Why do people cry when someone dies

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Crying when we lose someone we love is a normal part of grieving.

Tears play an essential role in the healing process of grief. Having a good cry is very therapeutic to the grieving soul. Without tears, we would be more susceptible to mental, emotional, and physical health issues. Holding back tears can make you more vulnerable and susceptible to depression that goes beyond grief-related sadness. Holding back tears takes a lot of effort.

Sometimes when someone dies, the urge to sob uncontrollably overcomes us, and we lose control over our emotional responses. Uncontrolled crying can happen when least expected. Your emotional responses are unique only to you. Whether you shed tears will depend on many factors that include past unresolved trauma that you may still be working through, or a general inability to show emotions. Crying is part of the stages of grief and can be a healthy emotional release. The following are some of the reasons why we cry when we lose someone close to us:.

Crying can be the ultimate healer in the release of grief and sorrow. Allowing yourself to shed tears can be the emotional and physical release that your body needs. A good healthy cry from time to time will not only make you feel better but will help you move forward in your healing. Allow your feelings and emotions to flow freely without overthinking it. Crying cleanses you from your pain and sorrow and begins the healing process. Depression can have the effect of numbing your feelings and emotions.

While crying can be a of depression, it can also be a way out of depression. A death wail is often performed at the funeral or wake. Not crying may be seen as a of disrespect. Bottling up your tears creates a blockage of releasing emotions that help you heal from your pain and suffering.

You cry because you love and miss them. Not crying can seem like an unnatural reaction to their death. You may be numb for a few weeks as you get over the initial shock of their death.

Crying can be a call to your friends and family to rally around you for comfort and support. When you lose someone you look up to and admire, feeling sadness is a typical reaction to loss. Crying is a healthy part of the grieving process and is essential when trying to heal. The loss of someone famous or well-known, for example, can lead to you feeling intense emotional distress.

You might feel this way for a variety of reasons, some of which may confuse you. Some of the typical explanations of why you may react so strongly to this type of loss are:. Whenever a celebrity or artist dies whose work you admire, you mourn the loss of their contributions to the world. When you face your feelings openly and honestly over this type of loss, the feelings of sadness will soon pass. Ways to get through this are to seek out and find other artists whose works you love and admire.

Sometimes, the way they died may trigger a strong emotional response because you know someone close to you who died in the same or similar fashion. This may leave you feeling vulnerable and frightened and may bring back memories of your past losses. Celebrities and other people of influence sometimes share many of their lives with the general public through social media and other news outlets.

When they die, it can leave you suspended somewhere between the past and the future. The death of a public figure you look up to may leave you disillusioned with the loss of hope and reassurance in what the future holds for you. You may lose hope in your dreams for the future when they die especially when their contributions helped to lay the path for you in your Why do people cry when someone dies. Celebrities, public figures, and the rich and famous seem to all have this ethereal invincibility shield around them. Their death can come as a personal shock to the senses and to everything you thought you knew about death and dying.

You find ways in which that person mirrors who you are or how the way you live. Personal attachments grow out of the similarities between you. You may cry at the news of their death and mope around for a few days or weeks afterward. This is normal, and in time, those feelings should pass.

Grief is a natural human experience, and crying is the ultimate healer. We cry at the death of those we know and love as an expression of our grief. Tears can transform suffering and help us pick up the pieces to move forward in our sadness. Icons sourced from FlatIcon. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish, and check out our cookie policy for more information. : Coping with grief.

Why do people cry when someone dies

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Why do people cry when someone dies?