gta 5 time travel

Back to the Future V 2.3.2

Back To The Future V 1.1F

Wait a minute, wait a minute, Doc, are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?


Script Hook V Community Script Hook V .NET 3.0.4 .NET Framework 4.8 (Optional) limitless gameconfig (Optional) PackfileLimitAdjuster (Optional) HeapAdjuster

Keyboard / Controller Main menu: CTRL + F8 Interaction Menu: Character wheel + Handbrake (default: left ALT + space / DPad down + RB) Time Circuits: NumPad + Input Mode: NumPad / Confirm Date: NumPad Enter Toggle Cinematic / Instant mode: NumPad * Hover boost: Handbrake (default: space / RB) Altitude control: G VTOL: Aim + throttle/brake (default: RMB + W-S / LB + LT-RT) Refuel, Hook, Hoodbox: Context (default: E / DPad right) Forced Handbrake (RC): Handbrake + Duck (default: space + a / RB + A) Toggle Hover mode: Hold X-H / A

Main Features:

Models DMC12 Brand new best looking DeLorean models made specially for this mod Exterior / Interior / Engine / Suspension / Chassis / 5 Lods Back to the Future version Base BTTF Kit Mr. Fusion / Plutonium Reactor 55′ / RR Wheels GoodYear NCT60 / GoodYear Eagle GT Tires Hoodbox All the BTTF models are based on A-Hero car and professionally modeled and textured

Time Traveling Cutscene/instant time travel mode TCD glitch system if time machine is damaged Time machine can be forced to time travel if it is being hit by a lightning (while flying or driving with hook into a thunderstorm)

Animated Interior Time Circuits display Flux Capacitor Speedometer (both analog and digital) TFC handle and lights Plutonium gauges Compass

Animated Exterior Hover transition Refuel Suspension

Sounds Stereo 3D sounds with pausing / muting system Most of sounds ripped and edited from blu-ray version of movies Real BTTF DeLorean engine sounds aka LandSpeeder sounds handled by script

Effects Custom made effects for time travel Turbulence while flying into bad weather (NEXT RELEASE) Blinking headlights while trying to restart a dead DeLorean time machine with nuclear reactor (NEXT RELEASE)

Transform any vehicle into a Time Machine (NEXT RELEASE) Yes, now any vehicle (can be a car, bike, boat, motorcycle, plane, etc… ) can be converted to a fully working Time Machine Wormhole type can be changed Hover mode can be activated if model has certain requirements and custom handling data has been added to it (will be explained better) Also can be equipped with ’55 and railroad wheels type (result may vary, certain vehicle models don’t accept tuning wheels) There is no need for refueling after a time travel, there is only a 30secs cooldown

Remote Controlling Any time machine can be remote controlled There is a max distance signal range First person camera can be activated

Persistence system Every time machine status (location, properties, vehicle info, etc… ) is saved and restored at game restart/script reload Works for both DeLorean and other-type time machines

Build custom DeLorean time machine You can customize any DeLorean time machine with the BTTF parts (e.g. BTTF3 with Plutonium Chamber, Hook and Hover System, etc… )

Drive on rail tracks Any time machine that is equipped with railroad wheels can be driven on rail tracks It is possible to time travel on rail tracks… just be aware for a possible incoming train at reentry…

Time machine’s garage:

Michael’s, Trevor’s and Franklin’s garages can be used to transform any vehicle into a time machine Repair broken time, flying circuits and faulty engine Install hover conversion and Mr. Fusion Customize other time machine’s elements

2.3.1 Fixed incorrect filename in script for custom deceleration sound Fixed bug that would allow unexpected player control inputs during cinematic time travel Fixed rare script crash related to WormholeAnimationPlayer Updated language files Added updated Russian translation

2.3.0 Enabled ability to affect traffic density based on current year Lybian chase added; only appears if player has no Plutonium in 1985, check the map! Clocktower mission fixed; disabled scripted events and traffic too! Steam venting & empty warning disabled after reentry from Clocktower mission Persistence & Spawn Preset systems fixed Wayback system now records player’s outfit Time Paradox system added to Wayback Fixed missing suspension entries for ride height customization Player will get 1 Plutonium pellet when building a time machine from a stock DMC-12 Fixed bugs with BTTF3 and BTTF3RR DeLoreans Fixed flux capacitor appearing in midair when spawning time machines Fixed bug causing flux capacitor to not react when struck by lightning or using photo mode with no fuel Fixed TCD glitch sound and animation; made glitch happen sooner Corrected color and movement of plutonium chamber gauge needles Updated weather system Added new story DeLorean (HINT: November 12 1955) Fixed flux capacitor bug when time travel interrupted Fixed BTTF2 torque value issues Fixed lightning strike bugs Fixed RC mode death bugs Fixed HandleDucking crashes Added BTTF3RR reentry script event toggle Fixed BTTF3RR spawn crash And more! Full changelog is in the OIV!

2.2.4 FIX: Clocktower mission not working with the new Tuner’s DLC. FIX: Vertex Paint Bug in the Interior

2.2.3 FIX: wheel bug with the new Tuner’s DLC FIX: story mode missions not working FIX: the texture bug on the Overhead console FIX: RR DeLorean not working with the Tuner’s DLC

2.2.1 NEW: Real time mode. 1 minute in game is equal to real 1 minute. Can be enabled in settings. DO NOT USE trainers real time mode with this mod. NEW: Lightning run. A bolt of lightning is gonna strike a pole on Nov. 12, 1955 10:04 PM near the construction site in Paleto Boulevard. Try catch it and go back to the future! (Real time mode must be enabled) NEW: Now also seconds can be set for alarm time in bulova clock (helps with lightning run). NEW: Forced weather condition in relevant in-movies dates. FIX: Various bugs fixed (mostly about garage and wayback).

2.1.1 (Extract “BTTFV_2.1.1” files in scripts folder.) Fixed script crash after player dies Fixed time machine menu still opening after delete of all time machines

Artist: ranstar74 DMC12 model updates: RetroGamer Programmer: AHK1221 / MrFusion92 Tester: Nickumto255 / hugoraider / SBTx14 / MatchstickMan / Evonia / Victor / Adrien / RetroGamer / Dwurban / auron / Lordf84 Audio: BTTFV / BTTF Hill Valley Team Translations: English -> BTTFV Team French -> hugoraider German -> d3vk1ng / sole Italian -> MrFusion92 Spanish -> SBTx14 Polish -> Mroczny Gracz Portuguese -> Victor Russian -> ranstar74 Japan -> Leaf

Special thanks to: SonicJoshua24 / 5dmc1 / dmc4708 / Carlos85G / Manghen

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Back To Los Santos (Back To The Future Mod)

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i wish they would.

are you going to put in the Jules Verne Time Train?

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Releases: rdvdev2/TimeTravelMod



We went Fabric! No worries, both Forge and Fabric versions will be mantained. This Forge update is ment to keep up with the changes in the Fabric code base.

Present bugs

  • The Engineer Book underlined text becomes normal text under certain strange conditions.

Translation state

With the addition of the Engineer Book, huge text strings were added to the mod and these are untranslated. The english translation review also made the translation state in other languages worse. I really need your help with this because I can't do all those translations on my own.

  • English: 100% (Thanks to benserwa)

Spanish: 100% (Thanks to Koockies)

Catalan: 100% (Thanks to Koockies)

  • German: 28% (Thanks to Stal111, ImMine_ and TheMCBrothers)
  • Chinese: 22% (Thanks to staryG)
  • Italian: 33% (Thanks to whoever done it, he/she disappeared)

French: 100% (Thanks to Shizurok and Koockies)

  • Russian: 57% (Thanks to Byll_DO_zeR)

Missing translations will fallback to English. If you want to help out translating the mod just go to Crowdin and collaborate in the project. If your language is not in the list contact me so I can add it.


I'm sorry for the recent inactivity, but I was near final exams and it was imposible for me to work on this. Now I'm planning on giving more time to this project, so expect a content update soon. For now, I offer you this little translation and clean-up update.

New features

  • General clean-up: Some warnings have been removed from the logs, as they were caused by my previous bad coding practices.
  • Translation revision: The English translation has been reviewed and corrected due to major grammar, phrasing and title casing errors (Big thanks to benserwa). As english is the source of all the other translations, there are some languages that need to be updated to catch with the new strings, so expect random english texts arround the mod until future updates.


Little 1.15.2 and translations update!

  • Russian! The mod is now a 200% cooler!

With the addition of the Engineer Book, huge text strings were added to the mod and these are untranslated. I really need your help with this because I can't do all those translations on my own.

English: 100%

  • German: 52% (Thanks to Stal111, ImMine_ and TheMCBrothers)
  • Chinese: 45% (Thanks to staryG)
  • Italian: 10% (Thanks to whoever done it, he/she disappeared)
  • Russian: 85% (Thanks to Byll_DO_zeR)


This is only a little patch to the first 1.15.1 update, providing a working multiplayer and more German translations. Enjoy!

Solved bugs

  • Multiplayer is now totally fixed. No more logging out and logging in again, just normal Minecraft behaviour!
  • German: 53% (Thanks to Stal111, ImMine_ and TheMCBrothers)

Chinese: 47% (Thanks to staryG)

Italian: 11% (Thanks to whoever done it, he/she disappeared)


It's been a long time since the latest update, I know. High school is taking most of my time and it's hard to use some of it to continue working on the mod. Now I'm starting to find easier to continue coding while studing, so I'm very confident that I will be able to post updates more often. Anyway, here is the 1.15.1 Time Travle Mod update!

  • Bee ready to update : Forge 1.15.1 is out and that means that Time Travel Mod 1.15.1 is too.
  • Less confusion : The Engineer Book now shows building guidelines oriented towards the player for more intuitive building.
  • Old West music now doesn't overlap and is quiter.
  • Multiplayer now works, but with some problems (see present bugs).
  • First time loading the Old West on multiplayer will break. Log out and log in again to fix.

German: 18% (Thanks to Stal111 and ImMine_)


Happy birthday! This is an special update, the first Time Travel Mod version was released 1 year ago! This update has been worked hardly to bring a bunch of new, exciting and useful features. Hope you enjoy it!

Warning: World generation has changed in the Old West dimension. If you load an old world biomes will mess up and probably you will get rough chunk edges. Starting a new world or reseting the Old West dimension is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Warning: Forge dimension subsystems are a bit broken by the moment (remember this is Forge Beta) and clients don't work properly when connected to a server, so multiplayer isn't working by the moment. I'm trying to solve it, but it will require a change on Forge's codebase, so this will take some time. New features regarding servers or multiplayer are implemented in the mod anyways, so when Forge will fix this, you possibly won't need to update the mod.

  • Old West revamped: Tired of the Old West being an infinite boring desert? Well, this is your update! Now the worldgen takes an approach similar to the overworld one. Oceans, rivers and the mesa now can be found on the Old West. Now gold generates in the Old West as in the mesa, so prepare to become rich! You will be also able to find mineshafts at ground level.
  • Time Machine recalling: You were playing with a friend and had to build two Time Machines to both be able to visit other Time Lines? That's not longer this way! The first Time Machine upgrade was added to the mod, and it enables you to recall the Time Machine and let it travel in time with no one inside. Read the Time Machine Engineer's Book for more information on how to build and use this awesome feature.
  • Detailed error messages when using a Time Machine: Wonder why your Time Machine isn't working? Now you will see a brief message specifying what exactly didn't work. I hope this makes using the mod a little bit easier.
  • Cheater reports: Now when a Time Machine check fails in the server, the op's will be notfied of the failed check and will be suggested to ban the player, as often these failed checks mean the player is cheating. These cheater reports can be disabled in the mod config.
  • Gunpowder visuals rework: The placeable gunpowder now has nicer colors and some sound and particle effects when lit up.
  • New block: Time machine recaller
  • New block: Time machine tracker
  • New item: Communications circuit
  • You will no loger hear the nether portal sound when using a Time Machine.
  • Time Machines no longer work from the nether, the end, or any other dimension added by another mod.
  • The placing of the player when using the Creative Time Machine has been reviewed and now it should never take you down to Y=0 or spawn you in a cave.
  • Now the server checks if the Time Machine was cooled down. Before it was only cheked on the client, making it easier to cheat.
  • Placeable gunpowder now is correctly colored.
  • Placeable gunpowder now drops itself when broken if not lit up.
  • Fix datapack description file (pack.mcmeta). No more log errors regarding it.
  • Using a Time Machine with no TM Core or from the wrong side no longer breaks the checks, allowing the player to use the Time Machine.
  • Updated to Forge 1.14.4-28.0.45. Modpacks can now update without dealing with the breaking changes on Forge.

English: 100% Spanish: 100% Catalan: 100% German: 22% (Thanks to Stal111 and ImMine_) Chinese: 22% (Thanks to staryG) Italian: 11% (Thanks to whoever done it, he/she disappeared) French: 30% (Thanks to Shizurok) Missing translations will fallback to English. If you want to help out translating the mod just go to Crowdin and collaborate in the project. If your language is not in the list contact me so I can add it.


Check out the changelog at CurseForge


Check the changelog at CurseForge



Screen Rant

Gta 5 theory: red dead redemption 2 time travel connection explained.


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Animal Crossing Players Are Only Just Discovering Rare Gold Item From 2.0 Update

Fallout 4 player discovers tactic for killing rare enemy years after playing, disturbing fallout 4 discovery may shed light on a bigger unsolved mystery.

Francis Sinclair, subject of one of the strangest quests in all of Red Dead Redemption 2 , may connect Grand Theft Auto 5 to Rockstar's Old Western franchise. A few  Red Dead and GTA Easter eggs over the years have suggested the two might take place in the same universe, but the time-traveling NPC seems to be the strongest evidence fans have found so far.

One of the most interesting of  Red Dead Redemption 2' s lingering questions  regards Francis, whom the player can find as part of the Stranger side-mission "Geology for Beginners." Clad in a somewhat anachronistic sweater and slacks, Francis speaks in a Transatlantic accent, a real-world affectation popularized at least thirty years after the events of Red Dead Redemption 2 . He tasks the player with finding 10 mysterious rock carvings. When the player returns to Francis' cabin after finding all ten, Francis is gone, leaving behind drawings that appear to show him time-traveling to ancient Egypt and modern America. A woman then walks into the cabin, holding a baby who shares Francis' name, birth mark, and hair color.

Related:  Theory: Grand Theft Auto 6's Protagonist Is From GTA 4 & 5

On its own, this quest line would be unusual enough to spawn plenty of theories, but what makes it even more interesting is Francis' possible connection to GTA 5' s Epsilon Program . The Epsilon Program is a religious cult introduced in GTA 4 that seems to be a parody of the real-world Church of Scientology. The cult appears to worship a deity named Kifflom, and its members follow a set of rules called The 12 Tenets of Kifflom, which include statements such as, "Everyone is related to everyone else, except for people with red hair," and, "If you have a birth mark, you may be descended from Kraff, the famous [alien] Emperor of the 4th Paradigm." Its members also wear light-blue robes.

Francis Sinclair a descendant of Kraff (Epsilon)? from reddeadmysteries

As Reddit user the_monotonist pointed out after Red Dead Redemption 2' s release , all of these aspects are reflected in Francis. He has a birth mark over his left eye, just like the in-universe Epsilon Program website's example of a possible alien emperor Kraff descendant. Francis' red hair indicates that, according to the cult's beliefs, he is not related to other humans, suggesting he could indeed be an alien (or the descendant of one). This would also explain his apparent supernatural time travel abilities. Additionally, his light-blue sweater seems to be a reference to the cult's light-blue attire.

Francis' appearance seems to link not only himself to the Epsilon Program but the Red Dead universe to GTA' s, as it's first of these franchise's crossover references that seems to be more than just a fourth wall-breaking Easter egg. That being said, another quote on the Epsilon Program's website could disprove this theory: The site's contact page reads, "The Epsilon Program does not exist in just one time or place."  This could mean the Epsilon Program transcends universes, and its possible presence in both Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 4 and 5 does not mean those games actually take place in the same timeline. Perhaps fans will get a look at more concrete Red Dead connections to the GTA franchise when Rockstar releases Grand Theft Auto 6 .

Next:  What Grand Theft Auto's Writer Leaving Means For GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto 5 released on September 17, 2013, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, on November 18, 2014, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and April 14, 2015, for PC.

  • Game Features
  • Grand Theft Auto

8 amazing GTA 5 mods that are worth your time - travel to space, fire vehicles from a cannon, improve the graphics, and more

The Grand Theft Auto 5 modding scene has exploded since the game's PC release - here are some of our favourites.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is still going strong, recently passing a frankly ludicrous 85 million sales worldwide . A lot of those sales are on PC, and modders have really gone to town on GTA 5, picking and poking at it to see what's possible in this engine.

There are hundreds of great GTA 5 mods out there, but these eight really stand out to us as particularly inventive, cool, and worthwhile. If you think you've picked Los Santos apart, give these a look.

Iron Man / Hulkbuster Armour Iron Man

Cover image for YouTube video

We've covered this one before , but it's pretty impressive, so we wanted to highlight it again. This Iron Man zips around at a tremendous pace, and has all the weapons you would want. In fact, it looks like a substantially better realisation of Iron Man than the last official Iron Man game (Iron Man 2 on Xbox 360/PS3, which was rubbish).

You'll have to subscribe to the creator's Patreon at the $2 tier to get it, but hey, it's pretty great.

Superhot Mod

Cover image for YouTube video

SUPER. HOT. Superhot was a pretty wonderful game, and while there's more content available for it now, we really like the idea of taking the gameplay model of Superhot and applying it to an open world like this. Basically, the world only moves when you move, so you can plan everything out in advance and move very strategically to put down your enemies. Being able to literally stop your enemies in their tracks is satisfying, even if you have to stop yourself as well.

Grand Theft Space

Cover image for YouTube video

This one sends you beyond the boundaries of Los Santos...and Earth itself. This one lets you get in a rocket ship and travel beyond the boundaries of Earth, with three moons and 11 planets to explore. It's not quite No Man's Sky, but it's pretty exciting to see this kind of work coming from a modding team.

Los Santos: No Water / A Lot of Water / Way Too Much Water

gta 5 atlantis mod

In this mod, you can either have a version of Los Santos with no water, one that is waterlogged like a tsunami just came through, or a version that is completely underwater like the lost city of Atlantis. Again, we've looked at this one before , but it deserves a revisit - it's a very cool idea, and you can either strand some whales or leave them very happy. It's always fun to get a new perspective on an old map.

Open All Interiors

Cover image for YouTube video

We love a good gimmicky mod, but sometimes you just want something that makes it a bit easier to appreciate everything the developers have put into the game. This mod opens up 65 building interiors that are otherwise inaccessible outside of specific missions, interiors usually only accessible in GTA Online, or, in a few cases, which have been removed from the game but were left in the code. The mod developers might have made minor changes here and there, but mostly this is a showcase for what Rockstar can do.

The Vehicle Cannon

Cover image for YouTube video

This is literally a gun that fires random vehicles, and what more could you want, really? When you fire this gun, vehicles will go flying out, causing carnage wherever you point it. Perfect for dealing with your enemies, or just for causing a big ol' pile up and flaming wreck.

Back to the Future: the DeLoreans and time-travel circuits

gta 5 delorean

We've got two different mods here - one that adds Doc Brown and Marty's iconic cars into the game, another that (sort of) lets them travel through time. Look, it's not that exciting - the time of day just changes if you reach the right speed - but the DeLorean is such an iconic car that just driving it around is inherently very satisfying. This is...heavy, Doc.

NaturalVision Remastered

Cover image for YouTube video

Here it is - the holy grail of GTA visual mods. From their description:

The goal was to try and make GTAV look visually similar to Southern California in real life. The author has viewed more than 40 hours of video footage, hundreds of photos and researched a variety of neighboring districts within the Los Angeles and Salton Sea areas. All of this was necessary in order to produce the most realistic visual experience currently possible with GTAV's game engine.

They've more-or-less succeeded too - GTA 5 looks gorgeous with this mod installed. A real triumph.

Do you have a favourite GTA 5 mod that we've overlooked? Let us know below.

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Kill Screen – Previously

gta 5 time travel

The weird moral time travel in GTA V

I was driving through Blaine County in the early evening and saw the flaming remains of a car crash in the highway median, which was somewhat unusual because the non-player characters in Grand Theft Auto V seemed to be relatively competent drivers until I caused an incident. Not having driven this stretch of road before, I knew I wasn’t responsible for the carnage. So, out of curiosity (and moral imperative after trying to pass the scene only to hear a woman shouting for help), I stopped.

Taliana Martinez was a getaway driver caught in a botched robbery and sent careening off the road after being stabbed by one of her crew members. I was too slow in driving to her safehouse and she died in the passenger seat right as I pulled into her driveway. Somewhat peeved, I pushed her body out of the car and drove back to the city.

gta 5 time travel

On my way back to Michael’s house, I passed an alley in Vinewood where a woman was being threatened at gunpoint by a mugger. I parked and attempted to run to her aid but she was shot as I crossed the street. With two incidents in such quick succession, I felt haunted by dead women.

Then the events repeated, and kept repeating, until I stepped in to stop them. It seemed like it didn’t matter if it was day or night. I passed the same Vinewood alley, the same spot on the freeway toward Sandy Shores. Same girls in the same outfit. I imagine if I had let it gone on longer, I might have made it want to end out of pure annoyance at hearing the dialogue repeated so many times. But rather than go totally callous, I found myself looking at the entire game as a tragi-comic closed loop of time, a universe in which there was limited evil to be done and a strong incentive to end certain evil acts in spite of all the opportunities to blow up armored cars.

Destruction is encouraged as long as you stay within the established boundaries. The map, while large, will kill you if you try to go beyond it, but there are also enough distractions to entice you back to prevent you from seeking the boundary in the first place. It’s a little reminiscent of the island in LOST —and the game creators seem aware. There is even a hatch under the ocean on one corner of the map.

Your freedom comes at a price in this open world. You can live in an eternal summer where the progression of time is merely illusory. You’ll never age and never die, but that means your kids will never grow up enough to leave the house or your friends might never get wise to their mistakes and the stakes of your missions seem less and less dire. You might have agreed to a heist that appears time sensitive, like assisting the FIB in stealing a bio-weapon from a rival government agency, but you can pass five or 100 days in the game with very little nagging from other characters about fulfilling your commitment or the threat of failure via missed opportunity.

There’s just one season in the game’s main campaign and the only real indicator that time is passing at all is the changing stock market.  

No children appear anywhere in Los Santos or Sandy Shores or anywhere in between, so they will never get hit with stray bullets. While the representation of sex workers is shallow and entirely expected (no real agency, victims of abusive pimps, etc), there are other instances in which the player is rewarded for treating women with respect: rescuing a runaway bride escaping her abuser; preventing the sexual assault of one young woman being preyed upon by two naked old men; preventing a woman from being shot during a mugging.

gta 5 time travel

For the player tuned in to it, there is a very clear moral structure being promoted here. It’s fair to point out that many vulnerable people are left out of this moral structure, but such is the nature of a science fictional universe with a somewhat vindictive god.

Even if players follow their most evil inclinations, there is a strict limit to the amount of bad one can perpetuate.

Los Santos’ insular universe seems to be working to correct itself. If any of the three protagonists die, you jump back in time to before your death, imposing an immortality similar to Bill Murray in Groundhog Day . The non-player characters seem to be participating in the causal loop as well, no matter how many times you kill them. They regenerate identical to their former selves, sometimes startlingly quickly. During one rampage as Trevor, I beat a man to death simply because he looked like a tech bro: bad haircut, hoodie, cargo shorts and flip flops. A few minutes later, I turned a corner on a nearby block and his double was there, walking by as if I hadn’t just assaulted him.

Death is only permanent for a select few inhabitants whom it is obvious the world would be better without. This is sort of a warped version of the “fixed point” theory of time travel popularized by Doctor Who : there are just certain events that you can’t change because they are so critical to keeping a universe’s timeline intact. But in Los Santos, instead of showing the consequences of the timeline collapsing, it just forces your hand to keep trying. Or, from a more pessimistic perspective, dooms you to repeat your actions until you get it right, until you’ve purged all the evil from the place by totally exhausting your options and figuring out who you can put in the ground permanently and whose suffering will repeat due to your inaction.

Without your interference, Taliana will stay on the highway bleeding eternally until you pick her up; the anonymous woman in the ally will keep getting shot. The starlet will keep getting trapped by paparazzi. The woman caught by the rogue members of the Altruist cult will keep getting sexually assaulted. The horror is in the repetition, but once you’ve closed the loop, you effectively take the events out of time forever. Or, if interpreted through the many worlds theory, you create a new, better timeline every time you decide to interrupt events. It’s all in service of the greater good.

gta 5 time travel

This moral universe is very heavy handed. It practically screams at you that you have the agency to change things, to prevent suffering of the (relatively) innocent, but giving you a little more agency with the assholes.

Dom, the thrill-seeking dickwad who coerces Franklin into participating in many death-defying stunts like parachuting onto moving semi trucks, is allowed to either live or die permanently, depending on your reaction to the final tip-off offered to you by the magical golden retriever. You can either obey Devin Weston or stuff him in a trunk and shove him into the ocean. You can continue to be Steve Haines’ lackey or end him during a reality television shoot. Whichever way you decide is permanent. Depending on which final decision you make as Franklin, all three protagonists survive or only two do.

These major decisions don’t get a redo in the same way as the seemingly more minor events, suggesting that the major protagonists and antagonists are not fixed in time in the same way as everyone around them. They’re timelords, Phil Connors, Billy Pilgrims: unstuck in a limited span of time, soaked in blood and seeking redemption. Bleak, but at least it’s always sunny in Los Santos.

gta 5 time travel

gta 5 time travel

Grand Theft Auto 5 Story DLC Was Cancelled Because GTA Online "Was Going Crazy"

W e’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto 5 for over 10 years now , and one of the reasons is the success of its online component, GTA Online . The success of this mode led Rockstar to change their post-launch content approach for this installment, scrapping plans for planned single-player content . Recently, one of the studio’s former developers spoke about this change, emphasizing that although they originally “spent so much money” on DLC development, the focus changed when GTA Online became a “cash cow” for the company.

During an interview on the SanInPlay YouTube channel, former Rockstar Senior Camera Artist and Virtual Cinematographer Joseph Rubino talked about his work and how the company’s shift in focus ultimately led to the cancellation of the Trevor-focused DLC.

“I was one of the main editors, camera artist and doing a lot of the second unit on-stage stuff,” commented Rubino. “We split our teams into two, so I stayed on GTA Online and then this DLC, which Steven Ogg was a very important part of, and then some of the team overlapped and went to [Red Dead Redemption 2] early on.”

“When GTA Online came out, it was so much of a cash cow and people were loving it so much that i t was hard to make an argument that a standalone DLC would out-compete that . Looking back now I would say that you could probably do both , but that was a business decision that they made and I was a little upset about that,” he continued.

“[I was] a little sour at that time, because I was like ‘yo, what the f** guys, this s**t’s awesome, let’s keep going, let’s finish this s**t, and then we shelved it,” concluded Rubino.

Agent Trevor, what the story DLC for GTA V could have been

Earlier this year, Steven Ogg himself, the actor who brought Trevor Phillips to life , commented that he had filmed scenes of his character working as an undercover agent for the FIB , the parody version of the FBI. At the time, Ogg described him as “ James Bond Trevor ,” where “he’s still kind of a f**k-up, but he’s doing his best, and we shot some stuff and then it just disappeared... and they never followed up on it. This job description sounds like what ended up being the GTA Online update, The Doomsday Heist , where our character works alongside Lester Crest, Agent 14, and other characters and agencies to save San Andreas (and the world) from an AI.


Impacts may be 'catastrophic' as Hurricane Beryl pounds Jamaica: Live updates

Editor's note: This page reflects news on Hurricane Beryl from Wednesday, July 3. For the latest news on Hurricane Beryl please follow USA TODAY's live updates on the storm for Thursday, July 4 .

Hurricane Beryl was retreating from Jamaica late Wednesday and is expected to pass just south of the Cayman Islands overnight as a major hurricane, bringing intense winds and heavy rain, the National Hurricane Center said.

As of 2 a.m. ET Thursday, Beryl was downgraded to a Category 3 hurricane with winds of 125 mph and was about 110 miles southeast of Grand Cayman — the largest of the Cayman Islands. After roaring by Jamaica's southern coast, the hurricane was expected to unload "devastating hurricane-force winds, life-threatening storm surge, and damaging waves" across the Cayman Islands, according to the hurricane center.

The Cayman Islands could get up to half a foot of rain through Thursday. Weather officials are also warning about life-threatening surf and rip currents along parts of western Cuba, the Yucatan Peninsula, and the coast of Belize.

Beryl was on track to approach the Cayman Islands on Wednesday night and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula about 24 hours later, still as a hurricane but weakened by expected wind shear.

In Jamaica, emergency crews evacuated people living in flood-prone communities and nearly 500 people were in shelters by Wednesday afternoon, according to Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

“We’re concerned about widespread damage and potentially catastrophic impacts in Jamaica,” said Bernie Rayno, AccuWeather's chief on-air meteorologist. "Flooding may last days to even weeks. Widespread power outages are expected. Beryl will likely damage many homes and businesses and cause severe coastal inundation."

The chances of Beryl impacting part of the Texas Gulf Coast have increased with the projected path veering northwest, AccuWeather reported , although it would not bring anywhere near the ferocity of its devastating assault on the southern Windward Islands earlier this week. The current track calls for Beryl to weaken to a tropical storm as it crosses the Yucatan and then becomes a hurricane again before making landfall along the coast near the border of Mexico and Texas.

The storm is projected to drench Jamaica with 4 to 8 inches of rain, and 12 inches are forecast in some places, which could cause "life-threatening flash flooding and mudslides," the NHC said. Holness declared all of Jamaica a "disaster area" and imposed an islandwide curfew Wednesday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

On Monday, Beryl made landfall in Grenada's Carriacou island as a Category 4 hurricane, ravaging the southern Caribbean Islands, flattening hundreds of buildings and causing the deaths of at least seven people. On Monday night, Beryl became the earliest Category 5 hurricane on record. Driven by record-hot ocean temperatures, Beryl's rapid strengthening has stunned experts.

Amazing drone footage: As Hurricane Beryl tears through Caribbean, a drone sends back stunning footage


∎ The death toll from the powerful hurricane rose to at least 10, according to Reuters. But that figure is expected to increase as communications come back online across islands damaged by flooding and intense winds.

∎ The Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica posted on X that a small section of the roof of its passenger boarding pier was damaged by Beryl. "Once the storm has completely passed, a full assessment of damage will be done," the airport stated on X.

∎ The Meteorological Service of Mexico issued a hurricane warning for the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula from Puerto Costa Maya to Cancun, a popular tourist destination, according to the NHC. Tropical storm warnings were also issued for other parts of the Yucatan Peninsula.

∎ Venezuela's vice president, Delcy Rodriguez, and senior officials in her traveling party were injured by a falling tree Tuesday night while surveying an area near the country's Caribbean coast where the Manzanares River overran its banks after heavy rainfall caused by Beryl.

Hurricane Beryl tracker: See projected path of storm

Will Hurricane Beryl hit Texas?

Portions of South Texas are now within the forecast cone of Hurricane Beryl , which meteorologists say could arrive in the state over the weekend or early Monday.

However, forecasters remain unsure of what Beryl will do and how strong it will be as it approaches the Gulf Coast after hitting Mexico: "High uncertainty remains with both the track and intensity of Beryl," the  National Weather Service said Wednesday.

"From Panama City, Florida to New Orleans, there is a low risk of direct impacts from Beryl, but from about Corpus Christi to Brownsville, Texas, the risk increases significantly due to the potential for Beryl to have more direct impacts,"  AccuWeather  meteorologist Jonathan Porter said. "That southern portion of the Texas coast is the zone we have to really watch."

Coastal threats could begin this weekend, warned: "Well ahead of Beryl, onshore winds could lead to increasing surf, rip currents and coastal flooding along parts of the Gulf Coast from eastern Mexico to Texas and western Louisiana beginning as soon as Saturday, and continuing until just after Beryl's final landfall,  said. The rip current threat could also even extend farther east along the northern Gulf Coast.

Brennan said Tuesday that "folks in the Texas coast, as we go into the holiday weekend, you're going to want to make sure you check back on the forecast and make sure you're ready for any potential impact. If we were to see tropical storm conditions affect those areas in the far western Gulf of Mexico, it could be during the day Saturday."

– Doyle Rice

More than 90% of the homes, buildings destroyed

More than 90% of homes and buildings across at least three islands were destroyed or severely damaged after Beryl tore through the southeast Caribbean, the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency reported Wednesday. The agency was assisting with the disaster response in Grenada, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines.

Beryl struck the islands with winds of 150 mph and higher gusts on Monday, causing significant impacts to the islands, according to Elizabeth Riley, the disaster management agency's executive director. In addition to infrastructure damages, some islands have also faced power outages and disruptions to communications.

In a briefing late Tuesday, Grenada Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell described "total destruction" on the islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

"There's really nothing that can prepare you to see this level of destruction," Mitchell said. "It is almost Armageddon-like, almost total damage and destruction of all buildings. Complete devastation and destruction of agriculture. Complete and total destruction of the natural environment."

— Dinah Voyles Pulver

Airlines waive fees for some in Hurricane Beryl's path

Six major U.S. airlines said they're waiving various fees for travelers who have flights booked in Beryl's path. In most cases, flights booked before July 1 are eligible for the changes. The listed flights include departures from or arrivals in airports in Mexico, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Belize.

American , JetBlue , United , Delta , Southwest , and Spirit Airlines are offering a variety of fee waivers because of the hurricane. Passengers are encouraged to check directly with the airlines on what amended policies apply to them.

The U.S. Department of Transportation said on its website travelers on international flights may be able to recover expenses from a delayed or canceled flight by filing a claim with the airline.

"If the claim is denied, you may pursue the matter in court if you believe that the carrier did not take all measures that could reasonably be required to avoid the damages caused by the delay," the agency said. 

− Krystal Nurse

Resort manager in Jamaica maintains composure as Hurricane Beryl approaches

The coming hurricane doesn't scare Tamar Atkinson, the manager of a small resort in Hanover, a community on Jamaica's northwest coast.

"The way I look at it, I can't stop it," she told USA TODAY. "If the hurricane is going to blow your house down, it's going to blow the house down."

Atkinson, 42, who moved back to Hanover a year ago after she lived in the U.S. for 20 years, already has her sea legs in weathering Jamaica's hurricanes. She remembers facing Hurricane Gilbert, a Category 5, as a little girl – the storm blew the roof off her aunt's house, where she sheltered, but left her mother's house in "perfect condition."

When Hurricane Ivan hit two decades ago, Atkinson sheltered at a nearby school. Once again, the storm blew out the school's windows but left Atkinson's house untouched. "I'm not leaving my house, and I'm not going to go crazy like the rest of the people," she said, adding that she's told her guests to "relax their nerves."

Jamaica closes all international airports as Hurricane Beryl nears island

The Jamaica Tourist Board announced Wednesday that the Sangster, Norman Manley, and Ian Fleming international airports were closed as Hurricane Beryl approached the island.

Jamaica's travel website,, doesn't list a reopening time for the airports and encourages travelers to contact their travel agents and/or airlines for flight updates. The website also encourages travelers to heed any instructions from their hotel or private accommodation on sheltering.

"We also encourage you to register with your Embassy for country-specific guidance and support," the board said on the website.

The U.S. Embassy in Jamaica is open on a limited basis and encourages Americans to not visit the embassy for shelter and instead seek a government-run shelter. Citizens in Jamaica are encouraged to call the embassy at (876) 702-6486 if they need assistance. 

– Krystal Nurse

Ahead of Hurricane Beryl, Jamaicans prepare their homes

Donae Maye stocked up on water, candles, and food earlier this week, before supermarkets across her hometown of Montego Bay, a city on Jamaica's northern Coast, emptied.

"There was no bread, no essentials that you actually need, no candles, very few tin products," she said on Wednesday, after a recent visit to some local grocery stores.

Maye, 27, also prepped her home, where she will shelter with her fiance, her son and his father. "We cleared away any trees that might be blocking any electrical wires and stuff like that that might fall and break the window," she said.

She's confident that her house, which is made of concrete, will stand up to the storm better than many buildings did to Hurricane Ivan 20 years ago. Back then, more structures were made of board, which didn't fare well in the storm, she said. Today, "most structures are built to withstand the winds and the hurricane," she said.

Humanitarian groups rally relief for impacted countries

Global Giving and Americares are among the humanitarian organizations collecting money for those affected by Hurricane Beryl. Both promise donations to support various impacted communities, focusing on those who are disadvantaged and on decimated medical facilities.

Cora Nally, international emergency response director of Americares, said the organization focuses on restoring damaged medical facilities and expects to deploy its workers to Jamaica soon after Beryl leaves.

"That is really going to serve as a home base for them, and we are asking them to do an assessment of all the impacted islands in the Caribbean, and we are going to be keeping an eye on the storm as it moves towards Mexico and the United States," she said.

Is Cancun in the path of Hurricane Beryl?

Among the parts of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and surrounding areas under hurricane warnings were Cancun and the island of Cozumel, two popular tourist destinations packed with luxury resorts and cruise ship ports.

The hurricane warnings were issued by the Meteorological Service of Mexico as forecasters warned residents and tourists of the projected impact of Hurricane Beryl.

Brennan, the director of the NHC, said in a YouTube livestream on Wednesday that the eastern coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, including Cancun, faces 3 to 5 feet of storm surge as well as up to 8 inches of rain.

The record-breaking hurricane is expected to make landfall along the Yucatan Peninsula on Thursday night or early Friday, NHC said.

In Jamaica, tourists shelter in hotel ballroom from Hurricane Beryl

Cecilia Garcia and her family initially planned to weather the beginning of the hurricane in the bathroom of their hotel room in Ocho Rios, on Jamaica's northern coastline. "We do have windows in our room, so I think the safest option would probably be to go in our restroom," she said.

Moon Palace Jamaica, where Garcia, 25, is staying with her parents, brother, sister and two kids, told hotel guests to evacuate to a ballroom. When Garcia and her family first visited the shelter, they found it too chaotic. "We ended up back in our room because it was very crowded," she said. "It was very hot in there."

But later on Wednesday morning, as the winds picked up, the family returned to the packed ballroom, where thin cots were arranged in rows, according to a video Garcia shared with USA TODAY.

Garcia and her family's flight back to their home of Houston, Texas, isn't until Saturday – the hurricane will strike at the midpoint of their week-long vacation. Garcia said if they chose to end their stay earlier, they wouldn't get a refund. 

Looking out at skies still partially clear on Wednesday morning, Garcia said the family was keeping calm ahead of the storm. "We're kind of used to bad weather and floods like that in Houston," she said. "But again, it's different when you're not at home, so that's the only scary part."

Hurricane Beryl spoiling graduation trip

Mona Parhar, 23, and Arezoo Rafkhani, 24, didn't start searching for early return flights from their vacation to Jamaica until Tuesday night, less than 24 hours before Hurricane Beryl was expected to sweep across the island. By then, they learned airports had closed.

"We really have no choice but to stick it out," Parhar said Wednesday from their hotel room at the Hotel Riu in Montego Bay on the island's northern side.

The two Toronto natives booked their trip to celebrate their recent graduations – Rafkhani from Toronto Metropolitan University and Parhar from York University. "We've never experienced something like this as Canadians," Rafkhani said. "It's kind of nerve-wracking."

The pair were comforted by the hotel staff, who kept guests informed and safe. "Since last night, they've been sending us messages about how to get prepared, what they're doing and will be doing this morning," Rafkhani said. "They've been keeping us calm," Parhar said.

Jamaica braces for Hurricane Beryl

Jamaican officials warned residents to stock up on food, batteries, candles, and drinking water. Residents in flood-prone areas were also advised to prepare for evacuation.

"Secure your critical documents and remove any trees or items that could endanger your property," the Office of the Prime Minister in Jamaica said on X on Tuesday. "Everyone, including those living alone, should take these necessary steps now."

As a precaution, Jamaica's Prime Minister Andrew Holness said Tuesday night that electricity and water services will likely be shut off "if the storm reaches a serious threshold" to prevent fires and protect equipment.

"Only one hurricane has ever affected Jamaica during July," according to AccuWeather meteorologist Jesse Ferrell. "Category 4 Hurricane Dennis in 2005 did not make landfall but killed one person and caused a lot of damage."

Record-breaking path: Hurricane Beryl tears through the Caribbean

Hurricane Beryl breaks records

Forecasters have projected 2024 to be one of the busiest hurricane seasons on record. Beryl has already surprised forecasters and broken records since it formed, including becoming the earliest Category 4 or 5 storm on record.

Beryl broke the previous record set by Hurricane Emily on July 17, 2005, for the strongest Category 5 hurricane. Beryl rapidly strengthened from a tropical storm to a major hurricane in about 48 hours.

The storm is also the earliest Category 4 or larger storm by more than a week, breaking the record set by Hurricane Dennis, a Category 4 storm on July 8, 2005.

It was fueled by  much warmer than normal  ocean temperatures in the Atlantic and aided in that development by light winds that allowed it to build a strong inner core.

— Jennifer Borresen, Dinah Voyles Pulver and Ramon Padilla

Hurricane Beryl tracker: See projected path of Category 5 storm

Smaller islands hit hard by Beryl

Beryl hit St. Vincent and the Grenadines especially hard, according to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

"The hurricane has come and gone, and it has left in its wake immense destruction," he said, adding that Union Island had 90% of homes "severely damaged or destroyed."

After making landfall in Grenada's Carriacou Island on Monday, strong winds and high water levels smashed fishing boats in Barbados, downed power lines in Grenada and St. Vincent, and knocked out drinking water in St. Lucia, according to officials.

Grenada's Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell noted on Tuesday that the islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique were significantly impacted by the hurricane. In addition to downed power lines, roads remained impassable and fuel stations were destroyed.

"The situation is grim. There is no power. There is almost complete destruction of homes and buildings," Mitchell said.

Contributing: Cheryl McCloud, USA TODAY Network-Florida ; Reuters


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