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weed tours seattle

Photo by Chait Goli / Pexels

Cannabis In Seattle: Dispensaries, Spots To Munch, & Tours

Getting to know Seattle's diverse cannabis scene.


Rachel Abela

Heading over to  Seattle, Washington ? We’ve got you covered for all of your cannabis needs (and wants).

Getting to know Seattle’s  cannabis scene  just became a lot easier, thanks to the many weed-centric tours, helpful dispensaries, and knowledgeable industry experts spreading the canna word.

Keep reading for the full look at how you can turn your Seattle vacation into a  weed-themed adventure .

Best Weed Dispensaries In Seattle

weed tours seattle

Photo by Erik Mclean / Pexels

Have A Heart Dispensary

Located in Skyway, this one-stop-shop is by far one of the easiest ways to get your hands on some of the best cannabis strains to exist. Not only does Have A Heart carry renowned strains like Orange Zkittles, OG Chem, and Green Crack, but it also has exceptionally fair prices to help you get a bang for your buck. It’s a smaller, more intimate dispensary, but one that’s here to satisfy your every canna-craving.

Location:  115 Blanchard St, Seattle, WA 98121

Evergreen Market | Bellevue Cannabis Dispensary

One of the most visually appealing shopping experiences in Seattle’s cannabis selection is at Evergreen Market / Bellevue Cannabis Dispensary in Renton. The clean space holds a friendly, educated staff happy to help you decide which product is best for your specific needs. Here, you can find top-notch, premium strains like Black Cherry Soda, Grape Cake, Blueberry Muffins, and much more.

Location:  638 116th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

Shawn Kemp's Cannabis Dispensary

An ultra-convenient brick-and-mortar location, Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis Dispensary is located in downtown Seattle and prides itself on supplying consumers with everything they need for recreational fun or medicinal aid. Shawn Kemp’s offers strains like Blue Dream, Gorilla Blue Banger Series, Strawberry Mad Dawg, and more. Pre-order for a quicker purchasing experience or opt for curbside pickup.

Location:  3035 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

Best Food In Seattle

weed tours seattle

Photo by Sandy Hook

Off The Rez Cafe

Sometimes, you don’t have to head to a restaurant to taste a city’s finest foods. Off The Rez Cafe is a Native American-owned food truck that’s made waves since opening in 2019. The truck sits beside the Burke Museum on the University of Washington campus and never fails to leave customers wide-eyed with eats like fry bread tacos with 12-hour smoked pulled pork, braised bison, vegetarian chili, and additional wild rice bowls.

Location:  4300 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98195

Spinasse / Artusi

Craving Italian food? Head over to Spinasse, a warm and refreshing trattoria located on Capitol Hill. This restaurant has been up and running for over a decade, bringing in repeat customers with dishes like tajarin pasta with butter and sage sauce. If you’re up for it, Spinasse’s sister bar, Artusi, sits right next door and holds desert and snacks like beef tongue with salsa tonnata and burrata with pomegranate seeds and toasted pistachios.

Location:  1531 14th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Cafe Campagne

Located in Pike Place, Cafe Campagne is ready to take you from Seattle to Paris, all within a quick bite. Take a hit from the flower you just picked up, then head over for palate-pleasing and renowned dishes like calamari, escargot, white bean stew with lamb pork, and duck confit. For dessert, bless your tastebuds with the chocolate cognac mousse.

Location:  1600 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101

Cannabis Tourism In Seattle

weed tours seattle

Photo courtesy of Ganja Goddess

Mile High Canna Tours

Most cannabis tours refrain from allowing consumption during operations, but  Mile High Canna Tours  lets you smoke/ingest all the weed you want when touring downtown Seattle. You’ll hop on the “Canna-Bus” and ride through the city’s local cannabis farms and one popular dispensary. The tours run from Wednesday to Sunday, twice a day for 3.5 hours. Finally, the gold package lets you stay behind an extra hour for private consumption and painting sessions.

Herban Adventures Cannabis Tour

Brought to you by Show Me Seattle,  Herban Adventure Cannabis Tour  brings guests into an in-depth and close-up look at production facilities, gardens, and popular dispensaries around the city. There are three particular stops on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and the other three stops on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The tour offers a bus that takes you around cannabis operations for about 2.5 hours.

Seattle Green Adventures

Seattle Green Adventures  is a great tour to help you understand and get to know Seattle’s diverse cannabis scene. This tour takes guests on a limo through cultivation facilities and labs to give you a behind-the-scenes look at operations. Other packages also stop in at cannabis dispensaries, glass blowing classes, and production spaces. Most tours last about 4 hours and operate seven days a week.

Herb Recommended Products:

Featured brands:.


Washington Marijuana Tours and Activities

Seattle tourism, the kush tour - glass, garden, extraction & more.

Price: $90 Duration: 3.5 Hours Description: Have you ever been curious about how the legal cannabis industry works? Explore behind the scenes of Seattle's Cannabis industry and culture. This tour begins at one of the swankiest retail shops in the state, Diego Pellicer . The tour also features a Glass Blowing demonstration at Drags Glass Studio , exploring a Tier II Grow Operation at Dawg Star Cannabis , a private look into how Cannabis Oil is produced at Suncliff Cannabis , then rounding the tour off with a trip into Retail stores, including a visit to Vela Cannabis . Get a first hand answer to all of your Cannabis questions from professionals working in the legal industry. Location: 3708 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA, 98134 Click here for more information

Explore behind the scenes of the Cannabis with Kush Tours, Seattle's Marijuana tour. Time and time again, we hear our clients say, "You provide the best tours in Washington." Our Seattle Kush Tour is an immersive experience like a winery or brewery tour, but with Cannabis.

Tours are open to anyone over the age of 21, and they are 100% legal in the state of Washington. Experience history in the making by enjoying a safe, personal and high quality Cannabis Tour!

If you need a Shuttle from the Airport to a Seattle Recreational Marijuana Shop or a Layover Special as we like to call it, check out the Travel section of this page. If you're tempted to use a delivery service, check out our delivery service information page first. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us using the information below or post a question on our Travel Forum!

Reserve your space on a tour by calling 206-900-1402 or send us an e-mail at [email protected] .

Exclusive Tours

Private tours.

Our Private tours are perfect for couples and groups who want to have a great time by diving into the Seattle Cannabis culture. We create a custom itinerary that can include glass blowing, growing, extraction, medicine and more. Please send us an e-mail with your group size, special interests and a desired tour date. We will provide a quote based on your request. Experience Cannabis in a personal setting from your professional Kush guide.

Vacation Packages and Travel

Vacation packages.

Traveling? Our relaxing vacation packages include lodging and a tour of Seattle's Cannabis culture. We provide you a personal guide, access to Marijuana friendly lodging , and a selection of Seattle's best attractions based on your interests. Don't forget to ask us about our cannabis infused massage package! Contact us with your travel inquires.

Airport Travel

We have partnered with Amy's Limousine to offer direct transportation to and from the Seattle - Tacoma airport and the Seattle Cruise Ship Terminals. Our shuttle service will take your group (up to 4 passengers with luggage) to your destination located in the Seattle/Tacoma area while stopping at a local retail Marijuana Shop. Only flying in for a connection? We also offer Layover Specials. You will need a minimum of a 3.5 hour layover. Pair this with a Vaporizer Rental to ease your jet lag! To make a reservation call (206) 730-7781!

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Contact Us: Phone: (844) 587-KUSH Email: [email protected]

This website should not be considered legal advice, counsel, or a substitute for legal advice. Please respect the local, state, and federal marijuana laws during your travels. Please read our full disclaimer here .

Cannabis City Tours

Glass, gear & goods, covid-19 update: all tours on hold until further notice., get free rides to the famous original cannabis city and cannabis city glass and gear.

See the bus? Flag it down and hop on in! Cannabis Tours Seattle.

See the bus? Flag it down and hop on in!

Questions? Request pick up? Call 206-420-4206 Cannabis Tours Seattle.

Questions? Request pick up? Call 206-420-4206

Cannabis city tours is a project of the seattle gear company and will provide you round-trip transport to and from the seattle waterfront, pike place market, and the pioneer square area., ranked #1 in “the complete guide to cannabis tourism in seattle.” by 10buds..

Cannabis City Tours Seattle

The History of Cannabis in Seattle

Cannabis City was the first legal recreational pot shop to open in Washington State, on the historic day of July 7, 2014. Since then, we have served thousands upon thousands of of people from around the world – ranging from heavy consumers to curious, first-time greenies. Our founder, James R. Lathrop, DNP PhDc, is a Doctor of Nursing Practice, entrepreneur, and U.S. Army veteran.

Prior to opening Cannabis City, he operated a successful Medical Marijuana Clinic in Seattle. “Dr. James” has been an outspoken supporter of safe and legal cannabis use for many years and encourages every person over 21 to come and check out his store!

weed tours seattle


weed tours seattle


Call  206-420-4206  today to schedule a free group tour for 10 people  .

Cannabis, Coffee and Dessert

Marijuana is legal in washington let me be your guide as we visit several different styles of legal cannabis shops and learn about the cannabis industry, laws and culture in the emerald city., after we visit the shops, we will stop to get a locally-made beverage of your choice (we have many local brew pubs and obviously great coffee) then it’s your call we can take a walk through an old growth forest, take a stroll on the beach, take a scenic drive around the city…you tell me what you like, and i’ll make it happen. we will finish with some fabulous local desserts to take care of those munchies., note: payment for this tour is cash-only due to federal banking restrictions. to book, call/text.

weed tours seattle

Tour duration: 3 hours

Meet up location: 700 1st ave (corner of 1st ave and cherry street), please note: you must be 21+ with a valid id to enter any marijuana shop in washington, meet up location: i will pickup at the location of your choice ..

weed tours seattle

quick links: Lake, Old Growth Trees + Columbia City   |   Seattle Neighborhoods 101   |   Capitol Hill   |   Georgetown + Columbia City |   Roll the Dice | Locks, Gasworks + Houseboats | Custom Tours

Individual tickets: 99.00 + tax

Meet up location: cherry street coffee house, 700 1st ave (corner of 1st ave and cherry street).

single tickets

Private group (up to 4 people): 349.00 + tax

Group ticket

quick links: Lake, Old Growth Trees + Columbia City   |   Seattle Neighborhoods 101   |   Capitol Hill   |   Georgetown |   Roll the Dice | Locks, Gasworks + Houseboats | Custom Tours

Lynn Curtis 206.717.5797 call or text!

Under the Radar Tours logo

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weed tours seattle

You must be 21+ to access the content of this site. May be unlawful outside Washington State.

weed tours seattle

Experience Heylo from the inside out. Our hands-on tour will walk you through  sourcing, extraction, and post-processing at our facility in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle, WA. By appointment only.

Please understand all bookings are subject to change pending lab and team availability.

weed tours seattle

Other Brands

weed tours seattle

Marijuana in Seattle: Enjoy Responsibly

Marijuana: what visitors to seattle and washington state need to know.

Although still a federal offense to manufacture, sell or possess marijuana, as of December 2012, Washington passed Initiative 502 (I-502), a law which allows adults over the age of 21 to purchase up to one ounce of marijuana, 16 ounces of marijuana infused products in solid form, 72 ounces of marijuana infused oils or up to seven grams of marijuana extract or concentrate, of for recreational use in the State of Washington. The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) is the governing body and its I-502 website should be considered the official resource for the law.

The basics:

  • You must be 21 or older to have or use retail marijuana
  • DO NOT sell or give retail marijuana to minors. It is illegal.
  • DO NOT drive while high. It is illegal.
  • DO NOT consume marijuana in public. It is illegal.
  • DO NOT take marijuana out of the state. It is illegal.
  • DO NOT purchase marijuana products from establishments that are not licensed to sell such products. It is Illegal.
  • DO NOT take marijuana products onto cruise ships or onto federal land. This includes, but is not limited to the Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier National Park, including the state’s ski areas. Any navigable waterway is patrolled by the U.S. Coast Guard and therefore being in possession of marijuana would be illegal, as well.

A little more information:

  • Marijuana purchases must be made in Washington State approved retail stores. The location of these can be found on the WSLBC website.
  • The law states that it is illegal to open a package containing marijuana or marijuana product, or smoke marijuana in public. This includes but is not limited to parks and sidewalks, business and residential areas, and federal and public lands.
  • It is also illegal to smoke marijuana in other locations where smoking is illegal, including bars, restaurants, buildings open to the public, places of employment, and areas within 25 feet of doors and ventilation openings.
  • The majority of Seattle’s hotels are smoke-free. Seventy-five percent of Washington State’s hotels are non-smoking so it is recommend that you check with your hotel before smoking marijuana in a hotel room.
  • Washington State’s DUI laws apply to driving under the influence of marijuana. An adult driver with 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood will be charged with driving under the influence of drugs.

For more information on Washington State’s legal marijuana laws, please consult the Laws, Rules & FAQs , provided by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.


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weed tours seattle

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The 8 best neighborhoods in Seattle

Doug Murray

Jun 28, 2023 • 10 min read

A cute young man and woman enjoy a tasty ice cream waffle cone on a sunny day in downtown Seattle.

Get to know the best neighborhoods to explore in Seattle © RyanJLane / Getty Images

Like most big cities, what side of Seattle you’ll see depends on where you visit. Each neighborhood has something unique to offer, whether you want to see the sights, try the local food scene, check out the local bands or browse interesting shops. 

Having a basic idea of the best Seattle neighborhoods will make any trip infinitely easier. Go to Queen Anne for spectacular views, Capitol Hill for the nightlife, Fremont for quirky art, Ballard for the food scene, Seattle Center for the sights and the U District for shopping.    You might not get to all of Seattle's top neighborhoods in one visit, but here are the best spots to start your explorations.

Exterior of a cafe with tables outside in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington

Indulge in the food scene in Ballard 

A former seafaring community with Nordic heritage, Ballard still feels like a small town engulfed by a bigger city. Ballard has come into its own as one of the best food neighborhoods in Seattle, filled with exciting restaurants, lively bars and excellent shopping.

The commercial heart of Ballard stretches out on either side of NW Market St between roughly 14th Ave NW and 32nd Ave NW, which is lined with an expanding selection of eateries, shops, and nightlife, though some local faves like pizza joint Delancy and its sibling bar Essex spill outside those boundaries. 

You can find everything from American cuisine at Sawyer  to fresh seafood at The Walrus and the Carpenter  to Oaxacan flavors at La Carta de Oaxaca . In a nod to Ballard’s Scandinavian heritage, quaff some mead at Skål Beer Hall a few blocks east of the National Nordic Museum .

The blocks closer to the water contain many of the neighborhood’s most charming historic buildings, now home to a bevy of modern offerings, including some of the best shopping in the city. The neighborhood’s far west side is bordered by the Puget Sound and has staggering views of the water and Olympic Peninsula.

On the southwestern edge, you’ll find the historic Hiram M Chittenden Locks , from where you can continue south over the water to the hiking trails of Discovery Park. 

Don’t miss the unconnected western section of the recreational Burke-Gilman Trail that stretches from the Hiram M Chittenden Locks out to Golden Gardens Park (1.75 miles) and takes in a different, quieter side of Ballard that faces the open Sound.

Planning tip : Due to the distance from the city center attractions, Ballard isn’t the best option for accommodations if you’ve never been to Seattle. Still, the neighborhood has a handful of good options, including Ballard Inn .

Chris Ballew aka Caspar Babypants lead singer of the Presidents of the Unites States of America performs at Neumos during the Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle, Washington

Enjoy the nightlife in Capitol Hill

To decipher Seattle’s most diverse, fashionable and consciously cool neighborhood, it’s helpful to understand a little of its geography. Capitol Hill has three main commercial strips worth exploring: Broadway (the main drag), 15th Ave and the ultra-cultural Pike–Pine corridor, which are all refreshingly walkable if you don’t mind hills.

Geographically, the strips are gelled together by Capitol Hill’s residential grid: a mixture of apartment complexes, large grandiose houses and the green expanse of Volunteer Park with its uniquely photogenic vantage points of the Space Needle .

This weird but never caustic juxtaposition of chic and scruffy is one of the neighborhood’s biggest allures and makes Capitol Hill one of the best walking neighborhoods in Seattle .

If you’re walking up from downtown crossing I-5 on E Pine St, you’ll enter the neighborhood close to Melrose Market at the western end of the Pike–Pine corridor. This stretch of aging brick warehouses and former 1950s car dealerships made over into LGBTQI+ bars, live music clubs, coffeehouses, record stores and fashionable restaurants is Seattle’s nightlife central.

Running perpendicular to Pike–Pine is Capitol Hill’s main commercial street, Broadway. Several blocks east is the quieter business district of 15th Ave E, where some of the city’s wealthiest residents live in the grand old mansions that embellish tree-lined streets such as 14th Ave (aka Millionaire Row).

Gaze at the opulence as you make your way up to Capitol Hill’s peak, Volunteer Park, home to the Seattle Asian Art Museum , a conservatory and a water tower. In the neighboring Lake View Cemetery, you’ll find the graves of Bruce and Brandon Lee.

Planning tip: Capitol Hill is a good option if you want to stay near the action and don’t need absolute quiet at night. The neighborhood has plenty of guesthouses and vacation rentals.

Get a little weird in Fremont

Weirder than Ballard and more self-deprecating than Capitol Hill, Fremont’s essential businesses are its public sculptures. Most of its outlandish statues and monuments lie clustered around a few square blocks on the neighborhood's southern edge close to the bridge, roughly between the water and NW 36th St, stretching to Aurora Ave N and Phinney Ave N.

Here, you’ll also find the bulk of the notable eating places like Lupo , offbeat boutiques, and the cheaper and more interesting one of Fremont’s two hotels, Hotel Hotel . (The other is a chain hotel farther north on Aurora Ave).

Fremont is a great neighborhood for getting a taste of local life, especially in summer, when festivals and regular outdoor movies send the locals positively delirious.

Planning tip: With good bus connections and a bike-friendly intra-urban trail, it can easily be incorporated with visits to the adjacent neighborhoods of Ballard and Wallingford.

See the sights in Belltown and Seattle Center 

Where industry once roared, glassy condos now rise in the thin, walkable strip that is Belltown . Belltown is near the Seattle Center , the former site of the legendary 1962 World’s Fair that has tons of the city's top things to do , such as the Space Needle,  Museum of Pop Culture  and  Chihuly Garden and Glass . The green lawns and fountains attract gawking tourists and families looking for a retreat from the bustle of downtown.

Belltown has gained a reputation as one of the best nightlife neighborhoods in Seattle in its 1990s grunge heyday. These days it’s more renowned for its 100-plus restaurants.

A few of the grunge-era landmarks are still in business, but distorted guitars now compete with the chatter of the cocktail crowd. Whatever your fashion affiliations, Belltown’s after-dark scene is hip and noisy and rarely stands still.

Capitol Hillers might disagree, but Belltown’s main nightlife zone (1st and 2nd Aves between Blanchard and Battery Sts) is still the best place in the city to string together a bar-hopping evening out.

Belltown is right on the water, and this is where you’ll find the ferries to the San Juan Islands and Victoria, British Columbia. Its southernmost corner borders the Pike Place Market.

Planning tip: Belltown is a great option for staying if you’re a first-time visitor to Seattle. It’s not the quietest neighborhood in the city, but it offers plenty of places to stay, from waterfront hotels with their own place in rock history to hip and (allegedly) haunted bargains.

People walk on a tree-lined street on the historic brick Occidental Walk Avenue in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle, Washington

Do it all at Pioneer Square, International District and SoDo 

Browsing the Pioneer Square Historic District is like visiting a movie set of early 20th-century Seattle, except the food and the shopping are better. This area is the birthplace of Seattle, and the red-brick district of historical buildings, antique shops and musty bars are still a real crossroads of the modern city.

Some visitors arrive by long-distance bus or train at King Street Station , a good place to get oriented thanks to its proximity to a trio of local squares. A few blocks west of the station and east of the Pier 50 Seattle Dock is Pioneer Square Park , an architectural showpiece.

Nearby Occidental Park  was given a beautiful facelift and has become a favorite spot with locals. A block down the street and around the corner from Occidental Square, Zeitgeist Coffee will brew your first (and possibly best) cup of Seattle coffee. Take time to wander the streets afterward to admire the handsome architecture.

To the east of King Street Station is the International District (ID), Seattle’s de facto Chinatown. The “international” moniker has some merit. While predominantly Chinese, the district has a strong Vietnamese presence and a few reminders of the city’s Japantown, which has never recaptured its pre-WWII vibrancy after its citizens were detained in internment camps during the war.

The ID is the perfect spot for inexpensive food: dim sum and Vietnamese pho predominate. You’ll also find the Wing Luke Museum  and the delectable Panama Hotel Tea & Coffee House . Hidden treasures include everything from a  massive Japanese department store  to a  pinball museum .

Access spread-out SoDo (South of Downtown) by strolling south on 1st Ave S. Beyond its two sports stadiums, you’ll stumble upon rugged bars, weed dispensaries, the Westland whiskey distillery and a little-known computer museum founded by Paul Allen.

Planning tip: This part of Seattle offers little in terms of accommodations other than a couple of chain hotels, but you never have to walk more than a few blocks to find public transport connections to places to stay downtown.

Kayaking at Lake Union in Seattle, Washington

Take in the skyline views in Queen Anne and Lake Union

At some point during your Seattle sightseeing sojourn, you’ll want to exit the tourist-heavy Seattle Center and be deposited on one of the busy thoroughfares of Lower Queen Anne, a lived-in urban locale good for a cheap meal or an eye-widening dose of Seattle coffee culture.

To get a view of a posher side of the neighborhood, take a steep hike (or jump on a bus) up Queen Anne Ave N, aka "the Counterbalance," to a markedly different neck of the woods and some of the best views of the Seattle skyline.

East of Queen Anne is the freshwater lake known as Lake Union , perfect if you’re in the mood for a paddle. Because Queen Anne and the neighborhoods around Lake Union are mainly residential, there’s little to be had in terms of accommodations, and the rates of what's available are in line with some of Seattle’s most affluent neighborhoods.

Hang out with the family in Georgetown and West Seattle

Located south of downtown and its industrial extension, SoDo, the neighborhoods of Georgetown and West Seattle feel detached from the center by the glassy expanse of Elliott Bay and SoDo’s utilitarian warehouses.

These are two of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families, but because transportation connections to downtown are better than those between the neighborhoods, they’re often visited separately. Georgetown’s art walks, punk scene and quirky stores can be incorporated with a visit to the Museum of Flight .

West Seattle works as a summer-weekend beach getaway courtesy of sandy Alki Beach . Spread over a hilly peninsula, the neighborhood spins on two hubs: the de facto downtown called “the Junction” at the intersection of California Ave SW and SW Alaska St (whose indie record store , one-in-a-million bakery  and smattering of great restaurants make worth the visit) and the aforementioned famous beach and its promenade. Free shuttles from the water-taxi dock connect with both.

Planning tip: Neither Georgetown nor West Seattle have much to offer in terms of accommodations. You’re better off staying downtown or heading farther south to the chain hotels around Sea-Tac Airport.

Go shopping in the U District 

Head east off I-5 north of Lake Union and suddenly you’ll feel as if you’re no longer in Seattle. The U District, named for “U Dub” (what locals call the University of Washington ) feels like its own little college town. Just like you, most of the people here are visitors – they’re merely staying a bit longer (several semesters or more).

Nearly everyone gets oriented in the U District on “the Ave” (University Way, roughly between 40th and 50th Sts), an atmospheric main drag full of tiny cheap restaurants, thrift stores, record stores, secondhand bookstores – this is one of the best shopping neighborhoods in Seattle – as well as tattoo parlors, bars and coffee shops full of deadline-chasing, laptop-gazing students.

The number of inexpensive places to eat, especially Indian and southeast Asian cuisines, makes the Ave the best place to find a budget-friendly and tasty meal. If you want to head inside, lose yourself in the cavernous University Book Store , which takes up an entire city block.

Reserve a sunny day to explore the adjacent UW campus, a veritable arboretum and architectural showcase with a couple of top-notch museums focusing on art and natural history.

The U District has a good range of hotels, from surprisingly expensive chain hotels to more affordable options full of character, like the College Inn .

Local tip: Rowdy college students on the way back from a night of debauchery may keep you awake at night.

This article was first published Apr 21, 2021 and updated Jun 28, 2023.

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Shadle Park, North Central open new in-school health clinics to expand healthcare access

Students at Shadle Park and North Central high schools can now get their basic primary health care right inside their school.

Spokane Public Schools opened two new in-school health clinics in May aiming to expand health care access to students who may otherwise not get care.

Through a partnership with CHAS Health, the clinics provide students with physicals, cold and flu treatment, immunizations, testing for a range of illnesses, mental health services and anything else for which one might go to their primary care physician.

“This is yet another example of how we collaborate in our community and how we are better and stronger together,” Spokane Superintendent Adam Swinyard said Tuesday . “We have a public library inside of one of our public schools. We have health clinics inside of our schools. We share spaces, we share folders, we are better when we work together and collaborate.”

The two new health care providers join a similar clinic at Rogers High School, which opened in 2020. According to the school district, the CHAS Health at Rogers High School Clinic has served more than 650 individuals through 1,840 visits in the past 12 months.

CHAS Certified Physician Assistant Jeff Hayward said that the services provided in these school clinics meet the standard of any medical clinic.

“We are providing full family medicine services and mental health care. We’re connected with other resources, such as dental care and pharmacy. We’re collaborating with parents and staff. We’re bringing all the people together that care about these kids. Because when we break down barriers and we do innovation interventions, that’s when our kids get to shine,” Hayward said.

Each clinic cost approximately $300,000 to retrofit existing office space at the school. About half of the funds for the projects come from the City of Spokane. The rest is from the school district’s Annual Capital Project Funding, which draws on dollars from past bonds.

City funds originate from the federal American Rescue Plan Act, and are part of the city’s plan to combat the negative health reverberations still felt from the pandemic, said City Councilman Zack Zappone.

“Youth were really impacted by COVID and the time away from schools – both their behavior and their medical health,” he said. “So we reached out to the school board, which were interested in this partnership of matching funds to build and grow the medical care and behavioral health of our students.”

Zappone also noted the clinics should help parents who may not be able to take time away from work to take their child to the doctor.

“They’re able to leave the classroom for an hour or shorter, go to see the clinic, come back to class right away – rather than having to leave school, set up a doctor’s appointment, and maybe not come back to school the rest of the day,” he said.

The Spokane City Council on Monday approved an additional $200,000 toward the health clinic partnership with Spokane Public Schools as part of its last dollar allocations from the American Rescue Plan Act’s pandemic relief funds. The funding was a last -minute addition in an amendment advanced by Zappone, Council President Betsy Wilkerson and Councilman Paul Dillon.

As at Rogers, Shadle Park and North Central clinic hours will be 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. year-round, except for federal holidays.

Spokesman-Review reporter Emry Dinman contributed to this report

Hydropower is ready to step up to the plate against summer heat

Summer is nearly here and the Northwest has sprung to life as the days have grown longer and warmer.


  1. The Complete Guide to Cannabis Tourism in Seattle

    Cannabis tours. Seattle visitors aged 21 and older can get a behind-the-scenes look at the city's blossoming cannabis industry with these cannabis-themed spins on the typical city tour. #9 Show Me Seattle's Herban Adventure. Show Me Seattle is a tour company known for its entertaining and interestingly-themed tours.

  2. Visitors' Guide to Seattle Cannabis Tourism

    Meets At: 1302 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98101. Duration: 2 hours. Cost: $75 per person. Cannabis bus tours have become big business, but there's only one Original Cannabus. This shorter tour takes guests to Seattle's first licensed recreational marijuana facility along with another high-end dispensary.

  3. Cannabis In Seattle: Dispensaries, Spots To Munch, & Tours

    Seattle Green Adventures is a great tour to help you understand and get to know Seattle's diverse cannabis scene. This tour takes guests on a limo through cultivation facilities and labs to give you a behind-the-scenes look at operations. Other packages also stop in at cannabis dispensaries, glass blowing classes, and production spaces.

  4. Washington Marijuana Tours & Cannabis Tours in Seattle, WA

    Our Seattle Kush Tour is an immersive experience like a winery or brewery tour, but with Cannabis. Tours are open to anyone over the age of 21, and they are 100% legal in the state of Washington. Experience history in the making by enjoying a safe, personal and high quality Cannabis Tour!

  5. Tours

    Our guided Cannabus excursion takes you to the epicenter of Seattle's exploding cannabis culture. Our tour provides behind the scene access to explore Seattle's first licensed recreational cannabis facility and transportation to a high end cannabis store. The Tour lasts roughly 3 hours. Garden we visit: Dawg Star Cannabis Store we visit: The ...

  6. Home

    Cannabis City Tours is a project of the Seattle Gear Company and will provide you round-trip transport to and from The Seattle Waterfront, Pike Place Market, and the Pioneer Square area. ... The History of Cannabis in Seattle. Cannabis City was the first legal recreational pot shop to open in Washington State, on the historic day of July 7 ...

  7. Chasing Mari Seattle Cannabis tours

    Specialties: Chasing Mari tours can encompass not only visiting marijuana outlet stores, but combined with one or more other attractions around the greater Seattle area. Seattle has so much to offer with music, restaurants, bars, theaters, open green spaces, parks and fantastic sightseeing. Now is a terrific time for exploring our great city with all that it has to offer and all the new ...

  8. TOP 10 BEST Cannabis Tours in Seattle, WA

    Top 10 Best Cannabis Tours in Seattle, WA - January 2024 - Yelp - Mile High Canna Tours, The Original Canna Bus, Tours Northwest, Chasing Mari Seattle Cannabis tours, Gateway Organix, Humanity

  9. The Definitive Cannabis Travel Guide to Seattle

    The Definitive Cannabis Travel Guide to Seattle Brett Konen Published on June 2, 2016 · Last updated July 28, 2020 Welcome to Leafly's travel series, our definitive 24-hour cannabis-infused ...

  10. Cannabis, Coffee and Dessert

    Marijuana is legal in Washington! ... Tour duration: 3 hours Meet up location: Cherry Street Coffee House 700 1st Ave (corner of 1st Ave and Cherry Street) please note: you must be 21+ with a valid ID to enter any marijuana shop in Washington. ... ©2018-2021 Seattle Under the Radar Tours, LLC.

  11. The Original Cannabus

    The Original Cannabus is a Seattle based, Marijuana friendly tour service & party bus. We provide VIP Party Rentals and safe, mobile, environment to experience Seattle Pot culture. The Original Cannabus is a Seattle based, Marijuana friendly tour service & party bus.

  12. Seattle Weed Tours

    Welcome to the wonderful world of legal weed! In 2012, the voters of Washington State agreed to... 400 Broad St, Seattle, WA 98109

  13. Come along on a cannabis tour in Seattle

    Seattle's entertaining Kush Tours popped up — a 3½-hour adventure for $150 plus an Amtrak train ride to get me there. They also offer advice on 420-friendly places to stay, such as the Bacon Mansion, a B&B on Capitol Hill, as well as hotels with smoke-friendly courtyards, if not smoke-friendly rooms. The Bacon Mansion is a convenient 15 ...

  14. How to Get the Best Weed in Seattle

    Take a Seattle Cannabis Tour. Ultimately, the easiest way to find the best marijuana dispensaries and best weed in Seattle is to take a Seattle cannabis tour. There are several popular tour providers that will take you to cannabis shops (including recreational and medical dispensaries), extraction labs, glass-blowing facilities, and more.

  15. Cannabis Tourism in Seattle: An Insider's Look

    Travel. Seattle is one of the more pot-friendly cities to visit for the canna-sseur on vacation. The city began hosting Hempfest in 1991, legalized medical marijuana in 1998, essentially decriminalized marijuana in 2003 and led the charge for legalization in 2012. While the gloomy winter weather keeps many indoors, summers in Seattle are ...

  16. Tour the Heylo Lab

    LAB TOURS. Experience Heylo from the inside out. Our hands-on tour will walk you through sourcing, extraction, and post-processing at our facility in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle, WA. By appointment only. Please understand all bookings are subject to change pending lab and team availability. Welcome to my scheduling page.

  17. Marijuana in Seattle

    Marijuana: What Visitors to Seattle and Washington State Need to Know. Although still a federal offense to manufacture, sell or possess marijuana, as of December 2012, Washington passed Initiative 502 (I-502), a law which allows adults over the age of 21 to purchase up to one ounce of marijuana, 16 ounces of marijuana infused products in solid form, 72 ounces of marijuana infused oils or up to ...

  18. Weed Activities in Seattle for Tourists and Locals Alike

    Seattle has long been a hub for weed lovers; in 1991 Hempfest took to the streets, medical marijuana was legalized in 1998, and recreational puffs filled homes legally in 2012. A rich marijuana history has laid the groundwork for today's open-minded and welcoming cannabis landscape. Tourists and locals alike come together, smoke their favorite strain, and enjoy all that the city has to offer.

  19. Washington Cannabis Tours

    Seattle 420 Tours. Embark on a captivating journey through Washington cannabis tours, prominently featured on our platform, offering an in-depth exploration of the Evergreen State's vibrant marijuana culture. From the bustling streets of Seattle to the serene landscapes of Spokane, the Olympic Peninsula, and beyond, Washington presents an ...

  20. Top 10 Best Cannabis Tours in SEATTLE, WA

    Cannabis Tours Near Seattle, Washington. 1 . Mile High Canna Tours. 2 . The Original Canna Bus. 3 . Chasing Mari Seattle Cannabis tours. "We booked a tour with this company. The driver never showed up.

  21. Get High In Seattle With These Cannabis Tours

    The Original Cannabus tours last around 3 hours, and takes the party bus entertainment option to a much higher level. Their tours include cannabis gardens and several stores in the city, where you can get access to the first licensed recreational cannabis facility in Seattle with transportation all taken care of.

  22. Where Can You Smoke Weed in Seattle?

    Consider taking a Seattle cannabis tour like the Original Cannabus, the Herban Adventure tour, or the Seattle Green Adventures tour. Everyone around you will probably be as baked as you are, so it's a guaranteed good time for all. If you're caught consuming cannabis publicly in Seattle, you'll generally receive a $27 fine. So while the ...

  23. 633 13th Avenue E, Seattle, WA 98102

    Zillow has 28 photos of this $1,050,000 2 beds, 2 baths, 1,579 Square Feet townhouse home located at 633 13th Avenue E, Seattle, WA 98102 built in 2024. MLS #2235629.

  24. Best neighborhoods in Seattle

    This weird but never caustic juxtaposition of chic and scruffy is one of the neighborhood's biggest allures and makes Capitol Hill one of the best walking neighborhoods in Seattle. If you're walking up from downtown crossing I-5 on E Pine St, you'll enter the neighborhood close to Melrose Market at the western end of the Pike-Pine corridor.

  25. Visitors' Guide to Buying Weed in Seattle

    Seattle has some of the lowest cannabis costs in the nation. Washington dispensary prices average just $230 for an ounce of high-quality flower, or about $13.50 for a gram. You can find pre-rolls for as little as $5, pot brownies between $5 and $10, concentrates for $15 to $35 per gram, and vape pen cartridges for about $35 to $40 (all based on ...

  26. Shadle Park, North Central open new in-school health clinics to expand

    June 11, 2024 Updated Tue., June 11, 2024 at 6:23 p.m. School board member Mike Wiser chats with Jeremy Rindy, right, a medical assistant with CHAS Health during a tour of Shadle Park High School ...