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11 Top Things To Do In Corregidor Island (Overnight Tour In This Historic Fort)

If you are a thrill-seeking adventurer, then Corregidor Island is the perfect destination for you.

History of Corregidor Island

Our corregidor island experience, how to go to corregidor island, what to do in corregidor island, 1. statue of general douglas macarthur, 2. japanese and american tunnels, 3. japanese garden of peace, 4. filipino heroes memorial, 5. middleside barracks, 6. corregidor island's main batteries, 7. mile-long barracks, 8. pacific war memorial, 9. spanish lighthouse, 10. "ghost-hunting" at the hospital ruins, 11. malinta tunnel , corregidor inn, other travel notes and tips.

  • Food in the hotel can be pricey so it's best if can bring your own.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and footwear.
  • Bring a first-aid kit as well as an insect repellant.
  • Bring swimwear as there is a swimming pool beside Corregidor Inn. The beach is also open for swimmers but they shouldn't expect Boracay-like sand and water.
  • Souvenirs sold outside the hotel are the least expensive.
  • The island is powered by generators so there is no television in the hotel rooms to minimize power consumption.
  • There is a small chapel near the hotel.
  • Bring enough cash with you.

How to book a Corregidor Island Tour

Telephone numbers:.

  • Telefax number +632-8478-1530
  • Mobile landline +632-8925-0152

Mobile Numbers:

  • 0939-923-6808 
  • 0917-596-2787

Email Addresses:

Corregidor travel guide

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I love to go sightseeing and I really enjoy tours the most. I bet you had a great time on your overnight weekend tour. I absolutely love all of your clear and vivid photos. It's the next best thing to being there.

This place is gorgeous. I have never visited it but my friend went there once and she absolutely loved it

This looks like a really interesting place. I love your black and white photographs - they really complement the blog post. Rosie | www.rosieromance.com

What an interesting destination. Thanks for bringing this off the beaten path blog post to my attention

OMG I had no idea this island existed!! I love WWII history and now this is on my bucket list to visit. Thank you!

Tours are always great. I really enjoy classic pictures and you did just that! Adding black and white to those pictures ended up with an outstanding result! Super cool! I also have something for abandoned buildings, don't know why!

I like history anyway so this overnight tour about the war sounds like a really good experience. Loved the photos too.

Interesting tour, especially the Japanese Garden of Peace. Tours are often a great way to learn about more obscure places of interest like this, which I hadn't heard of.

It's awesome that you were able to see so many historical places. The stops on the day tour sounded so cool.

I've been there before but we only did the day tour and went home right after. It's a very lovely place especially since I love learning about WWII and what the soldiers went through during that time.

I liked all the photos, everything seems so nice. Japanese garden of peace is really beautiful. It's funny how I don't believe in ghost generally but I wouldn't go near that haunted hospital.

I would love to go to the Japanese garden! It looks gorgeous! Love, Ivelisse | CarnationDreams.com

With TBEX coming up soon, I need to learn more about the Philippines.

Very interesting places to visit! A friend of mine is planning to visit Manila in the end of this year so I will share this one for him.

I really love our country for having great sites filled with culture and history. Love your photos!

corregidor night tour

What a lovely place to visit and with such history behind it!

Thank you so much! Yes, I agree with you. There’s more to love in the Philippines.

Indeed in it. Corregidor Island’s Japanese Garden is lovely.

Thank you so much! Do tell me about your friend’s trip to Manila.

Gusto ko 'to puntahan. Wait ko lang na lumaki pa si LO, hehw, yung mai-enjoy na nya. Parang educational trip na rin

Ako po mahilig sa mga historical places. Gusto ko makapunta personally makita mga ganitong lugar. Nakaka amaze lang 😍 Lalo na yung Caballo Island ang ganda best place to relax your mind.😊

Isa sa gusto ko puntahan when LO grows up a bit pa, yung mai-enjoy na nya. Educational trip na rin 💖 Maganda ito lalo na sa mga bata =)

Visiting Corregidor Island in Manila

Taking a tour of Corregidor Island takes you back to one of the most courageous battles of World War II.

Written by Michael Turtle

Michael Turtle is the founder of Time Travel Turtle. A journalist for more than 20 years, he's been travelling the world since 2011.

Michael Turtle is the founder of Time Travel Turtle and has been travelling full time for a decade.

Updated: August 17, 2023

A Corregidor Island tour in Manila

Not just one of the most important things to see in Manila, Corregidor Island is also one of the most important historical military sites in Asia.

As a tourist, it's possible to visit Corregidor Island, but you need to do a bit of planning to join one of the Corregidor Island tours. To help, I've put together this information.

  • The story of Corregidor Island in World War II
  • Things to see on Corregidor Island today
  • My tips for visiting Corregidor Island

Control this island, you control Manila. It’s a maxim that explains why Corregidor Island has always been considered so important – and why it was the scene of such heavy fighting in the Second World War, as the Japanese advanced on the Philippines.

Even when the soldiers knew the end was upon them, they never gave up. This small island had held out against some of the most determined attackers, against all odds. The soldiers had every reason to be proud and so they fought on.

The date was May 6, 1942 and it was the Americans (with the help of the Filipinos) who were fighting to protect Corregidor Island this time. I say ‘this time’ because Corregidor has changed hands many times over the centuries.

Why is Corregidor Island so important?

The position of Corregidor Island in Manila Bay makes it an extremely strategic island for anyone wanting to attack or defend Manila. For this reason, it was the scene of incredibly heavy fighting during the Second World War.

What is Corregidor Island today?

These days, Corregidor Island is a war memorial to the American and Filipino soldiers who died here. Many of the original buildings and military infrastructure have been left in ruins out of respect for those who fought on the island.

Can you visit Corregidor Island?

Corregidor Island is technically open to visitors, but it’s only accessible by private ferry. Since the pandemic, those ferry trips have been very limited, meaning it can be difficult to reach Corregidor Island sometimes.

This rock rising out of the water is situated at a strategic point of Manila Bay and is one of the most important defences for the capital of the Philippines. Whoever holds the island can control the maritime access to the country’s key port.

It’s for this reason that, during the Second World War, the Japanese were so intent on claiming it. It was the key to their planned conquest of the Pacific.

Corregidor Island in World War II

For months the Japanese bombarded the island, throwing everything they had at it.

From December 1941 until May, bombs rained down and large guns shot at Corregidor. Japanese aircraft flew more than 600 missions and dropped more than 1700 bombs. Meanwhile, the artillery pieces fired consistently.

It’s estimated that on the night of heaviest fire, more than 16,000 shells hit the island.

When the Japanese finally landed on Corregidor on the night of May 5, the men waiting for them fought back as best they could. They were terribly outnumbered, though, and were running low on resources. You can only imagine how weak they would have been too.

The months of attacks had meant they could hardly get any supplies. They were eating just 800 grams of food a day and drinking water just twice.

But they knew how important Corregidor was. They weren’t just fighting for their lives but, as far as they knew, for the future of the world.

In the end, the island fell to the Japanese. The commander sent a message to President Franklin Roosevelt:  “There is a limit of human endurance, and that point has long been passed” . The remaining Americans and Filipinos, waving white flags, surrendered.

The story of the island doesn’t end there. The Japanese, with control of Corregidor, were able to take Manila Bay. It was the finest port in the Far East and they used it to expand their advance. The overnight battle on this small island meant the fall of Asia.

The tide turned a few years later and Corregidor was retaken from the Japanese in February 1945. This was the last major military action it would see.

Since the Spanish first established a base on the island in 1570, it had also been taken – and held – by the Dutch, the British, the Americans, and the Japanese. But finally Corregidor Island was at peace.

Now, when you visit Corregidor Island, you’ll be able to trace much of this history. But being able to land here peacefully is relatively new in the site’s long history.

Things to see on Corregidor Island

Until recently, the island knew nothing but war, so it’s fitting that’s what you see when you visit. All across Corregidor are the ruins of the military base run by the Americans and Filipinos during the Second World War.

The buildings that were destroyed by bombs have been left that way and others, destroyed by time, have been secured but not rebuilt. The large bases for the guns are still there and, in many cases, the guns are too.

The barracks are just skeletons but they are evidence of the men who once lived here and the lives they led.

One of the most impressive things to see on Corregidor Island is the enormous tunnel complex inside a mountain.

The main tunnel, with entrances at each end, is 250 metres long and about 7 metres wide. 24 smaller tunnels of about 50 metres come off it in both directions.

Originally it was designed as bomb-proof storage but, when the Japanese siege became too much, it was used as a bunker, a hospital and a command centre.

It was from here inside Malinta Tunnel that General Douglas MacArthur had his headquarters and the President of the Philippines had his seat of government at one point.

Around the island are walking trails – and even bike trails – that allow you to explore the heritage that remains. These days, there’s also a fair bit of interesting flora and animal life to look out for.

Corregidor isn’t massive and you could walk around the whole thing on your own if you wanted, but there wouldn’t be time to do that and get the detailed visit with all the historical information that’s usually offered with a tour.

Visiting Corregidor Island

To get to Corregidor Island, you need to go by boat. However, there are no public transport options, so you’ll need to use a private ferry.

Unfortunately, since the coronavirus pandemic, the usual ferry operator has shut down and access to Corregidor Island has been fairly patchy, with limited information about what’s available.

Tours (including boat transfers) restarted in the middle of 2022, just on Saturdays and Sundays, but then stopped again.

The tours and transfers began again in January 2023, but they are only happening on specific days.

UPDATE MAY 2023: There are currently some tours going to Corregidor Island on the following dates – Monday 1 May, Saturday 6 May, Saturday 13 May, Saturday 20 May.

The tours cost 4500 php (U$80) and includes roundtrip boat transfers, island entrance fee, historical tram tour with guide, Malinta Tunnel light show, and a buffet lunch by the beach.

The boat leaves Manila at 06:00 and gets back at 16:30.

To book a spot, get in touch with Corregidor Foundation Inc on its website or by email: [email protected] .

It’s also possible you may be able to get a tour company in Manila that can arrange a boat to Corregidor Island, but I haven’t been able to find one. (Please drop me a note and let me know if you do know of one!)

Normally, when the boats are running regularly, most tourists book a tour package with the ferry company which includes ground transportation around the island.

If you want a bit of independence and a bit more time to explore, you also used to be able stay overnight in the hotel on the island. Many people who choose this option take the tour during the day and then have the evening and next morning to explore for themselves once the tourist groups have left.

It’s a very quiet place to spend time in. Far from hectic Manila, there’s just the wind in the trees and the lapping of the water on the shore. It’s hard to imagine how noisy and chaotic it must have been when the bombs were dropping and the guns shooting.

We should be thankful for the peace now but not forget the lives that were lost here and the heroism of those who held out for so long, determined to protect Corregidor against all odds.

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17 thoughts on “Visiting Corregidor Island in Manila”

A place of such pivotal wartime importance…so cool that you got that chance to see it in person. Great photos!

Yeah, I really didn’t know anything about it before I went so it was really interesting to learn all about how important it was during the Second World War. And, you’re right, seeing it in person really helps you to understand what the people based here would have gone through.

My grandfather was a part of the group of american soldiers taken POW here in 1942. I’d like to know if you could tell me more detail about what each photo represents? I’m just doing a bunch of research off the backend of his memoir from 1995. If you know anything about each photo’s contents more specifically it’d be awesome to know.

1. How to visit Corregidor island? 2. How to book tour package? 3.Is island tour open on Sunday ?

how to book viia manila port

We visited THE ROCK 2x .. 2011 and 2014 , Amazing PLACE, lots of war history ,my father was a war veteran both US and PHILIPPINES, was a POW with the Bataan march. Passed away at 100 yrs old. He had many stories about the war .

Your father is an American and Philippine hero as well. We owe him together with all his fellow soldiers our freedom.

I would like to know what P4,800 covers. Would it include transpo TO and FROM land activities ? How do I make reservations and payments? Minimum of FOUR (4) ADULTS OCT. 29,2023. THANKS

How do I make a reservation for 2 adults?

You are blessed to have a grandfather with a life so much part of history. Wonderful!

Really of no value if you don’t specificly explain in some Detail how to book the tour!!!!

I found Corregidor Island tour on Facebook. I did visit the island on August 6,2022. I will be returning on November 9,2024. I will admit the transportation by private boat from Mariveles is an adventure on small boat. It can be done.

Feel free to ask any questions I could possibly answer

I am just an concerned citizen (USA) who wants to help to keep the courage of the soldiers alive.

hello Brian. Tel plz your way to to visited that place

Thank you for this information. I am taking my family to the Philippines this year. I will contact the link you provided. Again, thanks.

Can u tell me your overnight tour package for corregidor

How much is the tour package for 2 adults. We’re planning to visit on December 2024.

I will be returning in November 9,2024 this year if the weather and channel can be crossed safely from Bataan to Corregidor Island. I had good fortune and was able to visit August 06,2022.

I will answer any question I can answer from my knowledge. I am not being paid or pushing any operator or comoany. I am doing this to make sure that or future generations do not forget the fallen soldiers


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corregidor night tour

top stories:

CORREGIDOR DAY TOUR: 12 Historic Sites to Visit

CORREGIDOR DAY TOUR: 12 Historic Sites to Visit

By continuing to read this article, you agree to double check with the authorities or other concerned entities for the latest updates.

They were in Manila for business. Saritha was from Bahrain and Scott from the United States. How I ended up in their company was the result of a friend’s blackmail spirited persuasion. My friend Grace wanted to show them around as it was their first time in Manila. With Scott serving in the military in the past, Corregidor was an easy pick. But Grace thought that me tagging along would make the trip more insightful. Silly her, it was my first time in Corregidor, too!

The tranvia is the most common form of transportation in Corregidor.

I have lived in Manila for almost a decade now, but I had never left footprints on Corregidor Island. It was one of those plans that I often overlooked because of proximity. (I always had an excuse along the lines of I-can-visit-it-anytime-anyway.) It just won’t happen. But with a friend constantly bugging me, it finally did.

Corregidor was officially called Fort Mills during the American era but was also commonly referred to as “The Rock” for its terrain and fortifications, and “Gibraltar of the East” for its resemblance to Mediterranean Sea’s peninsular fortress. Strategically located at the mouth of Manila Bay, it is the biggest of the heavily fortified islands that make up the harbor defenses of the capital.

Corregidor Island and its position in Manila Bay. Alright, I'll say it. It looks like a sperm cell.

It played a pivotal role during the Pacific War, with its fall signaling Japanese victory and the start of their occupation of the Philippines (1942-45). We all know how horrible that turned out to be.

The most popular option (but not exactly the most budget-friendly) of exploring Corregidor is the day tour offered by Sun Cruises .

Tourists snapping away at the Middleside Barracks

The Tour Package already includes ferry transfers, guide fees, buffet lunch, and the actual tour of the island. The tour lasts 9 hours (including the transfers) and usually starts at 7am at the docks at CCP Complex, Manila. The jetty is near Folk Arts Theater and Coconut Palace. Cost: PhP2250 (weekdays) and PhP2449 (weekends and holidays). Steep if you ask me, but it was worth it somehow. The tour ran smoothly and was very organized.

If you’ve always wanted to visit Corregidor but have no idea what to expect, let me give you a virtual tour of the island. Here are 10 stops that form the day tour.


Battery Way

The four guns at Battery Way.

Your first stop is most likely Battery Way. It was named after 2nd Lieutenant Henry Way of the 4th US Artillery. This gun emplacement was built from 1904 to 1914. Four 12-inch mortars, capable of hurling from 45-70 degrees, sit in the middle of the site. It is one of the only two mortar batteries in Corregidor.

Battery Hearn

The biggest gun on the island is at Battery Hearn

If my memory serves me right, the gun at Battery Hearn is the largest on the island. “At firing elevation between 15 and 25 degrees, the gun could cover the full 360-degree field,” brags the site marker. “On May 6, 1942, the gun and carriage were disabled by the crew before surrendering, but the Japanese had American POW’s place the battery back in service.” Today the gun bobs beside a crater, left when the US dropped a bomb here in January 1945.

Mile-Long Barracks

The Mile Long Barracks measures only a third of a mile. But since it has three levels, it pretty much spans a mile. Almost.

The skeletal ruins of the Topside Barracks have become the most iconic landmark of the island. It used to house the quarters of American officers and enlisted personnel. The structure is also called Mile-Long Barracks even though it spans only 1520 feet, less than a third of a mile. According to our guide, however, if you walk from end to end on all three stories of the building, you will be covering almost a mile.

Pacific War Memorial

A statue of an American and a Filipino with the ruins of Cine Corregidor and the Philippine flag in the background.

Perched on the island’s highest point is the Pacific War Memorial Complex. It harbors a museum, a circular altar under a memorial dome, and the Eternal Flame of Freedom Monument, all built in honor of Filipino and American soldiers who served during World War II. The site was completed in 1968 to the tune of USD 3 Million.

Also part of the complex are Cine Corregidor, the island’s movie house, and a small park behind the flame monument, which allows a fantastic view of the island’s tail end.

By the entrance to the Pacific War Memorial Museum.

Corregidor Lighthouse

The Corregidor Lighthouse is one of the oldest structures on the island.

First lit in 1853, it is one of the oldest structures on the island. The Siege of Corregidor left it damaged, but it was reconstructed in the 1950s. Souvenir shops and small stars flank the walkway leading to the main tower.

Battery Geary

Battery Geary

Completed in 1911, this gun emplacement was named after Capt. Woodbridge Geary of the 13th US Infantry. According to CorregidorIsland.com , “The eight 12-inch mortars of this battery were considered the most effective anti-personnel weapon in Corregidor. The battery had two mortar pits with 3 magazines and its standard crew consisted of 4 men per mortar.”

Battery Crocket

The disappearing gun at Battery Crocket

Battery Crocket is one of the six emplacements with disappearing guns on the island. These 12-inch guns were said to have 360-degree traverse (other sources say only 220-degree coverage) and required no smaller than a 30-man crew to properly function.

MacArthur Statue

Statue of Gen. Douglas MacArthur

One of the most prominent figures during the war, General Douglas MacArthur was stationed in Corregidor and used it as Allied Headquarters until March 11, 1942. A statue in honor of him stands by the Lorcha Dock, MacArthur’s departure point for Australia. Many think this was where he uttered the unforgettable line, “I shall return.” Truth is, he actually said it when he was already in Adelaide, Australia.

Japanese Garden of Peace

A memorial to the Japanese soldiers who fought in Corregidor during the war and a prayer area to their kin, the Japanese Garden of Peace cradles a Shinto Shrine and a 10-ft tall stone statue of Buddha, which faces the direction of Japan.

A fertility Buddha faces the direction of Japan.

Filipino Heroes Memorial

Filipino Heroes Memorial.

Also on the tail end of the island is the Filipino Heroes Memorial, a 6000-square meter site designed by Francisco Mañosa. The main attractions here are the 14 Manual Casas-sculpted murals that depict the battles of Filipinos.

Malinta Tunnel

At the end of the tunnel, there are more tourists.

“The name Malinta came from the word ‘linta,’ meaning leech,” our tour guide explained. “When they were digging through the mountain to build the tunnel, they found a lot of these blood sucking worms along the way.”

Malinta Tunnel took 10 years to complete (1922-1932), an effort that proved useful during the war as it became the last stronghold of the military operations before the Japanese occupation. An elaborate network of tunnels run through the mountain, sheltering many of the soldiers during the war.

Today, its main tunnel is the theater for the Lights and Sound show, an audio-visual presentation created by National Artist Lamberto Avellana. The show narrates the key events of the battle in Corregidor. (Additional P200 fee applies.)

The Lights and Sounds show happens at the main tunnel of Malinta.

To be honest, the show was a bit underwhelming. For some reason, I was expecting a more dynamic, more interactive presentation, but it was segmented, outdated, and a bit dragging. (I returned to Corregidor months later and they said the Lights and Sounds show had been unavailable for weeks because of technical problems. I’m not sure if it’s operational again.)

Corregidor Hotel

Corregidor Hotel. This is where you'll have your lunch.

The lunch stop. Lunch was served at the La Playa Restaurant at Corregidor Hotel. The food was not bad, but not great either. There are three to four choices of dishes, paella, and some fruits for dessert (watermelons on the two occasions I was there). The hotel is situated along South Beach, but the break was too short for a swim. Or any beach-activity for that matter.

For overnight stays, visit: Corregidor Overnight Tour

Corregidor Day Tour by Sun Cruises Esplanade Seaside Terminal, Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex, Pasay City Telephone No.: (632) 834-6857 to 58, (632) 831-8140 Email: [email protected] Website: www.corregidorphilippines.com Inclusions : Day tour, boat transfers, buffet lunch Cost : PhP2350 (weekdays) and PhP2549 (weekends and holidays) How to get there: Take LRT 1 or MRT to EDSA-Taft. Ride a jeepney multicab bound for SM Mall of Asia. Alight at One Esplanade.

More Tips on YouTube ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Been here few years back :))


I loved my visit to the Philippines and it has been many years now but my primary complaint was that leaving out of Manila had to be one of the most ridiculous displays of security I’d ever seen. After two security checks we literally walked down a corridor with no exits or entrances only to find another security stop. As if somebody might cut a whole through the roof and climb on down…nope, they have that scenario covered! It topped my list of “most security stops exiting a country” list. My recommendation after that was that if you go…plan on staying!

Macarons & Sakura Tea

Lovely article. To those who plan on visiting the place‚ don’t be having second thoughts esp. if you’re in for the history feels—it’s very worth it. Twelve years have gone by swiftly since last stepping foot on Corregidor Island. It was a cloudy February morning‚ a pleasant day for sight-seeing with friends. It was not that high and so we tried climbing atop that old light-house. The show inside the Malinta Tunnel came as pretty enjoyable to me. I eerily felt being transported back in time as part of the war being fought in the island. PS: As a side-note‚ the ‘fertility buddha’ is not actually a buddha but rather‚ a bodhisattva (pre-buddha or on the path towards buddhahood). He is best known as Avalokitesvara or the bodhisattva of mercy and compassion. His female manifestation is a mother goddess known as Kuan Yin in China or in this case‚ Kannon‚ as she is known in Japan.


Amazing piece. I would love to visit these places with a good tour guide.


Wow. Very inviting and encouraging post for those planning to visit Corregidor (like me). I love the history of Corregidor and the feel of ancient heroism in the air. Nice new layout of the blog, too!


Just in case you want to visit Mt. Samat, Corregidor, Mt. Tarak, or have an appoint in Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) just visit my hotel / lodge at Alas asin, Mariveles, Bataan.

Ana Fugantes

Hi what if were planning to go overnight? How much do u think it will cost and what are the budget friendly hotels nearby? Thanks


About the charge…is this per head . Any discount for a big group specialy any discounts for the seniors ?

Yosh Dimen

Hi! Yep, this is per head. Nagtaas na ulit sila from the time we wrote this article. P2500-P2600 na.

No idea about discounts, but you may call them directly at (02) 465-8840.

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corregidor night tour

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Corregidor Island: The Overnight Experience

corregidor night tour

Corregidor Historical Tour

For the Corregidor Historical Tour, we went to the following places:

• Malinta Tunnel


• Japanese Memorial Garden


• Kindley Airfield

We only went here to see how the airfield looks like. Only small planes can land in Kindly Airfield.

• Filipino Heroes Memorial


• Pacific War Memorial Museum


Where to Stay in Corregidor


The Twin Room


Battery Hearn and Battery Way


Sunset, Hospital and Night Lateral Tour


Night Lateral Tour


Sunrise Tour and Tunnel/Bunker Tour


Corregidor Island Lighthouse

corregidor night tour

Sun Cruises

Website: https://corregidorphilippines.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CorregidorPH Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/corregidorPH/

Terminal Office

Esplanade Seaside Terminal Esplanade Seaside Park (Seaside Blvd., MOA Complex), Pasay, Pasay City, Philippines

Reservations Office

Sales office, corregidor inn, how to get to esplanade seaside terminal (est) and book for corregidor island.

A. From South – Ride LRT 1 from Baclaran to Buendia/ Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue – Ride Multi cab going to SM MOA – Get off when you reach One Esplanade – Walk going to Esplanade Seaside Terminal (EST) B. From North – Ride LRT 1 from Roosevelt, Balintawak or Monumento to Buendia/ Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue – Ride Multi cab going to SM MOA – Get off when you reach One Esplanade – Walk going to Esplanade Seaside Terminal (EST)


Corregidor island travel guide plus historical tour, hidden beaches in the philippines worth visiting, top 10 white sand beaches in the philippines, las casas filipinas de acuzar, bataan: a visually satisfying haven for history lovers.

' src=

Jerny - Two Budget Travelers

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City tours

  • Corregidor Island Tour

Corregidor is one of the most historically important places in the Philippines. This tadpole shaped island played a key role in WW2 thanks to its location – just 48 km from Manila, right at the entry to Manila Bay. If you’re a history buff, this island is just for you. The bombarded buildings remain untouched, and the whole island is considered a national monument, in honor of the fallen soldiers of the three armies which battled over it during the war.

Corregidor Island makes an excellent day tour from Manila. It starts early in the morning, and you’ll be back in Manila at 4:00 PM. We also offer an overnight package which is great for families. It is also great for people who are staying in Manila for a longer period of time, and want to get away from the city for a night. If you’re going to stay in Manila and consider booking this trip, just click the “inquire now” button below.

  • Perfect for : Families, History and culture.
  • Best time to visit : March to May is when the weather is good.
  • Tour package includes : Hotel transfers, Guided tour, Lunch, Attractions.
  • No Schedule Trip : During the JJASON months (June, July, August, September, October, and November) or Lean Season.
  • Starting point : Manila.
  • Duration : Whole day.

How to get to Corregidor Island?

The way to Corregidor is by a Sun Cruise ferry that leaves Manila once a day from Sun Cruise Terminal in Esplanade Seaside Terminal in Pasay City. Boarding time is 07:00 AM, and the estimated time of departure is 07:30. They are very punctual with their schedule, and being even slightly late will result in cancellation of your booking. Getting back to Manila takes place once a day at 03:00 PM, and boarding time is 02:30 in Corregidor.

The ride takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. Getting there can be part of the whole Corregidor tour, or independent (and then you can tour the island on your own). The rate for the ferry ride itself will be arranged by you. The price difference between a full tour and just the ferry ride isn’t significant, and a guided tour will help you get the most from your trip.

There are two alternative ways to get to the island from Bataan. This option is good for large groups as it does lower the price greatly. However, you’ll need to travel all the way to Bataan, which takes several hours. There you can either take a private boat from the Maritime Academy of Asia or the Pacific Port in Alas-Asin. If you choose this way to get to Corregidor there is an added terminal fee of Php 30 per person and entrance fee of Php 300 per person.

Booking an overnight package

There is only one accommodation option on Corregidor and that is the Corregidor Inn – sometimes also called Corregidor Hotel and Resort. It has two parts, the hotel which is situated on a hill in the middle of the island, and the beach cottages near the Japanese Peace Garden. The hotel has a lot historic significance, as it was the last station of the Japanese resistance on the island when it was taken back by the Americans.

It doesn’t matter where you’ll choose to stay, the inn or the cottages, as both are practically the same hotel. That being said, the hotel itself is more suitable for smaller groups, and the cottages for larger ones. Being away from the center means they are both quiet and provide privacy. The restaurant serves both the cottages and the hotel, and there is a shuttle service to take you back and forth.

What to do?

The regular guided tour in Corregidor is a bus tour. You can also have a walking guided tour and a bicycle tour (bring your own bike). The buses on the island are designed in the same style as the trams which used to be the main transportation option on the island.

This is the itinerary for the regular tour to Corregidor. The tour is available only during summer, because during the JJASON months (June, July, August, September, October, and November) or Lean Season can be very rough and not safe for sailing. Succeeding months will highly depend on the weather forecast. Therefore, no scheduled trips yet .

The middle barracks is the first stop of the tour. At the time it was built, in 1915, it was a very modern facility. Even though it was destroyed by Japanese bombs in 1941, some parts were left intact. From there you'll continue to Battery Way, Battery Grubbs, and Battery Hearn.

Battery Way was one of the two mortar batteries, with a range of 1,400m in every direction. Grubbs was a battery of two disappearing guns. It was directly hit by the Japanese, and has remained unmanned for the rest of the war. Hearn is one of the two largest guns on the island, with a horizontal range of 27,000 meters. The batteries were used for protecting Manila bay from naval forces as well as attacking targets in the neighboring peninsula of Bataan.

After the batteries you will reach the Ruins of Mile Long Barracks (it was actually 1/3 miles long). General Douglas MacArthur's office was in this building, and it used to be the world's longest barracks. Afterwards you'll see the Pacific War Memorial Complex, the Cine Corregidor and the Spanish lighthouse.

The Pacific War Memorial was built by the U.S. government in 1968 to commemorate the Filipino and American soldiers who sacrificed their lives on Corregidor. The Cinema of Corregidor is part of the memorial complex. It's the remains of the building that was used by the soldiers and their families who lived on the island. The Spanish lighthouse is the oldest building on the island, built in 1836 by the Spanish government. Although it was damaged during the war, it was fully reconstructed in 1950. Visitors can climb to the top.

After lunch the tour goes to the other two war memorials. The Japanese Gardens of Peace are a memorial built in honor of the soldiers of Imperial Japan, who fought on Corregidor. It's a mix of traditional and militaristic Japanese style, and was funded by the Japanese government. The Filipino Heroes Memorial and Museum is the latest, built in 1987. It is dedicated to tell the story of the Filipino heroes who fought alongside the Americans.

After the museum you'll visit the Malinta Tunnel. It was built from 1922-1932 and designated as an underground bomb shelter. Later on it became the military hospital of the island. It is also possible to experience the Malinta Tunnel light and sound show for an additional fee. You could also take the Tunnel Lateral tour at night if you're staying on the island.

The last stop is at Lorcha Dock , where General MacArthur and his family members left for Australia in 11 March 1942, fleeing from the Japanese Forces. Upon arrival to Australia he made a speech with his famous lines "I came through and I shall return", a promise that would only be fulfilled in October 20, 1944, when MacArthur landed on the island of Leyte.

More tour options and additions

As mentioned above, the only addition to the regular tour is the Light and Sound Show in Malinta Tunnel for 200P. Guests who are staying overnight can also add the following activities to the itinerary: The Rocket Zipline, guided sunset and sunrise viewing, Malinta Tunnel lateral tour, and kayaking. You won’t run out of things to do, especially if you're traveling with kids. Or you can also choose to just relax, enjoy the evening breeze and watch the great view of the lightened Manila Bay.

You can take the Historical Walking Tour instead of the regular tour. Unlike the bus tours it exclude the trams, and most of the sites on the bottom and tail side of Corregidor. Instead, you'll only be going through the sites of the top and middle side of Corregidor. Most of the sites listed in the after-lunch section of the itinerary are not a part of it.

However, you'll get deeper insight of the historical sites, and visit places only accessible by foot. So, if you're a real history buff this might be the better option for you. The walking tours also have less people in them and are therefore more intimate. If you're staying overnight, then you could take the Malinta Tunnel lateral tour, and visit the bottom and tail sides (Japanese Gardens of Peace, Filipino Heroes Memorial, etc.) of the island on your own.

The Historical Walking tour  doesn't include lunch, so you can either pay for it separately or bring your own. You should be moderately fit for this tour as it does require a lot of walking.

How does Corregidor fit into my travel plan?

A daytrip tour package to Corregidor Island can be a great way to spend one of your days in Manila. It is especially true if you're a history lover, and interested in WW2 history in the pacific. Even though the island is one big monument, it still has a very tranquil atmosphere and offers a break from the chaos of Manila.

An overnight Package is advised if you want to experience more of the activities the island offers. It is especially true if you're traveling with children or don't like to be in a rush. If you are staying in Metro Manila for a long time, this place is a really nice getaway with added value.

Journey Era

Corregidor Island Tour From Siargao: Complete Guide

Jackson Groves

Posted on Last updated: June 24, 2023


Corregidor Island Tour From Siargao: Complete Guide

Corregidor Island is found just off the coast of Siargao. It has several beautiful beaches and coves but it is well known for its palm tree-covered hills, which visitors can reach after undertaking a small hike from the beach. A Corregidor Island tour is part of many of the island-hopping trips that leave Siargao every day.

Table of Contents


Corregidor Island (also known as Casolian Island is south of the popular surf island Siargao in the south of the Philippines. There are a number of smaller islands nearby Siargao that are popular for island hopping, the most popular route is the day-trip to Daku, Guyam, and Naked Island .

From Siargao, it is about a 45-minute boat journey if you leave General Luna on a classic, outrigger boat. It’s important to note that on Google Maps, the island is listed as ‘Casolian Island’. There is another island in the Philippines, closer to Manila, which is also called Corregidor Island and shows up when you search it on Google Maps.


To get to Corregidor Island from Siargao Island the most common way is to join a group tour that includes Corregidor but also another one or two island visits. For less than $25 USD, you can visit Corregidor Island and another spot to complete your day-trip. It is possible to book a private boat tour but this will be much more expensive. There are no public transportation options.

corregidor night tour


To book your Siargao Island hopping experience online, the best price and most reliable one is  this activity on Klook . This activity includes four islands all in one day. You get to visit Corregidor, Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam. It costs slightly more than the regular three-island trip but that’s because you get four islands and visit them all in one day!

The price is very similar to what you will find at the street vendors (and likely on the same boat anyway). You get your full day of island hopping and lunch included. It’s hard to go wrong.

Book your tour now: FOUR ISLAND TOUR (Corregidor, Naked, Daku, Guyam)

I’ve done the tour as the three-island, four-island and even Corregidor in combination with Mamon & La Janosa. It’s fair to say I’ve spent some time island-hopping out of Siargao.

corregidor night tour


I’ve been to Corregidor Island twice now and both times were a fantastic experience. However, they were on different island-hopping itineraries. On the first occasion, I did the  FOUR ISLAND TOUR (Corregidor, Naked, Daku, Guyam)  and on the second occasion, two years later, I visited Mamon Island and then Corregidor.

There are many ways to include Corregidor Island in your itinerary. Therefore, in this blog post, I will just share my experience mostly about Corregidor Island not all of the islands included in the itinerary as it can vary.

Corregidor Island is one of my favorite islands to visit near Siargao because it has a small element of adventure rather than just the regular beach hangouts you find at the other islands like Guyam and Naked. Before our boat docked, I sent the drone up so I could show you guys an aerial of just how pristine the waters are around the island!

We jumped off the boat and met our guide. The guide is always organized by your boat crew and it is a requirement. It’s a great way for the local residents to monitor the visitors to the island and to make a small living by guiding tourists up the hill to visit the palm trees and check out the views of Corregidor Island. The walk takes about 30-minutes each way in total and you probably want about 30-minutes at the top of the hill to explore the palms, take some photos and enjoy the view.

So, after finding our guide, we set off through the village where karaoke was blaring and the little kids all offered high fives and beautiful smiles! It’s such a picturesque village with a small church, palm trees and a grass corridor through the middle that connects the beach to the top of the hill. It’s a nice walk and gives you some insight into how the island residents are living.

corregidor night tour

The walk leaves the village and veers into the trees as you begin to enjoy a little bit of incline in the humid conditions. If you aren’t used to hiking or the humidity you may find this walk quite uncomfortable, even though it is very short and easy. It’s exposed at the top of the hill so packing sunscreen and wearing a hat is ideal. Many people get very burnt here as they hike in swimwear.

Once you reach the first little summit, you are now in the land of palm trees. It’s a pretty unique landscape of long grass, a collection of scattered palms and views of the ocean on all sides. There aren’t many places like it!

There are lots of little paths shooting off in all directions but basically there is no wrong or right way to explore Corregidor Island. Both times I’ve visited, we headed out all the way to the farthest point on the island to check out the coves on either side. Along the way, you will find a bent palm tree that has become a bit of a photo-op spot, which I’m sure your guide will point out for you.

To be honest, the best thing to do is just wander around and find new angles and explore different areas. With hundreds of palms up on the hill, it truly is a sight to behold and I’ve found different spots on both of my visits.

corregidor night tour

After exploring the palm tree hill, we made the trek back down into the village. With 40-minutes left before our boat left to head back to Siargao, we got into an intense sand-volleyball match and really soaked in the island vibes. 

If you want to read about the tri-island hopping nearby that can also include Corregidor Island on the itinerary I’ll leave that blog post link here:  SIARGAO ISLAND HOPPING – GUYAM, DAKU & NAKED ISLAND

And again, if you want to book the four-island hopping trip that includes Corregidor Island, Guyam, Daku and Naked all in one day that link is here: FOUR ISLAND TOUR


As I mentioned earlier, on Google Maps you will find it named Casolian Island instead of Corregidor Island. However, everywhere on Siargao and all of the tour operators most definitely call the island Corregidor.


Budget Hostel in General Luna: The White House :  The best budget option for dorm style/hostel accommodation on Siargao Island is called  The White House  in General Luna. For just $10 a night you can grab yourself a dorm bed.

Value Pick in General Luna:   Lampara Siargao Boutique Hostel : Lampara Siargao is an oceanfront boutique hostel conveniently situated on the exotic island of Siargao. 

Luxury Pick in General Luna:  Nay Palad Hideaway : Nay Palad Hideaway is one of the most luxurious accommodations in the Philippines. With its beautiful outdoor pool, terrace with either garden or ocean views, comfy seating areas, and is the resort you will see featured on Instagram all the time!

corregidor night tour


Siargao is pretty straightforward when it comes to picking a region to stay. 90% of people choose to stay somewhere near General Luna. All of the bars, restaurants, tours, ports, and hotels are near General Luna and Cloud 9 surf break.

There are a couple of other regions you could stay in like Pacifico but unless you are purposely looking for isolation, General Luna is your spot. So what are my suggestions for where to stay in General Luna?

First, I’ll tell you where I stayed. Because I stayed for over a month, I managed to find an Airbnb . It was 4 blocks back from the beach, had wi-fi, A/C, a private bathroom, patio and inside were just two bunk beds. It was super basic and I stayed here with two mates and my sister. It was 900 USD for the entire month, which we split four ways so it was just $225 each.

There’s a photo below of our sweet Airbnb pad on Siargao Island.

Save money in Siargao by staying at an Airbnb! Get a  FREE $40 Airbnb Coupon  by using  my code  when you book! 

siargao island pictures photo gallery

Best time to visit Siargao Island

The best time to visit Siargao depends on what you are looking for. Many consider the best time of year when the weather is best but that also means crowds. I will give you a few options below about when is the best month to visit Siargao Island :

September: Siargao hosts the ‘Cloud 9 Surfing Cup’ each September, an official WSL Pro event

July – November: The best time period for surfing in Siargao is July until November. The easterly Mindanao current provides the islands with waves that came from the deepest regions of the Pacific.

March-May: If you aren’t as interested in the surf but are craving that sun. March until May should bring you guaranteed sunny days. But it’s the Philippines so you can’t guarantee it.

siargao island pictures photo gallery

Where is Siargao Island Located

Siargao is located in the region of Mindanao in the Philippines. Mindanao is the southern region of the Philippines.

How to get to Siargao Island

When I visited in 2017 there was only one flight a day from Manila and one from Cebu. Now there are 10-15 flights a day so the question of how to get to Siargao has become much easier. Without going into deep detail on every single option. These are the options for how to get to Siargao:

  • Fly from Manila $90-$100
  • Fry from Cebu  $90-$100
  • Ferry from Surigao City to Siargao Island $5

There are ferries that leave from Manila and Cebu but they go to Surigao City first and then Siargao Island.












I have also visited many other places in the Philippines that you may want to add to your itinerary and remove one of the locations I visited. There is no right way to travel to the Philippines. The reality is that you will miss some awesome places no matter what Philippines backpacking route you take. You can check out the links below to my other Philippines backpacking guides.











Monday 30th of May 2022

Hello! Can you personally recommend doing the tri island with Corregidor Island in 1 day or you would rather do Corregidor Island with Mamon separately?

It’s going to be my first time in July, staying for 7 nights and another Siargao trip perhaps in April-May 2023 because I still have a paid 7-night booking at the another hotel that’s reopening much later hence 2 separate trips. 😆

Jaska Kamila

Thursday 18th of June 2020

You can get your private boat from Dapa to Corregidor for a bit cheaper. Around 1500P / 27€ / 30$ for the whole boat.

General Luna prices are going up fast.

corregidor night tour

  • Asia / Bataan / Cavite / History / Homeschooling / Philippines / Travel Guides / WANDER - Travels

Corregidor Tour Travel Guide – Cavite, Philippines

by LoveEatWander · March 10, 2018

Corregidor Island has been in my travel list since last year – yeah, that late. I wasn’t really into history until recently, when I added Van Ybiernas on Facebook, a history professor in De La Salle University (DLSU). His posts fueled my eagerness to learn more about my beloved Philippines, and the things that transpired in history.

Now, more than ever, I am more interested in museums, artifacts, and history that goes along with every relic that I see. So on March 1, when we received an invitation to join the familiarization tour to Corregidor Island organized by Asia Travel and Sun Cruises, I did not think twice. Indeed, the universe provides what your heart desires.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Love. Eat. Wander. (@loveeatwander)

Table of Contents


Corregidor got its name from the Spanish words “to correct” because during Spanish occupation, ships containing documents for correction are sent in to the island. It also goes with several other names – The Island of Fortress, Fort Mills, The Rock, and Gibraltar of the East.

Because of its strategic location, it has been used as one of the harbor defenses of the capital during the Pacific War. The island became the last defensive position of the American and Filipino defenders after Bataan fell into Japanese hands during World War II — they fought for 27 days and finally surrendered on May 6, 1942. Corregidor’s fall signaled Japanese victory and the start of their occupation of the Philippines (1942 – 1945).

Nowadays, the place offers stunning ruins of barracks and shelters that will forever remind us of so many lives that perished in war. They are so beautiful that you will be thankful to the government in their effort in preserving every piece of these rusty, dilapidated buildings. There is something really amazing just by looking at the remains that tell a lot about what happened before, during, and after the war.

Corregidor Island Tour is perfect for those who want to see for themselves the horror and devastation of World War II in the country.


Contrary to popular belief, Corregidor Island is in Cavite NOT in Bataan. The place is near the province of Bataan but it is under the jurisdiction of the province of Cavite. The easiest way to get to the island is through a ferry ride from Esplanade Seaside, near SM MOA.

Sun Cruises monopolizes the transportation to and from the island. So to reach Corregidor, you have to ride one of the ferries of Sun Cruises. Their terminal is situated in Esplanade Seaside, near SM MOA Complex. Map here.


  • Check-in counter opens 1 hour before the scheduled time of departure and strictly closes 30 minutes before departure. Passengers who arrive after the cut-off time will not be allowed to go on board. 
  • Reservation required prior to travel date.


*Rates subject to change without prior notice. For updated rates, you may visit Sun Cruises’ site.

Corregidor Historical Tram Tour

*Weekend rate applies to Saturday, Sunday and Holiday trips

Corregidor Student Rate Package

Corregidor Overnight Rate Package

Optional Activities

Note: For updated rates, please visit Sun Cruises’ website.


If you like history and wants to know more about the Philippines, Corregidor is a good option. Corregidor Island Tour is not exactly a family-friendly or kid-friendly activity because of the hot, humid weather and the day tour itself is fast-paced. Overall, however, the island tour helps a lot in appreciating history and your love for your country.


  • Bring enough hydration and snacks or power bars. Aside from the hotel restaurant, there are no stores in the area.
  • Bring a fan and an umbrella. You won’t enjoy roaming around under the unforgiving heat of the sun.
  • There are travel agencies like Sole Adventours that offer Corregidor Tour packages it is best to contact Sun Cruises directly for cheaper rates.
  • Corregidor is not designed for beach lovers. There are not beachfront resorts in the area and no amenities that will cater to the needs of beachgoers are available.
  • Be part of Love Eat Wander Facebook community and be connected with thousands of like-minded individuals. Share your travel stories with through Tweets and Instagram photos. Please follow @loveeatwander.


Sun Cruises Corregidor Reservations Office Tel. (632) 834-6857 to 58, (632) 831-8140 Mobile (63)917 513-2625, (63)922 337-0068 E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.corregidorphilippines.com

Thank you for dropping by!

corregidor night tour

Should you want to add/dispute something in this article, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you

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Ghost hunting in Corregidor? You can with this new overnight tour

corregidor night tour

Filipino and American forces made their last stand during World War II in this island fortress located 48 miles west of Manila.

Today, from the Manila Bay terminal, Sun Cruises brings war veterans and their families, students, and history buffs down a poignant memory lane in two scheduled trips, seven days a week. 

The day tour takes you on a journey of the now-silent guns, war-torn buildings, and the Light and Sounds virtual history class at the Malinta Tunnel.

But an overnight stay, with accommodations at the Corregidor Inn, lets you see a different side of the island.

The fun starts late afternoon with the sunset tour. The hospital rooms, devastated structures, and the Tunnel interiors with its charred bones suddenly become more “real.” 

Visitors say it’s as if they could feel the spirits in the place, we’re not sure if that extends to the rooms at Corregidor Inn, where guests stay the night.

The activities of the next day shake off the creepiness. Hikers and bikers can explore the forest’s rediscovered paths. Zipline rides give a breathtaking view of the mountains and the bay.

Honoring our heroes and creating happier memories of the present. It’s an experience that old retired soldiers and their grandkids can enjoy.

For Sun Cruises Corregidor Tour rates, go to  www.corregidorphilippines.com .

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CORREGIDOR TOUR | Travel Guide + Itinerary + Map

corregidor night tour

Corregidor in the province of Cavite is one of the most interesting island places in the Philippine archipelago. Once dubbed as The Rock, it is the last bastion of freedom in the Philippines during the Second World War. Corregidor almost has every tourist spots a visitor would want to visit; its rich World War II history is unparalleled, it has pristine nature trails, it has wildlife, it has its own beach and let’s not forget the mysterious tales of ghosts and the supernatural in the island. Its proximity to Metro Manila, one hour away by boat to exact, is also a plus for those looking to find a quick weekend getaway.


Corregidor Island is located forty-eight kilometers south east of Metro Manila. There are no regular public transportation that services the island from Metro Manila and the only way to go there are through the private ferry boats that Corregidor tour operators use in the island. Travel time is about an hour long.

There are boats coming from MAAP Pier in Brgy. Alas-Asin, Bataan that one can rent at Php300.00 per person Php3,500.00 for 14 pax below and 250 per person for 15 pax above, perfect for backpackers and those on a budget. Travel time is only 15 minutes.

Another option, from Mariveles, Bataan is through Barangay Cabcaben’s Port. An 8-person boat costs Php 3,000.00. Contact Number: (0908) 144-6984 | (0905) 489-7056. Travel time is about an hour long.

For the last two options, an entrance fee of Php200.00 per head is required. If you’re gonna rent a jeep, they have one for Php800.00. If you’re coming in as a big group, entrance fee for 17 persons would be at Php250.00 each, tour vehicle included. Guide fee is at Php1,000.00. ► CORREGIDOR TOURS

Corregidor Sun Cruises

  WALKING TOUR BY OLD MANILA WALKS   Schedule: Available by schedule   Rates: Php1,350.00 pax upwards   Contact Number: (02) 7113823 | (0918) 962-6452    Email: [email protected]   Location: Metro Manila ► HOW TO GET AROUND IN CORREGIDOR

There are no residents in Corregidor Island, and with that, no public transportation. The main mode of transporting tourists around the attractions in Corregidor is via the motorized tranvia replicas . One can however bring his own bike or motorcycle if one so wishes via the ferry . There are also ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) available for rent at the Corregidor Inn for Php500.00 per hour. And of course, one can walk, but the island is quite large and it would probably take more than a day to completely circle it.

Big groups can rent jeeps (Php800.00 for 2 hours ) and buses (Php3,500.00 for 2 hours ) if you want to tour Corregidor on your own. Contact the Corregidor Foundation Inc. at (0916) 306-3693 and (0917) 440-1971 for details. ► WHERE TO STAY IN CORREGIDOR

Corregidor Inn

SEA CALM INN    Rates: Php 650.00 2pax Fan Room | Php 3,000.00 6pax Fan Room  Address: Between Middleside and Tailside, Corregidor Island, Cavite  Contact Number: (0918) 944-2884  GPS Coordinates:   ► WHERE TO EAT IN CORREGIDOR

Corregidor's La Playa Restaurant

PIRATE’S COVE CAFE (CORREGIDOR COVE) Type: Cafe Address: South Beach, Corregidor Island, Cavite Contact Number: (0907) 508-7831 | (0918) 358-0856 Email: GPS Coordinates: +14° 23' 6.33", +120° 35' 19.33" ► PLACES TO VISIT IN CORREGIDOR

Corregidor is chockfull of places to visit, especially for history buffs. Tagged as the second most bombed place in the history of the world, it probably has more World War II history than any other place in the Philippines. But besides those, it also has a host of other touristy areas like beaches and hiking trails that one can get lost in. Most of the historical places is covered by Sun Cruise’s Corregidor day tour. For the other places, you have to get there on your own.

Corregidor's Lorcha Dock

SAN JOSE CHAPEL Address: Brgy. San Jose, Corregidor Island, Cavite GPS Coordinates: +14° 23' 14.42", +120° 35' 18.71"   ► WHAT TO DO IN CORREGIDOR

Corregidor Day Tour

RIDE A KAYAK Address: Corregidor Inn, Corregidor Island, Cavite Fee: Php 500.00 per hour ► WHAT TO BUY IN CORREGIDOR

There are a few souvenir stores in Corregidor where one can buy the usual pasalubongs to bring back home. Besides the usual t-shirts, ref magnets and keychains, the only noteworthy ones I saw were old paper bills and coins from the Japanese and American era in the Philippines.

Corregidor Souvenirs

CORREGIDOR SOUVENIRS SHOPS - Filipino Heroes Memorial Musuem  - Corregidor Lighthouse  - Corregidor Inn Lobby  - McArthur Cafe Lobby ► CORREGIDOR TOURIST SPOT MAP

Corregidor Tourist Spot Map

Most tourists going to the island avail of the Corregidor day tour packages. It’s actually enough to visit most of the places around the island, but in my opinion, one has to stay overnight in Corregidor to really experience what The Rock is all about.

       D A Y 1

Early Morning Arrival from Metro Manila   Corregidor Day Tour Package     Lorcha Dock      The Manuel Quezon, Sergio Osmeña, & the Filipino Woman Park       Filipino Heroes Memorial       Japanese Garden of Peace       Malinta Tunnel Light & Sound Show (Optional)      Lunch at the La Playa Restaurant       The Middleside Barracks       Battery Way       Battery Hearn       Battery Grubbs       Mile Long Barracks       Pacific War Memorial       The Spanish Lighthouse GO BACK TO MANILA FOR DAYTRIPPERS Corregidor Night Tour CONTINUATION FOR THOSE STAYING OVERNIGHT     The Old Hospital      Sunset at Battery Grubbs      Malinta Tunnel Night Lateral Tour   D A Y 2

Continuation of Corregidor Night Tour      Sunrise at the Eternal Flame of Freedom        Forest Walk to the Japanese Tunnel Breakfast at La Playa Restaurant or McArthur Cafe Visit San Jose Chapel Swim at South Beach and ride a Kayak Lunch at La Playa Restaurant or McArthur Cafe Walk around, avail of the ATV or swim at the Corregidor Inn Pool Check out and Depart to Manila

Corregidor Travel Guide & Itinerary

C O R R E G I D O R   T R A V E L   G U I D E   A N D   I T I N E R A R Y U P D A T E D   A S   O F  F E B R U A R Y   3 ,   2 0 1 6

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Hi Good day! Do you know an agency who has this type 2-day itinerary? Thank you very much.

Just head straight to Corregidor Sun Cruises and they'll arrange everything for you :)

how much is the 2-day itinerary in sun cruises?

Hi Aroona, their Corregidor rates starts at Php2,200.00 per person, but please check their websites for an updated price. :)

Galing kami dito last March. Ang ganda! Yung mga staff ng hotel ang babait. Ni recommend ko to sa mga friends ko and nagustuhan din naman nila. Kaso mas maganda daw yung Walking Tour kasi mas maraming info wala nga lang kasamang foods. :)

I haven't tried the walking tour yet, hopefully next time. By the way, did you stay overnight? Corregidor's night tour is far more interesting, in my opinion. :)

yup! nag overnight kami. mas maganda nga yung night tour mas masaya. nag enjoy kami sa lateral tunnel! na windang ako dun sa nag iisang cr! xD

Ang saya nung night tour diba?! Ang creepy dun sa hospital!

Mam hm po pag walk tour tpos overnyt? Tnx

Hi Cristy, please contact Sun Cruises for that

The early morning Sun Cruise Tour is okay but I strongly recommend not taking the 2nd Sun Cruise Tour which begins after the return of the morning tour. On the 2nd Tour they push and rush you through everything. We only had a few minutes to visit the Museum before the driver wanted to be on his way. I've been on both and I would never use the afternoon tour again. I wish there was a private tour available led by a good guide. A tour where one could spend more time seeing everything and not be rushed.

I didn't know they now have an afternoon tour. So they start by 3pm? That's pretty late and indeed, you must've rushed through everything.

Hello! I am travelling 2 weeks from now to Mariveles Bataan and would like to visit Corregidor Island. Any advise please. Thank you

You may check the how to get there section of the guide :)

Hi Cristian, we are in tight budget and a family of 15pax. If we want to save, will the boat from MAAP Alas Asin be a safe option? Do you have contacts ( boatman) who we can book our ride? Will the boat wait for us at Corregidor? Luis

Hi Luis, I do think it is a safe way to access Corregidor as it is closer to the island than Manila is. For the boatman, you have to go to MAAP Pier and deal with them in person :)

Our cruise ship arrives in Manila at 10 am. Do you know of a tour to Corregidor that we could take at that time? Salamat!

Please contact Sun Cruises for their Corregidor tour schedule :)

Hi .. Do safe boat to us? 3am tomorrow morning we left .. I'm afraid because a storm

Hi Joed, best thing is to check with Sun Cruises if they will sail today

I'd really love to go on an overnight tour but the thing is we will be having our bikes with us...Is this 2day sun cruises package of Php 2,200 includes a ride correct? Will we be able to tour with our bikes?

I think you can, coordinate with them just to be sure :)

Gusto ko po sana pumunta pero ako lang po kase mag Isa ok lang po ba help kung paano makapunt?

Hi there! As stated at the comments above, just go straight to Sun Cruises and they will arrange everything for you.:) There website is http://www.corregidorphilippines.com/ Enjoy!

As Jena said :)

Please can I get the updated contact number of Sun Cruises... kaya lang galing kami dto sa Bataan already..We're from Nueva Ecija na po...not practical to go to Manila ..thanks..

Sun Cruises updated contact number: Landline (632) 354-7005, (632) 6289751 and (632) 6289752 Mobile (63)998 968-3256, (63)998 968-3056

Saan po pwede makakuha ng sasakyan patungong corrigidor kubg galibg ka sa bataan? Thanks po

Hi, you can get to Corregidor from Bataan via Mariveles. Check the HOW TO GET THERE portion of the article above.

hi, I would like to know if you know some agency that can accommodate for a day tour good for 2 pax. THANK YOU.

corregidor night tour

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corregidor island tour

Corregidor Island: Manila’s Best Heritage Tour

Though commonly associated with bullet-riddled cannons, bombed-out tunnels and unthinkable violence, Corregidor Island is one of the most tranquil attractions within easy reach of Manila. Corregidor’s story is a human story about the losses of war, viewed from the peaceful distance of several decades.

Situated 48 kilometres, or a one-hour cruise from the Manila harbour, Corregidor was the scene of exceptionally bitter fighting during WWII. Allied and Filipino forces defended Corregidor from the invading Japanese army until, their supplies depleted, they surrendered on May 6, 1942. The island saw an equally bloody struggle when Allied troops returned to reclaim the fort at the close of the war.


Today, Corregidor is a national shrine. Reseeded after the war, its shores and slopes are wonderfully green and restful. Of all the heritage attractions in reach of Manila, this is the one you should not miss. It’s impossible to overlook the significance of this island, now a sunbaked speck off the coast, and the pivotal role it played in Philippine history.

Though it’s possible to charter boats to Corregidor, most visitors find their way to the island on Sun Cruises’ well-organised day tours. Departing from the CCP Complex on Roxas Boulevard, tours begin with a pleasant 45-minute cruise.  Converted tramcars convey tour groups around the tadpole-shaped island, stopping at sites of interest such as the Pacific War Memorial, the Malinta Tunnel and Battery Geary. Hats or umbrellas are recommended.

TIP: If you enjoy history tours, be sure to sign up for Carlos Celdran’s acclaimed tour ‘ Walk This Way ‘, in the walled city of Intramuros.

Despite the gravity of the subject matter, the tour is enjoyable, informative and packed with fascinating insights. A hearty buffet lunch is served at the Corregidor Inn, with a view of the island’s lush hills and the sparkling sea beyond.

Overnight stays are available but you’ll need to book in advance. Corregidor Inn offers quaint but atmospheric accommodation. If you have more time on the island, explore further with options such as hiking, night tours, kayaking and birdwatching.

Corregidor Island Tour Booking

Sun Cruises, Fernando Ma. Guerrero corner Paseo Palisoc CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City Check in : 7am, Departure: 8am, Estimated return: 3:45pm Rates : Weekday day-trip: PHP 2,600, Weekend day-trip: PHP 2,800

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Pursuant to the government’s announcement of placing Metro Manila and the provinces of Cavite, Rizal, Laguna and Bulacan under a tighter General Community Quarantine (ECQ) effective 15 May 2021, Corregidor Foundation Inc. (CFI) is happy to inform the public that we are now accepting visitors to Corregidor Island. Guests are required to comply with our health and safety protocols. CLICK HERE for more info.

corregidor night tour


corregidor night tour


corregidor night tour


corregidor night tour


corregidor night tour


corregidor night tour


Trams, otherwise known as trolleys or streetcars, are glorious urban artifacts that ferried people across different locations within busy town centers beginning at the turn of the century. The inhabitants of Corregidor Island during its heyday made use of trams, so touring the island in a similar fashion will surely take you back in time. In addition to that, accredited tour guides will accompany you on your journey, providing historical context but also serving as ambassadors to that world-famous Filipino hospitality.

Tunnels may, from the outset, seem like the stuff of noir cinema or suspense literature, but the Malinta Tunnel is a different ball game. Its place in the annals of world history is indelible, having served first as bomb-proof storage, then as personal quarters, and finally as makeshift hospital for injured troops during World War II. Nowadays, it is the site of a lights-and-sounds presentation crafted by the late, great Lamberto Avellana, National Artist for Film. A tour of the individual laterals which served different functions during the war is also on offer.

While it may be argued that the island, in itself, can be treated as one living, breathing exhibition, Corregidor Island is not lacking in terms of well-curated exhibitions of photos, art, and war artifacts housed in separate museums. Swing by the Pacific War Memorial Museum for stunning military ephemera, and visit the Filipino Heroes Memorial for war-inspired paintings from various artists. It will be worth your while, and it can also serve as requisite breather in between more physical in-island activities.

Want to take it all in at your own pace? Then biking around the island is the choice for you. Arrange for group packages and get considerable discounts. Pedal across the glorious Mile-Long Barracks, whiz past Battery Hearn, or race your friends to South Beach in style. Not only is biking great for your cardiovascular health, it can also afford you views you would not otherwise see while on a guided tour.

Whether your area budding lensman or a pro-level camera fiend, Corregidor Island provides you that much-needed shift in subject matter. Forget the usual beaches and the stale shoebox-architecture sensibilities of the metro. With plenty of natural light to go around and some of the most breathtaking views the country has to offer, The Rock is a true-blue photographer’s haven, with its diverse flora and fauna, early modern architecture, and unique wartime ephemera. Book a group visit today.


Beyond war, beyond history, Corregidor Island remains a slice of paradise as evidenced by its multifarious flora and fauna. The well-maintained former camp and base is teeming with fruit-bearing trees. After a spell of rain, the roads are carpeted in yellow blooms. Monkeys and geckos are constants in the hilly borders. When the skies clear out, an array of birds dot the atmosphere, among them white-collared kingfishers, zebra doves, Asian glossy starlings, and Eurasian tree sparrows.

Corregidor Island is flanked by at least three beaches in its expansive territory. Its shores practically extend to burgeoning beach destinations such as Morong and Bagac, with its more closed-off borders affording the island’s visitors less constraints and more privacy. Your best bet would be South Beach, which is a mere five-minute walk away from the docking bay. Swim, go kayaking, or ride a raft. You can even barbecue in one of the cabanas nearby.


The Pacific War Memorial, a well-curated museum of war memorabilia, key artillery, and inspired pieces of mid-century Americana, stands as an astounding reminder not just of wartime strife but of the culture that sprang because of it. From enlisted men’s uniforms to military correspondence, from shooters of varying shapes and sizes to media clippings of a bygone time, this hub is just one of several stops one can make to be transported back to time. Other attractions include the art gallery inside the Filipino Heroes Memorial, as well as the serene Japanese Garden of Peace, which, apart from serving as a veritable graveyard for the Japanese fallen, also gives visitors an unrivaled view of the fabled Caballo Island across Corregidor.


corregidor night tour


Corregidor Island, “one of the country’s last military bastions,” is an island off Southwestern Luzon that was fortified with coastal artillery by the Americans to defend Manila from Japanese attacks during the Second World War. While camped in The Rock, the Americans also built what may be described as a self-contained community.

corregidor night tour

The expansive island is not just a haven for history buffs. Those looking to commune with nature will definitely be stoked with its dynamic ecosystem and generous array of flora and fauna. From fruit-bearing trees to flowers to an impressive assemblage of monkeys, geckos, and uncommon birds, Corregidor Island is a veritable local Eden indeed.

corregidor night tour

Apart from the celebrated guided tram tours around the island, those pining to break a sweat or simply shoot the breeze with loved ones will not be disappointed. Swim at South Beach, go kayaking, fight off waves aboard a raft. Or, for the more chill, go biking and take selfies along the majestic Mile-Long Barracks. The Rock is ready to roll with you.


corregidor night tour


With over 11 years of experience in the Maritime Industry and is considered as one of the fastest sea crafts in the country, Camaya Coast’s MV XGC Voyager, Master and Crews can guarantee the overall safety of all the passengers.

Camaya Coast MV XGC Voyager will take you there for just 1 hr and 15 minutes. A fully air-conditioned business class vessel that has been the reliable ferry service, with 190 seating capacity, one seat apart adhering to the travel protocols that guarantees safety and convenience for all.

corregidor night tour


M/V Eagle Cruiser is a Motor Vessel owned and operated by Prestige Cruises, the company that pioneered the Manila Bay Dinner Cruises. The vessel is 35 meters long and has three wide, open-air decks able to accommodate 192 passengers.

As we begin to promote travel to Manila Bay’s Corregidor Island, the company aims to provide a leisurely cruise to the historical destination as an enjoyable part of the journey as you dine, sing and dance to live, onboard entertainment.

corregidor night tour


Up for some private cruise? S/B Banana Wind is here to take you on a remarkably different vacation experience. Journeying into the historical island of Corregidor in the comfort and privacy of a chartered speedboat providing you with the luxuries of time, space, and freedom to immerse yourself in both the journey and the destination — in ways you may never have imagined possible.

Whether it be a celebration, a family reunion, a special vacation getaway, or a corporate trip, your adventure of a lifetime awaits you.

corregidor night tour


You don’t have to travel far for an incredible vacation. In just 2-hours, you can get a complete travel package to one of the top-rated tourist destinations, Corregidor Island, aboard a superior passenger ferry with a speed of 20-25 knots, limited to 50 pax only.

Take advantage of our special offer and score the cruise of a lifetime.


corregidor night tour

CORREGIDOR INN (Temporary Closed)

Be taken back in time and get nestled in the idyllic Spanish-villa vibes of Corregidor Inn. The standard rooms offer more-than-standard accoutrements, a view of the island’s stunning greens, and a weekend experience like no other.



Reimagined, Corregidor Hostel can accommodate larger groups such as workmates during a teambuilding getaway, or extended family members on a much-coveted reunion. The faux dark-wood details recall early American design sensibilities, and the views on offer—greens and mountains dotted with various species of birds—are worth writing home about.



Those on a budget and appreciate no-frills environs while bunked with their closest friends should consider booking rooms at the MacArthur Lodge, a brisk two-minute walk away from the dock. It’s about the simple details done right.


corregidor night tour

Corregidor Island Tour: Exploring the Remnants of War

Corregidor Island Tour: Exploring the Remnants of War

Posted by Mikaela


Corregidor Island tour is a fun way to immerse yourself in Philippine history. The island a.k.a the rock , is one of the places I wish everyone could see at least once in their lifetime; especially, my fellow Filipino travelers. Today, I’ll be sharing my experience with you through photographs and memories. Please do note that the following pictures were taken back in 2013 (14 year old me ). Please be aware of some unfocused shots and bad angles (I tried).

The Corregidor Island

One of the barracks in Corregidor

The Island of Corregidor was a strategic base of the military as early as the Spanish colonization in the Philippines. The little island is located at the entrance of Manila Bay, making it the ideal location to set up a checkpoint for registration of ships and commercial trades. The Spaniards named it Corregidor, coming from the word corregir ‘ to correct’ in English.  

Although it was of great use to the Spanish government, its crucial role in our history started in 1898 when the American government colonized the Philippines until the Japanese invasion happened.  

Located at the southern coast of Bataan and part of Cavite province, the tadpole-shaped island remained as a silent remnant of our tragic past. With its rich history and scenic view, the island has a lot to offer. From historical tours, night explorations, and fun activities, a truly wonderful destination waiting for us to discover.

How to get there?

Sun cruise ferry in Manila Bay

To visit Corregidor island, you need to book a tour package. The Sun Cruises offers the in-out ferry transportation and the guided tours and activities on the said island. They started back in 1988 as a ferry service and expanded to provide high quality and reliable tour experiences to both locals and foreigners who visit Corregidor.

They have a variety of tour packages that you can choose from:

  • Corregidor Historical Tram Tour (Weekday and Weekend)
  • Bike Corregidor Package
  • Corregidor Adventure/ Team building (The Rock Challenge)
  • Overnight Packages (book a room in Corregidor Inn)

(You can check their website for updated promos and packages here.)

Sun Cruise tram

For those who are planning to take the day tour, this is the schedule:

6:30 AM            Check-in at Esplanade Seaside Terminal

7:00 AM            Boarding

7:30 AM            ETD Manila

9:00 AM            ETA Corregidor Island

2:30 PM             ETD Corregidor Island

4:00 PM             ETA Manila

Note: They follow a strict schedule. Please make sure you are checked in one hour before departure. You won’t be allowed to board the ferry if you’re late.


➡By private vehicle

  • Take Roxas Blvd South Bound
  • Take the exit towards Buendia/ Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue
  • Continue on J.W. Diokno Blvd
  • Turn right to seaside Terminal Esplanade Seaside Terminal (EST) will be on the right side

By public transportation

➡From South

  • Ride LRT 1 from Baclaran to Buendia/ Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue
  • Ride Multi cab going to SM MOA
  • Get off when you reach One Esplanade
  • Walk going to Esplanade Seaside Terminal (EST)

➡From North

  • Ride LRT 1 from Roosevelt, Balintawak or Monumento to Buendia/ Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue

Corregidor Island Tour and Experiences

Image of Corregidor Island

If you’re looking for a quick getaway near Manila, I recommend exploring the Corregidor Island. This historical site deserves to be known by locals and foreigners for a better understanding of the efforts of Filipinos and Americans who fought for independence.

A tour guide in historical tour in Corregidor

From what I can remember, the name of our tour guide is Kuya Ed. He’s an incredible guide that explained the history in a fun way.    

Luckily, I was able to visit this island back in 2013 during our school field trip. We spent two days and a night on our historical tour, activities, and free time.

After you arrive at the North Dock, you’ll start your tram tour around the island. The tour guide will elaborate on the history and day-to-day stories of how the Filipinos, Americans, and Japanese lived in Corregidor. You’ll be able to see a variety of structures built on the island (for the people who lived there). Some are the following:

Lorcha Dock

Dock in Corregidor Island

Malinta Tunnel

Malinta tunnel in Corregidor

We walked through the main tunnel and enjoyed a show that depicts important events that happened inside.

Mile-long barracks and middle-side barracks, an army hospital, Cine Corregidor, YMCA building, school, US Navy radio intercept tunnel

One of the barracks in Corregidor

Spanish Lighthouse

Street sign in the Spanish lighthouse in Corregidor Island

Battery way, Grubbs and Hearn

Battery in Battery Way, Corregidor

Pacific War Memorial and Museum

Museum in Corregidor Island

Filipino Heroes Memorial and Eternal Flame of Freedom

Eternal flame of freedom in Corregidor

Japanese Garden of Peace

corregidor night tour

Scenic View

View from the tail-end of Corregidor

I was truly amazed by the amount of beautiful scenery in Corregidor as we proceed with the tour. They gave us enough time to do sightseeing and walk on the nearby premises of each station.

View of Caballo Island in Corregidor

Sunset and Sunrise in Corregidor Island

Before the day ends, we get to see the scenic view of the island. We waited for the sun to set in Manila Bay with the view of the tail-end of Corregidor.

Sunset in Corregidor

The next day, we woke up early to witness the sunrise and head for a hike in the forest. This is one of the memorable activities we’ve experienced as we were challenged to hike with our sleepy heads early in the morning.

Early morning sunrise in Corregidor

Night Lateral Tour

After appreciating the relaxing view of the sunset, we head back to the Malinta tunnel for the night lateral tour. For this part, we were asked to put a helmet and a flashlight. I can remember this as a thrilling experience for high school students because some were scared that they’ll encounter a ghost along the way. We entered the off-limits part of the tunnel (for day tour) without any light source. I enjoyed this part because I felt the struggle of those who have no choice but to stay inside the tunnel during the war.

There are plenty of activities that you can try on the island such as zip lining, biking, hiking trails, swimming (pool and beach), bird watching, camping, fishing, kayaking, and more!

My friends and I personally experienced hiking, jogging, swimming (pool and beach), and zip lining. We had lots of fun and memories thanks to Corregidor Island and Sun Cruises for preparing a fun experience for everyone.


Want to stay longer on the island? Corregidor Inn is waiting for you. This is the hotel on the premises of Corregidor. They serve guests accordingly and have wonderful facilities to ease your needs and boredom (which I doubt you’ll experience on the island).

You can choose from having a twin, deluxe or premier room. Our stay in this hotel is satisfactory. They provide our needs and respond to our requests right away.

Just in case you’re planning for a trip and/or you haven’t read my Ultimate Travel Essentials Guide , why don’t you click on the link and learn more about packing. It’s good to learn something new, right? There’s a free detailed checklist inside that is very helpful when packing.

Corregidor is a MUST visit historical destination for everyone. And, as a low maintenance person, I recommend including this in your bucket list.  The Corregidor Island tour is highly engaging, full of learning and experienced-focused. It’s a simple getaway if you want to escape the city life over the weekend or even if you only have a few hours to spare.

Enjoyed reading? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section! If you want to read more, you can always subscribe to my newsletter or connect with my social media accounts .

13 responses to “Corregidor Island Tour: Exploring the Remnants of War”

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Beautiful post. Thanks for the detailed info.

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I always enjoy travel contets 🙂

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Thank you for reading my post, Nil! 😊.

'  data-srcset=

I really want to visit this place. For someone who enjoys the view of the ruins, this is indeed a must for me. kudos to 14-year-old Mikaela for these shots. It looks like it was taken by a film camera. love this

Thank you, Elle! You MUST visit this place if you have time. And thank you for noticing my photos ! Felt nostalgic while looking at it haha 😊

'  data-srcset=

Very good information on Corregidor island, I never heard of it before. Wow, what a sunset! 🙂

Thank you, Cecilie! 😊 If you’ll travel to Manila in the future, try to go there. It’s really a fun experience.

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Corregidor island, this seems like a great place to visit. Beautiful pictures.

Thank you, Olufunke!

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I’m happy to find alot of helpfulinfo here in the s

감사합니다, Always glad to help! 🙂

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Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

thank you for reading! 🙂

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corregidor night tour

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In fact, the lovebirds seemingly rented out the famous Parisian museum on Tuesday for a lavish date night.

Kendall Jenner at the Louvre.

“The Louvre at midnight,” Jenner captioned photos standing in front of some of the most famous art pieces in the world — including the Mona Lisa.

Although the “Kardashians” star ditched her shoes for the late-night escapade, she wore a long black skirt with an asymmetrical hemline and a backless black top.

While the “Me Porto Bonito” singer, 30, was not pictured in the Instagram carousel, fans joked that they knew “who took these pics.”

Meanwhile, other users couldn’t help but comment on the model’s lack of footwear in the famed art gallery.

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny

“We get it. You’re so filthy rich you can get the louvre to open at midnight just for you to walk barefoot around the historic halls 😭😩,” one user commented.

“Where are your shoes girl 😭,” another asked, which a third dittoed, “I’m so thrown off by barefeet at the Louvre.”

While wearing footwear is typically an unspoken rule at most indoor facilities, the Louvre doesn’t state that shoes are required anywhere on its website.

Before their stop at the famous art museum, the duo made separate cameos at Vogue World: Paris  on Sunday, where Jenner arrived on horseback while Bad Bunny put on a short performance.

Kendall Jenner at Vogue World: Paris.

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They were also spotted at an event for Fwrd, where Jenner serves as a creative director, and at celeb-loved restaurant Ferdi.

For their romantic date night, the couple coordinated in matching light gray looks, with the hitmaker rocking a slightly oversized suit and the model showing off her svelte physique in a skintight set from sister Kylie Jenner’s brand Khy.

The reality TV star and the Puerto Rican rapper first sparked dating rumors in February 2023 . Although things briefly fizzled around the holidays, the two were linked again in May 2024.

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny

At the time, a source told Entertainment Tonight that they were “not necessarily back together or an exclusive item” but seeing where it takes them.

“There’s a strong connection between them whenever they’re together and they have the same chemistry that they’ve always had,” the insider said.

“It’s casual, easy and comfortable between them,” they added.

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Kendall Jenner at the Louvre.


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Taylor Swift Sports Irish Flag Colors, Performs New Surprise Song Mashups at First Night in Dublin

The pop superstar launched her three-night stand at Aviva Stadium on June 28.

By Mitchell Peters

Mitchell Peters

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Taylor Swift in Dublin, Ireland

Taylor Swift is showing her Irish pride in Dublin.

Taylor Swift Receives Flowers (And a Request) From U2 As The Eras Tour Hits Dublin

On Friday (June 28), the 34-year-old pop superstar rocked a sparkly outfit with the country’s flag colors during the opening concert of her Eras Tour stop at the city’s Aviva Stadium.

While delivering the 1989 segment of her set, Swift rocked a shimmery jewel-encrusted orange crop top with a matching green skirt. The section featured popular songs from the 2014 album, including Billboard Hot 100 hits “Blank Space,” “Shake It Off” and “Bad Blood.”

Friday’s concert also found the “Anti-Hero” singer performing two fresh mashups during the surprise songs portion of the set.

Trending on Billboard

For her second surprise song, Swift delivered a medley of Midnights ‘ “Sweet Nothing” and “Hoax” off Folklore . The latter was her first performance of the 2020 track on the Eras Tour .

Elsewhere during the show, Swift also paid tribute to her boyfriend Travis Kelce by reenacting the Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s signature archer pose while performing “Midnight Rain,” from her 2022 Midnights album.

Ahead of her three-night stint in Ireland, Swift got some love from the country’s most famous rockers. On Friday, she shared on her Instagram Stories a photo of the flowers and a sweet note that she received from iconic rock band U2 .

Alongside a bouquet of white, pink and purple roses and lilies was a card that read, “Dear Taylor, welcome back to our hometown…leave some of it standing?!!!!” The note was signed, “Your Irish fan club, Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry.”

On her Instagram Stories, Swift responded by captioning her post with “Already feeling that Irish hospitality!! @u2, thanks for always being the classiest & coolest.” Swift also included an Irish flag emoji.

The superstar singer’s Eras Tour is set for three shows at Aviva Stadium from June 28-30. Paramore is the special guest for all three concerts.

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The Eras Tour: Santa Clara, California (Night 1)

We have reached the second to last US destination of the tour in Santa Clara, CA at Levi’s Stadium! Last night’s surprise setlist was special because it was her first time performing both songs live. The songs were Right Where You Left Me alongside Aaron Dessner and Castles Crumbling. Another change to last night’s show was that HAIM changed their costumes tonight during No Body, No Crime to the stepsister dressed they wore in the Bejeweled music video! We adore their friendship with Taylor! Videos of the surprise songs below and photos are in the gallery.

FIRST SURPRISE SONG!!! RIGHT WHERE YOU LEFT ME!!!!! @taylornation13 #SantaClaraTSTheErasTour pic.twitter.com/CYO60eP4S0 — alyssa (@AlyssaKufrin) July 29, 2023
RIGHT WHERE YOU LEFT ME #SantaClaraTSTheErasTour pic.twitter.com/JzyS4osEJX — Liz (Taylor’s version) (@detailsedts) July 29, 2023
Lmao @taylorswift13 , you jinxed yourself. It’s always so fun when she messes up #rightwhereyouleftme #SantaClaraTSTheErasTour pic.twitter.com/30IaQjR2ih — Christine (@cwisteeeny13) July 29, 2023
SECOND SURPRISE SONG AHH CASTLES CRUMBLING THE TEARS ARE STREAMING @taylornation13 #SantaClaraTSTheErasTour pic.twitter.com/TogrkI2MMG — alyssa (@AlyssaKufrin) July 29, 2023
THE OUTFITS :sob::sob: #SantaClaraTSTheErasTour @taylornation13 pic.twitter.com/OxwVF0wHdt — iman (era’s era) :black_joker: (@rainberrytv) July 29, 2023
NBNC!! #SantaClaraTSTheErasTour pic.twitter.com/Fhld32zbIu — Lillian Noble (@LillianSNoble) July 29, 2023
A crime the outfits they’re wearing!! I’m fucking loving it @HAIMtheband #nobodynocrime #SantaClaraTSTheErasTour pic.twitter.com/pJAxCWcl6F — Christine (@cwisteeeny13) July 29, 2023

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Willie Nelson pulls out of additional performance on Outlaw Music Festival Tour

Willie Nelson is bowing out of another performance on his ongoing Outlaw Music Festival Tour .

Nelson, who was scheduled to perform in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on Thursday, will not be playing the concert, according to a statement shared on Nelson's official Facebook page Wednesday.

The reason for Nelson's absence was not disclosed in the statement, but the singer’s team said they "expect Willie to return to the tour shortly."

Performers Bob Dylan , Robert Plant and Alison Krauss , and Celisse will perform at Thursday’s show, according to the Facebook post. Nelson’s son Lukas Nelson and the country icon’s touring band Family will fill in for Nelson during his set.

USA TODAY has reached out to representatives for Nelson for comment.

Need a break? Play the USA TODAY Daily Crossword Puzzle.

Nelson’s no-show follows a recent string of canceled performances for the singer amid health concerns.

Willie Nelson: Singer cancels Outlaw Music Festival Tour performances for health reasons

Willie Nelson cancels Outlaw Music Festival Tour performances for health reasons

Nelson canceled his appearance at the Outlaw Music Festival Tour on Friday for health reasons, a statement shared on his social media pages said.

"We regret to inform you that Willie Nelson is not feeling well and, per doctor's orders, has been advised to rest for the next four days," the  statement said , adding that Nelson was "expected to make a quick recovery."

Additional information about Nelson's health was not provided at the time.

More touring news: Neil Young and Crazy Horse cancel remaining 2024 tour dates due to illness

The “Always on My Mind” singer was scheduled to perform Friday in Georgia as part of the Outlaw Music Festival Tour, which he is headlining. He was also set to perform on Saturday and Sunday in North Carolina.

"I am thrilled to get back on the road again with my family and friends playing the music we love for the fans we love," Nelson  said in February  when the festival's lineup was unveiled.

PGA Tour creates sponsor exemption for Tiger Woods, cites 'exceptional lifetime achievement'

Tiger Woods expresses his frustration about his poor performance at Pinehurst and casts doubt on his future participation at the U.S. Open. (0:32)

corregidor night tour

  • Senior college football writer
  • Author of seven books on college football
  • Graduate of the University of Georgia

Copy Link

The PGA Tour has created a special sponsor exemption for 15-time major champion Tiger Woods -- and Woods alone -- based on his "exceptional lifetime achievement," the tour told its members in a memo Tuesday night.

The sponsor exemption would be available for Woods to compete in the eight signature events, which feature limited fields, increased prize money and FedEx Cup points.

Woods, an 82-time winner on the PGA Tour, wouldn't otherwise qualify for the signature events with $20 million purses because he isn't playing enough competitive golf after returning to the tour from serious injuries suffered in a car wreck in February 2021.

The PGA Tour policy board approved the special sponsor exemption during a joint meeting with the PGA Tour Enterprises board of directors on Tuesday in Hartford, Connecticut.

In the memo, a copy of which was obtained by ESPN, the tour told its members, "An additional sponsor exemption will be created to recognize Tiger Woods in his own category as a player who has reached an exceptional lifetime achievement threshold of 80+ career wins."

This season, the eight signature events were The Sentry, AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Genesis Invitational, Arnold Palmer Invitational, RBC Heritage, Wells Fargo Championship, Memorial Tournament and the Travelers Championship.

In the memo, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan said the policy board was considering implementing a 36-hole cut in each of the signature events -- only the Genesis Invitational, Arnold Palmer Invitational and the Memorial currently do. The board took no action and will continue discussing the topic.

The tour said it would also develop an alternate list that would ensure that each of the signature events had a field of 72 players. The Travelers Championship has only 71 players after Rory McIroy withdrew Monday .

Woods, 48, has competed in only nine official PGA Tour events the past three seasons since returning to action at the 2022 Masters. The only non-major event he has competed in is the Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club outside Los Angeles, which he hosts and benefits his foundation.

Woods withdrew from the second round of the Genesis Invitational in February because of illness. He finished 60th at the Masters and missed the cut at the PGA Championship and last week's U.S. Open .

Woods said he planned to compete in next month's Open Championship, scheduled for July 18-21 at Royal Troon Golf Course in Scotland.

When Woods was asked at the U.S. Open at Pinehurst No. 2 on Friday if playing in more events might help him perform better in the majors, he didn't seem ready to play additional tournaments.

"I've only got one more tournament this season," Woods said. "Even if I win the British Open, I don't think I'll be in the [FedEx Cup] playoffs. Just one more event and then I'll come back whenever I come back."

In the memo, Monahan also gave members an update on the tour's negotiations with Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, which is considering a sizable investment in PGA Tour Enterprises. The PIF has funded the rival LIV Golf League the past three years.

Woods and other members of a transaction subcommittee met with PIF governor Yasir Al-Rumayyan and others in New York on June 7.

"As we've said in the past -- we can't negotiate in public -- but we are making progress," Monahan told the policy board, according to the memo. "Two weeks ago, members of our PGA Tour Enterprises transaction subcommittee met in New York with Yasir Al-Rumayyan, the Governor of the PIF, as well as members of his team. During that meeting, we reached consensus on several items, but both parties recognize that there is still work to do to reach a final agreement.

"Our talks are ongoing, with the goal of developing a shared vision for the future of professional golf that is pro-competitive and provides players with the best global opportunities."

  • How to Watch the 2024 BET Awards
  • BET Awards 2024 Nominations
  • Taraji P. Henson to Host 2024 BET Awards
  • BET Awards 2024: Usher to Be Honored
  • Latest BET Awards News

How Taylor Swift Referenced Travis Kelce During Her Eras Tour Show in Dublin

Travis kelce ranks his favorite taylor swift songs, zac efron reveals behind-the-scenes secret about viral 'hsm 2' golf course performance, kendall jenner makes controversial fashion choice at louvre, jon bon jovi joins millie bobby brown and jake bongiovi's honeymoon in italy, emily osment dishes on 'young sheldon' spinoff 'georgie and mandy's first marriage' (exclusive), lizzy musi, 'street outlaws' star, dead at 33 after stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis, andy cohen on his interview regrets and which celeb guest he’s still ‘pursuing’ | retrospective, how elton john found out he was an egot winner (exclusive), watch troye sivan and ross lynch recreate sexy music video on stage, 'queer eye's jonathan van ness breaks silence on 'rage issues' allegations, prince william reacts to king charles' joke about his grandchildren, 'bridgerton's nicola coughlan releases viral 'housewives'-inspired song 'shoes... more shoes', teri hatcher reveals why she was kicked off this dating app (exclusive), will smith abandons classic dance music for emotional new single, 'owning manhattan': ryan serhant on moving on from bravo and his season 2 hopes (exclusive), derek hough says he could 'barely watch' celine dion doc after wife hayley's seizure, elton john and husband david furnish on chappell roan, sabrina carpenter & more women ‘killing it’, 'rhonj's margaret josephs breaks down jackie goldschneider feud, reacts to teresa giudice 'takedown', 'mama june: family crisis’: june gets roasted by daughter anna over her feet (exclusive), how justin timberlake and jessica biel are handling his arrest (source), 'bridgerton's sam phillips and bessie carter are dating, taylor swift's eras tour is in dublin, ireland through the weekend at aviva stadium..

Travis Kelce  is top of mind for  Taylor Swift  as she embarks on her  Eras Tour  stop in Dublin, Ireland.

The 34-year-old singer was in the middle of performing "Midnight Rain" on Friday night at Aviva Stadium when she emphatically struck Kelce's archer pose, which drew boisterous approval. As everyone knows, Kelce famously strikes that pose just before he runs out onto the field with the rest of his Kansas City Chiefs teammates.

Yes, Swift has used the same pose in the past when she belted out "The Archer," which she cut out of her setlist back in May to make room for new songs from her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department .

Even so, that didn't stop her from pulling off the archer pose last week at Wembley Stadium in London while performing "So High School" in front of Kelce and friends. That song, featured on Swift's surprise double album, The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology , is rumored to be about the three-time Super Bowl champion.

But the archer pose wasn't the only sweet Kelce reference on Friday night in Dublin. According to Page Six , Swift also re-wore her Tiffany & Co. diamond wire ring , which features the couple's diamond-dotted initials.

Swift is performing in Dublin through the weekend before enjoying a few days off and resuming next week in Amsterdam.

Ahead of her performance in Dublin, Swift shared the lovely note and bouquet of flowers  U2  sent her way. Swift reacted on her Instagram Story saying, "already feeling that Irish hospitality" and thanked the legendary Irish rock band "for always being the classiest & coolest."

The note read, "Dear Taylor, Welcome back to our hometown.... leave some of it standing?!!!! Your Irish fan club." The note was signed by frontman  Bono , guitarist The Edge, bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen Jr.

And speaking of awesome hospitality, Dublin's Traffic Police Department (a la the British Army ) got in on the action by performing "Shake It Off," which  drew a large crowd  on the streets of Dublin.

But that's not all. The city created an enormous sign on a Dublin beach to welcome the Midnights singer. According to a local radio station, the gigantic "Ireland (Taylor's Version)" sign "was the size of 2 Olympic swimming pools."

By the way, for anyone wondering why Kelce strikes his archer pose before running out for each game, the NFL star explained it back in October on his New Heights podcast.

"I do the archer pose when I enter the stadium because I wanted to do something when I ran out of the tunnel," he said. "What's really been motivating for me is to dream big, always shoot for the stars. So, I'm always out there shooting for the stars."

And dream big he did.

What started out as a failed attempt at giving her a  friendship bracelet  resulted in the creation of the world's most famous couple .


Griff Is Giving Away the Dress She Wore While Opening for Taylor Swift

Griff Is Giving Away the Dress She Wore While Opening for Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Gets Note and Gift From U2 Ahead of Concert in Ireland

Taylor Swift Gets Note and Gift From U2 Ahead of Concert in Ireland

How Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce's Tour Performance Hints at the Future

How Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce's Tour Performance Hints at the Future

corregidor night tour

  • Taylor Swift
  • Travis Kelce

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    corregidor night tour

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  4. CORREGIDOR OVERNIGHT TOUR: 5 Things to Do (Other than Ghost-Hunting

    corregidor night tour

  5. CORREGIDOR OVERNIGHT TOUR: 5 Things to Do (Other than Ghost-Hunting

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    The room had a bed, an air-conditioning unit, and a bathroom -- just the bare necessities to survive a night or two. Other Travel Notes and Tips. Here are a few other things that you may also want to keep in mind about the Corregidor Island tour: ... How to book a Corregidor Island Tour. With the closure of Sun Cruises in 2020, I found a ...

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    UPDATE MAY 2023: There are currently some tours going to Corregidor Island on the following dates - Monday 1 May, Saturday 6 May, Saturday 13 May, Saturday 20 May. The tours cost 4500 php (U$80) and includes roundtrip boat transfers, island entrance fee, historical tram tour with guide, Malinta Tunnel light show, and a buffet lunch by the beach.

  3. CORREGIDOR OVERNIGHT TOUR: 5 Things to Do (Other than Ghost-Hunting)

    Many choose to explore the island on a day tour and refuse to spend even just one night here. Who can blame them, really? It is the picture that media has painted, scaring would-be visitors and restricting many of those who dare to short day tours. ... Corregidor Day Tour. Corregidor Tour by Sun Cruises Esplanade Seaside Terminal, Mall of Asia ...

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    For overnight stays, visit: Corregidor Overnight Tour. Corregidor Day Tour by Sun Cruises Esplanade Seaside Terminal, Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex, Pasay City Telephone No.: (632) 834-6857 to 58, (632) 831-8140 Email: [email protected] Website: www.corregidorphilippines.com. Inclusions: Day tour, boat transfers, buffet lunch

  5. Corregidor Island: The Overnight Experience

    The Night Lateral Experience was really one of the best tours I experienced in Corregidor. If you have a curious mind, you definitely should try this tour as it is full of excitement and new discoveries. We all went back to Corregidor Inn after the Night Lateral Tour and had our dinner with a boodle fight setup.

  6. THE BEST Corregidor Island Tours & Excursions

    2. 2 Days Private Bataan Tour with Corregidor. 1. Historical Tours. 2 days. A first day tour of Bataan Death March Memorials and then proceed to Corregidor on the 2nd day. This is for those who want…. Free cancellation. from. $1,150.

  7. Corregidor Island Tour Package

    Arrival in Corregidor Island north pier. 08:30 - 11:00. Tour of the top and middle parts of the Island. 11:00 - 12:00. Lunch in Corregidor Inn : A buffet lunch at the island's hotel is included in the tour. 12:00 - 13:30. Tour of the bottom and tail parts of Corregidor. 14:00 PM. Estimated time of arrival to Manila.

  8. THE BEST Corregidor Island Tours & Excursions

    Visit Corregidor Island and Bataan War Memorial sites. 3H drive to Bataan - a 20 minutes transfer via a small outrigger…. from. ₱25,733. per adult. 2. Corregidor daytour Via Manila to Bataan. 4WD Tours. 6+ hours. Corregidor Island is known for it's role in the war, bravery & history.

  9. Corregidor Island Tour From Siargao: Complete Guide

    A Corregidor Island tour is part of many of the island-hopping trips that leave Siargao every day. Table of Contents. WHERE IS CORREGIDOR ISLAND; ... staying for 7 nights and another Siargao trip perhaps in April-May 2023 because I still have a paid 7-night booking at the another hotel that's reopening much later hence 2 separate trips. 😆 ...


    For updated rates, you may visit Sun Cruises' site. Corregidor Historical Tram Tour. Day Tour Weekday Adult Rate. Php 2,600.00 / person. INCLUSIONS: Roundtrip ferry transfers (Manila - Corregidor - Manila) Guided Island Tour. Shrine and Island Entrance Fees. Buffet Lunch with one round of pandan juice.

  11. Ghost hunting in Corregidor? You can with this new overnight tour

    The day tour takes you on a journey of the now-silent guns, war-torn buildings, and the Light and Sounds virtual history class at the Malinta Tunnel. But an overnight stay, with accommodations at the Corregidor Inn, lets you see a different side of the island. The fun starts late afternoon with the sunset tour.


    CORREGIDOR NIGHT TOUR Address: Corregidor Island, Cavite Fee: Php250.00 via Sun Cruises Locations Covered: Click the title SWIM AT THE SOUTH BEACH Address: South Beach, Corregidor Island, Cavite Fee: Free GPS Coordinates: +14° 23' 4.69", +120° 35' 22.19" CORREGIDOR LIGHT AND SOUND SHOW ...

  13. Corregidor: Day Tour or Overnight? (Part 1 of 2)

    ETA Corregidor - 8:30 am. *5hrs Island Tour (including lunch time) ETD Corregidor - 2:00 am. ETA Manila - 4:30 am. —-. We booked a Corregidor day tour and overnight package via Sun Cruises for Php 2,499/person, which is a pretty good deal, inclusive of: Roundtrip ferry transfers to Corregidor Island and back. Shrine, entrance and ...

  14. Corregidor Island: Manila's Best Heritage Tour

    Situated 48 kilometres, or a one-hour cruise from the Manila harbour, Corregidor was the scene of exceptionally bitter fighting during WWII. Allied and Filipino forces defended Corregidor from the invading Japanese army until, their supplies depleted, they surrendered on May 6, 1942. The island saw an equally bloody struggle when Allied troops ...

  15. Full-Day Corregidor Island Tour from Manila 2024

    Learn all about the history of World War II, and the Philippines' role in it, on this convenient full-day tour to Corregidor Island. Hop on a boat from Manila to travel out to the island. Receive a guided tour of the island, which is like an open-air history museum. History buffs and anyone interested in learning more about the Philippines and its complex past will enjoy this tour.

  16. Corregidor Foundation, Inc

    The inhabitants of Corregidor Island during its heyday made use of trams, so touring the island in a similar fashion will surely take you back in time. In addition to that, accredited tour guides will accompany you on your journey, providing historical context but also serving as ambassadors to that world-famous Filipino hospitality ...

  17. Historic Corregidor Island Tour

    Duration: 10.5 hours. The guided Corregidor Island Tour includes points of interest such as the gun batteries, Mile Long Barracks, the Pacific War Memorial and the Malinta Tunnel where you will experience a 30 minute light and sound presentation of the events that took place on the island. Located at the entrance to Manila Bay, Corregidor ...

  18. Corregidor Island Tour: Exploring the Remnants of War

    For those who are planning to take the day tour, this is the schedule: 6:30 AM Check-in at Esplanade Seaside Terminal. 7:00 AM Boarding. 7:30 AM ETD Manila. 9:00 AM ETA Corregidor Island. 2:30 PM ETD Corregidor Island. 4:00 PM ETA Manila. Note: They follow a strict schedule.

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    Explore the detailed itinerary for the 2-day private Bataan tour with Corregidor, uncovering a journey filled with historical insights, culture, and thrilling activities that promise an unforgettable experience.. Day 1 kicks off with a visit to the historical landmarks in Bataan such as the Dambana ng Kagitingan (Shrine of Valor) and the Bataan World War II Museum.

  20. Taylor Swift gives sweet nod to Travis Kelce as he skips Dublin Eras

    Travis Kelce did not attend Taylor Swift's first Eras Tour show in Dublin, Ireland, Friday night after spending time with her in England earlier this week. Despite Kelce's absence, Swift ...

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    Midnight in Paris looks a little different when you're a multi-millionaire. Kendall Jenner went barefoot during a private late-night tour of the Louvre earlier this week, causing a stir online ...

  22. Taylor Swift dazzles during Eras Tour in Dublin

    Last year's US leg of the Eras tour was the first in history to make more than $1bn (£792m). Now, it's estimated the international tour will increase that figure to as much as $4bn (£3.1bn).

  23. reputation Stadium Tour: Santa Clara, California (Night 1)

    reputation Stadium Tour: Santa Clara, California (Night 1) Santa Clara was the second stop on the reputation Stadium Tour, and Cali Swifties had a great time! Taylor changed one song from the previous show, she sang "Wildest Dreams" instead of "All Too Well". See the pictures in our gallery! The tour returns to Santa Clara again ...

  24. Taylor Swift Wears Irish Flag Colors at Dublin Eras Tour Concert

    The pop superstar launched her three-night stand at Aviva Stadium on June 28. By Mitchell Peters Taylor Swift is showing her Irish pride in Dublin. On Friday (June 28), the 34-year-old pop ...

  25. The Eras Tour: Santa Clara, California (Night 2)

    The Eras Tour: Santa Clara, California (Night 2) Welcome back to Santa Clara for the final show in Levi's Stadium. Last night's magical surprise songs were Stay Stay Stay and All The Girls You Loved Before. You can watch videos of both performances as we travel to the final stop of the US leg of the tour in Inglewood, California. STAY STAY ...

  26. The Eras Tour: Santa Clara, California (Night 1)

    The Eras Tour: Santa Clara, California (Night 1) We have reached the second to last US destination of the tour in Santa Clara, CA at Levi's Stadium! Last night's surprise setlist was special because it was her first time performing both songs live. The songs were Right Where You Left Me alongside Aaron Dessner and Castles Crumbling.

  27. Willie Nelson cancels another Outlaw Music Festival Tour performance

    Willie Nelson cancels Outlaw Music Festival Tour performances for health reasons. Nelson canceled his appearance at the Outlaw Music Festival Tour on Friday for health reasons, a statement shared ...

  28. PGA Tour creates special exemption for Tiger alone

    The PGA Tour has created a special sponsor exemption for Tiger Woods -- and Woods alone -- based on his "exceptional lifetime achievement," the tour told its members in a memo Tuesday night.

  29. How Taylor Swift Referenced Travis Kelce During Her Eras Tour Show in

    Travis Kelce is top of mind for Taylor Swift as she embarks on her Eras Tour stop in Dublin, Ireland.. The 34-year-old singer was in the middle of performing "Midnight Rain" on Friday night at ...

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