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House sitting opportunities from around the world - Workaway

Here at Workaway you will find 582 hosts and organisations for house sitting work from around the world. Low cost travel without having to pay expensive agency fees.






  New Zealand



House sitting opportunities worldwide

  • Europe   (407)
  • Asia   (14)
  • Africa   (5)
  • Oceania   (31)
  • South America   (20)
  • Central America   (10)
  • North America   (92)
  • Middle East   (3)

Last minute house sitting opportunities

Here you will find 15 last minute opportunities for house sitting work from Hosts that have indicated that they require help immediately.





Feedback from Workaway members

There are 3145 reviews for 377 Workaway hosts for House sitting help from Workaway members. 377 Hosts for House sitting were rated at least 4.9/5!

I worked at Ahmed's place for just seven days in January 2023. Though it was a short stay, my shortest ever through WA, Ahmed's place and its' guests ...


by Ava , 30 Jan 2024

What luck that our first Workaway was at this place! Anna and Hugh were such kind, generous hosts who offered an exceptional work exchange that includ...

by Michele & Michael A , 29 Jan 2024

10 days in “El Serradet” housesitting and Petsitting Troi and his cat friends has been wonderful first Workaway experience. Jordi is a friendly genero...

by Esperanza & Kevin , 29 Jan 2024

Thesi welcomed us very warmly and we felt at home from day one. She is a super good cook and the evenings with her were always nice. Even when she did...

by Eliah & Carlotta , 28 Jan 2024

I stayed with Nikki and her beautiful dogs as a last minute request in December. I loved every minute of it. Nikki is such an amazing person, her do...

by Karen , 27 Jan 2024

Registering as a Host

Registering as a host with workaway.info is completely free of charge.

Workaway.info has been set up to promote and encourage exchange and learning. Hosts on Workaway should be interested in cultural exchange and sharing experiences. They should be able to provide a welcoming friendly environment for visitors as well as offering accommodation and food.

Workaway benefits

travel house vacancy

House sitting with Workaway

Can you see yourself soaking up the sun on a sun bed by your own pool in an island villa? Or walking a dog through the early morning mist along a deserted beach? Popping down from your flat to pick up some bagels in a trendy neighbourhood? Setting up your computer catch up with work by a window with a great view? These might seem like images from someone else’s life, but they could be yours for a while if you volunteer to do some house sitting while you’re travelling!

So what is house sitting exactly?

House sitting is what a volunteer does when someone asks them to live in their home while they are away on holiday or travelling. The house sitter can stay in the property for free , in exchange for taking on a combination of responsibilities. Usually the main reason an owner wants a house sitter to look after their house for free is to look after their pets and to keep the house secure and occupied. However the house sitter may be asked to do other jobs too, like simple maintenance (including looking after the pool and watering the garden), and generally making sure that everything runs smoothly, just as if the owner was at home. All of the facilities in the house, such as cooking utensils, washing machine, TV and Wi-Fi, are available for the house sitter to use free of charge.

Sounds like a great arrangement, doesn’t it? It’s certainly a fantastic way to volunteer and travel the world, saving you heaps of money on accommodation. But let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of house sitting, before looking at some tips on how to find house sitting opportunities on Workaway.

What are the advantages of house sitting?

  • Free accommodation – paying no rent is obviously a huge advantage when travelling, and will save you lots money, meaning you can travel for longer.
  • Home comforts – sometimes even travelling can get a bit much, and it’s nice to set up home for a while. You can enjoy all the things you dream of when you’re fed up with hostels: doing your laundry, having regular access to Wi-Fi to catch up with your emails, cooking your favourite meals in your own kitchen, and having private space to hang out in that isn’t just a bed.
  • Getting a glimpse of other people’s lives – house sitters can enjoy all the details of someone else’s home, the art and décor, the different books and music on the shelves, the garden and pool...
  • Connecting to the locals – setting up your life in one place for a while means you can be a regular at local shops and bars, talk to people, and find out much more about the region than you would otherwise. Plus you get to meet the neighbours. Don’t forget to ask your host for introductions and recommendations to make the most of your stay.
  • The company of animals – most travellers don’t have pets, or if they do, they’ve had to leave them at home. As a house sitter you can enjoy the cold wet nose of a loyal dog or the warm purrs of a friendly cat, all without the permanent responsibility.
  • Routine – this can be great for a while amid the unstructured chaos of travelling: walking dogs, feeding cats and watering the plants can provide a gentle routine that allows you to recover your energy, catch up on work and travel plans, or on sleeping, reading or writing, work on special projects, or even binge watch all the television series you’ve been missing.
  • Making a dream come true – maybe you always wanted to experience life in a new city but it just seemed too expensive. Imagine having the time to visit every art museum in New York, to walk both ‘rives’ of the Seine in Paris, or to get to know the trendiest neighbourhoods of Madrid. House sitting lets you hang out in one place that little bit longer so you can get to know it better.
  • Having some time to yourself – volunteering with Workaway usually involves an exchange of 4 or 5 hours of work a day in exchange for food and accommodation (find out more here ). Although you might be asked to do a bit of watering or patio sweeping on a house sit, you will be free of major household tasks, leaving you with so much more free time to explore the area.
  • Escaping tourist areas – like other volunteering opportunities with Workaway, house sitting enables you to discover places you would otherwise never know existed. It’s a great way to go off the beaten track, explore, have new experiences and enjoy the places other people have fallen in love with.

Once you start checking out housesitting opportunities on Workaway, you’ll soon find out that it usually isn’t the house that you have to think about – your responsibility is really for the pets. Of course Workaway hosts want someone who will care for their home, but mostly they want your loving care and undivided attention to go to their beloved pets, or possibly their precious plants. It’s important to know this before embarking on your adventure and to think about the implications of this responsibility. And there may be other aspects of house sitting that don’t suit you.

What are the disadvantages of house sitting?

  • You have a responsibility to the pets – this will restrict your lifestyle. Forget overnight trips, you’ve got to be home in the morning to feed the dogs and take them for their walkies.
  • Things may be a little quiet – you are likely to be visiting off-season, since that is when home owners will be choosing to travel. Think about the weather and seasonal closures and make sure you are ready to enjoy the delights of a cold and deserted beach resort.
  • Things will go wrong – you might need to fix a broken shower, look after a sick animal, sort out a power failure, get to distant shops without a car to stock up on heavy tins of dog or cat food… It’s all your responsibility and there may not be anyone to help you.
  • It’s not completely free – you might have some expenses, depending on your agreement with your host: groceries perhaps, bus fares and meals out for sure. Remember to discuss these things in advance – you’ll be saving your host a lot of money, because cat and dog kennels are expensive, so utilities should be paid for by the homeowner. But what about your food? And what happens if their pet needs a trip to the vet? Settle this in advance.
  • The big unknown – you won’t know what the owner’s house or neighbours are like until you get there… Check out photos, look at maps, have a Skype or phone call and ask lots of questions before you commit yourself!
  • You’ll need to be flexible and competent – no matter how good the instructions are there will be things you have to figure out for yourself. Try to have a few days overlap with your host to get to know the house before you are left to your own devices. And if you’ve never lived alone, this is probably not the time to start trying it out.
  • Difficult pets – even if you love animals there are some that may try your patience!
  • Isolation – house sitting is very different to staying in a hostel, where you’re surrounded by other travellers all the time. It’s also different to other volunteering opportunities where your host and even other volunteers will be around at mealtimes and in the evenings. If you’re travelling alone and want to socialise and make friends, house sitting may not be the perfect volunteering opportunity for you. However if you and your partner want to settle down to some intimacy for a week or two, it might be just the thing!

So you’ve heard stories of people house sitting in amazing properties rent-free. And after reading the pros and cons of house sitting, you're interested in trying it for yourself. Here are some tips for finding house sitting opportunities on Workaway and some FAQ about house sitting.

How to find a house sitting opportunity on Workaway – the next steps

Workaway is the world’s leading community for volunteering and cultural exchange. Lone travellers will find plenty of opportunities to meet and connect with the locals, but Workaway also offers many opportunities for couples, friends and families. Workaway has more than 50,000 opportunities and many of them are looking for house sitters – this is the perfect way to make travelling affordable anywhere in the world, or to allow you to travel for longer. Whether you want to visit coastal paradises, inland cities or farms, or get right off the beaten track and immerse yourself in wild nature and local life, the perfect host is waiting to hear from you. It doesn’t matter whether you are exploring during your summer holidays, or seeking a gap year adventure, the volunteering opportunities are almost unlimited and will guarantee you have the time of your life.

Like other volunteering opportunities, Workaway house sitters save money on accommodation, while traveling on vacation, or when living nomadically. House sitters can experience living like locals in different countries and cultures around the world, for anything from a few days to several months, or sometimes even longer. Although there is not a separate list of hosts looking for house sitters, there are plenty of house sitting opportunities available all over the world that can be found on the Workaway site. When using the Workaway search tool, just enter “house sitting” in the text box on the host search page and start choosing from hundreds of hosts currently looking for house sitters all over the world. Some of these are one-offs but others are more regular, since ex-pats often return to their mother countries regularly to visit family members.

Who can become a Workaway house sitter?

If you’re very young, or look like a violent criminal, you’re probably going to find it hard to get a place! But if you’re responsible, trustworthy and a genuine animal lover, you stand a good chance of becoming a house sitter.

Competition can be steep, as many volunteers like the idea of some independent time and more and more people are learning about the money-saving benefits of house sitting. So when you write to your host looking for a house sitting opportunity, make sure you give enough information to inspire confidence. It will help if you can offer a testimonial or reference, and don’t forget to ask Workaway hosts that you’ve already stayed with to give you a review.

Remember, although all volunteering opportunities are based on trust and part of the sharing economy , house sitting involves even more trust than usual, because you will be left in charge of the owner’s beloved home and animals.

How long do Workaway house sits last?

House sits can last from a couple of weeks to a few months. Usually they cover people’s holidays, so one to two weeks is common.

Do Workaway house sitters supply their own food and household items?

This will depend on your agreement. Some hosts will provide your food, but others will expect you to do your own shopping. Make sure you discuss this. Pet food should obviously be paid for by the house owner, and the owner should also make sure items like toilet paper, cleaning sprays, clean cloths and dishwasher tablets are fully stocked up before the house sit begins.

Do Workaway house sitters need their own car?

It isn’t essential to have your own car, but you might find it difficult to live without one in a remote location. Ask your host about public transport and shops before committing yourself to a house sit.

Does the volunteer house sitter need to clean the house?

Again this will depend on the agreement you make with your host. The house owner’s main concern is usually the welfare of their pets, but it would be very strange behaviour to stay in someone’s house and leave it dirty. If you haven’t agreed to do more, then a basic clean up is advisable before the owners return. If you’ve been sleeping in the owner’s bed, it’s also nice to wash the sheets and make the bed for them, especially if they’ll be getting back at night. Both the house owner and sitter should leave the home clean for each other out of basic courtesy. And remember, if you get good reviews, you will find it easier to get other house sitting opportunities!

What jobs will you have to do as a volunteer house sitter?

House sitting duties vary hugely from job to job; you could have an easy-maintenance cat that just needs dry food and water topping up (quite rare though), or a whole zoo of animals that require medication, multiple walks and even special meals, along with a list of household jobs.

Volunteer house sitting and healthcare

If you are planning to visit any country as a volunteer and not as a tourist, you must have the correct visa. To find out about the latest requirements, you need to contact the Embassy in your home country before travelling. And please don’t forget to take out appropriate insurance to make sure you qualify for healthcare!

House sitting can be a fantastic way to travel and to get to know a new place at a low cost. For house owners, it’s a brilliant way to keep their pets happy while they’re away. If you’re ready to expect the unexpected, enjoy someone else’s home and kitchen and love someone else’s animals, then house sitting could be perfect for you. Why wait any longer? Join Workaway and get planning your trip! And once you’re there, making yourself at home, remember to get out and visit the area as much as possible – you’re still a traveller after all!

Become a part of the community as a host

Looking for some extra help and a cultural exchange? Workaway has many people looking to share their skills and experience in return for a place to stay.

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If you are a host and are able to take in refugees please add the information in your account and you will be added to our last minute host list .

Should you wish to donate and help please click here .

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Nomadic Matt's Travel Site

Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer

How to Become a House Sitter and Never Pay for Accommodation

A bright blue villa surrounded by vineyards

In recent years, house sitting has become one of the best ways to travel long-term on a budget. In exchange for watching someone’s house (and pets) you get a free place to stay, allowing you to travel long-term without paying for accommodation. I’ve never done it so I invited Dalene and Pete from Hecktic Travels to share their tips and advice on the topic as they are avid house sitters.

As I write this, I’m sitting in a comfortable leather recliner in front of three large bay windows. In my view are tall pines covered in healthy green moss, as well as shimmering water from a nearby lake. An old, chubby gray cat — the king of this log cabin — warms my feet.

This is my home for three months, and my husband and I are living here for free. We pay no rent or utilities, and we have a vehicle at our disposal.

We are house-sitting.

We travel around the world taking care of pets and homes while their owners are off on their own travels. Not only does it keep our costs extremely low but it also gives us an intimate experience in a new locale and complete immersion in the neighborhood.

The majority of our last three years traveling have been spent house-sitting, saving us well over $30,000 USD in accommodation costs and affording us an incredible set of travel experiences we might never have enjoyed otherwise.

But this way of travel isn’t just for long-term nomads like us; opportunities are available for all types of travelers. House-sitting jobs range from weekends to years in length; our shortest house-sit was nine days and our longest was six months.

In short, no matter how long you are traveling for, you can find a house-sitting gig that works for you. Here’s everything you need to know to get started!

Table of Contents

Why Become a House Sitter

How to become a house sitter, how to be a good house sitter.

A beautiful vine-covered manor with a car in front at a house sit in Scotland

Instant local connections Meeting and befriending locals give you immediate insight into a place and help you feel connected and grounded, no matter how long you’ve been on the road. Through house sitting, we’ve (so far) made lifelong friends with eight dogs, nine cats, four chickens, and sixteen humans (homeowners).

We can travel at a slow pace Spending only a few days in every city on the prescribed tourist trail may seem like a great way to see the world, but taking on a house-sitting job will give you an entirely different experience and allow you to catch your breath while on the road. Try actually unpacking for once, making your own coffee in the morning just the way you like it, and cuddling up with pets at the end of the day. It’s like being at home, while away.

More savings! Not only will you save big bucks by slashing your accommodation expenses but you will also cut your travel food budget by cooking for yourself. Start your day with breakfast and lunch at home and pocket those savings or splurge on a big dinner! (Just make sure to schedule your outings around the pet’s schedule.)

Plus, if you’re considering a move, finding a house-sitting opportunity in your desired location will help you really get a feel for what it might be like to live there.  

Dalene with three of the four dogs in rural Turkey doing a house sit

Homeowners are looking for responsible people to help reduce their own costs (pet kennels are expensive!) and to keep their house safe and in order while they are gone.

1. Sign Up with a House Sitting Website There are several good house-sitting websites out there to match with homeowners and find good house-sitting jobs. All have membership fees, but when you think of how much money you’ll be saving, a small yearly fee becomes negligible.

Most house sitting websites now have different tiers of membership, from basic (access to apply for house sitting opportunities) to premium (includes higher level perks and benefits like early alerts, priority support, and cancellation policies). If you just want to take a look, most house sitting websites have a free option with limited access (i.e. you can look at listings but not apply).

Here are the best house sitting websites:

  • TrustedHousesitters.com (annual memberships from $129-259 USD) – This is the biggest house sitting website worldwide. You’ll find the most opportunities in the UK, Europe, North America, and Australia, though there are plenty of sits elsewhere too.
  • Nomador.com (annual memberships from $99-199 USD) – Nomador is mainly focused on Europe (especially France), and is growing worldwide. Its unique “trust profiles” help lay a foundation of trust between homeowners and house-sitters. In addition, it has an exciting “Stopovers” feature, which is similar to Couchsurfing.
  • MindMyHouse.com ($20 USD annual fee) – Low fee to join, a good number of house-sits (primarily in North America and Europe), and a well laid-out website.
  • Housecarers.com ($50 USD annual fee) – Plenty of good house-sits, with a focus on Australia, New Zealand, and North America, but a poor website structure makes it difficult to navigate.

When reviewing available house-sitting jobs on the above websites, choose jobs carefully according to your own desires in terms of location, timing, and other needs. The key to finding one is flexibility in your plans: rather than searching for a house-sit in north London for the first week of August, widening your search to all of London and for a week during any time of the month will increase your chances greatly.

2. Create a killer house-sitting profile This is your face to homeowners, and if it is well written and up-to-date, you may have homeowners contacting you directly rather than posting their house-sitting job. Things to include:

  • Photos (with pets): Show your love for and ease around animals by showing some photos of you with them!
  • Experience: As a house-sitter or as a previous homeowner (do you know your way around basic house appliances?)
  • Pets: Exude your love for all things furry, or scaly, or slimy, if applicable. The large majority of house-sits include pet care of some kind.
  • Special skills: Do you speak foreign languages? Do you have a green thumb, or are you handy with tools? Be sure to outline those in your profile.
  • Enthusiasm: Lots and lots of enthusiasm for this newfound “career” goes a long way.

3. Write an introductory message When applying for a specific house-sitting job, each website lets you include a message that will accompany your profile when it’s sent to the prospective homeowner. The key to a good introduction is brevity while highlighting important information — and of course, lots of enthusiasm.

Pay close attention to the listing and draft your email according to the job’s specific details.

For example, if the homeowners have a dog, make a comment on how cute he is and that Schnauzers are your favorite creatures on four legs. If they have a large yard that may need your attention, mention your agility and strength and highlight how you can easily get the work done!

Sharing relevant specifics is key — so pay attention!

4. Be speedy When the six-week house-sit opportunity in Manhattan was posted, I applied within the first few minutes of it going live. I had exchanged emails with the homeowner within the first hour and shared a virtual handshake over Skype within a day. Attractive house-sitting jobs go very fast. Being one of the first to apply can greatly increase your chances of getting it.

Sign up for email alerts in your desired areas or follow along on social media to be one of the first to know what’s available.

5. Have references The most important thing that homeowners will look at is your references. A house-sitting arrangement between strangers requires a high level of trust, and having quality people lined up to vouch for you is important. If you have no previous house-sitting experience, consider asking the following for references: former landlords, old neighbors or bosses, or anyone who can attest to your character, reliability, and trustworthiness.

One good reference leads to another job and another good reference. And once these start to stack up, potential homeowners will be highly inclined to work with you, and subsequent house-sitting jobs will be much easier to get. While all of the house-sitting websites house references online, you should also compile them yourself and have them ready to distribute.

6. Expect an interview If the homeowner doesn’t ask for one, I insist that you do. In the beginning, it’s easy to get overly excited about the prospect of living somewhere exotic for virtually free and forget about the finer details of the job. So use Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp to have a (virtual) face-to-face and get a feel for each other.

Be sure to ask a lot of questions; leave nothing left unknown: Can you have guests? Can you leave the property overnight to explore a nearby area? Is there a vehicle available for your use? How is the Wi-Fi connection?

You don’t want to be blindsided with rules or surprises when you arrive. And trust your gut: we have said no to house-sitting jobs before because the vibe wasn’t right with the homeowners.

For a deep dive into getting started, check out this video with Trusted Housesitters. It covers a lot of ground!

Walking the dog in the hills of Costa del Sol in Spain while house sitting

We’ve chased dogs through muddy fields (and disposed of a half-eaten rat courtesy of said dogs).

We have spent an evening trolling through dark alleys in Harlem, looking for an escaped fat cat.

We dealt with a dead chicken by “sending it down the river” on the advice of a neighbor in Ireland .

We’ve cleaned up after torrential rain hammered our temporary Caribbean house.

Most times you’ll be able to kick back and soak up your good fortune, but there will be moments when you will have to work for it. The key to getting a repeated number of house-sits is to do an excellent job each time and stack up virtuous references.

For starters, make sure you show up! When a commitment is made, it is up to you to keep it. Homeowners make important travel plans based on having someone to care for their house and pets — they are counting on you!

On arrival, treat the house with the utmost respect from the start. Return it to the homeowners in as good — or better — shape as when you arrived.

Also, stick to the homeowners’ guidelines on correspondence (i.e. do they want a daily photo of their pets, or do they only want to be contacted in case of emergency?), how to deal with mail, instructions for pets, etc.

Be prepared to deal with adverse situations (like chasing dogs through muddy fields and disposing of a dead chicken). Bad things can (and probably will) go wrong at some point. Be sure to have emergency contact info on hand, and be honest with the homeowners about anything that comes up.

Also, an important tip: if you have an international house-sitting opportunity, consider what you will tell customs officials at the border. Some may give you a hard time, considering the house-sit “work” that a local could do. Tell them you are visiting friends, and consider even preparing a story on how you previously met each other, just in case they call to check! (I know of people who have been turned away at the border for this exact reason.)

We may have had our share of difficult moments, but the incredible experiences we’ve gained by house-sitting have far outweighed them.

In exchange for chasing dogs and disposing of rats, we discovered firsthand how the Turks are the most generous and hospitable people in the world.

While cleaning up after a nasty storm in Honduras, we became close friends with a local lady and later were named the godparents of her child.

In Ireland, we freely explored the halls of the tenth-century manor we were charged with and even took our own twirl in the manor’s ballroom.

We’re always a little surprised that more people don’t know about, or take advantage of, the opportunities presented by house-sitting. Becoming a house-sitter is not just about the money-saving aspect, but the ability to live like a local in a new corner of the world. Whether you’re going away for nine days or nine months, this can be a great way to do something different during your trip.

House-sitting has become our favorite way to travel — and we bet it could be yours too.

Dalene Heck and her husband Pete are behind the blog Hecktic Travels , which chronicles their journey since selling all their belongings in 2009. They’ve recently written an e-book on house-sitting (all proceeds go to charity!) that contains even more juicy goodness, including examples of successful profiles and application letters, a three-page checklist of everything to look for in a new house-sitting job, and discount codes for their favorite house-sitting websites.

If you’re looking for other ways to travel ultra-cheap, check out these articles:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with No Money
  • How to Work and Travel the World for Free
  • How to Use the Sharing Economy to Travel on a Budget
  • How to Find Cheap Accommodation Around the World
  • Travel Hacking 101

Book Your Trip: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight Find a cheap flight by using Skyscanner . It’s my favorite search engine because it searches websites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is being left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation You can book your hostel with Hostelworld . If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, use Booking.com as it consistently returns the cheapest rates for guesthouses and hotels.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in case anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to use it many times in the past. My favorite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • SafetyWing (best for everyone)
  • Insure My Trip (for those 70 and over)
  • Medjet (for additional evacuation coverage)

Want to Travel for Free? Travel credit cards allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for free flights and accommodation — all without any extra spending. Check out my guide to picking the right card and my current favorites to get started and see the latest best deals.

Need Help Finding Activities for Your Trip? Get Your Guide is a huge online marketplace where you can find cool walking tours, fun excursions, skip-the-line tickets, private guides, and more.

Ready to Book Your Trip? Check out my resource page for the best companies to use when you travel. I list all the ones I use when I travel. They are the best in class and you can’t go wrong using them on your trip.  

Got a comment on this article? Join the conversation on Facebook , Instagram , or Twitter and share your thoughts!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I recommend only products and companies I use and the income goes to keeping the site community supported and ad free.

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Registered house supervisor nurse salary.

As of October 29, 2021, the average  House Supervisor salary  in the United States is  $105,842.  However, the range frequently is between $98,606 and $113,734. Pay for a House Supervisor Travel Nurse depends on a variety of things, including schooling, certifications, supplementary talents, and the number of years you’ve worked in your field.

Benefits Of Traveling With Stability Health

Our Stability Healthcare recruiter will work with you to plan out various assignments for your travel career in advance. You get the following benefits with Stability Healthcare:

Health Insurance

House Supervisor Travel Nurse  compensation is enhanced by Stability Healthcare incentives and benefits. Such as:

  • Day 1 Premium Insurance:  Starting on the first day of your assignment, you will be covered by premium insurance (medical, dental, vision, and life insurance).
  • $15,000 Company-paid Life/ADD Insurance.

Travel Nurse Salary & Benefits

Yes, Travel Nurses can earn more money with various assignments. Still, the good news is that it’s not simply the money that attracts people to work as house supervisor travel nurses. With bonuses, extra shift compensation, stipends, and above-average compensation, travel nurses can significantly improve their earnings in a short period of time.

Stability Healthcare’s incentives and advantages help house supervisor travel nurses earn more money. Such as the following:

  • PTO for All Nurses
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Extra Hours Bonus
  • Guaranteed Stipend
  • Paid Compliance Costs

Career Benefits

If you apply to position yourself as a strong candidate for a house supervisor travel nurse career you will get many benefits. Stability Healthcare’s House Supervisor Travel Nurse jobs offer many benefits, such as:

  • Nationwide Jobs
  • Prestigious Facilities
  • 401 (k) Plan
  • Joint Commission Certified

Are you looking for a House Supervisor Travel Nursing career option? Check our job opportunities at Stability Healthcare and start a new step in your career!

Travel Nursing Reviews

I have been incredibly impressed by the professionalism, ease of communication, ability to have all requirements for onboarding fulfilled in a timely manner, and just overall outstanding service. Lindsay Hernandez is my particular recruiter and she has been a pleasure to work with, as well as all the team members at Stability. I’m looking forward to staying with them for my next assignment. I highly recommend them to my nursing friends, and anyone looking to travel as a nurse!

Someone was always available to answer my questions. I know my recruiter went above and beyond to get me the best pay and benefits. I have worked previously with companies that I feel was less than honest about benefits, such as PTO. I’m now sure how Stability Health treats their staff, but they are doing something right! I have yet to speak to someone that wasn’t pleasant. It’s as if they all love their job and it shows and it keeps me excited to be a part of their team. At this point, I would not consider traveling with another company. I don’t feel like a number. I don’t know how they do it! I recommend Stability Health to every traveler I meet. I tell them they would be making a huge mistake to go with any company.

Sopheare C.

My recruiter Amanda is amazing and always timely with her responses. Debbie who is my nurse experience specialist who is with me all times of the contract is truly awesome. Love how responsive she is and will answer any and all my questions. Big thanks to Jesse my compliance coordinator for making all the appointments and getting me travel ready. Can’t thank my team enough for all they do. Any question or issue I have they resolve right away. And I love that they breakdown each contract into a spread so you know exactly what your getting for the terms of the contract.

They are they for you via, call , text or email. And it’s very easy transition. They encourage you to ask questions and make themselves available from the moment your hiring process starts. To even checking on you on first day assignment to the following week.

Brittany J.

My recruiter is very responsive and personable. I have NEVER had any issues with them!! This agency even has PTO! None of my co workers with other agencies have this benefit!! Also the rates are equal or higher than most other agencies!! Everything feels more like family than business and for that I would choose stability over any other agency!! I am so happy I chose to work with them!

My recruiter, and other staff I have had the pleasure of interacting with, are all so friendly and helpful. My recruiter is responsive, and even reached out while she was on vacation to check on me! I’ve worked with other agencies in the past, but Stability is next level when it comes to making your travel nursing experience as seamless as possible! Special shout out to Lindsay (best recruiter ever) and Tracy. Amazing people to work with.

Stability Healthcare has been amazing at helping me transition into travel nursing. I talked to many recruiters when looking into travel nursing and Chad in particular stood out. He was always so kind and quick to respond. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to from Stability has been just as kind and it truly feels like they all care about you enjoying your assignment.

Jennifer, RN

The response time from my recruiter and nurse specialist is amazing! They both have been so great to work with on my first assignment out in California!!! Chad and Samantha both are super caring and very responsive! I already extended my contract with the hospital because of the smooth process. They made the transition from Florida to California a lot loss stressful than I imagined. Would definitely recommend them both!!!

Everything is so simplified. I am honestly happy I found them. I plan on doing more contracts with them in the future. From their process to submitting yourself to assignments, to the ease of compliance, and the easiest time keeping system, I would definitely recommend to everyone. Samantha is very sweet and I can see they truly care about their nurses.

Travel Nurse Experiences

travel house vacancy

  • January 29, 2024
  • by Myah Christenson

travel house vacancy

  • January 18, 2024

travel house vacancy

  • January 10, 2024

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January 17, 2024

Early Careers: Marketing

January 12, 2024

Machine Learning Engineering with Jatinpreet

January 10, 2024

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Expedia Group’s Customer Lifetime Value Prediction Model

Sep 14, 2023

Herding the Elephants

Sep 12, 2023

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Justice fills final vacancy in House with appointment of McDowell County insurance agent

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gov. Jim Justice has filled the final vacancy in the House of Delegates with Monday’s appointment of a McDowell County businessman.

travel house vacancy

Justice announced the appointment of McDowell County insurance agent Stephen David Green to fill the opening left in the House after Anita Hall resigned in recent months.

Green, a Republican, is an independent insurance agent. The governor’s office said he operates three brick and mortar locations and has 10 employees.

Green is a candidate for the 36th District seat in this year’s election along with another Republican, Pat McKinney, who has also filed for the seat.

The 100-member House of Delegates has only had 99 members through the first 20 days of the 60-day session.

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A group of people sitting around a table at a cocktail bar. The walls are mostly glass and reveal foliage beyond. There are four square abstract pictures attached to the walls, and there are metal disks hanging from the ceiling. The whole room is bathed in a reddish light.

Gin and Jellyfish? You Might Be at a Bar in Singapore.

Bartenders around the city are mixing up creative cocktails with unexpected, and often ecologically conscious, ingredients. Here are six spots to visit.

Jungle Ballroom, which takes on a clubby, D.J.-driven vibe at night, has a cocktail menu with sections called Canopy, Understorey and Forest Floor that represent different layers of a jungle. Credit... Lauryn Ishak for The New York Times

Supported by

By Liza Weisstuch

  • Jan. 29, 2024

In the cocktail world, Singapore almost inevitably evokes the pink, gin-based, grenadine-spiked Singapore Sling , a drink born in 1915 at the stylish Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel . In those strait-laced colonial days, it was improper for women to imbibe in public, so a bartender formulated a cocktail that looked like fruit juice. Today, the creative minds at idiosyncratic bars across the city are putting the same spirit of ingenuity to work, driven by eco-consciousness and the island’s diverse heritage, and highlighting some unexpected ingredients. Here are six standout spots.

A high-ceilinged, spacious room that has golden walls adorned with Art Deco flourishes. Along the rear wall, there is a gilt tower containing brightly lit bottles of spirits rising up all the way to the ceiling. Along the bottom of the tower, there is a long, curved bar where customers are being served by bartenders wearing white shirts and aprons.

“The fun thing about gin is that the possibilities are endless,” said Atlas’s head bartender, Lidiyanah K, ticking off some of the many directions I could take: “Floral, citrus, spicy, herbaceous.” Gin, while defined by the flavor of juniper, is hardly homogeneous. And if ever there was a place to learn about the diversity of gins produced with local botanicals, Atlas is it. Yes, it’s in the lobby of Parkview Square , a grand Art Deco-style office building that houses several embassies, but calling it a lobby bar feels a bit like calling the Beatles a rock ’n’ roll band or Georges Seurat a landscape painter. Think of it as a gin museum: It offers more than 1,300 varieties of the spirit, many displayed in a soaring, 26-foot gilt tower. The collection includes a veritable archive of historic bottles, pulled from one of the tower’s high shelves when someone orders a selection from the “vintage martini” section. You can choose your own gin from any decade of the 20th century (60 to 275 Singapore dollars, or about $45 to $205).

The Gilded Age-inspired space also features a room with an epic Champagne collection. Renovated in 2017 as a paean to early-20th-century Manhattan, it has tufted-leather furniture, vaulted ceilings with Art Nouveau-style paintings, and grand Cleopatra- and King Tut-themed murals.

“Why are we even eating caviar? Why can’t we just leave sturgeon alone?” asked Sasha Wijidessa as she spooned a dollop of vegan black-garlic caviar onto a block of kombu ice cream floating in a vodka mix in a martini glass. She instructed me to let the ice cream melt so it formed a cap. Its umami essence permeated the drink.

Over the course of the night, she also prepared a Jellyfish Martini (gin infused with jellyfish; distillate of fish leaf, a peppery local plant; spirulina-infused dry vermouth; and oil infused with roasted kelp: 25 dollars) and the So You Bought Sad Corn (25 dollars), a Scotch-based drink sweetened with corn-vinegar caramel.

Fura , a narrow, minimalist bar on the second floor of a colonial-style shophouse, is owned and run by Miss Wijidessa and her partner in business and life, Christina Rasmussen, the former head forager at Noma . The drinks and dishes they offer (they call it future food) border on the surreal, and their mission is to provide a glimpse of how consumption might look if it focused on creating balance in the ecosystem. As such, they make clever use of sustainable crops like tonka beans and overabundant species like jellyfish. Yes, the owners will be happy to tell you all about lacto-fermentation and the vegan custards and meringue used in their fanciful recipes if you ask, but they are also resolute in their promise that this is a bar, not a lecture hall.

Analogue Initiative

The setting of Analogue Initiative at Chijmes , an eggshell white former 19th-century convent and girls’ school, belies the futuristic mind-set of the bar, where everything is plant-based, even some of the furniture. (The tables are made of mycelium, the threadlike tissue of mushrooms, bound with wood chips and molded into shape.) The colossal, wraparound undulating aquamarine bar evokes ocean waves. It was 3-D printed using more than 3,500 pounds of recycled plastic.

The earth’s ecological future inspired Vijay Mudaliar, a co-owner, to create a menu that tries to answer a question similar to the one posed at Fura: What if overfarming and climate change wiped out certain crops and foods? To that end, most drinks involve an analogue (wink, wink) of a familiar ingredient. Aside from local yuzu, for instance, kombuchas, vinegars and distillates stand in for fresh citrus. The Faux Espresso (26 dollars) relied on toasted chicory, toasted barley and carob. (Coffee is among the most overfarmed crops, Mr. Mudaliar said.) Coconut nectar, not sugar, provided the sweetness (sugar cane is also overfarmed), and whisked aquafaba , the liquid from a can of chickpeas, took the place of dairy foam. And one giddy absurdist drama of a cocktail (26 dollars) whose name contains an expletive poking fun at the fine-dining world’s obsession with luxury, vaguely resembled a Bellini — a mixture of peach-infused gin, grape juice fermented with Champagne yeast, and a species of seaweed that’s musky and vaguely truffle-tasting, crowned with “caviar” made of seaweed pearls. It was as delicious as it was silly.

Jungle Ballroom

On a fittingly steamy evening, Adrian Besa, the bar manager at Jungle Ballroom, was telling me about his recent visit to a remote Cambodian distillery that makes gin using the herbs and botanicals grown on an electricity-free biodynamic farm. He grabbed a bottle off a high shelf and offered me a whiff; it smelled fresh and vegetal — only vaguely piney. Cambodia is just one Southeast Asian country whose flavors take center stage at Jungle Ballroom, a glitzy spot that assumes a D.J.-driven, clubby vibe later in the night. Mr. Besa also poured me tastes of musky-sweet coconut wine from the Philippines; fragrant, tangy Sri Lankan arrack, distilled from coconut sap; craft gins from China, Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore; and fruity, butter-pastry-scented pineapple-tart Soju from the local distillery Compendium Spirits.

Mr. Besa has devised a menu that represents different layers of a jungle: Canopy, which features bright, fruity, zingy drinks and various nut ingredients; Understorey, which encompasses various fizzes and spiced or tangy cocktails, like my favorite, the Shrub (26 dollars), a zesty mix of Indian gin steeped with fresh and slightly nutty pandan leaves , vermouth, and a housemade, vinegary pear shrub; and Forest Floor, where drinks with rich fruit and dense, piquant herbal flavors and fragrances reign. It was a multisensory free fall, and I didn’t want it to end.

The Elephant Room

When Yugnes Susela was growing up in Singapore, his family would have chicken curry for dinner almost every Sunday — sometimes accompanied by a nip of whisky. It wasn’t too much of a stretch, then, for Mr. Susela, a founder of the Elephant Room , to combine whisky and curry in a glass. The Chicken Curry (27 dollars), the bar’s savory riff on an old-fashioned, topped with a strip of fried chicken skin, might sound bizarre — satirical, even — but to Mr. Susela, it made perfect sense.

“If the end product looks good, tastes great and smells great, it’s a cocktail,” he said as he took a bottle of fenugreek-infused tequila out of an apothecary-style cabinet displaying jars and bottles containing herbs, spices or twigs steeping in liquids. He poured a few drops of the tequila, and the almondy, earthy, ever-so-slightly-maple aromas rang out with the clarity of a crystal bell. It was the signature ingredient in the Goan Rabbit (25 dollars), a subcontinental variation on the margarita. Indian spices also played starring roles in Ramu’s Fizz (25 dollars), a twist on the classic Ramos gin fizz, a citrusy drink with a meringue-like texture that comes from egg whites, cream and a great deal of shaking. In Mr. Susela’s version, it was jazzed up with cumin-infused gin, ginger syrup and spiced cream. And the house mangosteen-strawberry cordial provided the Wild and Fresh (27 dollars), a spin on the familiar Negroni, with a salty-sour dimension.

The neon sign behind the bar at Sago House reads, “Don’t try,” but that’s not to suggest you give up and drink your life away. It’s the epitaph of the writer Charles Bukowski (as the bar manager, Naz Zurimi, explained, it’s a command to be true to yourself — no pretense allowed). No surprise, then, that the bar’s easygoing vibe feels like hanging out at a longtime friend’s apartment — and not just because staff members write your name in chalk on the bar or tabletop when you arrive, as if they were saving you your regular seat.

In October, Sago House relocated to a roomy street-level location, a drastic change from the compact, third-story space where it debuted in 2020. But it lost none of its cozy charm. The three owners, local industry veterans, applied their original D.I.Y. approach to the new space, which features shelves made of wine crates and sewing machine tables used as furniture. The six-drink menu (starting at 24 dollars), which is posted on the bar’s Instagram account , changes weekly, but always offers different versions of the same classic cocktail styles: an old-fashioned, a highball, a sour, a tropical cocktail, a daisy, and a martini or a Manhattan.

Follow New York Times Travel on Instagram and sign up for our weekly Travel Dispatch newsletter to get expert tips on traveling smarter and inspiration for your next vacation. Dreaming up a future getaway or just armchair traveling? Check out our 52 Places to Go in 2024 .

Open Up Your World

Considering a trip, or just some armchair traveling here are some ideas..

Italy :  Spend 36 hours in Florence , seeking out its lesser-known pockets.

Southern California :  Skip the freeways to explore the back roads between Los Angeles and Los Olivos , a 100-mile route that meanders through mountains, canyons and star-studded enclaves.

Mongolia : Some young people, searching for less curated travel experiences, are flocking to the open spaces of this East Asian nation .

Romania :  Timisoara  may be the most noteworthy city you’ve probably never heard of , offering just enough for visitors to fill two or three days.

India: A writer fulfilled a lifelong dream of visiting Darjeeling, in the Himalayan foothills , taking in the tea gardens and riding a train through the hills.

52 Places:  Why do we travel? For food, culture, adventure, natural beauty? Our 2024 list has all those elements, and more .


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U.S. warns against travel to the Bahamas over gang violence

Officials report 18 murders so far this year.

Andrea Torres , Digital Journalist

MIAMI – The U.S. State Department warned Americans against travel to the Bahamas on Monday after gang violence resulted in 18 murders — even in broad daylight — just this year, in Nassau.

Monday’s Level 2 travel advisory to “exercise increased caution” follows a security alert issued on Wednesday by diplomats at the U.S. Embassy in the Bahamas.

Diplomats asked U.S. citizens to avoid the eastern part of New Providence Island, review security plans, use caution when walking or driving, keep a low profile, not physically resist a robbery, and stay “vigilant when staying at short-term vacation rental properties.

The Over the Hill area, south of Shirley Street, is the most dangerous, officials warned, also mentioning the recent shark attacks and the lack of regulation of tourist attractions.

A shark in a tank exhibition at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort recently attacked a 10-year-old boy from Maryland who was participating in a controlled activity, according to Bahamian authorities.

Copyright 2024 by WPLG Local10.com - All rights reserved.


Us tourist from boston killed in shark attack in bahamas, police say.

Police say a female tourist from Boston has been killed by a shark while paddleboarding in the Bahamas, police told reporters.

Boy, 10, attacked by shark at Bahamian resort

Police in the Bahamas say a 10-year-old boy from Maryland was attacked by a shark at a local resort.

About the Author:

Andrea torres.

The Emmy Award-winning journalist joined the Local 10 News team in 2013. She wrote for the Miami Herald for more than 9 years and won a Green Eyeshade Award.

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ITH is one of the only enterprise level Travel Management Company - that straddles all segments & solutions with respect to- Surface Transport, Air Travel & Sea Cruises - thereby generating meaningful employment & careers to more than 3000+ people in India.

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Land 'ITH Runway' is our formal mode of 'connecting' & sharing company developments, with employees spread across multiple locations.

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ITH also fosters and promotes Corporate and Individual responsibility towards Environment & Community - vide monthly 'Unplugged' activities of - Green/Plantation drives, NGO connect, Donation camps, etc.

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Sales Manager (TRS) - Pune

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  • Position: Assistant Sales Manager / Sales Manager
  • Division: Business Travel
  • Department : Operations
  • Location: Pune
  • Job Type : Full Time
  • No. of Relevant Experience : 6 - 10 Years

Position Overview:

The purpose of this role is to lead profitable Sales acquisition, Client retention and expansion efforts for the TRS business (Business Travel) of the Company. The incumbent will also be responsible for maximizing our sales team potential, crafting sales plans and ensuring that ITH remains competitive and innovative.

The position will be based in Pune.

Key Accountabilities

  • Source and acquire new business for the company, and consistently deliver on sales targets. Personally lead the sales efforts for large / key clients.
  • Develop business strategies and plans towards profitable customer retention and expansion of ITH share in shared accounts. Own the implementation of such plans.
  • Maintain a strong pipeline of prospects and follow the sales process with the required rigour. Implement a robust sales governance framework, including regular review and feedback process.
  • Upsell & Cross-sell various Products/ Service Offerings of the Company to new prospects and existing clients. Proactively assess, clarify and validate customer needs and priorities on an ongoing basis.
  • Remain informed about Industry developments, RFI/ RFP opportunities, Competition activity and product knowledge.
  • Develop, implement and effectively lead the strategic account planning process that promotes company objectives and achievement of critical milestones. Continuously explore and implement yield improvement opportunities with clients through tactical and strategic initiatives.
  • Build & sustain productive relationships with existing clients, key influences and decision makers to drive client retention and expansion efforts. Lead Account Reviews with large customers.
  • Implement a formal process for monitoring and measuring customer and client satisfaction and collaborate with relevant stakeholders for achieving continuous improvement in traveller satisfaction and client engagement and program value delivery.
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to meet shared objectives around profitable client retention and expansion. Provide regular and constructive feedback on client and customer satisfaction and other issues to internal teams and support timely resolution as necessary.

Key Competencies

  • Focus on Customer: Foster a customer-centric environment where the customer perspective is central to the thinking, discussions, and decisions, and ensure delivery of exceptional value to the customer.
  • Drive for Results: Demonstrate and foster a sense of urgency, persistence, and accountability to take the actions required to achieve results.
  • Lead Courageously: Take principled risks to do what is right, achieve personal and organizational success, and support others who do the same.
  • Promote Agility and Innovation: Work resourcefully and model resiliency in the face of shifting priorities and demands, champion new ideas, and encourage new ways of looking at problems, processes and solutions to improve results.
  • Demonstrate Commitment: Model energy and optimism, and maintain composure under trying circumstances, continuously stretch oneself to grow, adapt, and adjust to meet new demands, navigate new situations, and improve results.
  • Demonstrate Commitment: Reach out to develop and maintain respectful, collaborative relationships within own workgroup and across organizational boundaries.
  • Successful previous experience as a sales manager, consistently meeting or exceeding targets
  • Excellent customer service skills with proven negotiation skills.
  • Experience in advising and interacting at an executive level, coupled with strong relationship management, communication and influencing skills.
  • Strong business sense and industry expertise
  • Should have an ability and past experience of successfully delivering in a fast paced dynamic environment.
  • A progressive individual who has good understanding of Technology and Analytics.
  • An energetic, forward-thinking and creative individual with high ethical standards and an appropriate professional image.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree and preferably an MBA in Sales & Marketing
  • 6-10 years relevant experience in Travel Sales and Client Management. Experience preferably in a traditional TMC will be preferred.
  • Familiar with Sales pipeline and forecasting CRM tools e.g. Salesforce.com

Sales Manager BOM - Pune

Job description.

  • No. of Relevant Experience: 6 - 10 Years
  • Upsell & Cross-sell various Products/ Service Offerings of the Company to new prospects and existing clients. Proactively assess, clarify and validate customer needs and priorities on an ongoing basis.
  • Build & sustain productive relationships with existing clients, key influences and decision makers to drive client retention and expansion efforts. Lead Account Reviews with large customers.
  • Establish Collaborative Relationships: Reach out to develop and maintain respectful, collaborative relationships within own workgroup and across organizational boundaries.
  • Bachelor`s Degree and preferably an MBA in Sales & Marketing

Branch Manager TRS - Chennai

  • Position: Branch Manager
  • Division: TRS (Business Travel)
  • Location: Chennai
  • No. of Relevant Experience : 10 - 15 Years

Branch Manager - TRS is responsible for


  • Ensure maintenance of quality of service, customer satisfaction and effective service recovery
  • Coordinate and integrate all functions and services in the location
  • Implement systems for smooth operation and monitor operational efficiency of the branch.
  • Handle crisis situation.
  • Liaison / maintain PR with clients, suppliers, associates, Govt. Bodies, Appropriate Authorities etc.

Sales & Servicing:

  • Develop new clients and increase business from existing clients to meet budgeted figures.
  • Collate and analyze market and performance information ( MIS in the prescribed format).
  • Achieve the set targets (budget)
  • Handle major complaints.
  • Prepare annual budget for the branch.
  • Monitor fund flow management and practice expense control as per norm.
  • Monitor receivable as per norm.
  • Ensure statutory compliance.
  • Ensure report back /MIS with analysis is sent to Corporate office.

HR & Administrative:

  • Monitor overall branch administration for branch efficiency
  • Recruitment of best suited employees for the branch.
  • Appraisal of the team to monitor their performance.
  • Ensure implementation and monitor statutory compliance
  • Maintain ISO standards as per quality assurance work manual
  • Management of contractual employees


  • Strong Sales and Mktg skills & competencies
  • System and quality orientation
  • Market, industry and trade knowledge
  • Commercial acumen
  • Leadership and people management
  • Resource control and administration

Educational Qualification:

  • Graduate / Hotel Management
  • MBA in Marketing or Finance


Minimum 10-15 years in the trade, of which 5 - 7 years should be as a branch head in a reputed travel management company.

Regional Manager - Mumbai

  • Position: Area Manager - Mumbai & Gujarat
  • Division: Mobility (CRD)
  • Location: Mumbai
  • No. of Relevant Experience: 10-15 Years

Role Description

This is a senior role & we are seeking an experienced Travel Management professional who can efficiently manage all aspects of mobility operations at Mumbai & Gujarat region.

The Area Manager will be playing a catalytic role in improving business growth through sales & operational efficiency. He / She should bring the best business management practices of the Travel Industry aimed at driving business growth.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Improving regional market share and driving top-line growth for the region (Mumbai & Gujarat) while meeting the bottom-line targets/guidelines as well.
  • Managing overall P & L of the region (Mumbai & Gujarat)
  • Delivering budget for the region, and overall management and delivery of operations for the region (Mumbai & Gujarat)
  • Planning and implementing wining strategies for the regional market in line with the overall growth projection for the business
  • Retaining existing customers and expanding new customer base by acquiring new corporate clients
  • Supporting operations and Sales teams with information and understanding w.r.t rapidly changing competitive landscape, customer needs, preferences etc.
  • Ensure the quality standards of process are maintained.
  • Ensure the adherence to company policy with respect to clients and employees and Compliance with statutory obligations.
  • Develop and sustain strong partner relationships by delivering superior customer services and delivering value added services.

Key Deliverables:

  • Operational efficiencies to maintain quality standards.
  • Increase market share of ITH in the region (Mumbai & Gujarat).
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction & strengthened business results.
  • Sound understanding of Mobility Business (Corporate Car Rental), and strong quantitative and conceptual abilities.
  • Setting and achieving aggressive Revenue and Profitability targets.
  • Sound understanding of corporate customers` segment needs and behavior
  • Strong understanding of mobility products, trends and success factors
  • Must possess excellent communication skill and the ability to successfully interact at all levels.
  • Strong operation and leadership skill
  • MBA Preferred
  • Graduate / Diploma in Travel / Tourism

Minimum 10-15 years of experience in mobility industry, of which 4 - 5 years should be as Regional Manager in one of the reputed Car rental company with a stellar track record of success to his / her credit.

About International Travel House:

International Travel House (ITH) is one of India`s leading travel management companies, which started operation in 1981 and is the first public listed Indian travel company. ITH offers a diverse product portfolio, such as business travel management, car rental services, meetings & events, leisure travel. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a strong national footprint across 17 cities.

A partner in the network alliance of GlobalStar Travel Management, a worldwide travel management company which has a presence in over 55 countries, thereby extending ITH`s reach to almost all the major travel destinations of the world.

ITH`s "Responsible Travel" initiatives aim to promote the highest principles of environmental stewardship in the realm of travel. With existing and planned initiatives like adoption of Electric Vehicles and helping business to monitor & choose flight travel options with lower carbon emissions, ITH is committed to positively contribute towards the society & environment.

Driven by its philosophy of excellence in customer service and operations and keeping in pace with the ever - evolving business landscape, is focused on technology upgradation, enhanced organizational capabilities, process transformation and service excellence with an aim to be one of the India`s leading travel management companies offering best-in-class products & services, sustainable shareholder value and an exciting workplace for employees.

Unit Financial Controller - Bengaluru

  • Position: Unit Financial Controller
  • Division: CRD
  • Location: Bengaluru
  • No. of Relevant Experience : 10 - 12 Years
  • Reports To : GM - Finance

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Managing the preparation & maintenance of statutory books of accounts & financial statements including P&L Account and Balance Sheet.
  • Execute and sustain the necessary processes for effective financial control and stewardship
  • Maintain and monitor adherence to corporate governance and compliance with all corporate legislation and industry regulations with relevant statutory bodies and laws.
  • Monitor accounts receivables and ensure creditor accounts are properly maintained and reconciled on regular basis.
  • Evaluating internal control systems/ procedures to highlight shortcomings & implementing recommendations
  • Plan and manage tax liabilities for the region, prepare and monitor filing of tax returns income tax, service tax, etc.
  • Funds management - Monitor overall funds position of the region on regular basis
  • Budgeting & MIS – Participate in the annual budgeting exercise for the region / area assigned and prepare monthly reports. Review of budget vs actual based on report back on monthly basis, analyze major variation and initiate corrective action.
  • Management of cash flow reporting and develop systems to ensure accurate monthly billing.
  • Support implementation of Best Practice Tools which improve the accuracy, timeliness and cost effectiveness of financial transaction processing and reporting.
  • Good accounting skills & Strong knowledge of core finance areas.
  • The person should have a strong experience of working in a professional services set up.
  • Experience of handling the Finance and Accounting function independently.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent Presentation Skills (PowerPoint) & proficient in Excel & Advance Excel
  • M.Com / MBA Finance
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

10 -12 years of experience with minimum 4-5 years in corporate position or as a UFC, having good bandwidth of domain experience and knowledge preferably from a TMC.

travel house vacancy

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  • Corporate Office International Travel House Limited 1st Floor, 101, JMD Pacific Square, Sector 15, Part II, Gurugram, Haryana - 122 001 Tel : 0124 - 4786300
  • Customer Contact Centre: 1860 500 4545 09:30-17:30 hrs (Monday - Friday) 09:30-14:00 hrs (Saturday)
  • Emergency Travel Services: 1800 1020 880 17:30-09:30 hrs (Monday - Friday) 14:00-09:30 hrs (Saturday - Monday; Public Holidays)

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company Approved by Government Of India, Department Of Tourism Copyright 2019 International Travel House Ltd. CIN : L63040DL1981PLC011941 For any queries or grievances contact Mr. Ashish Verma at [email protected]

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30 Best Jobs That Pay for Travel and Housing (Ultimate 2024 List)

travel house vacancy

Traveling for work is a way of life that many wish they could enjoy.

The thing is, there aren’t a lot of jobs out there that compensate for both travel and housing expenses. That being said, there are opportunities out there. So what are the jobs that pay for travel and housing?

In this post, I'll explore the best jobs that pay for travel and housing, how much money you can make, and much more . Let's get started!

Best Jobs that Offer Free Housing and Travel

Below are some of the top jobs that provide free housing and travel opportunities. While some may be seasonal jobs, there are also year round jobs that will pay for your expenses. Take a look and see which ones fit your interests! You can also check out these digital nomad jobs for beginners .

Travel Nurse

Traveling Nurse

A travel nurse goes to locations where regular nurses are in short supply.

These professionals work in patients’ homes and at understaffed hospitals.

A traveling nurse must be able to adapt so they can provide high-quality care consistently. It's an intense job, but it pays well and affords an opportunity to travel around the world.

The more experience you have, the more opportunities you’ll have as a traveling nurse. And if you choose to work in a place where nurses are desperately needed, you will be compensated well. Plus, you could have your housing paid for.

Most travel nursing agencies will offer a stipend to provide housing for their workers which makes it an ideal job for any travel bug who enjoys health care work.

On average, travel nurses  make about  $3,000 a week. You could make more or less—it all comes down to how much you’re willing to work.

Military Worker

Joining the military is a well-known way of getting travel and housing expenses covered.

You will serve your country in one of several branches, and there are a variety of jobs one can perform in each branch. For example, you could operate technology or be a maintenance crew member on the ground.

If you have a strong desire to serve your country and you want to see the world, joining the military may be an ideal option for you. You’ll also learn skills and concepts that’ll help you throughout your life.

How much your paid is largely according to rank and branch. Therefore, do your research before you enlist in a branch.

While this is one of the most dangerous jobs on the list, it can be an unforgettable experience that include many benefits like paid leave, compensation for advancing your education, and many other perks.

Wilderness Therapy Field Guide

Wilderness therapy field guides will go out on hikes with teenagers and young people to make a positive impact in their lives.

On these hikes, the hikers will learn about and practice self-confidence, team-building, and decision-making.

These programs are aimed at those who are struggling with depression, substance abuse, and other mental ailments that may prohibit them from living a productive life.

If you love the outdoors and want to help people while working a low stress job , this job could be ideal for you. It’s typically a seasonal job, though housing is usually paid for.

Working this job, you get to enjoy nature and change lives at the same time making it a great job that doesn't suck .

On average, wilderness therapy field guides  make  $66,000 annually. If, however, you’re only working this job for a season, it’s likely you’ll make less. Still, the free food and housing make this job attractive, whether it’s year round or seasonal.

Ski Resort Worker

Ski Resort Worker

Ski resort workers are a vital part of any ski lodge or resort and the industry as a whole.

There are several jobs that one can work at a ski resort and some are even perfect jobs for lazy people .

For example, you could help with booking, operate the ski lifts, work in security, or even cook for guests. Many resorts provide free housing for their workers, as commuting to a snowy ski lodge can be dangerous.

If you love snow and skiing, you’ll love working at a ski resort. Plus, a lot of resorts allow their employees to ski for free or at a discounted rate. You can earn some cash from working in the morning and hit the slopes in the afternoon.

On average, ski resort workers  make  $50,000 annually. Those in managerial positions may make more, while those in entry-level positions make less. If you want to work at a resort, apply to a place where you can work your way up to a high-salary position.

Ranch Hand

While ranches aren’t as common as they used to be, they still employ large numbers of people.

Ranch hands tackle a variety of tasks on a day-to-day basis. You might be in charge of horse training, harvesting, animal feeding, or tool repair.

As a ranch hand, you’ll learn and utilize a range of skills, and you’ll also learn the ins and outs of farm operations.

If you’re good with your hands and you love to work outside, this job could be great for you. A ranch will often pay for the room and board of its employees, though this practice isn’t universal.

On average, ranch hands  make about  $29,000 annually. It's not a lot, but there are plenty of benefits that come from working on a farm. For example, you’ll get plenty of exercise, and you’ll always have access to fresh food.

Camp Counselor

If you’re young and looking for a part-time job, you may love being a camp counselor. In this position, you can work with kids and enjoy a range of camp activities. For many children, going to camp is their first time being away from home for an extended period. As a camp counselor, you’ll guide the campers and encourage them to grow.

If you love to have fun and don't mind spending time outside, being a camp counselor may be an excellent job for you. Your meals will be free and you’ll get paid to sleep in a cabin. Plus, modern camp sites have amenities, so it’s not like you’ll be without the comforts of home.

On average, camp counselors  make about  $12 an hour. However, if you’re a supervisor, you could make upwards of $20 an hour.


Some parents will hire live in nannies when they need help looking after their children.

It may be that the parents are too busy or that they’re away on business. Nannies will do a variety of activities with children, like going for walks, cooking, playing games, telling stories, and going for ice cream. They also make sure the children are clean and well-behaved.

If you nanny abroad, your host family will likely house and feed you without a second thought. After all, you’re operating as an extension of their family, so you should be treated as such.

You could nanny in Italy, France, and even parts of Africa. Just keep in mind that you may need to know a foreign language to succeed.

On average, nannies  make  close to $34,000 a year. However, you could make much more if you nanny for a wealthy family. Explore your options and make sure the location is safe before you take a job as a nanny. You could even go to school while you work this job.

Security Guard

Many properties need round-the-clock security. In this role, you will keep a watchful eye over the property and alert the authorities if there’s a breach. You may also be required to confront an intruder. 

If you like to defend, your skills and passion could be utilized in the security guard position. You could also have your housing and meals paid for (depending on where you work). And in between shifts, you could take online classes and develop your skills so you’re qualified for a position that pays more.

Security guards usually make about  $34,000 a year. Security guards who are protecting critical infrastructure will make more than those who are defending something non-essential. You need to be brave, confident, quick, and strong to be a security guard, as you may face dangerous situations.

Butlers might sound old-fashioned, but many individuals still want them in their homes. These professionals greet guests, lead them to their rooms, make arrangements for entertainment, clean rooms, and handle the unpredictable events that come when one is trying to keep a house in order.

If you like to clean and keep things in line, being a butler could be an ideal career for you. And once you develop a reputation, you may be able to work and live in a luxurious home, eat great food, and interact with famous and powerful people.

Butlers make  about  $59,000 a year if they work year round. If you work part-time, you will make less. However, you can make close to six figures if you’re a butler for someone who’s extremely wealthy.

Personal Chef

Personal Chef

A personal chef is a kind of butler, but they only handle matters relating to food. In this position, you will plan, prepare, and make meals and snacks for a family and their guests. Wealthy individuals hire personal chefs to work in their homes, at vacation properties, and on yachts.

If you like to cook and you’re good at planning, you’ll do well as a personal chef.

As compensation, you’ll get free housing, a salary, and the opportunity to enjoy the delicious food you prepare.

Personal chefs  make about  $62,000 a year. However, you could make much more if you work for someone wealthy.

Cruise Ship Worker

Cruise Ship Employee

Cruise ships carry millions of people every year, and there are many job opportunities on a cruise ship.

You can work as a chef, an entertainer, a guide, etc. There are even seasonal resort jobs one can work through the cruise line. Cruise lines will offer free employee housing

If you want to be on a boat and see the world, being a cruise ship employee could be an excellent job for you. There are many entry-level and middle-management positions available, and you could utilize your skills and develop new ones while working aboard a cruise ship.

On average, cruise ship employees make about $20,000 annually . However, if you’re a supervisor in a specific part of the ship, it’s likely you’ll make double, if not triple that. Of course the captain of the ship is one of the highest-paid professionals on it.

International Educator

An international educator works in different locations to teach vital skills to children and adults.

Many of these educators specialize in language skills, while others teach math, science, history, etc. They bring different perspectives to parts of the world where these aren’t common.

If you want to live somewhere exotic and receive free room and board, this could be the job for you. You’ll get to explore new places as an international educator, and you won’t spend nearly as much as a typical traveler.

Most international educators  make close to  $52,000 a year. It’s decent income, especially if you work in a place where things are very cheap (relative to what you’re earning).

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are critical in modern society.

They design and construct bridges, dams, highways, and other vital infrastructure around the world.

When a civil engineer takes on a project, they’re involved at every step. They conceive the project, oversee its completion, and maintain it thereafter.

If you’re well-versed in mathematical concepts and the principles of design, you may make an excellent international civil engineer. Essentially, a country will provide housing so you can work on their critical infrastructure.

Civil engineers  make about $71,000 annually but some engineers can hold a job that pays over $200k .

If you work in another country, you can enjoy a new way of life while making a difference for the people who live there.

ESL Educator

ESL educators are in high demand throughout the world.

As an educator, you’d get to teach the English language to children and adults who need to learn it. You can work in the countryside or in a major urban center, immersing yourself in the culture as you do.

If you love to teach, this job could be ideal for you. Companies will pay your travel and living expenses so you can provide your knowledge to people who need it. And while you teach English, you may learn another language from those who speak it fluently.

ESL educators  make about  $50,000 annually. However, where you work and who you work for largely determines how much you’ll make in a year.

Live-In Caretaker

Sometimes, people need at-home care in the later years of their life. This is where live-in caretakers come in.

They live with an individual who needs help with a range of day-to-day functions. The patient might be elderly, on hospice, or suffering from mental illness.

If you want to care for people, being a live-in caregiver may be an excellent job for you. Moreover, you’ll get to enjoy free room and board as you make an impact and improve someone's quality of life.

On average, live-in caretakers  make about  $34,000 a year. While the salary isn’t the highest, since a lot of your day-to-day expenses will be taken care of, you won’t have to spend a large chunk of your salary on living expenses.

Building Manager

A building manager is responsible for keeping a building in working order year round. They handle the day-to-day daily operations and make sure the building looks good both inside and outside. If the building is a large one, the manager may be required to live on the premises. Seasonal hotels, apartments, and lodges often need building managers.

If you’re looking for a quiet job, being a building manager may be for you. However, if you’re maintaining a building that’s occupied, you’ll need to help tenants with problems.

Building managers usually  make about  $89,000 annually. However, the amount of income you receive from this role is largely determined by the property owner you work for.

Oil Rig Engineer

Oil rigs are constructed in the middle of the ocean. As an oil rig engineer, you’ll live on a rig, ensuring everything is in working order. Being an oil rig engineer is dangerous work, which is why they are compensated well. Their food and lodging are free as well.

If you’re an engineer and you’re looking to travel the world, working on an oil rig may be a great option for you. It’s hard work sometimes, but since you’re providing a vital service, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction after a long day of working.

On average, oil rig engineers  make about  $121,000 a year. If you’re in a managerial position, you can make even more. Even entry-level engineers make upwards of $70,000.


Diplomats play a critical role in the world. They work on peace deals, human rights issues, cultural concerns, and economic crises.

As a diplomat, you’ll do lots of traveling, and you won’t have to pay out of pocket for these expenses.

If you’re good at talking, this job might be for you. You’ll get experience working with the government and earn decent income at the same time. Plus, room and board is free no matter where you go.

Diplomats earn about $153,000 a year. They command a high salary because their work is important and often demanding. This is not a career for those who get nervous easily or struggle with responsibility.

Peace Corps Volunteer

Peace Corps volunteers work overseas to make a positive impact in the developing world. You may specialize in teaching, building, or community organizing as a Peace Corps volunteer. You’ll get to make a change in the world, and the organization will pay for your food and housing as you do.

If you work for less than twenty-four months, you get $375 a month. If you work for more than twenty-four months, you get $475 a month. There are many paths to success in this organization.

Clergymen and clergywomen are members of the church. These individuals teach their faith, often in places where it’s uncommon. This is a calling for those who are passionate about their religious beliefs.

If you feel like you have a calling to become a member of the clergy, contact the local leader of your sect. This individual will help you get started on the path to becoming a clergy member.

As a clergy member, you won’t have to pay for your room and board. You will most likely stay in a religious building like a church or monastery while you perform your services.

Circus Performer

Circuses still exist and they’re always hiring people, as there are many positions in a circus. You can be an acrobat, a dancer, a fire-breather, etc. Circuses travel from place to place and provide free food and housing for their members. 

If you have a talent, it doesn't hurt to look online and see if there are any openings with the local circus. Joining the circus is a fun, unique way to earn money for a talent you possess.

On average, circus performers  earn about  $60,000 a year. High-end circuses will pay their performers top dollar, where as local circuses won’t pay as much.

Antarctic Technician

Antarctica is a continent with few humans, but like the space station, there needs to be a human presence there so the research centers are maintained.

An Antarctic technician will live at one of these centers, monitoring the nearby area and ensuring the tools and instruments are working properly.

If you don't mind isolation and working alone , this could be an ideal job for you.

Usually, you’ll spend a few months at a research station, then you’ll have a month-long break on another continent.

Obviously, employee housing is paid for so you don't have to worry about that.

Antarctic technicians  make about  $80,000 a year. In this role, you’ll earn a decent income while living and working in an environment that few ever experience.



A housekeeper is responsible for keeping a home in order. They sweep floors, clean countertops, make beds, and perform many other necessary functions around the home.

If you like to clean and organize, housekeeper may be an excellent job for you. In this role, you can travel the world and meet a variety of interesting people. Housekeepers work in private homes, hotels, resorts, etc. If you work for a wealthy family, it’s likely you’ll live with them.

On average, housekeepers  earn about  $38,000 a year. If your client is a wealthy individual, however, you may make much more.

Concierges work at hotels, lodges, and resorts, and they ensure guests are taken care of during their stay.

When a guest has a request or requirement, a concierge is the person they see. They also handle wake-up calls and inform guests when they have company.

If you are friendly and hospitable, you will love working as a concierge.

Many hotels pay for their concierges’ travel and housing expenses so these professionals can stay on the premises and be available at all hours.

On average, concierges  make about  $18 an hour. You could, however, make much more if you work at a luxury hotel or resort. Concierges also get tipped sometimes, and a tip can be anywhere from $10 to $100.

This can be one of the better resort jobs that offers paid housing.

In a restaurant, the server is responsible for bringing food to the table. They must also ensure their guests are having an overall enjoyable dining experience. Many companies will pay for their servers’ housing accommodations, including cruise lines and seasonal resorts.

If you’re a friendly individual who can work under pressure, you may do well as a server. All you have to do is bring food and drinks when guests order them. And you’ll get cash after each shift, so there’s no waiting for a paycheck.

Servers  make about  $26,000 a year. However, you can make a lot more if you work in a restaurant that serves a high-end clientele.

Park Ranger

Park Ranger

Working at a national park can be a tremendous experience that can sometimes include subsidized housing.

There are many different jobs that you can do at a national park.

From enforcing park rules, to patrolling the grounds, there's never a dull day working as a park ranger.

While this might not be one of the highest paying jobs on the list, it can be a slow paced job for anyone to consider.

Where to Find Job That Pay for Housing and Travel

Now that you know what the best jobs are, how can you find one?

Below are some of the best way to find jobs that pay for travel and housing!

Browse Job Boards

Browsing job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster can help you learn about job openings in your area of interest and expertise.

Another benefit of using these sites is that you can oftentimes find an approximate salary for the position you're interested in.

Reach Out to Companies

Reaching out to companies directly can be tedious, but effective in finding a new job.

You'll oftentimes need to send several emails to several companies before you hear back from anyone, but it's worth it to get your name out there.

Use Social Media

Social media, specifically LinkedIn can be an excellent way to find jobs that offer paid housing and travel.

You can find companies that post about these types of opportunities and research them further to see if they're a good fit for you.

Work with a Headhunter

Headhunters and recruiters spend their time connecting employers to employees, so they're a great resource if you're looking for a new job.

If you can find a headhunter in your industry, they may have insight into companies that are hiring and the types of positions they're looking to fill.

Final Thoughts on Jobs that Provide Housing and Travel

There are plenty of jobs that provide free housing and the ability to travel.

While some might be seasonal jobs, there are also many jobs that can offer work year round.

Whether you work as a travel nurse, live in nanny, or a park ranger – you're sure to find the perfect job that's both fulfilling and rewarding.

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35 BEST Travel Jobs to Make Money While Travelling

Do you wish you could travel more but don’t have enough money?

Then this guide is for you! It will tell you all about the types of epic travel jobs that you can do. Ultimately, this post will help you find work and travel the world… FOREVER.

There are a surprising number of jobs that involve travelling, a few canny ways to make money travelling abroad, and even some jobs where you actually get paid to travel… (The best kind!)

From freelancing to affiliate marketing, travel blogging, tending the bar at a hip hostel–there are seriously all kinds of awesome – and some terrible – travel jobs you can get to make ends meet and prolong your travels.

The life of a working traveller is varied and complex: there are countless tools in your arsenal! In today’s post, I’m giving you the lowdown on some of the best travel jobs for backpackers, expats, and aspiring digital nomads. And realistically, for nearly all of them, you don’t need no tertiary education.

Ditch your desk, amigos: the world is waiting and the only thing you need to SUCCEED is  grit.

Nic working on a laptop in Bohinj, near Bled in Slovenia.

  • Making Money Travelling the World:Types of Travel Work

The 35 Best Travel Jobs in 2024

Did you find your dream travel job, making money travelling the world: types of travel work.

There are lots of different types of travel jobs out there, and they can roughly be broken down into three categories. Let’s take a look at them before we delve into the jobs themselves…

There are some jobs that will pay you to travel the world. This might sound very glamorous at first, but you have to bear in mind you may not get as much of a chance to actually explore as you will be working. These could be travel jobs or potentially even travel careers , but they still generally require the level of input from you that any regular ol’ boring job would.

Jobs that require travel and pay well, such as being an airline pilot or foreign service travel jobs, will offer you a chance to save up mega-cashola and to hopefully see parts of the world during your downtime. But to be honest (and in my opinion) these travel careers don’t have the same kind of freedom as being a digital nomad.

Personally, I’m a big believer in making money through a digital nomad job as these jobs allow you to work from literally anywhere in the world, on your own schedule, and often as your own boss.

It takes time to set up a career as a digital nomad career… But it’s easy to get started now and to begin your journey!

All you need is a laptop plus a few other of the digital nomad essentials , and idea of WHAT you want to do, and a place in the world that you’re content to get some work done from. Well, that and playlist that gets you in the zone!

Beccoming a digital nomad changes how you travel , so for backpackers that want to retain their backpacker-roots, you need a job for backpacker. These travel jobs are job-jobs.

They could be wicked jobs, they could be shitkicker jobs. They could, potentially, also progress into careers, but they wouldn’t be travel careers. You’d just be an expat with a regular ol’ job.

Many of the best travelling jobs for backpackers are super casual affairs – seasonal work or temporary labour gigs. I’ve found paying work on goat farms, behind bars, in hostels, on construction sites, on beaches, and in many other places whilst backpacking around the world. It’s usually very easy to find some casual work as a backpacker.

All you need is a good smile, good work ethic, and maybe the willingess to be paid under the table for less than minimum wage! (Oops, did I say that? You do you.) 😉

travel house vacancy

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Let’s look at how to work and travel like a BOSS (or self-employed hustler). Ideas range from online trading to teaching yoga to consulting. Don’t Work Another Day ; we have something for every CV!

1. Make Money Blogging

Starting a blog is one of the best travel jobs out there. You can travel whenever you want and make money out of your adventures to keep you going! However, blogging is not easy and it’s not one of those jobs to make money quickly.

Blogging offers a great introduction to many different digital nomad careers. You’ll learn more about SEO, copywriting, web design, social media management, marketing and PR… the list goes on! All you need to get started is a decent laptop for travel blogging and loads of patience!

If you want to get a taste of blogging before launching your own, you can look into becoming a virtual assistant or if writing is more your thing becoming a freelance service provider , like Sofie Couwenbergh is also a viable option. Working for a blogger is the best way to learn the tricks of the trade!

Full disclosure: The travel blogging industry is competitive, cutthroat, and, honestly, oversaturated. DO expect a long road to the top.

How Much Can You Earn?

  • From $0 – $50,000 per month!

Digital Nomad in Malta

Finding a work-friendly atmosphere is important – check out Tribal Bali …

Having a job is one thing, but being able to sit down and get some work in is a whole other story. Luckily there are amazing coworking spaces all over the globe. But what if you could combine working and a place to live? Say no more…

travel house vacancy

Introducing the best Coworking Hostel in the World – Tribal Bali!

A unique coworking and co-living hostel for those that want to travel the world while working from their laptops. Make use of the massive open-air coworking spaces and sip on delicious coffee. If you need a quick screen break, just take a refreshing dip in the infinity pool or grab a drink at the bar. Need more work inspiration?

Staying at a digital nomad-friendly hostel is a really smart way to get more done whilst still enjoying the social life of travelling… Mingle, share ideas, brainstorm, make connections and find your tribe at Tribal Bali!

2. Teach English Abroad

Teaching English in Sri Lanka

For backpackers looking to settle somewhere for a year or more to save up some serious cash, teaching English abroad is one of the best jobs for nomads.

These days, you can teach English in most countries in the world while seeing all the goods they got to offer at the same time! This is probably one of the best travel careers out there: there’s a low barrier to entry and most native speakers can get a travel job teaching English.

Being a native speaker gives you an obvious advantage, but it’s also possible for non-native speakers to get work teaching English too.  You don’t even really need a degree to teach English in many countries, however, nabbing a TEFL certificate through an online course first will help you hit the ground running. (And hopefully will mean you won’t be a crap teacher too ?)

It’s a small investment that will help you score more gigs AND better-paying gigs in the long run. Plus, think of the children! Won’t somebody think of the children!?!?

  • $1500 – $3000 depending on the country.

3. Teach English Online

a girl working on her laptop in a cafe with a view of rice fields in Bali behind her

Thanks to the power of the internet, the world of teaching English online has opened doors to English speakers everywhere! You can work from anywhere! (Provided you have a solid internet connection.)

What’s the best part? Depending on the company you work for, you can choose your own schedule and commitment level. Whatever works for you!

Teaching English online is fast becoming one of the best ways for backpackers to make money online without a doubt. Online teaching platforms connect prospective teachers with keen students. Set your pricing, choose your hours, and market yourself to potential clients.

The money isn’t impressive, particularly in the early days, but this is a job that you can grow and literally do anywhere. Nothing beats a location independent gig!

  • About $1500 per month.

4. Dropshipping

remote worker doing some work at a cafe in Seminyak, bali

Dropshipping is when you ship products to customers, usually in Europe or the USA, from somewhere cheap (usually China). Essentially, you manage the online storefront while a third party handles the logistics of storing and shipping products.

Now, dropshipping CAN be profitable. It can also be a major headache: you have been warned.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Digital nomad in Portugal. Coffee, laptop and work in Lagos.

Affiliate marketing is very simple. It means that you recommend a product or service to your audience, and if someone on your website uses or buys that product or service, you get a commission!

Affiliate marketing is basically being a middle man and is one of the most popular, proven, and sustainable ways to create income online.

If you are interested in online jobs travellers can easily utilise, learning effective affiliate marketing strategies is the holy grail. Passive income is fucking POWERFUL.

  • Oodles but you need the traffic to earn it. But then, it all flows in passively. 😉

6. Crytocurrency and Day Trading

A large sculpture of a Peseta coin, Spain

The exciting world of cryptocurrency investment has come a long way. You can HODL, stake, mine, generate interest (yup – totally a thing now!), and, of course, trade.

Day trading is a really exciting – but very nerve-wracking – way to make money while travelling. I have no experience trading stocks, but a lot of people I know have been trading cryptocurrency for a while now and have seen rather delectables return on their investments (with some losses along the way).

If you have money that you can afford to lose (seriously, this shit carries risk), then day trading is one of the most exciting travel jobs out there right now.

  • The sky’s the limit!

7. Volunteering

shirtless man volunteering in rural india with two kids swinging on his arms

Okiedoke – volunteering! Now, clearly, volunteering ISN’T a travel job, however, it’s functionally the same. You work (hard), you greatly reduce your travel costs, plus you’ll have some life-changing experiences while you’re at it. So it fits the bill!

Now, while voluntourism has received some flak over the years (and the trade has only become stickier in the COVID-times ), volunteering still remains one of the most meaningful ways to travel. A free feed and bed is certainly a win, but it’s the experience and the knowledge that you’re actually making a difference is what makes it, honestly, one of the best travel jobs for backpackers.

You have a lot of good options for volunteering abroad:

  • WWOOF – An organisation primarily concerned with connecting working travellers with volunteering gigs on organic farms and agricultural projects.
  • Workaway (and its numerous alternatives ) – As well as agricultural projects, these guys tend to also connect you to volunteering gigs around the board. Hostel work, translation and copywriting, building skate ramps, building backyard dunnies: it’s a wide net.
  • Worldpackers – Our personal fave platform for this bizz.

Worldpackers is a smashing organisation. They’ve got more of a community focus than many of the alternatives and they run a tight ship too!

We sent one of our tried and true broke backpackers on a volunteering mission to Vietnam and the results were stellar. So stellar, in fact, that we happily partnered with them to bring Broke Backpacker readers a discount on the signup fee!

Just enter the code BROKEBACKPACKER at the checkout when signing up or do the clicky-click below!

travel house vacancy

Worldpackers: connecting travellers with  meaningful travel experiences.

We’ve also got a review of Workaway you can peruse if Worldpackers doesn’t float your boat. They’re a bit more stuffy (a natural caveat for being the lead of the pack), but they have volunteering gigs coming out of the ears!

And as one brief little sidenote, it’s worth noting the skills you pick up volunteering can go a LONG way to aiding you in your career as a working traveller. The more you know, the more backpacker jobs open up to you.

8. Become A Freelance Travel Photographer

travel house vacancy

If you love taking pictures, why don’t you make the most of your skills and be paid for it? Breaking into freelance photography is no easy, feat but it’s totally possible if you have perseverance and work at honing your craft every day.

You can travel the world forever by snapping away… If you get really good at your craft, you can even land a job that pays you to travel as a professional photographer for either the media or, the dream, National Geographic.

  • $0 – $5000
  • BEST Cameras for Travellers
  • GoPro Alternatives to Make You  Whoah
  • Top Camera Bags – Buyer’s Guide!
  • Essential Camera Accessories You NEED

9. Teach Yoga

a girl going a yoga handstand on a beach

Yoga continues to grow in popularity around the world, and yoga instructors are in high demand. While not the highest paying job for travellers, finding work as a yoga instructor is one of the more assured ways to work and travel.

Travellers love yoga and are keen on lessons just about anywhere in the world. Combine that with hostels, cafes, and community centres (among a million other venues) always being on the lookout

Getting a yoga certification CERTAINLY helps you stand out from the crowd but it necessarily isn’t needed. Talk to other guests at your hostel, or people around any beach, hippy, or traveller town and see what you can rustle up. Start off with a sesh at a world-class yoga retreat to learn a few Asanas and limber up first and the rest will be easy.

Alternatively, head over to Yoga Travel Jobs Directory and see if there are any worthwhile postings. The beauty of this one is that the informality allows you to find work on the road in most places without the added red tape.

  • $5/hour or even less in developing nations. Bounce on over to the northern beaches of Sydney though, and activewear soccer mums eat that shit up for $50+ a pop!

10. Fitness Instructor

Similar to yoga, if you’re in shape and know how to break a sweat, you can get paid to help others do the same! I love finding creative ways to stay in shape while travelling and you’ll find plenty of other travellers who will share this interest.

Will's first fitness competition in Sydney.

See if your hostel wants to organise any activities or events which you can market by word of mouth or by putting a flyer up. Head to a park or the beach and BOOM! You’re a certified fitness instructor… sort of.

Certifications are for losers without glorious, rippling muscles.

11. Tour Director

travel house vacancy

Directors accompany a tour group for the entirety of the itinerary and basically make sure people are having a good time. If it’s a twenty-one-day culture tour through Central America, the tour director is there the entire time, leading the group, answering questions, communicating with the bus driver, and, most importantly, creating solutions when shit goes wrong.

This is one of the travel industry careers that require the most work, but if you think you possess the qualities, there are thousands of amazing adventure tour companies looking for new leaders worldwide.

This industry is very competitive, but once you get your foot in the door you’ll be offered work left and right. I’ve got some experience leading adventure tours myself and this is a solid choice of job that involves travelling… You just need to have endless amounts of energy.

These are maybe the best jobs for travel and adventure for those that seek the high life and the pay ain’t too shabby either!.

  • $1000 – $3000

grayl geopress filter bottle

Drink water from ANYWHERE. The Grayl Geopress is the worlds leading filtered water bottle protecting you from all manner of waterborne nasties.

Single-use plastic bottles are a MASSIVE threat to marine life. Be a part of the solution and travel with a filter water bottle. Save money and the environment!

We’ve tested the Geopress  rigorously  from the icy heights of Pakistan to the tropical jungles of Bali, and can confirm: it’s the best water bottle you’ll ever buy!

12. Travel Tour Guide

Eating Okonomiyaki in Osaka Japan on a street food tour.

As opposed to a tour director, a tour guide usually does shorter tours (think three-hour walking tours). Ideally, tour guides are experts in their niche, but sometimes just a bit more knowledge than the average Joe will suffice

If you have experience or certification, getting tour guide work will be easy. If you travelling in the EU , you can also find tour guide work within Europe relatively easy (free walking tours, etc.) without certification.

Otherwise, there are lots of people on the web tapping into their entrepreneurial spirit and starting their own tour jobs while on the road.

  • $500 – $1500

13. Work on A Boat

A person sitting on a wooden boat with blue sea and jungle covered islands in the distance.

Unfortunately, the days of being a pirate are kinda over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still work and live on a boat!

A traveller’s job on a boat is certainly easier to get with experience, but sometimes it’s as easy as just walking onto a dock and asking around. Teach yourself to tie knots first and you’ll be golden.

Want to significantly increase your chances of getting hired on a superyacht or boat? Consider taking a course at the Super Yacht School – an online training company that educates people on everything they need to know regarding how to land a job on a superyacht as a crew member.

Alternatively, become a cruise ship worker and live the party-working-travelling-life on the high seas. Drugs, booze, and nights of wanton hedonism – excellent!

  • $1200 – $2500

14. Boat Delivery

Rear view of a boat with views of mountains in the background

More boats! This one is a bit difficult to get into as a newbie, but if you have some experience working on the high seas, boat delivery has some serious work and travel potential. Typically the pay won’t be very high (if at all) but you’ll get your experience up and get to sail the seven seas for free!

Getting into this travel career could lead to more lucrative gigs in the future too, so it’s worth considering if the goal is simply finding jobs that let you travel.

Head over to Crewseekers.net or cruisersforum.com for some killer job leads!

15. Making and Selling Jewellery

handcrafts on the beach working with silver and precious stones

Screw travel jobs – be a travel entrepreneur! While you can make and sell anything, jewellery is certainly the backpacker artisans staple, and I’ve met lots of people who make and sell jewellery whilst travelling .

Some critics of budget backpacking might have a go at you for – ahem – “begpacking” , but to those critics I say… get a job, ya hippy! If you’re wheeling, dealing, and hustling on the road, you are the literal opposite of a begpacker. It’s fun too!

The materials can be cheap and light to carry, it’s an artsy and fun thing to do, and you can set up shop (busking-style) in most places in the world that are kind to street merchants (i.e. not Malaysia). Selling handmade jewellery on the street isn’t the path to becoming a billionaire, but if you can make a decent product, it’s a great way to bring in enough to cover a day of gallivanting.

It isn’t strictly one of the easiest travel jobs out there if you genuinely care about your craft. Sourcing ethical materials, making the jewellery, and haggling for a fair price can all be a real battle. But damn you’ll have some ten-outta-ten adventures along the way!

  • $300 – $1000 per month

16. Importing Stuff to Sell


A personal favourite of mine, this is what I sometimes refer to as the ‘ stuff your backpack’ method. It’s an easy w ay to make some money back after quitting your job to travel .

When in exotic countries, you will find awesome trinkets and doodads that people back home will go crazy over! Think hippy stuff: chillums, trousers, jewellery, festival belts, etc. These items will be authentic and dirt cheap.

Then, when you are outside that country and back in the good ol’ inflationary West, you can sell the authentic handcrafted Indian peace pipe that you paid $.75 cents for in Mumbai for $15 at festivals or online! It’s a great way to make 1,000% or more on your investments.

To make the most money though, you’ll have to frequently hit the road and stuff your backpack (a big hiking backpack is good for this) as well as have a good eye for stuff to take back home. If you can somehow inject something about chakras into the marketing spiel you’ll give to sell it, it’s a winner.

  • $500 – $2000 per month

Aether Backpack

We’ve tested countless backpacks over the years, but there’s one that has always been the best and remains the best buy for adventurers: the broke backpacker-approved Osprey Aether and Ariel series.

Want more deetz on why these packs are so  damn perfect? Then read our comprehensive review for the inside scoop!

17. Busking

A street band in Portugal

Another of the world’s oldest professions that now catches some flak from the world’s newest crybabies: busking. If you have a talent, you can flaunt it for some cash in the street AND – better yet – make a bunch of people smile too!

You doen’t have to be a wandering musician with a travel-sized guitar either; magic, acrobatics, juggling, flow, dance – anything that’s impressive enough to score a tip is worth the shot, and you can score some mean tips! (Believe it or not.)

If the artisti di strada chooses the right location and is talented (or smiley) enough, there’s a pretty good chance they are making some dough! Enough to cover a day’s cost at least… You just need to know how to busk !

Also, if you are a musician, you should look into giving lessons for work while travelling or even playing some low-key gigs at bars or hostels. It’s a good way to score a feed, and it’s certainly not a bad payoff for a few hours of jammin’!

The resident in-house dirtbag busker on The Broke Backpacker team had this to say:

“I’ve had $5/hour days, I’ve had $50/hour days; busking is large part luck, however, there is a hidden art and science to the craft.”

18. Scuba Diving Instructor

Two people taking a selfie whilst scuba diving.

Get paid for adventure. Underwater adventures no less!

Becoming a certified scuba diver and instructor takes a bit of investment, but it can be one of the most fun ways to work and travel the world simultaneously. You need a handful of courses and certifications, as well as having logged in a certain amount of hours underwater yourself, and then the world is your… oyster. (Huehuehue.)

If you are already certified, get excited! If you aren’t, you can do it at home, or take advantage of many (significantly cheaper) programs that exist in countries like Thailand and the Philippines. Hands down this is one of the best ways to get paid to travel PLUS you can pick up paying work in lots of different countries around the world.

Plus, y’know, dive for a living. Not bad, ‘ey?

  • $1000 – $4000 per month.

19. Surf Instructor

A person surfing

Similar to a scuba instructor but without all of the need for certifications. You just need to be a badass surfer! Surfing instructors can do well for themselves by travelling, surfing, meeting people who are interested and want to learn, and then offering their services.

Plus, let’s be real… you’ll get laid. A lot.

You won’t earn as much as a scuba instructor, but you’ll be getting paid to surf and travel at the same time which is probably the coolest thing ever! I’m a big fan of surfing and hoping to spend a year or two getting a hell of a lot better in the future. If you are looking for cool jobs you can do while travelling, this may be for you.

There are lots of resources for finding potential gigs. Surf Travel Jobs is an excellent starting point.

  • $500 – $1500 per month.

travel house vacancy

Wanna know how to pack like a pro? Well for a start you need the right gear….

These are packing cubes for the globetrotters and compression sacks for the  real adventurers – these babies are a traveller’s best kept secret. They organise yo’ packing and minimise volume too so you can pack MORE.

Or, y’know… you can stick to just chucking it all in your backpack…

20. Buy A Place and Rent It

An old cottage covered in rose bushes and a tin roof near Queenstown, New Zealand.

If you have been working for a while, you may have some savings. Rather than blowing it all on a couple of fast-paced years of travel, invest it into buying a property at home and renting it out whilst you travel (thus living off the rent money).

You can advertise your place on lots of different websites including Airbnb or one of the many excellent sites like Airbnb , and it can very easily turn into big bucks! Pretty soon, you’ll be making money while travelling; so much so that some of my friends don’t even stay at their own place when they return to their hometown.

  • $600 – $2000 per month.

21. Housesitting

Will chilling on the terrace with two white dogs

Sort of a work-exchange-meets-job, housesitting while travelling is HAWT right now. Typically you pet-sit for an extended amount of time, and in return, you are given free rein over an entire house. Housesitting gigs rarely pay, but you can’t really complain as their still jobs that allow you to travel near-indefinitely.

You’ll be getting free accommodation, a big ass kitchen, and the privacy of your own house! This is one of the best ways to travel!

As with all good things, it’s challenging to crack into, but once you gain experience and a resume, you’ll have your choice of gigs. As far as travel work goes, this one comes highly recommended – it barely counts as working!

  • A free house!

22. Work as an Au Pair

People meeting locals kids whilst hitch hiking in El Salvador, Central America

Au-pairing is one of the oldest travel careers around and is still a great option to save some money and see the world. Personally, kids ain’t for me, but if you are bubbly, happy, smiley and don’t mind cleaning up the misdirected poopoos, then there are plenty of little ones who need a lovely person like you to help take care of them.

It doesn’t always pay… and if it does pay it’s not always much. But you can earn up to 5k a month if you’re happy to travel for work (which, you should be) to teach in some more far-flung lands.

You’ll get free lodging and food and likely some pocket change for the weekend if you’re volunteering in Europe. Being an au-pair is a pretty solid way to get paid to travel and live in a new country.

  • $0 – $5000 per month.

23. Hostel Work

danielle cooking in a hostel

Hostel work is one of the best-kept not-so-secret-secrets of the budget backpacking trade . Once upon a time, it was hush-hush, but now not so much. So let me tell you – finding hostel gigs is SUPER simple and hostel work is one of the best travel jobs for backpackers.

Hostel work is one of the easiest travel jobs to get – just ask the hostels you are staying at if they are looking for any help. They will know exactly what this means. “Help” means manning the front desk graveyard shift, sweeping the floors, or most likely minding the bar, all in exchange for free accommodation.

If they are looking for any “help” , they miiight pay a bit of cash, but more likely, you’ll get a free bed and some food out of it. Hostels are one of the staples for travel work and are a phenomenal way to save money while travelling – not to mention free entry into the hostel life shenanigans is a pretty sweet dealer for a lone ranger looking for some buds.

…And bud. 😉

  • Usually just a free stay. Maybe some weed money (or weed) if you’re lucky.

24. Bar Work

Two friends having a cocktail in a bar

Similar to hostel work, bar jobs have kept the backpacker going since basically the dawn of time. Often the bar work will be in a hostel bar (mentioned above) but just as legit is finding work at standalone bars.

This is particularly true in seasonal European cities (but I’ve seen it in South America, Australia, Asia… basically everywhere). Alcoholics are everywhere and they need a charming face with a winning smile to pour their drinks dammit!

The best way to find a bar job is just to walk around and ask if the bars are looking for any help. Or, if you’re having a pint somewhere, strike up a conversation with the bartender and get the scoop. A simple inquisition can lead to a lot of opportunities.

Full disclosure though: the booze and babes of the graveyard shift are fun for a while, but a few too many staffies a few too many months later and you’ll find yourself stuck right in a classic backpacker trap. And hungover.

  • $800 – $2000 per month

travel house vacancy

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25. Become a Party Promoter/Brand Ambassador

a big group of people at maya beach in thailand, gathering for a group picture acting like pirates

If you are a fun-loving party animal with some social media/writing/promoting skills, then you could be a candidate to score a job as a brand ambassador for a tour business specializing in party-based tours. I’ve met someone who did this for a period; while the money wasn’t always hella tight, the nights of debauchery sure were!

A good option to break into this field is Stoke Travel . Every year, Stoke Travel gives 100+ regular travellers the opportunity to work and travel by volunteering at events or doing internships in their Barcelona and Byron Bay Office.

That’s right. Three square meals per day and unlimited booze. You’re basically travelling for free !

For the right individual, this job promises to be helluva of a lot of fun. (Possibly, too much fun…? )

  • Free drinks – $1200

26. Seasonal Jobs

two girls smiling holding snowboards on a snowy mountain

This is a large category that encompasses many different travel jobs. Restaurants, construction, hotels, cruise ship jobs, ski resorts, mining, deep-sea Alaskan fishing gigs, the list goes on! While a lot of these jobs are covered elsewhere in this post, seasonal jobs are worth noting.

You can literally travel the world working, chasing the season (which by the way usually equates to amazingly beautiful weather) and making money when jobs are in demand and at their highest paying…

Depending on the industry, you can end up both in some pretty off the beaten path destinations as well as touristed ones. Or both! The ski resorts in the summer trekking season is usually a much more peaceful vibe once all the loquacious Aussies have packed up shop.

  • $1000 – $5000 per month

27. Construction

Construction Work or English Teaching in Vang Vieng

You can find construction work basically anywhere in the world, however, the right destinations (eg. Australia and New Zealand) pay a mean wage. If you’re operating above board that is.

Otherwise, asking around for something more informal is usually the way to go. If you have construction experience, jump on those work exchange platforms for some cheap volunteering gigs .

Many hostels, farms, and everything in between will advertise their needs in hopes of finding a qualified working traveller. You’ll get food, lodging, and (depending on the project) a bit of money as well. It’ll get you networked too – word of mouth carries!

If you have experience as a plumber or electrician, you can make bank and even land a job where you are paid to travel to and from different world projects. Also, insider tip: traffic controllers Down Under get paid an ungodly amount for literally doing nothing. They usually pick the cutest girl to man the stop sign though – yay, sexism!

  • $1200 – $3000 per month but hugely variable depending on your trade and skillset,

28. Transport a Car or RV

Will with a car on the beach in New Zealand

Car and RV dealerships or car rental companies sometimes hire people to drive cars to different destinations. Rental companies often find themselves with too many cars in one destination and want to move them to an area where rentals are more in demand. Car dealerships may need a specific car, with specific options or colours, that they arrange to get from another dealer.

While most companies work with full-time professional drivers, there may be some opportunities for one-time trips. The trick with these jobs is getting a car that’s going where you want to go at the right time. You’ll need a clean driver’s license and may need a specialty license to drive RVs, but it’s worth it for a free and rocking RV road trip !

Some transport companies that you may be able to score some delivery gigs with include:

  • Imoova is one of the biggest search platforms for relocations.
  • Jucy has some nice opportunities on RVs.
  • Cars Arrive Auto Relocation is USA based and has some good options.
  • HitTheRoad.ca is a well-known Canadian company that offers mostly long-distance, one way, one trip driving contracts for cars.
  • A free road trip!

29. Professional Chef

Man cooking food on the grill using his hands.

If you have some cooking abilities or some legitimate kitchen experience, you can find a job by asking around at kitchens in hotels, cruise ships, boats, or retreats. Also, take a look into Worldpackers and Workaway as you can certainly find some cook-work opportunities for a free place to stay.

The downside is that you’ll have to work in close proximity to chefs. Chefs are primadonnas. Get in and out of the hospo industry as quick as possible, amigos.

If thou gaze too long into an abyss…

  • $1500 – $3000 per month

30. Travel Nurse

A - the best job for travel that pays well

Stop right now and listen to me. If you are a nurse, or if you are thinking about becoming a nurse, becoming a travel nurse is one of the single most amazing careers you can get into.

Travelling nurses are usually hired for thirteen to twenty-six weeks in whatever location they choose and all of your travel expenses are usually paid. Housing is usually covered, and due to the high demand and urgency, travelling nurses are paid more than regular nurses. It’s one of the best ways to travel, work and save a stupid amount of money.

Plus, you know, saving lives and all that jazz.

  • $1500 – $4000 per month.

31. Flight Attendant

Two girls walking towards a plane at sunset in Mexico

An oldie but a goodie, being a flight attendant isn’t as glamorous as it once was, but in terms of travel friendly jobs , this is a fantastic travel career. It’s really the OG travel job (right after busker AKA a wandering minstrel).

Free flights, long stopovers to explore, and the ability to tweak your schedule to have a few weeks off a month – there’s a lot to like! This is one of the best careers that involve travelling, and if you get hired by a quality airline, this is a job that not only requires travel but can also pay well.

  • $1800 – $2500 per month

mockup of a person holding a smartphone in white background with Holafly logo

A new country, a new contract, a new piece of plastic – booooring. Instead, buy an eSIM!

An eSIM works just like an app: you buy it, you download it, and BOOM! You’re connected. It’s just that easy.

Is your phone eSIM ready? Read about how e-Sims work or click below to see one of the top eSIM providers on the market and  ditch the plastic .

32. New Zealand/Australia Work Visa

A person jumping in front of the Sydney Opera House in New South Wales, Australia

Not strictly a top travel job so much as a top place to find a job. Yes, the rumours you’ve heard are true: Australia does have an obscenely high minimum wage (as does New Zealand, albeit not as high).

Depending on where you are from and if you are able, New Zealand and Australia are two excellent countries to get work visas for. The visa allows you to be employed in most industries, but you’ll most likely find jobs in the hospitality, tourism, and agricultural fields. Come Down Under where you can travel and work for a year or maybe two!

However, both New Zealand and Australia’s cost of living is high, so finding a job that provides you with both a room and food will net you some huge savings. The more remote you go, the better you will earn too. (Sheep shearers make BANK… and then blow it all on cocaine and meth…)

Watch out though: not all Ozzies and Kiwis subscribe to the “mateship and fair go for all” mentality they’re known for. It’s not uncommon to get paid a fraction of that obscenely high minimum wage.

  • $1800 – $3500 per month
  • Backpacking Australia Travel Guide
  • Where to Stay in Australia
  • Backpacking New Zealand Travel Guide
  • Where to Stay in New Zealand

33. Ski Resort Jobs

a snowboard in the snowy mountains of park city utah

While I mentioned resorts and seasonal gigs before, skiing deserves its own holler(back girl). Ski resorts are notorious for hiring travellers and often under the table. Ski resort gigs can be the best seasonal jobs for travelling.

As an “unofficial” ski resort worker, you won’t get paid much (and you will likely be overworked), but it’s a great way to work hard, play hard, and make some travel friends along the way! Plus, there will always be the skiing/snowboarding perks which are obviously EPIC.

You don’t have to be an instructor though. Many seasonal jobs in lodges or working the lifts are widely available. Oh, and the snowbum life is pretty hedonistic – it’s basically working, partying, and picking up Insta-brand vacayers between your shifts.

  • $1000 – $2000 per month.

34. Tattoo Artist

Man topless with tattoos looking at a list.

Backpackers love to get tattoos on the road , so there is always a demand for talented artists. And I’ve met some amazing tattoo artists travelling the world and paying their way through freelance work in hostels and backpacker hangouts. Talk about a creative travel job!

The better you get at your craft, the more doors that will open up to you. You don’t even need a gun! I’ve met and befriended some phenomenal stick-and-poke artists who earn money working while they travel.

Plus getting paid by people to inflict large amounts of bodily harm on them really isn’t too bad either!

  • $500 – $15000 per month (be prepared to adjust your rates to reflect the country you’re in – ain’t nobody stupid enough to pay $100+ an hour in Mexico).

35. Join the Peace Corps

peace corps - a travel job and lifestyle

This is certainly one of the noblest travel jobs on this list and it deserves a mention! Providing a different work and travel experience, the Peace Corps is no joke and essentially makes you an international aid worker in a foreign country.

It’s a two-year commitment, you have very little influence on where you are stationed, and you only get two days off per month.

You don’t get paid much but, hell, you will be earning and you will get paid to travel to somewhere new. And what’s more, is relevant work experience can take the place of a college degree.

Check out:  This Peace Corps volunteer’s blog all about her experiences volunteering in Vanuatu.

Do You Need Insurance as a Working Traveller?

If you are going to be living and working outside of your home country, you really do need to think about getting health insurance. If you have an accident or get sick, then those hospital bills are going to completely nullify any money you’ve earned and saved.

For long term cover, we recommend SafetyWing . They specialise in covering digital nomads and those working outside of their home country. It’s basically a subscription model – month to month payments – on international health insurance without the need to provide an itinerary.

Month to month payments, no lock-in contracts, and no itineraries required: that’s the exact kind of insurance digital nomads and long-term traveller types need. Cover yo’ pretty little self while you live the DREAM!

travel house vacancy

SafetyWing is cheap, easy, and admin-free: just sign up lickety-split so you can get back to work! Click the button below to learn more about SafetyWing’s setup or read our insider review for the full tasty scoop.

There are so many ways to work and travel; sometimes you just gotta get a bit creative! As long as you are cutting the costs of travel and picking up a job where and when needed, you’ll find a way.

Not every traveling job needs to be a career. Covering your living costs is a fantastic start, and all the skills and confidence will take you soooo much further in life than one simple job ever could.

Taking a leap of faith on a new vocation on the road is fantastic. It’s a step outside of your comfort zone and right into the growth of travel. In many ways, that’s what it means to BE a broke backpacker .

You don’t have to be broke to be a broke backpacker. Nay, being resourceful, willing, and kind-hearted with a good work ethic – that makes you more of a broke backpacker than holes in your undies and lack of consistent showering ever will.

So get out there and work on the road! Start with a shit-kicker job. Then once you’ve levelled up appropriately (and with some ingenuity), you’ll find a job that involves travelling and where you get paid to travel and live in a new country. Maybe you’ll even live in a mini-campervan conversion and start rockin’ the super nomad life. Then, you’re not just hunting for the best travel jobs anymore.

No, that’s a travel career: a whole new adventure!

will hatton working in chiang mai

Updated November 2022 by Samantha Shea

travel house vacancy

And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links . That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!

Elina Mattila

Elina Mattila

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travel house vacancy

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Georgia House votes to revive prosecutor oversight panel as Democrats warn of targeting Fani Willis

Georgia House members have passed a bill that would revive a commission with powers to discipline and remove prosecutors

FILE - Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis speaks during an Associated Press interview, Dec. 12, 2023, in Atlanta. On Monday, Jan. 29, 2024, the Georgia House of Representatives passed a bill that would revive a prosecutor oversight commission that Democrats warn could be used to target Willis. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson, File)

ATLANTA -- Georgia House members passed a bill Monday to revive a commission with powers to discipline and remove prosecutors, a move Democrats warn is aimed at disrupting Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ prosecution of former President Donald Trump .

The House voted 95-75 along party lines for House Bill 881, sending it to the Senate for further debate. A similar bill advanced out of a Senate committee last week,

Though Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed legislation last year creating the Prosecuting Attorneys Qualifications Commission, it was unable to begin operating after the state Supreme Court in November refused to approve rules governing its conduct. Justices said they had “grave doubts” about their ability to regulate the duties of district attorneys beyond the practice of law. Monday's measure removes the requirement for Supreme Court approval.

“This commission will now be able to begin their real work, which is bringing accountability to those rogue prosecuting attorneys who abuse their office," said Rep. Joseph Gullett, a Dallas Republican who sponsored the measure.

Gullett and some other Republicans deny that the measure is directly aimed at Willis, citing instances of prosecutor misconduct, including occasions in the past when Democrats supported the idea of a prosecutor oversight panel.

But Democratic opposition to the commission has hardened, saying Republicans are trying to overwrite the will of Democratic voters.

“The commission will be able to unilaterally proceed and have the ability to interfere and undermine an ongoing investigation against Donald J. Trump,” said House Minority Whip Sam Park, a Lawrenceville Democrat. “You are taking action to protect former President Trump from an ongoing criminal prosecution.”

Senators on Friday approved a special investigative committee that Republicans say will be used to probe whether Willis has used state money to benefit herself by employing attorney Nathan Wade as a special prosecutor.

Trump on Thursday joined an effort by co-defendant Michael Roman to have Willis, Wade and their offices thrown off the case. Ashleigh Merchant, a lawyer for Roman, filed a motion on Jan. 8 accusing Willis of having an inappropriate romantic relationship with Wade that resulted in a conflict of interest.

Willis has yet to respond publicly to the allegations of a romantic relationship between her and Wade. But she vigorously defended Wade and his qualifications during a Jan. 14 service honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. at a Black church in Atlanta. She suggested then that questioning of Wade is rooted in racism.

A filing in Wade’s divorce case includes credit card statements that show Wade — after he had been hired as a special prosecutor — bought plane tickets in October 2022 for him and Willis to travel to Miami and bought tickets in April to San Francisco in their names. Republicans allege Willis was improperly motivated by personal benefit in employing Wade.

Kemp has said he prefers that the prosecutor oversight panel and not the Senate committee probe any accusations of misconduct by Willis, and on Monday called on the Senate to pass the measure quickly. But Democrats warn that removing the requirement for the Supreme Court to review rules could leave the commission itself without oversight. The measure also would make it harder for a court to overturn the commission's action by imposing a high standard of review.

“The question we should all ask is who will police this commission," said Rep Tanya Miller, an Atlanta Democrat. "Who will they be accountable to? Certainly not the voters, because they are not elected. This should terrify all of us.”

Georgia’s law is one of multiple attempts nationwide by Republicans to control prosecutors they don’t like. Republicans have inveighed against progressive prosecutors after some have brought fewer drug possession cases and sought shorter prison sentences, arguing Democrats are coddling criminals.

“If you talk to victims across this state of district attorneys who aren’t doing their job, you’ll recognize why we can’t delay this any further," said Rep. Houston Gaines, an Athens Republican.

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travel house vacancy

Dissolving Trump's business empire would stand apart in history of NY fraud law

  • Jan 29, 1:17 AM

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E. Jean Carroll says she plans to use $83 million on 'something Donald Trump hates'

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travel house vacancy

Activists splatter 'Mona Lisa' with soup in Louvre

  • Jan 28, 6:13 AM

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5 arrested in deaths of 6 found murdered in desert: Sheriff

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Trump lawyer blasts independent monitor's report ahead of fraud trial ruling

  • 4 hours ago

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Money latest: Primark criticised over rollout of lingerie range; cheapest countries for British expats revealed

Primark has been criticised over the accessibility of its new adaptive lingerie range. Customers have complained about the small number of stores stocking the product and the retailer's limited online ordering capabilities. Listen to the latest Ian King Business Podcast while you scroll

Monday 29 January 2024 20:46, UK

  • Interest rates expected to be held this week - but future direction likely to become clear
  • Primark criticised over accessibility of new adaptive lingerie range
  • Cheapest country for UK expats revealed
  • Biggest fall in UK job vacancies since 2020 - and it could impact BoE thinking on interest rates
  • Money Problem : My landlord is trying to keep my deposit for not maintaining a garden I don't have
  • Would reported plan to offer 99% mortgages work?

The Bank of England could raise rates this week to warn mortgage lenders they've become "over-excited" about the speed inflation is coming down, according to an investment analyst.

Even if the Bank holds rates at 5.25% on Thursday, as is widely expected, its Monetary Policy Committee may not be unanimous in that decision, which could push up market interest rates, said Laith Khalaf, head of investment analysis at AJ Bell.

With the Consumer Price Index having crept up to 4% in December, a further rise would reduce the spending power Jeremy Hunt has in his March budget.

"It feels like the market may have got over-excited about looser monetary policy in the UK," Mr Khalaf said.

"If the Bank wants to send a signal that markets have got ahead of themselves, this week's interest rate decision provides a golden opportunity to do so."

Mr Khalaf explained freezing the rate would not itself move interest rates, but the market may be sensitive to the challenge the decision posed to its assumptions about how many rate cuts are expected this year.

Right now, markets anticipate there will be four Bank rate cuts starting in May or June, Mr Khalaf said.

"The market is convinced the Bank will sit on its hands at the forthcoming meeting, but the rhetoric around the decision, the economic forecasts produced, or the split of the committee vote may well move interest rate markets."

If interest rates do rise on the back of Thursday's meeting, that will increase the cost of government borrowing, leaving the chancellor less wiggle room in March.

Millions of BT customers could be in line for between £300 and £400 if a class action suit claiming the company overcharged for landline services is successful. 

Collective Action on Land Lines founder Justin Le Patourel is seeking £1.3bn in compensation. 

Today, the hearing has heard allegations that BT carried out "abusive" pricing practices and charged customers "excessive and unfair" prices. 

The hearing heard that BT held the monopoly in telecoms for many years, which it accepted in its evidence put it in a unique position and gave it a "special responsibility". 

The hearing is set to continue for six weeks.

London's mayor has announced a £24m plan to slash peak time train fares on Fridays.

Sadiq Khan asked Transport for London to trial off-peak fares all day on Fridays for three months in a bid to increase passenger numbers and boost the economy.

While TfL figures show midweek travel on the Tube is at 85% of pre-COVID levels, the figure for Fridays is just 73%.

On TfL and mainline rail services in London, peak fares apply on weekdays between 6.30am and 9.30am and between 4pm and 7pm.

Commuting by Tube from Zone 6 into Zone 1 at peak times costs £5.60 a journey. During the trial, the same route would cost commuters £3.60.

Lloyds Banking Group is shutting down its mobile banking vans this year. 

It comes after the banking giant revealed plans to shed 1,600 jobs across its network as it shifts more towards its online services. 

Customers and staff have been informed of plans to scrap the Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland mobile branches in May.

Lloyds runs the service as an alternative to high street branches, with vans visiting towns and cities across the UK.

It said it has decided to end the service because it is being used less by customers. 

Primark has been criticised online over the accessibility of its new adaptive lingerie range. 

Customers have complained about the small number of stores stocking the product and the retailer's limited online ordering capabilities. 

The high-street giant launched the range, made for people with disabilities, this month.

The four-piece collection is made up of:

  • Seam-free bra: Black seam-free bra featuring recycled nylon with magnetic closures at the front - £10
  • Lace bralette: Black plunging lace bralette with magnetic closures at the front - £10
  • Brief: Black brief featuring recycled nylon with magnetic closures at each side - £8
  • Period pants brief :  Black period brief featuring recycled nylon with magnetic closures at each side - £10

While the release of the products has been celebrated online, some have complained it is still not accessible due to its availability. 

Social media influencer Amy Pohl said she was "so excited" about the collection, but it made "zero sense" to only make it accessible to people in a "limited area of the country". 

Posting a TikTok video, she said she went to her local Primark to hunt down the products and travelled for an hour to a larger shop in Newcastle but couldn't find them in either store. 

"With Primark there is no option to shop online either, so it's just totally inaccessible," she said. 

"Why advertise something when it's not in all your stores yet." 

She added that she spoke to a member of staff at the Newcastle store, who said they hope it will stock the products by the end of February. 

Primark has said the line is available to purchase in 12 of its 191 stores across the UK, and can be ordered via click and collect to 57 shops. 

Sky News has approached the retailer for comment.

Fed up with the cold weather and expensive cost of living in the UK? 

Well, Spain has been found to be the cheapest country to live in for UK expats, according to a new report by Property Guides. 

Analysing 13 countries popular with Britons, the overseas property site found bills in Spain were £701 cheaper than the UK. 

Taking into account the cost of everyday staples, setting up a new home, car hire, leisure activities, healthcare, energy and travel, the site ranked the countries from least to most expensive. 

It found all of those things cost £1,996 in the UK - with only two countries more expensive.

Here's how other countries fared...

Annual salaries have increased across nearly all UK regions - except for one, a new report has found. 

The East Midlands has seen the highest increase compared with December 2022, according to the UK Job Market Report by Adzuna .

The average salary in the region sits at £34,423 - up 7.14%. 

This was followed by the East of England, up +4.5% to £36,141.

Northern Ireland fell down the table - but still saw a modest +2.81% rise. 

London was the only area to see annual salaries fall.

But, the decrease is slowing further, down to -0.04%, compared with -2.02% in November, pointing to improved salary performance in the capital. 

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, said salaries had "remained strong" despite a dip in vacancies - you can read more about this in our 10.53 post. 

The UK job market has seen its biggest fall in vacancies since 2020, according to a new report.

Total advertised job opportunities dropped by 6.95% to 929,138 in December, down from 998,562 in November, the UK Job Market Report by Adzuna found. 

That marks the second month in a row vacancies have fallen below a million, and the biggest monthly drop since June 2020.

Early data also anticipates January could be equally tough, with vacancies expected to decrease again, by between 6% and 8%.

Fewer jobs on the market means tougher competition and employers having the upper hand when it comes to negotiating wages. 

This could help ease wage inflation, which is currently outstripping CPI and has been a concern for the Bank of England in its quest to return inflation to its 2% target.

If wage inflation does ease, interest rate cuts are judged to be more likely.

The last time job vacancies fell this dramatically was in June 2020 as businesses struggled to deal with the effects of COVID. 

The fall in vacancies also means competition for jobs is now the highest it has been since September 2021.

Teaching was the only sector to see a rise in monthly job vacancies in December, up 4.39% compared with November. 

"Hiring is clearly slowing down, but worryingly, this data also suggests that there's been little if any rebound in activity in the new year," said Tony Wilson, director at the Institute for Employment Studies. 

"Ordinarily, we would expect quite a strong bounce back in recruitment after Christmas, but the fact that this hasn’t happened this year suggests that a lot of firms are holding back given wider uncertainty in the economy or are themselves feeling the pinch as people rein in their spending."

The chance to get up to 50% off more than a million train tickets ends today.

Cheaper tickets are available until midnight as part of the so-called Great British Rail Sale. 

Advanced and Off-Peak tickets for destinations across England and Wales, as well as cross-border trips into Scotland, are on sale for journeys taking place between 30 January and 15 March. 

You can grab the deal through any ticket retailer websites - but no further tickets will go on sale once they are sold out. 

The deal ends as commuters prepare for a 4.9% increase in train fares from 3 March. 

Regulated rail fares include season tickets on most commuter journeys, some off-peak return tickets on long distance routes and flexible tickets for travel around major cities.

The government said the new 4.9% cap is lower than the equivalent in Scotland, where prices will increase by up to 8.7%.

The Big Issue is introducing a cheap recipe section after an idea by one of the magazine's vendors.

Chef Jamie Oliver is offering his support, as well as some recipes, to the feature.

The idea belongs to Paul Logan, who sells the magazine in London and told Big Issue ambassador Sophie Winkleman.

Oliver said: "When I heard about Paul's wish to have low-cost recipes in the magazine, I wanted to share these budget-friendly ones.

"With financial pressures as high as ever, knowing how to cook has never been more relevant. I've created these to help your money go further.

"Whether it's making the most of your oven or freezer, or using store-cupboard ingredients, these flavour-packed favourites are nutritious and delicious."

By  James Sillars , business reporter

It's a quiet start for stocks in London after the strong finish to last week.

The FTSE 100 gained 1.4% on Friday, clawing back losses of earlier in the week.

It started today's dealing 0.1% higher at 7,640.

Superdry shares were among the fallers in the broader market – down by more than 4%

Sky News had reported over the weekend that the retailer was weighing restructuring options after reporting a renewed fall in sales - you can read about that here . 

Sentiment, analysts said, was more cautious again globally given weekend developments in the Middle East conflict.

That was reflected in the cost of oil.

While it had risen 2% last week on the back of heightened demand expectations, it was trading at $84 a barrel at one stage today.

The spectre of renewed supply threats came after a tanker was targeted in the Red Sea and three US troops were killed in a drone strike.

Irish-traded Ryanair shares were tipped to fall between 3% and 6% at the open after the no-frills airline cut its annual profit expectations. 

A big drop in third quarter profits was partly attributed to higher fuel costs - up a whopping 35% on the same period the previous year.

The tide may be turning for the housing market, with a new report showing London is leading a rebound in home buyer demand. 

The East of England has also seen a relatively strong rebound, with the increase in buyer demand across most other regions being in line with or slightly ahead of this time last year, Zoopla said. 

The property website defines "demand" as would-be buyers contacting estate agents to inquire and arrange viewings for a specific property. 

In its latest report, Zoopla said: "This could reflect a turn of fortunes for the London housing market.

"Over the last seven years, the city has lagged behind the rest of the UK in terms of sales volumes and house price inflation." 

It found house prices in the capital have risen 13% since 2016 - compared with a 34% increase across the UK. 

Property prices in London are now around 13 times typical earnings - down from 15 times the UK's annual salary in 2016.  

"We expect market conditions in London to continue to improve over 2024, with earnings rising faster than house prices. This will continue to improve affordability and support levels of housing sales rather than boost house prices," the report found. 

In terms of house sales, Zoopla said that Yorkshire and the Humber and the West Midlands were leading the improvements in new transactions.

The overall supply of homes for sale is also growing - indicating more confidence among sellers.

In the first three weeks of 2024, the overall supply of homes on the market was 22% higher than a year earlier.

Richard Donnell, executive director at Zoopla, said 2024 had got off to a "positive start". 

But he warned: "Sellers looking to move should be encouraged by these early signals of activity, but buyers remain price-sensitive and focused on value for money. 

"Over-optimism by sellers could quickly stall the current improvement in market activity."

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Russian Tours and Cruises from Express to Russia

  • Moscow Tours

Our 20 Best Moscow Tours of 2022

Join us on an unforgettable tour to Moscow, the capital of Russia. Imagine visiting Red Square, St. Basil’s the Kremlin and more. Moscow is one of Europe’s most vibrant cities and one of Russia’s most historical. All of our tours to Moscow are fully customizable and can be adjusted to fit any budget. Our most popular tours are listed below. Please click on the tour details to learn more or contact us for more information about our Moscow tours using the form at the side of the page. You can also schedule a call with one of our Russian travel specialists to learn more.

Moscow Kremlin, photo by Walkerssk on Pixabay

Classic Moscow

This is our most popular Moscow tour that includes all the most prominent sights. You will become acquainted with ancient Russia in the Kremlin, admire Russian art in the Tretyakov Gallery, listen to street musicians as you stroll along the Old Arbat street, and learn about Soviet times on the Moscow Metro tour.



St. Basiils Cathedral, Moscow, Photo by vierro from Pexels

A Week in Moscow

This tour is a perfect choice for those who wish to get to know Moscow in depth. One of the highlights of this package is the KGB history tour which gives an interesting perspective on the Cold War. You will also have time for exploring the city on your own or doing extra sightseeing.

Photo by Andrey Omelyanchuk on Unsplash

Weekend in Moscow

This tour is a great way to get acquainted with the capital of Russia if you are short of time. You will see all the main attractions of the city, the most important of which is the Kremlin - the heart of Russia. The tour starts on Friday and can be combined with a business trip.

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Group Tour Moscow Break by Intourist

Russia's capital has so much to offer, from the Kremlin and the Metro to the Old Arbat street and the Tretyakov Gallery. Besides these sites, you will also visit a fascinating country estate which today is quite off the beaten path, Gorky Estate, where the Soviet leader Lenin spent the last months of his life.

travel house vacancy

Kolomenskoye Tour with transport

The history of Kolomenskoye stretches back for centuries. In 1380, Dmitri Donskoi’s army passed through Kolomenskoye on their way to the Kulikovo battlefield, and it was...

Tours by car

travel house vacancy

Kremlin, Red Sq., Cathedrals & Armory Tour

The Kremlin is truly a fascinating structure, at the same time it is an ancient tower, the city’s former military fortification, a palace, an armory, the sovereign treasury...

Walking tours

travel house vacancy

Kremlin, Red Sq., Cathedrals, Armory, Diamond Fund Tour

travel house vacancy

Old Arbat walking tour

You will be told of the street’s interesting history and view the street’s artisan culture. You will also have the opportunity to view and purchase souvenirs from the...

travel house vacancy

Tour to Sergiev Posad with transport

Considered by some to be the Russian Vatican, Sergiev Posad is the temporary residence of the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Trinity St. Sergius Monastery (Lavra)...

travel house vacancy

Tour to Kuskovo with transport

The Kuskovo Estate often called the Moscow Versailles due to its perfectly preserved French park, is an example of an 18th century, luxurious Moscow summer residence. Its history...

travel house vacancy

Tour to Tsaritsyno with transport

The Tsaritsyno Estate is located in the southern part of Moscow. The estate was constructed for Catherine the Great by the Russian architects Bazhenov and Kazakov in a romantic...

travel house vacancy

Moscow Metro and Old Arbat Tour

The Moscow Metro is one of the largest and most grandly built metro systems in the world. It was meant to be a showcase of the Soviet Union’s achievements for both the Russians...

travel house vacancy

Vodka Museum Tour with transport (excursion and vodka tasting)

Vodka is an important component of Russian life, an element of national identity and everyday culture. We invite you to visit the Vodka Museum and feel the atmosphere of long-gone...

travel house vacancy

Mikhail Bulgakov Apartment Museum

This apartment museum located close to Patriarch Ponds became the prototype of the "bad apartment" described in the novel "The Master and Margarita." Currently the museum's...

Spasskaya Tower,Moscow Kremlin, Russia, image from Shutterstock

Kremlin, Red Sq., Cathedrals & Diamond Fund Tour

Portrait of Leo Tolstoy by Ilya Repin (1887)

The State Museum of Lev Tolstoy Tour

Take this opportunity to learn more about the Russian writer Lev Tolstoy. During the visit to the museum you will see part of a vast collection of exhibits connected to Tolstoy...

Novodevichy convent, Moscow, Russia, image from Shutterstock

Novodevichy Convent Tour with transport

Tour of the Novodevichy Monastery. Founded in 1524 by Grand Prince VasiliIoanovich, the original convent was enclosed by fortified walls and contained 12 towers. The structure...

St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Russia, image from Shutterstock

City Tour with Visit to St. Basils & Red Sq. with transport

Panoramic City Tour. This Moscow tour is a great start to your trip and the best way to get acquainted with many of the city’s major highlights. Our professional guide will...

travel house vacancy

City Tour of Moscow

Head to the heart of Moscow with a professional guide on a 4-hour private walk through the city center. See Tverskaya and Old Arbat streets, Theatre Square with the world-famous...

travel house vacancy

Moscow Metro walking tour

The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia, image from Shutterstock

Kremlin, Red Square and Cathedrals Tour

travel house vacancy

KGB Tour with transport

This is a very interesting and insightful tour. You will visit places connected with Stalin’s terror - a time of great repression and fear. You will be shown monuments to...

travel house vacancy

Soviet and Post-Soviet Moscow Tour

The tour begins with a drive or walk down Tverskaya Street – a Soviet masterpiece. In the years of Soviet power, Tverskaya began to undergo a transformation: it was widened...

Girl with Peaches by Alexander Serov

Tretyakov State Gallery Tour

This world-famous gallery contains masterpieces of Russian art beginning in the 10th century up until today. You will view exquisite Russian icons and paintings from the 18th and...

travel house vacancy

Jewish Heritage of Moscow Tour

This tour offers a detailed look into the history and present-day life of the Jewish community of Moscow. On the tour, you will visit sites connected with the cultural and religious...

Vodka, photo by Detonart at Pixabay

Vodka Museum Tour with transport (excursion only)


Lena, our guide in Moscow was excellent. She was very knowledgable and could answer any question we had for her. We liked that she could pick up on our interests and take us places we might not have thought of to go. When we realized that one of the places we had chosen to see would probably not be that interesting to us, she was able to arrange entry to the Diamond Fund and the Armoury for us. Riding the Metro with Lena was a real adventure and a lot of fun. In Saint Petersburg we found Anna well versed in the history of the Tsars and in the Hermitage collection. Arkady in Veliky Novgorod was a very good guide and answered all of our questions with ease. Novgorod was perhaps a long way to go for a day trip, but we did enjoy it. Vasily was a great driver to have and kept us safe with good humour and skill. We enjoyed ourselves so much, my daughter says she is already planning to return. We would both have no hesistation to recommend ExpresstoRussia to anyone we know.

Just wanted to let you know that My grandson Bruno and I couldn´t have been more pleased with our week in Moscow (6/15 - 6/21). We were absolutely enchanted with the whole experience, including getting lost a couple of times in the Metro during our free time. Although both our guides (both Eleanas) were excellent, I would particularly commend the first one (she took us to the Tatiakov, the KGB tour, and to that beautiful cemetery where so many great Russian artists, authors, composers, musicians, militarists, and politicians are buried). Her knowledge is encyclopedic; and her understanding of today´s Russia as a product of its past was, for us, truly enlightening. I will be taking another tour in Russia, with my wife, within the next two or three years. I will be in touch with you when the time comes. Meanwhile, I will refer you to other potential visitors to Russia as I meet them.

Tours to Moscow

Our Moscow tours are land only meaning that you arrange your own air travel to Russia and our expert staff meets you at the airport and handles everything else from there. Our online Airline Ticket booking system offers some of the most competitive rates to Russia available on the web so if you need tickets, please visit our Russian air ticket center . Rest assured that you will be taken great care of on one of our Moscow tours. Express to Russia has a fully staffed office in Moscow that will help to make your visit fun, informative and unforgettable. Please remember that of all these tours are private and can be adjusted to your taste. You can add, replace or skip some sights; you can add more days to the package or cut the tour short. Our specialists will be glad to help you create the tour of your dreams!

Novodevichy Convent, Moscow

Moscow, a City Like No Other

Moscow is Russia’s largest city with a population of between 12 and 13 million. It is also Europe’s largest city and when you visit Moscow, you can feel it. The layout and architecture of the city is eclectic, ranging from crooked, ancient streets and alleyways to wide, bustling boulevards, from medieval churches to Stalin skyscrapers and to modern, glass buildings towering over everything and of course in the center of it all is the Kremlin and the magnificent Red Square. Moscow is also home to a fantastic, efficient and very beautiful metro system – each station having its own special design. In fact, Express to Russia’s Moscow metro tours and excursions are some of our most popular attractions that we offer. On our Moscow tours, you will see this and more.

Moscow Kremlin in the times of Ivan III

Moscow Tours centering on Russian History

Moscow has a long and interesting history and has been the capital of Russia in many of its different iterations – capital of the Grand Duchy of Moscow , the Russian Empire and of course the Soviet Union (who could ever forget the Soviet Union?). Moscow, was founded in the 12th century by Prince Yuri Dolgaruki (Yuri of the long arms – he really did have long arms!). From that time on, it was home to the Russian Tsars until Peter the Great moved the capital to St. Petersburg in 1703. The city has survived invasions and sieges from the Mongols, the Tartars, the Poles, Lithuanians and Napoleon but has always persevered. Our Moscow tours will enlighten you on this great history and give you insights into Muscovites and their unique culture. Our Moscow tours show you what the city is like today but also brings to life the past. Moscow never seems to sleep and is bursting with energy. A Moscow tour with Express to Russia is truly the best way of getting to know Russia’s largest and most vibrant city.

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Travelers

What is the best time to visit moscow.

Any time of year is fine depending on what you plan to do. Summertime is pleasantly warm, ideal for exploring the city and its vibrant atmosphere, but Moscow will be much busier and accommodation is more expensive. Winter can be quite cold but beautiful nonetheless, and this is unproblematic if you intend to spend most of your trip in museums and galleries. There are also various festivals and events organised throughout the year. For more information about the best time to visit, read our guide

How many days are enough in Moscow?

If you plan your itinerary strategically and aren’t averse to a packed schedule, you can cover Moscow’s main sights over a long weekend. Most popular attractions are in the city centre, and the Moscow Metro allows you to cover much ground in a small amount of time. Ensure that your accommodation is fairly central and book tickets in advance, so that you can make the most of your days. For an informative and well-organised day out, check out our Moscow day tours with options to suit all interests.

Do they speak English in Moscow?

As Russia’s capital city, tourists are well accommodated in Moscow. There should be English-speaking staff in restaurants, bars, hotels, shops and attractions in tourist hotspots, and there are also English-speaking tourist police. Transport services have English translations on their maps and English announcements via intercom; alternatively, order taxis from the Yandex Taxi app (Russian Uber), though it’s unlikely that your taxi driver will speak English. If you get stuck and cannot communicate, it’s fine to use Google Translate.

Is it safe to travel to Moscow?

It is no less safe to travel to Moscow than to any European city if you exercise common sense and look after your belongings. As with every city some regions can be more unsavoury than others, but no tourist attractions are located there. The traffic in Moscow is notorious, so exercise caution when crossing roads. Do not take unlicensed taxis; book in advance or take public transport, which is widespread and perfectly safe. If you encounter any problems, look for the special tourist police who can help you. For more information, read our guide about staying safe in Russia .

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Real estate market in Russia - statistics & facts

Residential real estate, office market in moscow, investment in real estate, key insights.

Detailed statistics

Annual mortgage loan interest rate in Russia 2016-2021

Leading banks by volume of issued mortgages Russia in 2020

Value of foreign direct investment to the real estate sector in Russia 2010-2021

Editor’s Picks Current statistics on this topic

Current statistics on this topic.

Mortgages & Financing

Residential Real Estate

Average primary housing prices in Russia 2020-2022, by major city

Quarterly residential property prices in Russia 2000-2023, by market

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  • Premium Statistic Luxury real estate price change worldwide 2022, by city

Commercial real estate market size in Europe 2019-2022, by country

Value of commercial real estate market in Europe from 2019 to 2022, by country (in billion U.S. dollars)

Price-to-rent ratio in selected countries globally 2023

House-price-to-rent ratio in selected countries worldwide as of 1st quarter 2023

Fastest growing housing markets worldwide 2023

Annual price growth in selected residential real estate markets worldwide in 2nd quarter 2023

Office rent growth rates in selected cities 2021

Rental growth rates of office space in selected cities worldwide from 2018 to 2021

Luxury real estate price change worldwide 2022, by city

Luxury real estate price change in selected cities worldwide in 2022

  • Premium Statistic Home ownership rate in Russia 2010-2020
  • Premium Statistic Per capita living space in Russia 2005-2022
  • Premium Statistic Quarterly residential property prices in Russia 2000-2023, by market
  • Premium Statistic Average primary housing prices in Russia 2020-2022, by major city
  • Premium Statistic Cities with the highest housing selling price in Russia 2022
  • Premium Statistic Cities with the highest apartment rental price in Russia 2022
  • Premium Statistic Housing price in the most expensive districts of Moscow 2022

Home ownership rate in Russia 2010-2020

Home ownership rate in Russia from 2010 to 2020

Per capita living space in Russia 2005-2022

Area of residential buildings per capita in Russia from 2005 to 2022 (in square meters)

Average square meter price of residential real estate in Russia from 1st quarter 2000 to 2nd quarter 2023, by type of market (in Russian rubles)

Average prices in the primary housing market of major Russian cities in August 2020 and August 2022 (in 1,000 Russian rubles per square meter)

Cities with the highest housing selling price in Russia 2022

Cities with the highest average selling price for residential real estate in Russia in May 2022 (in Russian rubles per square meter)

Cities with the highest apartment rental price in Russia 2022

Cities with the highest average rental price for residential real estate in Russia in May 2022 (in Russian rubles per square meter)

Housing price in the most expensive districts of Moscow 2022

Most expensive districts by residential housing price in Moscow, Russia as of July 2022 (in Russian rubles per square meter)

Commercial real estate

  • Premium Statistic Street retail property area of brands that left Russia 2022, by industry
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  • Premium Statistic Office vacancy rate in Moscow 2007-2022
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  • Premium Statistic Total density of shopping centers in Moscow Q1 2021, by district
  • Premium Statistic Shopping center vacancy rate in Moscow 2010-2023
  • Premium Statistic Shopping center vacancy rate in Saint Petersburg 2016-2022

Street retail property area of brands that left Russia 2022, by industry

Distribution of street retail property area of foreign brands that left Russia in 1st half 2022, by industry

Total office stock distribution in Moscow 2021, by class

Total office stock breakdown in Moscow (Russia) as of the 1st half of 2021, by class

Office vacancy rate in Moscow 2007-2022

Commercial office real estate vacancy rate in Moscow, Russia, from 2007 to 2022

Take-up of office real estate in Moscow 2016-2022

Commercial office real estate take-up in Moscow, Russia, from 2016 to 2022 (in 1,000 square meters)

Coworking space rent in Moscow 2022, by district

Monthly rent for a workplace in coworking spaces in Moscow in August 2022, by major district (in Russian rubles)

Prime office rental prices in Moscow 2020-2022

Average prime rent of office properties in Moscow from 1st half 2020 to 1st half 2022 (in Russian rubles per square meter per year)

Total density of shopping centers in Moscow Q1 2021, by district

Total density of shopping centers in Moscow (Russia) as of the 1st quarter 2021, by district (in square meters per 1,000 inhabitants)

Shopping center vacancy rate in Moscow 2010-2023

Vacancy rate in shopping centers in Moscow, Russia, from 2010 to 2022 with a forecast for 2023

Shopping center vacancy rate in Saint Petersburg 2016-2022

Vacancy rate in shopping centers in Saint Petersburg, Russia, from 2016 to 2022

Industrial real estate

  • Premium Statistic Class A warehouse vacancy rate in Moscow 2011-2022
  • Premium Statistic Rental rate of A class warehouses in Moscow 2013-2022
  • Premium Statistic Share of take-up of warehouses in Moscow, Russia H1 2022, by industry
  • Premium Statistic Industrial warehouse vacancy rate in Russia 2019-2022, by major city
  • Premium Statistic Average new self-storage unit size in Moscow 2016-2022

Class A warehouse vacancy rate in Moscow 2011-2022

Vacancy rate of class A warehouse properties in Moscow, Russia, from 2011 to 2022

Rental rate of A class warehouses in Moscow 2013-2022

Rental rate of A class warehouses in Moscow, Russia, from 2013 to 2022 (in Russian rubles per square meter)

Share of take-up of warehouses in Moscow, Russia H1 2022, by industry

Distribution of industrial warehousing take-up in Moscow, Russia, in 1st half 2022, by industry

Industrial warehouse vacancy rate in Russia 2019-2022, by major city

Vacancy rate of industrial warehouses in Moscow and Saint Petersburg from 1st half 2019 to 1st half 2022

Average new self-storage unit size in Moscow 2016-2022

Average size of newly opened self-storage facilities in Moscow from 2016 to 1st half 2022 (in square meters)

  • Premium Statistic Value of foreign direct investment to the real estate sector in Russia 2010-2021
  • Premium Statistic Share of investment volume for the real estate market Russia 2021, by region
  • Premium Statistic Breakdown of investment volume in real estate Moscow 2019-2021, by sector
  • Premium Statistic Investment volume in warehouse property in Russia 2006-2022
  • Premium Statistic Volume of investment in office property in Russia 2006-2022
  • Premium Statistic Volume of investment in retail property in Russia 2006-2022
  • Premium Statistic Commercial real estate investment in Russia 2009-2023
  • Premium Statistic Commercial real estate investment share in Russia H1 2022, by segment
  • Premium Statistic Industrial park investment in Russia 2021, by sector and type

Total value of foreign direct investment (FDI) to the real estate sector in Russia from 2010 to 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Share of investment volume for the real estate market Russia 2021, by region

Breakdown of investment volume for the real estate market in Russia from the 1st quarter to the 3rd quarter 2021, by region

Breakdown of investment volume in real estate Moscow 2019-2021, by sector

Breakdown of investment volume in real estate in Moscow (Russia) from 2019 to the 3rd quarter 2021, by sector

Investment volume in warehouse property in Russia 2006-2022

Annual investment volume in warehouse real estate in Russia from 2006 to the 3rd quarter of 2022 (in billion Russian rubles)

Volume of investment in office property in Russia 2006-2022

Annual investment volume in office real estate in Russia from 2006 to the 3rd quarter of 2022 (in billion Russian rubles)

Volume of investment in retail property in Russia 2006-2022

Annual investment volume in retail real estate in Russia from 2006 to the 3rd quarter of 2022 (in billion Russian rubles)

Commercial real estate investment in Russia 2009-2023

Investment in commercial real estate in Russia from 2009 to 1st quarter 2023 (in billion Russian rubles)

Commercial real estate investment share in Russia H1 2022, by segment

Distribution of investment in the commercial real estate in Russia in 1st half 2022, by segment

Industrial park investment in Russia 2021, by sector and type

Investment in Greenfield and Brownfield industrial parks in Russia in 2021, by sector (in billion Russian rubles)

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  • Premium Statistic Annual mortgage loan interest rate in Russia 2016-2021
  • Premium Statistic Overdue mortgage credit share in Russia 2015-2024
  • Premium Statistic Leading Russian regions by mortgage loan volume in 2022

Mortgage loan interest rate in Russia monthly 2019-2023

Average weighted mortgage loan interest rate in Russia from January 2019 to September 2023

Annual value of mortgage loans in Russia 2015-2021

Annual value of mortgage loans issued in Russia from 2015 to 2021 (in trillion Russian rubles)

Value of loans granted for real estate activities in Russia 2010-2023

Total value of loans granted in the real estate activities sector in Russia from January 2010 to January 2023 (in billion Russian rubles)

Mortgage loan annual growth rate in Russia 2012-2021

Year-over-year mortgage loans volume growth in Russia from 2012 to 2021

Average weighted mortgage loan interest rate in Russia from 2016 to 2021

Overdue mortgage credit share in Russia 2015-2024

Share of overdue loans in the mortgage portfolio in Russia from 2015 to 2024

Leading Russian regions by mortgage loan volume in 2022

Leading regions by mortgage loan volume in Russia as of May 2022 (in billion Russian rubles)

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    50,000+ projects local communities, individuals and families 161 Countries for volunteering, working and cultural exchange 566442 Feedbacks the world's leading community Low cost travel without having to pay expensive agency fees House sitting opportunities from around the world - Workaway

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    Travel + Leisure Co. is the world's leading vacation ownership and travel membership company, with a dynamic and growing portfolio of resort, travel club, and lifestyle travel brands. Search by job title, location, department, category, etc. ... In-House Sales Representative. The associates are united through our culture, I have always felt ...

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    3. Write an introductory message. When applying for a specific house-sitting job, each website lets you include a message that will accompany your profile when it's sent to the prospective homeowner. The key to a good introduction is brevity while highlighting important information — and of course, lots of enthusiasm.

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    View All Jobs House Sup Job Description House Supervisors address staffing, patient care concerns & safety, and any other issues that may arise. They supervise nurses and staff and have administrative responsibilities to ensure their staffing levels meet the state patient safety requirements.

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    Our USA family is 650 team members strong across 44 States. We care about each member of our team and honestly believe that we can always achieve more when working together. A culture of inclusion, where everyone feels valued and can reach their full potential, is a successful one. Our Global Business Resource Groups (BRG) are employee led to ...

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    Travel Nursing Jobs - Up To $5,564/wk Registered Nurse Travel Nursing Jobs 81,368 open jobs Jobs added hourly All Locations * Filter Travel Contract Travel Nurse RN - Med Surg Lakeview, OR Genie Healthcare 5x8 hrs, Days $6,151/week Days 5x8 Above Average Pay Posted Today Apply now

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    Create accurate travel cost estimates (budgets) and other travel related documentation in accordance with contract standards for travel authorizations. Employer Active 1 day ago. Venue Shift Lead (Wage $20-$25 Based on Experience) New. Grand Casino 3.3. Hinckley, MN 55037. $20 - $25 an hour.

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    1,631 Vacation Tour & Travel jobs available on Indeed.com. Apply to Travel Agent, Sales Representative, Concrete Pump Operator and more! Skip to main content. Home. Company reviews. Find salaries. ... In House Sales Executive - Remote. Hilton Grand Vacations. Remote in Orlando, FL. Estimated $91.3K - $116K a year.

  10. Expedia Group

    When you join Expedia Group you become part of a global network of passionate travelers and technologists. Everyone is welcome here, and we take purposeful steps to create and nurture a diverse, open culture. We find meaning in the work we do: together, we can broaden horizons, strengthen connections, and bridge divides.


    From beach holidays to cruises, family holidays and package holidays, we offer a wide range of sun holidays. Right now get great deals on winter sun, 2023 and 2024 holidays including both short & long-haul destinations.

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    CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gov. Jim Justice has filled the final vacancy in the House of Delegates with Monday's appointment of a McDowell County businessman. Stephen David Green Justice announced ...

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    | Your Privacy Choices 616 Travel Agent jobs available. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. New Travel Agent careers are added daily on SimplyHired.com. The low-stress way to find your next Travel Agent job opportunity is on SimplyHired. There are over 616 Travel Agent careers waiting for you to apply!

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    The U.S. State Department warned Americans against travel to the Bahamas on Monday after gang violence resulted in 18 murders — even in broad daylight — just this year, in Nassau.

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    Introduction Network Offices Awards Accreditations Responsible Travel The SAFE Car Promise Careers Smarter conversions through intelligent conversations

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    Join 20,000+ 30 Best Jobs That Pay for Travel and Housing (Ultimate 2024 List) Don't Work Another Day is reader-supported. We may receive compensation from the products and services mentioned in this story, but the opinions are the author's own. By Forrest McCall | Last Updated: July 30, 2022 Make Money

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    BISMARCK, N.D. -- A potato farmer and former state senator has announced his campaign for North Dakota's sole seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Tom Campbell, of Grafton, is the second ...

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    $27.50+/hour (159) Job type Full-time (656) Contract (108) Part-time (65) Temporary (21) Encouraged to apply No degree (57) Military encouraged (12) Fair chance (9) Back to work (2) Location Remote (62)

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    View our current vacancies and apply for a role.

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    On Monday, Jan. 29, 2024, the Georgia House of Representatives passed a bill that would revive a prosecutor oversight commission that Democrats warn could be used to target Willis. (AP Photo/Brynn ...

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    The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20500 ... January 25, 2024. Statement from NSC Spokesperson Adrienne Watson on National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan's Travel to ...

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    The UK job market has seen its biggest fall in vacancies since 2020, according to a new report. Total advertised job opportunities dropped by 6.95% to 929,138 in December, down from 998,562 in ...

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    The ability to safely operate a motor vehicle as incumbents are subject to local travel both to and from work locations. Fluency in a second language preferred. Employer Active 4 days ago. Tour Guide. Asheville Free Walking Tours. Asheville, NC. $15 - $200 an hour. Part-time +1. Monday to Friday +4.

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    This tour is a perfect choice for those who wish to get to know Moscow in depth. One of the highlights of this package is the KGB history tour which gives an interesting perspective on the Cold War. You will also have time for exploring the city on your own or doing extra sightseeing. $ 941 From/Per person. Details.

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    Travel, Tourism & Hospitality ... House-price-to-rent ratio in selected countries worldwide as of 1st quarter 2023. ... Premium Statistic Shopping center vacancy rate in Saint Petersburg 2016-2022

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