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What Are the Best Ad Blockers for Safari in 2023?

March 12, 2022 November 28, 2022

Ad blockers are tools or software developed to block, remove or hide advertising content on web browsers or applications. Ad blockers can be browser extensions, applications or plugins.

Ad blockers are important in helping users have a better and safe browsing experience by removing unwanted ads, which in turn reduces the possibility of malvertising. The best ad blockers for Safari in 2023 are listed below.

  • AdBlock Plus
  • Ghostery Lite
  • Magic Lasso
  • AdBlock Max
  • Disconnect Premium
  • Unicorn Blocker

Best Ad Blockers for Safari

Table of Contents

1. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus was founded by Wladimir Palant and is used for blocking ads and filtering content.

An image featuring Adblock Plus website screenshot

The pros of using AdBlock Plus include the browser extension being free and open-source, ease of installation and use, and support for 24 languages. This ad blocker also has a user-friendly interface and prevents malicious tracking and the spread of malware. However, AdBlock Plus whitelists some ads and doesn’t block all advertising content.

AdBlock was developed by Michael Gundlach and is used to block ads and protect users’ privacy while browsing the internet.

An image featuring AdBlock for Safari screenshot

Some of the merits of using the AdBlock browser extension include better browsing speed, support of 40 languages, ease of installation and use, and improved online protection. AdBlock is also free and open-source. However, this extension has some downsides, such as the inability to block all YouTube ads and slow browsing speeds when using multiple tabs.

AdBlock blocks pop-ups and video or audio ads on social media platforms and websites so that pages load faster and battery consumption is reduced. AdBlock is reliable and trusted by more than 65 million users worldwide.

3. Ghostery Lite

Ghostery Lite was developed by David Cancel, but the product is owned by Cliqz International GmbH. Ghostery Lite is primarily used for blocking ads and trackers.

An image featuring Ghostery Privacy Ad Blocker screenshot

Ghostery Lite’s advantages include the use of advanced artificial intelligence technology to block tracking, allowing users to customize what to block or unblock, loading pages faster and being completely open-source. However, one downside of Ghostery Lite is that this ad blocker doesn’t offer a free version.

Ghostery Lite costs $4.99 per month and $39 per year or $3.25 per month billed for 12 months. Ghostery Lite is compatible with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Opera.

Ghostery Lite performs excellently in improving users’ privacy by blocking tracking and ads. Ghostery Lite is reliable and trusted by millions of users worldwide.

4. Magic Lasso

Magic Lasso was developed by Matthew Bickham and is used to block ads and tracking. The merits of using the Magic Lasso ad blocker include the availability of a free version, improved privacy, loading pages at faster speeds, and customization of ad or tracking features. Despite these merits, Magic Lasso’s free version doesn’t offer much protection compared to the pro version and is only supported on Safari.

An image featuring Magic Lasso Adblock website screenshot

Magic Lasso is free but offers a pro version that costs $29.99 annually. Magic Lasso is compatible with Safari on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Magic Lasso improves users’ online privacy and loads web pages two times faster. Magic Lasso is reliable and trusted by over 200,000 clients.

5. AdBlock Max

AdBlock Max was developed by Chunxia Li and is used to block trackers and ads, including YouTube ads.

An image featuring AdBlock Max screenshot

The merits of AdBlock Max are that the ad blocker consumes less data, is easy to set up and use, and loads web pages four times faster. AdBlock Max also doesn’t collect users’ data and blocks ads, social buttons, and cookie banners or prompts. However, one major downside to AdBlock Max is that the tool is only supported on Safari.

6. Disconnect Premium

Disconnect Premium is an ad blocker that was developed by Casey Oppenheim and Brian Kennish to block ads, tracking and other threats to users’ privacy.

An image featuring Disconnect Ad Blocker website screenshot

Disconnect Premium’s pros include a strict anti-log policy, loading web pages 2.4 times faster, and encryption of users’ network traffic to block tracking. However, Disconnect Premium doesn’t block all ads.

Disconnect Premium costs about $7.60 monthly and $43.40 annually. Disconnect Premium is compatible with Windows, Firefox, and Apple devices.

Disconnect Premium performs excellently, using firewalls, DNS, and Tracker Protection Technology to block tracking and ads. Disconnect Premium is reliable and trusted by 750 million users.

Wipr was developed by Giorgio Calderolla for the primary purpose of blocking ads and trackers.

An image featuring Wipr Ad Blocker screenshot

Some of the merits of using Wipr are that the ad blocker uses content blocking extensions technology that doesn’t slow down web pages. Plus, the tool blocks EU cookies, crypto miners and GDPR notices. Wipr is also fast and easy to set up. However, Wipr is only supported on Apple devices.

Wipr costs $1.99 on the Apple App Store and is compatible with Apple devices alone. Wipr is 100% reliable and effectively blocks tracking and ads.

UBlock was developed by Raymond Hill and is used for content filtering or ad blocking.

An image featuring uBlock website screenshot

UBlock offers advantages such as being free and open-source, availability in 63 languages, compatibility with several different browsers, and improved memory and CPU performance. However, UBlock doesn’t work for Safari version 13 and above.

9. Unicorn Blocker

Unicorn Blocker was developed by Oh Nam Kwon primarily for blocking ads on Safari. The advantages of using Unicorn Blocker include web browsing at a speed three times faster, a 21% increase in battery life and effective blocking of tracking systems. However, Unicorn Blocker only supports three languages and doesn’t work with other browsers.

An image featuring Unicorn Blocker screenshot

Unicorn Blocker costs about $1 on the Apple App Store and is compatible with Safari on all Apple devices. Unicorn Blocker is completely reliable and performs well in blocking ads and tracking.

How to Choose the Best Ad Blocker for Safari

An image featuring ad blocking concept

To choose the best ad blocker for Safari, users should consider ad blockers that provide optimum security and privacy protection. To do this, users should go for ad blockers that block tracking either by default or customization.

Users should also ensure such ad blockers offer content filtering and block ads, pop-ups, cookie prompts, banners, malicious redirects and fake close buttons. All these features are effective in ensuring users can enjoy smooth browsing without annoying ads and browse privately without being tracked or under surveillance.

Can Ad Block Software Provide Safe Browsing in Safari?

Yes, an ad block software can provide safe browsing in Safari. Ad block software uses different advanced technologies to block tracking systems, ads and sometimes malware to ensure Safari users can browse safely.

Does the Safari Browser Have Ad Blocker Extension Support?

Yes, Safari supports ad blocker extensions. However, Safari also allows users to hide IP addresses from trackers and enable “Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement” via settings. Still, to enjoy the full benefits of an ad blocker, Safari users can install the best Safari extensions for ad blocking.

Are There Any Harms of Using Ad Blockers in Safari?

There are no harms attached to using ad blockers in Safari. Ad blocker browser extensions for Safari are totally safe to use.

Can You Block YouTube Ads in the Safari Browser?

Yes, users can block YouTube ads while using Safari on Mac, iPhone or iPad devices. However, not all ad blockers can block YouTube ads, so users should make sure to install an ad blocker that specifically states the capability to block ads on YouTube. Most ad blockers block YouTube ads by default.

Can You Use a VPN to Block Ads on Safari?

No, VPNs themselves are not ad blockers. However, there are some VPNs for ad blocking . VPNs can only be used to block ads on Safari if such VPNs support ad blocking.

What Other Browsers Have Support for Ad Blockers?

An image featuring ad blocker addon concept

While some ad blockers are strictly developed for Safari, generally, ad blockers do not work for Safari alone.

The best browsers that are compatible with ad blockers are listed below.

Emmanuel Ojodun

  • VPN & Privacy
  • Ad-blocker for Safari

Best ad-blockers for Safari

Best ad-blocker Safari

Whether it’s an autoplay video covering the button you’re about to click, or a banner ad obscuring the content you’re trying to read – everyone hates adverts. Happily, the best ad-blocker for Safari will stop adverts and other annoyances from ever bothering you again.

Sophisticated ad-blockers remove a whole host of stubborn adverts, as well as trackers and fingerprinting scripts. They’ll also help prevent you from connecting to malicious websites and will neutralize threatening adware code.

Choosing from one of the multitude of ad-blockers available for Safari on the App Store can be daunting, which is why we’ve done the work for you. If you’re in a rush, our findings are summarized below:

  • Total Adblock : Our first choice for a Safari ad-blocker. Strong ad-blocking ability and can prevent social media trackers and access to malicious websites.
  • AdLock : Best budget option for a Safari ad-blocker. Able to stop ads on video and audio streaming sites. Blocks all ads by default.
  • AdGuard : Open-source ad-blocker able to stop all types of ads as well as trackers, malware and phishing websites.
  • 1Blocker : Simple to use and great for quickly creating custom rules. Stops trackers, cookies and fingerprinting scripts as well as ads.
  • Wipr : Easy installation and great at blocking ads, trackers, and cryptocurrency miners. Can also prevent EU cookie and GDPR notices.

We used the criteria below to help us narrow down the Safari ad-blocker options. If you’re interested, we have a comprehensive section on our testing process later in this article.

  • Comprehensive and reliable ad-blocking
  • Good value for money
  • No acceptable ads
  • Plenty of customization
  • Security features

Here’s a list of the best ad-blockers for safari:

1. Total Adblock

Total Adblock is a powerful ad-blocker that removes banners, video ads and pop-ups by default from Safari – but only on iPhone and iPad. Mac users will need to use a different browser if they wish to employ Total Adblock.

The software can be configured to block websites known to distribute malware, and can also remove cookie and privacy warnings on trusted websites – thus speeding up page loading times. Alternatively, adding websites to a whitelist enables them to automatically display without any filters.

Using Total Adblock’s custom filters allows you to block any elements on a web page that you’d prefer not to see. A social media tracking blocking filter stops “like” and “share” buttons from appearing on websites.

The basic Total Adblock app is free, but will not block ads on the top 15,000 websites ranked on Alexa – thus making it fairly useless. You will also get access to TotalAV virus protection and PC Tune-Up software.

  • Robust ad-blocking with subscription
  • Stops ads on streaming sites
  • Enables element blocking
  • Subscription includes TotalAV antivirus
  • Prevents social media tracking
  • Annual subscription required for usable app

BEST AD-BLOCKER: Total Adblock is our top  ad-blocker for Safari. It offers rigorous blocking of ads and malware, and the subscription includes TotalAV antivirus.

AdLock for Safari is a free extension that blocks pop-ups, autoplay videos, and banner ads; while also protecting you against trackers, bugs, analytical systems, and scammers.

The UI is immediately approachable, making it easy to get started. Toggle switches help you set preferences, and there’s a whitelist where you can add any sites that you’d rather see unfiltered. There are no acceptable ads, so you don’t need to dig around trying to turn them off. You also don’t need to worry about your data being sold to third parties.

There’s scope for more comprehensive tinkering via the ad filters – AdLock recommends using a maximum of five for peak performance. These filters are mostly drawn from EasyList, which is the most popular option for ad-blockers. You can create custom rules and AdLock also allows the removal of any element from a page, including non-ad-related callback forms and online chat boxes.

AdLock is great for streaming sites. It can remove all pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls, and otherwise unskippable video commercials. You just need to engage a special one-click script or use the AdLock player. AdLock also stops social media widgets following you from site to site.

  • Rigorous blocking
  • Good for streaming sites
  • Protects privacy
  • Extension is free
  • Extension not as powerful as app

BEST BUDGET-FRIENDLY OPTION: AdLock’s free Safari browser  extension is a reliable ad-blocker that stops ads in streaming sites.

AdGuard for Safari is a free browser extension that stops all ads, trackers and widgets. You can create custom filtering rules and manually remove any web page element. The software helps with security by issuing warnings if you unintentionally visit malicious or phishing websites.

The AdGuard home screen allows you to set up the basics: notification preferences, update intervals, and which content blockers you’d like to use. Content blockers are thematic clusters of filters. For example, the AdGuard Security Blocker contains filters that stop browser-based cryptominers, domains known to spread malware and spyware, and sites associated with fraudsters.

Alternatively, you can add filters of your choosing in the custom area, or create custom rules that apply specific filtering criteria. For example, you might want a particular element removed when visiting such-and-such website. AdGuard provides instructions on how to master rule syntax.

AdGuard doesn’t collect any user data or allow “acceptable ads”. The software is open-source, with the repository on GitHub available via the AdGuard “About” page.

  • Intercepts malicious website connections
  • Allows custom rule creation
  • Stops social media widgets
  • Doesn’t block as much as its app

CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS: AdGuard is a powerful, open-source ad-blocker that encourages the creation of custom filters and rules.

4. 1Blocker

1Blocker uses filters to tell Safari what to stop in advance. It’s effective at removing a range of ads, trackers and fingerprinting scripts. Setup is simple and the app automatically receives cloud updates to the built-in filters.

There is plenty of scope for customization. For example, you can create rules for a defined URL or hide a particular element with a CSS selector. You can also block cookies, or allow ads for a particular site while still blocking trackers and social buttons.

1Blocker doesn’t have access to the pages you visit and doesn’t track you in any way. There are no “acceptable ads,” as funding for the app comes from subscriptions. These cost either $2.99 a month, or $14.99 for a year. There is a free version of the app, but it’s limited in what it can do. For example, you can only block either trackers or ads – not both.

1Blocker is compatible with iPhones running iOS 14.2 or later, iPads running iPadOS 14.2 or later, iPod Touches running iOS 14.2 or later, and Macbooks running macOS 10.15 or later. Any preferences and custom rules are kept in sync across all devices via iCloud.

  • Easy to use
  • Blocks fingerprinting scripts
  • Easy to create custom rules
  • Doesn’t block all types of ads
  • Best features require subscription

GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: 1Blocker is simple  to set up, with a straightforward interface that makes creating custom rules easy.

Wipr is a relatively simple ad-blocker that can nevertheless block a wide range of trackers and ads, as well as cryptocurrency miners and EU cookie notices. Its blocklist is automatically updated twice a week, ensuring not much gets past it.

If you want to block ads from the likes of YouTube and other streaming sites , you can enable Wipr Extra. This requires full website access, so consider any privacy implications in leaving it turned on long-term.

Wipr is able to block ads in apps that display websites using the Safari View Controller. Note that it is not able to help with blocking scam, phishing or other malicious sites.

If purchased in the App Store, you’ll be able to install Wipr on all the iPhone and iPads with the same Apple ID. If purchased on a Mac, you’ll be able to install it on all the Macs with the same Apple ID. Wipr costs $1.99 in each store, so you’ll have to pay $3.98 if you wish to use it on both an iPhone and a Mac, for example.

The app is compatible with iPhones running iOS 12.0 or later, iPads running iPadOS 12.0 or later, and Macs running macOS 10.15 or later.

  • Straightforward ad-blocker
  • Doesn’t protect against malicious code
  • One purchase won’t cover all devices
  • No custom rules

EASY SETUP: Wipr is a straightforward  ad-blocker that keeps itself updated and blocks a decent number of ads and trackers.

Can I use a free ad-blocker for Safari?

You can, and there are many decent free ad-blockers available. However, as with most products that seem free, there’s often a hidden cost. Some ad-blockers make money by allowing some ads through – what are sometimes called “acceptable ads.” Other, less scrupulous, apps may even sell your data to third parties.

More commonly, ad-blocking developers create a free version of the subscription-only service – typically a browser extension. This has less features than the paid-for version, but allows people to become familiar with the service and pay out when they find that they can’t live without a particular feature.

How to install a Safari ad-blocker:

If you want to use a Safari browser extension ad-blocker, follow these instructions:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap Safari .
  • Under General , tap Content Blockers .
  • Activate your chosen content blocker by toggling the switch next to it to the green ON position.

If you’ve downloaded an ad-blocker app for Safari, follow these instructions to enable it:

  • Click on Safari in the top left-hand corner.
  • Select Safari Extensions from the drop-down menu.
  • Wait for the App Store to automatically open on the extensions page.
  • Search for the ad-blocker you’d like to add.
  • Click Get underneath the ad-blocker extension.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID if required and start downloading.
  • Click install to get the app up and running.
  • Open the extension and follow the instructions.
  • Click on Safari in the top right corner once more.
  • Select Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  • Tick the checkbox next to the ad-blocker you downloaded.

Methodology: Finding the best Safari ad-blocker

Most Safari ad-blocking extensions are capable of preventing certain cookies, images, pop-ups and other unwanted content from being downloaded. So what makes one better than the other? The best Safari ad-blockers will perform notably well when tested against the criteria below:

  • Comprehensive blocking: We expect ad-blockers to be able to block most types of advert that appears on a web page. This includes pop-ups , banners, and interstitial ads. We also require the removal of autoplay video and audio, as well as the option to stop chat boxes and pre-roll ads.
  • Good value: An expensive ad-blocker doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth your money. We only include ad-blockers that can justify what they charge. This normally means they provide superior blocking ability with other privacy and security features.
  • No acceptable ads: We know that developers need to make money, but allowing ads on an ad-blocker doesn’t seem like the right way to do it. For this reason, we don’t recommend ad-blockers that allow paid advertising to be displayed.
  • Plenty of customization: Ruthless blocking seems great… until it isn’t. Being able to whitelist sites is a good starting point. However, a good ad-blocker allows you to create custom rules for everything from ads to trackers, cookies and notices. We also like to be able to customize blocking on an element-by-element basis.
  • Security features: It’s not just ads we want to see blocked, it’s trackers, fingerprinting script and any malicious code whatsoever. Ad-blockers that intercept connections to untrusted sites score points too.
  • Compatibility: Safari is available on all Apple devices, including Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Although all of the ad-blockers we looked at worked with Safari, they didn’t all work great across all devices. The mobile Safari app is different to the macOS Safari app, and so we only recommend ad-blockers that have been specifically designed to work across all Apple devices.

FAQs: Best ad-blocker for Safari

Does apple allow ad-blockers.

Apple began allowing ad-blockers on the iPhone and iPad versions of Safari in 2015. Devices running iOS 9 were – for the first time – permitted to add content blocking extensions to Safari. 

Prior to this, the only way to block adverts was to “jailbreak” the devices, which involved replacing – or modifying – key components of the operating system with custom applications. Where subsequent security measures weren’t instigated, this resulted in their becoming easier for attackers to infiltrate. 

Apple allowing ad-blocking Safari extensions negated the need to do this. At the same time, it ensured that the company could still make money from allowing advertising in apps.

Are ad-blockers legal?

Yes, though there were a slew of court cases when Apple first began allowing ad-blockers. These were brought by media companies that were heavily reliant on advertising money. None of them were successful, and the use of ad-blockers has been steadily increasing since – much to the chagrin of the ad industry. 

The problem is that ads are becoming ever more invasive. Many actively prevent us from enjoying a particular website’s content until we’ve interacted with the advert. Meanwhile, ad-blockers are getting more powerful and easier to install. 

Of course, the people who run that website might say that ad-blockers are morally questionable. After all, advertising revenue effectively pays for the website. There is ultimately no easy solution. Some sites try using a paywall to stay ad-free, while others incorporate adverts into their content. A short-term solution involves site owners asking users to whitelist their sites if they like them.  

How do ad-blockers work?

Ad-blockers detect scripts designed to make your browser load content from the servers of ad networks. By blocking these scripts, the adverts aren’t requested or displayed. Ad-blockers can also block scripts that monitor your online behavior or contain malicious code. Ad-blockers are able to detect scripts by comparing them with huge lists of offending domains – often created by the online community. 

Without these additional advertising requests playing out, pages tend to require less bandwidth and are quicker to download. Indeed, research suggests that the execution of third-party scripts can account for more than half of a page’s loading time.

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Using a VPN will hide these details and protect your privacy.

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Thankfully there's no shortage of apps and browser extensions that can block ads and keep you safer when you're online. Combined with the best antivirus software and the best VPNs , a good ad-blocker gives you a perfect arsenal of tools to offer as much protection as possible. Even the FBI recommends using an ad-blocker for protection.

The only thing you need to figure out is which ad-blocker is right for what you need. There are so many to choose from, and whether you are willing to live with the downsides. Most free sites rely on advertising revenue to survive, including Tom's Guide. But if you're happy with the trade-off, we've got a thorough list of the best ad blockers and privacy tools — with options for every browser and platform.

The best ad blockers you can get today

1. adblock plus (chrome, edge, firefox, opera, safari, android, ios).

best ad blockers: adblock plus

AdBlock Plus (ABP) is among the most popular ad blockers, with extensions available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge and Opera. ABP features a quick setup, loading preset filter lists that allow users to quickly block most ads, as well as the option to filter malware and social media buttons. 

Savvy users can chose additional block lists as well as set custom filters or whitelist their favorite sites to keep their ad revenue in the black. AdBlock Plus allows what it calls "non-intrusive advertising" through filters; that may irk some users, though this feature can be disabled in settings. 

On Android, the AdBlock Browser provides a Firefox-based browser that blocks incoming advertising, while on iOS, the AdBlock Plus app integrates with the content blocker system to seamlessly block advertising on Safari with minimal setup.

Download AdBlock Plus: Firefox , Chrome , Safari , Opera , Edge

2. AdBlock (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)

best ad blockers: AdBlock

AdBlock (no relation to AdBlock Plus) is the other best ad-blocking browser extension of note, available for users of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. AdBlock uses a series of filter lists to automatically block ad content coming from known ad servers and providers. Users can stick with the default block lists, subscribe to additional ones, or even create their own, as well as whitelist their favorite websites. 

As one of the most downloaded Chrome and Safari extensions, AdBlock has the trust of many users worldwide.

Download AdBlock: Chrome , Firefox , Safari , Edge

3. uBlock Origin (Chrome, Firefox)

best ad blockers: Ublock Origin

Ublock Origin is a browser-based ad blocker that focuses on simple, efficient blocking with a low resource overhead. The extension comes loaded with a number of filter lists for known advertising and malware sources, with extra filter lists available and the option to read and create your own custom filters from hosts files.

Download Ublock Origin: Chrome , Firefox

4. Poper Blocker (Chrome)

best ad blockers: Poper Blocker

Rather than be an all-in one blocking solution, Poper Blocker (aka Pop Up Blocker For Chrome), is designed to complement other adblockers. 

In this case, Poper Blocker focuses on blocking pop-ups, pop-unders, overlays, timed and scroll pop-ups, and other varieties that might slip past other ad-blocking extensions. Small notifications tell you when pop-ups are blocked. You also can view your blocking stats, but otherwise, you can generally just keep Poper Blocker running in the background with minimal impact alongside other adblocker extensions.

Download Poper Blocker: Chrome

5. Stands Fair AdBlocker (Chrome)

best ad blockers: Stands Fair AdBlocker

For a fast and light ad-blocking plugin, Chrome users can turn to Stands Fair AdBlocker. The extension does precisely what it promises, blocking ads and pop-ups from cluttering up your browser view while also preventing any tracking from going on. 

Stand's Fair AdBlocker gives you control over the type of ads you can block, specifying everything from autoplay video ads, YouTube ads, expanding ads and more. It can even block Facebook ads if you want.

The "Fair" part of AdBlocker comes into play by giving you the ability to allow certain types of ads or even whitelist ad-supported websites you don't want to shortchange of badly needed revenue. This is one ad blocker that doesn't take a scorched earth approach to its stated purpose.

Download Stands Fair AdBlocker: Chrome

6. Ghostery (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge)

best ad blockers: ghostery

Like the other extensions on our list of the best ad blockers, Ghostery can remove ads from webpages, so you can focus on content and browse more efficiently. But the real value in Ghostery lies in its privacy protection features. You can use Ghostery to view trackers, which lets you see who's trying to collect data on you. With Ghostery, you can also stop that tracking from taking place. If you really want to safeguard your privacy, you can turn to Ghostery's Enhanced Anti Tracking to anonymize your data.

Ghostery's a free download that offers basic web protection. More advanced protection starts at $4.99 a month and the $11.99 monthly tier comes with a built-in VPN. There are also versions of Ghostery that work with Android and iOS devices.

Download Ghostery: Chrome , Firefox , Opera , Safari , Edge

7. Adblocker for YouTube (Chrome, Firefox)

Adblocker for YouTube is one of the best ad blockers

YouTube has gotten more aggressive with ads, so the makers of ad-blocking extensions have followed suit. Adblocker for YouTube is a Chrome extension that promises to automatically block YouTube ads, whether we're talking about the pre-roll ad appearing before your video or any text and banner ads that appear on the video itself.

If you prefer Firefox to Chrome, there's also an AdBlocker for YouTube extension that works on that browser. Same name, different developer apparently, but the functionality of stripping out video and display ads remains. This version works on Android devices too.

Download Adblocker for YouTube: Chrome , Firefox

1. AdGuard (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)

best ad blockers: adguard ad blocker

Uses looking for a more robust experience can try out the subscription-based AdGuard, which provides desktop and mobile options to reduce the ads you see when surfing online. 

AdGuard on Windows and Mac covers popular browsers, with highly configurable options for ads, content, and tracker blocking, as well as a parental controls module for restricting adult content. AdGuard for Android is a no-root ad-blocker that blocks advertising on apps and games, though you’ll have to install it from AdGuard’s site instead of through Google Play. AdGuard for iOS works with Safari to effectively filter ads on the default browser.

Download AdGuard: Windows , Mac , Android , iOS

2. AdLock ($33 per year)

best ad blockers: adlock

AdLock avoids the browser-based route, instead opting to run as a separate program to be able to block not only browser-based ads, but also advertising in other programs like Skype or games. 

The app runs in the background, using filters to block ads, popups, and autoplaying videos, speeding up loading times and applying Safe Browsing features to automatically block sites that are known to be unsafe. 

For obvious reasons, the mobile version is unavailable on the Google Play Store, so you'll need to sideload the app if you want to get AdLock into your Android device. iOS users can download AdLock directly from Apple's App Store.

Download AdLock: Windows , Chrome ,  Android , Mac , iOS

3. Wipr (macOS, iOS; $1.99)

best ad blockers: Wipr

If you’re a Safari fan, Wipr may be the best ad blocker for both your Mac and iPhone. The app is available for both iOS and macOS — costing $1.99 from either Apple App Store — and it promises to work with Safari as well as apps that use Safari for displaying web pages.

You’ll find a full array of features with Wipr, which not only blocks apps and trackers, but cryptocurrency miners, EU cookie and GDPR notices and anything else that gets in your way of surfing the web. Its blocklist gets updated twice a week, and there’s little configuration; the idea is that you load Wipr and forget that it’s there while it does its job in the background.

With Wipr, pages should load faster in Safari, which will be particularly welcome if you’re surfing from an iPhone, where ads and trackers can bog down your browser’s speed.

Download Wipr: macOS , iOS

1. 1Blocker (iOS)

best ad blockers: 1Blocker X ad blockers

1Blocker was one of the first really good ad blockers on iOS when Apple opened up that functionality on iPhones and iPads; the apps has since been optimized for Safari. 

The app is designed to make browsing faster and more secure by blocking ads, popups, trackers and other online cruft. Rather than blocking content of a downloaded page, 1Blocker works with Safari's content blocker API to tell the browser what to block in advance, saving time and resources. 

1Blocker features more than 115,000 blocker rules, custom regional adblocking settings, and easy-to-use custom rules settings. The app is a free download, with premium features available as in-app purchases.

Download 1Blocker: iOS

2. Firefox Focus (Android, iOS)

best ad blockers: firefox focus

Firefox Focus is another addition to Mozilla's family of browsers. This one's a privacy-oriented version of Firefox that bakes in ad-blocking and anti-tracking into a light and functional package. Firefox Focus blocks ads and speeds up browsing, while also working in privacy-friendly features like automatic history and cookie clearing. 

Users can selectively block ads, analytics, content and social trackers with easy toggles, turn on a "stealth" mode, and set a default search engine.

Our look at the best Android browsers has more on the various flavors of Firefox.

Download Firefox Focus: Android , iOS

3. AdClear (Android, iOS)

AdClear Plus running on an iPhone is one of the best ad blockers for mobile

AdClear — or AdClear Plus if you're searching for the iOS version — offers the kind of mobile ad blocking in browsers that similar apps provide. But AdClear takes it one step farther by also blocking ads in apps. 

AdClear achieves this through a DNS changer feature that routes traffic through a VPN. AdClear doesn't catch everything in all apps, and in our experience, some apps ran a little slower. But this free download can put a stop to ads interrupting what you're trying to do whether in an app or a browser.

Download AdClear: Android , iOS

1. Decentraleyes (Chrome, Firefox)

Best ad blockers: decentraleyes

Some times, blocking ads can also prevent websites fromn pulling needed resoruces and libraries from third-party sources, breaking web pages in the process. Decentraleyes tries to stop that from happening by acting as a local content delivery network emulator to serve up the files that websites need. By doing so, this extension can stop websites from sending out requests to the likes of Google Hosted Libraries.

Think of Decentraleyes as a complement to ad blockers. In fact, the extension specifically says it can work with uBlock Origin and AdBlock Plus, both of which we recommend up above.

Download Decentraleyes: Chrome , Firefox

2. Opera (Desktop, Android, iOS)

best ad blockers: opera best ad blocker

The Opera browser bakes in ad-blocking features into the browser without the need for an extra add-on, while also offering privacy-friendly tools such as an unlimited, built-in VPN service, incognito mode, fraud and malware warnings for suspicious links and pages, and more. In addition, you can further customize Opera's capabilities with a wide array of extensions. 

Mobile users need not fret, as the Android version comes with just about everything the desktop version has but built for touch-screen interfaces. On iOS, the mobile version of Opera is listed in Apple's App Store as Opera Touch. (Incidentally, we've got a guide on how you can use Opera to block ads on the iPhone .)

Download Opera: Mac or Windows , Android , iOS

3. Privacy Badger (Chrome, Firefox, Opera)

best ad blockers: privacy badger ad blocker

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Privacy Badger browser extension was born from the EFF's concerns about the business models of some privacy tools and ad blockers. 

Privacy Badger functions similarly to extensions like AdBlock Plus (on which it was based), observing the various tracking tools that advertisers and other third parties might use to track your online activities and selectively blocking them from executing. Built-in learning algorithms adapt to the sites you visit and take any new tracking tools discovered into account. 

While not explicitly an ad blocker, Privacy Badger does also block some advertising, depending on how aggressively the ads track you across websites.

Download Privacy Badger: Chrome , Firefox , Opera

4. Tor Browser (Desktop, Android)

best ad blockers: tor project browser

The Tor network helps anonymize your internet activity by bouncing the data you send and receive through a distributed anonymous network of routers to foil a common online surveillance technique called traffic analysis, which can reveal the sites you visit or who you're communicating with. 

The Tor Browser is an all-in-one package that includes everything you need to surf the net through the Tor network in an easy-to-install portable package. The package includes a modified version of Firefox with privacy aids such as NoScript baked in, and an automatic setup aid that makes it easy to connect to and create new Tor circuits. 

On the desktop, you can grab a version of Tor Browser for Windows, macOS or Linux. There's also a version of Tor Browser for Android, which replaces the previous OrBot + OrFox combination recommended for browsing Tor on Android.

Download Tor Browser: Desktop , Android

5. Onion Browser (iOS)

best ad blockers: onion browser ad blocker

iOS users aren’t left out when it comes to browsing the Tor anonymizer network, with the Onion Browser among the more popular options on Apple’s mobile OS. 

Previously a premium app, Onion Browser has since moved to a donation model, opening up access to everyone who wants to download the app, without compromising security or features. The usual caveats apply: Browsing through Tor will slow down the web experience, and some features, like video streams and video files won’t work in order to preserve anonymity.

Download Onion Browser: iOS

How to choose the best ad blocker for you

Many of the best ad blockers are available for free, either as extensions or as standalone apps, though a few, like AdLock, charge a fee. Determine if the free services provide enough ad-blocking to meet your needs or whether a paid app delivers more for your money. You should also figure out if a browser extension will take care of your ad-blocking needs or whether you should consider switching browsers to one with more built-in privacy features.

You can narrow down your choice in ad blockers by deciding specifically what you're looking to accomplish with such an app or extension. Do you just want to stop annoying pop-up ads from appearing or do you want the full range of services, including privacy features and an end to ad-tracking? Grab the ad blocker that ticks off all the boxes on your wishlist.

Some ad blockers, such as AdBlock Plus include filters and the ability to let in non-obtrusive advertising. Others, like AdBlocker Ultimate, take a more aggressive approach. Find out which one best suits your needs and comfort level.

As we noted at the outset, there's also an ethical component to ad blockers. Do you feel comfortable keeping ad revenue out of the hands of sites you enjoy and use for free? As good as the best ad blockers are, that's still a trade-off you need to consider when deciding whether to install one as a browser extension or as a standalone app. 

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  • kep55 I'm waiting for an ad blocker that will spoof the websites into thinking there is no ad blocker in place. More and more sites are incorporating code that disables the site entirely or many of the features if an adblocker is in use. Reply
kep55 said: I'm waiting for an ad blocker that will spoof the websites into thinking there is no ad blocker in place. More and more sites are incorporating code that disables the site entirely or many of the features if an adblocker is in use.
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best safari adblocker reddit 2023

uBlock Origin - Free, open-source ad content blocker.

Easy on cpu and memory..

Github (gorhill/uBlock)


uBlock Origin is not just an “ad blocker“, it's a wide-spectrum content blocker with CPU and memory efficiency as a primary feature.

Open-source ad blocker

The uBlock Origin is a free and open-source, cross-platform browser extension for content filtering—primarily aimed at neutralizing privacy invasion in an efficient, user-friendly method.

CPU and memory efficiency

Globally, uBlock Origin could save consumers more than $1.8 billion/year( study ). Open source ad blockers are a potentially effective technology for energy conservation.

Various browsers support

uBlock Origin’s extension is available for several of the most widely used browsers, including: Chrome, Chromium, MS Edge, Opera, Firefox and all Safari releases prior to 13.

About uBlock Origin

In 2014 uBlock Origin’s founder, original author and lead developer, Raymond Hill, created the original uBlock extension, with its development initiated by forking the codebase of HTTP Switchboard with a separate blocking extension, uMatrix, which had been previously designed for advanced users. The initial uBlock was developed by Raymond Hill in order to enable community-maintained block lists while simultaneously adding additional features and upgrading the code quality to proper release standards. First released in June 2014 as an exclusive Chrome and Opera extension, in late 2015 the initial uBlock extension expanded to other browsers under its current name – uBlock Origin. (occasionally represented globally as – uBlock₀).

Following this 2015 introduction, a collaborative comsource and Sourcepoint industry research survey reported an 833% growth rate over a 10-month period ending in August 2016, the most rapid growth among any industry software publicly listed at that time. This report attributed this enormous surge to collective user demand for “pure” blockers with the capacity to operate outside the “acceptable advertising” program used by AdBlock, and other industry extensions.

Quickly gaining traction throughout the entire ad-blocking industry, the uBlock Origin Firefox version collected over 5 million active users, with its Chrome extension subsequently compiling over 10 million active users. Developer Nik Rolls then officially released uBlock Origin for the Microsoft Edge browser in December 2016.

In January 2017, uBlock Origin was added to the repositories for Debian 9 , and Ubuntu (16.04), and the uBlock Origin extension was awarded the prestigious IoT honor of “Pick of the Month” by Mozilla.

As of 2024, uBlock Origin continues to be maintained and actively developed by founder and lead developer Raymond Hill.

The uBlock Origin extension remains an industry leading, open-source, cross-platform browser extension with software developed specifically for multiple platform use, and as of 2024, uBlock Origin’s extension is available for several of the most widely used browsers, including: Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Opera, Firefox and all Safari releases prior to 13.

The uBlock Origin project still specifically refuses donations at this time, and instead advises all of its clients, users and supporters to donate to block list maintainers.

Best ad blockers of 2024

Get rid of those pesky ads — if you so choose

Best overall

Best for privacy, best at removing ads, best for insights, best for protection, best for pop-ups, how we test.

The best ad blockers make it simple and easy to block not just intrusive advertising, but also block rogue ads and website malware.

Ad Blocker on Laptop

1. Best overall 2. Best for privacy 3. Best at removing ads 4. Best for insights 5. Best for protection 6. Best for pop-ups 7. FAQs 8. How we test

The No. 1 reason most would cite for using an ad blocker is to eliminate webpage disruptions. Depending on the site and the quality of the ads, the advertising can cause the accidental removal of text, page cluttering, and loading issues. 

Another reason for using an ad blocker is to protect your privacy. By design, most advertisers now use background tracking tools such as cookies to create ads based on your online history. This is why, for example, you might visit Amazon .com to look for a new television and soon after start seeing ads for smart TVs on Facebook and other social networking sites you visit. 

Ad blockers can also help to remove malvertising, which criminals use to spread malware . It will also cut down on the downloadable content on your machines, which many describe as "web bloat." 

Altogether, web ads have gone from being a simple annoyance to actively intruding and disrupting our internet experience, so it's no wonder ad blockers have become increasingly popular.

We've looked at the range of those available, tested them, and otherwise run them through their paces for issues such as usability and accessibility. Below, we've listed what we think are the best ad blockers currently available.

We've also listed the best web browsers .

The best ad blockers of 2024 in full:

Why you can trust TechRadar We spend hours testing every product or service we review, so you can be sure you’re buying the best. Find out more about how we test.

Website screenshot for uBlock Origin

1. uBlock Origin

Specifications, reasons to buy, reasons to avoid.

The first product on the list, uBlock Origin, does a terrific job at blocking malware , web promotions, trackers, and the like. Free and open-source, uBlock Origin promises to be “easy on CPU and memory” while blocking online apps. In addition, the software includes various filter lists previously identified for known advertising and malware. You can also add custom filters with relative ease. As you do, however, memory consumption will increase, which could negatively affect older systems. Regardless, it will still consume much less memory than other options. 

More advanced users will want to activate uBlock Origin’s dynamic filtering tool. You can adjust the scripts and domains a webpage can load by doing so.  You shouldn’t confuse uBlock Origin with uBlock. Although the same developer created both, uBlock is now owned by Adblocker Plus. They are two completely different options. 

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Website screenshot for Privacy Badger

2. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger, which comes from the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation, blocks trackers, not necessarily ads. It does so using unique algorithms and no domain blacklists like other tools. By taking this approach, Privacy Badger attempts to separate the good and the bad without disrupting the website's flow. 

With this solution, there is some wiggle room to make changes. For example, for whatever reason, perhaps Privacy Badger is blocking your favorite website's cookies, which are essential to customize your user experience. You can change this in just a few steps. 

Overall, if privacy is your most important reason for considering a blocker, this might be the one for you. 

Website screenshot for AdBlock Plus

3. Adblocker Plus

If you're looking for an ad blocker that's been around for a while, you can't do much better than Adblock Plus. Its ease of use and price (free) have made it a winner for many years. After installation, Adblock Plus immediately gets to work and begins blocking and obstructing things you probably won't want to see. In the process, it does a great job of not negatively affecting the look and feel of a website. 

Despite its pedigree, one criticism you'll hear most about Adblock Plus is its " acceptable ads " policy. These are described as those that "aren't intrusive or annoying. They are respectful, don't interfere with content, and are clearly labeled with the word "advertisement" or its equivalent." Of course, these words are highly subjective, which is probably one of the reasons decisions on what makes a committee now makes an acceptable ad. Regardless, you can now manually remove these ads in a few steps. 

A minor point about Adblock Plus is its sometimes confusing way of presenting extra features that can also be beneficial. This confusion is primarily because of its design. My advice: take the time to look at the Adblock Plus instructions; you might be surprised by what you discover. 

Website screenshot for Ghostery

4. Ghostery

Ghostery features a terrific design and lots of customization options. Better still, it provides a much higher level of insight about what's being blocked and how you're being tracked online. With the free version of Ghostery, you get a tracker and ad blocking, and custom blocking preferences. For as little as $3.99 per month, you can get Ghostery Plus, which ads extension themes, historical stats, and more. 

The biggest drawback of Ghostery is there's no way to add customizable filters. In other words, you get what you get. 

Website screenshot for AdLock

One of the newest solutions on this list, AdLock, does a terrific job at zeroing in and eliminating malware, phishing sites, and more through various browsers. For the full benefit of AdLock, it’s best to buy a yearly subscription. However, its Chrome extension is free. 

AdLock is very good at protecting your online privacy, and it's a lightweight solution, which is vital for many. Though relatively new, AdLock is already one of the best ad blockers and worth your consideration. 

On the negative side, AdLock support could be better, and hopefully, in time, it will be. 

Website screenshot for Poper Blocker

6. Poper Blocker

I've included Poper Blocker on this list, even though it's a secondary tool. With Poper Blocker, whatever pop-ups another adblocker might have missed will get squashed forever. Only available for Chromium-based browsers, the solution also goes after pop-users, overlays, and other nuisances. When a pop-up is removed, you'll get a notification, which comes in hand when something you do want to see is flagged. 

Because of its limited use, you should find an ad-blocker that best suits your needs and add Poper Blocker. You'll be happy you did. Although Poper Blocker is free, you'll need to pay for a membership to access every feature. 

We've also featured the best privacy tools and anonymous browsers .

Is advertising always bad?

On the benefits side, online advertising, especially e-commerce sites, can remember who you are and adjust its pages accordingly. Have you noticed how your favorite shopping store  always  seems to have what you're looking for on the home page or is running a sale on your favorite shorts? Again, you can thank online advertising. 

These ads can also help you better compare products, so you're always paying the best price — if that means visiting another site. Online advertising can also track the latest trends, news headlines, and more, so you're a more savvy shopper or citizen. 

To test for the best ad blockers, we downloaded and installed a number of extensions for different browsers, especially Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. We ran through their settings to see how easy they were to customize and set up. Then we went surfing through the internet, especially on mainstream media websites which are flooded with advertising. We kept a lookout for how well ads were blocked, and whether using the ad blocker adversely impacted our viewing experience.

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best safari adblocker reddit 2023

youtube ad blocker reddit

YouTube Ad Blockers as Discussed on Reddit


Reddit is a popular social website for news, web content rating, and even a popular discussion space. The platform is organized into thousands of smaller communities known as subreddits; each focused on a specific topic or issue, such as ad blockers and YouTube's controversial reaction. Stay tuned to find out which one is the best YouTube ad blocker on Reddit , according to its community-dedicated users!

Rising Challenges with YouTube Ads and Community Responses

Overview of youtube's new tactics against ad blockers, how youtube's changes affect ad blocker effectiveness, 1. ublock origin, 2. adblock plus.

3. DuckDuckGo

4. Poper Blocker

What ad blockers reddit users recommend for youtube, analysis of top-rated youtube ad blockers on reddit, success stories and common pitfalls with ad blockers on youtube, scams and ineffective solutions to avoid, key features and benefits of stands ad blocker, user experiences with stands ad blocker on youtube, best youtube alternatives for an ad-free experience, evaluating whether alternatives satisfy user needs like youtube does, the future of ad blocking on youtube: trends and predictions, what are the most effective youtube ad blockers in 2024, why do some youtube ad blockers stop working over time, how can i install a reddit youtube adblock on my browser, are there any youtube ad blockers on mobile devices, what are the pros and cons of using adblockers on youtube.

In recent years, the large number of ads on YouTube has been a source of annoyance for users. Many find these ads intrusive and disruptive to their viewing experience. The increase in ads has also negatively impacted content creators, as users' avoidance reduces their revenue, making it more difficult to monetize their videos.

In response to the proliferation of ads, many users have turned to ad blockers, software that prevents ads from being displayed on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet. As a result, YouTube has tried to fight back by establishing more stringent privacy policies and much more sophisticated ad detection.

While YouTube's ad-related challenges are likely to continue in the future, we may also see new solutions that seek to improve the experience for both users and content creators. According to Reddit, the best YouTube ad blockers Reddit are listed below to help you make more informed decisions and choose the best option! Get the latest news and discussion about YouTube and browse without ads.

youtube adblock reddit

The Current State of YouTube Ad Blocking

In recent months, YouTube has implemented new strategies to address the use of ad blockers and enforce its terms of use. These include improved tools to identify and block ad blockers and the introduction of non-skippable pre-roll ads for all users, including those with Premium subscriptions.

These changes have led some users to explore alternative video platforms due to concerns about privacy invasion. As ad blockers become more advanced, it remains to be seen whether YouTube's efforts will be successful in the long term or if the battle will continue.

To combat the use of ad blockers, YouTube has implemented several tactics. Below are a few of them:

  • Platform detection and blocking: YouTube today detects and disables ad blockers by experiencing interruptions in playback, lower video quality, or even being unable to use the platform.
  • Forced ad insertion: Pre-roll ads that cannot be skipped and in-video ads that are difficult to ignore are even more difficult for adblockers to block.
  • Reduced video quality: Reduced video quality in retaliation for adblocker use certainly affects the user experience.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of YouTube Ad Block in 2024

Reports from reddit users on what's working now.

Below, you will find a summary of ad blockers and browser extensions that, according to Reddit users, currently work to block ads on YouTube and offer a better viewing experience. Discover the browser extensions that work on YouTube:

uBlock Origin is a free, open-source browser extension that blocks ads and trackers. Reddit users believe it stands out for its efficiency, low resource consumption, and improved browsing speed and user experience. It provides the best privacy online. As for YouTube, it is reported to be an effective extension for blocking ads on YouTube, including pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads.

Adblock Plus is a popular browser extension that blocks ads and unwanted items. It is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers. Adblock Plus uses filter lists to block ads but includes a controversial feature called "Acceptable Ads." Although, according to Reddit users, Adblock Plus is less efficient than uBlock Origin, it is also considered one of the most popular options on YouTube.

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that emerges as an alternative offering users much greater privacy and security. For example, this search engine claims not to track your search history. In addition, according to Reddit users, DuckDuckGo not only blocks trackers and other scripts but is also very effective in blocking YouTube ads, especially when using YouTube on a mobile phone accessed through the browser.

Poper Blocker is another browser extension that blocks pop-ups, redirects, and other intrusive content. This extension is compatible with other ad blockers to provide an extra layer of protection against various forms of advertising. It is effective at blocking pop-ups and interstitial ads on YouTube.

NewPipe is an open-source Android app that allows users to watch YouTube videos without the need to use the official YouTube app, which allows videos to be played in the background and downloaded, in addition to being able to watch videos without ads.

It is important to note that the effectiveness of these ad blockers may change over time as YouTube continues to implement new tactics to detect them. We recommend that you update their extensions or applications frequently to find upcoming features and the one that works best for them. Search privately, browse privately, and support content creators while enjoying your favorite videos.

reddit youtube adblock

Community Insights: Popular YouTube Ad Blockers According to Reddit

1. uBlock Origin:

  • Open-source is a highly customizable ad-blocking extension that is popular with Reddit users.
  • It works well for blocking ads on YouTube, including pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads.
  • It offers customization options so users can control what gets blocked.
  • It is regularly updated with new blocking rules to keep up with the latest YouTube updates.

2. Adblock Plus:

  • Extension with a simple-to-use interface for all types of users.
  • Effectively blocks ads on YouTube.
  • Offers whitelisting to allow ads on specific websites.
  • A search engine that blocks ads, trackers, and other scripts that can compromise your privacy.
  • Some Reddit users have reported that it works well for blocking ads on YouTube, especially when using a mobile browser.

4. Poper Blocker:

  • This extension focuses specifically on blocking pop-ups and interstitial ads.
  • Reddit users have reported that it works on the platform.

5. Alternative methods:

  • Some Reddit users suggest blocking ads at the DNS level with Pi-hole.
  • DNS can block ads on all devices connected to a network, including YouTube.

Based on Reddit 's recommendations, here are the pros and cons of the previously mentioned YouTube ad blockers:

  • Pros: Highly customizable, effectively blocks most YouTube ads, is open source, and receives frequent updates.
  • Cons: It can be complex for novice users and requires manual adjustments to get the best performance, so we recommend educating yourself on how to use it.
  • Pros: It provides a much simpler interface than uBlock Origin and is easy to use. Some users say it effectively blocks YouTube ads.
  • Cons: Offers fewer customization options; a paid subscription is required to access better-blocking features.

3. DuckDuckGo:

  • Pros: Blocks ads and trackers, protects privacy, and is an excellent option for users who care about online safety.
  • Cons: It does offer fewer customization options.
  • Pros: Specifically focuses on blocking pop-ups and interstitial ads.
  • Cons: Not considered as effective as other ad blocker extensions.

5. NewPipe (mobile):

  • Pros: It is open source, offers features such as background playback and video downloading, as well as ad blocking, and is highly rated by the community.
  • Cons: Interface may be less intuitive.

Experiences with YouTube Ad Blockers: Real User Stories

Success stories:

  • Effective ad blocking: Ad blockers for YouTube can be very effective at removing most YouTube ads, including pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, in-video, and banner ads, resulting in a better experience.
  • Privacy protection: Some ad blockers also block trackers and other tracking tools that YouTube uses, helping to protect users' privacy.
  • Saving bandwidth: Blocking ads can help save bandwidth, which can be especially beneficial when there are limited plans or slow Internet connections.

Common pitfalls:

  • Changing effectiveness: As YouTube applies new tactics to combat ad blockers, their efficacy can easily change. Frequently updating your extensions or applications will be necessary to find the best one.
  • Compatibility issues: Some ad blockers may not be compatible with all browsers or devices or may not work with newer versions of YouTube.
  • Aggressive ad blocking: Some ad blockers may affect the user experience by blocking legitimate website elements, which could affect its functionality.
  • Privacy user issues: Ad blockers should be downloaded only from official websites and stores. Before downloading them, you should read their privacy and usage policies to understand how these third parties use your public data.

Some of the most common scams you may encounter when downloading browser extensions or applications are:

  • Fake extensions: Browser extensions posing as legitimate blockers could collect user data, install malware, or even increase the risk of phishing or spam.
  • Unofficial Android apps: Some Android apps may not be reliable and may even be phishing scams and malware.
  • Outdated ad blockers: Ad blockers that are not updated frequently may no longer be effective as YouTube implements new tactics to detect and block them.

Some practical tips:

  • Download ad blockers only from official websites: Avoid downloading extensions or applications from third-party websites or untrusted sources.
  • Choose reputable ad blockers: Do your research before installing an ad blocker. Read user reviews and check websites like Reddit for more user insights.
  • Keep your ad blocker up to date. Developers frequently release updates to fix bugs and improve the effectiveness of ad blockers against new YouTube tactics.

Tired of getting ads on YouTube? By following these tips, you can avoid scams and find solutions that work well for you.

adblocker for youtube reddit

Comprehensive Review of Stands Ad Blocker for YouTube

Why choose stands ad blocker.

Another excellent YouTube ad blocker on Reddit that still works on YouTube is Stands! Stands Free AdBlocker is a popular extension with a user base of over 1 million across 170 countries. This free extension enhances your YouTube private browsing experience by effectively removing ads and providing a smoother experience online. Let's discover the features of this top-notch ad blocker for YouTube Reddit and explore how Stands can improve your online experience.

  • 100% Free Solution: Stands AdBlocker is a user-friendly, cost-free software that can be easily installed and customized to suit your preferences. There is no need to pay YouTube Premium!
  • Enhancer for YouTube: Stands Ad Blocker is an effective browser extension that blocks ads, providing an uninterrupted experience on YouTube and other platforms.
  • Remove ads on Twitch and streaming: If you want to become a Twitch streamer, use an ad blocker such as Stands to enhance your viewing experience on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and anime.
  • Lightweight Extension:  Stands AdBlocker is a browser extension with zero impact on the website's speed or performance. It is designed to use memory efficiently and integrates seamlessly with various browsers.
  • Saves Internet Traffic:  Blocking ads on YouTube can reduce data usage and help you manage your megabytes better, even with a slow internet connection.

Positive aspects of using Stands Adblocker:

  • Effectively blocks most YouTube ads: Many users report that Stands blocks most YouTube ads, including pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, video ads, and banners.
  • Lightweight and fast: Stands is known to be a lightweight extension that does not affect browser performance or the functionality of the websites you visit.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface: Stands offers a simple and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible to users of all levels of technical expertise.

Negative aspects of using Stands Adblocker:

  • Compatibility issues: Like all YouTube ad blockers on Reddit, Stands has been reported to have some compatibility issues with the latest YouTube updates. If you have any functionality issues or technical questions related to Stands, get help from your support team.

Alternatives to YouTube: Are They Viable?

Although ad blockers can be an effective way to remove ads on YouTube, there are other alternatives on the platform that you may also want to consider:

  • 1. Vimeo: Known for its focus on high-quality videos and creative community, Vimeo offers free and paid plans. The free plan limits video uploads and analytics features. Some videos may have Vimeo promotional ads.
  • 2. Dailymotion: Dailymotion is a YouTube-like platform with a wide range of content, including music videos, movies, and TV shows. It offers free and paid plans, with the free plan limiting video quality and storage.
  • 3. Twitch: Focused primarily on live streams of video games, e-sports, and creative events, Twitch contains ads, but users can subscribe to channels for ad-free viewing.

Although the alternatives to YouTube ad blockers on Reddit mentioned above offer some advantages, it is essential to evaluate whether they meet the needs of users in the same way as YouTube; for example, if they provide a more limited selection of content, less sophisticated recommendation systems, less robust social interaction, and even the alternatives mentioned above may have less user-friendly interfaces.

Considering these factors, some alternatives to YouTube may not fully meet the needs of all users, but they can certainly be an option to consider if you are fed up with the number of ads on the platform.

Conclusion: Innovation and Opportunity

In 2024, the increasing presence of ads on YouTube has led users to turn to ad blockers, sparking a battle with YouTube's evolving countermeasures. Popular blockers like uBlock Origin, Adblock Plus, DuckDuckGo, and Poper Blocker are challenged by YouTube's new tactics, while newcomers such as Stands AdBlocker are positioning themselves as effective alternatives.

Alternative platforms such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Twitch are emerging as potential ad-free alternatives to YouTube. The search for a seamless, ad-free online video experience continues with evolving strategies and considerations.

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FAQs on Top YouTube ad blocker on Reddit

In June 2024, the effectiveness of ad blockers on YouTube is constantly changing. Some user favorites include uBlock Origin, Adblock Plus, DuckDuckGo, and NewPipe for Android. Keep in mind that these may require updates.

The ongoing battle between YouTube and ad blocker developers requires ad blockers to constantly update their strategies to keep up with YouTube's new ad tactics. This can cause your ad blocker to stop working entirely or only block some ads until they are updated.

For YouTube ad blocking, choose the best YouTube ad blocker on Reddit, like uBlock Origin or Stands Adblocker. Then, visit your browser's extension store, search for the blocker's name, and click Add to Chrome browser or the equivalent for your browser. Get your ad blocker Chrome extension here!

Due to limitations set by app stores and platforms, reliable ad blockers are not directly integrated with the YouTube app on mobile devices. However, consider using open-source apps like NewPipe for an ad-free YouTube experience on Android.

The best YouTube ad blocker on Reddit offers a cleaner viewing experience by removing ads, providing a smoother, ad-free experience, and saving bandwidth. However, creators lose ad revenue that supports their work, and YouTube might implement measures to bypass blockers, requiring updates or potentially impacting video quality.

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  1. What is the current state of adblockers for Safari, do any work?

    Wipr works great, works on macOS; iOS; and iPadOS, and works for any app that uses Safari to render pages which makes it especially great on iPhone and iPad. If you're into projects, you could also look at setting up a Pihole server on your home network, although if you use Private Relay, it may interfere with that. 8. Reply.

  2. The most effective ways to block ads in iOS (ranked by ...

    With Safari, I use the AdBlocker Pro extension. With the Brave browser, although it does not have an adblocker extension like Safari, it has its native Brave Shield. With Chrome, it has no extension or shield, but it still can be used with the best adblocking method when you run Chrome under the DNS-adblocking wifi.

  3. Best Safari Ad Block? : r/Safari

    as an adguard user, i can say that it works on youtube yes. both the free mac app store safari extension and the paid web download from block yt ads. but ublock origin is by far the best adblocker (and its completely free as its open sourced) on the planet, but it only works on chrominium. chrome > safari anyways tho. hope this helps.

  4. Best Adblocker for iOS? : r/ios

    Second this. 1blocker is really good, doesn't bog down iOS, some people don't notice but adblockers tend to slow down the phone and or/internet itself on the phone. 1blocker seems to be the best for me, everything still loads quickly in Safari and effectively without ads. Reply reply. Cyberpunk627.

  5. [Opinion] best safari ad blocker @ 2023-02-03 02:39

    The overall impressions of the best Safari ad blocker are: Some Redditors on r/mac recommend AdGuard as the best option. "AdGuard works for me." "Works pretty well for me, too. Not as good as uBlock Origin, but the best I've found for Safari." Others on r/Safari also suggest AdGuard, with some mentioning Wipr as a good alternative.

  6. Best AdBlock for Safari on MacBook : r/Safari

    That's the only difference. If you're using Safari, I'd recommend Wipr if you don't mind paying a little extra for a lightweight adblocker. Although do note that Wipr doesn't have custom rules support, so it depends on your use cases. For all other browsers, I recommend uBlock Origin (not uBlock). 1.

  7. Adblocker for Safari on MacOS : r/MacOS

    I develop an ad blocker for Safari (on macOS and iOS) called Magic Lasso Adblock which doesn't have permission to see any of the pages you visit or the contents of those pages. Ad blockers which require full permissions are not necessary and, as you note, introduce a mechanism for potential privacy breaches. 2. Reply.

  8. Best Safari ad blockers in 2024

    Top 5 best Safari ad blockers for 2024. Total Adblock - best-performing Safari ad blocker. NordVPN Threat Protection - well-rounded Safari ad blocker. Surfshark CleanWeb - excellent ad blocker and VPN duo. Atlas VPN Shield - budget-friendly Safari ad blocker.

  9. From 2023 content and ad blockers such as uBlock Origin won't ...

    Yes, that's correct. You'll still want a basic ad blocker in place for that, and to clean up the ad placeholders in the DOM. My comment was probably oversimplified, especially if the OP's title is taken literally. Ad blockers with still work, they just won't be able to prevent the request/response with the ad server.

  10. Adblock for Safari that works in June 2024 : r/mac

    Adblock. Adguard. Wipr. They do essentially nothing. Adguard can hide ads if you manually show it where the ad is, but that's about it. With all solutions I made sure to: Activate extensions and provide permissions. Force update filter lists. Restart the Mac after installing.

  11. What Are the Best Ad Blockers for Safari in 2023?

    9. Unicorn Blocker. Unicorn Blocker was developed by Oh Nam Kwon primarily for blocking ads on Safari. The advantages of using Unicorn Blocker include web browsing at a speed three times faster, a 21% increase in battery life and effective blocking of tracking systems.

  12. Best ad-blocker for Safari in 2024

    AdLock: Best budget option for a Safari ad-blocker. Able to stop ads on video and audio streaming sites. Blocks all ads by default. AdGuard: Open-source ad-blocker able to stop all types of ads as well as trackers, malware and phishing websites. 1Blocker: Simple to use and great for quickly creating custom rules.

  13. Best ad blockers

    Best in-browser ad blockers. 1. AdBlock Plus (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Android, iOS) AdBlock Plus (ABP) is among the most popular ad blockers, with extensions available for Firefox ...

  14. The Best Ad Blockers for 2024

    Adblock Plus. Adblock Plus is among the old guard of ad blockers, and it's easy to see why it has lasted so long. It's easy to use, free, and effective. In our testing, it blocked the most ads on ...

  15. Best Ad Blockers According to Reddit in 2024

    Top 5 best ad blockers according to Reddit in 2024 - shortlist. uBlock Origin - Reddit's top pick for comprehensive ad-blocking. AdGuard - Redditor's favorite for multi-platform use. Pi-hole - best for network-wide ad blocking, as voted by Reddit. Brave Browser - top choice on Reddit for integrated browsing experience.

  16. How to Block Ads on Reddit App in 2024

    There are several ways of blocking Reddit ads: 1) use a reliable ad blocker (we recommend Total Adblock ), 2) Get Reddit Premium, 3) Earn Reddit award, 4) use browser like Brave, 5) use Reddit website instead of an app. Block ads on Reddit app effectively in 2024. Check our tips on using reliable ad blockers to prevent those distracting ads.

  17. uBlock Origin

    The uBlock Origin extension remains an industry leading, open-source, cross-platform browser extension with software developed specifically for multiple platform use, and as of 2024, uBlock Origin's extension is available for several of the most widely used browsers, including: Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Opera, Firefox and all Safari releases ...

  18. Best ad blockers of 2024

    With the free version of Ghostery, you get a tracker and ad blocking, and custom blocking preferences. For as little as $3.99 per month, you can get Ghostery Plus, which ads extension themes ...

  19. Best ad blockers Reddit users recommend in 2024

    4. Wipr - a diverse and capable Safari ad blocker ranked by Reddit users. Wipr is an efficient ad blocker for Safari that can be easily set up within seconds. It effectively blocks advertisements, trackers, banners, pop-ups, cryptocurrency miners, EU cookies, and GDPR notices on Safari's web pages.

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  21. Flag of Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia : r/vexillology

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  23. Flag of Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia : r/vexillology

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  24. Best YouTube Ad Blockers 2024: Reddit's Top Picks and Reviews

    1. uBlock Origin: Open-source is a highly customizable ad-blocking extension that is popular with Reddit users. It works well for blocking ads on YouTube, including pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads. It offers customization options so users can control what gets blocked.