raclet safari 2023

Top 10 Best Trailer Tents and Folding Campers

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raclet safari 2023

If you love touring but sleeping in a tent is too basic and you don’t like the idea of having to store a caravan or motorhome, perhaps a trailer tent could be the answer . Find out in this guide to the best trailer tents and folding campers on the market

1 pennine pathfinder.

From £15,995

Pennine Pathfinder Folding Camper

The newest of the Pennine collection from Pennine Outdoor Leisure combines style, luxury, practicality and comfort in this top of the range folding camper. The classic neutral colours keep it modern, crisp and clean while the array of optional extras mean this home away from home can be tailored to your exact requirements. 

Pennine Pathfinder folding camper

With a hot water system, integral central heating and an external shower, this folding camper from the Pennine Pathfinder collection has it all before we’ve even begun.

2 Isabella Camp-Let Passion

from £7,799

Isabella Camp-Let Passion trailer tent

With room for the whole family, the Camp-Let Passion from Isabella is your ticket to enjoy the great outdoors with ease. Compact when towing and spacious when unfolded, this trailer tent is simple to erect and prides itself on the interior comfort. The revived design features the new colours of Raw and Nordic and has a choice of a Standard, Allround or Deluxe kitchens depending on your individual needs. 

Isabella Camp-Let Passion kitchen

3 Opus Camper All-Road/Off-Road Air

from £20,995

Opus Camper trailer tent

Winner of various design awards, the Opus Camper is fitted with air tent tech which inflates the canvas in around 90 seconds. You won’t be getting caught out in the rain erecting this trailer tent, instead, you’ll be cosy and warm inside with the kettle already boiling!

Opus Camper trailer tent

The Opus Camper comes in All-Road and Off-Road versions meaning this tented trailer brand gives you the option to roam to the furthest destination you can imagine. Designed for the extreme and with the space to take everything with you, the Opus Camper is purpose built for exploring the unknown.

Opus Camper trailer tent

The Off-Road Air comes with three different chassis options depending on your desired payload and just how much of the extreme stuff you plan on doing. It’s entirely between you and your map. 

4 Trigano Alpha

from £6,495

Trigano Alpha trailer tent

A luxurious two berth folding camper from Trigano for when you just need some time out. 

Ultra-compact and easy to erect, your holiday starts as soon as you arrive at the campsite. Perfect for late night card games as the wide front windows and side door panels with mesh flyscreens allow the last of the sunlight into the airy living space.

Trigano Alpha trailer tent

You can fully relax when you go away in an Alpha safe in the knowledge that you have space, comfort and ease all at your fingertips.

5 Trigano Galleon GL 

from £5,999

Trigano Galleon trailer tent

Up next is another trailer tent from Trigano . The Galleon GL is an exceptionally easy to tow, family orientated trailer tent. Everything is easy, convenient and of the upmost quality. 

The Galleon has a selection of optional awnings: Short trips and weekends, bad weather days, multi-purpose weekend and the longer holidays. The versatility of this trailer tent means it can always be your ‘go-to’ space to go away in. With mocha as the newest colour scheme, the canvas shell looks better than ever.

Trigano Galleon trailer tent

When it’s not in use it can come with side storage brackets so it can slide into a storage area on its side taking up very little space (and you won’t have to look at it and wish you were on holiday every day.)

6 Raclet Safari

from £7,450

The Raclet Safari trailer tent

The Raclet Safari is the full package. It’s easy to pitch, spacious and good looking. Perfect for the family or for the comings and goings of friends with the option of using the under-beds.

The Safari is a ‘the more the merrier’ style of camping without feeling overwhelmed at the space when you’re not entertaining.

It has three different options for the kitchen unit: Internal, external, or without (you are on holiday after all.)

Folding the Raclet Safari trailer tent

7 Combi-Camp Country Xclusive

from €14,195

Combi-Camp Country Xclusive trailer tent

Charmingly described as a “luxurious trailer for Fairy-Tale persons” this storm proof Combi-Camp trailer tent lets you pitch wherever you like. Asphalt, gravel, sand or grass, you are always going to be more than comfortable staying in the Country Xclusive.

With a bed as good as you would get at home, wake up feeling refreshed and ready to make the most out of the camping kitchen of your dreams. No more chopping veggies whilst sitting on the floor, it’s all a comfortable work height here. 

Combi-Camp Country Xclusive trailer tent

This is a year-round camper. With 100% cotton tents, ventilation will never be a problem again, you’ll be warm when you want to be warm and cool when you want to be cool. Just what we like to hear. 

8 Cabanon Mercury

from £6,695

Cabanon Mercury trailer tent

The Mercury from Cabanon possesses an exceptionally large awning including a sun canopy with built in wind breakers. This trailer tent is ideal for anyone with a lot of extra-curricular activities and in need of inside storage space, or anyone who enjoys a large indoor/outdoor living space to be able to relax to your fullest potential. 

Cabanon Mercury trailer tent

With a generous payload, you can pack up and still be able to tow the Mercury with almost any vehicle so there’s no excuse not to get on the road and get out there. 

9 Pennine Conway Countryman

From £12,995

Pennine Conway Countryman trailer tent

Back to Pennine for the new Countryman . It’s narrower and lighter to tow than most other folding campers so there really is no excuse not to be out and about. With internal luxury to suit your every need – think hot running water and you’ll get the idea – this camper is for the newbie or the old-hand of the folding camper world. 

Pennine Conway Countryman trailer tent

10 Holtkamper Kyte WindForce

From €22,995

Holtkamper Kyte WindForce trailer tent

A trailer tent from the future (well, Netherlands-based Holtkamper ). The Kyte WindForce can be erected and packed away all through using air pressure. This is a seamless, stylish and still family orientated trailer tent with ample space inside. 

Features include a ‘climate chamber’ which keeps the entire tent at the perfect temperature and keeps away condensation on the rainy days. The pole free awning will be your best friend on those darker nights when usually you might be tripping over guy ropes, instead you can walk freely safe in the knowledge there won’t be any of those pesky hazards. 

Holtkamper Kyte WindForce trailer tent

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  • Trigano (FR)

Raclet SOLENA Trailer tent

The Solena model blends practicality with comfort. This is the perfect solution for those seekinga trailer tent suitable for touring. The Solena has tons of great features and can be pitched in no time at all. It is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for all types of terrain, including places where you cannot stake pegs.

Perfect for avid adventurers! Designed for couples and small families, the Solena trailer tent is the height of comfort with its quilted mattress and wide round windows that let in the sunlight.

The rigid cover is made with reinforced polyester and the trailer can be locked.


  • Quick, one-step pitching
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to handle
  • No pegging. Can be set up on ground where pegs cannot be used

Picto solena

  • Brand RACLET
  • Use Camping
  • Number of people 2
  • Number of bedroom 1 bedroom
  • Number of beds 1x2 persons
  • Bed 130x200 cm - insulated slatted bed frame
  • Groundsheet Standard
  • Roof fabric Cotton 320 g/m²
  • Surface 12 m² with sun canopy
  • Living room surface 6.25 m²
  • Bedroom annex Optional - sleeps 2 people
  • awning Optional
  • Sun canopy No
  • 2-person bedroom under trailer No
  • Storage 66 L
  • Easy Pack No
  • Number of LED Optional
  • Connection Optional
  • Outdoor Storage box No
  • Towbar storage box Optional
  • Jockey wheel Yes
  • Spare tire Yes
  • Shock absorber Optional
  • Warranty 2 years

Raclet SOLENA Trailer tent

For couples and small families who like to get away often.

Notify me when available

Some questions about this product ? Contact us at [email protected]

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  • Kitchen unit
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Raclet Safari GL model 2023 laatste voorraad model!

raclet safari 2023

Raclet Safari GL 2023   inclusief:

  • Luxe achterkeuken met kraan en gascomfoor
  • Schokdempers
  • Reservewiel met beugel
  • 13-polige Jaegerstekker

Leverbaar vanaf € 11.495,=

Nu met aanbiedingspakket:

1x Ondertent, luifel aanritsbaar en kuipgrondzeil inritsbaar van € 1.603,= voor € 899,=

Snelle levering.

De Raclet Safari GL in het echt zien? We laten u graag alle mogelijkheden zien in onze showroom.

Reserveer deze aanbieding.

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2023 Camp-let North trailer tent

Published in Caravan Guard News , Trailer Tent & Camper Reviews on 16/09/2022   - 1 Comment

Specialist trailer tent manufacturer Camp-let can trace its heritage back to the 1960s. These days it comes under the ownership of fellow Danish manufacturer and supplier of premium awnings, Isabella.

2023 Camp-let North trailer tent

Camp-let North: Top of the trailer tents?

Its trailer tents continue to be somewhat unique, as well as being particularly well made. The Camp-let North, featured here, certainly embodies all this.

Sitting less than a metre high, it’s no surprise to hear it’s an absolute doddle to tow (you won’t even need extra towing mirrors). Highly fuel-efficient, too. And for storage, you might want to think about the wheeled bracket option that allows it to stow on its side in your garage or alongside your house.

2023 Camp-let North trailer tent

Not only is the Camp-let North trailer tent easy to tow, it’s also pretty straightforward to set up once you’re on-site. There’s a set routine to follow to make sure you’re pitched properly (also, for taking it all back down again), but it’s all logical.

The tailgate of the trailer tent swings out to give you the kitchen (it can also be used on short stops without having to fold out the rest of the unit). The lid of the trailer is hinged and has gas-assisted struts – opening up to give you two double bedrooms and an integral awning.

2023 Camp-let North trailer tent

A series of metal struts and supports need locating before the whole unit can be pegged out – but it’s less complicated than it sounds. It all comes to a footprint of some 5.50m x 4m.

The bedrooms are well off the ground, separated by metalwork behind a fabric panel of storage pockets. As standard, mattresses are on solid bases (wooden slats for extra support as well as important ventilation, are an option). Dimensions are 2m x 1.40m.

2023 Camp-let North trailer tent

Camp-let actually offers a choice of two kitchens. Shown here is the standard Allround, which gives you a two-burner gas hob and a significant amount of permanent worktop. On the right of the unit, a slide-out section allows a collapsible washing up bowl to be housed, fed by a pumped supply from a stand-alone water carrier, while storage includes two generous metal-fronted lockers and, below that, a section of open racking. You’ll need to add your own coolbox or fridge.

2023 Camp-let North trailer tent

It all leaves plenty of floor space for adding your own chairs, tables etc as you wish. Also, as you look in, the left-side bed can be converted to offer bench seating during the day.

2023 Camp-let North trailer tent

The front panel of the 2022 Camp-let North comprises two large windowed sections that can be zipped out altogether, as needed. Alternatively, two veranda bars are also supplied so can roll the windows partway down and still get a lot of ventilation.

2023 Camp-let North trailer tent

The left hand side panel is also zipped for removal. Here is also where you can add the Annex Sand option to give a substantial amount of extra storage space or a bedroom to take sleeping berths up to six.

There’s a real feel of quality to the build of this Camp-let North trailer tent. The roof/lid of the towed unit is substantial enough to carry extra loads – bikes, roof rack etc.

2023 Camp-let North trailer tent

It’s a marine quality GRP, whilst any metal is either stainless steel or aluminium. Isabella itself supplies the main fabric – its own, proven Isacryl breathable material, used on its top-end caravan awnings. It’s quick-drying and easy to keep clean, also with reinforcements at all key stress points.

2023 Camp-let North trailer tent

Plenty of options are also available, including luggage racks, spare wheel with an underfloor carrier, canopy extension, lockers, and more (see opposite).

Adding a wheel clamp or hitchlock will likely satisfy your trailer tent insurance provider and keep it secure when detached from your tow vehicle.  Click here to find out more about our trailer tent insurance.

As viewed at Highbridge Caravans and Motorhomes , Somerset.

Verdict : King of the canvas

Plus : Lightweight and sheer tow-ability, top quality build

Minus : Not cheap

In-a-nutshell : Tasty Danish is a top trailer tent

There’s more information on the Camp-let range on the Isabella website . To find out more about insuring this or your trailer tent or folding camper visit our trailer tent insurance page

Alternatives : Camplair S, Holtkamper Kyte, Jamet Outdoor AS, Raclet Safari GL, Trigano Galleon

Camp-let North factfile

2023 Camp-let North trailer tent floorplan

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Note: All details correct at time of publication but may be subject to change.

* Trailer tent insurance cost based on a Camp-let North trailer tent retailing at £9,348 fitted with a hitchlock. Kept on drive at HX4 0BE. Owners over 30 years old, claim free for three years and a member of a caravanning club. £100 excess. 180 days European cover and up to £75 per day for up to 15 days emergency accommodation cover included. Legal expenses cover, extended European cover and other emergency accommodation expenses cover options are available at extra cost. Quote includes 12.5% online discount and 12% Insurance Premium Tax and is correct as of 13.09.22

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raclet safari 2023

Lovely functional trailer tent but definatly upmarket in terms of price. Nearly reaching the price of a good secondhand caravan. I’m a solo camper the Raclet Solena is more to my needs .

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Guests seeing animals on safari tour

Take a Tour of a Wildlife Safari Zoo in Central Pennsylvania

Guided safari tours in central pennsylvania.

The dry plains of Africa and the woodlands and forests of Australia have never felt closer thanks to the incredible safari tour at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. Like our other amazing attractions , the safari allows you and your family to see first-hand the various animals native to those lands and learn about their natural habitats. Discover more about our animal safari in Central Pennsylvania and all you can expect to see on your journey.

Guided Safari offered May thru October.

Self Drive-Thru Safari Available Only in April and November

Guests who wish to enjoy our safari tour from the comfort of their vehicles can do so with our self-drive-thru option.  VEHICLES WITH HARD DOORS AND HARD TOP ROOFS ONLY. Those interested in this experience should first read the Drive-Thru Rules to ensure their safety and the wellbeing of our animals. You will be required to sign a vehicle waiver prior to entering the safari fields.

The Drive-Thru Safari pre-season/post-season option is available on select weekends only in April and November, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The cost of admission is $9 per person for all ages three and older.

Please note: Only the Safari Tour Fields are open for the Drive-Thru option. Zoo exhibits are open from May 1st through October during the regular season.

Adventure Awaits at Our Wildlife Safari Zoo

Deer approaching safari bus for guests to reach out to touch

Say Hello to Our Animals

One of the best parts about our safari zoo in Pennsylvania is all the different animals you may see. More than 400 animals roam the safari fields freely at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. You may meet curious critters that are just as interested in you as you are in them — it is common for animals to approach the tour bus and get close enough for guests to reach out and touch them. Interacting with these animals is sure to be an unforgettable and highly beneficial experience for your party.

Child getting opportunity to touch animal on safari tour

Our New Safari Station

Dedicated to providing our guests with the best possible experience, we are happy to introduce our safari station. Built and launched in 2015, the safari station includes the following:

  • A comfortable holding area large enough to fit guests as they wait for their turn to hop aboard the cruiser
  • A snack shop where you can grab a drink, some food for the ride, and even feed to give the animals while on the tour
  • Well-maintained restrooms for your convenience

Things to Keep in Mind for Your Next Safari Tour

To help guests get the most out of their animal safari in Pennsylvania, we encourage all to be mindful of when the tours begin. Rides go out right when the park opens, and guests are welcome to come early to avoid crowds or waiting in long lines. Our tours last around 45 minutes, providing plenty of time to take in the entire tour without tiring out the youngest in your group. The last tour departs our Safari Station one hour before closing.

Please be advised that we do not accept reservations for our tours as they are offered on a first come, first serve basis. However, even if you miss your preferred time, another is coming up shortly!

Plan Your Visit Today to Our Safari in Pennsylvania

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park welcomes guests from Central Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas to enjoy a first-hand experience with animals from six continents. Our safari tour allows visitors to witness a variety of majestic animals and gain insight into their way of life. Contact us today to learn more about our Pennsylvania safari tours and rates , or to view our park hours .

Safari Times

  • Safari tours begin when the park opens.
  • Tours last approximately 45 minutes.
  • Last tour goes out one hour before closing.
  • Tours are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and depart multiple times per day.

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Fourmaux resorts to cautious driving as safari enters crucial stage, the frenchman won the british rally championship in 2023 in the ford fiesta rally2.

•Kedong and Sleeping Warrior have always proved a big challenge for the World Rally Team but Fourmaux says they have done their homework well this time round.

•M-Sport has yet to win the coveted Safari title since the return of World Rally Championship (WRC) status in Kenya in 2021.

M-Sport Ford driver Adrien Fourmaux

M-Sport Ford driver Adrien Fourmaux says he will approach the last two days of the iconic WRC Safari Rally Kenya with extra caution.

“We will have to be smart enough in some places. We will have to slow down just to pass some rocky places and then go flat out in some sections to make time,” said Fourmaux, who is driving a Ford Puma Rally1 Hybrid.

The Frenchman won the British Rally Championship in 2023 in the Ford Fiesta Rally2 as well as competed in the WRC2 Championship for the 2023 season.

Kedong and Sleeping Warrior have always proved a big challenge for the World Rally Team but Fourmaux says they have done their homework well this time round.

Fourmaux, who achieved his first WRC podium at the 2024 Rally Sweden last month, said: “Safari Rally is a big challenge to all the drivers.   It’s a bit rough and very long but special and unique from other rallies due to its provocative terrains. It’s a long rally and we always love that,” he said.

M-Sport has yet to win the coveted Safari title since the return of World Rally Championship (WRC) status in Kenya in 2021.

The 29-year-old Frenchman got a shot in the arm this week when giant telco, Safaricom announced a Sh20 million deal that will see Fourmaux become Safaricom’s M-pesa Global International Money Transfer service ambassador.

His sponsorship deal with Safaricom will allow his Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 to display the M-PESA branding for the Safari Rally in Kenya, while his overalls will carry the branding for the rest of the season.

Richard Millener, the M-Sport Ford team principal said: “Coming on board through M-PESA to collaborate with us and going beyond the Kenyan border to support one of our drivers is something that warms our hearts greatly,”

Part of this sponsorship, Sh5 million in cash, has gone towards supporting Kenya’s 2023 Junior WRC contender and reigning African Junior champion, Hamza Anwar, in the WRC3 category, driving a Rally 3 Ford Fiesta.

The sponsorship deal will also see   Anwar’s rally car installed with a telematic gadget, a Smart Vehicle Tracking System, to help Safaricom showcase its IoT (Internet of Things) powered Telematics solution available to the telco’s Enterprise customers for fleet management.

The technology integrates with the vehicle’s on-board computer and collects information on several parameters that are accumulated and recorded at the end and start of each trip. This provides insights into journey duration, vehicle speed, route information, fuel consumption and driver behaviour.

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Your 48-hour tour guide of Moscow this winter!

raclet safari 2023

9 am – Visit the Red Square 

Christmas market on Red Square

Christmas market on Red Square

The first thing that every tourist should do by default is visit the very heart of Moscow – it’s main and most beautiful (which ‘krasnaya’ actually meant in Old Russian) square! 

There are several ways to explore it:

  • Take a selfie with Spasskaya Tower
  • Have a warm drink at the Christmas market (which lasts until mid-January)
  • Visit Lenin’s Mausoleum
  • Shop in the gorgeous adjacent GUM department store
  • Visit St. Basil’s Cathedral (and learn that it’s actually several churches under one roof).           

11 am – It’s Kremlin time! 

Inside the Moscow Kremlin

Inside the Moscow Kremlin

Entering the Kremlin is, actually, a bit of a quest, as it’s a presidential facility with no general access. You need to buy a ticket or, better still, book a guided tour. Inside the Kremlin’s walls, you will find ancient cathedrals, in which Russian tsars used to be crowned and buried, as well as explore the magnificent architecture of the Kremlin that reflects the rich history of the country. And, finally, you could also make a quick visit to the Moscow Kremlin Museums and admire artifacts from various Russian tsarist eras: carriages, thrones, crowns and the most incredible armory and jewelry. 

For more information, visit the official website of the Kremlin . It’s open from 10 am to 5 pm (and it’s closed on Thursdays) in winter.

2 pm – Watch the changing of the Guard

The honor guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The honor guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

A very spectacular (and free) thing to do is watch how the honor guard does their ceremonial change at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Eternal Flame, situated in Alexander Garden, right next to the Kremlin wall. Every hour, from 8 am to 8 pm, the 1st Company of the Kremlin (Presidential) Regiment performs this rather old and beautiful tradition. But, be warned, it's often overcrowded. 

3 pm – Enjoy a green oasis just in the center

Florarium in Zaryadye

Florarium in Zaryadye

Just a few steps from the Red Square, you will find the fabulous Zaryadye park. Opened in 2017, it is designed by renowned American architect bureau ‘Diller Scofidio + Renfro’. You can walk among the very cozy botanical decorations and explore Russia’s climate zones, as each of them is represented in dedicated areas, complete with flora from those zones.

The floating bridge in Zaryadye Park

The floating bridge in Zaryadye Park

The park also has an underground museum, an “ice cave” and a 3D cinema, where you can take part in a virtual adventure – a flight over Moscow! However, the piece de resistance is a floating boomerang bridge over the Moskva River, one of the best places to take a selfie.

You can also grab a quick lunch or relax with a cup of coffee or tea in the park.

7 pm – Arrange a ballet night

The Bolshoi Theater

The Bolshoi Theater

Of course, the most fancy way to finish your day in Moscow would be to go to the ballet at the Bolshoi Theater (in a perfect world, to see ‘The Nutcracker’!). However, getting tickets to the Bolshoi is not an easy task and should be done well in advance of your visit. 

But, don’t be upset if you don’t manage to get tickets to the Bolshoi. Moscow has dozens of other options to see a ballet (or opera). No less brilliant performances can be seen in the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theater or in The State Kremlin Palace (by the way, this is another way to get a quick glimpse inside the Kremlin!).

10:30 pm – Have a late dinner in a fancy restaurant

Dr Zhivago restaurant

Dr Zhivago restaurant

There are not so many other cities with such a big choice of restaurants in a range of tastes and styles. In 2021, the authoritative Michelin guide announced their pick of the best of Moscow’s restaurants. And here’s our guide to all the places with Russian cuisine for any budget. But, if you happen to be in the area of the Bolshoi or Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater, then ‘Dr. Zhivago’ would definitely be a nice option (and it’s open around the clock).

DAY 2 

9 am – grab a moscow coffee.

Winter festivities mood in Moscow

Winter festivities mood in Moscow

Moscow is definitely a coffee city! You can find coffee shops on every corner and they all offer a huge range of drinks. Try a ‘raf’ coffee, a sweet, creamy drink that was created in Russia, or dare to pick one of the very unusual offers, like cheese coffee or a Soviet candy style one (check out our coffee guide here ).

10 am – Take a river cruise

Winter boating along the Moskva River

Winter boating along the Moskva River

Another exciting way to explore Moscow is to observe it from the water. Boats cruise along the Moskva River all year round. Most begin their route from the Hotel Ukraine, one of Stalin's ‘Seven Sister’ skyscrapers, and will bring you back to the same spot after passing the medieval Novodevichy Convent, Moscow State University and Luzhniki Stadium, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and giant monument to Peter the Great and many other sightseeings. 

It’s always at optimum temperature inside the boat, which also has huge panoramic windows. Select boats also offer a full dining experience, so it is also a nice place to have breakfast or lunch.

If you are not a water person, then discover other, unusual sides of Moscow – pick one of the activities we’ve prepared for you here ! 

1 pm – Visit ‘Russia’ Expo and taste a bunch of Russian regional cuisines

Russia Expo at VDNKh

Russia Expo at VDNKh

Until April 2024, the Soviet-era VDNKh exhibition park is hosting the huge ‘Russia’ expo, with tons of activities and expositions devoted to Russia, its culture, science and nature. Check out our special guide on what to do there!  

An entire ‘House of Russian Cuisine’ has been opened at the expo. You will find 15 food stands with flagship dishes from Kamchatka, Siberia, Karelia and other regions of Russia. Imagine trying a range of cuisines and dishes in one place without even having to travel anywhere, be it Altai pelmeni, Tula kalach or Caucasian pies! A perfect place to grab some lunch.

House of Russian cuisines at VDNKh

House of Russian cuisines at VDNKh

The VDNKh exhibition park is a great place to visit, in general! Its pavilions are the perfect example of Stalinit Empire style architecture and you can almost feel as if you’ve traveled back in time! You will also find several interesting museums in the park – devoted to space exploration, Russian history and even a ‘Special Purpose Garage’, which showcases the various vehicles used by the country’s leaders. 

'Sun of Moscow' wheel

'Sun of Moscow' wheel

And, finally, you can ride Europe's tallest panoramic wheel – ‘Sun of Moscow’ – that will give you panoramic views of the city – from a height of 140 meters!

5 pm – Ice skate with view & mulled wine

Ice skating rink on Red Square (GUM department store on the background)

Ice skating rink on Red Square (GUM department store on the background)

Ice skating is one of the most popular and affordable activities in Moscow. There are several great ice skating rinks in picturesque locations that are open all winter long. One of the biggest rinks in Europe is also at the aforementioned VDNKh or you can visit the one in Gorky Park, another very popular Moscow spot, or the small, but fancy rink – right on Red Square! 

All the parks offer ice skate rental, so the only things you need are warm clothes, a charged phone to record your memories and a good mood!  Moscow also gets dark at 4:30 pm in winter and hundreds of lights are switched on, turning the city into a giant fairy tale! 

A mulled wine with a view

A mulled wine with a view

And, if you are not a sports person, we’ve picked several other unusual activities that you could do in Moscow instead. For example, did you know that there is an entire district of dacha (countryside) houses, just 10 minutes from the center, surrounded by giant new highrises? How about taking a stroll there and feeling the early Soviet atmosphere?

8 pm – Warm up & laugh out loud

After all these outdoor activities, what could be better than a warm cozy bar with a hot drink and nice company? Moscow is a city full of entertainment for all tastes. So, if you know the Russian language or want to practice it, go to a theater or catch a stand-up comedy show. Moscow even has comedy shows in English, where you can hear both Russians speaking fluent English or foreigners (including Brits and Americans) who live in Russia speaking in broken or heavily-accented Russian (Check their show dates on the ‘ Moscow English Comedy ’ Telegram channel)!

11 pm – Finish by partying the night away!

Propaganda club in Moscow

Propaganda club in Moscow

Moscow never sleeps, as you might have heard. Which means there are plenty of bars and nightclubs where you can have a drink (or two or three; be sure to check out how Russians make Black Russian and White Russian cocktails) and chat with incredibly different people. Have fun and don’t miss your flight (or miss it and stay longer in the best city in the world!)!

That's it! See you soon in Moscow

That's it! See you soon in Moscow

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