rebekka bakken tour 2021

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rebekka bakken tour 2021

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rebekka bakken tour 2021

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rebekka bakken tour 2021

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rebekka bakken tour 2021

Top singing star Rebekka Bakken speaks to We Love Budapest before major Müpa show

Peterjon Cresswell

Award-winning Norwegian singer Rebekka Bakken, who straddles the jazz, pop and soul genres, is making a welcome return to Budapest with a major show at Müpa on Tuesday, 2 November. Performing with her own four-piece band and Hungary’s renowned Modern Art Orchestra, Bakken starts her extensive European tour here, offering refreshing original songs and reinterpreted covers. We caught up with her during rehearsals.

With ten albums behind her and a string of music awards , Norwegian singer and one-time Vienna resident Rebekka Bakken has a huge following in Scandinavia and the German-speaking world , but chose to kick off her 17-date tour here in Budapest .

rebekka bakken tour 2021

“ I am very much looking forward to coming to Budapest again ,” Bakken told We Love Budapest during a break in rehearsals in Oslo .

Wonderful Budapest

“ I have listened to so many great Hungarian musicians and singers through the years, and the last time I was in this wonderful city, a small orchestra were playing for us when we had dinner. I remember all the men in my band were crying. It was so beautiful .” 

Bakken start out playing in school bands before taking to the stage in a professional capacity from 1988 . First performing rock , soul and funk numbers, Bakken found that her unique, wide-ranging voice allowed her to move into jazz – the genre for which she is now best known – but also pop and folk . This broad repertoire means she can avoid being pigeon-holed, as Tuesday’s Müpa show should illustrate.

rebekka bakken tour 2021

It was jazz, though, that catapulted Bakken from her native Oslo to the clubs of New York . “ My way or genre was not really a choice ,” she explains. “ I just walked a path that seemed to lay ahead of me step by step and found myself in my surroundings. I met and played with incredible musicians in New York and developed my young artistry through my interaction with them .”

Swayed by jazz

“ Most of the people I worked with happened to be jazz musicians so my expression was naturally affected by this genre .”

rebekka bakken tour 2021

By then, of course, Bakken was singing in English , but that’s not how it all started. “ I wrote my songs in Norwegian until I left Norway,” she remembers. “It was natural to change the language when I moved to the US. Since English has been my main language for so many years and since my audience is international, I stayed with the English language."

Norwegian folk

"I love to sing in Norwegian, though, and occasionally do. I will include a fiery Norwegian folk song at my concert in Budapest. ”

On her most recent album, Winter Nights , Bakken offers her own take on seasonal touchstones by the Pogues and Wham! , interspersed with her own poignant tunes : “ Although I write most of my songs, I do take in some standards or covers from time to time. I like to interpret other people’s music if I can create something that I feel is mine ”. 

rebekka bakken tour 2021

Tuesday’s on-stage collaboration with Budapest’s Modern Art Orchestra , who backed Ennio Morricone on his world tour, and played with the Harlem Gospel Choir and Bowie pianist Mike Garson , will allow Bakken to expand her range even further.

“ It will be a great night, I’m so much looking forward to it. My band and I will start the concert playing songs of mine and the night will end with a performance with the great Modern Art Orchestra under the direction of Kornél Fekete-Kovács, and the songs of the Tom Waits. It’s a really exciting set from beginning to end and I think we all will have fun on stage making music together ."

Rebekka Bakken & Modern Art Orchestra Müpa 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1  Tuesday, 2 November, 8.30pm-10.30pm Tickets available here   Rebekka Bakken tour details here  

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rebekka bakken tour 2021

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rebekka bakken tour 2021

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rebekka bakken tour 2021

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rebekka bakken tour 2021

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  • November 7, 2021 Setlist

Rebekka Bakken Setlist at Erholungshaus - Bayer Kulturhaus, Leverkusen, Germany

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  • Closer Play Video
  • Black Shades Play Video
  • Things You Leave Behind Play Video
  • Hotel St. Pauli Play Video
  • September Play Video
  • Little Drop of Poison Play Video
  • Korset vil jeg aldri svike ( [traditional]  cover) Play Video
  • True North Play Video
  • Yankee Days Play Video
  • Love Is Everything Play Video
  • Ghost in This House Play Video
  • Der Schnee draußen schmilzt ( Ludwig Hirsch  cover) Play Video

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  • Black Shades
  • Hotel St. Pauli
  • Yankee Days
  • Love Is Everything
  • Der Schnee draußen schmilzt by Ludwig Hirsch
  • Korset vil jeg aldri svike by [traditional]
  • Little Drop of Poison
  • Ghost in This House

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  • Rebekka Bakken Theaterhaus, Stuttgart - Mar 31, 2019 Mar 31 2019
  • Rebekka Bakken Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo - Sep 2, 2020 Sep 02 2020

Nov 7, 2021

  • Rebekka Bakken Erholungshaus - Bayer Kulturhaus, Leverkusen - Nov 7, 2021 Nov 07 2021

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  • Rebekka Bakken Freistil Festival 2021 - Dec 11, 2021 Dec 11 2021
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Setlist insider: taking back sunday.

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rebekka bakken tour 2021

NEW ALBUM: Things You Leave Behind

Release date: Sept 28th 2018

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Rebekka Bakken

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rebekka bakken tour 2021


rebekka bakken tour 2021

Biografie - Rebekka Bakken

Schon in der Kindheit kam die in der Nähe von   Oslo   aufwachsende Rebekka Bakken innerhalb der Familie mit Musik in Berührung. Der Vater ist Neurologe, die Mutter Lehrerin. Sie spielte klassische   Violine   und   Klavier   und sang norwegische Folklore- und Kirchenlieder. In ihren Teenagerjahren machte sie Erfahrungen als Sängerin in Bands der norwegischen   Rhythm & Blues-,   Rock- und   Funk-Szene. Nach Abbruch ihres Philosophie- und Wirtschaftsstudiums zog sie 1995 nach   New York, um sich ihrer Gesangskarriere zu widmen. Sie begann, eigene Kompositionen   und Texte zu schreiben. Der Einfluss der   Modern Jazz   nahm dabei zu. Ende der 1990er-Jahre lernte sie den österreichischen Jazz-Gitarristen   Wolfgang Muthspiel   kennen. Die 2001 und 2002 mit ihm im Duo entstandenen Veröffentlichungen machten sie einem größeren Kreis von Hörern bekannt. Ebenfalls noch in New York traf Rebekka Bakken mit der deutschen Pianistin   Julia Hülsmann   zusammen. Aus dieser Begegnung entstand die 2003 veröffentlichte CD   Scattering Poems, in der Bakken zur Musik des Julia-Hülsmann-Trios Texte des amerikanischen Dichters   E. E. Cummings   interpretierte. Im gleichen Jahr verließ sie New York und fand in   Wien   ein neues Zuhause.

Rebekka Bakken Fan-Report: Bewertungen und Rezensionen

28 bewertungen (ø 4,86), pflichttermin.

Rebekka Bakken ist IMMER ein Ereignis! Was für eine wunderbare Musikerin! Zusammen mit ihrer großartigen Band ein MUSS für mich! Jedes Mal, wenn sie in Österreich ist!

SUPER Event!

Es war traumhaft, Rebekka singt göttlich, hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Ich kannte sie absolut nicht und war überwältigt!! Freue mich schon auf ihren nächsten Auftritt in At!!

Sehr tolle Veranstaltung

exzellente Stimme, sehr authentisch, ausgezeichnete Akustik, tolle Musiker,

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  • Dec 21, 2020

Rebekka Bakken (Interview): "Acting on nostalgia is always meaningless"

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Rebekka Bakken

Ever since she set foot in New York City in the late 1990s to embark on her musical journey, Rebekka Bakken has been on a remarkable creative ride. While her earlier, collaborative work was rooted in the city's Jazz scene, the Norwegian singer/songwriter has since ventured into Folk, Country, Pop and Big band territories. (See also: " A Listener's Guide to Rebekka Bakken ").

But not only her musical life has been an interesting one. Bakken has lived in New York, Vienna, Sweden, then moved back to New York City – just to find out that the city and herself weren't a good fit the second time around. She then settled in her hometown, Oslo. She has released eight solo albums and one best of record. Her most recent work is the Christmas album "Winter Nights". Apart from her own compositions, "Winter Nights" also includes her takes on well known classics such as The Pogues' "Fairytale Of New York" and "Last Christmas" by Wham!

I had the pleasure to speak to Rebekka Bakken via Zoom.

rebekka bakken tour 2021

Rebekka, you chose an interesting Christmas to release a Christmas album. The holidays 2020 aren't your usual ones.

Oh yes. I did not plan this. I mean, sure I planned the recordings. But little did I know that it would be released to a Christmas like this. It's weird.

How did the idea of a Christmas record come to be?

Christmas music is really, really big here in Norway. I like Christmas a lot, the message of it. And I associate Christmas with music. With singing together and playing together. I always had the dream of making a Christmas record. But my record label back then said: "You don't have to do this, Rebekka". I really wanted to do it though, so I started to make this record on my own. In the end my record label wanted to release it. The reason for this album is solely because I have loved Christmas music since I was a child. I'm very happy about this record.

Psychologically, the interesting thing about Christmas is that it often augments the feelings you have had all year. If you have been lonely, you are probably going to feel that amplified around Christmas time. Is that what makes it an interesting topic as an artist – the immediate emotional response?

You hit the nail on the head there. Everything gets augmented. It brings out the joy much more. It makes the pretty things a little prettier but it also gives the hard stuff more space. It evokes a lot of emotions, for sure. That's very interesting not only as an artist, but as a human being.

How did you choose the songs on the album?

Like with my Tom Waits record: I need the songs to become mine. They must really feel like mine first, and foremost. That's not an easy thing, with so many Christmas songs that so many great artists have done before you. So I chose the ones that I could make mine. That was "Silent Night", "In The Bleak Midwinter" and Wham!'s "Last Christmas". I love that song. I don’t care if I hear it in every store I walk into. I never grow tired of it. It was easy to make that song mine. Because there weren't so many that I could make mine, I had the chance to write my own songs. And I’m so happy that I did. I like those Christmas harmonies and I have a card blanche to do them on this record. I would still have a lot more Christmas songs to write. It really came easy.

So you wrote the songs specifically for this album.

Yes. I decided that some years ago during the summer, I think it was 2018. I wrote them all during this summer. Except for "Wonder In Your Eyes", that was the last song that I wrote. We went to the studio to record the last songs, and we needed one more song. That was in March 2020, right before the lockdown. I wrote it the night before we went into the studio. It's funny how the songs I like the most are the easiest to write.

What your version of "Last Christmas" does very well is to strip down the song's coat of happiness and lay bare its quite sad core. Usually people perceive it as a happy-go-lucky-Christmas song, especially with the video.

That's so funny to me. When I was a teenager and I saw George Michael sing it, I didn’t really think about the fact that it was a video. And I felt so sorry for him. It has always been the saddest song. What a horrible, horrible thing to experience: To give your heart away and then the other person gives it away. It's a really sad song. I really don’t know how the happy bells got in there in the first place.

You also recorded The Pogues' "Fairytale Of New York”. You wrote on your Facebook page that you came across this song very late. How come?

I have no idea. I've never been following what's going on on the radio. It's kind of weird, everybody knows this song and has a very strong relationship to it as well. As I said, I needed a few more songs for this record and my boyfriend said: "Hey, why don’t do that song". I have no explanation. Maybe because I have moved around so much then you don’t really have any cultural connection. I've lived as a foreigner in so many countries – and the great thing about that is, you never really log on to the socio cultural system. You don't really get what is in the wind, you live your live regardless of what’s going on. That's also how I got to be in peace with my own music making. I always felt that it’s true.

"We all go through this"

rebekka bakken tour 2021

You left out the part in which Shane McGowan and Christy MacColl keep cursing at each other.

Yes, those are such horrible words (laughs). No, I cut it out because I don't like that part. It's too noisy for me. As a human being I can relate to that stuff. I think it's a fantastic Christmas song – and I wanted to stay in that mode. There's nothing wrong with it, but I dropped that part.

"This Year Is Different" is about the loss of your father.

Everytime I lose someone, and that happened a few times, I ask myself: "How can I spend Christmas without that person?" It's a sore thought to me. How am I going to live without that person? But also: How am I going to spend Christmas without that person? Now that I'm a little older, I have the experience that it is possible to spend Christmas without someone. I wanted to write a song about that: How is Christmas going to be? As I wrote that song in that moment, that was a true question for me. I think that was right in the week before or after my father passed away. I wrote half of that song and then I finished it with the thought: We all go through this.

Where did you record the album?

We recorded it in Stockholm and a little bit in Norway, as we had to add a few tracks. Mostly in Stockholm. I went there to do the background vocals – and I caught the last airplane back to Oslo before everything shut down.

Did you record separately or did you all come together?

I like to have the whole band in the studio. I need that atmosphere of live recording. We were all in it together, we all reacted to one another and to the song. That's the way I like to work.

Was it the band you've already worked with?

Yes. I've worked with so many people, depending what it is I'm doing at the moment. But these people I've been working with for a long time. All of them. But we weren't that many, it was a rather small band. Although: The sessions I have done in Norway was with new people. I have a pool of musicians that I like to use for different things. I like to pick and choose, depending on what I want to produce.

"New York was inviting."

rebekka bakken tour 2021

When we last spoke, I think it was 2013, you said you had just moved back to Norway. Later I read that you moved to New York City again.

I thought Europe was getting too boring, but I realized that I am too boring for New York. I don't know, I fell in love with a Norwegian and it brought me back to Norway. Which I never thought would happen, but I am here and I haven't moved since.

You lived in New York in the late 1990s and started your musical career there. Was it a sense of nostalgia that brought you back there when you later decidedd to move there again ? How did the experience of living there differ for you compared to your later time there?

I think it was nostalgia. Acting on nostalgia is always meaningless. First of all the city had changed a lot. But I had changed also. It didn't feel like it anymore. When I moved there in the 1990s, you could still find areas that were dead or not happening. You could still find people in all age groups. It was still different neighbourhoods, things cost either lots or little. Now it was more streamlined, all over the place. The younger generation had bombarded the cities, all artists were out, all people who aren't rich were out. That brings a certain atmosphere to the city. It wasn't my atmosphere anymore.

Would you say the city has lost its edge?

Totally. I was living in SoHo in the 1990s and early 2000s. In the coolest neighbourhood. Back then it was weirdos and artists everywhere, normal people. Now it's just those very young, rich kids who have parents who pay for their housing and education. The edge was completely gone. It was just cocktail hour and Gucci bags. Not that I have anything against Cocktail hour.

Did you also live in SoHo the second time around?

Yes. I was very lucky with great apartments when I was chronically broke and poor. But that's the great thing anyway when you do something you love: You don’t mind being broke. I didn't mind not being able to afford a coffee at Starbucks. Now I was able to go back and find a nice apartment – which I always had anyway. But SoHo was not what it used to be. A fashion area for teenagers. That maybe sounds a little dark now, but I was really disappointed. Where did all the fun stuff go, the interesting stuff? I like when things are little off and weird and when things are a melting pot of different ingredients. I always liked to find myself in that – because I was never able to find myself in a group. I don't trust groups and their dynamics.

How were your beginnings in New York in the 1990s?

I landed at the airport, got myself some sleep and then I went out in the morning and applied for jobs. I went to different restaurants and asked if I could work as a waitress. I got two jobs that day. Then I went to more places. Two or three months later I had enough money to hire a band. I went to clubs and asked to play there. I got three, four gigs and a band to join me. I played within the first four months of my arrival there. I have no idea how I did that stuff, but I did it and it was great. New York was inviting. Everybody was curious about you, you were given a chance by everyone. That was something I didn't know from Norway. Here you have to prove yourself before you do anything. My first band were really great musicians. Just to be able to play with those great musicians without being scrutinized or without having to prove yourself.

That's odd, Norway is known for its Jazz musicians. It is a difficult starting place?

I think so. I had been here for a long time and I never wanted to elbow my way. I wasn't given any chance. The music system here is much more closed. You have to be in the circle and be approved of. That never worked for me. That was one of the reasons I left Norway. I thought if I stayed here, I'd never be able to do what I love. I had to go somewhere else and that was New York.

After those first years in New York you moved to Vienna. Was that city welcoming to you?

I had already done some concerts with Wolfgang Muthspiel there. You know, what I mostly experienced there was friendship. My dearest friends are in Austria and I go there a lot. It contributed to my stability as a human being.

"I jazzed it up because I thought that was what it was supposed to be".

rebekka bakken tour 2021

Before you made your first solo record, you released three records: "Daily Mirror" and "Beloved" with Wolfgang Muthspiel and "Scattering Poems" with the Julia Hülsmann Trio. How important were those records to shape your own idea of where you wanna go ? And what do you remember most about making those albums?

Working with Wolfgang was extremely important to develop my own style. He's so strong and so good. If you're not up to par, first of all he's going to devour you and he’s gonna decide everything. And secondly, he's not going respect anything you do. In the beginning we just ended up fighting a lot. He wanted his will, I wanted mine. I wasn't fully developed musically and also with my self esteem. I had to work on a few things. Working with strong, great people has been very developing for me. I needed to sharpen my own craft, be aware of what I'm doing. So I could meet Wolfgang where he was. I needed to develop …not my own identity, I already had that … but respect for my own identity. At that time we were together – but regardless of that, he always loved my stuff and always supported me. Those years with Wolfgang and those musicians on that record, this amazing gang, that affected me a lot. To play with people with such a high musical awareness. I love to work with people that are better than me. It does something to me.

Is there a possibility that you'll make another album with Wolfgang Muthspiel?

We are toying with the idea. I don't know if it's going to happen, but I would love to.

And what do you remember about the record with Julia Hülsmann?

At that time I already knew that I wanted to make "The Art Of How To Fall". It was lovely to work with Julia Hülsmann, she writes great melodies and the lyrics by E.E. Cummings were very inspiring. But it was time for me to go on and do my solo album. That was what I ultimately wanted to do.

In 2003 you released "The Art Of How To Fall". Back then you were marketed as a Jazz singer, which I often heard you don't really like. But would you say Jazz helped you craft your toolbox for what was coming?

I thought my simple melodies and my love for harmonies was a sign of being very simple. I was embarrassed about it. Low self esteem, probably. I thought in order to be something, I had to jazz it up. I can hear it in my singing, I jazzed it up because I thought that was what it was supposed to be. I also hired jazz musicians. The songs weren't necessarily jazz but it worked perfectly. Now that is said, I must also say: The improvisation, the love for openness within a piece of music is something that stuck with me. I still need that openness. But I also want to keep an openness to other types of music. I don't know how to scat, I don't know how to improvise on scales. I don't know any Jazz standards. I don't sing them well, I tried the other, it didn't work. I never studied it. I mean, I was in New York, I saw real jazz. I can't call myself a Jazz singer. But am I influenced by it? Sure. In the beginning I was embarrassed about the simplicity of my own compositions. It took me a while to stand with that.

That's interesting: You have that amazing three octave voice and yet you had to gather self esteem to use it in the way you want.

Oh yeah, don't we all? There's not one person on this earth that does not have problems with self esteem at one point. Self esteem is something that a lot of people grapple with. The more you get out there as an artist, the more you need to look at that. If you look for that self esteem you always lose. I try not to care. I do not have it, I do not not have it. I try not to have it at all. That's what I've been doing my whole life: Making sure I don't think about self esteem. Should I wait to do things until I have self esteem? I don't have time for that.

Do you still listen to your old records? I do, once in a while. When I make new records, I listen to the old ones to see where I am going regarding sound and mixing. There is not one record I regret, they all have something special. I can hear my developments. I am very happy about getting older, I can hear that. I am very happy that I always did what I felt like doing and that I never had to make compromises. I am glad that I followed my own will. I had the chance to do so because I was signed to Universal Austria, to Harry Gruber. If there's anyone with the most impact on me, it was Harry. He always said "You know what you want to do". He always had trust in me. To have that trust is the best thing an artist can have to get to the core of yourself. Always giving the pen back to me: "You know what you want to do". Being with him at Universal enabled me to strengthen that source. When I listen back to the records, I always think about him and want to thank him for that freedom. I shifted a little bit away from Jazz. I wanted to explore the Singer/songwriter genre. He let me do that – and that's where I got to where I am today.

Did you have a master plan for your career or do you take it as it comes? I never plan anything. The only thing I let plan for me are concerts. The only thing I know in the future are which concerts I have. It is completely and utterly meaningless to plan anything. The world changes, what I want changes, the music in me changes.

2020 taught us even more that plans don't really mean much.

Right, and for me that wasn't difficult. I never make plans. For me to experience something unexpected is never a problem. I'm always up for that. You get to know new experience or something else comes. Changes are possibilities. It's exciting. What's coming. I remember in March: "Oh my God, what's gonna happen when you got so much time on your own?" That was a big chance for me.

Has 2020 been good to you? Were you able to make good use of the unexpected time at home?

Yes, I had a very good time. Especially in the beginning. I wanted to take this chance before it was gone. But it wasn't long before I wasn't doing too much. Still, I got a chance in how to say yes to everything. In the beginning all the concerts in the spring were delayed to fall and then they were cancelled. All the time we were rolling the stone up the hill and falling back again. That can be stressful. Saying yes to everything happening is a choice that you can definitely make. But you haven't made that choice before you had a difficult time making it. In the fall I started to have a difficult time with the quarantine. All in all it's been a great year – I haven't suffered, but hey I'm in Norway, how can you suffer here? That mask thing is starting to wear me off a little bit – and maybe the Christmas thing, because I have to buy Christmas presents. I didn't think I'd have to because I was going to be on tour. Now I am at home making Christmas cookies and looking for presents.

Do you have plans for 2021?

The only plans I have for next year are doing the concerts we had to postpone. I have a lot of concerts that I need to do. Also can't wait for the moment Vienna opens again. I am going to go to Vienna for my friends and my heart. Other than that, I don't have plans. Just do the concerts and hopefully, when the time is right, another record.

Do you prefer living in the city or the countryside?

In Oslo I live in the city, but I also have a house in Sweden, in the countryside. I spend my time 50-50, I'd say.

Could you imagine moving somewhere different again?

Life has always taken me somewhere. I'm here now. Whenever I go to Vienna, I miss Vienna terribly. Sometimes I feel like going back to Vienna. That was the city where I first felt at home. If life would invite me somewhere or if I felt the wind around my nose pulling me somewhere I would go. I am happy in Oslo, as long as I have my place in Sweden. I can go anywhere, but I also can stay. It doesn't really matter.

But the mix between city and countryside is important to you.

Yes, that's very important. The solitude. That's where music comes from: Silence. But you can have that in the city, too. You just need to stay in your apartment, like I did in New York before my last record. I don't know. It depends on the time of the year, which page of the cookbook I open. I am happy anywhere, actually.

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Winter Nights (2020)


Things you leave behind (2018)


Most personal (2016)


Little drop of poison (2014)

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Drake live.

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Rebekka Bakken tour dates 2024

Rebekka Bakken is currently touring across 2 countries and has 8 upcoming concerts.

Their next tour date is at Theaterhaus - T1 in Stuttgart, after that they'll be at Kulturzentrum Alfa Steyrermühl in Laakirchen.

Currently touring across

Rebekka Bakken live.

Upcoming concerts (8) See nearest concert

Theaterhaus - T1

Kulturzentrum Alfa Steyrermühl

Eventhalle FV Wendelstein

Stadttheater - Großes Haus

Kunsthaus Weiz

Burgarena Finkenstein

Kammermusiksaal, Philharmonie


Past concerts

Cc Weimarhalle


Erholungshaus Leverkusen

View all past concerts

Support across tour dates

Robben Ford live.

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rebekka bakken tour 2021

Russia establishes special site to fabricate fuel for China’s CFR-600


A special production site to fabricate fuel for China’s CFR-600 fast reactor under construction has been established at Russia’s Mashinostroitelny Zavod (MSZ - Machine-Building Plant) in Elektrostal (Moscow region), part of Rosatom’s TVEL Fuel Company. 

As part of the project, MSZ had upgraded existing facilities fo the production of fuel for fast reactors, TVEL said on 3 March. Unique equipment has been created and installed, and dummy CFR-600 fuel assemblies have already been manufactured for testing.

The new production site was set up to service an export contract between TVEL and the Chinese company CNLY (part of China National Nuclear Corporation - CNNC) for the supply of uranium fuel for CFR-600 reactors. Construction of the first CFR-600 unit started in Xiapu County, in China's Fujian province in late 2017 followed by the second unit in December 2020. The contract is for the start-up fuel load, as well as refuelling for the first seven years. The start of deliveries is scheduled for 2023.

“The Russian nuclear industry has a unique 40 years of experience in operating fast reactors, as well as in the production of fuel for such facilities,” said TVEL President Natalya Nikipelova. “The Fuel Division of Rosatom is fulfilling its obligations within the framework of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the development of fast reactor technologies. These are unique projects when foreign design fuel is produced in Russia. Since 2010, the first Chinese fast neutron reactor CEFR has been operating on fuel manufactured at the Machine-Building Plant, and for the supply of CFR-600 fuel, a team of specialists from MSZ and TVEL has successfully completed a complex high-tech project to modernise production,” she explained.

A special feature of the new section is its versatility: this equipment will be used to produce fuel intended for both the Chinese CFR-600 and CEFR reactors and the Russian BN-600 reactor of the Beloyarsk NPP. In the near future, the production of standard products for the BN-600 will begin.

The contract for the supply of fuel for the CFR-600 was signed in December 2018 as part of a governmental agreement between Russia and China on cooperation in the construction and operation of a demonstration fast neutron reactor in China. This is part of a wider comprehensive programme of cooperation in the nuclear energy sector over the coming decades. This includes serial construction of the latest Russian NPP power units with generation 3+ VVER-1200 reactors at two sites in China (Tianwan and Xudabao NPPs). A package of intergovernmental documents and framework contracts for these projects was signed in 2018 during a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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rebekka bakken tour 2021

Moscow Metro Underground Small-Group Tour - With Reviews & Ratings

Moscow metro underground small-group tour.

  • See more images

Tour Information

Key Details

  • Mobile Voucher Accepted
  • Free Cancellation
  • Duration: 3 Hrs
  • Language: English
  • Departure Time : 10:00 AM
  • Departure Details : Karl Marks Monument on Revolution Square, metro stop: Square of Revolution
  • Return Details : Metro Smolenskaya
  • If you cancel at least 4 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel within 3 day(s) of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.
  • Tours booked using discount coupon codes will be non refundable.

Go beneath the streets on this tour of the spectacular, mind-bending Moscow Metro! Be awed by architecture and spot the Propaganda , then hear soviet stories from a local in the know. Finish it all up above ground, looking up to Stalins skyscrapers, and get the inside scoop on whats gone on behind those walls.

Know More about this tour

We begin our Moscow tour beneath the city, exploring the underground palace of the Moscow Metro. From the Square of Revolution station, famous for its huge statues of soviet people (an armed soldier, a farmer with a rooster, a warrior, and more), we’ll move onto some of the most significant stations, where impressive mosaics, columns, and chandeliers will boggle your eyes! Moreover, these stations reveal a big part of soviet reality — the walls depict plenty of Propaganda , with party leaders looking down from images on the walls. Your local guide will share personal stories of his/her family from USSR times, giving you insight into Russia’s complicated past and present. Then we’re coming back up to street level, where we’ll take a break and refuel with some Russian fast food: traditional pancakes, called bliny. And then, stomachs satiated, we are ready to move forward! We’ll take the eco-friendly electric trolleybus, with a route along the Moscow Garden Ring. Used mainly by Russian babushkas(grannies) during the day, the trolleybus hits peak hours in the mornings and evenings, when many locals use it going to and from their days. Our first stop will be the Aviator’s House, one of Stalin’s Seven Sisters, followed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs — and you’ll hear the legends of what has gone on inside the walls. Throughout your Moscow tour, you’ll learn curious facts from soviet history while seeing how Russia exists now, 25 years after the USSR.

Local English-speaking guide

Pancake snack and drink

Additional food and drinks

Tickets for public transport

Souvenirs and items of a personal nature

Tips and gratuities for the guide

Additional Info

Confirmation will be received at time of booking

Dress standard: Please wear comfortable shoes for walking. For your Urban Adventure you will be in a small group of a maximum of 12 people

Traveler Reviews

This tour exceeded our expectations. Nikolai (Nick), our tour guide, was very knowledgeable, thorough, and has a great personality. He didn't take shortcuts and really covered everything that was on the agenda in great detail. We saw beautiful metro stations and learned the history behind them, including many of the murals and designs.

We did the tour with Anna her knowledge and understanding of the History surrounding the metro brought the tour alive. Well done Anna!

This tour was amazing!

Anna was a great tour guide. She gave us heaps of interesting information, was very friendly, and very kindly showed us how to get to our next tour.

Amazing beauty and history.

An excellent tour helped by an absolutely amazing guide. Anna gave a great insight into the history of the metro helped by additional material she had prepared.

great tour and guide - thanks again

great will do it again, Miriam ke was very good as a guide she has lived here all here life so knew every interesting detail.a good day

Moscow Metro Tour

  • Page active



Moscow metro private tours.

  • 2-hour tour $87:  10 Must-See Moscow Metro stations with hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • 3-hour tour $137:  20 Must-See Moscow Metro stations with Russian lunch in beautifully-decorated Metro Diner + hotel pick-up and drop off. 
  • Metro pass is included in the price of both tours.

Highlight of Metro Tour

  • Visit 10 must-see stations of Moscow metro on 2-hr tour and 20 Metro stations on 3-hr tour, including grand Komsomolskaya station with its distinctive Baroque décor, aristocratic Mayakovskaya station with Soviet mosaics, legendary Revolution Square station with 72 bronze sculptures and more!
  • Explore Museum of Moscow Metro and learn a ton of technical and historical facts;
  • Listen to the secrets about the Metro-2, a secret line supposedly used by the government and KGB;
  • Experience a selection of most striking features of Moscow Metro hidden from most tourists and even locals;
  • Discover the underground treasure of Russian Soviet past – from mosaics to bronzes, paintings, marble arches, stained glass and even paleontological elements;
  • Learn fun stories and myths about Coffee Ring, Zodiac signs of Moscow Metro and more;
  • Admire Soviet-era architecture of pre- and post- World War II perious;
  • Enjoy panoramic views of Sparrow Hills from Luzhniki Metro Bridge – MetroMost, the only station of Moscow Metro located over water and the highest station above ground level;
  • If lucky, catch a unique «Aquarelle Train» – a wheeled picture gallery, brightly painted with images of peony, chrysanthemums, daisies, sunflowers and each car unit is unique;
  • Become an expert at navigating the legendary Moscow Metro system;
  • Have fun time with a very friendly local;
  • + Atmospheric Metro lunch in Moscow’s the only Metro Diner (included in a 3-hr tour)

Hotel Pick-up

Metro stations:.



Prospekt Mira




Revolution Square

Sparrow Hills

+ for 3-hour tour

Victory Park

Slavic Boulevard





Museum of Moscow Metro

  • Drop-off  at your hotel, Novodevichy Convent, Sparrow Hills or any place you wish
  • + Russian lunch  in Metro Diner with artistic metro-style interior for 3-hour tour

Fun facts from our Moscow Metro Tours:

From the very first days of its existence, the Moscow Metro was the object of civil defense, used as a bomb shelter, and designed as a defense for a possible attack on the Soviet Union.

At a depth of 50 to 120 meters lies the second, the coded system of Metro-2 of Moscow subway, which is equipped with everything you need, from food storage to the nuclear button.

According to some sources, the total length of Metro-2 reaches over 150 kilometers.

The Museum was opened on Sportivnaya metro station on November 6, 1967. It features the most interesting models of trains and stations.

Coffee Ring

The first scheme of Moscow Metro looked like a bunch of separate lines. Listen to a myth about Joseph Stalin and the main brown line of Moscow Metro.

Zodiac Metro

According to some astrologers, each of the 12 stops of the Moscow Ring Line corresponds to a particular sign of the zodiac and divides the city into astrological sector.

Astrologers believe that being in a particular zadiac sector of Moscow for a long time, you attract certain energy and events into your life.

Paleontological finds 

Red marble walls of some of the Metro stations hide in themselves petrified inhabitants of ancient seas. Try and find some!

  • Every day each car in  Moscow metro passes  more than 600 km, which is the distance from Moscow to St. Petersburg.
  • Moscow subway system is the  5th in the intensity  of use (after the subways of Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai).
  • The interval in the movement of trains in rush hour is  90 seconds .

What you get:

  • + A friend in Moscow.
  • + Private & customized Moscow tour.
  • + An exciting pastime, not just boring history lessons.
  • + An authentic experience of local life.
  • + Flexibility during the walking tour: changes can be made at any time to suit individual preferences.
  • + Amazing deals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the very best cafes & restaurants. Discounts on weekdays (Mon-Fri).
  • + A photo session amongst spectacular Moscow scenery that can be treasured for a lifetime.
  • + Good value for souvenirs, taxis, and hotels.
  • + Expert advice on what to do, where to go, and how to make the most of your time in Moscow.

Write your review


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    Rebekka Bakken have been on the road since November 26, 2009, until December 11, 2021, completing a total of 8 tours to date, with an average of 2.75 concerts per tour

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    0:00 / 6:19. Things you leave behind from my album "Things you leave behind", live from the Leverkusen Jazztage November 17, 2021. Broadcast by WDR.

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    Rebekka Bakken is a fantastic, unique and unmistakably Nordic singer, whose pure, bell-like voice soars from the highest heights to the most sensual lows. Th...

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    2020 marks Rebekka Bakken's 20th anniversary as a recording artist - and what amazing twenty years it has been. From her early records with Wolfgang Muthspiel to her solo debut "The Art Of How To Fall", from later folk oriented works to her big band interpretation of Tom Waits' back catalogue: The Norwegian singer/songwriter with a vocal range of three octaves has created a remarkable body ...

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    ab € 42,50* Tickets bestellen Rebekka Bakken 27.04.2024 ─ 13.08.20244 Events ab € 40,50* Tickets bestellen Biografie - Rebekka Bakken Schon in der Kindheit kam die in der Nähe von Oslo aufwachsende Rebekka Bakken innerhalb der Familie mit Musik in Berührung. Der Vater ist Neurologe, die Mutter Lehrerin.

  15. Rebekka Bakken Tickets, Tour Dates & Concerts 2025 & 2024

    26 Laakirchen, Austria Kulturzentrum Alfa Steyrermühl Apr 28 Wendelstein, Germany Eventhalle FV Wendelstein May 18 Hildesheim, Germany Stadttheater - Großes Haus May 25 Weiz, Austria Kunsthaus Weiz Jul 13 Villach, Austria

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    Rebekka Bakken - Live Performances

  17. Rebekka Bakken (Interview): "Acting on nostalgia is always meaningless"

    Ever since she set foot in New York City in the late 1990s to embark on her musical journey, Rebekka Bakken has been on a remarkable creative ride. While her earlier, collaborative work was rooted in the city's Jazz scene, the Norwegian singer/songwriter has since ventured into Folk, Country, Pop and Big band territories. (See also: "A Listener's Guide to Rebekka Bakken"). But not only her ...

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  19. Rebekka Bakken tour dates 2023

    Jan 26 Hannover, Germany Kultur- & Kommunikationszentrum Pavillon View all past concerts

  20. Russia establishes special site to fabricate fuel for China's CFR-600

    4 March 2021 . Print Email . A special production site to fabricate fuel for China's CFR-600 fast reactor under construction has been established at Russia's Mashinostroitelny Zavod (MSZ - Machine-Building Plant) in Elektrostal (Moscow region), part of Rosatom's TVEL Fuel Company.

  21. Moscow Metro Underground Small-Group Tour

    Overview. Go beneath the streets on this tour of the spectacular, mind-bending Moscow Metro! Be awed by architecture and spot the Propaganda, then hear soviet stories from a local in the know.Finish it all up above ground, looking up to Stalins skyscrapers, and get the inside scoop on whats gone on behind those walls.

  22. Moscow Metro Tour with Friendly Local Guides

    Description Moscow Metro private tours. 2-hour tour $87: 10 Must-See Moscow Metro stations with hotel pick-up and drop-off 3-hour tour $137: 20 Must-See Moscow Metro stations with Russian lunch in beautifully-decorated Metro Diner + hotel pick-up and drop off. Metro pass is included in the price of both tours. Highlight of Metro Tour

  23. Moscow Metro Tour

    View the most beautiful of Moscow's Soviet-era metro stations on this walking tour. With an expert guide, visit five of the Russian capital's celebrated stations built during the Soviet period as you learn how the lavish, subway Moscow architecture was designed to express a bright, bold new Soviet future. Admire the extravagant décor, chandeliers and sculptures at the stations, including ...