Trucker seeking a woman to just ride

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According to the Women in Trucking Associationof the 3. On the contrary, Schneider Van Dedicated driver Toni Thomas pointed out that women truck drivers have existed throughout history. Although the of males in this profession vastly outweighs the of females, women truck drivers have some incredible stories to share and hundreds of pieces of advice for other women who are interested in becoming drivers.

After I raised my two children and became an empty nester, I decided that it was a good time to follow my dream. He saw a God-given talent. At 15, I pointed at a tractor-trailer and asked if he thought I could drive one of those. You can drive anything. And, I had always enjoyed driving. I think driving can make a woman feel empowered. I also believe that women are safer drivers because they aren't afraid to ask questions, ask for help and are willing to learn.

You need to have a good support group to be a truck driver. But, if you can handle the long hours, the weather and the driving, then yes, you can do it.

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There are good benefits. Truck drivers are always needed, so a woman would have no problem finding a job driving a truck. You'll have plenty of chances to help others, too. I also prefer not to stay at truck stops in big cities. I'll only stay at operating centers in places like Atlanta, Dallas and Memphis. Be prepared for the unexpected and never be afraid to ask for help. Some may worry about what others may think or say because it is a male-dominated field.

Just doing your job well is proof enough. Lots of guys have shook my hand and commended me for how I drive or back. They look out for us. Trucking is a great industry. Women have to be strong and stand up to people who think we can't or shouldn't be out here doing this job. My husband and I have a group that we call our truck driving family, and they can relate to the same things as us.

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I have been able to go to every major city because of this job. Schneider Guy loves the "Big Orange. He's been the eyes and ears of our company since our founding inand he's excited to interact with prospective and current Schneider associates through "A Slice of Orange. Advice for women who want to become truck drivers. By The Schneider Guy. How did you become a woman truck driver? Would you advise other women to become truck drivers? How does a woman stay safe out on the road? Do you have any advice for inexperienced female drivers? Do you ever feel unsafe, intimidated or afraid to ask for help because you are a woman in this industry?

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Do you enjoy being a truck driver? I enjoy my job. Every day is a new adventure.

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Looking for more insight from female drivers? What it's like to be a woman truck driver.

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Trucker seeking a woman to just ride

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