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okanagan valley tourist information

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okanagan valley tourist information

It's all here in the Okanagan Valley

A unique region in the BC Interior that offers a blend of natural beauty and outdoor adventure. From the sparkling waters of its many lakes to the rolling hills dotted with vineyards and orchards, the Okanagan is a true haven for adventure of all kinds. Boating on the lake, skiing in the mountains, or sipping on locally-produced wine are just some of the many experiences that await you in this stunning valley. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a nature lover, or a foodie, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained during your time here.

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okanagan valley tourist information

Escape to the breathtaking beauty of the Okanagan and choose from a wide selection of accommodations to suit your style. Indulge in luxury at world-class resorts, savor the comfort of cozy bed and breakfasts, or opt for centrally located, budget-friendly motels. Immerse yourself in nature at one of the many campgrounds, or get cozy at a cabin in the mountains. No matter where you stay, the Okanagan promises an unforgettable and comfortable vacation.

okanagan valley tourist information

Explore Food & Drink

The Okanagan is a true treat for the senses, offering an array of culinary delights and deletable wines that are sure to tantalize the palate. From juicy fruits plucked straight off the thriving orchards to delectable wines crafted from grapes grown in the region’s vineyards, this is a place where food and drink reign supreme. Here, the cuisine is an enticing blend of the freshest ingredients, local flavours, and a touch of international allure. Whether it’s at a bustling farmers market, a cozy café, or a chic bistro, the Okanagan promises to satisfy every appetite.

okanagan valley tourist information

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19 Things to Do in the Okanagan (+ Hidden Gems and Unique Ideas)

By: Author Aly Smalls

Posted on Published: September 12, 2020  - Last updated: June 21, 2022

19 Things to Do in the Okanagan (+ Hidden Gems and Unique Ideas)

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Perfect for active travelers, those that love outdoor adventure, vacationers who just want to relax and enjoy nice weather (and no bugs) and everything in between, there are so many things to do in the Okanagan for any type of holiday.

The sprawling vineyards and endless wine tasting opportunities always draw me in, but the endless outdoor activities, unique attractions and warm hospitality keep me here longer!

wine barrels and a picnic table sit in a vineyard overlooking the valley and lake

( This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click through and make a purchase I may make a small commission. I only share information about things I know, love and trust! )

What the Okanagan Valley is Famous For

The Okanagan Valley is famous for its hot summer climate and mild winters making it a perfect vacation destination for many. You could spend your entire summer here and wouldn’t run out of things to do.

Long, warm lakes and sandy beaches, over 200 vineyards that offer an exquisite mix of wine touring opportunities, orchards are full of fresh fruit in the long growing season and outdoor recreation opportunities are fueled by a growing craft beer and foodie scene.

aerial view of rows of green vineyards among desert hills

Cities and Towns That Are Part of the Okanagan

Vernon, Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, Penticton, Oliver and Osoyoos are the cities and larger towns that are part of the Okanagan, with a few smaller communities sprinkled in between.

While Kelowna is the largest hub of the region, each area has unique attractions making the entire Okanagan Valley full of fun places to visit.

aerial view of a winding roads overlooking  lake

Here Are the Best Things to Do in the Okanagan

1. swim in kentucky alleyne lake (the most vibrant turquoise water).

This lake might be the brightest azure-blue color you’ve ever seen, and even rivals the hues of the water you see in the caribbean.

It’s a non-motorized lake, so bring your floatie or kayak and enjoy some time in the sun. Best enjoyed on a hot day as the water is chilly.

There’s a campground here too as part of the provincial park. Located about an hour west of West Kelowna. 

aerial view of a vibrant turquoise lake through a desert-like landscape

2. View Spotted Lake’s Natural Phenomenon

You can’t swim in Spotted Lake but it’s fascinating to see in person.

Large pools of mineral deposits can be seen in mid to late summer as the water evaporates from the lakebed making it an interesting visual for onlookers.

The concentrated minerals create massive polka dots of different colors. Located near Osoyoos. 

okanagan valley tourist information

3. Hit the Stellar Hiking Trails

It’s safe to say that any trail you choose to hike will come with a view. The first thing you notice when you drive through the Okanagan is all the massive hills that surround all the lakes.

The Enderby Cliffs are challenging but have an epic view of the whole valley at the top.

The Oyama Lookout in Lake Country isn’t really a hike, but a killer spot for a drive.

In Kelowna, Mt. Boucherie and Mount Knox are popular spots with many trails.

Apparently there’s a natural waterslide you can find in Mill Creek Regional Park on the north end of Kelowna.

okanagan valley tourist information

Pincushion Mountain in Peachland is a straight up leg burner, but most people can do it.

Finally, Munson Mountain trail is a quick and easy hike overlooking the main beach at Penticton. 

large white letters on a hill that spell out Penticton

4. Hidden Waterfalls 

If you prefer hiking to waterfalls instead of elevated lookout points, the Okanagan has you covered.

One of my favorite’s is the Naramata Falls, where you can access after about 15 minutes if you park at the KVR Smethhurst parking lot along the Naramata Bench road.

Christie Falls near Fintry are also a hidden gem, but for the more adventurous traveler. 

several small waterfalls over large rocks

5. Wine Touring at Unique Wineries

Perhaps what the Okanagan is most well-known for is the almost 200 wineries in the region.

I recommend visiting at least a few wineries in different areas due to the differences in terrain and terroir, so you’ll get slightly different tasting wines (grapes) everywhere you go.

Even if you’re not a big wine drinker, it’s still fun to visit all the vineyards and wineries for the epic views and tasting experiences.

a man and woman sit on a patio with a wine barrel bistro set

If you’re an ice wine fan, Hainle Vineyards in Peachland is the birthplace of ice wine in North America.

The Hatch and Blackswift Wineries in West Kelowna are laid back, fun and great for the younger demographic and non-pretentious winos.

okanagan valley tourist information

Lang Vineyards in Naramata has some of the smoothest reds in the area.

Covert Farms down in Oliver has a gorgeous ‘secret garden’-vibe outdoor tasting area and lots of other fun things on their property, like animals and a giant jumping pillow. 

an outdoor pergola with tables

| Read More: the 23 Fun Wineries in the Okanagan to Get Your Sip On

| Read More: 7 Naramata Wineries I Had the Most Fun At

P.S. – If you’re traveling in the Okanagan and interested in wine tasting, staying at a vineyard is a pretty amazing experience!

My favorite was staying at the Wesbert Winery on the Naramata Bench. The view from our room was incredible, it included home cooked breakfast and was walking distance to several wineries.

a hotel room with a view of the vineyard

Our room and view at Wesbert Winery, check prices on Booking.com or Expedia.

6. Roam With Alpacas

In Vernon, the Camelot Haven Alpacas farm allows visitors to roam the wildflower fields and pet and potentially cuddle the fuzzy alpacas.

Or you can book a guided alpaca walk where you each get to walk an alpaca on a leash and learn about these docile cuddly animals. 

alpacas in a field behind a wire fence

7. Cuddle with Kangaroos

Kangaroo Creek Farm is just north of Kelowna in Lake Country, and is definitely a place you should visit in the Okanagan.

There are also wallabies, capybaras, sugar gliders and other animals to enjoy.

It’s not a zoo, but a hobby farm that originated from bringing these once unwanted animals from New Zealand to Canada. 

two girls petting a small kangaroo

8. Penticton River Float

Floating down the whole length of the Penticton River Channel will take about 3 hours as you leisurely make your way down this 7km waterway that connects Okanagan Lake to Skaha Lake.

This is one of the most popular summer attractions in Penticton.

You can either bring your own inner tubes, or book a package with Coyote Cruises (they’ve got 12-person islands you can rent)!

groups of people in tubes float down a river channel

9. Kayak to Rattlesnake Island

From the main beach in Peachland, you can kayak to Rattlesnake Island which is free to roam around.

Decades ago, this small island was originally meant to be developed into an amusement park by a local entrepreneur. It was supposed to have mini-golf (which you can still see the abandoned course), a ferris-wheel and other attractions.

okanagan valley tourist information

Due to local political disagreements, the theme park never came to fruition but the business man did build a large villa across from the island, now known as the Peachland Castle.

You can actually stay here – view prices on Booking.com !

10. Explore the Kettle Valley Railway

The now abandoned Kettle Valley Railway corridor has been developed into a 650km multi-use trail system through southern British Columbia.

No matter where you go in the Okanagan, you can access parts of this trail.

Some of the most interesting parts of the KVR are the Myra Canyon trestles near Kelowna, which will take you 3-4 hours if you’re biking at a leisurely pace and enjoying the scenery.

If you’re visiting Naramata, you can take the KVR trail all along the bench and do wine tasting along the way! 

aerial view of people biking on an old trestle bridge

11. Catch a Flick at the Starlight Drive-in Theatre 

In the adorable town of Enderby, a drive-in theatre still exists with the largest screen in North America! There aren’t many of these places left in the world, so it’s a unique experience if you’ve never done it.

Visiting the Drive-in theatre in Enderby is also a great activity to do in the Okanagan when it rains, as it’s open rain or shine! Located less than an hour north of Kelowna.

12. Free Yourself at a Clothing Optional Beach

I know this isn’t for everyone, but if you’re open to the idea, Three Mile Beach in Penticton is not only a very welcoming spot to newcomers, it’s actually a great beach area in a perfect little cove.

okanagan valley tourist information

You’re covered from onlookers by the cliffs above and no one on the beach really bats an eye. Bring your chilled bottle of wine and enjoy the late afternoon sun. 

| Read More: Everything You Can Expect When Visiting Three Mile Beach

13. Ice Cream and Quirky Shopping at Tickleberry’s

Just south of Penticton is the small community of Okanagan Falls. Tickleberry’s is a must-do spot on a road trip in the area for the best hard ice cream and all kinds of unique gifts. 

a woman sits on a bench eating ice cream

14. Stay in a Hobbit House 

About 30 minutes outside of Osoyoos you can rent your own little slice of Middle Earth as part of your Okanagan vacation.

With all the detailed touches, you will 100% be transported into a magical world. Check out all the photos and details on Airbnb .

15. Pick Your Own Juicy Fruit

Of all the things to experience in the Okanagan, picking and enjoying fresh fruit is a must. Apples, peaches, cherries and blueberries grow in abundance here (among many other fruits and veggies).

Be sure to stop at a highway fruit stand or some of the larger orchards and fruit markets. I love Davidson’s Orchards in Vernon and even the Log Barn north of town is a fun visit. 

okanagan valley tourist information

16. Craft Breweries

Besides wine, the Okanagan has a booming craft beer scene (many of which have patios that are pet friendly).

BNA brewing might be the most well-known, due to its indoor bowling alley and bocce ball area.

We enjoyed Red Bird Brewing for a little quieter vibe and excellent food truck eats on site.

okanagan valley tourist information

In Penticton, head to Bad Tattoo Brewing for their long list of unique ales and the most excellent pizza (the cheeseburger was our fave)!

Cannery Brewing is also a must – they’ve got a great patio and a huge array of beers on tap. 

okanagan valley tourist information

Road Tripping through the Okanagan? Read a more in depth travel guide for the must-see stops from Kelowna to Osoyoos .

Things to Do in the Okanagan in Winter

17. skiing and snowboarding at world-class mountain resorts.

Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna and Silver Star Mountain in Vernon are the two major mountains in the Okanagan to get your fresh turns in. Ski resorts in the Okangan are well-known for large dumps of champagne powder (perfect dry snow).

Each resort has a village with condos, restaurants, shopping and extra activities available like snowshoeing, skating and snow tubing.

I especially love the colors of the village at Silver Star Mountain.

okanagan valley tourist information

18. Winter Wine Touring

Many wineries in the Okanagan are open year round or during certain winter months.

This is often a great time to do some wine tasting, as the wineries are usually much less busy in the winter months, so you might get a much more personal and in-depth learning experience.

rows of bare grape vines in the winter with snow on the ground

If you’re a fan of icewine, plan a visit in late November to mid-December for harvesting these special grapes. Plus, seeing the snow-covered vines are quite beautiful.

19. Outdoor Skating

Visit Stuart Park in downtown Kelowna and skate under the beautiful lights and holiday decorations. Then wander over to a downtown cafe or restaurant to warm up with a hot chocolate or a warm drink.

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okanagan valley tourist information

Must-see attractions in Okanagan Valley

okanagan valley tourist information

Mission Hill Family Estate

Okanagan Valley

As if it were a Tuscan hill town, this winery's architecture wows. Go for a taste of one of the blended reds (try the Bordeaux) or the excellent Syrah…

SS Sicamous Heritage Park

Back when the best way to get around inland BC was by boat, the SS Sicamous hauled passengers and freight on Okanagan Lake from 1914 to 1936. Now the boat…

Kelowna City Park

Kelowna's lakeside park is a charming feature and gets busy on warm summer days.

Planet Bee Honey Farm & Meadery

At Planet Bee you can learn all the sweet secrets of the golden nectar, taste 25 different honeys and see a working hive up close. Even better, taste the…

Summerhill Pyramid Winery

In the hills along the lake’s eastern shore, you’ll soon come to one of the Okanagan’s most colorful wineries. Summerhill Pyramid Winery combines a…

BC Tree Fruits Cidery & Tasting Bar

The cidery division of BC Tree Fruits, a 400-family BC cooperative, is booming. Head to the Cidery & Tasting Bar, next to its fruit and vegetable market…

Carmelis Goat Cheese Artisan

At Carmelis you can sample soft-ripened cheeses with names such as Moonlight and Heavenly, or the hard-ripened Smoked Carmel or Goatgonzola. For those…

Rust Wine Co

Recently rebranded to Rust Wine Co, these guys produce excellent whites, reds and rosé, though it's best known for the Zinfandel. Breathtaking views in…

Hester Creek Estate Winery

Has a sweeping location, a great new tasting room and is known for its reds, especially its richly flavored Cabernet Franc. The winery's Terrafina…

Davison Orchards

Has tractor rides, homemade ice cream, fresh apple juice, a cafe, winsome barnyard animals and more. Great for the family, but definitely on the beaten…

Oliver Twist Estate Winery

How can you go wrong when your Nostalgia Series includes the Boogie Woogie White, Pink Cadillac and Rockabilly Red? Head to Oliver Twist for some fun with…

Traditional Osoyoos buckskin and beading on display at Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre

Osoyoos Desert Centre

Hear the rattle of a snake and the songs of birds at the Osoyoos Desert Centre, 3km north of town, where interpretive kiosks along raised boardwalks…

Historic O'Keefe Ranch

Home to the O’Keefe family between 1867 and 1977, the O'Keefe Ranch retains its original log cabin, and has lots of live displays of old ranching…

Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park

The main attraction here is the annual spawning of sockeye salmon. The 10.59-sq-km park protects both sides of the Adams River between Shuswap Lake and…

Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park

Propelled by the dry weather and compact gneiss rock, climbers from all over the world come to this park to enjoy climbing on more than 400 bolted routes…

Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park

The beautiful 9-sq-km Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park lies south of town on the eastern side of the warm, shallow lake. The park offers great swimming at…

Sandhill Wines

Formerly known as Calona Vineyards, Sandhill Wines was the Okanagan’s first winery when it kicked off production in 1932. Its architecturally striking…

Okanagan Lavender Farm

Visiting Okanagan Lavender Farm is a heady experience. Rows and rows of more than 60 types of lavender waft in the breeze against a backdrop of the…

Vaseux Lake Provincial Park

This lakeside park has a 300m boardwalk for viewing oodles of birds, bighorn sheep, mountain goats and some of the 14 species of bat. You can also hike to…

Burrowing Owl Estate Winery

Wine with an eco-accent that includes organic farm techniques; try the Syrah. Other award-winners include the Cabernet Franc and Meritage. This Golden…

Nk'Mip Desert & Heritage Centre

Part of a First Nations empire, the Nk'Mip Desert & Heritage Centre features cultural demonstrations and tours of the arid ecology. Located off 45th St…

Penticton Museum

Inside the library, the Penticton Museum has delightfully eclectic displays, including the de rigueur natural-history exhibit with stuffed animals and…

Black Hills Estate

The tasting room here is an arresting vision of glass and metal, with deeply shaded patios for sunset tippling. Besides vintages such as Viognier, there…

Okanagan Wine & Orchard Museum

Located in the historic Laurel Packing House, the Okanagan Wine & Orchard Museum recounts the Okanagan Valley from its ranchland past, grazed by cows, to…

Church & State Wines

Making a big splash at its Coyote Bowl vineyards, especially with its full-bodied, luscious Syrahs. Also home to the Lost Inhibitions label, which…

CedarCreek Estate Winery

Known for excellent tours, its Riesling and its Ehrenfelser, a refreshing fruity white wine. Its bistro,Home Block at CedarCreek, has the kind of view…

Road 13 Vineyards

Its very drinkable reds (Pinot Noir) and whites (Chenin Blanc) win plaudits. The no-frills vibe extends to its picnic tables with gorgeous views and the…

Haywire Winery at Okanagan Crush Pad

Ages many of its wines in concrete tanks, reviving a centuries-old practice that largely died out when the industry shifted to stainless steel. Tastings…

LaStella Winery

A beautiful vision of Italy rises up near Osoyoos Lake. Terra-cotta roof tiles and floors and granite touches combine for one of the valley's most…

St Hubertus Estate Winery

Taste a selection of four wines ($5) at one of the area's oldest wineries – the original vineyards were planted in 1928. Try the floral, somewhat spicy…

Quails' Gate Winery

A small winery with a huge reputation; it's known for its Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc. The Old Vines Restaurant is among the best.

Okanagan Heritage Museum

The Okanagan Heritage Museum looks at centuries of local culture in an engaging manner that includes a First Nations pit house, a Chinese grocery and a…


BC's first producer of Zinfandel is also home to the elixirs known as ice wines, which are harvested when the grapes are frozen on the vine; go for the…

Orchard Hill Estate Cidery

All wined out? Stop on the side of Hwy 97 at this family roadside place for a free tasting of their excellent cider. Our pick: the Red Roof Apple Cider (…

Kelowna Art Gallery

The airy Kelowna Art Gallery features works by Canadian artists.

Bear Statue

A visually striking piece of public art near the waterfront.

Waterfront Park

Has a variegated shoreline and a popular open-air stage.

Hot Sands Beach

A fine place for a lazy dip near the center of town.

Ogopogo Statue

Statue of the lake's mythical monster.

Spotted Lake

About 8km west of town on Hwy 3, look for Spotted Lake, a weird natural phenomenon that once would have made a kitschy roadside attraction. In the hot…

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okanagan valley tourist information

Plan Your Okanagan Valley Holiday: Best of Okanagan Valley

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Okanagan Valley

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okanagan valley tourist information

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Wine tastings.

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How to Sip and Dine Your Way Through Canada's Okanagan Valley

Take a two-day wine-filled journey through British Columbia’s South Okanagan Valley.

Courtesy of Covert Farms

The Okanagan Valley is a place of dramatic contrasts. Formed by glaciers and volcanoes, it’s a destination where lakeside beaches meet bluffs and steep hillsides striped with vines give way to valley floors speckled with stone-fruit orchards. It’s long been a playground for city dwellers in Vancouver and Calgary, who pop over for weekend jaunts, but now, its wineries and farm-to-table restaurants are calling to travelers from all over the world.

If you fly into the valley, you will land at Kelowna International Airport, the region’s urban, modern hub. From there, drive south and watch the strip malls quickly fade in the rearview as wine country unfolds in front of you.

Oliver, Golden Mile Bench, Osoyoos

Take a drive:  Pick up your rental car and drive south on Highway 97. It’s less than a two-hour drive from Kelowna to Osoyoos if you don’t stop. But where’s the fun in that?

Snag a coffee:  Travel through Penticton, a city on an isthmus between Okanagan and Skaha lakes. If you are feeling peckish, stop at  Wayne & Freda  for a justly famous breakfast sandwich called “The Bacon.”

Photo op:  Continue along the highway past McIntyre Bluff, which marks the start of the South Okanagan. From here, the valley opens wide into a sea of undulating ponderosa pines that give way to sagebrush. Pull over for a photo.

Stop for a sip:  Hit the brakes at  District Wine Village ,  a hub of several small, independent wineries. Alternatively, meander to  Covert Farms Family Estate ,  a 650-acre regenerative farm and winery nestled against the bluff, and take the tour through orchards and vineyards in their cherry-red 1952 Mercury truck. (This is a fantastic option if you’re traveling with kids.)

Savor a bite:  As you continue south, you’ll hit the town of Oliver, aka the “Wine Capital of Canada.” Hungry? Find gloriously overstuffed burritos at  El Sabor de Marina ,  a turquoise food truck parked next to  Oliver Global Grocers ,  where you can also grab hot samosas for around $2 each.

One more taste:  Keep to the valley’s west side, in the subregion known as the Golden Mile Bench. Pop in for a plummy Syrah at high-altitude  Rust Wine Co. ,  the Chardonnays at  CheckMate Artisanal Winery ,  the silky and powerful Cab Franc at  Gold Hill Winery ,  or the well-​structured red blends at  Hester Creek . With chef Adair Scott in charge, Hester Creek’s Tuscan-inspired  Terrafina  restaurant is also an excellent place to dine.

Stay:  Watermark Beach Resort   (rooms from $111)  is comfortable and conveniently located in downtown Osoyoos—and the restaurant patio is a terrific place to relax over a snack and a glass of wine.

Black Sage Bench, Okanagan Falls, Naramata

Take in the view:  Swing by  Jojo’s Café  for satisfying stacked breakfast sandwiches. Take yours to go and stroll across the street to enjoy breakfast with a view of the breathtaking Osoyoos Lake.

Seek out a tour:  Explore the Black Sage Bench, the sunnier, drier east side of the valley. This is big red country, known for its expressive Syrahs and Bordeaux varieties. The buzzy  Phantom Creek Estates ,  with its luxurious, art-filled palace perched on historic vineyards, is worth a visit. If you are looking for a more intimate experience, consider  Le Vieux Pin   for elegant Syrah,  Black Hills Estate Winery   for tastings of red blends in poolside cabanas, or  Desert Hills   for juicy, food-friendly Gamay.

Pack a lunch:  Begin your journey back north, but only after stopping at  Oliver Eats  to assemble a gourmet picnic. An ideal spot to eat is Vaseux Lake, a migratory-bird sanctuary teeming with wildlife.

Seek out single-vineyard wines:  Just past the lake, take the Oliver Ranch Road turnoff to the Okanagan Falls wineries. The wine style is cooler and more Burgundian — visit  Blue Mountain Vineyard & Cellars   for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, especially the new single-vineyard series. (Reservations are essential.) Continue along the east side of Skaha Lake, popping in to the sophisticated  Painted Rock Estate Winery  for a taste of its perpetually award-winning Red Icon Bordeaux blend. Eastside Road ends in Penticton, where you will find  Time Family of Wines ,  a must for bubbles and signature Meritage blends.

Goodbye eats:  For dinner, head up the hill to  Poplar Grove Winery  on Munson Mountain, a restaurant with 270-degree views of the valley and a dynamic new culinary team led by chefs Stacy Johnston and Minette Lotz.

Stay:  Even if you don’t have time to visit the Naramata Bench wineries, you can enjoy the pretty drive for an overnight at  Naramata Inn   (rooms from $186) , where you’ll also find a wine bar serving hyperlocal bites and sips.

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okanagan valley tourist information

91. Frequency Winery


92. Rollingdale Winery


93. See Ya Later Ranch


94. Visit Penticton Visitor Information Centre


95. Therapy Vineyards


96. BLOCK ONE Restaurant


97. Red Rooster Winery


98. Indigenous World Winery


99. Bench 1775 Winery


100. Giant's Head Mountain Park


101. Stoneboat Pinot House


102. The View Winery and Vineyard


103. Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery


104. St Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery


105. Caravan Farm Theatre


106. Linden Gardens


107. Road 13 Vineyards


108. Maple Leaf Spirits Inc


109. Painted Rock Estate Winery


110. Pentâge Winery


111. Kismet Estate Winery


112. Castoro De Oro


113. Cannery Brewing


114. Okanagan Heritage Museum


115. Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park


116. Platinum Bench Estate Winery


117. Predator Ridge Golf Resort


118. Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards


119. Father Pandosy Mission


120. Kelowna Actors Studio


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Top 12 Things to do in the Okanagan Valley this Summer

Starlight Theatre

Who hasn’t heard about the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia , known for its mild climate, fruit orchards, vineyards, and the wine trail with its superb wineries?

It’s the Okanagan Valley , well featured in tourist brochures. But guess what? Wine tasting and playing golf are not the only things to do in the Okanagan Valley, there is more to do and many places to explore.

Much has changed in recent years and the Okanagan seems to attract mainly upper-class tourists, who have lots of money to spend. Do not despair if you are a Budget Traveller , and are not interested in expensive wine tasting tours. I have lots of ideas to share with you.

We used to have barn dances and Sunday jams, but most Old West events have disappeared. If you’re lucky to be in the Okanagan Valley at the right time, you might experience small-town Rodeo fun.

What we always will have are our beautiful lakes and wild provincial parks to get away from it all.

Table of Contents

1. Visit Historic O’Keefe Ranch

Historic O'Keefe Ranch Vernon BC

Step back in time and learn about the Old West and the history of this region.  Founded in 1867, Historic O’Keefe Ranch tells the story of ranching in British Columbia . The Ranch is a must-see with small and large historic buildings. Some of them you can enter and explore. Make sure to sign up for the tour of the O’Keefe family home, stop in at the General Store for a cold drink and some old-fashioned candies and visit St. Ann’s Church, a popular wedding location.

Special events are offered during summer, like dinner shows that require prior booking. The Ranch used to be famous for the annual Cowboy Festival with ranch horse competitions between BC working ranches. Whether this amazing event will return to the Okanagan Valley one day is unknown.

There is a gift shop on-site. You can take a roping lesson and take a ride on a stagecoach. The highly recommended Cattlemen’s Club Restaurant is open daily.

Location: 9380 Hwy 97N, 12 km north of Vernon, BC in the North Okanagan – website

2. Spend a Movie Night at the Starlight Drive-in Theatre

Starlight Theatre Enderby BC

Don’t miss the Ultimate Movie-Going Experience and North America’s largest Drive-In Movies under the stars when you come to the North Okanagan.  A movie night at the Starlight will take you down memory lane, that is, if you belong to the older generation of moviegoers.

The Movie season at the Starlight is from early May to September, depending on attendance and weather. The starting time is when it’s dark enough. Have cash ready for the admission fee to avoid lineups. Make use of the concession (snack bar) to support the theatre. No movies without pop and popcorn!

Location: 5341 Highway 97A, 20 minutes from Salmon Arm and Vernon, just South of Enderby – website

3. Visit Davison Orchards Country Village

Davidon Orchard Okanagan Valley

Davison Orchards is the place to go for farm food and family fun . Here you can see the crops grow and fruit picked and made into delicious country food. Take a ride through the farm on “Johnny Popper Train” to see the orchards and get educational information along the way.

This is a kid’s heaven with the Crazy Cow Kids Corral and lots of space to play. At the Critter Corral, you can check on the chickens, Sheep, Goats and other farm animals, as well as the climbing coats.

When you walk through the Country Village Store, the smell of freshly baked goods will tempt you to do some shopping. Souvenirs and goodies are of high quality. This is a place I have been going to for years and I enjoy it thoroughly each time.

Location:  3111 Davison Road, Vernon, BC, above historical Bella Vista Road, just a few minutes from downtown Vernon – website

4. Tube the Shuswap River

Things to do in the Okanagan Valley - tubing the Shuswap

What better way to spend a blazing hot day than tubing the Shuswap. Enjoy the cool water, splash around, relax in your raft, or go for a swim. Tubing down the Shuswap is a favourite summer activity in the Okanagan. All you need to have fun is an inflatable raft, a life jacket, lots of sunscreen lotion and an adventurous spirit.

Check in with the River Ambassadors before launching your raft. They’ll give you information on the conditions and direct you to the safe put-in and pull-out points along the way.

Educate yourself about safe practices and how to spot potential hazards before heading out. Check for more information about tubing .

Please Note: Tubing is not recommended when water levels are high and there is a danger of swift currents, cold water and log jams (like at the time of writing).

The Shuswap River is of ecological and cultural importance to the area; treat the river with respect.

There is no shuttle or tube rental available.

Location: Enderby, via BC Highway 97A

5. Watch an Outdoor Play at the Caravan Farm Theatre

I have been going to the Caravan Farm Theatre for years, a one-of-a-kind live outdoor theatre experience under the stars.  You definitely want to include this event in your Okanagan visit. There is something magical about the outdoor plays.

Caravan Farm Theatre is a professional outdoor theatre company. The theatre is based on an 80-acre farm, 11 kilometres northwest of Armstrong, British Columbia and is popular for performing various plays during the year. During summer you can enjoy a full-length action-packed musical, including horses, trucks, dogs, kids, and whatever else it takes to perform an amazing outdoor play.

Location: 4886 Salmon River Rd, Armstrong, BC – website

6. Casting a line at Mabel Lake

Fishing at the lake - Okanagan Valley

Off the beaten track, the lake is easy to get to and is famous for beautiful sandy beaches and excellent fishing. Because of the provincial campground at the southern part of the lake, it gets busy during summer, but there is a good chance to be by yourself during the off-season.

Spend some time exploring the hidden treasures close by. Mabel Road, a gravel road along the east side of the Lake takes you to Three Valley Gap and  Revelstoke but is often closed because of washouts. Check on the conditions before heading out.

Location: Mabel Lake Vally, access from Lumby BC

7. Visit Silver Star Mountain Resort

Silver Star Mountain Resort - summer activities

Silver Star Mountain Resort is not only a winter playground, it also offers many outdoor opportunities during the summer months. Located high up in British Columbia’s Monashee range, it is only a 20-minute drive from Vernon and easy to get to. Once the snow melts, the picturesque resort changes into a hiking and mountain biking heaven.

Don’t miss a drive up to Silver Star Mountain Resort. Stroll around the village,  look at the colourful buildings, take pictures and stop in at one of the cozy coffee shops or friendly pubs. You won’t need much effort to experience sweeping views from high above. The scenic lifts take you to the summit in minutes, offering spectacular views of the Monashee Range and Okanagan Valley.

Are you interested in a Mountain biking experience? Silver Star’s world-class bike park and cross-country network of trails have something for every level of rider. A Rental Shop offers a great selection of demo and rental bikes, and protective gear for all ages. Why not have a go at it while you’re up there?

Location: 20-minute drive from Vernon BC

8. Paddling Echo Lake

Paddling on echo Lake North Okanagan

Surrounded by trees and wilderness, Echo Lake is one of the hidden secrets, located southeast of Lumby, in the North Okanagan Valley. Listen to the echo while you’re there, it gives the lake its name.

Echo Lake is known for its clear turquoise-coloured water and excellent fishing and is a popular regional recreation destination. Here you find excellent paddling, canoeing and kayaking opportunities. Echo Lake Resort, located inside Echo Lake Provincial Park offers boat and canoe rentals. No license is needed and lifejackets are supplied.

Location: Drive 1 km east of Lumby , turn right onto Creighton Valley Road, and continue for 22 km (dirt road for the last half). You will pass Barb Lake and Cozy Cabins Wilderness Retreat before you get to Echo Lake.

9. Rent a Jetski on a hot day

Jetski fun Okanagan Lake

As much as we try to associate Canada with the idyllic pictures of canoes, horses, and nature, the fact is, Canada is a country of powerful engines, big trucks, luxury boats, ATVs and Gators, which most of us love.

So, why not get a taste of the power of engines while you’re here and try something you won’t do at home?

Experience the thrill of driving your own Jet Ski from the Kelowna harbour. Jet skis, or Sea Doos, can be rented at the Kelowna waterfront. They are noisy and fast, and lots of fun.

Location: Kelowna BC

10. Hike or Cycle Myra Canyon Mountain Park near Kelowna

Myra Canyon Trestle

Plan a trip along the scenic Kettle Valley Rail Trail, starting at Myra Canyon. You can hike, bike or take a guided tour of the area.

Myra Canyon Mountain Park is 40 minutes southeast of Kelowna and it’s worth the trip. There are two public entrances to the Park, Myra Canyon, and Ruth Station. Myra Canyon is the more popular one, especially for hikers.

Myra FS Road is a gravel road that takes you to the Myra Parking lot. The 12 km portion of the KVR trail is flat and easy to cycle or walk. You will be rewarded with stunning views from the 18 rebuilt trestles on the way. you will pass through two tunnels to cool off and have fun.

Bike rental is available at the Myra Canyon Trailhead and in Kelowna.

Location: Myra FS Road, Kelowna BC

11. Stop at Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery

Okanagan Spirits Distillery

Okanagan Spirits is Western Canada’s oldest craft distillery. It is internationally acclaimed as North America’s only designated World Class Distillery (World Spirits Awards).

They offer visitors an opportunity to learn about the production and the art of craft distilling. After the tour, you are invited to the tasting bar to taste their spirits.

Two Locations: 267 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC, Phone: 1-778-484-5174 and 5204 24th Street, Vernon, BC Phone: 1-250-549-3124

12. Go on a self-guided Okanagan Valley Wine Tasting Jaunt

okanagan valley tourist information

Of course, no trip to the Okanagan Valley is complete without a visit to at least a couple of wineries. If you’re considering taking a tour, you can choose between many transportation options; helicopter, classic car, luxury SUV, boat, bike and much more.

As a budget traveller, you probably opt for a self-guided tour. Get a list of the wineries and see which ones you can visit on foot. This is possible if you stay in an urban area like Kelowna, Penticton or Osoyoos.  Wine touring by bicycle is another good option and you will enjoy the scenery along the way. Bicycle rental is possible in most larger towns. Or of course, you might prefer to drive your vehicle or a rental car.

Whatever way you choose, be sure to plan for a safe ride home if you do any wine tasting.

Location: Okanagan Valley

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okanagan valley tourist information

Yrene lives in the Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada, and is the founder of BackcountryCanadaTravel.com. She was born in Switzerland, lived and worked on different continents and has travelled the world. Yes, that's me, an Entrepreneur, wilderness nut and animal lover who prefers off-the-beaten-track places. I write about things I love. Mostely.

Devon Spittle

Another fun activity to add to your list is okanaganflyboard.com Kelowna’s original Flyboard experience! Founded in 2013 Okanagan Flyboard has become one of the top 2 outdoor activities on TripAdvisor.

Flyboarding in Kelowna is also great!

Thanks for adding this Devon!

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#Explore Kelowna Blog

While you're in kelowna.

Check out our energetic downtown and beautiful  waterfront boardwalk . Go on a tour of the many local  Okanagan wineries , restaurants ,  craft breweries, cideries, and distilleries . Hit the trails by  bike , visit the historic  Myra Canyon Trestles , or  hike  to the top of a mountain. Relax by the lake at one of the many  beaches  or take to the water for endless  lake activities . Looking for farm fresh food? Visit the  farms, orchards, markets , or many local  restaurants  for delicious seasonal products grown right here. Looking to play a round?  Golf  your way through  19 golf courses . Kelowna is a must-play destination for every golf enthusiast! Explore the website for  events  and more  activities and attractions  to help you start planning your trip.

#Explore Kelowna

Here's a little taste of the experiences from locals and visitors in Kelowna, BC. An energetic city surrounded by wilderness, mountains, vineyards, orchards, set on sparkling Okanagan Lake. Use #explore Kelowna  during your Kelowna adventures.

Tourism Kelowna's online chat service is provided by  LiveChat .

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Tourism Kelowna would like to thank Westbank First Nation and Okanagan Indian Band for the privilege to live, work, and play on the tm̓xʷúlaʔxʷ (land), that is the unceded and traditional territory of syilx Okanagan peoples, the original stewards of these lands and to whom we give thanks to as our hosts

Kelowna Visitor Centre: 

238 Queensway

Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 6S4 Canada


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okanagan valley tourist information

Live the Adventure!

okanagan valley tourist information


Canada's desert - from vineyards and lakes in the summer to snow resorts in the winter, sip & soak in the okanagan valley.

Located in British Columbia’s interior, the Okanagan Valley is Canada’s premier wine region and a paradise for outdoor recreational activities.

The four-season destination is known for its semi-arid climate, lakes, rolling hills, lush orchards and vineyards. You will be able to explore the picturesque front lake towns, farmers’ markets, adventure in watersports, and numerous family-friendly ski resorts. There is something for travellers of all ages, interests and fitness levels.

Explore the rest of our  British Columbia tours !











Western canada & vancouver island premium 2025.









Interested in other adventures.

636 Hornby Street Vancouver, BC V6C 2G2

Tel: (604) 689-8128 Toll Free: 1-855-689-8128 Email: hello@discovercanadatours.com

Office Hours:

Every day (Monday – Sunday) 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

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okanagan valley tourist information

Ready For Adventure?

Find your perfect bc rail trail., trails section.

okanagan valley tourist information

Kettle Valley Rail Trail

okanagan valley tourist information

Castlegar — Christina La..

okanagan valley tourist information

Christina Lake — Grand F..

okanagan valley tourist information

Grand Forks — Greenwood

okanagan valley tourist information

Greenwood — Midway

okanagan valley tourist information

Midway Town Trail

okanagan valley tourist information

Midway — Rock Creek

okanagan valley tourist information

Rock Creek — Westbridge

Westbridge — arlington l...

Arlington Lake   —   Myra Canyon

Arlington Lake — Myra Ca..

okanagan valley tourist information

Myra Canyon

Myra canyon — chute lake.

okanagan valley tourist information

Chute Lake — Naramata

okanagan valley tourist information

Naramata Bench

okanagan valley tourist information

Naramata — Penticton

okanagan valley tourist information

Penticton — Okanagan Fal..

okanagan valley tourist information

Okanagan Falls — Oliver

Oliver — osoyoos.

okanagan valley tourist information

Princeton — Tulameen

okanagan valley tourist information

Cold Stream — Kekuli Bay

okanagan valley tourist information

Kekuli Bay — Lake Countr..

okanagan valley tourist information

Wood Lake Circle Route

Lake Country   —   YLW (Currently Closed)

Lake Country — YLW (Curr..

YLW   —  Downtown Kelowna

YLW — Downtown Kelowna

okanagan valley tourist information

Nakusp & Slocan Rail Trail

okanagan valley tourist information

Slocan - Slocan Valley Rail Tr..

okanagan valley tourist information

New Denver/Sandon - Galena Tra..

okanagan valley tourist information

Kaslo - K&S Rail Trail

okanagan valley tourist information

Nelson - Great Northern Rail T..

okanagan valley tourist information

Cranbrook - Chief Isadore Trai..

okanagan valley tourist information

Kimberley - North Star Rail Tr..

okanagan valley tourist information

Invermere - Westside Legacy Tr..

okanagan valley tourist information

E&N Rail Trail - Humpback ..

okanagan valley tourist information

The Lochside Trail

okanagan valley tourist information

Galloping Goose Regional Trail

okanagan valley tourist information

Cowichan Valley Rail Trail

Okanagan trestles tour.

You are invited to come ride the historic Kettle Valley Rail Trail starting at the famous Myra Canyon, Kelowna to Penticton 80km. We have added a 40km option starting at Chute Lake Resort and a 20 km option starting at Glenfir.

All distances finish at the Penticton Lakeside Resort. The 80km ride is the most popular.

Rail Trail Community

okanagan valley tourist information


7680 Kennedy Road, SLOCAN

  • 1-250-355-2547
  • Info@LemonCreekCampground.ca
  • LemonCreekCampground.ca

okanagan valley tourist information


215 Spokane Street, KIMBERLEY

  • 1-250-427-3325
  • Nicole@PedalandTap.com
  • PedalandTap.com

okanagan valley tourist information


430 Front Street, KASLO

  • 1-250-353-7714
  • Info@KasloHotel.com
  • KasloHotel.com

okanagan valley tourist information

Black Dog Service & Rentals

175 Deer Park Avenue, KIMBERLEY

  • 1-778-481-5156
  • Info@BlackDogCycleandSki.com
  • BlackDogCycleandSki.com


Wineries & Wine Tours


Naramata, BC

  • info@mocojowines.com
  • mocojowines.com

okanagan valley tourist information


1019 Observatory Street, NELSON

  • 1-250-354-8550
  • contact@kootenaycyclingadventures.com
  • KootenayCyclingAdventures.com

Old Cowboy Ranch

Horseback Riding & Ranches

Old Cowboy Ranch

Rock Creek, BC

  • (888) 299-0592
  • oldcowboyranch.com

Heatstroke Cycle and Sport Ltd.

Heatstroke Cycle and Sport Ltd.

  • 778-437-2453
  • info@heatstrokecycle.com

Hoodoo Adventure Company

Snowshoeing, Paddling, Breweries, Distilleries & Cideries, Hiking, Biking

Hoodoo Adventure Company

Penticton, BC

  • (250) 492-3888
  • info@hoodooadventures.ca
  • hoodooadventures.ca

Freewheeling Adventures

Freewheeling Adventures

Nova Scotia

Station BBQ Vernon

Food Provider

Station BBQ Vernon

Rock Creek Trading Post

Rock Creek Trading Post

  • 250-449-8333
  • rockcreekcoffee@outlook.com

Explore All

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    okanagan valley tourist information

  2. Okanagan Valley Named Among Best Wine Regions To Visit IN THE WORLD

    okanagan valley tourist information

  3. Visit the city of Kelowna, the gateway to the stunning Okanagan Valley

    okanagan valley tourist information

  4. Okanagan Valley

    okanagan valley tourist information

  5. Interesting Facts about Okanagan Valley in British Columbia region

    okanagan valley tourist information

  6. 10 TOP Things to Do in Okanagan Valley (2020 Attraction & Activity

    okanagan valley tourist information


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  2. Driving through the Okanagan

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  1. Your Complete Guide to Everything in the Okanagan Valley

    A unique region in the BC Interior that offers a blend of natural beauty and outdoor adventure. From the sparkling waters of its many lakes to the rolling hills dotted with vineyards and orchards, the Okanagan is a true haven for adventure of all kinds. Boating on the lake, skiing in the mountains, or sipping on locally-produced wine are just ...

  2. Okanagan Valley

    The Okanagan Valley is one of British Columbia's top-producing wine regions (read: you'll find plenty of award-winning vintages here). Alongside wine tasting, festivals, and farmers-market hopping, popular pursuits include cycling the Kettle Valley Rail Trail and boating on Okanagan Lake. Sunny and hot with fragrant sage, lavender fields ...

  3. THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Okanagan Valley

    2023. 3. The Vibrant Vine. 875. Wineries & Vineyards. Located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, surrounded by Orchards you will find a wine experience like no other. Voted on Trip Advisor as the Number 1 Winery Experience in British Columbia, and Number 2 in Canada, The Vibrant Vine boasts beautifully crafted wines, amazing art by Phil Lewis ...

  4. Okanagan Valley travel

    Okanagan Valley. It's hard to know which harvest is growing faster in this fertile and beautiful valley midway between Vancouver and Alberta: tourists or fruit. The 180km-long Okanagan Valley is home to orchards of peaches and apricots, and scores of excellent wineries whose vines spread across the terraced hills, soaking up some of Canada's ...

  5. 34 FUN Things to do in the Okanagan Valley, BC

    The Kelowna Waterfront Marina. One of the best free things to do in Okanagan Valley is simply walking the waterfront in Kelowna along Okanagan Lake. Head to downtown Kelowna and go for a stroll along the water's edge. Visit the marina, waterpark and playground, Hot Sands Beach, and of course the iconic bear statue!

  6. 19 Things to Do in the Okanagan (+ Hidden Gems and Unique Ideas)

    17. Skiing and Snowboarding at World-Class Mountain Resorts. Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna and Silver Star Mountain in Vernon are the two major mountains in the Okanagan to get your fresh turns in. Ski resorts in the Okangan are well-known for large dumps of champagne powder (perfect dry snow).

  7. Plan Your Trip to Okanagan Valley: Best of Okanagan Valley Tourism

    112. PLAN YOUR TRIP Okanagan Valley. The Okanagan Valley, in the interior of British Columbia, is a popular Canadian vacation destination known for skiing in the winter and watersports in the summer. The area's quaint towns and lush vineyards are connected by a network of clear blue lakes and rivers and surrounded by rolling, sun-dappled hills.

  8. Must-see attractions in Okanagan Valley

    Spotted Lake. Okanagan Valley. About 8km west of town on Hwy 3, look for Spotted Lake, a weird natural phenomenon that once would have made a kitschy roadside attraction. In the hot…. 1. 2. Discover the best attractions in Okanagan Valley including Mission Hill Family Estate, SS Sicamous Heritage Park, and Kelowna City Park.

  9. Plan Your Dream Trip to the Okanagan Valley

    The Okanagan Valley. The Okanagan Valley in south central British Columbia offers a climate you won't find anywhere else in Canada. It encompasses some of the nation's most arid terrain as well as large lakes, including the expansive Okanagan Lake. Swimming and paddling are great ways to beat the summer heat, and the lush valley boasts ...

  10. Okanagan Valley

    Premier Listings for the Okanagan Valley The Okanagan Valley is almost dry enough to warrant being called a desert. After even one visit to this spectacularly diverse area, you'll understand why superlatives are constantly used to describe it. Beloved by thousands of visitors and inhabitants alike for the unparalleled variety of its

  11. Okanagan Valley

    The Okanagan Valley is an amazingly diverse land that visitors from all over the world flock to year after year. Here, the unparalleled climate and landscape combine to offer a relaxing and fulfilling lifestyle cherished by the residents and tourists alike. With parks, lakes, orchards, and wineries around every corner, this area of BC is open ...

  12. Okanagan Valley: All You Need to Know Before You Go (2024 ...

    By Skwiki. 112. Okanagan Valley. The Okanagan Valley, in the interior of British Columbia, is a popular Canadian vacation destination known for skiing in the winter and watersports in the summer. The area's quaint towns and lush vineyards are connected by a network of clear blue lakes and rivers and surrounded by rolling, sun-dappled hills.

  13. How to Plan the Perfect Trip to the Okanagan Valley

    Day 2. Black Sage Bench, Okanagan Falls, Naramata. Take in the view: Swing by Jojo's Café for satisfying stacked breakfast sandwiches. Take yours to go and stroll across the street to enjoy ...

  14. Guide to Explore Kelowna, Okanagan Valley, BC

    Welcome to Kelowna. BC interior's largest community with a metropolitan area population of over 220,000. Numerous beaches and parks dot Kelowna's shoreline along spectacular Okanagan Lake. One of the busiest airports in Canada, Kelowna International Airport (YLW) makes it easy to get here by air. Choose from a variety of accommodations choices ...

  15. THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Okanagan Valley

    Having ten years of Okanagan wine tasting experiences, this one exceeded our expectations and made Red Rooster a fore... 98. Indigenous World Winery. 178. Wineries & Vineyards. Temporarily closed. By EllieGrapesoda. This is the only 100 percent indigenous owned Winery in Canada and the wines are beautiful. See tours.

  16. 25 Bucket List Activities in the Okanagan Valley

    Visit the SS Sicamous. The largest surviving sternwheeler in British Columbia and was originally used to transport passengers and cargo to remote shores of Okanagan Lake. Filled with interesting exhibits and historic displays, this museum is a great testament to what life was like in the early days of the province.

  17. Okanagan Valley Road Trip: What to Do and Where to Stop

    Best things to do in Penticton. Fruit, vegetables, coffee, street food, crafts and more - the Saturday morning Penticton Farmers' Market is an essential summer stop when visiting the Okanagan Valley. Join the Kettle Valley Rail trail at Vancouver Hill and take in the beautiful panoramic views of Okanagan Lake and Penticton.

  18. Top 12 Things to do in the Okanagan Valley this Summer

    Whether this amazing event will return to the Okanagan Valley one day is unknown. There is a gift shop on-site. You can take a roping lesson and take a ride on a stagecoach. The highly recommended Cattlemen's Club Restaurant is open daily. Location: 9380 Hwy 97N, 12 km north of Vernon, BC in the North Okanagan - website. 2.

  19. Thompson Okanagan

    Home to the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, Canada's only desert, and sprawling lakes, the Thompson Okanagan's natural wonders are only matched by its active spirit and world-class wine region. A couple walks through the Liquidity Wines vineyard in Okanagan Falls, BC. Vast grasslands, towering waterfalls, and verdant valleys set the stage ...

  20. Okanagan Valley

    Adventure, sip and relax your way through the orchards and vineyards of one British Columbia's top winemaking regions. Visit Osoyoos, home to the Osoyoos First Nation, for a fascinating Indigenous cultural experience. Okanagan Lake and Valley stretch more than 135 kilometers, surrounded by sun-warmed sage fields and endless water and winter ...

  21. Okanagan

    The Okanagan (/ ˌ oʊ k ə ˈ n ɑː ɡ ən / OH-kə-NAH-gən), also called the Okanagan Valley and sometimes the Okanagan Country, is a region in the Canadian province of British Columbia defined by the basin of Okanagan Lake and the Canadian portion of the Okanagan River.It is part of the Okanagan Country, extending into the United States as Okanogan County in north-central Washington.

  22. Tourism Kelowna

    Visit the city of Kelowna, the gateway to the stunning Okanagan Valley. The area offers hotels, wineries, restaurants, and events year round. Industry. ... Tourism Kelowna would like to thank Westbank First Nation and Okanagan Indian Band for the privilege to live, work, and play on the tm̓xʷúlaʔxʷ (land), that is the unceded and ...

  23. Okanagan Valley

    COASTAL BC INSIDE PASSAGE & ROCKIES 2025. Cruise the coast of British Columbia and discover the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. 12 Days, 11 Nights | Private Tour. The Okanagan Valley is Canada's premier wine region and a paradise for outdoor recreational activities. Book your tour today!

  24. BC Rail Trails

    Okanagan Trestles Tour. You are invited to come ride the historic Kettle Valley Rail Trail starting at the famous Myra Canyon, Kelowna to Penticton 80km. We have added a 40km option starting at Chute Lake Resort and a 20 km option starting at Glenfir. All distances finish at the Penticton Lakeside Resort. The 80km ride is the most popular.

  25. UBC Okanagan vice-chancellor offers to meet with pro-Palestinian

    00:03:23. After nearly two weeks of demonstrations at UBC Okanagan, the principal and deputy vice-chancellor of the institution, Lesley Cormack, has responded to pro-Palestinian protesters with a letter. The encampment, comprised of diverse students and members of the community, has been stationed on the UBCO campus for the past eleven days.

  26. 6600 Okanagan Ave #28, Vernon, BC V1H 2K6

    British Columbia. North Okanagan Regional District. Vernon. V1H 2K6. Zillow has 36 photos of this $725,000 3 beds, 3 baths, 2,019 Square Feet townhouse home located at 6600 Okanagan Ave #28, Vernon, BC V1H 2K6 built in 2021. MLS #10313389.

  27. Come From Away Musical at the SOEC

    Come From Away Musical at the South Okanagan Events Centre. Event Dates: Tue • September 24, 2024 • 7:30 PM. Wed • September 25, 2024 • 7:30 PM. Event Cost: Starts at $125. Social Media: Broadway's COME FROM AWAY is a Best Musical winner all across North America! This New York Times Critics' Pick takes you into the heart of the ...

  28. North Okanagan-Shuswap school district name to get Indigenous update

    To better reflect being situated on traditional Secwépemc land, the North Okanagan-Shuswap School District 83 (SD83) is pursuing a name change to include a meaningful Indigenous word. In a report to the May 21 school board meeting, director of Indigenous education Chelsea Prince said that since the current name was first adopted in 1997 when ...

  29. An award-winning Broadway musical is coming to Penticton this fall

    The show will make its Penticton debut at the South Okanagan Events Centre (SOEC) for two nights only on September 24 and 25, 2024. Tickets are on sale May 31, 2024 at 10 am PT.