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Trekking tent Forclaz Trek 900 Test & Experiences – Does the Ultralight tent prove itself on the Bikepacking Trans Germany?

forclaz trek 900 tent review

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One of the currently cheapest Ultralight tents is offered by Decathlon. We’re talking about the Trekking tent Trekking tent Trek 900 Ultralight* . . The tent is partially freestanding and weighs only about 1.3 kilos when complete. In addition, the tent shines with a particularly small pack size of only 39 × 11 × 10 cm. This makes it a great fit for small backpacks or a bikepacking handlebar roll.

The tent was developed for the three-season use (spring, summer, autumn). One thing in advance: In terms of quality and stability, it seems to be the ideal tent for bikepacking and trekking tours in Central Europe.

The tent is available as:

  • 1 person tent* and also available in sizes as.
  • 2 person tent* and
  • 3 person tent*

I’ve tested the tent extensively and will tell you what I like and don’t like about the Trek 900.

Tent small pack size bike Forclaz Trek 900 ultralight

You’re in a hurry? Click here to go directly to the Forclaz Trek 900

The Forclaz Trek 900 trekking tent is available at Decathlon in the following sizes:

  • 1 person bikepacking tent*
  • 2 person trekking tent*
  • 3 person tent Decathlon Ultralight Tent*

Decathlon Forclaz Trek 900 Highlights

✅ Lightweight & small pack size : The Forcalz Trek 900 has earned the designation ultralight. The complete package weighs just 1.3 kilos. The pack size is very compact at 39 x 11 x 10. This makes the tent ideal for bikepacking, cycling or trekking tours. ✅ Partially self-supporting: For a firm stand and optimal space, the Decathlon Ultralight tent requires 4 pegs in the ground. If necessary, you can also set it up on stone or gravel without pegs and without bracing – more about this in the test. ✅ comfortable space: For an ultralight tent, the space is just right. There is enough space inside for a sleeping pad and a small backpack. You can sit upright in the tent and there is plenty of space in the vestibule. ✅ Low-priced tent: The tent is almost unrivalled in its class! This makes it currently my price-performance recommendation among the TOP tents for bikepacking and for bike trips .

…and much more. I present them to you all the details in this Decathlon Ultralight Tent review.

Forclaz Trek 900 Tent Trekking tent 1 person

Note: I requested a test copy from Decathlon. I was given the Ultralight tent free of charge for a field report. Many thanks to Decathlon for the uncomplicated sending of the Ultralight 1 person tent.

The price of the Trek 900 is also attractive: the ultralight tent costs approx. 130 € at Decathlon. Good ultralight tents can cost three times as much. How will the tent prove itself in practice?

  • How quickly can you set it up and take it down?
  • Is the tent long lasting or do you have to accept sacrifices in quality due to the low price?
  • How stable is it in crosswinds and what does the water column mean in practice?

These questions are answered in the Decathlon Trek 900 test! I packed the Ultralight tent directly into my bikepacking handlebar roll. With my gravel bike , packed bikepacking bags from Topeak and the Forclaz Trek 900, I was out on the bumpy gravel roads and MTB trails of the Bikepacking Trans Germany Route .

Ultra light tent bikepacking tent Decathlon Trekking

Find out in this trekking tent test whether the Trek 900 is suitable for you or not 😉 What are the main features of the Decathlon Ultralight tent? What did the tent do and what did it not do?

Ultralight Tent Bikepacking Tent Decathlon Trekking

Forclaz Trek 900 Ultralight Test – The tent in the practical test

The Forclaz Trek 900 Ultralight Tent was used on my tour on the Bikepacking Trans Germany Route in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Forclaz Trek 900 Ultralight Tent Bike

I liked the tent on the whole tour and therefore I will continue to use it. Of course I will update the test report with further practical experiences, e.g. regarding the water column.

Bikepacking Tent Decathlon Trekking Tent 1 Person

In my Trek 900 test, I pitched the ultralight tent on a variety of surface conditions: The ground on this trip was a lot of things:

  • From soft forest soil to gravel
  • From sharp and mown grass to asphalt

Decathlon Tent Test Trekking Tent

I pitched the Decathlon Ultralight tent several times on grass with soft ground. These are the best conditions for the tent, because according to Decathlon it has to be fixed with pegs to stand ideally. The tent is therefore not described as completely free-standing, but as partially self-supporting.

Trekking tent Forclaz Trek 900 Tent freestanding closed

In practice, I had also set it up on gravel floors and on concrete slabs. In these places then the fastening of pegs was not possible. So the tent was only held by its own Y-shaped tent poles. Without pegs, the interior does not unfold its full volume and the tent is also not very wind stable. In a pinch, however, this also works and of course I have tested the setup without the pegs 😉

Decathlon Tent Trek 900 Ultralight Tent Small Pack Size Bike

Only the inner tent of the Forclaz Trek 900 can be pitched. In the summer, I really like to sleep exclusively in the inner tent and enjoy the close-to-nature experience 🙂 the inner tent has a high percentage of mosquito netting and so the view of the starry sky is unobstructed. You also have best ventilation in the tent.

Forclaz Trek 900 Trekking tent under 2 kg

The footprint, i.e. the groundsheet, can be purchased as an accessory. I have always pitched the tent together with the footprint and I strongly recommend it! The tarpaulin protects the tent floor from wear and tear and also protects sensitive equipment in the tent, e.g. a sleeping pad. The Footprint is also small, light and inexpensive. With the footprint, for example, only the outer tent can be pitched without the inner tent or, in the event of rain, the inner tent can be pitched first (I haven’t tested this yet).

Trekking tent Forclaz Trek 900 Tent freestanding

Weight and pack size

The Forclaz Trek 900 Ultralight Tent is particularly light and compact. This is also one of the great strengths of the trekking tent.

The tent itself is delivered in a practical storage bag. There is room for the outer tent and the inner tent. A zipper closes the bag neatly and two compression straps can be added to save space. There is also a practical storage bag for the pegs and the cords.

Trekking tent small pack size Forclaz Trek 900 Test

I weighed the following total weight of the 1-person Ultralight tent myself:

Total weight: 1301 grams – Ultralight so 😉

Decathlon makes these weight specifications on its product page:

  • Outer tent: 365 grams
  • Indoor tent: 420 grams
  • Tent poles: 290 grams
  • Tent pegs (10 pcs.): 100 grams
  • Transport sleeves: 45 20 grams + 12 grams
  • Repair set (tent pole sleeve and tent patches): 20 grams

The inner tent can also be pitched without the outer tent. Likewise, you can pitch the outer tent without the inner tent. For these cases, I have weighed the following:

  • 767 grams for the inner tent and tent poles (incl. 59 grams tent packing bag)
  • 731 grams for outer tent and tent poles (incl. 59 grams tent packing bag)
  • 59 grams for pegs, guy ropes, repair kit and the small pack sack

As with any ultralight tent, I definitely recommend using a groundsheet. The footprint weighs an additional 150 grams and you can buy it here.

Footprint base plate Forclaz Trek 900 Test

I had the tent in the handlebar pulley of my gravel bike Bombtrack Beyond 1 for the entire tour. On a bike with a flare bar, the space between the handlebars is limited and only compact tents fit between the handlebars. Thanks to the pack size of 39 × 11 × 10 cm (measured by myself) this is no problem at all with the Trek 900.

The tent poles are not included in the pack size, nor are the footprint and pegs. But that’s not a problem at all. The tent fits easily into the following bags with a small pack size:

  • Bikepacking: Tent and accessories fit in a handlebar roll between the handlebars ( pictured below: Topeak Bikepacking bags – go to the Topeak Bikepacking bags review here).
  • Bike tour and bike trip: In traditional bike bags everything fits except the tent poles. These are best attached directly to the luggage carrier.
  • Trekking and hiking: When hiking fits the complete trekking tent incl.. Tent poles already in a very small backpack.

Topeak Frontloader Handlebar Bag Handlebar Roll Bike Bikepacking Test Front

Material and workmanship of the Forclaz Trek 900 Ultralight

As usual with ultralight tents, the material of the tent is quite thin. You shouldn’t be put off by this, because the tent won’t tear right away! In practice, the Trek 900 Ultralight has proven to be a durable ultralight tent. Even if I still lack the long-term experience with the Decathlon tent of course.

In addition, a small bag is included in the delivery. The aluminium pegs can be neatly stowed in it. The appearance of the pegs I find at first impression somewhat unspectacular. They are silver matt and therefore have a “used look” and appear simple.

Forclaz Trek 900 Test Ultralight Tent Pegs

According to Decathlon, for environmental reasons, the anodizing of the pegs was deliberately omitted. With this I can well come to terms. There is nothing to complain about when it comes to the function of the robust pegs: even if you drive them into the ground with a lot of force, they retain their shape in an exemplary manner.

The pegs are in a practical storage bag. In the same case, in a separate compartment, is the repair kit.

Forclaz Trek 900 Tent Repair Tape Scope of Delivery

I find it a pity that no carrying case for the rod is included. So here you have to improvise yourself. Positive is the repair kit, which is supplied immediately. This can be used to repair a broken tent pole.

Inner and outer tent

The following material is used on the Trek 900:

  • Outer tent: Polyester (PES) 20D
  • Inner tent: Polyester – no indication of material thickness.
  • Bottom: Polyamide (PA) 40D

Seams are often the weak point of a tent. Moisture can easily penetrate here. Therefore, all seams were sealed with thermo-bonded tape.

Forclaz Trek 900 Ultralight Trekking Tent under 2 kg

Footprint of the Forclaz Trek 900 Ultralight

The footprint can be purchased as an extra accessory. The accessory is small, light, inexpensive and fits perfectly with the Ultralight tent thanks to its shape and the anchoring eyelets.

Why a Footprint? This ground sheet protected the floor of the Decathlon Ultralight tent and should definitely be in the luggage.

Here you can get the Footprint groundsheet:

  • Footprint floor tarp for Trek 900 Ultralight 1 person* or
  • 2 person footprint*
  • 3 person ground sheet*

Poles and pegs – Decathlon Ultralight Tent Test

The tent poles are 100% aluminium. Typical ultralight strengths are used for the material. When used with the footprint and transported in the carry bag, I expect this to be a tent that can be used for many years.

Forclaz Trek 900 Test Trekking Tent small pack size

The tent poles are held together by a rubber. The rubber makes it easier to push the tent poles together. The outer tent is then simply clipped to the poles. I’ll show you the setup in detail later in the article.

Bikepacking Tent Decathlon Trekking Tent Lightweight

In practice, I used four pegs to pitch the tent. This makes the tent stable. Decathlon recommends using more pegs in the instructions.

Decathlon Tent Test Forclaz Trek 900 Ultralight Pegs

The inner and outer tents of the Trek 900 are not connected. Both can be built together or separately.

The Trek 900 is a partially self-supporting tent, i.e. it stands without pegs and without being braced. The tent poles form a Y-shaped dome: this means that the tent poles stand on three legs and are self-supporting to a limited extent. In a pinch, you can sleep in the tent without using pegs (which I have done).

However, it is only by attaching the pegs that the full space in the inner tent can be used and the tent reaches its full stability.

Price Bikepacking Tent Decathlon Trekking Straps

The instructions explain the assembly of the tent logically and comprehensibly. Once or twice you need the instructions for assembly. After that, the process becomes second nature and it takes approximately 7 to 10 minutes to set up.

The structure can be summarized as follows:

  • Laying the inner tent on the ground
  • Hook the inner tent into the tent poles and clip tightly
  • Attach the outer tent to the frame
  • Tie down the tent, fasten the pegs and tension the tent

Colour coding is provided on the tent poles, inner tent and outer tent. This helps when pitching and you intuitively attach the outer tent to the poles the right way round. With other tents, I am regularly confused here.

Also practical: The outer tent can be pitched from the inside, e.g. in the rain or if you want to travel light without an inner tent. For this you need the ground sheet in any case. As you know, I recommend these accessories to everyone anyway.

It is also possible to pitch the inner tent without the outer tent.

Now you will learn all the steps for pitching the tent in detail:

Ground sheet Forclaz Trek 900 tent

Structure Footprint (floor tarp) – recommended:

  • Place footprint on the floor
  • Clamp tent poles into the footprint in the eyelets at the edge

You don’t have to use the footprint, but it will increase the life of the Trek 900 and provide additional protection against water intrusion from below.

Forclaz Trek 900 Test Ultralight Tent Pitching

Inner tent structure:

  • Clamp the tent poles through the eyelets on the edge of the outer tent.
  • The outer tent has several sturdy plastic hooks: Clamp the plastic hooks to the tent pole.

Decathlon Tent Test Hiking Tent Poles Setup

The inner tent has two aluminium eyelets in the middle: Attach the inner tent to the tent pole with the eyelets. This raises the tent roof poles.

Decathlon tent test hiking tent poles

4. then secure the inner tent with four pegs: two on the right side of the tent, one at the front of the vestibule and one at the back of the tent. The inner tent is now already standing securely.

Forclaz Trek 900 Ultralight Tent Pitching

The inner tent and the tent pole are now already standing on their own and you can use the full space in the tent. On warm summer nights you can also sleep in the inner tent only.

Forclaz Trek 900 Test Ultralight Tent Set Up Freestanding

Structure outer tent:

  • Place the outer tent over the inner tent and the tent poles and in the middle, at the highest point of the tent, hook the outer tent onto the tent poles with 2 aluminium eyelets.
  • Hook the outer tent on the bottom right of the tent with two eyelets and tension it
  • Hook the outer tent on the left into the tent pole
  • Secure at the front and back with an additional peg. Here you have already put pegs into the ground for the inner tent – these can also be used in practice.

Forclaz Trek 900 tent small pack size bike

Additional setup steps: The tent can also be braced with the tent cords if required, e.g. if strong wind is expected.

It takes approximately 7 to 10 minutes to completely erect the tent.

The outer tent without the inner tent can also be set up if you want to save weight, for example. In case of rain or if you want to save weight, you can also pitch the outer tent only.

Space & comfort – Forclaz Trek 900 experience

Let’s let the numbers speak first (manufacturer specifications according to the product page):

  • Cabin length (inner tent): 210 cm
  • Cabin width (inner tent): 60 cm
  • Cabin height (inner tent): 95 cm
  • Total height of the tent: 110 cm
  • Width of the vestibule: approx. 70 cm

Trekking tent Forclaz Trek 900 1 person tent Decathlon

So far so good. What does this mean in practice?

Trekking tent under 2 kg space

The space is just right for an Ultralight tent: With the one-person tent, you can also comfortably put a large sleeping pad in the tent. Next to the sleeping mat there is still some space for odds and ends. I like to charge my electrical devices here and accordingly the power bank, smartphone and the bicycle GPS navigation system lie next to the sleeping pad in the tent.

Bikepacking Tent Decathlon Trekking Tent 1 Person Square

There is also plenty of room above or below the sleeping pad.

Forclaz Trek 900 trekking tent 1 person storage space

I usually put my change of clothes and a small bag there. This works wonderfully and without the tent walls being pressed outwards.

Forclaz Trek 900 Trekking Tent 1 Person Square Equipment

For me with 1.84 meters body height, the tent also has the ideal height and I can sit comfortably upright without touching the tent ceiling.

Forclaz Trek 900 trekking tent 1 person square

Organization compartments are also some with the tent: At the head end there is a large compartment for eg GPS bike computer, wallet (hopefully ultralight 🙂 ) and other equipment.

forclaz trek 100 tent review

There is also an organizational net on the tent ceiling. The tent also has several loops and plastic hooks for attaching, for example, a headlamp inside the tent. Thanks to the organisational options, the equipment is neatly stowed away and yet quickly at hand again.

Tent bike tour organization Decathlon

What there is no room for inside the tent is stowed in front of it: there is a wide vestibule with plenty of space: I can easily fit my complete bikepacking bags and lots of accessories.

Officially the vestibule offers space for a 70 litre backpack which can be quite good. Cleverly with the vestibule, one section has an integrated groundsheet which should protect the contents well from moisture and rain. The other part of the vestibule does not have a floor tarp. There you can e.g. put down dirty shoes and do not dirty the tent. The contents are nevertheless protected from above.

Trekking tent under 2 kg vestibule

Quality and stability

Even the lightest ultralight tent should of course be durable. As far as durability is concerned, you should pay special attention to the following factors:

What about the quality of these factors in the Trek 900? One thing in advance: The inner tent and the outer tent itself seem robust and tear-resistant enough to me. In addition, all seams are neatly finished. When pitching, you can also pull hard on the tent, e.g. tension the inner tent, without breaking anything.

It is still too early for a final assessment of quality and reliability. Here’s my first impression. So what about the important factors?

Tent poles: The tent poles are made entirely of aluminum. Inside the bars are held together by a rubber cord. Similar designs have proven successful in other tents, such as the MSR Hubba NX . Tent poles and also the cord seem sturdy. Assembled, you can also bend the aluminum rods neatly. Very good. Sturdy plastic is used for the clips on the inner tent and the eyelets are made of sturdy aluminium. All good so far.

Bikepacking Tent Decathlon Tent Test

There is criticism for the Y-connection part on the tent poles: This supporting element is also made of plastic. If these elements break, then you can’t set up the tent again until you either temporarily repair the part along the way or replace the poles.

Decathlon Tent Test Hiking Tent Poles

Zipper: The two two-way zippers performed reliably in the test. The zippers each have a small string attached so you can grab them quickly and comfortably.

Forclaz Trek 900 Decathlon tent test zipper outside

The tent is designed so that there is never too much tension on the zipper when opening and closing. The same applies to the zippers on the outer tent.

Forclaz Trek 900 Decathlon Tent Test Zipper Inner Tent

Tent floor: As described above, the tent floor is made of polyamide in 40D thickness. In terms of durability and weight, the right choice of material was made for an ultralight tent. As with any tent, I recommend using an additional groundsheet to protect the floor. The custom-fit footprint for the Forclaz Trek 900 is available from Decathlon.

If something should break, there are replacements for the important parts. I like very much that you can easily reorder the spare parts on For example, you can buy the outer tent, inner tent and parts of the frame. You can find the spare parts directly in the shop on if you search for “Trek 900”.

In addition, there is a 5-year warranty on the tent. I read through the warranty terms and they sound quite fair. Another plus.

Weatherproof (waterproof and windproof)

The tent is mainly designed for the months of spring, summer and autumn. This is clearly shown by the good ventilation and the choice of materials:

  • The inner tent has a high percentage of mosquito netting. This supports the ventilation
  • The tent walls of the outer tent are quite high (also supports the ventilation).
  • Ventilation can be regulated by tightening or loosening small straps
  • There is another large slit at the top of the outer tent for roof ventilation.

The selected materials ensure that relatively little condensation forms inside. The ventilation in the tent I find overall pleasant and correctly chosen for a tent of this type.

Bike Tent Forclaz Trek 900 Test Inner Tent View

I would describe the ventilation in the inner tent as very good and at the same time you are protected from strong winds. It should be noted that the Y-shaped poles are only attached at three points in the inner tent and possibly the groundsheet. This type of pole is typical of a partially freestanding tent. If strong wind is to be expected, the tent should therefore be additionally tensioned in any case.

Decathlon states the wind stability at 60 km/h (16.67 metres per second, wind force 7) and had this value confirmed by an independent laboratory in the wind tunnel.

There is plenty of space between the inner tent and the outer tent. This provides additional good ventilation. This should also prevent moisture from penetrating from the outer tent through the inner tent into the tent interior.

Forclaz Trek 900 Tent Bike Travel Inner Tent Outer Tent

I could not determine an excessive formation of condensation. During my test ride on the Bikepacking Trans Germany Route , I was spared heavy rains. Thus, I have no practical experience on the water resistance of the Decathlon Ultralight tent.

Trekking Tent Waterproof Waterproof

My assessment of the water resistance: To make water penetration more difficult, the seams of the Forclaz Trek 900 have been sealed. Decathlon makes the following statements about the water resistance of the Trek 900:

  • the outer tent is rated at > 2,000 mm and
  • the floor of the inner tent is specified with 3,000 mm water column.

Decathlon states that the tent has been laboratory tested in tropical rain-like conditions. But what does that mean in practice?

My MSR Hubba NX has comparable water resistance ratings to the Trek 900 Ultralight. I have never had any problems with water penetrating the tent from the outside. So I take a very relaxed view of this issue. For the typical areas of use of the tent in Central Europe, the water column should be easily sufficient. The Footprint groundsheet offers an additional > 3,000 mm water column.

Conclusion – Trek 900 test report experience and summary

The Forclaz Trek 900 Ultralight impressed me in the test: It is one of the cheapest Ultralight tents and convinces at the same time with high quality.

The pack size is very small and therefore the tent can be stowed in a bikepacking handlebar roll and also fits in a small trekking backpack. Space is adequate – by ultralight standards I’d say the space is dialed in just right .

Another plus is the low weight of just 1.3 kilos. True ultra-light trailers can also leave the outer tent at home and are then on the road on a warm summer night with only feather-light 767 grams.

Yes, the Trek 900 is only partially self-supporting. I’m sure every buyer knows that, because it’s in the first sentence on the product page. In my practical test I almost always used 4 pegs to guarantee a firm stand.

The tent setup is wonderfully fast and easy. Just as I wish. Likewise, the tent is quickly stowed away again in the supplied pack sacks and the tour can continue.

The tent is offered in a color (gray / orange): This I find very chic but of course you are not best camouflaged with such a color in the forest. An outer tent in green as a color variant, would be desirable here.

Fortunately, the lightweight can be had for a small price.

I had a lot of fun on my tour with the tent and look forward to further tours with the Decathlon tent.

Forclaz Trek 900 Tent Test Experiences

Forclaz Trek 900 buy – yes or no?

If you’re looking for a reliable ultralight tent for bikepacking and trekking tours, you should take a look at the Decathlon Forclaz Trek 900 Ultralight directly. Low weight, a small pack size and an affordable price are all on the plus side of the Trek 900.

In terms of reliability and robustness, the tent offers exactly what you need for outdoor tours in Central Europe. From me there is a clear recommendation.

You need more space? The ultralight tent is also available with more space for 2 and 3 persons.

The Forclaz Trek 900 trekking tent is available at Decathlon:

✅ Lightweight: weighs only 1.3 kilos in the complete package ✅ Small pack size: Fits in a bikepacking handlebar roll and in a trekking backpack ✅ Space in the inner tent just right for an Ultralight tent ✅ Favorable price ✅ Easy to set up and dismantle ✅ Ideal tent for moderate climates like ours in Central Europe

❌ Only partially self-supporting: Therefore limited use, e.g. on concrete floor ❌ Y-connection on the plastic tent pole Grey/orange color is chic but rather flashy for wild camping

Useful accessories for the Forclaz Trek 900 at Decathlon:

Bikepacking Tent Decathlon Trekking Tent Test

Trekking tent Forclaz Trek 900 Alternatives

Naturehike cloud up 1 upgraded.

Naturehike Cloud up 1 Zelt Ultraleichte, 1 Person Einzelzelt 1 Mann, für 4 Jahreszeiten, Camping (20D Hellgrün Upgrade)

* Werbung - Aktualisierung am 2024-02-14, Preis kann gestiegen sein, Als Amazon-Partner verdiene ich an qualifizierten Verkäufen, Bild:Amazon

An affordable and popular tent from the Chinese brand Naturehike. A solid tent and again cheaper than the Decathlon tent. The pack size, however, is larger and a whole 300 grams heavier.

MSR Hubba NX

MSR Hubba NX - superleichtes, freistehendes 1-Personen-Igluzelt - Farbe: hellgrau

  • Maximaler Platz: Viel Bewegungsfreiheit im Kopf- und Ellenbogenbereich im gesamten Zelt, Großer Eingangsbereich seitlich bietet Platz für die Ausrüstung.
  • Wohnlich: Große StayDry-Tür mit Regenrinne, anpassbares, Überzelt mit Belüftung.
  • Einfacher Aufbau, einfach zu packen: Integriertes Hub-Gestänge-System mit farblich gekennzeichneten Clips, ultrakompakter Kompressionspacksack.

One of the most popular tents among bikepackers, cyclists and hikers. For good reason, because the MSR Hubba NX convinces: freestanding, as well as similar in weight and pack size or only slightly heavier and 2cm more in length. But the tent is a little more robust. On the negative side, the price is almost three times that of the Forclaz Trek 900.

Zum ausführlichen MSR Hubba NX Praxistest (Test & Erfahrungen)

What do you think of the Forclaz Trek 900 Ultralight trekking tent? Do you have any questions? Feel free to write me your comment.

The bikepacking tent tested here doesn’t suit you? In the following article you will find a clear bikepacking tent comparison (including recommendations for the best ultralight tent and the best tent for bike touring) . I regularly update the test. Best check out the article now.

Ultralight sleeping pad test & comparison – Great overview and practical test of recommended ultralight sleeping pads. Find your next featherweight sleeping pad for your next outdoor adventure. In this guide article, we clarify together the requirements for an ultralight sleeping pad. What do you have to pay attention to and which features are not important?

Wild camping in Europe – where is it legal and where is it illegal? In this article you will find the complete overview with all countries

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Michael Luplow

Hi Michael,

Awesome review and thank you for the details. Would you assume the tent suitable for a trek in the northern part of the Kungsleden (summer period)?

Hi Jeroen, thank you for your feedback. The tent is pretty much perfect for the weather conditions you can expect in Kungsleden in the summer.

Cheers Michael

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So first up, why is this tent white? The Forclaz's polyester material is undyed – by leaving it white Decathlon reduces its environmental footprint by reducing its CO2 emissions by 15% and saving on water pollution in the process. This is a eco-conscious trend I'm seeing more of in the outdoor industry, and it's definitely a good step towards reducing the carbon footprint of new gear, alongside with the use of recycled materials. 

The downside is that you're stuck with one colour – a very bright white. It's not really a problem in a tent like this – the white polyester doesn't let in significantly more light than other pale-coloured tents I've reviewed. In fact, the only issues it might raise is that it's likely to look grubby faster than a darker colour, and that it's quite eye-catching, which wild campers may want to avoid. (Other tents from Decathlon, such as the Quechua 2 Seconds Easy Fresh & Black popup tent take a more middle-ground approach, with some non-dyed fabric, some fabric dyed using a method that uses less water, and a blackout treatment on the interior.)

Away from the colour, this trekking tent features a mesh-lined inner tent, a waterproof flysheet and one set of poles. The tent bag is small and easy to pack in a backpack or bike pannier, and the whole shebang weighs under 2kg, so it works for minimalist trekking adventures in more ways than one.

Forclaz Trekking Dome Tent review: set-up and use

This tent is pleasingly easy and intuitive to pitch from start to finish – top marks to Decathlon. Like many tents designed for trekking, this is a two-step process – first you pitch the inner tent, using clip-together poles, and then peg this out. You can also use this inner tent alone on hot nights – the mesh is very breathable but is insect-proof, and also lets you do a spot of stargazing from the comfort of your sleeping bag. Or for weather protection, pop the waterproof outer fly on top, and peg out. The whole thing took me ten minutes even the first time I pitched it, and colour-coded poles and straps make the process easy even in low light or windy conditions. This tent also has two roomy porches with floors that can be pegged out, which many similar tents don't have – these spaces are ideal for storing backpacks, boots or cooking kit and for keeping them off wet ground. 

Once it's home time, this tent folds down quickly and easily, and can also be split between two people for fastpacking or bike packing adventures. 

Decathlon Forclaz Trekking Dome Tent review: at camp

Once you've set this tent up, you've got a snug bedroom that fits two people comfortably side by side, or that's very roomy indeed for one. The double doors with their generous porches make living in this tent much easier, and there's plenty of room to sit up inside. The bright white material does let light in – if you hate being woken by the dawn light in a tent, shop for a design that's lined with ‘blackout' material instead. This tent is also pretty eye-catching – wild campers are likely to feel that they stand out like a sore thumb on the hillside. The upside is that if you're a keen photographer who fancies taking some creatively-lit night shots, this white tent is perfect – stick a headtorch inside and you've got a beautiful night-time camping scene to shoot. I was impressed with the attention to detail throughout this tent when I tested it out – inside there are four pockets for storing kit, the two porches keep gear dry and off wet ground, and even the bungee door closures are well-placed. I was also lucky (or unlucky?) enough to immediately face heavy rain once I'd pitched this tent – the outer fly proved effectively waterproof against rain, and also dried very quickly once in the sun. The low profile of this dome tent also makes it stand up well to high winds, so you'd be able to take it higher into the hills with you. 

Decathlon Forclaz Trekking Dome Tent review: alternatives to consider

If you need a tad more space or don't like the idea of being woken by the morning light, Decathlon's 3-person trekking dome tent is roomier and is lined with blackout material (£179.99). In T3's Quechua 2 Seconds Easy Fresh & Black popup tent review , we were very impressed by this easy-pitch alternative, which combines undyed fabric and blackout treatments. 

MSR's popular Elixir 2-person trekking tent offers a very similar design to Decathlon's Trekking tent, but without the eco credentials (£247.46) – the green version of this tent will be more subtle for wild camping than the blinding white Decathlon tent. 

And beyond tents, if you like the idea of picking undyed camping kit, Decathlon also offer an inflatable mat and a sleeping bag . 

Decathlon Forclaz Trekking Dome Tent review: verdict

The whiter-than-white Forclaz tent really is a pleasure to pitch and to camp in in lots of ways, and its undyed material is a step in the right direction if you're aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of the outdoors kit you buy and own. This all-white design won't suit all trekkers – it's too bright for wild campers and for anyone who loves a lie-in – but it's got lots of other features in its favour, including good quality materials, an intuitive design that's easy to pitch and dismantle, plenty of space for two people and a small and lightweight pack size for easy transportation. At this price point, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Sian Lewis is an award-winning travel and outdoors writer, author and influencer. She's the author of popular blog and book The Girl Outdoors, and when

she isn't writing or travelling she spends most of her time hiking, cycling and wild swimming across Britain, testing out the latest adventure gear and clothing as she goes.

Phil Spencer will reveal all in a podcast today

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By Matt Kollat Published 15 February 24

Merino wool is brilliant, we know that, but what thickness is best? We weigh up the pros and cons of different GSM

By Pat Kinsella Published 13 February 24

One for casual camping and the other for adventures, TentBox's new roof tents will help you sleep better on top of your car

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It features exciting prints and graphics fused with Finisterre's classic styles and new and innovative sustainable materials

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We debate the pros and cons of buying a wetsuit versus renting one

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Revised for 2024, the new and improved Beta is made using Gore-Tex's ePE technology

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Grey and Red Tent Near Creek Camping

Decathlon Forclaz Trek 500 Tent Review

Molly Grove

Some of you may be in the same boat as me where you aren’t backpacking quite as much as in your younger years. You may think a tent is a tent and why not just car camp in the backpacking tent that you already have? In that case, like me, you may also enjoy the Decathlon Forclaz Trek 500 Tent .

Women Setting Up Tent Alone

Setting up the Decathlon Forclaz Trek 500 starts with inserting a pole into a tent sleeve and then repeating the process with the second pole into the other sleeve. The tent pops up as the pole ends are fit into their bases.

A small pole goes across the top of the tent to help with airflow. And there you go! The tent is ready to roll.

The rainfly is integrated and does not need to be added separately. There is space between the main tent and the rainfly as you would expect for ventilation.

Two of these velcro attachments provide extra venting between the main tent and rainfly.

I am accustomed to exterior tent poles with clips instead of interior poles. I made progress on my push technique instead of using a pull technique (as the later makes the tent poles pull apart). This was especially crucial during tent break down.

I like how the zippers are attached to the tent fabric so they take the fabric with them instead of letting it flap or drag on the ground when being unzipped.

There are thoughtful touches like ties to hold back both the exterior and interior doors.

Roomy for 2 People

Women Unzipping Tent While Camping

It’s always great to gain a new perspective– especially when it comes to comfort in the great outdoors. It turns out that a 3-person tent is way more comfortable for two people than a 2-person backpacking tent! Plenty of space for two and nice head room when sitting up. Handy for changing clothes.

Compare Prices

forclaz trek 100 tent review

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


Extra Features

The integrated drying line is nice.

I love a couple of good tent pockets for my headlamp, phone, and car keys.

When packing up, I appreciated the wide stuff sack with a zipper as opposed to a traditional narrow, deep stuff sack.

Overall Impression

A Look Inside the Decathlon Forclaz Trek Tent

Overall, the Decathlon Forclaz Trek 500 Tent is a cozy, solid, roomy home away from home. It even has some eco features such non-anodized pegs and dyeing 1/2 threads to reduce the impact on the environment. This reduces water consumption and wastewater production.

The Decathlon Forclaz Trek 500 tent is easy to set up, spacious for hanging out, and comes in at a price point of $209 that does not break the bank. Some might even argue that it is light enough for backpacking (7.8 lbs). How light is light enough is debatable in the backpacking world!

Happy camping!

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Molly Grove

Molly Grove

Molly Grove has sought mountain vistas and quality gear for most of her life. An early love of skiing paired with a high school job at a ski shop in Bend, Oregon laid the foundation for life in the mountains.

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forclaz trek 100 tent review

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forclaz trek 100 tent review

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forclaz trek 100 tent review

Quechua MH100 Fresh & Black Waterproof Camping Tent 3 Person

Regular price, $119.00 Regular price, $9,999,999.99

forclaz trek 100 tent review

Quechua MH100 Waterproof Camping Tent 3 Person

Sale price, $28.00 Regular price, $59.99

forclaz trek 100 tent review

Quechua MH100 Fresh & Black Waterproof Camping Tent 2 Person

Sale price, $60.00 Regular price, $89.99

Forclaz Trek 100 3 Seasons Freestanding Backpacking Dome Tent 2 Person

Sale price, $110.00 Regular price, $169.00

About Our Trek 100 Tents

Discover the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures with our Trek 100 tents. Designed for backpacking and camping, these tents offer durability, versatility, and reliable protection from the elements. Whether you're embarking on a solo trek or exploring the wilderness with a partner or a small group, our Trek 100 tents are built to meet your needs.

Weatherproof Performance

Our Trek 100 tents are engineered to withstand various weather conditions. Constructed with high-quality materials, these tents provide excellent waterproofing capabilities, ensuring you stay dry even during heavy rain. The sturdy design and reliable seams offer enhanced wind resistance, keeping you safe and comfortable in challenging environments.

Easy to Set Up and Carry

Setting up camp has never been easier. Our Trek 100 tents feature a freestanding dome design that allows for quick and hassle-free assembly. The lightweight construction and compact size make these tents easy to carry in your backpack, ensuring they won't weigh you down on your trek. With their user-friendly design, you can spend less time setting up and more time enjoying the great outdoors.

Superior quality. Unbeatable prices.

For 40 years, Decathlon has delivered the best value in the retail sports industry by offering high-quality, sustainable and cost-effective products.

Decathlon makes the difference

Research and development

delivers high-quality cost-effective products

State-of-the-art production processes

minimize manufacturing costs

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Minimal retail footprint

lowers overhead and indirect costs

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Forclaz Trek 100 jacket review

  • February 6, 2021


View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dan Jones (@wildcamping.lifeuk)

Reviewer:  Dan Jones Instagram:  wildcamping.lifeuk Product: Forclaz Trek 100

Looking for a Down jacket but don’t want to spend 100s on one. I’ve been testing out the Forclaz Trek 100 Down Jacket from Decathlon. A budget Down jacket coming in at just 49.99€.

Here are my thoughts 🤔

First of all, I’m totally buzzing that there is a down jacket on the market that doesn’t break the bank. At first, judging by the price it seems too good to be true right?

This is a solid jacket in terms of price, fit (no-frills, and I like its simplicity), and performance. It doesn’t feature the popular Pertex outer shell that the more expensive RAB Down jackets are made of but the nylon material of the Forclaz is water repellant and is surprisingly good at keeping you dry from moisture such as snow, light rain, and fog.

This RDS-certified down and feather jacket is promoted to keep you warm between +5° and -5°C. I’ve tested the jacket down to -3 with no issues at all. With a layering system, this jacket becomes a very warm jacket indeed.

Certain aspects of Forclaz Trek 100 jacket fall below average such as the cheap zips and some of the baffles hardly containing any down fill at all. The hood isn’t a snug fit so I found when the wind did pick up the hood had a tendency to get blown off my head.

Setting aside the cons which you would expect from a down jacket this cheap it still did the job. It kept me incredibly warm when it needed to.

WEIGHT OF THE FILLING: XS: 82 g S: 88 g M: 94 g L: 101 g XL: 108 g 2XL: 115 g 3XL: 124 g

The overall weight of the jacket I’ve been testing out (size Large) comes in at 290g which is pretty light considering its warmth value.

Up to yet, I haven’t had any durability issues with the jacket.

Is it ever going to compete with RAB? No, but Forclaz Trek 100 is not made to compete with top-end down jackets. It’s aimed at the budget market. But as budget Down jackets go, this is by far the best on the market. For a Down jacket under €50, it most definitely is one of my favorite winter jackets which I can just throw into my daysack.

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forclaz trek 100 tent review

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  • January 2, 2022

Designed for taller hikers, the Zpack DupleXL takes all of the great features from the Duplex and scales them up.

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forclaz trek 100 tent review

Kuiu Summit Star 1P review

Built for modularity and maximum internal space at an incredibly light weight, the Summit Star 1P is a one-person tent

forclaz trek 100 tent review

Chicken Tramper Ultralight Gear – CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack review

  • February 10, 2021

Will was carrying the CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack for over a year now, thru-hikes, canoe camping, bike-packing… and this is his review

forclaz trek 100 tent review

Gossamer Gear – Mariposa 60L Review

I used the same pack for the Appalachian Trail (AT) and the South West Coast Path (SWCP) the Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60L and this is my review

forclaz trek 100 tent review

Robens – Cookery King review

  • January 24, 2021

Cookery King is our favorite alcohol stove and it’s from Robens. We’ve had it for well over a year now so it was about time to film a review for it

forclaz trek 100 tent review

Osprey – Hikelite 32 backpack review

  • January 23, 2021

Delighted with this Osprey Hikelite 32 for my recent three days (two night) hiking adventure around Lantau in Honk Kong.

forclaz trek 100 tent review

Snugpak – Journey Solo tent review

  • January 2, 2021

My review of this Snugpak Journey Solo tent was well and truly thrown in the deep end!

forclaz trek 100 tent review

Salewa MS Mountain Trainer Mid GTX review

Making the most of this lovely weather by going for a short hike in the new Salewa MS Mountain Trainer Mid GTX.

forclaz trek 100 tent review

Hilleberg – Nallo review

After using this tent in varied conditions from heavy rain to high winds I feel I’m ready to shed my thoughts about Hilleberg Nallo 2

forclaz trek 100 tent review

Thermarest – Prolite sleeping pad review

This Therm-a-Rest ProLite sleeping mat is without a doubt the most comfortable I have ever slept on.

forclaz trek 100 tent review

Paratus Exploration – Spina 42 backpack review

After using my beloved Paratus Exploration pack for over a year, I thought it was time for a little review.

forclaz trek 100 tent review

Revolution Race – Nordwand Pro Trousers review

Here’s my review of the Revolution Race Nordwand Pro Pants

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Outside Festival feat. Thundercat, Fleet Foxes, and more.


Decathlon Forclaz Trek 100 Down Hiking Jacket

This down puffy offers lightweight warmth at a sweet price., brand: gear 360 reviews.

Model: Product feedback from every angle

forclaz trek 100 tent review

Gear 360 gives consumers the best available product information all in one place, through independent editorial and reader reviews, and verified consumer ratings. Brands pay a fee to be included in the Gear 360 program but have no influence over the reviews or scores we publish. We may earn a commission on purchases made through our site.

Backpacker gear 360 review.

For the most part, down performs like down no matter what garment it’s packaged into, and the non-hydrophobic, 800-fill variety in the Trek 100 works just as well as it would in a jacket four times as expensive. (Decathlon, a European retailer, keeps costs down through in-house designs and sheer volume.) When the temps dropped into the low 40s while our tester backpacked in Alaska’s Caines Head State Park, it was all the warmth he needed over a baselayer. The Trek 100 scrunches down (in its own pocket) to the size of a football. It also slips in well under the 10-ounce barrier, which is mind-boggling given that it costs only $80. Thanks to a burly, 15-denier nylon face fabric, this jacket would have scored higher in durability if it weren’t for a dinky main zipper. We found it hard to use, especially in the cold, and prone to separating. (We fixed it easily with a multitool, though.) Feathers stayed in and seams stayed tight over a year of use, and a DWR treatment knocked back light precipitation. Features-wise, the Trek 100 comes with a snug-fitting hood (with a single cinch in back) and a high collar, zippered hand pockets, and a hem cinch. Our only complaint about the fit is that the cuffs feel a bit too tight, especially if you’re wearing a watch.

Robin Mino First of all, I’m totally psyched that there is a down jacket that doesn’t break the bank. It kept me nice and toasty on multiple backpacking trips here in Colorado when temps went down into the low 40s. There is a very generous length to both the trunk and sleeves, which is a feature I absolutely love. I’m happy to report the jacket did not allow that “bottom-of-your-back breeze” when I was bending over or sitting. It was a huge bonus on some brisk mornings. This is a solid jacket in terms of price, fit (no frills, and I like its simplicity), and performance. I would totally buy this jacket, as it performed much better than my other down jackets.

When you buy something using the retail links in our stories, we may earn a small commission. We do not accept money for editorial gear reviews. Read more about our policy.

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forclaz trek 100 tent review

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Monday, January 11, 2021

Forget the teton sports scout - decathlon forclaz trek 100 70l backpack....

forclaz trek 100 tent review

Hey Luke. I liked your video on the Forclaz backpack. I wanted to buy one, but they are sold out at the Walmart and the Decathlon web sites. I was wondering if you knew of any other outlets that may sell them. Funny thing... I tried Ebay. They don't have this exact model, but there was another Forclaz model for $60. I got all excited until I saw the shipping was over $90! I saw another pack there for about $90 and the shipping was almost $300!!! Craziness! Anyway, love your channel. New follower. Watched the snow camping video with Suzie and noticed you were still using this backpack. So I figured it's probably worth buying. - John

Forclaz MT500 two-person tent review: a versatile trekking dome that punches above its price

Simple yet reliable, the forclaz mt500 – decathlon’s budget backpacking tent – outperforms all expectations and offers incredible value for money.

Forclaz MT500 pitched in the wild

Advnture Verdict

Roomy, sturdy and simple to set up the Forclaz MT500 trekking tent does way more than you should reasonably expect from a tent at this price point.

Budget friendly

Easy to put up and pack away

Inner and outer pitch together

Small pack size

Two vestibules

Not the lightest

You can trust Advnture Our expert reviewers spend days testing and comparing gear so you know how it will perform out in the real world. Find out more about how we test and compare products.

Forclaz MT500: first impressions

The Forclaz MT500 is part of retailer Decathlon’s in-house adventure brand, Forclaz, which is behind many of the retailer’s top products for hiking, backpacking and camping. In general, Forclaz products are a slight step up from their more budget-conscious Quechua line, and I’ve always been impressed with the quality of the kit they make. In my experience, much of it rivals that produced by more premium brands despite being substantially cheaper – and this tent is no exception, and could well earn a place in the next update of our best two-person tents buying guide.

• List price: £119.99 (UK) / $219 (US) • Style: Freestanding dome • Weight: 2.8 kgs / 6.1 lbs • Waterproofing: 2,000mm fly | 5,000mm floor • Rooms: One bedroom, two vestibules • Pack size: 39cm x 16cm x 15 cm / 15in x 6in x 5.9 in • Compatibility: Comes in two or three-person models. The two-person will comfortably sleep one person and kit, though two would fit at a push

The Forclaz MT500 is a neat little tent. Packed away, it comes in a small red bag with compression straps that allow you to pull everything tight before stashing it in your pack. And at 2.8kgs (6.1lbs), it’s also reasonably lightweight – especially for a shelter at this price point and that promises to withstand winds up to 70km/h (40mph). 

In the pack, the tent comes with two lightweight yet robust aluminum poles, plenty of pegs, four additional guy lines (which can be easily connected / disconnected via a loop-and-latch system) and a pre-attached inner and outer tent so that you can rapidly put this thing up in inclement weather. Thanks to the dome structure, the tent offers tons of space once up, and even comes with two doors. This is handy if you’re sharing (though it’ll be a very cozy night for the both of you) and it also gives you the option of using one vestibule as a gear store and the other as a cooking space.

Forclaz MT500: in the wild

I’ve owned the Forclaz MT500 for around six months now, and I’ve tested it in pretty much every type of weather imaginable in that time. My first trip out in it was camping on Dartmoor’s Great Links Tor in deep winter – a trip where I got to put this three-season tent properly through its paces . It held up impressively against driving wind and tons of snowfall and proved it can put up with some serious abuse. 

Since then, I’ve slept in it in pouring rain and even more wind, and I even got to spend a few pleasant nights in it in Eryri National Park where the weather was remarkably forgiving. And the Forclaz MT500 performed valiantly every time: it’s never leaked nor weakened in the wind, and it’s never been anything but a joy to put up and take down.

Putting up the Forclaz MT500 is incredibly easy. The inner comes pre-attached to the fly so you don’t need to faff around when you’re losing sunlight and, thanks to large pulls on all of the zips and the ease with which the poles are mounted, the whole thing can be comfortably erected with thick winter hiking gloves on (which, considering this tent is designed for three-season use, continues to impress me). 

For me, though, the thing I love most about it is the slick design of the guy lines. As with most tents, they come detached from the body as standard and need to be added when you first put the tent up. Instead of having to clunkily tie everything together, however, Forclaz have added loops to the sections already attached to the tent and latches to the remaining lengths of line that you need to add yourself. These easily clip together so you can rapidly guy out the tent in a storm and – again – all of this can be done with thick winter gloves on.

This feature really blew me away, especially considering the price of the Forclaz MT500. It feels like something that should only be found on much more premium brands and proves that the team at Forclaz has taken no shortcuts in making sure the design is optimized for the end user.

The inside of the Forclaz MT500 is massive. Seriously – there’s plenty of room for one person and kit inside, though you’ll probably end up storing most of that in one of the two vestibules. At around 108cm in height, there’s also more than enough space for anyone but a giant to sit up straight. In fact, it’s so roomy you can comfortably change, cook, stretch out and roll around inside the Forclaz MT500, something I was thankful for when spending one of the longest nights of the year in this thing back in December 2022.

When it comes to ventilation, the Forclaz MT500 inner features huge mesh panels to optimize airflow and there are two generous ports on the fly. I have always found this to be ample and have never had any major condensation issues, even when camping at very low temperatures. 

Finally, I have to praise the design of the door zippers, which are tethered to the end of the doors themselves. This means the doors automatically roll away when you open the zip, preventing the door from flapping in the wind and minimizing the amount of rain that drips off the fly into your tent when opening or closing the vestibules.

In my experience, the Forclaz MT500 is a rugged little shelter that’s going to be tough to break. I’ve never used it with a groundsheet, nor have I been particularly careful with how I pitch it, and I’ve never had any problems. In fact, the tent looks practically good as new to this day, despite having been put through several rougher adventures. Online, however, some users have reported having problems with the top pole caused by the tightness of the fly. While I admit that getting that top pole in can be a bit of a squeeze, I’ve never actually damaged it, nor have I ever been concerned that it might break or bend at any time. 

Overall, I think this tent is one of the best on the market at this price point. The thought that’s gone into the design is obvious, and its packability and reasonably low weight make it a solid option for budget-conscious backpackers. I’d happily camp out in it in a range of conditions, with the only exception being perhaps summit camps in winter or exceptional summer storms. But, with no plans to camp out in those conditions any time soon, the Forclaz MT500 might just be my new go-to.

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Craig Taylor

Growing up just south of the glorious Brecon Beacons National Park, Craig spent his childhood walking uphill. As he got older, the hills got bigger, and his passion for spending quality time in the great outdoors only grew - falling in love with wild camping, long-distance hiking, bikepacking and fastpacking. Having recently returned to the UK after almost a decade in Germany, he now focuses on regular micro-adventures in nearby Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons, as well as frequent trips to the Alps and beyond. You can  follow his adventures over on komoot , or visit  for more info. 

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Quechua Forclaz Trek 100 Jacket Review

Gear reviews

Quechua Forclaz

Field test and review

Puffer (or padded) jackets seem to be all the rage. Whether you are purchasing one for hiking or just daily wear, they are an item of clothing that will keep you warm on your outdoor adventures. Don’t be fooled into thinking that all puffer jackets are made equal, they come in varying styles, are made from different fabrics, some are water repellent, have different fill types ( down or synthetic ) and above all, have different thermal insulation properties.

Recently I was send a Quechua Forclaz Trek 100 Jacket from Decathlon to field test and review. It arrived towards the end of winter so what better time to test this jacket on the trail. I have worn this jacket during cold winter hikes (5 degrees C) as well as typical spring days (around 15 degrees C) and certainly have my preference for the type of weather I would wear this in. First, let’s talk about the features of this jacket.

Quechua Foreclaz Trek 100 Jacket

Design and Durability

The jacket is made from polyamide canvas (nylon) which has been sewn into a series of square cells to retain the internal wadding (filling). The fabric seems to resist light abrasion from the occasional scrape against rocks and bushes. Unlike most padded jackets, the Trek 100 comes with an integrated hood which I found really useful in blocking out the crisp winter wind and keeping my head warm while I hiked. The cuffs at the end of each sleeve have been elasticated to further aid in keeping your body warmth in. The waist band also has an elastic cord to perform the same function. When zipping the jacket closed, the inside zip flap prevents warm air from escaping and cool air from entering. A nice feature is the ability to pull the zip closed, right up past the collar and over my chin. Keeping warm air inside you jacket is one of the keys to successful insulation and this jacket seems to have all bases covered.

Quechua Foreclaz Trek 100 Jacket

Thermal Properties

Thermal insulation is one of the main reasons people invest in padded jackets. According to Decathlon’s website, this jacket has been certified for a comfort temperature of -6 during a standardised test in a thermal chamber. The jacket is not down but consists of a 100% polyester wadding (70% recycled) at 100g/sqm on the body and 80g/sqm on the sleeves and hood. This means the jacket is thin in design while still maintaining high insulation. While I didn’t test this jacket at -6 degrees, I did wear it on a few hikes that were in the range of +5-7 degrees and under these conditions I found the insulation to be adequate while moving. When stopping for breaks the jacket didn’t keep me as warm as I expected on these cool days so I would recommend wearing mid and/or base layers to aid in the insulation process.

Quechua Foreclaz Trek 100 Jacket

Pack Size and Weight

Given the thin qualities of the wadding, the Trek 100 Jacket weighs 370g (large size) and is highly compressible, packing down neatly into its left-hand pocket. This pocket has a double zip puller. All of the zips on this jacket come equipped with zip pullers which allow you to easily locate and manage the zip while wearing gloves. If you have bulky gloves you may find the zip pulls a little small so one suggestion for improvement would be to increase the length of them slightly.

Water Repellent

I never expect padded (puffer) jackets to be water proof and I recommend wearing a waterproof outer layer if you know rain is eminent. The Trek 100 Jacket has a surface-treated outer layer that prevents light showers from saturating the jacket. This is really useful if a light shower passes as you won’t have to stop to pull out your waterproof jacket. In my testing, light rain seemed to run-off the surface and not absorb into the wadding. It is important to note that the surface-treatment may deteriorate with use but can be reactivated.

Environmental Impact

With the environment being such a hot topic (as it rightfully should), I believe it is important to always look for hiking gear that lowers the impact on our environment. The use of synthetic wadding (versus down) in this jacket has an obvious impact on ducks and geese but this jacket takes things a step further. The following extract is straight from Decathlon’s website as I wont confess to being an expert in manufacturing techniques.

  • 100% polyester wadding (70% recycled)
  • The fabric we use reduces CO2 emissions by 40%. The fabric used is innovative because it mixes a self-dyed black thread and an undyed thread. Compared to conventional dyeing, this process makes it possible to reduce: fine particle emissions by 66% (PM2.5) eutrophication of fresh water by 74% eutrophication of marine water by 68%
  • On the Trek 100 black and blue models, the outer fabric uses a clean dying process known as dope dying (the thread is self-dyed), reducing CO2 emissions by 36%. More information can be found here .

I really enjoyed testing the Quechua Forclaz Trek 100 Jacket. For its weight, packable size and thermal insulation properties I am happy to recommend this jacket for every day wear as well as hiking during cooler days. It is a great spring jacket that will keep you warm and comfortable in temperatures above 10 degrees C.

Buy direct from Decathlon  for $69.00

Field Tested by Darren Edwards >

My reviews are based on my own on-trail field tests and I provide an unbiased account of the gear I use. Often, reviewers won’t take gear into the field but search online for existing reviews and collate them to form a conclusion. If you’re a retailer or manufacturer, I’d love to field-test your gear. If you are keen to hear how your gear performs, please get in touch .


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