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Justin Bieber Kicks Off 'Justice' Tour 2022 - Set List Revealed!

Justin Bieber Kicks Off 'Justice' Tour 2022 - Set List Revealed!

Justin Bieber will be on the road for the next year with his Justice World Tour and we have all the details from the first show!

The 27-year-old singer kicked off his fourth concert tour on Friday night (February 18) at Pechanga Arena in San Diego, Calif.

Justin is currently touring with opening acts Jaden Smith and Eddie Benjamin for most of the dates on the North American leg of the tour. The tour was originally set to begin in May 2020, but had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

Before heading out on the road, we spotted Justin on a Valentine’s Day date with his wife Hailey Bieber .

Click inside to check out the full set list for the show…

Keep scrolling to check out the set list…

1. “Somebody” 2. “Hold On” 3. “Deserve You” 4. “Holy” 5. “Where Are U Now” 6. “What Do You Mean?” 7. “Yummy” 8. “Changes” 9. “Love Yourself” 10. “Off My Face” 11. “Confident” 12. “All That Matters” 13. “Don’t Go” 14. “Sorry” 15. “Love You Different” 16. “As I Am” 17. “Ghost” 18. “Lonely” 19. “2 Much” 20. “Intentions” 21. “Boyfriend” 22. “Baby”

ENCORE 23. “Peaches” 24. “Anyone”

justin bieber kicks off tour 01

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  • Changes Tour

The Justice World Tour (formerly known as the Changes Tour and also known as the Justin Bieber World Tour 2021 ) was the fourth (4th) concert tour by Justin Bieber , in promotions of his sixth studio album. The tour was set to promote his previous album, Changes , and begin on May 14, 2020, in Seattle, but the tour was postponed amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Every date was rescheduled twice and the Justice World Tour officially began on February 18, 2022, in San Diego, but concluded on September 4, 2022, in Rio de Janeiro. After it was announced that the remaining dates of the tour would be postponed, Bieber's team formally announced that they would be cancelled.

Background [ ]

During the last quarter of 2019, especially in December, Justin Bieber started teasing his musical comeback via his social media. On December 20, Bieber tweeted that something was going to happen on the December 24, December 31, 2019, as well as on January 3 and 4, 2020. On December 24, he released a video on YouTube where he announced that he would release his fifth album during 2020, on December 31 was released trailer for Justin Bieber: Seasons , first single of His fifth studio album " Yummy " was released on January 3, and on January 13 he announced the first round of dates for his new world tour.

Jaden and Kehlani were originally meant to support the tour as opening acts, but it was announced on Bieber's official website via the touring section that they would no longer be playing on the tour due to new opening act support being added later on.

Justin Bieber will be backed by Canadian Psychedelic Rock band Rhythm Light Orchestra (occasionally known as The Storm) for the upcoming tour.

On March 6, 2020 , several stadium dates were downsized to arena dates, with shows moved to arena venues adjacent to the stadiums, which cited "unforeseen circumstances" from Bieber's team.

On April 1, 2020 , it was announced that the tour will be postponed amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

On July 23, 2020 , Justin Bieber released new tour dates presented by T-Mobile and the rename of the tour, "World Tour 2021".

And on May 6, 2021 , Justin Bieber announced new North American dates presented by T-Mobile and again a new name of the tour. It was renamed "Justice World Tour", following the 6th studio album Justice .

Finally on November 15, 2021 , the dates of the rest of the world were announced, including festivals and Jaden, Harry Hudson, TEO and Eddie Benjamin as opening acts of the world tour.

Life is complicated, unpredictable, scary, difficult. But it's also wonderful, beautiful, exciting, and breathtaking. Sometimes it can be hard, hard to see the wonder and the beauty that's all around me, because I'm so blinded by my problem that's in front of me. Sometimes I'm clouded by fear or shame. Other times I'm clouded by jealousy or insecurity. I've tried to be better, but I keep falling short. I try to be stronger, but there's just those days when I'm weak. I've let go of trying harder and doing better. I trust that God's in control and that He loves me for who I am, and where I am in my life right now. I hold on to Jesus, the sinless one who gave His life so that I can truly live in freedom. You don't have to believe what I believe to belong here. We're all in this together, but if my journey can help you, that's all I want. I love you, people.

Setlist [ ]

  • Deserve You
  • Where Are Ü Now
  • What Do You Mean?
  • Changes / Swap It Out / At Least For Now / Hold Tight
  • Love Yourself
  • Off My Face
  • All That Matters
  • Don't Go / Second Emotion / No Sense / Honest
  • Love You Different

Alternative setlist [ ]

  • Justin brought Leon Bridges out to perform his solo song, "River", in place of " Changes ", brought Don Toliver out to perform " Don't Go ", and brought Quavo out to perform "Intentions". (Los Angeles, California (Day 1) - March 7, 2022 )
  • Justin brought The Kid LAROI out to perform " STAY ", adding it in the middle of "As I Am" and "Ghost". (Los Angeles, California (Day 2) - March 8, 2022 )
  • Justin brought Quavo out to perform "Intentions" for both shows in Atlanta, Georgia on March 21 and March 22, 2022 .
  • Justin replaced "Changes" with " Swap It Out " on March 31, 2022 in Newark, New Jersey, and performed it for the rest of the dates until April 9, 2022 , in Tampa, Florida; he performed it again on April 21, 2022 , in Indianapolis, Indiana. Then he started to perform it once more for the rest of the dates, beginning on July 31, 2022 , in Lucca, Italy.
  • Justin replaced "Swap It Out" with " At Least For Now " on April 11, 2022 , in Orlando, Florida, and performed it the next two shows, on April 13, 2022 , in Miami, Florida, and April 19, 2022 , in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Justin performed " Second Emotion " in place of "Don't Go" in Orlando, Florida, on April 11, 2022 .
  • Justin performed " No Sense " in place of "Don't Go" in Miami, Florida, on April 13, 2022 and performed it again in Austin, Texas, on April 27, 2022 .
  • Justin replaced "At Least For Now" with "Hold Tight" in Des Moines, Iowa on April 24, 2022 , and performed it for the rest of the dates.
  • Justin replaced "Don't Go" with "Honest" in Houston, Texas on April 29, 2022 , and performed it for the rest of the dates; he brought Don Toliver out to perform the song during the show in Houston and brought him out to perform it again in the next show in Dallas, Texas on May 1, 2022 .
  • Justin brought Chance the Rapper out to perform "Holy" and brought Quavo out to perform "Intentions" in Chicago, Illinois on May 10, 2022 .
  • Justin brought Omah Lay out to perform " Attention ", adding it in the middle of "Intentions" and "Boyfriend", in Brooklyn, New York on June 3, 2022 .
  • Justin brought Sam Tompkins out to perform "Love Yourself" in Trondheim, Norway on August 7, 2022 .
  • Justin did not perform "Love You Different" and "Boyfriend" out of the setlist during the show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on September 4, 2022 before focusing his health prioritization for the time being.

WeTheBand is composed of the following musicians

  • Devon Taylor
  • JulesTheWulf
  • DJ Tay James

Dancers [ ]

  • Deanna Jenkins
  • Delaney Glazer
  • Dom Lashawn
  • Gaynor Hicks
  • Jake Landgrebe
  • Jared Nathan
  • Johnny Blaze
  • Julien Chinchilla
  • Maasa Ishihara
  • Mona Berntsen
  • Nick DeMoura
  • Sydney Lewis
  • Taylor Thomas
  • Triana Steward
  • Yusuke Nakai

North America dates 2022

Outfits [ ]

San Diego

Canceled Dates [ ]

World Tour 2021

In March 2020, eight stadium shows on the Changes tour were downgraded to arenas because of slower-than-expected ticket sales, sources told Billboard at the time. [1]

North America 2020 dates

Visuals [ ]



Scissor Films partnered with Cole Bennett to create Justin Bieber's visuals for his Justice World Tour, with various environments custom created in Unreal Engine, they were able to their bring virtual production technology to a giant stage where Justin Bieber shot his tour opener in under a day.

Justice Tour visuals storyboard

Justin’s team approached us with their storyboards, and from those, we were able to start planning our work around their specific vision. In order to complete such an ambitious task we previs’d every shot down to the detail. From the camera moves: to lighting, down to every asset. The only way for us to accomplish such heavy CG sequences was to shoot every scene in Virtual Production.


  • ↑ Bain, Katie (March 11, 2021). "Inside Justin Bieber’s New World: Therapy, Date Nights and Delivering ‘Justice’" . Billboard .  
  • 1 Mariah Yeater
  • 3 Despacito (Remix)

Stadium Help

Justin Bieber Profile

Justin Bieber is a pop artist from Ontario, Canada. Discovered at the age of 13, Justin Bieber has been a celebrity for most of his teen years. Throughout the years, he has transitioned from pop star into a more adult pop-R&B style.

In total, Justin has released 4 studio albums (1 was a Christmas album). All four albums hit #1 on the Billboard charts.

Some of Justin’s biggest singles include Baby, Boyfriend, As Long As You Love Me, Beauty and a Beat, What Do You Mean, Sorry, Love Yourself, and I Don’t Care.

In the last few years, Bieber stepped away from music to work on his personal image and live some of his life in solitude. He got married to his wife, Hailey Baldwin.

During Justin Bieber’s 2016-17 Purpose World Tour, there were multiple reports that he was unhappy on tour, exhausted from the heavy schedule. He took time after the tour to recharge and work on his mental health. During that time, he married his wife, Hailey Bieber.

In 2020, Justin Bieber released his 5th album titled Yummy. He planned on going on tour in support of that album, but that was cancelled due to the pandemic. Instead, he headed back into the studio and recorded and released “Justice”, his sixth album. The Justice World tour is scheduled for most of 2022.

Justin Bieber Upcoming Events: How to Buy Justin Bieber Tickets

Justin Bieber Justice tour dates and locations are listed below! Use the links under the "Buy Tickets" heading to purchase your Justin Bieber seats from Ticketmaster or StubHub.

Click here to book a hotel for your concert

All Justin Bieber ticket links offered on our site, both official through Ticketmaster and resale through SeatGeek are 100% guaranteed and legitimate. Scroll further down this guide for Justin Bieber presale codes and latest Justin Bieber setlist 2024.

There are 5 VIP packages available for the Justin Bieber Justice tour:

  • Diamond – $1549
  • Emerald – $549
  • Sapphire – $399
  • Gold – $299
  • Silver – $215

Click on each of the names above to view what is included in each package.

How Do You Buy VIP Packages on Ticketmaster?

VIP Packages can be accessed by pressing the ticket icon on the same menu that shows ticket quantity, pricing, and wheelchair toggle. Simply select all of the VIP ticket options and deselect all regular options.

Justin Bieber Setlist For Justice Tour

Justin bieber presale codes: justice presale tickets.

All of the latest Justin Bieber presale codes for the Justice tour are listed below. Check out the Ticketmaster or StubHub pages for this tour to find out the onsale date and time for tickets.

Justin Bieber Live Nation Presale Code

Live Nation changes their presale code monthly and all concert dates for that month have the same presale code. The LN Mobile code has been the same since the start of 2018.

The Live Nation presale code for Justin Bieber is REMIX  and the LN Mobile presale code is COVERT . To use this presale code:

  • Click here to access the Ticketmaster artist page for this tour.
  • Scroll down to your tour date and click on MORE INFO
  • When prompted, enter in the Live Nation Presale Code to access tickets.

Justin Bieber StubHub Tickets / SeatGeek Tickets

As soon as the first presale begins, StubHub and SeatGeek will have resale tickets available. These tickets come from concert promoters and bulk sellers and are 100% legitimate and guaranteed. If you don’t want to fight for a presale code, this is the easiest way to get concert tickets.

To buy tour tickets from StubHub or SeatGeek:

  • Click to access the StubHub or SeatGeek ticket page for this tour.
  • Click on your tour date.
  • Select your seats to the show!

Justin Bieber American Express Cardmember Presale Code

American Express cardmembers can get exclusive concert presale access to some shows (see the on sale dates below). These codes are the same for every concert and are as follows:

  • American Express Presale Code = 8003272177, 8002973333, 8778770987 (the support number on the back of your card) or  INGOLD

To use this presale code, click here to access Ticketmaster tickets page for this tour.

Justin Bieber Spotify Presale Code

Spotify presale codes are given to users who listen to a lot of the artist on Spotify. Selection is random and codes are usually unique and cannot be shared with other fans. Occasionally, there is a standard Spotify presale code that we will post below if applicable.

To use the Spotify presale code, click here to access Ticketmaster tickets page for this tour.

VIP/Platinum Package Presale Information

There is no presale codee required to buy VIP packages. Refer to the video in the VIP Packages section for details on how you can purchase these special tickets when they go on sale.

Click here to buy VIP or Platinum tickets from Ticketmaster.

Other Justin Bieber Presale Codes

The following presale codes are unique for this tour:

  • Fan Club Presale Code = PEACHES
  • Venue Presale Code = JUSTICE
  • AEG Presale Code = TBA

To use these presale codes, click here to access Ticketmaster tickets page for this tour.

Onsale times are generally 10am EST but may vary depending on your show. Click on the tickets link for your show above for the exact date and time information.

We expect to see more Justin Bieber presale code opportunities added before February 14th!

You can learn more about standard Live Nation presale codes in our guide.

Justin Bieber Merchandise & Media

Save money by buying your t-shirts and artist merchandise before you go to the show! Check out the most popular Justin Bieber merch on Amazon below.

Official Justin Bieber Black T-Shirt

Did we miss anything in our Justin Bieber tour guide? If you know of any other Justin Bieber presale codes or ticket details, comment below and let us know.

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Justin Bieber Tickets: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much are justin bieber tickets.

Justin Bieber tickets to the Justice tour start at $0.00 and go up in price from there. VIP tickets can cost as much as $0.00 or more.

When do Justin Bieber tickets go on sale?

The first Justin Bieber tickets to the Justice tour are on sale as of May 24, 2021.

How do you buy cheap Justin Bieber tickets?

In order to get the cheapest Justin Bieber tickets, compare prices on multiple platforms. Check out Ticketmaster and Stubhub links for Justin Bieber and pay attention to the prices for each section. You will be able to save money on Justin Bieber tickets by comparing prices before you buy.

Why are Justin Bieber Justice tickets so expensive?

Justin Bieber ticket prices are caused by a number of factors, including the demand to see Justin Bieber live, number of shows on tour, venue rental prices, and the amount of stage equipment, crew, and staff involved in making the Justice tour happen.

Discuss the Justin Bieber Justice tour below!

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What is platinum

Platinum tickets do not require a presale code. The price of them fluctuates higher and lower based on Ticketmaster demand. It’s an easy way to get tickets overall.

Hi do you know what the merch presale code is??

Thank you in advance!!

You had to buy merch from the official store in order to receive a code. Each code is unique to each purchaser so its not a public code we can share!

Quebec City venue (Centre Videotron) is hacing a presale for the September 3rd show and the password is SORRY:

Lovely content

For Lyrics you can click here Karpur Gauram Karunavtaram Lyrics

Is there going to merch sweater at the Justin Bieber concert

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Compare Ticketmaster vs StubHub using the links below now.

** No presale code necessary on Stubhub

Pop star Justin Bieber returns to Des Moines for 'Justice' tour with pyrotechnics, lasers

setlist justice tour

Cases of Bieber fever have skyrocketed in Iowa for the first time in six years.

Justin Bieber, the Canadian-born pop star and teenage heartthrob, greeted more than 12,000 fans at Wells Fargo Arena Sunday night by mounting a flying rocket ship emblazoned with his "Justice" tour's logo.

Riding the floating rocket, Bieber opened his fourth concert on the tour and his fourth appearance in Des Moines with "Somebody" off his sixth studio album, "Justice." Bieber wasted no time addressing the screeching crowd, jumping through three more tracks off his 2021 album including lead single "Holy," illuminated by background dancers and red, luminescent crosses. 

The show started earlier than expected with opening acts ¿Téo?, Eddie Benjamin and Jaden — the son of Oscar and Grammy award winner Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith — taking the stage before Bieber's 8:30 p.m. showtime. 

Bieber's nearly two-hour set featured synchronized, color changing drones, pyrotechnics and laser light shows that seemingly entertained the increasingly animated crowd. 

More: Justin Bieber's entourage orders sandwiches from a Des Moines deli staple for after the show

Still, there were moments the crowd's ear-piercing screams were dimmed. With two guitarists, Bieber serenaded the arena with "Hold Tight" off 2014's "Journals," crowd-favorite "Love Yourself" from 2015's "Purpose" and "Off My Face" from his latest record. 

Early in his performance Bieber donned a pink puffer jacket before going shirtless, with light pink pants to match, an oversized pearl necklace and a New York Yankees hat on backward. His face throughout the concert was partially hidden behind a pair of Balenciaga sunglasses , ditching the pair only for the performance's 18th track, "Lonely."

The climax of the show came with Bieber's throwback hits "Boyfriend" and "Baby," creating decibels that crowds inside the arena likely haven't heard since his performance in front of 14,000 fans in 2016.

Bieber smartly delayed the introduction of "Peaches," playing piano with his band and riffing Bob Marley before launching into his track that landed him his seventh No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

More: 7 can't-miss Des Moines concerts and Broadway shows from 'Hamilton' to Justin Bieber in spring 2022

Thousands cheered as Bieber reminded the crowd that "Jesus loves you," before he launched into "Anyone," to a sugary sweet backdrop of photos of his wife Hailey Bieber and of adoring fans. Iowa's Bieber drought has finally come to an end. 

A long six years

Bieber's "Justice" World Tour was originally scheduled to begin and end in 2020 but was postponed twice to 2021 and then to 2022 after the coronavirus pandemic complicated tour schedules. Then, in early February just two days after Bieber started the "Justice" tour, he tested positive for COVID-19, delaying the tour by an additional few days.

Bieber's previous stops in Iowa's capital city can't compete with his "Justice" tour performance.

More: A look back at Justin Bieber’s Des Moines shows since 2010

In his last appearance during 2016's "Purpose" tour, Bieber was clearly lip synching parts of his act and singing into the wrong end of his microphone. And before that during the 2013 "Believe" tour, Bieber took the stage later than scheduled.

Justin Bieber's setlist in Des Moines

  • "Deserve You"
  • "Where Are U Now"
  • "What Do You Mean?"
  • "Hold Tight"
  • "Love Yourself"
  • "Off My Face"
  • "Confident"
  • "All That Matters" 
  • "Don’t Go" 
  • "Love You Different" 
  • "Intentions"
  • "Boyfriend"

Hannah Rodriguez is a staff reporter for the Register. Reach her at [email protected] or on Twitter @byherodriguez .

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Justin Bieber Announces ‘Justice in Action’ Initiative On 2022 World Tour

Beliebers can earn a VIP upgrade on the tour that kicks off on Saturday (Feb. 19) in San Diego.

By Gil Kaufman

Gil Kaufman

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Justin Bieber will do good things for his fans while also supporting some special causes on his about-to-launch Justice World Tour. The singer announced on Thursday (Feb. 17) that the 90-date global run slated to kick off on Friday (Feb. 18) in San Diego will bring “Justin’s personal credo of ‘Justice in Action’ to every corner of the globe,” according to a statement.

Justin Bieber

See latest videos, charts and news

The tour will help raise awareness about criminal justice reform, climate action and voter registration on the massive outing that will hit 20 countries on five continents by pairing with a number of social justice organizations while encouraging Beliebers to do their part. On each night there will be local action opportunities curated by Live Free in support of criminal justice reform at the local level, with fans getting the chance to win free concert tickets by participating in live trainings in select cities.

TNT: Taylor Swift Wore This Custom Diamond Friendship Bracelet While Kissing Travis Kelce at AFC…

While encouraging Beliebers to follow impactful organizations on social media, volunteer and donate, through the Generosity Foundation, Bieber will also provide information each night on transforming criminal justice with help from the REFORM Alliance and fighting climate change via the National Resources Defense Council. According to the release, the more actions a fan completes, the more they increase their chances of wining tickets.

“Justin’s goal by the end of the Justice World Tour is to inspire millions of individual actions, help connect his fans to important causes, and provide participating groups with a new foundation of supporters, all while registering voters and raising awareness and funds for critical local and national justice efforts,” according to the statement.

The singer has also teamed up with Propeller to provide more incentive to take action, with the social action company offering fans the chance on every night of the tour to win a VIP ticket upgrade to watch the show from “one of the best spots in the house.” Global fans will also be able to enter a chance to win a trip to Paris to meet Justin during his March 6 Accor Arena gig in 2023.

Check out the list of participating organizations and the tour dates below.


  • Active Minds   IG: @active_minds
  • Alexandria House IG: @alexandriahousela
  • Anti-Recidivism Coalition IG: @antirecidivismcoalition
  • Backline IG:
  • Fund for Guaranteed Income IG: @fund4gi 
  • Generosity Foundation
  • Hollaback! IG: @ihollagram  
  • Impact Justice IG: @impactjustice
  • Last Prisoner Project IG: @lastprisonerproject
  • LIFT Communities IG: @lift_communities 
  • LIVE FREE IG: @livefreeusa 
  • NRDC IG: @NRDC_org
  • Poor People’s Campaign IG: @poorpeoplescampaign 
  • REFORM Alliance IG: @REFORM 
  • Stop AAPI Hate IG: @stopaapihate 
  • The King Center   IG: @thekingcenter 
  • This Is About Humanity IG: @thisisabouthumanity 

2022/2023 Justice World Tour dates :

Feb. 18 — San Diego, CA @ Pechanga Arena San Diego

Feb. 20 — Las Vegas, NV @ T-Mobile Arena

Feb. 22 — Glendale, AZ @ Gila River Arena

Feb. 24 — Los Angeles, CA @ The Forum

Feb. 26 — Tacoma, WA @ Tacoma Dome

Feb. 28 — San Jose, CA @ SAP Center At San Jose

March 2 — San Jose, CA @ SAP Center At San Jose

March 4 — Sacramento, CA @ Golden 1 Center

March 7 — Los Angeles, CA @ Arena

March 8 — Los Angeles, CA @ Arena

March 11 — Portland, OR @ Moda Center

March 13 — Salt Lake City, UT @ Vivint Smart Home Arena

March 16 — Denver, CO @ Ball Arena

March 18 — Tulsa, OK @ Bok Center

March 21 — Atlanta, GA @ State Farm Arena

March 22 — Atlanta, GA @ State Farm Arena

March 25 — Toronto, ON Canada @ Scotiabank Arena

March 28 — Ottawa, ON Canada @ Canadian Tire Centre

March 29 — Montreal, QC Canada @ Bell Centre

March 31 — Newark, NJ @ Prudential Center

April 1 — Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center

April 4 — Pittsburgh, PA @ PPG Paints Arena

April 6 — Greensboro, NC @ Greensboro Coliseum Complex

April 7 — Jacksonville, FL @ Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena

April 9 — Tampa, FL @ Amalie Arena

April 11 — Orlando, FL @ Amway Center

April 13 — Miami, FL @ FTX Arena – Shipping & Receiving

April 19 — Cincinnati, OH @ Heritage Bank Center

April 21 — Indianapolis, IN @ Gainbridge Fieldhouse

April 24 — Des Moines, IA @ Wells Fargo Arena

April 25 — St Louis, MO @ Enterprise Center

April 27 — Austin, TX @ Moody Center

April 29 — Houston, TX @ Toyota Center

May 1 — Dallas, TX @ American Airlines Center

May 4 — Kansas City, MO @ T-Mobile Center

May 6 — Minneapolis, MN @ Target Center

May 9 — Chicago, IL @ United Center

May 10 — Chicago, IL @ United Center

May 12 — Grand Rapids, MI @ Van Andel Arena

May 14 — Buffalo, NY @ Keybank Center

May 16 — Columbus, OH @ Schottenstein Center

May 17 — Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena

May 22 — Monterrey, MX @ Estadio de Béisbol Monterrey

May 23 — Zapopan, Mexico @ Estadio 3 de Marzo

May 25 — Mexico City, Mexico @ Foro Sol

May 26 — Mexico City, Mexico @ Foro Sol

June 5 — Detroit, MI @ Little Caesars Arena

June 7 — Toronto, ON Canada @ Scotiabank Arena

June 8 — Toronto, ON Canada @ Scotiabank Arena

June 10 — Washington, DC @ Capital One Arena

June 13 — New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden

June 14 — New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden

June 16 — Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center

June 18 — Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun Arena

June 20 — Boston, MA @ TD Garden

June 24 — Milwaukee, WI @ American Family Insurance Amphitheater

August 3 — Skanderborg, Denmark @ Smukfest

August 5 — Malmo, Sweden @ Bigslap Xl

August 7 — Trondheim, Norway @ Trondheim Summertime

August 9 –Helsinki, Finland @ Kaisaniemen Park

Sept. 4 — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil @ Rock In Rio

Sept. 7 — Santiago, Chile @ Estadio Nacional

Sept. 10 — Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Estadio Único de La Plata

Sept. 28 — Cape Town, South Africa @ Cape Town Stadium

Oct. 1 — Johannesburg, South Africa @ Johannesburg FNB Stadium

Oct. 13 — Tel Aviv, Israel @ HaYarkon Park

Nov. 22 — Perth, Australia @ HBF Park

Nov. 26 — Melbourne, Australia @ Marvel Stadium

Nov. 30 — Sydney, Australia @ Sydney Football Stadium

Dec. 3 — Brisbane, Australia @ Suncorp Stadium

Dec. 7 — Auckland, New Zealand @ Mt Smart Stadium

Jan. 13 — Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Ziggo Dome

Jan. 16 — Hamburg, Germany @ Barclays Arena

Jan. 18 — Zürich, Switzerland @ Hallenstadion

Jan. 21 — Lisbon, Portugal @ Altice Arena

Jan. 23 — Madrid, Spain @ WiZink Center

Jan. 25 — Barcelona, Spain @ Palau Sant Jordi

Jan. 27 & 28 — Bologna, Italy @ Unipol Arena

Jan. 31 — Cologne, Germany @ LANXESS Arena

Feb. 2 — Frankfurt, Germany @ Festhalle

Feb. 4 — Berlin, Germany @ Mercedes-Benz Arena

Feb. 8 — Glasgow, UK @ OVO Hydro

Feb. 11 — Aberdeen, UK @ P&J Live

Feb. 13 & 14 — London, UK @ The O2

Feb. 22 — Birmingham, UK @ Resorts World Arena

Feb. 25 — Manchester, UK @ AO Arena

Feb. 26 — Sheffield, UK @ Utilita Arena

March 6 — Paris, France @ Accor Arena

March 9 — Munich, Germany @ Olympiahalle

March 11 — Budapest, Hungary @ Budapest Arena

March 12 — Prague, Czech Republic @ O2 Arena

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March 20 — Antwerp, Belgium @ Sportpaleis

March 24 — Vienna, Austria @ Wiener Stadthalle

March 25 — Krakow, Poland @ TAURON Arena

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Justice Tour Setlist

24 Songs, 1 hour, 15 minutes

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Depeche Mode kick off 2024 UK and European tour with hit-packed London show

See photos, footage, the setlist and more – from a show that saw Martin Gore take lead vocals for 'Strangelove' and 'Heaven'


Depeche Mode kicked off the 2024 leg of their ‘Memento Mori’ tour at The O2 in London last night (Monday January 22). Check out photos, footage and the setlist below.

  • READ MORE:  Depeche Mode interview: “Do the best you can – you don’t know if you’re going to be doing it again”

Last night marked the first gig of the band’s lengthy run of arena shows in the UK, Ireland and Europe , touring in support of their 15th and most recent album  ‘Memento Mori’  and marking their first date in the capital since their acclaimed show at London’s Twickenham Stadium last summer.

Following a support slot from Nadine Shah , the band took to the stage to ‘Memento Mori’s atmospheric opener ‘My Cosmos Is Mine’ with an ambitious stage production repeating the light show and Anton Corbijn visuals from the stadium run.

Depeche Mode live at The O2 in London (Photo by Gus Stewart/Redferns)

Frontman Dave Gahan, while animated in his dancing and showing off his white leather footwear during ‘Walking In My Shoes’, was sparing in his on-stage banter – aside from thanking London for their reception and paying tribute to the “angelic” vocals of bandmate Martin Gore who took the lead for a short acoustic segment. With a stripped-back accompaniment, Gore sang tender renditions of the classic single ‘Strangelove’ and a version of fan favourite ‘Heaven’ which debuted last month – both were sung by Gahan on record.

Other highlights came in the form of their usual performance of ‘World In My Eyes’ delivered in tribute to their late bandmate Andy Fletcher, who died in 2022 before the recording of ‘Memento Mori’, and the general cavalcade of hits which culminated in the encore’s closing trio of ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’, ‘Never Let Me Down Again’ and ‘Personal Jesus’.

Depeche Mode live at The O2 in London (Photo by Gus Stewart/Redferns)

Depeche Mode’s setlist was:

‘My Cosmos Is Mine’ ‘Wagging Tongue’ ‘Walking in My Shoes’ ‘It’s No Good’ ‘Policy of Truth’ ‘In Your Room’ (Zephyr Mix) ‘Everything Counts’ ‘Precious’ ‘My Favourite Stranger’ ‘Strangelove’ ‘Heaven’ ‘Ghosts Again’ ‘I Feel You’ ‘A Pain That I’m Used To’ (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) ‘World in My Eyes’ ‘Black Celebration’ ‘Stripped’ ‘John the Revelator’ ‘Enjoy the Silence’ Encore: ‘Condemnation’ ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ ‘Never Let Me Down Again’ ‘Personal Jesus’

See the band’s remaining tour dates below, with tickets available here . Check out the band’s support acts for the upcoming UK and European shows here .

the official poster for Depeche Mode's 2024 UK, Ireland and European tour

In a four-star review of the group’s London show at Twickenham Stadium last year , NME wrote: “What ultimately hits the hardest is the generosity of bangers and the graceful energy they arrive with.

“Look at that setlist: the bittersweet euphoria of ‘Everything Counts’, the furious stomp of ‘I Feel You’, a gnarly outing of ‘Wrong’, the Jacques Lu Cont dancey swagger of ‘A Pain That I’m Used To’, and that encore? ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ into ‘Never Let Me Down Again’ into ‘Personal Jesus’? Come on. We’re in sexy goth heaven. You feel spoiled as an audience member, and we’d be lucky if this good feeling and compulsion of Depeche Mode’s current purple streak continues for years to come.”

Speaking to NME last year , Gahan and Gore looked to the future of the band after the current tour.

“The most important thing is to be putting out good music and that people like it,” said Gore. “Once we finish this tour we’ll take a break, then we’ll see if and when we feel like doing it again. Up until now we always have. You never know, and I’m not saying that in a negative way. We just take each project as it comes.”

Gahan added: “Losing Fletch made that feeling more real. Everything will come to an end. I don’t know when that is.

“After Fletch passed and we had to continue I said, ‘Try to enjoy what you’ve got to do here and do the best you can’. You really don’t know if you’re going to be doing it again.”

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Jaden at LIV, Miami Beach, FL, USA

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Jaden at Moon Man's Landing 2022

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  • Summertime in Paris
  • Bad Connection

Jaden at Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, MI, USA

Jaden at barclays center, brooklyn, ny, usa, jaden at bridgestone arena, nashville, tn, usa, jaden at keybank center, buffalo, ny, usa, jaden at van andel arena, grand rapids, mi, usa.

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J. cole - #kodtour.

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