning Gorge du Verdon.

Try some  wild swimming in the Lac de Sainte-Croix here before making your way to Aups for their authentic farmers market and Provencal vibe.

Stop at Cassis to explore the Calanques, huge gashes in the coastal cliffs, often only accessible by boat. Take a day trip out for a picnic and an idyllic afternoon of soaking up the sun and snorkeling.

Head north to the vibrant and pretty French city of Aix-en-Provence and spend an evening strolling through the charming squares and winding alleys of this elegant and cultured city.

Next up is the drive east across the hauntingly beautiful and off-the-beaten-track Camargue, before arriving at Bezier, famous for the nine locks of the Midi Canal.

Move on to Carcassonne, dipping into the Pyrenees en route to see the incredible Peyrepertuse Castle, before spending a few days marveling at La Cite, the Disneyesque medieval citadel of Carcassonne. 

The pink city of Toulouse is your last stop and what a road trip destination it is! Head into the old town for great food, live music, and a typically Occitan atmosphere of noise, heat, and fun. 

  • Walking through the fragrant iconic lavender fields of Valensole in Provence (June is the best month).
  • Kayaking to hiffen beaches in the stunning Calanques National Park from Cassis.
  • Discovering the atmospheric UNESCO World Heritage site of the medieval citadel in Carcassonne.

Lyon ⇒ Mob Hotel Lyon for stylish design, contemporary dining, and live DJ sets.

Aix-en-Provence ⇒   Le Pigonnet  for its beautiful location and luxury with a touch of glamour.

Carcassonne ⇒ Hotel de la Cite   for the Citadel location, traditional character, and spa.

Getty images - Colourful houses and yachts in front of pine covered hills

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The Fairy Tale Road

Frankfurt – steinau – marburg – kassel – gottingen – hamelin – bremen.

This central to north Germany road trip from Frankfurt does not technically start in the city, but Frankfurt is the perfect place to fly into and pick up a rental car. If you’re spending the night, make sure you visit the South Bank, where you’ll find an eclectic selection of restaurants, bars, and clubs.

The Fairy Tale route, or Deutsche Märchenstraße , offers travelers a series of charming towns, half-timbered buildings, castles, beautiful parks, and museums, most of which reference one fairy tale or another from the story collection of the Brothers Grimm .   

The starting town of Steinau an der Strasse is straight out of their fairy tales, complete with typical half-timbered houses, twisting cobbled alleys, and the turreted Schloss Steinau which overlooks the whole town. Visit the Brüder Grimm Haus and Museum Steinau, both of which showcase the works of the brothers.

Take the back roads to Marburg and enjoy the gorgeous landscapes and slower pace for a few hours. Marburg’s altstadt is full of medieval houses and the hilltop Landgrafenschloss, a dramatic castle holding exhibits on sacred art and local history.

From Marburg, head to Kassel, where the Brothers Grimm spent their teenage years whilst working as librarians for the King of Westphalia, Jerome Bonaparte, the younger brother of the infamous Napoléon. Make sure to visit the Brüder Grimm Museum, and the Schloss und Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, a tranquil green space and the largest hill park in all of Europe.

Gottingen is home to the University of Gottingen, where the Grimm Brothers once served as professors. Make for the traditional and atmospheric central market square, where the statue of Ganseliesel, the little goose girl of German lore, is one of the most kissed statues anywhere in the world. It is said that the kisser is rewarded with good luck, but maybe post-virus this practice will change!

Hameln (or Hamelin) is next up and one of the most famous fairy tale destinations in Europe. Hameln is the home of the Pied Piper, or Rattenfänger, who rid the town of rats in 1284, only to be cheated out of his payment.

The Pied Piper returned to Hameln a year later and lured away all the children. The story is re-enacted in the town center every Sunday between May and October and is a fantastic spectacle. The Weser Renaissance architecture of the Rattenfängerhaus and the Hochzeitshaus makes a fitting historic backdrop for the streets which are thronged with locals dressed the part, stalls selling food, and live music playing. 

Finally, on to the Hanseatic city of Bremen, your final stop. Good places to visit in Bremen include the traditional Marktplatz, which is located in the city’s charming altstadt, the 600-year-old Rathaus or town hall, the Roselius-Haus Museum, and the stunning St. Petri Dom, the 11th century gothic cathedral.

Another landmark can be found in the city’s central town square – a statue of the Bremen musicians and heroes of the Brothers Grimm story, ‘The Town Musicians of Bremen’.

  • Watching the lively re-enactment of Hameln’s Pied Piper luring away visiting children.
  • Exploring the altstads of towns en-route, where half-timbered houses and cobbled streets are common.
  • Indulging in northern Germany’s hearty and tasty cuisine, like wurst , Germany’s delicious sausages, Bremer klaben , a yeasty cake of candied fruit and nuts, and kluten , a delicious dumpling.

Frankfurt ⇒ Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt Gravenbruch  for its proximity to the airport and city center, fantastic spa, and beautiful surroundings.

Marburg ⇒ The Vila Vita Rosenpark  for its central location, excellent regional restaurant, and stylish bedrooms.

Bremen ⇒ Atlantic Grand Hotel   for its perfect riverside location, bike rental from reception, and ultra-stylish bathrooms.

Tradtional German altstadt with colourful houses and a castle perched on a rocky crag

Southern Germany Road Trip

Wurzburg – rothenburg – ludwigsburg – burg hohenzollern – fussen – oberammergau – linderhof – munich – chiemsee.

This route follows parts of southern Germany’s famous Romantic Road and the Deutsche Alpenstrasse and has a good mix of Alpine views, historic schloss and castles, and typical Bavarian towns and villages.

As you head south, enjoy the views of the magnificent Alps ahead.

You could rush around in a week but we think ten to fourteen days gives you enough time to visit a few other places of interest when you’re all castled out!

Visiting in the summer will provide you with sunshine and clear skies but if you can do this route in winter, then you’ll be rewarded with some of the best Christmas markets in the world, fairytale snowy landscapes, and schloss decorated for the festive season.

More of a palace than a castle, the  Wurzburg Residence  is a huge Baroque palace. Beautiful inside, the real draw here is the gardens, laid out in a typically formal French style.

From here, head to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a fairytale Bavaria town packed with medieval architecture, half-timbered houses, and cobblestone streets.

Next up is  Ludwigsburg Residential Palace  one of the largest Baroque palaces in Germany. Its sumptuous interiors, with gold leaf and painted ceilings, are on a similar scale to Versaille, and the Palace Theatre is pretty impressive. 

Schloss Lichtenstein  is a pretty little Neo-Gothic castle built in the romantic style. It may not have the scale of other castles but it’s charming and quirky, with amazing views.

Hohenzollern Castle  does have the scale, along with grandeur, Rapunzel towers, and a long royal history. It’s one of the most magical castles to visit in Germany . 

Hohenzollern Palace (also known as Sigmaringen Castle) sits 50km to the southeast, can be seen on the horizon for miles around, and is a real  hidden gem in Germany .

Our next stop is the daddy of German castles, Neuschwanstein. Just outside Fussen, in the village of Schwangau, Neuschwanstein is a truly stunning Cinderella-esque schloss built by the fascinating historical figure of King Ludwig II, who ruled Bavaria in the 19th century.

If you have time when  visiting Neuschwanstein Castle , take a walk out to Marienbrucke bridge where you can take the perfect images of the castle, the earlier the better! This castle gets very busy every day through the year, so make sure you  book tickets online  before arriving.

Next up, take in Oberammergau, home of the famous once-in-a-decade Passion Play. There is also a fantastic  public spa  here, which may be just the thing after a few days of driving. The Germans know how to do a spa and this is one of the best we’ve visited.  

If you’ve time to spare,  visit the Zugspitze , you’re only an hour away from Germany’s highest mountain in the northern Alps . This natural wonder is easy to summit, with the help of the cogwheel train and cable car; it is absolutely worth the detour, and the views are stunning. 

The next stop is  Linderhof Palace , our favorite of the German schloss. This beautifully symmetrical and elegant palace is arguably King Ludwig’s finest creation. Check out the grottos in the landscaped grounds; they’re pretty special!

Finally, drive on to Munich for the Nymphenburg Palace, one of the premier royal palaces in Europe with magnificent interiors and gardens. Spend a day discovering Munich  and if you’re  road tripping in autumn , you could also take in Oktoberfest, Munich’s famous beer festival. 

Herrenchiemsee Palace  is the last stop on this Bavaria road trip. Known as the ‘Bavarian Versaille’, this palace is in a beautiful location on Herreninsel, the largest island on the Chiemsee lake.

  • Discovering the pretty medieval houses and architecture of Rothenburg ob der Tauber.
  • Admiring King Ludwig’s before-their-time building innovations at his fairytale castles .
  • Taking fantastic images of Neuschwanstein from Marienbruck at dawn, when the light is perfect and you’ll have the bridge to yourself. 

Rothenburg ob der Tauber ⇒ Hotel Reichs-Kuchenmeister  for its altstadt location, traditional Bavarian decor, and fabulous breakfast!

Oberammergau ⇒   Mammhofer Suites  for their family-run hospitality, central location, and kitchen access for self-catering.

Munich ⇒ Roomers Munich  for stylish design, superb customer service, and an excellent restaurant.

fairytale castle in mountains of Bavaria

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Mainland Greece Road Trip

Athens – delphi – galaxidi – nafpaktos – parga – meteora – mount olympus – thessaloniki.

The beautiful landscape of mainland Greece is dotted with ancient Greek monuments and temples, UNESCO World Heritage sites, hot springs, roadside churches, lemon trees overhanging the roads, and traditional tavernas where you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

This trip hits all the big highlights of Greece, taking you from the modern yet historic capital city to the most charming coastal towns before exploring the mountainous interior, all on one road trip.

You’ll visit the most important archaeological site in Greece, Ancient Delphi, and be in awe of the gravity-defying monasteries in Meteora, before making your pilgrimage to the most mythical of all sites in Greece, Mount Olympus.

  • Looking across the magnificent landscape of Meteora, to capture that once-in-a-lifetime iconic image.
  • Sipping a carafe of chilled Greek rose on the harbourside in Parga.
  • Taking the hike up to the Acropolis in Athens in the early morning, before the crowds arrive.

Ancient Delphi ⇒ Fedriades Delphi Hotel , for its perfect location and fantastic Greek breakfast.

Parga ⇒ Villa Coralli apartments for its perfect location overlooking Krioneri Beach and 200m from the center of town.

Thessaloniki ⇒ Plaza Hotel in Ladadika, for its beachside location close to all the major attractions.

Turquoise sea by small Greek coastal town

Peloponnese Road Trip

Athens – corinth – kalavryta – olympia – kalamata – the mani – sparta – nafplio – mycenae – athens.

This two week Peloponnese itinerary and road trip starts in the capital city of Athens. Spend a day or two in this incredible city, which is both ancient and edgy.

As you head west from Athens towards Ancient Corinth, you’ll cross the Corinth Canal, which splits the Corinth Isthmus, the narrow strip of land between mainland Greece and the Peloponnese, and joins the Aegean and Ionian Seas, it’s worth making a stop to see what was a major feat of engineering back in the day.

Home to the legendary Jason of the Argonauts, of Golden Fleece fame, Ancient Corinth was one of the largest and most important cities of Greece, with a population of 90,000 in 400 BCE. The Romans demolished Corinth in 146 BCE before building a new city in its place in 44 BCE, which became the provincial capital of Greece.

Next up, head to Kalavryta, known officially as the place where the Greek War of Independence started when Greece revolted against the Turks in 1821, and where 500 souls were massacred by the Nazis in World War Two. The latter event is depicted in the Museum of the Kalavryta Holocaust, a moving tribute to those residents and the story of the struggle between Greek partisans and the occupying forces.

The Diakofto-Kalavryta Railway is a vintage rack and pinion railway between the two towns. The route is incredibly scenic, passes through seven tunnels, and twists along the dramatic Vouraikos Gorge, clinging to its narrow ledge over the churning rapids below – make sure to fit this into your visit before moving on to Ancient Olympia.

The birthplace of the Olympic Games, Ancient Olympia is where the Games took place every four years, for over 1100 years! The Olympic Flame is still lit here for the modern Games. This beautiful, shady archaeological site is incredibly evocative – wandering through the ruins, it’s easy to imagine the ripped athletes and excited spectators of its heyday, amongst the magnificent temples and athletic facilities.

Our route has two options at this point – head inland for spectacular scenery and mountain passes, or take the coastal route around the middle peninsula of the Peloponnese through the wild and rugged Messinian Mani, with picture-perfect Kardamyli and the colorful harbor of pretty Gythio awaiting.

Your final stop is Nafplio, often called the most romantic city in Greece, and blessed with pretty streets, elegant neoclassical architecture, and interesting independent shops, bars, and tavernas.

  • Hiking the incredible Vouraikos Gorge from Kalavryta to Diakofto, and admiring the limestone formations along the route.
  • Driving the 59km Langada Pass across the Taygetos Mountains from Kalamata to gory Sparta and the Byzantine capital of Mystras.
  • Walking along the Cave of the Lakes boardwalk to view the incredible rock formations and thirteen crystal clear subterranean pools formed by millennia of mineral deposits.

Athens ⇒ The Athens Gate Hotel for its central location, Acropolis view, and stylish decor.

Kalamata ⇒ Messinian Icon Hotel & Suites for its spa and pools, sea views, and large, bright rooms.

Nafplio ⇒ Amymone and Adiandi for its perfect location, gorgeous decor, and homemade Greek breakfast.

Busy beach with sun shades and mountains behind

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The Golden Circle Road Trip

Reykjavik – thingvellir national park – geysers of haukadalur valley – gullfoss waterfall – reykjavik.

  • June-September

Close to Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik , the Golden Circle is easily the most touristy thing to do in the land of fire and ice, and traditionally the first stop on Iceland’s Ring Road, so it can get very busy, especially in peak season.

Start early if you can, and hop onto the Iceland ring road (route 1), which takes you first past the Reykjavik waterfront, and then out to the three stops on the Golden Circle. It’s a short drive away from Reykjavik, and should only take about 40 minutes to get to the first stop, Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Located right in Þingvellir (or Thingvellir) National Park , you can walk through the middle of the large area where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates have been splitting apart over the course of the centuries. This is one of the coolest things to do while you’re visiting the Golden Circle.

Don’t miss the other attractions in the national park where the Continental Divide is located. It’s home to Iceland’s first Parliament, where chieftains formed the first laws and court proceedings at what is known as the Lögberg, and has lots of trails and beautiful nature to explore if you have the time. You can even go snorkeling at Silfra, and see the divide in the tectonic plates underwater!

The next stop, about 60 kilometers from Þingvellir, is the two geysers at Haukadalur . These geysers are easy to visit because they erupt very regularly, so you’ll definitely see at least one eruption while you’re there. Strokkur is the larger of the two, but don’t get too close as the water really is boiling hot!

The last stop on the Golden Circle is the Gullfoss waterfall, just one of Iceland’s incredible waterfalls, of which there are 10,000!  The waterfall, located at the end of the Hvítá River, is absolutely gigantic and produces beautiful rainbows and light prisms from every angle.

There are viewing places galore here. A concrete path makes it easy to see the waterfall at various points, though there are clearly marked signs and ropes warning you where you should stop, as it can be very windy and slippery the closer you get to the edge.

After you’ve finished seeing Gullfoss, it’s about an hour and a half drive back to Reykjavik to complete the circle. There are add on’s which aren’t traditional Golden Circle stops, but you may want to take a lovely warm bath at the Blue Lagoon just outside the city, enjoy a slightly more natural thermal experience at the Reykjadalur Hot Spring Thermal River, or head to the Kerid Crater if you’re in an off-road vehicle.

♥  Spending an hour lounging in the Reykjadalur Hot Springs whilst taking in the incredible scenery. ♥ Standing at the continental divide where Europe becomes North America, and being in awe of Iceland’s geology. ♥  Doing the Golden Circle in reverse and getting to Gullfoss before the crowds arrive.

Reykjavik ⇒ Sand Hotel for its city center location and Icelandic character and design.

Iceland's Gullfoss waterfall in autumn

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Wild Atlantic Way Road Trip

Co. donegal – co. sligo – co. mayo – co. galway – co. clare – co. limerick – co. kerry – co. cork.

From Co. Donegal to Co. Cork and passing through counties Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo, Galway, Clare, Limerick, and Kerry, the Wild Atlantic Way winds down the intricate coast of western Ireland and the edge of Europe.

Taking in the must-sees of Malin Head, the Killarney National Park, the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry, and the Dingle Peninsula, this is a truly epic Ireland road trip covering many of the Emerald Isle’s most beautiful spots .

This huge trip from the north to the south of Ireland is best done with time on your side. Three weeks is just about enough, four weeks or longer will give you time to explore more and perhaps participate in some activities along the way.  

If this is too long for you, then pick out one of the six regions that appeal the most and take a couple of weeks to cover that specific area. You can find out more about these from the official  Wild Atlantic Way  website.  

The Bay Coast stretches south from Erris to Galway Bay and takes in the wild beauty of Connemara, the incredible 365 islets of Clew Bay, pretty Georgian Westport, dramatic Downpatrick Head, and medieval Galway, our favorite city in Ireland .

There’s plenty of things to see and do in Ireland if you love wide open spaces, wilderness, and raw nature, one of the reasons we adore this bit of the Wild Atlantic Way.

A great alternative is to  road trip from Dublin to Galway , traveling the southern half of the Wild Atlantic Way in a huge circle, and visiting Waterford, Dingle, and Cork on the way.

Dublin is a great place to start your road trip with an easily accessible international airport and lots of car rental choices.  

  • Watching the rollers crashing from the savage beauty of Malin Head in Co. Donegal.
  • Tapping your foot, sipping a pint of Guinness, and enjoying a hooley (live traditional Irish folk music) in Galway.
  • Taking the steep and winding road to Dunquin Pier on the Dingle Peninsula for a memorable photo opportunity.

Westport Co. Mayo ⇒ Knockeranny House Hotel and Spa  for sublime Clew Bay views, Irish hospitality, and elegant dining.

Rossnowlagh Co. Donegal ⇒ The Sandhouse Hotel and Marina Spa  for its stunning beachfront location, contemporary decor, and excellent spa.

Glengarriff Co. Cork ⇒ Eccles Hotel and Spa  for its snug and traditional decor, a superb restaurant specializing in local seafood, and proximity to the pretty village and harbor.

grass topped cliffs in front of steel grey sea and cloudy sky

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  • Beautiful Puglia – A Road Trip Itinerary

Dolomites Road Trip: Explore the Best of Northern Italy

  • Motorhoming in Italy: Your Complete Guide
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Amalfi Coast Road Trip

Sorrento – positano – amalfi – ravello – salerno.

  • avoid July-August

The Amalfi Coast road, the SS163, is a 50km spectacular stretch of tarmac, hugging the cliffs and coves of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and is surely one of the best driving roads in Europe.   

Like the roads around Portofino and the Cinque Terre, this is a car route only and the road is permanently closed to motorhomes and RVs.

In a car or on a bike, it is best driven early in the morning in the months of April, May, October, and November due to the monstrously high amount of traffic in the peak months.

You can do the entire road in a day and stop in Ravello for lunch, but two or three days will give you longer to enjoy the glorious views and pretty towns en route.

Start from easily accessible Sorrento and head south across the peninsula until you get to the coast at San Pietro. Your first view of the glistening sea and this epic road are pretty special, prepare to be wowed.

Stop at Positano, the quintessential coast road town and the image on a thousand travel magazine covers. Take a wander through the maze of steep streets, pastel-painted stacked houses, and steps to find charming hotels and restaurants alongside chic independent boutiques. 

Next up is Amalfi itself. This hugely popular holiday resort is the largest town along the coast road. The pretty seafront, with its cafes and glamorous boutiques, gives this town a great vibe.

Head west on foot to Spiaggia del Fornillo from Amalfi, a long stretch of soft sandy beach perfect for an afternoon’s relaxing.

Ravello has to be one of the most romantic villages in Italy and is right up there on our list of favorite places in Europe. Perched high above the sea and overlooking immaculate terraced slopes full of vines, Ravello is home to lush Mediterranean planting and charming sun-dappled squares, and has to be one of the best spots in Southern Italy .

The 20km round-trip detour to Ravello from the main coast road is so worth taking. Visit Villa Rufolo, host to beautifully landscaped and dramatic gardens with superb sea views.

On to Salerno and the end of the Amalfi Coast road, or turn around and drive it again! 

  • The glorious coastal views from the gardens of Villa Rufolo in Ravello.
  • Taking a Limoncello tour and tasting this delicious local liquor where it’s made.
  • Watching the fiery sun sink into the Tyrrhenian Sea at the end of a perfect day.

Positano ⇒ Hotel Marincanto  for its stunning cliff-hugging position, beautifully decorated rooms, and hands-on owners.

Ravello ⇒ Hotel Villa Maria  for its romantic dining terrace, old-world Italian charm, and fabulous breakfasts.

Vietri sul Mare ⇒ Palazzo Suriano  for its fragrance-filled terraced gardens, excellent homemade breakfasts on the terrace, and gorgeous decor.

the Amalfi coast road with a small town in front and the turquoise sea to the right

Puglia Road Trip

Taranto – gallipoli – santa maria di leuca – lecce – ostuni – alberobello – bari.

Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, is a beautiful place for a 7 day road trip in Europe. With Trulli houses, a fabulous sandy coastline, and whitewashed villages, there is a lot to see and do here.

The abundance of fresh, local produce means you will eat and drink well on this road trip! We spent an  amazing seven days exploring beautiful Puglia  and fell in love with the region.

  • Visiting the UNESCO Trulli houses at Alberobello for an other-world experience.
  • Discovering Gallipoli’s atmospheric, oh-so-Italian old town and castle.
  • Finding a salumeria (deli) and enjoy the local specialties over a lazy lunch.

Gallipoli ⇒ Palazzo Presta for its fabulous old town location, eclectic design, and excellent service.

Lecce ⇒ La Fiermontina Urban Resort for its contemporary art and sculpture, outdoor pool set in an olive grove and gorgeous rooms.

Alberobello ⇒ Tipico Resort for its superb location, fabulous breakfast and for being a Trulli!

A large castle built jutting out into the sea

Sicily Road Trip

Catania – syracuse – ragusa – agrigento – marsala – palermo – cefalu – taormina.

A coastal road trip around Sicily can take a few weeks or a few months, there is so much to see. From ancient, immaculately preserved temples to modern and vibrant cities like Palermo , via jaw-dropping natural wonders, this rich and diverse island is a world away from anywhere you’ve ever been before. 

Read our detailed guide to  road-tripping eclectic Sicily , which includes an itinerary along the island’s coastal ring road, and start planning your trip!

  • Taking a hike above the clouds to the summit of Mount Etna and look deep into the rumbling magma below. 
  • Being awed by the ancient Valley of the Temples in Agrigento.
  • Wandering the charming historic back streets of Ortigia, the old town of Syracuse.

Syracuse ⇒ Hotel Gutkowski for lovingly crafted and unique interiors, beachcomber chic, and a cool roof terrace.

Palermo ⇒ BB22  for its perfect piazza location, a cozy home-from-home feel, and palazzo style.

Taormina ⇒ Hotel Villa Ducale  for spectacular views, a relaxed vibe, and legendary cocktails!

an Italian hilltop town with houses stacked together

Tuscany & Umbria Road Trip

Pisa – lucca – florence – san gimignano – siena – arezzo – cortona – pienza – montepulciano – assisi – spoleto.

  • avoid August

Italy is a gorgeous country for a road trip , no area more so than Tuscany and Umbria, which are easily accessible by car from the UK and Europe. The rolling fields of vines and golden wheat, studded with tall cypress trees and creamy stone villas are iconic.

This is a truly epic journey packed full of culture, great food, wine, and fantastic roads. There is much to see and lots of interesting places to stop between the main route destinations, make sure to do your research before leaving home!

Pisa in northern Italy is a great place to start this road trip. The leaning tower is a bit cliched but has to be seen. Lucca is perfect to explore on foot, with narrow lanes opening onto charming piazzas lined with historic buildings.

Florence is the jewel in Tuscany’s crown. A surprisingly compact city with the imposing Duomo at the center, a must-see. Book well in advance for anything to do with the Duomo, it’s strictly ticketed and you won’t be able to buy a ticket on the day.

You’ll probably want at least two days in Florence to see everything at a manageable pace, although you can see Florence in a day if you plan well. Leaving Florence is the time to set your sat nav to ‘no autostrada’ and get off the beaten track in the Tuscan countryside …yes, it may take a little longer but it will be worth it!

San Gimignano, famous for its thirteen towers, sits high on a hill south of Florence. Between April and September, this thriving hill village is busy with tourists visiting the churches, palazzos, independent shops, and restaurants.

Onwards to Arezzo and then Cortona, one of the oldest and most scenic hill towns in Tuscany. Pienza is a delightful village and has perfect, interesting streets for wandering and admiring the 15th century architecture.

The drive through the  Val d’Orcia  from Pienza to Montepulciano on the SP146 is like driving through a film set! Sweeping curves, rolling vineyards, and photo opportunities at every bend; this is quintessential Tuscany.

From Montepulciano , follow the road around the tranquil Lake Trasimeno to Assisi, our favorite Umbrian destination. The imposing Basilica of St Francis can be seen hugging the hillside for miles around. Your last stop is the gorgeous hill town of Spoleto, stuffed with monuments, churches, and other historic buildings.

For us, this has got to be one of the best European road trips we have taken; for the fabulous ride (we did it on a motorbike, highly recommended!), the stunning landscapes, and the beautiful Italian hospitality.

  • Taking the breathtaking drive through the Val d’Orcia to Montepulciano with photo opportunities galore and a glass of local red waiting for you!
  • Discovering Siena’s perfectly laid out, beautiful fan-shaped Piazza del Campo.
  • Climbing the dome of the Duomo in Florence for spectacular views, inside and out!

Florence ⇒ AdAstra Suites  for their stunning location, classy and interesting decor, and magnificent terrace.

Montepulciano ⇒ Palazzo Carletti  for attention to detail, gorgeous frescoed interiors, and central location.

Assisi ⇒   Nun Assisi Relais and Spa  – for its lavender-filled gardens, incredible Roman spa, and fabulous restaurant.

road lined with Italian Cypress trees winding through green fields with an orange sunset sky

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West Coast of Norway Road Trip

Bergen – loen – geiranger – trollstigen – kristiansund – trondheim – jektvik – bodo – tromso.

Taking in the iconic sights of Norway ‘s west coast, this route will take you through tunnels, over fjords, along the Atlantic Ocean Road, and the infamous Trollstigen Mountain Road.

This is a route for those that love the journey more than the destination; it’s all about the road – even getting to Norway is a road trip in itself!

Start in  beautiful Bergen , the city surrounded by seven fjords and seven hills. There are lots of things to do here, including visiting the lively Vagen harbor in Bergen’s old quarter, Bryggen.

From Bergen, take the E39 motorway north to Loen where you’ll find the awesome new  Loen Skylift  which takes you to the top of Mount Hoven for spectacular views of the white-blue Jostedalsbreen glacier.

If you prefer to get to the top under your own steam, then take the via Ferrata up and the zip-line down! Is sea-level activity more your thing? Then head for glacial Lake Lovatnet where you can swim and kayak.

At Hellesylt, you’ll take the ferry through Geirangerfjorden to Geiranger itself before picking up the RV63, the Trollstigen Mountain Road. Incredibly beautiful, this road was opened in 1936 and includes eleven hairpin bends and a 9% incline. Stop at the Ornesvingen viewing point for incredible vistas and again at the top to admire the Stigfossen waterfall.

Once you reach Andalsnes, head west and then drive north on the E39 to Vevang, and the start of the Atlantic Ocean Road, which runs across seven bridges and follows the islands between them like a silver ribbon. If you want to visit picture-perfect  Alesund  on the way, take a slight detour and head south on the E39 instead of north – if you have a few extra days, you won’t regret it!

Next up is Trondheim, Norway’s original capital city before you head to Jektvik. You can either take the E6 Arctic Highway all the way or around 80km north of Trondheim, and just after Steinkjer, pick up the FV17 and take in the glorious landscape and coastal views from the magnificent Kystriksveien Coastal Route.

This Atlantic road route will add a fair few kilometers, two days, and six fjord ferries to your journey, but the detour will be worth it if you have the time. You’ll cross into the Arctic Circle at 66 degrees, on the ferry between Kilborghavn and Jektvik.

At Bodo, you can get a ferry out to the  Lofoten Islands  if you are making this a longer trip. Perfect for hikers and nature lovers, Lofoten has become Norway’s go-to place for adventure – you can even  swim with Orca whales  here! 

Mount Romvik, outside Bodo and with minimal light pollution, is a good place to see the Northern Lights.

Otherwise, keep on trucking to  Tromso , Norway’s party city. From here, you can head on to Nordkapp where the sun never drops below the horizon from mid-May to the end of July.

Hauntingly beautiful but incredibly busy, you may prefer the true northernmost point of continental Europe at Knivskjelodden, an 18km hike away and inaccessible to vehicles.

You could also take a ferry to Svalbard and visit the polar bears, catch the  Hurtigruten ferry  back to Bergen or Oslo , or get on a flight to pretty much anywhere in the world. Wherever you end up, it will take you a while to forget what is surely one of the best road trips in Europe.

  • Driving the thrilling and impressive Trollstigen Road from Geiranger to Andalasnes
  • Crossing the Arctic Circle into the land of the midnight sun and Northern Lights.
  • Following the Kystriksveien Coastal Route and see the real coastal Norway of fishing villages and subsistence agriculture.

Bergen ⇒ Det Hanseatiske Hotel  for its harbourside location, dining options, and cozy decor.

Narvik ⇒ Narvik Mountain Lodge  for its truly spectacular location, traditional log cabin style, and amazing coastal views.

Tromso ⇒ Scandic Ishavshotel  for its harbor location, fabulous breakfasts, and excellent customer service.

red and green shed by the edge of lake surrounded by mountains

Western Fjords Road Trip

Stavanger – preikestolen – kjeragbolten – trolltunga – flam – bergen.

This is an outdoor enthusiasts’ adventurous road trip ! If you’ve ever looked at those amazing images of people perched on tongues of rock, sheer cliffs, or precipitously balanced boulders whilst gazing out over stunning blue fjords, then this is the road trip for you. We did this Norway route by campervan , and it’s got to be one of our favorite travel experiences!

You’ll start in the pretty and typically Norwegian city of Stavanger before heading off to  hike to Preikestolen  (Pulpit Rock) which is 4km and can be done in half a day with an early start.

Next up is the  Kjeragbolten  hike, the site of a giant boulder wedged in a crevasse 1084m above Lysefjorden, where you can also base jump. This is a longer hike at 10km and you will need a full day to complete it.

Both hikes can get busy and you may have to wait if you want the obligatory photo, so allow plenty of time. If you’re not a confident hiker, consider taking a guided hike, you’ll learn lots on the way.

Everywhere you drive in Norway, you are surrounded by mountains, fjords, and waterfalls. The scenery is simply spectacular, with new thrills around each bend in the road. Route 13 from Stavanger to Odda is known as the Ryfylke National Scenic Route, one of Norway’s eighteen official touring routes designated for their stunning scenery and tourist-friendly infrastructure.

As you drive through Norway you will motor through tunnels and need to get a ferry to cross a fjord. Allow several hours drive time longer than Google Maps suggests; this is a full day drive and you should start early.

Your next stop is Odda, for the infamous Trolltunga (literally Troll’s Tongue) one of the best hikes in the world. The most challenging of the three, this hike is 20km distance across mainly flat terrain but can be tricky underfoot with changeable weather.  Hiking Trolltunga  is not for the faint-hearted or unprepared but is an absolute must-do on your Norway road trip.

Take a few day’s downtime in Flam, a small village right at the top of the beautiful Aurlandsfjord. Surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, and water this is a playground for hikers, water sports enthusiasts, and mountain bikers.

From Flam, you can drive to Bergen or take the spectacular Flamsbana railway there, considered one of the most spectacular train rides in the world.

  • Taking the incredible Flam Railway to Myrdal and cycle the Rallar Road.
  • Standing on the edge of the Troll’s Tongue with the world at your feet.
  • Discovering the imposing and dramatic Lysefjorden by boat.

Stavanger ⇒   Sola Strand Hotel  for the breathtaking beachfront location and a modern spa.

Odda ⇒   Vikinghaug Apartments for their amazing fjord views and the post-Trolltunga bath!

Flam ⇒ Flåmsbrygga Hotel   for its superb central position, cozy traditional decor, and micro-brewery.

A small black clapboard church by a gree and white river

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Atlantic Coast Road Trip

Porto – coimbra – nazare – sintra – lisbon.

Portugal is a tiny country but it packs one hell of a punch. This Portugal road trip itinerary can be managed in five days, but seven gives you the opportunity to revel in the cities of Porto and Lisbon and enjoy a beach stop en route.  

You could easily drive from Lisbon to Porto as a 7 day road trip in Europe from UK if you fly into Porto and out of Lisbon, or vice versa. One-way car rental is possible from either airport.

Porto is a lively and fun city, intimate and friendly. There’s a lot to do in  Porto  but walking over the mighty Douro river on the iconic Luis I Bridge to Vila Nova de Gaia and the historic port lodges, has to be top of the list.

Head south from here to the  less-traveled city of Coimbra , Portugal’s ancient capital. Stacked on the banks of the river Mondego, the Moorish old town is dramatic and atmospheric. This is a great place to stop at a bar for authentic live fado or Portuguese guitar music.

Halfway between Coimbra and Lisbon, take a short detour to Nazare on Portugal’s Silver Coast. Known for its monster waves and daredevil surfers, this is a great place if you like huge beaches and dramatic landscapes.

Heading south, Sintra, in the mountains of the same name, is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of place. Home to Portuguese royalty for centuries, the lush landscape is dotted with pastel-colored palaces, villas, and houses.

You can also take a  day trip to Sintra from Lisbon  if you’d prefer to base yourself in the city. Visit and decide for yourself!

Finally to wonderful Lisbon for picture-postcard panoramas and fabulous food!  This most Portuguese of cities serves up fantastic bacalhau, pastel de nana, and port from the Douro Valley. Head for the exotic Tropical Botanical Gardens and stroll amongst giant banana plants before visiting the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, a haven of peace amongst the bustling city.

If you want to stretch your week in Portugal, you’ll find the beautiful Algarve region just three hours south of Lisbon. This stunning part of Portugal is famous for its incredible beaches and perfect climate. Make for the charming town of Lagos and stay at  Vivenda Miranda , a beautifully restored boutique hotel.

  • Taking a port wine tour and tasting in one of Porto’s historic port wine lodges.
  • Heading to a fado bar to hear the traditional and haunting music of Portugal played live.
  • Tasting hundreds of delicious foods at the Mercado de Ribeira, Lisbon’s buzzy food hall.

Porto ⇒ Flores Village Hotel and Spa for its central location, roof-top bar views, and stylish design.

Coimbra ⇒ Sapientia Boutique Hotel  for the perfect location, stylish design, and warm hospitality.

Lisbon ⇒ Valverde Hotel for its gorgeous interiors, walkable location, and courtyard pool.

red roofed colourful houses and domed topped church in front of sea and cloudy sky

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Andalucia Road Trip

Marbella – ronda – cadiz – jerez de la frontera – seville – cordoba – granada.

Andalucia epitomizes Spain for most visitors; vibrant, colorful, and passionate. This itinerary will take you to the major cities of Andalucia, bringing Spain alive.

If you’re looking for a longer holiday, it’s perfect for a 3 week European road trip itinerary with a bit of beach time thrown in,  even if you visit in winter .

This is a perfect road trip to start and finish in Malaga. Fly in, hire a car, and within a few hours, you can be on the beaches of the Costa del Sol, enjoying year-round sunshine.

In Marbella, spend a day soaking up the sun and visiting the charming old town. Make for  Taberna Casa Curro Marbella  where you’ll find great tapas and fruity Spanish wine.

Head north to Ronda and the stunning mountains of the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. If you have a few extra days, now is the time to visit the atmospheric cities of Cadiz and Jerez de la Frontera.

Your next stop is  Seville , a city almost too good to be true, and everything you ever through Seville would be.

Cordoba  is home to the breathtaking Mezquita, or mosque-cathedral, started by the Moors and finished by the Spanish conquistadors in the sixteenth century. Seeing this alone would make a visit to Cordoba worthwhile.

Pass through Antequera and learn the local legend of the  Lovers Rock  before making your way high into the Sierra Nevada to Granada and the famous Alhambra. Make sure you book your  priority tickets online  at least three months in advance, this ancient palace of kings sells out quickly.

  • Visiting the beautiful  La Casa del Rey Moro  in Ronda for unrivaled views of the Puenta Nuevo.
  • Watching steamy live flamenco in Seville’s atmospheric Barrio Santa Cruz.
  • Being wowed by the incredible Moorish architecture of the Mezquita in Cordoba.

Marbella ⇒ Amare Beach Hotel  for its fun adults-only vibe and glamorous beach club. 

Seville ⇒ Casa del Poeta  for the beautifully renovated interiors, Barrio Santa Cruz location, and roof-top views to die for.

Granada ⇒ Hotel Santa Isabel la Real  for cozy rooms, spectacular Alhambra views, and a really special cooked breakfast.

creamy coloured palace with snow capped mountains behind

Northern Spain Road Trip

San sabastian – bilbao – comillas – oviedo – ribadeo – a coruna – santiago de compostela.

  • April-October

This Spanish road trip will take you through the beautiful and lush, aptly named Green Spain, hugging the north coast along the Bay of Biscay.

From the border with France and through the regions of the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias, and Galicia, you’ll see some of the most picturesque landscapes in Spain, enjoy amazing food, and crisscross the famous  Camino de Santiago .

Start in San Sabastian, a sophisticated city with a renowned restaurant scene, famous for seafood and pintxos (pronounced pinchos), which are similar to tapas.

Take a  gastronomic tour  for the best experience. Eat your fill and head west to Bilbao, home of the incredible  Guggenheim museum . The building itself is a work of art, with beautifully curved and sweeping architecture.

Head west, making sure to stop at the  cave of El Castillo  to see the 35,000-year-old drawings there.

Continue along the coast to the stunning Santillana del Mar, known as the town of the three lies; not holy (santi), flat (llana) or by the sea (del mar) .

This medieval town is beautifully preserved and worth a wander before you make your way to Comillas, further along the coast. Traditionally low-rise, you’ll find a pretty beach, a tiny fishing port, and a charming cobbled old center here.

Don’t miss El Caprichio, a Gaudi-designed villa.  If you have a few extra days, head into the  Picos de Europa , the small but perfectly formed mountain range.

Oviedo is the next stop and the starting point of the lesser-known Camino Primitivo (the oldest Camino). This compact and elegant city is another foodie delight, with a lively gastronomic scene.

Home to Spanish cider (who knew?), you’ll find traditional sidrerias along Calle Gascona, known as cider boulevard.   Visit in September for  Fiestas de San Mateo , a live theatre and music spectacular. If you go in October, you’ll be in the middle of the Asturias apple harvest.

A Coruna is up next, passing by the spectacular Playa de Las Catedrales en route. There is so much to do in A Coruna, a dynamic city that is home to a busy modern port, a relaxed beachfront resort, and an atmospheric old town.

The seafood here is some of the freshest and finest in Spain, with seafood tapas being a specialty. Take a walk out to the Tower of Hercules, the least-looking lighthouse we have ever seen!

Finally, you’ll reach  Santiago de Compostela , the end point of the famous Camino de Santiago, and your last stop. As you enter the town, you’ll see pilgrims covering the final few miles into one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, proudly displaying their vieira, the scallop shell badge that you’ll have seen along your route .  

Twisting alleys, dramatic squares, and historic religious buildings make up this labyrinth of a city, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are too many must-sees to list so consider a  walking tour with a local  to make the most of the time you have in this gorgeous city.

  • Eating delicious  pintxos straight from the bar in the Basque Country. 
  • Walking along the boardwalks at Playa de Las Catedrales and marvel at the extraordinary natural arches.
  • Exploring the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela and make the climb to Las Cubiertas , the cathedral roof, for incredible views of the city and landscape beyond.

San Sebastian ⇒ Lasala Plaza Hotel  for a big dose of glamour, sea views, and a cool rooftop pool.

Oviedo ⇒ Barcelo Oviedo Cervantes  for its laid-back vibe, modern decor, and smooth service.

Santiago de Compostela ⇒ Parador De Santiago de Compostela  for its history, traditional decor, and HUGE breakfast buffet.

Large and ornate Roccoco cathedral in Spain


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Road Trip to the Alps

Zurich – bern – lausanne – geneva – montreux – nendaz – zermatt – interlaken – lauterbrunnen – grindelwald – furka pass – lucerne – zurich.

This two week Switzerland summer road trip will take you on a spectacular, circular drive through Switzerland’s iconic landscapes covering roughly 1000km south across western Switzerland to Geneva before heading east towards Zermatt and eventually back north to Zurich.

Starting in Zurich, your first stop will be Bern, found within the curves of the Aare river. Bern is the capital city of Switzerland and is known for its 12th century architecture that forms the old town or Alstadt . Your visit to Bern would be incomplete without exploring Lake Brienz, just north of the Alps, which offers breathtaking mountain views and is considered one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland .

After your trip to Bern, begin traveling south to Lausanne, Geneva, and Montreux, visiting Lac Léman en route. 

The following stretch of your trip will provide unrivaled views of Les Diablerets as you head towards Zermatt where you will be met with the iconic Matterhorn, a mountain in the Swiss Alps.

At this point, your road trip starts the route east taking you to Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, and Grindelwald where hiking, mountain views, waterfalls and plenty of exciting adventures await.

As you leave Grindelwald, make sure you save time for the Furka Pass as you head to Lucerne. Our Swiss road trip itinerary will continue north to our initial starting point, the city of Zurich.

  • Driving the incredible Alps passes of Furka and Susten, high in the picturesque Bernese Highlands.
  • Taking one of the many cog-wheeled trains or cable cars into the big mountains that Switzerland is famous for.
  • Exploring the incredible Jungfraujoch from Lauterbrunnen, an absolutely epic day trip!

Zurich ⇒ Placid Hotel Design & Lifestyle for its very cool interiors, accessible location, and free bikes to help you explore the city.

Geneva ⇒ Hotel Mon Repos  for its excellent location, beautifully decorated rooms, and comfy beds.

Lauterbrunnen ⇒ Hotel Schützen Lauterbrunnen for its Swiss chalet style, cozy restaurant and terrace, and friendly service.

The incredible Furka pass

United Kingdom

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Causeway Coastal Route, Northern Ireland

Derry-londonderry – port rush – bushmills – cushendun – carrickfergus – belfast.

The wild and unspoiled  Antrim Coast  in Northern Ireland is made for a road trip. Peppered with fascinating places to see and exciting things to do, this route will appeal to outdoor adventurers.

If you are a  Game of Thrones fan , there are lots of  places along this route  which featured in the show or book a tour to find them all.

Start in the walled city of Derry-Londonderry, one of the finest examples of a walled city in Europe and the only remaining completely walled city in Ireland. The walls, which are around 1.5km in circumference, form a walkway around the inner city and provide a unique promenade to view the layout of the original town.

From here head north on the coast road, past the magnificent and unmistakable mountain of Binevenagh, and stop at Benone beach for a bracing walk along the sands. Don’t miss the Mussenden Temple perched on the cliff edge at the easternmost point of the beach.

Make your way to the pretty seaside town of Port Rush for a local ice cream and local craft shopping before meandering along the coast to Bushmills, home of the whiskey distillery. This is the perfect starting point for the gloriously breathtaking Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland’s first UNESCO site.

As you head west, make sure to stop at the picture-perfect harbor of Ballintoy and test yourself at the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge.

Take in the conservation village of Cushendun, steeped in character and folklore before heading on to Carrickfergus Castle. This imposing Norman castle stands on the northern shore of Belfast Lough and is one of the best-preserved medieval structures on the island of Ireland.

Belfast is your final stop; don’t miss the fantastic Titanic Quarter, historic Crumlin Road Gaol, and the buzzing nightlife of the Cathedral Quarter. Check out this detailed post for more  things to do in Belfast .

If you have longer, start in Belfast and head in the opposite direction. From Derry-Londonderry head across the border into raw and wild Co. Donegal and pick up the Wild Atlantic Way. This makes for a great island of Ireland 2 week road trip in Europe.

  • Discovering the Giant’s Causeway, a truly spectacular natural wonder.
  • Crossing the iconic Peace Bridge in Derry-Londonderry and then walking the ancient city walls.
  • Taking a black cab mural tour in Belfast for a unique cabbie’s take on local politics and the troubles.

Londonderry ⇒ Bishop’s Gate Hotel for its perfect location, fascinating history, and tasteful decor.

Bushmills ⇒ The Bushmills Inn Hotel  for its homely peat fires, great Irish breakfast, and proximity to the Giant’s Causeway.

Belfast ⇒ Ten Square Hotel  for its superb central location, fantastic grill restaurant, and contemporary decor.

narrow road running by sea with green hills on the other side

Norfolk Road Trip, England

Norwich – wroxham – winterton – cromer – hunstanton – sandringham – king’s lynn.

  • Distance 175km
  • Duration 5-7 days
  • Drive Time 3 hours

This delightful coastal road trip will take you through the county of Norfolk to the Norfolk Broads, old-fashioned English seaside resorts, and onto the beautiful and unspoiled North Norfolk Coast .

Summer road trips in the UK are best if you want sunshine, but visit the UK in winter for more cost-effective travel and you’ll enjoy incredible beaches, big skies, and perfect solitude, especially when you road trip in Norfolk , England.

From the historic and pretty city of Norwich , head east towards Wroxham, the self-styled capital of the Broads. The dramatic landscapes and raw natural beauty of the Norfolk Broads were created when peat digs flooded in the 14th century.

This area is now a national park and a haven for wildlife and birds. Take a Broads cruise, hire a boat, or head off for a long walk along towpaths and through fields, where seeing flapping sails in the river is an everyday occurrence.

Nearby is the loud and bright town of Great Yarmouth , a traditional bucket and spade destination, with great nearby beaches and lots to do – you certainly won’t get bored here!

From the Broads, head east to explore the pretty towns and incredible beaches of the Norfolk coast . Winterton-on-Sea is a perfect place to see seal pups in the winter. Further north is the popular seaside town of Cromer, renowned for its lively pier.

From Cromer make a short detour south to the stunning Jacobean  Blickling Hall , home of Anne Boleyn.

Continue along the coast road to Blakeney and practice your crabbing skills from the harbor. Make a stop at the beautiful and huge Holkham Beach, where the ending of ‘Shakespeare in Love’ was filmed.

Onwards from here to Hunstanton, another bucket and spade destination , which is close to the medieval and Hanseatic port town of King’s Lynn . 

From here it’s a short drive to  Sandringham , home of the Queen. There are lots of things to do here, including visiting the house, gardens and country park.

If you have time, head to 12th century  Castle Rising  before making your way to the Hanseatic town of Kings Lynn. The town’s heritage is reflected in the fine merchants’ houses which stretch down to the river between cobbled lanes and the elegant Custom House that overlooks the harbor.

  • Walking on Holkham Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.
  • Traditional, delicious and fresh fish and chips from No 1 Cromer .
  • Discover the stunning historic estates of Blickling Hall and Holkham Hall.

Norwich ⇒ The Georgian Townhouse   for its informal vibe, lively bar and restaurant, and contemporary decor.

Thornham ⇒  The Lifeboat Inn  for its romantic retreat-style location, open fires, and really seriously good pub grub.

King’s Lynn ⇒ Bank House  for its prime location, Grade II exterior, and go-to, lively brasserie.

red and white stiped lighthouse in a field of ripe rapeseed

North Coast 500 Road Trip, Scotland

Inverness – wick – john o’groats – durness – lochinver – ullapool – applecross.

  • Distance 830km
  • Duration 2-3 weeks
  • Drive Time 12 hours

A favorite of motorhomers and campervanners, this iconic Scottish road trip is a 516 mile route that wends its way around the spectacular north coast of Scotland, starting and ending in Inverness. 

Passing through the remote and wild landscapes of the Scottish Highlands and the spectacular west coast, the North Coast 500 route delivers dramatic roads with spectacular views and is one of the must-do road trips in the United Kingdom .

  • Hiking to beautiful  Sandwood Bay Beach , for the incredible sight of the Am Buachaille sea stack, a remnant of when the Highlands and North America were connected, millions of years ago.
  • Whale watching from Gairloch, where you might also see porpoise, dolphins, and sharks, as well as seals, otters, puffins, and maybe white-tailed eagles. 
  • Driving Bealach na Ba, the legendary Applecross Pass, and one of the best (but also most dangerous) roads in the UK.

Inverness ⇒ Kingsmills Hotel  for its traditional Scottish decor, lively bar, and spa.

Wick ⇒   Mackays Hotel for its award-winning service, great restaurant, and ideal location.

Gairloch ⇒   Shieldaig Lodge Hotel  for its wonderful lochside location, traditional hunting lodge style, and seriously good breakfast.

Scottish loch with a small bothy beside in in fall

Snowdonia to the Brecon Beacons, Wales

Snowdonia – portmeirion – barmouth – new quay – pembrokeshire – gower peninsula – mumbles – brecon beacons.

  • Distance 256km
  • Drive Time 7 hours

Small but perfectly formed, the glorious country of Wales is a road tripper’s dream. With soaring mountains and valleys, miles of golden sands, craggy headlands, and some incredible roads, head to Wales for an adventurous and eclectic road trip.

Start your road trip itinerary in the spectacular Snowdonia National Park, or Parc Cenedlaethol Eryri in Welsh, in north Wales for drama, huge skies, and plenty of outdoor adventures. Perfect as a base for a few days, Betws-y-Coed is a typical mountain town in a beautiful valley, full of companies offering outdoor adventures, shops selling outdoor gear, and pubs and restaurants full of hikers talking about the day’s activities.

Your next stop is Portmeirion, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful places in Wales. Portmeirion is best known for Portmeirion Pottery (now made in Stoke-on-Trent) and its role in the 1960’s cult TV show The Prisoner . Look beyond the obvious though and enjoy local walks, tropical gardens, and interesting architecture.

Families with love Barmouth and its location on the west coast has to be one of the most beautiful in Wales. Steeped in a history rich with connections to the shipping and slate industries, this is a good old-fashioned seaside resort with a west facing beach ideal for sea swimming and watersports. 

Head south through coastal mid-wales to the vibrant seaside town of New Quay, following the Coastal Way along the length of Ceredigion Bay. Popular with tourists for its picturesque harbor and sandy beach, New Quay is an ideal base for water sports like sailing, stand-up paddle, kayaking, and canoeing – you’ll find lots to pack in for a couple of days.

Next up is Pembrokeshire, famous for its rough cliffs, huge beaches, and remote islands. The coast of Pembrokeshire offers limitless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and is one of the most stunning places in the UK. 

Pembrokeshire boasts that it invented coasteering, and it’s an activity you must try. The sport of jumping from land to sea, cliff scrambling, and swimming between rocks will stretch you mentally and physically but give you hours of fun. There is also lots of opportunity for swimming, paddling and generally messing about on the water.

Your next stop is the spectacular Gower Peninsula in south Wales, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty famous for its breathtaking coastline, 30 or so unspoiled beaches and coves, and coastal walking, including the gorgeous Rhossili Beach and the dramatic Worm’s Head, whose long ridged back rises straight from the sea.

Stop at Mumbles, a traditional seaside town, and walk along the bustling prom, where rollerbladers weave between pedestrians, and ice-cream parlors tempt.

Make a detour to the infamous Top Gear road, the Black Mountain Pass, as you head into the Brecon Beacons, or Bannau Brycheiniog in Welsh, for more fantastic hiking, especially if you tackle Pen y Fan, and incredible views.

  • Driving the Black Mountain Pass and the Gospel Pass through the Brecon Beacons.
  • Paddleboarding at the Blue Lagoon at Abereiddy in Pembrokeshire.
  • Visiting the puffins and wildlife of Skomer Island.

Snowdonia ⇒ Ty Gwyn Hotel in Betws-y-Coed for its great location, friendly welcome, and traditional decor.

New Quay ⇒  Rooms @ The Dolau Inn for its location close to the beach, cozy rooms, and Welsh hospitality.

Pembrokeshire ⇒   Heywood Spa Hotel in Tenby for its luxury facilities, comfortable rooms, and great location.

brightly painted houses and a beach with small fishing boats

European Road Trip Resources

Here are the websites and services we personally use and recommend for planning a European road trip.

  • Search for affordable flights to Europe with Skyscanner
  • Search for availability and book hotels and accommodation in Europe with Booking.com
  • Find and book the best campsites in Europe with Eurocampings
  • Book the cheapest and most reliable hire cars in Europe with Rentalcars.com
  • Best for ferries around Europe are Ferryhopper
  • Find and hire your perfect motorhome or campervan with Indie Campers
  • Get highly rated, reliable, and trustworthy travel insurance with True Traveller
  • Check if you need a visa and arrange your documents with Visagov

Information About Driving in Europe

  • Driving in Europe – Everything You Need to Know
  • How to Plan a Road Trip – Your Complete Guide
  • 19 Helpful Long Distance Driving Tips
  • Road Trip on a Budget: 36 Tips to Save Money in Europe
  • The Best Printable Road Trip Checklists
  • 150+ Road Trip Songs: Your Ultimate Driving Playlist
  • Podcasts for Road Trips: 26 to Keep You Entertained
  • Road Trip Snacks: 32 Ideas for Your Next Trip
  • 113 Road Trip Quotes to Inspire Your Next Trip
  • You must have at least three months remaining on your passport (issued in the past ten years) at your intended date of departure from Europe. If you’re traveling to Ireland , your passport must remain valid for the duration of your stay (UK citizens do not need a passport to visit Ireland, which is in the Common Travel Area).
  • You must have at least 3rd party insurance for your vehicle.
  • Citizens of non-EU third countries may require an International Driving Permit for driving in Europe . You can check whether you need an IDP here .
  • Most of Europe drives on the right, except the United Kingdom which drives on the left.
  • Most European countries, especially those with mountains, have rules about snow tires and snow chains. Make sure you check these rules if you’re taking a road trip to Europe in colder weather.
  • You may want to consider carrying an  electronic toll pass  for the duration of your European road trip itinerary. These devices deduct the toll fees from a credit card automatically, meaning you don’t have to stop at a booth or barrier.
  • Many cities across Europe have low emissions zones, which can be easy to stray into accidentally.  The Urban Access Regulation in Europe  website has information on a country and city-by-city basis, to help you plan your trip. They also share links for purchasing LEZ and ULEZ stickers online.
  • Make sure you’re aware of the specific rules for each European country that you intend to visit. Some have obscure rules about driving in flip-flops or eating road trip snacks at the wheel! You can find more information about the rules of the road and what to carry in your vehicle  here .
  • Although it is strongly advised, you are not required to have breakdown cover. UK registered vehicles may be able to add this to an existing policy or take out a policy for the duration of the trip. If you’re hiring a car to road trip around Europe, make sure to check breakdown arrangements with the car rental company.

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The Mindful Traveller

The Mindful Traveller

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Most Scenic Road Trips in Europe: 16 Epic Routes

13 October 2023 · In: Europe , Road Trip

best europe road trips

Are you looking for the  most beautiful and scenic road trips in Europe ? Adventure lovers, you have come to the right place! This article walks you through  16 road trip ideas to add to your bucket list  for an unforgettable holiday, whether you are travelling for 7 days or 2 weeks.

Europe is a breathtaking destination  which has much to offer! From quaint villages and stunning natural landscapes to emblematic historical sites and tasty local cuisine, you will find  plenty of things to do and places to see  on a European road trip in both summer and winter.

Born in Paris and living in Manchester in the UK,  I consider Europe my home , continually exploring it and discovering something new. Each country has something exceptional to offer, and I am always surprised by their  cultural diversity . 

So, are you ready to discover the  top 16 Europe road trips that you must experience ? Let’s get started! And, of course, let me know in the comments below if you have any other suggestions 🙂

Disclosure : Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that at no additional cost to you, we will receive a commission if you click through and make a purchase. For more information, please  read our full affiliate disclosure .

16- Vienna to Innsbruck, Austria

Overview: 16 epic european road trips.

1- Iceland Ring Road 2- North Coast 500, Scotland 3- The Loire Valley, France 4- The Romantic Road, Germany 5- Pula to Dubrovnik, Croatia 6- The Atlantic Coast, Portugal 7- The Tuscan Countryside, Italy 8- The Atlantic Road, Norway

9- The Peloponnese region, Greece 10- Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland 11- Andalusian Escape, Spain 12- Montenegro Loop 13- London to Edinburgh, UK 14- Baltic States Route 15- Into the Wilderness, Finland 16- Vienna to Innsbruck, Austria

best europe road trips

Best Europe road trips – Map

road trips map

16 breathtaking road trip routes in Europe

Here are 16 road trips to inspire your next European adventure. Each of these routes is easily accessible by car, campervan or motorbike. But also be sure to check road conditions, especially during the winter months, and book your accommodation in advance.

Best car rental options

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Check out Rentalcars.com to search and compare which one is best for you. From affordable to luxury, they make it easy to choose and have a great selection of rental agents.

1- Iceland Ring Road

Iceland Ring Road

⏰  Duration : 7-10 days 📆  When to go : summer (June-August) 

The Iceland Ring Road, also known as  Route 1 , is the main route  that circles the entire island  and connects most of the major towns and attractions, making it an ideal road trip route for exploring the country.

This incredible road offers one of the  most famous and scenic drives  in the world, where you will be able to experience the best of Iceland through its  breathtaking landscapes , including glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes, hot springs, black sand beaches and more!

Iceland is one of my favourite countries, and I never get tired of it. It is also the  perfect place for a road trip  due to its Ring Road forming a complete loop around the island,  accessible any time of the year , although I would be careful and focus on the South in winter.

READ MORE: 9 Perfect Days in Iceland: Ring Road Itinerary


Here is an example of a  7-day itinerary  covering the most iconic natural wonders in Iceland:

Day 1: Reykjavik

  • Start your road trip in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.
  • Discover the main attractions and sites, including Hallgrímskirkja Church, Harpa Concert Hall and the downtown area.
  • Bathe in the  Blue Lagoon , a relaxing geothermal spa.

Day 2: Golden Circle

Explore the Golden Circle , which includes three highlights:

  • Thingvellir National Park: walk (or swim) between tectonic plates and visit Lake Thingvallavatn.
  • Geysir Geothermal Area: see the still active and erupting Strokkur Geyser and its hot springs.
  • Gullfoss Waterfall: admire the stunning waterfall.

Day 3: South Coast

Head to the south coast and visit attractions such as:

  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfall: walk behind the waterfall.
  • Skogafoss Waterfall: climb to the top for panoramic views.
  • Reynisfjara Beach: discover the black sand beach and its basalt columns.
  • Vik: stop to discover this charming town.

Day 4: Vatnajökull National Park

Explore Vatnajökull National Park:

  • Skaftafell: hike to Svartifoss waterfall or take a  glacier hike  (I highly recommend it! In winter, you can also join an  ice cave tour ).
  • Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon: marvel at the floating icebergs.

Day 5: East Fjords

  • Take the day to travel through the picturesque East Fjords, stopping at fishing villages and enjoying scenic views.
  • Visit Seydisfjordur, a lovely hidden town with colourful houses.

Day 6: North Iceland

  • Visit Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe.
  • Travel north to visit places like Húsavík (known for  whale watching ) and Goðafoss Waterfall.
  • Explore the town of Akureyri, the second-largest city in Iceland.

Day 7: Northwest Iceland and back to Reykjavik

  • Explore the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and its dramatic landscapes.
  • Return to Reykjavik.


Click on the top left of the map to display the list of stops and locations.

2- North Coast 500, Scotland

North Coast 500

⏰  Duration : 5-7 days 📆  When to go : spring & summer (May-September) 

The North Coast 500 (NC500) is a scenic driving route taking you on a circular journey through some of the  most picturesque and remote parts  of the northern Scottish Highlands. It is a fantastic way to explore the  beauty and rich heritage  of the country.

This popular route covers around 500 miles (805 kilometres) of stunning scenery, rugged coastlines, historic sites and charming villages. Some of its highlights include the wild  Torridon Mountains , the fairytale-like  Dunrobin Castle  and the secluded  Cape Wrath .

This road trip itinerary is also perfect for nature lovers! You will find  many outdoor activities  possible, such as hiking, cycling and wildlife spotting. In addition, the area is known for  birdwatching and stargazing  due to its low light pollution. And in winter, you might be lucky enough to  see the Northern Lights !

Here is an example of a  7- day itinerary  covering the main highlights of the North Coast 500:

Day 1: Inverness

  • Start your road trip in Inverness, the capital of the Highlands.
  • Visit Inverness Castle and stroll along the River Ness.
  • Explore the nearby Culloden Battlefield and Clava Cairns.

Day 2: Ullapool

  • Drive to Ullapool, a picturesque fishing village.
  • Along the way, stop at the Rogie Falls and Corrieshalloch Gorge.
  • In Ullapool, enjoy fresh seafood and walk along the harbour.

Day 3: Durness

  • Head north along the coast, passing through the spectacular scenery of Assynt.
  • Stop at Ardvreck Castle and the Bone Caves.
  • Visit Smoo Cave near Durness.

Day 4: Thurso

  • Continue to drive along the north coast to Thurso.
  • Explore the stunning beaches of Balnakeil and Sandwood Bay.
  • Visit the Castle and Gardens of Mey.

Day 5: John O’Groats and Wick

  • Drive to John O’Groats, the northernmost point of mainland Britain.
  • Visit Duncansby Head and its distinctive sea stacks.
  • Head south to Wick and explore the town, including the Old Pulteney Distillery.

Day 6: Dingwall

  • Leave the north coast and head south to Dingwall.
  • Along the way, visit the Black Isle, known for its picturesque villages and dolphin-watching opportunities.
  • Explore the town of Dingwall and its surrounding areas.

Day 7: Return to Inverness

  • Drive back to Inverness and complete the North Coast 500 loop.
  • Along the way, consider visiting the historic town of Beauly and the Beauly Priory.
  • Return to Inverness, where you can spend your final evening exploring, shopping or relaxing.

3- The Loire Valley, France

Loire Valley

⏰  Duration : 5 days 📆  When to go : spring & summer (May-September) 

The Loire Valley, located in central France, is a  picturesque and historic region  known for its magnificent castles, vineyards, picturesque villages and beautiful countryside. It is the ideal place to learn more about the  rich culture and history of France .

Not only a paradise for history and architecture enthusiasts, this road trip itinerary is also a delight for food, wine and nature lovers. It offers a  perfect blend of cultural, culinary and natural experiences  that make it a popular destination for travellers from around the world.

I feel lucky to say that  I was born in the Loire Valley , more precisely in Orleans. I loved the area and its cultural landmarks. It always felt great to be in the countryside whilst still being close to major cities like Paris. I am sure you will love exploring the many castles (châteaux) – a  great location for families with children !

Here is an example of a  5-day itinerary  covering some of the most famous châteaux and attractions in the Loire Valley:

Day 1: Tours

  • Start your road trip in Tours, a city in the heart of the Loire Valley.
  • Explore its historic Old Town with half-timbered houses and Place Plumereau.
  • Visit the Cathédrale Saint-Gatien and the Musée des Beaux-Arts.
  • Take a walk along the banks of the Loire.

Day 2: Château de Villandry and Château d’Azay-le-Rideau

  • Drive to Château de Villandry, famous for its superb Renaissance gardens.
  • Continue to Château d’Azay-le-Rideau, a fairytale castle set on an island in the Indre River.

Day 3: Château de Chambord and Château de Cheverny

  • Visit the iconic  Château de Chambord , a masterpiece of the French Renaissance.
  • Explore its massive double-helix staircase and its vast garden.
  • Head to Château de Cheverny, famous for its elegant interiors and well-preserved furniture.
  • If you have time, you can also discover the pretty village of Cheverny and its vineyards.

Day 4: Château de Chenonceau and Amboise

  • Visit the elegant  Château de Chenonceau , spanning the Cher River.
  • Explore the stunning gardens and galleries of the castle.
  • Drive to the town of Amboise, where you can visit Château d’Amboise and Clos Lucé, the former home of Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Spend the evening exploring the quaint streets of Amboise.

Day 5: Wine tasting and back to Tours

  • Enjoy a wine-tasting experience at a local vineyard in the Vouvray or Montlouis-sur-Loire wine region.
  • Return to Tours in the afternoon.
  • Spend your last evening in Tours sampling local cuisine and wine.


4- The Romantic Road, Germany 

Romantic Road

⏰  Duration : 4-5 days 📆  When to go : spring & summer (May-September) 

The Romantic Road (Romantische Straße) in Germany is one of the  most famous and scenic tourist routes , taking you through charming villages, historic towns and beautiful countryside. You will embark on a journey filled with  medieval architecture, stunning landscapes and a feeling of romance . 

The road stretches for around 350 kilometres (220 miles) through the  southern part of Germany,  near the border with Austria, and is a great way to immerse yourself in  German history and culture  as you come across many influential landmarks.

And for any  food lover  out there, you have come to the right place! The region along the Romantic Road is known for its  delicious Bavarian cuisine , including sausages, sauerkraut, schnitzels and pretzels. And do not forget to try  local beers and wines , such as Franconian wine.

READ MORE: Bavaria Road Trip: Epic 1-Week Itinerary

Here is an example of a  5-day itinerary  covering some of the most iconic stops along the Romantic Road:

Day 1: Würzburg

  • Start your road trip in Würzburg, a city known for its stunning Residenz Palace.
  • Explore the Residenz and its beautiful gardens.
  • Take a stroll through the Old Town.
  • Enjoy a glass of Franconian wine at a local wine tavern.

Day 2: Rothenburg ob der Tauber

  • Drive to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Germany.
  • Explore its charming streets and walk along the city walls.
  • Visit the Town Hall and St. Jacob’s Church.
  • Try a Schneeball, a local pastry speciality.

Day 3: Dinkelsbühl and Nördlingen

  • Head to Dinkelsbühl, another picturesque medieval town along the Romantic Road.
  • Explore its well-preserved city walls and the Cathedral of St. George.
  • Relax in the charming market square.
  • Continue to Nördlingen, a town located in a meteorite crater. 
  • Visit the Daniel Tower for panoramic views.

Day 4: Augsburg

  • Drive to Augsburg, one of the oldest cities in Germany.
  • Visit its historic Old Town, home to the Augsburger Dom and the Fuggerei, the oldest social housing complex.
  • Explore Maximilianstraße and its beautiful Renaissance buildings.

Day 5: Füssen and Neuschwanstein Castle

  • Head to Füssen, a pretty town located at the foot of the Bavarian Alps.
  • Visit Hohes Schloss.
  • Explore the picturesque streets of the town.
  • Do a quick detour to  Neuschwanstein Castle , the iconic fairytale castle.
  • Take a guided tour of the castle or enjoy the views from Marienbrücke (Mary’s Bridge).
  • Return to Füssen to end your road trip.


5- Pula to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Pula to Dubrovnik

⏰  Duration : 7-10 days 📆  When to go : spring (May-June) & autumn (September-October)

A road trip from Pula to Dubrovnik in Croatia is an adventure you should not miss, as it takes you  along the stunning Adriatic coast  through historic towns and beautiful landscapes. The country has become an increasingly  popular tourist destination  in recent years, and you will understand why!

The perfect  blend of natural beauty  (from the coastline to national parks),  historic monuments and vibrant culture  make Croatia a diverse and attractive destination for travellers looking to explore the Adriatic coast and immerse themselves in  European history and lifestyle .

Stretching for over 1,700 kilometres, the coastline of Croatia is  ideal for a road trip under the sun with friends , with its thousand islands, crystal-clear waters, pebble and sandy beaches and traditional coastal towns.

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Here is an example of a  7-day itinerary  covering the main highlights of a road trip from Pula to Dubrovnik:

Day 1: Pula

  • Start your road trip in Pula.
  • Explore its Roman heritage, including the well-preserved Pula Arena, Temple of Augustus and Arch of the Sergii.
  • Relax on one of its beautiful beaches.

Day 2: Rovinj

  • Continue south to Rovinj, one of the most charming towns of Istria.
  • Wander its cobblestone streets, visit the St. Euphemia Church and explore the Old Town.
  • Enjoy fresh seafood at a local waterfront restaurant.

Day 3: Poreč

  • Head to Poreč, known for its UNESCO-listed Euphrasian Basilica and historic Old Town.
  • Explore the basilica complex and its Roman heritage.

Day 4: Zadar

  • Leave Istria and continue your road trip south to Zadar.
  • Explore its Old Town, including the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun installations.
  • Visit St. Donatus Church and the Roman Forum.

Day 5: Šibenik

  • Drive to Šibenik, a historic town known for its impressive St. James Cathedral.
  • Explore the cathedral and the charming Old Town.
  • Take a boat trip to nearby islands or Krka National Park .

Day 6: Split

  • Head to Split, the second-largest city in Croatia.
  • Explore Diocletian’s Palace , a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Stroll through the historic Old Town.
  • Enjoy the lively atmosphere along the Riva promenade.

Day 7: Dubrovnik

  • Continue your road trip south to Dubrovnik.
  • Walk on the city walls and admire panoramic views of the Old Town .
  • Visit iconic attractions like the Rector’s Palace, Sponza Palace and Onofrio’s Fountain.
  • Relax on Banje Beach.
  • Take a cable car ride to Mount Srđ for even more breathtaking views.


6- The Atlantic Coast, Portugal

Atlantic Coast

⏰  Duration : 8-10 days 📆  When to go : spring (April-May) & autumn (September-October)

Are you ready to explore the  stunning Atlantic coast of Portugal ? A road trip from Porto to Faro will allow you to experience the  diverse landscapes ,  historic towns  and  most   beautiful beaches  of the country. 

Vibrant and culturally rich, Portugal is also known for its  delicious cuisine and warm hospitality , making it an  ideal destination for solo travellers  (by car or campervan). I experienced it alone for a few days in May and always felt safe. I mostly stayed in hostels and met many other travellers along the way.  

Whether you are discovering historic landmarks, relaxing on the beach, hiking along the coast or savouring local cuisine, Portugal has  something to offer every type of traveller . And there is no better way to experience it all than a road trip from Porto to the Algarve.

Here is an example of a  9-day itinerary  offering a great mix of cultural, historical and natural attractions as you road trip from Porto to Faro:

Day 1: Porto

  • Start your road trip in Porto, the second-largest city in Portugal.
  • Explore the historic Ribeira district along the Douro River.
  • Visit Livraria Lello, Clerigos Tower and Porto Cathedral.
  • Enjoy a wine-tasting tour in the nearby Douro Valley .

Day 2: Aveiro

  • Drive south to Aveiro, often called the “Venice of Portugal” due to its picturesque canals.
  • Take a moliceiro boat ride along the canals.
  • Explore the colourful houses of its historic centre.

Day 3: Coimbra

  • Visit the University of Coimbra, one of the oldest in Europe.
  • Explore the Joanina Library, Royal Palace and Coimbra Cathedral.
  • Stroll through the medieval streets of the city.

Day 4: Tomar

  • Drive to Tomar, home to the Convent of Christ, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Explore the Templar Castle and its intricate Manueline-style architecture.

Day 5: Óbidos and Nazaré

  • Visit the charming medieval town of Óbidos with its well-preserved city walls.
  • Enjoy a stroll through its narrow streets and visit the Óbidos Castle.
  • Drive to Nazaré, known for its impressive waves and beautiful beach.

Day 6: Batalha and Alcobaça

  • Explore the Batalha Monastery, another UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Visit the Alcobaça Monastery, known for its spectacular Gothic architecture.

Day 7: Lisbon

  • Spend a full day exploring Lisbon.
  • Visit historic neighbourhoods like Alfama, Bairro Alto and Belém.
  • See the Jerónimos Monastery, Belém Tower and the Monument to the Discoveries.
  • Enjoy a traditional Portuguese meal and Fado music in the evening.

Day 8: Faro

  • Drive to Faro, the capital of the Algarve region .
  • Explore its historic Old Town with its medieval walls and charming streets.
  • Visit the Faro Cathedral and stroll through Jardim Manuel Bivar.
  • Relax on the nearby beaches.

Day 9: Algarve Beaches

  • Spend this day exploring the beautiful beaches of the Algarve.
  • Consider visiting Praia da Marinha, Praia de Benagil and Praia da Rocha.
  • Enjoy water activities like swimming, snorkelling or kayaking tours.
  • Or explore traditional villages such as Carvoeiro and Ferragudo.


7- The Tuscan Countryside, Italy

Tuscan Countryside

⏰  Duration : 5-6 days 📆  When to go : spring (April-May) & autumn (September-October)

For any Italy lover out there, you will love this itinerary! A road trip through Tuscany offers a  fantastic mix of picturesque landscapes, medieval towns and excellent cuisine . I experienced it for a few days in March and absolutely loved it. Tuscany has an incredible atmosphere that will  transport you back in time .

Located in central Italy, Tuscany is a  scenic and culturally rich region  renowned for its winding cypress-lined roads, historic villages, Renaissance art treasures, wine production and culinary delights. You guessed it, you will not run out of  things to do . 

In addition, a road trip through Tuscany will be an excellent way to immerse yourself in  Italian culture  and enjoy a blend of  artistic exploration, gastronomic pleasures and relaxation  in a stunning and peaceful setting.

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Here is an example of a  5-day itinerary  offering a taste of the best that Tuscany has to offer:

Day 1: Florence

  • Start your road trip in Florence , the capital of Tuscany.
  • Explore its historic centre, including the Florence Cathedral, Giotto’s Bell Tower and the Uffizi Gallery.
  • Tour the  Galleria dell’Accademia  to admire the sculpture of David by Michelangelo.
  • Take a walk across the Ponte Vecchio bridge.

Day 2: Siena

  • Drive to Siena, a beautiful medieval town.
  • Explore the Piazza del Campo, its main square.
  • Visit the Siena Cathedral and the Torre del Mangia.
  • Get lost in its narrow streets and alleys.

Day 3: Val d’Orcia and Montalcino

  • Explore the beautiful Val d’Orcia region, known for its rolling hills and iconic cypress trees.
  • Drive to Montalcino, famous for its  Brunello di Montalcino wine .
  • Visit vineyards for wine tasting and explore the town.

Day 4: San Gimignano and Volterra

  • Head to San Gimignano, famous for its medieval towers.
  • Explore the town and enjoy the views from the Torre Grossa.
  • Drive to Volterra, known for its Etruscan heritage and medieval architecture.
  • Visit the Volterra Cathedral and the Guarnacci Etruscan Museum.

Day 5: Pisa and Lucca

  • Drive to Pisa.
  • Visit its iconic  Leaning Tower of Pisa , Pisa Cathedral and Baptistery.
  • Continue to Lucca, a charming walled city.
  • Explore its historic centre, and walk or cycle along the city walls. 
  • Stop at its San Martino Cathedral.
  • Return to Florence.


8- The Atlantic Road, Norway

Atlantic Road

The Norwegian Atlantic Road, also known as Atlanterhavsveien, is a  breathtaking drive in Norway  taking you along the rugged coastline of the country, passing over islands and bridges  with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean . 

With many charming towns and cultural attractions along the way, it is often considered one of the  most scenic drives  in the world, offering a unique and exhilarating experience for travellers seeking to explore the  coastal beauty of Norway  and its  dramatic landscapes .

Whether you are a photo enthusiast, a nature lover or simply looking for an unforgettable (and short) road trip, the Atlantic Road is a  must-visit destination ! Hop on your car or campervan and enjoy.

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Here is an example of a  5-day itinerary  for exploring the Norwegian Atlantic Road and the surrounding area: 

Day 1: Ålesund

  • Start your road trip in Ålesund, a picturesque coastal town known for its Art Nouveau architecture.
  • Explore its historic district and climb to Aksla Viewpoint for panoramic views.
  • Visit the Ålesund Aquarium to learn about local marine life.
  • Enjoy a seafood dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 2: Molde and Bud

  • Drive to Molde, another scenic coastal town.
  • Explore its beautiful gardens and Molde Cathedral.
  • Head to the fishing village of Bud.
  • Stop at viewpoints along the way to admire the dramatic coastline.
  • Visit Bud and discover its historic charm.

Day 3: Atlantic Road and Kristiansund

  • Drive along the Atlantic Road, a highlight of your trip, with its iconic bridges and breathtaking views.
  • Make stops at different viewpoints and islands along the way.
  • Arrive in Kristiansund, a coastal town known for its colourful houses and vibrant cultural scene.
  • Explore its city centre and visit the Kirkelandet Church.

Day 4: Geiranger via the Trollstigen

  • Drive to Geiranger, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with a detour to the famous Trollstigen mountain road.
  • Experience the hairpin bends and spectacular landscapes of Trollstigen.
  • Explore the  Geirangerfjord  and go on a boat trip.
  • Visit the Dalsnibba viewpoint.
  • Hike or take a scenic drive to see the Seven Sisters Waterfall and the Bridal Veil Waterfall.

Day 5: Return to Ålesund

  • Return to Ålesund.
  • You might have time for some last-minute shopping or a final meal before heading home.


9- The Peloponnese Region, Greece

Peloponnese Region

⏰  Duration : 5-7 days 📆  When to go : spring (May-June) & autumn (September-October)

Located in southern Greece, the Peloponnese is a  historically and culturally rich region  separated from the Greek mainland by the Gulf of Corinth. It is a  fascinating peninsula  known for its ancient history, archaeological sites, beautiful coastlines and picturesque towns. 

Venturing on a road trip through the Peloponnese region offers an ideal mix of  history, culture, stunning natural landscapes and outdoor activities . It is a captivating destination if you are interested in exploring ancient ruins, enjoying coastal activities and  immersing yourself in Greek heritage .

And if you are a  food lover , you will also love tasting the culinary delights of the area! The Peloponnese is known for its  delicious Mediterranean cuisine , where you can savour local dishes like pastitsio, grilled lamb, fresh seafood, olives and feta cheese. 

If you would like to extend your trip to the Greek islands, check out this article: 15 Best Things to Do in Santorini, Greece .

Here is an example of a  7-day itinerary  covering some of the highlights of the Peloponnese region:

Day 1: Athens to Corinth

  • Start your road trip in Athens, the capital of Greece.
  • Visit the  Acropolis  and explore the historic Plaka neighbourhood.
  • Drive to Corinth, known for the ancient Corinthian Acropolis and Temple of Apollo.

Day 2: Epidaurus and Nafplio

  • Visit the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, known for its exceptional acoustics.
  • Explore the Sanctuary of Asclepius and the Epidaurus Museum.
  • Continue to Nafplio, a charming seaside town.
  • Explore its historic Old Town and visit the Palamidi Fortress.

Day 3: Mycenae and Nemea

  • Head to Mycenae, home to the famous Lion Gate and the Treasury of Atreus.
  • Explore the archaeological site and the Mycenae Museum.
  • Drive to Nemea, a wine region famous for its Agiorgitiko red wine.
  • Visit a local vineyard for a wine-tasting experience.

Day 4: Olympia

  • Drive to Olympia, the site of the ancient Olympic Games.
  • Explore its  archaeological sites , including the Temple of Zeus and the ancient stadium.
  • Visit the Olympia Archaeological Museum.

Day 5: Messene and Kalamata

  • Visit the ancient city of Messene, known for its well-preserved ruins.
  • Explore its Ancient Theatre and city walls.
  • Drive to Kalamata, a coastal town known for its olives and olive oil.

Day 6: Mani Peninsula

  • Drive to the rugged Mani Peninsula, famous for its unique stone tower houses.
  • Explore picturesque villages like Kardamyli and Areopoli.
  • Visit the Diros Caves on a boat tour through underground caverns.

Day 7: Monemvasia

  • Visit Monemvasia, a medieval fortress town on a small island.
  • Explore the narrow streets and Byzantine churches.
  • Enjoy panoramic views from the upper town.
  • Return to Athens.


10- Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

Wild Atlantic Way

⏰  Duration : 7-10 days 📆  When to go : spring & summer (May-September) 

The Wild Atlantic Way is a  spectacular coastal route in Ireland , stretching along the west and northwest coasts of the country. It is renowned for its  rugged and dramatic landscapes , quaint villages, historic sites and the raw beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.

It offers a fascinating journey, allowing you to experience the  wild beauty of the west coast of Ireland . From impressive cliffs to pretty fishing towns and unique cultural experiences, a road trip on this iconic road will provide you with  unforgettable   memories ! 

Whether you are driving the entire route or exploring specific sections, exploring the Wild Atlantic Way is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in  Irish natural beauty, culture and history . 

Here is an example of a  10-day itinerary  covering some of the most spectacular parts of the Wild Atlantic Way:

Day 1: Ring of Kerry

  • Start your road trip by exploring Kerry, one of the most famous scenic routes in Ireland.
  • Drive the Ring of Kerry, stopping at viewpoints and attractions like Muckross House and Torc Waterfall.
  • Visit the town of Killarney and its national park.

Day 2: Dingle Peninsula

  • Drive to the Dingle Peninsula, known for its stunning scenery and traditional Irish culture.
  • Explore the town of Dingle and taste fresh seafood.
  • Drive the Slea Head Drive for breathtaking coastal views.

Day 3: Loop Head Peninsula and Kilkee

  • Drive to Loop Head Peninsula, a hidden gem on the Wild Atlantic Way.
  • Explore the Loop Head Lighthouse and take in the coastal views.
  • Continue to Kilkee and relax on its sandy beaches.

Day 4: The Cliffs of Moher and Burren 

  • Continue to the Cliffs of Moher, one of the most iconic natural attractions in Ireland.
  • Drive to the Burren region, famous for its unique limestone karst landscape.
  • Visit the Poulnabrone Dolmen and explore the walking trails of the Burren.

Day 5: Galway

  • Head to Galway, a bustling city on the western coast.
  • Explore its lively Latin Quarter and listen to traditional Irish music in local pubs.

Day 6: Connemara Peninsula and Clifden

  • Drive to the Connemara Peninsula, known for its spectacular landscapes.
  • Stop at the charming fishing village of Roundstone.
  • Visit Kylemore Abbey, a beautiful castle and abbey located in the Connemara wilderness.
  • Explore the stunning landscapes of Connemara National Park.
  • Continue towards Clifden.

Day 7: Explore Westport

  • Drive to Westport, a picturesque town with colourful buildings.
  • Spend a full day exploring Westport.
  • Tour Westport House and Gardens.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities like cycling the Great Western Greenway or climbing Croagh Patrick.

Day 8: Achill Island and Sligo

  • Head to Achill Island, known for its stunning beaches and dramatic cliffs.
  • Explore Keem Bay and Keel Beach, and take a scenic drive around the island.
  • Leave Achill Island and drive to Sligo to explore the town.
  • Enjoy the stunning landscapes that inspired the poet W.B. Yeats.

Day 9: Donegal

  • Continue north to Donegal.
  • Make a detour to the beautiful Glencar Waterfall.
  • Explore the wild beauty of Slieve League Cliffs, one of the highest sea cliffs in Europe.
  • Visit the charming village of Donegal.

Day 10: Derry

  • Drive to Derry (also known as Londonderry), Northern Ireland.
  • Explore the historic city walls and learn about its troubled history.
  • Take a walk along the Peace Bridge.
  • And if you have time, head to the iconic Giant’s Causeway, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


11- Andalusian Escape, Spain

Andalusian Escape

⏰  Duration : 7-10 days 📆  When to go : spring (April-May) & autumn (September-October)

Andalusia (Andalucía in Spanish) is a  vibrant and culturally rich autonomous community  located in southern Spain. It is known for its beautiful landscapes, historic towns, Moorish architecture, flamenco music and dance and rich cultural heritage.

Whether you are exploring the historic streets of  Cordoba , admiring the Alhambra in  Granada  or lounging on the beach in  Cádiz , Andalusia offers plenty of experiences  for all travellers and ages . 

The region is also perfect for a road trip thanks to its  diversity and wealth of sites and attractions , from some of the most famous cities in Spain, such as  Seville , to the wide range of landscapes and historical landmarks, including  Roman ruins, Gothic cathedrals and Renaissance palaces .

Here is an example of a  7-day itinerary  covering some of the most iconic locations and attractions in Andalusia:

Day 1: Seville

  • Start your road trip in Seville, the capital of Andalusia.
  • Explore its historic city centre.
  • Visit the Alcazar,  Seville Cathedral  and the Giralda Tower.
  • Stroll along the banks of the Guadalquivir River and watch a traditional Flamenco show.

Day 2: Cordoba

  • Drive to Cordoba, known for the beautiful Mezquita.
  • Explore the Mezquita and the historic Jewish Quarter.
  • Visit the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos and stroll along the Roman Bridge.

Day 3: Granada

  • Head to Granada and visit the  Alhambra , a stunning palace and fortress complex.
  • Explore the Generalife Gardens and the historic Albayzín neighbourhood.
  • Visit the Monastery of Saint Jerome.
  • Relax in a tapas bar and enjoy the local cuisine.

Day 4: Ronda

  • Continue towards Ronda, a picturesque town perched on the edge of a deep gorge.
  • Visit the Puente Nuevo and the Plaza de Toros.
  • Explore the charming Old Town.

Day 5: Jerez de la Frontera

  • Head to Jerez de la Frontera, known for its sherry wine.
  • Visit a sherry bodega for a wine-tasting experience.
  • Discover the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art.

Day 6: Cádiz

  • Drive to Cádiz, a historic port city.
  • Explore the Old Town and visit the Cádiz Cathedral.
  • Relax on La Caleta beach.

Day 7: Seville

  • Return to Seville.
  • Spend your last day in Seville, doing some last-minute shopping or visiting any attractions you missed.


12- Montenegro Loop

Montenegro Loop

Montenegro is a small yet  incredibly picturesque country  located in southeastern Europe, in the  Balkans . It is known for its diverse landscapes, rugged mountains, pristine coastline along the Adriatic Sea and quaint historic towns.

The combination of  natural beauty, cultural heritage and outdoor adventure  of Montenegro makes it an attractive destination for road trippers looking to explore a  lesser-known corner of Europe .

Whether you are seeking relaxation on the  Adriatic coast , hiking in the  mountains  or immersing yourself in  history and culture , Montenegro has something for everyone. And if you are adventurous, try yourself at  white-water rafting or mountain biking .

Here is an example of a  7-day itinerary  covering some of the most popular destinations and attractions in Montenegro:

Day 1: Podgorica

  • Start your road trip in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro.
  • Explore its main landmarks, including Millennium Bridge and Gorica Hill.
  • Try local specialities like Njeguški pršut (smoked ham) and seafood risotto.

Day 2: Lake Skadar

  • Drive to Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkans.
  • Take a  boat trip  on the lake to explore its natural beauty and birdlife.
  • Visit the picturesque village of Virpazar.

Day 3: Cetinje and Lovćen National Park

  • Head to Cetinje, the historic royal capital of Montenegro
  • Visit the Cetinje Monastery and the King Nikola Museum.
  • Continue to Lovćen National Park and hike to the Njegos Mausoleum for stunning views.

Day 4: Budva

  • Continue to Budva, known for its beautiful beaches and historic Old Town.
  • Explore its historic centre and visit the Citadel.
  • Relax on one of its sandy beaches.

Day 5: Kotor

  • Drive to Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage city.
  • Explore its Old Town and climb the city walls for panoramic views.
  • Visit the Maritime Museum to learn about local maritime history.
  • Discover the lovely Tryphon’s Cathedral.

Day 6: Durmitor National Park

  • Head to Durmitor National Park, famous for its spectacular scenery.
  • Drive along the picturesque Bay of Kotor.
  • Visit the charming coastal town of Perast and take a boat to the  Our Lady of the Rocks  islet.
  • Explore the town of Žabljak and the nearby Black Lake.
  • Consider hiking the Tara River Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in Europe.

Day 7: Return to Podgorica

  • Return to the capital city of Podgorica.


13- London to Edinburgh, UK

London to Edinburgh

A road trip from London to Edinburgh is the perfect opportunity to explore the  diverse landscapes, historic landmarks and beautiful countryside  of England. You will have the chance to uncover hidden gems and  picturesque villages  that are worth the detour. 

Whether you enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere, hiking through scenic national parks or delving into the rich history of the country, England offers a  wide range of experiences for all travellers .

And do not forget to sample  traditional English cuisine  along the way, including dishes like fish and chips, roast dinners, pies and the famous English breakfast. England is also known for its  afternoon tea tradition  and beers in  cosy pubs .

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Here is an example of a  5-day itinerary  covering the best stops and detours for an unforgettable adventure through the UK:

Day 1: Cambridge

  • Start your road trip from London and drive to Cambridge.
  • Explore the historic University of Cambridge, including King’s College Chapel and the picturesque Backs.
  • Discover the city from the water by  punting on the River Cam .
  • Admire the beautiful Mathematical Bridge.

Day 2: York

  • Drive to York, a city rich in history.
  • Stop at the Peak District National Park, known for its dramatic limestone valleys.
  • Discover York Minster and walk along the medieval city walls.
  • Explore the Shambles, a picturesque shopping street.
  • Visit the York Art Gallery and the Castle Museum.

Day 3: Durham

  • Continue north to Durham.
  • Stop at the charming town of Whitby and visit its Abbey.
  • Discover Durham Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Explore the charming city centre.
  • Discover Durham Dales and walk to High Force waterfall.

Day 4: Alnwick

  • Head to the town of Alnwick. 
  • Pass through Newcastle-upon-Tyne and see its historic Tyne Bridges.
  • Visit Alnwick Castle and its beautiful gardens.
  • Explore the nearby Alnwick town centre.

Day 5: Edinburgh

  • Continue to Edinburgh, crossing the Scottish border.
  • Visit the town of North Berwick along the way.
  • Explore  Edinburgh Castle , the Royal Mile and Holyrood Palace.
  • Hike to Arthur’s Seat for panoramic views.
  • Tour the National Museum of Scotland or the Royal Yacht Britannia.


14- Baltic States Route

Baltic States Route

The Baltic States, also known as the Baltic countries or simply the Baltics, are a  group of three countries located in Northern Europe  along the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, which include  Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania .

If they share a common history, geographic proximity and cultural ties,  each has a unique identity  and something different to offer. That is why a road trip through the Baltics is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the  rich heritage of Northern Europe .

From  stunning and well-preserved cities  such as Riga or Vilnius to  breathtaking national parks  and protected areas, the Baltics are the ideal holiday destination whether you are into culture, art or nature. 

Here is an example of a  7-day itinerary  covering many of the major attractions and cities in the Baltic States:

Day 1: Tallinn, Estonia

  • Start your road trip in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.
  • Explore its Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Visit historic landmarks like Toompea Castle and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Day 2: Riga, Latvia

  • Cross the border into Latvia and head to Riga, the Latvian capital.
  • Explore its  Old Town , known for its Art Nouveau architecture.
  • Visit attractions like Riga Castle and St. Peter’s Church.
  • Take a relaxing walk along the Daugava River.

Day 3: Jurmala, Latvia

  • Drive to Jurmala, a seaside resort town on the Baltic Sea.
  • Relax on its sandy beaches and enjoy its pretty wooden architecture.
  • Explore Dzintari Forest Park and Majoru Promenade.

Day 4: Kaunas, Lithuania

  • Head to Kaunas, the second-largest city in Lithuania.
  • Visit the Rundale Palace, a magnificent Baroque palace en route to Kaunas.
  • If you have time, also drive to the Hill of Crosses, a unique and spiritual site with thousands of crosses.
  • Explore Kaunas Old Town, the Pazaislis Monastery and the Ninth Fort.

Day 5: Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Continue your journey to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.
  • Stop in Trakai and discover  Trakai Island Castle  on Lake Galvė.
  • Explore Vilnius Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Visit attractions like Gediminas Tower and the Cathedral of Vilnius.
  • Sample Lithuanian cuisine at a local restaurant.

Day 6: Tartu, Estonia

  • Drive back north to Tartu, the second-largest city in Estonia.
  • Visit the University of Tartu and the Estonian National Museum.
  • Explore its charming Old Town and stroll along the Emajõgi River.

Day 7: Tallinn, Estonia

  • Return to Tallinn to conclude your Baltic States road trip.
  • If time allows, explore any remaining parts of Tallinn or do some last-minute souvenir shopping.


15- Into the Wilderness, Finland

Into the Wilderness

⏰  Duration : 7-10 days 📆  When to go : spring & summer (May-September)

A road trip from Helsinki to Inari in Finland will take you through some of the  most beautiful landscapes of the country , including forests, lakes and the magical Arctic region, providing the opportunity to learn about  Sámi culture  and experience the  unique beauty of the far north .

Often referred to as the Land of a Thousand Lakes, Finland is a  haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts . Additionally, the country boasts a unique  blend of modernity and cultural traditions , making it an appealing destination for a scenic road trip.

And although it is easier to drive in Finland in spring and summer, I would also recommend doing this itinerary  in winter  to discover the best of the country and the Arctic region under a white coat, which includes  skiing, dog sledding and catching the Northern Lights . 

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Here is an example of a  10-day itinerary  allowing you to experience a diverse range of Finnish landscapes and cultures as you make your way from Helsinki to Inari:

Day 1: Helsinki

  • Start your road trip in Helsinki , the capital of Finland.
  • Explore its top attractions, including Senate Square, Helsinki Cathedral and Suomenlinna Fortress.
  • Experience a traditional Finnish Sauna at Löyly.

Day 2: Porvoo

  • Drive to Porvoo, a charming historic town known for its well-preserved wooden houses.
  • Explore its Old Town and visit Porvoo Cathedral.
  • Stop at Café Fanny and try their cinnamon buns.

Day 3: Lahti

  • Continue your journey to Lahti, known for its beautiful lakes and outdoor activities.
  • Visit the Sibelius Hall and Lahti Harbour.
  • Explore the nearby Lake Vesijärvi.

Day 4: Jyväskylä

  • Drive to Jyväskylä, a city surrounded by lakes and forests.
  • Discover the architecture of Alvar Aalto, including the Muurame Church and the Alvar Aalto Museum.
  • Explore the Jyväskylä Harbour.

Day 5: Kuopio

  • Head to Kuopio, known for its picturesque lakeside setting.
  • Visit Puijo Tower for panoramic views and explore the Kuopio Market Square.
  • Relax by Lake Kallavesi.

Day 6: Oulu

  • Drive to Oulu, a coastal city with a vibrant cultural scene.
  • Explore the Oulu Market Square and visit the Oulu Art Museum.
  • Relax on Nallikari Beach.

Day 7: Rovaniemi

  • Continue your journey north to Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland.
  • Visit the Arctic Circle and the Santa Claus Village.
  • Explore the Arktikum Science Museum and Pilke Science Centre.

Day 8: Saariselkä

  • Drive to Saariselkä, a winter sports resort in the Lapland region.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and mountain biking.
  • Explore the Urho Kekkonen National Park.

Day 9: Ivalo and Inari

  • Continue north to Ivalo and Inari, which are close to each other.
  • Visit the Siida Sami Museum in Inari and explore the beautiful surroundings.
  • Experience the unique culture and traditions of the Sámi people.

Day 10: Explore Inari 

  • Spend your last day exploring around Inari.
  • Take a boat trip on Lake Inari.
  • Drive the scenic Kaamasentie road.


Vienna to Innsbruck

Austria, located in the heart of Central Europe, is known for its rich  cultural heritage , stunning  Alpine landscapes ,  picturesque towns  and a high standard of living. And that is why a road trip from Vienna to Innsbruck is an excellent way to discover everything the country offers!

With its perfect blend of  historical landmarks ,  charming historic cities  such as Salzburg and the  ideal setting of the Alps , Austria has become a popular destination for travellers seeking  outdoor adventures with a dose of cultural experiences . 

Whether you are exploring the spectacular palaces and museums, skiing in the Alps or indulging in Austrian cuisine, Austria provides a  diverse range of activities and attractions  for an unforgettable road trip.

Here is an example of a  7-day itinerary  providing a mix of cultural experiences, natural beauty and historical sites along your road trip from Vienna to Innsbruck:

Day 1: Vienna

  • Start your road trip in Vienna , the capital of Austria.
  • Explore the main attractions, including  Schönbrunn Palace , St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Hofburg Palace.
  • Stop at a traditional restaurant to sample a Wiener Schnitzel.

Day 2: Melk and Dürnstein

  • Drive to Melk and visit the magnificent Melk Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Continue to Dürnstein, a charming town located on the banks of the Danube River.
  • Explore the medieval streets of Dürnstein and enjoy the views.

Day 3: Krems and Wachau Valley

  • Head to Krems, another picturesque town along the Danube.
  • Explore its historic centre and visit the Gozzoburg Castle.
  • Drive through the Wachau Valley, known for its vineyards and pretty villages.

Day 4: Linz

  • Drive to Linz, the third-largest city in Austria.
  • Explore the Hauptplatz and visit the Ars Electronica Center.
  • Take a stroll along the banks of the Danube.

Day 5: Salzburg

  • Drive to Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart and a city rich in history.
  • Explore its historic Old Town and visit Hohensalzburg Fortress.
  • Take an unforgettable  Sound of Music tour .

Day 6: Zell am See

  • Drive to Zell am See, a beautiful Alpine town located on the shores of Lake Zell.
  • Enjoy water sports, hiking or take a scenic boat ride on the lake.
  • Explore the charming town centre.

Day 7: Innsbruck

  • Drive to Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, known for its breathtaking Alpine backdrop.
  • Explore its historic Old Town and visit the Golden Roof.
  • Take a cable car to the Nordkette mountain range.


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Tips for reducing your impact on a road trip

Are you looking forward to your amazing road trip? I understand! Road trips are a fantastic way of travelling as they allow us to move freely and discover many incredible places at our own pace. However, they can also have negative environmental impacts. That is why considering our carbon footprint and adopting  eco-responsible habits  is essential.

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Here are some sustainable tips on making your Europe road trip more eco-friendly and having a positive impact on the places you visit:

Prepare your route in advance 

I know getting lost on a road trip can feel fun and exciting, but when trying to minimise your footprint, it is best to plan your route to avoid unnecessary travel. In addition, the shorter the distance you travel, the less fuel you will use and the less harmful emissions you will produce. Tip: Get offline maps to stay on track even if you lose signal. 

Plan your meals

Another great way to reduce your impact on the road is to plan your meals. Throughout your journey, try to find local restaurants or eco-friendly facilities. You can try the local cuisine or wander through local markets and buy fresh produce. 

Make your trip plastic-free

As you might know, plastic packaging is a significant environmental issue and causes concerns for wildlife and the preservation of natural landscapes. Therefore, avoid plastic as much as possible and bring reusable items instead. Choose  eco-friendly alternatives , like reusable tote bags, cutlery, plates, etc. Tip: you can also buy  filtered water bottles  to refill your water anywhere. 

Check your car and drive smoothly

Make sure your vehicle is in the best possible condition for the road: check the engine, oil level and tyre pressure before your trip. In addition, use the available features in your car, like cruise control, to help you maintain your speed and reduce excess emissions. And even better, drive an electric vehicle if possible! (Or a bike for the most courageous).

Leave a place better than you found it

Aim to live by the principle: leave no trace. And even better, leave a place better than you found it. For example, dispose of your litter appropriately and pick up any trash you encounter. Be respectful of the land and do not drive over protected areas. And finally, stay on the marked trails when hiking, as going off can be dangerous for flora and fauna. 

Adopt a responsible attitude towards wildlife

Be mindful of your surroundings and adopt a responsible attitude towards wildlife, on land and in the sea. Do not come close to, feed or touch animals and corals. Remember that you are only a guest in their home.

Always respect the local heritage

Treat people and their surroundings with respect. Sustainable travel is not only about the environment but also about the local communities. So, always be respectful and try to learn a few local words!

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sustainable travel checklist

Europe travel planning guide + tips

Yes, buying insurance is always valuable when travelling abroad. Enjoy your European road trip stress-free with one of my favourite providers,  Nomad Insurance .

Yes, tap water is safe to drink in most European countries. But I also recommend travelling with the  UltraPress Purifier Bottle , a filtered water bottle perfect for reducing plastic and staying hydrated.

Yes, renting a car in any European country is easy and is a great way to explore freely. I recommend booking yours with  Rentalcars.com  – they offer a variety of operators for all budgets.

The best way to book your accommodation on a Europe road trip is with  Booking.com  – my favourite platform to compare and reserve places to stay each night, from affordable hostels to luxury resorts.

I recommend booking your plane with  Skyscanner to reach any European cities. It has been my favourite platform for years, as it allows me to book the cheapest flights whilst lowering my carbon emissions.

The best road trip planner app I recommend you download on your phone is Roadtrippers . It will help you build your perfect itinerary with the top stops along the way.

best europe road trips

And you, what is your favourite road trip in Europe ? Let me know in the comments below!

With love ♡ Lucie

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Where to Stay in the Algarve: 8 Best Areas

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The peaceful Lake Obersee, Bavaria 🌿

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This is why fall is the best time to explore Europe on a road trip

Sep 3, 2021 • 5 min read

Young man in car on mountain road looks out from window car, outstretched arms for freedom. Mountain landscape in Summer, shot in Graubunden Canton, Switzerland.

Driving is a great way to see the Swiss Alps © swissmediavision/Getty

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Europe has an embarrassment of riches, from the incomparable art and architecture to the spectacular scenery and the finest food and wine. And a lot of it is supremely accessible by car, if you know the best routes to take.

Fall is one of the best seasons to take a road trip through this stunning continent with its smaller crowds, mild temperatures and warm beautiful tones transforming the scenery. Here's our pick of the best European road trips you should start planning now.

Editor's note: during  COVID-19 , be sure to check local travel restrictions before departure and always follow government health advice.

A castle stands above a river surrounded by dense forest. The sky in the background is pink.

Driving the Romantic Rhine Valley

Where: Düsseldorf, Germany to Mainz, Germany Route: Düsseldorf – Cologne – Bonn – Remagen – Koblenz – Braubach – Boppard – St Goar – Loreley – Kaub –Bacharach – Rüdesheim – Mainz Length: 5–7 days, 146 miles/235km

After traversing powerhouse riverside cities Düsseldorf , Cologne and Bonn , watch epic scenery unfold as Germany’s Romantic Rhine Valley carves between towering cliffs clad in forest and capped by castles, to delightful Mainz. History and wine lovers will love getting up close to the Rhine’s mightiest sights, hike through its loftiest vineyards and discover hidden treasures and romantic hideaways.

The idyllic Boppard is one of the Romantic Rhine’s prettiest towns while Rüdesheim, offers the chance to escape the crowds by hiking into the picturesque vineyards. The weather is best April to October, but July and August can be a bit crowded.

A black Mini drives a mountainous road lined with snow

Touring the Swiss Alps

Where: Arosa, Switzerland to Zermatt, Switzerland Route: Arosa – Vals – Disentis Abbey – Andermatt – Engleberg – Giessbachfälle – Grindelwald – Lauterbrunnen – Schilthorn – Kandersteg – Altesch Glacier – Zermatt Length: 7 days, 380 miles/612km

This zigzagging trip is the A to Z of Switzerland’s astounding alpine scenery, with majestic peaks, formidable panoramas, cable-car rides and local charm. Perfect for families who love the outdoors this trip full of soul-stirring views visits five cantons via hairpin bends, valley highways, tunnels, and passes. In Andermatt, don’t miss hiking to the sparkly Lai da Tuma , the source of the Rhine.

Stop at the Aletsch Glacier, a seemingly never-ending 23km-long swirl of ice with deep crevasses that slice past thundering falls, jagged spires of rock and pine forest. Access the glacier from picture-postcard Fiesch where you can ride a cable car  from the village. Finally, take the train to car-free Zermatt and the pop-up-book effect of the one-of-a-kind Matterhorn . 

Bellagio town on Lake Como seen from above

Visiting the graceful Italian Lakes

Where: Stresa, Italy to Bergamo, Italy Route: Stresa – Verbania – Cannobio – Varese – Como – Bellagio – Tremezzo – Varenna – Bergamo  Length: 5–7 days, 132 miles/213km

Writers from Goethe to Hemingway have lavished praise on the Italian Lakes , dramatically ringed by snow-powdered mountains and garlanded by grand villas and exotic, tropical flora. Formed at the end of the last ice age, and a popular holiday spot since Roman times, the Italian lakes have an enduring natural beauty.

At Lago Maggiore the palaces of the Borromean Islands lie like a fleet of fine vessels in the gulf, their grand ballrooms and shell encrusted grottoes once host to Napoleon and Princess Diana, while the siren call of Lago di Como draws Arabian sheikhs and Hollywood movie stars to its discreet forested slopes. 

A sunset shot of a beach, with the city behind it. The palm trees are silhouettes dominating the shot

Crossing the French Riviera 

Where: Cannes, France to Èze, France Route: Cannes – Antibes & Juan-les-Pins – St-Paul de Vence – Nice – La Grande Corniche – Roquebrune-Cap-Martin – Menton – Monaco – Èze Length: 4 days, 68 miles/110km

French road trips just don’t get more glamorous than this: cinematic views, searing sunshine, art history aplenty and the Mediterranean around every turn. Cruising the Côte d’Azur is a top French road trip. From film town Cannes to down-to-earth Nice, via the corkscrew turns of the Corniches and into millionaires'  Monaco , it’s a drive you’ll remember forever.

Filmmakers, writers, celebs and artists have all had their hearts stolen by this glittering stretch of coastline: by the end of this trip, you’ll understand why. Try to avoid the dreadful summer traffic in July and August, but any other time is a dream. 

Aerial shot of a red car on a country road surrounded by vineyards in Spain

Roving La Rioja wine region

Where: Logoroño, Spain to Laguardia, Spain Route: Logroño – Nájera – San Millán de Cogolla – Santo Domingo de la Calzada – Haro – Briones – Elciego –Laguardia Length: 2–4 days, 87 miles/140km

Learn all about the gift of the grape on this quiet road trip through vine-studded countryside. Head out in September or October and along the way you can visit wine museums and bodegas and admire stunning architecture. La Rioja is home to the best wines in Spain and on this short and sweet road trip along unhurried back roads you’ll enjoy gorgeous vine-striped countryside and asleep-at-noon villages of honey-colored stone.

But the real interest is reserved for food and drink. Logroño for example is gaining a culinary reputation to rival anywhere in Spain while in sunset-gold Briones you’ll find Dinastía Vivanco that offers several floors on the history and culture of wine and the various processes that go into production. 

A large white chateau built over a river, with four large archways for the water to pass under

Seeing the best chateaux of the Loire 

Where: Chinon, France - Chambord, France Route: Chinon – Lageais – Villandry – Azay-le-Rideau – Chenonceaux – Amboise – Blois – Cheverny – Chambord Length: 5 days, 118 miles/190km

For centuries, France’s longest river has been a backdrop for royal intrigue and extravagant castles. From warring medieval warlords to the kings and queens of Renaissance France, a parade of powerful men and women have left their mark on the Loire Valley. The result is France’s most magnificent collection of castles.

This trip weaves nine of the Loire Valley’s most spectacular and sublimely beautiful châteaux, ranging from austere medieval fortresses such as the Forteresse Royale de Chinon , where Joan of Arc first met Charles VII, to ostentatious royal pleasure palaces like Château du Chambord , with its double-helix staircase designed by Leonardo da Vinci. The stretch between Chenonceau and Chambord takes in the true classics. Go in May and June for good cycling weather or July for the gardens.

Vineyards around Spitz, Austria

Road tripping along the Danube

Where: From Passau, Germany to Vienna, Austria Route: Passau – Engelhartszell an der Donau – Linz – St Florian – Mauthausen Memorial – Melk – Dürnstein –Krems an der Donau – Sift Göttweig – Vienna Length: 2–4 days, 182 miles/293km

If you’re looking for a short but vibrant summer trip, follow the Danube from Passau , Germany to the majestic Austrian capital of Vienna . Immortalized in the stirring Blue Danube waltz by Austrian composer Johann Strauss II, this magnificent river ripples with the reflections of green forests, hilltop castles, and ribbons of vineyards, particularly on its prettiest stretch, the Wachau , between Melk and Krems an der Donau .

Along the river’s course are plenty of surprises too, including the cutting-edge city of Linz and two monasteries – Engelhartszell an der Donau and Stift Göttweig – producing respectively, sublime beer and wine. 

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Article first published in February 2020, and last updated in September 2021

This article was first published Feb 17, 2020 and updated Sep 3, 2021.

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En route vers votre prochaine aventure


Road trips en Europe

Les 15 plus beaux road trips à faire en europe en 2023.

Vous cherchez les plus beaux road-trips en Europe ? Cela tombe bien ! Je vous donne dans cet article les 15 plus beaux itinéraires à suivre pour découvrir l'Europe en voiture, en camping-car ou bien en van aménagé ! Les routes d’Europe ne manquent pas de surprises et de panoramas uniques. Il y a tellement de belles choses à découvrir à deux pas de chez nous. L'avantage c'est que le road-trip en Europe permet de découvrir de magnifiques endroits (souvent inconnus !) sans exploser votre budget ! 🙂

Sans plus attendre, voilà les 15 plus beaux road-trips à faire en Europe ! 

1. La côte ouest du Portugal

Si vous souhaitez faire un magnifique road trip en Europe, je vous conseille vivement le Portugal pour un voyage entre Porto et Lisbonne sur une semaine ! Bien entendu, Porto et Lisbonne sont deux très belles villes qui méritent au moins deux journées chacune si vous avez le temps et si vous ne les connaissez pas. Vous avez différentes options pour visiter la côte ouest du Portugal, vous pouvez faire l'intérieur des terres si vous voulez découvrir le côté pittoresque du pays avec ses petits villages, ses fleuves et ses vignes, ça vaut le détour ! Si vous voulez d'autres idées de  road trip au Portugal , j'ai un article pour vous !

road trip europe nazare

J'ai choisi de suivre la côte plutôt, j'avais envie de longer l'océan et de découvrir certaines des plus belles plages du Portugal et de découvrir les villages de pêche traditionnels. On m'a aussi dit que Nazaré et Péniche étaient parmi les meilleurs endroits où surfer au Portugal et je n'ai pas été déçu, on y retrouve certains des plus beaux spots au monde ! Je vous conseille de jeter un coup d'oeil à mon article si vous comptez visiter Lisbonne en 3 jours  😉

Mon itinéraire

Jour 1 : Porto

Jour 2 : Porto/la vallée de Douro

Jour 3 : Aveiro,Costa Nova

Jour 4 : Nazaré, Péniche

Jour 5 : Sintra

Jour 6 : Lisbonne

Jour 7 : Lisbonne

2. Les Pouilles, Italie

Située dans le sud-est de l’Italie, la région des Pouilles est l’endroit parfait pour faire un road trip en Italie. Le climat est vraiment très agréable et les paysages sont à couper le souffle. Si vous avez le temps, je vous conseille de prendre plusieurs jours pour visiter les Pouilles et explorer cette région à fond ! Vous y verrez certains des plus beaux châteaux des Pouilles, des maisons blanches accrochées à flanc de falaises, des belvédères offrant de superbes vues sur la mer, de magnifiques grottes et une mer turquoise sublime ! Et ne parlons même pas de la gastronomie exceptionnelle du sud de l'Italie ! D'ailleurs, si vous voulez vous aventurer plus dans la région, vous pourriez carrément faire un road trip dans le sud de l'Italie !

monopoli roadtrip europe pouilles

Il y a plusieurs options pour un road trip dans les Pouilles mais je pense que si vous voulez découvrir tous les aspects de cette partie de l'Italie, vous devriez découvrir aussi bien la côte que l'intérieur des terres avec ses vallées, ses oliveraies et ses vignes ! Si vous comptez faire une semaine dans les Pouilles ou que vous vous demandez où dormir dans les Pouilles , je vous conseille de lire mes articles à ce sujet 🙂

Quel itinéraire pour visiter la région ?

Jour 1 : Bari

Jour 2 : Polignagno a Mare

Jour 3 : Monopoli

Jour 4 : Ostuni-Lecce

Jour 5 : Otrante

Jour 6 : Gallipoli

Jour 7 : Tarente-Matera

Jour 8 : Retour à Bari

3. Menton-Col de Turini, France

Si vous avez seulement 3 jours et que vous souhaitez faire un mini road trip dans le sud de la France , je vous conseille un petit voyage qui vous fera voir la mer et la montagne. Depuis la jolie ville de Menton , en bord de mer, vous monterez vers le Col de Turini , situé à 1607 mètres d’altitude dans les Alpes maritimes. Le Col de Turini est célèbre pour avoir accueilli les coureurs du Tour de France et les pilotes du rallye de Monte-Carlo. Cette route pleine de virages est dangereuse de nuit, mais parfaite pour un road trip en journée ! 

roadtrip europe menton

Que vous la fassiez en voiture ou à vélo, la « route du Col de Turini » vous procura de nombreuses sensations et vous offrira de superbes panoramas sur la montagne certes, mais aussi sur la mer Méditerranée. Il conviendra également aux amateurs de randonnées ! C'est le premier road-trip en France que je vous propose dans cette sélection. Si vous ne voulez pas choisir entre la plage et les montagnes et que vous êtes limité niveau temps, ce mini road trip pourrait être une excellente option pour vous.

L'itinéraire à suivre

Jour 1 : Menton

Jour 2 : Sospel

Jour 3 : L'Authion

4. La côte nord de l'Espagne

Sur le littoral nord de l’Espagne, vous retrouverez de superbes paysages sauvages avec une végétation luxuriante et des plages magnifiques ainsi que de belles villes historiques, je vous conseille vraiment de vous arrêter pour profiter le temps de quelques heures ou quelques jours des nombreux lieux d'intérêt et si vous avez envie de de faire du surf, c'est vraiment l'endroit idéal pour le faire ! Si vous songez à la location de camping car, la région s'y prête vraiment bien avec un magnifique itinéraire sur une semaine, voire plus !

road trip europe espagne

Alors, si vous êtes tentés par l’aventure d’un road trip en Espagne le long de ses côtes escarpées, je vous propose l’itinéraire suivant qui vous permettra de voir les plus beaux sites de la région : départ Saint-Sébastien et arrivée à La Corogne ! Si vous voulez en savoir plus sur les activités à faire dans les villes que vous visiterez, je vous conseille de consulter mes articles pour savoir que faire à San Sebastian et que faire à Bilbao .

Quel itinéraire suivre ?

Jour 1 : Saint Sébastien

Jour 2 :  Saint Sébastien

Jour 3 : Bilbao

Jour 4 : Santander

Jour 5 : Santillana del Mar

Jour 6 : Gijón

Jour 7 : La Coruna

5. La Route des Trolls, Norvège

La Route des Trolls est un des plus beaux road trips à faire en Europe et une des plus belles attractions de Norvège. Cette route est même considérée comme une des plus belles du monde. Raison pour laquelle elle est protégée par l’UNESCO !

road trip route des trolls

La Route des Trolls est une route de montagne qui relie Åndalsnes à Geiranger (petite ville touristique) deux communes situées dans l’ouest du pays, sur la route 63. C’est une route très abrupte à flanc de montagne, mais vous y aurez des vues magnifiques sur son fjord à couper le souffle Geirangerfjord (c'est un fjord de 15 km de long situé entre deux falaises allant jusqu’à 1200 m de haut) et la cascade de Syv Søstrene   (la cascade des Sept Sœurs composée de 7 ruisseaux). Nous vous conseillons un road trip depuis Alesund, considérée par beaucoup comme la plus belle ville de la Norvège où vous pouvez passer une journée ou plus ! 

Attention, la Route des Trolls est considérée comme dangereuse pour les jeunes conducteurs. Elle est sinueuse avec une pente de 10% et les 11 virages qui la composent sont serrés et raides. À certains endroits seulement un véhicule peut passer (sens unique, les motards l’adorent) ! I l faut aussi savoir que cette route est fermée entre septembre/octobre et mai/juin à cause de la neige . Donc, allez-y au printemps ou en été.

Mon itinéraire pour un mini road trip en Norvège

Jour 1 : Alesund

Jour 2 : Åndalsnes

Jour 3 : Geiranger

6. Athènes-Les Météores-Thessaloniki, Grèce

Quand on parle de vacances en Grèce, on pense directement à Athènes ou aux îles Grecques mais l'intérieur de ce pays vaut vraiment la peine d'être découvert ! Si vous avez au moins une semaine, je vous conseillerais de faire un road trip à travers le pays depuis Athènes jusqu'à Thessaloniki en passant par les Météores. Vous pourriez louer une voiture à Athènes à votre arrivée et la rendre à Thessaloniki. 

roadtrip grece meteores

L'idéal serait de passer quelques jours dans la capitale pour découvrir cette cité historique chargée de culture et de charme. Si vous voulez savoir que faire à Athènes ou encore où dormir à Athènes , je vous conseille mes articles dédiés 😉 Après la découverte de cette belle ville, il est temps de prendre la route pour se diriger vers les Météores, un lieu unique en Europe, mais aussi dans le monde ! Pourquoi ? Parce qu’au milieu de cette terre, des rochers comme tombés du ciel abritent sur leur sommet des monastères. Le site des monastères des Météores est classé au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO et c'est l’un des plus visités de la Grèce. 

Même si vous pouvez vous rendre dans la plupart des monastères en voiture, la randonnée reste le meilleur moyen de mesurer la grandeur des Météores. Je vous conseille donc de passer 1 ou 2 nuits sur place au moins pour pouvoir explorer ce site exceptionnel ! Ensuite, vous prendrez la route pour rejoindre Thessaloniki, la deuxième plus grande ville du pays pour y découvrir sa richesse culturelle et naturelle avec ses musées, ses sentiers de promenades et les belles plages de Chalcidique. 

Si vous vous demandez où aller en Grèce ,   j'ai un article dédié pour vous 😉

Quel itinéraire pour visiter la Grèce continentale ?

Jour 1 : Athènes

Jour 2 : Athènes

Jour 3 : Kamena Vourla

Jour 4 : Les Météores

Jour 5 :  Les Météores

Jour 6 : Thessaloniki

Jour 7 : Thessaloniki

7. La Route 1, Islande

La « Route 1 » (appelée aussi route circulaire, Ring Road) est la principale route d’Islande. Grâce à elle, vous pourrez faire le tour de l’île sur 1 339 km, en suivant la côte depuis Reykjavík jusqu’à Akureyri. Si vous avez le temps, je vous conseille vraiment de faire ce road trip en Islande , vous traverserez des villages pittoresques et découvrirez des paysages mystérieux et hors du commun comme d’immenses glaciers, des cascades incroyables et des plages grandioses. C'est l'un des plus beaux road-trips en Europe pour le côté nature et sauvage, authentique. 

route 1 islande

Selon ce que vous souhaitez faire et voir lors de votre road trip en Islande, et aussi en fonction de la saison bien entendu, il faudra choisir soit de louer un camping car pendant la saison estivale ou de louer une voiture. Je vous conseille mes articles sur la location de camping car en Islande et également sur la location de 4x4 en Islande pour avoir toutes les infos pour votre road trip. Votre road trip peut facilement durer une semaine, la Route 1 peut être parcourue sur 16 à 17 heures mais tout dépendra de ce que vous comptez faire : vous voulez vous balader en pleine nature ? Aller voir des grottes de glace en Islande ? Ou de superbes glaciers ? Vous aimeriez vous détendre au Blue Lagoon ? En tout cas si vous vous demandez que faire en Islande, vous avez de nombreuses options !

Le meilleur itinéraire pour découvrir l'Islande

Jour 1 : Reykjavik

Jour 2 : Reykjavik

Jour 3 : Akureyri

Jour 4 : Egilsstaðir

Jour 5 : Höfn

Jour 6 :  Dans les environs de Jokulsarlon

Jour 7 :  Vik

8. L’Andalousie, Espagne

Avec son climat chaud, son splendide bord de mer, ses parcs nationaux et son riche patrimoine culturel, l’Andalousie, située à l’extrême Sud de l’Espagne, est la région parfaite pour un faire un petit road trip en Europe. Si vous ne savez pas où aller en Espagne , c'est clairement la destination que je vous recommande ! Vous pouvez faire un road trip de 3-4 jours et visiter seulement quelques endroits mais si vous avez le temps, je vous conseille vivement de faire un véritable road trip pour découvrir la région pendant une semaine, voire plus. D'ailleurs, j'ai un article pour vous si vous voulez visiter l'Andalousie en 7 jours .

visiter ronda

Vous pouvez partir depuis Séville ou Málaga, c'est là que se trouvent les deux aéroports internationaux de la région. Je vous conseille de regarder du côté de Málaga avant, les vols sont souvent un peu moins chers là. Mon itinéraire débutera là mais vous pouvez évidemment le changer selon votre point de départ. Si vous avez un peu plus de temps, vous pouvez également aller à Gibraltar, ce territoire britannique d'outre-mer, situé au sud de la péninsule Ibérique ! En tout cas, je vous conseille de prendre un peu de temps pour visiter Séville , c’est l'une des plus belles villes de la région. Elle possède de nombreux sites de toute beauté relatant son histoire passée. Le palais de l’Alcazar et la cathédrale de Séville doivent ainsi figurer en haut de votre liste des choses à voir.

Quel itinéraire pour visiter l'Andalousie ?

Jour 1 : Málaga

Jour 2 : Granada

Jour 3 : Cordoue

Jour 4 : Séville

Jour 5 :  Séville

Jour 6 : Cadix

Jour 7 : Ronda-Málaga

9. L'île de Wright en Angleterre

Si vous voulez faire un road trip en Angleterre et que vous ne savez pas où aller, je vous conseille de prendre 3 à 4 jours pour faire un road trip sur l’île de Wight. Avec ses 384 km2, c’est la plus grand île du pays et elle attire tous les ans de nombreux visiteurs pour la beauté de ses paysages variés qui lui ont valu le nom de « l'Angleterre en miniature ». D’ailleurs, plus de la moitié de l'île de Wight est classée zone de beauté naturelle exceptionnelle et l'île entière a été désignée comme réserve de biosphère de l'UNESCO. Elle jouit aussi d’un climat doux, on peut y faire des escapades en mer, profiter de la nature en toute quiétude, découvrir sa faune très bien préservée ! La route militaire qui longe le littoral sud-ouest et s'étend de Chale à à Freshwater Bay compte parmi les plus beaux parcours du Royaume-Uni.

ile de wright

Tous les ans, en été, l’île de Wight accueille l'un des festivals de musique pop et rock les plus importants d'Europe mais si vous comptez faire votre road trip à l’occasion de ce festival, vous devrez vous y prendre très à l’avance pour tout réserver car l’île est prise d’assaut ! L’île de Wight se trouve au sud de l’Angleterre, au large de Southampton et Portsmouth et est facile d’accès en ferry depuis ces deux villes.

Quel parcours faire sur l'île de Wight ?

Jour 1 :  Cowes

Jour 2 : Bembridge

Jour 3 : St Lawrence

Jour 4 : Freshwater-Cowes

10. La grande Route des Dolomites, Italie

Parmi les plus beaux road trips à faire en Europe, la grande route des Dolomites, dans le nord de l’Italie, est une super destination ! Le massif des Dolomites, au cœur du Sud-Tyrol, classé en 2009 à l’UNESCO au patrimoine mondial, regorge de paysages grandioses et dépaysants. Le long des routes sinueuses, vous verrez des vallées, des alpages, des forêts, des lacs et bien sûr des montagnes.

road trip europe dolomites

Pour accéder à la région, optez pour un départ depuis Venise .  Vous pouvez d'ailleurs en profiter pour découvrir la ville, si vous voulez visiter Venise , j'ai écrit un article complet sur le sujet. Ensuite roulez jusqu’à Belluno , qui se trouve   à 107 km au nord, c’est la dernière grande ville avant d’arriver aux Dolomites. Faites le plein de course et d’essence ! Cette région est superbe pour les amateurs de randonnée, vous y découvrirez des paysages vraiment époustouflants ! Que ce soient les lacs à la couleur bleu vert, surplombés par les montagnes en aiguilles et entourés par des forêts de sapins comme le Lago di Carezza ou les plateaux avec les Piramidi di terra, ces colonnes de terre qui se sont formées suite à l’érosion et changent lorsqu’il pleut, les superbes points de vue que vous aurez, les petits villages pittoresques de montagne... les Dolomites vous en mettront plein la vue tout au long de votre road trip !

C'est un voyage à faire aussi bien en camping car qu'en voiture selon votre budget et dépendant de ce que vous voulez faire ! Notez que le long de cet itinéraire, vous aurez de nombreux frais à payer. En effet, la plupart des parkings sont payants tout comme les entrées aux parcs naturels. Si vous voulez explorer la région plus au nord, vous pouvez consulter mon article pour organiser un road trip en Italie du Nord .

Quel itinéraire suivre pour explorer les Dolomites ?

Jour 1 : Venise

Jour 2 : Venise

Jour 3 :  Belluno-Renon-Bolzano

Jour 4 :  Funes-Tiso-Ortisei

Jour 5 : Canazei-Lago di Braies

Jour 6 : Tre Cime di Lavaredo

11. La Route romantique, Allemagne

La « Route romantique » (die Romantische Straβe) en Allemagne est une des plus prisées par les amateurs d’histoire. Le road trip qui la suit permet en effet d’explorer l’architecture des villes médiévales, des monuments classés au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO, des châteaux aux vieilles pierres tout droit sortis de contes de fées. Sans oublier le magnifique panorama sur les paysages montagneux et les vignobles ! C'est un road-trip en Europe très nature et un itinéraire très populaire en Bavière.

route romantique baviere

Vous avez envie de suivre cet itinéraire ? Voici le parcours qui relie la ville de Wurtzbourg à celle de Füssen à la frontière autrichienne : 350 km que vous pouvez faire d’une traite en moins de trois heures, mais vous risqueriez de rater le meilleur… Vous pouvez partir depuis Francfort où vous pourrez louer une voiture et vous diriger vers Wurtzbourg, en Franconie, le point de départ de la Route romantique, qui est d'ailleurs surnommée « la perle de la Route Romantique ». Suite à son passé tourmenté, la ville possède en effet une architecture exceptionnelle. Vous pourrez aussi faire une dégustation de vins !

Tout au long de ce road trip, vous verrez des villes fortifiées, des forteresses médiévales, des monuments médiévaux et aussi de superbes châteaux dont celui dont s'est inspiré Disney pour la Belle au bois dormant, le fameux château de Neuschwanstein , situé sur un rocher de 970 mètres de haut. En été, c'est super sympa mais en automne les paysages sont encore plus beaux !

Itinéraire pour un road trip sur la Route romantique

Jour 1 : Wurtzbourg

Jour 2 :  Dinkelsbühl

Jour 3 : Augsbourg

Jour 4 : Hohenschwangau

12. La Côte d’Azur, France

Envie d’un road trip unique sans partir très loin ? Optez pour la Côte d’Azur ! Vous y trouverez de jolies routes qui vous mèneront vers des villages traditionnels et de sublimes stations balnéaires. La côte méditerranéenne est aussi riche de sites d’intérêt qui sauront vous captiver.  Départ de Marseille pour longer les routes du bord de mer et arriver à Menton : un itinéraire d'environ 280 km qui peut être fait en 3 heures mais devient bien plus long lorsque vous vous arrêtez dans tous les villages qui se trouvent sur votre chemin.

road trip sud de la france

Vous pouvez passer une ou deux journées à Marseille, surtout si vous ne connaissez pas cette belle ville portuaire ! Ensuite, vous vous dirigerez vers  Cassis, qui  est un stop incontournable à faire. Après avoir fait un tour au marché dans le centre-ville et avoir fait le plein de produits locaux, allez faire la visite du petit port pour admirer les immeubles aux façades multicolores. Depuis les quais, vous aurez un joli point de vue sur les falaises, le rocher du Bec de l’Aigle et le Cap Canaille. Une visite des célèbres calanques de Cassis s’impose ! Vous pouvez y aller à pied ou faire une excursion en bateau ! Puis prenez la direction de Hyères et de Porquerolles. En fonction de ce que vous aimeriez voir, vous pouvez vous poser plusieurs jours dans une ville pour la découvrir, surtout si vous ne connaissez pas bien cette région. N’hésitez pas à prendre une semaine de vacances pour faire le tour de la Côte d’Azur.

Mon parcours pour découvrir la côte d'Azur

Jour 1 : Marseille

Jour 2 : île de   Porquerolles

Jour 3 : Saint Tropez

Jour 4 :  Cannes

Jour 5 :  Nice/Menton

13. L’Anneau de Kerry, Irlande

Si vous envisagez de faire un  road trip en Irlande , je vous conseille vivement le Ring of Kerry (l’Anneau de Kerry). C’est la plus belle des routes dans cette région de l'Europe ! Vous trouverez cette boucle de 179 km à peine dans le sud-ouest du pays dans la péninsule d’Iveragh. Ce petit bout de chemin (composé de 3 routes : la N70, la N71 et la N72) vous permettra de découvrir les plus beaux panoramas d’Irlande. Vous verrez une succession de divers paysages tous aussi beaux les uns que les autres : des falaises, des lacs, des criques, des villages plein de charme, des vallées, des rivières, des cascades… Et des plages à couper le souffle.

road trip anneau de kerry

Notez que vous pouvez faire ce road trip à vélo (si vous avez les mollets !) ou en bus. En effet, ce circuit est très prisé par les compagnies touristiques. Mais si vous préférez le confort de la voiture (comme moi !) et que vous voulez être libre de vos mouvements, la voiture est le meilleur moyen de locomotion pour ce voyage en Irlande. Le meilleur conseil que je puisse vous donner est de faire le tour de l'anneau dans le sens des aiguilles d’une montre car c'est ainsi que vous aurez de meilleures vues : vous serez du côté gauche de la rue et la mer sera toujours à votre gauche.

Prenez votre départ à Killarney, une très jolie petite ville de 10 000 habitants où vous pouvez passer une première nuit. Sur votre route, vous pourrez vous arrêter pour admirer Torc Waterfall, le Gap of Dunloe, une vallée pleine de lacs, de collines et de prairies, des châteaux, des ruines, les superbes falaises de Kerry, les îles Skellig... 

Vous pouvez faire ce road trip en une demi-journée, mais vous n’aurez pas vraiment pris le temps de contempler chaque site. Alors, le mieux est de faire la route de l’Anneau de Kerry en deux à trois jours au moins.

Quel itinéraire pour l'Anneau de Kerry ?

Jour 1 : Killarney

Jour 2 : Sneem

Jour 3 : Portmagee

Jour 4 : Glenbeigh

15. La côte d'Algarve, Portugal

Située dans le sud du Portugal, l’Algarve est une région ensoleillée qui mérite bien un voyage de quelques jours, le temps de parcourir les villes côtières et un peu l’intérieur des terres. Au programme des plages de rêve, des falaises saisissantes, des grottes incroyables et des champs d’orangers à perte de vue. D'ailleurs, su vous voulez savoir que faire en Algarve , j'ai un article pour vous ! Il y a plusieurs possibilités mais nous avons choisi d'atterrir à Faro pour aller vers le côté est du pays dans la jolie petite ville de Tavira pour commencer par un séjour tranquille en bord de mer. Puis nous nous sommes dirigés vers l'intérieur des terres à Monchique, vous y découvrirez des paysages différents : des vallées verdoyantes et la Serra Monchique , point de départ de nombreuses randonnées. L’ascension du Pico da Foia (902 m) ou du « mont Picota » sont des must do de votre séjour. Vous y aurez de superbes points de vue sur l’Algarve. Si vous voulez plutôt un petit moment détente, vous pourrez vous rendre aux thermes de Caldas de Monchique.

road trip sud portugal

Vous pourrez ensuite vous diriger vers le littoral ouest et descendre toute la côte sud, de Sagres à Albufeira en passant par Lagos, qui est une jolie ville qui vaut vraiment le détour. Ensuite, du côté de Benagil , vous allez découvrir des grottes fabuleuses, mais la plus belle reste la grotte de Benagil , emblème de la région. C'est un gigantesque dôme creusé par la mer dans la falaise. Le paysage est presque irréel, l’ambiance mystique : à vos pieds, une plage et au-dessus de vous un puits de lumière. Vous pouvez ensuite reprendre la route pour aller à Albufeira , une ville très touristique et animée aux ruelles aussi charmantes les unes que les autres. Si vous voulez faire la fête, c'est l'endroit pour le faire ! Si vous voulez plus d'idées de logements et d'activités pour votre road trip en Algarve , n'hésitez pas à consulter mon article 😉

Mon itinéraire pour explorer l'Algarve

Jour 1 :  Faro

Jour 2 : Tavira

Jour 3 :  Monchique

Jour 4 :  Lagos

Jour 5 : Albufeira

15. L’Ile de Skye, Ecosse

Si vous avez envie de faire un road trip en Ecosse, faites le tour de l’île de Skye, la plus belle et la deuxième plus grande île d’Ecosse. Vous vous rendrez vite compte que c’est une étape incontournable de tout voyage en Ecosse. Vous y serez comme au bout du monde et vous y verrez les plus beaux paysages de votre vie : des falaises, des cascades, des canyons, des vallées des lochs…et des tas de moutons ! Ce panorama incroyablement sauvage ne vous laissera assurément pas indifférents.

road trip europe ecosse

Pour vous rendre sur l’île de Skye, vous avez deux options : vous pouvez prendre le ferry à Mallaig en direction d’Armadale . La traversée dure 30 à 45 minutes et vous en aurez pour environ 30 € aller-retour. Ou alors vous pouvez suivre l’A87 pour arriver au village de Kyleakin   (à l’est de l’île de Skye). Vous pourrez alors prendre le pont qui relie l’île de Skye au continent : le « Skye Bridge ». Et là c’est gratuit !

L’île n’est pas très grande (vous pouvez même faire votre road trip à vélo, mais attention, elle ne compte que peu de stations-services, alors pensez à faire le plein !), mais il y a beaucoup de sites exceptionnels à voir. Alors, prenez au moins 2 jours pour en avoir un bon aperçu. Par contre, en restant sur place 3 ou 4 jours, vous aurez vraiment vu tous les incontournables et cela vous donnera en plus le temps de faire de nombreuses randonnées !

Le parcours pour découvrir l'île de Skye lors d'un road trip

Jour 1 : Broadford

Jour 2 :  Portree

Jour 3 :  Uig-Struan

Jour 4 :  Ardvasar  

Mes conseils pour organiser votre road trip en Europe !

C'est décidé, on vous a convaincu avec nos 15 itinéraires et vous partez faire un road trip en Europe en solo, avec des amis, de la famille ou à 2 ? Après avoir choisi votre destination, il vous reste encore à vous organiser. Parmi les choses que vous devriez absolument faire avant de vous lancer dans cette aventure, voici les plus importantes :

Bien choisir son véhicule

choisir vehicule road trip europe

Pour décider quel véhicule choisir, plusieurs questions se posent : allez-vous prendre votre propre véhicule ou comptez-vous en louer un sur place ? Plutôt citadine, 4x4, van aménagé ou camping car ? Bien entendu si vous comptez faire un road trip en Algarve alors que vous vivez à Strasbourg, on vous conseille bien évidemment de prendre un vol, d'atterrir à Faro et louer un véhicule sur place ! Vous pouvez regarder du côté du prix de la location d'un camping car si vous avez un petit budget et si vous voyagez à plusieurs et pourquoi pas un van aménagé si vous êtes deux. Regardez du côté de Yescapa ou de MotorHome Republic pour en louer. Mais si vous aimez votre confort, je vous conseille une voiture, que vous pouvez d'ailleurs louer en comparant les offres sur RentalCars , et de loger dans des hôtels, auberges ou appartements.

S'y prendre à l'avance pour réserver le logement

Si vous choisissez de louer une voiture, il faudra vous y prendre à l'avance pour réserver votre logement surtout pendant la saison touristique. Ce serait donc mieux de planifier votre itinéraire et de décider combien de nuits vous ferez dans tel ou tel endroit et de les réserver, que ce soit un hôtel sur Booking ou un appartement sur AirBnB. 

Prévoir son budget

Il est important de bien prévoir son budget pour faire un road trip et de prendre en compte tous les éléments pour ne pas avoir de mauvaise surprise. Au niveau du transport, il faut calculer le prix de la location de véhicule si vous en louez un, l'essence et les péages. Pour la nourriture, votre budget ne sera pas très conséquent si vous optez pour la location d'un camping car, mais si vous mangez tous les jours au restaurant, il faudra prendre en considération le coût de la vie dans le pays que vous avez choisi. Pareil pour l'hébergement 🙂 Vous devez aussi avoir un budget pour les activités si vous comptez en faire et prévoir aussi un peu d'argent pour le shopping et les souvenirs ! 

C'est tout pour cet article sur les road trips en Europe, j'espère qu'il vous a aidé à organiser votre voyage ! Si vous avez d'autres idées de road trip en Europe à partager, n'hésitez pas à nous laisser un commentaire 😉

auteur emmanuel voyageavecnous

Les voyages ? Une passion ! Depuis 2013 (déjà !) je partage mes aventures sur ce blog voyage et je vous donne des conseils pour préparer vos prochaines escapades en Europe et un peu partout dans le monde !

Où partir en Juin au soleil ? Nos conseils

Les derniers articles

Malte en novembre

Les lieux les plus insolites et irréels

Visiter Milan en 4 jours

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Road trip en Europe : les 23 plus beaux itinéraires à découvrir

Nastasya Kotnarovsky

Et si vous vous lanciez pour une aventure des plus dépaysantes en voyage : un road trip en Europe ! Je reste un fan inconditionnelle de ce type de voyage, qui permet à la fois de lier découverte d’une destination, et expérience de liberté mémorable ! On ne compte plus le nombre d’itinéraires possibles en Europe, des road trip mythiques au soleil, au Portugal, en Croatie en Grèce ou Espagne. Ainsi que des road trip transportant dans les paysages les plus sauvages d’Europe, au cœur de l’Islande, le long des falaises déchiquetées d’Irlande, dans les Highlands en Écosse ou aux confins des Dolomites en Italie. Sans oublier des road trip en Europe de l’Est qui ont de beaux jours devant eux, du Monténégro à la Slovénie, en passant par l’Autriche. Inspirez-vous parmi cette liste de 23 road trip à faire en Europe. Préparez votre itinéraire et votre meilleure playlist de musique, et lancez-vous dans la grande aventure on the road !

  • La carte des road trip à faire en Europe
  • Comment préparer son road trip en Europe
  • 23 itinéraires de road trip à faire en Europe
  • La boîte à outils pour organiser un road trip en Europe


road trip au Monténégro : Durmitor


Découvrez mon guide complet pour organiser votre road trip en Europe comme il se doit, et voyager l’esprit serein. Parmi les éléments incontournables, la location de voiture, bien entendu. Je passe maintenant systématiquement par le site de location Auto Europe , à la fois compétitif, riche d’agences et couvrant énormément de pays. La procédure de location est simple et le comparatif des prestations et assurances, bien expliqué, le top ! Je parle plus en détail dans mon guide du type de véhicule à louer selon vos destinations, quelles assurances prendre et surtout, les cartes bleues avec lesquelles voyager pour éviter les soucis de paiement au moment de récupérer votre véhicule (car oui, c’est déjà arrivé à certains et c’est la galère) !

Si vous partez avec votre voiture, prenez toujours votre carte d’identité, ou passeport pour les pays hors de l’UE (comme le Monténégro, par exemple). Munissez-vous d’un permis de conduire international, de la carte grise et de la carte verte. Vérifiez au dos de votre carte d’assurance les pays pour lesquels vous êtes couverts en cas de panne. Enfin, calculez votre budget voyage facilement, avec le site d’itinéraire Michelin par exemple. Prévoyez l’équipement adéquat selon vos besoins et réservez à l’avance (ou non, comme moi ^^) vos hébergements, selon votre destination et la période.

Mon guide complet pour organiser son road trip enn Europe ici : budget, sites, assurances, outils…

pays à visiter en 2018 Monténégro


  • 1. Road trip en Écosse : au cœur des Highlands
  • 2. Road trip entre l’Irlande du Nord et nord de l’Irlande
  • 3. Road trip en Irlande : serpenter le long des péninsules de l’ouest
  • 4. Road trip en Angleterre du Sud : de Brighton à la Cornouailles
  • 5. Road trip en Islande : le tour de l’île en van
  • 6. Road trip en Norvège : au cœur de l’archipel des Lofoten

7. Road trip au Pays-Bas : des canaux d’Amsterdam aux moulins de Kinderdijk

  • 8. Water-trip au Pays-Bas : voguer le long des canaux du pays
  • 9. Road trip dans l’Ardenne : à cheval entre la Belgique, le Luxembourg et la France
  • 10. Road trip en Allemagne : au cœur de la Forêt Noire

11. Road trip entre la Bavière allemande et les lands autrichiens du Tyrol

  • 12. Road trip en Autriche : des Alpes autrichiennes à Vienne
  • 13. Road trip au Portugal : de Lisbonne à la côte d’Algarve
  • 14. Road Trip à Majorque en Espagne : 1 semaine aux Baléares
  • 15. Road trip en Andalousie : dépaysement dans le sud de l’Espagne
  • 16. Road trip à Lanzarote : ambiance volcanique en Espagne

17. Road trip dans les Dolomites en Italie : les Préalpes italiennes

  • 18. Road trip dans les Pouilles : le Sud de l’Italie
  • 19. Road trip en Grèce continentale : d’Athènes au Péloponnèse

20. Road trip en Crète : ambiance des îles grecques

  • 21. Road trip en Croatie : au coeur du Golfe de Kvarner

22. Road trip au Monténégro : des montagnes de Durmitor aux bouches de Kotor

  • 23. Road trip en Bulgarie : De Sofia à la mer Noire

randonnées faciles en ecosse

1. Road trip en Écosse : au cœur des Highlands

Texte & photo par Nastasya, du blog Valiz Storiz

Après une dizaine de road trip partout dans le monde, je ne dirai qu’une chose : un road trip en Écosse est selon moi, l’un des plus inoubliables ! Tout y est : une nature sauvage et indomptée, faisant penser à une Nouvelle-Zélande en Europe. Ici, les lacs, les montagnes et les vallées prennent le nom de Loch, Ben ou Glen. Les paysages de vallons ondulés et verdoyants, typiques de la campagne britannique, alternent avec des points de vue de montagnes moyennes déchiquetées et de lacs miroirs, dans lesquels se reflètent des châteaux en ruine. Grimpez sur Ben Lomond pour une vue imprenable sur son lac. Randonnez à Hidden Valley, cachée au cœur de la plus belle vallée d’Écosse, Glencoe. Marchez sur les traces de Harry Potter à Glenfinnan viaduc ou au Loch Eilt, ou croyez-vous dans Highlander au château d’Eilean Donan. Parcourez de fond en comble la sublime Île de Skye, son Old Man of Storr tout droit sorti d’un film de science-fiction, ses cascades translucides à Fairy Pools ou ses points de vue imprenables à Nest Point. Ce pays est à tomber par terre de beauté, c’est dit, et encore bien préservé. Allez-y, respectez la nature… et profitez !

Infos pratiques :

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : Loch Lomond – Glencoe – Glen & Ben Nevis – Glenfinnan Viaduc, pour les fans de Harry Potter – Ile de Skye
  • Durée recommandée : 10 jours à 2 semaines
  • Période idéale : Au tout début du printemps pour un temps frais, mais sec.

> Pour plus d’infos pour organiser un road trip en Écosse, c’est par ici !

Road trip en Irlande du Nord

2. Road trip entre l’Irlande du Nord et nord de l’Irlande

Texte & photo par Clara, du blog Wildroad

L’Irlande est un pays divisé en deux, d’un côté la République d’Irlande et de l’autre le l’Irlande du Nord qui appartient au Royaume-Unis. Un road trip d’une semaine au printemps est la meilleure idée pour découvrir ces deux coins de l’île la plus verte d’Europe. Au nord de la République d’Irlande, se trouve le comté de Donegal. Après avoir vécu plusieurs mois dans ce pays, je peux dire que c’est celui que je préfère. Cette région est la moins peuplée et la plus sauvage, c’est ici que se trouvent les plus beaux paysages.

Commencez par la ville de Belfast et son passé tumultueux. Ne passez pas à côté de son street art et de ses bars authentiques. Poursuivez par la Chaussée des géants, pour un spectacle digne d’une série anglaise très connue faite à base de rois et de dragons. Découvrez les péninsules du nord pour se sentir seul au monde. Malin head, Fanad head et bien d’autres endroits qui conquerront votre cœur ! Explorez le mont Errigal et le parc de Glenveagh pour s’enfoncer dans les terres irlandaises. Enfin, terminez par Slieve Leagues, le clou du spectacle. Ces falaises sont les deuxièmes plus hautes d’Europe.

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : Belfast – la Chaussée des géants – les péninsules du Nord – le parc de Glenveagh – Slieve Leagues
  • Durée recommandée : 1 semaine
  • Période idéale : Printemps

> Découvrez l’itinéraire complet pour un road trip entre l’Irlande du Nord et le nord de l’Irlande ici !

Road trip en Irlande

3. Road trip en Irlande : serpenter le long des péninsules de l’ouest

Texte & photo par Eloïse & Luc, du blog L’œil d’Éos

Les péninsules de l’ouest de l’Irlande sont un secret bien gardé et un territoire encore préservé du tourisme de masse. Nous sommes des habitués de l’Irlande et nous pouvons dire que cette partie de la côte ouest comporte parmi les plus beaux paysages du pays ! On y trouve à la fois des falaises vertigineuses, des villages et petites villes typiquement irlandaises et authentiques, des prairies vertes à perte de vue (c’est obligé !) et cette joie de vivre que nous n’avons retrouvé encore nulle part ailleurs.

Durant ce séjour qui alliait découverte de patrimoine et randonnées, nous avons eu un véritable coup de cœur pour la péninsule de Dingle ! C’est clairement à ne pas manquer lors d’un road trip en Irlande. Pour les plus courageux, vous pourrez faire l’ascension du Mont Brandon, l’un des sommets les plus hauts d’Irlande. Vous trouverez plus d’informations, ainsi que notre itinéraire complet de notre road trip d’une semaine en Irlande sur notre blog voyage.

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : Dursey Island – les Kerry Cliffs – le Killarney National Park – Dingle – le Mont Brandon
  • Durée recommandée : 7 à 10 jours pour profiter de toutes les randonnées qu’offrent les péninsules
  • Période idéale : de mai à septembre (en juin, c’était parfait)

> Plus d’infos pour organiser un road trip d’une semaine en Irlande par ici !


Road trip en Angleterre

4. Road trip en Angleterre du Sud : de Brighton à la Cornouailles

Texte & photo par Pierre & Alexandra, du blog On holidays again

Ce road trip au sud de l’Angleterre est idéal, car bien que relativement près de chez soi, il procure un vrai dépaysement. Par la conduite à gauche, of course, mais aussi l’architecture sooo british et une nature sauvage, à flanc de falaises, au milieu des fleurs. Les villes anglaises comme Brighton ou Exeter sont, quant à elles, terriblement cosy et charmantes, avec leurs ruelles pavées et médiévales. On s’y aventure volontiers dans ces chemins de traverse ! Et que dire des petits villages du Dorset ? Connus pour les maisons à toit de chaume, on se croirait dans le village des Schtroumpfs. On ne peut que s’imaginer prendre le « tea » dans un ces jardins si soignés. Nous sommes partis en vacances à 2h de chez nous, mais on avait l’impression d’être à mille lieues de tout ! En résumé, c’est mignon, cosy avec des panoramas à couper le souffle.

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : Brighton (en profiter pour aller jusqu’aux falaises des Seven Sisters) – Old Harry Rocks – Lulworth Cove et Durdle Door – Torquay, la douce « Riviera anglaise » – Sud des Cornouailles
  • Durée recommandée : 2 semaines, dont une rien que dans les Cornouailles
  • Période idéale : mai-juin (il y a des fleurs partout !) ou septembre => éviter l’été, car c’est bondé et les routes très (trop) étroites

> Pour organiser un road trip au sud de l’Angleterre, c’est par ici !

Road trip en Islande

5. Road trip en Islande : le tour de l’île en van

Texte & photo par Dana & Stéphane, du blog Le monde de Tikal

Le van aménagé c’est un peu le confort partout avec un grand jardin à chaque stop. L’Islande fait rêver, alors parcourir ce grand pays pendant une dizaine de jours en fourgon, c’était le road trip parfait ! Et autant dire que ce territoire regorge de pépites et endroits magiques. On n’en est pas revenus indemnes ! Départ de Paris en avion. Les loueurs de van sont nombreux en Islande et chacun propose des vans de différentes tailles. Nous avons choisi un petit modèle, sachant que nous passerions tout notre temps dehors.

Départ de Reykjavik et exploration de l’île en tournant dans le sens inverse des aiguilles d’une montre. Les couleurs, la neige, la lumière, tout invite à faire des centaines de photos. Au programme : Geysers, volcans, glaciers, observation des oiseaux et mammifères et randonnées. Pour les amoureux de nature et de grands espaces que nous sommes, nous avons été comblés de découvrir un si beau pays. Il nous tarde d’y retourner à une autre époque de l’année et profiter des jolies fleurs islandaises !

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 7 étapes clé : La Péninsule de Reykjnaes – Le Cercle d’or – Le Sud de l’Islande – L’est de l’Islande – Le nord de l’Islande – l’Ouest et les fjords – Reykjavik
  • Durée recommandée : 12 jours minimum
  • Période idéale : Fin mars, car les journées sont plus longues. Nous avons même pu voir des aurores boréales !

> Plus d’infos pour organiser un road trip en Islande par ici !

Road trip dans les Lofoten, Norvège

6. Road trip en Norvège : au cœur de l’archipel des Lofoten

Texte & photo par Aurélien, du blog Voyageaway

L’archipel des Lofoten se trouve en Norvège, légèrement au nord du cercle arctique. Ces îles offrent des paysages magnifiques notamment en hiver sous la neige. Et en été, l’archipel se transforme en paradis de la randonnée. Les principales îles des Lofoten sont reliées par des ponts. Le road trip est alors le meilleur moyen pour découvrir les paysages et villages de l’archipel. Et même en plein hiver, il est possible d’y planifier un road trip !

Vous souhaitez savoir ce qui vous attend si vous prévoyez un séjour dans les îles Lofoten ? Visite de petits villages de pêcheurs, passer une nuit dans un rorbu (cabane de pêcheur), observer des aigles de mer ou encore profiter des paysages magnifiques de l’archipel. Également, la randonnée occupera forcément une place majeure dans un road trip en été alors que l’hiver permettra d’y observer des aurores boréales. 2 saisons, 2 voyages absolument différents !

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : Svolvaer – Leknes – le sud des îles Lofoten, notamment Å, Reine ou Hamnøy
  • Durée recommandée : une semaine (ou plus en été pour la randonnée)
  • Période idéale : soit entre début juin et fin septembre pour la randonnée et le soleil de minuit, soit entre début février et début avril pour les paysages enneigés et aurores boréales.

> Plus d’infos pour organiser un road trip dans l’archipel des Lofoten en Norvège par ici !


clichés des Pays-Bas

C’est tout à côté de chez nous et pourtant, même si la plupart son déjà conquis par Amsterdam (et comme je vous comprends), on oublie souvent de pousser la curiosité en dehors de la capitale flamande. Dommage ! Nos voisins néerlandais présentent une histoire riche de la grande époque de la Renaissance, avec un patrimoine architectural et économique qui a façonné le pays. À commencer par les sublimes moulins de Kinderdijk, classés à l’Unesco. Les Flamands sont passés maître dans la gestion de l’eau depuis des siècles. Il faut voir ça une fois dans sa vie !

Si vous faites un road trip au Pays-Bas au printemps, vous pourrez également apprécier les fameux champs de tulipes à perte de vue dans tout le sud du pays, ou même dans le sublime jardin aménagé de Keukenhof. Au Nord, la mer s’impose encore, mais autour de l’économie de la pêche. Ce qui donne des petits villages mignons tout plein comme Volendam ou Marken, où se balader et déguster le fameux hareng cru, c’est trop bon ! Sans oublier le petit village sur l’eau de Giethoorn. Ici, pas de voiture, mais des barques et petits ponts pour se déplacer ! Bref, un bon moyen de faire un road trip en Europe des plus dépaysants en partance de chez nous, sans prendre l’avion !

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : Amsterdam – Kinderdijk – Keukenhof – Volendam – Giethoorn
  • Durée recommandée : 1 semaine à 10 jours
  • Période idéale : au printemps, pour voir les tulipes en fleurs

> Plus d’infos pour organiser un road trip au Pays-Bas par ici !

Water trip aux Pays-Bas

8. Water-trip au Pays-Bas : voguer le long des canaux du pays

Texte & photo par Gaëlle, Jérémy & Monsieur Chat, du blog Sailing Kerguelen

Vous êtes-vous déjà imaginé faire un road trip en Europe… en bateau ? Un « water-trip » en quelque sorte ! Nul besoin d’être propriétaire d’un voilier ou d’une péniche, ni même d’un permis bateau, car il existe un peu partout en Europe des canaux sur lesquels vous pouvez naviguer avec des bateaux et péniches sans permis. Leur prise en main est rapide et vous êtes libre de vos allées et venues sur plusieurs jours, ou même quelques semaines. La seule contrainte : les (nombreuses) écluses qui rythment le trajet.

Le meilleur exemple pour profiter d’un road trip au fil de l’eau est évidemment les Pays-Bas. Des centaines de kilomètres de canaux s’étendent à travers le pays et vous seriez surpris des pépites que l’on peut trouver. S’amarrer au centre des vieilles villes et vivre au rythme de la ville comme si on y habitait est une expérience en soi. De Groningen à Middleburg en passant par Haarlem, Gouda et évidemment Amsterdam, les canaux des Pays-Bas sont un terrain de jeu idéal pour se détendre et regarder le paysage défiler en se tenant fièrement à la barre de « son » bateau.

  • Itinéraire de ce water-trip en 8 étapes clé : Den Helder – Amsterdam – Flessingue – Haarlem – Gouda – Dordrecht – Willemstad – Veere
  • Durée recommandée : 1 à 3 semaines. Trois semaines pour une expérience complète. En une semaine, il est possible de faire une petite portion des canaux en visitant deux ou trois villes maximum.
  • Période idéale : de mai à septembre

> Plus d’infos pour organiser un water-trip au Pays-bas par ici !

Road trip en Ardenne

9. Road trip dans l’Ardenne : à cheval entre la Belgique, le Luxembourg et la France

Texte & photo par Seb & Laura, du blog Les globe blogueurs

Il est des coins de l’Europe qui font croire en la possibilité d’un surpassement des frontières. Une région montre à la perfection que les barrières administratives, les limites théoriques tracées sur les cartes peuvent s’effacer devant une unité culturelle, héritage historique et géographique. L’Ardenne, à cheval entre la Belgique, le Luxembourg et la France offre cette singularité heureuse.

Quelle que soit la partie de l’Ardenne traversée, partout j’ai retrouvé cet esprit chaleureux, cette même envie de vivre ensemble, cette bienveillance qui fait du bien, tout simplement. Mais l’Ardenne ce n’est pas qu’une ambiance, c’est aussi et surtout une région magnifique, avec des forêts splendides, des vallées aux méandres irrésistibles, des villes vibrantes et passionnantes. Une invitation au voyage nature et culture.

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : La Roche en Ardenne et le parc des deux Ourthes (Belgique) – Clerveaux et le lac de la Haute Sûre (Luxembourg) – Bouillon et la Semois (Belgique) – La vallée de la Meuse (France) – Dinant et la Lesse (Belgique)
  • Durée recommandée : deux semaines (environ 2-3 jours par étape clé)
  • Période idéale : automne, pour les couleurs. Mais également l’été, car c’est une des rares régions qui ne sont pas sur-fréquentées en été en Europe, et pourtant magnifiques.

> Retrouvez le récit du road trip en Ardenne de Seb & Laura sur leur blog ici !


Road trip en Forêt Noire, Allemagne

10. Road trip en Allemagne : au cœur de la Forêt Noire

Texte & photo par Sibylle & Sylvain, du blog Nos cœurs voyageurs

Juste à côté de la frontière franco-allemande, il y a une aventure qui nous donnait envie depuis longtemps : un road trip en Forêt Noire en van. Visiter l’Allemagne ne saurait se résumer à Berlin ou Munich. Le sud-ouest de l’Allemagne vous réserve de belles surprises si vous êtes en quête de nature brute et de liberté ! La Forêt Noire possède un décor idyllique spécialement taillé pour les road trip. Vous serez surpris par son immense forêt de pins couleur ébène et voudrez rejoindre les cimes en sillonnant les routes en lacets. Un paysage de légendes, ponctué de châteaux et de villages folkloriques, qui vous apportera le dépaysement rêvé.

À Fribourg, on profite de l’atmosphère bohème et ultra green, avant de randonner à travers le sentier forestier pour rejoindre les cascades de Triberg. Nichés au cœur de la Forêt Noire, les lacs glaciaires de Titisee et Schluchsee sont de petites merveilles, des eaux calmes, idéales pour profiter des joies de la baignade et autres activités nautiques. Vous allez adorer tracer votre route en Forêt Noire, à vous les clés de la liberté !

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : Fribourg en Brisgau – Lac de Titisee et Lac Schluchsee – Feldberg – Lac Mumelsee – Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald
  • Période idéale : printemps – été

> Pour plus d’infos pour organiser un road trip en Forêt Noire en Allemagne, c’est par ici !

Road trip en Baviere

Texte & photo par Audrey et Mickaël, du blog Refuse to hibernate

L’année dernière, nous sommes partis en road trip pendant 10 jours entre l’Allemagne et l’Autriche. L’occasion pour nous de découvrir la Bavière, un état situé dans le sud-est de l’Allemagne, mais aussi deux lands autrichiens : le Tyrol et Salzbourg. Et je peux d’ors et déjà vous dire que nous avons été émerveillés par la diversité des paysages que nous y avons vu ! Le road trip a débuté à Schwangau en Allemagne, une ville plutôt touristique, réputée pour ses deux magnifiques châteaux de Louis II de Bavière : le château de Neuschwanstein, digne d’un conte de fées et celui d’Hohenschwangau, qui ressemble plus à un château fort.

Après ce point culture, place à la nature ! Les trois sommets : le Zugspitze, l’Alpspize et le Mont Jenner sauront à coup sûr satisfaire les amoureux de randonnées et d’alpinisme. Quant aux fans de lacs aux eaux cristallines, nous vous recommandons les lacs allemands et autrichiens de : Alpsee, Plansee, Königsee et Hintersee. Enfin, dans le land de Salzbourg, ne manquez pas la grotte de Werfen et les cascades de Krimml, avant de finir ce magnifique road trip dans la capitale colorée du Tyrol : Innsbruck !

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 6 étapes clé : Schwangau – Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Werfen – Berchtesgaden – Krimml – Innsbruck
  • Durée recommandée : 10 jours
  • Période idéale : de mai à octobre

> Plus d’infos pour un road trip entre la Bavière et le Tyrol par ici !

Road trip en Autriche

12. Road trip en Autriche : des Alpes autrichiennes à Vienne

Texte & photo par Sarah, du blog Vents et voyages

De part ses paysages spectaculaires et variés et ses nombreuses routes panoramiques, ce road trip me semble l’une des meilleures façons de découvrir l’Autriche. Que ce soit en voiture, en camping-car ou en van, ce style de voyage te permettra de traverser l’Autriche, de la région du Tyrol jusqu’à Vienne, en passant par les plus belles régions du pays.

Ainsi, tu pourras emprunter l’une des nombreuses routes alpines panoramiques pour atteindre les plus hauts cols alpins et randonner sous l’œil des grands glaciers autrichiens, visiter les magnifiques villes de Salzbourg et Vienne, toutes deux riches d’histoire et à l’architecture incroyable, te baigner dans les eaux turquoise et cristallines de l’un des grands lacs autrichiens, avant de visiter Hallstatt, la perle de l’Autriche et terminer ce beau parcours au milieu des vignobles et des châteaux le long du Danube. Faire un road trip en Autriche, c’est bénéficier de toute la liberté nécessaire pour découvrir les richesses naturelles et culturelles de ce merveilleux pays.

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : Le Tyrol – La route Alpine du Grossglockner – Salzbourg et Hallstatt – La vallée de la wachau – Vienne
  • Durée recommandée : 1 semaine à 10 jours, selon le temps consacré à la découverte de Vienne
  • Période idéale : de fin mai à fin septembre, quand les cols alpins sont accessibles et que la température des lacs est assez agréable pour s’y baigner.

> Plus d’infos pour organiser un road trip en Autriche par ici !


Road trip au Portugal

13. Road trip au Portugal : de Lisbonne à la côte d’Algarve

Texte & photo par Carine & Nicolas, du blog Parenthèse Nomade

Le Portugal est certainement l’un des pays d’Europe où le road trip avec son propre véhicule aménagé est des plus aisés. Les interdictions de stationner et de bivouaquer sont rares, les spots nombreux pour passer la nuit en toute tranquillité. L’Algarve, très touristique, présente moins de lieux sauvages que la côte Atlantique, mais des infrastructures à un prix abordable vous accueillent dans des lieux tout confort. On y trouve des adresses vraiment sympas pour un road trip, d’autant plus si on voyage en famille.

À la facilité de circuler et de s’installer avec son van ou camping-car, s’ajoutent de nombreux atouts qui incitent à revenir régulièrement au Portugal : une gastronomie simple mais goûteuse, un patrimoine culturel riche avec des tarifs de visites très avantageux, surtout avec des enfants. Sans compter des paysages variés à peu de distance les uns des autres, des tarifs raisonnables permettant de se faire plaisir en consommant local, et un accueil très chaleureux par les Portugais, toujours soucieux de vous rendre service.

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 6 étapes clé : Porto – Vallée du Douro – Lisbonne – le Centre à la fois sur la côte Atlantique et à intérieur des terres – la Serra de Estrela, villages blancs de l’Alentejo – région de l’Algarve.
  • Durée recommandée : 2 semaines minimum (de Porto à Lisbonne) à 1 mois pour le tour du pays.
  • Période idéale : printemps et automne. Été au bord de la côte.

> Pour plus d’infos pour organiser un road trip au Portugal, c’est par ici !

Road trip à Majorque, Espagne

14. Road Trip à Majorque en Espagne : 1 semaine aux Baléares

Texte & photo par Vanessa, du blog Le blog Cash Pistache

Majorque est une île du bassin méditerranéen qui allie plages de rêves, terre sauvage et patrimoine espagnol. Elle est très réputée auprès des croisiéristes, En conséquence, si vous souhaitez sortir des sentiers battus, je vous conseille d’y partir en road trip. À vous la liberté de cheminer dans tous les recoins de ce petit paradis, contrairement aux autres qui restent dépendants des excursions téléguidées. J’ai eu l’occasion de faire la découverte de Majorque en combi van, ce qui, bien entendu, a donné un charme incontestable au séjour. C’est l’occasion de dormir sur place, afin de profiter des couchers de soleil sur la mer.

Vous devriez commencer par le Cap Formentor avec ses falaises vertigineuses, pendant l’orage on se croirait en Irlande. Le sud de Majorque se prête plus aux baignades et à la farniente avec des criques et des plages ravissantes. La ville de Palma de Majorque est à faire absolument si l’on veut ressentir l’ambiance espagnole sur les places à tapas et les monuments historiques remarquables.

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : Cap Formentor – Criques de Alcudia – Village de Soller – Palma de Majorque – Cala Figuera
  • Durée recommandée : 1 semaine minimum
  • Période idéale : de avril à octobre

> Découvrez toutes les autres raisons de choisir Majorque aux Baléares pour des vacances au soleil ici.

Road trip en Andalousie, Espagne

15. Road trip en Andalousie : dépaysement dans le sud de l’Espagne

Texte & photo par Linda, du blog L’apprentie voyageuse

Au sud de l’Espagne, l’Andalousie est une région idéale pour organiser un road trip en voiture. C’est le moyen de transport parfait pour découvrir les beautés de la région en toute liberté. Vous aurez ainsi l’occasion de sortir des circuits classiques et de découvrir une Andalousie plus sauvage et plus secrète. Après avoir vadrouillé plusieurs semaines dans cette région, je vous conseille forcément de passer du temps dans quelques villes incontournables comme Séville, Cordoue ou Grenade.

Je vous conseille aussi d’aller vous perdre du côté du Désert de Tabernas, dont les reliefs arides vous surprendront. De découvrir la beauté sauvage du Parc Naturel El Torcal de Antequera et ses formations karstiques complètement loufoques. De tester le mythique Camino Del Rey pour se faire quelques frayeurs. Et de vous perdre vers Ronda, pour découvrir la beauté des villages blancs andalous typiques. Un superbe road trip en Europe en perspective, qui vous donnera surement envie comme moi d’y revenir encore et encore !

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : Séville, Cordoue & Grenade – Désert de Tabernas – Parc Naturel El Torcal de Antequera – le Camino del Rey – Ronda
  • Durée recommandée : 2 semaines
  • Période idéale : printemps et automne

> Plus d’infos pour organiser un road trip en Andalousie en Espagne par ici !

Road trip à Lanzarote, Espagne

16. Road trip à Lanzarote : ambiance volcanique en Espagne

Texte & photo par Amélie, du blog Hello La Roux

Lanzarote, petite île aux 1 001 volcans, située dans l’archipel des Canaries au large du Maroc, est très agréable à visiter en hiver. Elle se découvre au fil de ses routes tortueuses qui longent l’Atlantique ou qui serpentent au milieu de cratères aux couleurs puissantes. Découverte en novembre le temps d’une semaine ensoleillée, commencez par les volcans de Lanzarote. Ils ont fasciné l’île et habillent le paysage, impossible de passer à côté du parc national de Timanfaya. Attention toutefois, c’est la grande attraction et l’authenticité peut manquer. On vous conseille de découvrir plutôt les alentours, tout aussi incroyables avec les volcans El Cuervo, Montana Colorada ou encore la Caldeira Blanca.

Poursuivez par Famara, LE spot pour les amoureux de kitesurf, mais c’est surtout une incroyable plage pour observer le coucher de soleil. Visitez Teguise, une ville charmante à l’architecture canarienne typique. Ou bien encore l’univers atypique de l’artiste César Manrique, grand amoureux de son île natale. Enfin, terminez par le Mirador Del Rio, point le plus culminant de l’île, duquel on observe l’île de Graciosa. La route pour y accéder est magnifique et le coucher de soleil depuis ses falaises volcaniques l’est tout autant !

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : Les volcans de Lanzarote – Famara – Teguise – Mirador Del Rio – les lieux de l’artiste César Manrique
  • Période idéale : printemps & été

> Retrouvez un itinéraire complet de 7 jours de road trip à Lanzarote pour faire le tour de l’île ici !

Road trip dans les Dolomites, Italie

Texte & photo par Seb & Lola, du blog Freelensers

Qui aurait cru qu’on trouverait un tel dépaysement en Italie ? Au nord du pays, bien loin des bords de mer et de la dolce vita, se trouve la fabuleuse région des Dolomites. Et rien de tel qu’un road trip pour en faire le tour : à chaque saut vers un nouveau point d’intérêt, le paysage change radicalement. À chaque virage, c’est une nouvelle surprise. Sur la route ou sur les sentiers, les montagnes des Dolomites se dressent, imposant l’humilité. On ne peut que se sentir tout petit face à ces géantes de pierre.

Imaginez : des hauts sommets, des plateaux, des routes sinueuses, des lacs irréels, une multitude de randonnées et une gastronomie aux accents tyroliens. Que demander de plus ? Les amoureux de voyage sur la route que nous sommes ont été tout simplement séduits à chaque kilomètre. Randonnée, VTT, escalade ou détente, on ne s’ennuie pas dans les Dolomites. Un road trip en Europe dans cette nature grandiose est un voyage inoubliable, que nous recommandons chaudement à tous les mordus de grand air.

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : le Seceda et le parc du Puez-Odle – les Tre Cime di Lavaredo – les Cinque torri – le lac de Sorapis/Sorapiss – les Alpe di Siusi
  • Période idéale : début d’été ou automne

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Road trip dans les Pouilles, Italie

18. Road trip dans les Pouilles : le Sud de l’Italie

Texte & photo par Magali, du blog Ma globe trotteuse

La région des Pouilles, la Puglia en italien, est la région située tout au sud de l’Italie dans le talon de la botte. Baignée par la mer adriatique d’un côté et ionienne de l’autre, ses 834 km de côtes sont évidemment propices à un magnifique road trip maritime. On y arrive par la ville de Bari, son chef-lieu. De là, direction le Sud ! Avec pour commencer une escale à Polignano a mare, petit village surplombant abruptement la mer. Puis on traverse la vallée d’Itria et ses villages blancs, dont celui d’Alberobello, connu pour ses trulli, habitations troglodytes typiques. Après une escale à Lecce la ville baroque, on file droit vers la mer azur qui nous appelle de toutes ses vagues : Otranto, Castro, et le Ponte Ciolo pour une baignade rafraîchissante. N’oubliez pas d’acheter des Taralli à grignoter en route ou de vous arrêter déguster un panzerotto, une sorte de pizza calzone à la tomate et mozzarella, typique de la région !

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : Polignano a mare, village perché sur la mer – Les villages blancs de la vallée d’Itria : Alberobello, Cisternino et Locorontondo – Lecce, la ville baroque – Otranto, petite cité balnéaire – Gagliano del Capo pour une baignade sous le Ponte da Ciolo
  • Période idéale : juin

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Road trip en Grèce

19. Road trip en Grèce continentale : d’Athènes au Péloponnèse

Texte & photo par Rachel, du blog Les voyageuses du Québec

Les îles grecques font rêver certes, mais avez-vous déjà envisagé de découvrir la Grèce continentale en mode road trip ? On voit très peu de photos circuler sur les réseaux sociaux, mais je vous assure, surprise garantie ! Chacun des lieux que j’ai visités, soit dans le Péloponnèse ou en Grèce centrale, a su m’amener dans un univers différent, avec des paysages à couper le souffle, une histoire qui transporte à différentes époques et qui rappelle la richesse culturelle de cette terre. J’ai des souvenirs de la mer et des montagnes, des routes sinueuses qui, à chaque tournant, offrent des panoramas exceptionnels.

La Grèce continentale, c’est le plaisir de découvrir de petits villages typiques, être bouche bée devant d’impressionnants canyons, être frappée par la magie de monastères au sommet de pics rocheux, pouvoir admirer une mer digne des Caraïbes, faire un plongeon dans l’une des plus anciennes civilisations au monde, manger beaucoup trop de gyros et partager sa route bien souvent avec des troupeaux de chèvres. N’hésitez-pas à vous organiser un voyage en Grèce continentale, je vous assure que vous ne serez pas déçus. En plus, la Grèce est encore l’un des pays les moins chers de l’Europe de l’Ouest pour voyager.

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 6 étapes clé : Athènes – Delphes – les Météores – gorges de Vikos & Zagoria – le Péloponnèse – le Magne Laconien
  • Durée recommandée : 3 semaines idéalement.
  • Période idéale : De juin à septembre

> Plus d’infos pour organiser un road trip en Grèce continentale par ici !

Road trip en Crète

Texte & photo par Chloé & Romain, du blog Playing the world

La plus grande île de Grèce est une destination idéale à découvrir en road trip. La Crète offre une incroyable variété de paysages, qui sont pour la plupart uniquement accessibles en voiture (surtout dans le Sud et le centre de l’île). Plages de sable fin, criques désertes, randonnées en moyenne montagne ou bien visites culturelles dans des cités antiques, le choix est assez large pour explorer cette île mythique. Si on souhaite faire le tour de l’île, le road trip est incontestablement la meilleur option compte tenu de sa taille ! C’est un bonheur de découvrir des paysages à chaque fois différent. Et quelle surprise en découvrant des plages eaux turquoise, rappelant des îles du bout du monde ! Et pour changer des plages, n’hésitez pas à faire une rando d’une journée dans les Gorges de Samaria, les paysages en valent vraiment la peine ! Bref, la Crète nous a scotché par sa beauté, sa cuisine crétoise délicieuse et par l’accueil chaleureux des Crétois.

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 6 étapes clé : Heraklion – Agios Nikolaos – Matala – Chania – Gorges de Samaria – Elafonissi.
  • Période idéale : de mai à septembre (juin et septembre à privilégier pour éviter le monde et fortes chaleurs)

> Plus d’infos pour organiser un road trip en Crète en Grèce par ici !

Road trip en Croatie

21. Road trip en Croatie : au cœur du Golfe de Kvarner

Texte & photo par Marion, du blog Mademoiselle Voyage

Bienvenue dans le Golfe de kvarner. Ce nom ne vous dit sûrement rien et c’est normal. Cette région au nord-ouest de la Croatie est peu connue des voyageurs français et pourtant, elle mérite le détour. Ce road trip débutera par Zagreb, la très jolie capitale marquée par son passé austro-hongrois, pour ensuite continuer vers le très beau Parc national de Plitvice et ses successions de cascades, classé au Patrimoine mondial de l’Unesco.

Le Golfe de Kvarner, c’est aussi des îles comme l’île de Rab, surnommée Happy Island et comme étant le lieu le plus ensoleillé d’Europe. On y trouve également la grande île de Krk, qui regorge de plages de sable et de galets pour la partie balnéaire, mais qui propose également des activités plus sportives et à sensations en montagne. Vous poursuivrez ce voyage par Rijeka, pour vous arrêter dans le vieux marché des halles. Le road trip s’achèvera à Opatija sur la Riviera Croate, une ville de charme et authentique. Le golfe de Kvarner, ce sont des lieux moins connus que ceux du Sud, mais qui ont un charme tout à fait différent à apporter du fait de l’histoire de cette région, une gastronomie goûteuse et savoureuse, des locaux très sympas, une quiétude dans les nombreux villages, de très jolies criques avec des eaux translucides.

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : Zagreb – Parc national de Plitvice – les îles de Rab & Krk – Rijeka – Opatija
  • Période idéale : printemps / été pour profiter de la baignade

> Plus d’infos pour organiser un road trip en Croatie dans le Golfe de Kvarner par ici !

road trip au Monténégro : Canyon de la Piva

Le Monténégro fait partie des destinations montantes de l’Europe de l’Est. Beaucoup moins bondé que la Croatie, mais tout aussi joli, c’est l’un des meilleurs road trip en Europe à faire dans la région des Balkans ! Et bonus : la destination n’est pas chère du tout encore ! Les touristes se ruent sur la côte, sublime. Mais je crois que j’ai autant aimé l’intérieur des terres, où vous pourrez alterner entre séances de canyoning et rafting sur la rivière Tara, et randonnée au cœur du parc national de Durmitor. Les paysages d’alpages, de lacs et de montagnes moyennes y sont à couper le souffle.

Je vous conseille également un petit tour en bateau à moteur sur le lac Skadar, avec ses petits airs de Vietnam européen. Pour les amateurs, la nature et les oiseaux y sont légions. Et bien évidemment, il y a la côte adriatique, ses villages méditerranéens typiques, comme Budva, Sveti Stefan ou Bar. Sans oublier les magnifiques bouches de Kotor, immenses fjords du sud où les montagnes se jettent dans la mer. Serpentez sur la route et arrêtez-vous pour manger du poisson frais ou une glace à Kotor, Risan ou Perast. J’ai personnellement retrouvé l’ambiance de mes vacances d’enfance au bord de la mer dans le Sud de la France. Avis aux nostalgiques du bon vieux temps !

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : Le canyon de la Piva & la rivière Tara – Durmitor – le lac Skadar – Budva – les Bouches de Kotor
  • Période idéale : au printemps ou à l’automne pour éviter le monde, en été pour se baigner.

> Pour plus d’infos pour organiser un road trip au Monténégro, c’est par ici !

Road trip en Bulgarie

23. Road trip en Bulgarie : De Sofia à la mer Noire

Texte & photo par Manon, du blog Voyageons le monde

Découvrez la Bulgarie grâce à un road trip entre Sofia, la capitale et Varna, sur les côtes de la mer Noire. Nous avons fait notre road trip en 5 étapes essentielles, mais d’autres merveilles comme Kazanlak  ou encore Véliko Tarnovo peuvent mériter votre attention. À Sofia, découvrez la capitale bulgare, la vie, le centre-ville, les musées et surtout l’histoire et notamment celle du communisme.

Rila et son Monastère classé au patrimoine Mondial de l’Unesco permettent de s’évader au milieu des montagnes bulgares et de voyager dans le passé. Poursuivez avec Velingrad et ses sources thermales qui apportent détente, repos et relaxation. Plovdiv, à quelques dizaines de kilomètres de là, permet de mieux connaître la Bulgarie antique avec son théâtre, ses monuments et ruines. La ville aux 7 collines vous promet de belles découvertes. Finissez votre tourde Bulgarie  sur les côtes de la mer noire, à Varna. Profitez de cette station balnéaire pour continuer la visite, mais surtout vous reposer et vous détendre sur ses belles plages. Encore préservée du tourisme de masse, la Bulgarie est idéale pour un road trip. La circulation est fluide dans tout le pays et les distances entre les villes étapes dépassent rarement 100 kilomètres ce qui permet de ne pas s’épuiser en roulant !

  • Itinéraire de ce road trip en 5 étapes clé : Sofia – Rila – Velingrad – Plovdiv – Varna
  • Durée recommandée : environ 10 jours
  • Période idéale : Privilégiez l’été ! Nous l’avons fait au mois d’aout et avons eu un temps merveilleux du début à la fin. 28/30 degrés et pas une goutte de pluie.

> Plus d’infos pour organiser un road trip en Bulgarie par ici !


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J’espère que ces idées de road trip en Europe vous ont plu ! N’hésitez pas à partager d’autres idées en commentaires, ou ceux que vous pensez tester bientôt :D

Nastasya Kotnarovsky

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road trip europe en hiver

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road trip europe en hiver


Oh la la ! Que de beaux itinéraires à découvrir encore ! Merci pour cette compilation qui donne des idées à n’en plus finir. Vivement les vacances… en attendant de pouvoir repartir un jour pour plus longtemps.

Merci à toi, ça finira par revenir, fingers crossed ^^Bise à toi

Ravie d’avoir participé à cet article :) Que de belles idées de road trip à faire (ou à refaire comme l’Écosse que j’aime tant). xx

Encore merci d’avoir participé <3

Parmi les road trip en Europe qui m’ont marqués et qui ne sont pas dans la liste j’ajouterai : – L’île de Madère : une ile volcanique et luxuriante avec un tas de magnifiques randonnées à faire – La Slovénie : des lacs, des montagnes et une capitale attachante

Ah ces 2 destinations étaient prévues dans cette liste mais j’ai du faire des choix (compliqués d’ailleurs). mais totalement d’accord, on m’a dit tellement de bien de la Slovénie par exemple, merci pour ton retour !

bonjour ! merci pour votre partage. Je n’ai jamais aimer les longs voyages (road trip) mais avec le confinement j’ai changé d’avis et j’aspire plus a être connecté avec la nature. Avant j’aurais réservez sur airbnb balti booking et je serais parti en voiture sans vraiment profiter du paysage et de la route mais mon fils m’a convertit à une manière plus saine de voyager. Malheureusement à cause de la situation je n’ai pas encore tenter l’expérience d’un road trip en camping car ou en van mais vous me donner vraiment l’envie de le faire.bonne continuation. Cdt

Bonjour le lien vers le road trip en Grèce ne mène pas à un article précis contrairement aux autres. Pourriez vous le mettre à jour svp?

Bonjour ! C’est la blogueuse qui me l’a communiqué comme cela :) j’ai modifié le lien vers sa page Grèce, mais je ne peux pas faire plus, désolée ^^

Nous rentrons d’un séjour en Allemagne, pas étonnant que la Forêt-Noire fasse partie de votre top 10.

j’ai beaucoup aimé vos articles surtout celui sur la Bulgarie, j’aimerais vraiment découvrir ce pays


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Nos meilleurs conseils pour un road trip en Norvège l’hiver

Après deux séjours passés en période estival dans le nord de la Norvège ( plus précisément à Tromso – Lofoten ), nous avons décidé d’y retourner une 3ème fois, mais en hiver pour un Road trip . Ceci dans l’espoir de voir des aurores boréales , mais aussi pour profiter des paysages extraordinaires que nous offre cette saison en Norvège.

Pour pouvoir vraiment en profiter , nous avons décidé de louer une voiture et de nous éloigner des villes ( Tromso ), à la recherche de coins plus authentiques. Ainsi, nous sommes arrivés en Avion à Tromso, et de là nous sommes partis en direction des îles Senja puis des îles Lofoten , un peu plus au Sud. On vous raconte tout ça :


La meilleure époque est bien sûr l’hiver: quand les jours sont courts et les nuits très longues.  La période optimale pour observer les aurores boréales est donc de novembre à mars.

Il est aussi intéressant de choisir une période où la lune est très petite. En effet, plus il fait noir mieux on voit les aurores (il existe des calendriers lunaires facilement trouvable sur le net)*

Et ensuite, il faut avoir de la chance avec la météo . Car effectivement il faut qu’il y ait très peu de nuages, sinon on y voit rien. Donc vous pouvez chercher sur internet les périodes les plus sèches selon l’endroit où vous souhaitez aller.

En Norvège les aurores Boréales sont visibles des Iles Lofoten jusqu’au Cap nord . En général les gens restent autour de Tromso où il y a beaucoup de safaris organisés. ( Bus de 10 à 50 personnes … pas vraiment notre délire ). Nous nous sommes donc débrouillez seuls et avons donc eu le spectacle rien que pour nous 2!

  • Vous pouvez aussi installer une application smartphone AURORA pour voir vos « chances » de voir des aurores selon le lieu désiré. Cela ne nous a pas vraiment aidé, mais bon çà nous occupait pendant l’attende de leur apparition. Car même quand vous êtes dans une très bonne zone, il y a un gros facteur chance… N’oubliez donc pas d’emporter avec vous votre Karma, et de prier le « Dieu des aurores boréales ». C’est ce que nous avons fait, et ça à payé!!!

aurores boréal


Nous sommes partis début Février . Les journées sont très courtes à cette période là: il faisait jour de 10h à 16H environ . Il faut donc rentabiliser ces 6 petites heures pour en profiter et découvrir les paysages magnifiques qu’offre la Norvège. Point positif: le soleil est toujours rasant, ce qui rend la luminosité et les éclairages splendides sur la nature . En effet le soleil ne monte jamais très haut dans le ciel, du coup on a le droit a un éclairage de lever et de coucher de soleil durant toute la journée. Le top pour les photos!

Pour ne pas trop perdre de temps ( et économiser aussi un peu d ‘argent ), nous avons pic-niqué tous les midis . On trouvait des petits stands de « salade bar » dans chaque supermarché pour pouvoir faire notre petite salade composé. Si on pouvait avoir ça en France cela serait top…

La journée était rythmée par balade en raquette ( que nous avions emporter de France dans nos valises ), Road trip en Norvège l’hiver , visite de petits villages, de points de vue…

A partir de 16h , une fois le soleil coucher, tout de suite il fait plus frais. On rentrait donc tranquillement dans nos hébergements en attendant l »heure de la chasse aux aurores boréales.

— Aurores boréales —

road trip europe en hiver

Les aurores boréales commencent à pointer le bout de leur nez vers les 20H – 21H . Du coup après manger nous allions dehors dans une zone avec le moins de lumière possible pour tenter de les observer.

Nous avons eu la chance d’en voir 2 fois pendant notre semaine en Norvège . Dont une soirée magique pour nous, où les aurores boréales étaient exceptionnellement grandes et lumineuses. Un moment incroyable, mais court: 15 min…  La 2eme soirée où nous en avons eu, elles étaient beaucoup plus faible en couleur et en intensité. Cela rendait très bien en photo mais moins impressionnant en vrai: un espèce de nuage d’un vert très pâle qui bouge gracieusement. Nous avons aussi eu 2 nuits la tête dans les nuages, et donc sans aurores boréales. Et 2 nuits passées à Tromso: les éclairages de la ville empêchant de pouvoir admirer le spectacle à sa juste valeur.

En conclusion, il faut être très chanceux pour en voir des belles… et on estime que lors de notre 1ère soirée d’observation: nous avons eu une chance incroyable!

conseils pour un road trip en Norvège l'hiver


Au début cela pourrait faire un peu peur . Car le climat est plutôt rude: en effet neige, glace, vent etc… Mais il faut savoir que la voiture que vous lourez sera équipée de pneus neige avec clous . Ce qui vous permettra de roulez tranquillement dans presque toutes les conditions. De plus il y a des passages constant de chasse neige ( soit qui chasse la neige, soit qui gratte la petite couche de glace sur laquelle vous roulez. )

J’étais un peu craintif au départ surtout que les routes sont vraiment toutes gelées… Mais on s’y fait vite car leurs pneus sont très efficaces, ça ne glisse pas et il y a une très bonne accroche. Il faut juste respecter les distances de sécurité car le freinage est un peu plus lent. Et faire attention dans les virages: ralentir un peu.

Autre petit soucis que vous pourriez rencontrer c’est quand il neige beaucoup. L a neige qui tombe sur votre pare-brise fond et gèle instantanément sur vos essuies glace. ATTENTION car vous ne verrez plus rien…

Paysage de Norvège l'hivers


Notre parcours fut relativement simple: nous avons fait Tromso, Senja et les iles lofotens ( le paradis du photographe ) . C’était un très beau parcours, varié, qu’on ne regrette absolument pas. Certes cela fait pas mal de kilomètres en voiture mais c’est la base d’un road trip non ? De plus avec le froid qu’il fait on est bien content d’être au chaud dans la voiture….

— Tromso —

Tromsø, ville au nord de la Norvège, représente un centre culturel majeur au-dessus du cercle Arctique. C’est un point d’observation célèbre pour les aurores boréales qui illuminent parfois le ciel nocturne.

Tromso est plutôt une belle ville qui mérite de si attarder un jour ou 2 , ce que nous avons pas fait par faute de temps et cela est un petit regret pour ma part. Hiver comme été, la ville a son charme et c’est un plaisir de se promener dans ses petites ruelles. Il y a quelques beaux bâtiments à visiter. N’hésitez pas à monter sur la colline en face de l’ile de Tromso pour admirer la ville de Tromso de haut ( et il y a même un téléphérique pour les faignants!! ).

— Senja —

Senja ou Sážžá est une île et une future municipalité du comté de Troms, en Norvège. Avec ses 1 586,3 km2, c’est la deuxième plus grande île de Norvège. Il a un côté extérieur sauvage et montagneux faisant face à l’Atlantique et un côté intérieur doux et luxuriant.

Souvent appelé « le petit Lofoten », on a voulu aller vérifier par nos propres yeux . Et franchement en hiver en tout cas ( je pense que les iles Senja sont plus à faire l’été ), c’est largement moins beau que les iles Lofoten. Après cela reste quand même très joli avec quelques superbes points de vue.  Et surtout c’est là que nous avons vu nos plus belles aurores boréales, alors on ne regrette absolument pas d’y être passé…

— Lofoten —

Les îles Lofoten sont un archipel appartenant à la Norvège. Elles se situent au large de Bodø, au nord du cercle polaire, entre la mer de Norvège et le Vestfjord, bras de mer poissonneux qui les sépare du continent

Là c’est quand même le grand spectacle ! Les paysages des Lofotens sont tout bonnement magnifique . Vous allez en prendre plein les yeux. Eté comme hiver, j’ai toujours été envouté par ces iles… D’ailleurs j’y retournerais avec plaisir trekker l’été… Bref, si on a un endroit à vous conseiller: c’est bien les iles Lofoten !


Pour les logements, nous avons fait au feelling, et à la dernière minute, en cherchant des logements avec cuisine (o n préfère se faire à manger en voyage: et surtout en Norvège où le budget « restaurant »peu vite s’élever… ). On a plutôt été satisfait des hébergements trouver via booking. Sur Senja, nous avons réservé une maison norvégienne, trop cool… Sauna, cabane d’observation des aurores boréales, feu de bois dehors, au bord d’une rivière… On aurait vraiment pu y passer une semaine !

Par contre, pour Tromso, pensez bien à réserver vos logements à l’avance. En effet, la plupart des gens ne bougent pas de la ville et visite les alentours à partir de Tromso, du coup les hôtels sont rapidement plein . Il restait que des chambres à 300€ la nuit et 2 lits dans un dortoir à 150€  pour notre dernière nuit… Si c’était à refaire: on choisirai l’hôtel à 300€ plutôt que ces dortoirs à un prix exorbitant pour ce que c’est…

road trip europe en hiver


Bon je penses que vous l’avez bien compris, il ne fait pas très chaud en Norvège à cette époque. Nous avons eu du -20° à -1° : jamais au dessus de Zéro… Alors il vaut mieux prévoir des habits chauds.

Pour le haut il vous faudra les Traditionnels 3 ou 4 couches :

  • Pull type seconde peau
  • pull polaire
  • coupe vent imperméable

Pour le bas :

  • pantalon chaud

Pour les mains :

  • Petits gants
  • gros gants pour les -20°

Pour les pieds :

  • Grosses chaussettes chaudes, voire 2 paires en même temps
  • chaussures chaudes (Pour info avec des chaussures semi montante trek gore tex, nous avons un peu froid au pied quand on passait beaucoup de temps dehors)

Et pour la tête

  • Un bon bonnet

Avec cet équipement, on était très bien même dehors. Nous avons seulement eu froid aux pieds. Si vous avez les moyens pourquoi pas investir dans des chaussures rembourrées et très chaudes… Après vous pouvez aussi mettre plusieurs paires de chaussettes si cela rentre dans vos chaussures!

conseils pour un road trip en Norvège l'hiver

Un super séjour, peut-être un peu court ( 5 jours plein sur place ). Nous avons été un peu à la course par moment car les distances que nous avons parcourues étaient quand même assez longues et que les journées étaient très courtes ( 6 heures de jours ). Mais quel régal, les paysages sont plus magnifique les uns que les autres . Et finir par les îles Lofoten, nous a permis de garder le meilleur pour la fin. On voudrait s’arrêter toutes les 5 minutes pour faire une photo mais à ce rythme là, il faudrait y passer un mois :p .

Et enfin, le clou du spectacle: les aurores boréales , en espérant que vous ayez autant de chance que nous. Car nous avons vraiment eu le droit à un spectacle fabuleux, c’était juste incroyable de pouvoir admirer des aurores aussi belles et aussi intenses. Un souvenir indélébile!   Bref si le froid ne vous fait pas peur, foncez réaliser votre rêve de voir des aurores boréales…


Alors clique fort sur le bouton et abonne toi!

road trip europe en hiver

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' src=

Merci pour votre retour j’ai tellement hâtes d’y allez cette hivers !! J’esperes qu’on aura la même chance que vous avec les aurores !!!

' src=

Merci j’espère que vous aurez cette chance … c’est un spectacle magnifique. Cette année on tente l’Island pour en voir d’autre ;p Romlands

' src=

Bonjour, superbe blog qui donne vraiment envie!! Mais petite question, vous avez atterrit et être reparti de tromso? Et concernant la durée, combien de temps êtes vous partis? Merci à vous!

Coucou Amelie, Merci pour le Blog ;p Sinon oui nous sommes arrivés et partis de Tromso (moins cher pour les billets d’avion et la location de voiture)! Et nous sommes partis en tout 7 jours. Donc 5- 6 jours sur place et nous avons trouvé cela un peu juste pour notre Road trip. Un jour de plus aurait été pas mal pour prendre le temps de visiter Tromso, et c’est aussi un jour de plus où on aurait eu la chance de pouvoir voir d’autres aurores boréales. Voila j’espère avoir répondu à tes questions.

Ah super merci pour votre réponse! Nous comptons faire quasiment le même road trip que vous mais sur 8 jours sur place ou 7. Merci de votre aide! Nous avons tellement hâte !

' src=

je suis allée en Laponie suédoise déjà en plein janvier c’était malade ! Mais qu’est-ce que j’aimerais explorer la Norvège et la Finlande aussi !

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Road Trips in Europe: 10 Fantastic Routes

We absolutely adore road trips! And how lucky we are that Europe is brimming with incredible routes right on our doorstep. Just hop in the car, and voilà – instant road trip bliss!

Over the years, we’ve embarked on countless road trips across Europe. In this article on our travel blog, we’re excited to share our all-time favourite road trip itineraries with you.

Whether it’s the Dolce Vita in Tuscany to the breathtaking natural landscapes of Montenegro or the mountain love in Austria – get ready for a hefty dose of road trip route inspiration across Europe.

3. Emilia-Romagna

4. slovenia, 6. montenegro, 7. southern france, 8. andalusia, 9. centro de portugal, 10. austria.

Best road trips in Europe

One of our absolute favourite road trips routes in Europe takes you through stunning Tuscany . It’s hard to find another road trip destination that so perfectly combines magnificent cities, picturesque landscapes, and culinary delights like Tuscany does.

Highlights of this Road Trip

Travelling through Tuscany, you’re in for a treat with highlights non-stop! First off, there are dream cities like Florence, Siena , and Lucca – each endlessly fascinating and a must-see!

For those wanting to see the “typical Tuscan” expansive landscape with its gentle hills, Val d’Orcia is a must. This is where you’ll find quintessential Tuscan scenes straight out of a storybook – a dream for photography enthusiasts. And you definitely wouldn’t want to miss the medieval towns in Val d’Orcia, such as Montalcino, Pienza, or Montepulciano, on a road trip.

Speaking of medieval towns – one in Tuscany particularly stands out: San Gimignano. Its medieval towers create a skyline like no other. Our verdict: Tuscany might be quite touristy, but it’s rightly one of the most popular road trips in Europe.

Route for Your Tuscany Road Trip

Florence (3 nights) – Lucca (2 nights) – Pisa – Volterra – San Gimignano (2 nights) – Siena (2 nights) – Val d’Orcia (4 nights) – Florence

For more tips on this route, check out this article : Tuscany Road Trip

Facts & Info about the Tuscany Road Trip

Duration : Approx. 2 weeks Distance : Approx. 450 kilometers Best Time to Travel : Spring or Autumn (We went in October when the landscape is significantly drier than in Spring.) Perfect for : Italy enthusiasts; gourmets; those who adore unique accommodations and restaurants

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Staying in Italy, this European road trip takes us through the gorgeous region of Puglia in the south of the country. Puglia forms the “heel” of Italy’s boot, surrounded by the sea on both sides. So, you can look forward to plenty of sea-loving experiences on this road trip.

A road trip through Puglia will lead you through numerous dreamy coastal towns . Particularly notable for its spectacular location (and hence its fame) is the small town of Polignano a Mare.

Iconic in Puglia are the so-called Trulli – those white lime-washed round houses popping out of the landscape like little pointed hats. The most famous of these is the small (and very touristy!) town of Alberobello. A visit to Alberobello is almost mandatory on an Puglia road trip.

The Salento, Puglia’s southern peninsula, impressed us greatly with its rugged east coast . Salento is also home to probably the most beautiful Baroque city in Puglia: Lecce. Another gem in Puglia is Ostuni, known as the “White City”.

A little tip: In Puglia’s neighbouring region of Basilicata lies the impressive rock city of Matera, which left us absolutely speechless. We’ve never seen a city quite like it! A detour to Matera is the perfect addition on a road trip through Puglia.

Route for Your Puglia Road Trip

Bari – Matera (2 nights, not directly in Puglia, but very worth visiting!) – Lecce (1 night) – Salento (3 nights) – Ostuni (2 nights) – Valle d’Itria/Alberobello – Putignano (2 nights) – Polignano a Mare – Monopoli – Bari

For more information, check out this article: Puglia Road Trip

Facts & Info about the Puglia Road Trip

Duration : About 8 to 10 days Distance : Approx. 600 kilometers Best Time to Travel : Spring or Autumn, better avoid August around Ferragosto (Italy’s most important holiday) Perfect for : Those who love being by the sea; Italy enthusiasts; fans of unique accommodations

Puglia Road trip

Our third Italian destination, which we’re eager to introduce to you, is more of an insider tip for road trips in Europe . This route takes you through the picturesque region of Emilia-Romagna in Northern Italy. Dream cities (Bologna!), charming mountain villages, and many more highlights off the beaten track await you on this tour.

It’s best to start your road trip in the beautiful city of Bologna. Bologna , a young, charming university city with impressive buildings – we absolutely loved it here.

The numerous picturesque mountain villages of Emilia-Romagna are definitely worth a visit. Particularly noteworthy are places like Dozza with its unusual graffiti and Verucchio, rightly considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Another cultural highlight awaits in Ravenna : Here, you can marvel at countless historical mosaics from Byzantine and early Christian times. We also really enjoyed the somewhat more laid-back Ferrara.

A little tip: You can perfectly combine a road trip through Emilia-Romagna with a detour to the microstate of San Marino . In our opinion, a day trip is indeed sufficient to explore one of the smallest countries in the world.

Route for Your Emilia-Romagna Road Trip

Bologna (2 nights) – Dozza – Brisighella – Santarcangelo (2 to 3 nights) – San Marino (optional) – Verucchio – San Leo – Rimini – Ravenna (1 night) – Comacchio – Ferrara (1 night) – Bologna

Find more info about this route here: Emilia-Romagna Road Trip (available soon)

Facts & Info about the Emilia-Romagna Road Trip

Duration : About a week Distance : Approx. 450 kilometers Best Time to Travel : Spring or Autumn, for a beach holiday in Rimini better in Summer (although it gets very busy) Perfect for: Gourmets (many Italian specialties originate from Emilia-Romagna); Italy enthusiasts who want to travel off the beaten path

Emilia Romagna Travel Guide

Slovenia is definitely one of our most beloved countries for a road trip in Europe. Why? The country is small, making the distances relatively short, travel is moderately priced, and last but not least: Slovenia is truly impressive. Small, but mighty – as we’d sum it up.

Slovenia is a paradise for nature lovers! One of the absolute outdoor highlights on a road trip through Slovenia is the idyllic Soča Valley . The turquoise-blue Soča River winds through a breathtakingly beautiful landscape – a region you absolutely must not miss!

Also worth seeing and one of the most important attractions in Slovenia is the famous Lake Bled. With its tiny island and striking church tower, the lake is one of the country’s most popular photo subjects .

Slovenia’s coast is unfortunately only 46 kilometers long – but it still has quite some highlights to offer, especially the picturesque coastal town of Piran . For a beach holiday, the nearby Portorož is very popular.

A detour to Slovenia’s small but very charming capital, Ljubljana , is also worth it. The picturesque old town of Ljubljana can be explored quickly – leaving plenty of time to visit the many hip cafes of the university city.

Route for Your Slovenia Road Trip

Bled (2 nights) – Škofja Loka – Ljubljana (2 nights) – Postojna (1 night) – Piran (2 nights) – Soča Valley (3 nights) – Vršič Pass

For more information, check out this travel guide: Slovenia Travel Route

Facts & Info about the Slovenia Road Trip

Duration : About a week to 10 days Distance : Approx. 400 kilometers Best Time to Travel : Spring to Autumn, with Summer being naturally busier Perfect for : Those who want to see a lot in a short time; outdoor and nature enthusiasts

Europa Roadtrip Tips

Another fantastic road trip in Europe takes you to one of the most beloved holiday destinations of German-speaking visitors: Croatia. No, Croatia is certainly no longer a hidden gem – but this elongated country on the Adriatic coast is still incredibly worth seeing.

Croatia equals love for the sea! Few European road trips evoke as many holiday feelings as a round trip through Croatia. Hence, you can look forward to a countless beautiful coastal towns and wonderful swimming bays in Croatia.

Because Croatia is so long and narrow (meaning the distances are quite far), you have several route options here: For example, you can just explore the very picturesque region of Istria in the north of the country. Here you will find stunning coastal towns, especially the picturesque (but rather touristy) Rovinj .

For those with more time, we definitely recommend driving further south to Dalmatia. Here lies one of the most beautiful beach stretches in Croatia: the Makarska Riviera . Picturesque towns are tightly nestled at the foot of the spectacular Biokovo mountain range – a unique natural backdrop.

Split is a must-see. The combination of modern coastal metropolis and ancient buildings is unparalleled. You should definitely plan a stopover here on your road trip through Croatia.

Last but not least, Croatia is home to countless islands (around 1,200 to be precise) that you can visit. Hvar is highly recommended. As you can see, Croatia is not short of highlights.

Route for your Croatia Road Trip

Istria/Rovinj (3-4 nights) – Zadar (1 night) – Krka National Park – Šibenik (1-2 nights) – Primošten – Trogir – Split (2-3 nights) – Hvar (3 nights) – Omiš – Makarska Riviera (2-3 nights) – Dubrovnik (2-3 nights

For more information and tips on the route, check out this travel guide: Croatia Road Trip

Facts & Info about the Croatia Road Trip

Duration : approx. two to three weeks (can also be shortened) Distance : approx. 900 kilometres (one way, i.e. you have to drive the route back or book an open jaw flight – e.g. Pula/Dubrovnik) Best time to travel: Spring or autumn; some places are very crowded in summer (if you are travelling in summer, you should definitely book well in advance). Perfect for: Coastal and beach fans; all those who like historic cities and crave a hefty dose of holiday flair

Croatia Travel Itinerary 2 Weeks

Another European road trip that makes it to our list of favourites is Montenegro. This small country in the Balkans offers incredible variety in a relatively small area! From the rugged highlands around the spectacular Durmitor Mountains to the breathtakingly beautiful Bay of Kotor – Montenegro is truly the perfect road trip country!

Montenegro is an absolute nature destination ! In our opinion, it is the comparatively lesser-known interior in particular that makes Montenegro so appealing.

Firstly, there is the breathtakingly beautiful Durmitor National Park. The spectacular mountain massif rises from a rugged plateau. Here you can go on great hikes or drive along the most famous road in the region, the Durmitor Ring Road.

Also incredibly worth seeing is Lake Scutari, the largest lake in the Balkans. It’s partly in Montenegro, partly in Albania. Our morning boat trip o n Lake Skutari is definitely one of our personal highlights in Montenegro.

Last but not least, the Bay of Kotor, that 30-kilometre-long sea bay framed by spectacular mountain ranges, is a must-see on this European road trip. The small town of the same name, Kotor, is an major tourist hotspot (cruise ships dock here). We personally liked Perast even better.

Route for your Montenegro Road Trip

Perast (2 nights) – Durmitor National Park (2-3 nights) – Lake Scutari (2 nights) – Kotor (2-3 nights)

For more detailed information and tips, check out this article: Montenegro travel route (available soon)

Facts & Info about the Montenegro Road Trip

Duration : About 8 to 10 days Distance : Approx. 450 kilometres Best time to travel : Spring to autumn (We went in the peak of summer and it was absolutely fine.) Perfect for : All those who want to experience a lot in a short time and get to know a relatively unknown road trip country in Europe; nature enthusiasts

Montenegro Travel Itinerary

Bonjour, la France! Southern France is a classic among road trips in Europe. The south of the country is an absolute dream destination for many, and rightly so, in our opinion. The blooming lavender fields, the picturesque mountain villages of Provence, the glamorous coastal cities – all this and much more awaits you in Southern France.

A region in Southern France you simply cannot miss is the enchanting Provence . There are several highlights located here. First off, there is the Luberon mountain range with its picturesque mountain villages such as Gordes, Bonnieux and Lourmarin.

Aix-en-Provence is probably the most beautiful major city in Provence and should definitely be on your itinerary. We absolutely loved it here!

For those who prefer to venture off the beaten track , adding the gorges of the Tarn and Jonte to the itinerary is a must. Here, we stayed completely secluded in an old stone house and were welcomed in an incredibly homely atmosphere.

Of course, a detour to the coast is also a must on a road trip through the Southern France. Cannes , a glamorous city on the Côte d’Azur, is a great choice.

Route for your South of France Road Trip

Toulouse – Carcassonne – Narbonne (2 nights) – Cévennes National Park (2 nights) – Pont du Gard – Luberon (2 nights) – Aix-en-Provence (1-2 nights) – Roquebrune-sur-Argens (2 nights) – Cannes (2 nights) – Nice

For more information and tips, check out this guide: Southern France Travel Route

Facts & Info about the Southern France Road Trip

Duration : About 2 weeks Distance : Approx. 900 kilometers Best time to travel : Between the end of June and mid-August (for lavender blossom), otherwise better in spring or autumn Perfect for : All those who like variety (coast, inland, cities, mountain villages, nature); gourmets (though vegetarian might be challenging)

Travel Itinerary South France

Oh, Andalusia! Few destinations in Europe have inspired us as much as Southern Spain. Andalusia is culturally incredibly fascinating , with the Arab influences from the Moorish era omnipresent. The combination of exciting cities, arid landscapes, and the sea really appealed to us.

Andalusia is packed with truly great cities – one more beautiful than the other. First off, there is the capital of Andalusia, Seville . Seville is a must-see. The university city is bursting with energy. Plus, there are impressive sights on every corner, especially the gigantic cathedral.

Granada is no less impressive. It is home to the world-famous Alhambra , one of Spain’s most important landmarks. Next up is Córdoba . Here stands the Mezquita , a mosque-cathedral that truly left us speechless. This architectural masterpiece is an absolute must-see.

But don’t worry: Apart from culture, there’s plenty to discover in Andalusia. For example, the arid interior around the so-called Road of the White Villages is well worth seeing. Here, in the mountainous hinterland, there are several picturesque mountain villages with white lime-washed facades, already visible from afar. Not a typical white village, but still very worth seeing, is nearby Ronda with its iconic stone bridge.

You should also not miss a detour to the sea in Andalusia Cádiz , for example, is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is absolutely worth a visit.

Route for your road trip through Andalusia

Málaga (2 nights) – Ronda (1 night) – Road of the White Villages – Cádiz (2 nights) – Sevilla (3-4 nights) – Córdoba (2 nights) – Granada (2-3 nights) – Málaga

Find more info about this route here: Andalusia Travel Route

Facts & Info about the Andalusia Road Trip

Duration : About 10 days to 2 weeks Distance : Approx. 900 kilometres Best time to travel : Definitely not in the peak of summer, as it gets far too hot. Spring and autumn are ideal. We were there at the beginning of November and were quite lucky with the weather. Perfect for : Those interested in culture (Andalusia has many special cities with really impressive landmarks); all those who long for the Southern Spanish way of life.

Andalusia Travel Itinerary

If you are looking for a road trip in Europe off the beaten path , the region of Centro de Portugal is an excellent choice. As the name suggests, you’ll be travelling through the geographical centre of Portugal , roughly the area between Lisbon and Porto. Of course, it’s a great idea to include one or both of these cities in your road trip.

Highlights of this road trip

On this European road trip, you can look forward to many hidden and lesser-known places away from the classic Portugal travel routes. The journey mainly takes you through the interior of the country , but there are also some destinations along the coast.

Definitely worth visiting is the university city of Coimbra. The town has a special charm and is beautifully situated: Coimbra lies along the Rio Mondego and stretches up a hill in terraces. Do not miss the 700-year-old University of Coimbra with its baroque library, the Biblioteca Joanina.

We also really enjoyed Aveiro , the “Venice of Portugal”, and the fishing village of Costa Nova with its colourful beach houses.

You should definitely not miss out on a detour into the interior of the country on this tour. We can recommend the small, secluded mountain village of Marialva . And last but not least: Serra da Estrela , the highest mountain range on the Portuguese mainland, should not be missing from your route.

A little tip: It is definitely worth visiting the capital, Lisbon. Strictly speaking, it is not in Centro de Portugal, but most people will probably arrive here by plane. At the end of the trip, you could stop in Porto and fly back from there.

Route for your Centro de Portugal Road Trip

Lisbon (approx. 3 nights) – Óbidos (1 night) – monasteries of Alcobaça, Batalha and Tomar – Coimbra (1 to 2 nights) – Aveiro (1 night) – Costa Nova – Marialva (1 night) – Serra da Estrela (2 nights) – Porto

For more information, check out this article: Centro de Portugal Travel Route (available soon)

Facts & Info about the Centro de Portugal Road Trip

Duration : About 7 days (without Lisbon), approx. 10 to 12 days (with Lisbon and/or Porto) Distance : Approx. 900 kilometres Best time to travel: Spring to autumn (We were there in early April and the weather was already quite pleasant) Perfect for : Those who want to travel off the beaten path and are looking for a diverse destination (coast, cities, nature)

Casas do Coro Marialva

Last but not least: Austria, a must in our list of favourite road trips in Europe. And we say this not just because it’s our home. If you love mountains , you’ll adore Austria. And, as a bonus, there are also several Austrian cities that are really worth visiting.

No road trip through Austria would be complete without visiting the beautiful capital, Vienna . Vienna’s baroque, imperial flair is truly unique. And, of course, let’s not forget the city’s delightful coffee houses, oh!

Just as charming is the second major city along the route: Salzburg . The city of Mozart is whimsically beautiful, with the imposing Hohensalzburg Fortress as a visual treat.

However, the special highlight of a road trip through Austria, besides the pretty cities, is above all the spectacular mountain scenery . So, if you enjoy the mountains, Austria is the place to be.

Stunning (and not quite as touristy as other regions) areas include East Tyrol and the Bregenz Forsest. For something different, head to Bad Gastein. Historic Belle Époque buildings nestle close together on the hillside – what a backdrop.

While there’s no sea in Austria, there are magnificent lakes . Some of the most popular swimming lakes are located in the southernmost province of Carinthia. So, if you long to cool off and refresh yourself, you’ll be well catered for here.

Route for your Austria Road Trip

Vienna (2 to 4 nights) – Wachau (optional, 1 to 2 nights) – Salzkammergut (2 to 3 nights) – Salzburg (1 to 2 nights) – Bad Gastein (2 to 3 nights) – Bregenzerwald (optional, 3 to 4 nights) – East Tyrol (3 to 4 nights) – Carinthian Lakes (3 nights) – Southern Styria (2 to 3 nights) – Graz (optional, 1 to 2 nights) – Vienna

You can find the exact travel route in this article: Austria Travel Route

Facts & Info about the Austria Road Trip

Duration : About 2 to 4 weeks Kilometres : Approx. 1,150 kilometres (shorter route), approx. 1,750 kilometres (longer route to Bregenzerwald) Best time to travel : Ideally June or September, to avoid the summer holidays and when most of the huts in the hiking regions are already/still open. Perfect for : Mountain, nature and outdoor enthusiasts; all those who love the imperial baroque charm; gourmets (Kaiserschmarrn, Topfenstrudel and co. are a delight)

Austria Road trip

Which other road trips in Europe can you recommend? Which routes have you perhaps already explored yourself or which road trips are still on your wish list? We look forward to hearing about your experiences and additional tips.

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Don't pronounce it, just drive it

The 12 best and most beautiful road trips in Europe

Fill up the tank, load up the tunes and get behind the wheel. The best road trips in Europe are waiting

John Bills

If you’re anything like us, incredible road trips will be high on your bucket list. You simply can’t beat the feeling of speeding down the road, loading up the tunes and having your main character moment (whether you’re the one behind the wheel or not). 

The best part? Europe alone is home to a number of incredible road trips, from the mountainous views of Iceland to the deserts of Tirana. Pick your favourite road trip playlist or a cracking podcast, load up on snacks and hit the road. Here are the best road trips in Europe. 

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John Bills is a writer for Time Out Travel. At Time Out, our travel guides are written by experts all over the world. For more about how we curate, see our editorial guidelines . 

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Best road trips in Europe

Iceland Ring Road

1.  Iceland Ring Road

Iceland makes an appearance on any self-respecting list of travel experiences. The Iceland Ring Road encircles the entire nation, covering 1,333 kilometres of road, a distance that can be traversed in 12 or 13 hours, depending on speed. Truth be told, you should take a week or so to do it properly, stopping to take in the majestic scenery that only Iceland can produce. Sigur Rós made a video of the whole thing backed by some typically gorgeous music, so head to a well-known internet video streaming site and start making plans. 

Epirus, Greece

2.  Epirus, Greece

Driving around the winding mountain roads of Zagori sounds like a dream, right? These serpentine roads aren’t the easiest, but they are well worth it; think lakes, monasteries, stunning mountain villages and animals that are very much in charge of the place. There are several possible routes, so you might as well just get that driving licence sorted and let your whims do the rest.

Pula to Dubrovnik, Croatia

3.  Pula to Dubrovnik, Croatia

If anyone tells you that Croatia is still a hidden gem, you should stop listening to them. Hrvatska gets mega busy throughout the summer, but spring and autumn remain brilliant times to visit, and what better way to explore the coast than by driving all the way down it? Start at Pula and snake your way down the coast to Dubrovnik, breaking up the 709km with stops in Rijeka, Zadar, Split and wherever else. Heck, you could even nip inland to explore the magical Plitvice Lakes National Park, and extend the last leg by heading into Bosnia and Herzegovina to see Mostar, Kravice waterfall and Blagaj for yourself.  

Transfăgărășan Highway, Romania

4.  Transfăgărășan Highway, Romania

You can also call it the DN7C if you’d prefer. The Transfăgărășan is a stunning mountain road that traverses Romania’s Carpathian Mountains, the second-highest in the country but arguably the best known. Every spectacular second of the 150 kilometres offers up stunning views. The speed limit is 40km/h because of the relatively fragile ground, but going slow makes it easier to enjoy the surroundings. Bâlea Lake is pretty much at the top, and it doesn’t get much more beautiful than that. 

Atlantic Road, Norway

5.  Atlantic Road, Norway

Not all road trips need to be multi-day marathons. Sometimes, going out for a few hours of gorgeous driving interspersed with views (and a picnic, you gotta have a picnic) is all that is needed. Norway ’s Atlantic Road snakes around the west coast of the country, covering just 8.3km but encapsulating the old ‘quality over quantity’ cliche perfectly. The road has been described as the world’s most beautiful car journey, and we aren’t about to disagree.

Tallinn to Tirana

6.  Tallinn to Tirana

Somehow, someway, Eastern Europe remains criminally misunderstood. The vague geographic notion doesn’t tell half the story, so why not drive from the north of the east to the south and see for yourself? From Estonia on the Baltic to Albania on the Med lies a conveyor belt of fascinating nations with beauty around every corner. It would take around 34 hours to drive the 2,945km without stopping, but you’d also need to be a cyborg. Head through the Baltic states before heading central into Poland , Czechia and onwards. 

Autobahn, Germany

7.  Autobahn, Germany

If you’re interested in an incredible European road trip, the chances are you’re already very aware of the Autobahn. Germany and all things automobiles go together like magnet and steel – hurtling down the Autobahn is one of Europe’s great behind-the-wheel experiences. You can’t actually go as fast as you like on this famous road, so pay attention to the various limits, lest you end up in serious bother. Start in Cologne and head north through Bremen and Hamburg before snaking back down to Berlin , covering more than 500km in the process.

Northern Lakes, Italy

8.  Northern Lakes, Italy

Okay, now we’re really entering the world of dreams. The magnificent lakes in the north of Italy have been big business for a long old while, but how about an extravagant road trip taking in as many of them as possible? You can start this one pretty much from the moment you land in Milan , picking up a rental and heading to Lake Maggiore and setting up shop before heading east through Lake Como, Lake Garda and all the rest. Take as much time as is humanly possible, you’re going to want to savour these spots. 

Edinburgh to London, United Kingdom

9.  Edinburgh to London, United Kingdom

You could tackle the entire length of Great Britain, starting at John o’Groats and driving 1,407km down to Land’s End, but the  very northern tip of Scotland isn’t the most accessible place. Instead, make a grand journey between the capitals of Scotland and England , starting in Edinburgh and heading south through the Lake District , the cities of the north, the meat of the Midlands and more. Just 647km sit between the two, so be sure to make this itinerary a winding one.

Vienna to Belgrade

10.  Vienna to Belgrade

Europe has no shortage of great rivers, but the diversity of the Danube makes it the continent’s finest. The second longest in Europe, the Danube runs through four capital cities (Belgrade, Budapest , Bratislava and Vienna ), so why not get behind the wheel and hit up all four? Start in the latter and weave your way towards bouncing Belgrade, treating yourself to a night out in one of the continent’s most exciting cities as a treat. Better yet, if you have the time, why not follow the entire length of the river?  

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10 Road Trip en Europe à découvrir absolument en 2024 !

Vous cherchez des idées de Road Trip en Europe ? Le road trip est toujours un voyage qui s’annonce comme un vent de liberté et d’aventures. Né sur les longues routes droites des Etats-Unis, il est devenu un rêve pour beaucoup grâce aux road-movies.

Des films où le personnage prenait la route pour se libérer de ses soucis et partir à la conquête de lui-même et du monde.

road trip europe

Mais il faut le savoir, le road trip se prête tout aussi bien au continent européen. En effet l’Europe est remplie de terres vastes où les routes regorgent de paysages incroyables. On vous invite donc aujourd’hui à enfourcher votre moto, à mettre le contact sur votre voiture, et à faire crisser vos pneus sur des kilomètres de routes, parfois sinueuses, qui sauront conquérir votre cœur.

Quels pays découvrir en voiture en Europe   ? Un road trip idéal peut être tellement varié pour deux voyageurs différents. C’est pourquoi nous vous avons listé 10 destinations pour 10 idées de road trip en Europe exceptionnels !

road trip en europe

Où partir en Road Trip en Europe ?

1. la norvège.

Voyagez au cœur des Fjords avec ses paysages à couper le souffle  : glaciers, montagnes, cascades. Pays idéal pour faire de belles randonnées, les routes panoramiques de la Norvège ne vous laisseront pas non plus indifférent. Attention toutefois, avec les fjords, les distances peuvent se rallonger et les détours se multiplier. Il faudra aussi prévoir un budget conséquent pour votre voyage… Mais pour partir en faisant d’emblée des économies, n’hésitez pas à découvrir tous nos bons plans pour la Norvège. De quoi prévoir deux semaines de road trip en Europe sur les routes de Norvège sans rentrer à découvert !

A découvrir également : 12 destinations où partir en juin pas cher

itineraire road trip europe

2. L’Allemagne

Vous cherchez un road trip en Europe avec des paysages sublimes ? Alors partez en Allemagne explorer les Alpes Bavaroises. L’occasion de découvrir des châteaux incroyablement élégants et des points de vue exceptionnels lors de vos nombreuses randonnées. Profitez par exemple du Parc National de Berchtesgaden pendant quelques jours, ou encore de ses lacs invitant à la sérénité. Pour entamer ce voyage, il suffit d’atterrir à Munich et d’embarquer pour un road-trip d’une semaine ou plus. Vous trouverez des vols à moins 80€ aller-retour pour Munich en réservant quelques mois à l’avance.

A découvrir : 14 destinations de rêve pour vos vacances !

destination pour road trip en europe

3. La France

Vous cherchez des idées de road trip en Europe ? Pourquoi ne pas aller découvrir notre cher beau pays, la France. Il y a existe sûr des tonnes de possibilités d’itinéraires en France. Je vous propose aujourd’hui un road trip dans le sud, excellent moyen de découvrir des villages qui sentent bon la lavande et où les cigales chantonnent : Eze-sur-Mer, Antibes, Bormes-les-Mimosas, Le Castellet, St Paul de Vence… Embarquez pour une escapade entre Nice et Marseille avec pourquoi pas une halte au cœur des Gorges du Verdon. Laissez vous bercer par ces kilomètres de routes panoramiques en bord de mer, comme cette vue célèbre sur Villefranche sur Mer . Profitez d’un voyage où la tranquillité est reine et qui saura vous donner des étoiles dans les yeux.  

ou partir en europe pour un road trip

4. La Croatie

Ce petit pays offre de bons moyens pour programmer un road trip en Europe en famille grâce à des distances réduites entre les différents points d’intérêts. Partez par exemple de Dubrovnik jusqu’à Zadar en passant par le parc national de Krka ou celui de Plitvice, dont les centaines de cascades et l’eau d’un vert incroyable vous laisseront sans voix. En 1 semaine de road trip en Croatie , vous découvrirez aussi de jolis villages en pierre comme celui de Trogir. Ce pays vous tente ? Découvrez tous nos bons plans voyage pour la Croatie. Nous répertorions régulièrement des vols à moins de 50€ aller-retour pour cette destination.

les plus beaux roadtrip d europe

5. L’Angleterre

Vous pourrez relier Londres à l’extrême Nord du pays en passant par toutes les contrées vertes anglaises. L’occasion d’avoir un bon aperçu de ses grandes villes comme Liverpool, Manchester , ou encore Newcastle. Envie d’un petit détour par la mer ? Rendez-vous dans la ville de Brighton. De quoi vous entraîner à conduire à gauche sur quelques miles. Londres est une des villes les mieux desservies . En effet, vous trouverez des vols depuis la plupart des aéroports français, belges et suisses. De plus, les prix des billets d’avion sont très peu onéreux pour Londres. Il n’est pas rare de trouver des vols à moins de 30€ aller-retour pour cette destination !

itineraire d une semaine en europe

6. L’Italie

Vous cherchez un road trip en Europe pour varier entre paysages incroyables, petits villages et découvertes culturelles ? Alors partez pour sur les routes de la Toscane. Vous pourrez y découvrir les Cinques terres , la ville de Sienne ou encore l’incroyable musée à ciel ouvert qu’est Florence.  Vous pourrez rouler sur des kilomètres au milieu des vignes et vous arrêter chez quelque producteurs locaux pour déguster de bons mets italiens. Si vous n’habitez pas près de l’Italie, vous pourrez partir en avion pour la ville de Pise et louer une voiture dès votre arrivée à l’aéroport. Nous publions des bons plans pour Pise avec des vols aller-retour à moins de 38€. N’hésitez pas à les découvrir !

A découvrir :  où aller en Italie ? 

itineraire autotour en europe

7. L’Ecosse

En Ecosse, tournez vous vers un road trip en direction de l’île de Skye,  pour des panoramas à couper le souffle. Sur votre chemin, ne manquez pas le fameux pont du Poudlard Express dans Harry Potter . Vous serez époustouflés par les paysages de l’Ecosse, avec cette impression que Merlin l’Enchanteur s’apprête à vous rejoindre à tout instant. Pour rejoindre ce pays majestueux , vous pourrez atterrir à l’aéroport de Glasgow ou d’Edimbourg . Les vols varient aux alentours de 50 à 150€ aller-retour selon la période de l’année.

idee itineraire en europe

8. L’Irlande, des paysages variés pour un autotour en Europe !

L’Irlande est appelée communément l’île émeraude. C’est en effet, la couleur la plus présente dans ses paysages : le vert de ses prairies, de ses immenses falaises, du trèfle, symbole du pays. Mais aussi de ces petites créatures que tant de voyageurs viennent chercher : les légendaires Leprechauns  ! En partant de Dublin, retrouvez les incroyables Cliffs of Moher et bien sûr les plaines du Connemara (qu’il faudra programmer au moins pour vous mettre la chanson dans la tête). L’Irlande sera votre future destination pour votre autotour en Europe ? Alors n’hésitez pas à comparer les vols pour Dublin et Belfast sur ce site vous ferez surement de belles économies !

roadtrip en europe

9. Le Portugal

Du Nord au Sud, le Portugal possède des paysages très diversifiés . Vous pourrez rouler vers les grandes villes cosmopolites de Porto et Lisbonne puis descendre vers la côte pour découvrir l’Algarve et le charme de ses villages blancs : Faro, Albufeira.  Dans le sud du pays, vous découvrirez également de sublimes plages avec des formations rocheuses de toutes sortes de quoi revenir avec de sublimes souvenirs. Prêt pour partir en road trip en Europe sur les routes du Portugal ? Nous répertorions régulièrement des bons plans voyage pour l’Algarve avec parfois des vols à moins de 20€ aller-retour pour Faro !

10. L’Islande, le pays rêvé pour un road trip en Europe !

De la nature à l’état brut vous attend dans ce pays où le tourisme s’est développé il y a peu de temps. En voiture, vous pourrez faire le tour de l’Islande par la route 1 et découvrir le Cercle d’or, différentes cascades et glaciers et bien sûr observer des aurores boréales en hiver. Nous avons écrit un article sur un très bel itinéraire de 8 jours en Islande, où l’on peut découvrir des paysages hors du commun. N’hésitez pas à le consulter. Vous vous demandez quand partir en Islande  pour un road trip ? Toutes les périodes de l’année possèdent leurs propres charmes alors c’est à vous de voir !

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  • Destinations
  • Autour du voyage

Une ville portuaire au soleil

ROAD TRIP de 15 jours en CROATIE : mon guide complet

Qui n’a jamais entendu parler de la Croatie , dernier pays membre de l’UE , qui ne cesse d’attirer les foules depuis quelques années ? Voilà un moment que j’essayais de m’y rendre… Chose faite à présent ! Je peux enfin vous partager mes astuces et mes conseils sur ce petit bout de terre tout plein de charme et d’authenticité .

La Croatie , indépendante depuis 1991 seulement, appartenait autrefois à la Yougoslavie , qui s’est disloquée suite à de violentes guerres. Ce pays aux mille îles de l'Adriatique s’est énormément développé depuis. Il accueille de plus en plus de voyageurs venus d'Europe, en quête de panoramas exceptionnels et paradisiaques . Notre road trip de 15 jours était initialement prévu en avril 2021, mais nous l'avons finalement décalé à octobre/novembre 2021 à cause du Covid-19. La Croatie au printemps et en été n’est cependant pas du tout la même chose qu’en automne et en hiver… Et je vais vous présenter une autre facette de ce pays qu’on associe très souvent aux vacances d'été.

Vous trouverez ici  un guide complet  qui, je l’espère, vous aidera dans  l'organisation de   votre futur voyage en Croatie . N’hésitez pas à me poser vos questions en commentaire à la fin de l’article. Je vous répondrai avec grand plaisir.

Bonne lecture !

road trip europe en hiver

Quand partir en Croatie ?

Un église de Zagreb sous un grand ciel bleu

Deux climats se distinguent en Croatie : un climat continental , du côté de Zagreb , et un climat méditerranéen , du côté de Dubrovnik . Côté continental , les hivers sont très froids avec des chutes de neige assez fréquentes. Les températures sont basses , atteignant facilement les 0°C. En été en revanche, le temps est chaud et humide , avec des températures autour de 25°C . Il peut y avoir de nombreux orages. Côté méditerranéen , les hivers sont doux et humides , avec des températures plutôt agréables , pouvant dépasser les 10°C. Les étés sont chauds et secs , avec des températures parfois très élevées , favorisant la baignade.

Touristiquement , la haute saison s’étend de juin à septembre environ. La basse saison , quant à elle, s'étend de décembre à mars environ. On distingue une saison « intermédiaire » pour octobre/novembre et pour avril/mai . En haute saison , les prix sont assez élevés, parfois même très élevés pour un pays comme la Croatie. Tout est ouvert et accessible , la fréquentation est à son maximum. En basse saison , les prix sont plus faibles qu’en été, mais il y a beaucoup de fermetures car moins de tourisme. La saison intermédiaire semble être un bon compromis et c’est ce que nous avons choisi.

Notre road trip en Croatie était initialement prévu pour avril/mai, mais avec la hausse des cas de Covid-19, nous avons reporté notre voyage à octobre/novembre . À l'approche de la saison basse, cette période n'est peut-être pas la meilleure pour faire la fête mais elle permet d'admirer les magnifiques couleurs d'automne.

  • Haute saison : de juin à septembre environ. Prix élevés, climat chaud et sec, orages dans les terres.
  • Basse saison : de décembre à mars environ. Prix bas, climat froid et humide, plus doux au bord de la Méditerranée.
  • Saison intermédiaire : octobre/novembre et avril/mai. Prix moyens, climat doux et agréable.
  • Notre choix : octobre et novembre sont de très bons mois pour admirer les magnifiques couleurs de l’automne. Les prix sont intéressants, peu de touristes sont présents. Côté météo, nous n’avons pas eu beaucoup de chance : il a plu assez souvent et une vague de froid est arrivée sur le pays. Il est préférable, selon moi, de partir au printemps et de profiter des premières chaleurs pour se baigner. De nombreux hôtels et restaurants ferment également en automne pour rouvrir au printemps.

road trip europe en hiver

Sur les routes de l'Istrie

Quelles sont les formalités ?

Pour les ressortissants français , pas besoin de visa pour voyager en Croatie , ce pays étant membre de l'UE . Le passeport ou la Carte Nationale d’Identité sont donc les seuls justificatifs demandés .

Côté assurance , j’ai une carte Visa Premier (semblable à la Mastercard Gold) qui comprend déjà une bonne couverture (jusqu’à 155 000 € pour les frais médicaux à l’étranger). En revanche, la Visa Classique comme la Mastercard Classique ne possèdent pas d’aussi bonnes garanties (jusqu’à 12 000 € pour les frais médicaux). Attention, les assurances Visa et Mastercard ne prennent pas en charge les vols de bagages ou d’effets personnels .

La Croatie étant membre de l’UE, les éventuels frais médicaux payés sur place peuvent être aussi pris en charge par la Sécurité sociale si vous possédez la CEAM (Carte Européenne d’Assurance Maladie). Elle est gratuite et envoyée sous 15 jours environ après demande auprès de votre caisse.

  • Passeport ou Carte Nationale d'Identité obligatoire .

Quel itinéraire choisir ?

Voici  les différentes étapes de notre road trip en Croatie . Le choix d’un itinéraire est  personnel . Celui que nous avons choisi est adapté à  nos goûts et nos envies .

road trip europe en hiver

Nous découpons ce road trip en  6 grandes étapes  :

Nous avons décidé de louer notre voiture à Zagreb et de la rendre à Dubrovnik pour plus de simplicité. La plupart des agences de location propose cette option moyennant quelques frais supplémentaires (one-way fee).

  • À ne pas manquer selon moi : les lacs de Plitviče pour leur beauté, la côte et les îles dalmates pour la culture et la détente, Dubrovnik pour son architecture unique.
  • Durée conseillée pour un road trip : 10 jours ou 15 jours minimum.

Un magnifique paysage d'automne

Quel budget prévoir ?

Une fois l’itinéraire choisi , il est plus facile d’établir un budget précis pour l’ensemble du voyage.

Voici un récapitulatif des dépenses effectuées lors de notre voyage en Croatie. Ce budget reste approximatif car il peut varier en fonction de plusieurs critères : nombre de voyageurs, type de voyageurs, période de voyage, type de logement souhaité…

Comptez environ 1 000 € à 1 200 € de dépenses par personne pour 15 jours . * budget établi pour un voyage en octobre/novembre 2021

En détail :

road trip europe en hiver

Ces dernières années, la Croatie a vu son nombre de touristes augmenter de façon considérable. Si l'on ajoute à ça la reprise des voyages et l'inflation mondiale, la Croatie est de moins en moins vue comme une destination bon marché bien que le coût de la vie y soit 34 % moins élevé qu'en France.

Voici quelques conseils pour vous aider à réduire vos dépenses lors d'un voyage en Croatie :

  • Partez en saison basse (au printemps de préférence) plutôt qu'en saison haute : les prix seront moins élevés.
  • Réservez vos vols aller-retour à destination de Zagreb  : vous payerez moins cher que des vols à destination de Dubrovnik, qui est une ville très touristique. Si comme nous votre itinéraire n'est pas une boucle, tentez un aller simple pour Zagreb et un retour simple depuis la dernière ville de votre itinéraire. Pour réserver mes billets d'avion, j'utilise Skyscanner , mon comparateur favori de vols qui propose les meilleurs prix avec de bons outils d'analyse.
  • Prévoyez votre itinéraire un peu à l’avance pour calculer vos trajets et vos déplacements sur place : la Croatie est un pays qui demande un minimum de préparation pour se déplacer en voiture ou en transport. L'accès à Dubrovnik par les terres ne se fait qu'en traversant la Bosnie-Herzégovine ou en prenant un ferry, par exemple.
  • Réservez vos hébergements sur Booking , le leader mondial de la réservation d’hébergement en ligne : vous y trouverez les meilleures offres aux meilleurs prix. Et n'hésitez pas à vous inscrire gratuitement au programme de fidélisation Genius qui propose des réductions et des récompenses très intéressantes.
  • Sélectionnez vos activités et excursions à l’avance  : vous pourrez profiter de tarifs avantageux en réservant vos activités sur  Get Your Guide , la plateforme que j'utilise pour programmer mes expériences de voyage.
  • Essayez d’alterner vos choix de restauration  : fast-food, restaurant, cuisine maison…
  • La Croatie est un pays moins cher que la France.
  • Comptez une moyenne de 1 200 € par personne pour 15 jours de voyage.

Une cascade dans une forêt

Comment conduire ?

Louer une voiture en Croatie est le meilleur moyen de se déplacer dans tout le pays. Si on désire faire un road trip comme le nôtre, les transports en commun ne représentent malheureusement pas la meilleure option , bien qu’économiques. Ils ne permettent pas de se rendre dans des endroits reculés et moins fréquentés par les touristes.

C’est pourquoi nous avons décidé de louer une voiture à Zagreb via Rentalcars , un comparateur de confiance , qui propose les meilleurs prix du marché. Ce dernier nous a amené jusqu'à Nova Rent A Car , un loueur connu qui dispose de beaucoup d’agences réparties sur tout le territoire. Nous avons été satisfaits du service proposé par Nova, tout s’est très bien passé. La réservation fut simple et nous avons choisi un modèle basique, une citadine à 5 portes , la Croatie ayant un bon réseau routier, facilement praticable et très peu montagneux.

Quelques petites choses à savoir avant de louer une voiture en Croatie :

  • 21 ans est l’âge minimum requis pour louer une voiture dans presque toutes les agences de location.
  • Si vous avez entre 21 et 25 ans, une taxe jeune conducteur peut vous être demandée.
  • N’oubliez pas les documents nécessaires à la location de voiture en Croatie : votre permis de conduire et une carte de crédit aux nom et prénom du conducteur principal.
  • Le permis international n’est pas obligatoire .

Mes conseils concernant la location en elle-même sont les suivants :

  • Choisissez votre compagnie de location via un comparateur comme Rentalcars . Ces derniers sont très compétitifs et proposent les meilleurs offres du marché. Les compagnies locales sont fiables , donc n'ayez crainte si votre comparateur vous renvoie vers une enseigne croate.
  • la TPL (Third Party Liability) qui permet de couvrir les dommages causés à des tiers.
  • la CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) qui couvre les dommages causés au véhicule en cas de vandalisme ou collision.
  • la TP (Theft Protection), contre le potentiel vol du véhicule.

Tout ceci dans la limite d’une franchise de 800 € . Une réduction de la franchise nous a été proposée mais moyennant des frais élevés. Nous avons préféré garder la franchise à 800 € et ne pas payer de supplément.

Prenez un « pass ferry » en extra si vous comptez vous rendre sur les îles croates en bateau avec votre voiture de location, c’est obligatoire . Notre pass ferry nous a coûté 15 € pour les 15 jours . nous avons également dû payer un supplément de 30 € car nous avons rendu la voiture à l'aéroport de Dubrovnik , et non à Zagreb qui était notre agence de départ (one-way fee).

La voiture de location, ses assurances et ses extras nous ont coûtés 397 € (prix pour 3).

Autres infos utiles concernant la conduite en Croatie :

  • Le kilométrage est très souvent illimité et compris dans le contrat de location.
  • Le prix du carburant est le même qu’en France.
  • Les autoroutes sont payantes (péages) mais peu chères . On peut les payer en espèces ou en carte.
  • Les contrôles de vitesse et les radars sont assez fréquents et l’amende est salée. Respectez donc bien les limitations.

La conduite en Croatie est quasiment la même qu’ en France . Les croates roulent assez vite mais nous sommes restés prudents et tout s’est très bien passé.

Sur 15 jours , nous avons parcouru environ 1 500 km .

  • Choisissez une agence de location internationale ou locale (ces dernières sont fiables) via un comparateur de confiance comme Rentalcars .
  • Souscrivez à toutes les assurances (si c'est possible).
  • Sur la route : péages peu chers, conduite simple.

road trip europe en hiver

Split et l'île de Hvar

Et dans sa valise ?

Contrairement à ce qu'on pourrait croire, les températures d’automne en Croatie sont assez fraîches . Nous étions persuadés qu'il y ferait plus chaud qu’en France, mais pas tellement. Il faisaient généralement entre 5 et 15 degrés et nous avons eu plusieurs jours de pluie . Je vous conseille donc de prévoir des vêtements chauds et imperméables si vous partez en saison d’automne comme nous. Si vous partez en été, il faudra plutôt prévoir des vêtements légers car il peut faire très chaud.

N’oubliez pas les indispensables :

  • Une copie   pour   chaque document valide  (passeport, carte d'identité, permis de conduire…). En cas de perte ou de vol, ces copies vous sauveront la vie !
  • Quelques médicaments basiques et produits parapharmaceutiques  (dans la limite des 100 ml par produit si vous prenez l’avion avec un bagage cabine seulement).
  • Une batterie externe portable  pour vos appareils électroniques. Nous utilisons  celle de la marque Anker  pour nos voyages.
  • Une gourde  pour éviter d’acheter des bouteilles en plastique. L’eau est potable dans tout le pays.
  • Une crème solaire et un chapeau si vous partez en été.
  • Quelques euros en poche car la carte bancaire n’est pas acceptée partout.

Ma valise n'était pas si légère que ça finalement. Mais j’étais très contente d’avoir prévu pulls, pantalons et grosses chaussettes.

  • Tenues chaudes et imperméables si vous partez en automne comme nous.
  • Tenues légères et protection solaire si vous partez en été.

Une vue en hauteur d'un village fortifié

Les « pour » et « contre » d’un voyage en Croatie

Voici pour vous mes « pour » et « contre » d’un voyage en Croatie. Ils vous aideront peut-être à y voir un peu plus clair sur cette destination de plus en plus populaire auprès des voyageurs aujourd’hui.

Les « pour »

  • Des paysages exceptionnels à seulement quelques heures d’avion. La Croatie se classe parmi les plus beaux pays d’Europe avec ses plages de rêve au bord de l’Adriatique et ses magnifiques parcs nationaux, comme celui de Plitviče. La Croatie a également servi de décor pour de nombreux films et séries dont Star Wars, Avatar et Games of Thrones.
  • Une richesse culturelle et historique. La Croatie est un pays riche de son histoire encore jeune (indépendance proclamée le 25 juin 1991), de ses traditions et coutumes inscrites par l'UNESCO. Les villes comme Zagreb, Dubrovnik ou encore Split sont le reflet d’un patrimoine exceptionnel et unique en Europe.

Les « contre »

  • Une destination de plus en plus populaire. Comme beaucoup d’autres pays des Balkans, la Croatie attire chaque année de plus en plus de voyageurs venus de toute l’Europe. Sa récente entrée dans l’Union Européenne et la zone euro a énormément facilité son développement touristique et elle se hisse à présent dans le top des destinations choisies pour les vacances estivales.
  • Une basse saison peu attractive. Contrairement à ce qu’on pensait, la Croatie n’est pas un pays très touristique toute l’année. Durant les saisons d’automne et d’hiver, de nombreux lieux, hôtels et restaurants ferment et ne rouvrent que pour l’arrivée des beaux jours. Je vous conseille de bien vous renseigner en amont sur les dates et horaires de chaque lieu si vous désirez visiter la Croatie en basse saison avec peu de touristes. 

Ces ressentis reflètent notre expérience et nous appartiennent . Nous avons adoré notre road trip en Croatie malgré le froid et nous y reviendrons avec grand plaisir.

road trip europe en hiver

Zagreb et Šibenik

Mes derniers conseils

Dernières petites infos en vrac pour une préparation optimale :

Comme dans tout road trip, prenez votre temps et vivez l'instant présent . La Croatie est une petite merveille de l'Europe qu'il faut explorer au moins une fois dans sa vie. Admirez, profitez, voyagez !

Les remparts de Dubrovnik

Nous sommes ravis d’avoir enfin pu découvrir la Croatie, ce pays en plein essor touristique. On espère y revenir en saison printanière ou estivale prochainement.

N’hésitez pas à me poser vos questions en commentaire si besoin. Je serais ravie de vous aider dans votre planification !

Si vous achetez via des liens sur mon blog, je peux toucher une petite commission d’affiliation. Ainsi, le site est soutenu à 100 % par les lecteurs et ne contient pas de publicité. Merci pour votre soutien !

Article mis à jour le 27 février 2024

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    Perfect for: All those who want to experience a lot in a short time and get to know a relatively unknown road trip country in Europe; nature enthusiasts. 7. Southern France. Bonjour, la France! Southern France is a classic among road trips in Europe. The south of the country is an absolute dream destination for many, and rightly so, in our ...

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    Ring of Kerry, Ireland: 1-2 Day Trip. This 180km circular route on Ireland's western side is one of Europe's lesser-known but most entertaining road trips on account of the sheer variety found in the little Irish gauntlet. Start off in the buzzing little town of Killarney where you'll be charmed by the cobbled streets, an amicable ...

  17. ROAD TRIP d'un mois en NORVÈGE : mon guide complet

    ROAD TRIP d'un mois en NORVÈGE : mon guide complet. S'il y a bien une destination en Europe dont la beauté est à reconnaitre, c'est sans conteste la Norvège. Ce pays des fjords aux multiples facettes est un véritable paradis pour tout voyageur en quête de paysages grandioses et d'expériences hors du commun. En juillet 2020, nous ...

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    Best road trips in Europe. Photograph: Ella Doyle for Time Out. 1. Iceland Ring Road. Iceland makes an appearance on any self-respecting list of travel experiences. The Iceland Ring Road encircles ...

  19. 10 Road Trip en Europe à découvrir absolument en 2024

    10. L'Islande, le pays rêvé pour un road trip en Europe ! De la nature à l'état brut vous attend dans ce pays où le tourisme s'est développé il y a peu de temps. En voiture, vous pourrez faire le tour de l'Islande par la route 1 et découvrir le Cercle d'or, différentes cascades et glaciers et bien sûr observer des aurores ...

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    If you've got wheels, wanderlust and a spot of time, a road trip in Europe offers the chance to see the continent at a more relaxed pace. From the sunny shores of Portugal to the

  21. road trip europe en hiver

    European rail trips deliver economy and luxury bundled into a picturesque trip without fail. It's the ideal way to tour Europe. Trains have traversed the continent since the Industrial Revolution.... There's something special and freeing about hitting the open road and exploring new places. And what could be more scenic than going on a road trip through some of the most beautiful ...

  22. ROAD TRIP de 15 jours en CROATIE : mon guide complet

    Notre road trip de 15 jours était initialement prévu en avril 2021, mais nous l'avons finalement décalé à octobre/novembre 2021 à cause du Covid-19. La Croatie au printemps et en été n'est cependant pas du tout la même chose qu'en automne et en hiver…. Et je vais vous présenter une autre facette de ce pays qu'on associe très ...

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    Europe for Less Our 2024 special report is filled with 27 trip ideas to make your vacation budget go further—without sacrificing luxury. May 3, 2024, 10:00 AM UTC

  24. road trip europe en hiver

    If you've got wheels, wanderlust and a spot of time, a road trip in Europe offers the chance to see the continent at a more relaxed pace. From the sunny shores of Portugal to the