Best Disney Cruise Excursions in Bahamas, Caribbean, & Bermuda -- Water trikes in front of a Disney cruise ship

Best Disney Cruise Excursions in Bahamas, Caribbean, & Bermuda

They’re known by many names: Port Adventures, Land Adventures, Shore Excursions, Port Excursions, or Shoreside Activities. Whatever you call them, Disney Cruise Line Port Adventures all have one thing in common: they’re a great way to experience a local adventure during cruises! Depending on the destination, you might have hundreds of possibilities to choose from. So which should you choose, and which should you let sail you by? Here are our picks for some of the Best Disney Cruise Excursions in the Bahamas and Caribbean.

Jump directly to the best excursions in:

  • Castaway Cay, Bahamas
  • Costa Maya, Mexico
  • Cozumel, Mexico
  • Falmouth, Jamaica
  • George Town, Grand Cayman
  • King’s Wharf, Bermuda
  • Nassau, Bahamas
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

Or read on to find out more about Port Adventures and how to get them for free .

Get Free Help Planning Your Cruise and Port Adventures. Vacationeers are standing by!

What are Disney Cruise Port Adventures?

“Port Adventures” is the name Disney uses for organized off-ship activities. You can always leave the ship for free when it’s in port, and there’s never any charge to explore on your own. A Port Adventure is an optional paid experience that offers a bit more structure to your time on shore.

Whatever you’re looking for — invigorating or relaxing, cultural or touristy, complex or simple, short or long — odds are you’ll find it offered as a Disney Cruise Port Adventure.

How Much are Shore Excursions in the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Bermuda?

There’s a Port Adventure for every budget. You can spend about $18 to rent a two-seater paddle boat at Castaway Cay — or you can charter a private fishing vessel for the day in Tortola, British Virgin Islands for $6,599.

Don’t let the priciest options scare you away. Many excursions fall well below $100 per-person and are quite reasonable.

We checked prices of all excursions Disney Cruise Line offered in the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Bermuda at the time we wrote this article, and here’s what we found:

  • $1 – $49: 103 options
  • $50 – $99: 303 options
  • $100 – $199: 186 options
  • $200 and up: 110 options

There are plenty of great options at each of the price points, and you don’t certainly don’t have to spend a huge amount to have a good time.

If you don’t mind splurging just a little, we’ve found that $125-$250 per person should be enough to buy you a truly unforgettable port adventure in the area. Though you likely wouldn’t want to spend this much in every port, it’s worth considering at least once during your cruise. And you can take heart in knowing that excursion prices in this part of the world are much more affordable than, say, Disney Cruise excursions in Alaska or European cruise excursions.

How to Get Free Excursions on a Disney Cruise

Port Adventures are not included in the cost of your Disney Cruise , but you can still get them for free if you know how.

Book your cruise through a Disney travel agent to earn Onboard Credit  for excursions and other purchases during your cruise.

The Vacationeer offers up to $1,000 in Onboard Credit when you book your cruise through them.

Your cruise won’t cost any more than if you’d booked it yourself , and they don’t charge any planning fees .

When Do You Pay for Disney Cruise Port Adventures?

In most cases, charges for your shore excursion are applied through your shipboard account; you won’t actually pay until you settle your account at the end of your cruise. That’s great news if you’re have an onboard credit from your travel agent, because it means you can use that “free money” toward your excursions.

Now, on to our list.

We’ve picked some of the best offerings at multiple ports and across different price points.

Prices shown are per person unless indicated otherwise. Some offerings may be limited to certain itineraries or times of year.

There are many more offerings and plenty of additional ports. So if you see something that looks almost perfect, you can check out the full list of Port Adventures to find similar offerings with different options, prices, and locations.

Castaway Cay — Best Port Adventures

A Disney Cruise Ship docked in the crystal waters of Castaway Cay

As Disney’s own private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay offers an exclusive Bahamian hideaway that’s open only to one Disney cruise ship a day — and no one else! There’s plenty to do for free on the island, but also a wide array of optional paid activities.

Bicycle Rentals (C04)

One of the most popular and cost-effective ways to explore Castaway Cay. Enjoy a one-hour bike rental as you explore nature paths and offshore terrain. Ride along the island’s historic (and historically dubious) airstrip and wheel your way to the observation tower for an elevated view of Disney’s Private Island.

Activity Level: Active

Requirements: Ages 3+

Duration: 1.0 hour

Cost: $13 for ages 10+ $13 for ages 3-9 Rates are per bike, per hour

Castaway Ray’s Stingray Adventure (C13)

Enter the shallow stingray lagoon for an up-close encounter. Using a specially-designed feeding ramp and tray, your guide will show you how to place food just right in your hand to allow a stingray to glide over and gobble up their meal. You’ll also have a chance to pet one of these beautiful, often misunderstood creatures. Then, grab your snorkel to observe 60+ stingrays in a beautiful lagoon. Concerned about safety? Stingrays have no teeth, and Castaway Cay keeps its captive stingrays’ barbs safely (and humanely) trimmed.

Activity Level: Moderate

Requirements: Ages 5+ (ages 5-16 with adult 18+)

Cost: $56 for ages 10+ $45 for ages 5-9

Glass Bottom Boat Scenic Voyage (C11)

Did you know Castaway Cay has a barrier reef? Board a glass bottom boat for a voyage beyond the protected lagoon out to the undeveloped north side of the island. You’ll stay dry as you look down through bottom-mounted windows to discover tropical fish, sea creatures, and the coral reefs that protect the island.

Activity Level: Mild

Requirements: Open to all ages. Limited seats; guests may be required to stand.

Cost: $59 for ages 10+ $39 for ages 3-9 $39 for ages 2 and under

Parasailing (C08)

Meet and mingle with fellow cruisers as you’re divided into groups and board separate boats. Soon, it will be your turn to experience an unforgettable beauty parasailing flight 600-800 feet in the air. You’ll enjoy about 5-7 minutes of flight time before being gently pulled back down to the boat.

Requirements: Ages 8+ (under age 13 must fly with adult age 18+). Age 13-19 must check in with parent/guardian. Must weigh 90-375 pounds. Tandem riders max 375 pounds combined. Tandem ride may be required.

Cost: $129 for ages 10+ $129 for ages 8-9

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So contact The Vacationeer today, and ask about their free onboard credit to spend on excursions or virtually anything else onboard the ship!

Costa Maya, Mexico — Best Excursions

People climbing stairs at the Mayan Ruins

Image © Disney

Located on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, Costa Maya offers a unique mix of lush jungles and sandy beaches. With a history shaped by ancient Mayans, English pirates, and the Mexican Navy, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this enchanting area of unspoiled natural beauty.

Salsa Cooking & Dancing with Beach Break (CM30)

Take a hands-on cooking class that teaches you how to make authentic Mexican salsas and guacamole. You’ll get to taste your creations afterwards (with complimentary margaritas, beers, and flavored waters) — and take recipes with you to create them again at home. Speaking of Salsa, you’ll also learn the steps of the famous dance of the same name. A bit of beach time rounds out your experience.

Activity Level: Mild, Moderate

Requirements: Ages 6+

Duration: 3.0 to 3.5 hours

Cost: $75 for ages 10+ $54 for ages 6-9

Adventure Park and Chacchoben Mayan Ruins (CM46)

Mix the ancient with the exhilarating on this multi-faceted experience. First, spend nearly two hours on an educational guided tour of the Mayan ruins of Chacchoben — a renowned archaeological site. Then, move on to the purely fun-focused portion of the day at Mayá Lost Mayan Kingdom , featuring 8 water slides, a slow inner tube ride, and two zip line courses.

Requirements: Open to all ages (6+ recommended)

Advisory:  Mexico Government charges $5 USD fee for camera use in ruins. Tripod use requires a permit and payment of a fee described by Disney Cruise Line as “exorbitant.”

Duration: 6.5 to 7.0 hours

Cost: $160 for ages 10+ $155 for ages 3-9 Free for ages 2 and under

Cozumel, Mexico — Best Shore Excursions

People swim in blue waters at Cozumel

From its earliest days of settlement by the ancient Mayans, natural beauty has drawn people to Cozumel. Over the years it has played host to everyone from pirates to refugees — and now tourists. Whether you’re seeking the stunning coral reefs or a plate of tantalizing food from one of the 100+ restaurants, Cozumel is yours to explore.

Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration Program (CZ48)

Take a brief ride to Sunset beach, then help a group of local nonprofit’s marine biologists restore the coral reefs of Cozumel. This activity includes hands-on restoration work, followed by recreation such as snorkeling and beach time. End the experience with a certificate of participation and a ride back to the ship.

Requirements: Ages 10+

Cost: $49 for ages 10+

A Mexican Winter Holiday and Beach Adventure (CZ92)

Set out on foot for the traditional Las Posadas nativity procession, singing carols and making decorations. Feast on sweet bread, tamales, fried codzitos, and pumpkin seed salsa. Then, spend about 90 minutes at Playa Mia Grand Beach before picking up your keepsake and returning to the ship

Requirements: Open to all ages

Duration: 4.5 to 5.0 hours

Cost: $94 for ages 10+ $79 for ages 3-9 Free for ages 0-2

Dolphin and Manatee Encounter in a National Park All Inclusive (CZ04)

Visit Dolphin Discovery for a 40-minute in-water encounter with gentle and playful dolphins. Then, enjoy a brief manatee encounter along with an internationally-inspired lunch.

Requirements: Ages 3+. Ages 3-12 must book w/ adult 18+ on same CZ04. Ages 13-17 must book w/ adult 18+ on CZ04 or matching CZ25.

Advisory:  Medical restrictions apply. No cameras. No jewelry.

Cost: $114 for ages 10+ $99 for ages 3-9

Dolphin Trainer For A Day in Cozumel – All Inclusive (CZ40)

A person wearing a life jacket interacts with a dolphin in the water

Travel to Dolphinaris to begin your dolphin training experience. Shadow professional trainers as you learn how to feed the dolphins and how to train them using hand signals. Teach your dolphin students to vocalize and jump at your request, and experience a thrilling “hang on tight” swim with one of the dolphins, followed by a flipper shake and a kiss. This experience includes lots of close contact with these amazing creatures.

Activity Level: Moderate, Active

Requirements: Ages 10+. To observe but not participate, book CZ41.

Duration: 5.0 to 5.5 hours

Cost: $255 for ages 10+

Have Questions But Don’t Want to Wait on Hold?

Falmouth, Jamaica — Top Excursions

A small yellow boat floats in clear waters

Falmouth has come a long way from its early days as a shipment hub for sugar plantations, but still retains some of its old world charm — right down to the architecture. Its bustling days are over, but that’s just fine for a relaxing visit during your cruise. So go ahead — enjoy a plate of jerk chicken and dip your toes in the sparkling waters of this peaceful Caribbean destination.

Falmouth Dolphin Encounter (FA76)

Take a one-hour motorcoach ride along the Jamaican coastline to Dolphin Cove for an up-close encounter with friendly dolphins. Mount a shallow-water platform for a 30-minute interaction full of hands-on activity, splashes, and maybe even a dolphin “kiss” Then, enjoy the pool, whirlpool tub, or lounge chairs on the pool deck before returning to the ship.

Requirements: Open to all ages (6+ recommended). Ages 0-12 must book w/ adult 18+ on same FA76. Ages 13-17 must book w/ adult 18+ on same FA76 or matching FA78.

Advisory:  Medical restrictions apply

Duration: 5.5 to 6.0 hours

Cost: $89 for ages 10+ $69 for ages 3-9 Free for ages 0-2

Sky Explorer and Dunn’s River Falls (FA11)

Travel one hour to Dunn’s River Falls — then, if you like, begin a 600-foot climb up the cascading falls (additional one hour). Then, take a short ride to Mystic Mountain where you’ll ride the Sky Explorer chairlift through dense tropical forests with stunning views of the cliffs and turquoise waters below. At the end of your 15-minute journey lies Mystic Pavilion , featuring educational and interactive history exhibits. A Jamaican-inspired lunch is included, and you can round out your visit with views from the observation tower. Take a second ride on the Sky Explorer to begin your return to the ship.

Requirements: Open to all ages (6+ recommended). Must be 36″+ tall to climb falls.

Cost: $124 for ages 10+ $69 for ages 3-9 Free for ages 0-2

Bobsled Jamaica and Dunn’s River Falls (FA10)

Travel one hour to Dunn’s River Falls for an optional hike up the 600-foot falls, followed by another short ride to Mystic Mountain. Ride the Sky Explorer chairlift and explore the educational pavilion before continuing to Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica . This coaster-style attraction evokes the design of bobsleds used by the famed Jamaican Olympic team. The 3,280-foot track is specially designed to avoid disturbing the natural landscape, so expect plenty of twists and turns around ancient trees, majestic cliffs, stone outcrops, and dense rainforest canopies. You control the brakes, so your trip can be as leisurely or as thrilling as you like. Your bobsled then slowly returns back up the mountain. A Jamaican-inspired lunch is also included, and you’ll have time to take in mountaintop views from the observation tower before you head back to the ship.

Requirements: Ages 5+. Must be 42″+ tall. Must weigh 275 pounds or less.

Duration: 6.0 to 6.5 hours

Cost: $144 for ages 10+ $79 for ages 5-9

George Town, Grand Cayman — Best Port Adventures

Boats floating and people swimming in the waters off Grand Cayman

Located on the largest of the Cayman Islands, and home to the majority of islanders, George Town is known for its lively culture. Like so much of the area, it has a rocky history of territorial disputes, hurricanes, and economic challenges. Now a British Overseas Territory, it’s a haven for tourists seeking natural beauty and great weather.

Shipwreck and Reef Snorkeling (G15)

Board a custom-built snorkeling ship and explore two different sites. First, spend about 45 minutes snorkeling the shipwreck of the Cali , a 220-foot steel schooner that sank in the 1940s. Then, snorkel a nearby reef as your guides feed the fish to bring them closer to you.

Requirements: Ages 5+

Duration: 2.0 to 2.5 hours

Cost: $54 for ages 10+ $34 for ages 5-9

North Sound Mangrove Cruise & Star Fish Point (G70)

Set out from Morgan’s Harbor, then cruise up the North Sound and the area’s Mangrove Swamp, en route to the “starfish petting zoo” at Starfish Point. You’ll have a chance to not only see — but also to touch and hold — starfish during your experience.

Activity Level: Athletic

Requirements: Ages 8+

Cost: $56 for ages 10+ $50 for ages 8-9

Atlantis Submarine Expedition (G11)

Climb down the hatch of a 65-foot, 80-ton submarine and dive 100 feet through Grand Cayman’s underwater marine park. You’ll spend about 40 minutes exploring this underwater paradise, viewing the amazing Coral Canyons through large porthole windows directly in front of your seat. A marine expert accompanies your voyage to share information and answer questions.

Requirements: Ages 4+ Must be 36″+ tall

Cost: $120 for ages 10+ $70 for ages 4-9

Find the Exact Cost of Your Dream Cruise

King’s Wharf, Bermuda — Top Port Adventures

Rock formations and cliffs jutting out into the waters of Bermuda

Bermuda plays host to an eclectic mix of American, British, and West Indian culture.  Add natural attractions such as the Crystal Caves to manmade sights including the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, and one can quickly understand why Bermuda draws so many tourists each year.

Bermuda Triangle Evening Cruise (BR15)

A special treat on cruises that spend the night in King’s Wharf, this unique nighttime adventure takes takes you into the heart of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. Board a 50-foot glass-bottom boat for ghostly commentary about the history and legends of the area. Underwater lights and windows reveal sea life below.

Requirements: Ages 12+

Duration: 1.5 to 2.0 hours

Cost: $75 for ages 12+

Crystal Caves and Pink Flamingos (BR22)

Descend 80 feet below the surface of the earth, traveling past limestone formations and crystalized stalactites and over underground lakes. Then, visit the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo to explore more than 200 species of animals. View sea creatures from nearby coastal waters, flamingoes, seals, tortoises, and more.

Cost: $155 for ages 10+ $125 for ages 3-9 $85 for ages 0-2

Haunted History Tour of St. George’s (BR41)

Take a motorcoach to St. Georges, a UNESCO World Heritage town which dates back to 1609. Enjoy dinner at Fort St. Catherine before beginning a guided haunted history walking tour. Cast members bring ghost stories to life as you explore 18th-century homes, the historic cemetery of Their Majesties Chapel of St. Peter’s Church. Conclude at the land-based replica of Deliverance , a 1600s ship that was itself built from the remains the shipwrecked Sea Venture .

Cost: $199 for ages 10+ $149 for ages 5-9

Craft Your Own Pink Sand Jewelry (BR48)

Three silver pieces of jewelry with pink sand inlay

Experience an exclusive, behind-the-scenes jewelry-making activity at Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery . You’ll enjoy themed pink refreshments and locally-made treats, then get hands-on while customizing your very own keepsake from the region’s famed pastel sands.

Cost: $389 for ages 10+ $239 for ages 5-9

Nassau, Bahamas — Best Excursions

Crystal waters behind an orange and teal building

Arguably the most famous port in the Bahamas, Nassau’s close proximity to the United States makes it a frequent cruise destination. Far removed from — yet still shaped by — a history marked with piracy and colonialism, Nassau is now a vibrant and colorful town welcoming millions of tourists by air and sea each year.

Ardastra Gardens and Wildlife Conservation Centre (N16)

Start with a brief bus tour of the city’s architectural treasures and 200-year old pastel buildings including the Houses of Parliament and Government House. Upon arrival at the conservation center, participate in the Bahamas only authentic flamingo experience. The “Ballerinas in Pink” here have been trained to march and delight guests. Enjoy up-close and personal encounters with macaws, peacocks, snakes, turtles and more creatures in a nearly century-old stone-walled garden setting.

Cost: $69 for ages 10+ $49 for ages 3-9 Free for ages 0-2

Seaworld Explorer Semi-Submarine (N42)

Take a 20-minute scenic cruise through Nassau Harbor to the marine park at Athol Island. Then, transfer to the SeaWorld Explorer for a 45-minute adventure. The vehicle remains above water but features underwater windows allowing you to view the Sea Gardens coral colony and tropical fish. Then, spend a bit of time in downtown Nassau before returning to the ship.

Cost: $69 for ages 10+ $46 for ages 3-9 $46 for ages 0-2

Graycliff Chocolatier – The Art of Chocolate Making and Factory Tour (N54)

Visit Graycliff Chocolatier for a delicious hands-on exploration of the chocolate-making process. You’ll start with a fascinating factory tour, witnessing cacao beans being ground and roasted, liquid chocolate being mixed, and molds being filled. You’ll also learn a bit about the importance of responsible farming in the chocolate trades. Afterwards, its time to dress in special hygienic clothing and try it for yourself! An expert chocolatier teaches you how to dip, glaze, and fill molds to create your own delectable chocolate treats to take home with you. And for good measure, you’ll get to sample several different kinds of chocolate during the event. Note that this is by far one of the most popular excursions in the entire region , and space is extremely limited — book as early as you can.

Cost: $69 for ages 10+ $62 for ages 5-9

Blackbeard’s Revenge Pirate Ship Adventure (N23)

Board Blackbeard’s Revenge , a replica of an 18th-century pirate ship, and sail along Nassau Harbor and Paradise Island for a pirate adventure. Your crew enacts tales from the Golden age of piracy while you learn about the area’s rich history and historic forts. Feel free to join in the pirate antics if you like. You’ll also catch glimpses of (but will kindly refrain from pillaging) celebrity mansions and super yachts throughout the tour.

Cost: $74 for ages 10+ $44 for ages 3-9 $34 for ages 0-2

Atlantis Aquaventure (N25)

Atlantis - Aquaventure - The Surge Waterslide

Image © Atlantis

One of the more popular Nassau attractions is the renowned Aquaventure water park at Atlantis Bahamas . Your tour includes transportation for the 25-minute trip from the cruise docks to the resort and admission to its 141-are water park. Enjoy Poseidon’s Playzone, the Leap of Faith slide, Rapids River, and other water attractions during your visit. Take a self-guided tour of The Dig, view the world’s largest open-air marine habitat (home to 50,000+ sea creatures), soak up the sun on the beach, or visit the casino. Prices are a bit higher than just purchasing a day pass to the water park , in part because transportation is included.

Requirements: Open to all ages. Many attractions have height requirements.

Duration: 4.0 to 6.0 hours

Cost: $239 for ages 10+ $124 for ages 4-9 Free for ages 0-3

Want FREE EXCURSIONS on Your Disney Cruise?

San Juan, Puerto Rico — Best Port Excursions

Tall stone walls protect buildings in San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan is Puerto Rico’s capital and most populated city, and the oldest city under jurisdiction of the United States. More than 3,000,000 Americans call Puerto Rico home, and many more are fortunate to visit this lush island as it hosts 500 cruise ships each year. The island’s early Spanish influence is still prevalent, not only in language but also in culture and cuisine.

Bacardi Rum and Distillery Tour — Adult Exclusive (SJ55) or Children Welcome (SJ03)

Take a 30-minute ride to the Bacardi Rum Distillery, followed by an hour-long guided tour through the facilities. Learn the history of the company and its production process. Tour the Visitor’s Center and explore the ways sugarcane is converted into molasses and rum. After the tour, enjoy free time for rum tasting in the Visitor’s Center (ages 21+) and shopping in the museum. Then either return directly to the ship or spend additional time shopping in Old San Juan.

Requirements: Ages 18+ for SJ55. Ages 3+ for SJ03. Must be 21+ to drink.

Duration: 2.5 to 3.0 hours

Cost: $46 for ages 18+ $31 for ages 10-17 $21 for ages 3-9

Horseback Riding Adventure (SJ25)

Visit Hacienda Campo Rico , where your guides will demonstrate how to ride your horse. Riders and horses will be paired by previous riding ability, size, and age for a 2-hour trail ride through a scenic 2,200-acre private ranch that was once a sugarcane plantation. Ride past lagoons, through tropical vegetation, and see the Karsts Mountains and coastal plains.

Requirements: Ages 9+. Maximum weight 250 pounds.

Duration: 3.5 to 4.0 hours

Cost: $92 for ages 9+

A Flair of Spain – Paella Cooking Demonstration and Flamenco (SJ57)

Visit a local restaurant to watch the fascinating process of making Paella. You’ll then enjoy your freshly-made meal (along with a glass of Sangria for those ages 21+) and receive the recipe to take home. During lunch, an energetic Flamenco dance performance highlights your experience.

Requirements: Open to all ages (5+ recommended)

Cost: $115 for ages 10+ $99 for ages 3-9 Free for ages 0-2

Caving and Body Rafting (SJ59)

Start with a 60-minute drive to a private nature reserve, observing the island’s karst (dissolving limestone) landscape in an area that was once the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Upon arrival, don your protective gear and hike through an untouched jungle while learning about the Taíno people. Then, climb down into a cave for a hands-on geology lesson. After that, it’s time for Body Rafting, floating downstream by underground springs. Take a brief rest at a traditional mountain cottage until it’s time to head back to your Disney cruise ship.

Requirements: Ages 10+. Special clothing requirements apply.

Cost: $289 for ages 10+

Do I Have to Book Port Adventures Through Disney?

You don’t have to book your excursions through Disney Cruise Line, but you probably should.

Shore excursions are operated by outside companies which contract with Disney. And it’s true many of them offer a substantially similar experience — often at a lower price — when booked independently. And virtually every port has information booths right outside the dock where you can book experiences directly.

So why “waste money” booking through Disney? There are a few reasons:

Peace of mind

If you’ve booked through Disney, they’ll keep track of your experience from start to finish. This is critical if the excursion run late. Disney will hold the ship to allow straggling tours to return — or pay for you to catch up to the ship at the next port-of-call. If you booked on your own, then you’re on your own.

Flexible Payment and Refunds

Port Adventures booked through Disney are charged to your shipboard account and paid at the end of your cruise. Payment for privately-booked tours is often due in full at the time they’re reserved. Disney’s excursions are also usually fully refundable up until three days before your cruise. Privately-booked excursions might have stricter rules or simply be nonrefundable.

Automatic Adjustments

Excursions booked through Disney Cruises are exclusive to Disney passengers, so there’s no worry if the ship’s schedule changes. If the ship arrives in port late, the tour won’t start without you.

If the ship’s scheduled day in port changes, your tour will be automatically adjusted, too. And if the ship has to completely miss a port for some reason, you won’t have to pay for any excursions booked there.

Extra Magic

Not that it’s a crucial part of the experience, but Disney often nudges its tour providers into providing a few extra touches on their Disney Cruise excursions.

For all of these reasons, it’s often best for you or your travel agent to book your excursions directly through Disney Cruise Line.

Want FREE HELP from a Disney Cruise Expert?

Disney Cruise Port Adventure FAQs

Do disney cruises visit disney world.

It’s very rare for a Disney Cruise to directly include time at Walt Disney World. In the past, Disney Cruises from New York visited Port Canaveral and included a one-day Disney world ticket. But that hasn’t been the case for a few years.

You can, however, easily add a Disney World visit immediately before or after your Disney Cruise from Florida . It won’t be included in the cost of your cruise , but you can’t argue with the proximity and convenience.

Disney Cruise Line’s primary home port is Port Canaveral , about 60 miles from Disney World. Orlando International Airport services both destinations. The Disney Cruise shuttle service transports guests between the port, the airport, and Disney World.

Your Disney Travel Agent can help you price out the cost of adding some Disney World time to your Disney Cruise.

Can You Book Excursions Once You’re Onboard?

Port Adventures can be booked onboard the ship, subject to availability. Each ship has a Port Adventures desk.

Do Disney Cruise Excursions Sell Out?

Yes, it’s common for the more popular excursions to sell out well in advance. For the best chance at getting what you want, book as early as possible. There’s no wait list, but you can keep checking to see if space becomes available.

When Can You Book Disney Shore Excursions?

For those cruising with Disney for the first time , Port Adventures can be booked 75 days prior to your sail date. The booking window opens very early — midnight Eastern Time. Your cruise must be paid in full before you can book.

Repeat passengers get an early booking advantage that varies based on Castaway Club level (the number of times they’ve cruised with Disney).

Are Port Adventures Always Guided Tours?

Port Adventures take many forms, and not all of them have tour guides. A few examples include hiring a private vehicle, renting water trikes, chartering boats, or purchasing admission to local attractions.

Are Disney Cruise Excursions Wheelchair Accessible?

Disney’s cruise ships are easily accessible to those using wheelchairs, but the accessibility of experiences offered in ports-of-call can vary. It’s easy to forget that ADA regulations apply only to the United States — it’s the Americans with Disabilities Act — so it can be a bit of a shock when you arrive in another country and find that some areas are not as accessible as one might hope.

That said, Disney now partners with Accessible Travel Solutions to offer wheelchair-accessible Port Adventures in more than 25 countries. Not every excursion will be fully accessible — and while there’s certainly room for improvement — but progress is being made.

Accessible Port Adventures typically include vehicles with wheelchair lifts/ramps, attractions and tour routes with no stairs or with elevators, bathrooms with wider doors, and guides familiar with the needs of guests with disabilities. Disney maintains a list of all its accessible Port Adventures .

Best Way to Book Disney Cruise Excursions

If you’re ready to book your Disney Cruise and all your excursions, we highly recommend contacting  The Vacationeer . As  Authorized Disney Vacation Planners , their expert agents will make sure everything on your cruise is taken care of , from rooms to dining to Port Adventures.

Worried about the cost? Don’t be!  Their planning services are completely free and they’ll make sure you get the best possible price on everything .

What’s more, they’ll give you a free onboard credit of up to $1,000 to use for excursions and other shipboard spending.

Add in the convenience of having a single, dedicated travel agent from start to finish , and it’s easy to see why using The Vacationeer is the best way to book your Disney Cruise.

We hope our article has helped you understand more about Disney Cruise excursions in the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Bermuda — and maybe inspired you to explore some of the amazing adventures offered in port during your cruise.

Bon voyage!

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Top 10 Bermuda Shore Excursions with Disney Cruise Line

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From the Disney Parks Blog :

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

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In honor of Disney’s first-ever cruise to  Bermuda , setting sail this month from New York City, here are the top 10 Bermuda shore excursions, so you can experience the best of this unique tropical island.

1.  The South Shore beaches boast the island’s famous pink sand and turquoise surf. Spend the day relaxing at a pink-sand beach on the  Horseshoe Bay Beach Transfer .

2.  Bermuda is a cultural melting pot that harbors an eclectic blend of British, American and West Indian influences. While many Bermudian customs appear European (driving on the left side of the road, playing cricket, local pubs serving ale by the imperial pint), Bermudans share similarities with North America in their dialect and currency. Taste the European influence on the  Dockyard Brewery Tour and Tasting .

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Waterway near entrance to Hamilton harbor in Bermuda.

3.  When it comes to fashion, the island has a style that’s all its own—distinctive for Bermuda shorts, often worn with a jacket and tie as formal wear. You can get a glimpse of the luxurious Bermuda lifestyle on the  Famous Homes and Hideaways Cruise .

4.  At Admiralty House Park, you can watch cliff divers perform their graceful acts of remarkable athleticism. Or become a cliff diver yourself on the  Hidden Gems Exploration Adventure .

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

5.  The island is home to massive caves featuring stalactites and underground saltwater pools. Descend into a cavern on the  Crystal Caves and Pink Flamingos excursion .

6.  St. Peters Church, the oldest Anglican Church outside the British Isles, is home to a cultural treasure—the antique altar carved in 1615 by Bermuda’s first governor. Check it out during the  Bermuda Island Drive .

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

7.  Numerous coral reefs are in relatively shallow water, with virtually unlimited visibility, and are readily accessible from shore. Do some underwater exploring on the  Snorkel Park Beach Adventure .

8.  Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, built in 1846, is the oldest remaining cast-iron lighthouse in the world. Visit the lighthouse and other landmarks on the  Scenic South Shore sightseeing excursion .

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

The boats and homes as seen from the harbor.. St. Georges, Bermuda.

9.  The historic British settlement of Bermuda is dotted with colorful British Colonial architecture, fountains, gardens and plazas. Stroll the 400-year-old cobblestone streets of a picturesque colonial town on the  Haunted History Tour of St. George’s .

10.  Bermuda’s climate is sub-tropical, with an average annual temperature high of 81° F and low of 60° F. Enjoy the island’s comfortable temperatures with a round of golf at  Belmont Hills Golf Club .

Each of Disney Cruise Line’s five- and six-night cruises from New York City to Bermuda include at least two days on the island, giving you more time to soak up the Bermuda lifestyle. Remember, when the ship’s in port, venture ashore.

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disney cruise excursions in bermuda

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10 Incredible Port Adventures For Those Sailing To Bermuda With Disney Cruise Line

by Melissa Roden · October 4, 2018


Disney Cruise Line’s first ever cruise to Bermuda sets sail this week form New York City.  To celebrate we here at MickeyBlog t hought we’d share 10 of the incredible experiences that guests get to enjoy while on the island of Bermuda with Disney Cruise Line!


1. Lounge on the South Shore Beaches – The beaches on the South Shore of the island of Bermuda have the gorgeous pink sands that this tropical hideaway is so esteemed for not to mention the turquoise waters.  Guests opting for the Horseshoe Bay Beach Transfer have the rare opportunity to spend the day relaxing in amongst these gorgeous surroundings.

2. Experience Bermuda’s European Influences – This island is a  delightful mix of British, American and West Indian influences.  For instance, did you know that in Bermuda they drive on the left side of the road? The sport cricket is also popular in Bermuda and local pubs serve up by the imperial pint.  You can see these European influences in action at the Dockyard Brewery Tour and Tasting.


3. Check out Famous Homes and Hideaways – Bermuda is a fantastic place to visit for celebrity sitings and the Famous Homes and Hideaways Cruise is just the ticket. It’s the perfect option for those looking to get a glimpse of the luxurious Bermuda lifestyle.

4. Experience Cliff Diving – On the Hidden Gems Exploration Adventures guests on a Bermuda sailing can watch cliff divers perform their graceful feats of athleticism or even give it a go yourself!


5. Check Out the Crystal Caves and Pink Flamingos – Cruisers opting for the Crystal Caves and Pink Flamingos tour will have an opportunity to visit the island’s massive caves featuring stalactites and saltwater pools.

6. Take In The Historical Sites – Those opting for a sense of history will want to check out the Bermuda Island Drive Tour which makes stops at St. Peter’s Church, the oldest Anglican Church located outside the British Isles. It’s also home to an antique altar carved in 1615 by Bermuda’s first governor.


7. Snorkel Amongst the Coral Reefs – The island has several coral reefs located in relatively shallow water making for the perfect family adventure.  Sign up for the Snorkel Park Beach Adventure and enjoy the unlimited visibility that Bermuda has to offer for snorkelers.

8. Pay a Visit to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse – This famous Bermuda landmark was build in 1846 and is the oldest remaining cast-iron lighthouse in the world.  You can view this and other landmarks on the Scenic South Shore sightseeing excursion.


9. Celebrate the Season With a Haunted History Tour – With Halloween just around the corner guests wanting to get into the spirit of the season can sign up for the Haunted History Tour of St. George’s.  The 400-year old cobblestone streets found in this colonial town lend themselves well to a ghost story or two!

10. Indulge in a Round of Golf – For golf enthusiasts, you’ll be pleased to know that with an average annual temperature of only 81 degrees the island is a comfortable place to get in a round of golf at the Belmont Hills Golf Culb.

Do all of these exciting sights have you dreaming about a Disney Cruise Line sailing to Bermuda? You’re in luck as 5 and 6-night cruises from New York City come complete with at least two days on the island to soak up all of the amazing sights listed above.  To get your FREE, no obligation quote simply fill out the form below!

Why not consider working with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner?   As an agent with MickeyTravels, I can help you with everything from finding your perfect sailing and stateroom to sharing tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your time at sea.  B est of all my services are absolutely FREE! Contact me at  1.800.801.4025  via email at  [email protected]  or on  Facebook  and let’s get planning!

Images copyright Disney.

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25 Best Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise – A Bermuda Cruise Guide

Best Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise

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If you’re planning a Bermuda cruise, you’re in luck! Bermuda is an island with a rich history, friendly people and genuine pink sand beaches!

After cruising to Bermuda several times, I’ve put together a list of the very best things to do in Bermuda on a cruise. Whether you are looking for family-friendly activities, Bermuda beach excursions or something off the beaten path, these must-see Bermuda attractions won’t disappoint!

In this guide, I’ve included some useful Bermuda tips and information you need to know about this popular cruise destination, including how to get around and explore on your own.

Bermuda Royal Naval Dockyard

Why Cruise to Bermuda?

The island of Bermuda has become a popular cruise destination for numerous reasons. A self governing British Overseas Territory, Bermuda has a comfortable sub-tropical climate. A misconception is that Bermuda is located in the Caribbean. However, Bermuda’s location is just 700 miles away from North Carolina, in the Atlantic ocean.

Convenient North-East Departures

Bermuda cruises have North East departures leaving from New York, New Jersey, Boston and Baltimore. This is a convenient for many Americans and Canadians who like to drive to their port or have a short flight.

Overnights in Bermuda

Many cruises to Bermuda offer overnight stays (2-3 days in Bermuda), allowing time for excursions to pink sand beaches, world renowned golf courses, and a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Options for Cruise Lines and Cruise Ships

There are many cruise ships that sail to Bermuda, from large cruise ships that dock in Royal Naval Dockyard, to smaller ships that may dock in Hamilton or St. George.

Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival all have regular cruises to Bermuda. Luxury lines like Viking Cruises and Regent Seven Seas have some sailings that include Bermuda as well.

Bermuda Cruise Guide

Where Do Cruise Ships Dock?

Most cruise ships dock in King’s Wharf or Heritage Wharf, also known as the Royal Naval Dockyard , or just Dockyard. This cruise port is great spot, within walking distance to the National Museum of Bermuda, Snorkel Park Beach and the Bermuda Craft Market.

bermuda clocktower mall

Getting Around in Bermuda

King’s Wharf is a short walk to public transportation options. A shuttle or the local bus will take you to the beautiful pink beaches on the south shore of the island. The ferries are the best way to get to Hamilton Parish and St. George, where you’ll find many attractions and natural wonders.

You can purchase 1-3 day passes for the bus and ferry at the visitor’s center in Dockyard, steps away from your cruise ship.

how to get around in bermuda

Suggestions for Cruisers When Planning Your Bermuda itinerary

Remember that your ship will be docked at the cruise port for a night or two, depending on your itinerary. It’s a good idea to plan excursions that will be further from the cruise ship on day 1 and day 2. Then save the last day for activities that are close to the ship in the Royal Navy Dockyard .

Can You Use US dollars in Bermuda?

Bermuda Cruise Tip: Note that the Bermudian dollar is 1 to 1 with the US dollar and US dollars are taken happily in Bermuda.

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Top Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise

Hamilton Bermuda pastel buildings

Here are a few popular must-see Bermuda attractions. Please tailor this Bermuda cruise guide to your interests and pick a few attractions to focus on. If you love Bermuda, simply plan another cruise to return!

1. Horseshoe Bay Beach

horseshoe bay beach

Arguably the most famous beach in Bermuda, Horseshoe Bay Beach is about a 15 minute drive from the Royal Naval Dockyard cruise port. You’ll see long stretches of blush pink sand and striking rock formations, jutting out from the turquoise waters close by the shoreline.

You can get there by taking public transportation or a shuttle right from the cruise port. At about 7$ a person from port right down to the beach, the shuttle is very convenient. While there are other beaches nearby, including Warwick and Church Bay which you may also want to visit, you simply must see Horseshoe Bay!

Do not let the crowds scare you off – walk all the way past the crowds to the left. Continue past the first couple rock formations and it is Heaven!

2. Baby Beach

If you have young children check out Baby Beach immediately to the right. The rock formations insulate the cove area from rougher seas at the main beach and provide for great viewing of many fish and crabs!

Bermuda Horseshoe Baby Beach

3. Rum Bum Beach Bar and Beach House Restaurant

While you’re at Horseshoe Bay Beach, you can grab a bite to eat at the on-site take out restaurant along with a pretty good Rum Swizzle from the Beach Bar. While not inexpensive at about 10$ a drink, they’re quite good!

horseshoe bay rum bum beach bar

Read more: The Ultimate Guide to Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda (for cruisers)

4. Tobacco Bay Beach

Located in St. George’s parish, Tobacco Bay Beach is considered to be one of the best Bermuda Beaches for snorkeling. While Tobacco Bay is known for it’s shallow and clear waters, perfect for seeing marine life, how Tobacco Beach got it’s name is interesting part of Bermuda’s history.

In the early 1600’s, a group of Castaways whose ship wrecked upon the reefs explored the island of Bermuda and it’s beautiful beaches. At this beach, they found wild tobacco growing. Hence, Tobacco Bay Beach was named .

Now don’t go looking for tobacco on your Bermuda cruise. There’s none to be found hundreds of years later, but the name “Tobacco Bay Beach” remains.

5. Hamilton City

Just a ferry ride away from Royal Navy Dockyard is Hamilton, the capital city of Bermuda. This truly is a beautiful small city to explore. If you enjoy history, consider spending a day in Hamilton to see the sights.

As you arrive in Hamilton, you’ll see Front Street, the main street lined with colorful pastel buildings facing the harbour. Hamilton is a great place to shop for jewelry, clothing, crafts made by local artisans, souvenirs and rum.

Tip:  There’s a department store called Marks & Spencers in walking distance from Hamilton Harbour.  It has a section in the back with delicious food imported from the UK. We buy some shortbread and jam cookies and striped mint candies called Humbugs. We bring them back as souvenirs for friends and family back home.

6. City of Hamilton Walking Tour

Hamilton Bermuda

Spend a couple of hours walking around the city of Hamilton on a self-guided walking tour or take a tour with the local town crier. Start on Front Street, then explore up and down Queen Street, Cedar Avenue and Church Street.

Some interesting sights to see include government buildings such as the Cabinet Building, the Sessions House and the impressive City Hall. An interesting fact about Bermuda’s rich history, is that Bermuda’s parliament is the oldest in the British commonwealth.

If you enjoy museums and art, make sure to stop in at the Bermuda National Gallery.

7. Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

In the parish of Hamilton, you’ll also find some of Bermuda’s oldest historic churches. In particular, the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity is worth a visit. On weekdays it’s open to guests who wish to climb the tower, where you experience incredible views of Hamilton city.

8. Hamilton Harbour Nights

Gombey Dancers in Bermuda

If your cruise ship will be in Bermuda on a Wednesday, you should plan on going to Hamilton’s Harbour Nights Festival. Hamilton Harbour Nights is a fun evening street fair with local vendors of handicrafts and delicious street food.

There are performers and a parade. You will also get to see a parade of local Gombey Dancers in traditional costumes. This is truly one of my all-time favorite Bermuda attractions. You won’t find this anywhere else!

How to get to Hamilton from the cruise port (Dockyard)

You simply take the 25 minute ferry ride from the ship dock to Hamilton. I suggest going a bit early as the ferry line does get long and it will be crowded. The ferry is 5$ per person each way, however depending on what you are planning during your visit to Bermuda, it may be worth buying a multi day pass for the ferry and bus.

Bermuda Cruise Tip

If you head into town a couple hours before, you can visit some of the Government buildings and beautiful churches and perhaps do a bit of shopping. You can also check out some of the popular local restaurants and people watch.

Get The Ultimate Cruise Planner

Regular price: $27 now just $17.

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

9. Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (BAMZ)

If you are looking for things to do in Bermuda with kids, this Aquarium, Zoo and Museum is a favorite for families. The super large aquarium is the main attraction, and is a living replica of Bermuda’s coral reef – so you’ll see a wide variety of Bermuda marine life here. You’ll see outdoor pools with seals and turtles as well.

Once you see the aquarium, visit the small zoo and interesting museum. Do check their website for opening hours and tour times.

10. Crystal Caves and Fantasy Caves

crystal caves, bermuda

In the parish of Hamilton, you will find the famous natural beauty of the Crystal Caves. This unique cave, home to underground shimmering stalactites set over a clear ocean fed lake is a sight you won’t soon forget!

You’ll be intrigued to know that Mark Twain himself was the first tourist to visit!

crystal caves bermuda, ilana life well cruised

We had an amazing day at Crystal Caves on our Bermuda cruise on the Celebrity Summit .

If you’re thinking of going to Crystal or Fantasy Caves, here’s detailed review and helpful guide with how to get to Crystal Caves from Royal Naval Dockyard  using Bermuda’s public transportation.

Read more: A Guide to Bermuda Crystal Caves on Your Own

11. The Swizzle Inn

This well known pub and restaurant is home to the famous Rum Swizzle. If you’re planning a day, consider coming here for a casual lunch or dinner after visiting Crystal Caves or another sight. Consider getting a pitcher or original rum swizzles and sharing.

The Swizzle Inn is located across the street from Crystal Caves.

12. Bermuda’s National Drink – the Rum Swizzle

Bermuda is known for 2 drinks, the Rum Swizzle and the Dark and Stormy, both made with Goslings Rum. I’ve had both, but the Rum Swizzle is one of my all time favorites. I now even make a version of this drink at home!

You’ll find Rum Swizzles at quite a few bars and restaurants in Bermuda, however the original is at the Swizzle Inn.

Swizzle Inn Original Rum Swizzle

Follow along in our YouTube video as we head over to Crystal Caves, Swizzle Inn and Hamilton by ferry and bus.

13. Gibb’s Lighthouse

Located about 30 minutes away from the cruise port, accessible by bus or taxi, Gibb’s Lighthouse is a phenomenal spot to get a great bird’s eye view of western Bermuda and the cruise ship port.

There’s even a restaurant where you can enjoy afternoon tea. If you are a lover of Maritime History and British history, be sure to put this on your list of things to do while in Bermuda.

best things to do in bermuda for cruisers

14. Parish of St. George Historical Reenactment

St. George is about 45 minutes away from  by ferry. It is a truly gorgeous ride, so well worth the trip!

St. George is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this is a good place to do a walking tour. You’ll find historical landmarks and museums, including the T ucker House Museum, The Unfinished Church and Fort-St. Catherine. 

What is the Must-Do ?

This town is quaint and slow paced and has some interesting sites to see, plus one of the quirkiest things you will see anywhere! The Ducking Stool in the town center, King’s Square.

St. George has 18th century historical re-enactments in King’s Square which include a Town Crier and “The Dunking of the Nagging Wench”.

Now, I bring my sense of humor when I travel and we just thought this was totally different.

Local actors participate and school children come watch. They just really have a fun time and involve the “audience” in the show. It is usually on Thursday’s at 12:30, however please check for the current schedule .

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Things to do near the cruise ship in Bermuda – Royal Naval Dockyard/King’s Wharf

The Dockyard area near the cruise ship has quite a lot to do and see, however do plan your Bermuda itinerary carefully.

It may surprise you to know that even with 2 and 3 days in port, every year there are cruise passengers who miss the ship , as don’t return to the ship on time.

As a suggestion, use your first day or two to visit places further from the port and do excursions on your own. Your last day and evenings could be spent closer to the ship in the dockyard area.

Just note that the last day in Bermuda is always busier around the cruise port/Dockyard area.

15. Royal Naval Dockyard

The Royal Naval Dockyard has quite a few activities to do and places to visit, all within a short distance of your cruise ship. It’s well worth exploring and taking time to visit this part of Bermuda.

There’s even a free trolley if your feet are just a little tired from exploring Bermuda’s beaches and other attractions. You’ll find really pretty shops with Bermuda crafts and souvenirs, well as some nice, casual restaurants and pubs. There are museums, a beach area and several types of activities!

Since there’s so much to see, we toured Royal Navy Dockyard and created this video below (where you’ll see some of our favorite things!)

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16. Snorkel Park Beach

This man-made beach is literally a 5 minute walk from the cruise ship dock. It’s a very calm small beach to visit if you have young children as well as if you’re looking for a beach day on the last day of your cruise. At 5$ to enter, its a great deal for nice, fun beach day.

They have snorkel gear that you can rent, or you can bring your own. Kayaks and other water sports equipment is available for rent.

17. Dolphin Quest

Right next to Snorkel Park, you’ll find Dolphin Quest. If you or your children have dreamed of swimming with dolphins and learning about them, this is offered within walking distance of the ship. Booking ahead is suggested.

What to do in Bermuda - a 3 day itinerary PIN

18. National Museum of Bermuda

If you or your children enjoy learning about Bermuda’s History as well as seeing artifacts from sunken treasures, this is a great way to spend a few hours. There is also a play area for young children. The museum located in the Keep, Royal Naval Dockyard is free for children 16 and under and does have a charge for adults. Check their website for opening hours and rates.

19. Clock-tower Mall and Local Shops in Dockyard

The Clock-tower Mall, which is visible in many of the the pictures you’ll see of the Bermuda Cruise Port, is filled with small local shops. If you want to bring back some Bermuda perfume, some artist’s paintings or prints, handmade jewelry and other crafts, this is the place to find it.

Other shops in Dockyard include a rum cake shop and the glass blowing shop where they demonstrate their work. Some great clothing stores feature nautical themed clothing and made in Bermuda jewelry, candles and other collectibles.

*Many of the shops and some local artists and shopkeepers are featured in this Bermuda Dockyard video on YouTube .

shopping in dockyard bermuda

20. Bermuda Treats to Eat or Take Home

My favorite souvenirs to bring home usually include some local treats. You can find some good options right in dockyard, close to your cruise ship.

bermuda fudge company pin bench dockyard area

21. Bermudas’s Moongate in Dockyard

bermuda cruise port moongate

Bermuda has several Moongates located around the island. Lucky for us cruisers, there is one right in Dockyard fairly close to the cruise ships.

Legend has it that if couples walk through the Moongate together, they’ll be blessed with a long and happy life together.

My husband and I first walked through this Moongate in 2008 during our first visit to Bermuda by cruise. Since then we’ve gone through it each and every time we’ve returned.

I’ve come to realize that this Moongate is part of many people’s Bermuda stories, from anniversaries, to engagements to just being together and stopping for a moment to create a vacation memory.

Let it become one of yours – find the Moongate (and take a photo).

bermuda moongate dockyard ilana life well cruised

Bermuda Shore Excursions

It’s been said that Bermuda is best seen from the water. There are some great excursions including catamaran snorkeling , wave runners, glass bottom boats and more.

While you certainly don’t have to book and excursion, as there is plenty to do and see on your own, there is value to a local excursion. You can book these with your cruise ship, or directly with a local tour operator.

It can be a good idea to book online before you go as excursions are popular and can sell out.

22. Snorkeling and Boat Excursions

I quite like catamaran and boat excursions as for me it is the right amount of “organization”, local information from the tour operator or guide, and activity to make it an enjoyable part of our visit.

The last couple of years we’ve had great excursions with Rising Son Tours. We’ve appreciated the gorgeous catamarans, friendly and informative crew, and rum swizzles of course!

We were provided with noodles, paddle-boards and had an overall great time floating in the crystal clear waters.

If you’re not fond of getting into the water, consider a romantic Champagne Catamaran excursion at sunset or a boat tour of some of the beautiful and famous homes of Bermuda.

Here’s my review, so you can see what is offered and what to expect:  Bermuda Rising Son Cruises Catamaran Snorkeling Review

bermuda shore excursions

23. Port Royal Golf Course

Bermuda has some of the most beautiful and highly rated golf courses in the world, so if you are a golfer, put this on your wish list. Port Royal Golf Course in Southampton is the closest golf course to the ship and is easily accessible by bus or cab. Golf clubs, shoes and carts are all available to rent. However, if you are cruising to Bermuda it is very easy to bring your own golf clubs on board.

24. Tom Moore’s Jungle/Blue Hole Park

If you are looking for something different that is not often on the cruiser’s radar, make your way to Tom Moore’s Jungle in the parish of Hamilton. This nature reserve has wooded paths, mangroves, caves and grottos, including well known Blue Grotto. You’ll see a variety of birds and fish as well.

There’s always an interesting story in Bermuda: this nature reserve is named after Irish poet Tom Moore, who wrote poetry under a calabash tree in this reserve in 1844. The famous tree was destroyed in a hurricane several years ago, however its branches have begun to grow again.

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

25. Dining in Bermuda & Local Eats

Bermuda is a bit on the expensive side, as a lot is imported from the US or Britain. Since you are cruising, try to plan your day so that you can take advantage of eating some meals on the ship and some meals in Bermuda.

Some of the most popular pubs for both locals and tourists include the Hog Penny Pub or Flanagan’s Irish Pub in Hamilton. If you want to grab a bite close to the ship, a great spot is The Frog and Onion Pub.

A little place quite close to the cruise port that is distinctively local is Woody’s. It’s only about 5 minutes away by cab. I’ve unfortunately not eaten there yet, however I hear from the locals that they make a fabulous fish sandwich!

If you’ve been to Bermuda and know other great spots I should add to my list, please leave a comment below.

Final Thoughts on the Best Things to do in Bermuda for Cruisers

I hope that this list of the best things to do in Bermuda on a cruise can help you enjoy Bermuda as much as I have!

Although Bermuda is a small island, remember to build a little itinerary so that you plan things that are in the same area. Divide up your must-see Bermuda attractions into your 2-3 days. Whatever is left, just means you must return on another cruise!

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Check this Podcast episode where I chatted about Bermuda by Cruise with Guys Telling Stories .

Have you cruised to Bermuda or are you planning to? Please let me know your tips and questions in the comments below.

Happy Cruising!

P.S. If you found this helpful, please don’t keep it to yourself ;-). Please share on Facebook or PIN to your favorite Pinterest board (share buttons at the top). Thanks so much!

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Oh my gosh this place looks amazing! And I had no idea you could cruise there so easily. It sounds like a great option!

' src=

I think it is one of the best kept secrets 😉

' src=

Bermuda looks beautiful! The colour of the water is spectacular. Ilana, great list of things to do and travel tips. One day when we get closer to that side of the world we will go for sure!

Thanks Katie for you comment!Truly the water and beaches are so beautiful. I am sure your kids would love it there!

' src=

Oh my gosh Ilana, I was so excited to go to Bermuda because of the beaches and crystal caves, but there are so many historical sites I didn’t know about until reading this post! Thanks for sharing the info Ilana!

Lol Melissa, you need 2 cruises to Bermuda, right? Actually, you’ll be fine. With 3 days in Bermuda just pick what you most want to do most and save some Bermuda for next time. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I hope you have an amazing cruise :-).

' src=

You missed a port! Bermuda cruises also depart from Baltimore!

You’re right! How could I have omitted that? You’ll be happy to know I’ve edited and added Baltimore to the list of departure cities for Bermuda Cruises.

If you’ve cruised from Baltimore, I’d really like to hear about the experience, so let me know.

' src=

My favorite thing o do was on the other end of the island is an old NASA tracking station. Looking around old buildings and tracking equipment from the 60’s was cool. It also has over a two mile long runway from the old space. Shuttle days. Built for emergency landings of shuttle.

Hi Russell,

That is so interesting! I’ll have to look into this and probably one day do a good tour of the island!

Thanks for the great suggestion!

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I am cruising out of Norfolk VA for a overnight Bermuda cruise through carnival! That’s for the good advice!

That’s so exciting! Glad the post was helpful 🙂

Enjoy your cruise!

' src=

All really great things to do in Bermuda. We have been twice and heading back again next year on the new NCL PRIMA. One thing you didn’t mentioned that we have done is sport fishing. They have some great fishing around Bermuda. Love your content ILANA Keith

Wow, nice cruise Keith.

Thanks for mentioning sports fishing. I really had no idea, but it’s another enjoyable thing to do in Bermuda.

Thanks for sharing & for your kind words!

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Living with the Magic

Disney Cruise Vacation to Bermuda – Day 3

by Living With The Magic Vacations | Nov 30, 2018 | Disney Cruise Line | 0 comments

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

We had finally arrived in Bermuda!!  We originally had booked  resort stay here (not with Disney). Often on these Islands, resorts will offer day passes. We had booked the Coco Reef Resort. Day passes were $104 per adult and $55 per child and included use of their beach, pool and a 3-course lunch. Prior to setting sail the weather looked like it was going to be COLD so we cancelled.

Of course it turned out to be a beautiful day so while onboard we stopped at the Port Adventures Desk and chatted with an amazing cast member who helped us decide on a Disney excursion to Horseshoe Bay. Now something important to know here is that you can grab a taxi or bus for less than $10 per person however it was our first time here and we were traveling with Disney so we wanted to the peace of mind that we had reliable and safe transfers to the beach!

We didn’t have a super early excursion so we opted for Lumiere’s for breakfast…and it was delicious!!

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

After breakfast we packed our beach bags, grabbed our excursion tickets and headed to the theatre where we were instructed to meet up.  We were then taken downstairs and off the ship.  It was a beautiful day with sun and a bit of wind.

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Before long we had arrived! There is no cost to visit the beach but they do have a  little shop with souvenirs and drinks, a bar/restaurant and you can rent chairs and umbrella’s.  A beach chair or umbrella rents for $15 each, or two chairs & an umbrella is $40. There is also bathrooms and showers not far from the beach.

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

The kids and hubby set off to build a sand castle!

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Finally it was warming up and we were ready to hit the waves!

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Nothing like some sun and sea to make you sleepy!

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Finally the night we had been waiting for…dinner at Rapunzel’s! It was beautiful inside and my cell camera just didn’t do it justice!!

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

It was a great day and I had seriously fallen in love with Bermuda!! Stay tuned for our 2nd day in Bermuda!!

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FAQ: Disney Cruise Line Port Adventures – Pros, Cons, and Whys

New Disney Cruise Line guests are often confused about booking port excursions during their sailing. We’re here to answer ALL your questions.

What is a port excursion?

Port Excursions (also called Port Adventures) are activities off the ship when the ship is in port. Most, though not all, port excursions are organized group activities, where you will participate in an activity or explore an area with other parties sailing on the same ship.

Port excursions range from inexpensive walking tours to $1,000+ helicopter trips.

There are a few port excursions that include a private guide or private transportation. These are typically among the most expensive options.

And there are a handful of inexpensive activities that Disney classifies as port adventures on Castaway Cay (DCL’s private island) that are really just equipment rentals. For example, you can rent a bike for an hour on your own time.

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Do I have to book a port excursion?

Absolutely not.

You’re welcome to stay on the ship during any port stop. You’re also welcome to disembark the ship an explore any port on your own. Or you can plan an excursion with an outside vendor. The choice is totally up to you.

Will I be missing out if I don’t book a port excursion?

Possibly. But also possibly not. It really depends on what your vacation goals are, what your budget is, where you’re going and a host of other factors. Here are some examples of what I mean:

  • I’ve been to Nassau port calls a dozen times before and I’ll probably stop there again. I might decide stay on the ship when we dock in Nassau because I want to enjoy the onboard amenities (such as the AquaMouse slide) when they’re less crowded.
  • I’m on a limited budget and I really want to experience the spa and adult dining options on the ship. I’ll skip the organized port excursions to save funds for what’s more important to me.
  • I have a particular interest on shore that isn’t part of any of any organized excursion, I’ll just explore the port on my own.
  • I’m a single person who very much wants to have an onshore experience but nervous about being in an unknown place on my own. Booking an organized port excursion might be the best (or only) option.
  • I’m in a once-in-a-lifetime port and want to see the highlights in an organized manner. Booking a port excursion might make a lot of sense for me.

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

I want to book a port excursion. Do I have to book my excursions through Disney?

Nope. There are vendors at nearly every port that offer outside tour bookings.

What are the advantages to booking through Disney?

Some of the advantages of booking a port excursion through Disney are:

  • Convenience of selection.  To book a Port Adventure through Disney, just head over to the  DCL website . For each port you’ll see a menu of options, it’s a one stop spot for information including activity descriptions, age/height/weight restrictions, costs, and related data. If you find an excursion appealing, you can have it booked with just a few clicks.
  • Convenience of billing. When you book your excursion through Disney, the fee appears on your stateroom bill, which you can pay using any of the acceptable DCL methods, in US dollars, British pounds, or in Euros. As an added bonus, you don’t pay a deposit and you don’t pay until you sail. If you’re booking an excursion in another country on your own, you may have to pay a large deposit, you may have to pay in another currency, or you may be limited to use of a particular credit card or other form of payment, possibly with an unknown exchange rate. And remember if you’re using Disney Gift Cards as a payment method on the ship, you may be able to have an effective 5% discount if you’ve purchased your gift cards through Target, or other discounts when purchasing through Sam’s Club, Costco, or another retailer.
  • Safety.  Of course, whenever you’re on a port excursion, you’ll want to exercise and abundance of caution, but if you book a Disney-vetted excursion, you know that they’ve done some of the work for you. Disney verifies that the excursions they offer are via legitimate businesses. They make sure that the transportation used is safe and that the guides are accountable for your whereabouts. If you book an excursion on your own, the onus is on you to do the research.
  • Communication with the ship.  When you book an excursion through Disney, they know where you are. If something unforeseen happens, they have representative who can contact your group and vice versa. If you book your excursion on your own, cast members on the ship will likely have no idea where you are. And they’re not going to wait for you if you don’t arrive back at the dock prior to sail-away time.
  • Language issues.  Booking your excursion through Disney means that the transaction will take place in English. If you’re booking an excursion on your own for a port in another country, the website or phone representative may use another language.
  • Cancellation policies.  Disney Cruise Line’s Port Adventure  cancellation policy  is clearly stated on their website. If you book on your own, you may be subject to an entirely different set of policies, which may or may not be clearly outlined, or fair.

How do I book port excursions through Disney?

The overview of all port excursions is the place to start if you’re just beginning to explore whether you want to take a Disney cruise. If you’ve already reserved a DCL cruise, you can book port excursions once your booking window opens AND you’ve paid in full for your cruise. Booking windows are based on your Castaway Club status (see below for more info on this).  Assuming you’ve fulfilled both these requirements, to book an excursion on the DCL website, go to the information page for your reservation and follow the steps below.

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Listings will include information about price, activity level, duration of the excursion, transportation methods used, and more. Be sure to read these descriptions carefully to make sure that you’re booking something that is appropriate for your family. See, for example, the wealth of information about this one Grand Cayman excursion.

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

What are some reasons why I would not want to use Disney for my port excursions?

While booking a DCL excursion is easy, it might not be right for everyone.

  • Price.  Many guests have found that similar excursions to Disney’s can be booked independently at a lesser cost. Additionally, when booking on your own, you’ll be able to construct an excursion at a budget or luxury level that specifically suits your needs.
  • More options.  While Disney offers a range of excursions at each port, the list of options is certainly finite. If you book on your own, there’s no limit to the number of choices you might have.
  • Customization.  When booking on your own, you can often work with a vendor to construct an excursion custom tailored to your interests or hobbies. You might be able to combine visits to two disparate sites in one excursion. You might be able to skip part of a standard tour that doesn’t interest you. You might be able to linger longer at a favorite venue. Or you might be able to arrange for transportation which accommodates a medical need, such as wheelchair use.
  • Booking window.  On the DCL website, your ability to access excursion booking is based on your Castaway Club status. A first-time cruiser booking excursions through Disney might be locked out of some popular activities because they’ve become fully booked before they had access. When booking excursions on your own, you’re not subject to any waiting period. You can take a crack at booking whenever you want.

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

What are some reasons why I might want to stay on the ship when we’re in port?

As I mentioned earlier, some guests prefer to stay on the ship rather than disembark at port stops. Here are some reasons why:

  • This is your first DCL sailing , or first sailing on a particular ship, and you want to explore it in great detail.
  • You’re a DCL veteran but want to enjoy the ship’s amenities when it is less crowded on board.
  • You’re sailing in a concierge level stateroom and want to get as much from that investment as possible.
  • You’ve been to that port before and have already experienced the main attractions.
  • You have physical limitations or a medical condition that make it difficult to maneuver in a particular port.
  • You have safety concerns about a particular port.
  • You have budget constraints that make staying on board more appealing.
  • You have anxiety about something like returning to the ship on time.

What are some reasons I might want to disembark the ship in port without a planned excursion?

Many guests choose to just walk off the ship and explore rather than booking a planned excursion through Disney or through another source. Some reasons are:

  • You like puttering around new places. For example, you enjoy exploring things like local supermarkets or food stalls that are near the dock.
  • You only want to be off the ship for a limited amount of time.
  • You want to enjoy the local culture without the filter of a tourist guide.
  • You’re learning the local language and want to practice with residents of the area.
  • You just want to sit on a local beach and don’t need help doing that.
  • … and so on.

Also be aware that if you book a short excursion and the port call is long, you may be able to combine a planned activity with spontaneous exploration.

How does Castaway Club status impact my ability to book port excursions through Disney?

Castaway Club is the method Disney uses to reward repeat cruisers. It works somewhat along the lines of a frequent flyer program in that the more you use the service (Disney cruising), the better your “status” and the more perks you get.

  • If you’ve never taken a Disney cruise before, you are a  First Time Guest .
  • Guests who have completed 1 to 4 Disney cruises have  Silver  Castaway Club status.
  • Guests who have completed 5 to 9 Disney cruises have  Gold  Castaway Club status.
  • Guests who have completed 10 or more Disney cruises have  Platinum  Castaway Club status.
  • Guests who have completed 25 or more Disney cruises will have  Pearl status when this new level rolls out later in 2023.

Your Castaway Club level determines how soon you can book your port excursions.

  • First Time Guest s may make reservations 75 days prior to sailing.
  • Silver  Castaway Club Guests may make reservations 90 days prior to sailing.
  • Gold  Castaway Club Guests may make reservations 105 days prior to sailing.
  • Platinum  Castaway Club Guests may make reservations 120 days prior to sailing.
  • Stay tuned on information for Pearl cruisers.

While some port activities rarely become fully booked (bike rentals at Castaway Cay, for example), other experiences are in short supply.

Please note that some Castaway Club benefits (such as the window when port excursion booking opens) are determined by the Castaway Club member with the highest status in each stateroom. For example, if I’ve been on a few more cruises than my husband (lucky me) and my Castaway status is higher than his, I can make excursion reservations for both of us at my higher status level. However, if we’re also traveling with our neighbors, First Time Cruisers staying in another stateroom, even though they are part of our party, they can not take advantage of my higher status level. Effectively, Castaway status on any particular cruise is applied by stateroom, not by the total party.

Keep this in mind if you’re planning an activity for a large group. Not everyone will have equal access to reservations if members of the traveling party have different Castaway Club status levels.

The port excursion I want is listed as Sold Out on the DCL website. What can I do?

Well first, keep checking back. People cancel cruises and cruise excursions all the time. Your desired activity might suddenly reappear as an option.

You could also decide to wait until you board and see if someone has dropped out at the last minute. (Stop by Guest Services or the onboard Port Adventures desk to do this.)

If you don’t want to wait that long to ensure that you’ll be able to do what you want, another option is to book a similar excursion on your own.

What are the cancellation policies if I book my excursion through Disney?

Cancellations can be made up to 3 days prior to the cruise departure date, unless otherwise noted on a specific activity. After that time, all reservations are final and non-refundable.

Also note the Disney or the excursion operator will sometimes cancel an excursion at the last minute. For example, many of the Castaway Cay port excursion (such as parasailing or feeding stingrays) are cancelled if there are even moderately high winds. If this happens you will automatically be refunded.

How do I pay for a port excursion I’ve booked through Disney?

The Guest’s onboard account is charged for booked Port Adventures and activities upon boarding the ship.

Guests typically place a credit card on file before arriving via the online check-in process. Other options include providing a credit card at the time of embarkation or setting up a cash account.

At the end of the cruise, Guests may choose to settle their account with the credit card on file, a different card or cash.

If want to have a port excursion but I can’t or don’t want to use Disney, what are my options?

There are many ways to located non-Disney port excursions. Some include:

  • Ask a friend for a recommendation
  • Join a Facebook group for your cruise or your cruise destination and ask for suggestions there
  • Ask your travel agent for suggestions
  • Look at the port excursion offerings of other cruise lines for ideas
  • Run Google searches like “Best things to do in port X”
  • Check sites like Trip Advisor for best things to do in your port
  • Search your port on a service like Resort for a Day ,  Get Your Guide , Discount Excursions , Venture Ashor e, Shore Excursions Group , or Project Expedition
  • Wait until you arrive in port and book something on site.

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

What questions should I be asking when trying to decide about a port excursion?

When you’re booking a port excursion (through Disney or on your own), you should have a handle on the following:

  • What is the base price of the excursion?
  • Are there additional fees for things like meals or photography?
  • What language will the excursion be conducted in?
  • Are there similar excursions in other ports? Would it be better to do this elsewhere?
  • Can I do something like the excursion at home? For example, some excursions with cooking classes or ziplining are similar to things you can do in many parts of the US.
  • Are there age limits for all or part of the excursion?
  • Is there an adults only or teens only version of this? Would that better suit my family?
  • Can my family’s medical needs be accommodated on this excursion? (Consider things like wheelchair use, food allergies, and motion sickness tendencies.)
  • How active is this excursion? Is that appropriate for my party?
  • Do I have the necessary qualifications to do the excursion? For example, some dive excursions require scuba certification?
  • What sort of transportation will the excursion use? Do I feel comfortable with that?
  • Are the weight limits I need to know about? For example, some helicopter-based excursions in Alaska or Hawaii have weight maximums.
  • How much of my day will the excursion use?
  • What’s the ratio of travel time to entertainment time on the excursion?
  • What are the cancellation policies?
  • Do I need to leave a deposit?
  • Has the excursion been impacted by any outside factors such as COVID or recent storms?
  • Will the excursion be conducted if there are adverse weather conditions?
  • Is a passport needed? (Some DCL guests may board the ship without a passport but may be excluded from certain activities if they don’t have one.)
  • Will I be required to pay for the excursion if the ship does not end up visiting that port. (It doesn’t happen often, but the ships do occasionally need to reroute due to weather or other local conditions.)
  • Does the excursion vendor have a good reputation? Can you verify this with a known party (a friend or your travel agent) or do they have good ratings on a service like Yelp?
  • How many people will I be sharing the excursion with? Is this a big group tour, a private booking, or something in between?
  • What’s the best way to contact the tour operator if I have questions or if something happens last minute that impacts my ability to participate? Will I have access to that communication method when I’m on the ship? For example, does your phone plan include calls from ship to shore at a reasonable price?
  • Will I need to bring anything with me on the excursion – camera, food, swim fins, towels, etc.?
  • Will I be required to sign things like safety waivers? How do I feel about that?
  • Do I have the ability to customize the excursion to meet my unique needs?

How do you get to your Disney Cruise Line port excursion?

If you’ve booked your excursion through Disney, the DCL Navigator app will be populated with instructions once you get on board.

Typically, you’ll meet in a common area of the ship (such as a lounge or theater) at an appointed time and a DCL crew member will walk you off the ship and take you directly to a representative of your tour company.

If you’ve booked an excursion on your own, then you’ll have to make your own arrangements.

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Do you take your passport on shore excursions?

There are different schools of thought on this – and some of it depends on the excursion and the port. However, at the very minimum you should bring a photo ID, your ship ID (Key to the World Card), and a photocopy of your passport. Be aware that if you are late returning to port and miss the ship, having your passport with you will greatly facilitate getting you back where you need to be.

Some excursions will specify that passports are 100% required. For example, there are some train-based excursions in DCL’s Alaska ports that wend in and out of Canada. Passports are absolutely necessary here.

Should I tip on a shore excursion?

See our guide to tipping on Disney Cruise Line for more info on DCL tipping in general, but yes, tips are almost always welcome. If you have had a good experience with your excursion bus/boat/car driver or tour guide then offering a tip is best practice, though not strictly required.

Are there any rules about port excursions?

In general, you should try to be a good human. Observe and respect the rules of your host country. Treat the tour operators and your fellow passengers with grace and kindness.

Beyond that, pay strict attention to the instructions related to your excursion. Arrive on time for departure and be super double plus sure to arrive back at the ship well before departure time. Bring the required documentation with you. And pay attention to your surroundings – safety is paramount whenever you’re traveling.

If you’re looking for additional advice and planning assistance with any Disney Cruise Line sailing, be sure to check out the Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line  or ask for a free quote from one of our  expert travel agents .

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Erin Foster

Erin Foster is an original member of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel (now PlanDisney), a regular contributor to, and co-author of The Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line. She's been to WDW, DL, DL Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Aulani, DVC Vero Beach, and DVC Hilton Head. She's a Platinum DCL cruiser and veteran of 10 Adventures by Disney trips. Erin lives near New York City, where she can often be found indulging in her other obsession - Broadway theater.

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2 thoughts on “ FAQ: Disney Cruise Line Port Adventures – Pros, Cons, and Whys ”

We’re starting to plan our first Disney Cruise for next fall (2025). I’m a total newbie to cruises in general, and although I’ve been to WDW many times I want to learn as much about the DCL as possible before we pick our destination and ship. I started researching thinking we would definitely sail out of Port Canaveral and end our trip with a couple of days at WDW. Now I’m not so sure! There are so many options for departure ports and destinations. At that time we will have a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old, so I’m looking for information on what would be a good option for them as well as for my husband and I. Any recommendations for kids of those ages on length, destination, or excursions we should look for?

Well, I’m obviously biased, but good start would be buying The Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line ( ) or get it from your local library. For me personally, I’d wait to cruise until the youngest is at least four. You’ll save money on childcare and you won’t need the cumbersome crib taking up floor space in a small stateroom. That said, in general, for a first cruise I’d suggest a four or five night sailing on the Dream or Fantasy. You’ll get a sense then if cruising is right for you (or right for you now, circumstances change). The destination and excursions are less important for a first sailing (again, my opinion). At the beginning you’ll want to explore the ship and get a sense of what cruising is like.

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Disney Cruise Line Port Excursions – Discounts & Tips

LAST UPDATE: 2/14/24

Disney Port Adventures are not cheap, and they can add a significant amount to the total cost of your Disney Cruise. This page covers discounts, deals, and advice about port excursions at ports of call visited by Disney Cruise Line. We have collected our best tips and advice to help you save time, save money and have more fun when you get off your cruise ship. After all, sightseeing in exotic destinations is one of the primary reasons to take a cruise!

Thanks to Marjorie Treger and to readers Jeff Evernham and Aileen B, who contributed some great tips.

General Tips

Port safety, disney shore excursions, self-booking excursions & exploring independently, booking excursions with viator, castaway cay, lookout cay at lighthouse point, nassau, bahamas.

Other useful Disney Cruise Line information pages:

  • For discounts and tips on saving money on the cruise itself , visit our Disney Cruise Discount page.
  • For tips and tricks that will help you plan your cruise , visit the Planning Tips & Tricks for Disney Cruises page.
  • For advice that will help you save time and get the most out of your cruise once you are onboard , visit the DCL Onboard Advice page.

If you’re not an adventurous traveler, you may want to book a Disney port excursion the first time you visit a port just to get the lay of the land, so to speak. That said, it’s pretty easy to go it alone in most of these ports, either by booking your own port adventures or just wandering. Every day in each of these ports, 3,000-18,000 cruise passengers flood the streets, so the ports are pretty good at providing services and infrastructure to travelers. And because they don’t want to risk the lucrative flow of tourism dollars, most of these places will have plenty of security in the major tourist areas. If you stay in tourist-oriented areas with lots of foot traffic during daylight hours, you may encounter vendors who are pushier than you might be used to, but safety should not be a major problem. Do read the port safety section and keep your wits about you.

A limited number of strollers are available from Guest Services while in port. They are free with a deposit. Since they are limited, don’t wait until most people have left the ship to ask for one.

Port days are a great time to take advantage of the ship’s amenities — such as the pools, spa and the AquaDuck or AquaMouse — with minimal crowds. Most people leave the ship in the morning and return in the afternoon. If you want to enjoy the ship when it’s nearly empty, reverse your schedule so you’re on the ship in the morning and in port during the afternoon. Depending on the ship’s arrival and departure times, this is easier to do at some ports than others.

If you’re wondering how busy a port will be, a great resource is . Select your ship and dates, and it will show you which ships will be in port on each day of your cruise. From that, you can click on each ship name to see the details of that ship and see how many passengers it carries. Add all the passenger counts for all the ships in a particular port, and that’s the “port load” for that day. On low-load days, it will be easier to get a taxi, the tourist spots will be less crowded, etc. On high-load days, expect crowds everywhere. It’s a good idea to look at the port load on other days that month to get an idea of what’s a “normal” load. If the port usually handles 15,000 people, then a 10,000 person day might be fairly light. But in another port, their normal day might be 6,000, making 10,000 a huge crowd.

And of course, any of these ports will be busier during peak vacation times, which for the Caribbean and Bahamas is spring break (generally late March through early April) and Christmas season (the two calendar weeks that contain Christmas and New Year’s Day). During those times, you can expect major tourist destinations, beaches, resorts, restaurants, etc. to be very busy and booked up well in advance. The resorts will be full of guests, and the cruise ships will be running as full as possible. Surprisingly, summer in the Caribbean is only moderately busy, as it’s very hot, and a lot of cruise ships are in Alaska and Europe then.

If you want to get away from the tourist gloss and go a little deeper, you might ask some of the crew on the ship where they like to go when they have free time in that port. You still won’t necessarily be seeing the “real” country, but it’s a good way to find something more like a local hangout and less like a chain restaurant. Keep in mind that crew care more about things like free Wi-Fi and cheap drinks, and less about fancy décor and beautiful views.

A warning: reading this section can make you feel like it’s a mistake to leave home, which is not our intent. We don’t want people to get the impression that they’re in grave danger when they leave the ship, but it’s important to be clear-headed and travel smart. Most travelers have no real trouble, especially on organized cruise excursions and shopping in busy tourist areas. However, crime rates are quite high in some of the countries Disney Cruise Line visits, and it’s worthwhile to take some basic precautions.

In almost all developing countries, including many ports in the Caribbean, you are highly likely to encounter vendors who will call to you, ask questions, shove items in front of you, touch you to get your attention, etc. This is not a safety problem per se, it’s just much more aggressive selling than most first-world residents are used to. The vendors know that cruise ship passengers have money, and they hope to get some of that money by selling crafts, t-shirts, hair-braiding, etc. If you’re not interested in what they are selling, you should say “no thanks,” shake your head, or something equivalent, and keep walking . If you ignore them, they don’t know if you have heard them or not, and they may just get louder and closer. If you stop, they’re going to assume you’re interested. Politely making it clear that you’re not interested usually works; you want to act like someone who’s got somewhere to be. If they persist after that, stop responding and move away from them. Do not answer questions from vendors if you aren’t interested in what they’re selling. Usually these vendors are concentrated right around the cruise terminal and a few other big tourist hot spots and if you get a block or two away it gets much better. If you know that dealing with aggressive vendors is going to make you uncomfortable, you’re best off sticking with organized excursions, either through Disney, Viator or large tour operators, or hiring your own guide or driver to take you around.

We strongly recommend against doing any kind of motorized watersports excursions, such as jet-ski rental or parasailing, on a walk-up basis on any beach in the Caribbean, Mexico or Bahamas. These vendors are typically effectively unregulated, and incidents of accidents due to under-maintained equipment and/or poor safety procedures are high enough to make us uncomfortable. Any such excursions should either be purchased through Disney, Viator or some other intermediary that you trust to do reasonable vetting of the final provider. Note that the jet-ski vendors working the beaches in front of major hotels are not typically affiliated with, or recommended by, the hotels. We also recommend doing thorough research on any boat tour, fishing tour, snorkeling or scuba tours booked independently. There are plenty of good independent companies in any of the ports, but there are also lots of tiny companies that may not carry adequate insurance, may not have proper equipment maintenance, may not have proper safety certifications, etc. You should look for how long they’ve been in business, how many reviews they have on major review sites like TripAdvisor, and whether their staff have certifications from recognized organizations like PADI.

We advise not straying far from the port or other tourist areas in Nassau, Bahamas, especially at night. Violent crime against tourists is rare, but it does happen, including bold armed robberies of tour groups. Don’t just take our word for it, read the US State Department’s advisory , under Safety & Security. The vendors are also extra-aggressive here, though it dies down considerably once you get a block or two away from the cruise terminal. If you just want to shop or walk around in Nassau, we advise staying within a few blocks of Bay Street, which is the main shopping street running along the shoreline, or take a cab over to Paradise Island, where the shopping area is much less chaotic and less sketchy.

Falmouth, Jamaica  has had ongoing problems with extremely aggressive vendors near the port. While Jamaica does have serious crime problems, most of it is found in poor areas of Kingston and Montego Bay. Falmouth itself is not an especially crime-prone area. Certainly the large gated shopping area of the cruise port is completely safe to explore, as only employees and cruise-ship passengers are allowed in, and while inside the gated area you will not be accosted by sellers. However, outside the port gates there are quite a few souvenir and craft vendors on the street who buttonhole cruise passengers as they go by. Firmly and politely saying “no thanks” is generally enough to get them to leave you alone. If you ever feel unsafe, during the day there are tourist police stationed at intersections near the port, who wear white helmets, white shirts and black pants.

Crime and violence have been on the increase in Mexico for the last few years. Relatively little of the violence has been directed against tourists, but it does happen occasionally: in February 2012, a busload of people on an official excursion from a Carnival ship were robbed of all their valuables , including passports, in Puerto Vallarta. (This was a giant mess for those who lost their passports, which is why we say do not take your passport off the ship! ) Disney adjusts its port calls in response to current events and will make every effort to visit the ports that are safest. We recommend staying with a group and/or taking an official excursion when visiting Baja ports, except for Cabo San Lucas, which has had few crime problems. For Western Caribbean cruises, Cozumel is a fairly safe port.

Barcelona  is an amazing city but has a big problem with pickpockets. According to a tour guide we spoke with there, under local laws most such thefts are a hand-slapping offense (basically if the pickpocket is caught, a ticket is issued and they don’t have to worry about going to jail). Personally, we saw a lot of tourists wandering around with expensive handbags hanging open over their arms. Don’t make yourself such an obvious target and you’re likely to be fine.

Some safety tips when getting off the ship in any port:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Look on a map before leaving the ship so you know the general layout of the port and have an idea of where the ship is docked. Don’t rely exclusively on a smartphone or other electronic device for directions, since those might be stolen. Take a paper map with you so you can find your way back to the ship.
  • Don’t carry your whole wallet around. We recommend getting a travelers pouch (worn inside your shirt around your neck, or around your waist inside your pants), plus a cheap wallet. Preload the wallet with a little cash and maybe one credit card, and nothing else. In the travelers pouch put more cash, a different credit card, your ID, room key, and any phone numbers you might need (see below). Don’t put the ID in the wallet, since you’ll usually need the ID to get through customs and back on the ship. If you get mugged or pickpocketed, the thieves will get some cash, a credit card (which you’ll cancel as soon as you get back to the ship), and a wallet.
  • DO NOT take your passport with you when you leave the ship, unless the country requires it, or you plan to rent a car (in which case you’ll need it). If it is stolen, you will have a real problem. Very few countries require you to carry your passport around. If not having your passport with you makes you nervous, make a color photocopy of the identity page of your passport before you leave on the cruise, and carry that with you when you get off the ship.
  • DO put your passport (and any other necessary documents, credit cards, etc.) in your stateroom safe when you leave the ship. If for some reason you can’t make it back to the ship, Disney will send two security officers into your stateroom, open the safe, retrieve your passport and leave it with the port agent so you can arrange to rejoin the ship or head home.
  • Don’t wear expensive-looking jewelry/watches/handbags, particularly when visiting places with a lot of poverty (e.g. Mexico and the Caribbean) or that are known for pickpockets (e.g. Barcelona and Naples). It just makes you a target for thieves. Very expensive/complicated SLR cameras can also make you a target. If you have a great camera, stay in the safest areas and don’t wander too far alone.
  • Write down the name and phone number of the “ship’s agent” for the port (which will be available in the Navigator app), and carry it with you. Putting it in your cell phone or other electronic device is a good backup, but put it on a piece of paper, too, in case your phone is lost or stolen. You’ll need to contact the ship’s agent if something bad happens while you’re onshore (i.e., you get sick/robbed/miss the ship’s departure, etc.) If something happens and you lose the number for the ship’s agent, call the port – they will know the agents for the various cruise lines. It would be a good idea to also have the number of the nearest US embassy or consulate and a local cab company.
  • Do not take unlicensed cabs, unless the car was arranged by yourself or a trusted intermediary such as your hotel concierge or bell captain. If a random driver offers to take you somewhere, don’t take them up on it. Your best bet is to only pick up cabs at managed cab stands at ports, airports, hotels or major tourist destinations. In cities with well-regulated cab systems with clear markings, hailing a cab on the street is fine.

Disney offers a wide variety of shore excursions (which they call “port adventures”) of varying quality. In almost all cases the excursions are offered by third parties contracted by Disney. If you’re wondering whether an excursion is worthwhile, we recommend buying a guidebook that reviews them, or searching the internet for reviews on cruise sites, since nearly all shore excursions are the same ones offered to all the cruise ships. Keep in mind that there are often many tour operators offering similarly-named excursions in each port, so just because you find a fantastic review of a city tour, for example, doesn’t mean it’s the same city tour offered by Disney.

Some excursions are very popular and fill up early, so book them as early as you can . If you’re not able to get an excursion you wanted before you embark, go to Guest Services or the Excursion Desk as soon as you get onboard and see if they can add you to a waiting list. Or you can check our tips below for booking the tour on your own. Sometimes the tour or experience itself still has space, but the bus that Disney chartered is full – if  you’re willing to take a cab direct to the facility you can still do the excursion.

Booking excursions directly, instead of via Disney, can save you money and give you extra flexibility. As we mentioned earlier, the shore excursions offered at each of Disney’s ports of call are provided by third-party tour companies, with the exception of most of the Castaway Cay excursions. They are (with a few exceptions) the exact same excursions offered by every other cruise line, and are often offered directly to the public via the tour operators’ own website, or via various aggregators like Viator . In some cases the tour is cheaper when you book directly (since they don’t have to split the profit with Disney), but even if it’s the same price, booking yourself allows you to choose excursions or optional add-ons Disney doesn’t offer, or alternative times that might fit your schedule better. And of course you can choose to do tours and activities that are not offered by Disney, or just get off the ship and explore the town.

Families with kids can often save significant money booking direct! Disney Cruise Line almost always uses a standard age range for pricing port excursions: anyone 10 or older pays the adult price, ages 3-9 pay a child price and ages 2 and under are usually free (or sometimes there’s an infant price). But if you book your port excursion directly with the tour operator, you often find that they offer child discounts up to age 12 and sometimes up to age 16 or 17. Some don’t charge for kids 3 or under, or even 4 or under. That can save you a lot of money, depending on the ages of your kids. You have to book directly (or through another vendor like Viator ) to get the more generous child discounts.

Some people worry that an independent tour company might not getting them back to the ship on time. In practice, it’s extremely  rare for a tour operator to get passengers back late enough to miss their ship. Any tour company that services cruise passengers risks the wrath of a busload of incredibly angry guests if they miss their ship. You can be sure they do not want that to happen, and they will go to great lengths to avoid it. If they have a bus breakdown, they will have a contingency plan to bring in another bus or provide alternative transportation. Some third-party tour companies provide a guarantee that they’ll get you back to your boat on time or they’ll pay to get you to the next port, which tells you that they’re confident they’ll be on time. They take cruise-ship passengers around every day of the year; they’re very aware of the need to stay on schedule.

On a Disney-booked tour, the tour operator will contact the Disney ship’s agent immediately if they get into trouble, so the ship staff know what’s going on. You should do the same: if you are exploring independently or on a self-booked tour and suffer an issue that might make you late, immediately call the ship’s agent and tell them what’s happening. The name and phone number of the ship’s agent for the port is in the Navigator app, or you can call the port and ask for the name and number of the Disney port agent. The ship may wait for you if they know where you are and when you’ll be arriving; they usually won’t wait very long if they have no idea when you’ll be there.

In the very unlikely event that a tour operator doesn’t get you back to the ship before it has to leave, third-party trip insurance may cover your cost to get to the next port, via the “trip interruption,” “missed connection” or “travel delay” coverage, if the tour operator or a cab, bus, or train is delayed as a result of one of the covered events. Covered events usually include a tour operator or carrier suffering a mechanical breakdown, traffic accident or weather-related delay. Check the description of coverage of your trip insurance, or call their customer service number to see if you’re covered. Be careful; some of them only cover trip interruption or missed connections if the carrier ceases service for more than a certain amount of time, sometimes as much as 24 hours.

Most people who miss their ship departure are not on an excursion at all. They just get sidetracked while shopping or sightseeing (or drinking),  often within walking distance of the ship. When you’re close to the ship you don’t have the stress of worrying about getting a cab or whether your tour is going to leave on time, and it’s easy to stop paying attention. Another reason people miss the ship is that they mis-remember the all-aboard time. Don’t let this be you! Write down the all-aboard time, and set an alarm on your phone or watch for when you should be heading back to the ship. Something to be aware of is that if your phone connects to the local cell towers or to local Wi-Fi, it may reset its clock to local time, which might not match ship time. Make sure you know whether your all-aboard is in local time or ship’s time, and also know what time zone your watch or phone is set to. Allow 30 minutes to get through port security, plus 30 minutes for each transportation leg you have to take, in addition to estimated travel time , just in case.

Another thing to keep in mind about self-booked tours: occasionally the ship has to miss a port or arrive late because of weather or some other issue. If you have an excursion in that port that you self-booked, that tour operator’s cancellation policy applies. In our experience many tour operators will refund your money if the ship doesn’t make port, and most will wait for you or put you on a later tour if the ship is late, if they can find a way to do it. It’s definitely worth checking the “missed port” policy before you book, though. Again, your trip insurance may cover missed port excursions under “trip interruption,” “travel delay” or “missed connection;” check with your insurance provider to be sure.

No matter how you book your tour it’s a good idea to have your own contingency plan just in case. You should always have the number of a local cab company in your phone (and written on a piece of paper in case you lose your phone). And you always want to give yourself some leeway. We strongly recommend against self-booking a tour or activity that ends less than 2 hours before the ship leaves . You could make exceptions if you know the activity happens completely within walking distance of the ship, such as the lumberjack show in Ketchikan, which is literally a block and a half from the dock. Be careful though – sometimes the location given by the tour operator is just the pick-up spot; they may transport you somewhere else for the actual activity. The bottom line is that you want to have enough time to find alternative transportation back to the ship if you have to, especially if you’re just exploring on your own. When in doubt, contact the tour operator directly if you can, and ask them how much time it takes to get to and from their pick-up/drop-off points. is an easy, reliable way to book cruise excursions, tours and activities. Like Disney, they work with third-party operators in the various port cities. They hand-pick tour operators that meet their standards for experience, financial soundness, and customer service. They have reviews on their excursions, written by actual customers. You need to take these reviews with the same skepticism that you would with any online reviews: some people are ultra-picky, and some people love everything. But it can give you useful details about the kinds of things you’ll get to do, the kinds of problems that can arise, whether you have to take a long ride from the port to get to the tour beginning, etc.

We have been recommending for several years and have had good feedback from readers. They often have the best prices we’ve found on shore excursions, and offer many of the popular excursions in the major ports Disney visits. In some cases they offer the exact same excursion as Disney, provided by the exact same tour company, but with a wider range of available times or more options. We have on several occasions chosen one of their excursions as an alternative to Disney’s excursions, and we’ve always been happy with the tour operators and tours.

To give an example, on our trip to Alaska on the Disney Wonder, we booked a whale-watching excursion in Juneau with Viator because it left earlier, which left us more time for sightseeing and the Mendenhall Glacier. It turns out there are about 5 big whale-watching companies in Juneau, and they all share information about whale sightings, so everyone’s boats spend most of their time in a group traveling from sighting to sighting, then occasionally splitting up to look for more whales. The boat we were on was smaller and faster than the other boats, which allowed us to reach several whale pods first, but in the end everyone saw the same whales. The bottom line: we got a basically identical (maybe a little better) whale-watching trip for about 70% of the Disney excursion price.

Here are direct links to the tours and activities pages on for the most popular Disney Cruise Line ports, including departure ports. Note that many excellent tours that work well for cruise passengers are not necessarily listed in the “shore excursions” category. You just have to look at the start and end times of any tour you’re considering and compare to the cruise schedule. We recommend avoiding picking start times less than 30 minutes after your scheduled arrival time in port (plus any travel time needed to get from the port to the tour’s start point). And we strongly advise not picking tours with ending times less than 2 hours before the cruise’s scheduled departure time (plus any travel time needed to get from the tour’s end point to the ship).

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Western Caribbean :

  • Miami tours and excursions
  • Cozumel tours and excursions
  • Grand Cayman tours and excursions  (Remember to allow time for tendering into port)
  • Falmouth, Jamaica tours and excursions

Eastern Caribbean :

  • Tortola shore excursions
  • St. Maarten tours and excursions
  • St. Thomas/St. John shore excursions
  • Vancouver, Canada tours and excursions
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Mediterranean :

  • Barcelona, Spain tours and activities
  • Venice, Italy tours and activities
  • Villefranche (French Riviera) tours and excursions
  • Pisa, Italy tours and excursions (Note that you need to allow travel time to/from La Spezia)
  • Florence, Italy tours and excursions (Note that you need to allow travel time to/from La Spezia)
  • La Spezia, Italy tours and excursions
  • Rome, Italy tours and excursions  (Note that you need to allow travel time to/from Civitavecchia)
  • Naples, Italy tours and excursions

For other locations, go the home page  and search for the name of the port.

Many of Disney’s Bahamian and Caribbean cruises include a day at Disney’s original private island: Castaway Cay (pronounced like “key”), which is a tiny islet in the Bahamas. For many people Castaway Cay is the best part of a Disney Cruise, as you get the wonderful white sand beaches and clear water of the Caribbean without annoying distractions like roaming vendors and hair braiders. There are plenty of beach chairs for everyone (though you may need to hike to the far end of the beach if you take your time in the morning getting off the ship), and lots of things to do or not do as you prefer.

On your Castaway Cay day, we definitely recommend getting off the ship early . Use room service to have breakfast in your cabin or head to the buffet when it opens and then get off the ship as soon after 9:00 am as you can. You’ll have your pick of chairs, no lines for character greetings and photo opportunities, and the snorkeling will be undisturbed by others stirring up the bottom.

If you’re the adventurous type and don’t want to just lie around on the beach, take advantage of the package excursions at Castaway Cay that include snorkel equipment, float/raft rental, and a one-hour bike rental. The bundle deal is not available once you leave the ship (i.e., you have to pay the individual price for each activity, which will cost more). However, reader Kelly M has this to offer: “at Castaway Cay, there is so much to do that we couldn’t get to everything. We booked four passes for the snorkel, float and bicycle package. Next time we will only book two passes and share. We ran out of time and could have easily shared two sets. We didn’t even get to pick up the bikes since we ran out of time.”

Castaway Cay has its own post office, so your stop there is a great opportunity to send postcards to your friends. All of you scrapbookers out there will want to bring an extra postcard or two to mail to yourself; they’ll receive the Castaway Cay postmark! Definitely buy your Bahamian stamps on the boat at Guest Services before you arrive at Castaway Cay, or you can buy them in Nassau if you go there first. If you do buy stamps at Castaway Cay you will need CASH to pay for the postage — it can’t be charged to your room key, and you may find that the post office has very limited hours (as in it may not open at all). If you have stamped postcards, you can drop them in the slot any time. Note that it can take quite a long time (months) for the postcard to reach home, and we have multiple reports of postcards never arriving at all.

Every visit to Castaway Cay includes a running of the Castaway Cay 5K , which is a nice way to start your day if you like running. You’ll (usually) get a souvenir medal for completing the race (though sometimes they don’t give them out, seemingly at random), a feeling of accomplishment, and an excuse to have a second helping of cookies and ice cream at lunch. Look at the Navigator app for instructions on where to meet. Usually the race gets going pretty early in the morning to avoid the heat.

Take some time to explore the public parts of the island, including the old landing strip . Disney has placed a bunch of artfully arranged flotsam and jetsam all over, including a couple of DC-3’s with Disney nose art that make a great backdrop for a group photo. Taking a walk or bike ride to the observation tower makes a nice expedition. The walkway is paved and well-marked, and there are water dispensers at regular intervals. From the top of the tower you can see the ship in the distance, the native landscape of Castaway Cay (which is admittedly pretty sparse), and some fun surprises placed here and there by Disney imagineers.

Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point is Disney’s newest “private island” experience , created to take some pressure off Castaway Cay and add new private beach experiences to the Disney Cruise portfolio. It has all the same basic features as Castaway Cay: a nice private beach with plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas, included buffet lunch, and exclusive shore activities and excursions.

Lookout Cay is not actually a separate island, but rather a private piece of land near the southern tip of Eleuthera , one of the larger Bahamian islands. However, from a practical point of view it works the same way as a true private island. It’s just easier for the locals to come to work, since they can just drive over instead of taking a boat.

Lookout Cay has something for everyone. You can snorkel, get a spa treatment, walk the nature trails, participate in Disney shore adventures, meet characters and learn about Bahamian arts and culture. As with Castaway Cay, there are a few extra-cost experiences, but most of it is FREE.

Lookout Cay is not open yet as of this writing, so a full set of details will have to wait until June 2024, when the first Disney cruise passengers will get to see it in person.

All of Disney Cruise Line’s popular 3- and 4-day cruises stop in Nassau, which is probably the single most visited cruise destination in the world. Every day, up to 18,000 cruise passengers arrive at the Nassau cruise terminal and head out to a variety of adventures, shopping, or just to the beach. The Bahamas is a former British colony with a rich history, and traces of its Georgian heyday are visible in the lovely old buildings, some dating back to just after the American Revolution.

There is plenty here for the cruise visitor, including the amazing Atlantis mega-resort, snorkeling, scuba-diving, or just lying on the beach. You can also just get off the ship and explore, though read the Port Safety notes; the tourist areas of Nassau are quite safe during normal business hours, but it’s not recommended to wander too far on your own beyond the downtown and resort areas, especially at night.

Getting Taxis in Nassau

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  • Savings Tip: Aquaventure Via Comfort Suites

Nassau Beach Options

  • Other Nassau recommendations

There is quite a bit to explore within walking distance from the cruise terminal, but if you want to get to the further beach and resort areas like Paradise Island or Cable Beach you’ll want to get transportation. We generally recommend taking taxi cabs. There is a water taxi to Paradise Island near the cruise terminal, but it doesn’t have a schedule; it waits until it is full, which can take a long time. And there are jitneys, which are local buses. The #10 jitney runs back and forth along Bay street from near the cruise terminal to the far end of Cable Beach, but the waits can be long, and they can be crowded and stop semi-randomly. Be sure to take the #10, which stays on Bay Street, and not the #10A, which goes through side streets and takes forever. The fare is $1.25 each way per person, cash only, no change given. Our feeling is that you have limited time in Nassau; make the most of it and take cabs. It’s a small town and very few places will cost more than $4/person to get to in a cab. Getting from the cruise terminal to the far end of Paradise Island or Cable Beach might go as high as $6/person.

You should know in advance that taxis in Nassau are not always in particularly great shape. The air conditioning may not work or the driver may not run it to save gas. The car or van itself may look well-used. The driver may stop to get gas on the way to your destination. It’s the Caribbean, and that’s pretty much the standard for cabs all over the region. Ultimately if you don’t like the look of a cab, wait for another one. If all of this sounds like it would make you uncomfortable, then don’t take cabs; book excursions with included transportation via Disney or Viator  or direct with a tour company. Disney and Viator work with large tour companies that generally use nice, clean air-conditioned vans and minibuses.

Licensed cabs say “Taxi” on the side in fancy lettering and have a taxi license plate and a meter. There are shuttles as well, mostly doing back and forth runs between the cruise terminal and Paradise Island, and they can be a perfectly reasonable option, if picked up inside the cruise terminal gates or called for you by the bell captain at a hotel. We would not recommend taking an unlicensed cab anywhere else, unless you arrange the booking yourself through a reliable transportation company. Often even if you take a licensed cab with a meter the driver will refuse to use the meter and will just quote a price, which you are free to negotiate. Just about anywhere within 15 minutes of the cruise terminal should be $4/person or less. If the driver tries to change the agreed price, just repeat the price you agreed, hand them the money and get out.

At the cruise terminal, the shuttles to Paradise Island are easy to get, but be aware that they are not organized into a well-behaved line. There is a large, chaotic area inside the cruise terminal gates with shuttle vans, van hawkers, drivers, etc. all trying to get the attention of cruise passengers. You can go to one of the counters offering shuttles, or just tell the first driver you see where you want to go. The drivers will usually want to wait until they’ve filled up their van, but that shouldn’t take long. If you want to get a personal taxi for just your party, you may want to walk outside the terminal and look for a licensed cab.

At a resort like Atlantis or the One & Only Ocean Club, just go to the bell stand out front and ask for a taxi. They’ll whistle one over, or call one if there isn’t one waiting.

If you’re somewhere else and need a ride back to the cruise terminal, if you’re near Bay Street you can just hail a taxi; there are plenty going up and down it all day. On Paradise Island, you can find taxis in any tourist spot or driving on Paradise Island Drive.

It’s normally about 15-20 minutes drive from Atlantis or other locations on Paradise Island to the cruise terminal. The far end of Cable beach is about the same driving distance from the cruise terminal in the other direction. But near the end of the day there can be significant traffic trying to get back to the terminal that can push the total travel time to 30 minutes or more, so don’t push your luck. Allow plenty of time, and remember you have to get through port security.

Atlantis & Aquaventure

Atlantis   is a truly massive resort and casino on Paradise Island, about a 15-minute drive from the cruise terminal . It’s one of the most popular destinations for cruise-ship passengers in Nassau, largely because of its massive water park, Aquaventure . It also has a very large and beautiful aquarium called The Dig, which is designed to look like you’re touring an ancient section of the mythical land of Atlantis that has been submerged and discovered centuries later by archaeologists. Atlantis is located right on Cabbage Beach, perhaps the most beautiful of all Bahamas beaches, and it has an enormous casino and lots of high-end restaurants and shopping. It’s all very impressive, but the prices are equally impressive.

Is Atlantis worth visiting while on a Bahamas cruise? It’s hard to say. Purely as a water park, we’d have to say no. If you book it through Disney, it’s about $250 for adults and $140 for kids. If you self-book and work every angle, you might be able to get access to Aquaventure for $120-$140 so per person in the peak season, or $95-$110 in the off season. Compare that to Blizzard Beach , Typhoon Lagoon or Aquatica in Orlando, all of which are $75-ish for a full-price adult ticket (even less if you use one of the many discounts available). Atlantis Aquaventure is huge and has some very neat water slides and a great rapids river called the Current, but it’s not so much better than the Orlando parks to merit the price difference. In fact, we’d say the Orlando parks are easier to navigate and better planned for practical touring. All that said, Atlantis as a whole is pretty spectacular and a unique destination. The Dig, the predator lagoons, the Aquaventure park and the art and the architecture are all unlike anything anywhere else (except maybe the other Atlantis resorts), so it’s very hard to say what it’s worth. If you have people in your party who love water parks, or love aquariums, it’s probably worth a visit. If you find the architecture intriguing, you’ll like it even better up close. But if you expect to get your money’s worth as a “theme park” experience, then it’s going to be a disappointment.

Most of Atlantis , including Aquaventure and the aquariums and other exhibits, is only open to their own hotel guests, cruise-ship guests with a day pass , or guests of the Comfort Suites next door, at least during daylight hours. Even the Royal Towers lobby is off-limits if you don’t have a wristband or the paperwork you need to get a wristband.

There are several options for visiting the paid sections of Atlantis, including several Disney-sponsored excursions. It is almost always cheaper and faster to get to Atlantis on your own. We recommend taking a cab right outside the cruise terminal, which allows you to leave immediately after docking and beat the other cruise passengers to the water slides.

You can get an Aquaventure pass on-site, when available, which includes beach and Dig access. However, when the resort is very full, such as during spring break, they may not offer walk-up Aquaventure passes, or they may sell out quickly. If you know you want to visit Aquaventure, it’s a good idea to book through Disney or use the tip below to book a hotel day room. If you just want to view the Dig or the beach, there are passes that don’t include Aquaventure available at a lower price.

These prices were correct when gathered (early 2024), but are subject to change any time, and may vary based on season and demand:

  • The Atlantis Aquaventure day pass includes access to pretty much everything at Atlantis except the Dolphin adventures and the grounds and pools of the ultra-pricey Cove and Reef areas. It includes access to Aquaventure, pools, the beach, the Dig, the predator lagoons and the Royal Towers lobby. Same-day passes cost $250-275 (depending on season and whether lunch is included) for adults (13+), and $140-$160 for children (4-12). Children 3 and under are FREE with a paying adult. Note that these may sell out, especially at peak times like spring break. 
  • The Discover Atlantis pass includes the Dig, the predator lagoons, and access to the Royal Towers lobby. It includes a guided tour of the Dig (which you can take or not). Same-day passes cost $55 for all ages (4+). Children 3 and under are FREE with a paying adult. We have never heard of these being sold out.
  • The Atlantis Beach Day pass includes use of beach chairs and umbrellas, plus access to the Dig, predator lagoons, and the Royal Towers Lobby. Same-day passes cost $95 for all ages (4+). Lunch is not included. Children 3 and under are FREE with a paying adult. We have heard of these selling out during spring break, and possibly other times, but perhaps not as often as the Aquaventure passes.

Some (but not all) of these day passes can be purchased in advance on Atlantis’s website .

To buy a day pass in person, go to the ticket booth at the Coral Towers entrance and show your Key to the World card to prove you’re on a cruise. (They don’t want guests of other unaffiliated Bahamas hotels to be able to get access to the Atlantis facilities, which is why they need to see proof that you’re a cruise passenger.)

If you don’t want to pay for a day pass, there are a few areas of Atlantis that are free to visit , most notably the casino, shops and restaurants in and around the Coral Towers. If you just want to soak up the atmosphere, gamble, or have some lunch, you’re welcome to do so by coming in the Coral Towers entrance. You should know, though, that pretty much all of the iconic Atlantis architecture and decor is in and around the Royal Towers, which are off-limits without a pass. You can also walk outside and visit the Marina Village shopping center and the Paradise Shopping Plaza across the street, which features a local handcrafts area that is like the Straw Market in downtown Nassau, but with slightly less aggressive vendors. If you want to eat, many of the signature restaurants in Atlantis are only open for dinner, but there are quite a few restaurants open for lunch in the Marina Village, or you can walk through the conference center to the Beach Tower and eat at the Cave Grill without needing a day pass.

When you’re ready to leave Atlantis, if you have any day pass (or a room at the Comfort Suites) and thus have a wristband, just walk out the front doors of the Atlantis Royal Towers and ask them to call you a taxi or cruise terminal shuttle. There will likely be several of them waiting, and there will be a posted flat rate to the cruise terminal. If you’re just visiting with no day pass or band, you will have to pick up a taxi at the Coral Towers, Beach Tower or the Marina Village.

Aquaventure Tips & Tricks:

  • Whether you book the Disney Aquaventure tour or go on your own, our advice is to ignore the guided tour of the Dig and just head straight to Aquaventure as soon as you get your wristbands. The Dig is well worth visiting, but not during prime morning hours; it stays open much later than the pools, so save your visit for later in the day when you’re tired of slides, during a mid-day break or in the last 30 minutes before you need to return. Obviously if you get there so early that they won’t let you into the Aquaventure area, congratulate yourself on your efficiency and take a turn through the Dig, or take the opportunity to check out the predator lagoons over by the Coral Tower or the murals and decorative elements in the Royal Towers lobby.
  • The slides and Current usually open at 10, and the pools and Dig open at 9 . It’s a good idea to get in as early as you can to get a locker and towels and stake out some lounge chairs. If you manage to get all settled before the slides open, you can walk around and check out the lay of the land and get yourself oriented.
  • In the late summer and fall, it’s not uncommon for the pools and slides to close in the mid-afternoon because of thunderstorms, and they might not open again, so it’s important to get an early start.
  • The best locker and towel area is the Hospitality Center. In defiance of logic, it is in the back of the park as far as possible from the lobby and entrances. From the desk where you get the wristbands, head up the stairs to the lobby level of the Royal Towers and follow the signs to Aquaventure, and then to the Hospitality Center, or ask any staff about the most direct route. There are lockers, fresh towels, and deck chairs there, and it’s right next to a good place to enter the Current. However, we’d suggest spending the morning riding water slides, and then check out the Current once you’re tired of slides or the lines are getting long.
  • The Current is not a “lazy” river. It’s a rapid river, and there are sections of it that can hurt you if you’re not paying attention, including a speed run through concrete “rocks” you could hit your head on or get a bad scrape from. If you’re paying attention, you’ll have no trouble; it’s not crazy fast. But don’t make the mistake of thinking you can just relax and float. In some sections it can look that way, but then it can speed up and start knocking you around. Think carefully before sending small children on it, or walk around and take a look at the hairier sections. There is an actual lazy river way over by the Beach Towers (which is a hike), should you want a more sedate experience.
  • The concrete walkways appear to be some kind of cool-deck material, but they still can get pretty hot. Flip-flops or water shoes are highly recommended. You can wear flip-flops or water shoes on the slides, as long as they don’t have metal on them that might scratch the slide surface.
  • Towels are available early in the day from big carts near the Hospitality Center. Later in the day those carts disappear but they still have towels, so if you don’t see any, just ask at the Hospitality Center desk and they’ll hand you fresh towels.
  • The food and merchandise locations in Aquaventure do not accept cash. They only accept Atlantis room keys or credit cards, so make sure you bring a working credit card with you if you want to be able to get food and rent a locker.
  • There is no central float and tube distribution location. Tubes are included in the price of Aquaventure , and you just grab any empty one as it floats by, or from any stack you see. There’s no point in dragging them around the park; there will be more available just about anywhere you would need one. In a few cases you have to lug your own tube up the stairs to the top of a slide, and that will be obvious, as everyone will be carrying tubes up the stairs.
  • Several of the fancier tube slides can be accessed from the Current ; you just float around until you see a fork in the river, with one side leading to the “Rapids” and one to the “Power Tower.” Take the Power Tower path to get to two elaborate slides called The Drop and The Falls via a conveyor belt that carries you to the top of the Power Tower without you even having to get out of your tube. To get to the other slides in the Power Tower you have to leave the Current and walk up some stairs.
  • The food from the snack bars is pretty ordinary and similar to theme-park food. If you want more exciting food, there is a full-service restaurant in the water park area called Shark Bites that serves a few Bahamian specialties like conch salad, conch chowder, and johnnycake (in addition to the usual burgers, salads and chicken strips). You could also head over to the Beach Tower and try the Cave Grill, which has a nice view of Cabbage Beach, and you could check out the sharks in the predator lagoons while you’re over there. If you have a lunch voucher it may only be good at certain restaurants, so check on that before you hike all the way over to the Beach Tower.

Savings Tip: Aquaventure Via Comfort Suites

Guests of the Comfort Suites Paradise Island   get FREE admission to the aquariums, exhibits, pools, beach and most importantly Aquaventure , just like guests of Atlantis itself. The Comfort Suites is conveniently located right next door to the Atlantis Coral Towers. Each room you book gives you up to four passes to Atlantis (one for each person in the room). The hotel has a 3:00 pm check in time, but you can “check in” early in the morning and get the paperwork you’ll need to get your Atlantis wristbands; they will be happy to tell you how to get to Atlantis. You can even check in and check out in one transaction so you don’t have to stop by on your way back to the ship, or if you’d like to use the room you can come back after 3 to shower and change before heading back to the ship.

Important note : To discourage people from waiting to book the Comfort Suites until the day their cruise ship arrives, a one-night stay booked same-day, either online or at the front desk, does not come with access to Atlantis. A one-night stay booked in advance (at least a day earlier than the arrival date), still includes access to Atlantis .  If you were thinking you’d book a room same-day because you’re worried about the ship not being able to dock, our advice would be to get travel insurance that covers trip interruption, which will reimburse any non-refundable expenses you incur if you are unable to experience part of the trip. Also, keep in mind that it’s very rare for ships to be unable to dock in Nassau. It’s the most popular cruise ship port for a reason.

In the last few years the Comfort Suites has raised the price for single-night stays considerably, and added fees that take the final price for one night to $120/person or more at times. However, if you check their web site regularly, you can sometimes snag deals in the off season, and they offer a small discount for AAA members . Kids under 16 are FREE, but anyone 16 or over is considered an adult, and there’s a $40 fee for every adult after the first one. Even at their top rates, one night at the Comfort Suites  plus cab fare is almost sure to be less expensive than getting day passes to Aquaventure or buying the Disney excursion for a family of 3 or 4, and you can book it in advance easily. For families of 5 or more, you’ll have to get two rooms unless one or more of the kids is 3 or younger ( children 3 or under don’t need a wristband to get into Aquaventure when accompanied by a paying adult, so they don’t need to be on the Comfort Suites booking ). For two adults, the Disney excursion is often the least expensive way to go, but price it out just to be sure.

You may see reports on the internet from people who were charged a bunch of surcharges at checkin, but that only happens if you book via shady online travel agencies that are booking special consolidator rates (rates for group tours) that don’t include the resort fees. If you book via the Choice Hotels web site, they are already figured into the final price you see on the final booking page. You’ll see a very large “Taxes and fees” amount added to the total, and that includes all surcharges. They will not charge you anything more when you check in to the hotel, as long as you book directly with the Choice Hotels site and list the correct number of adults and children when booking . If you see a much lower rate on another site, it probably doesn’t include the fees. As mentioned above, you don’t need to list children 3 or under if you’re only using the room to get Atlantis wristbands; you won’t need a wristband for them.

Once you check in at the Comfort Suites, ask the front desk clerks to direct you to Atlantis. The quickest way is via the back exit from the Comfort Suites. It’s about 100 yards to the entrance, and then a short walk through the shopping area to the guest services desk, where they will take your Comfort Suites paperwork and give you the wristbands you need to enter the grounds.

One nice thing about booking the Comfort Suites is that you don’t have to wait for the official Disney tour , which often leaves somewhat late in the morning. You can get off the ship immediately, get into a cab and go straight to the Comfort Suites, check in (and immediately check out, if desired) and collect your paperwork, then walk over to Atlantis and get your wristbands. If you’re off the ship at 9:30 am you can be on the water slides at 10:00 am, assuming everything goes well. It’s not hard to beat the cruise ship tour buses by 30-60 minutes. On our first trip to Aquaventure, we got off the ship 15 minutes after the ship was cleared, got a very slow cab that made several stops before getting to the Comfort Suites, got lost multiple times while walking to the guest services desk to get our wristbands, and we still beat the Disney excursion; they were arriving as we were walking away from the service desk. The second time we went, we beat the excursion bus by roughly 50 minutes, which meant almost an hour of extra water slides!

  • Book a day room at the Comfort Suites Paradise Island , including full access to Atlantis and Aquaventure for up to 4 guests!

Free Beaches :

There are several public beaches in Nassau which cost nothing to visit other than transportation costs , plus of course any snacks, drinks, souvenirs, hair braiding, etc. you might purchase while you’re there. Most of the public beaches will have vendors hawking drinks, chairs, pictures, souvenirs, etc. and some of them can be pushy. Generally just politely saying “no thanks” is enough to get them to move on.

It’s very important to note that public beaches in the Bahamas do not have the same level of amenities as most public beaches in the USA . If you are used to California or Florida public beaches with bathrooms, changing rooms, showers, maybe a boardwalk, you will need to reset your expectations. In the Bahamas, as in many developing countries, there is very little public money for beaches, and (with a few exceptions mentioned below) the only infrastructure is provided by private vendors, who will charge money for access. At the more popular beaches there may be vendors who will rent you a beach chair or umbrella for a fee, or people just walking around with cold drinks for sale, but don’t expect much more than that. Also, depending on the tides and weather some of these beaches can have heavy surf and riptides, and there are no lifeguards.

  • Junkanoo Beach (also called West Esplanade Beach). This is the closest beach to the cruise terminal, and is an easy walk. Just come out of the cruise terminal, turn right and follow the road along the shore (which has a few twists and turns along the way) for a few blocks past the British Colonial hotel. As the nearest public beach to the main tourism area, it’s quite busy and full of tourists and vendors. We have seen frequent reports of litter and debris, but if you can find a section that has just been cleaned and raked, it can be quite nice, and some of the vendors who have permanent shacks on the beach are very good about keeping up the area near them. The water is much calmer here than on other beaches in the area, though the view is perhaps not as nice (mostly you can see the harbor and cruise ships). There are public facilities here of varying cleanliness, again depending on how recently they were serviced. 
  • Saunders Beach . This beach is just a bit further east on Bay Street from the Fish Fry area but not all the way to Cable Beach. There are fewer (often no) vendors here, and on weekdays there may not be many people here, period. There are no bathrooms or other facilities, but there are shops and some fast-food restaurants across the street. The beach has nice sand, but once you get into the water it’s a bit rocky. The surf here is not typically very strong, but there are no lifeguards on duty, so you’ll want to keep an eye on children. You could conceivably walk here, but it would be a  long walk; we’d take a taxi. If you’re trying to get away from the touristy beaches, this is the place, or Goodman’s Bay, just a bit further along Bay Street.
  • Cable Beach . This is about a 15-25 minute drive from the cruise terminal, depending on which end of it you visit. Cable Beach is a beautiful beach with soft sand, but it’s hard to access the best section of the beach without paying, because that portion, while technically public up to the high-water mark, is effectively controlled by the row of hotels in front of it. The easiest public access is via Goodman’s Bay park, which is essentially part of Cable Beach. The beach at Goodman’s Bay is a less crowded beach than Junkanoo, and in fact on weekdays there may be almost no one here. On weekends there will often be some locals out and about. There are no public facilities on the beach or in the park except for restrooms that are open erratically and a children’s playground. You can walk over to the section of beach in front of Breezes, but they will shoo you away if you venture too close to the resort. At the other end of Cable Beach, near the Melia, pretty much the whole beach is deliberately designed to be inaccessible except through one of the resorts, and if you can find your way through an alley to the beach, you’ll find that essentially anything you would want to do is reserved for hotel guests. Really, if you want to spend the day at Cable Beach, a day pass is your best option.
  • Cabbage Beach . This is on the north side of Paradise Island, right next to Atlantis. Cabbage Beach is a beautiful beach with a great view of the ocean, but the surf is very strong, especially in the winter, and it’s often not safe to swim. The best public beach access is about a mile away from Atlantis, next to the Paradise Island Beach Club. There are no public facilities to speak of, but there will usually be lots of private vendors around renting chairs, selling drinks, etc. The nearest public restroom is at the Marina Village, about a 25-minute walk away. You can no longer get into the Atlantis Beach Tower from the beach without an Atlantis wristband. If you decide you want a day pass, both Riu and Atlantis offer them ( see below ), but you can’t buy them at their beach entrances; they will direct you to go all the way around to the front entrance of the Riu or the front entrance of the Atlantis Coral Towers to buy one, which is about a 25-30 minute walk. The bottom line is that while the beach is technically public, the resorts in front of the beach effectively control access to most facilities and for most travelers we would suggest buying a day pass to experience this beach.

Paid Beach Day Passes :

For a more relaxing beach experience, it may be worth your while to get a day pass for one of the hotels in the area , which will generally give you access to their private beach, or to a reserved area on a public beach with beach chairs and umbrellas, plus access to the rest of their hotel including pools, bathrooms, towels, recreation equipment, etc. Lunch is sometimes included with a day pass, but be sure to read the included amenities to be sure. Note that these hotel’s websites never seem to have any information about day passes. To find out more, you must generally call the hotel directly. The Bahamas uses the US/Canada phone prefix (1), so you can direct-dial Bahamas numbers easily. It is an international call from the US or Canada, so you might want to check what your phone company is going to charge before calling. Some of these hotels also have an email address, but our experience emailing foreign hotels is hit-or-miss. Some respond immediately and some never respond. All prices below were correct when we last checked them, but are subject to change without warning.

During peak times (spring break and Christmas, most notably), the resorts will be very full and the prices may be higher. The day passes tend to sell out, so it may be hard to get one as a walk-up guest. Pre-book if possible, or get to the resort as early as you can the morning you arrive. And of course even if you get a pass during peak season, it may be harder to find an empty beach chair or snag a kayak if you don’t arrive early.

  • British Colonial, Nassau is a beautiful colonial-era hotel that was renovated extensively in 2023. Its best feature is its proximity to the cruise terminal – you can easily stroll there in 10 minutes. Just exit the cruise terminal, turn right and walk along the street for about 4 blocks. They have a private beach (with a view mostly of the port and cruise ships), and a nice restaurant. They offer a beach pass for $100 for adults, $55 for children. You can buy the pass in advance from ResortForADay . Direct phone: +1-242-605-9900
  • Margaritaville Beach Resort is a new-ish resort right in downtown Nassau. It has multiple food outlets, a nice beach with a view of the cruise ships, and a small water park with a lazy river and a few water slides. It’s easy to get to – you just go out to the street, turn right, and walk along Bay Street for about 10-15 minutes. It’s just before Junkanoo Beach. A day pass is $110 for adults and $55 for children. This just includes access to the grounds, including the water park and beach area. No food or drink is included. You can buy the pass in advance from ResortForADay . Direct phone: +1-242-603-8400
  • Breezes Bahamas is on Cable Beach, and only open to ages 14+, and at times (spring break) only 18+ . This is an all-inclusive resort, so day passes include all-you-can-eat food and drink including beer, wine, and cocktails for those over 18. Walk-up day passes are $110/person, or you can buy in advance from  ResortForADay . Direct phone: +1-242-327-5356
  • Sandals Royal Bahamian is on the far end of Cable Beach, even further down than the Melia. It is an adults-only resort, so all guests must be 18+. They have by all accounts some of the nicest facilities in Nassau. This is an all-inclusive resort, so day passes include all-you-can-eat food and drink including beer, wine, and cocktails for those over 18. Walk-up day passes are at last report $115/person for 10 am – 6 pm. Direct phone: +1-242-327-6400
  • Atlantis Paradise Island is on Cabbage Beach and last we checked, offers a beach day pass for $85 for all ages (4+), which includes lunch and access to the Dig aquarium (but not the pools or Aquaventure water park). Direct phone: +1-242-363-3000
  • Riu Palace is also on Cabbage Beach, next to Atlantis.  It is an adults-only resort, so all guests must be 18+. This is an all-inclusive resort; day passes include all-you-can eat food and drink including beer, wine and cocktails. Day passes are available in person, or in advance for $160 through ResortForADay . Direct phone: +1-242-363-3500
  • Blue Lagoon is best known for their popular Dolphin Encounter, but you can book a beach day on their private island for $94 for adults (13+), $70 for children (4-12), including lunch. Booking directly is a little cheaper than the Disney-arranged excursion, but you’ll have to take a cab to and from the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal to get to the embarkation point for the ferry to the island, whereas Disney includes all transportation and leaves from a dock near the cruise ship, so for most people booking this with Disney is the better option. More information: +1-866-918-9932
  • Other day passes may be available from ResortForADay . The mix of resorts offering day passes changes from time to time, so it’s worth checking out what’s available on the date you’ll be in Nassau.

Other Nassau Recommendations

  • The Fish Fry is a group of colorful restaurants and bars just a few blocks from downtown Nassau. It’s a good place to get authentic local food, including the local shellfish: conch (pronounced “KONK”). You can eat conch in many forms: fritters (which are generally heavy on the batter and light on the conch), “cracked conch” which is lightly battered and fried conch strips, tangy conch salad (kind of like ceviche), or spicy conch chowder (which has both cream and tomatoes, kind of like a cross between New England and Manhattan styles). You can also get fried or grilled grouper, snapper and other local fish. There are usually at least a few non-fish items on the menu for folks who aren’t fans of seafood. You can walk to it fairly easily in about 15-20 minutes, or take a very short cab ride. Just come out of the cruise terminal, turn right, and follow the road along the shore past the British Colonial Hilton, past Junkanoo Beach, and about two more blocks through Clifford Park until you see the row of fish joints. This is not fancy eating and may not be a good choice for picky eaters or young children (though most places have simple food like fries and chicken fingers available), but it is real Bahamian food and not expensive (at least not compared to other Nassau options), and during the day the walk is safe. You can Google “fish fry Nassau” for specific restaurant recommendations, but the competition here is fierce and tends to keep the quality up, so following your nose and checking out what other people seem to be enjoying is a good strategy.
  • The Ardastra Gardens & Zoo is quite nice. It’s a small private zoo with some lovely grounds and a famous (and fairly amusing) “marching flamingos” show. Exactly how much the flamingos are “marching” versus “running away from the trainer” is debatable, but it’s all in fun and the narration doesn’t take the show too seriously. You can also feed apple chunks to Australian lorys (a kind of small parrot), who will land right on your hands and shoulders to take apple pieces. They have a wide variety of other interesting animals, including rare black swans. It’s good for a few hours, and our recommendation is not to bother with the Disney excursion that includes an overlong “island tour.” Just take a taxi there, and when you’re done, ask the Ardastra folks to call you a taxi back to the ship. You can also walk to/from Ardastra; it’s very near the Fish Fry. It’s about a 5-minute walk from the Fish Fry or a 20-25 minute walk from the cruise terminal, but definitely get a map at the cruise terminal; it’s tucked in among a bunch of houses and not in an obvious location. If possible, try to time your visit so you’ll be there for a lory feeding and flamingo show; the schedule is listed on the Ardastra Gardens & Zoo website .
  • The Versailles Garden and Cloisters is a lovely terraced garden on Paradise Island that contains the ruins of a French monastery. The monastery was moved from France to the US by newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, and subsequently to the Bahamas by supermarket heir and developer Huntington Hartford , who thought it would look nice on the resort island he was developing. The gardens are now part of the The Four Seasons Ocean Club Resort , but a good portion is open to the public. The gardens are in a narrow strip of land that goes from the resort to the water, going down to sunken gardens and back up to the cloisters. You can easily enter the gardens from Paradise Island Drive, the main artery going east-west on the island. If you walk south from the road, you’ll pass through the cloister and eventually reach an overlook with a gazebo and beautiful view of the water. If you walk north from the road toward the resort, you’ll get to see a fair amount of the gardens, but will eventually encounter security who will turn you away if you’re not a guest of the resort. If you want to see the whole gardens including the portion near the resort, you can have lunch at the Dune restaurant (which is nice, but very pricey) at The Ocean Club, then walk out through the gardens. Keep your receipt from the restaurant just in case you walk out past a guard and then want to get back in. You can take a cab here from the cruise terminal, or walk to or from here from Atlantis, the Comfort Suites, or the Marina Village; it’s about a 10-15 minute walk from the Marina Village down Paradise Island Drive on a paved pedestrian walkway. There is also a free shuttle van between Atlantis and the Ocean Club. Ask about it at the Atlantis front desk.
  • John Watling’s Rum Distillery  is built around a large and lovely renovated historic house. The highlight is a FREE self-guided walk through that tells you about the history of the location and how rum is made. The actual rum production facilities are a little underwhelming, and are basically a big warehouse full of barrels with some stainless steel tanks and equipment in the back. The rum itself is perfectly fine and makes a unique souvenir, as it isn’t easily available outside the Bahamas. There is a lounge at the end of the tour where you can buy small samples of the rum for a few dollars per pour, and a gift shop where you can buy t-shirts, mugs, glasses and, of course, rum. You can bring children on the tour (though obviously they can’t buy rum), but it’s not the most exciting thing for kids. Depending on how long you care to stay, you can spend as little as 15 minutes on the tour or perhaps as long as 45 if you love learning about rum. For us at least, the house itself and the history displays were the most interesting part.

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Castaway Cay Cabana #8 (August 2017)

Castaway Cay Cabana #8 (March 2022)

Castaway Cay Cabana #14

Castaway Cay Cabana #20

Castaway Cay Cabana #20 – Take 2

Snorkeling at Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay 5K

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disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Reviews: Port Adventures and Excursions

Real-life, real-DCG-member reviews of DCL Port Adventures and Excursions.

Alaska Coastal Expedition – Ketchikan Bering Sea Crab Fishermen’s Tour   Bering Sea Crab Tour Dog Sled Adventure by Helicopter in Juneau (JU30) Dog Sled Summer Camp Endicott Arm Pics from around the ship on Endicott Arm Day Overall Alaska Trip Report Glacier Dog Sledding Gold Rush Dog sled in Juneau Ketchikan Lighthouse, Totem Pole and Eagle excursion Ketchikan – Misty Fjords by Floatplane Ketchikan – The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show Ketchikan – Flight Seeing and Crab Feast Juneau – Whales and Science Adventure Juneau Harv & Marv Whale Watching Mendenhall Glacier Explorer and Mount Roberts Tramway Mt Roberts Tramway and hiking Skagway Skagway Dolly’s Wild Adventure Skagway Excursion Skagway – Grizzly Falls Ziplining The Skagway Musher Camp Excursion Skagway-Hiking Lower Dewey Lake Takshanuk 4X4 Mountain Trail The Best of Skagway Tracy Arm Tracy Arm (Endicott) Catamaron Excrusion

Antiqua Antigua Sail and Snorkel Adventure (DCL A01) Bird Island & Stingray Swim DCL Excursion Stingray City

Around Aruba UTV Tour 4×4 tour with natural pool in morning and Submarine in afternoon

Double Dip Snorkel Trip Excursion Golf Cart Rental

Nova Scotia Canada 

Peggy’s Cove Lobster Lunch & Maple (HA10)

Cabo San Lucas

The Ultimate Luxury Sail and Snorkel (CL36) Camel Excursion  2017

Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay Sandbar Beach Adventure (C55) Abaco Backcountry Fishing Adventure Abaco Backcountry Fishing Adventure Castaway Ray’s Stingray Adventure (C13) Glass bottom boat JetSki Excursion (October 2016) Parasailing Sandbar Rum Tasting Stingray Adventure   Stingray adventure (second album) Watercraft Ski Adventure 

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

City to Sea: A Panoramic View (CW07)

Chacchoben Ruins Chacchoben Ruins  second album Chacchoben Ruins – Native Choice Costa Maya General review (2017) Tropicante

Cozumel Highlights, Ruins, Discover Mexico, and Culture Park Cozumel Island Tour Dolphinaris Cozumel

Dolphin Swim at Dolphinaris – All Inclusive (CZ38) COZUMEL Dolphinaris – Dolphin Swim Dolphinaris by Jennifer Satola Everyone Love Rays Fury Catamaran Sail, Snorkel and Beach Party Jeep Exploration Excursion Nachi Cocom Passion Island – by Twister Atlantis Submarine Tour Nachi cocom 

Ensenada Safari Jeep Excursion (2017)

Grand Cayman

Atlantis Submarine Excursion  Atlantis Submarine Excursion (second album) Dolphin Cove Discovery Cove – Dolphin Swim Dolphin Extreme/Turtle Farm Island Tour and Stingray Spotts Bay, and Tendering Stingray City Stingray City

Dunn’s River and Mystic Mt. Bobsledding Falmouth – Adrenaline Zipline and Adventure Falls Falmouth – Good Hope Estate with Buggy Ride Falmouth Jamaica Exursion Jewel Runaway Bay Resort

Key West, Florida

Presidents, Pirates and Pioneers Key West general pictures of the area (hop on hop off trolley) January 2018

British Colonial Hilton ~ Day Pass Ardastra Gardens Tours Blue Lagoon Dolphin Swim Blue Lagoon Sea Lion encounter Blue Lagoon Sea lion excursion Blue Hole Water Sports Discover Atlantis Nassau Forts and Junkanoo Discovery Atlantis Private Excursion Dolphin Encounters Excursion Atlantis Aquaventure

Playa del Carmen

The Secret River

Puerto Rico

Old Port San Juan San Juan   San Juan

Cinnamon Bay St. John Trunk Bay Beach and Snorkel Tour

St Kitts Excursion Review The Grand Island Tour

St. Lucia Adrena Zip Line Rainforest Mountain Bike Adventure

St. Maarten

French Riviera Beach Rendezvous Maho Beach Rib Boat Excursion St Maarten Port visit

Jeep and Beach Break Doubloon Turtle Cove Sail and Snorkel Full Day Turtle Cove Snorkel and Honeymoon Beach Island Wilson Excursions Private Charters Magan’s Bay Secret Sand Excursion Snorkle Tours Tree Limin Extreme Zipline Excusrion Tree Limin’ Extreme ZIpline Adventure

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Cabot Trail (SY09)

Jost Van Dyke Beach Excursion (TT14)

A Day at the Baths (Disney Excursion) Island Drive and Beach Break Good Day Charters/Baths Long Bay and Cane Garden Beach Tortola Fort Recovery Beachfront Villa The baths and Devil’s Bay Tortola – Virgin Islands Sail, Snorkel and Beach Advent 

Tour to Virgin Gorda in Tortola

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disney cruise excursions in bermuda

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disney cruise excursions in bermuda

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disney cruise excursions in bermuda

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Enjoy Beautiful Bermuda on a Relaxing Disney Cruise


Have you ever been to Bermuda? It is one of my favorite islands in all of the world. From it’s famous pink-sand beaches to exciting water sports and activities to world-class shopping, Bermuda offers something for everyone. What also sets this island apart from others, (other than also being a mid-Atlantic Island), is the eclectic mix of British, American, and West Indian cultures. And, even more magical – you can now sail to Bermuda beginning this October with Disney Cruise Line on the Disney Magic  with 5 and 6-day cruises from New York City.

When you sail to Bermuda on a Disney Cruise, you will be treated to two days of island time – this means even more adventures are waiting you ashore! Here are some of the top activities to make the most of your time in the beautiful island of Bermuda…

If you are looking for adventure: 

  • Bermuda Triangle Evening Cruise:  One of my favorite port adventures that I have done in Bermuda is this tour right here! Guests will set sail under the moon-lit sky on a 50-foot glass-bottom boat to learn more about the history of this infamous body of water. You will also be treated to an illuminated view of the exotic fish and coral reefs that are below.
  • Hidden Gems Exploration Adventure:  Guests on this adventure will head into the 12-acre reserve that is Tom Moore’s Jungle. While there, take a jump from one of the cliffs into the sparkling blue waters below and venture awe-inspiring caves. After a little cave diving, head over to one of the island’s premier snorkeling locations to swim with tropical fish around a vibrant preserved coral reef island and relax on the secluded pink-sand beach. To end the journey, guests are treated to a refreshing treat of ice cream from a local, family-owned ice cream parlor!


If the ocean is more of your thing: 

  • Rising Son Catamaran Swim and Snorkel : If you are looking for Bermuda’s ultimate catamaran expereince, this port adventure is for you! Guests partaking in this adventure are transported to breathtaking secluded sites where you can swim, kayak, paddle board or snorkel in Bermuda’s crystal clear waters.
  • Pirate Sunset Glass-Bottom Cocktail Cruise:  On this port adventure, guests will board the largest glass-bottom boat in the island to get an exclusive look at a centuries-old shipwreck. Your pirate-themed crew will also tell tales of Bermuda’s most notorious buccaneers. All kids are given eye patches and pirate hats to join in on the fun while adults can kickback and relax with Rum Sizzles beneath the sunset.

Enjoy Beautiful Bermuda on a Relaxing Disney Cruise

If you want to take a walk on the wild side:

  • Bermuda Aquarium and Museum Zoo Cruise: Guests on this adventure will be able to explore the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo. While on the tour, guests will encounter more than 200 species of marine life, 300 varieties of birds, reptiles, and mammals. You will also make a visit to the 145,000-gallon North Rock Exhibit. The North Rock Exhibit is touted as being a living replica of Bermuda’s coral reefs and home to barracudas and sharks!
  • Bermuda Family Fun – Aquarium and Zoo Trip:   This excursion includes a stop at the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo as well as a stop at the Bermuda Exploration Institute. Here, guests can get a closer look at aquatic wonders such as the “Blue Echo” fly and dive simulation – a virtual reality experience!

When will you enjoy all that Bermuda has to offer on a Disney Cruise?

For additional information and to start planning your Disney Cruise,  fill out the form below, or send an  email  for a FREE, no obligation quote with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. I offer rate monitoring to ensure you are receiving the best available rate offered by Disney. As an agent with MickeyTravels, I’ll be on hand to help you with everything from finding your perfect package to nabbing those hard-to-get dining and FastPass reservations. I work with all Disney Destinations. Best of all, my services are absolutely FREE. Get  in touch  at 1.954.401.9577, via email at  [email protected] , or follow along on  Facebook .

Source/Image Credit: Disney 


Let our friends at Destinations to Travel help you book your next Disney Vacation. They are the preferred Travel Agency of Chip and Company and Disney Addicts, and who we use ourselves.

Get started below for your FREE No Obligation Quote.

Book With our friends at Destinations to Travel

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disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Chip and Co Past Writers and Friends 18,194 Posts

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Railway Trail Bike and Beach Tour (BR03)

Port of Call

Activity Level & Duration

Experience Type

The 5 best destinations you can visit on a Disney Cruise Line ship

Gene Sloan

Is a voyage on a Disney Cruise Line ship on your bucket list? You'll find a growing number of options when it comes time to pick an itinerary.

While the cruising arm of Disney has long focused mostly on voyages to the Caribbean and the Bahamas, with year-round sailings to those destinations out of Florida, it also now offers a relatively wide range of seasonal sailings to Alaska, the Mexican Riviera, Bermuda, Europe and Canada.

The family-friendly cruise brand, notably, is expanding its footprint worldwide as it adds four new vessels in quick succession.

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Already, the first of those ships, the 2,508-passenger Disney Wish , has arrived, boosting the size of the Disney fleet from four ships to five and allowing for more departures to the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe.

Two more sister vessels to Disney Wish are due to begin sailing in 2024 and 2025, respectively, allowing for further expansion in Disney cruise itineraries. In addition, the line has yet another new vessel coming in 2025 that isn't related to the other three. Called Disney Adventure, it's a one-off vessel originally designed for an Asian line , and it'll sail in Asia (perhaps catering mostly to Asian travelers; Disney has been mum so far on the target audience for it).

All these new ships arriving in quick succession will likely mean not just more departures to destinations where Disney Cruise Line is established but also sailings in new regions. For example, Disney has never before offered Asia sailings.

Here are our picks for the five best Disney cruise destinations you can visit with your family.

Caribbean and Bahamas

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Disney Cruise Line's top destination has always been the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Since its founding more than two decades ago, the brand has based the bulk of its fleet in Florida to offer sailings to the islands. Port Canaveral, which is just an hour away from Disney's Orlando-area theme parks, has always been its biggest hub.

The line is particularly known for three- and four-night cruises out of Port Canaveral to Castaway Cay and Nassau in the Bahamas. These short getaways let families get a taste of Disney cruising that some Disney fans pair with a stay at Disney World.

The cruise line also regularly offers seven-night sailings out of Port Canaveral that visit Caribbean islands like St. Thomas and Tortola.

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In recent years, Disney has also built up its Caribbean and Bahamas cruise offerings from other ports in Florida — initially Miami and, more recently, Fort Lauderdale. The ships the line has based in these ports typically offer four- and five-night sailings to Castaway Cay and one other port, such as Cozumel or Grand Cayman.

In addition, Disney is offering a growing number of Caribbean sailings out of Galveston, Texas, and New Orleans.

For 2024, the line will have four of its five ships — Disney Wish, Disney Dream, Disney Magic and Disney Fantasy — sailing to the Bahamas and Caribbean out of one of the above ports, with their home bases often shifting between them.

Disney Wish, which is Disney's newest ship, will be based in Port Canaveral year-round to operate the line's classic three- and four-night sailings to the Bahamas. These voyages are designed to be paired with a visit to nearby Disney World for a longer Disney vacation.

Disney Fantasy will also sail out of Port Canaveral to the Bahamas and Caribbean year-round, offering longer voyages.

Disney Dream will spend the start and the end of the year sailing short trips to the Bahamas and Caribbean out of Fort Lauderdale, with a stint in the middle of the year (from May to October) sailing in Europe.

Disney Magic will take Disney Dream's place sailing short trips to the Bahamas and Caribbean out of Fort Lauderdale from May to October. During the early and late months of the year, it'll sail out of Galveston.

Come 2025, Disney will have four ships — Disney Fantasy, Disney Wish, Disney Dream and Disney Magic — sailing three- to five-night getaways from Florida to the line's Bahamian destinations, including its new private beach destination Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point and its long-open private island Disney Castaway Cay. Disney Fantasy and Disney Wish will operate the trips from Port Canaveral, while Disney Dream and Disney Magic will sail from Fort Lauderdale.

Before taking up residence in Florida in April 2025, Disney Magic will also offer three months' worth of sailings out of Galveston, Texas, to Progreso and Cozumel in Mexico and Grand Cayman.

All of the 2025 sailings are already open for bookings.

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disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Disney has cut back on voyages out of San Diego for 2024, after increasing its San Diego departures sharply in 2023. But it still offers several trips to Mexico out of the city on Disney Wonder.

For 2024, the 1,754-passenger vessel will offer a mix of three- to seven-night sailings to Mexico during March and April. Shorter three- and four-night sailings typically feature calls at Ensenada, Mexico, and California's Catalina Island. Seven-night sailings include calls at Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.

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The big factor driving Disney's cutbacks on sailings out of San Diego in 2024 is its new focus on voyages out of Australian ports. Disney Wonder will spend much of January and February sailing out of Australian ports and then return to the region in October for another season of Australia trips.

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Disney offers a wide variety of itineraries in Europe every summer, from Mediterranean voyages out of Barcelona and Civitavecchia, Italy (the port for Rome), to Northern Europe sailings out of Southampton, England.

Ranging from seven to 11 nights, Disney's Europe voyages each year typically take place on a single ship that sails from multiple home ports throughout the season. For 2024, that ship will be the 2,500-passenger Disney Dream. The line has yet to announce which of its ships will go to Europe in 2025.

Typical for the shorter itineraries the line offers in Europe are seven-night sailings out of Civitavecchia to the Greek Islands. These sailings stop in Mykonos, Santorini and Crete in Greece, as well as Naples, Italy.

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A longer, 11-night itinerary starting in Civitavecchia and ending in Barcelona includes calls at Piraeus (the port for Athens), Santorini and Mykonos in Greece; Messina (on the island of Sicily), Naples and Livorno in Italy; and Toulon, France.

Among Northern Europe itineraries, Disney offers focused, weeklong sailings to Norway with calls at the Norwegian ports of Alesund, Nordfjordeid, Eidfjord and Stavanger.

disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Disney does not have a large presence in Alaska. The line sends just one ship to Alaska each year. Family-friendly cruise rivals Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line, by contrast, each send three ships to Alaska each year, and Norwegian Cruise Line sends five vessels to the destination.

Still, Disney fans won't feel like they're missing out. The one vessel Disney sends to Alaska each year, the 1,754-passenger Disney Wonder, stays for nearly the entire summer season, from late June to mid-September and offers a distinctly Disney take on The Last Frontier.

Always beginning and ending in Vancouver, British Columbia, and lasting seven nights, Disney's Alaska sailings typically include stops at three of these four Alaska ports: Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan and Icy Strait Point (which three vary by departure date). Itineraries also include a visit to Stikine Icecap, which is south of Juneau.

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These are fairly typical ports for an Alaska cruise. But the (extra-charge) activities that Disney has organized for the ports aren't always the same as what other lines offer.

As one might expect for Disney, the line has crafted some of its shore excursions in Alaska ports with special Disney touches, such as Disney character appearances at the Liarsville Gold Rush Trail Camp & Salmon Bake tour in Ketchikan. (Having done this one myself, I will say, for the record, that it's a little hokey; but it does get you a Disney character fix if that's your aim.)

Another shore excursion with a Disney touch is the outdoor Family Scavenger Hunt at Icy Strait Point, where participants join a local guide on a hunt for items such as clam shells and native plants, as well as a "special surprise" with a Disney theme.

Unlike many lines, Disney does not offer one-way sailings to Alaska from Vancouver or Seattle that can be paired with add-on land tours to create an extended sea-and-land Alaska vacation — something known as a "cruisetour." If that's what you're looking for, and you want to stick with a family-friendly line, you might want to consider the one-way cruisetour offerings from Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line.

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disney cruise excursions in bermuda

Disney typically offers at least one and sometimes several cruises to Bermuda each fall, ranging from quick, five-night trips to longer, eight-night sailings.

For the year just ending (2023), the line offered four such sailings, and it's offered even more than that in certain years. Alas, for the coming year (2024), Disney currently does not have a single Bermuda sailing scheduled — a bit of an anomaly.

That said, we would expect Disney to bring back its Bermuda sailings for 2025 or 2026. It's been such a mainstay of the brand.

So ... stay tuned.

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Bottom line

Family-friend Disney Cruise Line is a relatively small cruise brand, with just five ships (one of its biggest rivals in the family cruise market, Royal Caribbean, has 26 vessels). But that doesn't mean its itinerary choices are limited. The line offers regular sailings to the Caribbean and Bahamas, Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Bermuda and Europe.

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The Disney Cruise Line Blog

An unofficial disney cruise line news, information, weather, and photo blog..

The Disney Cruise Line Blog

Personal Navigators: 5-Night Bermuda Cruise from New York – September 30, 2022

Personal Navigators, and other details from the Halloween on the High Seas  5-Night Bermuda Cruise from New York . The  Disney Magic  set sail from  New York  on September 30, 2022. There are  additional  Personal Navigators from other sailings of this same itinerary for comparison. During this cruise, the ship was under the control of Captain Robert Olmer. The Cruise Director during the sailing was Peter Hofer. 

Map Magic 5 Night Bermuda Cruise NYC SEA BER BER SEA

Disney Cruise Line sent emails on September 28th to guests booked on this cruise to regrettably inform them, due to the impacts of Hurricane lan to Florida, some of the atrium décor for the Halloween on the High Seas celebration would not be available during the sailing. Most notably the Pumpkin Tree and the Pumpkin Tree storyteller will not be available. However, the other unique onboard activities took place as scheduled. This celebration includes themed events and activities along with Mickey’s Mouse-querade featuring favorite Disney characters.

DCL Email Magic Pumpkin Tree Delay 20220928

Day 1 – September 30, 2022 –  New York

Guests Onboard : 4:00 pm

Attire : Optional Dress Up

Dinner Menus :

  • Lumiere’s :  Let the Magic Begin
  • Animator’s Palate :  Let the Magic Begin
  • Rapunzel’s Royal Table :  Let the Magic Begin

Evening Entertainment :

  • Walt Disney Theatre Production –  Disney Dreams – An Enchanted Classic

Day 2 – October 1, 2022 – At Sea

Attire : Cruise Casual

  • Lumiere’s :  Lumiere’s
  • Animator’s Palate :  Animators Palate
  • Rapunzel’s Royal Table :  Rapunzel’s Royal Table – Lantern
  • Movie –  Hocus Pocus 2

Day 3 – October 2, 2022 –  King’s Wharf, Bermuda

Guests Ashore : 10:00 am  Guests Onboard : 12:00 am

  • Walt Disney Theatre Production –  Tangled: The Musical

Day 4 – October 3, 2022 –  King’s Wharf, Bermuda

Guests Ashore : 12:00 am  Guests Onboard : 4:00 pm

Attire : Pirate or Cruise Casual

  • Lumiere’s :  Pirates
  • Animator’s Palate :  Pirates
  • Rapunzel’s Royal Table :  Pirates

Day 5 – October 4, 2022 – At Sea

  • Walt Disney Theatre Production –  Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story

Buena Vista Theatre Movies

  • Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Hocus Pocus 2
  • Thor: Love and Thunder

DCL 2022 HotHS Merchandise

Thank you  Michael Kulbacki  for sharing. If you have any navigators you would be willing to share, please send me an email. If you would rather upload the files you can use our  upload form .

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One Reply to “Personal Navigators: 5-Night Bermuda Cruise from New York – September 30, 2022”

' src=

Thanks for posting. Just FYI, in your notes you have Disney Dreams on night 1 and Twice Charmed on night 5 and it’s opposite on the navigators. It’s showing night 1 is Twice Charmed and day 5 is Disney Dreams.

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Disney Cruise Line to offer first voyages to Bermuda, Quebec City

Disney Cruise Line will offer its first cruise to Quebec City, Canada in 2018.

Add Bermuda to the list of destinations you can reach on a Disney cruise.

Disney Cruise Line on Thursday announced it would offer its first sailings to the island getaway in late 2018 out of New York.

The five- and six-night trips will take place on the 1,754-passenger Disney Magic and feature two to three days in Bermuda.

Disney on Thursday also announced plans for its first cruises to Quebec City, Canada. The company said it would offer two seven-night voyages between New York and Quebec City in September 2018 that also will take place on Disney Magic.

Disney to offer new British Isles itinerary

The Quebec City trips will include stops at the Canadian ports of Saguenay and Baie-Comeau — both firsts for Disney.

In addition, Disney Magic in late 2018 will operate three seven-night sailings from New York to Port Canaveral, Fla., for a visit to nearby Walt Disney World. Passengers on the voyages will receive one-day Park Hopper tickets that allow entry into all of the resort's theme parks and round-trip transportation between the ship and the parks. The trips also will include a stop at Castaway Cay, Disney's private island in The Bahamas.

Bookings for the trips open to the public on May 18.

First look: Inside the revamped Disney Wonder

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Bermuda cruise

  • Thread starter pogmog
  • Start date May 2, 2022


  • May 2, 2022

Is Bermuda weather better in beginning of April or better in September?  


DIS Veteran

I've only been in September, but the weather was gorgeous then!  


pogmog said: Is Bermuda weather better in beginning of April or better in September? Click to expand...

OKW Lover

Retired and living 2 miles from The Castle.

Bermuda might be at risk for a hurricane in September. Not an issue in April  



Debbru said: We did the DVC member cruise to Bermuda in Oct. 2019. The weather there was sunny and warm (not hot) but extremely windy for the two days we were there. We took the ferry to St. George & it was the scariest ride I’ve ever experienced on the water! It was so bad that they shut down that ferry for the rest of the day due to the high winds. When we left Bermuda we were headed to Boston but halfway there ran into a tropical storm. The Captain announced that Boston was cancelled and he was turning the ship around. He actually said ”hold on” and then he did a 180 degree turn. Someone here on the Dis actually posted a screen shot from the stateroom tv showing that. I realize that this wasn’t September weather but I imagine it could be similar, since both months are hurricane season. We have next April’s Bermuda cruise booked & no way would we change it to the September one. Bermuda was truly amazing & we can’t wait to go back! Click to expand...
bcwife76 said: That was the last cruise we were on before Covid and man, what a wild ride that was!! lol We had three excursions booked over the 2 days and only one of them happened. Click to expand...


Bermuda is off the Coast of the Carolinas. The water doesn’t warm up there till the end of June. The weather should be nice in April. I cruised DCL to Bermuda back in 2018 at the end of October and the water was only 78-79 degrees. The air temperature was low-mid 80’s. It’s not a tropical climate like the Bahamas or south of there. The island is beautiful and the people are fantastic.  



  • May 3, 2022

Bermuda can be cool in April. September can be beautiful! But there is hurricane season. Beautiful island!  


  • May 9, 2022

Our first Bermuda cruise was in late April 20+ years ago. Due to weather our ship was late getting to NYC. Another cruise line lost a crew member on the same Bermuda/NYC run. We spent the day in a hotel lobby. It was a little rough on the way out of NYC that night but not too bad. Crew said nowhere near as bad as the day before. Bermuda itself was shorts and t-shirt weather but not swimming weather. We used wet suits for our water excursion. Lots of wind. The trip home was also a bit rough. I ended up in a "conga" line of elderly people with walkers etc trying to walk down a narrow aisle. Quick big step forward, quick couple steps back, shake to the right, shake to the left and repeat.  



Terrific tourer.

  • May 17, 2022

April can be chilly (no ocean swimming). Sept, definitely Oct and even November are often beautiful and warm, but shorter days. Yes hurricane season in Aug - SEP - OCT - Nov.  

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    disney cruise excursions in bermuda

  2. Disney doing Bermuda cruises next year

    disney cruise excursions in bermuda

  3. Bermuda Cruises & Bermuda Cruise Vacations

    disney cruise excursions in bermuda

  4. Disney Cruise Vacation to Bermuda

    disney cruise excursions in bermuda

  5. Bermuda Shipwreck Snorkel

    disney cruise excursions in bermuda

  6. How to Experience the Best of Bermuda with Disney Cruise Line

    disney cruise excursions in bermuda


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  1. Port Adventures

    Exciting shore excursions specially selected by Disney Cruise Line. Ports of Call. ... Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle Cruise (BR35) Sightseeing, Signature Collection, Beach and Water Adventures; $79.00* (ages 10 and up), $69.00* (ages 3 to 9), $69.00* (ages 0 to 2)

  2. Port Adventures

    Find a Disney Cruise. Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern time; Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern time. Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call. Disney Cruise Line Port Adventures are exciting and hassle free shore excursions that include activities, tours and trips offered at ...

  3. Bermuda South Shore Sightseeing

    For assistance with your Disney Cruise, please call (800) 951-3532. Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern time; Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern time. Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call. Scenic South Shore is a Disney Cruise Line Port Adventure that features a guided visit to ...

  4. Best Disney Cruise Excursions in Bahamas, Caribbean, & Bermuda

    Many excursions fall well below $100 per-person and are quite reasonable. We checked prices of all excursions Disney Cruise Line offered in the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Bermuda at the time we wrote this article, and here's what we found: $1 - $49: 103 options. $50 - $99: 303 options. $100 - $199: 186 options.

  5. Top 10 Bermuda Shore Excursions with Disney Cruise Line

    From the Disney Parks Blog: (Photo: Disney Parks Blog) In honor of Disney's first-ever cruise to Bermuda, setting sail this month from New York City, here are the top 10 Bermuda shore excursions, so you can experience the best of this unique tropical island. 1. The South Shore beaches boast the island's famous pink sand and turquoise surf.

  6. 10 Incredible Port Adventures For Those Sailing To Bermuda With Disney

    3. Check out Famous Homes and Hideaways - Bermuda is a fantastic place to visit for celebrity sitings and the Famous Homes and Hideaways Cruise is just the ticket. It's the perfect option for those looking to get a glimpse of the luxurious Bermuda lifestyle. 4. Experience Cliff Diving - On the Hidden Gems Exploration Adventures guests on ...

  7. Extraordinary Excursions: Bermuda

    Night Fishing. Experience Bermuda's barrier reef at night during an after-hours fishing adventure aboard the Jolly Roger, a 56-foot party boat. This catch-and-release operation will give you a ...

  8. 25 Best Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise

    4. Tobacco Bay Beach. Located in St. George's parish, Tobacco Bay Beach is considered to be one of the best Bermuda Beaches for snorkeling. While Tobacco Bay is known for it's shallow and clear waters, perfect for seeing marine life, how Tobacco Beach got it's name is interesting part of Bermuda's history.

  9. Disney Bermuda Cruise Itinerary

    We had finally arrived in Bermuda!! We originally had booked resort stay here (not with Disney). Often on these Islands, resorts will offer day passes. We had booked the Coco Reef Resort. Day passes were $104 per adult and $55 per child and included use of their beach, pool and a 3-course lunch. Prior to […]

  10. FAQ: Disney Cruise Line Port Adventures

    Look for the Cruise Activities section on your DCL reservation page and click "Book Now". Click on the "Add Activities" button next to each day of your trip. The days when you'll be in port will have the option for you to click "Port Adventures". From there you'll see what options are available through DCL.

  11. King's Wharf, Bermuda

    For assistance with your Disney Cruise, please call (800) 951-3532. Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern time; Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern time. Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call. King's Wharf is a Disney Cruise Line port of call on the island Bermuda where pink-sand ...

  12. Disney Cruise Line Port Excursions

    They have a private beach (with a view mostly of the port and cruise ships), and a nice restaurant. They offer a beach pass for $100 for adults, $55 for children. You can buy the pass in advance from ResortForADay. Direct phone: +1-242-605-9900.

  13. EXCURSIONS • Disney Cruise Mom Blog

    How I Choose Shore Excursions. Shore Excursions: Ship-Sponsored or Independent? Bahamas. Nassau, Bahamas: Blue Lagoon Beach Day (N44) Nassau, Bahamas: Atlantis Aquaventure (N25) and Private Cabana at Atlantis (N65) The Scoop on Nassau. Bermuda. Restless Native Catamaran Sail, Snorkel, Swim (BR31) Caribbean. St. Thomas - Magen's Bay Beach ...

  14. Disney Bermuda Cruise Reviews

    Helpful. Noisy and messy and definitely not a dream. Review for a Bermuda Cruise on Disney Dream. akkha. 2-5 Cruises • Age 60s. Read More. Sail Date: October 2023. Traveled with children. Helpful.

  15. Bermuda Excursions

    There is the West End Trolley tour at the dock that does around that area. There are many nice excursion for Bermuda. Th Aquarium and Zoo, Crystal Caves and Bermuda Triangle cruise at night etc. You also take the ferry from the port to Hamilton for shopping and dining. You can find DCL excursion list on the website.

  16. Bermuda Cruise Port: Docks, Getting Around and What's Nearby

    The port's cruise terminals are approximately 20 miles from Bermuda's L.F. Wade International Airport, which cruise passengers can easily access via taxi, shuttle, or rental car. This drive ...

  17. Reviews: Port Adventures and Excursions

    Real-life, real-DCG-member reviews of DCL Port Adventures and Excursions. Alaska. Alaska Coastal Expedition - Ketchikan. Bering Sea Crab Fishermen's Tour Bering Sea Crab Tour. Dog Sled Adventure by Helicopter in Juneau (JU30) Dog Sled Summer Camp. Endicott Arm. Pics from around the ship on Endicott Arm Day. Overall Alaska Trip Report.

  18. Bermuda Disney Magic Bermuda Cruise Reviews

    1 - 4 of 4 Bermuda Disney Magic Bermuda Cruise Reviews. Was expecting a better dining experience! Review for a Bermuda Cruise on Disney Magic. QPdoll. 2-5 Cruises • Age 50s. This was a specialty ...

  19. Enjoy Beautiful Bermuda on a Relaxing Disney Cruise

    Bermuda Aquarium and Museum Zoo Cruise: Guests on this adventure will be able to explore the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo. While on the tour, guests will encounter more than 200 species of ...

  20. Bermuda Railway Trail Bike & Beach Tour

    Cancellations can be made up to 3 days prior to the cruise departure date, unless otherwise noted on the specific activity. After that time all reservations are final and non-refundable. Railway Trail and Beach Tour is a Disney Cruise Line Port Adventure that takes Guests along a delightful guided bike tour of the island with some fun in the sun.

  21. Disney Cruise Line destinations guide: The 5 best places its ships

    The $395 annual fee might be expensive for some, but this card's benefits provide much more value than that. If you don't travel frequently, this might not be the best card for you. Disney Cruise Line's five ships offer a wide range of voyages in the Caribbean, Bahamas, Europe, Mexico, Bermuda and Alaska.

  22. Personal Navigators: 5-Night Bermuda Cruise from New York

    Personal Navigators, and other details from the Halloween on the High Seas 5-Night Bermuda Cruise from New York.The Disney Magic set sail from New York on September 30, 2022. There are additional Personal Navigators from other sailings of this same itinerary for comparison. During this cruise, the ship was under the control of Captain Robert Olmer.

  23. Best DCL Bermuda Excursions?

    Joined. Dec 17, 2007. Apr 20, 2023. #3. We have loved snorkeling. I think the stairs down to the caves might overwhelm him. We tend to like events on the water or at the beach. I might try for Horseshoe bay the first day (non dcl transfer) and I'm unsure about the second day.

  24. Disney Cruise Line to offer first voyages to Bermuda, Quebec City

    Add Bermuda to the list of destinations you can reach on a Disney cruise. Disney Cruise Line on Thursday announced it would offer its first sailings to the island getaway in late 2018 out of New York.

  25. Bermuda cruise

    Joined. Oct 4, 2009. May 2, 2022. #7. Bermuda is off the Coast of the Carolinas. The water doesn't warm up there till the end of June. The weather should be nice in April. I cruised DCL to Bermuda back in 2018 at the end of October and the water was only 78-79 degrees. The air temperature was low-mid 80's.