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  2. Jodrell Bank Observatory

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  1. Jodrell Bank Telescope

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  1. Visit

    This way if you need to purchase Annual Tickets, and visit free of charge for the rest of the year Returning Visitor This way if you already have Annual Tickets and would like to book your next visit ... Jodrell Bank Bomish Lane, Lower Withington Cheshire SK11 9DL. Get Directions View larger map Get the latest from Jodrell Bank Join our mailing ...

  2. Telescopes

    Jodrell Bank is famous for its landmark radio telescopes. These telescopes detect radio waves emitted by astronomical sources in the sky. There are 4 radio telescopes at Jodrell Bank. These are The Lovell, Mark II, 42ft, and 7m Telescopes. But Jodrell Bank is also home to the e-MERLIN network, an array of seven radio telescopes across the UK.

  3. Jodrell Bank

    Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 9DL. Tel: 01477 571766. Email Us. Visit Website. Lovell Telescope Timelapse. Watch on. ** Visitor Attraction of the Year at the Marketing Cheshire Tourism Awards 2022/23 - Highly Commended **. Jodrell Bank is an amazing, unique, and awe-inspiring place. A world-leading deep-space radio observatory, a UNESCO World ...

  4. Visiting Jodrell Bank, a cosmic day out from Manchester

    Explore the story of Jodrell Bank at the First Light Pavilion. The new First Light Pavilion opened on 4 June 2022. It's the first place you'll see when you visit Jodrell Bank, and it's quite a sight. The building is covered in grass, and shaped like a dish facing downwards, with the same dimensions as the Lovell Telescope.

  5. The Lovell Telescope

    The Lovell Telescope. For over 50 years the giant Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank has been a familiar feature of the Cheshire landscape and an internationally renowned landmark in the world of astronomy. Since the summer of 1957 it has been quietly probing the depths of space, a symbol of our wish to understand the universe in which we live.

  6. Jodrell Bank Observatory

    Jodrell Bank Observatory (/ ˈ dʒ ɒ d r əl / JOD-rəl) in Cheshire, England hosts a number of radio telescopes as part of the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics at the University of Manchester.The observatory was established in 1945 by Bernard Lovell, a radio astronomer at the university, to investigate cosmic rays after his work on radar in the Second World War.

  7. Welcome to Jodrell Bank

    Jodrell Bank is an amazing, unique, and awe-inspiring place. A world-leading deep-space radio observatory, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and an award-winning national visitor attraction. Uncover the inspirational heritage of Jodrell Bank in the new First Light Pavilion. Inside this architecturally stunning building, you'll find a bold new ...

  8. Jodrell Bank Observatory

    Jodrell Bank Observatory. Located in a rural area of northwest England, free from radio interference, Jodrell Bank is one of the world's leading radio astronomy observatories. At the beginning of its use, in 1945, the property housed research on cosmic rays detected by radar echoes. This observatory, which is still in operation, includes ...

  9. Jodrell Bank Observatory Visitor Centre

    Map. The Jodrell Bank Observatory, part of the University of Manchester, is an observatory in Cheshire that hosts a number of radio telescopes. The main telescope is the 76m high Lovell Telescope. It came to prominence in 1957 when it spotted Russia's Sputnik 1, the world's first artificial satellite, and has played an important role in ...

  10. Telescope Talks

    Visit; Learn; Explore; Support; HIRE; About; Telescope Talks Telescope Talks 27 Dec, 2023 - 31 Dec, 2024. Included in admission Book Admission Jodrell Bank is famous for its big dish. Find out why and what it does. ... Jodrell Bank is proud to be part of The University of Manchester. We help deliver the University's vision to advance ...

  11. Webcams

    Webcams. Our web cameras allow you to see the Jodrell Bank Observatory radio telescopes in action, tracking objects in space as the Earth rotates and they appear to move across the sky. On some occasions the telescopes may be parked for engineering maintenance or if high winds are forecast. Lovell Telescope.

  12. Jodrell Bank: Five amazing things about the famous UK observatory

    Jodrell Bank is one of 32 UK sites to receive World Heritage status alongside famous landmarks like Stonehenge. It joins a list of more than 1,100 sites worldwide. Jodrell Bank was the only place ...

  13. Lovell Telescope

    The Lovell Telescope (/ ˈ l ʌ v əl / LUV-əl) is a radio telescope at Jodrell Bank Observatory, near Goostrey, Cheshire, in the north-west of England.When construction was finished in 1957, the telescope was the largest steerable dish radio telescope in the world at 76.2 m (250 ft) in diameter; it is now the third-largest, after the Green Bank telescope in West Virginia, United States, and ...

  14. Jodrell Bank Observatory

    Jodrell Bank Observatory, location of one of the world's largest fully steerable radio telescopes, which has a reflector that measures 76 metres (250 feet) in diameter.The telescope is located with other smaller radio telescopes at Jodrellbank (formerly Jodrell Bank), about 32 kilometres (20 miles) south of Manchester in the county of Cheshire, Eng. Immediately after World War II the British ...

  15. Jodrell Bank Observatory honoured with UNESCO World Heritage status

    Getty Images. Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire, UK, which pioneered the development of radio astronomy in the mid-20th century, has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Telescopes ...

  16. Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics

    The story of Jodrell Bank began in 1945 when Bernard Lovell came to the University to observe cosmic rays. ... +44 (0) 161 306 9400; Find us (Centre for Astrophysics) Department of Physics and Astronomy The University of Manchester Alan Turing Building Oxford Road Manchester M13 9PL United Kingdom. Connect with us. Disclaimer; Data Protection ...

  17. Lovell Telescope Webcam

    Lovell Telescope Webcam. 1 minute updates - click Reload if you do not see an image. The Lovell Telescope has stood over the Cheshire plain since its construction was completed in 1957. This webcam shows a live view of the telescope but we also provide live observing information on our website.

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    1. Pulkovo Observatory, Leningrad Region. Komissar007 (CC BY-SA 4.0) This is considered the country's main observatory, which has been in operation since 1839 and belongs to the Russian Academy ...

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    Follow the River Bank and you will come to the main leisure and cultural spot of nowadays Moscow - the Gorky Park. It opened in 1928. In 2011, Gorky Park underwent a major restructuring and now has a fresh, vibrant appearance. The park's recently upgraded design makes it one of the most interesting places to spend your leisure time.

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    Telephone: +7 (495) 995-00-20. Nearest metro: Oktyabrskaya (570m), Park Kultury (860m) Opening hours and tickets. Gorky Park is Moscow's most famous park, beloved by Muscovites and tourists alike who visit in all seasons to stroll, play sports, admire the park's attractions, and attend events.

  21. Exhibition: Visions of the Night Sky

    No visit to Jodrell Bank is complete without a visit to this new display, and entry is included in the price of admission. About Dr Anthony Holloway Dr Anthony Holloway, Head of Computing at Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics and Jodrell Bank Observatory has been photographing and studying the night sky for over 30 years as an amateur and ...

  22. PHYSICS TRIP : Our students enjoyed a telescope workshop ...

    75 likes, 0 comments - sjrcollegeofficialApril 4, 2024 on : "PHYSICS TRIP : Our students enjoyed a telescope workshop, films and the exhibitions at Jodrell Bank. Thanks to the team for a great day." PHYSICS TRIP : Our students enjoyed a telescope workshop, films and the exhibitions at Jodrell Bank.

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    Despite the name being plural, there's only one large pond, but it's worth a visit with your camera. It's a popular spot for locals and expats to come relax or take a stroll around the pond. You get an interesting mix of young and old too, from young love to "babushkas" feeding pigeons. It's a very peaceful park atmosphere in one of ...

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    The European Central Bank is pushing Raiffeisen Bank International to scale back faster in Russia, seeking a retrenchment so drastic that it could disrupt the Austrian lender's plans to sell the unit.