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Tourist trains

define excursion trains

  • 1 Understand
  • 2 Historic and museum trains
  • 3 Historic and scenic routes
  • 4 Sightseeing and luxury trains
  • 5 Dinner trains
  • 6.1 England
  • 6.3 United States
  • 6.4 "Pioneer" railways in Eastern Europe
  • 7 Excursion trains
  • 8 Decommissioned rolling stock

A tourist train is a rail operation intended not as practical transportation (a way to "get in" or "get around") but as a museum-style attraction to see, a tour as an activity to do, or a means to employ historic dining or sleeper train cars as somewhere to eat or sleep for novelty, nostalgia or entertainment purposes.

Understand [ edit ]

Tourist trains are distinguished from regular trains by various factors:

  • Deployment of historic or non-standard rolling stock, such as restored steam engines or 1920s Orient Express dining and sleeper cars
  • Luxurious and expensive journeys; travel as kings and prime ministers did a century ago, but pay thousands of dollars or euros for a journey which would cost hundreds by air
  • Slower journeys for sightseeing or to provide time to serve an elaborate meal on a relatively short-haul itinerary
  • On-board novelty entertainment, such as a murder mystery aboard the train
  • Circle tours or lines which travel to one tiny, distant town, wait a few hours at most, then bring the same travellers directly back to the point of departure
  • Package deals in which a sightseeing train makes a two-day (or longer) journey entirely during daylight hours, with a stay in a tourist hotel for the night bundled in the price
  • Package deals in which the train stops in one city for a day or more in the middle of the journey, bundled with a guided walking or bus tour of that intermediate city
  • Package deals in which the bundled food, lodging or entertainment are worth more than the transportation component, such as a gourmet dinner on a sightseeing return trip to an adjacent village
  • Infrequent or seasonal operation. A train that runs once a year to commemorate a historic event or to view the fall colours is not a serious competitor to a regional commuter train operator.

Historic and museum trains [ edit ]

define excursion trains

Often, historic rolling stock from another era has been painstakingly restored and put back on the rails as a form of living museum exhibit. Steam trains, rolling stock from a bygone era or narrow gauge equipment which cannot run on most of the modern mainline system will often turn up on otherwise little-used track as a means for railroaders to preserve a nostalgic past.

Steam trains in operation include:

  • Chehalis-Centralia Railroad , Washington state, USA
  • Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways , Gwynedd , Wales
  • Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway , Cheltenham , England
  • Jokioinen–Humppila narrow gauge museum railroad , Jokioinen , Finland
  • Little River Railroad , Coldwater , Michigan, USA
  • Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway , Ravenglass, Cumbria , England
  • South Devon Railway follows the River Dart between Buckfastleigh and Totnes, Devon UK
  • South Simcoe Railway , Beeton Creek Valley, Ontario, Canada
  • The Texas State Railroad [dead link] , a historic (1881-1921) 25-mile railroad between Rusk and Palestine (Texas) USA with a mix of steam and diesel trains.
  • The Puffing Billy , Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne, Australia
  • Roaring Camp & Big Trees , Felton , California, USA. Industrial, narrow gauge, geared steam locomotives representing an early 20th century logging railroad.
  • Ambarawa Railway Museum [dead link] , Ambarawa , Indonesia

Historic and scenic routes [ edit ]

define excursion trains

  • "The Jacobite" from Fort William via Glenfinnan to Mallaig.

Sightseeing and luxury trains [ edit ]

A few trains operate primarily for sightseeing or as nostalgia for an era before mass air travel in which the well-to-do rode the rails in style. Often, these trains are too costly, too slow or serve regions too isolated for these operations to qualify as practical transportation or obtain the subsidies provided to the main national transport network. Aimed at tourists, they usually also offer food, tours and activities.

  • In India, several companies operate tours around the country's major sights on board luxury trains. The most famous ones are the Palace on Wheels and Maharajas' Express . In addition there are three world heritage listed mountain train routes dating from the colonial era and still running.
  • Golden Eagle Luxury Trains operates luxury trains along the Trans-Siberian Railway and other routes in the former Soviet Union and beyond.
  • The only motorized way for getting between Ollantaytambo and Aguas Calientes , next to Machu Picchu is the train operated by PeruRail and Inca Rail . The third-highest railway in the world is mostly used by tourists and offers amazing views of the Andes. The company also has other routes in Peru.
  • In Mexico , the Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacífico (the Copper Canyon train, El Chepe ) was built for transportation across 673 km (418 mi), traversing the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua (state) .
  • While even a regular intercity rail trip in Switzerland often offers scenic views, there is an abundance of special rail experiences from steam-powered trains to the Jungfrau Railway to Europe's highest station and the world heritage listed Rhaetian railway network in the southeast of the country.
  • Other than along the east coast and around Perth, train routes across Australia are nowadays luxury services geared towards tourists and are operated by Journey Beyond . Routes include The Ghan from Darwin to Adelaide through the Red Centre , the Indian Pacific connecting Perth and Sydney , the Great Southern from Adelaide to Brisbane and to a lesser extent The Overland from Melbourne to Adelaide . Queensland Rail also operates the Spirit of Queensland between Brisbane and Cairns
  • Korail offers four special tourist trains [dead link] , the most luxurious among them being the Haerang rail cruise.
  • In South Africa there are several luxury trains, the most famous ones being the Blue Train and Rovos Rail between Pretoria and Cape Town
  • The luxurious Eastern and Oriental Express runs from Singapore to Bangkok , passing through Kuala Lumpur , as well as various other smaller cities in Malaysia and Thailand along the way.
  • Rocky Mountaineer , British Columbia , Canada. Sightseeing train that runs from Vancouver to Banff , and from Vancouver to Jasper . The train to Jasper travels on the same tracks as VIA Rail's The Canadian , which continues onward to Toronto, but covers the entire stretch during daylight hours to allow you to see the scenery. Does not have sleeper cars, so passengers are put up at a hotel en route for the night.
  • Royal Canadian Pacific , Calgary and Rocky Mountains (Canada) . Luxury train marketed as nostalgia .
  • White Pass and Yukon Route , Carcross, Yukon , Canada to Skagway , Alaska USA. Narrow-gauge (3-ft) sightseeing train with some historic rolling stock.
  • In New Zealand , state operator KiwiRail runs three long-distance sightseeing trains under the brand Great Journeys New Zealand ; the Northern Exporer from Auckland to Wellington , the Coastal Pacific from Picton to Christchurch , and the TranzApline form Christchurch to Greymouth . The departure of the Coast Pacific from Picton is timed to connect with the arrival of the Interislander ferry form Wellington, and likewise, in the reverse direction, its arrival in Picton is timed to connect with the Wellington-bound Interislander ferry.
  • Belmond have excursions in Pullman coaches, various itineraries.
  • North Yorkshire Moors Railway between Pickering and Whitby .
  • Strathspey Railway from Aviemore .
  • The sleepers from London to the Highlands and to the West Country command great views but are practical working trains that couldn't be described as luxurious.
  • The California Zephyr is one of Amtrak's flagship routes, and runs from Chicago to Emeryville in the San Francisco Bay Area . It is regarded as one of the most scenic train routes in North America
  • The Lake Shore Limited runs from Chicago to Boston and New York City , with the train splitting into two separate routes at Albany .
  • In Zimbabwe a one-car, 22-seat tram operates as the "Elephant Express" for a two-hour, 70-km journey on the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls rail mainline along the northern boundary of Hwange National Park . The schedules tend to be arbitrarily flexible and very much at the mercy of other through traffic which has priority.

Occasionally, a train deployed primarily as practical transportation will attract sightseers if it passes through particularly scenic locations. While these are not tourist trains per se , most of these are listed in the main rail travel articles for the country or destination. There are also a few passenger trains which serve remote points (such as Churchill , Manitoba or Schefferville , Québec in Canada) which have no intercity road access; these are subsidized as part of the main, national system.

Dinner trains [ edit ]

These runs occupy a similar role to that of a dinner cruise on a tour boat line; they are typically short (an hour to a few hours at most) and operate at relatively slow speeds on otherwise little-used lines. An elaborate dinner served in dining cars or panorama cars often takes up most or all of the time devoted to the trip.

  • The Sierra Railroad in Oakdale , California USA operates dinner trains, beer and champagne runs and murder mystery trips using heritage equipment. A few special/excursion trains (such as a "zombie train" for Halloween) operate seasonally.
  • The Orford Express between Magog and Sherbrooke , Québec, Canada (a sightseeing train) offers dinner aboard a panorama car on a short-haul trip.
  • There is a weekly Tequila Express from Ferrocarril Mexicano station in Guadalajara to the village of Amatitán in Jalisco , where (at the Herradura distillery) the entire tequila production process takes place. The train ride includes mariachi music, along with sample servings of tequila and Corona beer, fruits and cucumber and watermelon sprinkled with paprika.

Attraction and park railways [ edit ]

(see also Grand scale railroads )

Attraction and park railways, are "small" railways, where the railway itself is the destination for a traveller. A large park for example, may have a train which makes a circle tour of a large area of the park, without going beyond the park boundary; in some instances the railway encircles the park (an example being the Disneyland railroad.). A heritage steam train making a circle tour of a pioneer village museum park which could be toured easily on foot is a tourist train.

These are typically, two kinds of attraction railway, miniature railways (also termed 'Grand scale' railroads in the US) and minimum to narrow gauge operations. Scaled versions of full size 'standard' or narrow gauge locos frequently feature. However, both the nominal scale, gauge and extent can vary considerably, from small scale operations in a park or single location up to what are effectively 'miniature mainlines' or minimum gauge 'short' lines. The distinction between a 'Grand scale' model, a 'miniature', and a minimum gauge attraction railway is somewhat blurred, (an example miniature railway, the North Bay Railway in Scarborough, England, having a track gauge wider than some nominally minimum gauge operations!)

Whilst many of these attraction railways are primarily for tourist interest, some of the longer miniature lines also provide practical (although) unusual transport between destinations. In rare instances the modern-day line has been built on the trackbed of much older line (of a larger track gauge), and some of the infrastructure from the earlier era may be extant.

Sometimes longer miniature railways and park railways will employ novelty or panorama-view cars designed for sightseeing.

England [ edit ]

  • On Romney Marsh , the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway, runs from Hythe to Dungeness.
  • Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway, one of the earliest miniature lines having been constructed on the track bed of an earlier 19th-century 3-ft gauge line. This charming line runs up to Eskdale Green from the coast through the countryside of the English Lake District .
  • North Bay Railway, Scarborough . This larger (20-in) gauge miniature railway is a worthwhile excursion even if you don't plan on visiting Scarborough's other attractions.
  • Wells and Walsingham Light Railway, Wells-next-the-Sea
  • Bressingham Steam Experience, Bressingham , Norfolk , This attraction constructed aside the grounds of a now closed plant nursery, boasts 2 miniature lines, and a narrow gauge line. (There's also a short length of standard gauge track used for demonstration purposes.)
  • Launceston Steam Railway , Launceston ( Cornwall ) UK
  • Ruislip Lido Railway, Ruislip Lido, London. A minimum-gauge (as opposed to miniature) railway around a created senic lake in NW London.

Wales [ edit ]

  • Fairbourne and Barmouth Steam Railway, Fairboune , Gwynedd
  • Rhyl Miniature Railway, Marine Parade, Rhyl .

United States [ edit ]

  • Train Mountain Railroad, Chiloquin , Oregon
  • Redwood Valley Railway, Tilden Regional Park near Berkeley , California .
  • Michigan AuSable Valley Railroad, Fairview , Michigan .
  • Waterman and Western Railroad, Waterman , Illinois .
  • Texas State Railroad, Rusk and Palestine , Texas

"Pioneer" railways in Eastern Europe [ edit ]

define excursion trains

In the former Eastern bloc, including Poland and East Germany , there are various narrow and very narrow gauge railways that run mostly through a public park and are often historically associated with or still operated by young people or members of the (state-sponsored during Leninist times) "pioneer organization" (e.g. the FDJ or "Jungpioniere" in the GDR). While they do provide some limited transportation value (getting you from one end of a rather large park to the other) they are usually kept for their novelty value and often employ uncommon ways of traction like battery based steam engines. Cities that have them include but are not limited to:

  • Berlin/Treptow-Köpenick – Parkeisenbahn Wuhlheide , the longest pioneer railway of former East Germany (7.5 km)
  • Dresden – Dresdner Parkeisenbahn within the Großer Garten Baroque gardens
  • Chemnitz – [1]
  • Cottbus – Parkeisenbahn Cottbus at Branitz Park
  • Halle – Parkeisenbahn Peißnitzexpress
  • Görlitz – Görlitzer Oldtimer Parkeisenbahn
  • Leipzig – Parkeisenbahn Auensee
  • Poznan – Maltanka
  • Budapest – Gyermekvasút [dead link] (children's railway)

Other [ edit ]

define excursion trains

  • Stuttgart – Killesbergbahn , Germany's oldest minimum-gauge railway (since 1939)
  • Liliputbahn [dead link] at Vienna's Prater
  • Park railways of former horticultural show grounds in Germany, e. g. Cologne (Rheinpark), Dortmund (Westfalenpark), Essen (Grugapark), Karlsruhe (Schlossgarten), Saarbrücken (Franco-German Garden)

Excursion trains [ edit ]

define excursion trains

These occupy a similar role to a chartered bus, aircraft or ship. Some are extra trains, outside the primary schedule, which a mainstream rail operator has added to provide transport for a major sporting event or popular tour destination. Others are operated by private, non-railway entities which have paid to use the rails or chartered the train. These were once common in national election campaigns as a means to transport candidates to "whistle stop" appearances in every town on the line, a task now fulfilled most often by a partisan election campaign bus. Some of these trains have been preserved and are either still run for excursions (which may require deep pockets) or are on display in various museums and private collections. While the former use for political campaigning has died a slow death in North America, a 1950s campaign train was brought back in 2009 for a political campaign in Germany to demonstrate an unbroken line of tradition between the party then and now.

A "special" or "extra" train may be added as an excursion run by either a mainline rail operator, a tourist train line or a heritage railway ; some operators add an extra train seasonally for fall sightseeing.

Some people also own rail cars that are then coupled to a regular passenger or freight train for an excursion.

Decommissioned rolling stock [ edit ]

Long after an engine or car's travelling life on the rails is over, it may still see use as part of a static exhibit in a museum, park or public venue; a town which uses a former historic rail station as a landmark or travel information office may complement this by restoring a historic engine of the same era for public display beside the old station house. Rail and transportation museums often hold extensive collections of rolling stock. As novelty architecture , a dining car may be installed in a fixed location to house a restaurant; a motel may be constructed using decommissioned sleeper train cars or the distinctive red cabooses which once provided crew quarters at the end of North American freight and goods trains.

Rail and transport museums holding historic equipment or decommissioned rolling stock include:

  • Memory Junction [dead link] , Brighton , Ontario, Canada
  • Museum of Transportation , St. Louis , Missouri, USA
  • Old Railway Station Museum (Estación del Ferrocarril) in the city of Aguascalientes , México
  • Museo Nacional de los Ferrocarriles Mexicanos (National Museum of Mexican Railroads), Puebla
  • Rail Museum of Eastern Ontario , Smiths Falls , Ontario, Canada

See Travel for rail enthusiasts#Museums for additional museum listings.

See also [ edit ]

  • Guided tours
  • Heritage railways
  • Travel for rail enthusiasts
  • Novelty architecture — sometimes this employs old trains, cars or rail infrastructure to build "caboose motels" or recycles dining cars

define excursion trains

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Definition of excursion noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

  • trip an act of traveling from one place to another, and usually back again: a business trip a five-minute trip by taxi
  • journey an act of traveling from one place to another, especially when they are far apart: a long and difficult journey across the mountains
  • A trip usually involves you going to a place and back again; a journey is usually one-way. A trip is often shorter than a journey , although it does not have to be: a trip to New York a round-the-world trip. It is often short in time, even if it is long in distance. Journey is more often used when the traveling takes a long time and is difficult.
  • tour a journey made for pleasure during which several different places are visited: a tour of California
  • commute the regular trip that a person makes when they travel to work and back home again: a two-hour commute into downtown Washington
  • expedition an organized journey with a particular purpose, especially to find out about a place that is not well known: the first expedition to the South Pole
  • excursion a short trip made for pleasure, especially one that has been organized for a group of people: We went on an all-day excursion to the island.
  • outing a short trip made for pleasure or education, usually with a group of people and lasting no more than a day: My project team organized an afternoon outing to celebrate.
  • an overseas trip/journey/tour/expedition
  • a bus/train trip/journey/tour
  • to go on a(n) trip/journey/tour/expedition/excursion/outing
  • to set out/off on a(n) trip/journey/tour/expedition/excursion
  • to take a(n) trip/journey/expedition/excursion

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  • 2 excursion into something ( formal ) a short period of trying a new or different activity After a brief excursion into drama, he concentrated on his main interest, which was poetry.

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define excursion trains

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excursion train

Excursion train

Definition of excursion train in the english dictionary.

The definition of excursion train in the dictionary is a train that is laid on for a special occasion such as a sports or cultural event.


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  • break-journey
  • circumnavigation

excursion | American Dictionary

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define excursion trains

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Excursion train

  • Excursion train a special train, usually with reduced fares, for persons making an excursion

Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary L. excursio — ex , out, currĕre , cursum , to run.

UP Operation Lifesaver Excursion Train . kwbg.com

The Telegraph reports that one idea for Engine 509 in Central City Park is to rebuild it and use it as an excursion train taking passengers to other parts of Georgia. mdjonline.com

At the Elkins Depot Welcome Center, train excursions are always a part of the conversation with visitors. theintermountain.com

Train Excursion Fundraiser Fights Lupus. dio.com

Officials say the Roanoke train excursion also has encountered some competition from larger train excursions like steam locomotive trips by Norfolk Southern from Roanoke to Bristol, Va. And then out of Williamson as well. dailymail.com

Following three years of successful trips, a popular Amtrak train excursion from Roanoke, Va. dailymail.com

UP Operation Lifesaver Excursion Train. kwbg.com

Transportation museum eyes excursion trains to downtown Indy. ibj.com

Train Excursion Fundraiser Fights Lupus . dio.com

A rail excursion through the mountains of Western Canada aboard the Rocky Mountaineer has long been on my list of to-do train rides. dallasnews.com

A view from the Fall Foliage Train Excursion in Shortsville. orlandosentinel.com

And even the train's owners, who temptingly promote their luxury private rail excursions to Chicago, Washington DC and beyond. citybeat.com

As I traveled this great country of the United States, I decided to take a three-day excursion on a train. lasentinel.net

OWOSSO — For those who love the nostalgia of train travel, a three-day Labor Day Weekend excursion to northern Michigan may be just the ticket. mlive.com

The principal excursion from Yokohama is to Kamakura, about one hour's ride by train. "Travels in the Far East" by Ellen Mary Hayes Peck

Then with a rather heavy heart, he shouldered Jane's parcel and his big baby, and took the Easter excursion train into Suffolk. "The Girls of St. Olave's" by Mabel Mackintosh

An excursion train had just arrived, and the people were pouring into the place. "The Beth Book" by Sarah Grand

I'm taking a little excursion into Pete's country in search of the train robbers. "Boy Scouts on the Great Divide" by Archibald Lee Fletcher

The news of the impending battle was telegraphed far and wide, and excursion trains were run from Paris and other points to Cherbourg. "The Greater Republic" by Charles Morris

The pace of the excursion train may be neglected in the solution of the problem. "Punch or the London Charivari, Vol. 98 June 7, 1890" by Various

Before the excursion train had doubled the final curve of the Loop he was ready to purchase her continued presence at a price. "A Romance in Transit" by Francis Lynde

Excursion trains were already pouring their crowds into the place and the streets were fairly alive with humanity. "The Girl Aviators and the Phantom Airship" by Margaret Burnham

If you hurry we can take the late train, and I will be able to use the excursion ticket I bought. "Dick Hamilton's Cadet Days" by Howard R. Garis

The first excursion train from Yarmouth to London was run on June 29th. "Norfolk Annals A Chronological Record of Remarkable Events in the Nineteeth Century, Vol. 1" by Charles Mackie

  • Chamber's Dictionary

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  • Thai : การเที่ยวพักผ่อนหย่อนใจ, การเที่ยวช่วงสั้นๆ

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  1. Excursion train

    A steam-powered excursion train stops at the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Passenger Station in Iowa City, Iowa in 2006. An excursion train is a chartered train run for a special event or purpose. Examples are trains to major sporting event, trains run for railfans or tourists, and special trains operated by the railway company for ...

  2. EXCURSION TRAIN definition and meaning

    A train that is laid on for a special occasion such as a sports or cultural event.... Click for English pronunciations, examples sentences, video.

  3. EXCURSION TRAIN definition in American English

    EXCURSION TRAIN definition: a train that is laid on for a special occasion such as a sports or cultural event | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples in American English

  4. What is the difference between journey, trip, voyage and excursion

    An excursion is a short trip made either as a tourist or in order to do a particular thing. The tourist office organizes excursions to the palace. 5 verbs used with `journey', `trip', `voyage' and `excursion'

  5. EXCURSION Definition & Usage Examples

    Excursion definition: a short trip or outing to some place, usually for a special purpose and with the intention of a prompt return. See examples of EXCURSION used in a sentence.

  6. Tourist trains

    Excursion trains [edit] PT Barnum's circus rode the rails from 1872-2017. These occupy a similar role to a chartered bus, aircraft or ship. Some are extra trains, outside the primary schedule, which a mainstream rail operator has added to provide transport for a major sporting event or popular tour destination. Others are operated by private ...

  7. Excursion trains

    Excursion trains synonyms, Excursion trains pronunciation, Excursion trains translation, English dictionary definition of Excursion trains. excursion train. Translations. English: excursion train n treno speciale.

  8. Excursion train

    Define excursion train. excursion train synonyms, excursion train pronunciation, excursion train translation, English dictionary definition of excursion train. excursion train. Translations. English: excursion train n treno speciale.

  9. excursion noun

    Synonyms trip trip journey tour expedition excursion outing day out These are all words for an act of travelling to a place. trip an act of travelling from one place to another, and usually back again:. a business trip; a five-minute trip by taxi; journey an act of travelling from one place to another, especially when they are a long way apart:. a long and difficult journey across the mountains


    EXCURSION definition: a short journey made by a group of people for pleasure: . Learn more.


    EXCURSION meaning: a short journey made by a group of people for pleasure: . Learn more.

  12. excursion noun

    1 a short trip made for pleasure, especially one that has been organized for a group of people They've gone on an excursion to New York. There are regular weekend excursions throughout the summer. Thesaurus trip. journey; tour; commute; expedition; excursion; outing; These are all words for an act of traveling to a place.

  13. Excursion

    Define excursion. excursion synonyms, excursion pronunciation, excursion translation, English dictionary definition of excursion. n. 1. A usually short journey made for pleasure; an outing. ... (Railways) (modifier) of or relating to special reduced rates offered on certain journeys by rail: an excursion ticket. 4. a digression or deviation ...


    EXCURSION meaning: 1. a short journey usually made for pleasure, often by a group of people: 2. a short involvement…. Learn more.

  15. Meaning of "excursion train" in the English dictionary

    «Excursion train» An excursion train is a chartered train run for a special event or purpose. Examples of excursion trains are: a train to a major sporting event; a train ...

  16. excursion

    From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Tourism excursion ex‧cur‧sion / ɪkˈskɜːʃ ə n $ ɪkˈskɜːrʒ ə n / noun [countable] 1 DLT a short journey arranged so that a group of people can visit a place, especially while they are on holiday excursion to Included in the tour is an excursion to the Grand Canyon. on ...

  17. excursion

    excursion - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. ... a scientific excursion. a trip on a train, ship, etc., at a reduced rate: weekend excursions to mountain resorts. the group of persons making such a journey: an excursion of tourists.

  18. Excursion train Definition

    Excursion train means any steam-powered train that carries passengers for which the primary purpose of the operation of such train is the passengers' experience and enjoyment of this means of transportation, and does not, in the course of operation, carry (i) freight other than the personal luggage of the passengers or crew or supplies and equipment necessary to serve the needs of the ...

  19. EXCURSION definition and meaning

    8 meanings: 1. a short outward and return journey, esp for relaxation, sightseeing, etc; outing 2. a group of people going on.... Click for more definitions.


    EXCURSION definition: 1. a short journey usually made for pleasure, often by a group of people: 2. a short involvement…. Learn more.

  21. Excursion Definition & Meaning

    Excursion definition, a short trip or outing to some place, usually for a special purpose and with the intention of a prompt return: a pleasure excursion; a scientific excursion. See more.

  22. Excursion train Definition, Meaning & Usage

    Definition of Excursion train in the Fine Dictionary. Meaning of Excursion train with illustrations and photos. Pronunciation of Excursion train and its etymology. Related words - Excursion train synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms and rhymes. Example sentences containing Excursion train

  23. EXCURSION definition in American English

    1. a short trip or outing to some place, usually for a special purpose and with the intention of a prompt return. a pleasure excursion. a scientific excursion. 2. a trip on a train, ship, etc., at a reduced rate. weekend excursions to mountain resorts. 3. the group of persons making such a journey.