Want to go to a swingers party

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Jump to. My husband wants to go to a swingers party I have had a threesome before we were married however it's been playing on his mind and he wants to go to a swingers party this weekend it's a dinner with other couples wanting to partner swap my question is we are first timers and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I've had 6 kids and my body is not amazing anymore I'm very self conscious of myself and I'm concerned about STD's I don't want my partner having sex with someone else without protection or me having sex without protection I am not sure what I'm asking but I'm wondering if anyone has done this and did it affect your marriage I don't want to be jealous of some woman having sex with my husband he is the only man I've been with for the last ten years do I go this weekend and see what happens or don't go any advice would be appreciated thanks in advance.

The fact you have doubts tells me you definitely shouldn't do this. It can and has destroyed a lot of marriages. I wouldn't risk it. Well its Tuesday now so don't do it this weekend. This isn't something you do when you're unsure or impulsive, don't risk ten years on a four day pressured decision. The fact you need to write this tells me your relationship isn't ready for this. Do not go.

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You need to both have a chance to talk this through. Also you need to decide if this is something YOU are in to.

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Not just your husband. This is not something you do because he wants to do. You do it because you both want it. If you can't both want it it won't work. It's ok to say no, it's fine for you to have fantasies but fantasies don't always get acted on. You're unsure and boundaries etc haven't been discussed. Not worth the risk. Sometimes fantasies should stay just that. Just reading this and maybe my assumption is wrong it sounds like it is not even really something you genuinely want to do.

If there is any doubt at all this is not the decision for you. Would love to know if you went please and what the out come was, my partner and I are also considering this. Why not go to a swingers club, no need to participate, rules are very clearly stated, i found that it was less sexually orientated than many bars where everyone is out to get laid.

You can have sex together with or without an audience or other people or not at all. People are generally very open and friendly and will talk about their experiences and can answer questions. If you go you can say ok, I'm not sure I'll ever be comfortable but we can go and have a look and he has to be ok with that. Not sure if it's still there but utopia swingers club on the Gold Coast was great. Condoms n lube were available in all "rooms" they also had many open areas just for socialising and a no nudity rule walking around.

You get told the door rules - closed door no entry, chain up you can watch, ensuite in all rooms ect, if you pressured anyone or broke a door rule the bouncers throw you out and your banned. Was a masseuse providing free non sexual massage too. Was clean and classy. Tuesday, 9 February - Post Anonymously.

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Want to go to a swingers party

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My boyfriend wants me to go to a swingers’ party with him