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Last minute vacation escapes

2024 Holidays Specials! An unique opportunity to realize your dreams

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Max Travel USA is a travel club membership that you can use for the rest of your life. Due to an exclusive contract with Member Services Group Inc. only Max Travel USA can offer these benefits direct to its members. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on vacation packages, and retail travel, when you can book the same accommodations at wholesale prices? Our members have access to hundreds of trips a year—from Day Trips to Caribbean escapes to journeys of the world's most exotic corners of the world, with unique, convenient travel packages to meet almost any vacation experience you can imagine.

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Many people think of cruises as glitzy, hotel-like ships heading for sunny destinations, endless shopping and sightseeing, formal dinners and midnight buffets, and sunbathing on sandy beaches.But these traditional cruises make up only a fraction of the many types readily available today.

No matter what your vacation preference -- formal, casual, short, or long -- there's a cruise for you. Unfortunately we are not allowed to show our discounted prices online so we ask you to use our cruise booking engine for a reference for finding that special cruise and dates and then we will give you a "Members Only" quote.

Hot Destinations

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Whether you are looking for a condo vacation on a beautiful beach, or on a snow covered slope, or just stopping for a couple of nights for a quick getaway this is where your travel should begin.

You can book ahead for that specific destination and date, or you can save considerable amounts of money and book from our extensive "short notice specials" list of last minute bargains on condo vacations. You should be aware that just because our condo rates are well below the regular rack rates at other sites or brick and mortar realty companies, our properties are top-notch.

Trusted by the Pros

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Professionals count on Max Travel USA for guaranteed reservations at exceptional properties throughout the world. Now you may go directly to the source for exclusive condominium accommodations previously only available to travel professionals.

With our state of the art live online booking engine for condo reservations you can sit back in the comfort of your home and search through thousands of resorts worldwide to choose a resort and venue to make your dreams come true. You can view the resort, view the amenities, and find close by attractions before booking that special condo directly online.

Of course if for some reason you still don't find that perfect spot you may send in a special request and one of our condo specialists will perform a manual search for you. Travel Professionals have been counting on Max Travel USA for years for their client's reservations, now you can go direct to the source with no middleman.

Price Match Guarantee

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Fulfilled by the largest wholesaler of resort vacation rentals in the United States, our specialty is providing quality, trouble-free vacations throughout the U.S. and the world. One, two, and three bedroom rentals are available in the worlds most popular resort destinations with no fees or hidden costs.

  • Our price match guarantee gives you the confidence that you will receive the lowest price available on any Condo booked through your Max Travel USA Membership.
  • If you should find any Condo at a lower price than what is booked through us, you will receive double the difference back.

Choose from Condo Vacations, Vacation Packages, Cruises, Car Rental, unbeatable Hotel rates and airfare, and our Short Notice Specials.

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Why should vacations be stressful? If you're looking for true relaxation, then check out extensive inventory of Condo Vacations. We'll take care of all the details - and all you need to do is concentrate on having fun. Max Travel USA has used our enormous buying power and our long standing relationships with the leading resort developers to secure inventory at prices that you cannot find anywhere no matter where you want to go. As a member, you can find the lowest prices on Condo Vacations all over the globe and also take full advantage of our easy online Booking Engine which offers the best deals available on the web for Condo bookings! Don't forget our Price Match Guarantee. Join Now

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The 6 best B2B travel agencies in 2024

What is a b2b travel agency.

  • travel agencies that help manage business travel for corporate clients, or
  • B2B travel services that help travel companies manage white-label bookings and inventory on their own booking platform.

The best B2B travel agencies for companies

1. travelperk.

  • One of the largest corporate travel inventories available . Plus, competitive pricing lets your team get the best prices on every booking.
  • Pay only when you travel —no hidden fees or installment fees.
  • Real-time reporting and consolidated invoicing for easy expense reports.
  • FlexiPerk solution gives you freedom to change or cancel bookings as needed, without losing your money.
  • The most comprehensive VAT recovery solution , letting you save up to 20% of your total travel spend (not to mention hours of admin time).
  • 24/7 customer service , with the majority of calls answered within 15 seconds.

Traveler Street Coffee

Start saving money on business travel for your company today!

2. bcd travel.

  • Wide range of travel-related services , from flight bookings to visa entry requirements.
  • 24/7 customer support .
  • Compatible with 20+ OBT solutions to integrate with your pre-existing solutions.
  • Updated and cleaned program data available to your dashboards in 90 minutes or less.
  • Spend management solutions allow you to process payments and invoices according to your travel policies.
  • DecisionSource helps you make smarter decisions with business insights and travel data analysis.

Click below for a more detailed comparison between both platforms

3. sap concur.

  • All-in-one booking platform that lets employees self-book flights, trains, hotels, and car rentals.
  • Admin dashboards allow managers to see all travel arrangements and booking data in one place.
  • TripLink brings in travel bookings from external platforms so you can manage all of your employee travel data.
  • Integrations with Concur Expense and Concur Invoice helps manage spend and automates expense processing and cut invoicing time.

4. FCM Travel

  • Customizable and scalable travel management based on your team’s needs.
  • FCM’s Online Booking Tool allows you to customize policies based on department or traveler to manage spend and other requirements.
  • FCM Reporting, powered by Microsoft Power BI tools, offers reporting and AI-assisted data analysis .
  • Dedicated account management and advising to improve your travel program and policies.

The best B2B companies for travel agencies

1. b2b travel group.

  • Over 120,000 hotels and apartments worldwide so you can offer an extensive selection to your clients.
  • Last-minute availability makes accommodating clients—or changing travel plans—easier.
  • Intuitive booking platform designed by travel agents makes your day-to-day easier and more efficient.
  • Real availability and instant booking confirmations keep your clients covered on the go.

2. TBO Holidays

  • Extensive product suite allows you to offer more options and the best deals for your clients.
  • All-access membership gives your company access to more than 700,000 global properties, plus sightseeing tours, holiday packages and more.
  • Free registration gets you up and running quickly.
  • Control your own markups for custom commissions and increased profitability.
  • Support for all regional currencies allows you to quote rates—and accept payments—for currencies of your choice.
  • Branded hotel vouchers help you maximize recognition with your clients.

Train Plane Travel

Make business travel simpler. Forever.

  • See our platform in action . Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, TravelPerk makes business travel simpler to manage with more flexibility, full control of spending with easy reporting, and options to offset your carbon footprint.
  • Find hundreds of resources on all things business travel, from tips on traveling more sustainably, to advice on setting up a business travel policy, and managing your expenses. Our latest e-books and blog posts have you covered.
  • Never miss another update. Stay in touch with us on social for the latest product releases, upcoming events, and articles fresh off the press.

Car Rental Companies Canada Sandro Schuh 6wvqcek030y Unsplash

The 5 best car rental companies in Canada

Travel Agencies Scotland Joshua Earle Wfwqmoyfkkm Unsplash

The 5 best online travel agencies in Scotland

Travel Agencies Czech Republic Rodrigo Ardilha Wapfd4fmy2o Unsplash

The 5 best online travel agencies in the Czech Republic

  • Business Travel Management
  • Offset Carbon Footprint
  • Flexible travel
  • Travelperk Sustainability Policy
  • Corporate Travel Resources
  • Corporate Travel Glossary
  • For Travel Managers
  • For Finance Teams
  • For Travelers
  • Thoughts from TravelPerk
  • Careers Hiring
  • User Reviews
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  • Cookies Policy
  • Modern Slavery Act | Statement
  • Supplier Code of Conduct

10 Best B2B Travel Companies, For Money Saving and a Safe Business Trip

In an age where globalization is the norm, the corporate world is more interconnected than ever. Businesses are not just confined to their localities; they span continents, cultures, and time zones. This expansion has given rise to a unique niche in the travel industry: B2B travel agencies. 

These specialized entities cater to the intricate needs of businesses, ensuring seamless travel experiences for their employees and stakeholders. Even as customers move away from tour operators to turn to their preferred online travel agency, the role of corporate travel agent stays important in the business world.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the pivotal role of B2B travel agents in corporate travel solutions providers, the criteria for selecting the right agent, and a list of top global B2B travel agents that have made a mark in this domain.

1. The Integral Role of a B2B Travel Agent in offering Corporate Travel Solution  

The term "B2B travel agent" might seem like just another industry jargon, but its implications in the corporate world are profound. Let's dissect this term and its significance in today's business travel landscape.

  • B2B vs. B2C: Unlike traditional travel agency who cater to individual travelers (B2C or Business-to-Consumer), B2B (Business-to-Business) travel agents specialize in serving businesses. Their clientele ranges from small enterprises to multinational corporations.
  • Tailored Travel Solutions: One of the primary responsibilities of B2B travel companies is to provide bespoke travel services, beyond flight booking, car rental and travel arrangements. These plans are meticulously crafted, keeping in mind a company's objectives, budgetary constraints, and preferences. Whether it's a last-minute business meeting in Tokyo or a month-long project in London, a corporate travel agent ensures that the traveler itinerary is optimized for efficiency and comfort.
  • Cost Efficiency and Negotiations: In the corporate world, every penny saved is a penny earned. B2B travel agents understand this ethos. They leverage their vast networks and industry relationships to negotiate corporate rates with airlines, hotels, and car rental agencies. This not only ensures cost savings but also provides businesses with value-added services like flexible booking options, booking holdings and loyalty program benefits.
  • Risk Management: Traveling, especially internationally, comes with its set of risks. From flight cancellations and baggage losses to political unrest in a destination country, the uncertainties are myriad. B2B travel agents offer comprehensive risk management solutions. They provide travel insurance, real-time updates, and round-the-clock support through a travel portal to address any disruptions or emergencies. In essence, they act as a safety net, ensuring peace of mind for traveling employees.
  • Reporting & Analytics: In the age of data, informed decision-making is crucial. B2B travel agents provide businesses with detailed reports on travel expenses, trends, and potential areas of savings. These insights enable companies to streamline their travel policies and make data-driven decisions.

max travel b2b

2. Criteria for Choosing the Right B2B Travel Agent  

Selecting the right corporate travel agent is akin to choosing a business partner. The right choice can lead to significant cost savings, efficient travel management, and satisfied employees. Here are some key criteria to consider:

  • Experience & Reputation: In the world of corporate travel solutions, experience matters. Companies should look for agents with a proven track record in handling corporate clients. Online customers reviews, testimonials, and case studies can provide valuable insights into an agent's reputation and expertise.
  • Global Network: The world is a vast place, and businesses operate on a global scale. A corporate travel agent's network determines the breadth and depth of travel options they can offer. Access to a wide range of suppliers globally ensures comprehensive and flexible travel solutions.
  • Technology Integration: We live in a digital era. Modern booking platforms, b2b travel portal, mobile apps, real-time tracking capabilities, and AI-driven insights are no longer luxuries; they are necessities. B2B travel agents that invest in technology offer a seamless and efficient travel experience.
  • 24/7 Support: The unpredictable nature of travel necessitates round-the-clock support. Whether it's a flight delay, a hotel booking issue, or an emergency evacuation, businesses need the assurance that their travel agent is just a call away.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Every business is unique, and so are its travel needs. B2B travel agents that offer tailored solutions based on a company's specific requirements stand out from the competition.

max travel b2b

3. Top 10 Global B2B Travel Agents  

American express global business travel (gbt).

  • Description: A leader in corporate travel management solutions, GBT offers comprehensive solutions from booking to expense management.
  • Website: GBT
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Description: Renowned for its innovative travel business and management solutions and a vast global presence.
  • Website: BCD Travel
  • Email: [email protected]

CWT (Carlson Wagonlit Travel)

  • Description: A global leader with expertise in business travel, meetings, and events.
  • Website: CWT
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Description: The business travel arm of Expedia Group, offering a seamless travel experience.
  • Website: Egencia
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Description: Known for its personalized service and global travel solutions.
  • Website: Frosch
  • Email: [email protected]

Ovation Travel Group

  • Description: A high-touch b2b travel agency and management company with a focus on technology and service.
  • Website: Ovation Travel
  • Email: [email protected]

Travel Leaders Corporate

  • Description: Offers innovative corporate travel solutions with a focus on cost savings.
  • Website: Travel Leaders
  • Email: [email protected]

Direct Travel

  • Description: A top-tier travel management company with a focus on personal touch and technology.
  • Website: Direct Travel
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Description: A global travel booking and management company specializing in sectors like shipping, energy, and sports.
  • Website: ATPI
  • Email: [email protected]

Omega World Travel

  • Description: A woman-owned travel management company with over four decades of experience.
  • Website: Omega World Travel
  • Email: [email protected]

In conclusion, as businesses expand their horizons with international travel, to Latin America, North America, Europe or Asia, the role of B2B travel agents becomes increasingly crucial. As your travel partner, they act as allies, ensuring that your employees travel is not just about reaching a destination but about experiencing a customers journey that's efficient, safe, and value-driven.

Check our article about the 10 Ways to Diminish Your Carbon Emissions When Traveling the World or the solutions to Convince Your Boss to Accept your Business Travel Request .

  • Tourist Tips

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Best Jobs for the Globetrotting Soul

June 1, 2020

Due to travel restrictions, plans are only available with travel dates on or after

Due to travel restrictions, plans are only available with effective start dates on or after

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This is a test environment. Please proceed to AllianzTravelInsurance.com and remove all bookmarks or references to this site.

Allianz Travel

Use this tool to calculate all purchases like ski-lift passes, show tickets, or even rental equipment.

Allianz - sunset

  • Become a Partner

Solutions, Simplified.

With more than 25 years experience, we know how to navigate the complexities of both the travel and insurance industries. Allianz Travel Insurance plans have been designed to complete your clients' trips and our selling and servicing solutions can be easily integrated into your business.

Complete our online Participation Agreement today and if approved, you'll receive your account information the next business day!

If you are an insurance broker, please click here to be directed to our Elite Destinations site.

Allianz Global Assistance also understands that to be successful at selling travel, you need to manage time and promote your agency in an effective manner. With your day-to-day needs in mind, we developed a comprehensive system for maximizing your travel insurance business. They're methods for purchasing, marketing, servicing and training that we call " Solutions, Simplified. "

Our Solutions

  • My Account travel agent web portal
  • AgentMax desktop software
  • Custom Brochures
  • Online Claim Filing
  • Online Policy Modification

Earn More Commissions

Each solution helps you work smarter, and here's how one of them even helps licensed agents to earn more commission.

Allianz Global Assistance is the only travel insurance provider to offer custom marketing materials that feature your agency's logo, contact information, and cover designs to match your clients' trips. These brochures reinforce your agency's brand and make a stronger connection between your customers and the insurance. By simply replacing our contact information with yours, customers return to your agency to purchase, allowing you to control the order method and commission (electronic orders via My Account or AgentMax pay our best commission).

Agent Training Program

Allianz Global Assistance feels Travel Insurance licensing is an important part of our business and is important to our traveling customers. To better understand our policy and what activities are licensable, please review our Agent Training Program .

Need to purchase a policy today?

Contact Sales Support at 800-284-8300 x51635. 

Update Agency Information

Current partners who need to update their agency information can complete a W-9 and fax to 804-673-1683.

Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. Please see your plan for full details. Benefits/Coverage may vary by state, and sublimits may apply.

Allianz - TRIP_logo-50

Insurance benefits underwritten by BCS Insurance Company (OH, Administrative Office: 2 Mid America Plaza, Suite 200, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181), rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Co., under BCS Form No. 52.201 series or 52.401 series, or Jefferson Insurance Company (NY, Administrative Office: 9950 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA 23233), rated “A+” (Superior) by A.M. Best Co., under Jefferson Form No. 101-C series or 101-P series, depending on your state of residence and plan chosen. A+ (Superior) and A (Excellent) are the 2nd and 3rd highest, respectively, of A.M. Best's 13 Financial Strength Ratings. Plans only available to U.S. residents and may not be available in all jurisdictions. Allianz Global Assistance and Allianz Travel Insurance are marks of AGA Service Company dba Allianz Global Assistance or its affiliates. Allianz Travel Insurance products are distributed by Allianz Global Assistance, the licensed producer and administrator of these plans and an affiliate of Jefferson Insurance Company. The insured shall not receive any special benefit or advantage due to the affiliation between AGA Service Company and Jefferson Insurance Company. Plans include insurance benefits and assistance services. Any Non-Insurance Assistance services purchased are provided through AGA Service Company. Except as expressly provided under your plan, you are responsible for charges you incur from third parties. Contact AGA Service Company at  800-284-8300 or 9950 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 or [email protected] .

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One Product Many Possibilities

helloGTX is more than a CRM and offers explosive GROWTH. Its integrated tools help you to manage customers, leads, itineraries, invoicing, suppliers, websites, landing pages, promotional mailers, campaigns and more such things in few clicks.

Schedule a Live Demo →

Better Lead Management

The Lead management & generation module is designed keeping the leads flow in mind and ensures all the leads to land into CRM from website or landing pages or Facebook or Google ads.

Unlock explosive growth with India’s preferred travel CRM

Grow your business faster by nurturing and monitoring every lead till its closure, generate beautiful itineraries with strong follow ups and customer profiling that helps in building better customer relationships.

Get full control of your business

Get a detailed view of every lead, query, proposal, team member, payment and avoid data leak by ensuring every lead is answered by getting on time notifications.

Ready to use processes & workflow

helloGTX is designed keeping a travel agency in mind from website to emailer to landing page to lead generation to lead allocation to itinerary creation to follow ups to sales & invoicing to voucher creation to repeat customers.

Double your PPC sales conversions

Double your Campaign Leads Conversions with unique approach of helloGTX automated workflow that allows quick engagement, lead qualification and higher sales.

Auto detection of user actions

The platform is built on the principle of simplicity. We understand that today’s users have limited time for manual “updates”. Hence, helloGTX lead management works via automation where possible and system pushes alerts and notifications at its own.

Keep your team in sync

Your data is not in sync so your team and this hinders your team’s productivity. helloGTX brings your teams in sync that helps your teams to spend more time with customers and less time on repetition of work.

Previous Next

What is hello Gtx ?

Unlock xplosive growth with india’s most preferred travel crm.

max travel b2b

  • Itinerary/Operations

max travel b2b

Manage your queries like a pro and never miss them any more.

max travel b2b

2 Min Proposals

Share Visa, Hotel, Flight or tour package with clients in less than 2 minutes.

max travel b2b

Manage/Monitor Follow Ups on each query and get alert for unattended queries.

max travel b2b

Generate Payment Gateway linked Invoices and Proposals.

max travel b2b

Get report by employees, destination, business volume, sales and more

max travel b2b

Coupon Codes

Increase your sales with smart Discounts/Coupon codes like OTA’s does.

max travel b2b

Know your customers better for personalize servicing.

max travel b2b

e Mail Designer

Use ready template for better impact.

max travel b2b

Landing Page Builder

Design high conversion landing pages with emailer for Visa & Packages in less than 5 minutes

max travel b2b

Lead Generation

Generate high quality leads with our magic box

max travel b2b

Intelligent Campaigns

Targeted email, SMS campaigns with tracking, analytics and more

max travel b2b

Auto Reminders

Send auto reminders for birthday, anniversary, passport expiry and more..

max travel b2b

Dynamic Website

Build Dynamic Website in few clicks and manage MULTIPLE WEBSITES without any technical know-how.

max travel b2b

Zero Maintinance

Our websites are zero maintenance sites and you need not to spend any more on hiring a web developer.

max travel b2b

Online Booking

Allow online booking for packages and fixed departure with inventory management and differential pricing based on no. of travellers.

max travel b2b


Send and track auto proposal based on customer query and reduce your cost.

max travel b2b

B2C & B2B

Build your website with B2C and B2B logins with differential pricing.

max travel b2b

Build XML based SEO ready website with our custom CMS for travel sites.

max travel b2b

Itinerary Builder

Build High Quality Travel Itineraries in few clicks and share on SMS, WhatsApp and Email

max travel b2b

Ready Content

Use our ready content of 6lac + hotels and 8k + sightseeing for a quick start.

max travel b2b

Fixed Departures

Manage FD’s with inventory and distribute it on network with real time booking.

max travel b2b

Auto Pricing

Build Itineraries linked with your own contracted hotel and transport rates and let customer choose his preferences.

max travel b2b

Push to Website

Build itinerary and push them on your website and keep your site up to date.

max travel b2b

View team requests for proposals and more..

max travel b2b

Payment Gateway

Auto Integration with Payment Gateway for Instant Collection.

B2B Network

Explore B2B deals and share directly with your clients in a single click.

max travel b2b

Sales & Source

Share your deals on network and source deals from other travel agents and get free leads.

max travel b2b

Supplier Management

Manage your suppliers and send queries to multiple suppliers in a single click.

max travel b2b

Currency Management

API based Currency Management.

Teams of every size, shape and short have already made helloGTX the place where their work happens -->

Successfully Migrated from buying leads from Market Place to their own leads and doing 5%+ sales conversions on Facebook & Instagram Leads.

Managing entire marketing needs on the hellogtx Travel CRM, Lead Management, Lead Generation, Itinerary Designer, Auto Response and lots more…

Increased their Sales Conversions from 2.5% to 8.5% on Digital Leads from Facebook, Instagram to Organic Traffic and more…

Everything we have tried so far has -->

“Finally, a product which solves actual problems of a travel agency. Our customer response time has improved as I don’t have to hunt through multiple login’s and API’s to get the best rate for our customers. No more maintaining deposits and accounts with multiple suppliers as well.

Hello Fresh - Great!! -->

I am happy to share that we are using helloGTX travel CRM for last one year and this season we have generated 40% more business with the help of new marking tool. helloGTX helped us to reach our existing client and generate more business in few simple steps only.

Love it -->

“GTX CRM is absolutely world class. Tracking all customer queries has become simpler than ever. We can track customers, send them personalized communications and chat with them in real time. This customer delight has transformed the way our customers perceive us.’

Lorem Ipsum is simply -->

I love Hello Fresh -->

It’s super easy to use for travel agents. It has got everything in one place from Lead Management to Follow up to Sales Management to Content Management with ready content to Itinerary to Fixed Departure Inventory to Hotel Inventory to Marketing Module to Readymade e-mailer .

max travel b2b

Value of Travel Agents Work is Under Pressure in this age of UBERization? What’s your thought?

max travel b2b

How to create landing page and emailer in 5 minutes with helloGTX?

max travel b2b

It’s golden time to grow your travel business. Take Pride in What you DO !

max travel b2b

helloGTX presentation at FICCI

Our CEO presenting helloGTX travel CRM in digital travel conclave at FICCI, New Delhi.

Novemeber 30, 2015

max travel b2b

Coverage by TravelScapes

Sparking innovation: helloGTX to augment the brand value for travel agencies.

december 8, 2017

Say hello to changing times

In a bid to fulfil the changing demands of the travel industry, …..

max travel b2b

The Profit Multiplier for Travel Agents?

helloGTX-The Profit Multiplier for Travel Agents is a Business Intelligence (BI) ……

max travel b2b

helloGTX win the “Amadeus Next Awards” at travel HQ Startup Knock Down

Global Travel Exchange was selected by Amadeus to be a part of Amadeus Next.

Travel Agency CRM Designed for B2B and B2C.

helloGTX is an award winning travel software which helps travel agents and tour operators to automate their day to day activities. A Travel CRM is customer relationship management software which helps travel companies or tour operators to improve their lead management and conversion process, increase sales efficiency, streamline follow ups and rapidly expand their customer base. Software specifically designed for both TMCs and DMCs.

helloGTX is the very cost-effective software which is designed keeping in mind all categories of travel partners. It’s very easy to use for various Travel Partners and helps them organize their Corporate & Customer data, Automates Query Management, Initiates Payment Requisition, Allows Invoice Generation, Quotation Generation of contracted suppliers, Sightseeing and Transfers etc.

Why Travel Agency Software:

Simplifying leads & customer management for travel companies, the travel CRM software has several features, including:

  • Increase Conversion rate.
  • Access to & management of leads from anywhere
  • Package / Itinerary builder.
  • Supplier Management.
  • Bulk email with predesigned HTML templates.
  • Customer handling and generate sales report.
  • Promote packages through landing page & social media.

max travel b2b

Become a partner

max travel b2b

News & Blogs

max travel b2b

Book a Free demo

Request Demo

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Let Us Call You Back

max travel b2b

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5 Advantages of B2B Online Booking for Tour Operators (and Their Partners and Suppliers)

online booking b2b for tour operators

Tour operators’ business has shifted more online in the last two years; they have realized that customers are so deeply used to shopping online, and it’s a trend that will definitely not revert. 

Up until a few years ago, it was a common standard in the industry that tour operators only had a display of products on their website, while customers’ purchases took place by phone or email. This trend is changing globally, and the majority of tour operators who want to keep growing are increasingly looking to invest in online business. Mate Kostovski, CEO, Lemax

And it’s not only about the final consumers of their travel products – mid to large-sized tour operators know well that their partners and suppliers’ network also needs to be fully integrated online in this day and time.  

Acceleration of digitalization of industry, with the distribution ecosystem and online internal processes taking out manual process steps, will continue to be a big trend, with current labor shortage especially. Once you’ve experienced the ease of booking online, it’s very tempting to stay online and not return offline. I expect a big shift everyone should prepare for. Axel Hefer, CEO, trivago

But how exactly does it work? How does a tour operator benefit from using a B2B online booking software? What do their partners and suppliers get from it? What are the actual functionalities of this sort of technology, and how does it bring value to a mid to large-size tour operator?

Everything in one place 

B2B online booking by definition allows partners/travel agents to book items from the system that you, as a tour operator, use. It enables partners to have an overview of all the products and documents, and make reservations directly from there. Moreover, a partner can enter customers’ transactions and follow them together with the reservations.

To get to know the online booking B2B software better, here’s a list of the 5 most important advantages of such a system.

1. It provides travel partners with the information needed for the purchase

One great advantage is that once you enter your travel services in the system, they will be visible to your travel agents (once you provide them with a partner login entry). The visual appearance of their system will be almost the same as yours, with the only difference being that you, as the administrator, have more options. What exactly can the travel agents see within the system?

Lemax online booking B2B

a) Services

Travel agents can find all the services gathered and centralized in the system when making a reservation. Aside from the list of the services you offer, they will also see their descriptions (service image, service info, etc.), selling price, location, a service supplier, and the number of units available – all the information needed to create a new reservation.

b) Pricing & Availability

In addition to the services list, your travel partners will get an insight into pricing and price lists for each service, as well as what this price includes. The price list shows not only the cost of the basic service but also the prices of additional services, supplements, reductions, and discounts. Once you’ve made a service available by adding allotments, a partner will be able to book this service directly and enter payments for it. If no allotments were added, they can just click on “Send an inquiry”. If you disable booking on specific dates, partners won’t be able to make any bookings in that period.

c) Promotions – special offers

Available promotions can be seen on the B2B login side, too. If you want special offers such as 6=7, last minute, first minute, etc., you can enter them into the system. Your travel partners will be able to use them. They can help generate demand and increase sales.

d) Different pricing levels for different markets/partners

If you want different pricing levels towards different partners, you can define this in your back office by using different markets. For example, you have 3 markets – European, Asian, and American. You can simply adjust the prices by adding different commissions to each market. Each partner will get their price depending on which market you assigned them to. The end result will be that your travel agents will automatically get prices you predefined for them. It is a great marketing tool to assist, increase, and reward partner sales.

2. B2B online booking allows your partners to enter reservations – reservation management

Because they have all the information they need – a list of products, prices, info about special prices/promotions, services availability, and similar, travel partners can easily make a reservation directly through the Lemax interface designed for them. They also have an overview of all the reservations they added to the system. In other words, the system allows both sides to track reservations and manage them.

3. It provides all the documents needed to be forwarded to customers

Mutual communication between the tour operator/travel agency and its partners is well supported. Once a partner makes a reservation, they will get the document depending on what action was taken (e.g. send request or booking). If they send a request, an offer and itinerary will be sent from Lemax automatically. If they book, they will get an invoice. Of course, this is not set in stone and can be altered if the business processes of the travel agency dictate otherwise. Furthermore, partners will have an overview of all the documents created connected to their reservations and can forward them or print them out for their customers.

4. B2B online booking speeds up the communication process

A gain for both sides! They can communicate directly with the system. One side checks with suppliers (if needed), confirms reservations, and sends documents, while the other sends new reservations. There is no need to communicate over the phone anymore and waste hours on paperwork! When paperwork and phone calls are reduced, more time can be invested in attracting customers – finding new customers, creating new marketing campaigns ( Google AdWords , for example), etc., leading to better sales.

5. It enables better control over the whole process

With everything in one place, there is better control over the entire process. Partners have an overview of reservations and the documents they made, and more importantly, the whole overview is centralized, eliminating possible mistakes.

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max travel b2b

Max Travel - Book, Earn, Save!

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max travel b2b

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max travel b2b

Travel more with reward

points that GROW!

Travel more with reward points that GROW!

Points earned with Max grow 3%* a year, never expire and can be redeemed to save on travel, with no blackout dates.

max travel b2b

Earned Points GROW 3%* a year

Earned Points GROW 3%*

Like the island of forgotten toys, other points and miles often just sit around, unused… doing nothing…

Most people don’t realize, while these points go unused, they lose value due to rising costs and inflation.

Max points are different!

More points means

More points =

max travel b2b

Book at over 800,000 top hotels around the world with discounted pricing up to 30%!

max travel b2b

How it works

Max is totally free to use. No hidden fees or membership fees. Hotels pay us when you book a stay through our platform.

max travel b2b

Travel Support

In a pickle or just need some help? Our travel support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

max travel b2b

Watch them GROW!

Max is a new, free to use, travel booking app to access exclusive discounts at over 800,000 hotels and earn Max reward points that actually grow over time.

Our beautiful app makes booking and earning points a breeze. Best yet, you’ll see your points grow in real-time!

max travel b2b

Serious Security

Bank level encryption

We never share or sell your data

Secure credit card transactions

Fraudulent transaction detection

Two-factor account protection

Read our privacy policy for more

max travel b2b

*Growth rate may change, see Terms of Use. Points and properties shown are for demonstration purposes only and not indicative of a real account. Other points comparison with major reward point programs. Points earned varies from travel offer to offer. Earned Points may be redeem as a discount on the price of a travel experience equivalent to $0.01 USD for every Earned Point redeemed.  

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Max Travel: Earn Reward Points 4+

Hotel booking and trip planner, max travel, inc, designed for iphone.

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Book &earn at 800K+ hotels. Points grow 3%* a year & never expire! Redeem to save on future travel, no blackout dates. Chat and book with MaxGPT, our AI travel assistant! Travel More with Reward Points That Grow! Fight inflation and rising costs with reward points that grow 3%* a year! With every dollar spent on hotel bookings through our app, you'll be collecting unique reward points that never expire, grow 3%* every year, and can be redeemed for future hotel stays with no blackout dates. Chat with MaxGPT to plan and book trips with our AI powered, natural language, travel assistant! - Browse and book from over 800,000 hotels worldwide - Earn up to 10 points for every dollar spent on hotel bookings - Watch your points grow (in real-time!) by 3%* annually, helping fight inflation and rising costs! - Redeem your points for hotel discounts, no matter the destination! Max Travel is revolutionizing the hotel and travel rewards landscape by ensuring your hard-earned points keep growing and working for you, even when you're not traveling. Say goodbye to diminishing points and hello to a world of possibilities where your points grow and help you unlock unforgettable experiences. Choose from over 800,000 hotels worldwide with our user-friendly app. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway, a business trip, or an extended vacation, Max Travel offers you endless hotel and travel options to find the perfect accommodation for your needs. Every time you book a hotel and make travel arrangements through the Max Travel app, you'll have the opportunity to earn up to 10 reward points for every dollar you spend. These valuable points will help you save on future hotel stays and travel experiences, making your journeys even more enjoyable. What sets Max Travel apart from other hotel and travel rewards programs is that your reward points will grow by 3%* annually, helping fight inflation and rising costs. You can watch your points grow in real-time within the app, making them even more valuable over time and allowing you to enjoy even more luxurious hotel stays and travel adventures! When you're ready to embark on your next adventure, simply redeem your points for hotel savings and travel discounts. Save $1 off your booking for every 100 points redeemed. Max Travel makes it easy for you to save on your favorite accommodations and travel experiences with no blackout dates, giving you more reasons to pack your bags and go! > AI-Powered Travel Suggestions When you book a hotel with us, we'll automatically generate and send you a customized travel itinerary brimming with tailored suggestions for your stay. This innovative feature is designed to help you get the most out of every trip booked with Max Travel. > 24/7 Traveler Support Whether you're in a bind or simply need some guidance, our travel support team is available around the clock, every day of the week. We're here to assist you whenever you need us. > Serious Security We prioritize your security and privacy above all else. We offer bank-level encryption, a commitment to never sharing or selling your data, secure credit card transactions, fraud detection, and two-factor account protection to ensure the safety of your information and purchases. > Mission Driven Our mission drives every decision we make. Our goal is to deliver the best rewards experience for our customers, helping you create lasting memories and spread joy throughout the world. Start exploring the world with Max Travel and unlock the true potential of your hotel and travel rewards! > Max Travel: The Future of Hotel and Travel Rewards Join Max Travel today and embark on a rewarding journey that will take you to new heights in the world of hotel and travel experiences. Explore the app, earn points, watch them grow, and redeem them for incredible savings on your next adventure. Your hotel and travel experiences have never been more rewarding! *Growth rate may change, see Terms of Use. Points earned varies from travel offer to offer. You may redeem your Earned Points as a discount on the price of a travel experience equivalent to $0.01 USD for every Earned Point redeemed.

Version 1.0.421

A big update to Max Travel is here! Just in time to celebrate the holidays, ring in the new year, and book your 2024 travel! There's a brand new MaxGPT tab that gives you access to our AI-powered travel planner, where you can use natural language to craft the perfect trip, with suggested activities and recommended hotels tailored to your adventure. MaxGPT uses the latest Chat GPT-4 Turbo large language models to provide tailored travel recommendations for any trip! Plan a surf trip to Bali, a Harry Potter-themed getaway to London, or a Christmas extravaganza in New York City. MaxGPT is there to help you plan any adventure, give suggestions on things to do, and recommend hotels you can book straight from the MaxGPT chat interface! Also, now you can visualize how your points can grow in the future with the points details screen. Tap your points on the Home Screen to see how they might grow in the future and view a ledger of all pending and past points you've earned.

Ratings and Reviews

Super helpful for making travel plans.

Max Travel App is a great place to book accommodations for upcoming trips. You earn points each time you book and they grow over time without any monthly fees. My favorite part is that you can deduct partial points from bookings, so you can start saving immediately unlike some apps where you have to accrue the full amount of points to be able to book. I also love supporting a smaller travel company than some of the big corporations when booking travel. Would highly recommend!

Developer Response ,

Hello chellebugthree! We are delighted to hear that you're enjoying the app and the rewards! Happy booking and safe travels!

Points that grow over time.

I found Max Travel easy to use with options for high end stays as well as budget friendly options. What drew me to Max Travel was its reward program. It’s different then others. I believe it’s the first program where your points actually grow over time like a savings account.
PamKeegs, Thank you! Glad you are enjoying Max Travel!

So easy to use!

Ever since I found this app, I been booking all my hotels through this app. It’s so easy to use and so many options to choose from. Affordable prices and what I love most is you can see your points grow in real time so you are already accumulating points for your next vacation!
Hello JNerz! We're thrilled to hear about your experience with Max Travel! Safe travels and happy booking!

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Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


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max travel b2b

Get all of your passes, tickets, cards, and more in one place.

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MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD is a Private limited company (Ltd.) company based in 8 PARK WAY EDGWARE, United Kingdom, which employs 1 people. The company started trading on 13 February 2018. The company registration number is 11203380, It’s main line of business activity is Taxi operation, and the company is listed as Active. According to the latest confirmation statements submitted on the 2021-02-28, there are currently 1 directors.

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8 PARK WAY EDGWARE , HA8 5EZ , United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Financial statements of MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD

According to MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD latest financial report submitted on 2021-02-28, the company has a Total-Assets of ÂŁ14,454.00 , Working-Capital of -ÂŁ17,300.00 while the Total-Liabilities is ÂŁ26,504.00 . Compared with the previous year, the company reported a Total-Assets decrease of -75.18% , which is an equivalent of 10867 . At the same time, the Working-Capital went down by -6.94% , or by -1201 .

Consolidated A/cs

For more information you can

Turnover 2021

Reporting period, working capital, profit after tax, max travel & tour operators ltd business credit report.

A Business Credit Report for MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD is available for instant download. The report will provide you with a credit score and credit limit recommendation for MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD , payment trends, if the company pays their Invoices on time, whether or not the company has any court judgements, ownership and group structure, up to 5 years of financial statements and much more. When you buy a Credit Report from Global Database, you will also have a 7 days free trial to our B2B Sales Platform.


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MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD Directors and key executives

MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD currently employs 1 people. Compared with the previous year, the company has reported a staff increase of 0% , which is an equivalent of 0 employees. In order to view contact information, including emails and phone numbers for all the employees working at MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD and to export them in XL or to your existing CRM, you can subscribe to our platform here .

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Total employees, management level.

Get direct emails & phone numbers for senior executives working at «MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD»

Get in touch with 1 of contacts working at MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD


There are currently 1 people with significant control at MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD . One of of major shareholders of MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD is MEIR SHAMI , which owns 100 ORDINARY shares, with a total value of 100 GBP .




Cresta cars manchester limited, brighton and hove radio cabs limited, fleetways taxis (york) limited, max travel & tour operators ltd news & activities:.

MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD number of employees has decreased by 0% compared with previous year and now represents a total number of 1.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD

Where is max travel & tour operators ltd registered office.


How many people work at MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD?

According to the latest account statement, there are currently 1 of employees working for MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD.

What is the Business Credit Score of MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD and how reliable is the company?

In order to check the business credit score of MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD, you can request a credit report. You will view the latest credit limit information, ownership, group structure, court judgements and much more.

Does MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD pay their invoices on time?

By requesting a Business Credit Report for MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD, you will be able to gain more insights about the MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD payment trends.

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    Follow the prompts to complete deletion of your account. Note that once your account has been deleted you will no longer have access to your account, travel history, and any pending and earned points will be forfeited. Book and earn reward points that actually grow over time. Currently, points grow 3% a year.

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    Max points are different! Like the island of forgotten toys, other points and miles often just sit around, unused… doing nothing… Most people don't realize, while these points go unused, they lose value due to rising costs and inflation.

  19. Max Travel: Earn Reward Points 4+

    A big update to Max Travel is here! Just in time to celebrate the holidays, ring in the new year, and book your 2024 travel! There's a brand new MaxGPT tab that gives you access to our AI-powered travel planner, where you can use natural language to craft the perfect trip, with suggested activities and recommended hotels tailored to your adventure.

  20. Business Profile for Max Travel USA

    Max Travel USA. 3747 29th St SE Grand Rapids, MI 49512-1813. 1; Location of This Business 4021 Captiva Road, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579. BBB File Opened:6/24/2013. Business Started:7/1/2013.

  21. Max Travel

    Max Travel. Consumer Services · United Kingdom · 25 Employees. Max Travel was established in 1994 and incorporated in the UK in 2002. Our team of consultants offer a wide range of travel experience as well as their ever-growing knowledge of the ins & outs of the travel industry accumulated over many years.


    MAX TRAVEL & TOUR OPERATORS LTD is a Private limited company (Ltd.) company based in 8 PARK WAY EDGWARE, United Kingdom, which employs 1 people. The company started trading on 13 February 2018. The company registration number is 11203380, It's main line of business activity is Taxi operation, and the company is listed as Active. According to the latest confirmation statements submitted on ...

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