trek 2300 composite 1992

trek 2300 composite 1992

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Trek 2300 Road Bike

trek 2300 composite 1992

Frame Material: aluminum, carbon seat stays Frame Angles: 73.8 head, 73.5 seat Sizes: 50cm, 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, 60cm, 63cm Colors: Black/Red Fork: Bontrager Race Lite Carbon Rear Shock: Not applicable Brake Levers: Shimano Ultegra STI Dual Control Handlebar: Bontrager Race Lite Stem: Bontrager Race Lite Headset: 1 1/8" integrated Cane Creek IS-2 integrated Front Der: Shimano Ultegra Crankset: Shimano Ultegra, 39/53 teeth Rear Der: Shimano Ultegra SS Pedals: Not included Tires: 700 x 23c Bontrager Race X-Lite


Bike is fast. Smooth shifts. Comfortable seat. Comfortable handlebar position, nice retro styling. Easy to pedal. Great commuter bicycle. Fremont Elite Concrete Pumping

Front fork could be a little more robust. Tires puncture easily by thorns.

Light weight, great components - Ultegra and Bontrager. Climbs really well and it's very comfortable.

I changed the Shimano Ultegra chain for a SRAM PC991 which is far quicker and more accurate.

I changed from the excellent Trek 1000 around 1 year ago. The ZR9000 Aulminium frame is much lighter and stiffer than the Trek 1000. Whilst the Trek 1000 is a great starter ride the 2300 feels a much more complete ride. At 5'8" I ride a 54cm frame which I find very comfortable - I have tried a 56cm frame but I found the reach too long and it gave me back ache.

Similar Products Used:

Trek 1000, Trek 120 Carbon.

Tough bike and components. I am a clydesdale at 210 pounds and the bike has held up to 4000 miles of near daily riding with only a few issues. Still rides like new. Drivetrain has missed only one shift in 4000 miles.

I did pull most of the spokes through the rear tire rim (Bontrager Race Lite) at about 3000 miles. LBS/Trek replaced the wheel with a new one no questions asked. You have to like Trek and their warranty support.

Was a leftover at the LBS so I got an fantastic deal on it. Bike is a significant upgrade for me so I am still amazed at how smooth and quiet that the ride is - except for a bit of harshness on chip seal roads. The bike flies up hills and I am usually able to swamp my riding buddies on long climbs.

Old dinosaur Schwinn Traveler.

The bike is fine - the carbon seat stays in addition to fork give it a softer ride, I think, than a 2003 2300 I have which only had carbon forks. And the workmanship seems good and Ultegra parts are 'of course' great. Just one 'warning' - my 58 cm seems a bit 'front heavy,' although proper preparation for turns during descents has helped me avoid a mistake just after getting the bike that I couldn't get out of (helmet saved the day, though). I had a brainstorm and looked at Trek's website eh voila - the 2007 2100, which is the 'new' 2300 I think, has about a 2 cm longer head tube than the 2007 all-carbon road frames, and also has a tad bit more relaxed (i.e. less racing) geometry overall. So perhaps the head tube, which indeed looks very long and is much longer than on a 56 Trek 5500 I have, is contributing to a slight difference in feel. So, maybe, if you want something a bit more nimble, go for the all-carbon Treks. But it's a nice bike overall.

Trek knows how to make a great road bike. The geometry is spot on, and the setup is right where it needs to be for a bike placed right under the carbon brothers. Very stiff and well suited for a larger rider.

Trek has a tendency to over-bontrager all of their bikes. They are good parts, but if you are serious about riding fast some parts of this bike will need to change. Also the B-B flex is more notable than the carbon bikes.

At 6'5", 210 it was important to have a full 63cm. After riding for some time, I started to learn how important it was to have the full snappy aluminum frame. The bike snaps up the hills and through the sprints. The OCLV rear end is nice when the ride gets long, and has a nice comfortable feel. The full 6500 Ultegra is nice, but dated at this point. The Geometry is right on the money, it is quick when it needs to be, but quite stable at speed. I added a Deda Newton stem and bar and that added some much needed stiffness to the front of the bike.

Trek 5200 Bianchi San Lorenzo

light,strong and comfortable in first season I bought this bike I won all the road races.tyres has perfect grip but not durable

paint has no quality,

before I bought this bike I rode a Raleigh 501 reynolds(1980). When I saw and test 2300 it's definitly effect me. I rode it about 8000miles and there is only one problem about it (from the begining) DA FC7700 is very long(180mm) and it's very elastic. Each time I attack or get up for climbing chain is contact with FD it doesn't change even if you have best tune. But Rest of the bike is value for money!

I got this bike at the start of last racing season. (didn't want to lay down my colnago c50) Great bike very responsive. I picked the bike up on a Sat. raced it on Sun. no problems. It did take few min. to got used to the shorter top tube but a couple of sit adjustments and the bike was perfect

Light Stiff Comfortable All Ultegra Components

Could be a little bit lighter but overall very good

I have owned this bike for about 2 months now and have about 2000 miles on it. I will tell you that this is a great bike especially at the price i paid for a leftover '05. It is fairly light, is very stiff, but still gives a compliant ride. Even on rough rodes it seems butter smooth. Its a good component set and is very comfortable for those long rides.

good stock parts, light, stiff, and most importantly for me, not a bike I would cry over if I totalled it in a crash :)

Isn't quite as light or stiff as I would want, but that's just me. The stock fork is super heavy, as are the wheels. I dropped about a pound upgrading those. It's great overall.

I bought this bike directly through Trek at an insanely low sponsorship price. obviously at that price it was amazing. I'm glad I purchased it when I did, because now I'm seeing Trek is starting to cut corners on their part specs. As others have said, not the most eye-catching or exotic frame out there, but it's light, stiff (it better be b/c I'm a sprinter), and the paint job is really nice. However, the geometry is not great for someone w/ long arms/upper body because it has a shorter than average top tube.

1st Road bike: 80's Raleigh Grand Prix. Didn't know what I had till the seat stay snapped :(

Comfort Durability Quick accelerator Nice climber Very stable high speed descender. (I haven't gone above 40mph yet.) Ultegra Group continues to work perfectly. Shifts right everytime. Have yet to throw the chain in 2400 miles. Brakes, excellent. Excellent value overall. Dura-Ace on this bike would be overkill. Do not under estimate this bike.

None significant enough to remark upon. Actually I have zero complaints.

Wow!!! (How's that for a synopsis?) This is an update to my review below written 15 mos. and 2,400 miles ago when the bike was new. This bike is sweet! It performs flawlessly in every way. Except for tire-to-road noise the bike is silent in motion. I'm 5'9.5" It fits like a glove. Comfort is great. Most distance in saddle at a stretch, 40 miles on the Selle San Marco Era Lux saddle that came on the bike; no problem. I've added Bontrager carbon fiber (CF) clincher rims w/CF flangless hubs. Woohoo! They've held up very well. Overall combo is a smooth, well handling, quiet, riding experience. The nice thing about this bike is I'll never stress its limits. Since my previous review I've increased my exercise circuit to 20-25 miles and am averaging over 3 mph faster. Oh, I've lost 20 lbs too!

See previous write up dated Aug 2nd 2004 below.

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1992 Trek 2300 Composite

Garage find built up with parts from the leftover bin. Eventually the glue holding together the seat tube and bottom bracket lug weakened and the parts were re-used on another frame.

Frame: 1992 Trek 2300 Composite

Fork/Headset: Trek Aluminium

Crankset/Bottom Bracket: Shimano Ultegra 6500

Pedals: Shimano R540

Drivetrain/Cog/Chainring/Chain: Shimano Ultegra 6500

Derailleurs/Shifters: Shimano Ultegra 6500

Handlebars/Stem: 3ttt/Syntace Racelite 2014

Saddle/Seatpost: Shimano Dura Ace 7400/Selle Italia Flite Titanium

Brakes: Shimano Ultegra 6500

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire: Bontrager Race TLR/Clement Strada LGG

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire: Bontrager Race TLR/Clement Strada LGG

Added over 5 years ago by nikbergerac . Last updated over 5 years ago.

nikbergerac has indicated that they no longer own this bike.

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1992 Trek 2300 Composite photo

2300 , 6500 , aluminium , carbon , road-bike , trek

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trek 2300 composite 1992

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Trek 2300 Composite

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Cool Features

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Trek 2300 Composite (Things You Must Know)

Trek 2300 Composite 

Bicycles are a great way of getting around; not only are they eco-friendly, but they are also easy to maintain, less expensive, and an amazing way to exercise.

Suppose you’re looking into buying one. Though an old bike design, the Trek 2300 is a great choice due to its great specs. Be it for fun, exercise, sports, or as a backup for when your car misbehaves. 

The Trek 2300 is a bike made in 1987 with its frame made of a revolutionary material from the aerospace industry called carbon fibe r.

The carbon fiber is fused with aluminum lugs, rear triangle, rim brakes, and high-end features, making it a valuable vintage bike today. 

Trek 2300 Composite Value

The Trek 2300 was a mid-range bike that sold at $1,200 . Due to their age of production, they’re now considered vintage bikes.

You would get a good deal on eBay or other listing sites for around $200-$600.

Compared to bike frames made of aluminum, frames made of carbon fiber are becoming more expensive.

That is because of the intensity of labor and engineering expertise required to produce carbon fiber. 

A bicycle’s value comes from its material’s worth and how much work went into its production.

Expensive materials and intensive labor would equal more value as workers are paid more. 

Carbon fiber frames are more expensive because, unlike aluminum, they can be mass produced with little or no human interference.

The carbon fiber frame-making process requires more human resources.

Trek 2300 Composite Specs  

Anyone who wants a vehicle would want to know what they’re buying. The Trek 2300 composite comes with some cool specs; check them out below. 

  •  Frame: made of a composite of carbon fiber and aluminum. 
  • Seat frame angle: 73.5 
  • Headframe angle: 73.8
  • The forks: made of Bontrager race lite carbon
  • Rear shock: not applicable 
  • Color: comes in a custom black/red color. You can customize it to your taste. 
  • Sizes: 52 cm, 54 cm, 56 cm, 60 cm, and 63cm
  • Brake levers: Shimano Ultegra STI dual control 
  • The stem and handlebar made: Bontrager Race Lite Carbon 
  • Headset: integrated 1 1/8″ Cane Creek IS-2
  • Pedals: Not included 
  • Front Der: Shimano Ultegra
  • Crankset: composed of Shimano Ultegra, 39/53 teeth. 
  • Tires: 700 x 23c Bontrager Race X-Lite

Trek 2300 Composite Price  

The price of a new Trek 2300 Composite bike ranges from $1200-$2000 . But, of course, you will not find a new one now because they’ve been out of production for years. 

You can find fairly used or second-hand Trek 2300 composite on eBay and other sites for as low as $300.

Even though they may come with a few defects, you can easily fix them and begin your dream adventure on mountain terrain. 

Being the number one mountain bike manufacturer, Trek® has made a name for itself in the world of bikes due to its quality and constant innovation. 

Below is a list of similar bicycles and their prices from other brands that offer a similar experience and even more than The Trek 2300 composite.

#1. Boardman SLR 8.9 2021

The board man goes for slightly over a grand . Not only is it similar to the Trek, but it also has newer features and an all-carbon-fiber frame. It goes for around $1300.

#2. Ribble R872

Even though the Ribble R872 has the cheapest carbon fiber frame of the Ribble brand, designed to tame the sportive nature of the road. The price starts from around $1100.

#3. Giant TCR Advanced 3 Disc 2021

This bike made by Giant doesn’t only prove its worth on a spec. It also proves it on the road. It was a little more expensive than the preceding ones. It goes for around $2,500.

#4. Canyon Ultimate CF SL 8 2021

Designed to be comfortable for long-distance riders, the ultimate canyon is a great bike for the price. The Canyon Ultimate goes for $2670.

#5. Cannondale SuperSix Evo Disc Ultegra 2021 

With a new aerodynamic, more comfortable, and stiffer frame, the SuperSix Evo has a lot for a bike at its price.

This brand comes with hydraulic brakes and carbon wheels. It goes for about $4,700.

The bikes above have great performance records and are relatively cheap. Suppose you find a Trek 2300 too old for you or hard to come by. These bikes are excellent replacements for it. 

Trek 2300 Composite Review

Reviews are a great way to get insight into what you’re buying. Not only do you know it’ll meet your demands, but you’ll also get first-hand info on performance, looks, and weaknesses. 

The Trek 2300 Composite bike reviews are much. But I’d try to get all the opinions of the people under subheadings on performance, weaknesses, strength, and value rating. 

#1. Overall Rating

The overall rating of the Trek 2300 is amazing . The lowest is four stars. This rating shows how much people enjoyed and loved what they bought. 

#2. Value Rating 

Value ratings tell you if the people who bought it think it was worth the price. The lowest value rating is also four stars, which means people think it’s worth the price it goes for. 

#3. Strength

All reviews pointed to the Trek 2300 composite bike’s strength as fast and quick acceleration; this would excite you if you get that adrenaline rush when riding fast.

They also pointed to it being light; of course, carbon fiber is to reduce weight. They also mentioned it being stiff and comfortable and having super responsive components.

It climbs well and descends stable at high speeds. The brakes and the handlebars are very responsive. 

#4. Weakness

The main complaints were about the frame. Some found it long, others short. However, this depends on how tall you’re. So, ensure to pick a frame that suits your height. 

Another weakness noticed was the paint. Not only was it not attractive enough to some users, but they also complained of it fading away quickly.

You could always go for a paint job if the custom paint doesn’t suit you. If you’re serious about getting faster, you should consider changing some parts.

A customer pointed out that Trek used many Bontrager parts, which he thinks would reduce the vehicle’s speed.

Asides from these complaints , most people found nothing wrong with the Trek 2300.

How Much Does A Trek 2300 Weigh?  

The Trek 2300 weighs 12.57 kg/27.72 lbs. The weight may be slightly more or less depending on the size of the frame you chose. 

Every rider wants to go faster, and weight makes a huge difference in speed . Most bike riders believe lighter equals faster. 

Carbon fiber is stronger and lighter than aluminum. The Trek combines the industry’s most used materials, making it a great pick. 


Though an old bike, the Trek 2300 composite was revolutionary in its time, and even today, it’s a great choice for riders.

They might be hard to get since Trek stopped producing for quite some time n ow.

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Old Trek 2300 w/Carbon Tubes?

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I'm looking at picking up a late '80s early '90s Trek 2300 with carbon tubes. Condition looks good, but I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts about it or if there was anything I should beware of?  

trek 2300 composite 1992

rpiontek said: I'm looking at picking up a late '80s early '90s Trek 2300 with carbon tubes. Condition looks good, but I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts about it or if there was anything I should beware of? Click to expand...

I have one Haven't used it on the road for a couple of years but it is still going strong on the trainer. There is some corrosion at the carbon/aluminum joints but it still works. Probaly some 15000 road miles on it before I got another bike. If it looks good and it fits go for it - one of the early ventures in carbon bikes.  

Great frames. Bonded carbon bikes got a bad rap because of some early european frames, particularly the Vitus / Peugeot frames. Companies that had been doing bonded aluminum frames simply substituted carbon tubes for aluminum, without changing glues, or accounting for the fact that you now had dissimilar materials being joined. The frames failed at the joints with grim regularity. Unfortunately, the technique got the bad rap, not just those particular frames. Trek, on the other hand, did it right. I worked at a shop that used to be a Trek dealer. We still honored their free tune-up policy, and I saw a lot of bonded Treks, both Al and CF. I've never seen or heard of a joint failure in a bonded Trek frame. Our senior wrench had worked there since 1987, he'd never heard of it either. Also, Trek's current carbon frames are glued. Carbon tubes to carbon lugs. They don't fail either. If you've ever flown in an airplane, you've trusted your life to mixed-material bonded joints. It can be done right. Trek does it right. The old 2300 frames are not light by modern standards, at around 3.5 pounds for the bare frame. But they ride nice, handle well, are super strong, and deserve to be ridden. About the only thing wrong with them is the early-90s paint jobs. And no, they're not noodly. Frame stiffness doesn't matter anyway, but even if it did, the 2300 is stiff enough --Shannon. --Shannon  

I agree w/ shannon - if you can get one cheap - ride it, it'll be fine  

Trek 2300/2100 I have a 91 model Trek 2100, a 105 equipped machine with the same frame as the 2300. The bike has over 25,000 miles on it, rides great, and well, I love it! I see no end to its useful life anytime soon. Its not my primary ride anymore, but it still gets plenty of use. SPIKE  

trek 2300 composite 1992

I have owned a TREK 2300 composite frame for 15 years and it is still a good ride.....I use it now mainly as a back up bike. That bike has to have atleast 50,000 miles on it and still climbs and cruises just fine.........  

trek 2300 composite 1992

I had a 1993 model - it was my first real road bike, equipped with Shimano 600 (which eventually became Ultegra), but was stolen after just 2 years. I loved the bike but bought something else to replace it because the carbon/aluminum bonds had started to 'creak'. I don't know if this translated to any loss of performance or structural integrity, but it swayed me (at the time) towards monocoque carbon construction. Take it for a test spin if you can - if it doesn't creak it should be fine. I still see a couple of guys around here riding them.  

I have seen a couple that the bonding has come undone at the lug and they were given warrenty without question. Check the lugs. Other than that a buddy uses a 2150, the same frame, as a winter commuter in Chicago and it is still going strong.  

I have one that a friend basically gave me, not sure of the year, full Dura-Ace with down tube shifters, trying to decide if I should try and get it rideable or just go ahead and get new bike, Chip could come back and ask for it back, would hate to dump money in it and then loose it..  

trek 2300 composite 1992

I've got a 2200; same frame with 105 parts plus some upgrades. Yes, it was noodly until I replaced the al fork with CF with less rake. It's my commuter/backup now. Great bike.  

trek 2300 composite 1992

I had the Halloween model, (orange and yellow graphics) as my first "real" road bike. I put 10000 miles on it, sold it cheap to a friend's son who rides the snot out of it as a cross trainer from his college cross country team. Great beginner bike.  

trek 2300 composite 1992

About the only negative thing that i have heard about them is the chance of corrosion at the lug/tube area. There is a specific name for it, I think it is Galvanic corrosion, but if the frame is clean, buy it and ride it. I knew a guy who had an old Speciliazed Epic that was a lugged aluminum/carbon frame from the early 90s and he rode the h#ll out of that frame before finally replacing it this summer. This frame obviously could take the punishment as this guy was probably 6'2" and at least 220.  

trek 2300 composite 1992

The Carlster said: I agree w/ shannon - if you can get one cheap - ride it, it'll be fine Click to expand...

had a 1995 2100 with the same blue/nude paint job as demonstrated by dmar836. Very nice looking bike in person. There was also a gorgeous green and red of the same vintage. Some of the earlier ones were indeed hideous. Mine came apart at the bb/seat tube lug after about 4 years. Don't remember what sort of mileage. I'd have to say that if you find one that's already been well-used, at this point it's probably not going to come apart. I'd get it cheap and accept the small risk. Shannon has been exposed to far more Treks than I have, but I know 2 other people who also had lugs come apart on theirs - both were somewhere on the seatpost lug. So, maybe this was a freak occurance, but there's at least some truth to the Trek bonded frames being a problem at some point during production. The bonded frames were no longer being produced when mine broke, and I was pretty adamant about not winding up with an aluminum replacement (they weren't that great at the time), so Trek gave me an OCLV with no argument. Can't complain about that! The frame itself had a very nice ride. Handling was balanced and neutral. I prefer much more nervous frames, even for stage racing and general riding, but the Trek seemed like a nice compromise for doing pretty much anything. But, I disagree with what Shannon said about stiffness (other than the fact that it isn't necessarily faster). Part of the reason for the nice ride was the frame was a noodle and the aluminum fork was a pogo stick. If you want a similar frame that is stiffer and much more nervous, a Specialized Epic of same vintage would be another option. Of course it is heavier and rougher riding. Both are nice, strong frames if the bonding is done correctly. I've been riding a Specialized Epic as grocery hauler/rain/roubaix/questionable crit course/time trial bike for 5 years now and the thing has been indestructable.  

trek 2300 composite 1992

If the bike fits you and the price is right, go for it. I've got a 1992 model w/ Shimano 105. it's my secondary bike now, but it's still in great shape. mine weighs 23 lbs as shown. never felt any noodly feeling. I've enjoyed the bike as my primary for 15 years. lost track of how many miles it's got - thousands for sure. note to DMAR836...if you're skipping out of gear, it could be a wear and tear issue and you need a new rear cassette and chain. when I would really bear down, my chain would slip into another gear. once I put on a new cassette and chain it cleared it up. :thumbsup:  

I got mine for free. I rode it for a 2 years stock with upgraded wheels. I raced it a few times and I get a newer bike. My Shimano 600 shifters had worn out so I bought a ENO hub and turned her into a fixed gear. She gets ridden every day. I bought a carbon fork too, the performance brand works great. No problems at all. I don;t know how old it is though. Dark grey and carbon.  

I have a 1994 2200, the only year Trek had the balls to sell a Campy bike. No issues in the frame at all. Comfortable, fast and climbs well and descends like a demon. I purchased a 2100 from a friend last year just because I love the frame and if you do not want the 2300 I'd take it. BTW, I met someone who's 1994 2200 had a a bad joint and she exchanged it for a Madone frame free of charge. The bike still looks new despite countless miles. Saddly I purchased a Lemond Versailles this month to replace the 2200 as top bike in my fleet.  

jhibb said: How much is being asked for it? I own one and could maybe give a better deal. I could email you pictures of it. Click to expand...

trek 2300 composite 1992

Early carbon frames with aluminum lugs supposedly had an issue with coming apart at the lugs, but I have owned a 2200 in the past and know many others who still ride them from the Trek 2100 and Giant 980c to the old school Specialized Allez (not to be confused with the newer Allez that are aluminum). None of them ever had any problems and the bikes ride nicely.  

trek 2300 composite 1992

botto said: by most accounts it's a 'noodly' ride, and i'd personally be a bit concerned about whether the bonding of the tubes to lugs still worked. IMO it's a collectors item, not a bike to be taken out on the road. Click to expand...
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trek 2300 composite 1992

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1992 Trek 2300

Bike photo

  • Serial: 839088
  • Manufacturer: Trek
  • Model: 2300
  • Primary colors: Purple and Silver, gray or bare metal
  • Wheel diameter: 700 C
  • Frame Material: Carbon or composite

trek 2300 composite 1992

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trek 2300 composite 1992

Reference Bicycle

1991 Trek 2300 Pro

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Product Key Features

  • Handlebar Type Drop Bar
  • Wheel Size 700C
  • Number of Speeds 7 Speed
  • Bike Type Road Bike
  • Color Yellow
  • Tire Type Clincher Tires
  • Material Carbon Fiber, Composite
  • Suspension Type No Suspension
  • Shifter Style Bar-End Shifter
  • Gear Change Mechanism Derailleur Gears
  • Frame Size 58 cm

Moscow, Russia

trek 2300 composite 1992

See the official Rolling Stones web site in Russia , also having info in English!

How "the rolling stones" solve the problem of unemployment in moscow, their own uncompetence, their own openess, thanks to constantin preobrazhensky (moscow) for supplying info about the web site and the stones show in russia. also thanks to leonid ulitsky , italy, for info..

trek 2300 composite 1992

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A History of Moscow in 13 Dishes

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What Life Was Like on Moscow’s Streets After the USSR Collapsed

trek 2300 composite 1992

As we all know, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is no more. It has ceased to be. It has rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. It is a late Union. Bereft of life, it is pushing up the daisies. It is an ex-Union. (It’s not just “resting,” either.) The landmass it formerly occupied is now taken up by new countries with old names, such as Russia, Ukraine (out, damned the!), Kazakhstan, and Byelorussia, which I half expect, once capitalism takes hold, to rename itself Sellhighrussia. Yet even though the corporeal and temporal actuality of the Soviet Union has ended, the Soviet Union is not nowhere. It has simply moved to a different plane of existence. It has fled to the realm of myth and mystery, of fright and fable, where it abides with other empires that must be imagined to he believed (whether or not they were ever real)—empires good and empires evil, empires like Atlantis, Ancient Rome, the Middle Kingdom, Oz, and the Third Reich.

Of course, even when it was alive the Soviet Union was a fabulous kingdom, a place of the blackest black magic. How could it have been otherwise? After all, here was a country founded upon a vast and elaborate fantasy, the fantasy of the Workers’ Suite, a fantasy sustained not only by the cruel and bloodsoaked apparatus of fear but also, and above all during its wickedest decades, by the blind goodwill of millions of believers within and without its borders. The literature of and about the Soviet Union was steeped in weird phantasmagoria. Almost every word of Soviet journalism was fiction disguised as fact; by the same token, any Soviet writer wishing to publish a bit of honest social analysis had to disguise his facts as fiction. Many of the books written in praise of the Soviet Union described an imaginary place. Some of the most eloquent attacks on it did likewise, albeit in a more conscious way—Zamyatin’s We , Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984 . The most spookily on-target visual portrait of the pre-collapse USSR is Terry Gilliam’s great cult film Brazil . The movie has nothing directly to do with the Soviet Union (or with Brazil either), and I doubt that Gilliam had the Soviet Union in mind when he made it. He captured its essence all the same. It you want to know what the texture of this very odd country was like before the fall, see Brazil .

I’ve been here three times now. The first time, Moscow seemed to me less like a foreign city than an alien planet—a planet that had developed along amazingly similar lines to earth. This faraway planet, like our own, is populated by bilaterally symmetrical bipeds who, like us, garb themselves in clothing differentiated by gender, use four-wheel motorized vehicles for transport, live in boxlike structures, and consume grain-based products for both nourishment and recreation. They have equivalents of almost everything we have—shoes, newspapers, traffic lights—yet there is always something about these everyday items that makes them seem utterly strange. It’s hard to say which is more eerie, the resemblances or the differences. They have shops, for example, but the signs on the outside say harsh generic things—PRODUCTS, REPAIRS, MILK, PHOTO—and inside there are only drab, empty display cases and coiled lines of shuffling people. That was three years ago. It’s still basically the same, only now this exotically gray planet has begun to be colonized by earthlings.

Three years ago, there were still a few big signs of the COMRADES! WE ARE BUILDING COMMUNISM variety to be seen. On my second visit, a year and a half ago, I saw only one sign of this type—red background, block letters—but when I asked someone to translate it for me it turned out to say YOUNG PEOPLE! INVEST IN HIGH-YIELD SECURITIES! This time, the signs are advertising Mars candy bars, Hyundai cars, Panasonic electronics. The consistent thread is that all the signs, whether communist, perestroika-ist, or post-communist, advertise things that are either nonexistent or unavailable.

Some other changes. The lines at the state stores are longer than they were eighteen months ago, but elsewhere there is much more evidence of non-state commerce. The Metro corridors and the passageways under the broad Moscow avenues are lined with card tables where people sell books, magazines, scarves, flowers, chewing gum. cans of German beer. There are musicians on the subway, too—another absolutely new development. Homeless people, too—ditto. Three years ago the hot newspaper was Moscow News , which had emerged from decades as a weekly for tourists published by the Novosti Press Agency to become the voice of glasnost. A year and a half ago it was Commersant, a business weekly. Now it’s Moscow’s Nezavisimaya Gazeta ( The Independent ), a sober thrice-weekly broadsheet, and St. Petersburg’s Chas Pik ( Rush Hour ), a spunky afternoon daily. Three years ago, an American in Moscow felt utterly invulnerable. Now every foreigner knows someone who’s been mugged or burgled. But Moscow still feels a lot safer than New York.

If you have dollars and a few Russian-speaking friends to guide you, the Commonwealth of Independent States is, for the moment, a vacationer’s and shopper’s paradise. I traveled here on frequent flyer miles courtesy of Pan Am (another institution that has gone the way of the USSR) and stayed in the apartment of a friend of a friend. A couchette on the night train to St. Petersburg set me back about 26 cents’ worth of rubles; on the return trip I bought a whole four-passenger compartment. Lunch for three at a “cooperative” restaurant (pickled veggies, not-bad pizza, cognac), about 38 cents. Reverse-chic Soviet neckties at TSUM (Central Universal Stores), the Gimbel’s to Moscow’s Macy’s, the more famous GUM (Government Universal Stores), a nickel each. Subway rides, about two-tenths of a cent each. The whole nine-day trip has cost me about $200, mostly for gifts and meals for Russian friends and souvenirs to take home.

I’ve been asking people if Communism left anything worthwhile behind. Everyone gives the same answer: the Metro, the legendary Moscow subway that served as an argument-clincher for a generation of American communists. True enough: the Moscow subway is the only Soviet institution that is indisputably the best of its kind in the world. Like the pyramids of Egypt, the temples of the Incas, and the Roman colosseum, it has a brutal splendor that transcends the moral squalor of its origins. A Russian friend adds something else to the list: the “Seven Stalinist Sisters.” the mock-gothic, wedding-cake skyscrapers that dot the cityscape. “I hate them, myself,” the friend says, “but my eight-year-old daughter loves them. She says they’re magic castles. She says gremlins and goblins must live there.” A wise little girl.

Hendrik Hertzberg is a former editor of The New Republic.

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Moscow-City – The Moscow International Business Center

  • 3 years ago

The Moscow Intenational Business Center

Moscow-City is an iconic location for life and work in Russia’s capital. Enormous skyscrapers, business centers, the best restaurants and retail spaces – all this is concentrated in one place. The ultramodern Moscow-City towers are truly striking in their outward appearance, and the layout of the apartments inside and the fantastic views that can be seen from the higher floors are nothing short of impressive.

This skyscraper compound, often referred to as Moskva-City, is the Russian take on Manhattan, where businessmen strike multi-million dollar deals daily while ordinary life goes on next door. Its state of the art spaces offer the ultimate convenience. The infrastructure of this business district is so well-developed that anyone can find something interesting for themselves here: from residential apartments to boutiques, clubs, exhibitions and more.

When the foundations for the Moscow-City skyscrapers were laid, a special kind of concrete was used, the properties of which are amplified by many times compared to standard concrete. Even in the event of a plane crashing into one of the buildings, the structural integrity of the towers will be preserved.

The architects of the Moscow-City Business Center have created a unique locality that has integrated into itself the hub of the capital’s business life and a whole ensemble of historical monuments. Anyone can admire the beauty of these skyscrapers from within or without the compound. There are also a number of apartments for sale or rent available in the MIBC itself. But first, let’s have a look at some more interesting facts about the financial core of Russia’s capital.

  • 1 How It All Began
  • 2.1 Moscow-City Central Core
  • 2.2 Tower 2000
  • 2.3 Evolution Tower
  • 2.4 Imperia Tower
  • 2.5 Moscow Tower and St. Petersburg Tower
  • 2.6 Steel Peak Tower
  • 2.7 Federation Tower
  • 2.8 Mercury City Tower
  • 2.9 OKO Tower Complex
  • 3.1 Afimall City Shopping Center
  • 3.2 Bagration Bridge
  • 3.3 Expocentre Fairgrounds
  • 4 Renting and Buying Real Estate in Moscow-City

How It All Began

The history of Moscow-City goes all the way back to 1992. The government of Moscow at the time wanted to bring into existence its own skyscrapers like the ones in London or New York. And the idea caught on. In 1992 the project for the construction of the huge “Moscow-City” MIBC compound was enthusiastically approved, kick-starting the painstaking preparatory works. The original intention was that the skyscrapers would only house office space. However, as time went on, the towers began to welcome in ordinary residents who wanted to live on the territory of this business and finance hub.

Moscow-City is undoubtedly a city within a city. Its grandeur is mind-boggling. It is perfect in every way: from location to infrastructure. And today, anyone can get a feel of the atmosphere of the “capital city” of Russia’s business world – many of the apartments in Moscow-City are available for rent. Any citizen of Russia and even nationals of other countries can make use of these offers.

What It’s Like in 2021

Today Moscow-City is not just a magnificent and fascinating sight, but also a real hub for the work, life and leisure of thousands. Its infrastructure is organized in such a way that there is no need to leave the territory of the “city within a city” at all. This business district contains everything one may need for work and recreation. And if one does decide to venture out into the larger metropolis, the MIBC’s three subway stations make this remarkably simple to do.

Moscow-City stands on the Presnenskaya Embankment . Each of the buildings in the district has a name, which simplifies its identification. Some of the buildings form complexes that are united under one name, such as the Neva Towers and the Naberezhnaya Tower complex of two skyscrapers and one high rise. There are a total of 16 towers in the MIBC, of which the most popular are:

  • Moscow-City Central Core;
  • Tower 2000;
  • Evolution Tower;
  • Imperia Tower;
  • City of Capitals (Moscow Tower and St. Petersburg Tower);
  • Steel Peak Tower;
  • Federation Tower;
  • Mercury City Tower;
  • OKO Tower Complex.

Moscow-City Central Core

This is the most complex building within the MIBC compound. Its total floor area is a whopping 1 476 378 sqft (450 000 m²). It consists of two massive parts, each of which boasts a truly impressive infrastructure. The underground part includes 3 Moscow Metro stations, a parking lot for automobiles and a shopping mall. The aboveground part houses a concert hall and a hotel.

Tower 2000 is a skyscraper having 34 stories. Its total floor area is 200 318 sqft (61 057 m²), most of which is office space. The key feature of this skyscraper is its direct connection to the Bagration Bridge, which has its own shopping arcade. The tower has everything one may need while working here, including a large parking lot and several restaurants.

Evolution Tower

This elegant structure is 836 feet (255 m) high – that’s a whole 54 stories! The total floor area here is 554 462 sqft (169 000 m²). The Evolution Tower’s key feature is that it has its own Wedding Hall. This skyscraper houses large office spaces, a parking lot and several restaurants.

Imperia Tower

MIBC’s Imperia Tower is the undeniable focal point of the MIBC’s business life. Its height is 784 feet (239 m), which means one can hold conferences and resolve key business matters on the 59 th floor! And that really is amazing! The tower has everything: offices, hotels, restaurants and parking lots. But if you want a truly unforgettable experience, visit the viewing platform! It is situated on the 58 th floor and a simply astounding view of Moscow can be seen from it.

Moscow Tower and St. Petersburg Tower

The Moscow and St. Petersburg Towers are the chief representatives of the MIBC. The Moscow Tower has 76 stories and is 990 feet (302 m) high, while the St. Petersburg Tower has 65 stories and stands 843 feet (257 m) tall. Both towers offer fantastic views of the capital city.

Most of the floors of these two skyscrapers are taken up by luxurious sky apartments. There are also several recreational and entertainment centers, office spaces, restaurants, etc.

Steel Peak Tower

Also known as the Eurasia Tower of Moscow-City, this supertall skyscraper has a total of 680 912 sqft (207 542 m²) of floor space. Most of this is taken up by offices, and the rest – by residential quarters (around 65 616 sqft or 20 000 m²). The tower also houses a number of the greatest restaurants, studios and shopping centers.

Federation Tower

The Federation Tower is a complex of two skyscrapers, known as Tower East and Tower West. Tower East is the second highest building in Europe (the first is a skyscraper recently erected in the city of St. Petersburg). Its height is a colossal 1 223 feet (373 m) and that makes 95 stories! Tower West, on the other hand, is noticeably shorter at 794 feet (242 m).

The Federation Tower is a multifunctional complex.

Mercury City Tower

The Mercury City Tower skyscraper is widely known as one of the tallest buildings in Europe. Its height is 1 112 feet (339 m) and it has 75 stories. It is multifunctional by concept, holding within its walls shopping centers, offices and all kinds of other spaces. It is also possible to rent apartments here.

OKO Tower Complex

The OKO Tower Complex consists of two towers – the North Tower (49 stories and 803 ft or 245 m in height) and the South Tower (85 stories and 1 155 ft or 352 m in height).

Each of the MIBC’s tower complexes has its own recreational and entertainment areas, restaurants and parking lots. The top floors of most of these buildings contain luxurious fully-furnished apartments. At night, the towers shine with bright lights, while inside them the panoramic windows reveal astounding views of Moscow. This breathtaking view of the capital of Russia is why visiting Moscow-City is a must!

What Not to Miss

There are many interesting landmarks within the Moscow-City compound, but three of them are truly deserving of special attention:

  • The Afimall City Shopping Center;
  • The Bagration Bridge with two galleries and a shopping arcade;
  • The Expocentre Fairgrounds.

Afimall City Shopping Center

The Afimall City Shopping and Entertainment Center is located in Moscow-City’s Central Core. It is divided into 4 zones, each with its own theme – one for every season of the year. The shopping center houses the biggest indoor fountain found worldwide. The height of this watery wonder is 118 feet or 36 meters.

The shopping and entertainment center contains everything one might expect from one of the largest centers of its kind:

  • Retail brand stores;
  • Exhibitions;
  • Game rooms;
  • and Restaurants.

The main recreational space is roofed with a giant transparent dome, which is an impressive sight to behold.

Bagration Bridge

Bagration Bridge with its upper and lower galleries has a shopping center all of its own and was the first structure to be built as part of the Moscow-City business district. Its lower gallery is a shopping arcade and its upper gallery is an open-air viewing platform with a spectacular view of the MIBC and the Moskva River. The hall of the bridge houses the 23 foot tall sculpture called “Tree of Life”. Having gone through the bridge via either one of its two galleries, a pedestrian would find themselves standing right on the Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

Expocentre Fairgrounds

The Expocentre Fairgrounds exhibition venue is located at the very heart of the capital. The first exhibition held at the Expocentre happened all the way back in 1959, much earlier than the MIBC was erected. Today it is the venue of many interesting events.

Exhibitions with very diverse themes are regularly held at this complex. An up-to-date schedule can be found on the official webpage of the Expocentre. The events can be free or fixed-price entry, depending on their type.

Renting and Buying Real Estate in Moscow-City

Moscow-City is not only a work and business hub, but also a residential neighborhood. Any citizen of Russia can rent or buy apartments or elite sky lounges here. The variety of residential real estate available inside the skyscrapers is impressive, including options for any pocket. The following buildings in the MIBC contain residential blocks:

This skyscraper has a mirror glass façade which reflects the passing clouds. Just imagine how beautiful that looks! Anyone can buy an apartment in the Federation Tower. Such properties are not only a good investment, but also a mark of prestige. The average price of residential real estate here is 45 million rubles for an apartment with a total floor area of 334 sqft (102 m²). The average price of a square meter (3.28 square feet) is in the range of 650 to 700 thousand rubles. There are two- and three-room apartments available in the Federation Tower, each with its own loggia. As for rent, the minimum price of one month’s stay in a three-room apartment in this skyscraper is 300 000 rubles per month.

The Mercury City Tower skyscraper welcomes citizens from all parts of Russia. This building is no less tall than the world-famous Dubai skyscrapers. Living in its apartments is a delight. The minimum cost of an apartment in the Mercury City Tower is 75 million rubles. The average price of a square meter (3.28 square feet) is 800 thousand rubles. And for those looking for a lower price point, some of the properties are also available for rent – in this case you will pay a minimum of 250 thousand rubles per month.

The Imperia Tower is a key cluster of interesting offers. The best options for buying and renting apartments within the MIBC can all be found in this skyscraper. The lowest price of a residential apartment here is 40 million rubles. A square meter (3.28 square feet) in a luxurious apartment in the Imperia Tower currently costs 600 thousand rubles, while the price range of the listings available for rent in this skyscraper is from 350 thousand all the way up to 1 million rubles per month.

This complex, standing on a faceted or “crystal” base, is an architectural engineering project boasting spectacular design. Behind its impressive façades is an abundance of penthouses and apartments having floor areas in the range of 262 sqft (80 m²) to 984 sqft (300 m²). The minimum price of an apartment in the OKO Tower Complex is 40 million rubles (the price of a square meter (3.28 square feet) is 500 thousand rubles). You can rent an apartment here starting from 400 thousand rubles per month.

City of Capitals

The City of Capitals is an exemplary architectural complex. Its sum appearance gives the impression of a huge city. Inside its walls are spacious apartments available for purchase and rent. This complex is considered to be especially prestigious. The prices of apartments here start from 50 million rubles, while the minimum cost of renting is 400 thousand rubles per month.

Please note! The price of real estate available for purchase or rent depends on: the tower, the floor, the total floor area, the furnishings and/or interior design, and other factors.

The key advantages of buying/purchasing real estate in Moscow-City are:

  • Favorable location;
  • Convenient transportation links;
  • Well-developed infrastructure;
  • High safety level;
  • Efficient architecture;
  • Panoramic windows.

Buying real estate in Moscow-City is very much a rational decision, most appealing to those who value the ultimate level of comfort. The residential apartments here boast impressive interior design solutions executed in the contemporary style.


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