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Grand tour of Europe

For the senior couple or mature solo traveler seeking a small group educational tour focussed on exploring and learning with like minded people in Europe .

From $31,244 USD

Departing May, Aug, Apr

Mont-Saint-Michel at sunset, France

  • 1. Explore Italy's and Spain's beautiful mediterranean coastline
  • 2. Walk around the historic city of Lisbon
  • 3. Learn about the importance of trade in Brugge
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Small Group Grand tour of leading European countries.

Are you looking for the next big adventure? Now Odyssey offers you “the trip of a lifetime” with a tour through twelve very different European countries. This is your chance to many of those countries you dreamed about during two long years of lockdown. It is a tour for seniors with stamina and the desire to discover the enormous variety of landscape, culture and history that Europe has to offer. Although it’s a long tour, we take it at a leisurely pace, with multiple day stops and plenty of time to sit back and enjoy a coffee (or a glass of wine) while watching the locals go about their everyday business.

This 75 day small group tour has been specially designed for active senior couples or mature solo travellers wishing to explore and learn about the history and culture of Europe. This is an educational tour for those who are interested in more than a surface view of the countries we pass through. Obviously it will not be possible to explore each region in depth, but we hope to provide a basic understanding of each country’s history and changing significance in Europe over the past five hundred years.The tours are limited to a departure in May or August each year, with 14 likeminded travellers, your tour director and a number of local guides.

The tour starts in Berlin

This Grand European tour starts in Berlin and heads down through Central Europe towards Eastern Europe. Travellers can expect to enjoy multiple night stays in the old towns of Vienna , Budapest , Prague and Dubrovnik , as well as a number of less well known cities. Our escorted tour explores the historic Dalmatian coast, before crossing, by ferry, from Dubrovnik to Bari in southern Italy. From Naples we head north again visiting cities such as Genoa , Barcelona , Seville and Lisbon . Rather than being the European grand tour of old that took the aristocratic tourist of the 18th century and 19th century to ancient Rome , the Sistine chapel or Venice and the grand canal, this guided tour takes the group away from some of the regular tourist paths, to the places that may be less well known, but are equally inspiring and historically significant.

This grand small group tour of Europe from Odyssey Traveller is not for the faint hearted or easily wearied, you need to be travel fit, as it provides travellers with some 30 destinations to explore, over the course of 75 days in some 12 countries. As part of this educational small group tour package we travel though and explore:

  • Czech Republic
  • The Netherlands

as the tour winds its way by comfortable coach from Central to Eastern Europe and Western Europe.

There is a detailed itinerary but one that allows for flexibility, and multiple nights in most of the cities we visit. We have time for the occasional walking tour, a visit to a theatre, and a leisurely meal as we explore, along with much else, the historic trading routes from ancient Rome that linked Europe to the Middle East. We learn about the disagreements between rulers and popes, attacks and invasions, the rise and fall of empires and about the development of the art and culture that shaped much of what we admire today. This is a travel experience that focuses on learning experiences supported by an experienced programme leader and knowledgeable local guides.

This Grand Tour of Europe, for any traveller, whether with a companion or as a solo traveller, is structured particularly for senior travellers joining from North America, Australia and New Zealand. If you’re not quite ready for a 56 day tour, the Grand Tour can be broken into three segments of approximately one month each. Odyssey also offers some 30 shorter European escorted small group tours with departures most months during the key travel season across Europe.

Brandenburg Gate

Day 1: Berlin

Accommodation: TBA

Our Grand Tour begins in Berlin, once capital of the Kingdom of Prussia. After unification of the German states in 1871, Berlin became the capital city and remained so until the end of WWII. Divided internally, and from the west of the country, during the communist rule after 1945, Berlin was reunited after the fall of the communist regime, becoming the capital city once again in 1991. Situated on the North German Plain, in the valley of the River Spree, some 180 kilometres south of the Baltic Sea, Berlin is an ancient city. Traditionally it was said that Berlin was founded sometime around the beginning of the 13 th century, although recent archaeological excavations put the date even further back in time.

During our time in Berlin we’ll have time to explore the city and learn something about its tumultuous past.

This afternoon we meet in your Berlin hotel for a briefing on the tour and an introduction to your programme leader and fellow travellers.

This will be followed by a welcome dinner in a local restaurant.

Day 2: Berlin

This morning we begin with a guided tour of the city by coach and on foot. This tour will introduce you to the city’s main attractions including the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag Building, Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial, Berlin Cathedral and Museum Island.

Our tour will end at Museum Island and you will have free time to explore one or more of its many museums at your leisure.

This evening you will be free to visit a local theatre or linger over dinner of your own choosing.

Day 3: Berlin

This morning we leave Berlin temporarily and take the train to Hamburg. Here we have a guided tour of the old city in the morning, including a cruise along the River Elbe. In the afternoon there will be time to explore before returning to Berlin.

Day 4: Berlin

Today you have a day free to pursue your own interests. You might like to return to Museum Island, visit theMuseum of German History, take a tour of the rococo Charlottenburg Palace or visit historic Potsdam.

In the evening we meet to visit one of the Berlin theatres or concert halls. The performance of classical music/ballet/or opera will depend on availability.

Day 5: Dresden

We leave Berlin this morning after breakfast and travel via Wittenberg and Leipzig to Dresden where we spend one night.

Wittenberg is particularly important in European history because it is here that Martin Luther pinned his “Ninety Five Theses” to the door of the Castle Church and ignited the Protestant Reformation. We’ll visit this church and the home where Luther lived with his wife and six children. Artist Lucas Cranach the Elder also lived and worked in Wittenberg and his painting of the Ten Commandments can be seen in the refectory of Luther’s house.

In Leipzig we’ll take a guided tour of the old city including a visit the St Thomas Church where Johan Sebastian Bach was choir master between 1723 and 1750. Bach’s remains are interred within the church. Leipzig’s Rathaus (City Hall) was built is 1556 and is considered one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Germany.

In the late afternoon we’ll continue to Dresden where we spend just one night.

Day 6: Prague

This morning we take a guided walking tour of Dresden, known particularly for the devastating firebombing in the final months of WWII which killed 25,000 people and destroyed much of the city. Fortunately much of the city’s past architectural and cultural glory has been restored, most of it since 1990 and German reunification.

We visit one of the most recent restorations, the Frauenkirche, completed in 2005. Originally built from 1726 to 1743, the Protestant Church of Our Lady, in the city’s Old Town, was totally destroyed by Allied bombs in 1945. Sixty years later, through government, corporate and private donations, the church was restored, stone by stone being replaced in its original position.

After lunch we take a cruise along the River Elbe to Pilnitz Castle where our coach will meet us and we continue to Prague where we spend the next four nights. Our cruise shows us Dresden from a different perspective as we pass three famous castles and under four memorable bridges.

Day 7: Prague

This morning we have a guided tour of Prague, a bustling modern city with a medieval past. Founded sometime around 870AD, Prague has withstood numerous invasions, fires and floods. Today it is full of tourists, all eager to explore its many charms. Our tour will include a stroll which takes us around the old town square and across the Charles Bridge. We visit the castle and the St Vitus Cathedral where we can admire the magnificent art nouveau stained glass windows.

In the afternoon, we take a guided tour of Municipal House, Prague’s extraordinary Art-Nouveau cultural centre.

Municipal House stands on the site of the Royal Court, seat of Bohemia’s kings from 1383 to 1483, when the Vladislav II the court moved to Prague Castle. Buildings on the site were demolished between 1906 and 1912 and this magnificent art-nouveau edifice constructed. It was a joint effort by around 30 leading artists of the day, creating a cultural centre that was the architectural climax of the Czech National Revival.

Day 8: Prague

After breakfast this morning we take a day trip to Cesky Krumlov, a medieval city originally built in the 13 th century on both sides of the River Vltava (Moldau) in South Bohemia.

The historic centre of the town is an outstanding example of a small Central European medieval town whose architectural heritage has remained intact thanks to its peaceful evolution over a number of centuries. Founded in the Middle Ages, the town has undergone a number of Renaissance and Baroque transformations, while retaining the street layout of a typical planned Medieval town. On our tour today we’ll visit the old town, the castle and the baroque theatre.

In the afternoon we return to Prague.

Day 9: Prague

Today is at your leisure.

This evening Odyssey will have booked concert tickets.

Day 10: Vienna

We make our way slowly towards Vienna after breakfast this morning. Our first stop will be in Telc where we have time to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site, before continuing to Mikulov and finally Vienna.

Telc is one of the most beautiful towns in the Czech Republic. The historic centre of town, surrounded by three artificial ponds, was added to the UNESCO list of cultural heritage in 1992, thanks mainly to the chateau and the beautifully preserved town square.

The appearance of the town square is a result of a catastrophic fire in 1530 which destroyed much of the town, When Lord Zacharias of Hradec chose Telc as his seat of government shortly afterwards, he set about turning the stone castle into a residential chateau, and rebuilt most of the town centre to a uniform plan. The main square is completely encircled by arcade-fronted townhouses sill of a similar size and proportion but with fascinating and intricate surface decorations unique to each building. Though it’s a colourful place, ringed with cafes and restaurants, the Telc square has essentially kept the same appearance for centuries and is one of the best examples of Renaissance architecture north of the Alps.

Mikulov is another beautiful old town boasting well preserved historic architecture. The highlight of the town is probably Mikulov Chateau, sitting on a hill and dominating the landscape. The town also has a pretty square with an unusual medieval house decorated with scenes from antiquity and from the Bible.

Late this afternoon we arrive in Vienna.

Day 11: Vienna

Our guided tour this morning introduces us to the main highlights of this large city. We take a walking tour through the old city including a visit to St Stephan’s Cathedral and the City Hall (or Rathaus). During our tour (or at the end) we’ll stop for coffee and cake in one of Vienna’s famous cafes.

Three hundred years ago in Vienna there were cafés for everyone: artists, intellectuals, the respectable bourgeoisie and the not-so-respectable. People gathered in cafés to chat, eat, read, work, play, gamble and discuss. The café provided a place where the rigid social hierarchies of the day could be relaxed a little. Even today, cafes are still a big part of Viennese culture.

This afternoon we visit the Kunthistorisches Museum of Art. We have a guided tour of the main exhibits and then free time to explore.

Day 12: Vienna

Today we take a day tour out of Vienna to explore World Heritage listed Wachau, part of the Danube Valley.

We travel through the Vienna Woods area to Melk where we stop to explore the town and visit the baroque monastery. From Melk we continue along the river through picturesque Spitz and Durnstein. There will even be time to have lunch and visit one of the local wineries.

In the late afternoon we return to Vienna.

Day 13: Vienna

This morning visit Schonbrunn Palace.

Schönbrunn Palace is one of Europe’s most beautiful Baroque complexes and has been in the possession of the Habsburgs since 1569. The wife of Emperor Ferdinand II, Eleonore von Gonzaga, had a pleasure palace built on the site in 1642 and called the property “Schönbrunn” for the first time. The palace and garden complex created from 1696 onwards following the siege of Vienna was complete redesigned under Maria Theresa after 1743. Today, due to its historical significance, its unique layout and magnificent furnishings, the palace is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The afternoon will be free to explore, visit another museum, take a stroll through the old city or simple relax.

This evening, we attend a oncert at one of Vienna’s many excellent music venues.

Day 14: Budapest

We travel to Budapest via Bratislava, the capitol of Slovakia. In Bratislava’s we take a guided city tour, visiting the castle and the Old Town Hall.

After lunch we continue to Budapest.

Day 15: Budapest

Today’s guided tour of Budapest by coach and on food gives us an introduction to the city highlights in both Buda, and across the river in Pest. Our tour will include a visit to the splendid Parliament House, St Stephen’s Basilica and the Fisherman’s Bastion.

This afternoon, the group has a walking tour of the old city.

Day 16: Budapest

Today is free day to explore. You might like to sample one of the famous Budapest Baths, or visit one of the numerous Art Museums.

Day 17: Keszthely region on Lake Balaton.

Today we take leisurely drive along the shores of Lake Balaton, stopping to explore a number of the picturesque towns along the way to our overnight stop in (or near) Keszthely. We’ll explore a number of small towns such as Tihany, Szigliget and Tapolca before we arrive in Keszthely where we visit the Festetics Castle. The castle was built by Gyorgy Festetics in 1745 and is one of the largest and most beautifully restored buildings in Hungary.

Day 18: Ljubljana

We leave Keszthely this morning and head into Slovenia. Our first stop will be in Maribor where we’ll take a stroll through the old town and have time for coffee.

On arriving in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, we’ll take a lunch break before a guided tour of the old city.

Day 19: Ljubljana

Today we visit beautiful Lake Bled. At Lake Bled we visit the castle, take a pletna (boat) across to the church on Bled Island in the lake, and have the chance to take a 6 kilometre stroll around the lake on an easy walking path. We may even have the opportunity to drop in to one of President Tito’s summer holiday homes for coffee and one of the regions famous cream cakes.

In the afternoon we return to Ljubljana.

Day 20: Plitvica Lakes area

Today we travel to the Plitvica Lakes area via a visit to the Postojna Caves before continuing to the the Croatian coast. On our way down the coast we visit the town of Senj and take a walk through the old city.

Day 21: Plitvica Lakes area

We have a whole day to explore the beautiful World Heritage listed Plitvica Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia’s largest national park covering almost 30,000 hectares, is situated in the lower elevations of the Dinarides in the central part of the country. Within a beautiful karst landscape dominated by a mix of forests and meadows, the magnificent Plitvice lake system stands out, fascinating scientists and visitors alike.

Day 22: Trogir

From Plitvica National Park we continue along the coast to the city of Zadar and then to Trogir where we spend the night.

Zadar is a historic destination on the Dalmatian coast that combines an abundance of Roman and medieval remains with innovative modern architectural projects. While the city prospered during the 17th and 18th centuries as part of a wealthy maritime republic, its many old churches and palaces have now been repurposed into unorthodox art galleries, lively bars and cheerful cafés.

Zadar’s central square is essentially an outdoor museum, where you can find historic buildings like the 11th-century Church of St Lawrence and the 16th-century Clock Tower. Located on the south side of the square, the City Loggia once housed the courthouse and council chambers, but now serves as an exhibition space for international photographers and contemporary Croatian artists.

At first glance, the Sea Organ installation looks like a series of steps leading into the ocean – it’s actually a huge musical instrument designed by Nikola Bašić. There are hollow tubes underneath the marble steps that make music when the waves pass through them, creating a harmonica effect. During sunny weather, locals like to sunbathe on the steps or splash about in the shallow waters.

Trogir was designated a World Heritage Site in 1997 and is home to a number of great historic sites including the Cathedral of St Lawrence. Although findings in the local area suggest that there must have been settlements at the site of Trogir in prehistoric times, the town’s history really starts with a Greek settlement in the 3rd century BC. Greeks from the island of Vis founded the settlement Tragurion, which then went on to become part of the Roman Empire which was expanding through Dalmatia at that time.

Trogir came under Hungarian and Croatian rule over the next few centuries, including the rule of Croatian-Hungarian King Bela IV in 1242. In 1420, again as with much of Dalmatia, it became part of the Venetian Empire, until the Empire’s fall in 1797. Trogir then became part of the Austrian Empire (with brief French occupation in the early years of the 19th century).

These many occupations have all left their marks on Trogir making it a fascination city to explore.

Day 23: Dubrovnik

We leave Trogir this morning and drive the short distance to Split where we have a guided tour of the city including the palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian.

Split is a vibrant port city known for its ancient centre, beautiful architecture, and exquisite cuisine. Diocletian’s Palace, probably the city’s main attraction, was built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian during the 4 th century AD. A well-preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site, the palace is home to notable attractions such as the Cathedral of Saint Domnius (offering magnificent views from its tower), Temple of Jupiter, Peristyle Square, and a statue of Marko Marulic – the founder of Croatian literature.

From Split we continue south along the coast to Dubrovnik.

Day 24: Dubrovnik

This morning we have a guided tour of the old city of Dubrovnik.

This afternoon you are free to spend more time exploring the old city. You might like to walk around the city walls or visit the the 15 th century Rector’s Palace. On the other hand you could take a long lunch in a restaurant with a view across the water or do some shopping in one of the many art and craft galleries.

Day 25: Montenegro

Accommodation: Overnight Ferry to Bari

This morning we take a trip to Kotor in neighbouring Montenegro.

Located on a beautiful bay on the coast of Montenegro, Kotor is a city steeped in tradition and history, with remarkable scenic views. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the old city was built between the 12th and 14th centuries and is filled with medieval architecture and historic monuments. Extending over four kilometres, the city walls that have protected Kotor for centuries lead up to the fortress of Saint Ivan.

When it comes to the history, Kotor has been an important town since the early Middle Ages because of its strategic location on a bay where ships can shelter.

Over the centuries, the town expanded and the buildings were influenced by the various empires that controlled it – Dalmatians, Bulgarians, Serbians, Hungarians. But it was under the Venetians that it took most of its current form.

Kotor was part of the Republic of Venice from 1420 to 1797. So it’s no great surprise that, when you walk through the Old Town of Kotor, most of the architecture is in the Venetian style.

After lunch we return to Dubrovnik and in the evening board the overnight ferry to Bari, Italy.

Day 26: Matera

After we land in Bari we rejoin our coach and drive to Alberobello to spend some time exploring this unusual town.

The town of Alberobello is among the most famous of the Apulia region’s attractions, because of its collection of trulli – whitewashed stone huts with conical roofs that have been around for centuries.

No one is exactly sure when the first trullo was erected, but it’s thought that some date back to the mid 14th century. There’s also a lot of discussion about why they were first built – some sources say they were originally used as storehouses and field shelters, others say they were permanent homes of small-time landowners or labourers. One of the most interesting theories is that they were an elaborate form of tax evasion – landowners didn’t want the authorities to know Alberobello existed because they’d have to pay taxes. When the authorities did investigate, the key stonework was removed and the locals hotfooted it to the country. The huts took six months to rebuild and this mad system continued for around 300 years until Alberobello was made an official village (now, it’s considered a small town). Today, the site houses 1,500 of these tiny fairytale-like huts, which house hotels, private residences, restaurants and bars.

From Alberobello we continue to Matera where we spend the night. Matera, once considered Italy’s “shame”, is now a European city of culture and UNESCO World Heritage site.

The caves of Matera had been inhabited for centuries; some humble and some smarter residences, but by the early twentieth-century the area was a by-word for poverty. Until the 1950s hundreds of families were still living crowded into cave-houses here. The squalor and malaria-ridden conditions became a national scandal and finally the cave residents were moved – by law – to modern buildings on the plateau above. By the 1980s the abandoned caves of Matera were no longer scandalous, but fascinating reminders of the past. A few rather more well-to-do residents moved back and renovated old cave houses. In 1993 the town was made a UNESCO World Heritage site, for being “the most outstanding, intact example of a troglodyte settlement in the Mediterranean region, perfectly adapted to its terrain and ecosystem”.

After lunch we have a guided tour of the city.

Day 27: Naples

We leave Matera this morning and continue to Naples via Pompei and Herculaneum.

When Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, it engulfed the two flourishing Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, as well as the many wealthy countryside villas in the area. Pompeii was buried largely by a thick layer of volcanic ash and lapilli and Herculaneum disappeared under pyroclastic surges and flows. These sites have been progressively excavated and made accessible to the public since the mid-18th century.

In the case of Herculaneum large areas of the ancient town still lie under the modern town and have only been explored and surveyed by the network of 18th-century tunnels that drew the attention of Grand Tour visitors, the basis still today for visiting the Herculaneum’s underground ancient theatre.

Pompeii, with its well-preserved buildings in an excavated area of 44 ha, is the only archaeological site in the world that provides a complete picture of an ancient Roman city. The main forum is flanked by a number of imposing public buildings, such as the Capitolium, the Basilica and temples and within the city there are also many public bath complexes, two theatres and an amphitheatre.

From Herculaneum we continue to Naples.

Day 28: Naples

We begin this morning with a guided tour of Naples.

Naples has a long and interesting history. Founded by Greek colonists, the city was conquered by the Romans in 326 BC. From then until the unification of Italy the city was ruled by a number of different groups including the Byzantines, the Normans, the German Emperor and the Spanish royal family. During this time its fortunes waxed and waned leaving behind a rich legacy or art and architecture.

In the afternoon we visit the Archaeological Museum.

Day 29: Naples

We spend a second full day in Naples exploring the city, its streets, museums, arcades, castles and churches. We are on the trail of Caravaggio today as part of the walking program of this city.

Day 30: Naples

Our full day excursion is to Sorrento and Capri

Day 31: Naples

Today is at your leisure

Day 32: Orvieto

Leaving Naples this morning we take the coast road to Civitaveccia and then head inland to Orvieto where we spend the next four nights.

Orvieto, perched dramatically on a tufa rock, displays its long past better than almost any other city in Italy. Here we can go underground into the tunnels that honeycomb the rock on which the city sits. These tunnels are at least two and a half thousand years old and, along with the tombs outside the old city, tell us much about the Etruscans who built them. Orvieto has a medieval cathedral, a Renaissance well and a 19 th century theatre, along with modern shops and great restaurants. While in Orvieto we visit the neighbouring town of Todi. We’ll also have time to wander through the twisting streets, and walk along the medieval walls with fabulous views down into the valley below.

Day 33: Orvieto

We begin with a guided tour of the city including the beautiful cathedral, the theatre, and St Patrick’s Well.

In the afternoon we take a tour of the Etruscan tunnels underneath the city and visit the Etruscan cemetery.

Day 34: Orvieto

Today we visit Todi, another spectacular hilltop town. Perched on tall two-crested hill overlooking the east bank of the River Tiber, it commands spectacular views in every direction.

Todi has one of central Italy’s most photographic piazzas, the Piazza del Popolo which is enclosed by the 13 th century Palazzo del Capitano and Palazzo dei Priori. Surveying it from one end is the rose window of Todi’s Romanesque- Gothic Cathedral. Below the square are vast Roman cisterns, built in the 1 st century BC, and over 80 metres long. The cisterns were part of a rainwater storage and drainage system that carried water from the Forum to the valley below.

There is much to see in Todi and we’ll have the day there to explore the city, before returning to Orvieto.

Day 35: Genoa

Genoa is a large modern city with a long history. The city’s architecture speaks of its former glory as the “Most Serene Republic of Genoa” which ruled much of the Mediterranean in the 12 th and 13 th centuries. Genoa has more than 100 palazzi, all attesting to the wealth of the city’s ruling class in the 16 th and 17 th centuries when this was one of Europe’s most successful trading nations, and many of these are open to the public. There is also a busy modern port, which has been recently transformed by local architect Renzo Piano. The museums are crowded with art, but not with other tourists, and the city is a maze of medieval streets just waiting to be explored.

This morning we head towards Genoa, stopping at the small medieval town of San Gimignano along the way. San Gimignano is a walled village which has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since1990. The town is famous for its fascinating medieval architecture and the towers that rise above all the other buildings. At the height of its glory, San Gimignano’s noble families built around 72 tower-houses as symbols of their wealth and power. Although only 14 of the towers remain, San Gimignano still retains much of its medieval appearance.

We will take a guided tour of the town and have time for lunch before continuing to Genoa.

Day 36: Genoa

This morning we take a guided tour of the city’s medieval centre, including a visit to the 12 th century cathedral Di San Lorenzo.

This afternoon we visit the Palazzo Rosso and/or Palazzo Bianco.

Day 37: Genoa

Today we concentrate on Genoa’s Porto Antico. We have a guided tour of Genoa’s rejuvenated old port which has been transformed by architect Renzo Piano. He designed the new aquarium, a Biosphere with a botanical garden, and the “Bigo” Crane. The Galata Maritime Museum, the largest and most innovative maritime museum in the Mediterranean, lies close to the aquarium, and as no visit to Genoa would be complete without a visit to the Maritime Museum, we will spend the rest of the morning there.

This afternoon we take a cruise upon the harbour, possibly as far as Portofino, for great views of the city.

Day 38: Genoa

This morning we have a guided tasting tour of the old city to explore different aspects of the city’s culinary delights.

This afternoon you have free. You might like to visit some of the other Heritage listed palazzi in the city such as the Palazzo Ducale or the Palazzo Reale. The Palazzo Ducale, right in the heart of the old town, was yet residence of a number of the doges who ruled the city from 1384 to 1515. The Palazzo Reale, built by the Balbi family in the early 17 th century, has a grand ballroom, stucco ceilings and some wonderful works of art, including Van Dyck’s “Crucifixion”.

Day 39: Arles

This morning we leave Genoa and Italy, making our way into France. We follow the coast road as far as Nice and then continue to Arles via Aix-en-Provence.

On our way we take time to stop and admire the scenery and spend some time exploring Nice.

Arles offers distinctive Provençal character along with a wealth of cultural attractions. This charming small town is steeped in history dating back to its origins as a Greek settlement. Arles then became one of the most important cities of the Roman colony called “Gaul,” founded by Julius Caesar in 46 BC. Arles boasts wonderfully preserved ruins, including the ancient Arena, Roman Theatre, the Forum, and the Baths of Constantine. These archaeological sites make Arles one of the best places to explore the region’s Roman heritage.

Day 40: Arles

This morning we take a guided tour of Arles concentrating on its many fine Roman sites. The UNESCO listed Roman Amphitheater (Arènes d’Arles), dating back to the 1st century AD, is the largest and best preserved ancient monument in Arles. With a length of 136 meters and a width of 107 meters, the arena was one of the largest in Gaul and could accommodate 21,000 spectators.

This afternoon we have a guide who takes time to show you the centre of Arles and its history post Roman. Possibly including a visit to the Museum of Antiquities and stories about Van Gogh.

Day 41: Arles

This morning we drive to Avignon to explore a little of the city and visit the Palace of the Popes, as well as the famous Pont d’Avignon.

In the 14th century Avignon was the most important city in Europe: It was the seat of the Catholic church, represented in spectacular style by the Palais des Papes, the largest gothic building in the world.

We return to Arles via the Pont du Gard, built in the 1 st century AD, it is one of the best preserved of the Roman aqueduct bridges . The bridge, which spans the river Gardon, is 48metres high and is the largest section of a 50 kilometre aqueduct built by the Romans to carry water from the Uzes valley to the city of Nimes.

Day 42: Arles

A day in the Camargue

Enclosed by the Petit Rhône and Grand Rhône rivers, most of the Camargue wetlands fall within the 850-sq-km Parc Naturel Régional de Camargue, established in 1970 to preserve the area’s fragile ecosystem, while sustaining local agriculture. It’s a stunning and precious environment in which age-old farming practices coexist with one of Europe’s greatest havens for birdlife.

Covering more than 900 square kilometres to the south of Arles it is a large, flat area of marshes, fields, salt-flats and lakes, and the largest river delta in Europe.

The Camargue Regional Natural Park is also home to an astonishing range of wildlife, including semi-wild bulls, the renowned Camargue Horses, and many hundreds of species of birds. Other wildlife includes wild boars, badgers, flamingos, tree frogs and water snakes.

Day 43: Narbonne

After leaving Arles we head south through Montpellier to Narbonne where we spend just one night.

We take time in Montpellier to explore the medieval city streets, drink some coffee and visit the Musee Fabre (considered to be one of the finest Fine Arts museums in Europe).

From Montpellier we continue to Narbonne where we visit Les Halles, the stunning steel and glass covered market built at the beginning of the 20 th century, one of the most beautiful markets in France.

Narbonne’s historical quarter, a short walk away from the market, is lined with lively cafes and boutiques, and centres on an excavated strip of Via Domitia, the antique Roman route that connected Rome to the Spanish peninsula. Little else remains standing of Narbonne’s Roman past, but (time permitting) we’ll be able to explore the Horreum, underground galleries that probably served as a food warehouse in the 1st century B.C. Well-lit and preserved, they bring to life the habits of the inhabitants of Narbo Martius, the ancient Narbonne.

Day 44: Barcelona

This morning we continue south into Spain, and stop at Figueres and Girona on our way to Barcelona.

The historic centre of Figueres is bounded by remains of its old wall, put up in the Middle Ages to defend the town. Beautiful corners from the medieval period are preserved, like the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, remodelled in Neoclassical style and where the council building stands, or the area around Carrer Magre, where there old Jewish quarter was located.

Without doubt, however, one of the historical milestones that has left the greatest mark on the character of the town was the birth of Salvador Dalí. The Dalí Theatre-Museum, situated in the old municipal theatre, has become one of the main cultural places to see in the city. Designed by the artist himself, it holds an important exhibition, which, through numerous works, allows you to take a trip through the career of the main considered a master of Surrealism. The site was extended with the Torre Galatea, where the artistic genius died.

We visit the Dali museum before continuing after lunch to Girona. The Roman town of Gerunda lay on the Via Augusta from Gades (now Cádiz) to the Pyrenees. Taken from the Muslims by the Franks in the late 8th century, Girona became the capital of one of Catalonia’s most important counties, falling under the sway of Barcelona in the late 9th century. Girona’s wealth in medieval times produced many fine Romanesque and Gothic buildings that have survived repeated attacks, while a Jewish community flourished here until its expulsion in 1492.

Day 45: Barcelona

This morning we visit Gaudi’s magnificent Sagrada Familia.

Construction began on the Sagrada Família in 1882, but remarkably the architect Antoni Gaudí did not become involved with the project until 1883 and was appointed director in 1884. Gaudí was aware that he would not be alive to oversee the full construction of the building but left detailed designs to guide its completion. In fact only a quarter of the construction had been completed in 1926 when Gaudi died unexpectedly. The building of the church is still not complete today, and it is estimated that the current construction represents only 70% of the final design. Despite this, the edifice was consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010 and declared a minor basilica.

This afternoon we visit Park Guell, another Gaudi masterpiece. Located right on the edge of Barcelona Park Guell is a beautiful park full of bright colours, interesting architecture, lush greenery, and more!

The park is named after Eusebi Güell, a rich entrepreneur, who commissioned Gaudi to build a luxury residential complex. When the project was abandoned, Gaudí designed a park. Created between 1900 and 1914, Park Guell has been open to the public since 1923.

In 1984, it was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The park was made following the architectural style that made Gaudi famous: Catalan Modernism. Spread across 19 hectares, you will find rounded forms, undulating lines, and structures covered in rainbow-coloured mosaic and iron gates come together to create an extraordinary space.

Day 46: Barcelona

This morning we have a guided city tour of Barcelona including a tour of the stunning Palau de la Musica and a visit to the cathedral.

The afternoon with a guide we explore the old city and visit one of the art museums.

Day 47: Barcelona

Today you are free to explore. You might like to visit one of the Gaudi apartment buildings, another of the great art museums, linger over a long lunch or simply wander through the city admiring the amazing architecture.

Day 48: Valencia

This morning we leave Barcelona and arrive in Valencia in time for lunch. In the afternoon we take a city tour that includes a visit to the Plaza de la Reina, with its cathedral and Miguelete tower. The tower was built in 1381 and those willing to climb its 207 steps will have stunning views across the city. In the city centre we will also visit the Silk Exchange, a World Heritage Site, and one of Valencia’s most beautiful buildings.

Day 49: Granada

We leave Valencia after breakfast and continue to Granada. On our way to Granada we stop for lunch in the city of Murcia and take time to explore the city.

Although the region of Murcia has been inhabited for more than 2,000 years, the city was not founded until 831, when the Emir of Cordoba Abd ar-Rahman II commissioned a walled city on the banks of the river Segura, to be the provincial capital under the Caliphate. Today, many places in the city still evoke its Moorish past.

The old town is situated next to the river Segura, with historical streets which still bear the names of the Medieval guilds that used to work there. In Plaza Cardenal Belluga there are two architectural gems – the Episcopal Palace (18th century), with a rococo façade, and the Cathedral, begun in the late 14th century, and notable for its combination of architectural styles.

In the afternoon we continue to the city of Granada

Day 50: Granada

Today we spend exploring the city.

Granada has an unmistakably Moorish flavour, as it was the last city to be reconquered by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492. In the morning we visit the historic, World Heritage listed, Albaicin district including a visit to the Alhambra. This district was an important cultural centre for many centuries under both Islamic and Christian rulers.

The Alhambra is a beautiful complex of buildings and gardens. Its leafy tree-lined walkways provide pleasant shade and coolness, enhanced by the abundance of water that flows in its streams. It was the largest political and aristocratic centre of the Moslem West. The Palace premises comprise beautiful rectangular courtyards and numerous fountains, as well as the Nasrid buildings that served as living quarters for the monarchs and their servants.

In the afternoon we explore the city centre and visit the Cathedral.

Day 51: Seville

We leave Granada after breakfast and travel to Seville via Cordoba where we’ll have time for lunch and to explore the wonderful Mosque-Cathedral.

Founded by the Romans in the 2nd century BC near the pre-existing Tartesic Corduba, capital of Baetica, Cordoba acquired great importance during the period of Augustus. It became the capital of the emirate depending on Damascus in the 8th century. In 929, Abderraman III established it as the headquarters of the independent Caliphate. Cordoba’s period of greatest glory began in the 8th century after the Moorish conquest, when some 300 mosques and innumerable palaces and public buildings were built to rival the splendours of Constantinople, Damascus and Baghdad. In the 13th century, under Ferdinand III, Cordoba’s Great Mosque was turned into a cathedral and new defensive structures, particularly the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos and the Torre Foraleza de la Calahorra, were erected.

We continue to Seville in the afternoon.

Day 52: Seville

We begin the day with a guided tour of the city centre including a visit to the cathedral and the Real Alcazar.

The Real Alcazar de Sevilla is the Royal Palace of Seville. The name ‘ Alcazar ‘ means castle in Spanish and is derived from the Arabic word al-qasr (fortress or palace). The complex of palaces is in the Mudéjar style, which is a architectural style with many influences from Moorish and Christian culture. It is probably the oldest palace still in use in Europe; when King Felipe V visits Seville, this UNESCO listed palace is still his residence.

In the year 913, Abd-ar-Rahman III (the first caliph of Al-Andalus) gave the order for the construction of a castle on this site where a Roman fortress once stood. The castle was further expanded into a palace by King Al-Moetamid (the last king of the Abbadid dynasty) in the 11th century. In the 14th century, the Spanish recaptured the palace from the Moors, after which King Alfons X of Castile expanded the palace. In 1364, King Peter I of Castile (‘The Cruel’) ordered the construction of a new palace, the Alcázar, after which his successors continued to build the palace.

In the afternoon our local guide continues to guide the group through the city.

Day 53: Seville

Accommodation: Seville

Day 54: Lisbon

From Seville we continue our exploration of the Iberian Peninsula as we head to Lisbon, the capital of neighbouring Portugal.

We travel to Lisbon via the Parque Natural do Vale do Guardiana.

Created in 1995, this zone of hills, plains and deep valleys around Serpa and Mértola shelters the Rio Guadiana, one of Portugal’s largest and most important rivers. Among its rich flora and fauna are several rare or endangered species, including the black stork (sightings of the shy creatures are rare), lesser kestrel (most likely around Castro Verde and at Convento do São Francisco), Bonelli’s eagle, royal owl, grey kite, horned viper and Iberian toad. The park also has prehistoric remains.

Day 55: Lisbon

Lisbon is one of Europe’s most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities. Set over a series of hills near the mouth of the River Tagus, it’s a place inextricably linked with the sea. Intrepid navigators embarked from here in the 15th and 16th centuries to sail unknown waters and chart new lands, and the legacy of this golden Age of Discovery underpins much of the city’s culture and heritage.

This morning we take a guided tour of the city including a visit the the Castello of St George and a walk through the Alfama district. The Castle of St George is one of Lisbon’s most popular tourist destinations. Its impressive battlements, engaging museum, and fascinating archaeological site combine to make the castle a rewarding experience for all visitors.

While in the Alfama district we visit Lisbon’s fortified Romanesque cathedral — the Sé — which has undergone several design makeovers since the original structure was consecrated in 1150. A series of earthquakes culminating in the devastating 1755 tremor completely destroyed that which stood in the 12th century.

What you see today is a blend of architectural styles, the standout features being the twin castellated bell towers that embellish the downtown skyline — particularly evocative in the late afternoon when a setting sun burnishes the brickwork with a golden veneer.

This afternoon our guide shares stories in one of the museums of the importance of maps and trade for the Portuguese.

Day 56: Lisbon

After breakfast we visit the Belem district and the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos (the Monastery of St Jerome). The monastery was commissioned to commemorate Vasco da Gama’s discovery of a sea route to India in 1498. The UNESCO listed building was once populated by monks of the order of St Jerome, whose spiritual job for four centuries was to comfort sailors and pray for the king.

This afternoon is at your leisure.

Day 57: Sintra

Today we take an excursion to Sintra. Sintra is a charming Portuguese town situated within the cooling hills of the Serra de Sintra. Hidden among its majestic pine forest, you will discover whimsical palaces, extravagant villas and the ruins of a 10th-century Moorish castle.

One of the most important sites in Sintra-Vila is the Palacio Nacional de Sintra with its twin conical chimneys and lavish interior. It is a mix of styles with arabesque courtyards, barley-twist columns and 15 th /16 th century geometric tin glazed tiles that are among Portugal’s oldest. The palace is of Moorish origins but expanded under the Christian rulers in the 13 th to 16th centuries.

Day 58: Porto

This morning we leave Lisbon and travel north to Porto. We take a break in Coimbra to explore the city centre.

Rising scenically from the Rio Mondego, Coimbra is an animated city steeped in history. It was Portugal’s medieval capital for more than a century and it’s home to the country’s oldest and most prestigious university. Its steeply stacked historic centre dates to Moorish times and is wonderfully atmospheric, with its dark cobbled lanes and monumental cathedral.

This afternoon we continue to Porto where we spend the night.

Day 59: Leon

On our way to Leon we stop in the town of Braganca, close to the border between Portugal and Spain.

The name of the region of which Braganca is the capital, is easily the most remote part of mainland Portugal. Here, ancient stone houses still cluster in small villages that seem unaffected by the speed and complexities of modern life, rich traditional dishes still fill the bellies of hard-working farmers and the general feel is one of pleasing distance, both physical and other, from the busier, more cosmopolitan parts of the country. This is a beautiful, rugged but isolated region.

Bragança, the town, stands proudly on a plateau only a matter of a few kilometres away from the Spanish border. Known in Celtic times as Brigantia and and by the Romans as Juliobriga , its hilltop location has appealed to many a defending population. It was the royal seat of the Dukes of Bragança until the dissolution of the monarchy in 1910, indeed the royal consort of English King Charles II , Catherine of Bragança , hailed from here.

In the afternoon we continue to Leon.

Day 60: Leon

Leon, once the Roman Legio VII Gemina Pia Felix, preserves an interesting Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance legacy, the result of its splendour during the Middle Ages. The Plaza Mayor forms the centre of this city, crossed by the river Bernesga. Among this baroque collection of buildings stands the City Hall, popularly known as the “Balcony of the City”, since from its galleries the nobles observed the town’s activities taking place. Over the course of time, León became the capital of the kingdom in the Middle Ages, a historic enclave on the Pilgrim’s Road to Santiago de Compostela.

Our city tour this morning allows us to explore the city’s Roman past as well its Medieval splendour. Our tour will include a visit to what has been called one of the most significant sites in the whole of Europe, the Basilica de San Isidoro. Its thick walls jealously guard what is known as the “Sistine Chapel” of the Spanish Romenesque style. It is a series of frescoes from the 12 th century which decorate the underground crypt of the Royal Pantheon and which still preserve their original colour.

The afternoon will free to rest or continue to explore.

Day 61: Burgos

This morning we leave Leon for Bilbao, stopping at Burgos which was the capital of the unified kingdom of Castilla-Leon for five centuries, and boasts a masterpiece of Spanish Gothic architecture: the cathedral of Burgos.

The architectural masterpiece of Burgos is the cathedral, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Erected on top a Romanesque temple, the cathedral was built following a Norman French Gothic model. The filigree work in the spires of the towers and in the exterior of the High Constable Chapel, are some of the masterpieces found in this cathedral. Such beauty and incredible genius lead to a long list of exceptional works of art in its interior. These include the starry dome that covers the tombs of El Cid and Doña Jimena, the choir, the sarcophagi and the Golden Staircase, built by Spanish architect and sculptor Diego de Siloé, a prominent figure during the Spanish Renaissance.

In the afternoon we explore Burgos historic city centre.

Day 62: Bilboa

We continue to Bilbao where we take a coach tour through the city past much of its surprising modern architecture.

After lunch the group visits the Guggenheim Museum. It is one of the most surprising examples of 20th century architecture as Frank Gehry used 33,000 ultra-thin titanium plates to create its curious curves. Inside, it shares the world’s most important private collection of modern and contemporary art with New York and Venice.

Day 63: Bilboa

Bilbao is home to another of Spain’s most important art museums: the Museum of Fine Arts.The city’s commitment to creating a ground-breaking, imaginative image also includes the Euskalduna Conference Centre, Norman Foster’s metro stations, the Isozaki and Pelli towers, the Zubizuri bridge designed by Calatrava or new cultural centres such as La Alhóndiga by Philippe Starck, built over an old wine cellar.

On the other hand, it’s impossible to imagine Bilbao without its characteristic old town, with over 700 years of history. It’s a pleasure to stroll around the famous “Seven Streets” and discover iconic buildings such as the Cathedral or the elegant theatre inspired by the Paris Opera House, the Arriaga, and a mix of shops and cafes.

Day 64: Bordeaux

This morning we leave Spain and return to France.

On our way to Bordeaux we stop in the French Basque city of Bayonne, stretching along the banks of the Adour and Nive rivers. Bayonne, only a short distance from better known Biarritz, has been a strategic stronghold since medieval times and the old ramparts are still visible around the outskirts of the old town.

Bayonne’s is particularly memorable for its pretty half-timbered buildings and shady cobbled streets. We will have time for lunch and a visit the the Gothic cathedral. Construction for the cathedral began in the 13 th century though it was not completed until 1451. Above the north aisle are three lovely stained glass windows. There are also several beautifully restored frescoes.

This afternoon we continue to Bordeaux where we explore the old city centre. This evening we may be able to visit the Grand Theatre (an 18th-century architectural masterpiece by Victor Louis) depending on the availability of performances and tickets on the night we spend in Bordeaux.

Day 65: Tours

On our way to Tours this morning we stop for coffee in the village of Verteuil-sur-Charente situated on the banks of the river Charente. The village is dominated by the castle that stands above the picturesque river banks. There will be time for a stroll through the village before we continue our journey.

Our next stop will be in Poitiers where we explore the historic town centre before continuing to Tours. In the Middle Ages Poitiers really came into its own and there are several impressive buildings dating from this time. Most important is the church of Notre Dame la Grande, which was consecrated in the year 1086. With its ornately decorated facade, Notre Dame la Grande is one of the finest examples of western French Romanesque architecture. Poitiers also has a fine early gothic cathedral, built in the 12th century on the instigation of King Henry II of England and his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine. The cathedral has some beautiful medieval stained glass windows.

From Poitiers we continue to Tours where we spend the next three nights.

Day 66: Tours

Today we visit two of the Loire chateaux, probably Chenonceaux and Amboise.

In the afternoon we have a guided tour of the old city including the cathedral.

Day 67: Tours

Today is a day at your leisure.

Day 68: Rouen

On our way to Rouen we stop at Chartres Cathedral, one of the most beautiful in France.

The cathedral in Chartres, known as Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres (Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres), is widely thought to be the high point of French Gothic art and architecture. This remarkably well preserved cathedral, which survived both the French Revolution and World War II, was built between 1194 and 1250. From the Middle Ages the cathedral was an important place of pilgrimage, though travellers today are probably more attracted to the exquisite 13th century frescoes and stained-glass windows.

From Chartres we continue to Rouen, with time this afternoon to explore the city centre.

Day 69: Lille

We leave Rouen this morning on our way to Lille. We travel via Amiens with time to explore the old city and visit the UNESCO World Heritage listed cathedral.

The town of Amiens is best known for the impressive 13th century Amiens Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the largest gothic style cathedral in France.

The cathedral is still one of the tallest structures in the city with a spire climbing nearly 122 metres into the air. You can see the skeletal stone structure on the exterior of the church, where flying buttresses support the upper walls. The lace-like façade is made up of slender colonnettes and screen-like openings, heightening the contrast of light and shadow.

Within walking distance of the cathedral, the city gives way to a 65-kilometre network of canals coursing through reclaimed farmland with small houses. These floating gardens are the vegetable plots of the “hortillons”, market gardeners who have been working these lands since medieval times. We may even, time permitting, be able to take a barge tour through these floating gardens.

From Amiens we continue to Lille where we have time this afternoon to explore the historic centre with its restored baroque buildings and cobblestone streets.

Day 70: Lille

Today our guide shows us Lille and we explore its history. We fin ish early afternoon.

Day 71: Bruges

This morning we visit a number of sites associated with WWI before continuing to historic Bruges.

We begin in Ypres with a visit to the Flanders Fields Museum located on the impressive Cloth Hall. The recently renovated museum, highlights the story of the invasion, the trench war and the remembrance since the armistice, while focusing on personal stories. It is also possible to climb the bell-tower for impressive views across the former battle fields.

While in Ypres we visit the Menindee Gate before continuing to Passchendaele, a name which has become synonymous with senseless military violence. The dugout tunnel with communication and dressing post, headquarters, workplaces and dormitories, gives us an idea of how the soldiers had to live underground, like moles, because there was nothing left above ground. It’s impressive, as is the Museum with its collection of historical artefacts, images, movies and dioramas.

We arrive in Bruges this afternoon with time to wander around the historic centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. After dinner tonight you might like to take a stroll around the flood-lit city centre. It is also possible to take a guided night tour.

Day 72: Bruges

Our local guide shows up Bruges. Time is spent learning about this merchant city.

Today we explore Bruges; with a canal ride, wander the picturesque streets and parks, drink the famous beer, indulge in the fabulous chocolates, buy some lace, visit the churches and the old St John’s Hospital (built 1188) and enjoy the extraordinary art treasures accompanied by your guide

The Groeningemuseum, home the one of the best collections of art in Belgium, also goes by the name of the Bruges Museum of Fine Arts. With paintings dating back as far as the 14th century and right up to the present day, the Groeningemuseum has become known for its extensive collection of Flemish primitives, with many treasures by famous Belgian artists.

Although the Memlingmuseum may be relatively small, its attractions are big and include six true masterpieces, created by acclaimed German artist, Hans Memling (1430 – 1494). The Memling Museum itself is housed within the chapel of the 12th-century Hospital of St. John (St. Janshospitaal) and home to Memling’s famous St. Ursula Shrine, which is constructed with painted and guilded woodwork. Next door is the Apotheek, a 17th-century pharmacy which was once part of this medieval hospital.

The day is full of history.

Day 73: Amsterdam

Our first stop today will be in Breda where we have time for coffee and a stroll through the historic centre.

From Breda we continue to The Hague, administrative centre for The Netherlands. Here we visit the Mauritshuis which boasts works from the leading masters from 17th and 18th century Netherlands and Flanders. Examples are Girl with the Pearl Earring by Vermeer, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by Rembrandt, and The Goldfinch by Fabritius. You can also admire works by Rubens, Jan Steen and Frans Hals at the Mauritshuis. The exceptional collection and the building’s royal allure have earned it the nickname ‘the jewelry box’.

Day 74: Amsterdam

Today with a local guide the group explores on foot the history of Amsterdam.

This evening we have our farewell dinner in Amsterdam.

Day 75: Amsterdam

Tour concludes after Breakfast.

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  • Field trips as indicated.
  • Gratuities and necessary tips.
  • Services of an Odyssey program leader.
  • Detailed tour information booklet.

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  • Return international airfare and departure taxes.
  • Comprehensive international travel insurance.
  • Items of a personal nature such as telephone calls and laundry.
  • Meals not specified in the itinerary.

Participants must be able to carry their own luggage, climb and descend stairs, be in good health, mobile and able to participate in 3-5 hours of physical activity per day, the equivalent of walking / hiking up to 8 kilometers per day on uneven ground.

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tours for over 50s europe

Where to travel in Europe in your 50s, 60s and 70s


Recently updated on April 23rd, 2024 at 04:42 pm

Europe is a timeless continent that offers its travellers a wealth of history, breathtaking natural beauty, endless architecture and cuisine as diverse as its residents. From the wild landscapes of Iceland’s Arctic Circle and sun-kissed shores of Italy’s “heel”, to the charming Cotswold villages of England and gluttonous grape growers in Bordeaux, it doesn’t matter whether you’re 22 or 102, Europe caters to all. However, to help make your travel planning a little easier, we’ve chosen nine excellent countries in Europe to travel to, depending on if in you’re in 50s, 60s or 70s.

Where to travel in Europe if you’re… in your 50s

1. akuyeri, iceland.

Akureyri (ah-koo-rare-ee) is the heart of Iceland’s wild north. You’ll find this rural “city” at the head of Eyjafjörður – Iceland’s longest fjord – a stone’s throw from the Arctic Circle. With lively cafes, top quality restaurants, art galleries and some late night bars, Akureyri is the perfect place to base yourself before a Northern Lights expedition. Experiencing the other-worldly beauty of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is one of life’s ultimate bucket list moments.

Top tip: The Northern Lights can be seen from September through April on clear and crisp nights.

EXPERIENCE ICELAND ON: Iceland including the Blue Lagoon

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of cool. With its beautiful streets, excellent restaurants, clean Scandi design and cultural gems, this Danish capital certainly doesn’t scrimp on quality. When it comes to Copenhagen, you get what you pay for and this city is worth every penny. So while you’re there, definitely splurge on one of its 15 Michelin-starred restaurants (more than any other Scandinavian capital). If you have to pick one, make it Noma . René Redzepi’s restaurant is sublime and perfect for a memorable night celebrating a 50th birthday or wedding anniversary.

Top tip: Prepare to book Noma months in advance.

EXPERIENCE COPENHAGEN ON: Capitals of Scandinavia

3. Puglia, Italy

This is the Italy you haven’t seen before. Known as the “Florence of the South”, escape the crowds of Tuscany and the hordes of tourists on the Amalfi Coast and head southeast to the boot of Italy’s heel, Puglia ( poo-li-ya ). Here, you’ll find prehistoric trulli (or stone huts), earthy Italian cuisine, wineries, caves, and relaxed villages with gorgeous vistas overlooking the Mediterranean and Adriatic coasts.

Top tip: Head out of Puglia’s cities towards its beautiful countryside like Forest of Umbra in the north and sun-baked Salento in the south.

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Where to travel in Europe if you’re… in your 60s

1. cotswolds, england.

Escape the hustle and bustle of London to the picturesque villages of the Cotswolds. Designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1966, the Cotswolds beautifully spans six counties with each village encapsulating a bygone era of England. Step back in time as you explore the medieval Warwick Castle (built by William the Conqueror in 1068), discover the “Venice of the Cotswolds” at the riverside village of Bourton-on-the-Water and feel like you’re on the set of a period drama with Afternoon Tea at Tisanes Tea Room in the village of Broadway.

Top tip: A great alternative way to see the Cotswolds is by steam train. We recommend Avon Valley Steam Railway.

GET INSPIRED BY: Wonders of Britain and Ireland

2. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Another fantastic destination in Europe to visit in your 60s, (or your 50s, or at any other age really), is Dubrovnik. Few places retain the charm and sophistication of old Europe like Dubrovnik, and fewer still blend that with the idyllic setting of bright blue seas, ancient architecture and exquisite cuisine. While you’re there, take a gentle stroll around the uninhabited island of Lokrum, enjoy a glass of wine at hole in the wall Buža Bar overlooking the Adriatic Sea, and join a Game of Thrones tour around the ancient city walls (the filming location for the fantasy city of King’s Landing).

Top tip: Aim to visit Dubrovnik in September and October, you’ll enjoy milder temperatures and cruise ships will have left the ports.


3. Istanbul, Turkey

A vibrant city where East meets West, Istanbul is home to a plethora of cultural attractions and a cuisine more diverse than its heritage. We recommend visiting in the shoulder months of May and September through to November, as temperatures are cooler and the crowds more manageable. While you’re there, take a moment to marvel at the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, explore the fascinating Topkapı Palace Museum and haggle for a bargain at the Grand Bazaar.

Top tip: Remember to dress modestly and cover your hair at many of Istanbul’s religious sites.

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Where to travel in Europe if you’re… in your 70s

1. seville, spain.

The capital of Andalucia, Seville is alive with culture, fiestas, architecture and fantastic food. A very accessible city, you don’t have to walk far to find some of the city’s most spectacular cultural gems. Feel awestruck at the largest cathedral in the world (by volume) Seville Cathedral and see if you can find Christopher Columbus’ tomb, wander the royal rooms and grounds at the UNESCO-listed palace Real Alcázar and enjoy a fiery flamenco show over a glass of wine at a local bar.

Top tip: If you’re visiting Seville in spring or autumn, catch the Peñas de Guardia, a series of shows organised for local or up-and-coming flamenco talent.

DISCOVER SEVILLE ON: Highlights of Spain and Portugal

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

Uncover historical treasures in Scotland’s capital, a city full of secret nooks and curious crannies. This British gem is an ideal place to travel in Europe in your 50s, 60s or 70s. Home to the grandiose Edinburgh Castle, the historic Leith Theatre (a haven for music and theatre lovers) and the tranquil Scottish National Gallery, we can see why it is one of Europe’s most enchanting cities.

Top tip: Edinburgh has a few hills so definitely purchase a hop-on hop-off bus pass to see the best of the city with ease.

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3. Bordeaux, France

Regardless of whether or not you like to drink wine, Bordeaux is one of France’s most intoxicating cities and will quickly leave you thirsty for more. It’s the world’s largest urban World Heritage Site and a Unesco-listed treasure chest. Take your pick from admiring the Place de la Bourse, strolling along one of the world’s most beautiful waterfronts Quais de Bordeaux and sipping your way round Saint-Émilion, The Médoc, Sauternes and Graves.

Top tip: Visit the Jardin Botanique, the city’s largest public garden, home to walking trails and lots of spots for bird watching.

So there you have it, our pick of the best places in Europe to travel to in your 50s, 60s and 70s. Planning on marking a special birthday in Europe next year? Take a look at our favourite Europe trips and start planning your next getaway. Do you have a destination you’d like to add to the list? Let us know below.


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tours for over 50s europe

Best European Tours for Senior Citizens: Tours & Travel Packages 2024/2025

Our 732 most popular senior tours in europe trips. compare tour itineraries from 114 tour companies. 319 reviews. 4.8/5 avg rating., popular european tours for seniors.

Explore our popular European tours for seniors, offering cozy accommodations and accessible transportation to ensure unparalleled vacations for mature travelers exploring Europe. Whether you're interested in cruises, road trips, or European train tours for seniors, we have the perfect itineraries for unforgettable adventures through some of the continent's most iconic destinations.

Classical Sicily

Classical Sicily

  • Visit the best preserved Greco-Roman sites in the Mediterranean
  • Discover spectacular scenery, from its picturesque coastline to Mount Etna
  • Absorb Sicily's distinct culture and sample delicious food and wine

Central Europe: Castles, Culture & Capitals

Central Europe: Castles, Culture & Capitals

  • Take a guided tour of the beautiful Old Town in Prague
  • Explore the cobbled streets and quaint squares of Cesky Krumlov
  • Visit the magnificent Lednice Chateau estate, a Unesco-listed masterpiece
  • Sip local wines in a vineyard in Skalica
  • Soak up the majestic landmarks of Vienna on a guided tour

Emilia Romagna History and Food Traditions

Emilia Romagna History and Food Traditions

  • History, Life & Food in Bologna
  • Discover Parma with Parma ham and cheese tasting experience at local factory
  • The Ferrari experience at the Italian Motor Valley with sparkling wine tasting experience
  • Ferrara Excursion with Lambrusco tasting experience
  • Ravenna and the Valley of Comacchio private excursion

Venice to Rome by Rail

Venice to Rome by Rail

  • Journey from the iconic sights of Venice, Florence and Rome to the fabulous Amalfi Coast
  • Enjoy delicious Italian cuisine in the foodie's heaven of Bologna
  • Travel by rail and on foot and minimise your carbon footprint

7-Day Tour to Andalusia and Mediterranean Coast with Barcelona

7-Day Tour to Andalusia and Mediterranean Coast with Barcelona

  • Entrance to the Mosque of Cordoba
  • Entrance to the Cathedral of Seville
  • Entrance to the Alhambra in Granada
  • Guided city tour with local guides in Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Valencia and Barcelona
  • Bilingual tour director throughout the journey (English and Spanish)

London, Paris, and Switzerland’s Alps

London, Paris, and Switzerland’s Alps

  • Uncover the secrets of London and revel in its Royal vibes
  • Wander through the breathtaking sites of Switzerland
  • Discover the soaring Alps of Switzerland and its impressive collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Walk in the footsteps of Marie Antoinette when she retreated to the Palace of Versailles

Bergamo: Taste & Wellness

Bergamo: Taste & Wellness

  • The elegance of the Medieval town of Città Alta in Bergamo
  • The local food & wine traditions
  • The natural beauty of Franciacorta region & Lake Iseo
  • The excellence of Franciacorta D.O.C.G.
  • Art Nouveau and wellness at San Pellegrino Terme SPA

Food & Wine: Franciacorta

Food & Wine: Franciacorta

  • The beauty of Franciacorta
  • The pleasure of traditional local food
  • The emotion of a boat trip on Lake Iseo
  • The magic of Monte Isola, a green oasis in the blue waters of Lake Iseo

All Senior Tours in Europe , expedition cruises, self guided adventures and vacation packages. Find the best guided and expert planned vacation and holiday packages. Read more about Senior Tours in Europe

tours for over 50s europe

Small Group European Tours for Seniors

Experience Europe in comfort with our small group European tours for seniors. Join like-minded travelers and expert guides for intimate exploration. Small group sizes ensure a personalized experience without vying for the group leader's attention. With a focus on accessibility and tailored activities, our tours provide an unforgettable adventure.

Small Group European Tours for Seniors

Rocky Mountain Family Adventure and Hot-Air Ballooning in Park City

  • Experience the Rocky Mountain terrain as you’ve never seen it before in a thrilling hot-air balloon ride
  • Enjoy celebrating America's Freedom with a Home-town Parade, Concert and huge Fireworks show at the World-Famous Stadium of Fire! Take an exploratory journey through a glacier carved canyon via historic train and river raft float

Alpine Hiking in Austria and Italy

Alpine Hiking in Austria and Italy

  • I enjoy getting my heart going on my bike or on trails
  • Nothing beats the thrill of taking on a rewarding climb or ride on varied terrain with inclines
  • Let’s keep moving — occasional stops only, please

The Best of Southern France: Provence and the Cote d'Azur

The Best of Southern France: Provence and the Cote d'Azur

  • Explore Provence’s lively open-air markets, medieval villages and natural environments
  • Discover the famed medieval city of Avignon and the historic city of Nice on expert-led excursions
  • Enjoy independent time to experience this beautiful and unique region on your own

Best European Tours for Seniors by Duration

Discover the perfect European tours for seniors based on duration, allowing you to tailor your adventure to fit your schedule perfectly. Whether planning a quick getaway or an extended vacation, our curated selection ensures you make the most of your precious time away.

Tours, Cruises & Private Trips

Best European Tours for Seniors by Price

Choose the most suitable trip for your budget from our wide selection of European tours for seniors categorized by price. Senior travel packages catering to various financial ranges allow you to enjoy comfort and satisfaction on your journey without overspending. Create lasting memories with our senior tour packages for all economic spectrums.

Top Senior Tours in Europe Attractions

  • Soaking in the breathtaking panoramic views of the Swiss Alps
  • Exploring the charming canals of Amsterdam by bike, with stops at the Anne Frank House and Rijksmuseum
  • Touring the awe-inspiring Alhambra in Granada, Spain, a masterpiece of Moorish architecture
  • Embarking on a private tour of the Vatican , including a visit to the magnificent Sistine Chapel
  • Exploring the quirky home of the famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali
  • Indulging in authentic Italian pizza in Naples
  • Witnessing the mesmerizing spectacle of the Northern Lights in Iceland
  • Strolling through the historic streets of Prague and marveling at its stunning architecture
  • Cruising along the romantic Rhine River, passing by picturesque castles and vineyards
  • Sampling delectable chocolates in Belgium's charming medieval towns

Senior Tours in Europe Tours & Travel

Senior Tours in Europe Attractions & Landmarks Guide

  • Turkey: A unique blend of European and Middle Eastern influences makes Turkey an ideal introduction to the region. Experience its rich history and cultural diversity, such as in Istanbul, home to the world's oldest continuously operating market, The Grand Bazaar.
  • Balkan States and Central Europe: Some seniors may hesitate to explore the Balkan states or Central European countries like Hungary and Slovakia due to lingering memories of the Iron Curtain era. However, the recent and ancient histories of these regions, complemented by their exceptional beauty, make tours through these countries uniquely captivating.
  • Scandinavian Countries: These northern European countries are enjoyable for history enthusiasts — prepare to experience a rich Viking heritage influencing the look, feel, and culture of such places as Finland , Norway , and Sweden . Scandinavia may seem a little out of the way, but its castles and fjords are well worth the extra effort to get there.
  • River Cruises: Enjoy stunning scenery, cultural excursions, and onboard amenities without strenuous activities.
  • Cultural Tours: Explore Europe's rich heritage through immersive experiences like museum visits, culinary classes, and city tours by coach or minivan.
  • Coastal Getaways: Relax by the sea, enjoy scenic views, and explore charming coastal towns at your own pace.
  • Train Journeys: Experience the beauty of Europe's landscapes with scenic train journeys, offering comfortable seating and panoramic views without requiring extensive walking.
  • Small Group Tours: Particularly suitable for seniors with limited mobility, they feature accessible accommodations, leisurely-paced itineraries, and optional activities.
  • City Breaks: Explore landmarks, enjoy local cuisine, and soak up the atmosphere without extensive walking or physical exertion.
  • Relaxation Retreats: Indulge in wellness retreats or spa getaways in destinations known for their natural beauty and relaxation, offering rejuvenating experiences and tranquil surroundings.

Trip Reviews

Trusted Customer

We had a great time. Our guide Maria was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, and always ready to go the extra mile to make sure everyone had a good experience. The...

Generally all good but the Palermo Hotel was a disappointment. Located in a very run down area the hotel itself had no bar area nor any other space where the group c...

The tour is good if you want to see a lot in a short period. It gives you a good overview of Sicily and you see some amazing sites. My favourite site was Villa Roman...

Our guide Maria, is passionate about her job. She cares deeply that each passenger was happy and all needs met. When you are on a group tour, even a small group, not...

See all Senior Tours in Europe reviews

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Senior tours in europe tours faq.

1. How much does it cost for seniors to tour Europe?

2. Which tour operator is best for senior citizens?

3. How do I choose a European tour?

4. What should seniors pack for a trip to Europe?

5. What currency should seniors bring on their trip to Europe?

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tours for over 50s europe

10 European Bus Trips for Older Women

Are you ready to go on a journey through the heart of Europe, where history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes await? If you’re an older woman with a passion for travel, there’s no better way to explore the charm of the continent than by hopping on a bus and hitting the open road.

  • Best of Western Europe Tour – This fast-paced 9-night one-way tour explores seven countries and 19 memorable experiences, all with a knowledgeable tour leader. Enjoy the highlights of iconic cities, historic landmarks, and natural wonders, all while benefiting from flexible booking options.
  • Best of UK & Ireland – Go on a 12-night UK and Ireland adventure that includes 21 unforgettable experiences, all guided by an experienced leader. Explore cities, historic landmarks, and natural wonders while traveling in comfort on a modern coach.
  • European Tapestry – Explore Europe’s rich tapestry on a 14-day tour through seven countries, from Amsterdam’s canals to Monte Carlo’s casinos, featuring stunning scenery and encounters with skilled artisans.
  • Classical Greece – Prepare for a captivating journey through Classical Greece, exploring historical sites and engaging in cultural experiences while learning to dance the sirtaki and mastering Mediterranean cuisine. This small group adventure promises an immersive exploration of Greece’s rich history and vibrant culture.
  • EUROPEAN ACCENT – Go on a 14-day Europe tour from Amsterdam to Paris via Rome, covering 15 cities in 7 countries with comfortable accommodations and culinary delights. Witness epic landscapes, explore iconic cities, and delve into centuries of history, all while forging new friendships along the way.
  • SPANISH EXPERIENCE – Explore the vibrant spirit of Spain on a 9-day tour, from Madrid to Seville, Granada, and Barcelona. With comfortable accommodations and delightful meals, experience the best of Spain’s culture, from flamenco rhythms to Gaudí’s masterpieces.
  • Iceland Northern Lights & Golden Circle – Experience the enchanting beauty of winter in Iceland with the Northern Lights, geothermal hot springs, hiking in Þingvellir National Park, and encounters with Icelandic horses. This unique winter adventure promises a blend of natural wonders and cultural experiences in an otherworldly setting.
  • European Traveller – Go on a 10-day journey across Europe, exploring five countries and nine cities from London to Rome. Enjoy comfortable accommodations, delightful meals, and the romance, history, and adventure of Europe’s charming streets and stunning landscapes.
  • Premium Portugal – Discover the multifaceted beauty of Portugal as you journey from the birthplace of port wine in the Douro Valley to the ancient University of Coimbra, exploring hidden gems in Porto’s backstreets and immersing yourself in Lisbon’s rich history. With a local leader, uncover the authentic Portugal, rich in history, diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and refined cuisine.
  • The Best of Turkey – Experience the best of Turkey’s landscapes and history in a time-efficient journey, starting at Gallipoli, visiting Troy, Ephesus, and Pamukkale, and ending in Istanbul. This adventure offers a rich blend of historical sites, natural wonders, and vibrant city exploration.


How to Choose a European Bus Tour

With a plethora of options available, it’s essential to consider various factors to ensure you select the tour that best aligns with your interests, preferences, and needs.

Determine Your Interests

Start by identifying what interests you the most. Are you a history buff, a foodie, an art enthusiast, or an adventurer? Understanding your interests will help you narrow down your choices.

Set a Budget

Determine how much you’re willing to spend on your European bus tour. Prices can vary significantly, so having a budget in mind will help you eliminate tours that are out of your price range.

Choose the Duration

Decide how long you want your tour to be. Some tours are as short as a few days, while others can last several weeks. Ensure the duration of the tour aligns with your availability and stamina.

Select Your Destination

Europe is vast and diverse, so pinpoint the specific countries or regions you’d like to explore. Do you dream of the Mediterranean coast, the charm of Eastern Europe, or the iconic cities of Western Europe?

Research Tour Operators

Look for reputable tour operators that specialize in European bus tours. Check their websites, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends or online travel communities.

Itinerary and Inclusions

Carefully review the tour itineraries to see what each one offers. Are there specific landmarks, cities, or experiences that are must-see for you? Also, check what’s included in the tour package, such as accommodations, meals, guided tours, and transportation.

Consider the size of the tour group. Smaller groups can offer a more personalized experience, while larger groups may be more budget-friendly but potentially less intimate.


Check the quality of accommodations provided during the tour. Make sure they meet your standards for comfort and convenience.

Guides and Expertise

Find out if the tour includes knowledgeable guides who can enhance your understanding of the destinations you’ll visit.

Special Interests

If you have specific interests or requirements, such as dietary restrictions or mobility issues, inquire whether the tour operator can accommodate them.

Compare Options

Once you’ve gathered all this information, compare different tour options side by side to see which one best suits your desires and needs.

Read the Fine Print

Carefully read the terms and conditions of the tour, including cancellation policies and any additional costs that may apply.

By following these steps and considering your interests, budget, and personal preferences, you can confidently select a European bus tour that promises an unforgettable and enriching travel experience.


European Bus Trips for Women Over 60

Best of western europe tour.

Best of Western Europe Tour

Over 10 days, you’ll explore seven fascinating countries, from the historic landmarks of the United Kingdom and France to the natural beauty of Switzerland and the culture of Italy.

Transportation is on a modern air-conditioned coach, complete with reclining seats and an onboard toilet. Any public transport used as part of the tour is included, except on free days. Your tour includes 9 breakfasts and 4 dinners, with vegetarian options available upon request. Meals are your chance to savor the flavors of each destination.

A dedicated and experienced tour leader will accompany your group throughout the journey, managing all logistical details and ensuring a seamless experience.

Prepare for a total of 19 unforgettable experiences, including a driving tour of London’s most famous landmarks, dinner at a traditional British pub, champagne tasting in Reims, and visits to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, the romantic Neuschwanstein Castle, and many more exciting destinations.

  • Tour Operator: Expat Explore
  • Cost: From $2,100

Best of UK & Ireland

Best of UK & Ireland

Go on a 13-day adventure through captivating destinations with this comprehensive tour, offering a blend of 2, 3, and 4-star hotel accommodations in twin rooms, with private bathrooms. Single travelers can opt for a single supplement to ensure a private room.

Included are 12 breakfasts and 6 dinners, with vegetarian options available upon request.

Travel in comfort aboard a modern, air-conditioned coach equipped with reclining seats and onboard toilets. A seasoned tour leader will guide your group throughout, expertly managing all logistical details, making your journey hassle-free.

Experience 21 remarkable moments, from exploring historic Bath and the birthplace of Shakespeare in Stratford-Upon-Avon to witnessing the natural wonder of the Giant’s Causeway and enjoying a punting trip along the River Cam in Cambridge.

Discover the beauty, culture, and history of these enchanting locations on this all-encompassing tour, creating cherished memories and embracing unique experiences at every turn.

  • Cost: From $2,555

European Tapestry

European Tapestry

Experience a 14-day European tour that weaves together the rich tapestry of seven countries, from the enchanting canals of Amsterdam to the glitz of Monte Carlo. Delight in the picturesque landscapes of the Rhine Valley, the Swiss Alps, and the Tuscan hills, while meeting the skilled artisans of the Black Forest, the glassblowers of Venice, and the beer makers of Rhineland.

This expertly crafted itinerary seamlessly combines fascinating cities, idyllic countryside, and delectable cuisine, ensuring an unforgettable journey through Europe’s timeless tales and cultural treasures.

  • Tour Operator: Globus
  • Cost: From $4,149

Classical Greece

tours for over 50s europe

Go on a journey through the heart of Greece, where your packing list includes a sun hat and a curious mind. Prepare to be fascinated by the fascinating tales of Sun Gods, ancient philosophers, and Olympic legends.

From Athens’ iconic Acropolis to the sacred Temples of Olympia, the mountainous ruins of Delphi, and the awe-inspiring monasteries atop the Meteora rock formations, you’ll follow in the footsteps of Greece’s most legendary figures and even dance in them, thanks to a lively sirtaki lesson.

This adventure is not just about sightseeing, it’s also a culinary odyssey where you’ll uncover the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine and learn to craft traditional tzatziki cucumber dip. So, pack your appetite and a sense of wonder as you prepare to explore Greece in a unique and engaging small group setting.

  • Cost: From $2,089

European Accent

European Accent

Experience the adventure of a lifetime on a two-week Europe tour from Amsterdam to Paris, passing through Rome and other incredible destinations. Over 14 days, you’ll go through seven countries, explore 15 vibrant cities, and spend 13 nights in comfortable accommodations.

This tour is a whirlwind of European highlights, including beautiful cities like Venice, Paris, Rome, and Avignon. Dive into centuries of papal history, cruise down the powerful Rhine River, and create unforgettable memories with new friends.

This 14-day expedition is your passport to discovering the beauty, culture, and history of Europe’s most celebrated destinations. Don’t miss the chance to explore the continent with like-minded travelers and make memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Tour Operator: Costsaver
  • Cost: From $2,228

Spanish Experience

Spanish Experience

Step into the lively rhythm of Spain on a 9-day journey that will sweep you from Madrid to Seville, Granada, and Barcelona. With 8 nights of comfortable accommodation and an array of delectable meals, this trip encapsulates the essence of Spain.

Your adventure in Spain is a celebration of life, from leisurely afternoons of siestas to the spirited rhythms of flamenco and late-night tapas bars. Stroll through buzzing plazas, where well-dressed locals prepare for a night of revelry and greet the next day with a relaxed start.

As you travel this captivating country, you’ll marvel at Gaudí’s architectural masterpieces in Barcelona, uncover the medieval treasures of Toledo, and be swept away by the beautiful Andalusian plains. Spain showcases its best, and you won’t want to miss a single moment of this mesmerizing experience.

  • Cost: From $1,508

Iceland Northern Lights & Golden Circle

Iceland Northern Lights & Golden Circle

Iceland’s allure takes on an otherworldly enchantment during the winter season. It’s a time when the Northern Lights grace the sky with their mesmerizing dance, creating a celestial spectacle that leaves visitors in awe. The contrast between the cool, crisp winter air and the geothermal hot springs, with their billowing steam, adds a touch of magic to the landscape.

Explore ancient lava caves that hide secrets of Iceland’s volcanic past, and chase the awe-inspiring waterfalls that dot the landscape, including the iconic Gullfoss.

Winter in Iceland is a time of wonder, where natural beauty and cultural experiences intertwine to create an adventure like no other.

  • Tour Operator: G Adventures
  • Cost: From $1,519

European Traveller

European Traveller

Start a 10-day journey across Europe, beginning in London and concluding in Rome. This adventure will take you through five countries and nine remarkable cities, with nine nights of comfortable accommodation awaiting you.

Your days will begin with delicious breakfasts, providing the perfect fuel for your exploration, and you’ll savor three delightful dinners during your journey.

As you stroll through charming European streets, you’ll find yourself immersed in romance, surrounded by a rich history, and fueled by a sense of adventure. Relax on the shores of Lake Lucerne, where the tranquil waters and stunning scenery will mesmerize you. Witness master craftsmen at work in the canals of Venice, creating intricate treasures that reflect the city’s artistic soul. Finally, marvel at the magic of the snow-capped Swiss Alps, a pristine and awe-inspiring landscape that embodies the essence of winter wonder.

  • Tour Operator: Trafalgar
  • Cost: From $2,285

Premium Portugal

Premium Portugal

Explore the multifaceted beauty of Portugal on a journey that traverses grand cities, medieval villages, and enchanting coastlines. This Western European haven is a treasure trove of imagery waiting to be discovered.

Begin your adventure by exploring the birthplace of port wine and uncovering the hidden gems of the Douro Valley. Immerse yourself in history at the ancient University of Coimbra, where time seems to stand still. Wander through the labyrinthine backstreets of Porto, learning the secrets of this charming city. Finally, travel into the heart of Lisbon, a city that exudes glorious beauty and history at every turn.

Throughout your journey, a local leader will guide you, providing an authentic glimpse into Portugal’s rich history, diverse regional cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and the artistry of its refined cuisine. Portugal is a land of captivating stories waiting to be told and an experience that will stay with you long after your journey is over.

  • Tour Operator: Intrepid
  • Cost: From $4,175

The Best of Turkey

The Best of Turkey

For the traveler seeking to make the most of their time in Turkey while immersing themselves in its remarkable landscapes and rich history, this journey is the perfect choice. The adventure starts at the historic WWI battlefield of Gallipoli, a place of great significance and reflection.

Next, dive into the captivating realm of Greek myths and explore the intriguing ruins of the legendary city of Troy, evoking the tales of ancient heroes and epic battles. The journey continues with a visit to the well-preserved streets of Ephesus, where you’ll walk in the footsteps of those who lived in antiquity.

This trip offers a dynamic blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, providing an enriching experience in Turkey that will leave you refreshed and inspired to explore Istanbul’s bustling streets.

  • Cost: From $1,019


Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you like bus tours? Have you been on a bus tour in Europe? What do you enjoy about bus tours? Tell us about it in the comments below.


I can’t imagine taking a trip anywhere where I travel through so many countries in such a short time. I’d rather travel to one place and stay awhile. That way I get a better feel for a place rather than seeing only a bit through a bus window.

Tags Solo Travel

Sandra Roussy

Sandra Roussy

Sandra is the middle-aged woman you hear about who sheds everything she owns and sets out into the world to rediscover and redefine herself. After more than twenty years spent in the fashion industry designing collections for brands such as La Senza, Victoria’s Secret, and JACOB Lingerie, she shifted her path and pursued her longtime passion for writing, traveling, and photography. Sandra was published in the NY Times best selling book Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It. A deeply personal essay hand-picked by Elizabeth Gilbert about loss, facing fears, and going after dreams. Visit her website:

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tours for over 50s europe

Premium trips feature our best accommodation, most comfortable transport and exclusive experiences led by our most experienced leaders. Learn more about Premium trips .

tours for over 50s europe

Designed for those who want more inclusions, our Comfort trips offer a higher standard of accommodation, larger vehicles and more included activities. Learn more about Comfort trips .

tours for over 50s europe

The classic Intrepid style. These trips include some activities and stay at more hotels than Basix trips—an ideal choice for those who want a taste of everything. Learn more about Original trips .

tours for over 50s europe

For travellers on a budget, our Basix trips keep inclusions to a minimum. They’re about value and lots of free time to choose the activities and extras that you want to do.  Learn more about Basix trips .

Our Premium Europe tours

ZMPY - Colourful view of the Grand Canal gondolas in Venice, Italy

Premium Venice to Split

9 days from 5997.

Explore the beautiful cities, mountains and waterfalls of Slovenia and Croatia on a...

Portugal Porto downtown river

Premium Portugal

8 days from 4844.

Explore Portugal from Lisbon to Porto on this Premium adventure. Passing through...

Group of travellers laugh as leader smiles in streeets of Madrid, Spain

Premium Spain

11 days from 6684.

Embrace the diversity of Spain on this Premium small group adventure, travelling from...

Turkey Cappadocia Travellers with Fairy Chimneys

Premium Turkey in Depth

15 days from 6388.

This Premium trip takes you into the ancient heart of Turkey. Begin and end in Istanbul...

Traveller exploring the Valley of Temples located in Sicily, Italy

Premium Sicily

10 days from 7594.

Discover Sicily in the heart of the Mediterranean on this 10-day Premium journey that...

Timios Prodromos Monastery overlooking the valleys of Arcadia

Premium Greece

8 days from 3772.

Soak up the best of Greece on this Premium small group adventure, from Athens to...

Map of Premium Greece including Greece

Premium Iceland

9 days from 9581.

Discover Iceland’s geological wonders and welcoming people on an all-encompassing...

The city of Bergen viewed from atop Mount Floyen in Norway.

Premium Sweden and Norway

10 days from 8428.

Take a Premium trip through Scandinavia, with epic stays and activities in Sweden and...

Icelandic Northern Lights

Premium Iceland in Winter

8 days from 6261.

Explore Iceland and hunt for the northern lights on a Premium adventure from Reykjavik...

Map of Premium Iceland in Winter including Iceland

Premium Northern Spain

10 days from 9040.

Travel from Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela, through La Rioja, San Sebastian and...

Premium Spain in Depth

20 days from 15334.

Intrepid group sitting down and enjoying the ruins of the Ancient Greek city of Ephesus, Turkey

Premium Turkey & the Caucasus

29 days from 16075.

Experience varied landscapes, customs and culture as you journey through Turkey,...

Trulli of Alberobello, Puglia, Italy

Premium Puglia

8 days from 7025.

Discover the culture, history and beauty of Italy’s Puglia region on an 8-day Premium...

ZMPD - Pax smiling overlooking skyline in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Premium Split to Dubrovnik

8 days from 4519.

Experience the stunning Croatian coast on a Premium small group adventure, travelling...

Sunrise view of famous Hallstatt mountain village with Hallstatter lake, Austria

Premium Munich to Prague

11 days from 6232.

Explore fairytale castles and alpine towns on this adventure through Central Europe,...

Trakai castle: medieval gothic Island castle, located in Galve lake. Lithuania

Premium Baltics

10 days from 5639.

Experience the culture, history and beauty of the Baltic states on a Premium small...

Peregrine Adventures spain seville flamenco dancer

Premium Spain & Portugal

18 days from 11664.

Experience the colours, tastes and sounds of Spain and Portugal on this 18-day Premium...

Mont Saint Michel

Premium Paris, Loire Valley & Normandy

9 days from 9610.

Discover France on this Premium adventure of Paris, the Loire Valley and Normandy. See...

View of Easdale from Isle of Seil, Scotland

Premium Scotland

8 days from 6826.

Take a Premium adventure through the Scottish Highlands, starting in Edinburgh and...

Cruise down the Bosphorus Strait, Turkey

Premium Turkey

8 days from 4404.

Discover Turkey on this 8-day Premium journey that features Istanbul, the Blue Mosque,...

Map of Premium Turkey including Turkey

Premium Belgrade to Bucharest

11 days from 5688.

Discover the best of Romania on an 11-day Premium small group tour that includes...

ZMPI - Woman overlooking San Gimignano at sunset, Tuscany, Italy

Premium Tuscany

8 days from 7523.

See the majesty and beauty of Italy’s Renaissance gems on an eight-day Premium tour...

Greece Santorini

Premium Turkey & The Cyclades Islands in Depth

25 days from 16815.

Embark on a Premium adventure through Greece and Turkey’s hotspots, including Istanbul,...

Map of Premium Turkey & The Cyclades Islands in Depth including Greece and Turkey

Premium Greece Cyclades Islands

9 days from 6832.

Discover the magic of the Cyclades on a 9-day Premium adventure, starting from Athens...

Map of Premium Greece Cyclades Islands including Greece

Premium Best of France

10 days from 11485.

Take a Premium adventure through France, starting in Paris and then heading to the...

Lastovo Island Feature Stay: Lounging in common area during golden hour

Premium Split to Belgrade

16 days from 9164.

Experience the stunning Croatian coast, learn about the history of Bosnia and...

ZMPI - Bright day in the winery and vineyards of San Gimignano town, Tuscany Italy

Premium Italy in Depth

15 days from 15538.

Spend 15 days exploring Italy on this Premium Trip that visits icons like Rome, Venice,...

Female traveller looking out onto landscape of Tara National Park, Croatia

Premium Dubrovnik to Bucharest

19 days from 9440.

Travel from Dubrovnik to Bucharest, through Mostar, Sarajevo, Tara National Park,...

Sailing boats in Dubrovnik harbour, Croatia

Premium Venice to Dubrovnik

16 days from 11760.

Discover the wonders of Slovenia and Croatia on a 16-day Premium adventure down the...

Premium Balkans

9 days from 3990.

Discover the beauty and history of the Balkans on a nine-day Premium adventure that...

tours for over 50s europe

Premium Balkans in Depth

26 days from 15926.

Intrepid travellers and leader walk through Le Jardin Secret in Marrakech, Morocco

Premium Spain & Morocco

18 days from 10353.

Explore Spain and Morocco on this all-encompassing Intrepid Premium small group...


Premium Greece in Depth

16 days from 11662.

Soak up the best of Greece on this 16-day Premium small group adventure, from Athens to...

Map of Premium Greece in Depth including Greece

Premium Portugal and Spain in Depth

27 days from 19988.

Experience the colours, tastes and sounds of Spain and Portugal on this epic 27-day...

View of houses on mountains cape of Erice, Italy

Premium Sicily and Tuscany

17 days from 17662.

Spend 17 days exploring all of Italy from Palermo to Mount Etna, to Rome and Venice...

Agrigento archaeological site in Sicily

Premium Sicily and Italy in Depth

24 days from 23124.

Spend 24 days exploring Italy in depth from Sicily to Puglia and on to Tuscany - you'll...

ZMPI - Uffizi group walking tour in Florence, Italy

Premium Rome to Split

16 days from 16015.

Explore the beautiful cities, mountains and waterfalls of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia...

Premium Rome to Dubrovnik

23 days from 22150, premium sicily and puglia, 17 days from 14544.

Explore the best of Sicily and southern Italy - including Palermo, Mount Etna, Pompeii...

Premium Turkey & The Cyclades Islands

16 days from 12350.

Embark on a 16-day Premium adventure through Greece and Turkey’s hotspots, including...

Intrepid leader and group relaxing on stairs in colourful Istanbul

Premium Turkey with Istanbul Extension

9 days from 4660.

Discover Turkey on this 9-day Premium journey that features Istanbul, the Blue Mosque,...

tours for over 50s europe

Tailor-Made trips

Take four or more on an exclusive trip and tailor your itinerary

Our Comfort Europe tours

Turkey Kas Gulet

Turkey Encompassed

15 days from 3936.

Travel through Turkey and see Istanbul's Blue Mosque, Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys, the...

tours for over 50s europe

Western Balkans Uncovered

12 days from 3924.

Combine the must-sees of the Balkan region and the lesser-known glories of North...

Group walkinga across Sólheimajökull Glacier

Iceland's Golden Circle in Depth

5 days from 2956.

Set off on a five-day circuit from Reykjavik, visit thundering waterfalls, steamy...

Vernazza - Cinque Terre

Italy Experience

10 days from 4824.

Travel to Italy on a journey from the canals of Venice to the cobblestone streets of...


Highlights of Central Europe

8 days from 2604.

Experience the highlights of Central Europe on a journey through the Czech Republic,...

Ninots, figures to be burnt during fallas festival, Valencia, Spain

Classic Barcelona to Madrid

7 days from 3285.

Travel south along the coast of Spain, leaving Barcelona, travelling through Valencia...

Intrepid travellers and tour leader in Madrid city, Spain

Classic Madrid to Lisbon

9 days from 3765.

Take a trip through Portugal, starting in Spain’s capital, Madrid and heading through...

Krka National Park waterfalls

Croatian Coastal Cruising: Dubrovnik to Split (Aurora)

8 days from 3430.

Join a small ship cruising adventure to Croatia. Voyage along the Dalmatian coast,...

Map of Croatian Coastal Cruising: Dubrovnik to Split (Aurora) including Bosnia And Herzegovina and Croatia

Croatian Coastal Cruising - Split to Dubrovnik (Aurora)

8 days from 2997.

Take a small-ship cruising adventure in Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik. Voyage along...

Alhambra Palace in morning light in Granada, Spain

Highlights of Andalucia

8 days from 3824.

Marvel at the sights, sounds and tastes of Spain's Andalucia on this 8-day exploration...

Intrepid travellers walk cobbled city street of Madrid with sunset, Spain

Classic Barcelona to Lisbon

15 days from 8765.

Experience the best bits of Spain and Portugal, starting in bustling Barcelona and...

Aurora Borealis undulates over Kleifarvatn, Reykjanes Penninsula

Iceland's Classic Northern Lights

5 days from 3192.

Set off on a five-day aurora-spotting circuit from Reykjavik, visit thundering...


Classic Baltics

8 days from 2715.

Take an immersive 8-day tour through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, with stops in...

Greece, Delphi, Ruins, Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia

Classic Greece

8 days from 2974.

Take a trip to Greece, starting and ending in ancient Athens and then heading to Delphi...

Group of travellers cruise past an upturned iceberg in a zodiac

Ultimate Arctic Voyage: From Svalbard to Jan Mayen to Iceland

13 days from 18400.

Set sail around Spitsbergen and head south toward Jan Mayen on an Arctic adventure. See...

Travellers hiking in Lindenow Fjord

Wild Fjords of South Greenland: Land of the Vikings

13 days from 17000.

Cruise the wild fjords of south Greenland and learn about Viking history. Spot whales...


East Greenland and Iceland Northern Lights

12 days from 18500.

An Arctic expedition through East Greenland and Iceland is the perfect opportunity to...

Travellers hiking alongside Tasermiut Fjord, East Greenland

Greenland Explorer: Sail and Soar the Alpine Arctic (Ultramarine)

11 days from 46250.

Tick Greenland off your bucket list on this 10 day cruise along the country's...

Map of Greenland Explorer: Sail and Soar the Alpine Arctic (Ultramarine) including Greenland and Iceland

Spitsbergen Highlights: Journey into the Arctic Wilderness

7 days from 12300.

Take a cruise adventure on the Ultramarine to Spitsbergen in the Arctic and watch out...


Svalbard Explorer: Best of High Arctic Norway

10 days from 16100.

Breathe in the crisp Arctic air and discover Spitsbergen, the largest island in Norway...

Group of Intrepid travellers hiking in Svalbard

Svalbard Explorer: Best of High Arctic Norway in Depth

12 days from 21700.

Take an Arctic adventure aboard the Ocean Explorer and see Spitsbergen, the largest...

Landscape of Ella Island

Adventures in Northeast Greenland: Glaciers, Fjords and the Northern Lights

11 days from 17000.

From Reykjavik, Iceland, you’ll cruise the seas on the Ocean Explorer to Northeast...

Polar Bear

Spitsbergen, East Greenland and Iceland - Southbound

15 days from 27400.

From Helsinki, experience the wonders of Spitsbergen, East Greenland and Iceland on a...

Group of travellers hiking in Svalbard

Spitsbergen Circumnavigation: A Rite of Passage

14 days from 25700.

Circumnavigate Spitsbergen and more of the Svalbard archipelago, stopping by unique...

Our Original Europe tours

travellers swimming in Italy

Rome to Amalfi

8 days from 2708.

Travel to Italy on a tour from Rome to Amalfi and explore the best of the region....

Group walks toward Skógafoss waterfall

Iceland Discovery

8 days from 4065.

See Iceland on this eight-day tour that travels to Reykjavik, the Golden Circle,...

Madrid to Marrakech

15 days from 4425.

Travel from Madrid to Marrakech on a sangria, sun and spice infused tour across Spain,...

Couple admire view of ocean from high up in Fira on Santorini

Athens to Santorini

8 days from 3213.

Travel from ancient Athens to the spectacular island of Santorini on this wonderful...

Traveller taking a selfie in a Gondola

Best of Italy

14 days from 4824.

Immerse yourself in classic culture, history and incredible sights on this Best of...

Intrepid travellers view ocean from Hvar Island, Croatia

Croatia Sailing Adventure: Dubrovnik to Split

8 days from 2403.

Explore Croatia's beautiful Adriatic coast on this aquatic adventure from Dubrovnik to...

tours for over 50s europe

Turkey Highlights

8 days from 2106.

See the highlights of Turkey on this eight-day adventure. Start in Istanbul and visit...

tours for over 50s europe

Croatia & Slovenia

8 days from 2404.

Travel from scenic Split to beautiful Bled. Explore the lush green forests of Plitvice,...

Intrepid travellers in Fisherman's Bastion - Budapest

Balkan Adventure

15 days from 3214.

Travel across historic Eastern Europe from Hungary to Croatia. Visit cultural sights...


Best of Turkey

15 days from 3132.

From Istanbul to Ephesus, Pamukkale to the coast, and Cappadocia to the Anatolian...

Hungary Budapest

Best of Central Europe

15 days from 3724.

Get the low-down on Central Europe, travelling through the best of Austria, Slovakia,...

greece greek flag mykonos harbour

Greece Sailing Adventure: Cyclades Islands

10 days from 2543.

See the best of the Cyclades on this 10-day Greece sailing adventure. From Athens to...

Explore Spain & Portugal

15 days from 4976.

Travel to Spain and Portugal, experiencing their stories and beauty, on a locally...

tours for over 50s europe

Montenegro Sailing Adventure from Dubrovnik

8 days from 2301.

Sail into the sublime waters of Montenegro, departing from Dubrovnik and exploring...

Austria Vienna Christmas market night crowd

Europe Christmas Markets: Munich to Budapest

8 days from 3280.

Experience the festive markets of Central Europe. Go Christmas crazy in the market...

Boats in harbour of Hvar, Croatia

Explore Croatia

8 days from 2247.

Visit Croatia and travel to Dubrovnik, Korcula, Mljet, Hvar and Split. Experience...

Boats in harbour of Split, Croatia

Croatia and Montenegro Sailing Adventure

15 days from 4981.

Experience Croatia and Montenegro’s coastline with this Split to Dubrovnik sail. Find...

Group hike of pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago, Spain

Walk the Camino de Santiago

7 days from 1895.

Over seven days, join a local leader and small group of likeminded travellers to walk...


North Spain Discovery

8 days from 2442.

Get a taste of northern Spain's culture, cuisine and charisma on an eight-day tour....

Intrepid travellers and and leader in Madrid city, Spain

Best of Spain

15 days from 4488.

Kick off a colourful Best of Spain tour in Madrid and visit some of Spain's highlights....

Train over the River Seine in Paris in autumn with classic architecture and bright orange trees

Express to the Orient: Paris to Istanbul

15 days from 5995.

On this 15-day adventure traversing Europe from Paris to Istanbul, use local trains to...

Group hiking in the Dolomites towards Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Hiking in the Dolomites

8 days from 4038.

Explore the Dolomites on an 8-day small group hiking tour which explores multiple lakes...

Croatia, Zagreb, Christmas Market, Night Lights

Europe Christmas Markets: Budapest to Zagreb

8 days from 2795.

Explore some of Central Europe’s best Christmas market. Savour chimney cakes and castle...

Sailing the Small Cyclades in Greece

Sail Greece: Mykonos to Santorini

8 days from 2225.

Move between the boat, the beach and inviting Greek villages on this relaxing eight-day...

Intrepid travellers pause to take in the scale of the Parthenon in the Acropolis in Athens

Mainland Greece Discovery

8 days from 1967.

Encounter thousands of years of Greek civilisation, taking in ancient ruins from Athens...

tours for over 50s europe

Baltic Experience

12 days from 3732.

Travel to Baltic Europe and visit Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on an...

BWSO - Orkney - Standing Stones - Ring of Brodgar

Scotland's Orkney Islands

5 days from 2296.

Discover a region of Viking and Neolithic history, plus the best of Scotland’s whisky...

Intrepid travellers walk past ruins on the hike along the Lycian Way in Turkey

Walk the highlights of the Lycian Way

8 days from 2409.

Take eight days to explore the Lycian Way on a walking adventure that encompasses...

Colourful buildings of Santorini

Sail Greece: Santorini to Mykonos

8 days from 1818.

Set sail across the Mediterranean exploring Greece's heaven-sent islands. The spoils of...

tours for over 50s europe

A Taste of Scandinavia

7 days from 3321.

Discover stylish Scandinavia on the ultimate urban adventure, visiting Copenhagen,...

tours for over 50s europe

Scandinavia Explorer

15 days from 8033.

Discover Scandinavia on a trip to Norway, Sweden and Finland. Travel to Norway and...

Taste the beautiful cuisine of Portugal and Galicia in our Real Food Adventure

Portugal Real Food Adventure, featuring Galicia

8 days from 3690.

Feast on Portugal and Galicia on this food-focussed journey through Santiago de...

tours for over 50s europe

Complete Scandinavia

21 days from 11169.

A 21-day tour through the best of Scandinavia, including Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen,...

tours for over 50s europe

Northern & Southern Ireland

8 days from 4613.

Travel for eight days to visit Dublin, Killarney and Belfast touring Ireland’s natural...

tours for over 50s europe

Cycle the Danube

8 days from 2934.

Head to Eastern Europe for a cycling trip through Austria, Slovakia and Hungary,...

tours for over 50s europe

Amalfi Coast: Hike & Kayak

8 days from 2783.

Soak up the spectacular scenery of Italy’s Amalfi Coast on this trip through Naples,...

Travellers enjoy husky ride in the thick of winter in Finland

Finnish Lapland in Winter

8 days from 5675.

Explore the taigas of Finnish Lapland on this eight-day adventure across pristine peaks...

tours for over 50s europe

Highlights of South-West England

9 days from 3996.

Explore the best of England’s South West in a small group, travelling from London to...

tours for over 50s europe

Dubrovnik to Athens

15 days from 3405.

Explore highlights and hidden treasures while travelling through Albania, Croatia,...

Turkey, Cappadocia, Goreme Belediyesi. Photographer: Calli-Jo Duncan

Turkey Family Holiday

10 days from 2608.

Discover Turkey on this family adventure through Istanbul, Goreme, Selcuk, Pamukkale...

Man gazing at the Glazne River, Pirin Mountain, Bulgeria

Eastern Europe Express

9 days from 1614.

Enjoy a thrilling tour of Eastern Europe from Romania to Turkey through Bulgaria.


Highlights of Portugal

8 days from 2921.

Eat, dance and travel your way through Portugal’s highlights. From Portugal, you’ll...

Stromboli volcano in Italy

Italy: Highlights of Calabria

9 days from 3312.

Discover the secrets of Calabria 9-day adventure visiting Civita, Pollino National Park...

Try your hand at pasta sauce making in Bologna, Italy

Italy Real Food Adventure

8 days from 3672.

From Venice to Rome, you’ll indulge in the best things to eat in Italy, with stops in...

18 to 35s travellers listen to a talk from Intrepid leader outside Hungarian Parliament in Budapest on sunny day

Budapest to Bucharest

10 days from 2610.

Enjoy a fascinating tour of Eastern Europe to Hungary and Romania. Explore Budapest,...

tours for over 50s europe

Highlights of Turkey & the Greek Islands

15 days from 6831.

Experience the best of Turkey and Greece on this two-week adventure. Visit world-famous...


Highlights of the Azores

7 days from 3317.

Discover the rolling hills of Faial, cliffs of Sao Jorge and secret vineyards of Pico...

Travellers enjoying a Spanish sunset

Northern Spain Real Food Adventure

10 days from 4395.

Taste your way from Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela, through Logrono, San Sebastian...

Group hiking Hadrian's wall in England

Walk Hadrian's Wall Highlights

7 days from 1920.

Explore the Roman remains, ruins and castles along UNESCO-listed Hadrian’s Wall in...

Cycle through Provence with Intrepid Travel

Cycle Provence

8 days from 3120.

Take a cycling trip through Provence, visiting Avignon, Orange, St Remy and Arles. The...

Intrepid travellers look out over the Aegean sea at the end of the Agia Irini Gorge hike on Crete

Highlights of Crete

7 days from 2635.

Tour the sun-kissed and history-filled shores of Crete with Intrepid in seven days....

tours for over 50s europe

Kosovo, Albania & Macedonia Explorer

15 days from 3116.

This tour from Tirana combines little-known Balkan highlights with the most beautiful...

tours for over 50s europe

Cycle Tuscany

8 days from 3069.

Ride through the hills and olive groves of Tuscany on a cycling adventure from Florence...

tours for over 50s europe

Scotland's Shetland Islands

6 days from 2108.

Spot local wildlife and explore the islands and history of the Shetland Islands on an...

View of the harbour in Catania with Mt Etna in the background, Sicily, Italy

Italy: Highlights of Sicily

8 days from 2923.

Take a trip to southern Italy and explore the best of Sicily including Catania, Mount...

tours for over 50s europe

Cinque Terre: Hike, Bike & Kayak

8 days from 2920.

Take an active adventure to experience the gorgeous Cinque Terre area in Italy in the...

Walking in Kefalonia harbour, Greece

Greece Sailing Adventure: Corfu to Kefalonia

8 days from 2271.

Take a sailing trip on the Ionian Sea through the waters of Greece. Sail from Corfu to...

Brightly lit cafes on the streets of Paris in the evening light, Eiffel Tower visible in background

Paris to Rome by Rail

10 days from 5570.

Take a rail only trip to France, Switzerland and Italy.

Group of Intrepid travellers laughing with city view in Lisbon, Portugal

Spain, Portugal & Morocco

24 days from 5037.

Jump on a 24-day cultural adventure full of colourful characters and cuisine, through...

Inverness, Scotland

Best of England, Wales and Scotland

19 days from 11205.

Discover all the best bits of England, Wales and Scotland on this UK trip that hits...

Our Basix Europe tours

Gondola Ride through Venice's canals

Highlights of Italy

8 days from 2064.

See the best of Italy – Venice, La Spezia, Cinque Terre, Florence and Rome – in eight...

Visit Iceland and see glaciers, geysers and geothermal hot springs

Iceland Express

5 days from 1845.

Tour green Iceland on a five-day trip visiting Reykjavik, the Golden Circle, Vik,...

Two travellers sit on lookout over Lake Bled.

Discover Central Europe

8 days from 1639.

See iconic European sites in gorgeous cities like Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Bled and...

Berlin to Budapest

8 days from 1862.

Journey through eastern Europe, visiting lively cities including Berlin, Prague,...

Grand Bazaar - Istanbul

Turkey Explored

18 days from 2642.

Go deeper than Derinkuyu on an 18-day Turkey trip beginning and ending in Istanbul,...

Group enjoy view of Eiffel tower from Trocadero, Paris, France

Barcelona to Paris

8 days from 2504.

Travel from Barcelona to Paris, stopping in at medieval towns, making your way through...

Aerial view of the Blue Lagoon in Fethiye, Turkey

Turkey Uncovered

14 days from 1994.

Discover the best of Turkey on a 14-day trip exploring Istanbul, Gallipoli, Fethiye,...

Group of travellers pose for a selfie smiling on a canal bridge in Amsterdam

Paris to Berlin

8 days from 2618.

Explore Western Europe from Paris to Berlin, visiting fairytale towns and castles in...

Intrepid watches the sunset over Lake Bled in Slovenia

Berlin to Venice

15 days from 3677.

Venture from Berlin to Venice, stopping through some of eastern Europe’s most iconic...

tours for over 50s europe

Turkey Backroads

5 days from 634.

Take the backroads to Istanbul on a five-day trip around Turkey, including Turkey's...

Travellers stand on rock under the spray of waterfall

Dubrovnik to Venice

10 days from 2078.

Travel from Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia to Venice in Italy, stopping at Plitvice...

Ornate architecture of parliament in Budapest, Hungary

Explore the Balkans

10 days from 1944.

Set out from Budapest and visit Belgrade, Sarajevo, Mostar and explore the World...


Berlin to Rome

22 days from 6224.

Experience the best of eastern Europe on a journey from Berlin to Rome, stopping in...

tours for over 50s europe

ANZAC Day Dawn Service 2024

2 days from 395.

Travel from Istanbul to Gallipoli for the Anzac Day Dawn Service. Sleep out under the...

Traveller walks along Bruges canals

Barcelona to Berlin

15 days from 5140.

Explore Europe on this trip from Barcelona to Berlin, including Paris, Bruges,...

Group of travellers look out over Lake Bled

Europe Explorer

36 days from 12995.

Visit Spain, France, Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy plus a host of secrets in...

Travellers take in the views from the Fishermans bastion balcony

Budapest to Venice

19 days from 4199.

Experience Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia and...

Travellers ride bikes alongside the canals of Amsterdam

Barcelona to Venice

29 days from 10330.

Tour through some of Europe’s most famous cities, including Barcelona, Prague, Budapest...

Travellers walk up steps to lookout over Koto harbour and city

Budapest to Rome

26 days from 7310.

Set out from Hungary on a European adventure and discover the cultures and cuisines of...

Two passengers take a gondola ride in Venice

Dubrovnik to Rome

17 days from 5345.

Enjoy a delicious-tasting platter of Europe on a trip that takes you from Dubrovnik to...

The perks of travelling with Intrepid

A traveller dancing to a band playing local folk music in Bursa, Turkey

Authentic experiences with a local leader

It's all well and good sticking to the tourist trail, but anyone can Google that. We work exclusively with local leaders – because who better to show you the soul of a destination than someone who lives and breathes the culture? With insider knowledge of hidden hangouts, local legends and, most importantly, the dishes you won't find on the tourist menu, you'll go behind the scenes for a deeper, more culturally-rich experience.

A group of travellers making a toast at dinner in Menaggio, Italy

Small groups of ready-made friends

Travelling solo is fun, but we think it's even better with a small group of like-minded travellers just as eager to explore as you are. Our trips are for people of all ages and from all walks of life, from the rookie backpacker straight out of uni to retirees on a mission to tick off everything on their bucket lists. The diversity keeps things interesting – not to mention the new perspectives to uncover, stories to share and friendships to forge.

A traditional tram travelling up a narrow street in Lisbon

Safety, logistics and convenience

Travelling to a new place is exciting, but it can also be daunting. There's an itinerary to plan, accommodation to book and logistics to navigate – not to mention language barriers and border crossings. We're sure you could handle any situation, but it's reassuring to rock up and know that everything's been taken care of. Your leader will also keep you clued up on cultural do's and don'ts and help you avoid tourist traps so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

A group of hikers walking down a grassy hill

Pick your own style of travel

Whether it's for finger-lickin' food, the freedom of the mountains or rare wildlife encounters, people travel for different reasons. That’s why we’ve created a range of travel themes and styles . From our Basix style with simple accommodation and plenty of free time to our Premium trips featuring our best stays, experiences and leaders (with our Original and Comfort styles in between), there's something to suit every Intrepid traveller.

Recent tour reviews

Do i need a covid-19 vaccine to join an intrepid trip as a senior.

Trips from 1 January 2023 onwards

From 1 January 2023, Intrepid will no longer require travellers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (excluding all Polar trips and select adventure cruises). However, we continue to strongly recommend that all Intrepid travellers and leaders get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Specific proof of testing or vaccination may still be required by your destination or airline. Please ensure you check travel and entry requirements carefully.

Learn more about Intrepid's COVID-19 policy

Who are Intrepid travellers?

Intrepid adventures are for travellers with a yearning to get off the beaten track. Whether you're travelling solo, with a group of friends, or are aged 18 or 70, there is an Intrepid adventure to suit your interests and comfort level. Each Intrepid adventure has a physical and cultural grading to help you decide if the trip is right for you. No special skills are required for most adventures, just a sense of adventure and a curiosity about the world. Even on our camping adventures no previous experience is required; our tents are easy to set up, even for first-time campers. 

Are there age restrictions on your trips?

For the majority of our trips the minimum age is 15. An adult must accompany all children under the age of 18. Our Overland Adventures have a minimum age of 18. Younger children can join us on our Family trips and Short Break Adventures, but check each trip for its minimum age, which is located on the trip’s overview page on the website. Most of our trips don’t have a maximum age limit, but a Self-Assessment Form is required for all passengers 70 years and over. 

How many people will be on my trip?

Good things come in small packages, which is why we keep our group sizes down. This means we’re small enough to remain flexible as we thread our way through communities without intimidating the locals. On most of our trips you’ll be part of an intimate group of 12-16 people, though our group sizes are on average 10 people. Our Overland trips are in purpose-built vehicles that can carry up to 24 travellers. Group sizes are displayed on each trip’s overview page on our website. 

I’m travelling alone – is that OK?

This is the beauty of the Intrepid style of travel: many of our travellers join because they are travelling solo and want to meet and share experiences with like-minded people.

Learn more about solo travel

I have a disability – can I join an Intrepid trip?

Intrepid is committed to making travel widely accessible, regardless of ability or disability. We ask that you carefully consider whether you are physically and mentally able to complete the itinerary you have chosen, recognising that on many trips you will be required to carry your own bags and use public transport. 

Where we can we will make reasonable adjustments to the operation of our trips to facilitate the requirements of disabled travellers – such as booking ground floor accommodation, or having our leaders communicate important directions in writing as well as verbally. Many travellers with disabilities have been able to enjoy our trips by travelling with a friend or companion who can assist with specific needs. If joining a group trip is not practical we may be able to provide you with a private departure. Please contact our sales team for further information on any of our itineraries. 

Learn more about accessible travel with Intrepid

Do I need to buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance is compulsory on all our trips if you’re travelling internationally. Minimum coverage may differ from trip to trip, so make sure you check the Travel Insurance section in your Essential Trip Information. You will not be permitted to join the group until your leader has sighted your insurance policy number and the insurance company's 24-hour emergency contact number – it’s really important there are no barriers to getting emergency assistance for you. 

Will I have my own room?

It's your call. Rooming on our trips is organised on a twin-share basis, but most of our trips also have the option to pay an extra fee for your own room. Just let us know at the time of booking and we'll arrange it for you. 

For twin-share rooms, we pair up solo travellers with another traveller of the same gender as per the gender marker on each of their passports. As a responsible tour operator, we strive to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. In the case that your gender identity differs from what's indicated on your passport, please contact us so that we can discuss rooming options with you. 

On a small selection of itineraries some accommodations are booked on an open-gender, multi-share basis. In those instances it will clearly be stated in your Essential Trip Information. 

How does group time work?

Whether you’re travelling alone or with a partner, our trips have a set itinerary. But within that there’s time set aside for your own exploration (if you want to – no pressure). Depending on how you're feeling, you may want to have some downtime, ask your guide for a few tips then head out alone, or hang out with the group and see where the day takes you. 

What makes a small group tour better than a coach tour?

The main difference between a small group tour and a coach tour is the size of the group; our tours have 10 travellers each (on average) while coaches can hold up to 60 people. This means that you'll never have to vie for your leader's attention on a small group tour because you'll automatically have it.

Learn more about the differences between a small group tour and a coach tour

Read more about travel in Europe

tours for over 50s europe

Jun 27, 2024

Skip paris this summer and explore....

Don't let the Olympics spoil your dream European summer.

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May 20, 2024

Giant daisies, polar bears and a full....

Liz Carlson has one-upped all of our childhood dreams. In fact, I’d go as far as...

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5 places to escape the crowds in....

Don't dismiss a trip to Italy because of the crowds.

Senior travel European destinations

Title: Unforgettable European Trips for Senior Citizens

Embarking on European adventures is a dream for many senior citizens seeking enriching experiences abroad. For 55+ year old senior and retired travelers, The Good Life Abroad offers month-long inclusive experiences in Lisbon, Palermo, Florence, and Barcelona. These destinations, along with others, promise unforgettable journeys filled with culture, history, and exploration.

Exploring Senior-Friendly European Destinations

tours for over 50s europe

Lisbon: A City of Charm and History

Lisbon, Portugal's capital, boasts stunning architecture, picturesque neighborhoods, and a rich maritime history. From exploring historic landmarks like São Jorge Castle and Belém Tower to indulging in delicious Portuguese cuisine, Lisbon offers seniors a captivating blend of culture and leisure.

tours for over 50s europe

Palermo: Discover Sicily's Cultural Gem

Nestled on the picturesque island of Sicily, Palermo mesmerizes visitors with its vibrant street markets,

Baroque architecture, and rich cultural heritage. Senior travelers can wander through historic sites like the Palermo Cathedral and Quattro Canti, savor Sicilian delicacies, and soak in the Mediterranean charm of this enchanting city.

american woman looks at a statue in florence, italy

Florence: Renaissance Splendor and Artistic Treasures

Known as the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence captivates visitors with its wealth of artistic treasures, including masterpieces by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Botticelli. Senior travelers can explore iconic landmarks such as the Florence Cathedral, Ponte Vecchio, and Uffizi Gallery, immersing themselves in the city's unparalleled beauty and cultural heritage.

tours for over 50s europe

Aix-en-Provence: French Elegance and Provencal Charm

Aix-en-Provence, located in the picturesque Provence region of France, exudes French elegance and Provencal charm. Senior travelers can wander through the city's historic streets lined with elegant mansions, explore vibrant markets filled with local produce and artisanal goods, and relax in tranquil parks and gardens adorned with fountains and sculptures.

Barcelona, Spain location of The Good Life Abroad for people to move to Spain

Barcelona: Vibrant Culture and Architectural Marvels

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, delights visitors with its unique blend of Gothic and Modernist architecture, lively street life, and rich cultural scene. Senior travelers can marvel at Antoni Gaudí's masterpieces like the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, stroll along the bustling La Rambla, and enjoy authentic Catalan cuisine in this dynamic city.

tours for over 50s europe

Vienna: Imperial Grandeur and Musical Legacy

Vienna, Austria's elegant capital, beckons senior travelers with its imperial grandeur, classical music heritage, and vibrant cultural scene. From exploring opulent palaces like Schönbrunn and Belvedere to attending performances at the Vienna State Opera, seniors can immerse themselves in the rich history and artistic legacy of this enchanting city.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of choosing senior-friendly destinations.

Senior-friendly destinations offer accessibility, leisurely pace, and tailored experiences, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for older adults.

How can I ensure safety while traveling abroad as a senior citizen?

Prioritize safety measures such as researching destinations, staying informed about local laws and customs, carrying necessary medications and documents, and using reputable tour operators like The Good Life Abroad.

What types of activities are suitable for senior travelers in Europe?

Europe offers a wide range of activities suitable for senior travelers, including sightseeing tours, cultural experiences, culinary adventures, leisurely strolls, and relaxation in scenic surroundings.

What are some considerations for choosing accommodations as a senior traveler?

When choosing accommodations, consider factors such as location, accessibility, comfort, and amenities tailored to the needs of senior travelers. Look for options like The Good Life Abroad's inclusive experiences, which prioritize comfort and convenience for older adults.

How can I make the most of my European trip as a senior citizen?

To make the most of your European trip, plan ahead, pace yourself, embrace local culture, stay active, and savor every moment of your adventure. With careful planning and The Good Life Abroad's inclusive experiences, seniors can create unforgettable memories in Europe.

Where can i read more about various European Destinations?

  • National Geographic - Explore Europe
  • Travel + Leisure - 10 European Cities Perfect for Senior Travelers

Aligning with The Good Life Abroad Experiences

The Good Life Abroad's month-long inclusive experiences cater specifically to the needs and interests of 55+ active adults and seniors. From curated cultural activities and guided tours to comfortable accommodations and convenient transportation, The Good Life Abroad ensures seniors can explore Europe with comfort, confidence, and peace of mind.


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Our 9 Best European Tours for Seniors

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Senior traveler standing between colorful pillars at Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Experience the rich history and culture of Europe with our nine best European tours for seniors. These thoughtfully designed journeys cater to the mature traveler, offering unique adventures full of fascinating sights, comfortable pacing, and personalized service.

Wander medieval city streets in Croatia, admire artistic masterpieces in Italy, and delight in natural wonders like the Swiss Alps. Small groups and local guides will ensure every day feels special. Or create your personalized itinerary, with exciting destinations like Spain, France, and England to choose from.

Rediscover Europe with age-friendly tours focused on your travel style and interests, from relaxation to adventure and more.

1. European Senior Tour of Italy & France

2. best spain & portugal highlights for seniors, 3. best of greece vacation for the seasoned traveler, 4. splendor of scandinavia 12-day tour: best of northern europe, 5. 8-day croatia explorer: nature & timeless beauty, 6. wonderful wales: unique uk tour, 7. spain, france, & italy vacation for seniors, 8. cultivated senior adventure through iceland, 9. perfect seniors tour of germany: berlin, munich, hamburg, & more, plan your senior europe tour with a travel specialist.

St Peter's Cathedral in Rome, Italy

St Peter's Cathedral in Rome, Italy

Length: 12 Days

Places Visited: Rome, Florence, Bologna, Monterosso, Dolceacqua, Nice, Paris, Vatican City

Why we recommend this sample itinerary:

Experience the tastes, sights, and sounds of Italy and France with our European Senior Tour of Italy and France . This thoughtfully paced journey through two of Europe's most captivating countries offers you an intimate look at world-famous art and cuisine.

Admire Renaissance masterpieces, stroll charming seaside villages, and learn generations-old techniques behind famous creations, from Parmesan to perfume, as you uncover wonder in places like Rome, Florence, and the Italian Riviera.

Cross the border to explore Parisian patisseries, the majestic Louvre museum, and the colorful artwork of Chagall. With ample free time and knowledgeable local guides, you can immerse yourself in a senior trip customized just for you.

Learn more: Italy Tours for Seniors • France Tours for Seniors

Expert Tips for Discerning Travelers

Garden and bell tower at Alhambra Palace in Granada in a beautiful summer day, Spain

Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain

Length: 10 Days

Places Visited: Madrid, Granada, Seville, Lisbon, Porto, Toledo, Ronda, Sintra, Evora

From Moorish fortresses to storybook palaces, our Best Spain & Portugal Highlights for Seniors tour showcases the rich history and vibrant culture of the Iberian Peninsula.

Designed for seasoned travelers, you can explore the grandeur of Madrid's Prado Museum and the preserved medieval charms of Toledo, move to the rhythms of flamenco in Seville and discover Lisbon's cobblestone Alfama neighborhood in Portugal.

From the imposing Castelo de São Jorge to visiting the world's oldest wine region in the Douro Valley, you can revel in the fairytale beauty of Sintra’s castles or relax at a cafe with churros and hot chocolate as you lose yourself in legends and landscapes.

Learn more: Portugal Tours for Seniors • Spain Tours & Vacations for Seniors

Traditional houses in Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Places Visited: Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Paros

Best of Greece Vacation for the Seasoned Traveler will escort you from the Acropolis to island paradises on a storied tour of the nation’s most spectacular sights. Blend world-famous historic ruins with relaxation and indulgence. Savor authentic Greek cuisine during cooking lessons and food tours of Athens, then unwind with morning activities by the sea.

Marvel at the white-washed architecture of the Cyclades islands. Learn age-old fishing methods and explore the hidden gems of Mykonos, Paros, and Santorini. With ample downtime built into each day's customized itinerary, this trip offers you the perfect blend of culture, luxury, and adventure among the sparkling azure waters for which Greece is renowned.

Learn more: Greece Tours & Vacations for Seniors

Nyhavn - 17th century port, canal and resting place in Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark

Places Visited: Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Flåm, Bergen, Alta

From Stockholm's regal palaces to Norway's breathtaking fjords, the Splendor of Scandinavia 12-Day Tour: Best of Northern Europe showcases the captivating capitals, storied heritage, and spellbinding natural beauty of Northern Europe.

Find celebrated cities like Copenhagen and Oslo fusing with Scandinavian wilderness and ancient Viking traditions. Cruise past tiny towns on the way to hiking dramatic fjords. Search night skies for the magical Northern Lights. Sled with husky dogs.

Immerse yourself in museums, indulge in the cuisine, and embrace natural wonders on this trip of a lifetime through Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, tailored to your preferences.

Learn more: Scandinavia Tours & Vacations

Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia

Length: 8 Days

Places Visited: Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Mali Ston, Hvar, Trogir, Plitvice Lakes National Park

Our 8-Day Croatia Explorer: Nature and Timeless Beauty tour reveals the essential mystique of this storied Mediterranean landscape, from Dubrovnik's ancient walls to Plitvice Lakes' thundering waterfalls.

Explore the blend of contemporary culture and timeless history through its vibrant capital Zagreb and coastal gems like Split and Trogir. Wander medieval streets, enjoy private tours, and sail between forested islands dotting the Adriatic.

Sample local delights, from the pairing of wines and oysters to the complex flavors of traditional cuisine, as you disconnect from modern life and reconnect with nature and the past.

Learn more: Croatia Tours for Seniors

Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, UK

Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, UK. Photo courtesy of Tom Martin/Wales News Service

Length: 13 Days

Places Visited: Cotswolds, Shropshire Hills, Snowdonia, Machynlleth, Pembrokeshire, Wye Valley, Bath

From the medieval charms of Ludlow to the rugged peaks of Snowdonia, Wonderful Wales: Unique UK Tour showcases the rich history, dramatic landscapes, and proud traditions of western Britain.

With thoughtful pacing on a trip tailored to your interests, needs, and goals, you can discover everything from storied castles and Iron Age sites to stunning seaside views. Meander through quaint Cotswold villages, cycle misty trails, scale Mount Snowdon, and chase puffins by the thousands.

Immerse yourself in local customs alongside natural and cultural treasures for an unforgettable senior trip across Wales and western England.

Learn more: UK Tours & Vacations for Seniors

Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

Places Visited: Madrid, Barcelona, Montjuïc, Avignon, Lourmarin, Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Pisa, Florence, Orte, Rome, Vatican City

From the grandeur of the Spanish Royal Palace to the Sistine Chapel's magnificent frescoes, the Spain, France, and Italy Vacation for Seniors immerses you in the captivating history and culture of Western Europe's most storied nations.

This thoughtfully paced highlights tour explores world-famous sites like the Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Avignon's 14th-century Palais des Papes, alongside architectural wonders such as La Sagrada Familia and the Uffizi's collection of Renaissance masterpieces.

Discover new ways to embrace contemporary life while being immersed in bygone eras of artistic achievement, religious history, and royal prestige.

Learn more: Spain, France, & Italy Tours

Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, Iceland

Places Visited: Reykjavík, Budardalur, Akureyri, Raufarhöfn, Seydisfjordur, Höfn, Vík, Hella

Cultivated Senior Adventure Through Iceland uncovers the Nordic island’s elemental beauty and storied folklore from refined vantage points designed to indulge your senses and spark your imagination.

Explore natural wonders like the shifting tectonic plates of the continental divide and the island’s largest lava cave. Traverse Iceland's second-most powerful waterfall and sample Michelin-starred cuisine or the joy of a concert echoing in acclaimed cultural halls.

From its volcanic landscape to ethereal waterfalls, life looks different when viewed while snowmobiling across icy expanses, traversing 12th-century turf houses, and renewing your energy by harnessing the Arctic sun.

Learn more: Iceland Tours for Seniors

Hamburg city center with town hall and Alster river

Hamburg, Germany

Places Visited: Munich, Freiburg, Baden-Baden, Hamburg, Berlin

From the remnants of the Berlin Wall to Bavaria's fairy-tale castles, the Perfect Seniors Tour of Germany: Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and More connects you to the historical, cultural, and natural highlights across the country.

Delve into Berlin's complex past with an expert local guide and wander medieval sites in Freiburg before being pampered at one of the Black Forest's top spas. With flexible pacing, luxury hotels, and private tours focused on quality, this luxury journey explores Germany's foremost destinations, alongside hidden gems, all tailored to your interests.

Learn more: Germany Tours for Seniors

Group of senior travelers in looking at the bay surrounded by mountains in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

From indulging in world-famous art and cuisine to reveling in ancient legends and preserved medieval sites, each destination delivers the perfect blend of culture, nature, history, and relaxation tailored to your distinct interests and pace.

For more ideas on experiencing vibrant capitals, coastal paradises, and hidden gems, you can find an abundance of recommendations in our tours and vacations for senior travelers . With ample advice on a variety of experiences, destinations, and ways to customize your trip, you can enjoy discovering new information with our travel guide for senior citizens .

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Over 50s Holidays Tuscany

The Top 10 Best Places in Europe for Over 50s Holidays

As we all grow older, our priorities and preferences change (ours certainly have!). We often begin to seek out experiences that offer relaxation, comfort, and a chance to indulge in the finer things in life. Europe has always been a popular destination for the more mature tourist, and plenty of destinations within the continent cater specifically to the over 50s. This article will explore the top 10 best over 50s holidays in Europe.

With its rich history, diverse cultures, and beautiful landscapes, Europe offers a unique experience that can be enjoyed at any age. Whether you’re interested in exploring ancient ruins, visiting world-renowned museums, or simply enjoying the local cuisine, Europe has something for everyone. Additionally, many European countries offer excellent healthcare and safety standards, making it a comfortable and secure destination for older travellers. So, if you’re looking for a new adventure, consider Europe as your next destination.

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Our Top 10 Best Places in Europe for Over 50s Holidays

Tuscany, italy.

Starting with one of the best European holiday destinations for the over 50s to holiday – Tuscany in  Italy. This region in central Italy is known for its beautiful landscapes, rich history, and world-renowned cuisine. It is an ideal destination for those looking to relax and soak in the beauty of the Italian countryside. The region is home to stunning vineyards (and equally stunning wine!), picturesque villages, and historic cities such as Florence and Siena. The food and wine in Tuscany are exceptional, making it an excellent destination for foodies. 

Over 50s Holidays Tuscany

Where to stay in Tuscany

Here are some accommodation options for a stay in Tuscany.

A couple of hotels worth considering are the conveniently located, Hotel La Gemma in the centre of Florence, or with its peaceful courtyard garden the Hotel Ariele is another excellent option .

Tuscany: Quick Facts

Currency: Euro

Languages: Italian (English is widely spoken in tourist areas)

Main Airports:   Galileo Galilei International Airport (Pisa) and Amerigo Vespucci Airport ( also known as Peretola) in Florence.

Population: Approximately 3.8 million.

Crete, Greece

Crete is a Greek island in the Mediterranean – Another fantastic place for the over 50s to holiday. Crete is the largest of the Greek islands (3,260 square miles)  and as such offers a diverse landscape, with stunning sunsets, picturesque villages, charming towns such as Chania and Rethymno (also known as Rethymnon), and beautiful beaches. It is an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and a chance to soak up the sun. The island is also home to world-famous archaeological sites such as Knossos and Phaistos,  perfect for culture lovers. The island is more accessible than some smaller Greek islands, with regular flights and is easy to explore.

tours for over 50s europe

Where to stay in Crete

Here are some accommodation options for a stay in Crete.

A couple of hotels worth considering are  Domes Noruz Chania which is adults-only with easy access to the beach, or the serene bougainvillea-adorned  Elounda Mare Relais & Châteaux Hotel with its fantastic views over the bay of  Mirabello Bay.

Crete: Quick Facts

Languages: Greek (English and German are widely spoken in tourist areas)

Main Airports: Heraklion

Population: Approximately 670,000

Provence, France

The Provence is a region in southeastern France that is well known for its beautiful lavender fields, picturesque villages, and world-renowned cuisine. A wonderful destination for anyone looking to relax and soak in the beauty of the beautiful French countryside. The region has stunning vineyards, historic cities such as Avignon and Aix-en-Provence, and beautiful beaches. An ideal European destination for all the  Francophiles out there.

tours for over 50s europe

Where to stay in Provence

Here are some accommodation options for a stay in Provence.

Located in the heart of the Provence region, Villa Gallici Hôtel & Spa is a popular option,  or just outside the beautiful town of Avignon, the serene and peaceful Maison du Lac .

Provence: Quick Facts

Languages: French (English is often spoken in tourist areas)

Main Airports: Marseille,  Nimes, Nice, and Montpellier.

Population: Approximately 5 million.

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal’s capital city and is located on the country’s western coast, on the banks of the River Tagus. The town is famous for its stunning architecture, pastel-coloured houses and world-renowned cuisine.  Lisbon has many museums, art galleries, and historical landmarks like the Belem Tower (or the Torre de Belem, a 16th-century fortified edifice) and the superb Jeronimos Monastery .  Bear in mind that many parts of Lisbon are very hilly, which may be challenging if you have limited mobility or reduced fitness, and in that case take a Hop-on, Hop-off tour of the city , or use the public trams which traverse the city – they don’t call it the ‘City of Seven Hills’ for nothing.

tours for over 50s europe

Where to stay in Lisbon

Here are some accommodation options for a stay in Lisbon.

A couple of hotels worth considering are the  Pousada Alfama in the heart of the old city and within walking distance to many historical landmarks, or the chilled and friendly  LUSTER Hotel  is another excellent choice .

Lisbon: Quick Facts

Languages: Portuguese (English is widely spoken in tourist areas).

Main Airports: Humberto Delgado Airport (Lisbon Airport).

Population: Approximately 2.87 million.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city located on the northeastern coast of Spain. The town is famous for its stunning architecture, lively nightlife, and world-renowned cuisine. One of the reasons why Barcelona is a top destination for the over 50s is because of its very laid-back feel. It is a superb destination for those looking to soak up the culture and history of Spain. The city has many museums, art galleries, and historic landmarks like the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell . Barcelona is also enriched with Spanish culture and is proud of its Catalan traditions. 

tours for over 50s europe

Where to stay in Barcelona

Here are some accommodation options for a stay in Barcelona.

A couple of hotels worth considering are the excellent,  H10 Casa Mimosa 4* Sup in the centre of the city, or the elegant and historic Casa Mathilda is another great option .

Barcelona: Quick Facts

Languages: Catalan and Spanish (English is widely spoken in tourist areas)

Main Airports: Barcelona Airport El Prat de Llobregat.

Population: Approximately 1.6 million.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the beautiful capital city of Austria and is in the eastern part of the country. The city is famous for its stunning architecture, world-renowned music scene, and world-class museums.  The city has many historic landmarks, such as the Schonbrunn Palace and the Vienna State Opera . You will find more information about this great city here .

tours for over 50s europe

Where to stay in Vienna

Here are some accommodation options for a stay in Vienna.

A couple of accommodations worth considering are the centrally located, but tranquil  Nikolai Homes apartment complex.  Another great option would be the impressive  Hotel MOTTO for a real touch of Viennese class.

Vienna: Quick Facts

Languages: German (English is also widely spoken in tourist areas)

Main Airports:  Vienna International Airport.

Population: Approximately 1.9 million.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline located in the Campania region of Italy. The coast is famous for its stunning views, picturesque villages, and world-renowned cuisine. It is an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and a chance to soak up the Italian sun. Accessible from Naples or Rome, the coast is also home to many historic landmarks, such as the town of Amalfi which is set in a dramatic natural setting below steep cliffs and, also, the ruins of Pompeii near the Bay of Naples.  It’s worth noting that many of the tourist hubs in this area are less crowded in autumn, winter and spring, especially the ever-popular Sorrento.

tours for over 50s europe

Where to stay on the Amalfi Coast

Here are some accommodation options for a stay  on the Amalfi Coast.

A couple of hotels worth considering are  Maison Bon Bon with great views and a relaxed atmosphere, located in easily accessible Sorrento, or the amazing  Hotel Luna Convento in the town of Amalfi itself is another excellent possibility .

Amalfi Coast: Quick Facts

Main Airports: Naples International Airport and Salerno Costa d’Amalfi Airport.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and is located on the country’s eastern coast. The city is famous for its stunning architecture, world-renowned food scene, and world-class museums (seniors – defined as people who have turned 65) can often gain access to most of the Copenhagen museums and other attractions for a discounted price.  The city has many historic landmarks, such as the Rosenborg Castle and the Nyhavn Harbour .

tours for over 50s europe

Where to stay in Copenhagen

Here are some accommodation options for a stay in Copenhagen.

A couple of hotels worth considering are the conveniently located, 25hours Hotel Indre By a gorgeous, quirky and cool boutique hotel in the heart of old town, or the award-winning Copenhagen Admiral Hotel  is another excellent option .

Copenhagen: Quick Facts

Currency: Danish Krone (but Euros can sometimes be used for high ticket items).

Languages:   Danish (English is also widely spoken in Denmark)

Main Airports: Copenhagen Airport.

Population: Approximately 1.3 million.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a city on the southern coast of Croatia. The city is famous for its stunning architecture, picturesque Old Town,  beautiful beaches and, more recently, a filming location for ‘Game of Thrones’ . It is an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and a chance to soak up the Mediterranean sun. The city has many historic landmarks, such as the Dubrovnik City Walls and the Rector’s Palace .

tours for over 50s europe

Where to stay in Dubrovnik

Here are some accommodation options for a stay in Dubrovnik.

A couple of options worth considering are the conveniently located,  Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik , which is on the doorstep of the Old Town and boasts an indoor pool and a wellness centre with saunas, a hammam, plus fitness and massage facilities.

The great beachside location of the Sun Gardens Dubrovnik is another fantastic choice.

Dubrovnik: Quick Facts

Languages:   Croatian (English is widely spoken in tourist areas)

Main Airports:  Dubrovnik Airport.

Population: Approximately 41,562.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city and is on the eastern side of the country. The city is famous for its stunning architecture and world-renowned festivals (such as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest performance arts festival).  The city simply overflows with historic landmarks such as Edinburgh Castle , The Royal Yacht Britannia (moored at nearby Leith) and the Royal Mile . Edinburgh is also perfect for those who love to shop as it is renowned for being one of the best places in the United Kingdom for shopaholics. A diverse city, fast-paced and lively, coupled with areas that are much more subtle and relaxed including the beautiful Royal Botanic Garden .

tours for over 50s europe

Where to stay in Edinburgh

Here are some accommodation options for a stay in Edinburgh.

A couple of options worth considering are the Stockbridge (nice area of Edinburgh) located,  The Raeburn , about a mile away from the centre.

The fantastic  Cheval The Edinburgh Grand in the centre is another great choice.

Edinburgh: Quick Facts

Currency: British Pound Stirling

Languages:   English

Main Airports:  Edinburgh Airport.

Population: Approximately 554,000

Things for more mature travellers to consider when visiting Europe

  • Look for destinations with lots of accessible tours and things to do without too much effort.
  • Ensure there are easily accessible taxis or public transport near your accommodation that can take you wherever you need to go.
  • Look for easily accessible shops, pharmacies, hospitals or doctors in case of an emergency.
  • If mobility/fitness is an issue, then consider areas/accommodation that has flat surfaces, without lots of steps to make accessibility as easy as possible
  • Look for direct flights to minimise trip durations and travel fatigue.
  • Consider relatively quiet towns without hoards of tourist crowds.

Europe has many destinations catering to the over 50s. From Tuscany’s stunning landscapes to Barcelona’s vibrant culture, there is something for everyone. So if, like us, you are over 50 and looking for a holiday destination that offers relaxation, comfort, and a chance to indulge in the finer things in life, then Europe is the perfect place to go.

Top Tips – Europe

Use Omio to compare buses versus trains, very useful.

For Hotels including self-catering apartments we use , where you can filter by review score and many properties have a pay later/late cancellation policy should your plans suddenly change.

For travel insurance, we use and recommend using  Staysure – specialists in over 50’s travel insurance , as we have always found them fair and easy to deal with.   

Check our resources page for more budget tips and discounts from our days in transit! 

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Eastern Europe Tours for Seniors

166 trips for 'over 50s' in eastern europe with 944 reviews.

Best of Central Europe Tour

Best of Central Europe

"Both the places we visited and the guide were amazing - there was no shortcomings throughout the entire trip." Madeleine, traveled in April 2019

Budapest to Sofia Adventure Tour

Budapest to Sofia Adventure

"Was not very restrictive and allowed the freedom and flexibility to move around some plans." Samantha, traveled in September 2018

Budapest to Istanbul Tour

Budapest to Istanbul

"Multi city trip, high on history of the region, wear your comfy shoes." Donna, traveled in May 2022

Prague Vienna and Budapest (10 Days) Tour

Prague Vienna and Budapest (10 Days)

"This was an excellent trip and good value. The escorts are professionals and have good group management skills." Erica, traveled in July 2013
  • €100 deposit on some dates

Journey through Central Europe & Romania Tour

Journey through Central Europe & Romania

The Best of Eastern Europe Tour

The Best of Eastern Europe

"Hotels were great and the tours were fun." Ray, traveled in September 2023

Highlights of Eastern Europe (Classic, End Vienna, 14 Days) Tour

Highlights of Eastern Europe (Classic, End Vienna, 14 Days)

"Such a wealth of knowledge, very friendly, flexible and accommodative. Made the tour even more pleasant." Vinotha, traveled in September 2017

Treasures of the Balkans & Transylvania Tour

Treasures of the Balkans & Transylvania

"Cosmos delivers what it promises - a taste of each country so people can decide where they'd like to explore further, at a good price." Jennifer, traveled in May 2023

The Bohemian (Classic, End Budapest, 9 Days) Tour

The Bohemian (Classic, End Budapest, 9 Days)

From the Blue Danube to the Black Sea (port-to-port cruise) (from Vienna to Oltenita) Tour

From the Blue Danube to the Black Sea (port-to-port cruise) (from Vienna to Oltenita)

"Food excellent. Staff were awesome." David, traveled in April 2024

Prague & Budapest Tour

Prague & Budapest

"The tours were information and inclusive of historical spots. We will most definitely travel with Wingbuddy again!" LAURA, traveled in November 2023

From the Black Sea to the Blue Danube (port-to-port cruise) Tour

From the Black Sea to the Blue Danube (port-to-port cruise)

"The food was excellent. We enjoyed our trip and would use Croisi again." Karyn, traveled in May 2024

Best of Poland (11 Days) Tour

Best of Poland (11 Days)

"Very well organized, knowledgeable and accommodating. I loved the tour." Muna, traveled in September 2021

Grand Tour of Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria Tour

Grand Tour of Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria

"The Romanian castles (Bran, Peles and Corvin), and beautiful town of Sibiu; Serbian Skull Tower in Nis, nearby Devil's Town." Frances, traveled in September 2023
  • 10% deposit on some dates

1.200 Miles on the Beautiful Blue Danube (Bucharest - Vienna) (13 destinations) Tour

1.200 Miles on the Beautiful Blue Danube (Bucharest - Vienna) (13 destinations)

What people love about eastern europe tours for seniors.

To be honest, part of what made the trip fantastic was our group of 12- could not have had a better group to travel with- which is clearly luck, but a piece of our group being so cohesive was Nejca, our guide. She was perfect! Available but not pushy. Laid back, but willing to assert herself to make our experience the best. She made each person in the group feel special and appreciated. Thank you, Nejca! The itinerary was quite good as well. Although there were places I could have stayed for a day longer, I think it’s important to not stay too long and feel like time is wasted on a certain place on the tour. Transportation was efficient and Nejca did a great job getting us to our destinations easily and without rushing. Accommodations were very good- with the exception of Prague. Although our apartment was nice, it was clear that the residents of Prague feel that their space is being taken over by tourists- which is clearly true. I would have preferred to have stayed in a hotel in Prague-honestly, I would have paid more for it. Other than that, cannot day enough good things about the trip! Thank you!!
A great tour that lived up to expectations and covered a lot of ground in a short space of time.
I would have wanted the Rila Monastery included in the itinerary. Our tour leader, Vlad, was everything (and more) that one can ask for in a guide.It was evident that he was well-read about the history of the places we saw. He even included images to show in his talks. On a personal note, he made every effort to address each group member's questions and concerns in a friendly yet professional manner and go out of the way, if necessary, to attend to them. The local guides, Peter and Ibrahim, were likewise very knowledgeable in their particular areas.

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Over 50 and love to travel? These 7 tour companies are perfect for you

It’s no accident that older and wiser travelers tend toward senior travel tours, which offer the chance to leave the driving to someone else, not sweat the details and be freed up to really enjoy a destination.

By the time you hit 50, you’ve learned a lot about how to make the best use of your travel time. It’s no accident that older and wiser travelers tend toward senior travel tours , which offer the chance to leave the driving to someone else, not sweat the details and be freed up to really enjoy a destination. 

Most tours for older travelers do a good job meeting the needs of travelers in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s, but there are some travel tour companies for seniors that go above and beyond. And while age is just one of the many factors that defines your travel style, it’s still nice to know you’re traveling with a company that puts in the extra effort to make their tours for seniors really work for everyone on the trip. 

Here are the travel tour companies for seniors that shine especially bright when it comes to the offerings, amenities and details that serve older travelers.

1. Road Scholar

With its educational focus and tours spanning more than 100 countries and all 50 states, Road Scholar (formerly known as Elderhostel) is a perfect fit for curiosity-driven lifelong learners. The company’s average guest age is 72, but participants on these travel tours for seniors range in age from 50s to 90s. Programs are ranked by level of activity  and span the spectrum from “ Easy Going ” (which focuses more on classroom learning) to more physically demanding options like the outdoor-adventure focused “ Outdoor: Challenging ” programs. 

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Road Scholar also offers “ Choose Your Pace ” senior travel tours that allow participants to adjust their level of challenge on a daily basis. And for skip-gen vacations , Road Scholar offers Grandparent Programs, a series of fun-for-all senior tours designed specifically for grandparents traveling with their grandkids. 

FIND THE RIGHT POLICY:  How much travel insurance do you actually need?

GUIDED TRIPS:   7 affordable family travel adventures where someone else does all the planning

For more than 90 years, Globus has been a trusted guided tour specialist that ranks among the best travel tour companies for seniors. One of the ways it has translated age into wisdom is by recognizing that a one-size-fits-all tour doesn’t work for everyone. Its range of touring types significantly boosts the chance of creating personalized matches between destinations and travelers. 

ACTIVE TRAVEL:  5 best senior adventures for travelers age 50+

For instance, some of its travel tours for seniors focus on the big sights and tourist attractions that first-time travelers won’t want to miss. But there are also plenty of itineraries in Italy, the Mediterranean, the U.K. and the U.S. that earn the company’s Undiscovered designation by focusing on off-the-beaten-path attractions and experiences that create once-in-a-lifetime moments for seasoned travelers who want to go deeper into a destination. 

And for couples and groups with different interests, Globus’ new Choice Touring format gives people a variety of included activity choices at each destination so that everyone can find the right adventure.  

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3. Intrepid Travel

With its focus on active trips, you might think of Intrepid Travel as a tour company geared toward younger people. But Matt Berna, Intrepid Travel’s North America managing director, sums up the company’s age-inclusive ethos when he says, “Life is an adventure at any age and it’s highly likely you’ll find people of similar age and interest sharing – and enjoying – the trip right alongside you.” 

TRIPS OF A LIFETIME:   11 best Amtrak vacations and scenic train rides in North America

In fact, Intrepid reports that senior travelers who fall into the 50+ age category are among the most interested in its new active trips, which include walking and trekking tours , cycling trips  and multi-activity adventures . The company designs trips that are meant to be enjoyed rather than being a constant endurance test, so what Berna calls a “general level of health and fitness” is all that’s needed to make the most of the experience. 

4. Trafalgar

With a century of experience showing people the world, Trafalgar  is one of the tour industry’s largest and most trusted brands. And with 60% of its guests falling into the 50 to 71 age range, it’s an expert in travel tours for senior travelers. 

PACK WELL:  10 best luggage brands for all types of travelers

With its mix of travel directors who oversee all the details and local specialists who bring every destination to life, Trafalgar creates senior tours that offer both novelty and comfort. And recognizing that health and safety is more of a concern now than ever, it pioneered the industry’s first wellbeing director position , which focuses entirely on ensuring suppliers and partners are following health protocols, staying up to date on COVID-19 restrictions by region and handling all health-related queries. 

5. Smithsonian Journeys

If you have the time to go deep in a destination, Smithsonian Journeys might be the perfect fit. In addition to its Classic Land Journeys (which mix iconic and hidden sights) and Active Journeys (which shine an adventurous spotlight on the great outdoors), Smithsonian Journeys’ Living In programs offer something somewhat unusual for a tour provider: the chance to slow down and stay awhile. 

LEAVE THE PARENTS AT HOME:  9 skip-gen vacations that grandparents and grandkids will both enjoy

While not exclusively senior travel adventures, these three-week stays in Italy , France  and – starting in the fall –  Spain allow travelers to live like locals while also offering tour benefits like planning experts, tour managers and plenty of organized learning opportunities. And because it’s Smithsonian, educational enrichment is always front and center, allowing you to not just experience the world but to also understand it more deeply.

6. Backroads

Guided tour specialist Backroads , which specializes in cycling , hiking  and multisport vacations, knows that a love of athletic pursuits in the great outdoors is a lifelong passion for many. And to appropriately scale its offerings to different age groups, its trips range from active to easygoing, with a lot of flexibility built into the offerings that make them especially appropriate for senior travel tours.

RESORT FEE SCAMS:  How to see the real price up front

Of particular interest for older couples in which one partner is sportier than the other, E-bikes are included in Backroads’ trip prices so that groups with mixed abilities can ride together. Most cycling trips include two support vehicles, so that you can bike as much or as little as you want each day. And Backroads’ new Dolce Tempo trips are geared to be more easygoing but still offer plenty of fun and adventure along the way.

7. Overseas Adventure Travel (O.A.T.)

Catering primarily to travelers 50 and older, Overseas Adventure Travel (O.A.T.) offers travel tours for seniors that build in plenty of ways to support older adventurers. Recognizing that many of its travelers are retired, O.A.T offers longer trips. In fact, unlike many travel tour companies for seniors, the majority of O.A.T’s adventures are two weeks or longer. Many also include pre-trip and post-trip extensions for those who want to stay even longer. 

BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY:  The best resorts for multigenerational family travel

Seniors can easily match their energy level and accessibility needs with O.A.T.’s Activity Level rating system, which ranges from one for easy trips to five for strenuous journeys. And solo travelers can take advantage of the company’s free or heavily discounted single supplements on trips. O.A.T. reports that 92% of its 30,000 single spots this year are being offered without a single supplement fee .

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Tour Scoop

8 Best Senior Travel Tour Companies in 2024

These top tour companies are a particularly good fit for older travelers..

Kathy Boardman

The Scoop: What to Know About Trafalgar Tours

With tours around the world and experiences that are hard to replicate as an independent traveler, senior-friendly tour companies are a great vacation option for anyone over the age of 50. The best senior travel tour companies offer a wide range of formats to fit the varied needs, preferences, and interests of older travelers, too. And if you’re a senior who’s traveling solo, some of these tour companies also offer discounts so you don’t have to pay full price for a double room.

2024’s Best Senior Travel Tour Companies

The best tour companies for seniors stand out for a variety of reasons. They all have robust plans and protocols in place for such things as cancellations, changes, and other unforeseen circumstances; are very clear about the psychical requirements for each tour; and offer seniors tours to meet the interests all kinds of older travelers. Most also offer flight reservations and optional travel insurance. Here are the highest-rated and most trusted senior travel tour companies in the world.

STRESS-FREE TRAVEL: 15 Best Group Travel Companies for Guided Tours in 2024

1. Trafalgar Tours

An older couple take a break from hiking to enjoy coffee on a Utah outlook overlooking a canyon.They are sitting on camp stools close to the edge. They are both holding coffee mugs and she is smiling at the camera.

One of the oldest and most respected names in group travel, Trafalgar Tours has logged more than 75 years in the travel business and offers a wide variety of destinations and travel styles: guided tours, river cruising, next-gen and family tours , luxury and customized private tours, and safari and adventure travel.

Trafalgar’s “Be My Guest” experiences allow you to visit and dine with local families in homes, farms, and restaurants. “Mini-stays” of three to five days appeal to the busy traveler or to those who want an “add-on” to a longer tour or stay. “At Leisure” trips have a relaxed pace, longer stays at each accommodation, and later starts in the mornings.

FAR AND WIDE: 10 Best Trafalgar Tours to Take in 2024

Because Trafalgar’s customer base is international, tour participants are likely to be English-speaking citizens of a variety of countries—a plus for North Americans who would enjoy traveling with people from all over the globe. A travel director accompanies each tour group and coordinates with local tour guides at each destination. Many of the travel directors have five years’ experience or more.

Trafalgar has a “Very Important Traveler” program that offers 5% savings on selected trips. For solo travelers, the cost of a single supplement depends on the trip. Optional experiences on each tour cost extra but also offer the flexibility to create your own custom tour: You may opt out of the activity and choose to do something else—or just relax.

THE SCOOP: What to Know About Trafalgar Tours Before You Book

Trafalgar is the anchor brand of The Travel Corporation (TTC), which comprises 42 travel brands, including tour operations that specialize in different destinations, age groups, price range, and travel styles. For example, the CostSaver brand is very inexpensive, while  Insight Vacations  is a premium tour company, and  Luxury Gold  is TTC’s high-end tour company.

Quick Facts about Senior Tours with Trafalgar

  • Average group size: 22 to 29 people on small group tours; 40 to 50 on classic tours.
  • Price range: Moderately inexpensive but “optional experiences” are not included and can be expensive.
  • What’s included: All accommodations, meals as stated in itinerary, and most tips.
  • What’s not included: Optional excursions, some meals and tips.
  • Primary audience: Travelers from around the world; 60% of clients are ages 50 to 71.
  • Destinations: 303 trips in 72 countries across six continents.
  • How to book: Directly through Trafalgar ; via Travelstride , Tourhub , or TourRadar , all which are tour specialist online travel agents (OTAs) that offer hundreds of Trafalgar trips; or through a travel agent such as AAA .

2. Tauck Tours

Tauck Tours, a popular tour company for seniors, private, after-hours visit inside the Sistine Chape

Tauck Tours offers deluxe and highly inclusive tours to more than 100 destinations on all seven continents. With nearly 100 years in the tour business, Tauck prides itself on quality and on the experience of its Tour Directors, who come from 40 countries and average 10 years of experience. The hotels it selects are always excellent and well-located.

Tauck aims to appeal to people of all ages by offering land journeys, European river cruises, small ship ocean cruises, and multi-generational “Tauck Bridges” family travel. Each tour has ratings for activity level and pace (rated one through four), but, like many tour companies, Tauck warns that travelers with mobility issues must bring their own assistance.

ACTIVE TRAVEL:   5 Best Senior Adventures for Travelers Age 50+

Seniors who prefer to have the majority of their experience planned for them will appreciate the full itineraries and the many included meals in fine hotels and restaurants. With individual excursions included rather than optional, Tauck travelers are encouraged to try experiences (e.g., a raft trip or a helicopter ride) they might not otherwise have considered.

Tauck promises to “manage the unexpected—big and small,” with its Global Response Team, a comprehensive support system that takes care of all details, including such exigencies as accidents and quarantines.  The company has a frequent traveler savings program and offers some savings for solo travelers on selected journeys.

Quick Facts about Senior Travel Tours with Tauck Tours

  • Average group size: 35 to 44 people for land trips; 24 for small group journeys; river boat and small ship group sizes depend on size of ship but shore excursions are in smaller groups.
  • Price range: Upscale/Premium with many inclusions.
  • What’s included: All accommodations (generally upscale), tips, most meals, luggage handling, airport transfers as specified in the itinerary, entertainment, local excursions and visits, any taxes or surcharges.
  • What’s not included: Tips for Tour Director (and bus driver, where applicable), some meals (usually lunch).
  • Primary audience: “People of all ages,” but the company caters to seniors.
  • Destinations: More than 70 countries on seven continents (with land journeys on six); river cruises in Europe.
  • How to book: Directly through Tauck ; via Travelstride , a tour specialist OTA that offers hundreds of Tauck trips; or through a travel agent such as AAA .

3. Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT)

view of fishing village on an Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) tour

Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT), part of the Grand Circle Corporation since 1978, focuses on active travelers over 50 who are looking for hands-on experiences in destinations around the world. The seniors-only company prides itself in taking travelers off the beaten track with immersive “Day in the Life” experiences such as shopping at local markets, visiting children at school, and taking part in home-hosted meals. OAT opts for accommodations that offer authentic local experiences—think smaller family-run hotels, paradores , and hotels close to city centers.

Both land and small-ship tours for seniors are available. Most trips last two weeks or more, with optional pre- and post-trip extensions, appealing to retirees and working people who have saved vacation time as well as travel funds. The physical requirements of each tour are described in detail, with an activity level rating system of one (easy) to five (strenuous). Each itinerary outlines the included meals and local tours; optional tours require an additional fee, but the itineraries also recommend many free or inexpensive options for your free time.

BRING THE GRANDCHILDREN:   8 Grandparent-Grandkid Vacations for Active Seniors

OAT has made itself a leader in solo travel: More than a quarter of its senior citizen clients are solo travelers, and of those, 85% are women. Roughly 92% of its single spaces are free of any singles surcharge, others are heavily discounted, and the company also offers a roommate matching program. In 2019, OAT began offering some women-only departures.

While not a cut-rate tour company, OAT works hard to provide senior tours at low per diems—giving you more for your travel dollar. The Travel Channel recognized it as a top provider for budget-conscious travelers, and the Grand Circle Foundation received a Global Vision award for leadership in tourism and philanthropy.

Quick Facts about Over-50 Tours with Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT)

  • Average group size: Small-group land tours have no more than 16 travelers; small-ship adventures have no more than 25 participants.
  • Price range: Moderate.
  • What’s included: All accommodations (comfortable hotels), most meals, daily cultural activities, some tips, and airport transfers.
  • What’s not included: Some optional tours, meals, and tips.
  • Primary audience: “Curious lifelong learners” age 50+.
  • Destinations: 76 countries on six continents; no tours in North America
  • How to book: Directly through OAT

4. Road Scholar

tours for over 50s europe

Road Scholar is a senior travel tour company that emphasizes lifelong learning and educational travel for older travelers. Founded in 1975 as the nonprofit Elderhostel, the organization changed its name in 2010 and now provides study tours throughout the U.S., Canada, and in more than 100 other countries. All of its senior-focused tours include guidance and lectures by Road Scholar faculty who are experts on topics relevant to the destination. Lodgings are always comfortable and “sometimes even iconic.”

Road Scholar programs include theme-based travel (such as arts, philosophy and religion, and nature studies), outdoor adventures, service learning trips, adventures afloat, intergenerational tours, and independent city discoveries. The “Choose Your Pace” feature allows you to choose among multiple options of tour length, challenge, and pace. Extended-stay programs range from eight days in Florence to 45 days in southern Spain.

TRIPS OF A LIFETIME:   12 Best Amtrak Vacations and Scenic Train Rides in North America

Activity levels for tours range from “easy-going” to “outdoor: challenging,” with the physical demands of each tour described in its itinerary. An “easy” tour might cover a week of Chautauqua lectures in New York, while a “challenging” tour might include hiking and kayaking in Alaska.

Nearly 25% of Road Scholars are traveling solo; the senior tour company offers some discounts on single rooms, provides supportive advice to women traveling solo, and emphasizes “learning in the company of a small group of individual friends, rather than traveling with a collection of couples.”  Road Scholar travelers tend to be curious and open to new ideas and cultures. The travel company recently added a virtual Adventures Online series of in-depth lectures for those who wish to supplement an in-person journey or simply learn from home.

Quick Facts about Senior Travel Tours with Road Scholar

  • Average group size: 13 to 24 people on “small group” tours; 12 or fewer on “micro group” tours; other group sizes vary by tour type and destination.
  • Price range: Moderate to expensive, but with lots of included perks that other tour companies charge extra for.
  • What’s included: All accommodations, most meals, tips, excursions, expert lectures (in addition to your tour director), and airport transfers if you book flights through Road Scholar.
  • What’s not included: Porterage and airport transfers if you arrange your own flights.
  • Primary audience: Lifelong learners over the age of 50.
  • Destinations: Road Scholar’s senior tours cover all 50 U.S. states as well as 100 countries on all continents; the emphasis is on North America.
  • How to Book: Directly through Road Scholar ; via Travelstride , a tour specialist OTA that offers more than 1,500 Road Scholar trips; or through a travel agent such as AAA .

5. Smithsonian Journeys

Matsue Castle in Japan with tree leaves framing the picture, as seen on a Smithsonian Journeys tour

Like Road Scholar, Smithsonian Journeys is a group travel company for seniors that focuses on educational travel. It offers specialized land journeys, active outdoor journeys, small ship cruises, and cultural stays. At least one expert accompanies each tour or stay, providing lectures and local tours appropriate to the destination. Tours include culturally immersive experiences like visits to homes, meals with locals, and demonstrations of local crafts and cuisines. High-quality accommodations are included in the price and reflect the character of the local culture.

ADVENTURES FOR WOMEN: 9 Travel Companies That Specialize in Women’s-Only Tours

Smithsonian also provides special interest tours for older travelers, including study at Oxford, cave art exploration, and observation of the total solar eclipse in 2024. Its Cultural Stays allow travelers to “unpack once” and spend from one to three weeks exploring and learning in and around a single destination.

A branch of the 175-year-old Smithsonian Institution, Smithsonian Journeys has operated tours for more than 50 years. Its wide range of travel options appeals to many age groups, but the average age of travelers with this company is 55+. (The typical age range on active tours is 45 to 70; on special interest tours, it’s 55 to 80.) Smithsonian’s five activity level ratings are somewhat more demanding than Road Scholar’s, ranging from “Easy” (easy walking and shorter travel days) to “Challenging” (e.g., climbing Kilimanjaro).

Quick Facts about Senior Tours with Smithsonian Journeys

  • Average group size: 12 to 24 people for most land journeys; cruises from 36 people (river boat) to 264 (small ship cruise).
  • Price range: Moderate to expensive, but with lots of included perks.
  • What’s included: Excellent accommodations, most meals, most tips, excursions, experts and lectures, and airport transfers. Some itineraries also offer airfare-inclusive pricing
  • What’s not included: Some meals and some tips.
  • Primary audience: Travelers 45 to 80 years old who want to better understand the world.
  • Destinations: 130 itineraries on seven continents (with an emphasis on Europe).
  • How to Book: Directly through Smithsonian Journeys or through a travel agent such as AAA .

swimmers in spa pool in Budapest on a Globus tour in Europe

Established more than 90 years ago, Globus heads a family of travel brands that also includes Avalon Waterways (river tours) and Cosmos (budget tours). The company offers travel styles for a variety of fitness levels and interests, with an emphasis on freedom and flexibility that works especially well for seniors. It ranks among the best escorted tour companies for the 55+ age group because it recognizes that the one-size-fits-all mentality does not work for everyone, especially older travelers.

FOODIE VACATIONS:   9 Best Companies for Culinary Tours

Free time on every tour allows for “adventure a la carte.” A wide array of optional excursions and activities is offered on each itinerary: some are extra-cost activities provided by the company, while others are simply helpful suggestions for independent exploration. Globus provides tour directors and local guides from the region for every tour, as well as “skip the lines” access to sites, centrally located first-class hotels, opportunities to meet local families, and some “experiential dining” meals.

Globus tours come in many different formats. Globus Undiscovered tours take you off the beaten path where there are fewer crowds; this option is attractive to seasoned travelers who have already seen famous sights like the Tower of Pisa and the Mona Lisa. Escapes by Globus offers up to a 40% discount on tours taken between November and March. Choice Touring and Independence by Globus provide itineraries that allow you to choose excursions and have more “I-time” while the company provides lodging and the help of a tour director.

Quick Facts about Guided Tours for Older Travelers with Globus

  • Average group size: 24 people (small-group discovery) to 36 people (average size of a coach tour).
  • Price range: Inexpensive, but optional excursions cost extra.
  • What’s included: All accommodations, some meals, airport transfers on published tour departure and return dates, and admission to sites included in tour.
  • What’s not included: Optional experiences (may be $50 to $100 each), tips, and some meals.
  • Primary audience: Adults who want a wide variety of travel options.
  • Destinations: More than 50 countries on six continents.
  • How to Book: Directly through Globus ; via Travelstride , Tourhub , or TourRadar , all which are tour specialist OTAs; or through a travel agent such as AAA .

7. Intrepid Travel

two people kayaking with icebergs in the background on an Intrepid tour

Founded in 1988 in Australia and now employee-owned, Intrepid Travel offers 1,100 escorted tours worldwide, with an average of 10 travelers per tour. The company focuses on small group active trips off the beaten track. Its tours often use public transportation and stay at locally owned accommodations.

Intrepid has an age-inclusive philosophy (“18 to 70”) and aims to provide tours for all interests and comfort levels. Tour styles include “ Basix ” for the budget travel crowd and “ Comfort ,” which tends to attract older travelers. The travel tour company also offers retreats and tours for women, solo travelers, and the 18-29 age group. Note that while Intrepid tours are active, its tours are “not a constant endurance test.” A general level of health and fitness is adequate for its trips.

HIT THE TRAILS: 9 Best Tour Companies for Walking, Trekking, and Hiking Tours

Examples of Intrepid tours include a winter journey to Iceland to view the Aurora Borealis, a hiking-cycling trip in Sri Lanka, snorkeling in Bali, kayaking in Alaska, and enjoying the Naadam Festival in Mongolia or Day of the Dead in Mexico. A “Comfort” trip to Jordan might include some moderate hiking to sites, floating in the Dead Sea, a stay in a desert camp, and snorkeling in the Red Sea. Intrepid also offers small ship adventure cruising to such places as the Galapagos Island, the Greek and Turkish Islands, Antarctica, and French Polynesia.  

Intrepid conducts safety assessments of all included and optional activities; experienced local leaders provide instruction and advice to travelers who are new to an activity or area. It also has an excellent record of corporate responsibility. Intrepid focuses on sustainable travel and has been carbon neutral since 2010.

Quick Facts about Guided Tours with Intrepid Travel

  • Average group size: 10 people.
  • Price range: Moderately inexpensive but extra cost for premium upgrades.
  • What’s included: On general tours, you get accommodations, breakfasts, and local experiences. On premium tours, you can expect additions like breakfast and some other meals, tips, and airport and luggage transfer.
  • What’s not included: See above.
  • Primary audience: Active adult travelers of all ages.
  • Destinations: More than 100 countries on seven continents, including polar regions and more South Pacific destinations than most other senior tour companies.
  • How to Book: Directly through Intrepid ; via Travelstride , Tourhub , or TourRadar all which are tour specialist OTAs (online travel agents) that offer hundreds of Intrepid trips; or through a travel agent such as AAA .

8. Viking River Cruises

People dining onboard a Viking River Cruise ship with beautiful water and forest in the background

Viking River Cruises specializes in European river touring, but it also offers small ship ocean cruises and expedition voyages. The company is more than 25 years old and is among the most awarded river cruise lines worldwide. Viking owns and operates its own ships; it also owns some dock locations.

SINGLE TRAVEL: 10 Best Tour Companies for Solo Travelers

Viking does not try to be all things to all people. There are no casinos on its river boats, for example, nor are children under 18 allowed. Viking also has a “no nickel and diming and no umbrella drinks” policy. However, you can expect outside rooms, onboard enrichment lectures, destination performances, onshore excursions in every port, introductions to local life and people, and an experienced staff. (In fact, 90% of the company’s river cruise staff returns each year.) Optional pre- and post-tour land extensions are offered.

With a philosophy that travel “should be a doorway to cultural insight and personal enrichment,” Viking could be regarded as a waterborne version of Road Scholar or Smithsonian Journeys. The company owns a learning channel (Viking TV) and provides recommended readings and other materials before you depart.

Quick Facts about Cruises for Seniors with Viking

  • Passenger limit on river boats: 190 people  (up to 930 on ocean ships)
  • Price range: Moderately expensive but inclusive.
  • What’s included: Onboard accommodations, meals, shore excursions, entertainment, tips; and transfers with air purchase through Viking. Some tours also include free international airfare.
  • What’s not included: Transfers and porterage for those not using Viking for air reservations, some tips.
  • Primary audience: Adults, but primarily older adults.
  • Destinations: Mostly Europe for river tours, also cruises on the Nile, Mississippi, and Mekong Rivers; expedition cruises to Antarctica and the Great Lakes; ocean cruises to various destinations.
  • How to Book: Directly through Viking ; via CruiseCritic ; or through a travel agent such as AAA .

More Senior Travel Tour Company Options for Older Travelers

If you can’t see yourself in any of the senior tour styles I’ve mentioned above—or maybe you just want even more options—I have a few more recommendations.

1) Those who loved travel experiences in their student days and prefer an inexpensive tour may want to look at EF Go Ahead Tours .

2) Those who are physically fit and want active travel like cycling tours and walking tours with a mixed age group have many good options, including Backroads and Country Walkers , which can be a good fit for senior cycling and walking enthusiasts.

College graduates should check to see if their alumni association sponsors any tours: AHI , Odysseys Unlimited , and other companies work with these associations to provide excellent tours at good prices.

Finally, seniors planning a multigenerational family vacation or skip-gen trip with the grandkids should consider a company like Adventures by Disney , which is a hit with all ages.

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This tour company specializes in biking, walking hiking, and multi-adventure trips.

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Join us at Adventures Abroad for senior travel tours that offer outstanding value in small-group packages, spanning over 120 countries including Asia Travel , Africa Travel , Americas Travel , Middle East Travel , Europe Travel , Oceania Travel and beyond. While our tours have been a favourite for all manner of travellers for more than thirty years, they are thoughtfully designed to suit the needs and interests of senior adventurers.

Our tours feature over 350 unique itineraries, expertly blending top sightseeing spots with hidden gems. These tours are especially considerate of the preferences of travellers over 50, offering a balanced combination of adventure and relaxation. Adventures Abroad's signature tours are ideal for seniors who enjoy exploring the world in the company of like-minded people.

We focus on creating culturally immersive experiences, perfect for seniors who wish to deeply engage with local communities, enjoy diverse culinary experiences, and truly understand the cultures they visit. Our itineraries are carefully graded for physical activity, allowing seniors to choose a tour that best fits their activity level and interests.

For active seniors, our series of Active Tours offers an ideal blend of city or nature explorations at a leisurely pace. These tours are designed for over 50s and provide detailed estimates of walking distances and times, offering a unique alternative to traditional tours.

For those seeking a more customized experience, our travel experts are on hand to create Custom Tours that meet your unique needs and interests, with a particular focus on senior travellers.

Adventures Abroad tours, ranging from 7 to 45 days, are particularly suited for travellers aged 50 and above. These "soft adventure" trips focus on cultural, historical, and natural aspects of destinations. Our flexible tour modules allow seniors to select the duration that best fits their schedule, from short stays to extended adventures.

Unlike typical large bus tours, our groups are limited to 18 participants, ensuring a more intimate and interactive experience. This small-group setting enhances learning and social interaction, and ensures every question is heard and answered by the guide.

With over three decades of expertise, Adventures Abroad is a leader in senior tours . We meticulously plan each itinerary and oversee every aspect of the tour. Our tours are regularly updated to include new attractions and exclude those that no longer shine.

Our commitment to a no-shopping policy ensures that our tours focus exclusively on educational experiences, aligning with the preferences of travellers who prioritize learning and cultural engagement over shopping.

Explore the world with Adventures Abroad's senior tours , where every journey is an adventure crafted to suit the experienced traveller, promising new discoveries and unforgettable experiences.

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World Expeditions

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Over 55 Adventures

The Inca Trail winding its way through the Andes | Sarah Higgins

Want to travel on an itinerary that was designed with YOU in mind? Our over 55 adventures have been designed for the more mature adventurer who prefers a slightly slower pace, more rest days and some greater creature comforts. These authentic, life enriching experiences take you away from the crowds as you explore regions with passive or active enjoyment, allowing you to craft your holiday as you please.

Our expert guides who are veterans in the world of adventure travel will take you on journeys to discover new places, partake in new experiences, and challenge yourself, with attentive regard for your health and wellness throughout your journey. Our sustainable tourism ethos flows through all facets of our trips, meaning you can responsibly explore cultures, communities and landscapes in unique and remote regions around the world.

Whether you spend your days taking in the parks and wildlife of Patagonia or ascending the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, these trips will allow you to experience your selected destination in an accessible and thought out way and to share the journey with like minded travellers. While only a hand full of our adventures are labelled as Over 55, there are many in our suite of worldwide adventures that are suitable for travellers who desire adventure but at a slower pace. At World Expeditions we strongly endorse that health, fitness and attitude is more relevant than age!


Antarctica & the arctic, australasia, central america, central asia, indian subcontinent, middle east, north america, south america, vessels & boats, advanced search, find your over 55 adventures trip.

Plenty of colour on the streets of Cusco | Richard I'Anson

Best of South America

Activities:, introductory.

A World Expeditions porter looks on as the group enjoys the view on Kopra Ridge | Joe Kennedy

Annapurna Dhaulagiri over 55's

Thyangboche Monastery, the spiritual heart of the Khumbu region | Kelvin Law

Everest Base Camp over 55's in Comfort

Walking the gorgeous Camino Trail en route to Roncesvalles | Edwina Parsons

Guided Camino Walk for Senior Travellers

Introductory to moderate.

tours for over 50s europe

More about Over 55 Adventures

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Important information, popular over 55 adventures destinations.

tours for over 50s europe

World Expeditions has over 40 years of experience operating authentic and unique adventure holidays with a genuine focus on the paths less travelled. We are the pioneers in designing groundbreaking itineraries and many say our trips start where most others end. As the leaders in responsible travel, we offer big adventures with a small environmental footprint. While safety is core to how we operate, we’re also focused on the fun factor and suitably challenging you to feel that great sensation of personal achievement while enjoying the camaraderie of like minded travellers.

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On way down from the challenging Cho La Pass, heading towards Dzongla, Nepal | Marcelle Barnett

World Expeditions is committed to responsible travel and true sustainability. It was a commitment formed when the company was established, and today, in the face of a multitude of threats to global environments and cultures, our commitment is stronger than ever. Over several decades we have honed our responsible travel philosophy and are continually assessing and improving initiatives that are practiced in the field to ensure that we are mitigating our impact to the smallest possible footprint. View our award winning The Thoughtful Traveller booklet here .

Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

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Inclusions & Equipment

Discovery & Cruising

These are our least demanding trips. These journeys of discovery and cruises involve little or no extended activity. The itinerary may take place in remote areas (with basic facilities) and may involve long travel days on various types of transport. Sightseeing may be conducted on foot and all participants should be capable of carrying their own luggage from vehicle to hotel rooms. These adventures do not go above 2500m and rarely involve camping.

Adventure Touring

These adventure tours sometimes involve travel at high altitude (rarely exceeding 4000m, except on certain trips in Tibet, Peru and India) and may visit remote areas of the world where facilities are often basic. Many of these trips sometimes involve some camping or basic lodging. These adventure tours will often involve long journeys and rough roads. Sightseeing and optional day walks are often included and these days may involve up to 5 hours of physical activity.

Up to 5 or 6 hours of physical activity a day at a slow but steady pace.

Introductory activity with several moderate stages.

Up to 5-7 hours of physical activity a day at a steady pace. Terrain may vary and some steep ascents to be expected. Be prepared for variable weather conditions.

Moderate to Challenging

Moderate activity with several challenging stages.


Up to 8 to 10 hours+ of physical activity a day, often in remote areas with variable and adverse weather conditions.

Apply only to mountaineering trips and are therefore not shown.

These journeys of discovery and cruises are suitable for people with a basic level of fitness and good health.

Suggested preparation: Once or twice a week, we recommend you walk on undulating terrain for an hour, for at least 2-3 months prior to departure.

To enjoy these adventures we suggest you have a reasonable level of fitness and health, a moderately active lifestyle and a positive attitude.

Suggested preparation: Two or three times a week, we recommend you walk on undulating terrain for an hour or more, for at least 3 months prior to departure.

Our introductory trips are not ‘easy’ trips and you will need a reasonable level of fitness and good health.

Suggested preparation: We recommend 30 minutes of aerobic type exercise three times a week, starting at least two to three months before departure. This can include swimming, jogging, hard walking or cycling. For treks, hill or stair walking with a 5-7kg daypack is also highly recommended at least once a week. For a cycling adventure, road cycling twice a week for three months prior to departure is advised.

On these adventures you will need a reasonable level of fitness and good health.

Suggested preparation: We recommend 45 minutes of aerobic type exercise three times a week, from a minimum of three months period to your departure. This can include swimming, jogging, hard walking or cycling - good cardiovascular exercise. For treks, hill or stair walking with a 7kg daypack is also highly recommended at least once a week. For a cycling adventure, road cycling twice a week for three months prior to departure is advised.

These adventures require a good level of fitness and health.

Suggested preparation: We recommend 45-60 minutes of aerobic type exercise, three to four times a week. Hill walking with a pack in variable weather conditions, kayaking or road cycling is also recommended depending upon the activity you plan to undertake.

These adventures require a good level of fitness and excellent health.

Suggested preparation: We recommend one hour of aerobic type exercise, four times a week. Hill walking with a pack in variable weather conditions, kayaking or road cycling is also recommended depending upon the activity you plan to undertake.

On these challenging adventures, you will need an excellent level of fitness.

Suggested preparation: We recommend one hour of aerobic exercise, four times a week – such as jogging, hard walking, cycling or paddling. Solid preparation is essential in the months leading up to your departure. For trekking, hill walking with a 7kg pack is a must. On the weekends mix in a relatively demanding bushwalk relatively steep ascents and descents. For cycling, regular biking for one to four hours at a time, with as many hills as possible, will help prepare you for your trip.

The exact inclusions and equipment for each of our adventures is listed once you've found the trip you want. Our trips are generally more inclusive than others in the market place in line with our philosophy of minimising 'extra payments' displayed outside of the main trip price as well as out of pocket expenses once you reach your destination.

I've visited over 50 cities in Europe. London and Paris were great, but these 5 lesser-known locations are worth a visit.

  • After traveling to over 50 cities in Europe , I've enjoyed visiting some lesser-known locations.
  • Bath, England, is a great place to visit for Roman ruins and beautiful architecture.
  • I also loved traveling to Bruges, Belgium, which is both historic and romantic.

Insider Today

I've visited over 50 cities in Europe, and while I love global tourist hubs like London and Paris , I also try to seek out smaller cities and towns.

With over 13 million Americans predicted to travel to Europe this summer, it could be the right time to check out the off-the-beaten-path destinations on your travel bucket list .

These are five lesser-known destinations in Europe I recommend visiting.

Bath, England, is just a 90-minute train ride from London.

tours for over 50s europe

As you probably could have guessed from this city's name, Bath is known for its Roman baths. These baths, dating back to AD 70, are some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in the world.

Bath is known for its beautiful Georgian architecture , which can be admired in places like the Royal Crescent, which features a crescent-shaped row of 30 houses.

I also loved visiting the Circus, which is made up of townhouses arranged in a circular pattern. These areas showcase Georgian architecture and are what makes walking around Bath feel unique.

If you're a book lover, you can visit during the annual Jane Austen Festival in September, where people dress up, and the city is taken back in time.

The train from London to Bath takes about 90 minutes, making this city the perfect day trip.

Mostar is a beautiful city in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

tours for over 50s europe

Mostar really surprised me. It didn't look like anywhere else I'd been, with the towering Old Bridge connecting the two sides of the city. The 16th-century bridge, rebuilt after the 1990s war, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The city also has a well-preserved Ottoman quarter with charming cobblestone streets. During my time in Mostar, I loved drinking Bosnian coffee, taking in the views of the city, and feasting on local dishes like ćevapi.

Bruges, Belgium, is a romantic city.

tours for over 50s europe

Bruges is a well-preserved medieval town. Its historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and visiting feels like stepping back in time.

The best thing I did was take a boat ride on the canal, admiring the architecture while cruising through Minnewaterpark, commonly referred to as the Lake of Love .

Bruges is a laid-back destination that makes a convenient day trip from nearby Paris and Brussels. The city is perfect for couples looking to indulge in Belgian beer and chocolate.

Heidelberg, Germany, embraces modern life without losing its historical charm.

tours for over 50s europe

Heidelberg has striking views around every corner. The city is home to a centuries-old castle as well as the oldest university in Germany .

I enjoyed walking along Philosophenweg (also called Philosopher's Way), where professors sought solitude and academic inspiration. The path was especially beautiful during my trip in the fall.

We loved spending time in the city, which had lots of nice restaurants and cool bars. Heidelberg does an amazing job of embracing the new while holding on to its historical charm.

Andorra La Vella is a hidden gem in the Pyrenees mountains.

tours for over 50s europe

Andorra La Vella is the capital of Andorra, a country in the Pyrenees between France and Spain .

Every restaurant we dined at featured dishes influenced by the surrounding countries. If you want to try authentic Andorran food, head to a borda — a traditional house once used for agricultural purposes . Now, these buildings are used as charming restaurants.

Andorra la Vella is a great day trip from Barcelona, but the city deserves more than a one-day visit.

tours for over 50s europe

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Travel + Leisure Readers' 15 Favorite Resorts in Europe of 2023

Readers showed plenty of love for European resorts boasting rich histories and unsurpassed beauty in our annual "World’s Best Awards" survey for 2023.

tours for over 50s europe

How Voting Works

What readers loved, the full list.

Do you prefer the coast or the mountains? Lakes or vineyards? Sumptuous chateaus or crisp, white-washed villas? Whatever your ideal setting, there’s probably a show-stopping hotel to help you experience it more richly. Travel + Leisure readers’ 2023 picks for the best resorts in Europe span the continent, stretching from the shores of Spain to the peaks of Switzerland.

Every year for our World's Best Awards survey, T+L asks readers to weigh in on travel experiences around the globe — to share their opinions on the top hotels, resorts, cities, islands, cruise ships, spas, airlines, and more. Nearly 165,000 T+L readers completed the 2023 survey, an increase of nearly 25 percent over pre-pandemic voting levels. A total of more than 685,000 votes were cast across over 8,500 unique properties (hotels, cities, cruise lines, etc.).

Hotels were classified as either resort hotel, city hotel, or safari lodge based on their location and amenities, and they were specifically rated on the criteria below:

  • Rooms/facilities

For each characteristic, respondents could choose a rating of excellent, above average, average, below average, or poor. The final scores are averages of these responses. 

Courtesy of Auberge Resorts Collection

Waterside resorts proved popular, with no less than five out of the six Italian winners situated on Lake Como or the Amalfi Coast . In Greece, all four entries are on beautiful Santorini, a perennial reader favorite. It’s tough to beat the sunset views at No. 9 Grace Hotel, Auberge Resorts Collection, whether you choose to watch from your room or the sizable infinity pool. “The best vacation we ever had — a stunning hotel and wonderful staff and service,” shared one voter, while another extolled the romantic nature, writing, “My partner and I fell in love all over again.”

If you prefer the Alps, consider the historic Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz, which made the list again after a brief absence last year. One guest raved that the family-owned No. 3 property was “one of the most memorable stays at one of the most special hotels on earth. Impeccable service, great food, and an oh-so-beautiful location.” 

To see the rest of the best resorts in Europe — including the winner for 2023 — read on.

Il Sereno Lago di Como: Torno, Italy

Courtesy of Il Sereno Lago di Como

When Il Sereno came on to the Lake Como scene in 2016, hopes were high, given the stylish reputation established by its St. Bart’s property. Luckily, the intimate 40-suite property has met — and exceeded — expectations, according to Travel + Leisure readers. Located in the village of Torno on the lake’s southeastern shore, the sleek walnut-and-stone building by Spanish architect Patricia Urquiola stands out among the Como grand dames. The fine dining restaurant Il Sereno al Lago received one Michelin star in 2023 and the spa is housed inside an old boathouse with water views. Outside, stunning landscaped gardens, a sparkling pool, and the gently lapping waves of the lake beckon, with exclusive boat ride experiences available to complete the ultimate Lake Como experience.

1. Il Sereno Lago di Como : Torno, Italy

Reader Score: 98.67

2. Finca Cortesin Hotel Golf & Spa : Málaga, Spain

Reader Score: 98.26

3. Badrutt’s Palace Hotel : St. Moritz, Switzerland

Reader Score: 98.22

4. Hotel Santa Caterina : Amalfi, Italy

Reader Score: 97.88

5. Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni : Bellagio, Italy

Reader Score: 97.87

6. Katikies : Santorini, Greece

Reader Score: 97.75

7. Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco : Montalcino, Italy

Reader Score: 97.56

8. Andronis Boutique Hotel , Santorini, Greece

Reader Score: 97.42

9. Grace Hotel, Auberge Resorts Collection : Santorini, Greece

Reader Score: 97.11

10. Il San Pietro di Positano : Positano, Italy

Reader Score: 97.07

11. Andronis Arcadia : Santorini, Greece

Reader Score: 97.00

12. Hôtel Crillon le Brave : Crillon-le-Brave, France

Reader Score: 96.84

13. Villa d’Este : Lake Como, Italy

Reader Score: 96.82

14. Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Oetker Collection : Cap d’Antibes, France

Reader Score: 96.80

15. Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa : Champillon, France

Reader Score: 96.36

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    Guided small group tours of Europe: Maximum of 16 mature travellers, learn about history, places & people on a European vacation. Visit us to learn. Country Australia ... These package holidays are designed for reasonably active seniors or mature travellers over 50, 60, or 70, whether traveling as a couple or opting for solo travel tours. ...

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    Odysseys Unlimited. First up is Odysseys Unlimited, a company with an excellent reputation for catering to the needs of an older travel group. The tours typically include a fair amount of walking - excellent for any senior's health - and plenty of exploration. The small group company provides trips to an astounding number of countries in ...

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