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Jump to content. Percentage of vote: I want to keep one of these because I'm going to grind the T57 Heavy. But I have a doubt now, which one should I keep. T69 has better turret and gun handling, slightly better mobility, and is tier 8. T54E1 has more DPM sounds like a joke and damage in 7 seconds, it has fairly good armor, and is almost as sluggish, but I bet both tanks would be good at peeking ridges and flanking.

I don't know how true this is, but I'd like to know what tank to keep before starting the long grinds in order to maximize my investment.

Never played T69, but looks horrible to me. T54E1 is big and has bad camo, bad armor, is slow, has beyond potato gun handling and bad penetration. E1 easily.

The T69 is terrible and has nothing going for it, the E1 has amazing clip potential, almost damage in 6 seconds. You really need to pick your options when engaging, but it still can pack a punch and is ideal for mission where you have to do a certain amount of damage to a specific type of tank x damage vs TD's etc. Genuinely pleased. I kept the T It is far from being a favourite, but I have managed to hang on to a positive win rate in this US med, and I have typically have not done well with US meds. I was totally put off buying the T54E1 by the write-ups I have read. For now, the T69 is a keeper, but only because it wins.

To be honest you have to be a little masochist to grind this line. It is not as good as Wot t69 matchmaking lines and the tanks are different to play and carry games differently and must be played with care. Wot t69 matchmaking kept all my tanks as a reminder of what it took for me to get the t57 heavy. Out of all of them i do not play thr T69 which is totally useless in world of armor 1. Well it seems like most people embrace the tier 9 thus far. Thanks everyone, keep adding your thoughts! I played this line until T8 now and waited over 9 months for Frontlines to return in order to not get powercreeped in my T8.

I like working a ridgeline but the turret is not reliable but can bounce quite a few shots. Community Forum Software by IP. T69 vs T54E1 - Which one would you keep? Please log in to reply. Poll: T57 line - mediums 21 members have cast votes You have to complete battle in order to participate this poll. Which tank do you prefer? T69 6 votes [ Show poll. Edited by fwhaatpiraat, 13 February - AM. None of them are good. I sold both. T57 also isn't very good IMO. T69 at it's tier. But current meta NOT frontlinehas to be T9 t0nk. But as gpalsson has said, the line isn't great.

T57 is still an amazing tank and for me the most enjoyable tier 10 that I have. Keep both.

Much better tier for tier. Line might lets dream get a buff Sold the T69 as soon as the grind was done. In FL last year it was decent, except the gun will troll you a lot! Currently on the T54E1 and its been a love-hate relationship, but mainly because of my bad decision making. Pen is fine and accuracy is decent except for mid-long range.

Finished a of second front missions with this tank dmg in first min of the game, etc. Need to get my DPG up though. Judgement so far is that it will be a keeper for me. Neither, both are bad tanks in their tiers IMO. I'd keep neither, both suffer from a detrimental lack of standard penetration and are very slow. If you want autoloaders to keep, go for the French ones. High pen and high speed.

Wot t69 matchmaking 6. I keep T54E1 - with gold its brutal. But it still sits in garage waiting for a buff like most of tanks i kept but do not play. They also look cool imo so yeah. Good luck with the grind. Back to Gameplay. Reply to quoted posts Clear. In Username or :. Remember me. in anonymously.

Wot t69 matchmaking

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