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The Absolute Best Travel YouTube Channels

Are you looking for the best travel YouTube channels to follow? Don’t miss our list of the top travel vloggers!

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YouTube travel vlogs are an obsession for millions of would-be travelers all over the globe. There is something about a life of full-time travel that captivates our imaginations. We use travel vlogs to find all the details we need to know before taking a trip, to see places we have always dreamed of, or just to get away from our real life for 30 mins.  Our favorite travel vloggers introduce us to the best street food in Japan, the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines, backpacking in Thailand, and the active volcanoes of Iceland. 

Their carefree and fearless lifestyle urges us all to live a little freer and chase our dreams of adventure. These successful vloggers have captivated us with their footage and made us feel like family with their loveable personalities.  We look forward to their next trip and wait anxiously for the video notification to arrive.  Each is different in their video style, editing, and filming techniques, personality, goals, and niche, but they all have our watch-time!  Here are our votes for the best travel YouTube channels to watch right now!

Sometimes you just need to see it in writing.  Along with this list of the best vloggers, also check out our list of  The Best Travel Blogs of 2021!

The Best Travel Youtube Channels

Kara and nate, who are they:  .

Kara and Nate are travel vloggers that are just good wholesome fun.  They set out from Nashville Tennesee to travel the world about 5 years ago.  Soon after, they made a bucket list goal to visit 100 countries by 2020.  They met their 100-country goal, and by that time, YouTube was a steady career for them.  Kara and Nate are truly addicted to international travel, but COVID changed that game for the couple.  Having no quit in them, they found a way to travel safely and returned to the United States.  They converted a Sprinter van and have set a new goal to visit all 50 states.  Kara and Nate are one of the largest travel channels and have now put out more than 800 videos, so you better get started!

What Makes Kara and Nate Special:  

Kara is a joyful soul. Her big smile and contagious laugh keep you smiling the whole episode.  Plus, she is always ready to laugh at herself and just seems like an all-around nice person.  Nate is so driven and incredibly smart.  Their channel not only provides solid entertainment but great travel hacks and tips from Nate.  Nate has an online course on credit card travel hacks, while Kara sells courses on editing.

Kara and Nate don’t just randomly vlog, they focus on finding the absolute best and most unique experiences and accommodations in their travels.  On top of all that, their filming and editing skills are above and beyond most in the travel vlog world.  They have taken this venture as a business from early on in the process, and it shows.  They are some of the best travel vloggers in the world!

Flying the Nest

Stephen and Jess are an Australian couple who have been traveling the world for years!  We have watched them grow up, get married, and start a family on YouTube.  Currently, they are traveling Australia in their brand new converted van, “Cooper The Van.”  Stephen and Jess show us the best places to eat, unique places to stay, and how to still have adventure even when the kiddos come along.

What Makes Flying the Nest Special:  

Jess is possibly the most down-to-earth beauty out there.  Nothing seems to ruffle her feathers, and she is just a calming force to watch.  Stephen is quirky and so funny.  He is a dork, and he knows it, and he owns it!  Their love for each other is evident, and it’s just a feel-good watch.  Plus, now they have the addition of beautiful baby Hunter, the most chill travel baby ever! 

Hunter has added a whole new level of cute to the series, and the whole audience feels like proud parents watching their own child experience her first Aussie beach sunset.  They are a beautiful family, with a beautiful story.  In addition to all this, Stephen’s camera work and elegant editing style are all his own.  His work is distinguishable and excellent!  We think Flying the Nest is one of the best travel youtube channels out there!

Who Are They :

There is nothing more fun on the planet than watching these two crazy Welsh kids tackle the world! Their accents are hilarious.  They are hilarious.  Craig and Aimee have been together for a very long time, and their relationship has been strengthened by a near-death experience by each of them!  When they met, Aimee had just received a cancer diagnosis, and the road was long and hard.  Then, Craig challenged their relationship some more with a broken neck from an adventure sports accident. 

These two events, in a short span of time, convinced this crazy pair to chase after an unconventional life, and to live every moment to its fullest! Through it all, they have kept their joy and their sense of spontaneity.  Their motto is to “Rule Your Own World,” and they certainly do.  They have spent the last couple of years renovating a Mercedes Vario Bus into their new home.  Custard the Bus is a beauty, and her European adventures are just beginning. They have 500 travel videos for you to binge!  We think they are one of the best travel channels on YouTube and terribly underrated. 

What Makes Kinging It Special:

Craig and Aimee are absolutely hilarious.  They will have you wetting yourself, every episode!  Plus, they take on the wildest challenges.  They have completed the massive and absurd Mongol Rally, a competition that travels all through Europe and Asia, usually ending somewhere in Eastern Russia.  The car must be a clunker and have under a 1L engine, and chaos is highly encouraged!  Craig and Aimee’s Mongol Rally Series will have you rolling. Then these crazy kids bought their own rickshaw and proceeded to drive it from across India from North to South.  It was a wild ride.  Craig and Aimee are two personalities that you won’t soon forget, and their wild abandon, hilarious travel stories, and zest for life will make you want to live a little more freely, and “Rule your own world!”

Raya and Louis

Who are they:.

Raya and Louis are fairly new to the Travel YouTube scene as a couple, but Louis Cole has been in the biz for a long time.  His original channel, FunForLouis has over 2Million Subs, and it’s easy to see why.  Louis is just likable with his laidback vibe and a head full of dreadlocks. He’s an easy-going and loveable dude.  He and Raya are currently traveling through Europe in a rented van visiting family and taking holiday, but soon they will head back to their main mission.  They have about 50 videos out, so you can still easily catch up with the adventure.

What Makes Raya and Louis Special: 

Raya and Louis are into deep convos.  They have spilled the beans about the hard parts of their relationships and mental health issues, and there is just something about that level of vulnerability that makes you want to watch. They are also very eco-conscious and give great tips on how to travel in an eco-friendly way.  They have recently purchased land in Costa Rica to build a tree-house jungle community.  Like with everyone else, COVID changed their plans a bit, but soon, they will be making their way down to Costa Rica in their converted school bus to start a new life!  We can’t wait to see the community they build. 

Endless Adventure

Eric and Allison are the most charming couple from Missouri.  They’re sometimes Southern twang and complete and utter talent to be their quirky selves is both endearing and super funny.  Eric is a computer geek and a total self-proclaimed nerd.  Allison is red-headed beauty with the best big awkward laugh.  These two specialize in unique accommodations and lots of food! They always show us the best places to eat, and exactly what weird foods to try. 

Their lighthearted personalities and willingness to just be their nerdy selves make you instantly love them!  They have currently begun a tiny home renovation too, but not any old sprinter van would fit these two.  They have bought a completely run-down 1970s RV, and they are taking on the renovation completely by themselves!  Clementine  is going to be a beauty, and it has been an awesome journey to watch.  They have  737  videos for you to catch up on!

What Makes Endless Adventure Special:  

They make great videos.  They cover great content, but Allison and Eric are people you could watch read the phone book and be happy.  They are really enjoyable to watch, no matter what they are doing.  They obviously love one another. They love good beer and whiskey in equal measure, and they love a challenge.  They are awkward, funny, quirky, and absolutely adorable!  Keep it coming Eric and Allison. We love it all!

Who Is He:  

“Food is the reason you should travel.”  Well, Mark, we agree!  After University, Mark Wiens set out to find the world’s best street food.  He has traveled the markets of Southeast Asia, stalls of Japan, and he recently spent 16 days with the street vendors of Pakistan.  Mark’s channel is absolutely huge!  With over 8 million viewers, it’s obvious that we YouTube viewers really love food…and Mark.  Mark is an unassuming and charming guy. His great big smile, love for food, and humble demeanor are endearing.  Between his YouTube personality and his incredibly informative blog, Migrationology,  it’s no wonder he has so many faithful followers.  Mark has found a beautiful wife in Thailand and settled with his new family in Bangkok, but they still travel frequently in the hunt for the best street foods in the world!

What Makes Mark Special: 

Honestly, we all wish we knew Mark’s secret!  We think the secret to Mark’s success, aside from some great business savvy, is his magnetic personality.  Mark is one of the most positive personas online.  Even after over 1,100 videos on food, he still seems just as excited as he did with the first one!  Mark greets every new place and every new food adventure with gusto and genuine excitement.  Mark loves food, and we love Mark!

Travel Beans

Alex and Emma are a pair of Brits out traveling the world and documenting their “Tipsy Beans” moments.  They may or may not have a tendency to get a little inebriated while filming.  Alex is witty and his sarcasm comes at the most unexpected moments.  Emma is a doll and has been very prominent in the push for better mental health advocacy.  Emma has struggled with some depression issues, which they have well-documented in a two-part series on their channel.  Thankfully, she has received the help she needed and has come out on the other side.  She now uses their channel on occasion to express the importance of finding life and health in this world, and doing what makes you happy! They have recently started a van conversion as well, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with!

What Makes Travel Beans Special:  

Alex and Emma are truly authentic.  What you see is what you get: drunk, depressed, happy, angry, sarcastic, whatever is going on, you get the true and unfiltered version from them.  They are very funny, and who doesn’t love that perfect British accent? If sarcastic and loveable Brits adventuring is your thing, Alex and Emma have 485 videos just waiting for you!

Who Is She: 

Nadine is one of the oldest and best in the game.  For almost 10 years she has been traveling the globe, first as a solo traveler, then-wife, and now mother.  Nadine has been to almost 60 countries and is the travel tips queen!  She’s always got the best advice and little tricks to make your trip smoother.  Plus, she’s really funny.  Her vlog has transitioned a lot since becoming a new mother.  She posts much more of the daily grind and general lifestyle hacks, but we still can’t take our eyes off her.  Nadine has represented every big brand in the business, spoken at every travel conference, and landed all the awards.  She is the best, and yet she is humble and down to earth. We’ll watch you mom any day Nadine!

What Make Hey Nadine Special:  

Nadine has been in the wanderlust business a long time, and she just knows how to be in front of the camera.  She presents great info in a funny way, and she is joyful and energetic.  She is just fun to watch.

Lexi Limitless

Lexi is a new kid on the scene who has made a huge splash!! That’s all because she has the unique distinction of holding a Guinness World Record.  Lexie was the youngest person ever to travel to all 196 countries of the world.  She accomplished this feat before her 21st birthday!  Lexi is a remarkable young woman, and that level of travel has made her wise and mature beyond her years.

What Makes Lexi Limitless Special:   

This solo female traveler has literally experienced every culture on earth.  She has lived with remote African tribes and tried the world’s most nasty foods.  She is a lovely girl, with a great series of travel vlogs that cover a wide range of topics, obviously!  Her footage is surprisingly well-shot and well-edited. Lexie is just starting to roll out the videos from her years of travel, so go check her out now!

Alexander Ayling

Alex and Marko Ayling made YouTube travel content for years as the Vagabrothers.  They have now slowed on that, but Alexander is taking on a brand new adventure.  He has moved to New Zealand and bought a homestead with his wife Carrie. After a long hunt for the perfect property, they have finally found it, and the renovations have begun.  Alex and Carrie have big plans, and we can’t wait to see how it turns out!

What Makes Alexander Ayling Special:  

Alex is a filmmaker at heart.  His footage is perfect. Always.  Not to mention that Alex has a very distinct narrative style to his videos.  He wants his channel to feel like a place where you come to have a good chat with an old friend.  He truly lets you in on his life and leaves you wanting more!   Catch up on Alex and Carrie’s Renovation Dream here!

Wolter’s World

Wolter’s World has carved out his own nitch in the travel world.  Unlike the rest of the famous travel bloggers, Wolter doesn’t tell you what to do in a famous destination.  He tells you what not to do!  Brilliant.  Every great traveler wants to blend in and look like a local if possible, or at least not do anything too stupid!  Wolter helps us out in this realm.  He makes sure we know the “Top Ten Things NOT to do in El Salvador,” and everywhere else!  Wolter’s World has been in the game almost 10 years too, and his video collection is extensive.  If you want to make sure you don’t have massive culture shock, have all the do’s and dont’s, and know the down and dirty for your destination, Wolter is your guy!

What Makes Wolter’s World Special:  

Wolter has a special way of being able to present the good, the bad, and the ugly about a destination, in a respectful and culturally appropriate way.  He is not afraid to state the bad stuff, and we appreciate it.  Let’s be real. Every destination has its goods and bads, and any experienced traveler wants to know the less than glossy stuff before we arrive. So, we appreciate you, Wolter, keep it up!

Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karstan is a true vagabond.  His channel focuses on hiking and camping adventures and budget travel advice in some incredible and off-the-tourist-track places.  Matt has worked with everyone from Lonely Planet, to National Geographic, and Go Pro.  He excels as a travel blogger and photographer,  in print and social media. His travel blog tells exceptional stories of life on the road as a digital nomad. However, his YouTube channel is a fabulous collection of his adventures in true old-school vlogger fashion. He is genuine, experienced, and gives fantastic advice.

What Makes Expert Vagabond Special: 

Matthew is just a normal guy who loves nature and loves to travel the world.  He isn’t especially eloquent, and his videos aren’t overproduced.  He just gives great footage, great advice, and especially great travel experiences, from an expert traveler who has seen it all!

Eamon and Bec

Eamon and Bec are the quintessential van-lifers… or they were.  They were traveling in Morocco when COVID hit, and they had to abandon their van  Trinity  there.  Though they did get a new van and do a few trips, COVID made life tough for these Canadians.  They soon abandoned the van in favor of a cabin in the Canadian wilderness.  They are quite the DIYers and have entertained us thoroughly with their renovation successes and disasters!  Eamon is always on the move to the next crazy antic and Bec is just along for the ride.  Her great big laugh and gentle spirit make everyone love her.  Their next adventure is to buy another Canadian property to run as an Airbnb.

What Makes Eamon and Bec Special: 

E and B are another great couple that has proved during this pandemic that they could sit and do absolutely nothing, and we would still tune in every Sunday to get our fix!  We have watched them tackle everything from van conversions to home conversion, dog fostering, and more. And, we still can’t get enough. This delightful pair has over 300 vids for you to veg out on, and we know you’re gonna love them.

Rick Steves

Rick Steves is the king of all things travel-related. Period.  There are no better travel guide books on the planet! His fabulously detailed books and ridiculously nerdy audio guides have been leading us through Europe and making us snort-laugh for years! But, the YouTube videos he produces are just as good.  Rick isn’t really a vlogger in the traditional sense.  His videos are definitely professionally researched, written, filmed, and produced by a talented professional team.  They are just the right mix of fun and informative, with all the necessary information on tourist sites and local must-do items. 

What Makes Rick Steves Special:

In short, the experience.  Rick has traveled Europe extensively, with multiple visits to each country.  His team of local guides, researchers, and destination experts put for the most up-to-date and interesting information and leave out the fluff!  With well over 1800 videos to peruse, there really is no better place to get all your necessary trip information. 

Sailing la Vagabonde

Riley and Elayna have the world’s largest sailing YouTube channel.  These two Aussies are going through a transition though.  They recently had their second baby and sailed their last sail.  So, what is up for the crazy foursome now?  We don’t really know, but we know it will be fun!

What Makes Saling La Vagabonde Special: 

We have watched their whole relationship unfold from newly-mets who had never sailed, to season professionals with two beautiful kiddos. We don’t know what is in store, but we are guaranteed to stay tuned to see! 

New Travel YouTube Channels to Keep an Eye On

While we have focused most of this article on the oldies but goodies, there are some truly great channels that are just getting their start on YouTube.  For a few fresh faces in the travel industry, we suggest you subscribe to one of these awesome newcomers!

Jits into the Sunset

Tania and Adam are an Irish and English couple traveling the UK with their Sprinter van  Jitters.  They are different in the YouTube crowd.  They make travel vlogs, yes, but not all that often.  They are self-proclaimed slow travelers, who put out new videos whenever they feel like it. However, they are full of travel inspiration and well worth the wait.  

What Makes Jits Special:  

Adam and Tania do life van life their own way, and they don’t seem to get caught up in the travel YouTube channel game.  They make vlogs, but it doesn’t seem to rule their life.  They live on their own plane and do things in true freedom, and that’s an admirable way to live!

Lost Among Locals

Who are they: .

Ryan and Abby are a married couple from Arkansas.  They left their jobs and sold it all in early 2020: the big house, the cars, all of it! Little did they know COVID was coming. Like everyone on this list,  it changed their plans a bit, but they managed to Central America and start their world tour.  Ryan is quiet, slightly awkward, and you can tell he is the world’s nicest person.  Abby is sassy, funny, and you never know what might come out of her mouth!  

Ryan and Abby are culture vultures who genuinely love to learn about history, cultural oddities, and all the things that make different people groups unique.  They are full-time travelers and digital nomads, so their version of slow travel and international living is refreshing to watch. 

What Makes Lost Among Locals Special:  

They traveled internationally for 12 years before leaving for full-time travel and had already experienced several amazing destinations as a pair.  So, they bring a unique blend of touristy sites juxtaposed with everyday local life and budget travel tips.  They dance with Albanians at a baby’s birthday party, play street games with old Turkish men, and score the best local foods in every destination.  COVID definitely made local interaction harder for them, as they regrettably express, but we look forward to seeing more of their off-the-beaten-path lifestyle in the future!  Keep up the good work guys!

The Vandersons

Emily and Danny feel like instant friends.  They are just so likable.  Danny and Emily set out in their van, with their cat Graham and dog Sombrita right after they got married.  They have since been traveling through Central America with their nomad pet family! Their goal is to make the full journey from Seattle to Argentina in their tiny, colorful van.  Though they are new to video making, their vlogs are heartfelt and laidback.  Danny is a lifelong BMX biker and app developer, with a surfer boy vibe and Emily is the sweetest soul. If easy-going is the vibe you are after, these two have the vids for you! 

What Makes The Vandersons Special:  

Emily has a narrating voice that is absolute perfection. Their footage is good, but the real perk to watching the Vandersons is that they tackle destinations you have never heard of.  Because they travel full-time, at their own pace, they get to some truly off-the-beaten-path gems that you don’t get to see in many other travel vlogs. Plus, their delightful pet-filled family is just heartwarming, and it’s awesome to see a young couple so happy, living a crazy unconventional life to the fullest!  

That’s it, guys!  These are the best travel bloggers out there right now!  You have lots of new videos to binge, so you better get busy! Let us know in the comments, which of these bloggers is your favorite.

Wanna know what it truly takes to break into this industry? Here’s our guide to  How to Become a Travel Blogger  to help you get a great start!

Frequently Asked Questions

Solo female travel is a specialty all its own, with specific needs and difficulties.  Check out channels like Be My Travel Muse, Lexie Limitless, and Cup of TJ for advice on female travel.

There are so many YouTube couples in the travel world. Some of the best Youtube travel channels for couples are Kara and Nate, Endless Adventure, and Flying the Nest.

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Top 11 travel YouTubers to follow in 2022

YouTube is the top platform for avid travelers to showcase their love for exploration and adventure. Let these 11 travel YouTubers inspire you to book a flight and get out there!

youtube tour guide

Rachael Let's Grow There

Apr 01, 2023

travel YouTuber

In the past decade, living the nomadic lifestyle has exploded in popularity, and travel bloggers that are looking to stand out have flocked to YouTube to vlog about their travels instead. The video-based platform is the largest of its kind, a massive search engine owned by Google that offers travelers the chance to monetize their content as they grow their audience .

With so many unique people, places, and perspectives in the world, it's no wonder these content creators have chosen to take the more visual route of sharing their experiences with the world. Videos give these explorers the opportunity to showcase their personality and to relay information that resonates and connects with viewers more than your average blog post could ever do.

Vlogging makes travel personal . There's something about speaking directly to an audience, looking them in the eyes, and taking them along with you on your travels that gets wanderlusters hooked.

If you aren't able to travel but need a little inspiration, you can simply head over to a travel vlogger's YouTube channel and watch them take on the world. With the ability to live vicariously through these YouTube personalities at the touch of a play button, the joy and magic of world travel becomes widespread.

A boring workweek in the office can be escaped when you see through the eyes of a travel vlogger . Not only has technology made visuals that much more stunning to marvel at, but creators have given their channels a life of their own. With engaging storytelling, fresh creativity, clever editing, and informative details, YouTube vloggers and creators can share their expertise and teach aspiring or soon-to-be travelers how to navigate the unfamiliar.


With so much travel-related content existing on YouTube today, it can be hard to sift through the thousands upon thousands of Youtube travel channels to find who produces the best travel video blogs .

Quality and consistency are what make a YouTube channel stand out from the crowd, along with a unique perspective that creates an engaging experience for the viewer. It's important for the best travel YouTubers to inspire, inform, and to create content that gets the mind racing with possibilities.

Ready to embrace the spirit of travel? Grab your comfiest pillow and some snacks as you watch these travel YouTubers take the world by storm! We took the best travel channels on YouTube and narrowed it down to this list of top travel YouTubers to follow in 2022 .

Check them out, find your feet, and start planning that trip you've always dreamed of.

1. Sailing La Vagabonde

Sailing La Vagabonde

These two Australians have lived out their dream of sailing the oceans of the world with absolutely no previous sailing experience . Elayna and Riley are living every traveler's wildest fantasy, to live on a boat, smelling the salty ocean air, and sailing into the sunset as each day comes to a close. They even sail with their new baby, Lenny!

The seafaring couple uploads new videos every Monday that include helpful information for those who are looking to start sailing too! After traveling over 50,000 nautical miles, they have the experience and the know-how to get aspiring sailors out there riding the waves and fulfilling their goal of traveling the world by sea .

Check out Elayna and Riley's website to learn more.

2. Fearless and Far

Fearless and Far

If you're looking for a taste of the bizarre and extreme sides of travel , Mike Corey is your man. Mike is always on the hunt for weird and unheard-of world travel experiences that spark that sense of adventure in his viewers. He has vlogged about his time at the Exploding Hammer Festival in Mexico, experienced a Kambo Cleanse ritual in Amazonia, and so much more.

Mike is incredibly creative and has amazing skills when it comes to shooting and editing videos. The way he tells a story is not only engaging, but really fun to watch! His YouTube channel is a brilliant smorgasbord of crazy experiences that stretches the imagination and piques curiosity one might have about a certain destination. "Fearless" is the perfect word to describe Mike and his travels!

Check out Mike's website to learn more.

3. Dave and Deb

Dave and Deb

This adventure couple has traveled to over 100 countries on every continent and lives by the motto " adventure is for everyone ." They have been married for twenty years and were looking for something more out of life when they decided to create  The Planet D . Forbes has named them one of the top 10 travel influencers in the world! In 2008, they started turning their passion for travel into their full-time job .

Dave and Deb share an inspiring message — that you don't have to be rich, adventure-enthusiasts, fit as a fiddle, or a young millennial to travel the world! They love diving into all sorts of unique experiences, and are a valuable source of information for anyone looking to incorporate adventure into their life on a more consistent basis.

4. Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky

After studying abroad in Prague in 2012, Drew caught the travel bug and hasn't slowed down since. He taught English in Korea and upon leaving in 2015, he used his travel blog and social media to propel him around the world. Today, he has traveled to over 150 countries and has been supported by countless big names such as Lonely Planet, GoPro, Elite Daily, and Huffington Post. He's even a 2x Guinness World Record holder!

He's on a mission to visit every country on earth , and uploads videos of his ongoing journey. Check out his blog and videos for more on the  best ways to save money while traveling  the world and to hear all his crazy travel stories he has amassed over the years.

5. The Bucket List Family

The Bucket List Family

The Gee family describes themselves as "just your 'average' family working from all around the world as Family Travel Journalists ." Of course, when they say "average", they are playing on the idea that an average family is settled down in a nice home, married with kids, and working a normal job to pay the bills. This adventure-fueled family decided they weren't done exploring the world and discovering what life had in store for them, so they opted to skip the whole "settling down" stereotype.

In 2015, they took a huge leap and sold everything in the name of travel and are thankful every day that they were brave enough to do so. Since then, they have explored the globe with their three small children and are having a blast!

Check out the Gee family's website to learn more about this anything-but-average wholesome little family.

6. Travel Yourself

Travel Yourself

Cailin O'Neil is a Canadian solo travel blogger who creates travel videos detailing the good and bad sides of travel . She loves embarking on new trips and her content is always packed with positive energy! The experience versus the destination is her main focus, and she has a blast trying the various different foods in each country she visits.

The useful tidbits of information and "City in a Minute" videos that she shares about the popular destinations she explores is really helpful to her viewers. Take a look at her travel YouTube channel to see how to get around a certain destination and to learn about the ins and outs of solo travel .

Check out Cailin's website to learn more.

7. Lost LeBlanc

Lost LeBlanc

Christian LeBlanc is a travel vlogger whose passion for seeing the world translates into everything he does . From the way he talks about landing somewhere new to the quality and efforts he puts into his videos — this guy lives to travel. With this passion, he strives to motivate people to follow their own desires to see the world. He's big on getting out of your comfort zone and enjoying life to the fullest.

His rightfully dubbed viewership, "Team Get Lost", is becoming a quickly growing community of equally passionate travelers who watch Christian's videos to ignite their wanderlust. Follow his YouTube travel videos and you'll discover a world of possibilities you hadn't thought about before.

Check out Christian's website to learn more.

8. Hopscotch the Globe

Hopscotch the Globe

Kristen and Siya are pros at globetrotting and post tons of helpful content on their YouTube channel for adventurers to learn and grow from. They make traveling with a newborn look like a breeze! You'll find that their channel is a gold mine full of endless resources on how to embrace the minimalist travel mindset  and travel light, eco-friendly, zero waste, and more.

They have such interesting ideas for content that they are able to flesh out and present in creative and engaging ways. There's a realness to their brand that inspires viewers to perfect their travel habits and to think outside of the box about how to travel on a budget . Check them out to have a few laughs and to prepare for your next trip!

Check out Kirsten and Siya's website to learn more.

9. Wolter's World

Wolter's World

If honest travel advice is what you're looking for, you'll find it on the travel YouTube channel Wolter's World! Mark and Jocelyn and their two kiddos have been all over the world, vlogging about their experiences along the way so that other travelers can watch their content and be more prepared for their upcoming trips. They offer practical tips and guidance about world travel , without the fluff.

Tired of seeing travel YouTubers produce exciting videos without any valuable information in it, Wolter's World set out to create a travel channel that tells it like it is . You'll see the ups and downs that they experience throughout their journey, educating their audience on what matters most — the experience.

Check out Mark and Jocelyn's website to learn more.

10. Hey Nadine

Hey Nadine

Nadine is a fun-loving travel vlogger who documents her adventures around the world. Her travel YouTube channel has videos with tips, hacks, packing guides, and destination advice on all of the many countries she's visited within the past six years. She always finds a way to make her videos funny and relatable, which makes her a blast to learn from.

The energy that emanates from Nadine's storytelling abilities is infectious and she inspires young travelers everywhere to find creative ways to find adventure . Her viewers trust her authoritative voice when it comes to anything travel-related, so you can bet her content is loaded with relevant and beneficial travel information!

Check out  Nadine's website to learn more.

11. Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate

This married travel duo from Nashville, Tennessee have been traveling the world for over two years, uploading a whopping six videos a week to their travel YouTube channel. They hope to travel to 100 countries by 2020! You can find everything on their channel from destination secrets to dealing with getting sick on the road. If you can believe it, they have over 500 videos on their channel and have grown their audience so quickly for beginning their life of travel just a few years ago.

On their website, you'll find their videos are categorized by country to make it easier for their viewers to find relevant information for their own trip planning. Kara and Nate are well on their way to 100 countries, so make sure you don't miss the videos they'll post when they hit their goal!

Check out Kara and Nate's website to learn more.

Vlogger in action

If your goal is to discover the world and be inspired to finally hop on that plane, these travel YouTubers will definitely wake you up to all the possible experiences you could be having!

YouTube has become one of the world's go-to search engines for learning something new . These content creators have fallen in love with making fun, informative videos for their viewers, and want nothing more than to change a life in favor of travel .  

If you want to read about travel blogs, check: Best travel blogs to find inspirations for your trips

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Rachael Grow

Let's Grow There

Over the past five years I have worn many hats as a creative freelancer and have been able to pursue adventures across the globe. To me, travel is more than checking a box or sitting on the perfect beach all day. Travel is about self-discovery, keeping an open mind, and learning through culture immersion. In 2017 I was chosen by one of my favorite travel bloggers, The Blonde Abroad, to attend her first ever blogging retreat in Bali with a handful of other inspiring bloggers. It was truly a dream that taught me so much more than I could imagine. Fast-forward to 2019 when I was given the role of one of the lead English writer for Worldpackers. My in-depth articles touched on subjects like volunteer work, overcoming post-travel blues, outdoorsy tips, and boldly adventuring. Inner growth is my jam.

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Jun 04, 2019

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Rachael (Author)

Thank you so much! 😊

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Wow, incredible article and amazing top 20 travelers...

So glad you enjoyed it!

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May 25, 2021

Great list!

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Mar 24, 2022

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The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog

15 Best Travel Vloggers on YouTube to Follow

Written By: Christine Ka'aloa

Digital Nomads

Updated On: June 3, 2023

Living your passion for travel is one thing, but filming yourself doing it daily to weekly for binge watching audiences on YouTube is another! Yet, the list of travel vloggers on YouTube grows as storytelling techniques of its creators evolve to keep you tuned in.

From storytelling editing, daily vlogging, cinematic flair, sexy drone shots, and 360 viewing, these travel YouTubers are committed to pumping out travel inspiration on a regularly programmed basis.

Enjoy this list of inspiring Youtube channels to find great travel content and travel experiences.

Table of Contents

Best Travel Vloggers

Christine chose some great travel vlogs and we don’t want to mess with her, list, but when you are done here, check out some other amazing travel YouTubers! These travel personalities are not only travel hosts, they are their own travel show! We made our own list of best travel vloggers too !

1. Fun for Louis

best travel vlog on youtube | fun for louis

Louis Cole initially started out enthralling (and grossing out) viewers with his adventurous ability to eat every odd delicacy that was dead or alive.

Today, this U.K. travel vlogger has taken to daily vlogs of his life, inspiring viewers to live the adventure while travelling the world.

A well-loved travel vlog hero of YouTube, not only does he make binge-watching addictive, but he incorporates 360-degree video and has his fans introduce his videos.

Schedule : Daily

2. Mr Ben Brown

youtube travel vloggers | mre ben brown

Mr. Ben Brown is mostly known as a YouTube vlogger. But he travels a bit and his Visual Vibes series showcases some seriously stunning travel cinematography, which will leave you breathless.

An expert storyteller, his vlogs are partly filmed from his perspective, as if you’re inside his head.

Whether skiing, motorbiking or hiking, you’ll feel like you’re moving vicariously with him, as he traipses around the world to meet up with his posse of YouTuber friends.

Ben joined YouTube in 2006 definitely making him one of the older travel vloggers (at least by channel age) out there.

  • Devon Supertamp is very similar and we have him listed on our choices for best travel channels.

Schedule: Daily .

3. Vagabrothers

best travel vlogs | vagabrothers

The Vagabrothers are the wacky boys of the travel vlogging world.

As charismatic travel hosts revving you for the flight,  they offer a cultural soft side into the joys of travelling.

Their travel videos incorporate fun shooting styles, collaborations with other YouTubers, destination guides focused on culture, and lethal drone shots.

Schedule :  Tuesdays

4. Hey Nadine

best female travel vlogger | hey nadine

As the reigning top female travel vlogs on YouTube, Nadine Sykora knows what YouTube audiences want.

As Hey Nadine , she infuses her travel lifestyle channel with a creative flair of fashion, fun, food and entertainment.

From travel tips, to “ What I Eat in a Day in. ..” ,… to playful collaborations with other travel YouTubers, Nadine’s channel drums up an addiction to seeing just what new video she puts out next.

Schedule : Twice a week

5. Migrationology

best food vloggers on youtube | migrationology

Would you travel for food? Favorite food vlogger and travel YouTuber Mark Weins does, and boy does he!

A travel and food blog, Migrationology has hit gastronomical stardom on YouTube, making Mark the number one ‘foodie guy’ to both, watch and read.

Mark is the ultimate digital nomad!

He shares his passion for travel by delivering each country through mouth-watering morsels.

You’ll find DIY city guides and of course, lots and lots of food videos!

Schedule: Sundays and Wednesdays.

6. Wolters World

best travel youtubers | wolters world

Mark of Woltersworld is my favorite ‘Loves & Hates Travel Guy’, sharing his unchained opinion on what travelers will love, hate and be shocked with about each city.

He tells it like it is and his honesty won’t take away your excitement in experiencing the place for yourself.

His videos are highly informative insights, which crack the travel code of each country.

Schedule: Wednesdays and Saturdays

7. Hopscotch the Globe

best travel vloggers on youtube | kristen and siya

Kristin Sarah merges her acting chops with her love for travel in Hopscotch the Globe .

She’s like that fun travel bestie who’s not afraid to be a little silly. Her channel incorporates vlogging with cultural parodies and travel inspired DIY recipes.

Today, she shares her channel spotlight with her husband Siya; together, these travel partners in crime hop around the globe, creating weekly entertainment.

They’ve also recently added a baby drone into their picture!

Schedule : Weekly

8. Psychotraveller

best travel vloggers on youtube | physcho traveller

If twenty-something backpacking is your thing, check out Psychotraveller .

Ally dishes backpacking travel tips, vlogs and travel budget information, all with a dose of humor.

Best of all, her favorite filming studio is often a hostel room!

Schedule: Weekly.


best travel vloggers on youtube | grrl traveler

Does traveling alone freak you out? Christine Kaaloa of GRRRL TRAVELER takes you inside the adventurous world of solo travel and shows you how she survives it.

Experiencing culture shock and filming it , isn’t easy, but Christine finds ways to turn her encounters of taxi scams, Asian squat toilets, airport layovers and getting sick abroad, into travel survival tips to walk away with !

A solo travel blogger, she films and blogs travel tips and city and food travel guides, while playing with video storytelling styles.

Schedule: Fridays or Saturdays.

10.  Sonia’s Travels

youtube travel vlog | sonyas travels

Sonia is your female travel MacGyver. From how to pack your makeup to product reviews and how to score a deal on a hotel, she’s got slick tips to make you a savvy traveler.

Her tips are usually around 2-3 minutes, which make her videos perfect to watch with your morning coffee.

Until then, she has hundreds of travel tip videos to keep your travels well-groomed.

Schedule: On hiatus. Let’s hope she comes back.

11.  The Planet D

best youtube travel channels | theplanetd

Dave and Deb of The Planet D , not only live the dream of travel, but they also visit some of the most exotic places that most of us can only dream about!

This zany travel-adventure couple have blogged about adventure travel for the past 10 years, and now they’re on YouTube too, inspiring each other (and others) to take a passion for adventure to the next level. Making the list as one of the couple travel vloggers to watch.

From polar ice plunges in Antarctica to riding the fastest zipline or ballooning over the Masai Mara, their channel covers a bucket list of activities to try when you’re looking to leave your comfort zone.

Schedule: Saturdays.

Expats & Nomads: Travel Youtubers Hitting the Road

12.  gone with the wynns.

travel vloggers | gone with the wynns

Ever think of packing up your family life and hitting the road in an RV?

Nikki and Jason of Gone with the Wynns sold it all and packed it up to hit the highway.

From composting toilets to solar powering an RV (okay, not your everyday travel story), they’ve transformed the concept of an RV travel lifestyle for YouTube.

Their videos are well-shot and occasionally, filmed like a sexy commercial (okay, not your every day RV travel video).

Recently, they’ve made a rather new change in their lives, by trading in their RV for a sailboat!

Schedule : Weekly.

13. Samuel & Audrey

travel video channels | samel and audrey

You may know Samuel and Audrey as their travel blogging aliases, Nomadic Samuel and That Backpacker .

As former ex-Korea expats, this adorable travel geek couple are on an indefinite road between expat life and nomadism.

Their channel is prolific with destination guides and food taste tests.

For audiences, who want to get their binge watching on without taking a break, they are also known to occasionally have long format videos.

Schedule: 1-2 times a week.

14. 8 Miles from Home

travel vlog | 8 miles from home

Inspiring us to take our dream lifestyle (and dog) abroad is 8 Miles from Home .

Sacha and Jymael are British photographers turn expat vloggers, documenting their life in Thailand.

Their vlogs are cinematic video diaries, occasionally incorporate dazzling special FX.

Recently they announced their new adventure~ a move to Portugal and a baby!

15. The Food Ranger

travel food vloggers | the food ranger

If you love Asian food, Trevor is The Food Ranger of Asia. An expat in Sichuan, China, he chomps and slurps some of the best Chinese cuisine (and uh, some pretty obscure foods too).

Commendable is his ability to upload regular videos while staying under China’s banned radar (YouTube and Google are banned in China).

He’s quickly growing a following as a new foodie channel to watch.

Schedule: Saturdays

How the best travel vloggers were chosen:

Like all lists, people will wonder why they’re not on it. I’m positive I missed some good ones, but this is very loose criteria I’d be using if I were hired to cast, produce or pitch a TV show. Creators did not need to meet all criteria, but most. – Programming: Weekly dedication, quality, storytelling & individual style execution – Audience: Niche, loyalty, & YouTube friendly – Blog worthy and/or binge worthy – Does it bring a new spin to the term “travel video” or “travel show” – Channel Personality/Talent: brand recognition, hosting & entertainment value

best travel vloggers on youtube

Do you have favourite travel vlogger you love on YouTube? Introduce us to them in the comments below!

  • 16 Amazing Women Instagrammers to Follow
  • 11 Inspiring YouTube Travel Channels to Follow
  • Best Travel Blogs by Category
  • 101 Best Travel Quotes in the World with Pictures

That’s a subjective question. If you go by subscribers it is Devon Supertramp or Fun for Louis on this list. Drew Binskey is definitely the most successful travel vlogger out there right now.

Mark Weins t ops the list as the best food travel vlogger. He takes you on a culinary journey around the world.

Travel Planning Resources

Looking to book your next trip? Why not use these resources that are tried and tested by yours truly.

Flights: Start planning your trip by finding the best flight deals on Skyscanner

Book your Hotel: Find the best prices on hotels with these two providers. If you are located in Europe use Booking.com and if you are anywhere else use TripAdvisor

Find Apartment Rentals: You will find the cheapest prices on apartment rentals with VRBO . 

Travel Insurance: Don't leave home without it. Here is what we recommend:

  • Allianz - Occasional Travelers.
  • Medjet - Global air medical transport and travel security.

Need more help planning your trip? Make sure to check out our Resources Page where we highlight all the great companies that we trust when we are traveling.

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About Christine Ka'aloa

Christine Ka'aloa is a freelance television producer , camera operator and travel blogger/YouTuber. She runs GRRRL TRAVELER, where she writes about solo travel, food and travel inspiration. Follow Christine at grrltraveler / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / YouTube

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Out of the 925

10 Best Travel YouTubers To Follow

Photo of author

by: David Woutersen

First Published: March 27, 2023

If you’re planning a trip or looking for travel inspiration, YouTube is a great place to start. With so many travel YouTubers, it can be hard to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the ten best travel YouTube channels to follow.

These YouTubers are experts at capturing the essence of travel and sharing their experiences with their audiences. From adventure travel to luxury travel, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Whether you’re looking for tips on budget travel, food and drink recommendations, or just some beautiful travel footage, these channels have got you covered.

Skip Ahead:

Best Travel Youtubers

Top 10 Travel YouTubers

Wolters world.

Wolters World is a travel channel run by Mark Wolters. He shares his travel experiences and provides tips and advice for travelers.

His videos cover various destinations, from popular tourist spots to off-the-beaten-path locations. His friendly and approachable style makes his videos easy and enjoyable to watch.

Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate are a couple who have been traveling the world full-time since 2016. Their videos showcase their adventures and experiences in different countries and provide useful travel tips and advice.

They have a fun and energetic style, and their videos are always entertaining.

Be My Travel Muse

Be My Travel Muse is a channel by Kristen Sarah, a travel blogger, and YouTuber.

Her videos feature her solo travel adventures, and she provides tips and advice for solo female travelers.

She has a down-to-earth and relatable style, and her videos are both informative and inspiring.

Hey Nadine is a travel vlogger sharing her adventures on YouTube for over a decade.

Her videos cover a wide range of destinations and travel topics, and she also provides tips and advice for travelers.

She has a fun and bubbly personality; her videos are always entertaining.

Kristen and Siya

Kristen and Siya are a Canadian couple traveling the world since 2010. Their videos showcase their adventures and experiences in different countries and provide useful travel tips and advice.

They have a fun and upbeat style, and their videos are always enjoyable.

Girl vs. Globe

Girl vs. Globe is a travel channel run by Sabina Trojanova, a travel blogger and YouTuber.

Her videos feature her solo travel adventures, and she provides tips and advice for female travelers. She has a friendly and relatable style, and her videos are informative and inspiring.

Sorelle Amore

Sorelle Amore is a travel vlogger who shares her adventures and experiences in different countries. Her videos cover many topics, from budget travel to solo travel.

She has a no-nonsense and straightforward style, and her videos are informative and entertaining.

Luke Life Charms

Luke Life Charms is a travel vlogger who shares his adventures and experiences in different countries.

His videos focus on cultural experiences and local cuisine, and he provides tips and advice for travelers. He has a calm and relaxed style, making his videos informative and enjoyable.


Vagabrothers is a travel channel run by two brothers, Marko and Alex Ayling. Their videos showcase their adventures and experiences in different countries and provide useful travel tips and advice.

Rick Steves Europe

Rick Steves Europe is a travel channel run by Rick Steves, a famous travel writer and TV personality.

His videos focus on European travel, and he provides tips and advice for travelers. He has a friendly and approachable style; his videos are informative and entertaining.

How We Made This Selection

When selecting the best travel YouTubers, we considered several factors to ensure our list included only the most inspiring and informative channels.

Here are the criteria we used:


We looked for channels that inspire viewers to travel and explore the world.

The best travel YouTubers should be able to transport their audience to different parts of the world and make them feel right there with them.


The selected channels should provide viewers with valuable information, such as travel tips, destination guides, and cultural insights.

We looked for channels that go beyond just showing pretty footage and provide practical information that viewers can use to plan their trips.


We looked for channels that were authentic and genuine. The best travel YouTubers should be honest about their experiences and not just show the highlights.

We also looked for channels that showcase local cultures and communities respectfully and responsibly.

Production Quality

While production quality isn’t the most important factor, we did consider it when selecting the best travel YouTubers.

The selected channels should have good camera work, editing, and sound quality to ensure an enjoyable viewing experience.

We also looked for channels that engage with their audience and create a sense of community.

The best travel YouTubers should be responsive to comments and questions and create content that encourages viewers to interact with them and each other.

Considering these criteria, we created a list of the best travel YouTubers who inspire, inform, and connect with their audience.

Why You Should Follow Them

If you’re a travel enthusiast, following travel YouTubers is a great way to get inspired, learn about new destinations, and even plan your trips.

Here are a few reasons why you should follow these travel YouTube channels:

Get Insider Tips

Many travel YouTubers are seasoned travelers who have visited countless destinations.

They can provide insider tips on where to go, what to see, and how to save money while traveling.

Experience New Destinations

Through their videos, travel YouTubers can take you on a virtual tour of some of the most beautiful and exotic destinations worldwide.

You can experience these places through their eyes and taste what being there is like.

Learn About Different Cultures

Traveling is not just about seeing new places; it’s also about learning about different cultures.

Many travel YouTubers focus on cultural experiences, allowing you to learn about different customs, traditions, and ways of life.

Find Inspiration For Your Own Travels

Watching travel videos can be a great inspiration for planning your trips (much like adventure quotes ).

You can get ideas for new destinations to visit, activities to try, and even tips on how to save money while on the road.

Overall, following the best travel YouTube channels can be fun and informative to explore the world from the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or just starting, there’s something for everyone in the world of travel vlogging.

Top 10 Travel Youtubers

Final Thoughts

Traveling is an exciting and enriching experience, and watching travel vloggers on YouTube can help you plan your next adventure or simply satisfy your wanderlust. These YouTubers cover many topics and destinations, from budget to luxury, solo, and family travel.

You can find it all on YouTube whether you are looking for inspiration, tips, or entertainment.

By subscribing to these channels, you can stay up-to-date with the latest travel trends and learn from the experiences of others. 

While there are many travel YouTubers, we believe these are some of the best in the business. They have earned their reputations through hard work, dedication, and a genuine love for travel.

We hope you have found this article helpful and will check out some of these channels for yourself. Happy travels!

David Woutersen

David Woutersen

David is the founder of Outofthe925.com and has been in the social media industry since 2017. Since then, his mission has been to help others take control of their online presence. For some, this has been earning an income online; for others, it's teaching how to use social networks more effectively. And each year, he continues to help millions with strategy, troubleshooting, and inspiration.

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The Best Travel Vloggers on YouTube in 2022

If you’re anything like me, your YouTube home feed includes a lot of travel stories, with food and travel vloggers, around the world explorers, van life channels, and outdoor adventurers.

Watching travel videos helps me decide where to travel next in the world, and what exactly to do once I get there.

In person travel around the world is difficult with the pandemic right now, so I’ve loved watching travel adventures virtually from my favorite YouTubers. It’s a wonderful way to mentally escape the stress and uncertainty of the last year.

YouTube has more than 2 billion (yes, that’s billion with a b ) monthly logged in users. If you’re a prospective travel vlogger, getting your videos on YouTube can be as easy as filming a video, editing with a video editor , and uploading. Because getting started on YouTube can be so simple, that’s meant plenty of vloggers, with interesting stories to tell, are on the platform.

Many of my favorite vloggers introduce viewers to bucket list travel adventures around the world, while others stay closer to home.

Several travel bloggers on this list, like Kara and Nate, made the transition from around-the-word travel videos to van life during the pandemic. Others have bought and renovated isolated cabins, while others continue their adventures locally.

I enjoy watching their current adventures, but it’s also a great time to dig back in the archives and watch older videos. I even check out a few classic travel TV shows from time to time!

The Best Travel YouTube Channels

Check out some of our favorite YouTube travel channels. We think these are the some of the best travel vloggers on YouTube right now.

Kara and Nate 2.1 Million YouTube Subscribers

I just found Kara and Nate’s channel in the last year. It’s fantastic, and I wish I’d found it sooner! Kara and Nate are a husband and wife team from Nashville Tennessee, who traveled to 100 countries before travel slowed down in 2020.

The production quality of this channel is fantastic, with high quality videography, and great audio as well. These days, they’re making content driving through the USA in a van, with plenty of stops at interesting accommodations and attractions along the way.

Favorite video: We Slept Outside in Antarctica

Eamon and Bec 782K YouTube subscribers

Eamon and Bec are a Canadian couple that I started watching when they were travelling around Europe and Morocco in their self converted Sprinter van. There’s plenty of gorgeous content on here about their travels, their vegan recipes (they even have a vegan cookbook), and life on the road.

These days, Eamon and Bec are vlogging about renovating their cabin in the woods of Ontario, Canada.

Favorite travel video: How to Winter in the Canadian Wilderness

Foresty Forest 245K YouTube subscribers

Foresty Forest is the real deal, if you’re interested in bicycle touring, ascending mountains, and the great outdoors. His crockpot makes frequent appearances, with simple home cooked meals made in the van.

This is old school YouTube, without paid sponsorships, or paid reviews.

You’ll find yourself singing the insanely catchy theme song, “ Foresty Forest, he lives in a van… Foresty Forest! “

I always catch myself smiling when there’s a new Foresty Forest upload.

Favorite video: Living in a Minivan During Freezing Temperatures

Christian Schaffer – 70K subscribers

Christian makes her living as an outdoor adventure and travel photographer, and was a former Abercrombie model and retail manager.

As you’d expect, her travel videography is beautiful, but the channel is also packed full of thoughtful, intelligent tips about van life, making money, and life in general.

Favorite video: Van Life | Parking and Solo Female Safety

The Wild Card: Tom Green 267K YouTube subscribers

Bet you didn’t expect to find Tom Green on this list!

Tom is best known as a comedian, whose career started on MTV in the 1990s. He’s known for quirky and often pretty juvenile comedy like the Bum Bum Song , the Slutmobile , and Hollywood films Road Trip and Charlie’s Angels, as well as being married to Drew Barrymore in the early 2000s.

These days, Green seems a lot more introspective, as he’s vlogging his van life with his adorable dog, Charlie. Green’s still a quirky mix, with gorgeous cinematography, visits to stunning and out of the way places, musical offerings, and rambling, free-form live streams.

Favorite video: Lost Ancient City In America – Tom Green Visits Chaco Culture National Historical Park – Van Life

Slim Potatohead 129K YouTube subscribers

Slim Potatohead is something of an outlier among travel vlogs.

There’s definitely good videography and storytelling here, but this is not the vlog for you if you’re looking for fast paced, high excitement travel. Slim meanders along on his adventures, and it often seems like very little happens in a given blog. That said, he’s definitely an authentic voice that’s well worth checking out.

He travels pulling a small older trailer, spending plenty of time off grid in nature. Older videos feature the USA and Mexico, but these days he’s focusing on travel within Canada. There are videos on frugal camper renovations, camping spots, and plenty of exploring and meandering.

Favorite travel video: Latitude High: The Arctic Circle Campout

Mark Wiens 7.28 Million YouTube subscribers

Enthusiastic and energetic, Mark Wiens is a food vlogger who shares about South East Asia from his home base in Bangkok, Thailand.

I was first introduced to Mark’s Migrationology blog back in 2012, and I’ve loved following his transition to being one of YouTube’s most popular food and travel vloggers.

He features plenty of street food videos, with a strong focus on Thai food and travel.

Favorite video: Extreme Thai Street Food – CRAZY TOM YUM Late-Night Food Tour in Bangkok, Thailand!

Tyler and Todd 77K YouTube subscribers

Tyler and Todd are one of my absolute favorite channels. They’re funny, engaging, and have absolutely gorgeous videography and solid audio.

They’re a Canadian couple who travel with their adorable dogs Charlie and Eddy.

Because of the pandemic, they’re currently not traveling, but I’ve loved following along as they make a home in Nova Scotia, building an off grid cabin.

Incredibly personable and funny, they’re a treat to watch each week.

Favorite video: Gay Couple’s Routine | Living in an RV full time

Vancity Vanlife 145K YouTube subscribers

Vancity Vanlife features Chrome and his adorable bulldog pup, Cruz.

Chrome is a former professional DJ, so this is a fantastic channel if you love great music and great audio. As a former DJ, he has a fantastic voice for audio.

He uploads almost every day, and this channel is a throwback to early daily vlogs of YouTube. Videos are based mostly around Vancouver, British Columbia, but he does sojourn around Canada and into the USA when he’s able. It’s a great channel to get a feel for daily van life realities.

Favorite video: Winter Van Life In The Frosty Canadian Mountains… Is It Lonely Out Here?

Drew Binsky 2.34 Million YouTube subscribers

Drew, an American YouTuber, is definitely an engaging, entertaining presence on YouTube. He’s also controversial, as he continued traveling during the pandemic, and he’s garnered criticism for visiting countries like North Korea.

This is the type of channel that you’ll likely either love or hate.

Favorite travel video: He is the Ice Man (Wim Hof)

Project Amber 57K YouTube subscribers

Project Amber follows the adventures of a UK vlogger and his adorable Spaniel puppy, Lance as they travel in a converted ex-ambulance.

There’s plenty of great content in the archives that features road trips around the UK and Europe.

The man and dog duo just bought off-grid land in Portugal, and I’m looking forward to watching his local Portuguese adventures.

Favorite video: VAN TOUR – Ex-Ambulance Turned Offgrid Home on Wheels, with Log Burner & Upstairs Bedroom

Lost in Europe

Ash Pollard of Lost in Europe is a 27 year old photographer from Leicester/England.

As the channel title suggests, he mostly features van travel around Europe. There’s some gorgeous videography here, and I’ve loved his time in Scotland, as well has his new content on van life in the winter.

Favorite video: Winter Snow Storm Living In A Van / Arctic Van Life

Bald and Bankrupt 2.66 Million subscribers

Bald and Bankrupt follows the adventures of English travel vlogger Benjamin Rich, who mostly focuses on visiting post-Soviet states.

This channel is much more about meeting everyday people, and getting to know them and their lives, than cinematic scenes and views. It’s great entertainment, and I love that it focuses on getting to know people.

Like Drew Binsky, Rich has travelled during the pandemic. Rich was hospitalized for nine days for coronavirus in July 2020 in Serbia, which was not under lockdown at the time. He admitted that he was “blasé” about the pandemic, and has cautioned his viewers to take the pandemic seriously.

Favorite video: Inside The Belarus Chernobyl Zone

These are just some of my top picks for the best travel vlogs on YouTube channel to follow in 2022! I hope you enjoy watching their videos as much as I do.

Do you have any top travel vloggers suggestions that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Some really good travel Vloggers in the list! Thanks for the compilation!

travel vlogging is an emerging activity and i am also thinking of starting it in in dubai visit.

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Looking For Travel Videos? Here Are Best Travel Channels On YouTube

YouTube is one of the leading platforms in connecting people through content. Learn about the platform's best travel channels.

Read update

Expanded List To 12 Top Travel YouTubers.

Many things human beings do are inspired by other people. And people are motivated to continue trying when they see another person accomplish a lot in an area they care about. Technology has facilitated an environment where the world is a global village where people learn from each other and collaborate.

YouTube is one of the leading platforms in connecting people through content. The kind of content shared on YouTube has helped a lot of people learn so much, including travelers. Many travelers are using YouTube to show content regarding their travel experiences and it keeps on inspiring others. Here are the top travel channels.

UPDATE: 2022/10/05 16:02 EST BY AARON SPRAY

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable things to have on life's bucket list. While most people dream of traveling, few get to actually do it. Enjoy the next best thing by following professional travel vloggers and be inspired. This article was updated to expand the list from 10 to 12 of the top travel vloggers on YouTube.

12 Fearless And Far

The channel is called Fearless and Far and it is owned and operated by Mike Corey. It is a travel vlog that has been providing travel content that details all about Mike and his travel experiences. In the channel, he showcases his weird and fantastic destinations. The channel is also very creative and encourages people to face and handle their fears of traveling the world. The approach on this channel is more of a sport, but has a lot of adrenaline and serious adventure.

RELATED: Nomadic Lifestyle: How To Earn Money While You Travel

11 Sorelle Amore

Sorelle Amore is a quirky traveler and a YouTuber who is definitely worth following. However, the content she creates is not only restricted to traveling. But this channel is full of traveling videos that inspire many and it is a good option for a traveler. The travel’s YouTube channel has so much to show from her passion for discovering new places, to travel tips and more useful experiences for travelers.

10 Fun For Louis

Fun for Louis is a youtube channel by Louis Cole. Louis made his purpose to live the adventure and that is all his channel communicates and shows the world. It is a channel with many adventure-hungry subscribers now too. The vlogger is known for creating interesting videos that are well shot and edited for his views. As a result of his creativity, especially using 360-degree videos, fans have found themselves binge-watching his videos. The lessons from this hero are worth taking.

9 Mr. Ben Brown

Mr. Ben Brown is yet another travel YouTuber to check out as he makes quality content. The traveler has invested a lot in providing excellent content for his fans. Here, one will even find a series called Visual Vibes which is a way for him to show his abilities in cinematography in his traveling content. Another reason for checking this channel is that he is a captivating storyteller that is also talented at various activities such as hiking, skiing, and motorbiking which is shown on the channel.

RELATED: Why Cancun Is Not Worth Your Hard-Earned Vacation Time

8 Drew Binsky

Here is a travel vlogger as well as a documentary maker. His channel is mostly focused on discovering, experiencing, and celebrating the different cultures in the world. The American vlogger has mastered his skills in storytelling about various cultures and communities which has brought a lot of fans to the channel. His approach to traveling and content is different from many as he focuses on sociopolitical issues such as human rights, religion, races, and sexuality, discovering and discussing the diversity in the world.

  • YouTube Views: 700 Million Views

7 Vagabrothers

The Vagabrothers are definitely worth subscribing to. One interesting thing about this channel is their way of presenting the content which is very unique as their channel is full of joy, showcases, and interesting content presentations. Their videos are full of fun shooting angles, styles, narration, and much more. There are excellent drone shots and very clear details of the journey they take and the experiences they come across.

  • YouTube Views: 92 Million Views

6 Hey Nadine

Hey Nadine is a channel by Nadine Sykora and is known very well for the kind of energy she brings into her content. This is exactly what makes her content so fun and popular. The energy in her videos is very effective at building a genuine relationship to guide her viewers around her adventures. The channel is also very good for young people as it seeks to inspire them into traveling through great stories of her accomplishments in traveling. The videos are very informative and even contain guides such as on packing and travel hacks. It also talks about iconic places one needs to know about and discover.

  • YouTube Views: 49 Million Views

RELATED: Winchester Mystery House Is In California (And These 10 Pics Prove It Earned Its Name)

5 Migrationology

Migrationology is a channel that is all about traveling and food. The channel is one of the best platforms for someone who wants to learn more about traveling as well as food. The owner of the channel is Mark who is also a digital nomad offering a lot of content revolving around that area.

Kold is a channel by a Canadian adventurer Sam Kolder and it is worth subscribing to. The channel offers amazing videos as well as travel films. It is a channel that has gained a lot of popularity due to the owner’s ability to create amazing cinematic scenes while educating viewers.

3 Lost LeBlanc

It is one of the most interesting travel channels on YouTube. The channel is run by Christian LeBlanc and the content is mind-blowing. What makes it more interesting is LeBlanc’s ability to challenge his viewers and offer them above-average content. The creativity in creating and editing the videos is also attractive.

2 Samuel And Audrey

Another of the top YouTube travel blogger channels is Samuel and Audrey . They are two travel bloggers who have a passion for discovering the local cuisine all around the world. In addition, they offer city guides, street food tours, travel vlogs, travel tips, and more.

  • YouTube Views: 97 Million Views

They started out in this way of live when they moved to South Korea to be English teachers. They both met in Korea, got married, and then worked together to travel all around world creating one of the most popular YouTube travel channels. They inspire people to get out of their comfort zones and follow their dreams.

1 Hopscotch the Globe

Another of the leading YouTube channels is Hopscotch the Globe by Kristen and Siya. They are into adventure seeking, world traveling, and tiny home living. They help inspire people to live life on the build or relocate to any dreamy location around the world.

  • YouTube Views: 53 Million Views

They travel across North American in their renovated 1976 vintage Airstream and share their life experiences. Learn about their struggles, endless repairs, how they balance family life with work life on the road, and more. Be inspired to take the plunge and shake up one's life in a way that would have seemed scary or unthinkable.

NEXT: Earn Your Après: Enjoy The Food On Your Ski Holiday Guilt-Free

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Top 100 Travel YouTube Channels

Ready for a travel adventure from the comfort of your home? Set sail with YouTube's top 100 Travel channels, where you can explore stunning locations and varied cultures, all from your screen. Traverse historic European sites with 'Rick Steves' Europe', or join 'FunForLouis' on his exhilarating cross-continental exploits. Dive deeper into foreign cuisines, cultures, and communities with 'Mark Wiens'. These standout Travel channels on YouTube are your passport to the world, designed to kindle your wanderlust. So, pack your virtual luggage and discover your next destination!

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YouTube Video Tours: Insights, Best Practices, and Why Renters Rely on Them

At a time when many renters are unable to see an apartment in person, 3D images, live online tours, and virtual home tours are among the most successful replacements for in-person tours. They’ve become essential to giving renters the option to continue their home or apartment search without physically leaving the house.

Adding YouTube video tours to your property listing is simple and effective, and you can make them right from your phone. Not sure how to create one yourself? Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an immersive YouTube video tour.

5-Step Guide to Creating a YouTube Video Tour

youtube tour guide

Before we get into the specifics of what your video tour should include, let’s get you set up for success. Here are the steps to take to get a YouTube video up and running and published on your listings. 

  • Step 1 : Download the YouTube app for your phone or navigate to YouTube in your laptop’s internet browser.
  • Step 2 : Create a YouTube account or sign in to your existing one .
  • Google has easy instructions for recording videos on your iPhone, Android phone, or computer.
  • Step 4 : Once you’ve finished your tour, press the red record button to end the video. Press the blue “Next” button in the top right corner. Make sure the video’s privacy is “Public” and click “Upload” in the top right corner. Your Youtube video tour is now saved to your “Library”, which is located in the bottom right corner of your phone screen.
  • Step 5 : Click “Library” and click on the video you just took. Next, press the “Share” button, located just below the video. Click on “Copy Link”. Open a blank email and “paste” your copied video link into the email. Zumper clients can email their account manager directly to get their videos uploaded to each listing.

Creating a YouTube video tour is as simple as that. Using your phone or computer camera, this is a quick and simple way to get online tours up and running.

SEO and Its Importance

YouTube is the second-most-visited site on the internet. Posting a video to YouTube has some big perks. For example, did you know that your YouTube video tour can get 2-5 times more views if you can also get it to rank on Google? Here’s a breakdown of why SEO is important for YouTube videos and how you can get yours to rank using keyword research.

Creating a Captivating YouTube Video Tour

The difference between a successful video tour and an unsuccessful one is all in the details. When creating the video, keep these best practices in mind when creating a video tour to help yours resonate with renters.

  • Vertical videos are recommended. Hold your phone vertically to shoot a video that will share easily on social media. During in-person tours, renters take in everything in the room, not just what’s directly in front of them, so be sure to capture the whole apartment in your video tour.
  • Don’t overthink it. A slow walkthrough of the apartment, showing the main rooms, storage spaces, and any special features , is exactly what renters want to see. Add some simple narration if you feel comfortable. One or two minutes is plenty. Here’s a great example .
  • Consider creating video tours for each floorplan available so that prospective renters will know exactly what the floorplan they’re interested in looks like.
  • Remember to capture any outdoor spaces that residents get individual access to , like a parking carport, balcony, and patio.
  • Record the common areas that residents get to enjoy together, like the pool, on-site fitness center, or resident lounge.
  • Use smart language. Include keywords that users might search for on YouTube in your video title and description.

Zumper’s multifamily advertising opportunities enable your community to publish and promote virtual tours via YouTube, Matterport, and Xspaced. Interested in learning more? Speak with one of our sales consultants and find out how Zumper can help your community thrive.

Julie is an avid sports enthusiast, beer drinker, city runner, and non-fiction reader. She's been a renter for 10 years, and has learned a thing or two in the process.

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In the fast-paced world of property management, the digital landscape plays a pivotal role in…

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How to Calculate Vacancy Rate In Real Estate Investing

Overpaying on an investment property or losing rental income? Understanding vacancy rates provides the key…

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How I Discovered eSIMs to Be the Smart Choice for Travelers

So long, roaming hassles! Using an eSIM for roaming is the best travel decision I've made in a long time.

youtube tour guide

Want to carefully manage and minimize roaming charges? An eSIM could be ideal.

Back in 2010, I took a backpacking trip around Indonesia for two months. I didn't travel with a mobile phone. All I had was my trusty Lonely Planet guidebook for recommendations, and the occasional stop at an internet cafe to email location updates to my parents.

Now, in 2024, I can't fathom how I managed to travel without the internet constantly at my fingertips. A phone is a travel essential and roaming while I'm overseas is non-negotiable -- and if I listed the reasons why, I'd be here all day. But roaming, if you're not careful, can also get expensive.

No matter where you're coming from or where you're traveling to, ensuring that you have internet access without running up a scary bill is a travel essential , and something you should ideally look into before you leave on your trip.

Carriers know how important it is for you to stay connected while you're traveling, and most have some kind of roaming deal you can take advantage of. But what happens when your network's roaming offering doesn't meet your data requirements for your destination, or is just too expensive?

Discovering the brilliance of eSIMs

Turns out, there's a very simple, practical solution if you have an unlocked phone like me: the eSIM. It's an electronic form of a SIM card embedded into your phone, which allows you to switch between carriers and data plans without the faff of removing and replacing physical SIM cards. The result is that you can have several SIM cards associated with your phone at once, allowing you to easily switch between plans and carriers as you travel.

In the past I'd opted for a Mi-Fi device equipped with a local pay-as-you-go SIM card when I touched down in a new country. This let me keep using my phone number and ensured I had internet access when I was out and about during the day. It's a fiddly solution, though, which usually involves finding somewhere to buy a SIM card immediately after getting off a long flight, and then remembering to charge the Mi-Fi every night.

I turned to eSIM as a last resort, but I won't be going back. I'm based in the UK, and my operator GiffGaff only allows limited roaming in select European countries. While planning a trip to the US and Canada last year, I was once again about to reach for my trusty Mi-Fi when I remembered something I'd heard about eSIM roaming operators.

From attending mobile phone events over the years, I had a vague understanding of eSIM technology, but I'd never considered using it personally for travel before this trip. It's not unusual to have a lack of awareness about how eSIM technology could benefit you while traveling. According to research due to be published this month by tech analysis firm CCS Insight, only 37% of Americans have heard of eSIM and only 8% have used an eSIM roaming provider.

One of the biggest challenges for eSIM providers is that most people are still unaware that eSIM exists as an option for them, says CCS Insight Director Kester Mann. Even if they have heard of it, less technically savvy customers may be put off by the installation instructions. Plus, it's often another thing to add to a long prevacation to-do list (although you can also do it when you arrive).

Another obstacle is that a lot of the names in eSIM game are new, said Mann. "People perhaps are a little bit nervous around signing up to the company they haven't heard of, or one that perhaps hasn't got an established reputation."

How I used Airalo's eSIM for traveling

There are a number of roaming eSIM providers that you can use, all offering competitive rates on data bundles, and different benefits across different regions. There's scope for many more providers to pop up in the near future, but for now some of the biggest names include Airhub, EasySim, Holafly and Airalo.

iPhone showing instructions in Airalo app

All the instructions you need can be found in Airalo's app.

In my research I couldn't find much to separate them and decided to take a chance on Airalo due to the diverse range of countries it supported. Installing an eSIM and getting it up and running isn't an entirely frictionless process, but by carefully following Airalo's in-app step-by-step instructions, I got it right the first time. 

Each country requires a different eSIM, and you can have multiple eSIMs installed on your phone at once. After you've installed your first eSIM, adding more is pretty intuitive -- everything can be done from within the Airalo app.

For a trip at the end of 2023, I activated two eSIMs, one for the US and one for Canada, buying 20GB of data for $42 and 3GB of data for $15 respectively. I was pleased to find when I returned to Canada this year that I could simply reactivate the eSIM I'd installed and upload more pay as you go credit to see me through my trip.

As I landed in Canada from the US, I switched my primary data plan to my preinstalled Canada eSIM in my iPhone settings and I was good to go immediately. It was so frictionless that I even decided to plump for eSIM on my trip to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress in March. My UK plan allows me to use 5GB of data while roaming in Spain, but for an intense week at a conference I knew this wouldn't be enough. Instead I spent $12 on a 10GB eSIM, and even though I had to top this up during the week, it remained a bargain.

Like me, most people who try eSIM roaming have a positive experience, says Mann. But he advises people to do their research and compare costs with their domestic provider before they head off on vacation to ensure it makes sense for them. Opting for eSIM might be especially good if you're traveling to "more far-flung destinations that aren't typically covered in operators' roaming packages," he adds.

Which phones have eSIM capability?

Another key thing to bear in mind if you're considering an eSIM for roaming is to check whether it's available on your phone. Not all phones are currently eSIM-compatible, but if you have an iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR or any post-2019 Apple phone, you'll be able to take advantage of the technology. Some Samsung, Motorola and Google phones also have eSIM compatibility, but you'll have to look up your model individually if you're not sure. You'll also need to make sure your phone isn't locked by your carrier.

Something I discovered on my eSIM journey so far is that it's a fairly low-stakes technology to experiment with. It's affordable, flexible and temporary. If I find a better deal on another provider later, it'll be easy for me to switch. 

The market is booming right now, with about 700 million people in the world owning eSIM-compatible devices and as many as 10% of people in some countries purchasing an eSIM before they travel, according to CCS Insight. If you're traveling abroad this summer, whether it be to Europe, Asia or just over the border to Mexico or Canada, why not join us?

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Fleet Week sails into NYC with 2024 Parade of Ships. Watch extended video from Chopper 2 overhead

By Renee Anderson

Updated on: May 23, 2024 / 4:55 AM EDT / CBS New York

NEW YORK --  Fleet Week started Wednesday in New York City, kicking off with the 2024 Parade of Ships. 

We have everything to know about how to watch the parade of ships  and   what else is happening this week .

When is Fleet Week 2024 in NYC?

Fleet Week starts on May 22 and ends May 28, the day after Memorial Day. This is the 36th annual celebration in the city, and the theme is "Fleet Week New York...Celebrating Those Who Serve."

It's a chance for people to meet U.S. Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen and check out the latest military technology. 

"Fleet Week is about celebrating those who serve and recognizing the unyielding strength of our Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard team," Commander Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Rear Adm. Wesley McCall said in a statement. "As we come together to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice during their service, we are reminded of the diverse and inclusive fighting force that is currently serving to protect national security and preserve our way of life. Our service members are excited for the opportunity to engage with the community and create lasting connections with the people of New York during this time-honored tradition."

Nearly 2,3000 service members are expected to participate this year, taking in the sights of New York City while taking part in ship tours, band concerts and other events.

How to watch the NYC Fleet Week Parade of Ships

CBS New York's John Elliott was live  with the U.S. Coast Guard on the water  for the Parade of Ships, and Tony Sadiku was  joined by the U.S. Navy Band at Pier 88 . Chopper 2 also flew overhead for a birds-eye-view of the procession.

What time did the Parade of Ships start?

Fleet Week kicks off with the Parade of Ships on Wednesday, May 22. The exact timing isn't released ahead of time, but last year's procession started around 8:45 a.m. and ended around 11 a.m.

Eight military vessels sailed into New York Harbor and then up the Hudson River. The voyage traveled past the Statue of Liberty and Battery Park in Lower Manhattan, then past Hudson River Park on the West Side, cruising by the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum at Pier 86, before wrapping up just below the George Washington Bridge. 

List of ships participating in NYC Fleet Week

  • USS Bataan from Norfolk, Virginia:  The USS Bataan (LHD 5), known as the "Big 5," is named in honor of the American and Filipino troops who fought on the Bataan Peninsula during World War II. The amphibious assault ship was commissioned on Sept. 20, 1997 and made its maiden voyage two years later in the Mediterranean.
  • FGS Baden-Württemberg from Germany: These ships from our NATO allies will be on tour for one day only Saturday morning at Pier 90 North. 
  • FGS Frankfurt am Main from Germany
  • 4 U.S. Naval Academy YPs from Annapolis, Maryland: These four ships help train midshipmen from the Naval Academy for service on the water. 
  • USCGC Sturgeon Bay from Bayonne, New Jersey: The USCGC Sturgeon Bay (WTGB 109) hails from Bayonne, New Jersey, where it helps vessels navigate the icy waters of the Hudson River . It also assists with search and rescue missions in ice-covered areas throughout New England.
  • USS Marinette from Mayport, Florida: The USS Marinette (LCS 25) was built in Marinette, Wisconsin and named after the city. It was  commissioned by the Navy just last fall.
  • USCGC Calhoun from Charleston, South Carolina: The USCGC Calhoun (WMSL 759), the Coast Guard's newest cutter ship , is described as the "largest and most technologically advanced ship in the Coast Guard."
  • USCGC Katherine Walker from Bayonne, New Jersey: The USCGC Katherine Walker (WLM-552) also helps with ice breaking missions in the area, specifically covering the Long Island Sound .

See the full schedule of ship tours, free concerts and other events here.

  • United States Coast Guard
  • Hudson River
  • United States Navy

Renee Anderson is a digital producer at CBS New York, where she covers breaking news and other local stories. Before joining the team in 2016, Renee worked at WMUR-TV.

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Summer Concert Series

  • Location Green Valley Park
  • 1000 W Country Club Dr
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  • 928-472-5110
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A 10% deposit is required to secure a GPS guided tour. A security bond of $3,750 is pre-authorised on your credit card pending the return of the bike undamaged. All riders of our motorcycles must be 25 years or over and have at least two years of regular motorcycling experience on a similar size of motorcycle to the one they hire. If flying in long haul, they must have 1 night's sleep in New Zealand before getting the keys to a motorcycle.


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Your selected BMW Bike will be delivered to your Hotel or Motel in Christchurch. After 16 days of riding in New Zealand we are sure you won't want to return it. We are committed to reducing and negating our effect on the environment. We are proud to be certified Carbon Positive. After a complex set of calculations by an independent third party we were assessed as creating 55.55 tonnes of carbon emissions and have had planted 160 native trees that will offset our emissions 125% or 66 tonnes. The trees are planted in Atiu Creek Regional Park, north of Auckland.

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The content on this page was created by Paradise Motorcycle Tours - South 14 Riding Days BMW Motorcycle Self-Guided Tour

This website helps visitors connect with providers of great New Zealand tourism experiences. It is not intended to give any assurance that any particular provider meets certain quality standards or legal obligations. Please contact this business for more information. See also: newzealand.com terms of use (opens in new window) .

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These Are Mexico’s First Michelin-Starred Restaurants, 2024

By Sam Stone

Image may contain City Flag Downtown Urban Car Transportation Vehicle Person and Bus

On May 14, Michelin brought its lauded restaurant guide to Mexico for the first time. At a ceremony in Mexico City, restaurants in Baja California, Quintana Roo, Mexico City, Oaxaca, Los Cabos, and Nuevo Léon received their first stars. In the inaugural guide, 16 restaurants received one star and two restaurants received two. No restaurants received the maximum three stars.

Among this year’s winners was Pujol, the famed Mexico City spot. The restaurant, which serves a tasting menu of reimagined takes on traditional Mexican dishes, took home two stars. Though Enrique Olvera owns several well-respected restaurants, including New York’s Cosme and Atla, this was the chef’s first win. Jorge Vallejo’s Quintonil in Mexico City, a fine dining classic that serves clever dishes made with ingredients native to Mexico, also nabbed two stars.

Mexico is the latest in a spate of expansions the guide has made since 2022 to countries including Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates. Though Michelin has sprinted to extend its coverage to new areas, Mexico had, until now, been passed over despite emerging as a culinary leader on the world stage .

In a recent interview with Bon Appétit, the guide’s international director, Gwendal Poullennec, explained that it can take years of research and scouting trips for the organization to introduce a new Michelin guide. “Today, I have inspectors scouting about 20 destinations where we do not yet have a restaurant selection, but that we are considering for future years,” says Poullennec. “It’s always a several-year process because we must see the openings and the consistency.”

As it expands, Michelin has forged relationships with what it calls Destination Marketing Organizations—local tourism boards that contribute large sums of money to fund the guide coming to their regions. In Mexico, Michelin partnered with Canirac, a national restaurant association—at the time of publication, representatives from Michelin did not respond to questions about how much money Michelin might have received to support its coverage in Mexico. In the interview with Bon Appétit, Poullennec responded to criticism surrounding these partnerships, saying that the money provided by tourism boards helps to offset the costs of producing the guide but does not affect outcomes: “We’ve partnered with Destination Marketing Organizations, but they have absolutely no information about the [restaurant] selection until it’s released to the press.”

In addition to Mexico’s first starred restaurants, Michelin also added 42 restaurants to its Bib Gourmand list, a category dedicated to comparatively inexpensive restaurants. Several chefs took home special awards as well. Marcelo Hisaki and Reyna Venegas of Restaurante Amores in Tecate, which serves French-influenced Mexican food, received the service award. Lauren Plascencia won the sommelier award for her work at the French-inflected Animálon in Valle de Guadalupe. Michelin also awarded six green stars , which recognize sustainable and ethical restaurant practices.

Find the full list of Michelin-starred restaurants below.

Entries are organized alphabetically.

Two-Starred Restaurants

  • Pujol, Mexico City
  • Quintonil, Mexico City

One-Starred Restaurants

  • Animalón, Baja California
  • Cocina de Autor Los Cabos, Baja California Sur
  • Cocina de Autor Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo
  • Conchas de Piedra, Baja California
  • Damiana, Baja California
  • Em, Mexico City
  • Esquina Común, Mexico City
  • HA’, Quintana Roo
  • KOLI Cocina de Origen, Nuevo León
  • Le Chique, Quintana Roo
  • Levadura de Olla Restaurante, Oaxaca
  • Los Danzantes Oaxaca, Oaxaca
  • Pangea, Nuevo León
  • Rosetta, Mexico City
  • Sud 777, Mexico City
  • Taquería El Califa de León, Mexico City

Green Stars

  • Acre, Arturo Rivero
  • Conchas de Piedra, Drew Deckman
  • Deckman’s en el Mogor, Drew Deckman
  • Flora’s Field Kitchen, Guillermo Tellez and Patrick and Gloria Greene
  • Los Danzantes Oaxaca, Chazz Titus
  • Lunario, Sheyla Alvarado

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These are the semifinalists for the 2024 James Beard Chef and Restaurant awards.

Where to find the best donuts in Portland, OR .

How to send back a dish at a restaurant , according to etiquette experts.

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All Star Piece locations in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Where to find all 100 Star Pieces

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Share All sharing options for: All Star Piece locations in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Mario lifts up a Star Piece behind a blue thief in a dark building in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Star Pieces are a huge aspect of the Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door remake on Nintendo Switch. There are a ton of these collectables, and you can trade them in for badges.

There are total of 100 Star Pieces to find in The Thousand-Year Door , and while some are just hanging out in plain sight, you’ll need specific abilities to find some of them. There are also tons of Star Pieces hidden by decorative flourishes, like bushes and barrels, so you’ll want to investigate the game thoroughly as you make your way through.

Below, we explain where to use Star Pieces and where to find all Star Pieces in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door .

What to use Star Pieces for in Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door

Star Pieces are collectables that you trade to Dazzle , a little guy hanging out in Rogueport’s sewers, in exchange for badges.

Mario stands in front of a blue jester named Dazzle in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

His shop will open once you revisit the sewers after your initial visit. To find him, drop down to the sewers from the entrance in front of the professor’s house and then go left. Before this, he’ll be behind a fence that you won’t be able to access, so you’ll only be able to stare at him longingly.

He has some of the most powerful badges in the game, making it worthwhile to collect these little diamonds hidden around the map. However, there are a few badges that you will find on your own, so it’s not like you have to buy all these badges from Dazzle. The badges he sells are as follows:

Dazzle shop inventory in Paper Mario: TTYD

Where to find star pieces in paper mario: thousand year door.

In our guide, we’ve listed all the Star Pieces in order you can obtain them. While you can see some of these early on, you may need specific power ups and abilities to grab these. You’ll need to revisit the first few areas in order to get every Star Piece, but later areas can be completed in a single visit, thankfully.

You can also check each area on the map to see what percentage of Star Pieces you’ve found in the area.

If you’re stuck, Merluvlee, who lives in the house next to Dazzle in the Rogueport sewers, will give you hints about where to find any remaining Star Pieces on the map, though you can also refer to our list below. Here are all 100 Star Pieces in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door .

All Star Piece locations in Paper Mario: TTYD

For more Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door guides, see how to get Ms. Mowz , learn all Thwomp quiz answers , and check out Great Boggly Tree walkthrough . You can also see where to find all Shine Sprites .

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  24. Paradise Motorcycle Tours

    A 10% deposit is required to secure a GPS guided tour. A security bond of $3,750 is pre-authorised on your credit card pending the return of the bike undamaged. All riders of our motorcycles must be 25 years or over and have at least two years of regular motorcycling experience on a similar size of motorcycle to the one they hire.

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