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Hugely successful stadium rock outfit, Journey have sold millions of records, after rising to prominence in the 70s and 80s, perhaps best known for their hit single, "Don't Stop Believing."

Journey began life in San Francisco, US, having formed in 1973, spending several years developing their sound and lineup over their early albums. Their initial offerings were moderately successful jazz-rock records, that frequently broke out into instrumental experimentations. The influence of musical prodigy and former Santana guitarist, Neal Schon, was certainly on display, backed by Ross Valory (bass), Aynsley Dunbar (drums) and George Tickner (guitar), although George left after one album. Former Santana member, Gregg Rolie (keyboards, vocals) joined shortly after.

Not finding mainstream success, Journey decided they needed to find a strong vocalist, employing Steve Perry for the role. His presence immediately had an effect, with 1978's "Infinity" selling a million records in just one year. "Evolution" and "Departure" continued this success yet it was with "Escape" that they had created a real hit, featuring three Top Ten singles, "Who's Crying Now," "Don't Stop Believing" and "Open Arms." Journey sold millions of copies of "Escape," topping the charts internationally. 1983's "Frontiers" also spawned a number of hits, with Perry then embarked upon a solo venture, achieving double-platinum sales with 1984's "Street Talk."

Perry returned to Journey for 1986's "Raised on Radio," however the band disbanded shortly after. Perry continued his solo recordings whilst Schon and Cain formed Bad English and created the hit single, "When I See You Smile." In 1996, the band reunited, releasing the widely successful "Trial By Fire," bolstered by the success of the single, "When You Love a Woman." Tours followed, although minus Perry, maintaining the band's popularity.

In 2005, Journey's success was recognized, after receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which was followed by the band embarking on a celebratory 30th anniversary tour. Struggling to find a vocalist who could front Journey, they trialled Jeff Scott Soto before finding Arnel Pineda, a Filipino vocalist who they had discovered on Youtube. He made his debut with the band on 2008's "Revelation," which proved Journey still had songwriting abilities, with the album going Platinum. In 2011, they celebrated their prog-rock roots, blending their early sounds with the arena rock style they had developed into at their peak for the album, "Eclipse" in 2011.

Live reviews

I attended the Journey concert at the Minnesota State Fair on Labor Day 2014. It was supposed to rain that night, but the weather gods must also be Journey fans as it was a perfect evening for a concert. It is funny that a group with members in their 60s and the youngest member being Arnel Pineda at 46 had far more energy than the warm-up band with most members being in their 20s or 30s. I have been a Journey fan for a good 7 years now, and I discovered them by accident while browsing through records at a bookstore. As such, Journey to me means Steve Perry and the first time I saw them in concert last year was with Arnel Pineda and hearing him sing the songs that Perry largely wrote and performed was disorienting. I really enjoy the new album Eclipse, and it wasn’t hard for me to enjoy Pineda as these are his songs to sing and his voice is incredible. This year, I was more accustomed to Pineda and was determined to enjoy myself, and did I ever! The band has a great amount of energy and the crowd responded in kind, singing along to the songs and cheering like crazy. You’ll hear the classics for sure (Don’t Stop Believin’ was really special as the crowd really got loud when singing along to that) and that was really fun to hear, but there were some unexpected surprises as well. Firstly, it was nice to hear some of their new songs like "Ritual" from Eclipse and "Faith in the Heartland" from Generations, all the more so as the economy is not very good and many times the Midwest is considered flyover country by the coastal states. As good as Journey's classics are, I appreciated that they played their new songs too. Let's pray that "City of Hope" and "Tantra" will get stage time next year.

In an age where most “artists” can’t sing a lick without the aid of Autotune, every one of the band members can sing in addition to playing instruments. The drummer, Dean Castronovo (a newcomer to the band in 2001) sang the lead vocals for “Mother, Father” while playing drums at the same time. This song is very difficult as the key is very high and requires a great amount of power and range to express the powerful lyrics. He nailed it! I was not expecting the drummer to sing, but it was an unexpected surprise. Jonathan Cain is a very talented man, as he is not only a great piano player, but can play the guitar and provide vocals as well. He was very impressive singing “Anytime” and his piano portions in “Faithfully” were stunning as always. Ross Valory is the bass man, but can sing backing vocals as well.

Neil Schon is also amazing as his guitar work is legendary. From his “here comes the train” sequence in “Don’t Stop Belevin’” to his more intimate moments in “Who’s Crying Now” or “Open Arms”, he can also sing quite well and you are also treated to his rendition of the national anthem as well as a psychedelic guitar piece that has a bit of Indian sitar mixed in. It was really a trip, and shame on the people who were talking during these moments as they were great to listen to. Arnel Pineda is made for Journey. I must admit that I would love to hear Perry sing these songs, but that’s not going to happen and Pineda is the only other person I can think of that can fill Perry’s shoes. He has a tremendous amount of energy, range, and is very kind and humble and still looks amazed that he is leading a band like Journey. He was homeless for many years in his youth and spent a lifetime covering Journey songs and is now leading them. He appreciated how much the crowd got into the songs and promised to return to the Twin Cities. I’ll be there!

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christopher-singh’s profile image

The Journey show is Syracuse NY on August 28 was absolutely fantastic. I had seen them earlier this year and there was some minor sound issues. Not this time. The band hit the stage and rocked the house for about 90 minutes. Their sound was as crisp as their recordings. Neil was incredible as any fan would expect. Dean is a monster on the drums, Jonathan is just so smooth, Ross was as his usual entertaining the crowd with his facial Expressions and Arnel has certainly found a comfort zone and without question is a focal point of the band. When anyone goes to a Journey concert there are high expectations and this concert started fast paced and continued through the night. The band truly rocked the house. They went as far back playing anytime and La Do Da to current release Ritual. The stadium was close to sold out. When 'Don't Stop Believing' started you could hardly hear the back due to the crowd signing along. That's what should happen at one of their shows. The band also expressed their appreciation of the fans. They did not take the crowd for granted. All of the bands members thanked the fans for coming out and Arnel specifically thanked the fans numerous times. The band is not only rocking today like they did 35 years ago, they truly show that they still enjoy it. If you don't have tickets to an up coming show or if you have already seen one of their shows, you should get tickets NOW. This was my second show this year and I would travel again to see them. There was nothing to criticize the band for. They just Came out and nailed it. Great job. Now quit reading reviews and go find where you can enjoy the experience

mike-la-point’s profile image

Not going to lie, I went to a Journey, Steve Miller Band, Tower of Power concert somewhat dreading to see Journey. Like the rest of this world and probably a few more, I have that love hate relationship with Journey's mega hit, sing alongs, and was not too excited to be going to see them. But, a couple of my friends were going and concerts at Shoreline tend to be a good time, so I went along with it. Needless to say, how pleaseanty surprised I was to find myself up dancing and belting the lyrics to songs I had never heard before (you can be sure that when Don't Stop and Anyway You Want It came on I was the loudest one there).

All this coming from the kid who thought it was going to be a real snoozefest. I would categorize this concert as a show to see for the fun and the experience over the music itself. Unless, in some bizarre turn of events, you are in fact a Journey fan, in which case buy your tickets now and throw on that tour t-shirt from the last time they came to town. The lead singer, a short Filipino fellow who apparently they found on tour in South East Asia, will have you wondering if he has been in the band all along with his streaming energy and spot on voice. All in all, a good show to go see with friends. Make sure to get there early and get a good spot to set up shop!

ncarrino’s profile image

I can't think of anyone who won't have heard the classic hit 'Don't Stop Believin'', and I must say, this was the only track that I was familiar with before seeing Journey live. It wasn't a gig that I had planned on going to, but the experience was just phenomenal. The energy of their performance was just out of this world, especially considering they've been performing for the last 40 years! Each member of the band took a solo which was a really cool moment to give everyone the credit that they deserved, and it was great to be able to applaud each member individually. Even if you don't know the back catalogue of their music, the great 80s vibe is perfect for dancing alone, and the catchy hooks have you singing along before too long, which is what I found myself doing! The balance of the band and vocals complimented eachother well, with neither overpowering the other, making for a great sound in the massive venue, which had great acoustics. Great vocals, band, performance, and tracks. Such a fun night, I would definitely go again, and can say from experience that it really doesn't matter whether you know the music well or not to have a blast!

yazhow’s profile image

Arnel Pineda is an amazing addition to Journey. His stage presence is fantastic and he really knows how to interact with the audience. During the first few songs it seemed his voice was drowned out by the music, but the remainder of the concert you could hear him better. The rest of the band is equally talented in each of their respective areas as witnessed by their solo performances. The entire show was fantastic. The only draw back was drunk people in the audience. There was a handicapped women sitting next to us who was unable to stand and the people in front of us refused to sit after multiple times of asking them. A fight started between another audience member due to their lack of consideration. The staff quickly interceded, but didn't have the couple sit down. I think the show should be enjoyed by everyone who purchases a ticket and not by the few who think they are having a private concert just for them. After all, the ticket you purchase is for the seat. You should sit in it, especially if it is interfering with other people's view. Unfortunately this experience overshadowed the otherwise fantastic concert.

jene-quinn’s profile image

I thought nothing could be more exciting than sneaking through a basement window of a university auditorium to see one of the premiere classic rock bands of all-time. It hadn't been 30 seconds after we figured out where there were two open seats when Journey opened their set with "Anyway You Want It" to the roar of the 3,000+ fans in attendance. Guitarist Neal Schon sealed the deal for me with his precise, piercing riffs as the band rocked the crowd with intense energy that the crowd responded to all night. The synchronized lighting system that rhythmically danced with the music for almost every beat contributed to those on the main floor dancing, singing and waving their arms for the entire show while even spectators like us on the risers couldn't help but be out of our seats grooving all night long. Journey is one of those bands that has such polished musically talent that they make the experience of attending a live concert unforgettable. Taking into account the hundreds of concerts I've attended - for pay - this Journey concert will go down in the books as one of the top three...even if it would not have been for free.

InvisibleWorld’s profile image

Wow, what a tour-de-force of Rock & Roll power...

The Journey, Doobies and Dave Mason show was better than I'd hoped or expected...

I'm a music TV producer and have friends who have played in all of these bands over the years so have seen each group a number of times. I'm loving these super-group mash-ups of recent years and this one did not disappoint me.

I do want to commend the sound crew for the "Journey" set because it was one of the most expert and satisfying live mixes and exhibited real genius in the EQ, and overall artistic treatment.

In recent years I've noticed ( to my disappointment ) more events with inept live sound due to the apparent lack of talent or concern amongst our live-sound mixing communities. Nothing can ruin a great performance easier than a slacker at the board and I'm very happy to report, Journey's sound crew are at the top of their game...

clayreid’s profile image

I attended my very first Journey concert last night. Journey with Steve Perry was the very first rock band I truly was enamored with. Sure, the others soon followed, like Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Guns 'n Roses, Bon Jovi, just to name a few, but none really truly rivaled Journey.

I've always stayed faithful to Journey. The lyrics resonate, the music simply thrills. I'll forever equate "The Voice" with Journey, but I don't mind saying Arnel.... DAMN, you rock! (Neal, glad to see you can still hold your own ;) )

In short, if you are, or have ever been a Journey fan, they will not disappoint.

davey-wiggers’s profile image

Saw them in Calgary in 2012 and Arnel had a flu and wasn't even close to top form and the rest of the band had to give him breaks because he was so sick. This time everyone was at their best and it was truly a great show. Very few vocalists sound as good live as they do in a studio, Arnel Pineda is one of them. Neal Schon's solo project wasn't a bad opener, but it didn't exactly get the audience excited either. Overall it was a spectacular show though, I'd see them again without question because of it.

Tachikoma0’s profile image

This band just doesn't quit!! Have been going to see them since the70's and they are still o e of the best shows going these days. My daughter is now a big fan. The show last night in Louisville was as good as ever. These guys work hard and it shows in the quality of the show.

Now it's even more fun to watch knowing they are in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame!!!

If they come anywhere around do not miss the show!! I came to this KY show from FL....

gbeams55’s profile image

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Journey Concert Tickets - 2024 Tour Dates.

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Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza

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Want to see Journey in concert? Find information on all of Journey’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2024-2025.

Journey is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 22 concerts across 5 countries in 2024-2025. View all concerts.

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  • Cleveland, OH, US
  • Toronto, ON, Canada

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Ultimate Classic Rock

Journey Announce 2022 Tour With Billy Idol and Toto

Journey have announced a massive 2022 arena tour, with each show featuring an opening set from either Billy Idol or Toto .

The 40-show Freedom Tour launches on Feb. 22 in Pittsburgh, with Idol supporting through April 5 in Los Angeles. Toto will take over the opening slot from April 7 in San Diego through May 11 in Hartford, Conn. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Nov. 19.

"It's that time — time to get back to where we are used to being — on stage!" Journey guitarist Neal Schon said in a statement. "We are looking forward to shifting into high gear and bringing you the best show possible. The band is running on all 12 cylinders and very excited! Please come and join us once again for an evening full of rocking stage connection fun. See you soon, friends."

Idol added: "Touring next year with Journey is going to be great fun! An epic night you won’t want to miss." Toto guitarist Steve Lukather promised "a great night of music, and as all the guys are lifelong friends, a blast off stage as well."

Prior to the Freedom Tour, Journey will play a six-show residency in December at the Theater at Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas. (Details can be found here .) They'll close out the year with a special symphony performance on Dec. 18 at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

You can see Journey's full list of 2022 tour dates below.

Journey Freedom Tour 2022 With Billy Idol Feb. 22 - Pittsburgh, PA @ PPG Paints Arena Feb. 23 - Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center Feb. 25 - Belmont Park, NY @ UBS Arena Feb. 27 - Newark, NJ @ Prudential Center Feb. 28 - Boston, MA @ TD Garden March 2 - Detroit, MI @ Little Caesars Arena March 5 - Quebec City, QC @ Videotron Centre March 7 - Toronto, ON @ Scotiabank Arena March 8 - Albany, NY @ Times Union Center March 12 - Milwaukee, WI @ Fiserv Forum March 14 - St. Paul, MN @ Xcel Energy Center March 16 - Kansas City, MO @ T-Mobile Center March 17 - Oklahoma City, OK @ Paycom Center March 19 - N. Little Rock, AR @ Simmons Bank Arena March 21 - St. Louis, MO @ Enterprise Center March 24 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Vivint Arena March 27 - Portland, OR @ Moda Center March 28 - Seattle, WA @ Climate Pledge Arena March 31 - San Francisco, CA @ Chase Center April 1 - Sacramento, CA @ Golden 1 Center April 4 - Anaheim, CA @ Honda Center April 5 - Los Angeles, CA @ Staples Center

With Toto April 7 - San Diego, CA @ Pechanga Arena San Diego April 9 - Glendale, AZ @ Gila River Arena April 11 - Denver, CO @ Ball Arena April 13 - Dallas, TX @ American Airlines Center April 15 - New Orleans, LA @ Smoothie King Center April 20 - Tampa, FL @ Amalie Arena April 21 - Orlando, FL @ Amway Center April 24 - Cincinnati, OH @ Heritage Bank Center April 25 - Atlanta, GA @ State Farm Arena April 27 - Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena April 28 - Charlotte, NC @ Spectrum Center April 30 - Columbus, OH @ Schottenstein Center May 2 - Rosemont, IL @ Allstate Arena May 4 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Van Andel Arena May 5 - Indianapolis, IN @ Gainbridge Fieldhouse May 7 - Cleveland, OH @ Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse May 9 - Washington, DC @ Capital One Arena May 11 - Hartford, CT @ XL Center

Journey Albums Ranked

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Def Leppard and Journey Launch 2024 Tour: Set Lists and Video

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Journey Music


October 17, 2022 – One of the most legendary rock bands of all time, JOURNEY, announces the continuation of their highly successful tour with the 50th Anniversary Celebration Freedom Tour 2023 featuring, very special guest TOTO. JOURNEY , Diamond-selling Rock & Roll Hall of Famers will take the stage in 38 cities across North America with their catalog of global chart-topping hits, including "Don't Stop Believin”, "Any Way You Want It", "Faithfully", "Lights" and more.

Presented by AEG Presents, JOURNEY Freedom Tour 2023 begins February 4 in Allentown, PA – making stops in Austin, Montreal, Memphis and more – before wrapping April 25 at the brand new Acrisure Arena in Palm Springs, CA. The 2023 run includes rescheduled dates in Washington DC, Hartford, Toronto and Quebec that were postponed earlier this year due to covid.

Citi is the official card of the JOURNEY 50th ANNIVERSARY Freedom Tour 2023. Citi cardmembers will have access to presale tickets for theU.S. dates beginning Tuesday, October 18th at 10am local time until Thursday, October 20th at 10pm local time through Citi Entertainment (excluding Canada, Washington DC and Hartford shows). For complete presale details visit www.citientertainment.com. A limited number of exclusive VIP Packages are also available. These exceptional offers can include an amazing selection of reserved seated tickets, custom merchandise and much more.

Tickets go on sale to the public Friday, October 21 at 10am local time HERE

JOURNEY features Founder,Neal Schon (lead guitarist, ), Jonathan Cain (keyboards, backing vocals), Arnel Pineda (lead vocals) Jason Derlatka (keyboards, vocals), and Deen Castronovo (drums, vocals) and Todd Jensen (bass). Neal Schon, 3x Hall of Fame inductee: Oklahoma Hall of Fame, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Grammy Hall of Fame. Jon Cain is a recipient of two BMI songwriter awards and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Journey.

Neal Schon: “We are all thankful and overwhelmed by the success of our Journey Freedom Tour 2022 this year and have added a new run of dates for 2023” says JOURNEY Founder Neal Schon. “We are looking forward to hitting the road again with our very good friends Toto! Come join us for a special evening full of fun and Rockin’ good memories. See you soon Friends.”

Jonathan Cain adds “Excited to perform for our fans as we tour next year with Toto. The combined hits of both bands represent a couple of decades of excellence that have become a soundtrack for people’s lives. The music of Journey along with the music of Toto is an example of “certain music” during “uncertain times”.

Very special guest TOTO, who have collectively streamed more than 3.3 billion plays on Spotify alone based on hits including “Rosanna”, “Africa” and “Hold the Line”, will join JOURNEY on all dates.

TOTO’s Steve Lukather shares, “'On behalf of myself and the band, we are very honored and excited to do this tour with our old and dear friends JOURNEY. Gonna be a great night of music, and as all the guys are lifelong friends... a blast off stage as well.”


February 4 Allentown, PA PPL Center

February 5 Charlottesville, VA John Paul Jones Arena

February 8 Savannah, GA Enmarket Arena

February 10 Columbia, SC Colonial Life Arena

February 11 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum

February 14 Lexington, KY Rupp Arena

February 17 Knoxville, TN Thompson-Boling Arena

February 19 Bossier City, LA Brookshire Grocery Arena

February 22 Austin, TX Moody Center

February 23 Lafayette, LA Cajundome

February 26 Jacksonville, FL Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena

March 1* Washington, DC Capital One Arena

March 3 State College, PA Bryce Jordan Center

March 4* Hartford, CT XL Center

March 8 Montreal, QC Bell Centre

March 9* Quebec, QC Videotron Centre

March 12* Toronto, ON Scotiabank Arena

March 13 Ottawa, ON Canadian Tire Centre

March 16 Buffalo, NY KeyBank Center

March 17 Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk Hall

March 20 Champaign, IL State Farm Center

March 21 Moline, IL Vibrant Arena at The MARK

March 24 Sioux Falls, SD Denny Sanford PREMIER Center

March 25 Lincoln, NE Pinnacle Bank Arena

March 28 Des Moines, IA Wells Fargo Arena

March 31 Tulsa, OK BOK Center

April 1 Memphis, TN FedExForum

April 4 San Antonio, TX AT&T Center

April 7 Springfield, MO Great Southern Bank Arena

April 8 Wichita, KS INTRUST Bank Arena

April 11 Casper, WY Ford Wyoming Center

April 13 Boise, ID ExtraMile Arena

April 14 Spokane, WA Spokane Arena

April 17 Eugene, OR Matthew Knight Arena

April 19 Stockton, CA Stockton Arena

April 22 Bakersfield, CA Mechanics Bank Arena

April 23 Fresno, CA SaveMart Center

April 25 Palm Springs, CA Acrisure Arena

*Rescheduled date. ON SALE NOW.


Since the group's formation in 1973, JOURNEY has earned 19 top 40 singles, 25 gold and platinum albums, and has sold over 100 million albums globally. Their "Greatest Hits" album is certified 15 times-platinum, making JOURNEY one of the few bands to ever have been diamond-certified, and their song "Don't Stop Believin'" has been streamed over one billion times alone.

JOURNEY was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2017, and 2018's co-headlining tour with DEF LEPPARD was the band's most successful tour to date, landing them in the Top 10 year-end touring chart with more than 1 million tickets sold, and earning them the prestigious Billboard "Legends Of Live" touring award. March 2019 saw the release of "Escape & Frontiers Live In Japan", a live DVD/CD set from their concert at the Budokan in Tokyo featuring the band's first-ever performances of the albums "Escape" and "Frontiers" in their entirety. JOURNEY has also received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and were inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall Of Fame. Additionally, the band is the subject of the award-winning documentary "Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey" about the band's resurgence upon adding Arnel Pineda as lead singer after JOURNEY Founder, Neal Schon discovered the Philippines native on YouTube.

The members of TOTO are celebrating an accomplishment few bands have achieved in the modern era. Cumulative streams of the ensemble’s repertoire

now exceed 3 billion plays. Amongst the most listened to recordings, “Africa” accounts for over one billion streams at Spotify alone. This year the song was recertified by the RIAA 8X Platinum.

Over the past decade, the band has had a major renaissance in popularity like few bands at this point in their career. The audience is truly multi-generational, becoming younger with each passing year. Joining Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams are band members bassist John Pierce (Huey Lewis and The News), drummer Robert “Sput” Searight (Ghost-Note, Founding member Snarky Puppy, Snoop Dogg), keyboardist Dominique “Xavier” Taplin (Prince, Ghost-Note), multi-instrumentalist / vocalist Warren Ham (Ringo Starr) and keyboardist / background vocalist Steve Maggiora,. This line-up marks the fifteenth incarnation of Toto in consideration of band members or sidemen who joined or exited. Individually and collectively, few have had a larger imprint on pop culture than the members of TOTO. The family tree can be heard on an astonishing 5000 albums that together amass a sales history of a half a billion albums. Amongst these recordings, NARAS applauded the performances with hundreds of Grammy nominations.

With now 45+ years together and literally thousands of credits, including the biggest selling album of all time: Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and accolades to their names, TOTO remains one of the top selling touring and recording acts in the world. They are the benchmark by which many artists base their sound and production, and they continue to transcend the standards set by the entire music community, being simply synonymous with musical credibility. They are pop culture and are one of the few 70’s bands that have endured the changing trends and styles continuing to remain relevant.

About AEG Presents

Combining the power of the live event with a focus on true artist development, AEG Presents is a world leader in the music and entertainment industries. Operating across five continents, the company has an unparalleled commitment to artistry, creativity, and community. Its tentpole festivals and multi-day music events — which include the iconic Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival and the legendary New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival alongside British Summer Time at Hyde Park, Stagecoach, Hangout Festival, Electric Forest, and Firefly — continue to set the bar for the live music experience. AEG Presents promotes global tours for artists such as The Rolling Stones, Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Taylor Swift, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, Kenny Chesney, Paul McCartney, and Katy Perry, in addition to — through its network of clubs, theatres, arenas, stadiums and renowned partner brands such as The Bowery Presents, Concerts West, Frontier Touring, Goldenvoice, Madison House Presents, Marshall Arts,

Messina Touring Group, PromoWest Productions, and Zero Mile Presents — creating and developing an unmatched infrastructure for artist development and audience reach. More information can be found at www.aegpresents.com.

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  • Date February 28 , 2022
  • Event Starts 7:30PM
  • Doors All doors open at 6:30 PM
  • Availability On Sale Now
  • Parking Buy Parking

Event Information

One of the most legendary rock bands of all time, JOURNEY, announces their Freedom Tour 2022, featuring very special guests TOTO. The diamond-selling Rock & Roll Hall of Famers will take the stage in 40 cities across North America with their catalog of global chart-topping hits, including "Don't Stop Believin”, "Any Way You Want It", "Faithfully", "Lights" and more. The tour comes after the band previously announced a brand new six-show Las Vegas residency, running from December 1 to December 11 at the Theater at Virgin Hotels.

Presented by AEG Presents, the Freedom Tour 2022 begins February 22 in Pittsburgh, PA – making stops in Los Angeles, Dallas, Nashville and more – before wrapping May 11 in Hartford, CT. Very special guest TOTO, who have collectively streamed more than 3.3 billion plays on Spotify alone, will join JOURNEY on all remaining dates beginning in San Diego on April 7.

JOURNEY are one of rock music’s most influential icons, and they are set to deliver a brand-new album, FREEDOM, in 2022. This summer, the band headlined the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago, uniting thousands of fans across generations with their decade-spanning setlist of beloved anthems. The group also rocked Central Park with “Anyway You Want It” and “Don’t Stop Believin’” at We Love NYC: The Homecoming Concert, in addition to honoring 9/11 first responders at the Tunnel to Towers concert in August. JOURNEY features founder Neal Schon (lead guitarist), Jonathan Cain (keyboards, backing vocals), Arnel Pineda (lead vocals) Jason Derlatka (keyboards, backing vocals), and Deen Castranovo (drums, backing vocals).

“It’s that time - time to get back to where we are used to being - on Stage!” says Neal Schon. “We are looking forward to shifting into high gear and bringing you the best show possible. The band is running on all 12 cylinders and very excited! Please come and join us once again for an evening full of rocking stage connection fun. See you soon Friends.”

TOTO’s Steve Lukather shares, “'On behalf of myself and the band, we are very honored and excited to do this tour with our old and dear friends JOURNEY. Gonna be a great night of music, and as all the guys are lifelong friends... a blast off stage as well.”

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Courtyard Boston Downtown/North Station

Experience a unique sense of comfort and style at the Courtyard Boston Downtown/North Station, located in the heart of downtown, steps away from the TD Garden and within walking distance to Boston’s Financial District, Government Center and North End neighborhood

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TD Garden To Host 4 Nations Face-Off in 2025

TD Garden To Host 4 Nations Face-Off in 2025




What it’s all about?

Empowering innovators, uniting visionaries, how to be part of, embark on a thrilling journey with us, visit our blog.

journey tour 2022 germany

Bridging Startup Opportunities: The Role of the AHK Greater China in the Chinese Startup Ecosystem

journey tour 2022 germany

Start-up Germany Tour 2024: The partnership between VAHLE and ELONROAD

journey tour 2022 germany

Fueling innovation through synergies: How corporates benefit from collaborating with startups

journey tour 2022 germany

NRW - Life science

journey tour 2022 germany

NRW - The logistics hotspot in Germany

journey tour 2022 germany

NRW – The place to be for Industry

journey tour 2022 germany

Interview with Martina Susova - Sensoneo

journey tour 2022 germany

Interview with Silvia Braghini - AHK Italy

journey tour 2022 germany


journey tour 2022 germany


About the tour, why join us.

Komponente 119 – 2

Our mission

Komponente 120 – 2

What to expect

Gruppe 5762

Tour highlights

Komponente 123 – 2

Past success stories

Komponente 124 – 2

Grab all the information about the tour in our fact sheet as a PDF.

Watch the teaser.

Our International Network

journey tour 2022 germany

Renato Gomes

journey tour 2022 germany

Camil Moldoveanu

journey tour 2022 germany

Vitaly Chukanov

journey tour 2022 germany

Dr. Markus Gick

journey tour 2022 germany

Jan Herzogenrath

journey tour 2022 germany

Erik Wirsing

Why our tour benefits for startups..

journey tour 2022 germany

Get in touch!

journey tour 2022 germany


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Join our GRAND FINAL live stream!

Within our #CHALLENGING phase, we selected among 37 startups from 37 different countries the 16 best startups from all around the world. These 16 winning startups are now finalists of THE GRAND FINAL and have to compete against each other in this exciting pitch competition. The Grand Final takes place in Dusseldorf on April 23 and will be streamed live.

Are you curious about our finalists and the program?

One of the most legendary rock bands of all time, JOURNEY, announced their Freedom Tour 2022, featuring special guest TOTO . The diamond-selling Rock & Roll Hall of Famers will take the stage in 40 cities across North America with their catalog of global chart-topping hits, including  "Don't Stop Believin”, "Any Way You Want It", "Faithfully", "Lights" and more. 

Date & Time

Monday, April 4, 2022 - 7:30 PM

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journey tour 2022 germany

Very Special Guest TOTO

  • Date Mar 16 , 2022
  • Time 7:30 PM
  • Availability On Sale Now
  • Ticket Prices $45, $65, $85, $125

Event Details

One of the most legendary rock bands of all time, JOURNEY, announces their Freedom Tour 2022, featuring very special guest TOTO. The diamond-selling Rock & Roll Hall of Famers will take the stage at T-Mobile Center on March 16 with their catalog of global chart-topping hits, including  "Don't Stop Believin”, "Any Way You Want It", "Faithfully", "Lights" and more.

Additional Ticket Information

Tickets for Journey go on sale Friday, Nov. 19 at 10 a.m. at T-MobileCenter.com.

Magenta Parking

Enjoy convenient, on-site parking just steps away from the doors!  A limited number of spots are available in the Magenta Lot on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Purchase parking for Journey available here . 

journey tour 2022 germany

header red triangle shape

One of the most legendary rock bands of all time, JOURNEY , have announced their Freedom Tour 2022, featuring very special guest TOTO . The diamond-selling Rock & Roll Hall of Famers will take the stage in 40 cities across North America with their catalog of global chart-topping hits, including "Don't Stop Believin',” "Any Way You Want It," "Faithfully," "Lights" and more.

JOURNEY are one of rock music’s most influential icons, and they are set to deliver a brand-new album, FREEDOM, in 2022. JOURNEY features founder Neal Schon (lead guitarist), Jonathan Cain (keyboards, backing vocals), Arnel Pineda (lead vocals), Jason Derlatka (keyboards, backing vocals), and Deen Castranovo (drums, backing vocals).

"It’s that time - time to get back to where we are used to being - on Stage!" says Neal Schon. "We are looking forward to shifting into high gear and bringing you the best show possible.The band is running on all 12 cylinders and very excited! Please come and join us once again for an evening full of rocking stage connection fun. See you soon Friends."

Face Coverings and COVID-19 Protocols

Face coverings are currently not required to attend this event. Guests who prefer to wear a mask are encouraged to continue to do so.

By purchasing tickets to events at Xcel Energy Center, unless prohibited by law, you agree to abide by the health and safety measures in effect at the time of the event, which may include, but not be limited to, wearing masks, providing proof of vaccination status.

No Bags Permitted

NO BAGS are permitted inside the arena to help reduce staff touchpoints and expedite entry times for guests. This includes clutches, clear bags, purses, backpacks, fanny packs, etc. Medical and diaper bags are permitted at Gate 1 and are subject to x-ray screening. Small wallet in pocket or on lanyard permitted.

Dine before the show at the newly renovated club level restaurant, Flynt & Kyndle , where an inviting atmosphere meets social-inspired food and crafted cocktails. This seated VIP dining experience is sure to delight. Crafted salads, rotisserie meats, shareable sides and delicious desserts will be delivered table side. Make a reservation here.

The Reserve , our upscale lounge on the Bremer Bank Suite Level boasts an eclectic, chef-driven menu and an array of cocktail options. This lounge is open to all guests with suite level tickets or reservations. Make a reservation.

Floor Tickets

Guests with floor tickets must enter at Gate 1 or Gate 3.

Mobile Entry

Pro tip for faster mobile entry: Log on to your Ticketmaster account and add the mobile tickets to your Apple Wallet/Google Wallet app. This bypasses the need for Wi-Fi or cellular data at the gates.

Mobile tickets are like an airline boarding pass which can be accessed with a smartphone via the Ticketmaster app or mobile site in a bar code format and scanned at the gate for entry. Mobile tickets are protected by Ticketmaster’s SafeTix™ technology. SafeTix™ continually generates a new and unique barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds so the barcode cannot be stolen or copied, keeping your tickets safe and secure. Screen shots are not accepted for entry.

Click here for more details on mobile tickets.

Concessions - Mobile Ordering and Digital Payment

Xcel Energy Center now has convenient and contactless in-arena mobile ordering for concessions using the NHL Mobile App , or visit the Guest Services desks in the arena for information about our menu offerings.

Credit card and mobile payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay) are accepted for concessions.

Concession availability may vary based on event.

Digital Payment Only

Only credit card and mobile payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.) are accepted for concessions, retail and parking transactions. Only credit card payment is accepted for box office transactions. Cash is not accepted.


journey tour 2022 germany

The Freedom Tour


One of the most legendary rock bands of all time,  JOURNEY,  announces their  Freedom Tour 2022,  featuring very special guests  BILLY IDOL  and  TOTO.  The diamond-selling Rock & Roll Hall of Famers will take the stage in 40 cities across North America with their catalog of global chart-topping hits, including  "Don't Stop Believin”, "Any Way You Want It", "Faithfully", "Lights"  and more. The tour comes after the band previously announced a brand new six-show Las Vegas residency, running from December 1 to December 11 at the Theater at Virgin Hotels. 

Presented by AEG Presents, the  Freedom Tour 2022  begins  February 22  in Pittsburgh, PA – making stops in Los Angeles, Dallas, Nashville and more – before wrapping  May 11  in Hartford, CT.  Very special guest and Rock and Roll icon  Billy Idol  will join  JOURNEY  on all dates from February 22 through April 5. Very special guest  TOTO , who have collectively streamed more than 3.3 billion plays on Spotify alone, will join  JOURNEY on all remaining dates beginning in San Diego on April 7.

Citi is the official card of the  JOURNEY Freedom Tour 2022 .  Citi cardmembers will have access to presale tickets for US dates beginning Tuesday, November 16 at 10am local time until Thursday, November 18 at 10pm local time through Citi Entertainment. For complete presale details visit  www.citientertainment.com .    A limited number of exclusive VIP Packages are also available. These exceptional offers can include an amazing selection of reserved seated tickets, custom merchandise and much more. Tickets go on sale to the public Friday, November 19 at 10am local time  HERE  unless otherwise noted.**

JOURNEY  are one of rock music’s most influential icons, and they are set to deliver a brand-new album,  FREEDOM , in 2022. This summer, the band headlined the  Lollapalooza Festival  in Chicago, uniting thousands of fans across generations with their decade-spanning setlist of beloved anthems. The group also rocked Central Park with  “Anyway You Want It”  and  “Don’t Stop Believin’”  at  We Love NYC: The Homecoming Concert,  in addition to honoring 9/11 first responders at the  Tunnel to Towers  concert in August.  JOURNEY  features founder  Neal Schon  (lead guitarist),  Jonathan Cain  (keyboards, backing vocals),  Arnel Pineda  (lead vocals)  Jason Derlatka  (keyboards, backing vocals), and  Deen Castranovo (drums, backing vocals).

“It’s that time - time to get back to where we are used to being - on Stage!” says  Neal Schon . “We are looking forward to shifting into high gear and bringing you the best show possible. The band is running on all 12 cylinders and very excited!  Please come and join us once again for an evening full of rocking stage connection fun. See you soon Friends.”

 “Touring next year with  JOURNEY  is going to be great fun! An epic night you won’t want to miss,”  Billy Idol  says. “I’m excited to get back to so many wonderful cities and I’m bringing Steve Stevens and the rest of the Billy Idol band with me!”

TOTO’s  Steve Lukather shares, “'On behalf of myself and the band, we are very honored and excited to do this tour with our old and dear friends  JOURNEY . Gonna be a great night of music, and as all the guys are lifelong friends... a blast off stage as well.”


**On sale at 9am ET


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Re!magine Spectrum Center Officially Tips Off

Re!magine Spectrum Center Officially Tips Off

Hornets Sports & Entertainment Prepares To RE!magine Spectrum Center With Upcoming Renovations

Hornets Sports & Entertainment Prepares To RE!magine Spectrum Center With Upcoming Renovations

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How to Plan a Trip to Germany (Your Step by Step Germany Trip Planner for Traveling to Germany for the First Time!)

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my  disclaimer policy.

journey tour 2022 germany

You’ve decided to visit Germany. Hooray! Whether you’re looking for bustling cities, sandy beaches, alpine hiking, intriguing history, fairytale castles, delicious food, fun festivals or friendly people, Germany is the perfect European vacation destination.

lake and alps in Germany

Not only is there a tremendous amount to do, see, eat, and experience in Germany, you can easily combine a visit to Germany with other European destinations. Germany is easy to get around in by train, bus, car or bike, and many people speak English.

You’re probably wondering…where do I even begin with planning my dream-come-true vacation to beautiful Deutschland? 

Where should I go? Is it better to take the train or rent a car? What are the must-see cities and attractions? Which ones should I skip? Where’s the best place to stay? What should I eat and drink?

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Don’t worry! We’re here to help you narrow down your travel options, plan your itinerary , and book your trip with ease. It’s actually quite easy to plan a trip to Germany by yourself with the information in this article, on this site and with some help of some online booking engines.

To reduce overwhelm and help you plan your ideal vacation, we cover everything you need to know to get started planning your trip to Germany . And if you have any questions, you’re welcome to ask us in our free Germany travel Facebook community or send us  an email . 

Ok, let’s begin!

  • 1 Meet Your Germany Travel Guides
  • 2 Overview of Regions
  • 3 Where to Go in Germany: Itineraries and Planning
  • 4 Want more itinerary ideas? Are you a big city person? Check out… 
  • 5 Prefer smaller historic, picturesque cities? Check out…
  • 6 What about cute little villages with “Fachwerk” (half-timber) architecture? There are so many! Here are a few ideas…
  • 7 Looking forward to visiting fairytale castles?
  • 8 Like islands and water? Take a look at…
  • 9 What about nature, hiking, and national parks? Consider…
  • 10 Passports & Visas
  • 11 What’s the Best Time to Go to Germany?
  • 12 Germany Booking Timeline
  • 13 What’s the Weather in Germany Like?
  • 14 What Time is it in Germany Right Now?
  • 15 What’s the Best Way to Get to Germany?
  • 16 Where to Stay in Germany
  • 17 Getting Around Germany
  • 18 What to Wear in Germany
  • 19 My Absolute Favorite Travel Clothing Items
  • 20 What to Eat in Germany

Meet Your Germany Travel Guides

Aaron and Cate

Hi, we’re Cate and Aaron, and we love helping people plan amazing trips to Germany. While Aaron has visited Germany several times (and is our chief rental car driver!), I lived there for 4+ years, have spent nearly 30 years of my life going back and forth between the US and Germany, and have traveled to all corners of the country.

I also taught German for several years and have a PhD in German Applied Linguistics, which means I’ve gotten to know Germany from several different angles. We’re so excited to help you plan your dream trip to Deutschland! 

Overview of Regions

northern Germany

Northern Germany  – Hamburg is the largest city in this region but there are other must-visit smaller cities like Lübeck , Stade, Bremen, and Lüneburg. Northern Germany also has the beautiful beaches of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, the Wadden Sea national park, and the islands of Sylt, Flör, and Heligoland. Northern Germany is flat and great for biking. It looks so different from Bavaria! Combine a trip to Denmark with a visit to northern Germany.

Saxon Switzerland

Eastern Germany  –  Berlin is of course the feature city in this region, but Dresden, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Quedlinburg, Bautzen, Erfurt, and Weimar are smaller must-see cities. There’s also the Harz mountains, Swiss Saxony national park , Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes in Thuringia, Wernigerode castle, the Schwerin Palace, and Sansouci in Potsdam. Combine a trip to eastern Germany with a visit to Poland or the Czech Republic.


Central Germany  – This region offers bustling cities like Cologne , Düsseldorf, and Frankfurt , smaller cities like Aachen, Wiesbaden, Koblenz, and plenty of cute villages. There’s also the Rhine and Mosel river areas, vineyards, the Eifel national park, castles , and beautiful rolling hills. Combine a visit to central Germany with a trip to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, or France.

Hohenzollern castle

Black Forest/Baden-Württemberg  –  Stuttgart is the largest city in this region, and smaller cities like Baden-Baden, Heidelberg, Freiburg , Tübingen, and Ulm also warrant a visit. Vineyards and wineries, spa towns, castles (such as Hohenzollern or Lichtenstein ), waterfalls, Lake Constance, cute villages, and hiking are also features of the Black Forest /Baden-Württemberg region. Combine a trip to France or Switzerland with a visit to southwestern Germany.


Bavaria/Alps  – Munich is the feature city of Bavaria ( Oktoberfest! ), along with smaller cities like Regensburg, Nuremberg, Würtzburg, Bamberg, and Passau. There’s also the famous Zugspitze, Eagle’s Nest, Neuschwanstein castle , and Chiemsee lake, as well as lovely alpine towns like Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Berchtesgaden . Combine a trip to Bavaria with a visit to Austria, Czech Republic or Switzerland.

Click here for what to do in Munich!

Where to Go in Germany: Itineraries and Planning

There’s so much to see and do in Germany! Here’s some info to get you started on your itinerary (you can also check out this article with 10-14 day itinerary ideas ). 

If you have just a few days,  I recommend focusing on one city and a day trip (e.g., Hamburg with a day trip to Lübeck or Munich with a day trip to Neuschwanstein ).

If you have a week,  you could visit 2 cities (plus 2 day trips) in different parts of Germany and allot one day for travel between cities (e.g., a few days in Munich with a day trip to Chiemsee, travel day to Berlin, then a few days in Berlin with a day trip to Potsdam). Or you could spend a week touring one region of Germany (e.g. the Black Forest or the Rhine and Mosel areas).

If you have two weeks,  you can see a lot of Germany! You could, for example, start in Berlin, then visit Hamburg, take a day trip to Lübeck , then visit the Rhein river area, stop in the Black Forest , and end your trip in Munich. You could easily do this trip via train or car. Take a look at a couple 10-14 day itineraries we’ve outlined to give you a sense of how much you can do in that amount of time.

Grab our FREE Germany Trip Planning Checklist Now!

German train

How long does it take to travel around Germany by train? 

It’s quick and easy to travel around Germany by train. Here are some sample travel times to give you an idea: 

  • Berlin to Hamburg – 1 hour 45 minutes 
  • Berlin to Munich – 4 – 4 1/2 hours
  • Hamburg to Lübeck – 1 hour 
  • Hamburg to Cologne – 4 hours 
  • Hamburg to Munich – 5 hours 40 minutes 
  • Frankfurt to Nuremberg – 2 hours 
  • Stuttgart to Munich – 2 1/4 hours 
  • Munich to Berchtesgaden – 2 hours 

I use and recommend the official German rail system website to check travel times and book train tickets (point-to-point, saver tickets, and discounted regional tickets). I book all of our train tickets here!

Want more itinerary ideas? Are you a big city person? Check out… 

  • Cologne / Düsseldorf

Prefer smaller historic, picturesque cities? Check out…

  • Lübeck
  • Würtzburg
  • Tübingen

What about cute little villages with “Fachwerk” (half-timber) architecture? There are so many! Here are a few ideas…

  • Wernigerode
  • Quedlinburg
  • Dinkelsbühl
  • Rothenburg Ob der Tauber
  • Berchtesgaden

Looking forward to visiting fairytale castles?

  • Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau (the “Disney castle”)
  • Castles near Frankfurt
  • Castles near Cologne
  • 16 castles to visit in Germany

Like islands and water? Take a look at…

  • Husum (North Sea)
  • Timmendorferstrand (Baltic Sea)
  • Lake Constance (Bodensee)
  • Titisee 

What about nature, hiking, and national parks? Consider…

  • Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park
  • Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park 
  • Lower Saxon Wadden Sea National Park
  • Jasmund National Park
  • Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park
  • Müritz National Park
  • Lower Oder Valley National Park
  • Harz National Park
  • Kellerwald-Edersee National Park
  • Hainich National Park
  • Eifel National Park
  • Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park
  • Saxon Switzerland National Park
  • Bavarian Forest National Park
  • Berchtesgaden National Park
  • Black Forest National Park

How about a road trip? Why not drive the…

  • German Timber-frame Road (northern to southern Germany)
  • Romantic Road (Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, north/south)
  • Castle Road (Bavaria to Baden-Württemberg, east/west)
  • Wine Road (Palatinate wine region, north/south)
  • Fairytale Route (from Hanau to Bremen, south/north)
  • Black Forest High Road (Baden-Württemberg, north/south)
  • Alpine Route (Baden-Württemberg to Bavaria, east/west)
  • Volcanic Route (Rhein River and Eifel mountains, north/south)

Passports & Visas

If you’re from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries, you do not need a visa to enter Germany (at the time of publishing this article). You do, however, need a valid passport with at least 3 months validity AFTER your planned departure date.

Play it safe and have MORE than 6 months validity on entrance to Germany! You also need at least 2 blank passport pages at the time of your arrival. Check your passport NOW so you have plenty of time to renew it if needed. Do not wait until the last minute to do this (been there, done that – it’s expensive and stressful)!

Germany is part of the Schengen zone, which means you can stay in Germany for up to 90 days without a visa. If you visit other countries in the Schengen zone before or after Germany, that counts towards your 90 days and reduces the amount of time you can spend in Germany. While on the automatic 90-day tourist visa you may not work but you can engage in business.

What’s the Best Time to Go to Germany?

The best time to visit Germany is whenever you can get there! No, seriously! There’s no best time of year for your  Deutschland   tour because there’s no bad time of year to visit. I’ve traveled all over Germany in spring, summer, fall, and winter and enjoyed every single season (Cate here, writing this article, by the way).

When should  you  travel to Germany? Well, it just depends on what you’re looking for…

Cruise boat on river in Germany

Summer  is when you’re most likely to have warm (even hot) sunny weather. But it’s not guaranteed. I’ve had hot steamy summers in Germany (like last summer when we traveled during a heat wave), cold rainy summers, and everything in-between.

Fortunately, even if you encounter rain in the summer it likely won’t last more than a few hours or at most a couple days before you’ll see the sun again. The benefit of summer travel is that you’ll have nice long days for sight-seeing because the sun doesn’t fully set until about 10pm. If you’re interested in beaches or mountains, summer is a great time of year to visit.

Note, however, that not all hotels, cars, and restaurants use A/C. If you really hate hot weather, play it safe and avoid Germany in the middle of the summer. (Although, to be honest, in all of the summers I’ve spent in Germany, there have only been a few days in the summer that I’ve found truly unbearable without A/C.) If you  must  have A/C, be sure to confirm that your room or rental car has it.

Summer can also be a more crowded time to travel, since so many families make use of summer break. Book accommodation early for the most options and best prices!

Neuschwanstein castle

Winter  travel in Germany can be cold but beautiful. One of my favorite times of year to travel in Germany is during the four weeks of advent at Christmas.

Yes, it gets dark early (by 5pm or a bit earlier) but the lights, decorations, and Christmas markets more than make up for it. Plus, you can go skiing and enjoy other winter activities.

I was just in Germany for a couple weeks in December and the weather was perfectly fine 90% of the time. There was only one day where the weather was truly miserable and even on that day there were enough breaks in the weather to enjoy my day trip exploring a new town and a new Christmas market. 

Germans don’t let winter keep them from enjoying outdoor activities, hiking to strolling through a Christmas market or enjoying a coffee at an outdoor cafe. Don’t let it stop you, either! Just bundle up, grab a mug of Glühwein, and you’ll be fine!


Fall and spring  are also great times to visit Germany. In the fall you’ll enjoy crisp mornings and cool evenings and seeing the leaves change color.

In the spring you’ll experience the joy everyone feels when they can once again sit outside at cafes and restaurants. The weather can vary quite a bit day to day but if you travel late in the fall or early in the spring you can score great deals and will find smaller crowds.

Germany Booking Timeline

I’ve booked flights, accommodations , and tours and tickets a few weeks before my arrival, and I’ve booked them several months in advance. Book early if you:

  • Are traveling during peak summer, Christmas market or ski season
  • Have very specific travel dates or lodging, transportation, sight-seeing needs
  • Are visiting big cities
  • Are on a tight budget
  • Are visiting during a special event, such as Oktoberfest 

I usually start looking at my options as early as possible so I can figure out what a good deal looks like for my travel dates. I then set up flight alerts and start earmarking AirBnB’s and hotels. I begin booking whenever I find something that meets my needs and fits my budget. 

Here’s a general booking timeline to get you started:

6-12 months in advance:

  • Research and book your international flights
  • Research travel insurance
  • Plan your travel itinerary and dates
  • Research and book flights within Germany or Europe
  • Research travel options within Germany (rental car, train bus, etc)
  • Research accommodation options (book if you find great deals or if availability is limited)
  • Make sure your passport is up-to-date (you need at least 6 months left on it when you enter Germany) and apply for a new one if it isn’t

3 – 6 months in advance:

  • Book accommodation
  • Book trains or busses (usually 90 before your travel dates is the earliest you can book but always check if you can book earlier – the best deals go fast)
  • Book rental car
  • Book tours, events, and tickets
  • Book travel insurance 
  • Review your travel wardrobe and gear and purchase the items you need  

1 month in advance:

  • Book any remaining attractions and tours
  • Book airport transfers or plan how you will get to your lodging
  • Purchase a sim card for phone or check how you can use your current phone service in Germany (e.g., I can use my Verizon phone service for a $10/ a day fee)

1 week in advance: 

  • Print out or ensure that you can easily access all bookings, tickets, and travel info on your phone (make sure you can access everything without data or wifi!)

1 day in advance:

What’s the Weather in Germany Like?

What will the weather be like when you visit Germany? Well, it depends on the time of year and where you are. Weather in Germany can be somewhat unpredictable no matter the time of year.

I recommend being prepared by wearing layers, packing an umbrella or rain jacket, and remembering that the weather will likely change soon. And, as I said earlier, don’t let any kind of weather stop you from enjoying Germany! 

cobblestone street

Summer.  Germany comes alive in the summer with everyone and their dog (literally, there are dogs everywhere) outside enjoying the nice weather. Average high in the summer is 80F.  

Be warned…it can rain in the summer but it doesn’t usually last that long. It can also be super hot in the summer…but again, scorching temperatures doesn’t usually last that long.

Munich English Garden

Fall.  Such a beautiful time of year in Germany with the leaves changing colors and cool, crips mornings and evenings and warm days. One of my favorite times of year in Germany! In September, the average high is 67F and by November it’s around 47F.

Christmas market

Winter.  Bring your scarf, hat, and mittens because German winters can get cold! Average temps hover around freezing with warmer days in the 40s/50sF. While it can snow anywhere in Germany, you’ll find the most snow in southern Germany. Winter weather doesn’t mean everyone hides inside, though. On the contrary! Do what the Germans do – bundle up and enjoy the outdoors.

Freiburg Cathedral

Spring.  I love being in Germany on the first spring day because  everyone  heads outside to enjoy the sun and everyone is in such a good mood! Early spring will see a high around 47F but by late spring it’s more like 67F.

What Time is it in Germany Right Now?

Germany is in the Central European Time zone (CET) or UTC+2. It’s 6 hours ahead of the US EST, 7 hours ahead of CST, 8 hours ahead of MST, and 9 hours ahead of PST.

Daylight savings in Germany in 2020: time “falls back” on October 25 and “springs forward” on March 29. Write these dates in your calendar so you don’t accidentally miss any flights or trains (been there, done that)!

What’s the Best Way to Get to Germany?

It depends on where you’re coming from and where you’re going.  When flying from outside Europe, many people fly into Frankfurt (FRA), the largest airport in Germany and one of the largest and busiest airports in Europe.

The benefit of flying into Frankfurt is that it has a ton of direct flights, and once you reach Germany you can easily take a commuter flight, train, bus or rental car to your final destination.

The downside? The airport is huge, busy, and I’ve noticed prices into Frankfurt have been higher than regional airports in Germany.

I used to  always  fly into Frankfurt , and then take a train, bus or rental car to my final destination. But recently? I’ve found that it’s easier (and sometimes cheaper) to bypass FRA and fly into other German cities, such as Munich , Hamburg , Berlin , Düsseldorf ( Cologne ) or Stuttgart .

You might even be able to find a direct flight from the US (I’ve flown direct Atlanta – Stuttgart and Washington DC – Munich, for example). Otherwise, you’ll change planes somewhere in Europe and take an easy 1-3 hour flight to Germany. We’ve changed planes in London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Paris, and Vienna, for example. You could also fly into another European city and then take a train, bus or rental car into Germany.  

Lufthansa plane

A Few Notes About Flying Into FRA (Frankfurt Airport) and Traveling Onwards

If you take a commuter flight from Frankfurt  (FRA) to your final destination in Germany, you’ll go through passport control in FRA and then to your connecting gate. Super easy. Most flights from FRA to elsewhere in Germany are an hour or less in duration.

If you’re traveling onward by train from Frankfurt,  you can transfer to the train right at the airport below Terminal 1. If your train leaves from the main station in Frankfurt, you can either take the S-bahn or a regional train from the airport to the Hauptbahnhof (main station) in about 10-15 minutes.  

Important:  you’ll find cheap “savings fare” train ticket prices if you book your ticket online well ahead of your arrival. Be sure to book your ticket for  at least  a few hours after your flight’s arrival time into FRA.

Be warned: getting through passport control, customs, picking up your checked luggage, and making your way to the train station can take longer than you think. And if your plane from the US (or elsewhere) is delayed…well, it’s easy to miss your train and have to buy a new, much more expensive ticket on the spot. Personally, I would book a saver fare train ticket for a train that leaves 3-5 hours after my international flight’s arrival time – at the minimum. And that’s still cutting it close if there’s any kind of delay!

Tip: If you want maximum flexibility and peace of mind, buy a “flex ticket.” You’ll pay more but these tickets aren’t tied to a specific train. So if your flight is five hours late, you can take a train later in the day without changing your ticket or losing money.

These tickets also you to stop somewhere en route to your final destination for a couple hours, and then get back on a different train (e.g., stop in Stuttgart for a couple hours on your way to Munich). So if you arrive on time, you can work in a short excursion on the way to your final destination (store your luggage at a locker in the train station). If your flight is late, just go directly to your destination. These tickets are also refundable before the first day of travel.

For ultimate flexibility and peace of mind, spend the night in or around Frankfurt and book a saver fare train for early the next morning. 


You can also easily pick up a rental car at FRA  and drive to your final destination. Aaron and I have done this a few times and never had any problems.

The one problem we do have? Staying awake long enough to drive to our destination! We usually keep the driving distance to an hour or two on the day of our arrival and drink a lot of coffee. Sometimes we pull over at rest area and take a nap. 

If you want to rent a car at the airport and are concerned about driving while jet lagged, consider picking up the car and then spending the night in nearby town, such as Wiesbaden (I spent an enjoyable few days there before catching my flight home a few years ago). 

If you’re catching a bus  from the city center to travel onwards, S-bahn 8 or 9 will zip you into town quickly and cheaply in about 10-15 minutes. Buy tickets at any of the ticket machines before you board the S-bahn.  

You can also catch busses  into Frankfurt and elsewhere in front of Terminal 1 (arrivals level) and Terminal 2 (level 2).

You’ll find taxis  in the same general area. It takes about 20 minutes to get into downtown Frankfurt by taxi.

Flying to Germany from Elsewhere in Europe

These days it’s super easy and generally inexpensive to fly to Germany from all over Europe. Here are a couple tips:

When booking your international flight, you might be able to include a stop-over in the city where you’ll transfer to your Germany flight. I used to do stopovers in London, and a couple years ago I did an awesome stopover in Iceland. TAP also offers free stopovers in Lisbon or Porto.   

I highly recommend looking into both flying and taking a train (or bus) into Germany, especially if you’re arriving from a neighboring country and not on a stopover. Of course, if you’re flying from cities like London, Barcelona, Rome or Oslo, flying is the best option. But if you’re traveling from Paris, Vienna, Copenhagen or Prague, for example, a train might be the better way to go.

Even if the actual flight is only an hour, you have to factor in the time it takes to travel to the airport, go through security, potential flight delays, and then traveling to your lodging once you land. A 5- or 6-hour train ride might actually take less time than a 1-hour flight when you total it all up!

Traveling to Germany By Train, Bus or Car

Traveling to Germany from other European countries by train, bus or car is easy. Train travel is generally simple, comfortable, and quick. Most train stations in Germany are located in the city center, so it’s easy to get to your lodging via taxi or public transportation. 

If renting a car in another country, just double check that you’re authorized to take the car out of the rental country. If you are, you’ll have no problems crossing the boarder and driving around Germany. 

Busses tend to cost less than trains, and you can find some amazing deals, but to be honest, I still prefer taking trains over busses. Trains are more comfortable, you can get up and walk around, and they’re almost always faster than busses. Plus, they don’t get stuck in traffic.

Tips for Booking the Best Flights with Cash or Miles: 

  • Start looking for flights early,  especially if you’re traveling during peak season. I booked our mid-June flights in late January. While we found low mileage flights for very specific weekend travel dates, we could have found better flight times had we booked even earlier. 
  • Track flights  through google or look at options in Hopper so you’ll know a good deal when you see one.  
  • Look for last-minute deals.  When I decided to go to Germany in December I didn’t start looking for flights until early November (the trip was a last-minute decision). Because I was flexible on travel dates and went early in the month, I found excellent tickets using miles. This doesn’t always happen, but it never hurts to look for deals, even if your travel dates are right around the corner. 
  • Fly in or out of smaller regional airports  (e.g., Berlin , Hamburg , Stuttgart , Munich , Düsseldorf). When I booked our flights for mid-June I couldn’t find anything into Frankfurt using miles. But I did find flights into Berlin and out of Stuttgart, and that actually worked even better for that trip ! For my recent December trip , I found that flying in and out of Stuttgart used the lowest amount of miles and had the best schedule. I’ve also flown into Hamburg and Munich airports.

Where to Stay in Germany

Germany has so many options for lodging:

  • Vacation rentals (e.g., VBRO, AirBnB)
  • Hip boutique hotels
  • Quirky hostels
  • More traditional HI hostels
  • Large hotel chains
  • American-styles hotels (Hilton, Marriott, etc)
  • Family-run Pensionen (bed and breakfast)
  • Camping (RV and tent)

When we’re in Germany we typically opt for AirBnB (I like having a kitchen to make breakfast) or a smaller family-run Pension or boutique hotel. We used to stay in hostels when we was younger (they’re pretty nice in Germany) but even then I found Pensionen to be very affordable – sometimes  more  affordable than hostels – especially when traveling with one or two other people. If we’re spending the night near an airport or train station and want convenience and ease we’ll stay at a larger chain hotel .

Whether you’re looking for luxury or budget accommodations, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in Germany! To help you get started, check out our Germany hotel guides.


Breakfast  is often included with lodging in Germany (but not always). Sometimes breakfast will feature fresh bread or Brötchen (delicious German rolls), cold cuts and cheese, butter and jam, and tea and coffee. Other times there will be an extensive breakfast buffet that includes things like yogurt, museli, a variety of breads, meats, cheeses, and even hard-boiled eggs. You’re unlikely to find things like omelets, bacon, pancakes, waffles, and hot oatmeal.

If you’re looking to save money on lodging,  book rooms with a shared bathroom. (This is typically only an option in smaller or older hotels and not an option I come across as often anymore.) Sometimes that will mean sharing a full bathroom with other guests on your floor, and other times you’ll have a sink and/or shower in your room and will share a toilet located in the hallway. Shared bathrooms are more common in smaller Pensionen than in hotels.

These days I prefer the convenience of having a full bathroom in my room but I’m not averse to sharing a hall bathroom when needed (takes me back to my younger backpacking days – ha!). I’ve never had to wait to use a shared bathroom or had any trouble with them. Sometimes there are two or more bathrooms per floor. If you do opt for a shared bathroom, bring flip-flops!

Hostels can be a great option for families,  as many offer family rooms. Hostels typically offer a simple breakfast and sometimes dinner. While accommodations are simple, some hostels can be in spectacular locations. The hostel in Bacharach, for example, is in an old castle on a hill and offers a gorgeous view of the town below and the Rhine river!  

Getting Around Germany

One of the benefits of traveling in Germany is that it’s super easy to get around the entire country. You have so many transportation options.

You can rent a car and drive from place to place. Or you can stick to trains and busses. Or ride a bike – there are tons of bike paths throughout Germany.   

If I’m primarily visiting big cities I prefer taking the train or a bus to get from one city to another. When I spend more time in smaller cities or want to take day trips to harder to reach places, I prefer having a car.

For our recent summer trip to Germany, we rented a car at the Berlin airport and returned it to the Stuttgart airport. We didn’t take trains or busses at all. We got a car so we could go to places that aren’t as easily (or quickly) accessible by train. We didn’t use the car every day, though. We walked and used public transportation when exploring cities.    

German train

Speaking of public transportation, Germany’s is one of the best! It’s super easy to get everywhere you want to go via the S-bahn (above ground metro), U-bahn (underground metro), Strassenbahn (street car), and city bus. Taxis (and Uber/Lyft, where available) are also convenient options, though more expensive than public transport.

There are also car-share programs that you can look into. I haven’t used any of them and don’t know how convenient they are for travelers but it doesn’t hurt to check them out.

German cities are very walkable, so it’s easy to get around by foot. And, if you’d like to bike around like a local, there are lots of places to rent bikes (or scooters!) around town or maybe even at your hotel or AirBnB. If you’re more interested in just one afternoon of biking, try a city bike tour!

A few transportation tips:

  • For the best train ticket prices book your ticket via the official German rail system website in well in advance. I book all of our tickets there. Note: if you pre-purchase your ticket at the lowest price you have to take the specific train you booked. If you miss that train, you have to buy another ticket. 
  • If you don’t mind taking slower regional trains you can get some really cheap tickets and regional day tickets. You may not want to use these tickets to go from Munich to Hamburg, but they’re great for day trips, whether traveling solo or with others.
  • Busses are often less expensive than the train (though not quite as comfortable and often slower).
  • There are Eurail options for Germany, and they’re a great choice if you value flexibility and ease or if you want to make stops while traveling (eg., stop in Cologne for a couple hours while traveling from Hamburg to Munich).
  • If you plan to rely on public transportation in the cities you visit, buy a day pass (or perhaps a multi-day or week pass) rather than individual tickets. Also check to see if there are group day tickets or if young kids can ride free. Note: there’s often a small additional fee to bring a bike or a large amount of luggage on public transportation. There are often less expensive day passes for travel starting after 9am. 

What to Wear in Germany

Check out my packing list for Germany!

Layer, layer, layer!  The weather in Germany is often unpredictable so your best bet is to bring layers so you can customize your wardrobe on the fly. Since rain is a possibility any time of year, you may want to bring a light rain jacket or an umbrella.

Bring comfortable shoes.  You’ll no doubt walk all day long (often on cobblestone), so bring your most comfortable, supportive shoes. Be sure to break in your shoes  before  you travel. There’s nothing worse than realizing a day into your trip that your shoes pinch your toes or give you huge blisters. (Bring along moleskin, just in case. I always have  this kind  in my day bag!) I typically bring a good pair of walking shoes appropriate for the season (e.g., boots in the winter) and a nicer pair of flats (sandals in the summer).

You can wear jeans.  Some people say  never travel with jeans  but I’m not one of those people. I love traveling with jeans! They’re comfortable, I can wear them a few times without having to wash them, and I feel less like a tourist wearing them because everyone wears them. If you like jeans, wear jeans.

Scarf, hat, gloves.  If you’re traveling in the winter or even late fall or early spring, definitely bring a warm scarf, hat, and gloves or mittens. Or buy them in Germany and take them home as a souvenir! Almost all of my winter accessories are from Germany. Even if you’re not traveling in colder weather, I recommend a  travel scarf with a hidden pocket  for ease and security.

You can wear shorts in the summer.  Shorts are more popular in Germany than they used to be, so if you like them and are comfortable in them, wear them. That said, do also bring summer dresses or skirts and or lightweight pants to wear when shorts are too informal.

Bring a comfortable day bag or purse.  When you’re out and about all day you want a comfortable bag or purse to hold your travel essentials – wallet, phone, camera, ipad/kindle/book, umbrella, journal, etc. For peace of mind, you may even want one with special security features.  Click here to read my guide for buying the best travel purse.

My Absolute Favorite Travel Clothing Items

Merino wool camisole/tank  – These camisoles are the BEST for travel! They’re soft, comfortable, easy to hand wash, and they never stink. This might be TMI but a few years ago, when I was traveling solo around Europe, I wore the same merino wool tank each day for 14 days in warm spring weather. It never smelled bad! Since that experiment I don’t typically go that long without washing my tanks, but I like knowing that I could!  Click here to read more reviews and buy a merino wool camisole/tank.

Foldable flats  – I splurged on a pair of foldable leather flats a few years ago, and after I broke them in I started really liking them. I wouldn’t recommend them for a full day of walking (especially on cobblestones) but I like to bring my foldable flats along for a change of pace or when I want the option of wearing a cute pair of shoes but don’t want them to take up much space in my suitcase.

Merino wool shoes  – I bought a pair of dark grey merino wool walking/tennis shoes a couple years ago and I LOVE them! I can wear them barefoot in the summer, and not only do my feet stay relatively cool, my shoes don’t stink when I take them off at the end of the day. I can throw them in the wash if they get dirty (though mine still look great 2 years later), they pack flat and don’t take up much space in my suitcase or travel backpack, and the heel is thick and cushioned. You can also buy replacement merino wool insoles without having to buy a new pair of shoes.

What I don’t like: the pair I have doesn’t have enough arch support for me and there’s not enough padding under the ball of my foot. The first few times I wore them they were uncomfortable after walking all day and I was super disappointed! But after adding an arch support and a gel insert under the ball of my foot (I like  this one ) I loved them and now wear them all the time while traveling and at home. Many people love them from the start!  Click here to to read reviews and check out merino wool shoes.   

What to Eat in Germany

You’ll never go hungry while traveling in Germany! While you can always find traditional items like Schnitzel, Spätzle, Rouladen, and Bratwurst, there are plenty of healthier options, including those that are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

Many restaurants now cater to special diets and accommodate allergies, as do some specialty grocery stores. Aaron has a meat allergy and frequently eats gluten-free and has never had a problem finding delicious food in Germany.

These days Germany has a wide variety of restaurants to ft all budgets featuring cuisine from all over the world (except Mexican…I’ve yet to find good tacos in Germany). So you won’t be stuck eating Schnitzel every day – unless you want to!

We usually eat breakfast at our AirBnB or hotel, enjoy a nice lunch at a restaurant we’ve stumbled upon, and then grab a Döner, salad or pizza for dinner. We also often picnic using ingredients from the bakery and grocery store or farmer’s market.

Traditional German dishes to try:   Schnitzel, Spätzle, Rouladen, Bratwurst, Sauerbraten, Schweinehaxen, Maultaschen, Currywurst, Leberkäse, Flammkuchen, Sauerkruat, Kartoffelsalat (potato salad), Quark, all kinds of German breads.

Quick lunches and snacks on the go:  Döner, Falafel, Bratkartoffeln (fried potatoes), Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes), Bratwurst, Currywurst, salads, Brötchen filled with meat and/or cheese, fresh pretzels, pastries, cakes. Click here to see the best German street food!

Desserts & sweet treats:  Schwarzwälderkirchtorte (Black Forest Cake), Bienenstich (Bee Sting Cake), cheesecake, Stollen, Frankfurter Kranz, cake, Donauwellen cake, Berliner, Lebkuchen, Pflaumenkuchen (plum cake), all kinds of pastries and chocolate – just to name a few! Click here to see the 10 must-try German desserts and sweets.

Beer:  every kind you could ever imagine! I usually just ask for the local beer unless there’s a specific one I know I want to try.

Christmas: This is the best time of year to be in Germany, partly because of the many delicious holiday treats like Lebkuchen, Stollen, Glühwein, and so much more. Click here to read more about what to eat in Germany during the Christmas season.

Want to try German food now? Click here to see where to buy delicious German food online!

Got a question about traveling in Germany? Join our free Germany trip planning community or  send us an email!


Cate has been traveling to Germany for 30+ years. She has lived in Germany, taught college German, and has a PhD in German Applied Linguistics. She loves helping travelers plan their dream trips to Germany!

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I enjoyed reading this information. My husband and I would like to stay in Germany for 2 to 3 months in 2022. I am interested in staying in the area of Bamberg with the plan of visiting other regions in Germany via a rental car. Either at the end or beginning of our stay we would like to visit France (especially Paris). I have so many questions. But our hope is to have basically our last trip on our own and experience more of the everyday lifestyle. Up to this point we have only traveled via being guest of Viking River Cruise and tours.

Hi Donna! 2-3 months in Germany sounds awesome! Since you’ll be there so long, you might want to consider spending 1 month in 3 different regions or 1.5 months in 2 regions. Otherwise you’ll be doing a lot of overnight or multi-night trips if you want to see other regions. Are you thinking about renting an AirBnB? If you want to experience the everyday lifestyle, I highly recommend it. Feel free to email me if you have questions as you start planning. 🙂

Hi! Thank you for this awesome post. It’s very useful. I wanted to ask you a question. I’m planning to travel to Germany as soon as the pandemic starts to be less dangerous. I want to go to Germany for 2 months, how many cities do you think is possible to visit? And also how much money do you think is possible to use everyday for food if my budget is small? Thank you very much!

Hello! Two months is a good amount of time to visit Germany, and you should be able to see and do quite a lot! Just how many cities depends on how quickly you like to travel and what you want to do in each place (e.g., just see the highlights or live like a local). If you want to stick to big cities you could spend 1-3 weeks in each and take lots of day trips to see the surrounding area.

If that’s the case, you could rent an Airbnb (or similar), which would not only save you money on lodging (they’ll often give discounts for stays of 1 week or longer) but also make it easier to make some inexpensive meals at the Airbnb (and it’s easy to make German dishes “at home”!) and maybe even do laundry for free.

If you want to be on the go the whole time, moving from city to city (big, medium, and small), it will be more expensive unless you stay at hostels (or super cheap hotels). And remember to factor in the constant packing and unpacking, time getting to/from the train station (or airport)…that gets tiring when traveling for a couple months!

I recommend coming up with a budget, then looking at what kind of lodging fits that budget (hotels, hostels, longer Airbnb stays, Couchsurfing, etc). Then think about what you most want to do in Germany (live like a local, just spontaneously explore, see specific sights, have specific experiences, etc) and what you want your daily experience to be like (e.g., do you want to feel relaxed each day and get to know fewer places or be on the go, packing and unpacking, moving from place to place). Neither is better than the other, it’s just important to get clear on what kind of experience you want!

A few ways to reduce your budget: – Eat in fewer sit-down restaurants. Eat breakfast at “home”, buy snacks and drinks at the grocery store and bring them with you each day, cook some meals each week at “home”, pick up lunch from a grocery store or bakery and eat in a park, etc. Make eating dinner in a sit-down restaurant a special occasion. Doing these things will save you money and you’ll eat healthier!

– Take busses or slower trains to travel around Germany. There are regional train passes you can purchase that allow travel in a specific area very inexpensively. Travel will be slower and there are some restrictions on when you travel (often not during rush hour) but you’ll save money and often you’ll see some out of the way sights. You can also get good deals on flights but once you factor in travel to the airport (time and cost), time to check in, waiting to board, potential delays, and then getting from the airport to your final destination, it’s often just easier to take the train.

– Buy standard train tickets in advance. You can get nice discounts on faster train tickets if you book far enough in advance.

This might be more info than you wanted but I hope that helps you start planning your trip! Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

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Great post full of detailed information on all aspects of travel in Germany. When travel reopens in Europe we’re planning on a 2 week trip in Germany with our adult son. He’s an avid soccer fan so we’ll need to plan the trip around the soccer schedule so he can see as many games as possible. We are considering Eastern Germany with a short trip into Poland or Northern Germany with a few days in Denmark. We’d really appreciate your expertise and suggestions. Although we’ve traveled extensively in many western and eastern European countries, we have not spent a great deal of time in Germany. Thanks. J.

Hello! I’m back working on this site now and am happy to help. I’ve got more articles and resources coming but let me know if you have any specific questions!

Hi Both The Ueckermann family 9-10 adults and 2 little once to experience Germany in Oct 2023. Central G and Netherlands will be awesome. We need to do all planning and funds estimates please assist. We live in South Africa and hopefully COVID 19 not a factor any more. Plan 2-3 weeks depending on the funds regards Engela

Hi Engela! Let me know if you have any specific questions about planning your trip to Germany. Happy to help!

HI, I was having trouble with your email 🙂 so sorry I am just replying here. I was hoping you could help us and I wasn’t sure if you offer buying tickets and guidance of our specific places we would like to visit. Anxiously wanting to hear back from you, Anne

Hi Anne! I just sent you an email. 🙂

Hello Cate! Such a well written article with great info! My husband and myself would like to travel to Germany in Oct. of 2022, possibly with my then 16 year old son as well. We want to go in October so we can also experience Octoberfest. I cant have beer because I have celiac’s. IS THERE OTHER ALCOHOL DURING OCTOBERFEST OTHER THAN BEER? WHAT IS THE WEATHER IN OCTOBER AND DOES OCTOBERFEST RUN THE FULL MONTH? IS THERE A CERTAIN AREA WE SHOULD STAY TO REALLY EXPERIENCE OCTOBERFEST AND ANY POTENTIAL ISSUES TO AVOID DURING OCTOBERFEST? We are overwhelmed with planning our trip because we don’t even travel within the US and I feel like there’s so much we want to experience in such a short period. We would like to go for 2 weeks. We want to go because both our families are from Germany. My family comes from Nuremburg (sp) and my husbands family Bavaria but we are unsure which part. This trip is important for us to try to learn about our family roots. DO YOU KNOW WHERE WE COULD GO IN GERMANY TO LEARN ABOUT OUR GENEOLOGY? We would like a more of a laid back approach to experiencing Germany. I dont want to necessarily feel rushed every single day but I do understand that some events and places we would want to visit would need to be scheduled and we are ok with that. I would like to do the Air bnb but know nothing about them. I would like less stress worrying about transportation such as missing busses. We are interested in castles, picturesque views, experiencing floating on the Rhine River perhaps. ANY SUGGESTIONS ON AIR BNB’S THAT PROVIDE BREAKFAST AND ANY IDEAS ON AREA’S TO VISIT BASED ON EVERYTHING I’VE PROVIDED? P.S……our last name literally translates to “the German”. We have had so many Europeans tell us that when they hear our name…LOL

CORRECTION: This is Lisa Nemec. My hubands family is Bohemian. We believe his family crossed over from Czech.

Hi Lisa! There are plenty of other drinks at Oktoberfest, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something. The weather at that time of year can vary but in late September to early October it’ll likely be warm during the day and cooler in the evening. Oktoberfest is mostly held in late September but I believe it goes until Oct 2 in 2022. There are a lot of hotels and AirBnB’s within walking distance of Oktoberfest (also walking distance to downtown) but book early because they fill up quickly! You’ll also pay a premium at that time of year. Some people prefer not to stay near the main train station but other people don’t mind it.

As to where you could go in Germany to find out about your genealogy, I’d start by searching the genealogy sites online and get as much specific info as you can. You can then try a site like http://www.genealogienetz.de/index_en.html (I haven’t used it, just found it).

If you have 2 weeks, you could fly in and out of Munich and focus on Bavaria. While in Munich you could take a couple day trips to Salzburg, Berchtesgaden, Neuschwanstein, the Alps, etc. You could see a lot at a laid-back pace in 2 weeks!

AirBnB’s are great if you’re going to be somewhere for at least a few days, want a little extra space, a kitchen, etc. Even just being able to make breakfast, coffee/tea, and keep drinks cold for when you come home in the evening is so nice. But you don’t typically get hotel-like services like a prepared breakfast, new towels each day or linen changes. If you want to be walking distance to lots of things in Munich, a hotel near downtown could be a great option. If you’re ok with being in a neighborhood, an AirBnB could be a good choice. There are so many great neighborhoods in Munich so you really just need to look at price, amenities, and distance to the things you want to see. I’ve stayed at hotels near Marienplatz and in an AirBnB further away (maybe a 10-15 minute walk + U-bahn ride to Marienplazt) and I enjoyed both.

I hope that helps!

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HELP……I have been put in charge of coming up with an itinerary for my hubby and 4 of our friends for travel in July 2022. I truly have no idea what I am doing. What we are looking for are castles, beautiful scenery and history (although I have been told that they do not want to go to concentration camps). The following is the tentative itinerary I have come up with. We are looking also, for moderate priced Inns/quaint hotels and castle stays centrally located. Any changes/suggestions/comments would be GREATLY appreciated. We will be renting 2 cars. 1 night Munich drive to Nuremburg 3 nights Nuremburg – drive to Fussen 1 night Fussen – drive to Ettal 3 nights Ettal – drive to Unterwossen 1 night Unterwossen – drive to Salzburg Austria 3 nights Salzburg Austria drive to Munich 1 night Munich – fly home

Hi Linda! Your itinerary looks good for a 2-week trip. Here are few suggestions:

-If you’re flying into Munich, you could drive right to Nuremburg on the first day, since it’s only a couple hours drive from Munich airport. If you pick up your car, drive into Munich, settle into a hotel, and then drive to Nuremburg the next day, you’re using a lot of time for driving/checking in/unpacking/packing and you won’t get to see much of Munich. If you go right to Nuremburg on arrival day and stay for 3 nights, you could add a night to the end of your trip so you have 2 nights in Munich or add a day to Salzburg and keep Munich at 1 night.

-Fussen and Ettal are pretty close to each other so you could stay 3-4 nights in one and then take a day trip to the other. I like to reduce the number of one night stays as much as I can during 1 and 2 week trips for the reasons I mentioned above. You could also stay in Ettal and make day trips to both Fussen and Unterwossen and cut out 2 1-night stays.

-If you don’t want to see Munich, I’d keep that at 1 night and stay near the airport at the end of your trip. If you do want to see Munich, I’d give that 2 nights minimum.

I hope that helps! I think you’ll really enjoy your itinerary!

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Thankyou for all the wonderful suggestions! I’m visiting Germany closer to Christmas for two weeks.

That’s my favorite time to be in Germany! Everything is so beautiful and festive. You might be interested in my Stuttgart Christmas Market article – even if you won’t be near Stuttgart, it will give you an idea of what you can do, see, and eat at any Christmas market. I also talk about 6 other nearby Christmas markets that are super fun to visit. 🙂 Enjoy your trip!!

I had all but given up on our delayed 25 yr Wedding Anniversary(07/28/2020 delayed to Sept 2021, due to covid) trip to Germany. Then I found your website! It reinvigorated our desire to NOT CANCEL our plans! We have a son in Kaiserslautern(rhein main air force base) , and want to split a 2 week trip between seeing 7-8 days traveling in Germany( Berlin, Munich, Cologne, and Stuttgart) and Paris. And then 6 to 7 day visiting our son. We had all but given up, until I read your article. Thanks! I wish that there were some way to have everything planned for us in advance! But, your post at least has assured us that we can make this happen on our own. Thank you very much!!

Definitely don’t cancel your plans, even if you have to postpone! (We had to postpone our anniversary trip, too – such a bummer!) You can definitely make your trip to Germany happen. Here are a few ideas for you…

You could fly into Paris, then travel to Kaiserslautern to see your son and do a day trip to Stuttgart (visit the Christmas market if you’re there in December or nearby Esslingen any time of year) and then either visit Munich and the area around there (fly out of Munich) or travel up to Cologne and over to Berlin (fly out of Berlin).

It’ll be a lot to try to see Paris, spend several days in Kaiserslautern, and also see Cologne, Stuttgart, Munich, and Berlin but if you can combine things – like if your son can go with you to visit Stuttgart and Munich or Cologne and Berlin, you could see a lot of the places you’re interested in. Flying into one city and out of another will help a lot, too.

You could also fly into Munich, then go to Kaiserslautern via Stuttgart, take a short trip to Paris, then go to Berlin via Cologne and fly out of Berlin. Or do the same but start in Berlin and fly out of Munich.

You’ll have a great time no matter your itinerary! 🙂

Your website is a such a great resource! I have a ton of questions about planning a trip, I’m just going to send you an email.

Thank you Komal

Got it and replied 🙂

What is a good budget for 2 adults in Germany for two weeks?

It’s nearly impossible to give a guideline because it depends on so many things – your travel style, what kind of transportation you want to use, your accommodation & restaurant preferences, etc. I know that’s not very helpful in the short-term but it would be less helpful for me to give you a specific budget not knowing any specifics about you or your trip plans. Plus, most travelers like to splurge in one area and cut back in another but that’s so different for each traveler.

What I recommend is this: start looking at flights, transportation, and accommodations well before you want to book them in order to get an idea of what each costs for your travel dates. Add everything up for 2 weeks and then decide if you’re ok with that amount so far, keeping in mind you’ll still need to add on food, souvenirs, tickets/tours, insurance, and anything you need to get before you leave (clothes, luggage, passport, etc). I like to do this research before I book flights/transport/accommodations. That way I get an idea of what will be my splurge and where I will need to reduce costs to keep within the budget that’s right for me. Everyone’s ideal budget is so different!

hi i am planning to travail to Germany in December 2021 with my family , any idea

My big tip for Germany in December: visit the Christmas markets (if they’re open this year)! You’ll find one in nearly every German city, town and even small villages. They’re outdoors so dress warmly and enjoy the food, drink, and stalls. They’re a great place to pick up souvenirs and gifts, too.

Days are short in December, and some touristy sites do shut down in winter, so keep that in mind. But you’ll still find plenty to do after dark, especially if you’re in bigger cities. As long as you take these two things into consideration, you’ll have a great visit no matter where you go!

Hi, my partner and I are wanting to visit Germany in January 2022. I have previously stayed in Wurzburg for 3 weeks and dream of taking my partner there.Seeing as I went with school a few years ago we didn’t really have a chance to look around other parts of local Germany. Where would you recommend us to go whilst in that area? We like architecture (but not too much…) we’re in our 20’s so we also want to have fun 🙂 we’ll either be driving (we live in France) or we’ll be going by train. Will the Christmas markets still be on? I doubt it but you never know… Thanks

Also, we are wanting to go with our dog. Would that be possible or too complicated?

You could easily go to Munich and spend a few days there – lots to see and lots of places to have fun. (I had a great time there in my 20s!) There are also a lot of day trip options – Berchtesgaden, Salzburg, Neuschwanstein, Passau, Regensburg, etc. You could also stop in Nuremberg on your way to Munich. All of that is easy by car or by train – and if you go by train, you could probably do those day trips using a regional train pass. Or you could do guided day trips and not have to plan anything! I’ve got some listed in my Munich guide – https://www.mygermanyvacation.com/munich-travel-guide/

It looks like the Christmas markets are on for 2021 but they could always get canceled in the coming weeks. Most have their last day on Dec. 24 so unfortunately, you won’t get to see them if you visit in January. That just means planning another trip to Germany for December 2022! 🙂

Germany is pretty dog-friendly so it’s probably do-able. But there are likely museums and other sites that might not allow dogs inside. If you mostly want to spend time outdoors, and your dog is ok with possibly very cold/wet/windy weather, or if you can leave the dog at your lodging for part of the day, it might work ok.

Hope that helps!

Hi Cate, you have put together a terrific planning guide. Thanks. Our 4 children just gave us a trip back to Germany in celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary. We lived in Erlangen from Aug 1972 – 1973. We are excited to go back but we are debating between a Rhine river cruise or going on our own. We’ll probably go sometime in May/June or Sept/Oct 2022.

How exciting!! It’s so fun to go back and revisit where you used to live in Germany. Aaron and I did that in 2019 and had such a good time seeing what had/had not changed. I’m excited for you!

I’ve heard people say great things about Rhine river cruises. If you don’t have time to or don’t want to do much trip planning, that’s a great option. The downside is that you’re more limited to what you can do and see. If you have time and interest in planning your own trip, you can definitely do it. And since travel is coming back, I’ll be focusing on this site a lot more in the coming months and helping people plan their trips, so I’ll be here to help you, too. 🙂

Hi Cate, We have wanted to visit Germany (from the US) for a few years now and have finally decided to make it happen, but had no idea where or how to start. Your article is full of valuable information. Thank you. At least we now have a starting point. Our trip isn’t for another year, but it will go quickly. So excited and thank you for all the information.

You’re welcome! I’m so excited for you already. 🙂 The next year will fly by and you’ll be on a plane bound for Germany before you know it. Now that travel is coming back, I’ll be focusing on this site a lot more so be sure to come back when you’re ready to plan your trip. I’m working on lots of guides and helpful resources! 🙂

Hello. My grandfather expressed interest in going to Germany in 2022. More specifically, he wants to go to ‘The Battle of the Bulge’ where his older brother passed away in World War II. We would also like to go to the Holocaust Memorial. I have been trying to research/plan this trip but would be open to suggestions. We are from the US and could spend about a week out there. I am grateful that I stumbled across your blog as it is very informative and interesting! 🙂

Hello! That sounds like it will be a wonderful trip for your grandfather! If you’re talking about visiting the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin (highly recommended), you could fly right into Berlin (their new airport!) and spend half of your time seeing the city, then head to Brussels and take a Battle of the Bulge day tour! I found one here that you can look at (aff link): https://www.getyourguide.com/bastogne-war-museum-l35043/bastogne-battle-of-the-bulge-tour-from-brussels-t169657/?partner_id_Y5UOFLS It looks like it also goes into Luxembourg so you could get 3 countries in one trip. 🙂 If you have enough time, you could take a day trip to Brugges or Ghent – both are 30-60 minutes from Brussels. You could then fly out of Brussels back to the US. To get from Berlin to Brussels you’d probably want to fly but it’s a short flight and you could probably get an early morning or a late afternoon flight so it wouldn’t take up your whole day. Hope that helps with your planning!

Hi, your site is wonderful and has some great information! I am traveling (solo) to Germany in late April and will be there for one month. I have been to Munich/Bavaria/Salzburg before so I’d planned on focusing my trip on the rest of Germany. I’m flying into Berlin and was planning on staying there 4-5 nights, then I’m not sure where to go. I was thinking of spending a week in an area and going on day trips; for example, the Black Forest, the middle Rhine area, maybe Harz Mountain. But I also want to see some cities like Cologne, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Trier, and Hamburg. So maybe a bit of both cities and countryside? Do you have any thoughts? Thanks!

I definitely recommend choosing 3-4 locations where you can stay for a week or so and then take day trips. You could do longer stays in Berlin and Hamburg – there’s tons to do and see in each city, as well as lots of day trip options. You could also do Cologne or try a smaller town on the Rhein or Mosel and explore that area in more depth. For the Black Forest you could stay in the university town of Freiburg and day trip to towns/hiking in the Black Forest, as well as Basel and Colmar/Strassbourg). You could also choose 3 locations for longer stays (e.g., Berlin, Hamburg and Freiburg) and then do a couple of 2 or 3-night stays as you travel between cities, e.g., a short stay in Wernigerode or Quedlinburg (Harz mountains), Trier, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, or Tübingen on your way to Freiburg. Tip: if you want to do a lot of day trips, make sure you stay where it’s fairly quick and easy to get to the train/bus station! Since you’ll be there for a month you have lots of flexibility and plenty of time to do and see a lot of the areas you mentioned!

@Cate, Thank you so much! I’m really enjoying going through your site, too!

Looking for a good travel guide book for Germany any recommendations?

Rick Steve’s is always a good one! I’ve used his guidebooks a ton. You can get his Germany guidebook on Kindle or as a hard copy (aff link): https://amzn.to/33z7d59

@Cate, Thanks

So excited to find your site! My husband and I will travel from Texas to Bavaria for 7-10 days in September. I am in charge of all the planning. I’m thinking Munich & surrounding area and Salzburg. Do you have any suggestions? I’m also pondering some organized day tours..

Munich is a wonderful home base for seeing lots of great sites in Bavaria! You could easily spend 1-3 days in Munich (especially if you’re there during Oktoberfest) and then take day trips to places like Neuschwanstein, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Salzburg, Linderhof, Chiemsee, Berchtesgaden, Nuremberg…just to name a few! You can easily do all of that by train and mix it up with some organized day tours here and there. I’ve been working on a Munich guide that will have ideas for day trips and tours so keep an eye out for that!

Hello Cate, Your blog is very helpful. Like to seek your help and guidance. I am from Singapore and not familiar with Germany. Both me and my wife intend to fly to Amsterdam where my daughter is attending university and spend 18 days vacation with her in Europe during her break. Am planning 7 days touring Germany. Tentatively looking tourist site at hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart and then off to another country eg. france, switzerland or Italy for another 7 days. then travel back to Amsterdam to fly home. Any advise how we can optimize the traveling as we are not familiar with these region? Appreciate your kind assistance. regards, Perry

It will be so much fun to travel with your daughter! It might be difficult to fit Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart into 7 days. On the train it takes about 6 hours from Amsterdam to Hamburg, 3 hours from Hamburg to Berlin, and over 8 hours from Berlin to Stuttgart. While all three of those cities are amazing, I recommend choosing either northern or southwestern Germany, rather than trying to hit all three (or make the Germany part of your trip 10 days).

You could, for example, travel from Amsterdam to Hamburg, then to Berlin, and fly from Berlin to France or Italy. That would give you plenty of time for travel, city exploring and day trips.

Or take the train from Amsterdam to Stuttgart and explore that area. Stuttgart is close to France, so you could spend several days seeing both southwestern Germany (Stuttgart, villages in the Black Forest, Freiburg, Baden-Baden, etc) and French cities like Strassbourg, Colmar and Mullouse. You could also very easily go to Basel in Switzerland! It’s a long train ride from Amsterdam to Stuttgart so I’d look into flights. Stuttgart is a great airport to fly into!

Hi, my family and I would like to visit Germany this summer. My husband and I have two teenagers (15 and 13), and one of them is reads a lot and it is very interested in history. We would like to visit german cities but also, some concentration camps. Our plans is to spend two weeks there. Any suggestions?

You’re going to have so much fun in Germany! Everywhere you go there’s so much history, so it just depends on what kind of history you’re looking for. For a 2-week stay you could easily visit 2 (maybe 3) different parts of Germany without feeling like you’re spending your whole vacation on the train or in the car. You could, for example, fly into Munich, visit the city and Dachau concentration camp, take a few day trips to Salzburg, the Alps, Neuschwanstein, Nuremburg, etc – there are so many options!…then visit the Black Forest area, the Rhein/Mosel area, the Hamburg area or the Berlin area and fly out of that second city (Stuttgart, Cologne/Düsseldorf, Hamburg or Berlin). If you want to focus on 2 main areas, say Munich and Berlin, you could do a 1-2 night stopover in a city in-between. Hope that helps you get started on your planning! 🙂

@Cate, We are from USA planning on attending next years NfL game if possible. We are a large group 10-15people who would also like to see the culture and history. Open to staying in Berlin, munich, or anywhere else as long as accessible to get to game. We want to fly out wed night from BOS be there Th F S Su (game in Frankfurt) leave M. Anything you would recommend?

Hi! I just now saw your question. If you’re flying into FRA and have Th, F, and S to do some sight-seeing, I’d stick to the Frankfurt area and do day trips. If you go to Berlin or Munich you’ll spend most of your time in transit and checking in/out of hotels. We’ve got a Frankfurt guide on our website and also a castles guide – so you could spend a day exploring FRA, then a day visiting a castle, and then 1 day visiting a nearby city like Heidelberg, Nürnberg or Rothernburg ob der Tauber. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. We’ve also got a Germany Trip Planner and one-on-one travel consults, too. And lots of info on this website. We’re happy to help!

I just found your great website! We have just drafted a 3 week trip plan to Germany and Austria and I would love your thoughts about it!. Is late May better than June? (I really can’t do heat without AC!)

– [ ] 2. Land in Vienna- 2 nights… – [ ] 3. Take tour or just Spend a day in the sprawling Schönbrunn Palace, – [x] 4. Rental car to Take KM 29 for about an hour to Burg Liechtenstein drive an hour to Melk Abbey Then Steyr From Melk, Steyr 1 night stay – [x] 5. Spend a little time, touring the Steyr Mannlicher! – [x] 6. Wake up early and bike 15 minutes to spend the morning exploring more of Halstatt before the day-trippers.. Sky Walk salt mine – [x] 7. After lunch, enjoy more the beauty of Salzkammergut area! on to Salzburg in time to return the rental car. we will stay in the old town (Salzburg 3 nights) – [ ] 8. See Salzburg – [ ] 9. Take guided tour to Eagles nest – [ ] 10: To Munich by 2 hour train.. taxi to hotel, Sleep Munich 2 nights … – [ ] 11. Guided tour all day— Dachau and Munich sites – [x] 12 Slow morning to rest, checkout, cab, 1.5 hour train to Oberarmagau for lunch and stroll. Rent car in Garmish and Drive another hour to Sleep in Hohenschwangau 2 nights Maybe take 30 minute Schloss Hornschwangau Castle tour before closing if time – [x] 13 Visit Neuschwanstein! (Hohenschwangau castle first if not last evening) then rent a bike and go a mile -7 minutes to Tegelberg luge ride – [x] 14 drive 2.5-4 hours but first stop for lunch and see Ulm Cathedral. Going Opposite the crowds arrive in afternoon to stay in nearby Rothenburg 3 nights. See stunning Rothenburg – [x] 15 After coffee and quiet streets, walk the medieval wall. If crowds arrive, leave and drive a short way and tour the Bad Weinsheim Frankonian Open Air Museum – [x] 16 Drive 30 min to Ansbach, park and Take 30 min train and10 min cab into Neuremburgfor day. – [x] 17. leave in early morning and drive 3-5 hours through To St Goar take B9 along the Rhine from Bingen arrive in time to tour Burg Eltz and then maybe return car in Emmelshausen this day or next. Take cab back down to nearby St Goar for 3 nights. – [ ] 18 See Burg Eltz castle if not seen yesterday and then see Marksburg castle – [ ] 19 REST maybe just board a boat for a relaxing Rhine River cruise from Sant Goar. We will disembark to visit small Bacharach and back again by train. – [ ] 20 Depart by 70minute train to Frankfurt airport Or would it be better to do the trip in reverse, starting with Germany first? Thank you!!

It’s not usually super hot in May but it can be hot in mid-late June. The last time we were there in June (2019) it was incredibly hot and there isn’t as much a/c there…but you never know, I’ve had cold and rainy June visits, too. If you want to be more sure of not-super-hot weather, I’d go in mid-late May or early to mid-June — as long as you’re ok with the possibility of some not-so-warm days. If you go in mid-late June and don’t love hot weather, book hotels with a/c, rent a car with a/c, and plan to buy a lot of cold drinks. No matter the weather, it’s always fun to travel around Germany! 🙂

You could easily do your itinerary either way so I’d just look at whether flights are better into Vienna/out of FRA or vice-versa. Check the hotels you want to stay in to make sure they have availability — I’ve actually reversed my itinerary before due to hotel availability!

You’re planning to cover a lot of ground in 3 weeks and be on the go go go, which some people find more tiring than expected…but if you know your travel style, then go for it! 🙂 3 nights in one place gives you 2 full days, which is a good amount of time for most places. 2 nights means 1 full day, which can be enough in some locations but if you do many in a row, it can feel like you’re constantly checking in/unpacking/packing/checking out, and can get super tiring if you’re doing a lot of day trips.

Be sure to plan in time for getting ready, eating breakfast, packing, checking out of the hotel, getting to the train station/car rental – it often takes up more time than you’d expect. Trains aren’t as punctual as they used to be, so keep that in mind for what you plan on arrival after a train trip.

An idea — instead of taking a train to Oberammergau, then to Garmisch to rent a car, then driving to Hohenschwangau, I’d rent a car in Munich and drive to each place. It will probably be less expensive to rent in Munich and easier than doing the train and car pick-up (especially with luggage!).

For the longer drives, plan on them taking longer than what’s estimated in google maps because there’s often traffic! If you miss the traffic and arrive early, it’ll be a nice bonus!

Your idea to add in some guided day tours is a good one – it’s a nice change from having to figure everything out yourself and can feel like a mini vacation from your vacation.

Overall, you’ve got a really fun trip planned!

Hi Cate! I love your clear way of describing and explaining. My husband and I are invited to a wedding outside of Berlin the last weekend in April. From there we would love to head to the spas in Baden-Baden .. what else would you suggest to see in the Baden-Baden area and without driving the best transportation option? We can stay up to about 10 days. Thank you!

Thank you for your nice comment! 🙂 I’d take the train from Berlin to Baden-Baden. It’s about 6 hours and you can relax and see the sights along the way. You could fly from Berlin to Stuttgart but by the time you travel to the airport in Berlin (the new one is further out than Tegel was), check in, wait to board, fly, and then take the train from Stuttgart to Baden-Baden, it’s at least as long as – if not longer – then taking the train.

When in Baden-Baden you could visit Gengenbach, the Black Forest, Triberg (cuckoo clocks & waterfalls), Tübingen, Stuttgart/Esslingen, Lichtenstein Castle, Hohenzollern Castle, Freiburg, Basel (Switzerland), Strassbourg (France), Colmar (France) — just to name a few! You should be able to reach all of these places via train/bus. The Black Forest Open Air Museum is also a lot of fun! I’m working on guides to several of these locations – and some are already on the site – so check back soon for new ones. 🙂

You should be able to get a free KONUS train pass, which enables you to travel throughout the Black Forest region for free. I don’t think it works for every place I listed but it will get you to several of them. Here’s more info about the KONUS card: https://www.schwarzwald-tourismus.info/planen-buchen/konus-gaestekarte (you can switch to English if it’s in German).

You could fly out of Stuttgart airport or travel up to Frankfurt and fly out of there. Strassbourg or Basel might work, too.

@Cate, that really does! Thanks again,

You’re very welcome!

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I am planning a trip with my husband, 18 year old daughter, mother in law and myself. We will have 8 nights total flying Munich to Amsterdam or vice versa. Interested in the Christmas markets, of course, castles (would love if we could stay the night in a castle if that’s possible), and just getting an authentic German experience. My mother in law found family ancestry in Stuttgart, so she would like to stop there. The other areas that we have an interest in are Frankfurt, Cologne (wonder if there is such thing as a day cruise on the Rhine River), and maybe Hamburg (for the canals, but I’m not sure December is the best time of year for that). Although, I’m not sure we’ll be able to see all those cities in just 8 nights, as we would also like 1-2 nights in Amsterdam.

We plan to rent a car and I will be doing the driving. We live in Colorado so I’m familiar with winter driving, but wonder if I can use Google maps while traveling through Germany.

Would love your thoughts or suggestions on this.

Thank you, Lea Ann

Hi Lea Ann, you’ve got the makings of a magical winter trip! All of the places you mentioned will be beautiful in December because of the Christmas markets. Stuttgart, for example, has a huge, old Christmas market (plus there are 2 other really beautiful ones nearby) and there are 2 nearby castles you can visit. Hamburg and Cologne and also wonderful cities (Frankfurt too but I’d skip it on a short trip unless you have a specific reason to go there).Amsterdam is also a lot of fun and a great place to fly in or out of.

It’s a lot to fit into 8 nights so you’ll definitely need to hone in on just a few places, otherwise you’ll spend your entire trip packing/unpacking/driving. 🙂

You can use google maps in Germany and that’ll make getting from place to place easy. But unless you want to stop at specific sights between cities, you could easily take the train, since you’re going to big cities (you don’t need a car in any of the cities you want to visit). If you don’t mind parking the car at each hotel in the city, a car can give you more flexibility.

You can also stay in a castle in Germany! We’ve got a guide for that right here so you can see which one you like best.

It’s hard to get more specific about an itinerary here in the comments without taking to you and getting a better sense of your interests and needs but we’ve got lots of resources to help you — Christmas market guides (definitely take a look at the Stuttgart one!), city and hotel guides , and we’ve also got a Germany Travel Bundle with an interactive Germany Travel Map, City Cheatsheets, and other resources, and I do one-on-one trip planning consults .

And be sure to join our travel planning Facebook group !

@Cate, thank you for your quick response and feedback! I’ll check out the links you shared and I’ve joined your Facebook group.

You’re welcome! Glad you joined the group! 🙂

Hi Cate , I have visited Germany but only Düsseldorf for my sugery. I will like to take my wife and kids with me this time I have an appointment in December might use the opportunity to take them for Christmas holiday . I have 12’night in total . 5 night in Düsseldorf can you please advise which city we can visit for the rest days and we are not leaving Germany until 26th. So I want them To enjoy the Christmas but I don’t know which city to choose .I will you to please give me where the kids can enjoy the trip age 8 ,6 and 3 . Do we fly back from Düsseldorf or from Another city ? Thanks for your help.

If you’d like to fly out of the Düsseldorf airport, you could spend the second part of your trip in Cologne so you could visit the markets there, in Bonn, and surrounding area (e.g. a day trip to Aachen).

If you’re ok with flying out of a different airport, you could go to Stuttgart (good Christmas markets in the area and a couple castles), Munich (good markets and day trips) or Berlin (good markets and day trips) and fly out of any of those airports.

Most everything will be closed on Dec 25 and the latter half of Dec 24 so keep that in mind when doing your daily planning.

Hope that helps with your planning!

Hi, Thank you for the detail page. I and my family will be visiting to watch a NFL game in Frankfurt and had some travel ideas outside of the city that I have not found solutions for. First, are US citizens allowed to rent cars without a permit? We want to travel to Stuttgart and Munich for some museums and possibly Berlin, but I’ve yet to figure how time and distances for the trip as these do seem to be quite a distance from each other. Then, we would end the trip back in Frankfurt to travel back to the US, unless we find an airline in Berlin. Do you have suggestions? This would be a 7-14 day trip, depending on cost. Thank you

Hi Marco! Yes, you can rent a car with just your US driver’s license. While not required, an int’l driver’s license can be helpful if you get pulled over or in an accident (you can get on at AAA). You can check distance between those cities via google maps (it’ll show you both driving and trains). I always add 25% to the times they suggest because there’s a good chance you’ll encounter traffic somewhere. We use google maps for all of our road trips in Germany. You could definitely do Frankfurt – Stuttgart – Munich – Berlin – Frankfurt (stay near airport on the last night) in 14 days. If you don’t want to drive from Munich – Berlin – Frankfurt, you could return the car in Munich and then take the train to Berlin and back to Frankfurt. Hope that helps you get started on your trip planning!

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  • J JohnGray · October 29th, 2018 Greg was excellent. A very proactive director. Each day he walked the bus and spoke to everyone to ensure things were going well and to deal with any issues. He kept us well informed, explained our itinerary, gave clear instructions on meeting... Show more Trip date: October 2018

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  • Tick-borne encephalitis - Recommended for Germany. Ideally 6 months before travel.
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with very special guest TOTO

  • Date Apr 30 , 2022
  • Availability On Sale Now


Doors scheduled to open at 6PM

Show scheduled to start at 7:20PM

DJ followed by TOTO and JOURNEY

Join us in the East Market (near section 131) for

pre-show entertainment with Matty Sexton

Parking $20 - credit / debit card or mobile payment


Uber & Lyft - Enter "Scarlet Lots 1-2" for drop offs & pick ups

CLICK HERE for Parking / Directions

Bags or Purses of any size are NOT permitted . Wallets/wristlets no larger than 5”x8”x1” are permitted. A dedicated screening lane is available for guests with medical, dietary or childcare needs – one bag permitted. We suggest leaving most items at home.  Management reserves the right to determine prohibited items. Guests may return them to their vehicle or surrender to Security without return.

Masks are optional.   We ask fans to be respectful of each other's personal preferences.

No flash photography. No professional /detachable lenses. Point & shoot cameras permitted . GoPros, selfie sticks and iPads prohibited.

The Schottenstein Center has gone cashless . Make parking, concession and merchandise purchases via debit / credit card or mobile payment.

Ticket Information

Accessibility Info Button

Emergency Banner Component

From the North and Baltic Sea coasts to the Bavarian Alps, including our Rhine River Cruises and more... our land and river journeys cover the diverse landscapes and compelling cultural traditions found throughout Germany.

Germany Escorted Tours


Welcome to Germany

Epic Bavarian legends abound in storybook settings that date back to the 5th century in this fascinating destination filled with diverse landscapes and compelling cultural traditions. Cruise the mighty Rhine, Danube or Moselle rivers aboard a Tauck riverboat as you take in the culture and history that flows from the fabled surrounding cities.

Black forest cooking demonstration, learn secrets from chefs with an interactive black forest cooking demonstration.

Bavaria and the Black Forest region of Germany have contributed a wide range of local dishes to European cuisine, from spätzle, maultaschen (a filled Swabian pasta-like dish, sort of like Italian ravioli but usually larger), Schwarzwälder Schinken (Black Forest Ham) and grillwurst (spicy sausage made from ground pork and bacon) to brezels, flammkuchen and iconic Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cherry Cake). Learn some of the secrets of preparing some of these and other regional specialties at an interactive cooking demonstration with chefs in the Black Forest.

Tauck Exclusive – Evening at Schloss Ehreshoven

Enjoy an elegant dinner and tour at schloss ehreshoven, overlooking the rhine in germany.

Built in the 14th century and later expanded in the grand style of a Baroque manor house, Schloss Ehreshoven is surrounded by gracious 18th-century French gardens and a castle park. For nearly a century the castle has been the heart of a charitable foundation whose main mission includes providing a home for unmarried aristocratic ladies without means in their golden years. Frequently used as a location for movies and TV shows, the Schloss provides an elegant setting for Tauck's exclusive cocktail reception and dinner, hosted by a member of the family.

Tauck Exclusive – Evening at Burg Satzvey

Cross the moat for a special evening at burg satzvey.

Considered one of the best-preserved medieval moated castles in Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia region, Burg Satzvey (Satzvey Castle), not far from Köln, has been home to the same noble family for more than 300 years. We invite you to cross the moat and visit this 12th-century castle after hours for a Tauck Exclusive tour and gala evening with a reception, dinner and musical entertainment… to which you'll be welcomed by a member of the family.

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Epic legends and storybook images

From the North and Baltic Sea coasts to the Bavarian Alps and along the Rhine River Valley, the wonders of Germany delight as you discover these storybook lands famous for epic legends and fairy-tales. Travel by riverboat or on a land journey... the fascinating history and culture awaits.

The ultimate alps & dolomites, romantic germany, the rhine, swiss alps & amsterdam, the romantic rhine: basel to amsterdam, traveling with tauck, never settle for ordinary.

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Branderburg gate view, Berlin

See All Germany Tours

See More Germany Trips

The best of Germany unlocked for you

Experience Germany differently. Enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences and uncover local secrets when our friends across the country open their doors to you. Here’s just a sample of the rich experiences you can expect.

0:00 / 0:00

Want to experience sustainability in the Black Forest?

Want to discover more about traditional Black Forest craftmanship?

5 million happy guests and counting

 Village Of Machtum Amidst Wineries

Capital City

Winter avg temp

Summer avg temp

Good morning

Guten Morgen

Good evening

Guten Abend

"I love showing guests the depth of German culture and cuisine; it lets them experience how truly multifaceted Germany really is!"

Paul, Travel Director

Explore Neuschwanstein castle

Used as inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella film, the castle of Neuschwanstein stands with impossible grandeur in the hills of Bavaria’s Hohenschwangau district. Originally built for King Ludwig II who only spent 11 nights in the castle before his death, it now enchants visitors aplenty. Our trip to Germany would not be complete without it.

See the remnants of the Berlin Wall

Once dividing the German capital both physically and politically, what remains of the 155 kilometre long Berlin Wall has been largely dressed in thought-provoking graffiti. Feel the emotion of our visit, celebrating its symbolic demolition in 1989 and commemorating this dark patch in German history.

Embrace the Bavarian rich beer brewing heritage

Governed by a set of 16th century rules that determine purity, beer brewing in Germany is a cultural art form. Peel back the layers of beer culture to gain a deeper understanding of its significance, as we visit some of the 1300 breweries found here.

Go up the iconic Berlin TV Tower for 360° views

The Berliner Fernsehturm, or Berlin TV Tower, once stood as a proud statement of communist power. With democracy in place, we will take a trip to the top of the capital’s TV Tower to soak up the sentiment of a united city, admiring 360-degree views from the observation deck found at a height of 203 meters.

Admire the beautiful Baroque building façades in Dresden

The rebirth of Dresden since the bombings of 1945 is a testament to the German spirit of resilience. Connect with the intricacies of Baroque architecture whilst stepping into a pace of life found in many of the country’s boutique cities.

Our top 5 things to do in Germany

When you explore Germany with Trafalgar,  we'll connect you with Bavarian beer heritage, nostalgic castles, Baroque architecture and political complexities.

Stasi Museum

The blurred political history of Germany is uncovered within the stark walls of the Stasi Museum. Once the headquarters of East Germany’s Ministry for State Security, it now stands as a memorial and research centre. Germany tours are scarcely complete without a trip to Stasi.

Residenz Museum

Peel back the layers of German opulence with a step into the former home of Bavarian royalty. A well-timed visit to the Residenz Museum complex will see you watching a performance by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. On any other day, be awe-struck by the grandeur of the palace’s ten courtyards and 130 display rooms.


Memorial & Museum Sachsenhausen

Visit a Nazi concentration camp and you will begin to understand the deeply moving stories of Germany's troubled historical past.Not for the faint of heart, Memorial & Museum Sachsenhausen in Oranienburg will walk you through a mortuary, execution trenches and prison cells. The enormity of suffering remains thick in the air.

Best museums in Germany

Packed with breathtaking moments and cultural significance, museum hopping is an important part of any trip to Germany. With Trafalgar, you'll step from the tumultuous past to the progressive present to understand the complete German story.

Best food in Germany

An indulgent sausage tour is hard to resist in Germany, particularly when washing wursts down with local beer. Trafalgar will guide you through the goodness of this meaty cuisine, always laden with condiments, always satisfying.

A simple pork sausage first steamed and then fried, it’s the lashings of curry ketchup that make currywurst unique. This fast food local favorite is enjoyed with hot potato chips and a local beer, while standing and engaging in a chat with some locals.Add an additional layer of curry powder for extra kick.

Slightly less indulgent than the currywurst, a weisswurst sausage is typically made of veal and pork and warmed in water without complete cooking or frying. Eat the near-raw weisswurst as a mid-morning snack served alongside warm pretzels.


Roasted pork knuckle is an adored culinary dish found across Germany. Often left to marinate for around a week before being slowly roasted at low temperatures, Schweininshaxe is a labour of love. Appreciate yours over a leisurely meal lasting many hours.

What to pack for Germany

People packing for a tour

Otto Wolff’s guide to German food

Gelbwurst, rindswurst. Kartoffelpuffer, kartoffelkloesse. German food can be a mouthful before the dish has been served. The Wurst! By Otto Wolff will guide you through the very best of German cuisine.

An eye for fairytale architecture

Most sources claim that over 20,000 castles can be found across the hills of Germany. Allow this trip to inspire childhood nostalgia with its fairytale architecture.

Digital maps

It's always good to have a backup of digital maps on standby when you're out exploring in your own time. Download them prior to your trip so you can reach them even when your phone is offline.

Travel adaptor

Though many hotels will have adaptors available for use, being prepared with your own will ensure you're always charged and ready to go.

Traditional costume

Oktoberfest is not the only time that traditional dress could be called upon in Germany. Travelers looking to connect closer to the culture may like to pack the 19th century German attire of a Dirndl or lederhosen.

Pack for sustainable travel

Consider your environmental impact when you next take a trip and go single-use-plastic-free by packing a reusable water bottle, a steel straw, your own shopping bags and toiletry bottles.

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At the heart of Europe, monumental contemporary and historic events shape today’s Germany. From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the rise of the Beatles in Hamburg, the culture of the country is marked by its influential past and present. Imagine yourself exploring postcard-worthy castles such as Neuschwanstein or wandering through medieval cities such as Regensburg. From the Bavarian Alps to the Rhine Gorge to the plains of the north, the range of Germany’s landscapes will capture your heart. Perhaps you’ll also indulge your taste buds as you sample the delicious Marzipan sweet treats of the Hanseatic port of Lubeck, which have been produced there for over 200 years. Whether on a journey on the ‘Romantic Road’ or cruising along the Rhine, know that a stein of German beer or a glass of wine from the Rhine vineyards are both a worthy compliment to a destination that offers far more than the average traveler anticipates.

Explore More

Destination must-see's, oberammergau:.

The tiny Bavarian village of Oberammergau is straight from the pages of a storybook. You’ll find countless traditional, timbered houses with colorful murals depicting everything from religious scenes to fairy tales. Every 10 years, travelers flock from all over the world to see the city’s famous Passion Play. It all began in 1634 when villagers promised to perform a play depicting the life and death of Jesus Christ every ten years if God would spare them from the Bubonic Plague. No one fell victim to the Plague after that. The tradition continues today, and will be performed in 2022. To join the cast, you must have been born in Oberammergau or have lived in the town for no less than 20 years. This epic play, though performed in German, transcends language barriers and is a bucket list item for many travelers.

  • Learn More About Oberammergau Passion Play

Christmas Markets:

Before Christmas was ever celebrated, Germany had special winter markets. These markets were only open for a day or two in early winter to stock up on food and supplies to hold them over in the cold months. With time the markets expanded and craftspeople set up stands selling items often given during the holidays. What makes these markets special and unique compared to other holiday shopping is the atmosphere and quality. While walking the German streets you smell the aroma of mulled wine and baked apples with festive lights and historic buildings. You will not find mass-produced items here, but real quality craftwork.

Germany ms4

Berlin and the Wall:

After World War II, Germany separated into two countries, with the east as communist and the west as democratic. As the capital of Germany, Berlin became the center of this divided nation, constructing a wall to contain the segregation. Before the wall was built, citizens in East Germany had begun to move to West Germany to avoid communist rule. After hordes of people began leaving the East, the leaders constructed a wall overnight, shocking the community. Despite initial beliefs, the country was not reunited for some time and the Berlin Wall stayed up for 28 years. Its fall, which happened in 1989, was something that was celebrated all around the world.

Destination Must-Do's

Germany md1

German beer gained its popularity due to the outcome of the strict process it undergoes following the Purity law. Made of water, hops and barley malt, German beer tastes much better than any other. Every year from the middle of September to the beginning of October, Munich hosts the world’s largest folk festival “Oktoberfest” for 16 days. People travel from all over the world to take part in the festivities. There are rides, sideshows, costumes, food, and of course, plenty of beer. With 14 big tents and 21 small tents, beer is served from 9am to 10:30pm every day for a reasonable price.

Germany ms2Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle:

There are so many beautiful castles in Germany that it may be hard to pick your favorite! One of the most famous landmarks and most visited castle in all of Europe is the Neuschwanstein Castle. This castle was built by King Ludwig II, known as the “Fairytale King.” The mythical look of the castle even inspired Walt Disney to create the Magic Kingdom, he later replicated this majestic architecture for the park’s palace. In addition to Neuschwanstein Castle, Rapunzel’s castle is also located in Germany and will be included in the new tour “Romantic Road and Fairy Tale Road.”

Germany md3

Rhine River:

This river travels through six countries linking southern and northern Europe. It is the only river in the world with so many old and famous cities on its banks. In the Middle Rhine Valley, located in Germany, you will find vineyards, castles and fortresses. It brings together old myths, fairy tales, and romance and truly is a trip back through history.

Germany md4

Cuckoo Clocks:

The birthplace of the cuckoo clock is in the German Black Forest. They have become the symbol of the region. The clocks were made in the winter time when the farms were snowed in, and then sold in the summer time. There are two main types of cuckoo clocks and all clocks are hand carved with some of the most beautiful detailing in the world.

Expert Advice


For beverages, nothing beats the hot mulled wine, with or without a shot of brandy, or Eierpunsch”, the traditional egg-based, warm alcoholic drink.

Germany e2

The Christmas Markets have their own special fare to sample including candied and toasted almonds, traditional Christmas cookies made of gingerbread, Stollen, an egg bread topped with candied fruit, Bratwurst, and cheeses served on sticks.

Germany e3

Be sure to hit an ATM; many places in Germany do not accept credit cards.

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journey tour 2022 germany


Riki lindhome secretly married fred armisen two years ago, welcomed baby weeks after first date.

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Riki Lindhome and Fred Armisen are married — and have been since 2022.

Not only did the couple tie the knot two years ago, but they have been raising baby boy Keaton, now 2, together since his March 2022 arrival via surrogate .

The actress, 45, was expecting the little one via a donated sperm and egg when she started to develop feelings for Armisen, she told People on Wednesday.

Riki Lindhome and Fred Armisen

The longtime friends were filming “Wednesday” at the time and moved “fast.”

In fact, Lindhome told the actor, 57, that she loved him during their first dinner date — leaving Armisen “shock[ed].”

Their journey to “insta-family” was a “natural evolution,” she said.

John Owen Lowe, Rob Lowe, Fred Armisen and Riki Lindhome

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“I thought maybe I would be a single mom with a boyfriend,” she recalled. “I didn’t know what would happen. I didn’t even know if he was interested at first — I didn’t know anything.”

However, when Lindhome introduced 3-week-old Keaton to Armisen when he returned from a work trip abroad, the comedian was ready for fatherhood.

“I said, ‘All I want is the truth. If you feel in your gut that’s not for you, it doesn’t make you a jerk. I’m not mad at you,'” she said at the time.

“I said, ‘I still think you’re the best. I just want you to really feel what you feel. And then be honest about it because it’s a big life-altering thing. … So you just tell me what your heart says,'” Lindhome continued — to which Armisen replied, “Yes.”

Riki Lindhome

Lindhome and the infant moved into his home, and the couple had a courthouse wedding three months later.

“The wedding was three minutes long and then we got some ice cream,” the bride gushed, saying she was “not a wedding person.”

The newlyweds kept their nuptials a secret — even from Lindhome’s mom.

Riki Lindhome

“This was just for us,” she explained. “We didn’t really tell people. We didn’t announce it or anything. And we thought people would hear about it eventually. And that’s what happened, one friend at a time.”

Lindhome insisted that their whirlwind romance wasn’t “rushed.”

She claimed, “Mine was faster because I was in a different circumstance. But we just went at the pace that was natural. … We just found our rhythm together.”

Fred Armisen

While the marriage is the singer’s first, Armisen was previously married to Sally Timms from 1998 to 2004 and Elisabeth Moss from 2009 to 2011.

The “Handmaid’s Tale” alum, 41, blasted her ex in a 2014 New York Magazine interview, calling their time together “extremely traumatic and awful and horrible.”

Two years later, Armisen admitted to Marc Maron that he had “a problem with intimacy” in both marriages and self-sabotaged the unions with “cheating and infidelity” that he was “neither ashamed or proud of.”

Riki Lindhome and Fred Armisen



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    Decline. October 17, 2022 - One of the most legendary rock bands of all time, JOURNEY, announces the continuation of their highly successful tour with the 50th Anniversary Celebration Freedom Tour 2023 featuring, very special guest TOTO. JOURNEY , Diamond-selling Rock & Roll Hall of Famers will take the stage in 38 cities a.

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    Freedom is the fifteenth studio album by the American rock band Journey, released on July 8, 2022, through BMG Rights Management and Frontiers Records.It is the band's second album to date not to feature founding bassist Ross Valory, who was dismissed in 2020; he is replaced by Randy Jackson, who was last on Raised on Radio (1986). With fifteen songs and a run time of one hour and thirteen ...

  10. Journey

    One of the most legendary rock bands of all time, JOURNEY, announces their Freedom Tour 2022, featuring very special guests TOTO. The diamond-selling Rock & Roll Hall of Famers will take the stage in 40 cities across North America with their catalog of global chart-topping hits, including "Don't Stop Believin", "Any Way You Want It", "Faithfully", "Lights" and more.

  11. Startup Germany Tour

    Germany Tour 2024, where innovation and opportunity unite! We bring entrepreneurs, leaders, and investors together to explore Germany's dynamic start-up scene, empowering with connections, knowledge, and resources. Join our journey, where innovation knows no bounds. Kindle your entrepreneurial spirit with Start.up!

  12. Journey Concert & Tour History (Updated for 2024)

    Journey Concert History. Journey is one of the most influential arena rock bands of the 1970s and '80s. However, the first few years were rough going. Between 1973 and 1976, Journey released three studio albums, all of which failed to meet the expectations of Columbia Records, which nearly dropped the band. In 1977, Steve Perry became the new ...

  13. Journey

    Journey. One of the most legendary rock bands of all time, JOURNEY, announced their Freedom Tour 2022, featuring special guest TOTO. The diamond-selling Rock & Roll Hall of Famers will take the stage in 40 cities across North America with their catalog of global chart-topping hits, including "Don't Stop Believin", "Any Way You Want It ...

  14. Journey

    One of the most legendary rock bands of all time, JOURNEY, announces their Freedom Tour 2022, featuring very special guest TOTO. The diamond-selling Rock & Roll Hall of Famers will take the stage at T-Mobile Center on March 16 with their catalog of global chart-topping hits, including "Don't Stop Believin", "Any Way You Want It", "Faithfully", "Lights" and more.

  15. Journey

    Event Info. One of the most legendary rock bands of all time, JOURNEY, have announced their Freedom Tour 2022, featuring very special guest TOTO.The diamond-selling Rock & Roll Hall of Famers will take the stage in 40 cities across North America with their catalog of global chart-topping hits, including "Don't Stop Believin'," "Any Way You Want It," "Faithfully," "Lights" and more.

  16. Journey

    Apr 28, 2022. One of the most legendary rock bands of all time, JOURNEY, announces their Freedom Tour 2022, featuring very special guests BILLY IDOL and TOTO.The diamond-selling Rock & Roll Hall of Famers will take the stage in 40 cities across North America with their catalog of global chart-topping hits, including "Don't Stop Believin", "Any Way You Want It", "Faithfully", "Lights" and more.

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    Germany is synonymous with beer gardens, fairytale castles, medieval towns, and scenic rivers. Experience the grand magic and storybook settings on a Globus escorted tour of Germany—from its vibrant cities to the enchanting Black Forest. See the must-see sights, such as the Glockenspiel and Marienplatz in Munich, King Ludwig's Neuschwanstein ...

  18. How to Plan a Trip to Germany (Your Step by Step Germany Trip Planner

    It looks like the Christmas markets are on for 2021 but they could always get canceled in the coming weeks. Most have their last day on Dec. 24 so unfortunately, you won't get to see them if you visit in January. That just means planning another trip to Germany for December 2022! 🙂 . Germany is pretty dog-friendly so it's probably do-able.

  19. Best of Germany (12 Days) by Trafalgar with 5 Tour Reviews

    Best of Germany (12 Days), a 12 days tour from Frankfurt-am-Main to Cologne, Hamburg and 8 destinations. Best Selection - Best Price - Trusted Payments ... Day 2 Cruise Along the Rhine and Journey to Cologne Connect with Locals. Day 3 ... 2022. The tour director, Mike, was fabulous. ...


    Journey is BACK! Come see them on the Freedom Tour 2022 with very special guest Toto at the Schottenstein Center on Saturday, April 30. Tickets go on sale Friday, Nov. 19 at 10AM. ... Apr 30, 2022; Availability On Sale Now; Event Info ARRIVE EARLY . Doors scheduled to open at 6PM. Show scheduled to start at 7:20PM.

  21. Guided Tours

    Enjoy hand-selected inclusions and world-class experiences for value-minded travel lovers like you. Raise your sights and set your sails for the rivers of Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa on an Avalon Waterways cruise. Elevate your cruise experience with fewer passengers, more choices, and endless possibilities. TOURING.

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    Germany is a land of fascinating history & compelling cultural traditions. Experience Tauck's award-winning escorted tours of Germany. 800-788-7885 or your travel ... Travel by riverboat or on a land journey... the fascinating history and culture awaits. ...

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    2 Countries. Modern cities, medieval towns and all the sights in between make this Best of Germany and Austria experience one you'll remember. Beyond the beauty of the Rhine and Wachau, you'll explore Vienna's musical treasures and Alpine landscapes. FROM. $4,295.

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    Call us toll free at 800.340.5158. Request A Call Back. Talk To An Expert. Tour Germany with Collette and travel to postcard-worthy castles while taking in breathtaking landscapes that will capture your heart. Book your vacation today!

  25. Riki Lindhome married Fred Armisen years ago, welcomed baby weeks into

    Riki Lindhome and Fred Armisen are married — and have been since 2022. Not only did the couple tie the knot two years ago, but they have been raising baby boy Keaton, now 2, together since his ...