Three Reliable Ways to Record Google Earth Tour as Videos

Bella William

Can you imagine the scene that you can tour all over the world only with some clicks on your computer? In the past, this idea might seem crazy and unpractical. But now things have changed a lot since you can make it come true by virtue of an application called Google Earth.

Google Earth is an awesome map application that lets you float into space and zoom back into any location on this planet. It enables you to visit any famous place, review fantastic building and start a wonderful tour in detail without costing pennies. People like you may wonder to know how to record Google Earth videos from one location to another in 3D/2D view. That’s why we write this post to offer three reliable workarounds to capture Google Earth videos with ease. Now keep reading to pick out the most suitable one for you.

Record Google Earth Video with RecMaster [Recommended Way]

It’s suitable for Google Earth on web, mobile and Google Earth Pro on Desktop. RecMaster , an easy screen recorder for Mac and Windows, is a comprehensive screen recording tool that is capable of much more than simply recording Google Earth tour video on your screen. It packs versatile features that can fulfill merely all your Google Earth recording needs. You can launch a Google Earth screen recording with various recording modes, choose several output formats for the recording file, annotate the screen in real-time, edit the recorded file, and much more. The intuitive interface and handy settings can make your Google Earth recordings at one go.

How to capture Google Earth tour video with RecMaster 1. Download and install the program. Get one copy of the software either by downloading it from its official website or by virtue of the provided download-button below. After that follow the wizard to finish the installation steps.

free download RecMaster for Windows

2. Set-up the recording mode. Once you’ve completed the installation, switch to Google Earth and open up RecMaster where you’ll see several recording modes for you. As for Google Earth capture, you’re suggested to choose from Full screen and Custom area modes. Here the latter on is the recommended mode because it can only detect the map region without showing other bothering area.

3. Configure the settings. Once you decide the recording mode you will navigate to the new interface, allowing you to make configuration on the settings of the recording. You can set up the video format, video quality, involved audio source, webcam and more. When everything is done, be ready to get started!

4. Press REC button to start recording and it will initiate a 3-second countdown to give you time for recording preparation. Now you can proceed to your demonstration and you can utilize the annotation tool to make any real-time marks. 5. To end the recording process, hit the Stop button from the floating bar. It doesn’t matter if you include some unwanted clips in the recorded video since you can cut them out with the help of the editor.

Now you can optionally view this video on your computer even the internet is not connected.

Record Google Earth Tour with Online Screen Recorder – Screencast-O-Matic

It’s suitable for Google Earth on web, and Google Earth Pro on Desktop. If you prefer a lightweight screen recorder to carry out Google Earth recording task, Screencast-O-Matic is the best bet for you. As a free online screen recorder , it requires no local installation and it’s advantageous for Google Earth web version recording. Besides, you can record Google Earth video as MP4, AVI and FLV format with your narration. The pity is that the limited recording time is 15 minutes for basic user.

How to capture Google Earth video with Screencast-O-Matic 1. Launch the Recorder. Go to the web page of Screencast-O-Matic. If you use it for the first time, you need to download its launcher to save it completely on your computer. After a few seconds, the recording toolbar will appear automatically. 2. Make configuration on size, recording mode and audio source. You can choose to create Google Earth videos as 1080p or 720p only with your narration. For more settings choices, please move to the Preferences icon.

3. Record the Earth video. Open your web browser to stream and initiate Google Earth for recording. After you’ve done that, start recording by clicking on the Rec button.

4. Save recordings. Click the Stop button to pause the recording and then press the Done button to save the recordings. Now you can edit the video file by adding captions and save video file as any wanted format.

The whole process is very simple but it relies too much on the internet status and the video can only be recorded with microphone sound with time up to 15 minutes.

Record Google Earth Video with Google Earth Pro

It’s suitable for Google Earth Pro on Desktop.

In the past you have to pay for $399 per year to use the Google Earth Pro desktop version, but now you don’t have to purchase it anymore since it’s free for everyone. You can use this basic recording function of Google Earth Pro to capture any tour happening on this software. Moreover, it also provides some extra functions like record audio from microphone and utilizes advanced drawing and measuring tools to provide accurate imagery videos. Although the file can only be saved as KMZ (the unique format of this software) , many people still prefer to leverage this tool.

How to save Google Earth video with Google Earth Pro 1. Download Google Earth Pro from its official website and keep it running on your computer. 2. Click Add Tour or in the ribbon over the globe and then click Record.

3. Move to any place you desire to tour or proceed to the panel at left-hand below “Places” and then click a placemark to travel that area. 4. When you are done recording, go ahead to click Stop . Now you can tab the icon as below to give expressive name and description to your video and save it to local drive.

Attention: Google allows you to record Google Earth only for personal use. You cannot distribute those videos publicly in television or movie without Google’s written permission.

Conclusion Here are three ways to record Google Earth video for the offline viewing. Considering the high flexibility and compatibility, we recommend you to try the RecMaster for any Google Earth recording activity.

google earth save tour as video

Screen recording made easy.

Record every moment on your PC or Mac within few clicks.

google earth save tour as video

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