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Musandam dibba trip is full booked till 13 April. Limited Seat left for 14th April.

         fujairah dibba cruise possible after 11th in under 190 aed with transport..

So, why choose Fujairah Dibba?

  • Same Area : It’s like two sides of the same coin – Fujairah on the UAE side and Musandam in Oman, border crossing is major difference.
  • Less crowded: Enjoy a more peaceful and relaxed experience.
  • Same activities: Don’t miss out on the fun in the sun!
  • No border hassles: Simplify your trip and avoid border crossings.

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Want to get away from your daily routine in Dubai and have a change of pace? Head to Oman for a day trip from the UAE and you will feel refreshed. Musandam is within day trip distance from UAE regardless of which emirate you reside in, so if you are planning to visit Oman, it might provide some much-needed relief.

Musandam is a picturesque region that’s part of Oman’s coast and surrounded by the Hajjar mountains. Often known as Norway of Arabia, Musandam Dibba and Musandam Khasab are the two main parts of the region.

We are a leading Musandam tour operator offering a wide range of unique Musandam tour packages that suit your tour and holiday needs. Our Musandam tour packages are affordable while maintaining the highest professional standard. Musandam tour packages include transportation from Dubai, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, etc.

Popular Musandam Tour Packages

Musandam tour packages.

Musandam Tour

Full Day Musandam Dibba Dhow Cruise Tour from Dubai

Explore the most impressive kept secrets of the Arabian world on a magical trip with us to the Panoramic Musandam Dibba. Cruise on one of our traditional Omani boats with tasty launches, soft drinks, transportation, along with thrilling sports like swimming, snorkeling, banana riding, speed boating, fishing & landscape.

Musandam Khasab

Full Day Musandam Khasab Tour from Dubai

The Musandam Khasab Dhow Cruise is a full-day cruise trip that offers the chance to view dolphins, visit Telegraph Island and Sebi Island, go fishing and snorkeling, and enjoy delicious Omani launch and tea in addition to allowing you to see the most picturesque landscapes of the Musandam peninsula.

Musandam Dibba Tour without Transport

Musandam Dibba Trip W/out Transfer – Direct Dibba Reporting 149

Families or tourists who like to have some independence and want to take a leisurely road trip through some of the most scenic mountains in the UAE can consider taking the self-drive route to Dibba port. Driving through the Hajar Mountains will allow you to experience their appeal on your own.

fujairah dhow cruise

5-6 Hours Fujairah Dhow Cruise Tour With Transfer

With this Dhow cruise, you can experience fishing, swimming, and snorkeling opportunities as you travel along the coastline of Dibba Al Fujairah. You will stop at Dibba Rock, where you can observe a lot of aquatic life swimming around the reef walls. With all necessary equipment provided, you can perform fishing and snorkeling along with  seafood meal will also be provided for you.

Musandam tour from Abu Dhabi

Musandam Tour Packages from Abu Dhabi with Transfer

Now Abu Dhabi residents can experience a thrilling Musandam Dibba cruise tour with us. With pre-arranged transport to & from Abu Dhabi, you can explore Musandam Dibba, Oman, stress-free & without driving by yourself. This package is designed for tourists who could miss out on the Middle East's hidden gems due to a long drive.

Musandam Dibba Tour

The cheapest way to experience Oman is to take a Musandam Dibba Tour or a Dibba Sea Safari Tour when you are in Dubai or Oman to truly appreciate its beauty and serenity. This Musandam Dibba Dhow Cruise will not only offer you delicious food and beautiful views of the Gulf of Oman, but it will also allow you to explore Musandam in its authentic form, as well as the dhow cruise, swimming, speed boats, banana boat rides, fishing, kayaking, and food. This trip is ideal for those who want to be adventurous in the ocean and engage in these water sports activities without breaking the bank.

As a Musandam cruise organizer, we handle all the formalities and arrange everything in advance when booking Musandam dibba tour. We can also customize your Musandam trip according to your schedule. In this way, you can see all the sights you want without being rushed, since we prioritize our sightseers’ satisfaction. There are steep mountains surrounding Musandam Dibba, making it very accommodating by nature. Visitors can relax at the beach and enjoy water sports before enjoying a savory international meal, pasta, and green salad, as well as a dhow cruise once they arrive at Haffa. You will ride in an air-conditioned vehicle if you book a Musandam tour from Dubai or Sharjah with transport.

If you like the outdoors at night during special holidays like national holidays and new year, Musandam Travel can assist you with your camping needs.In our role as a leading Musandam tour operator, we ensure the tents and equipment we use are of high quality and function properly.

So Book your Musandam tour package today and take advantage of our customer-friendly prices and be prepared for the experience of a lifetime.

Khasab Tour

The Musandam Khasab peninsula is renowned for its dramatic mountains, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque fjords. This peninsula is often called “Norway of Arabia” because it reminds me of the Norwegian fjords. Dolphins, turtles, whales, and colorful fish inhabit the area. Khasab tours from Dubai are the most convenient way to discover this hidden splendor of the Middle East.

Full-day Khasab Musandam Dhow cruise is an excellent opportunity  to enjoy dolphin watching and admiring scenes of the Musandam Fjords . The old-fashioned Dhow cruises of Khasab are a good choice for those who wish to see the majority of the sights of the region on a day cruise.With beautifully decorated Musandam Dhow cruises and traditional Omani culture, you’ll enjoy traditional and delicious Omani food, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

The Khasab Dhow cruise trip, unlike the Musandam Dibba tour, does NOT include activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, or a banana boat ride. You can book a SEPARATE snorkeling and scuba diving excursion or even go on a fishing boat tour if you are an adventurous tourist. Taking a separate snorkeling trip in Khasab will allow you to see the beautiful coral reef and swim if you like.

We also offer hiking and trekking activities in Musandam Khasab, so visitors can interact with guides to learn more about local culture.

History buffs should book a Khasab city tour as the guides are locals, so they can provide a fascinating narrative about the history of the ancient buildings and antiques in the area. You will also find out about the mysterious legends surrounding the sites.

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All the parts around the Persian Gulf are unique places to spend free time. But when we speak of Musandam, it is a piece of heaven where you can find all the interesting watery activities all at once. This heaven is placed inside the boaders of Oman, and whoever wants to escape from crowded metropolises can choose it as an ideal place. Whether you want to experience the ski jet or see wild dolphins in the water, Musandam is what you are looking for. The part that makes this amazing is the cave-exploring activity, which is like a treasure hunt in Indiana Jones movies.

  • Step aboard a traditional Omani dhow, a wooden sailing vessel reminiscent of ancient seafaring traditions.
  • Sail along the captivating coastline, feeling the gentle sea breeze on your face, and revel in the sense of authenticity and cultural immersion that this traditional mode of transportation provides
  • Musandam is renowned for its vibrant marine life, including playful dolphins that frolic in the azure waters.
  • Our Full Day Dhow Cruise taking you are in the beautiful sights and wonderful beaches including fishing and swimming
  • Witness these intelligent creatures as they swim alongside your dhow, leaping and dancing in perfect harmony with their natural surroundings.
  • Dive into the crystal-clear waters and discover an underwater paradise teeming with colorful coral reefs, tropical fish, and marine biodiversity.
  • Guest may carry swim wear and fishing equipment
  • Self-drive vehicles must be Oman insured
  • The dhow Cruise will be subject to weather conditions
  • Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited
  • Pick up time: 7:00am to 7:30am
  • Please submit your passport and visa copy 3 days before the travel for Oman
  • Passport is a must on the day of travel.
  • Please kindly bring your passport with you
  • Children under 3 years will be considered as infant and entry will be free of cost.
  • Children between age 3 to 10 will be considered as child and charged child rate.
  • Children above age 10 will be considered as an adult and charged adult rate.
  • 07.00 am: The guest will be picked up from the area that was previously agreed upon (the precise time of the pick-up will be revealed in the evening prior to the tour day).
  • 09.30 am: Crossing the border between the United Arab Emirates and Oman (our admission into Oman is prepared)
  • 10.00 am: A welcome drink and a last briefing on the program are provided on board the dhow.
  • 10.30 am: The dhow After approximately one hour of cruise, the dhow will anchor and begin the water activities, which include swimming, snorkeling, speed boat and banana boat rides, kayaking, and other water-based sports.
  • 01.00 pm: Onboard lunch buffet available
  • 02.00 pm: An enjoyable dhow trip lasting around one hour
  • 03.00 pm: Spending time fishing or exploring the Musandam Cave (depending on the state of the sea)
  • 03.30 pm: While we were on our way back, we had afternoon tea and some light nibbles.
  • 04.00 pm: Once back at the dock, transfer to the coach that is waiting for you to take you back to the United Arab Emirates.
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Going the Whole Hogg


Sunset in Musandam mountains Wadi Bihi


Sunset in Musandam mountains Wadi Bihi

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Musandam is a special place. Part of Oman, but surrounded by the UAE, it has a unique geography, culture and history that sets it apart from its Arabian neighbours. Jutting out into the narrow Strait of Hormuz, Musandam’s jagged coastline has earned it the nickname ‘Norway of Arabia’. While its fjords are indeed impressive, the expansive Musandam mountains are equally worthy of exploration. Hiking, snorkelling, diving, camping, off-roading, and relaxation opportunities abound. Whether you’re planning a weekend trip from Dubai, or a week long adventure, Musandam is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and traditional Omani culture.

Khasab is the regional capital of the Musandam Governorate, and the majority of things to see and do in Musandam are around this northern area. Dibba (Daba) Al-Baya is a smaller province, located in the south of Musandam. This area is perhaps most notable as the location of the Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort. While the two regions are technically connected via a mountain road, only Omanis are permitted access, making it impossible to drive between them without having to exit Oman and re-enter via the UAE. Additionally, Madha is part of Musandam, but is enclaved by the UAE. For these reasons, most people focus on just one region, with the Khasab area offering the best variety of things to see and do in Musandam.

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Use the map below to find everywhere mentioned in this Musandam Travel Guide. You can also download an offline version  to ( iOS / Android ). Tap the menu button at the top left for more details, to toggle layers on and off, and switch between satellite and terrain view. Tap the star symbol to save to your own Google Maps.





From cruising the fjordlands to fossil hunting, there’s a surprising amount to see and do in Musandam. Some areas can be explored independently with a 2 or 4WD, while less accessible areas will require you to hire a boat or join a tour.


Khasab coastal road.

Crossing the border at Ras Al Khaimah, the differences between the UAE and Oman are immediately apparent. Leaving a world of industry, highrises and construction behind, a rugged expanse of mountain and sea views extend before you. Low-rise traditional houses clustered in small villages line the entrances to wadis on your right, while stretches of attractive beaches come and go to your left. The coastal road to Khasab has literally been blasted out of the mountainside, a stretch of smooth tarmac tucked between soaring ochre layered cliffs and unspoilt coastline. It’s a pleasure to drive and offers numerous opportunities to stop at beaches, old forts and scenic viewpoints along the way.

Al Jadi Beach in Musandam at sunset, sheer limestone cliffs rising behind the beach and coastal road

Limestone cliffs of Musandam rising above the curving  coastal road, behind the beach at Al Jadi

Al Jadi Beach in Musandam at sunset, sheer limestone cliffs rising behind the beach and coastal road

Limestone cliffs of Musandam rising above the curving coastal road, behind the beach at Al Jadi

Bukha is the largest town between the border and Khasab, with an impressive mosque and old fort. Around 6 km beyond lies an attractive stretch of beach, perfect for camping, picnics or watching a magical sunset. Rounding the headland, the road climbs briefly and turns south towards Khasab, offering wonderful views over the Strait of Hormuz. You’ll wind your way around little inlets and past Bassa Beach, another popular picnic spot, before reaching the regional hub of Khasab.

The mosque at Bukha in Musandam, glowing golden in the morning sun

The mosque at Bukha, glowing golden in the early morning sun

The mosque at Bukha in Musandam, glowing golden in the morning sun

Fjords Dhow Cruise

To fully appreciate the beauty of the fjordlands around Khasab, you need to take to the water. Numerous half day, full day and even overnight dhow cruise options are available, sailing out of Khasab harbour. Dhows are traditional wooden fishing boats, usually with an open deck kitted out with cushions for lounging around on, plus a shaded area. Some have two or even three levels. While you’ll still see dhows used for fishing throughout Oman, these are all used solely for tourism and are pretty comfortable and atmospheric.

A dhow boat cruises around the rocky sandstone coast in the Musandam Fjords of Oman

A dhow boat cruises around the sun-kissed ‘fjords’ of Musandam

A dhow boat cruises around the rocky sandstone coast in the Musandam Fjords of Oman

Most tours follow a similar itinerary: cruise into Khor Ash Shamm, stop at Maqlab ‘Telegraph’ Island for a snorkel, then return to Khasab. The island’s nickname dates from its use as a telegraph booster station in the 1860s for the cable route between Bombay and London. You’ll pass small villages clinging to the cliff sides and no doubt encounter dolphins along the way. If you opt for a full day trip, lunch on the boat is usually included and you’ll get to explore at a more relaxed pace. Check if snorkelling equipment is included or if you need to bring your own. You can compare options and book your trip easily on Viator or Get Your Guide .

Khasab Castle

One of the few actual ‘tourist sites’ in Musandam, Khasab Castle is well worth a visit if you’re interested in learning about the history and unique culture of the area. Originally established by the Portuguese in the early 17th Century, it soon changed hands and has been periodically modified and restored over the centuries. Today it houses a fascinating museum, detailing all manner of history, culture and customs pertaining to the region. You can climb up the tower and wander around the various rooms. There are numerous boats on display in the courtyard, including a traditional dhow with wood sewn together in a custom unique to the area. There’s also examples of traditional palm leaf and Bait al-Qufl (House of the Lock) structures, again specific to Musandam. 

The drum tower of Khasab Castle in the afternoon sun

The drum tower of Khasab Castle in the afternoon sun

The wood of the dhow boat sewn together in the traditional fashion

The local boat sewing tradition

The tower of Khasab Castle in the afternoon sun

Wood panels of a dhow boat sewn together in the traditional fashion

Rocky Beach

Our favourite beach in Musandam, this secluded little spot is perfect for escaping the crowds (if there are any). Hidden away at the bottom of a steep and winding dirt track near Harf village, it’s best accessed with a 4WD, but a 2WD can handle it if you’re careful.

Rocky Beach in Musandam, turquoise water lapping a pebble beach surrounded by golden limestone cliffs

Morning view from the best camping area at the northern end of Rocky beach

Rocky Beach in Musandam, turquoise water lapping a pebble beach surrounded by golden limestone cliffs

The small beach, a mixture of rocks and sand, sits snuggly between towering cliffs of layered limestone that plunge right into the sea. There’s a graveyard behind, and a couple of fresh water tanks which are filled up by boat once a week. You can swim in the clear water of the Arabian Gulf surrounded by colourful fish, and rest in the shade of the makeshift palm leaf shelter by the tanks. This also makes for the perfect camp spot , where chances are your only company will be a few goats.


The view over Khor Najd, complete with switchback road winding steeply to the coast, is a Musandam classic. You can reach the viewpoint in a 2WD, although the descent to the shore is best tackled in a 4WD.

The cobalt blue perfectly still Khor Najd in Musandam, Oman, the surrounding mountains reflected in the water

The spectacular view over Khor Najd

This is a popular spot for family picnics, camping, and fishing. Expect it to be busy, especially at the weekend or during national Oman or UAE holidays. There are fresh water tanks here too, and plenty of space to pitch up either close to the shore, or set back towards the cliffs. While the setting is no doubt spectacular, we couldn’t help but feel the view from the top is better than the reality at the bottom and it was our least favourite camp spot in Musandam (granted, we were there during a very busy period).


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Just get in touch via our contact page to  let us know your rough trip plans and the kind of support you would like and we’ll get back to you with options and detailed pricing

Sal Ala Acacia Forest

There’s an acacia forest (a rare sight in these parts!) at the end of the main road heading south from Khasab, about 7 km beyond the turn off for Khor Najd. It makes for an interesting side trip if you’re already making the journey to the fjord, or a good choice if you’re looking for a nice 2WD accessible picnic spot and a chance to do some hiking.


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Tawi Village & Petroglyphs

Some of Musandam’s best preserved and numerous petroglyphs can be found in Tawi village. It’s just a few kilometres up Wadi Qida, and if you’re in a 2WD, these are far more accessible than the ones found in the mountains near Jabal Harim (mentioned below). Turn off from the main Khasab Coastal Road, a little west of Bassa Beach, and head up the road for 2.6 km. You’ll see a collection of large boulders on the left before you reach the end of the road. Here you’ll find carvings depicting hunters on horseback, boats, wild animals and more. The village itself is picturesque too, with old wooden doors, roaming goats and steep cliffs rising all around.

Petroglyph of hunter on horseback on rock in Tawi Village in Musandam

Petroglyph of a hunter on horseback in Tawi Village

A goat standing in front of an old blue door in the frame of a derelict building in Tawi Village in Musandam

Goats always know how to pose

Hunter on horseback petroglyph in Tawi Village


If you’ve got your own 4WD, you’re in for a treat. Otherwise, the only way to get a taste of the spectacular Musandam mountains is by joining a tour, as the roads are impossible to access in a 2WD. There’s a lot of exploring to be done along the main mountain road south of Khasab. That road extends all the way to Dibba (also spelt Daba), although as previously noted, you can’t get beyond the checkpoint in Wadi Bih unless you’re an Omani national. If you’ve only got a day or two to spend in the mountains, make this area your focus. If you have longer, the Harf Plateau is another great area to get off-road.

Khasab to Dibba Mountain Road Information Board on the gravel road to the mountains

The information board at the start of the mountain road south of Khasab


As sayh plateau.

Turning off the paved road south of Khasab onto the 4WD only mountain road towards Daba, the first scenic spot you’ll come to is the fertile As Sayh Plateau. It’s lush and green in winter: wheat and alfalfa fields mixed with palm groves stretch out for a couple of kilometres. 

Looking back down on the green fields of the As Sayh Plateau from the mountain road, dusty brown mountains rising around it

The green fields of the fertile As Sayh Plateau as seen from the mountain road above it

Looking back down on the green fields of the As Sayh Plateau from the mountain road, dusty brown mountains rising around it

There’s a small settlement of houses, some hard to distinguish from the rocky hillsides they’re built into. It’s a beautiful spot, hidden away in a seemingly hostile dry land.

As Sayh Plateau green field and hillside houses

The lush fields of the As Sayh Plateau seeming almost magical among the dry ground

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The lush fields of the As Sayh Plateau seeming almost magical among the dry and stony ground

UAE and Stairway To Heaven Viewpoints

Turning right up the tracks from As Sayh will lead you to some fantastic viewpoints overlooking the UAE, as well as the Stairway To Heaven hike. You’ll need to get out and walk a bit for the best views, then return to the main track to carry on exploring.


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Fossils and Petroglyphs

When tectonic plates collided millions of years ago, they formed both the Zagros Mountains in Iran and the towering cliffs of Musandam. Predominantly limestone, these mountains in Musandam are much older than the Hajar Mountains in ‘mainland’ Oman. The varied colours and clearly visible layers of these hulking brutes are simply mesmerising. But they’re also home to fascinating treasures of the past, as long as you know where to look. If you hunt around on the rocks above the As Sayh Plateau, you’ll find numerous fossils confirming that this area was indeed once under the sea. And further up the road, near a military helipad, you’ll find petroglyphs depicting hunters and wild animals. These rock carvings are believed to date back to before 600 BC. The views are pretty incredible, too. 

We’ve marked the spots on our map to help you find them.

Fossils in exposed bare rock in the mountains of Musandam, Oman

Fossils exposed in bare rock above the As Sayh Plateau

Ancient petroglyphs of human figures on bare rock in the mountains of Musandam, Oman

These petroglyphs are believed to be over 2,500 years old

Exposed fossils above the As Sayh Plateau

These petroglyphs of human figures are believed to be over 2,500 years old

Wadi Bih Road

Jabal Harim (that big mountain with a military installation on top) is the highest in Musandam at 2087m. You can’t actually drive to the top (due to said military facility), and if you’re on an organised ‘mountain safari’ tour this is likely where you’ll turn around. But if you’ve got your own wheels, the best is yet to come. 

Continuing on the road, with the peak to your left, the view laid out before you at the pass is utterly spectacular. Look closely and you’ll spot the road, hugging the mountainside, then twisting across a broad finger of land before dropping down to Wadi Bih. The odd house and pockets of cultivated green land cut into terraced fields complete the scene. It’s only 18km to the wadi bed, but don’t be surprised if it takes you an hour or more. The views will have you stopping constantly, and the terrain requires careful driving.

Wadi Bih Mountain Road in Musandam, snaking away across the rocky barren plateau

Snaking across the rocky mountainside, t he incredible Wadi Bih mountain road

Wadi Bih Mountain Road in Musandam, snaking away across the rocky barren plateau

The incredible Wadi Bih mountain road, snaking across the rocky mountainside

If you’re planning to camp, you’ll find one of our all time favourite spots 4km from the pass. Otherwise just pull off the road and admire the view before descending to the wadi bed.

A orange, yellow and pink sunrise rises over Wadi Bih in the mountains of Musandam, Oman

Sunrise views over Wadi Bih from one of our absolute favourite camp spots

A orange, yellow and pink sunrise rises over Wadi Bih in the mountains of Musandam, Oman


' title=


A’Rowdhah Bowl

Continuing straight over Wadi Bih and up Wadi A’Rowdhah at the small Qad Qad village, you’ll reach an expansive flat bowl surrounded by mountains. There are a couple of interesting cemeteries followed by a bizarre section of perfect tarmac road skirting the edge. The road curves around the wide open space, past numerous acacia trees, scattered houses and even an air strip. It’s a lovely spot for a picnic and a good place to camp. There’s every chance you’ll see camels roaming too.

A'Rowdhah Bowl trees surrounded by the Musandam Mountains

The perfect shaded picnic spot in the A’Rowdhah Bowl

Camels in A'Rowdhah Bowl, walking on rocky ground with hazy mountains in the distance

Camels on the move

The perfect picnic spot in the A’Rowdhah Bowl

A’Rowdhah Bowl to Limah Mountain Road

Beyond A’Rowdhah the brief section of tarmac ends. A steep switchback road heads up and over the mountains towards the coastal village of Limah. The views are, like most around here, spectacular. When we attempted the route in December 2018 we could only get so far, as part of the road on the descent to Limah was under construction. However, while still rough going, we believe the construction work is more or less complete now and it’s possible to drive to Limah. But even if you’re not planning to drive all the way, having made it as far as A’Rowdhah, it’s worth continuing up to the pass at least. There you’ll be rewarded with views back down over the bowl and out to the coast.

Note that you’ll need to retrace your route to get back to the main road so be sure to have enough fuel, water, food, etc.

View from Musandam mountains to Limah at the coast on a hazy day (M)

Looking down towards Limah and the coast from the mountain pass above A’Rowdhah

View from Musandam mountains to Limah at the coast on a hazy day (M)


For wonderful views over the Arabian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, head up the Harf Plateau. This off-road route runs roughly parallel to the Khasab coastal road, but high above on the top of those cliffs you’ve no doubt been admiring.

Parked up on the Harf Plateau in Musandam, looking out to a hazy view of the Strait of Hormuz

Parked up on the Harf Plateau with views of the Arabian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz

Parked up on the Harf Plateau in Musandam, looking out to a hazy view of the Strait of Hormuz

You can access the road from the village of Harf. There are mountain villages to explore, like Herat, and numerous hiking trails leading to abandoned villages and ruins (although none officially marked). The views down over the beaches and villages are great, and there’s plenty of good spots for camping. 

Looking down to the coast from Harf Plateau under stormy atmospheric skies

Looking down from the Harf Plateau towards Al Jadi and Bukha under atmospheric stormy skies


Great scuba diving sites are found all over Oman and Musandam is no exception. The main dive hubs are Khasab and Dibba. If you’re looking to include some diving as part of a general Musandam trip, arranging a couple of dives with an operator in Khasab is ideal. If diving is the main purpose of your trip to Musandam, you may want to opt for Dibba, where you can also arrange overnight dive trips. 

Whale shark season is May to October, with September to January considered the best season for diving. February and March can be pretty choppy and windy. Visibility is unpredictable, with the nutrient rich Strait of Hormuz offering anywhere between 5 and 20 metres visibility. 

A couple of companies that come recommended are Musandam Discovery Diving , based in Khasab, and Sheesa Beach , based in Dibba.


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Pinks and yellows light the sky at sunrise in the mountains of Musandam. The flat area shows our campsite where the tent and our Toyota Fortuner gleam in the morning light.

11 Best Wild Campsites in Oman

The mirror-like blue surface of Khor Najd stretches into the distance, framed by sandy mountains and cliffs

Oman Camping Road Trip: Everything You Need To Know

Where to stay in musandam.

Accommodation in Musandam is fairly limited, centred in and around Khasab, or Dibba. Camping is a great alternative if you have your own gear and transport. Overnight dhow cruises are also an option, and offer a unique experience.

Khasab Accommodation

As is the case all over Oman, budget accommodation is hard to come by in Musandam. Khasab has limited hotels to choose from, with prices around $90 – $200 for a double room. Lake Hotel is the cheapest, with rooms from around $55. Other options include Ahlam Musandam Villa , Ahlam Villa Musandam , Khasab Hotel , Diwan Al Amir , Esra Hotel Apartment , and the pricier Atana Khasab Hotel and Atana Musandam Resort . There are also a couple of established beach campsites you can book which include all of your meals, camping equipment, etc.


Dibba accommodation.

Six Senses Zighy Bay is by far the most famous luxury resort in the region, with Dibba Beach Resort a slightly more affordable option.

Camping Musandam

Oman is the perfect place for a camping road trip, and Musandam has loads of great spots to pitch up. From beaches to mountains, we spent a week camping around Musandam and have detailed a couple of our very favourite spots in this guide . We’ve also marked numerous possible camp spots for you on the map above to help you find the perfect place whether you’re in a 2WD or 4×4. 

Pinks and yellows light the sky at sunrise in the mountains of Musandam. The flat area shows our campsite where the tent and our Toyota Fortuner gleam in the morning light.

One of our all time favourite camp spots, on the mountain road above Wadi Bih

Pinks and yellows light the sky at sunrise in the mountains of Musandam. The flat area shows our campsite where our Toyota Fortuner gleam in the morning light.

As with everywhere in Oman, camping is of the ‘wild’ variety, ie. there are no official campsites (besides the fully inclusive ones mentioned in the Khasab accommodation section above). This means there are no facilities like toilets, water, sinks, etc., so it’s imperative that you follow the Leave No Trace principles when camping in Musandam. 

For more practical camping info, check out our complete guide to camping in Oman . Note that there’s a Lulu Hypermarket in Khasab, a great place to stock up on food and supplies. For fuel, there are petrol stations in both Bukha and Khasab.

Overnight Dhow Cruises

For a truly unique Musandam experience, why not sleep out under the stars on a traditional dhow boat ? You’ll have the chance to see dolphins, snorkel around Telegraph Island, eat dinner on board, and then sleep out on the wooden deck. Pretty idyllic! 

Or this option with Musandam Sea Adventure also includes a mountain safari the following day, visiting the As Sayh Plateau, Jabal Harim, Khor Najd and the Acacia Forest. It’s a great option if you’re short on time and want to see the very best of Musandam, or don’t have your own 4WD.

People snorkelling in the aquamarine water round Telegraph Island in the waters off the coast of Musandam

Stopping off and snorkelling around Telegraph Island while on a dhow boat cruise

People snorkelling in the aquamarine water round Telegraph Island in the waters off the coast of Musandam

Stopping off and snorkelling around Telegraph Island on a dhow boat cruise


The best time to visit Musandam is between November and March. Day time temperatures are a pleasant 25-30 °C , with those at night time dropping to around 20 °C.

Sunset hues above the twinkling lights of Bukha, seen from Al Jadi Beach in Musandam

A beautiful evening on Al Jadi Beach in early December, as the sun sets and the lights of Bukha spring to life

Sunset hues above the twinkling lights of Bukha, seen from Al Jadi Beach in Musandam

A beautiful evening on Al Jadi Beach in early December, as the lights of Bukha spring to life

The summer months (June to August) can be unbearably hot throughout Oman (apart from in monsoon cooled Salalah ). In Musandam, summer temperatures push 40 °C and rarely drop below 30 °C. So unless you’re planning to camp in the mountains (about 8 °C cooler), it’s best to avoid these months. 

April, May, September and October can still be pretty hot, making it uncomfortable for beach camping or hiking. 

As Musandam is accessed most easily from the UAE, it’s a popular weekend or holiday getaway for many locals and expat residents in Dubai and elsewhere. Be sure to check both Oman and UAE public holiday dates if you want to avoid the crowds.


As there are no public transport options or taxis in Musandam, the only way to get around is in your own vehicle or on a tour. You can bring your own car (or a rental) by road from the UAE, or on the car ferry from Shinas (more details below). Alternatively, you can hire a car in Khasab; no big name rental companies operate there, just a few local affairs. You can find some phone numbers and email addresses via a Google search if you want to try and confirm a car in advance.

As for tours, the two common itineraries cover a fjord dhow cruise, and an off-road mountain trip to Jabal Harim, the As Sayh Plateau, Khor Najd and a few other spots. Many tour operators offer Dubai pick up and drop offs too. You can search and book various options on Viator or Get Your Guide .


You can get to Musandam by air, sea, or land. Your chosen mode of transport will likely depend on where you’re coming from, and your plans once you get to Musandam.

Fly To Musandam

There is a daily flight from Muscat to Khasab (and back) with Oman Air. It takes around 1 hour. This is the only flight option and obviously makes most sense if you are coming from Muscat. It’s a small regional plane, with a 20kg luggage limit. For the best views, try to sit on the left flying to Khasab or the right to Muscat. As you will be flying domestically, you won’t need to worry about multi-entry Oman visas or paying extra for cross border car rental insurance, etc. As noted above, there is no public transport in Musandam, so it’s best to arrange a tour or car hire in order to get around once you land.


Ferry to musandam.

The National Ferries Company runs a car ferry service from Shinas (in the north of Oman near the border with the UAE) to Dibba, Limah and Khasab. The direct Muscat – Khasab ferry no longer runs. You can however book a combo bus/ferry ticket to get from Muscat to Shinas return with Mwasalat bus company. 

The ferries do not run every day. You can check the current schedules on the NFC website . This is a scenic way to travel, the 4 hour journey from Shinas to Khasab passing by the stunning Musandam coast. Taking the ferry also has the benefit of no border control hassle or extra visa costs. However it is fairly expensive, especially when taking a rental car with you, and it may work out more expensive than just driving. You can make reservations by phone or email with NFC, or book via a local travel agency.

Drive To Musandam

If you’re coming from the UAE, driving to Musandam is certainly the easiest option. If you’re planning a trip from ‘mainland’ Oman, driving is also possible, but there are extra considerations given that you must exit and re-enter Oman via the UAE.

UAE to Musandam Border Crossings

The main border crossing is at Al Dhara/Tibat, near Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE. It’s a fairly straightforward process, but it can get busy at weekends or on public holidays. As far as we’re aware, to cross the border to Daba/Dibba you must be a GCC national or a resident of the UAE. If you’re an expat resident of Oman, or a tourist, you need to have a letter and confirmed booking in order to cross this border, from Six Senses Zighy Bay, Golden Tulip Dibba or a Dibba based tour company. It’s a good idea to check this directly with the hotel/tour company before confirming any travel plans.

Oman to UAE Border Crossings

If you’re planning on driving from ‘mainland’ Oman to Musandam, you’ll need to cross into the UAE, then back into Oman at either the Ras Al Khaimah or Dibba borders. There are numerous border crossings between the UAE and ‘mainland’ Oman, and with the limited information available, it’s a little confusing which ones you can use as non-GCC residents or nationals. Saying that, we (tourists on British passports) crossed with no problems at the Khatmat Malahah border post on the east coast between Shinas (Oman) and Fujairah (UAE), and also at the Mezyad/Hafeet border post south of Al Ain.

A 4WD and a tent between two trees at dusk on a beach in northeastern Oman

Camping for the night in northeastern ‘mainland’ Oman while driving to Musandam via the U.A.E.

A 4WD and a tent between two trees at dusk on a beach in northeastern Oman

Cross Border Rental Car & insurance

If you’re hiring a rental car in the UAE or Oman, make sure you are allowed to cross into the other country. You will be able to confirm this with your rental company before booking. You will also need to ensure you have the correct car insurance for crossing into the other country. We arranged our Oman rental car through Holiday Autos , ensuring cross border travel into the UAE was permitted in advance. When we picked up our car we advised the staff of the dates we planned to be in the UAE. They then arranged the insurance documents for us to collect the following day, costing an additional 25 OMR.


Visas for oman.

Citizens of 103 countries can visit Oman visa-free for up to 14 days . You must have proof of a return flight within 14 days, confirmed hotel bookings for the duration of your stay, and health insurance. Many nationalities can also apply in advance for an e-visa for a single entry trip of up to 30 days (OR20), or a multiple entry 1 year visa which is valid for stays of up to 30 days at a time (OR50). You can find out more about visas and apply online here.

Do ensure that you have the correct visa to suit your itinerary. If you fly or take the ferry from Oman (Muscat) to Musandam, without entering the UAE, this will be classed as a single entry into Oman. However, if you drive via the UAE, you will be exiting Oman and re-entering again, so you may require a multi-entry visa. 

 Be sure to check your UAE visa requirements also. Note also that there is a UAE exit fee payable when crossing the border into Oman (we were charged 32 AED each).


Lonely Planet’s Oman, UAE & Arabian Peninsula guide book is the most up to date out of the main publishers, with The Rough Guide to Oman and Oman Bradt Travel Guide also useful.

smart travel musandam

If you’re planning to head off-road, the Explorer Oman Off-Road book is invaluable. You can order it direct from Explorer’s website, or pick it up at local bookshops, including the WH Smith at Muscat airport. They did have an app version of the book, but it is unavailable at the time of writing.


If you’ve found this guide helpful, please consider leaving us a small tip. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps cover the costs of running this blog.

Kim and Del Hogg

If you’ve found this guide helpful, please consider leaving us a small tip.

Your support is greatly appreciated and helps cover the costs of running this blog.

We hope you’ve found this guide to Musandam useful. It’s a fascinating region in a really special country. If you have any questions at all, just use the comment section below. And if you know of anything we’ve missed, get involved with the discussion and fill in the gaps.

Happy travels!


Still not sorted your travel insurance it’s not too late get a quote now.

smart travel musandam

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The Road Reel

Dubai to Musandam Road Trip: Best Things to Do in Musandam

Plan a perfect Dubai to Musandam road trip with my detailed Musandam, Oman travel guide. Here you will find: how to go on a Musandam trip from Dubai by car , UAE-Oman (Musandam) land border procedures and Oman visa requirements  (for tourists and UAE residents), places to visit and the best things to do in Musandam Peninsula, including Khasab dhow cruise tours through Fjords of Arabia, the best beaches in Musandam, hiking and camping opportunities, places to stay in Khasab , as well as where to eat. 

Musandam, an exclave governorate of Oman, sits on the very northern tip of the scenic Arabian Peninsula. Bordered by the UAE and separated from the mainland of Oman , Musandam is known for its dramatic jagged coastline, desolate mountain range, and fjord-like inlets (khors). Peninsula’s unique topography is why people often refer to Musandam as the Norway of Arabia, Fjords of Arabia , or the Norway of the Middle East .

Meanwhile, Governorate’s capital town Khasab serves as a visiting base and a harbor for iconic Musandam dhow cruise trips.

Musandam road trip from Dubai is one of the best things you can do while in UAE. Thus, I am excited to share all the essential tips and things you must know before visiting Musandam, Oman.

Dubai to Musandam road trip: Best Things to Do in Musandam, in the picture Fjords of Arabia

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may earn a commission if you make a purchase by clicking a link (at no extra cost to you). This helps to keep my blog running and growing by creating more awesome free content for you.

Musandam from Dubai road trip guide: 15 best places to visit and things to do in Musandam

In this post, I focus on the Musandam-Khasab area. This northwest side of the Peninsula offers the widest range of activities and attractions in Musandam. Meanwhile, Musandam-Dibba on the eastern side is mostly visited for Zighy Bay Resort, overnight diving, and dhow cruise trips to Lima village. 

Musandam Travel Essentials- Quick Links

  • Rent a car : The best way to explore Musandam is self-driving. Look for the best rental car rates at Discover Cars or Localrent .
  • Before You Go: Apply for an Oman visa easily at iVisa .
  • Sleep: book accommodation in Musandam on Booking .
  • Travel insurance : have a safer trip with SafetyWing which offers some of the best rates in the market.
  • Dhow cruise tours in Musandam: book the best-rated guided tours in Khasab on Viator .

Where exactly is Musandam in Oman? 

It often comes as a surprise to many travelers that Musandam actually belongs to Oman but is completely enclosed within the borders of the UAE.  Projecting into the strait of Hormuz at the northernmost part of the Arabian Peninsula, Musandam is bordered by Ras Al Khaimah Emirate from the west side and the Sharjah Emirate exclave from the east side of the UAE. 

It is relatively easy to go for a day trip from Dubai to Musandam , making it one of the most beloved weekend getaways for UAE residents. It takes only a couple of hours of driving from Dubai before you cross the UAE- Oman border in Ras Al Khaimah Emirate, and appear in a completely different world.

Musandam from Dubai road trip: 15 Best Things to Do in Musandam

The scenery transforms instantly from an industrial dusty highway to one of the most scenic coastal roads you can imagine.

You will be driving a perfectly smooth Khasab highway winding between soaring rugged orange hue cliffs and unspoiled seaside. Every now and then you will see traditional low-rise pastel-colored villages and old forts nestled at the foothills of the mountainside. You may find yourself wanting to stop quite often as the road offers countless scenic viewpoints and beach breaks. 

RELATED READS: Renting a car and driving in Oman tips.

Musandam Map

Use this map to locate all the places mentioned in my Musandam travel guide. Click the tab in the top left-hand corner to open the layers (points of interest, accommodation, driving routes, etc.). You can save this map on your Google Maps account by clicking on the small star icon next to the name of the map. To open the saved map on your phone or laptop, open Google Maps, then click the menu button, go to “Your Places”, and click maps where you will see this map saved on your list.

Why is Musandam worth visiting? 

The Musandam Peninsula is one of the most spectacular destinations in the Middle Eas t. Musandam is a must-visit for its gorgeous landscapes composed of beautiful wild beaches and mighty mountains, as well as abundant marine wildlife. If you are travelling to Dubai, or live in the UAE, make sure to visit Musandam at least for a day. That being said, driving Khasab coastal road alone is worth the journey. 

IMPORTANT: Going to Musandam Khasab involves a UAE-Oman border crossing. Therefore, a passport and visa (for tourists and UAE residents) are essential (more on the border crossing details later in this post). 

How many days in Musandam?

Although the majority of visitors choose to go only for a day from Dubai (UAE), you can easily spend 2 days in Musandam or even longer . There are plenty of amazing outdoor sights and things to do in Musandam ranging from popular dhow cruises, wild beaches, snorkeling, and diving, to hiking, off-roading, and camping in the Musandam mountains, as well as historical places to explore in this secluded peninsula of Oman. 

The best time to visit Musandam

The best time to go to Musandam is October to March. The weather temperatures are lower, making it pleasant to stay outdoors.

You can still visit Musandam during the shoulder season which is March-April or September. However, it going to be quite hot, humid, and hazy, with temperatures hitting above 35 degrees Celsius during midday.

June to August are the hottest months with the weather heating up to over 40 degrees Celsius. Thus, it is not advisable to travel to Musandam in the summer.

Instead, you can look up for a perfect opportunity to escape the heat in the Middle East by heading to Salalah, south of Oman.

Where to stay in Musandam

Unless you are planning on overnight wild camping in the Peninsula which is a legal and very common activity in Oman, accommodation options in Musandam are very limited. You can only find less than 10 hotels in the town of Khasab on the northern side of the Peninsula. Meanwhile, on the eastern side, the only accommodation is Six Senses Luxury Resort which is mostly visited as a retreat destination.

The best hotel choices in Musandam, Khasab for slightly different budgets:

  • Atana Musandam Resort – located in the town of Khasab, close to the fort and the harbor, this hotel is probably the most luxurious option in the area, yet for a very reasonable price. This hotel offers cozy rooms with a sea or pool view. Click here for prices and availability.
  • Atana Khasab Resort – is another great accommodation option near Bassa Beach. The hotel is perched on a rock face and boasts fantastic views of the sea and the peninsula. Breakfast is also included in the price. Click here for prices and availability.
  • Esra Hotel Apartment – offers 1 or 2-bedroom apartments with a kitchen- a great choice for a longer stay with friends or family in Musandam. Click here for prices and availability.
  • Ahlam Musandam Villa – basic but clean rooms in a privately owned villa run by a friendly and helpful owner. We stayed here once for a couple of nights and loved it. Choose this place if you are not planning on spending any time indoors at all. Click here for prices and availability.

Musandam from Dubai road trip: 15 Best Things to Do in Musandam, Jeri beach

How to get to Musandam from Dubai by road

There are two land entrances-border crossings from UAE to Musandam: 

  • Musandam (Khasab) from Ras AL Khaimah through the al Dhara border.
  • Musandam Dibba from Fujeirah/Sharjah exclave through the Dibba checkpoint.

IMPORTANT: for the scenic road trip along the Khasab coastal road, you must enter Musandam from Ras al Khaimah emirate. You cannot drive from Dibba-Fujeirah to Khasab (more on that later). 

Musandam from Dubai by car 

The most convenient and exciting way is to self-drive to Musandam. You will have the freedom to stop along the beautiful coastline and visit attractions outside Khasab town. 

Since the majority of visitors are coming to Musandam from Dubai, I will use it as a starting point. However, you can drive to Musandam from any other Emirate of the UAE. 

Find the best rates for renting a car in UAE with Discovercars

Driving from dubai to musandam (khasab) .

When driving from Dubai to Khasab (the regional capital town of Musandam), take Mohamed bin Zayed Road E311 all the way to the end of Ras Al Khaimah Emirate. It is literally a straight way on the highway to the border. 

It takes approximately 3 hours to drive from Dubai to Khasab: 2 hours to reach the border, around 30min for crossing the Al Dhara border post, and another 30-40 minutes to Khasab. If you are coming from Abu Dhabi, add another hour to your driving time. 

Note: border crossings may take significantly longer on weekends and public holidays. The visa and border procedures are explained in detail below in this post.

Getting from Dubai to Musandam by tour

Many visitors to the UAE opt for one-day or overnight camping trips using organized tours departing from Dubai. This option will suit those of you who do not have your own transport. Some of the tour companies offer pick-up from the hotel service and some have a designated meet-up point in Dubai. 

An easier way is to choose a tour that offers a pick-up service so you do not need to hire a taxi to the meet-up point.

These Musandam tours are recommended by UAE visitors and have hotel pick-up options :

  • Musandam Khasab day trip from Dubai with classic dhow cruise through Arabian Fjords, dolphin watching, and lunch. Click here to check reviews, prices, and availability.
  • Musandam Khasab from Dubai day trip including traditional dhow cruise through the fjords and lunch on the boat. Click here for prices and availability.

Musandam from Dubai road trip: 15 Best Things to Do in Musandam, dhow cruise in musandam

Getting to Khasab, Musandam by public bus

Unfortunately, there is no direct public bus service available from Dubai or anywhere in the UAE that can take you all the way to Khasab, Musandam. The furthest you can get by bus from Dubai is Ras Al Khaimah bus station. Then you would have to hire a taxi to Khasab. This option would not be sensible for visiting Musandam from Dubai as it is complicated, time-consuming, and costly. 

Getting to Musandam from Oman’s mainland

You can visit Musandam from Oman by car. If driving from Muscat, you will have to first enter UAE from the Al Wajajah border in Hatta or Khatmat Malaha border on the East coast of the Gulf of Oman. Then you will have to drive to the Al Dhara border in Ras Al Khaimah. It is a long journey that takes around 6 hours from Muscat.

Looking for a good rate to hire a car in Oman or UAE? Check Discover Cars search aggregator which offers some of the most competitive car rental rates in the market.

  • Entering Musandam by air from Oman

It is possible to reach Musandam by taking a flight from Oman’s capital Muscat to Khasab airport. The flight takes just over an hour and there are daily departures between Muscat and Khasab. 

Search for the best flight deals in Oman using Skyscanner .

  • Entering Musandam from Oman by ferry

Reaching Khasab, Musandam by ferry is probably the most adventurous way. There is a twice-a-week ferry from Shina’s town in Oman (3 hour drive up North from Muscat). It also transports vehicles. You can book ferry tickets here . 

Musandam, Oman Visa Requirements at Al Dhara (Khasab) border

To visit Musandam when entering from the al Dhara border in Ras Al Khaimah to Khasab, you must obtain Oman visit visa.

UPDATE: All GCC citizens and residents (including UAE residents) do not need a visa to travel to Oman.  UAE residency must be valid for at least 3 months before entering the Sultanate of Oman.

Which type of Oman visa should you apply for when travelling to Musandam:

  • If you are a UAE resident , you will need to apply for a 29A visit visa. It is recommended by the Royal Police of Oman to apply for a tourist visa online for a faster procedure at the border. However, a visa on arrival is also available in case you could not apply online. 
  • A single entry visit visa for UAE residents costs 5 OMR (50 AED)*.

*Note that in order to get a 29A visit visa to Oman, your UAE residency should fall under the approved professions list.

  • If you are coming to Musandam from Dubai by road holding a UAE tourist visa , and fall under G1** countries list, you can get a visa on arrival for 10 days which costs 10 OMR (100 AED). If you intend to stay longer, then you should apply for a 26B visa online valid for 30 days which costs 20 OMR (200 AED).
  • Travelers who do not fall under the G1 countries list must either be a spouse or a child of the G1 countries national to be able to apply online for an e-visa. Otherwise, they should obtain an Oman visit visa via the Oman embassy in their country of residence. Alternatively can use visa application services on ivisa .

IMPORTANT: Passport holders who do not qualify for a UAE visa on arrival, must have a multiple-entry UAE tourist visa. Single-entry UAE tourist visa holders will not be allowed to enter Musandam. 

**G1 countries as per Royal Oman Police . Europe: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Rep., Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain,  Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican, Ukraine. South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela. Other Countries and Regions: Australia, Brunei Dar al-Salam, Canada, French Guiana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Lebanon, Macao, Special Administrative Region of China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, United States, Islamic Republic of Iran, Russian Federation, People’s Republic of China, Republic of Kazakhstan

Passport validity

All passports must be valid for at least 6 months during your visit to Oman. 

If you are a UAE resident, your residency must be valid for at least 3 months (90 days) before entering Oman. 

Apply for an Oman visa online

  • If you are eligible, you can apply for an Oman visa online on the Oman Royal Police website here .  It may take an hour to up to a week to receive an e-visa. Usually, e-visa will be issued within 24 hours. However, I suggest applying at least a few days before your trip.
  • You can also get an Oman visa sorted for you for an additional fee using ivisa . This is particularly convenient for those travelers, who are not eligible for Oman visas on arrival. 

UAE Exit Fee

When exiting UAE by land, at the border you must pay a 35 AED exit fee per person. This is separate from your Oman visa cost. There is no exit fee for leaving Oman. If you are traveling from Dubai to Musandam with a tour, the exit fee is most of the time already included in the tour package.

Car documents requirements when entering Musandam from Dubai, UAE

When driving a car to Musandam from Dubai, UAE you must have the following documents:

  • Up-to-date car registration (mulkiya) documents.
  • An orange card that acts as driving in Oman car insurance. It can be requested to be issued by your car’s insurance company. If your car insurance covers the territory of Oman, it will be free of charge, if not it costs around 50 AED. Alternatively, you can get Oman car insurance on the border and it costs around 80-100 AED. 
  • A non-objection certificate (NOC) if you are driving a rental car. Request it from your car rental company. Most car rental companies permit driving from UAE to Oman. 
  • You will also need NOC if you drive someone else’s car. The owner must issue that for you.
  • Valid driver’s license. 

RELATED READS: If you are planning a trip to Muscat or Salalah, read my full guide about traveling to mainland Oman from Dubai (UAE) by road here .

smart travel musandam

Musandam Al Dhara (Khasab) Border Crossing Procedure

Arrival to Musandam

When arriving at the UAE-Musandam border you will first pass the UAE checkpoint. If you are not a GCC citizen, you must first visit the departure hall, show your passport, pay an exit fee of 35 AED per person, and get a UAE exit stamp. You will be also given a small sheet of paper which you must show at the UAE checkpoint. This piece of paper is your exit fee payment confirmation. 

The next step is the Oman border post crossing. Again, you must park your car and visit the arrival hall to show your passport and get an Oman entry stamp for electronic visa holders. Or get a visa on arrival (you must check in advance if your passport is applicable for it).

Once your passport is stamped, head to the checkpoint, show your passport and proceed to the car inspection section. 

Musandam border control officer will inspect the interior of your car and will give you a small sheet of stamped paper which you will have to show at the last checkpoint before entering Oman. After that, welcome to Musandam! 

Border procedure on the way back to Dubai, UAE

When leaving Musandam your first stop will be at the same Oman arrival/departure hall where you received your Oman visa. Here you will have to show your passport and get an exit stamp.

Next, you will drive through an x-ray gate which will scan your car (no stopping there).

Then you will have to park your car and head to the arrival hall on the UAE border side for a passport check and entry stamp. You will get another sheet of paper, which you have to give to the officer at the car inspection point.

Proceed further to the car inspection point, get the small paper stamped, and proceed to the final checkpoint to hand it to the officer. After that, welcome back to the UAE! 

things to do in musandam- dhow cruise

Visiting Musandam through the Dibba border

Dibba border is located on the east side of Musandam, in Dibba town, an exclave of Sharjah emirate. This border shall be used if you are going for a staycation to Six Senses Resort in Zhigy Bay, or if you are taking one of the dhow cruises in Dibba Oman, or any other tour in the area. 

The Dibba border is more like a checkpoint than an actual border. If you are visiting Musandam for the above-mentioned purposes then you will not need an Oman visa. 

The hotel or tour operator will be able to provide you with a permit to enter Dibba, Oman. 

Note that you should not attempt driving to Musandam through the Dibba side over the Wadi Bih. It is an off-road that requires a 4WD vehicle and also it is not permitted for ex-pats of UAE or foreigners. Only UAE citizens and Omanis can use that road. 

Nonetheless, if you are planning on hiking in Wadi Bih independently you can do so. We entered Dibba border a day before it was shut for lockdown back in 2020. It was the only border open at that time and we used it to visit Musandam. Originally, we planned to go to Khasab, but since the Al Dhara border was already closed at that time, we ended up hiking in Wadi Bih, camped, and came back hours before lockdown started. We did have Oman visit visa though, and it might be required if you are not using tour operators or hotel services. 

wadi bih musandam

15 Best Things to Do in Musandam , Oman

Here you will find the best places to visit and things to do in Musandam.

1. Sail through Arabian Fjords in a traditional dhow cruise in Musandam

Sailing Arabian Fjords in a traditional dhow boat is an absolute must-do activity in Musandam allowing you to truly appreciate the beauty of the peninsula. In fact, most of the visitors are specifically coming for the boat tour in Musandam as it is the best way to see beautiful khors – inlets that characterize the Arabian Fjords landscape. 

There are plenty of tour companies to join for a half-day, full-day, and even overnight cruise experience. The sailing-off point for all cruises is Khasab Harbor. 

Musandam from Dubai road trip: 15 Best Things to Do in Musandam- dhow cruise

The route and activities on a dhow tour are essentially almost the same- cruising around the fiords with 1 or 2 stops for swimming and snorkeling in the pristine waters, spotting the dolphins, lunch, and refreshments along the way. 

You will be sailing in a traditional open-deck boat shaded with a roof cover.  Some of the boats are multi-level which is great for slightly elevated views. Decorated with traditional textiles and pillows for lounging, those old dhows are also very photogenic. Many of them are still used for finishing throughout Oman. 

Musandam from Dubai road trip: 15 Best Things to Do in Musandam, dhow cruise in musandam is one of the best things to do

I would recommend joining a full-day tour for a more relaxed experience. Moreover, if you are doing a full-day cruise, you can also request to be taken for a short hike “between two seas” for panoramic views of the fjords! This has to be prearranged as you will be picked up from the dhow and transported by the speedboat for a short hike. I haven’t done this hike yet, but somebody posted amazing pictures on Instagram. I asked the person if they had to pay extra, but they confirmed that drop-off for a short hike was included in their dhow cruise rate.

Booking dhow cruise in advance is recommended for the winter months and on the weekends. You have two options to do the cruise: 1. Arrive in your own car to Khasab and take join the tour from there. 2. Join an organized tour from Dubai with transportation included. 

If you are wondering which dhow tour to take, here are suggestions for well-rated tours available to book online: 

  • Full-day dhow cruise from Khasab . This tour has a badge of excellence and includes all the must-sees on the cruise with lunch. Click here to check full details, prices, and availability.
  • Full-day dhow cruise tour in Musandam Khasab with pick up from Dubai: This well-rated Musandam tour includes Dubai hotel pick up with lunch. Click here to check full details, prices, and availability.
  • Half-Day Dhow cruise from Khasab: This 3-hour dhow cruise from Khasab includes soft drinks, tea, and water, as well as snorkeling gear. It would suit those of you who are in Musandam just for a day and want to have more time to combine more activities in the Peninsula. Click here for full details, prices, and availability.
  • Overnight dhow cruise with camping experience: this is a unique way to experience the Musandam Peninsula. This tour includes lunch, dinner, and breakfast, as well as all campsite equipment. Click here for more details, prices, and availability.

Browse all Musandam dhow cruise tour options on Viator .

Musandam from Dubai road trip: 15 Best Things to Do in Musandam, dhow boat

2. Hit the beach: where to find Musandam’s best beaches. 

Musandam peninsula is dotted with some insanely beautiful beaches. Thus swimming at least at one of those wonderful beaches is one of the best things to do in Musandam.

While driving along the Musandam coast you will see wide sandy beaches suddenly appearing just next to the road. You can stop, park your car and go take a dip in the sea.

If you have a 4×4 vehicle, you are in luck as it allows you to access Musandam’s wild beaches that are just a few kilometer’s drive down to the coast from the main road via an offroad path. 

Musandam from Dubai road trip: 15 Best Things to Do in Musandam-beaches

The best Musandam beaches

Jeri beach (or al-jirri beach) .

Jeri Beach was my favorite beach in Musandam. It is located a 25-minute drive from Khasab-UAE direction. The coastline of Jeri Beach reminded me of the wild coasts of Alentejo in Portugal. 

The beach is around 1 km long, clean and empty. Most people just drive past with a short stop for a picture at most. We found this gem just steps away from the main road and had the beach completely to ourselves. Although Jeri Beach is located in front of the small village and fishing pier of the same name there are no amenities or shops close by. 

Musandam from Dubai road trip: 15 Best Things to Do in Musandam, Jeri beach

Beach Park Hil Oman

For a more family-friendly beach with playgrounds, washroom amenities and even a coffee shop drive to Beach Park Hil following UAE direction for another 3.5 km. It is a beautiful beach with a dedicated parking lot, less wild than Jeri though. 

Musandam from Dubai road trip: 15 Best Things to Do in Musandam, Beach Park Hil beach at sunset

Bassa Beach

Located in Khasab, just a 10-minute drive from the town center, Bassa is the most frequented beach in the area. However, it only gets significantly busier on the weekends. During weekdays it is just as quiet as any other beach on the Musandam Peninsula. 

Bassa is suitable for families with kids and friends, parking campervan as there is a lot of space, and doing barbeques at sunset. The sea in this spot is calm and good for swimming. When I visited, Bassa Beach was undergoing some construction work, probably they are building a park with more amenities. This slightly obstructed the mountain view, but hopefully, the works are either already done or will finish soon.

Al Jadi Beach

6 km south of Jerri beach, Al Jadi is a small settlement and home to a more popular than Jerri but also beautiful beach close to the soaring cliff. Offering convenient parking space, it is beloved by families and friends as a spot for relaxation and barbeque during the winter season.

Secret or Rocky Beach

Accessible by 4WD only (or a few kilometers hiking), Secret (Rocky Beach) is an amazing spot to camp and swim. Chances are you will be the only visitor there, especially on the weekday. As it is a wild beach, there are no amenities around, thus bring your own water and snacks. 

Musandam from Dubai road trip: 15 Best Things to Do in Musandam, beach at sunset

3. Visit Khor Najd a postcard child of Musandam

Khor Najd Lagoon is a postcard child of Musandam. A switchback road winds down towards the secluded beach overlooking the striking landscape of layered cliffs jutting out of the water.  A work of nature at its finest, beautiful Khor Najd is located a 25-minute drive inland, south of Khasab.

The famous viewpoint of the lagoon is accessible by 2WD. Following the sign indicating a left turn to the Khor Najd, you will have to drive through a rocky twisty, and breath-catching gravel road the last few kilometers. This road can be accessed by any car as long as there was no rain.

Meanwhile descending to the shores of Khor Najd can only be attempted by 4×4. 

Kohro Najd in Musandam viewpoint at sunset

Khor Najd is a very popular spot for families doing picnics and camping overnight. It gets quite crowded during national holidays (Oman and UAE) and on winter weekends when the weather is cool. 

Khor Najd viewpoint at sunset in Musandam

4 . Explore Musandam mountains- Jebel Harim and surroundings

Musandam mountains offer another array of wonderful outdoor activities. The only downside, if you want to reach certain places, a 4WD is a must. If you don’t have one, you can still join an organized tour that will take you to the main spots in the mountains.

South of Khasab town, the road continues towards Dibba. This is an offroad snaking through Wadi Bih. As previously mentioned, it cannot be crossed all the way to the Dibba side because of the military checkpoint which only permits Omani nationals.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of areas to visit before the checkpoint. 

musandam mountains- dubai road trip

As Sayh Plateau

As Sayh Plateau is a small fertile valley surrounded by barren mountains on the way to Jebel Harim. The plateau is situated at 1000 meters above sea level and turns into a lush green oasis after the rare rainfalls. It has a few farms with goats roaming around and feasting on the green grass under the date palms.

Jebel Harim

Jebel Harim is the highest mountain soaring at 2087 meters above sea level and a must-visit place in Musandam. After As Sayh plateau the road steeply continues up for another 11km until you reach a military checkpoint at 1600 meters. You cannot continue all the way to the peak, however, the views are already spectacular enough.

Ar Rawdah Bowl

Reaching the military point you can either turn around and go back to Khasab or continue your journey deeper into the mountains. The route continues south past the military checkpoint for another 25 kilometers until you reach Ar Rawdah Bowl.

Account for at least 45 minutes to reach it via the offroad. 

Ar Rawdah Bowl is known as the area with the largest concentration of acacia trees in Oman. Around 10 families live in the remote Rawdah village. 

To visit Jebel Harim and Khor Najd via organized tour, check those tours available to be booked online:

  • Half-day mountain safari to Jebel Harim: this private tour will take you to the highest peak in Musandam as well as a stop at Khor Nadj viewpoint on the way. Click here for full details and bookings.
  • Khasab half-day private mountain tour: This is a similar tour for a group of up to 4 people which covers the main points of interest in the Jebel Harim mountains and Khor Najd viewpoint. Click here for full details and bookings.
  • Khasab mountain tour with dhow cruise and snorkeling: this private tour of up to 4 people combines a 3-hour dhow cruise trip with snorkeling and a visit to Jebel Harim mountain as well as Khor Najd viewpoint. Click here for full details and bookings.

Browse more Musandam mountain tours on Viator.

camping in the mountains of musandam

5. Seek shade in Sal Ala Acacia forest in Musandam

Just 7 kilometers drive from Najd Khor going south till almost the end of the paved main road, you will find Acacia Forest. This is a unique place in Musandam which is mysteriously sprouting in the middle of the dry rocky terrain. 

The place ruled by goats has lots of shade and is a perfect place to have a picnic. It is worth a detour if you are spending more than a day in Musandam. The area offers some hiking opportunities as well. 

Acacia forest in Musandam- road trip from dubai

6. Stop for the views along Khasab coastal road in Musandam

At some points sheer cliffs are dropping straight into the water, making the coastal views nothing less than spectacular. Don’t miss the opportunity to stop at dedicated viewing points to admire the beauty of the coast. 

  • Al Harf Park overlooking a dramatic cliff is situated on the side of a very twisty road turning from the coast inland on the way from Khasab to UAE. A couple of tables with umbrellas and swings are set up there. Parking space is limited to a couple of cars only. Also, be careful as the road is bending and there is no clear visual sight of oncoming cars. 
  • Hana viewpoint. Driving out of Khasab town stop at a dedicated viewpoint on the right side of the coastal road. It overlooks the strait of Hormuz and many khors in the distance which gives a beautiful photo opportunity. 
  • Cliff View Point on Khasab Coastal Road just a few kilometers before Jeri Beach has a convenient parking lot. It is a beautiful stop to take a short break from driving and just enjoy the breaking waves and high cliffs just above you. 

musandam khasab coastal road- dubai to musandam by road

7. Explore the authentic Tawi village and find ancient petroglyphs in Musandam

Visiting Tawi village was one of my favorite things to do in Musandam. Tawi village is a small traditional settlement inside Wadi Qida accessible off the main Khasab Coastal road, driving west of Bassa Beach. You can drive inside the Wadi with 2wd via a paved road for up to 3km until you reach the dead end of high cliffs. 

Carved out on large boulders which are located on the left side of the road, within 2.5 kilometers drive into the wadi, Petroglyphs are not that straightforward to find. They aren’t visible until you come close to the rocks. We would have missed them if not for a local person who kindly pointed them out to us even without asking.

Petroglyphs are thousands of years old and depict various daily life subjects-animals, people sitting on horsebacks, and similar. They are pretty basic but still, it is cool to see them, especially knowing that it is an ancient art surviving thousands of years. I marked the exact location of petroglyphs on the maps. 

Musandam from Dubai road trip: 15 Best Things to Do in Musandam, Tawi village

More petroglyphs can be found in Jebel Harim mountain, which is accessible only by 4×4.

However, what I loved the most about this place is the Tawi village itself. Set between steep cliffs, the village is frozen in time with old local people slowly getting about their quiet life while youngsters run around playing football on the self-invented sandy pitch. It makes me wonder if the village will survive the test of time and if this old-school lifestyle will be passed to a new generation or completely disappear.

8. Khasab Castle/Fort

Established by the Portuguese in the 17th century Khasab Castle is the main historical attraction in town. If you are keen to know more about Musandam’s history and culture, visiting Khasab Castle will give you a good overview. The museum inside the fortress holds various historical items specific to the region, rooms set in a traditional manner, and courtyards with traditional boats. The highlight of the ancient fort architecture is the circular tower which you can climb as well. 

Opening hours: Saturday to Thursday 9 am – 4 pm, Friday 8 am-11 am. Entrance fee: 2 USD.

Khasab castlein Musandam

9. Watch or even join the locals playing Qubbah

One of the most authentic and fun experiences we had in Musandam. Is watching locals play qubbah . It is a local baseball-like game. The game is played in two teams using the seed of some fruit (probably mango) as a ball and a frond of the palm tree as a bat. The difference is that there is no pitcher. The seed is lifted off the ground by hitting it with the palm frond and then stroked as far forward as possible. 

things to do in musandam- watch locals play gubbah

The game is mainly played by elderly men, who joke that it is a retired footballer’s game, as it doesn’t involve running. 

After taking hundreds of pictures of Omani men playing qubbah in their dishdashis, I decided to try it out as well. With beginners’ luck, I managed to hit the seed off the ground and strike a couple of meters forward. It is way more difficult than it looks and requires some practice and skill. 

If you want to catch the game, I have pointed on the map a spot where you can find locals playing qubbah . The spot is next to a white mosque on the big road running parallel to Airport Road.

things to do in musandam- watch locals play qubbah

10. Hike in Musandam

Having mountains all around, hiking enthusiasts are offered some wonderful trekking opportunities around the Musandam Peninsula. Note that most of the trails in the area are not marked. I usually use Wikiloc in the UAE and Oman to find some great trails recorded by other hikers.

Near Khasab, you can try Khasab Heights (also called Khasab-Bassa, or Khasab-Qadah heights) route starting near Atana-Khasab Hotel where you can conveniently park your car. The moderately difficult route is signposted and offers wonderful views of the Musandam Peninsula. Allow 3 hours to complete the 6-kilometer route. Also, make sure to wear proper hiking shoes, and carry at least 2 LT of water.

Follow this trail on Wikiloc here recorded by one of the hikers.

RELATED READS: If you are looking for some great hikes in the UAE , check my post about those wonderful trails here .

11. Visit ancient Masjid at Masjid Beach

Masjid is a centuries-old mosque and a tomb built of white clay in a traditional manner. It is a very mysterious site set on a wild beautiful beach. Only accessible by 4×4, or by hiking for a few kilometers offroad, Masjid is definitely off the Musandam visitors’ radar. Although the place is known by locals and can get some small crowds during public holidays and good winter weekends.

12. Diving in Musandam

For underwater enthusiasts and professionals, there is no better place close to UAE to go diving than Musandam. If you want to learn scuba diving, you can take classes in Khasab and Dibba. If diving is planned as part of your Musandam adventure, then you can join a few diving sessions with an operator in Khasab. However, if you are planning a diving-only trip to Musandam, then Dibba might be a better choice. Some operators also offer overnight diving experiences. 

Note that diving season in Arabian Gulf waters is considered September to January for shark-free waters and the best visibility. February and March due to the very volatile sea and limited visibility should be avoided, just as April to September for the shark season. 

things to do in musandam- beaches

13. Have a special seafood dining experience in Musandam

There is nothing better than a heartful dinner after a long day of activities. For the most local dining experience head to a local fish market in Khasab, get a fresh catch of the day of your choice, and have it grilled for you in one of the nearby restaurants. Note that this is not fine dining, and places are very basic but trust me food is great.

Check my map for the exact locations of the fish market and Amjad restaurant where you can get it grilled immediately after purchasing.

things to do in musandam- eat grilled fish

14. Visit the remote village of Kumzar

Kumzar is the northernmost isolated village in Musandam. The only way to access it is by taking a speed boat ride which lasts up to 1 hour. The inhabitants of the village are of Iranian origin with a distinct culture and language native only to the Arabian Peninsula.

The picturesque village of Kumzar nestled between the cliffs dates back more than 500 years when it first was noticed on Portuguese maps.

A few tour operators offer half-day trips to the village. The tour is not the cheapest and costs 1000 AED for a group of 2-4 people. Also, it has to be arranged a few days in advance. 

I have not been to Kumzar yet, but as soon as I have more enthusiasts wanting to join me, will definitely go visit this mysterious remote village of Musandam.

things to do in musandam-woman walking in khasab street

15. Stop at Bukha fort

On the way to Khasab or when returning to the UAE from Musandam, stop at a beautiful Bukha Fort located in Bukha fishing village. This 16th-century fortified castle was built by the Portuguese and played an important role as a defense building in Musandam’s history.

Bonus Activity in Musandam: go paragliding and parasailing to Zighy Bay

For adrenaline seekers who love adventure high in the sky, Zighy Bay in Dibba, Musandam is the place to go for paragliding. The jump-off point is 300 meters above sea level from the Zighy Bay mountain. The flight will definitely take your breath away. The views of the bay surrounded by rigged mountain peaks are simply gorgeous.

The paragliding experience is organized by Six Senses Hotel in Zighy Bay with a pilot who will take care of the flight so you can just enjoy the views. As mentioned before, if you are coming to Musadnam from the Dibba side and joining a tour, experience, or stay in a resort, an entry permit will be sorted for you by the hotel or tour operator.

things to do in musandam- dibba paragliding over sighy bay

Recommended places to eat in Khasab, Musandam

Some of the best options to eat or have good coffee/tea in Musandam. Note that none of them are fancy restaurants, but more like simple eateries loved by locals.

Amjad Restaurant- this is the restaurant we got our fish grilled. If you are too tired to go shopping, you can still order other fish dishes in the restaurant. The only difference with bringing your own fish is that it is going to be guaranteed fresh.

Yemen Village Restaurant – is a well-rated place to have Yemeni food, and also grilled fish.

Khasab Castle (Wadi Qada) Iranian Restaurant – this place serves meat mostly. We came here for the special tea served in a really cool pot. We consumed countless cups of this freshly brewed Iranian tea served on a traditional type of dining podium.

Fanr Musandam Turkish Restaurant – located just outside the harbor where dhow cruises depart from, this place serves great takeaway kebabs.

Dote Café – for coffee lovers like myself, I recommend driving a bit south of the Khasab center for this modern coffee shop that offers specialty coffee (cold chocolate moca was my favorite). Surprisingly we met a guy from Poland working there.

places to eat in khasab musandam- dote cafe

And that’s a wrap for this Musandam from Dubai road trip guide. Hope you found useful information which helps you plan your journey as well as try some of the best things to do in Musandam. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to leave your comment at the end of this post.

I hope you are enjoying my free travel guides & tips. If yes, please consider supporting my work by buying me a coffee so I can continue creating more useful content from my favorite coffee shop in town. Thanks!

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At the northeastern most tip of the Arabian peninsula (and separated from the rest of Oman by a wide swathe of UAE territory) the dramatic Musandam peninsula is perhaps the most scenically spectacular area in the entire Gulf. Often described as “The Norway of Arabia”, the peninsula boasts a magical combination of mountain and maritime landscapes, as the towering red-rock Hajar mountains fall precipitously into the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, creating a labyrinthine system of steep-sided fjords ( khors ), cliffs and islands, most of them inaccessible except by boat. Musandam remains one of Oman’s great wildernesses, with a largely untouched natural environment ranging from the pristine waters of the coast, where you can see frolicking dolphins, basking sharks and the occasional whale, through to the wild uplands of the jebel , dotted with fossils and petroglyphs.

Bait al qufl: the house of the lock

The coastal road: khasab to bukha, the mountains, petroglyphs.

The main town in Musandam proper is lively little Khasab , at the top of the peninsula and connected to the outside world by the spectacular coastal road which runs down via Bukha to the UAE border at Tibat. Khasab offers the perfect base for boat (or diving) trips out on the marvellous Khor ash Sham or, further afield, to the remote town of Kumzar , as well as for mountain safaris up the mighty Jebel Harim and beyond.

Tailor-made travel itineraries for Oman, created by local experts

Omani Road Trip

7 days  / from 1450 USD

Omani Road Trip

Take a road trip through the Mars-like terrain of the Arabian Peninsula, marvel at Muscat's Grand Mosque, get hands on Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve, experience imposing desert forts, all on this unique trip! Experience the magic of Oman with a self-drive trip through this stunning and varied country.

The Great Outdoors of Oman

6 days  / from 1595 USD

The Great Outdoors of Oman

Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Oman’s great outdoors: sleep under starry skies in the middle of the desert just as the native Bedouins do, hike around the crater of the Grand Canyon, watching as the light changes on the Jebel Shams Mountains, and swim in the Wadi Oasis.

Classic Oman

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Classic Oman

Few countries in the world can match Oman's geographical diversity, which boasts palm-fringed white sand beaches, verdant mountains, rolling golden sand dunes and turquoise-watered wadis (water-filled ravines). Experience them all with this unique trip.

Tailor-made trips for   Oman

Almost every village in the mountains of Musandam is home to at least one bait al qufl (“house of the lock”), a distinctive type of local building – looking more like an antique bomb-shelter than a traditional house – which is unique to the peninsula. The bait al qufl developed in response to the migratory lifestyle of the local Shehi, who would leave their mountain homes during the summer months to go and work on the coast. Valuable possessions which they could not carry with them were left behind in the village, locked up in these miniature vaults. Although designed primarily for storage, bait al qufl were also used as living quarters, particularly in the depths of winter.

The bait al qufl was designed with the emphasis firmly on strength and security. Walls often reach thicknesses of 1m or more, fashioned out of enormous slabs of stone; the thickness of the walls had the additional benefit of keeping the interior cool in summer and warm in winter, as well as protecting its contents (and anyone inside) from the ever-present threat of rockfalls. Bait al qufl are usually around 6–7m high, although they look smaller from the outside since the floor is dug out 1m or so below ground level for additional strength and security; the buildings are also often surrounded with a raised platform to help drain rainwater and provide something to sit on. Huge earthenware jars were placed inside to store provisions such as water, dates and grains – the jars were often bigger than the actual door to prevent them being carried off, and had to be put in place before the walls were built up around them. Access is usually via a single tiny door, formerly secured with one or two chunky wooden padlocks, although most are now left open.

The coastal road (Highway 2) between the UAE border at Tibat and Khasab is still the only reliable land connection between Musandam and the outside world (at least if you discount the very rough road over the mountains from Khasab to Dibba). The 35km highway (around a 45min drive) is one of the most dramatic in the country, a fine feat of modern engineering with jaw-dropping sea views. If you fancy stopping for a picnic there are numerous little patches of beach with palm thatch sunshades dotted along the road – the best is just before the village of Al Jadi, about 3km north of Bukha.

Although the khors are the principal attraction of Musandam, the peninsula’s mountainous interior runs them a close second. Here you’ll find some of the wildest and most spectacular landscapes in Oman, comprising a string of great limestone peaks and massifs known by locals as the Ru’us al Jebel, or “Peaks of the Mountains”. These are usually explored from Khasab on either a half-day or full-day mountain safari with a local driver aboard a 4WD (for details on operators). Half-day safaris usually take in Wadi Khasab, Khor an Najd, Khalidiya, A’Saye and Jebel Harim. Full-day trips continue beyond Jebel Harim as far as the Rawdah Bowl. It’s worth doing the full-day safari if possible – the Rawdah Bowl itself isn’t especially memorable, but the mountain scenery beyond Jebel Harim and the ridgetop drive above Wadi Rawdah are simply magnificent.

There’s nowhere to stay up in the mountains, although camping is possible in a number of places, including the beach at Khor an Najd, among the acacia trees at Khalidiya or in the remote Rawdah Bowl.

Jebel Harim

From here, it’s another 20 minutes or so to the highest point of the road, below the summit of Jebel Harim , literally “Mountain of Women” and at 2087m the highest peak in Musandam. The mountain takes its name from the days when local women would retreat to caves up here in order to avoid being carried off by pirates or rival tribes while their menfolk were away on extended fishing or trading expeditions. The actual summit is home to a radar station monitoring shipping way below in the Straits of Hormuz and is out of bounds, although there are superb all-round views from the road, with breathtaking views back to Khasab and onwards towards Dibba. Many of the rocks up here are also studded with superbly preserved fossils , offering the remarkable sight of ancient submarine creatures – molluscs, fish, clams and numerous trilobites – now incongruously stranded near the summit of one of Arabia’s highest mountains.

The highest point of road (at around 1600m) sweeps through a large rock cutting next to an air-traffic control radar installation. Just below here, a track leads off to a fine collection of petroglyphs carved into mountaintop boulders: rudimentary but evocative weathered images chipped out of the stone, including matchstick human figures alongside animals such as gazelle, oryx, Arabian leopards and even what is thought to be a man on an elephant. Further fossils can be seen in the surrounding rocks.

Past the summit, there are sensational views of the road ahead, as it runs along a narrow ridge before descending towards the Rawdah Bowl, plus stomach-churning views into the deep gorge below. En route you’ll pass a remarkable fossil wall , formed out of what was originally a chunk of sea bed rock and covered in a dense layer of fossilized impressions among which the outlines of crabs, starfish and shells can clearly be made out.

Musandam boasts an unusually rich collection of petroglyphs (from the Greek petros , meaning stone, and glyphe , meaning carving): simple rock art images which have been chipped out of boulders, cave walls or other convenient pieces of stone using sharp bronze, iron or stone tools and highlighted using a white pigment made from coral. Ancient petrogylphs can be found throughout the peninsula, often in the remotest places, and depict a wide range of subjects including people, animals (particularly horses and camels), as well as abstract symbols and geometrical patterns whose meaning has been lost. Dating the images is difficult, although the fact that most of them depict human or animal figures suggests that they may well pre-date the arrival of Islam (which prohibits the making of images of living creatures). Of Musandam’s many petroglyphs, the most easily accessible are those at the top of Jebel Harim and those in Wadi Tiwi .

Musandam is inhabited by three main tribes; the Dahoori, Kumzari and, by far the largest of the three, the Shehi (often anglicized to “Shihuh”). The Shehi formerly had a rather mysterious and fearsome reputation, said to speak a language unintelligible to anyone but themselves and living a reclusive life up in the mountains, ekeing a frugal and difficult existence out of one of Arabia’s most inhospitable environments. Notably different from the Bedu and townspeople of the plains, many of the Shehi formerly lived in mountain caves or natural rock shelters, which were converted into simple little dwellings with the addition of a couple of stone walls and wooden doors. They also carried a small axe on a long handle (known as a jirz ), rather than the khanjar found elsewhere in Oman, which could serve both as a weapon and a climbing stick. The Shehi remain the dominant clan in modern Khasab – you’ll see the name Al Shehi on shop signs all around town, especially in the Old Souk – although many have now moved out to exploit the greater economic opportunities in neighbouring Ras al Khaimah (RAK), and RAK-registered cars are a common sight around town.

The origins of the Shehi remain unclear. One theory is that they were the original inhabitants of Oman who were gradually driven north into the mountains by waves of Yemeni and Nizari Arabs arriving from the south. Another, more colourful, tradition claims that they are descended from the survivors of shipwrecks marooned on Musandam’s rocks over thousands of years – anecdotes record the occasional birth of Shehi children with fair hair and blue eyes. Their language, too, had a similarly cosmopolitan flavour, although, unlike Kumzari, it remains a dialect of Arabic, rather than an original language. As Ronald Codrai, writing of a visit to the peninsula in the 1950s in his entertaining Travels to Oman: 1948–1955 , put it: “That they spoke a different dialect was soon obvious, but it was Arabic, although sometimes spoken more gutturally through closed teeth and, once or twice, I thought I detected a Somerset accent.”

The Shehi (along with other Musandam tribes) formerly migrated on a seasonal basis, spending the winters farming in the mountains or fishing in the khors before heading down to Khasab to harvest dates during the summer. Not surprisingly, given Oman’s rising prosperity, the Shehi and other tribes of Musandam, the younger generations particularly, are steadily abandoning the hard traditional life of their ancestors, meaning that many of Musandam’s villages are being steadily depopulated as their inhabitants depart in search of a more comfortable existence in Khasab or elsewhere, leaving nothing behind but locked houses and wandering goats.

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Musandam Half Day Dhow Cruise

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Musandam Khasab Tours From Dubai

Musandam Overnight Beach Camping

Musandam Overnight Beach Camping

Musandam Mountain Safari

Off Road Musandam Mountain Safari

Dhow Cruise in musandam

Private Musandam Overnight Tour

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Customer Reviews

We booked online and the driver met as at the airport and first dropped us off at the airport at no extra cost. The Dhow was in very good condition and the lunch was very tasty traditional Arabic food.

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We had such an amazing time – beautiful views, stunning dolphin watching and brilliant snorkeling. The crew knew exactly where to take us and there’s nothing more we could have asked for.

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Very comfortable and period style dhow, with plenty of room and comfortable Arab style lounges. The cruise included plenty of fruit and drinks. Snorkeling and swimming in the pristine waters.

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We spend 2 days cruising on a dhow in Musandam fjords. The 2 people staff was exceptionally nice, the food was fresh and tasty all the time, the boat was very clean. We saw lots of dolphins racing.

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Amazing trip to spend a day in Khasab, sailing off on a traditional dhow boat covered in cushions etc. We got to see so many dolphins, colorful fish by coral reefs and all the time amazing views of fjords.

smart travel musandam

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Musandam Tour Explore Mesmerizing Musandam Khasab & Musandam Dibba

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Written By Arabiers Digital & Reviewed by Robeena Brown

November 17, 2023 | 13 min read

Musandam is one the most popular tourist destinations amongst people visiting the UAE & Oman. Musandam Dibba & Musandam Khasab are the 2 destinations under Musandam Governorate with splendid mountainous Omani peninsula. Read this curated guide by Arabiers & book your Musandam tour with us!

Musandam Tour

Musandam Dibba & Musandam Khasab Compared


Musandam Dibba

  • No visa required to visit
  • 1.5 hours drive
  • Day Tour Cost 175-250 AED with return transfer
  • Fun sea adventure with Banana boat ride, speed boat ride, fishing & kayaking


Musandam Khasab

  • Certain nationals need visa to visit
  • Chances are high see wild dolphins
  • 2.5 hours drive
  • Day Tour Cost 450-550 AED with return transfer
  • Home for Khasab Fort, Khawr Najd, Bassa Public Beach

Musandam Khasab Tours

Khasab One Day Tour

A. Khasab One Day Tour

Khasab Dhow Cruises and Over night in Rubba

B. Khasab Dhow Cruises and Over night in Rubba

Khasab Overnight in Luxury Yacht and Dhow Cruise with Half Day Mountain Safari

C. Khasab Overnight in Luxury Yacht and Dhow Cruise with Half Day Mountain Safari

Khasab OverNight Dhow Cruise

D. Khasab OverNight Dhow Cruise

Khasab Overnight Dhow Cruise and Half Day Mountain Safari

E. Khasab Overnight Dhow Cruise and Half Day Mountain Safari

Khasab Overnight in in Luxury Yacht

F. Khasab Overnight in in Luxury Yacht and Full Day Dhow Cruise with Mountain safari and City Tour

Musandam dibba tours.

Dibba Dhow Cruise

Dibba Dhow Cruise

Musandam dibba & musandam khasab pictures.


Requirements for Musandam tour

For uae residents:.

For the smooth sailing of your adventure, we need a copy of your passport and visa page at least one week before the trip date. Keep in mind that on the day of the trip, your original passport is the key to crossing the border.

For Tourist/Visit Visa Holders:

Tourists, we've got you covered too! Passport copies are a must, submitted three days before the trip. And don't forget to bring the original passport on the day of the tour to make those border crossings a breeze.

Note for Little Explorers (Below 3 Years):

Good news for our tiny travelers! Children below 3 years old get to join the Musandam Dibba Tour for free. However, they still need the same documents as the adults for permit processing.

Additional Note:

  • All our tours and excursions operate on a sharing or private basis, with or without transportation from the UAE.
  • Plan ahead! Apply for the tour at least one week prior to your desired date.
  • Pack your passport! Participants need to carry their original passport with a minimum of 3 months’ validity.
  • Whether you're a resident or a tourist, the gateway to Dibba Musandam requires your original passport.
  • Dive into the adventure fully prepared – remember to pack your swimwear!

Best time to visit Musandam

Best time to visit Musandam

Since the entire tour of Musandam is completely an outdoor experience, we would suggest you visit this place during the winter season in the Middle east. Ideally, the right time to visit Musandam is between the months of October and March since these are the winter months in this part of the world. Between April and September, you will find the weather to be quite hot. The water bodies will be warm and not comfortable enough for diving. In January and February, Musandam gets a bout of showers which makes the place the two coolest months to visit Oman. However, if you are affable to warm weather and like to travel to places when they are less crowded, then March would be the ideal time to visit Musandam. You will also find cheaper deals on hotels during the month of March.


An afternoon well spent exploring the Fjords!

We sent a message to this tour company at the last moment to check if there is a half-day private dhow cruise tour available in the Oman Fjords. Their representative was fast with his response & he accommodated us immediately! When we came at the cruise terminal, he was there to even receive us.

Khasab-Jebel Harim & Dolphin tour

Everything during the tour was pretty smooth! I loved the views, and the tour guide who was with us throughout the exploration was very supportive. The views of the tall mountains were spectacular. Our highlight of this trip was honestly the dolphin spottings.

Wonderful tour & tour operators!

Aside from the wonderful tour experience that I had, I loved how friendly and caring their staff was towards us. Their tour guide was also quite knowledgeable about this area. I would highly recommend this company for booking your Musandam khasab and Musandam Dibba tours.


Places to Visit & Things To Do in Khasab

A. khasab fort, b. jebel al harim, c. dhow cruise, d. mountain safari, e. overnight dhow cruise, f. beach camping, g. fishing trip, h. trekking, i. kumzar village trip, j. diving and snorkeling, 6 places to visit & things to do in dibba, a. sail in a traditional dhow, b. adventure on hajar mountain, c. camp at the beach, d. speed boat safari, e. banana boat ride, f. visit the lime stone rock, 1. can i go on the musandam tour while i am on visit visa for uae .

Yes, you can go on a Musandam Dibba tour from the UAE without making your UAE visa invalid. However, if you will visit Musandam Khasab, it would mean that you are exiting the UAE and you will need a visa again to come back to the UAE. In case you are going to the Musandam Khasab tour to change your visa, you can apply for an express visa and go on an overnight tour on a weekday (Monday to Friday).

2. I am currently in Dubai marina, Can I book transfers to my hotel in the marina to Musandam?

Yes, you can, most of the Musandam tour from Dubai covers all parts of the city and an additional fee will be charged based on how far you are from the main city.

3. Can I combine other tours with the Musandam tour package?

Yes, you can. Talk to the Arabiers Tour consultants to receive further information about combining your tours in detail.

4. Is there any options for the Musandam tour from Abu Dhabi?

It is better to come to Dubai city first and then go on a Musandam tour since Abu Dhabi transfers will cost you extra. Take common bus transportation to meet up in Dubai and save money.

5. Can I use Musandam tour to do my visa change ?

Boarder rules changes without any prior notice, there for check with the Oman police and immigration before planning a visa run.




Explore the breathtaking beauty of Musandam Oman with hassle-free Musandam tour packages. From its stunning mountain ranges to its crystal-clear waters, this is a must-see destination for any nature lover. Come see why it’s known as the “Norway of Arabia”!

Musandam Oman is an enchanting destination located at the northernmost tip of the Arabian Peninsula. With its spectacular landscapes and captivating culture, Musandam Oman offers a unique travel experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

From majestic mountains to serene beaches, visitors can explore this breathtaking region while taking part in exciting activities such as a dhow cruise, kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing. Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, Musandam Oman has something to offer everyone who visits its stunning shores.

Musandam tour packages


Visit Musandam tour packages offer an unforgettable experience of the stunning beauty and serenity of this region. From cruising on a traditional wooden dhow to snorkeling in crystal clear waters, our tours provide travelers with breathtaking views and activities that they will never forget. With experienced guides leading the way, visitors can explore hidden coves, discover ancient ruins, and relax on pristine beaches as it takes in all that Musandam has to offer. Whether you are looking for a Musandam day trip or an extended vacation getaway, our customized Musandam tour packages have something for everyone!

Musandam tour packages


Experience the beauty of Musandam with a relaxing dhow cruise! Enjoy stunning views of the rugged coastline and watch dolphins. Book your trip today for an unforgettable experience!

Musandam Khasab Tour


We are excited to announce that we now offer Khasab tours from Dubai! Experience the beauty of this stunning Omani city and its breathtaking fjords with a Dubai Khasab tour package.

Musandam Overnight dhow cruise


Experience the beauty of Musandam on an overnight dhow cruise! Enjoy a full day of swimming, snorkeling, fishing, sightseeing, and onboard live BBQ in stunning Musandam fjords.

Musandam Tour From Dubai


Enjoy an unforgettable day out on a traditional Arabian dhow boat and take in the stunning views of mountains, fjords, and limestone cliffs and enjoy a delicious lunch and refreshments.

Musandam half day cruise


Explore the beauty of Musandam on a half-day cruise! Enjoy stunning views, crystal clear waters, and an unforgettable experience. Book now for your next adventure!

musandam mountain safari


Experience the breathtaking beauty of Musandam’s mountains on our guided mountain safari! Our guide will take you through winding trails, lush valleys, and stunning vistas.

Musandam camping


Ready for an unforgettable camping experience? Join us at Khasab Musandam Beach Camping to enjoy a unique camping experience with bonfires, snorkeling and swimming.

Musandam trip 2 days


Join our Musandam trip for 2 days and explore the majestic fjords, watch dolphins, experience beach camping, bonfire, music, unlimited refreshments, and delicious BBQ dinner and lunch.

Musandam diving


Join us on a scuba diving excursion in the beautiful Musandam region of Oman! We’ll explore colorful coral reefs, spot exotic fish and turtles, and take in breathtaking views.

If you are visiting Khasab Musandam Oman by cruise ship, then we have half day cruise , full-day cruise, half-day mountain safari, and Musandam city tour offers for you with free pick and drop from the cruise port. If you are planning to travel from Dubai and need a full package, we have the Khasab Musandam tour from Dubai and Dibba Musandam tour from Dubai for you. Explore our Musandam tour packages and select the best that suits your travel plans. If you need any help or guidance from our side, we would love to hear from you.

What our valued guests say?

smart travel musandam

Diana from Germany

smart travel musandam

We booked an overnight cruise and had a great time. Quality of services, boat, food and everything was just superb.

smart travel musandam

Steve from USA

Book Musandam tour from Dubai with transport. The team made it a hassle free as the took care of everything from start to finish.

smart travel musandam

John Smith from Dubai

We had an amazing time in Musandam. Contacted Visit Musandam for price and they were very efficient to book our tour.

smart travel musandam

Quynh Anh from Abu Dhabi

Traveling form Abu Dhabi to Khasab is little bit tiring but, the driver was very helpful. We really enjoyed our entire journey and saw dolphins.


Musandam is an incredible destination for travelers looking for a unique and unforgettable experience. Situated in the northernmost part of Oman, Musandam offers breathtaking views of rugged mountains rising from the sea, pristine beaches with crystal clear waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling, as well as traditional villages that offer a glimpse into local culture.

Visitors can explore ancient ruins such as Khasab Fort or take a boat cruise to spot dolphins playing in their natural habitat. With its stunning landscapes and abundance of activities to choose from, Musandam is sure to provide visitors with memories that will last long after they return home!

Madman's Journey

9 Amazing Places to Visit in Musandam: A Detailed Guide

places to visit in musandam

9 Best Places to visit in Musandam – Musandam is a pristine, beautiful drop of land located in the Omani Peninsula. It is surrounded by the Omani and the Persian Gulf, separated from the UAE by a strip of land. Here are the craziest things to do in Musandam .

So dramatic are its mountains and the roads that literally hug their sides, that Musandam is known fondly as the ‘Norway of Arabia’.

Spend a few days in Musandam and refresh yourself with lovely oceanic views, mountain 4WD rides, boat tours, limestone coastal scenery, and much more.

Table of Contents

Places to Visit in Musandam: Mode of Travel

There is more than one way to travel to Musandam. 

Mode of Travel and Time Taken

  • By Road : Musandam is accessible from Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) by road, and also from Fujairah’s Dibba border. The nearest airport is Dubai International, from where it’s a 2-hour picturesque mountain drive to Dibba.
  • By Air : You can grab an Oman Airlines flight from Muscat to Khasab and avoid the entire road experience, though you will miss out on the fabulous views. If you are traveling during the holidays, you might be able to charter flights through Gulf or Emirates airlines from Dubai to Khasab.

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Musandam Entry Processes

  • If you have a UAE tourist visa, you can get an Omani entry visa that’s free for ten days . This depends entirely on your nationality, so be sure to check with your embassy. If you don’t have a UAE tourist visa, purchase an entry visa at the Omani border. Visa expenses will be 50AED for UAE residents. Non-UAE residents will have to pay 200AED.  
  • You’ll  have to pay less or more for your visa depending on your nationality . Your visa might take one to several hours to materialize, so be patient. 
  • Obtain a token from the visa officials for your car and the number of people in it. The border police will need this when you enter Musandam.  
  • Obtain Omani insurance for a private vehicle .  If your vehicle is rented, obtain a printed confirmation of the vehicle insurance.
  • 1L gas costs only 0.05 Omani Riyals . Carry plenty of empty gas cans and fill them up at petrol stations in Musandam. 
  • When you exit the UAE or enter it again from Oman, you’ll have to pay a fee of 10USD.

Transportation Facilities in Musandam

The best way to tour Musandam is by 4WD, private or rented. Musandam does not have any public transport. You can travel to different points by boat as well. 

Things to Do in Musandam – Where to Stay?

Musandam has several hotels, including ones bearing 4 and 5 stars. There are guesthouses, including a guesthouse for divers (with diving equipment and food).

Alternatively, you can camp on the beach ( obtain permission from the Musandam Municipality ). 

Best Time to Visit Musandam

If you’re into diving, then visit Musandam between October to January , when the water’s a nice, cool 21 degrees Celsius (69.8 Fahrenheit).

Else, visit from October all the way till March, when the heat’s still bearable. 

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Travel Tips To Follow when Touring Musandam

  • Keep your 4WD stocked with plenty of tires, water, food, and other necessities. The mountains don’t have any shopping facilities or even assistance. 
  • The dust and heat will take their toll on your vehicle, so keep your vehicle well serviced. 
  • You’ll find many Omani military training centers along the roads. Military vehicles have right of way, so don’t insist on getting ahead of them. 
  • Note that it is strictly forbidden to take pictures of military installations, vehicles, or soldiers.
  • If you are in Musandam during Ramadan, do not eat, smoke or drink in public, while on land. There are specific hotels and B&Bs that serve food during the day.
  • Take advantage of the special discounts and offers that are on in luxury hotels during Ramadan.
  • During summer, when it gets very hot, you can enjoy great discounts on airfare, accommodation, dive packages, tour packages – the lot.

Why Visit Musandam?

So what makes Musandam so special? While the other countries are home to mind-blowing manmade wonders, in Musandam you will experience nature’s artistry at its very best.

Beautiful fjords, fabulous underwater marine life, excellent dive sites full of amazing coral, mountains that beg you to explore them. Feast your eyes on dolphins and manta rays underwater, while magnificent mountains and cliffs offer you amazing oceanic views.

You’ll also find lovely traditional villages accessible only by boat; these villages reflect the traditional Persian Gulf culture, such as the Qeshm Island in Iran.  All of these await you when you go to Musandam.

A Brief History of Musandam

Musandam’s people follow traditional Persian Gulf culture, with Iran being so close. Once a part of a Persian kingdom during the medieval times called Ormus, Musandam later became part of the Portuguese empire.

The people of Musandam speak a language called Kumzari, which is derived from Arabic, Persian, Hindi, and Portuguese. Today only the people of Musandam speak this language, so it is endangered. People also speak Hindi and Arabic. 

scuba diving in musandam

Things To Do in Musandam

Here are some of the top places to visit in Musandam and things to do in Musandam :

  • Go scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Visit Khasab Castle
  • Explore the Enchanting Fjords
  • Enjoy Musandam’s Beaches
  • Enjoy a Speed Boat Tour
  • Explore Jebel Harim
  • Go Parasailing and Paragliding
  • Visit Khor Najd Bay

Phew! There are tons of things to check out. Let’s go over each activity in detail:

1. Go Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Musandam’s marine life is world-famous for the most colorful schools of fish, many kinds of coral, and manta rays. You can obtain diving gear at a diving center along with diving instructors. Love those cute button-nosed dolphins which come out of the water just to say hello to you?

You can also spot plenty of friendly dolphins, both the humpback and the bottlenose ones. 

2. Visit Khasab Castle

khasab castle musandam

Khasab is Musandam’s capital city. It was built in the 17 th century by the Portuguese colonials, who wanted to monopolize the Strait of Hormuz. This castle was used by Omanis when they kicked the Portuguese out of Oman, after which it became a prison and the residence of Khasab’s governor.

Tourists can view weapons, jewelry, clothes, wedding decorations, and kitchen equipment that were being used during the Portuguese occupation. Khasab Castle has a few traditional Omani boats from days gone by, and models of several buildings used to store dates and study the Quran.

3. Explore the Enchanting Fjords

Take a Musandam Dibba dhow cruise or get on one of the local boats and explore the gulf waters. Gaze in awe at the frothy water pounding through the rocky inlets or fjords. Chat with the locals and enjoy some Kahwa, which is Omani coffee along with dates. If you like, you can take a swim in the azure waters. 

fjords musandam

4. Enjoy Musandam’s Beaches

Places to visit in Musandam –  Musandam has thousands of kilometers of pristine beaches with turquoise waters, golden sands, and many rare birds. The beaches are clean and unspoiled and offer great views of the surrounding mountains and cliffs.

You can go camping on the beach, swim in the water, go boating, or just lounge on the sands. Be sure to visit Khasab Beach, Bassa Beach, Khor Najd, and others. The beaches are one of the best places to visit in Musandam.

musandam beach

5. Enjoy a Speed Boat Tour

Musandam’s amazing crystal blue waters and fjords are perfect for some speed boating. You can either rent a boat or join a speed boat tour and travel along the picturesque coastline. You will thrill at the speed, the winds, and the amazing views of the sea and mountains all around. 

6. Explore Jebel Harim

The highest point in the region, Jebel Harim (Mountain of Women) is 2,087-meters tall. Women used to hide up in the mountain to save themselves from pirates, which is how this mountain gets its name.

Enjoy some fabulous views while trekking or while riding along the amazing mountain roads that take you up to the peak. 

jebel harim, places to visit in musandam

7. Go Parasailing and Paragliding

Things to do in Musandam -With tall mountains, cliffs, and incredible valleys, Musandam is just perfect for both parasailing and paragliding. If you long to be sailing high, enjoying the best views in the world of pristine beaches, bays, lush valleys, mountains, and more, paraglide over Zighy Bay, which is 1,000-feet above ground.

8. Visit Khor Najd Bay

Musandam is all about natural beauty in remote places, and one such is the extremely enchanting Khor Najd Bay town. Located about forty minutes from Khasab, the road takes you through amazing mountain and valley views.

Enjoy watching the fjords from a height and photograph some of the best landscapes in the world.

9. Go Fishing

Where there’s plentiful water, there is bound to be plenty of fish, and it’s true of Musandam’s waters as well. Fishing is a sport that many tourists enjoy here. You can go kayaking by yourself and try your hand at fishing with a rod, or join a proper fishing tour.

These places to visit in Musandam are worth every penny and every moment of time you spend. The untouched wilderness that is laid out in front of you no matter where you look will truly take your breath away. When you are in the UAE on vacation, spend a weekend and these are the things to do in Musandam .

You’ll go back there time and again!

This is a guest post by Neha: Neha is a postgraduate in Mass Communications and a keen writer. She is passionate about traveling to new places, reading fiction, learning new things, and loves being a nature trekker.

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1 thought on “9 Amazing Places to Visit in Musandam: A Detailed Guide”

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I’ve read many post on Musandam, none of them were good as yours. Amazing work

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smart travel musandam

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Great service non hassle free they do the filling of the forms themselves and process as soon as you make the payments. It would be great if they can provide an option for online payment.

Durga Prasad

Smart Travels is the best travel company and the employees are very professional and friendly. Especially Mr. Kartik is the one we are always dealing with. Fastest service and reliable.

It is hassle free and the agent, Mr. Muhammed Ashik of Dubai branch, was so helpful. The visa was released immediately. I did not have to waste so much of my time. I am overly satisfied.

Karthik agent was excellent for the services he provided. Thank you so much.

smart travel musandam

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Marvelous experience with Smart Travel/Musandam Group

Our First day of holidays i.e. Dec 1st 2022 was extremely amazing. This was our first time to Oman Musandam and we loved every moment & cannot wait to go back again. Booking with Smart Travel was extremely professional, easy & went without a hitch. Staring from the booking process, the coordination, the bus arrangement, the timings, our marvelous travel via bus with very comfortable seating, Cruise travel from Oman border, the swimming arrangements, eye catching view, the stunning banana boat ride etc etc etc and what not.. The allocated team from Musandam group took care of each and every nece ssity and made each one of us feel not to return back home ever and keep enjoying the tour over and over again.Thank you to the core Smart Travels and we would look forward to have bookings with u again.

Date of experience : November 30, 2022

a wonderful staff

I had a pleasant experience I met special people,well prepared at all times ready to help you in case you need it,the driver who accompanied me to the airport very nice very kind more helped with the luggage gave me valuable directions... I found my car in perfect condition. I had no problems. I wholeheartedly recommend this team

Date of experience : September 16, 2020

I have booked carpark via this website…

I have booked carpark via this website several times and I highly recommend it to everyone. Definitely the cheapest prices for airport parking, super close(2-4 min by shuttle bus/minivan) and friendly personnel. Thank you for your service, definitely will be using soon again ;)

Date of experience : November 13, 2020

A good Meet and Greet company for Heathrow Airport…

Having travelled from Heathrow during lockdown for business reasons, it was great to see a friendly face at the airport meet and greet floor at the carpark. It was an exceptional experience to be greeted as a valued customer from the day before departure to the day after arrival (both leaving Britain and returning.)My car was returned on time and the tyres pumped up. The price was reasonable and I will use the company again .

Date of experience : June 24, 2021

Excellent service

I would do meet n greet again this is Hassle free parking I’d honestly say "I think This is much easier and Now I wouldn't do this any other way it’s meet and greet all the way. Easy to use, very helpful staff, punctual friendly and receive my car back in the condition it was left *extremely happy* which is why Im 100% a returning customer." no other way now It’s meet and greet all the way. Easy to use very helpful staff punctual and receive my car back in the condition it was left extremely happy Thank you to all the staff 😁 Diana Richardson and Family Suffolk

Date of experience : October 11, 2021

Within minutes of leaving the car we…

Within minutes of leaving the car we were in the airport. When we got back we were back at the car within 15 mins. Really easy process to book and very flexible when covid hit fo change things. Personally I have generally had a good experience parking with these people.

Date of experience : March 11, 2021

First time experience

Used this platform first time. You can get amazing airport parking deals. I booked park and ride service from car park birmingham service provider. I saved £10 pounds. Very satisfied.

Date of experience : November 20, 2019

Cheap, easy to use and efficient.

We found this car parking service very competitively priced, easy to book and easy to use. Staff were polite and efficient on outbound collection and return delivery although we did have to change the collection point and wait 10 minutes but that was because we turned up at the airport 20 minutes early (should have realized the M4 would be so much quieter so early in the morning).

smg value plus via smart travel deals

Booked smg value plus via smart travel deals as i had a flight to usa weeks ago. Happy to experience that my parking experience was quite pleasant as it costs me just 59 pounds.

Date of experience : November 27, 2019

Great service

Great service, friendly and polite staff. Very quickly taken to Airport by friendly driver. Collected on arrival very quickly and find the car ready on arrival. Would I recommend to others : Yes definitely thank you

Date of experience : September 22, 2020

AVOID. Do not use this website. They do not provide all the details up front - only after you have booked do you discover you are parking at a shopping centre and that you are required to ring 30 minutes before you arrive at the car park to get to the airport. I tried calling the customer services who said they were merely a provider and unable to help. Also, their booking did provide a confirmation number only a receipt number - yet the phone operative kept requesting a confirmation number. AVOID.

Date of experience : February 17, 2020

Reply from Smart Travel Deals

Dear Joan, Thanks for your valuable feedback, please keep in mind, we are a booking agent and are not directly involved with the provision of parking services to the customers. We are extremely sorry to learn about the troubles you have come across on your departure day. Kindly share the name of parking operator so that we can escalate your issue to the relevant operator and help you out in the best possible way. In case you have not availed the parking services, kindly share the details of your booking so that we can refund the booking charges to you. Please spare a few minutes to leave a review at the website of the parking service provider so that they can improve their services! Regards, Smart Travel Deals Support Team

Happy with their Customer Support

Recently, I booked car parking at Gatwick Airport, I got 10% discount code. I am also happy with their customer support team. They are so humble. Will book car parking from this service again!

Date of experience : November 14, 2019

Low cost car parking deals

I booked parking for my car from the service provider silver parking manchester for £37.50. I am satisfied with their service and thank you smart travel deals for providing me cost effective prices. Easy to use.

Date of experience : November 19, 2019

Very bad experience

Very bad experience, I'll never ever use them again. I don't know how they are operating. I always travel and book meet and greet service but with this company I waited 2 hours 45 minutes to collect my car after 7 hours flight please avoid don't waste your time and money.

Date of experience : October 18, 2021

Hi Fadel Ahmed, We are extremely sorry to hear of your negative experience with the car parking service you used on this occasion however your review has been posted on the incorrect company profile. Smart Travel Deals are a price comparison website and booking agent for car parking services at airports across the UK, our offices are based in Birmingham and we don’t own/operate any of the car parks or provide the services. As you have not advised a booking reference number we cannot look into this for you in details. Can you please email [email protected] with the original email that you send before the travel date so that we can look into this further? We hope that you will give us the opportunity to deal with your complaint and as always, we are committed to resolving this for you in line with our customer first policy. Kind Regards, Smart Travel Deals Team

Trash website

Trash website, Don’t don’t don’t......We were supposed to pick up the car 7:30 in the morning and after a million calls not attended they tell me the car has a breakdown they can’t start it probably the driver has left the light on,,,,Just imagine.....You leave your car in a perfect condition and after a 9 hours flight you a devastated waiting still 2 more hours at the airport god knows for what ,you are not sure if you’ll get your car back,That’s why they have overpassed any borders will make legal complain on this company if I can call it company......Guys don’t do the same mistake,they should not be on the market to cheat people ,AVOID,AVOID, AVOID....

Date of experience : February 23, 2020

Dear Veronica, We are sorry to learn about unfortunate situation you have to encounter at the airport upon arrival. Please note we are a booking agent and are not directly linked with the provision of airport parking services to the clients. We do understand your concern, but we cannot be blamed for that unfortunate incident. It’s not fair to give such harsh remarks to our website, after the parking operator accepted and recovered its mistake! The car battery can be drained due to multiple reasons and the parking operator, has taken complete responsibility for its breakdown. We understand that you have to wait a couple of hours for the vehicle to be returned, but this unfortunate situation can come across anytime. If a driver has left the light on, this can happen with any individual. At the end of the day we all are humans and commits mistakes. Hope you had a great tour! Regards, Smart Travel Deals Support Team

Park and ride service at Luton

I booked park and ride service from paige airport parking service provider for Luton. Overall experience was good and they also prompt me.

Date of experience : November 21, 2019

Booked parking with them for a holiday and paid extra in order to be able to cancel and receive a refund if needed. Cancelled back in September and requested the refund. By January still no refund. Emailed to ask when I would receive this and was told refunds would be received in 3-4 weeks. Still no refund so contacted again to say it has been 4 weeks since last correspondence and 5 MONTHS since cancellation. My emails are now being ignored. DO NOT use the company, even if you pay the extra in order to be able to receive refunds if you cancel you still don’t get your money back.

Date of experience : February 09, 2021

Dear Laura, Booking Reference Number: STP-lboip060920 From SmartTravelDeals Finance Department, Please note, the payment has been refunded to your account using the same payment mode used at the time of booking. We truly apologize for the inconvenience you have to face because you know that there is a lot of uncertainly about coronavirus refund applications that's the reason its a big delay and we understand your concerns. Hence, we would also appreciate if you would amend your review because our business so much depends on positive word-of-mouth, so every recommendation matters. You will be get a 35% Discount Code that you can use to with your next booking. "stp-35Review" Thanks for your understanding! Finance Team,

Cancellation without notice

Booked on 30/9 for a drop off service on 27/12 at 6am. Received a text reminder at 8pm 26/12 to remind me of my booking and to ring 30mins prior to arrival. Rang 30mins prior to Heathrow and was told they couldn't find my car registration and the booking was cancelled. No explanation given and was just given a different number to ring to arrange service by another company. Disgusted is an understatement. Ended up having to fork out extra £68 to park at long stay due to time constraint. I'm not a person who usually complains but this experience has definitely spoiled my mood for holidays to begin with.

Date of experience : December 27, 2019

Hello Dear, We at Smart Travel Deals are very sorry to learn about the troubles you have to face at the airport. We are a reservation agent, but in this case, the booking has been cancelled by the parking provider and we are communicating with them to further investigate the issue. We have already refunded you and in case you book parking space through us in the future, we will offer additional discounts to you, just to compensate you for the hassles during this travel. Regards Smart Travel Deals Support Team

Went through personal belongings and used car

We returned today from holiday to wait an hour, in the cold, for our car, after being told, 5 minutes. When eventually arrived, the driver was rude and almost ran from the car? We felt that this was really strange… we looked around the car, no obvious damage so got in. The first strange thing we noticed was the strong smell of Body Odour, then that the passenger was fully reclined as if in a sleeping position. Finally and the worse thing was that the bags we had left in the car for the second leg of our journey had been riffled through, clothes pulled out, turned inside out, pockets pulled out and even sleeves, as if the clothes they had been worn!? Called and called the line, no answer no accountability. I am absolutely horrified and disgusted. On top of all this, this company claims this is not the correct page for EZYBOOKING however interestingly, this is the company that pays for the Goggle adword campaign? Please, stay away from this utter scam.

Date of experience : November 22, 2021

Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for your review and we are sorry to hear that you have encountered a stressful situation when using the service you booked through Smart Travel Deals. Smart Travel Deals are a price comparison website and booking agent for car parking services at airports across the UK, we don’t own/operate the car parks or provide the services. We do have a complaints process, which states that all complaints must be sent to us in writing, and our admin team would advise you of this if you had spoken to them. We do feel that you may have spoken to the car park directly, and as such your review should be posted on their page if they have failed to respond. In addition, as the car parking contract is with the car parking company directly, and they are the ones that had possession of your vehicle, any liability in relation to delay/loss would lie with them directly. We are still committed to solve the issue for your behalf so please send all of the details of your complaint and your booking reference to [email protected] to enable us to advise how to progress your complaint. This review page is in relation to the booking services provided by Smart Travel Deals rather than the car parking service you used. We would appreciate if you would remove your review from our page and ensure that it is posted on the profile for the car parking company you used. Kind Regards, Smart Travel Deals Team

Excellent service provided on departure and return at a very competitive price. Will be booking again on our next trip for sure.👌

Date of experience : October 07, 2020

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Musandam Road Trip – How To Visit Oman While In Dubai

Musandam Road Trip – How To Visit Oman While In Dubai

Consider a road trip from Dubai to Musandam and explore one of the best peninsulas on earth. Musandam is a rough, hilly peninsula and a part of Oman. Despite its location in the UAE, this intriguing peninsula is still regarded as an Omani region because of its geographical exclave. A geographical exclave is a region separated from the mainland and surrounded by one or more foreign states. In this case, Musandam is surrounded by UAE states. Book a Musandam tour package while in Dubai for this amazing road trip.

Where Is Musandam?

How to reach musandam, the musandam peninsula, oman, a guide to border crossing into musandam, other information, share this:.

The tiny Omani enclave of Musandam sits on the northernmost point of the Arabian Peninsula and protrudes dramatically into the Strait of Hormuz. Between mainland Oman and Musandam Governorate (a small enclave of Madha sits within Fujairah) is the UAE.

The UAE, especially Dubai, has amazing road connections that make traveling across the country hassle-free. A Musandam Road trip is nothing short of enjoyable, considering the good roads. The drive to Musandam from Dubai is roughly 2 hours, and the route has stunning views. The dreamy highways and the slightly rugged path surrounded by mountains contribute to an enriching experience. Book an arranged tour that will cater to your needs, from pick up to drop off, and take you to sightseeing spots if you are not looking for a road trip.

A majority of travellers start their journey from Dubai to Dubai is our reference point. If you are starting your journey from Abu Dhabi Airport, it will take you an extra 1 to 1.5 hours to get to Musandam from downtown Abu Dhabi.

Dubai to Khasab, Oman, is about hours, but because it’s an international border crossing, it may take 2 hours and 45 minutes to 3 hours. The journey may take even longer on popular holiday weekends.

Dubai to Dibba is shorter (145 km) and takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

smart travel musandam

If you drive directly from Dubai, it will take about two hours to reach the border, depending on traffic. If you make stops for sightseeing, the trip could take you three to four hours, depending on how much time you take on your stops.

The time taken to cross the border depends on whether the immigration staff has closed for lunch or tea. You should cross from the UAE to Oman in minutes if you have your passports and some Omani currency and the staff is available at the time. Speed up the clearing process by getting an Omani e-visa in advance.

Once you have your entered Oman, Musandam can very well be the gateway to an epic Oman Road Trip Adventure, as mentioned in this 6 Day Oman Itinerary.

If you are going to Khasab, the west coast crossing into Musandam is through the Al Darah border post at the northern tip of Ras Al Khaimah emirate. This is exactly where the mountains start touching the ocean.

The crossing posts for UAE and Oman are adjacent to each other, making it a popular spot for tourists in Dubai and the UAE for ‘border runs’ as you only need to stop once and walk between the entry and exit offices. Border runs enable you to extend your 30-day tourist visa. Border cross will involve two stops in each direction; however, if you are not a GCC resident.

Places To Visit In Musandam

The Musandam Peninsula is naturally beautiful, with quite a few attractions you can’t miss out on during your Musandam Road trip.

smart travel musandam

Khasab, a small old town and the capital of the Musandam Peninsula, is an Omani exclave and geographically part of the UAE. The Khasab Fort is one of the predominant attractions in this town. The town is a charming cultural place, and apart from the fort, the Khasab Castle is also a famous attraction. You can visit the Oman Fjords and Bimmah Sink-hole if you are not in a hurry or if you are planning to spend a night on the peninsula. The road trip to Musandam is generally captivating.

smart travel musandam

By Joel Azcuna  – CC BY-SA 2.0

Dibba town crosses between the UAE and Oman. A part of the city is in Fujairah, partly in Sharjah (Dibba Al-Hisn), and a part of it in Oman.

This is not a full border crossing but only a small police station checkpoint. You need pre-arranged permission to access the border crossing at this point, either through your accommodation or tour provider.

Your visa will be taken care of 7 days before your visit if you book with the luxurious Six Senses Zighy Bay on the Dibba side of Musandam but over the border. The same treatment will be offered if you are staying at the Dibba Beach Hotel.

Some day trips to Dibba may depart from the UAE side and never set foot on land, bypassing the formality of a day trip border crossing.

  • You can quickly go to Khasab in a typical saloon car thanks to the sealed roads that run all the way and the considerable reinforcing work being done to prevent the Cliffside drive from collapsing.
  • You need a 4WD if you want to explore the interior, especially from the Dibba side.
  • Never leave your passports behind. Despite the fairly seamless border connections, you need to keep in mind that you are in a different country.
  • The official currency in Musandam is Omani Rial (OMR), but locals may accept dirhams as they get a slight upside in the exchange rate using 10AED:1OMR.

About The Author – Robeena Brown is a travel blogger & destination expert living in the UAE and works for local tourism companies like Arabiers. 

1 thought on “Musandam Road Trip – How To Visit Oman While In Dubai”

Musandam is a pristine, beautiful drop of land located in the Omani Peninsula. It is surrounded by the Omani and the Persian Gulf, separated from the UAE by a strip of land. Here are the craziest things to do in Musandam. So dramatic are its mountains and the roads that literally hug their sides, that Musandam is known fondly as the ‘Norway of Arabia’. Spend a few days in Musandam and refresh yourself with lovely oceanic views, mountain 4WD rides, boat tours, limestone coastal scenery, and much more.

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smart travel musandam

Smart Musandam

Full Day Dhow Cruise taking you in the beautiful sights and wonderful beaches including swimming and fishing. The cave visit and water sports give you an unforgettable experience of sea adventure and unlimited memories

  • Banana Boat Ride
  • Speed Boat Ride
  • Buffet Lunch

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Guest reviews are written by our customers after their tour of Smart Musandam.

Guest reviews

' data-src=

There is a fair amount of walking involved and changing elevations. Be prepared to awake very early to arrive at the top for sunrise. The guides were informative and I met some great people on the trip.

There is a bit of a queue in the morning for the bus, but it moved fairly fast.

Musandam tour packages offer visitors a chance to explore this natural wonderland and experience its beauty up close. a dhow cruise along the fjords, swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities.


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  1. Smart Travel

    Explore the world with Smart Travel, the best travel agency in Sharjah, Dubai, UAE, for A2A Visa change, UAE visit visa, Holiday packages, Global visa assistance ... Musandam Tour. starting from AED 99 * Book Now. Travel Insurance. starting from AED 49 * Book Now. Airline Deals.

  2. Musandam Tour Packages from Dubai & Sharjah Starting @ 139

    We offer Oman Musandam Dibba and Khasab tour from Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras al Khaimah and without transport as well. Call us 24/7 +971 52 565 1983. Home; ... Musandam Travel can assist you with your camping needs.In our role as a leading Musandam tour operator, we ensure the tents and equipment we use are of high quality and function ...

  3. Smart Musandam

    Smart Musandam, Sharjah. 626 likes. Full Day Dhow Cruise taking you in the beautiful sights and wonderful beaches including swimming etc

  4. Smart Travel

    An Overview. Smart Travel LLC is an IATA accredited Travel Management Company based in Sharjah, UAE. Established in 2015, the company has 11 branches across UAE and India serving more than 20,000 clients every month. Smart Travel LLC is an established name in the field of Air Tickets, A2A visa change packages, worldwide holidays and ...

  5. Escape to Musandam Dhow Cruise

    Escape to Musandam Eid Offer Smart Travel. From AED 199.00 / Person. 24-Hour Confirmation. Mobile Tickets Accepted. Non-Refundble. or 4 interest-free payments of AED 49.75. Learn more. Details & Highlights. Overview. All the parts around the Persian Gulf are unique places to spend free time. But when we speak of Musandam, it is a piece of ...

  6. Smart Travel llc on LinkedIn: #musandam #eidholidays

    Eid holiday in Musandam with our day trip. Snorkeling, kayaking and much more await you Book now with Smart Travel ! . . #Musandam #EidHolidays

  7. Musandam Travel Guide, Oman

    The summer months (June to August) can be unbearably hot throughout Oman (apart from in monsoon cooled Salalah). In Musandam, summer temperatures push 40 °C and rarely drop below 30 °C. So unless you're planning to camp in the mountains (about 8 °C cooler), it's best to avoid these months.

  8. Smart Travel

    Hi all, . Happy to share that Smart Travel has launched Musandam Tours with our own Dhows. Exclusive features and facilities make you entertained. For...

  9. Dubai To Musandam Road Trip: Best Things To Do In Musandam

    Plan a perfect Dubai to Musandam road trip with my detailed Musandam, Oman travel guide. Here you will find: how to go on a Musandam trip from Dubai by car, UAE-Oman (Musandam) land border procedures and Oman visa requirements (for tourists and UAE residents), places to visit and the best things to do in Musandam Peninsula, including Khasab dhow cruise tours through Fjords of Arabia, the best ...

  10. Smart Travel

    GOOD NEWS FOR THE TOURIST VISA HOLDERS Now you can visit Oman Musandam without prior document submission. BOOK YOUR PACKAGES NOW:- 1) Night Camping on a private Island with 10+ activities in Haffa...

  11. Smart Travel llc on LinkedIn: #smarttravel #musandam #adventure #soldout

    Fully Sold Out ! Our heartfelt thanks for your overwhelming support & Stay tuned for more exciting adventures with Smart Travel. . . . #smarttravel #musandam #adventure #Soldout ...

  12. Musandam Travel Guide

    Khasab offers the perfect base for boat (or diving) trips out on the marvellous Khor ash Shamor, further afield, to the remote town of Kumzar, as well as for mountain safaris up the mighty Jebel Harimand beyond. Tailor-made travel itineraries for Oman, created by local experts. 7 days / from1450 USD. Omani Road Trip.

  13. Musandam Tours Packages

    Watch dolphins, swim and enjoy the scenery of Musandam with our Musandam tour - book our Musandam tour package today! +971 50 928 8034 +968 9171 3449 [email protected]. ... So if you're looking for an amazing travel experience, book a tour with Musandam Tours today!

  14. Musandam Tour

    Experience the enchanting Musandam Tour: Discover Musandam Dibba & Musandam Khasab. Get insights from our first-time visitor guide for an unforgettable journey! ... However, if you are affable to warm weather and like to travel to places when they are less crowded, then March would be the ideal time to visit Musandam. You will also find cheaper ...

  15. Musandam Tour Packages From Dubai & Musandam Trip Deals

    If you are visiting Khasab Musandam Oman by cruise ship, then we have half day cruise, full-day cruise, half-day mountain safari, and Musandam city tour offers for you with free pick and drop from the cruise port. If you are planning to travel from Dubai and need a full package, we have the Khasab Musandam tour from Dubai and Dibba Musandam ...

  16. 9 Amazing Places to Visit in Musandam: A Detailed Guide

    9 Best Places to visit in Musandam - Musandam is a pristine, beautiful drop of land located in the Omani Peninsula. It is surrounded by the Omani and the Persian Gulf, separated from the UAE by a strip of land. Here are the craziest things to do in Musandam.. So dramatic are its mountains and the roads that literally hug their sides, that Musandam is known fondly as the 'Norway of Arabia'.

  17. Smart Travel llc on LinkedIn: #eid #musandam #smarttravel

    Let's celebrate this Eid Al-Fitr at Musandam with Smart Travel ! . . . #Eid #Musandam #smarttravel

  18. Welcome To Smartzett

    Smart Musandam. Haffa Tours. Glorious Georgia. Wonderful Thailand. Amazing Azerbaijan. Reviews and Testimonials. ... Smart Travel believes in empowering you to manage your travel with hassle-free and convenient online booking tools. is built on technology that is flexible, fast and gives you multiple options. ...

  19. Smart Travel

    FREE MUSANDAM TRIP FOR 5 PAX . All you have to do is follow the steps below: . 1. Like this Post 2. Tag 4 friends in the comment box. 3. Share post on your Facebook timeline. 4. Like Smart Travel...

  20. Smart Travel Deals Reviews

    Marvelous experience with Smart Travel/Musandam Group. Our First day of holidays i.e. Dec 1st 2022 was extremely amazing. This was our first time to Oman Musandam and we loved every moment & cannot wait to go back again. Booking with Smart Travel was extremely professional, easy & went without a hitch.

  21. Musandam Road Trip

    If you are starting your journey from Abu Dhabi Airport, it will take you an extra 1 to 1.5 hours to get to Musandam from downtown Abu Dhabi. Dubai to Khasab, Oman, is about hours, but because it's an international border crossing, it may take 2 hours and 45 minutes to 3 hours. The journey may take even longer on popular holiday weekends.

  22. Smart Musandam

    Smart Musandam. Full Day Dhow Cruise taking you in the beautiful sights and wonderful beaches including swimming and fishing. The cave visit and water sports give you an unforgettable experience of sea adventure and unlimited memories. Banana Boat Ride. Kayaking. Speed Boat Ride.

  23. 10 Best Things to Do in Musandam, Oman

    Best Things to Do in Musandam, Oman. 1. Go Camping On Jebel Harim. Image Source: marypink/ The Jebel Harim peak stands tall and proud at 2,087 meters. It's the highest peak in Musandam and one of the best places to visit in Oman. The name Jebel Harim literally means 'Mountain of Women'.