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Wholesale Tour Operator | Destination Management | Bespoke Journeys We are an Experience Management Company focusing on Europe, and its unique regions and countries. We are not a travel agency. Instead, our company embodies a new generation of sourcing travel - essentially a hybrid of custom journey planner, wholesale tour operator, and on-site management company providing authentic and memorable experiences beyond the traditional touristy approach. But really, we are more than that - we strive to be the first thing that comes to mind when the soul craves an unforgettable, stimulating and lasting adventure. We ourselves are passionate travelers, regularly visit destinations, hotels and venues and are always on the hunt for new experiences and possibilities. Our trips resemble carefully crafted dishes, using the highest-quality ingredients sourced from the best purveyors for the right balance of flavors. Quality is our mantra; we seek benefit, not price, and find value in character …

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Photo of Jiim P.

Recently back after another amazing Custom Travel Network Trip! Bernhard and CTN always amaze me with their planning, attention to detail and completely wonder service and trips! Bernhard planned our itinerary, with my approval, and it could not have been better. We just told him we wanted to spend three weeks in Italy starting in Naples and ending in Lake Como. We saw so, so much and really probably would have never know to visit two of our favorites, Bologna and Padova. Every movement was coordinated by then, from plane tickets to cars and drivers to personal guides to rail tickets, everything was timely and perfect. All of our hotels were perfect, our guides superb, and our drivers prompt and friendly. As usual, Bernhard and CTN took excellent care of us. I talk to all our friends about CTN and Bernhard and just today referred another dear friend to them! I look forward to planning our trip next September with Bernhard and CTN. I can not say enough about CTN and Bernhard. He was available 24/7 while we were in Europe to answer any questions we had or to be of any assistance. Again, thank you for your excellent service! Jim Petrucelli

Photo of Kayla K.

I would have given Custom Network 5 stars, but due to some poor planning, how they handled certain situations, and were unable to setup a date/time to discuss the issues once we returned home bumped them down to a 2. I have planned my own and more complex international trips in the past, and with the amount we paid Custom Network we should not have encountered the issues we did. If they tried to give us some reasonable sort of remedy (which was requested several time) I would have given them a higher score since about 75% of our trip was enjoyable and had great guides. However, the time, stress, and disappointment we had to deal with tainted what was suppose to be a very memorable trip with our 80 year old grandparents. Reasons why they were given such a low rating. 1. PLANNING WEATHER DEPENDENT ACTIVITY: We only had one true weather dependent activity on the itinerary, the Eagle's Nest. That area had an especially bad winter, and instead of booking this activity at the end of the trip they did it in the middle. We therefore missed our ONLY "must see" sight in the area since the Eagle's Nest had a later opening date (I sent a list to them with the "must sees" and the "if we have time would like to see"). Instead of booking us at Salzburg (30 mins away) like they should have, they booked us to stay in Munich (2+ hours away), so we essentially wasted that entire day driving out to the Eagle's Nest (more details on why we drove to a closed site in item 3). Not only did we waste an entire day, but we were in Munich for 2.5 days where they booked other activities we did not request. I was originally fine with these additional activities assuming we would be seeing our "must see" site. I normally do extensive research when planning my trips (it took 5 mins of googling to see that the opening date is fluid based on weather), but thought since we are paying for them to plan it I did not have to. That as a travel agent they should know to customize their trips aroundweather related activities, however I was apparently wrong in making that assumption. 2. BOOKED ACTIVITY DURING A LARGE FESTIVAL. Custom Network booked our Nuremberg one day visit during the biggest rock festival in Europe where we could not see Zepplenfield (another "must see" on our list). Again, this planning was completely in their control, and they even told us in email that they knew the rock festival was going on. So I asked why did they not do Berlin - Nuremberg - Salzburg so we have a better chance at seeing our "must see" sites? They never responded to that specific question. It was hard seeing my grandfather disappointed that we could not see 2 of his big "must see" sights due to Custom Network's poor planning 3. EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE TOUR GUIDE: I have never seen such unprofessionalism and aggressiveness of a tour guide than I had seen of their Munich guide, Erich. I have been to more crime ridden countries and cities than Munich, but I have never felt more unsafe than I did with the guide they employed. His aggressiveness stemmed from me contacting Custom Network about why Erich drove us all the way to Eagle's Nest when it was closed. I pulled up the Eagle's Nest website while we were there and it clearly states they were closed (there was basically no one was in the parking lot so others clearly received the message). Instead of apologizing that he should have checked the website that morning to see if they will still be open he told me I should have "emailed Hitler" to see if it was open! He waited until we all got in the van with our luggage the following morning to go to Nuremberg, locked the doors, waved some pieces of papers around erratically, and was yelling at me that I contact Custom Network (this was only 7 hours after Custom Network ensured me they would go above and beyond for the rest of the trip...). We felt like hostages in the van going to Nuremberg, and were afraid he was going to drop us off randomly on the side of the road or start a physical altercation. We declined his services when we reached Nuremberg due to safety concerns and us not wanting to be with someone who was not mentally stable. 4. MONTH TO BE REIMBURSED FOR DOUBLE BOOKING: Our first hotel charged our credit card for their stay even though we prepaid for it. It took over a month for CN to "sort it out" where I had to follow up several times 5. UNABLE TO PLAN A CALL AFTER THE TRIP: Lana refused to setup a date/time to discuss the issues above even though I requested it 7 times over a month, but she would rather randomly call me to try and "catch me". When she randomly called me I either missed her call or was busy at the time. The fact they could not setup a time to discuss shows a lack of professionalism. When I FINALLY gave them an ultimatum that I was going to go ahead and write my review if we talked or not she then thought emailing at 5:30AM to setup a call at 10:00AM would suffice. 6. NO REMEDIES: For the amount we paid for we received no remedies

Business owner information

Photo of Bernhard S.

Bernhard S.

Business Owner

Jul 18, 2019

Dear Kayla, Thank you very much for sharing your feedback regarding your family trip to Poland and Germany. I commend your efforts as a busy student to take it upon yourself to arrange a trip for your mother, siblings, and most importantly, your grandparents. It has been a pleasure assisting you and your loved ones in making this journey happen. I am sorry your experience wasn't in line with your expectations. We do not respond directly to customers' online comments very often; in your case I felt we needed to clear the air, though, as you have made numerous statements that are false, offensive, and incomplete, and Yelp readers deserve to know the real story. Allow me to address your points one by one: "If they tried to give us some reasonable sort of remedy (which was requested several time) I would have given them a higher score" - this is blackmailing in its purest form; our Terms & Conditions clearly state that short-term changes in the itinerary due to weather conditions are possible, and reasonable alternatives will be offered. You are basically promising a better review if we send you money. SORRY, WE ARE NOT THAT TYPE OF BUSINESS. "We only had one true weather dependent activity on the itinerary, the Eagle's Nest. That area had an especially bad winter, and instead of booking this activity at the end of the trip they did it in the middle. We therefore missed our ONLY "must see" sight in the area since the Eagle's Nest had a later opening date (I sent a list to them with the "must sees" and the "if we have time would like to see"). Instead of booking us at Salzburg (30 mins away) like they should have, they booked us to stay in Munich (2+ hours away)" - the Eagle's Nest was supposed to open for the season in March when the bookings were made. In an email dated January 12, 2019, you clearly stated "Everyone is happy with this schedule". Salzburg was never requested by you as a destination, and scheduling a visit to the Eagle's Nest in early June - as anyone familiar to the area will confirm - is a safe bet when making arrangements in January. A complex trip like yours involves a lot of moving parts, and requires proper advance planning. Once hotels, drivers and guides are booked, they can't be changed around a few days before. Both, out office and our local partners keep track of any changes, and until the very last minute June 6 had been considered safe. At the time of your arrival, there were fifteen tour busses on the parking, as well as almost an entire lot of passenger cars, who incurred the same inconvenience. Our driver-guide, after you had declined several alternative options, still took you to Obersalzberg, a significant site in regard to WW II history as well. You and your sister were not interested in listening and learning about the region's history at all. As for Nuremberg, your driver-guide offered to take you a day early instead, but your party preferred to go shopping in Munich instead. Regardless you got to see all the important sights. The Zeppelinfeld - while being one of the most frequently mentioned Nazi-era sights by popular media (as it is often referenced by Neo Nazi groups) - is nothing but a large empty space and a grand stand; there is not a lot to visit there, and physically standing on it would not have tremendously added to your experience and understanding of 20th century history. More experienced travelers, including the majority of our past clients, will agree with me that sometimes you need to be a bit flexible, though, to really enjoy what circumstances throw at you, rather than limiting yourself to "Must-Sees". This is called the miracle of serendipity. "MONTH TO BE REIMBURSED FOR DOUBLE BOOKING: Our first hotel charged our credit card for their stay even though we prepaid for it. It took over a month for CN to "sort it out" where I had to follow up several times." - First of all, you have once again misunderstood this situation completely There was no double-booking, instead your grandmother's credit card had been charged by accident on the account of an unexperienced front-desk team member at the Sheraton Warsaw. If you as an experienced traveler had checked the paperwork on checking out, this could have been reversed immediately. Instead, this had not been brought to our attention until June 6, almost a week after you had departed. We immediately contacted the hotel, and set the refund in motion, which was actioned in due time considering the banks and credit card companies involved. "UNABLE TO PLAN A CALL AFTER THE TRIP: Lana refused to setup a date/time to discuss the issues above even though I requested it 7 times over a month" - This is simply a false statement, as we have given you many conference call options, and you never replied until after the suggested date. Thank you very much for traveling with us. With best regards, Bernhard Steiner President & CEO, Custom Travel Network

Pilot Limousine Service

Pilot Limousine Service

Mark A. said "Usually i do not write a review but i need to write this experience. The owner is a neighbor of a coworker and when I go to travel, I use this service. Now, coworker and I tell him this is for work, you do not have to do anything…" read more

Sam’s Express

Sam’s Express

Karen K. said "We needed a van to carry our family of 9 to lax and to pick us up a week later at 11:30pm and drive us home. Sam was the perfect choice. He picked us up right on time in his new clean van and safely delivered us to and from the…" read more

in Airport Shuttles

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Grand Russia

  • Saint Petersburg
  • Golden Ring
  • Tour Packages

Saint Basil's Cathedral Russia

The palace bridge, northern lights, baikal lake, saint basil's cathedral, tour packages to russia, two hearts of russia, golden moscow, golden ring.

Grand Russia is DMC Travel Agency that offers full range of travel services in the entire country such as visa support letters (tourist invitation letter), transport services – from private vehicles up to 60 pax tourist coaches, professional tour guide assistance, domestic railway and airline tickets, hotel booking services, meals (of any preferences and rare food habits), tailor-made itinerary’s and exclusive excursions. Our main aim of the company is to help our guests understand Russian culture and history as well as make sure that all of their needs will be fulfilled and no matter what nation or culture they come from to make them feel like home.

Our Services

Visa support.

If you need a visa support we provide an invitation letter and a voucher for getting a tourist visa in the embassy of Russia. The documents may be sent by e-mail or by post if the original documents are required (the mailing fee in this case is paid by the customer). This service is absolutely free for our guests.

It is a great way of combining business and leisure.

We will organize a unique itinerary that will make your group members enjoy business related part of the trip with sightseeing of all major city highlights and unforgettable evening events.

Tailor Made Packages

Up on your request we can make your itinerary very special , depending only on your needs and preferences. Can be made for groups or individuals on request.

Conference & Event

Participation in any conferences, exhibitions, seminars and other events can be also arranged by our team. Please send your enquires to our managers and we will get back to you shortly.

Train Tickets

If you want to experience a trip by bullet trains or enjoy the views of the country from the Trans-Siberian train, we will be glad to help you. Purchase of train tickets for local or international destinations is one of the services which is offered by our company.

Air Tickets

As a part of your package to Russia we will be glad to assist you with a purchase of international and domestic airline tickets to make your trip planning easier.

Multilingual Guide & Interprineur

In case if you require a guide or an interpreter during your stay send us a request and we will offer you a professional in a short time.

We arrange a lease of any type of the land transport in case if you require it. Buses or minivans, sedan or Jeep, ATV or snowmobile.

Golden Ring Russia Tour

Client Testimonial

“ On behalf of my company I really thank grand russia & zalina for making our customers tours very very memorable.This mail is only regading the feedback from our esteemed customers . VICKY MALHOTRA Nice Travel Service in Russia
“ Grand Russia is one of the most reliable supplier for Russia and their services are at par expectations. PRAMOD DIWAKER Best Tour Agency in Russia
“ This is to inform that Ms. Zalina was associated with us for our group tours in Moscow, Russia as Tour Guide during the summer season of 2017. During her working with us we found her to be very co-operative and efficient in her works. DILIP GAWADE Best Guides in Russia
“ I would like to Express my deepest Gratitude and a big thank to Zalina (from Grand Russia ) for her superb service as a tour guide when me along with my two friends visited Moscow in March 2017. ANAND PATWARDHAN Best Guides & Tour Operator in Russia
“ The lady tour guide at Grand Russia was very informative & took us to all the important places to see in the Russian capital. NILESH N.MADIA Nice Guided Tour to Russia
“ Every guide of that country share’s information but I personally feel that with smiley face and her pretty expressions on face Ms.Zalina put every listener in that antique period of Russian History . VIJAY Awesome Guided Tour in Russia
“ I had a tour to MOSCOW with group of doctors. Zalina was our tour guide. We stayed with Zalina for four days. She is very enthusiastic lady with very hard working. DR. R. D. KOSHIYA M. D. Best Tour Guides in Moscow

Tour & Travel Agency in Russia | Grand Russia

Welcome to Russia! Grand Russia is a Russian Tour Agency based out of the cosmopolitan Moscow city. We are a prominent Russia Travel Agency engaged in providing travel experiences to the people wishing to explore Russia for more than ten years. We specialise in providing guided tours, custom made packages, exclusive excursions, visa facility services, unexplored destinations and lot more. We cover everything you need to have a pleasurable, comfortable and memorable Russian holiday.

We are a team of travel enthusiasts and committed team engaged in providing the best of class Russian travelling experience to the customers from all around the world. Our tour guides are all licensed and can fluently speak fluent English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese and many other languages and hence, no matter from where you are coming, we provide experienced and well-educated guides who receive excellent feedbacks from clients.

We are also closely associated with Russian Tourism Board and a wide network of tour operators in Russia . We are managed by a well experienced team having zeal to promote tourism to Russia to make sure all guests are well looked after.

Russia is a country loved by people all across the globe for colure, heritage, language & historical attractions and landscapes that have inspired artists and poets for generations, which is truly inexplicable. From its streets to artistic metro stations to art museums and historical and cultural attractions, Russia gives you a completely different yet fascinating travel experience of a lifetime.

Russia Travel Services

For over ten years, our Russia Travel Agency is providing all kinds of travel related services and Russia tour packages tours and tailor made holidays for group and discerning individual travellers. We provide complete information, guidance and packages to help you in having the best time with friends and family during your Russian holidays. We provide from basic planning to execution and from comprehensive tour packages to individual services like air travel, railway reservation, coaches and car rentals, hotel bookings, holiday packages.

Exclusive Russian Excursions

Every traveller is different and so are their travel expectations. Keeping thin in mind, we provide some exclusive Russian excursion for those looking for specific tours such as Moscow city sightseeing tours, multiday tours, highlights of St Petersburg, The best of Moscow, Territory of the Kremlin and Cathedrals, THE Underground Palaces of Moscow Metro And the Old Arabat Street, Cruise By Raddison Royal , Russian Circus, Shooting range, Flight in Weightlessness in IL 76 MDK, Russian Night tours, Limousine tour and much more.

Tailor Made Solutions

When it comes to travelling or exploring a city, there are always people looking for unique travel experience. Our tailor made solutions are our specialisation to meet your specific needs and budget. We are your dependable Russia tour agency engaged in providing customised private small group packages and other tailor made solutions for individuals, families and groups to specific requirements at great value for money.

Visa Facilitation Services

We also provide visa facilitation services to passengers willing to visit Russia from different parts of the world. Our staff will provide information about all necessary documentation & requirements for processing of Visa for different Embassies.

Conference and Events

If you are looking for travel companies to organise your conferences, trade exhibitions and corporate events in magnificent way, you can completely depend upon us. We have years of expertise in catering to business needs in a unique way. We take care of everything including free visa support, organizing transport and leisure activity, and arranging conference and events services for business events and conferences. We focus on making your travel pleasurable experience by rendering high class services and competitive rates.

If you are looking for Russian Tour Agency for fascinating trip to Russia, get in touch with us. We will be happy to guide you in having the best travel experience at competitive rates. Our trips will help you discover the most beautiful sights Russia has to offer. Explore our site to find what you need and feel free to call us.

Grand Russia is a tour company providing original and professional private tours in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Golden ring towns and around Russia. We have a team of professionals who work in the field of tourism for more than 10 years. Guides from our team are all licensed and speak fluent English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese and many other languages.

We in the Federal Register of Touroperators in Russia,

LLC "Grand Russia"


  • Golden Moscow
  • Two Hearts of Russia

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Travel. Beyond the Ordinary.

At Custom Travel Network, we craft custom journeys for discerning travelers to Europe and many other corners of the globe. With our first-hand knowledge and local connections, we can orchestrate almost any adventure with style and expertise. We do not just provide information, but deliver tailored consulting focused around your needs.

Our Favorites

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Trans-Siberian by Private Train (Westbound)

Hamyard Hotel, London 1 (Featured Image)

Ham Yard Hotel – London, UK

Poros, Greece 2 (Featured Image)

Poros Island – Greece

Central Market, Budapest 1 (Featured Image)

Great Market Hall – Budapest, Hungary

St. Proculus (Featured Image)

Church of San Procolo/St. Prokulus – Naturns, Südtirol, Italy

Monte Restaurant (Featured Image)

Restaurant Monte – Rovinj, Croatia

Ritz Carlton 3 (Featured Image)

Ritz-Carlton Hotel – Vienna, Austria

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Custom Travel Network is the definition of knowledge, professionalism and integrity. Their attention to detail is incredible, their expertise is impressive, and their ability to design itineraries that create experiences of a lifetime is amazing. If you want the best, turn to Custom Travel Network and your clients will think you are a Rock Star!”

D.G., Luxury Travel Consultant, Los Angeles, CA

Our Eastern Europe journey deserves a 5-star rating, really a perfectly planned trip. Our pre-planned tour which your company set up for our group was fantastic. Knowing you were keeping track of us en-route meant a lot. Thank you for the time and effort you put into making sure as you have on all our adventures. Private tours are the way to go!”

L.S., Austin, TX

All was superb, wonderful beyond belief, two of the best weeks I have ever had while overseas. I will be recommending your company to anyone who is considering going overseas “forget the rest go with the best.””

M.M., Australia

Custom Travel Network has done many trips for my clients, all are returning again and again, with rave reviews like I have never received. I trust and admire this company and their dedicated team of travel professionals more than I can fully express, and recommend them with kudos galore.”

P.M., Leisure Travel Consultant, Cincinnati, OH

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From time to time, I get the opportunity to step back into my earlier career as a tour director, and escort one of our VIP groups on their journey to amazing destinations in Europe and beyond. In that capacity, I am reporting live from the island of Jersey, in the English Channel and geographically closer to France than the United Kingdom. Jersey was part of the Duchy of Normandy, whose dukes went on

The Beauty of Venice in just under 4 Minutes (Featured Image)

The Beauty of Venice in just under 4 Minutes

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National Geographic created this wonderful

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Majestic Upper Mekong Laos 2018

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From time to time we stray from our beloved Europe to explore destinations further afield. Through our German Partner Lernidee Trains & Cruises we are proud to offer several amazing cruises on the widely unknown Upper Mekong in Laos. This portion of th

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Seasons Greetings from Custom Travel Network

  • 20 Dec, 2016

Silent Night The best part of this time of the year is remembering the people and experiences that make the holidays meaningful. We at Custom Travel Network thank you for your trust and loyalty, and wish you all the love a

custom travel network inc

By Private Luxury Train to Samarkand

  • 12 Dec, 2016

The Legendary Silk Road Follow the legendary Silk Road back in time, across three countries and seven UNESCO World Heritage sites on our Lernidee Private Train. The 14-day journey from Ashgabat to Almaty (or vice-versa) takes in seven breath-taking UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Stroll through the winding streets of Khiva and Bukhara, marvel at the desert sun at Registan Square, end experience local life and folklore with the cool ease and simp

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Moscow’s new suburban rail lines dramatically improve commutes!

custom travel network inc

The first two of the five lines of the MCD were launched November 21: the MCD1 line goes to Odintsovo (west) and Lobnya (north), while MCD2 to Podolsk (south) and Nakhabino (west). These towns are some 20-30 km from Moscow, and are inhabited by hundreds of thousands of people traveling to Moscow on business each day.

Vladimir Putin at the opening of the MCD.

Vladimir Putin at the opening of the MCD.

Both lines cross over with central Moscow stations, as well as those on the outskirts. You can change over to the Moscow Central Circle or the metro (there is a total of 27 stations where you can make the switch). These changes allow for getting to and from the city center much faster and more conveniently than commuter trains.

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Why does Moscow need the MCD?

The MCD will add to the function of the commuter trains, easing part of the daily burden experienced by those lines, as well as reduce car traffic in and out of town. The MCD runs every 5-10 minutes with only a four-hour break at night. The reason the new trains are referred to as Diameters is that they travel not just to Moscow’s main intercity stations, but also from one city on the outskirts of Moscow all the way to another one situated at the other end. 

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The service runs similar to an ordinary Metro, from 5:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. Directions are available in English, so you won’t get lost.

One important change you must remember is the Aeroexpress trains to Sheremetyevo airport now run differently than before: now one ride from the Belorussky railway to Sheremetyevo will take 50 minutes - instead of the usual 35. Also, on the way from the airport, Belorussky railway will no longer be the final stop - Odintsovo will. But there will also be a few new stations that cross over with the regular metro - in the Moscow City district, on Begovaya, Fili and Kuntsevskaya. All of these interlink with the regular metro.

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New internet-capable trains

The MCD trains - in accordance with the Russian custom with giving names of birds to every new train route - will carry the name Ivolga (Russian word for “Eurasian golden oriole”). The carriages are outfitted with bike racks, luggage and stroller compartments, power sockets and USB chargers with every seat, as well as free Wi-Fi - as is the case with all of Moscow’s urban transport. 

custom travel network inc

39 trains are currently operational.

Free transfers!

Prior to the MCD appearing, passengers wanting to switch between city and suburban trains had to buy separate tickets. The MCD greatly simplifies the process: now you simply need to use your Troika card at the MCD ticket stalls. There are two tariffs - city (38 rubles, or $0.6) and regional (45 rubles, $0.8; meaning cities just on the outskirts of Moscow - not the entire region). If you need to go further afield into the Moscow region, beyond the MCD, then your Troika card will be charged an additional $0.35 (23 rubles) to transfer to the ‘elektrichka’ (electrical commuter trains). 

custom travel network inc

Switching between MCD and metro trains is free for a 90-minute window, irrespective of the tariff. However, if you don’t check out of the station at the exit stalls, your Troika card will be blocked, and require around $2.30 (150 rubles) to unlock. 

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You can also pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard PayPass and Visa PayPass. 

Will there be other ‘diameters’?

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Several more MCD are slated to launch before 2025 - the MCD3 (from Ramenskoye to Zelenograd), MCD4 (Zheleznodorozhny to Aprelevka) and MCD5 (from Domodedovo to Pushkino). Right now, the passenger load of the first two Diameters is estimated at 900,000 per day. All five Diameters will serve more than 330 million Moscow passengers every year. 

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Press Release

Spirit airlines makes a splash with new savings in celebration of its 20th anniversary in cancun.

Escape to a warm Mexican getaway with limited-time anniversary fares starting at $79* one-way

Photos and video available   HERE  

MIRAMAR, Fla. , Jan. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ --  Spirit Airlines  (NYSE: SAVE) is celebrating two decades of flying travelers between Cancun International Airport (CUN) and the United States today. The airline is commemorating the milestone by giving Guests More Go with limited-time anniversary fares on flights to Cancun for a tropical vacation. The offer is valid for travel to Cancun (CUN) from Feb. 7 – March 6, 2024*.

(PRNewsfoto/Spirit Airlines, Inc.)

"For 20 years, we've been pleased to offer our Guests affordable, nonstop service to Cancun, making the popular beach destination more accessible and affordable with the opportunity to save on airfare while enjoying more of Cancun's tourist attractions," said John Kirby, Vice President of Network Planning at Spirit Airlines. "We're grateful to Cancun International Airport and our Guests in Southeast Mexico for embracing our business model and trusting us with their travels for the past two decades."

The airline is also offering members of its Free Spirit ® loyalty program 1,500 bonus points on roundtrip flights and 750 points on one-way flights to and from Cancun.** Travel must be booked by March 15, 2024 at 11: 59 p.m. EST and flown by April 30, 2024. To earn even more bonus points, Guests can book their Cancun hotel or car rental through Spirit Vacations ® and earn an additional 500 points.

Additionally, the Spirit Charitable Foundation commemorated the anniversary with a donation of $20,000 to Keeping Kids in School  in Playa Del Carmen. The sizable donation will help remove the financial barriers that prevent many children in Mexico from gaining access to an education.

Spirit currently offers nonstop service from Cancun to nine cities in the United States: Baltimore (BWI), Chicago (ORD), Dallas (DFW), Detroit (DTW), Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Houston (IAH), Orlando (MCO), New Orleans (MSY) and Philadelphia (PHL). The carrier has further invested in Southeast Mexico through Spirit Vacations, which allows travelers to bundle and save with vacation packages on Cancun hotels, resorts and rental cars.

Spirit will further grow its Mexico service this spring with nonstop service from Tulum (TQO) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Orlando (MCO) launching March 28. It is the only ultra-low-cost carrier to announce service to TQO from the U.S., and the only airline offering nonstop flights from FLL and MCO.

Spirit's Elevated Guest Experience Spirit continues its commitment to invest in the Guest, which entails a number of initiatives aimed at delivering the best value in the sky:

  • Spirit's Fit Fleet ® is one of the most fuel-efficient fleets in the industry, with many more brand-new planes projected for delivery in 2024.
  • Recently announced more  cabin enhancements with wider seats, added cushion, new headrests and upgrades to our unique Big Front Seat ® .
  • Fast onboard  Wi-Fi that allows Guests to watch content from streaming services.

Recognition Aviation Week Network's Air Transport World (ATW) named Spirit Airlines the Value Airline of the Year as part of the  ATW 2023 Airline Industry Achievement Awards . The carrier was also rated a Four Star Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) in the  2024 APEX/IFSA Awards , which is the highest rating for its category and based solely on passenger feedback. Spirit was also recognized for safety with the FAA's "Aviation Maintenance Technician Diamond Award of Excellence " for the fifth consecutive year. Additionally, Travel Weekly named the Spirit Charitable Foundation a Gold Winner in the 2023 Magellan Awards for Giving Back.

*All fares are one-way (U.S. to Cancun), subject to 21-day advance purchase, valid for travel from 2/7/2024 – 3/6/2024 (no blackouts or day of week restrictions), and subject to availability

**To qualify for Cancun's 20-year anniversary Free Spirit ® 1,500 or 750 Points promotion you must (i) be a Free Spirit ® member; (ii) book travel on a Qualifying Flight Segment. A "Qualifying Flight Segment" is a trip originating from/to CUN on a flight operated by Spirit Airlines and booked by 11:59PM ET on March 15, 2024 with travel completed by April 30, 2024. Free Spirit ® Bonus Points will be automatically added to your account after completing a Qualifying Flight Segment. Bonus points earned through the Cancun Anniversary Free Spirit ® Points promotion would offer standard Status Qualification Points (SQPs). Offer is subject to change without notice. Other restrictions and conditions may apply.

About Spirit Airlines: Spirit Airlines (NYSE: SAVE) is committed to delivering the best value in the sky. We are the leader in providing customizable travel options starting with an unbundled fare. This allows our Guests to pay only for the options they choose — like bags, seat assignments, refreshments and Wi-Fi — something we call À La Smarte ® . Our Fit Fleet ® is one of the youngest and most fuel-efficient in the United States. We serve destinations throughout the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean, making it possible for our Guests to venture further and discover more than ever before. We are committed to inspiring positive change in the communities where we live and work through the Spirit Charitable Foundation . Come save with us at .


SOURCE Spirit Airlines

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U.S. Formally Approves Possible MQ-9B Sale To India

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MQ-9B SkyGuardian

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U.S. Formally Approves Possible MQ-9B Sale To India is published in Aerospace Daily & Defense Report , an Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN) Market Briefing and is included with your AWIN membership.

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  14. Moscow's new suburban rail lines dramatically improve commutes!

    If you need to go further afield into the Moscow region, beyond the MCD, then your Troika card will be charged an additional $0.35 (23 rubles) to transfer to the 'elektrichka' (electrical ...

  15. Moscow City Telephone Network

    15-Nov-2010. Merger/Acquisition. 000.00. Completed. 2 buyers. To view Moscow City Telephone Network's complete exits history, request access ». Information on stock, financials, earnings, subsidiaries, investors, and executives for Moscow City Telephone Network. Use the PitchBook Platform to explore the full profile.

  16. Spirit Airlines Makes a Splash with New Savings in Celebration of its

    Additionally, Travel Weekly named the Spirit Charitable Foundation a Gold Winner in the 2023 Magellan Awards for Giving Back. *All fares are one-way (U.S. to Cancun), subject to 21-day advance purchase, valid for travel from 2/7/2024 - 3/6/2024 (no blackouts or day of week restrictions), and subject to availability

  17. List of mergers and acquisitions by Microsoft

    Microsoft logo. Microsoft is an American public multinational corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services predominantly related to computing through its various product divisions. Established on April 4, 1975 to develop and sell BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800, Microsoft rose to dominate ...

  18. U.S. Formally Approves Possible MQ-9B Sale To India

    February 01, 2024. MQ-9B SkyGuardian. Credit: General Atomics. The U.S. State Department has formally approved a potential $3.99 billion sale of 31 General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. MQ-9B ...

  19. Company Moscow City Telephone Network Moscow Micex

    Moskovskaya Gorodskaya Telefonnaya Set' PAO (Moscow City Telephone Network PJSC or MGTS PAO) is a Russia-based telecommunication company, engaged in the provision of local, inter-city and international fixed-line telecommunication services on the territory of Moscow city. It is also involved in the provision of inquiry services and other ...

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