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10 Great Aluminum Frame Travel Trailers

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Last Updated on October 13, 2023 by Paul Clayton

Table of Contents

Aluminum is used to build airplanes, boats, and cars. It is also used to build RV frames albeit not by many RV manufacturers.

The material that is popularly used to build RV frames is wood. Yes, you read that right. Wood is the material used by most RV brands to build recreational vehicles.

However, the use of aluminum to build RV frames in the RV manufacturing industry is increasing.

This is because wood frames are heavy when compared to aluminum frames. Therefore, they cannot be used to make lightweight travel trailers, which are fast becoming a very popular type of recreational vehicle.

Lightweight travel trailers are becoming very popular because in contrast to average travel trailers, they are generally cheaper and they can be towed using standard trucks or SUVs. They also do not affect gas mileage as significantly as average travel trailers do when being towed.

So with lightweight travel trailers becoming more popular, it is only logical that more RV brands are starting to make them and, therefore, the use of aluminum in the industry is increasing.

The use of aluminum instead of wood in the RV manufacturing industry is also increasing because aluminum is stronger and more durable than wood.

Here is a list of ten strong and lightweight aluminum frame travel trailers.

10 Best Aluminum Frame Travel Trailers

1. heartland wilderness 2475bh.

  • Dry Weight : 5,470 lbs.
  • Length : 28.75 ft.
  • Height : 11.33 ft.

This is one of the best aluminum framed travel trailers. Like all travel trailers made of aluminum, it is extremely lightweight. This means it does not affect fuel mileage significantly when being towed, unlike heavy travel trailers. 

In my opinion, the best thing about this travel trailer is the fact that several exciting floor plans are available. All the floor plans are relatively spacious and comfortable. If you decide to buy this trailer, you will have to choose one-floor plan. Whatever floor plan you choose, you can rest assured that it will make your RV experience quite enjoyable and memorable.

This Heartland travel trailer comes with several features and amenities just like most Heartland recreational vehicles. For example, it comes with a large and fully functional kitchen that has everything you need to prepare food.

This Heartland travel trailer also comes with a ‘spacious’ bathroom. 

I like the fact that this trailer includes several compartments/ storage areas that make it easy to store things away from sight and to keep the trailer looking clean and tidy 24/7.

Lastly, this is one of the most family-friendly aluminum framed travel trailers. This is because it has queen-size bunk beds, which means it can sleep many people comfortably. In fact, this trailer can sleep 8 people comfortably. 

Overall, this is the travel trailer you should go for if you want to travel and see the wild with your family.

2. Airstream Flying Cloud Travel Trailer

  • Dry Weight : 4,500 lbs.
  • Length : 19 ft.
  • Height : 10 ft.

Airstream is a renowned RV manufacturer that has been making stylish and durable recreational vehicles for a long time. The company was one of the first companies to use aluminum frames in building recreational vehicles. This is the reason why the company’s RVs are known to be extremely lightweight and durable.

The Airstream Flying Cloud is aluminum-framed like most Airstream trailers. This makes it tough, lightweight, and durable. It also means it can be towed by standard trucks and SUVs, unlike heavy travel trailers that can only be towed using powerful trucks and SUVs.

This aluminum travel trailer is available in a variety of layouts/ floor plans. Of the 19 available layouts, I am sure at least one or two will impress you if the overall design impresses you. Whatever layout you choose, you can be sure it will be very versatile as all Airstream trailers are. 

In addition, all Airstream models come with large panoramic windows that make it possible for owners to view nature and to be one with nature without going outside. So get this model if you want an RV with large panoramic windows and nice views.

In summary, this aluminum frame RV is made by an experienced company and it is available in several layouts and has nice windows.

3. Livin’ Lite Camplite Travel Trailer

  • Dry Weight : 3,684 lbs.
  • Length : 20 ft.

This aluminum framed travel trailer is one of the sleekest and most modern travel trailers ever made! It is a great looking machine that you will love traveling in and living in when away from home. 

The vehicle has a UVW (unloaded vehicle weight) of 3,684 pounds. In other words, it is significantly lightweight. In fact, it is lighter than most travel trailers on this list. It is also more compact than most travel trailers on this list. This means that it is easier to tow. It also means that it does not reduce the gas mileage too much.

This travel trailer is all about options. For example, it is available in several color options. The colors include Black, Victory Red, Charcoal Grey, Light Pewter, Silver Frost, and Crystal White. It is also available in several design options including some that have extremely nice interiors and exteriors. 

So if you decide to buy this travel trailer you can personalize it and make sure you get it exactly how you want it.

So if you want to live full-time in it or to go for a long-term trip using it, you can carry all the things you will need. However, do not just carry things for the sake of it. Remember, the more stuff you carry, the more you reduce the fuel mileage of your towing vehicle. So to spend less on gas, carry only the things you need.

4. Aluma-Lite Travel Trailer

  • Dry Weight : 6,160 lbs.
  • Length : 10 ft.
  • Height : 8.2 ft.

This travel trailer is produced by the Holiday Rambler Company. This company has been making stylish and extremely durable recreational vehicles for a very long time under different brand names. The company is best known for making RVs with great interiors and multiple features and amenities. People who own Holiday Rambler RVs always say they are fully functional and extremely durable.

Aluma-Lite, like most Holiday Rambler RVs, is fully functional and extremely durable. 

The travel trailer is made of aluminum materials. This is what makes it durable. It also makes it lightweight and easy to haul.

Aluma-Lite has been produced by the Holiday Rambler Company for many years. This shows that it is extremely popular. Its popularity, according to owners, is because it is quite durable and functional. It is also because it comes with features and amenities that are designed to make it the perfect “motorhome.”

The travel trailer is available in multiple floor plan options. The different options have different layouts and amenities. Therefore, you can totally personalize it if you decide to buy it.

Overall, if you want an RV that is easy to haul and that will last for a long time, you should strongly consider this Holiday Rambler Company product.  

5. Forest River Rockwood Signature Travel Trailer

  • Dry Weight : 8,781 lbs.
  • Length : 35 ft.
  • Height : 11 ft.

This travel trailer is made by Forest River, a company that started about three decades ago. Forest River is known to make some of the most stylish, lightweight, and compact RVs currently available on the market!

Rockwood Signature Ultra-Lite is one of their lightest travel trailers. This is because they have made its frame and its body using very light but strong aluminum. While this travel trailer is lighter than probably the majority of travel trailers on the market, it is one of the heaviest travel trailers on this list. However, in general terms, it does qualify as lightweight. 

The best thing about this recreational vehicle is the fact that it is available in a variety of forms. First of all, you can buy it as a travel trailer or as a fifth-wheel. The travel trailer version is available in 8 different ways (8 layouts), while the fifth-wheel version is available in four different ways (4 layouts).

Before I explain the difference between travel trailers and fifth-wheels, let me tell you more about this particular aluminum travel trailer. It is designed to provide maximum comfort. It is comfortable because it has spacious living spaces and amenities to ensure you stay maximally comfortable while camping or traveling. 

Another difference is that fifth-wheels are generally bigger than travel trailers. 

As highlighted above, you can purchase this Forest River Rockwood Signature Ultra-Lite travel trailer as a travel trailer or as a fifth-wheel. 

One more thing that I must mention about this travel trailer is its cargo-carrying capacity. It can carry 2,394 pounds of cargo. This is a very significant cargo-carrying capacity. It means you can carry plenty of equipment, accessories , food, gas, and water in this travel trailer. So if you want to go off-grid for a while or to visit places far away from big cities and big towns, it is the type of RV you should strongly consider.

In summary, this is an amazing aluminum frame travel trailer that is perfect for long trips or full-time RV living.

6. Grand Design Imagine 2150RB Travel Trailer

  • Dry Weight: 5,195 lbs.
  • Length: 27 ft.
  • Height: 11 ft.

In my opinion, among the well-established RV brands, Grand Design makes some of the most luxurious and robust recreational vehicles in the United States. Most of its RVs are generational. In other words, they are vehicles that last long enough to be passed down generations. If you buy one, it is almost a guarantee that it will last long enough for you to pass it to your son or daughter or someone else and for them to pass it down. 

The Grand Design Imagine 2150RB travel trailer is like most Grand Design recreational vehicles in the sense that it is quite luxurious and durable. This is even though it is made of an aluminum frame.

This trailer is very modern and stylish inside. It has got stunning finishes and luxurious features throughout its interior. Even the floor is luxurious. It is luxurious in the same that it is double insulated and, therefore, it maintains the temperature inside the trailer at comfortable levels even when it gets extremely cold outside. 

In summary, it is the type of trailer you should go for if you are looking for something lightweight but luxurious and comfortable at the same time. 

7. Forest River Salem FSX 169 RSK Travel Trailer

  • Dry Weight : 5,709 lbs.
  • Length : 27 ft.

Forest River has been making quality and extremely functional recreational vehicles since time immemorial. Some say it is to the RV industry what Apple is to the smartphone industry. In other words, it makes the “iPhones” in the RV industry. 

The thing I like the most about this particular aluminum frame travel trailer of theirs is its sophistication – it looks and feels very sophisticated. I also like the fact that several interior designs/ floor plans are available. Some floor plans are cheaper than ones. The cheaper ones are minimalist RVs with only the basics. In contrast, the expensive ones have everything you need in terms of comfort and luxury. They are basically homes on wheels. 

Like most Forest River recreational vehicles, all Salem FSX 169 RSK travel trailers come with all the essentials. These include a kitchen, a bathroom, a dining/ sitting area, and sleeping quarters. In all the versions of this travel trailer, the kitchen is fully functional and well-equipped. In my opinion, it is one of the best kitchens you will ever see fitted inside an RV. This is because it is spacious and it features multiple high-end food preparation appliances. 

As I mentioned earlier in this segment, this trailer is aluminum framed. This definitely makes it quite light. However, among the trailers on this list, it is probably one of the heavier ones alongside the Forest River Rockwood Signature Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer.

In brief, this trailer is great for travels looking for a brand-name lightweight travel trailer that is comfortable and durable. It is the kind of trailer that will make your travels totally comfortable and worth it.

8. Forest River Flagstaff MicroLite Travel Trailer

  • Dry Weight : 4,816 lbs.
  • Length : 22 ft.

This is another Forest River travel trailer on this list. It is also aluminum framed. Furthermore, its quality is as good as the quality of the other aluminum frame Forest River recreational vehicles I have listed above. 

This Forest River travel trailer is called MicroLite because it is one of the lightest and most compact Forest River recreational vehicles. It weighs less than 5,000 pounds and it is just 22 feet long. But while it is lightweight and compact, it is also very functional and stylish. I have mentioned this because I feel many see “lightweight” and automatically assume some features and amenities have been sacrificed. This is not the case with this trailer. It is lightweight because it has an aluminum body and it has all the essential features everyone expects to find in an RV.

The best thing about it is how unassuming it looks outside in contrast to how sleek and luxurious it looks inside. It is very stylish and has nice finishes. And there are ten-floor plan options available. Depending on your budget, you can get the expensive full-featured floor plan option with all the luxuries and amenities or one of the cheaper minimalist options with fewer luxuries and amenities. 

Last but not least, this travel trailer has an impressive cargo-carrying capacity of 1,744 pounds. 

In summary, what I have been trying to say above is that this is a recreational vehicle that you will be very proud to own and to use. 

9. Dutchmen Aerolite

  • Dry Weight : 5,665 lbs.
  • Length : 28 ft.

This is one of the lightest aluminum frame travel trailers. It weighs just 5,665 pounds. 

Dutchmen Aerolite is manufactured by Dutchmen – an American RV company that is known for making sleek and state-of-the-art recreational vehicles.

Like most Dutchmen RVs, this recreational vehicle is very stylish, very modern, and very high-tech. When you see it with your own two eyes, you will be stunned by how good it looks both outside and inside. 

In my opinion, the Dutchmen Aerolite 2423BH model is one of the best floor plan options because it has a private bedroom with a queen bed plus large bunk beds for guests or kids.

10. Tanami Hybrid 10 Off-Road Camper

  • Dry Weight : Approx. 1100kg
  • Length : 5420 mm
  • Height : 2375 mm

This is one of the lightest and most exciting travel trailers made of aluminum. 

It is an extremely high-quality camper made by Tanami – an up and coming RV manufacturer that is producing extremely edgy and functional recreational vehicles.

One more thing I must mention about this camper is that it has all the amenities you need for a wonderful short-term or long-term trip. 

The Final Note

You now know all the ten best aluminum frame travel trailers. So if you have been looking for one or if you are interested in buying one, you now know the best ones from which to choose. In my opinion, the number 1 travel trailer on this list is probably the very best one. However, all the other aluminum RVs are equally good. Therefore, if you like something other than the first position, do not shy from buying it.

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Jeffsetter Travel

Jeffsetter Travel

Travel Consultants and Travel Tips

10 Best Aluminum Travel Trailers

August 8, 2021 by Charlotte Phillips

Last updated on July 25th, 2023 at 07:00 am

All of our reviews are based on exhaustive research, industry experience and whenever possible, hands-on testing. When you make a purchase using one of our indecently chosen links we’ll receive a small percentage of the proceeds. This supports the site and keeps Jeffsetter running. You can read more here .

While Airstream is the most popular manufacturer of aluminum travel trailers today, these shiny, rounded rigs were one of the first styles of RVs ever made ! 

Imagine enjoying a beautiful day in a state park or campground with a handsome aluminum travel trailer beside you. Vintage or new, it’s going to look great!

But what are some of the best aluminum travel trailers on the market today? And why might you be interested in purchasing one? 

Let’s learn about aluminum trailers together, and why they might be the best choice for your next rig.

What Are Aluminum Travel Trailers Like?

If you’re shopping for a travel trailer, you may be wondering what aluminum travel trailers are like and why they might suit your lifestyle best. This is an important question to answer before you start shopping!

There are many types of aluminum travel trailers, whether they be aluminum-sided, aluminum-framed, or just utilizing aluminum components. This article will address and highlight total aluminum framing, sides, and shiny silver aesthetics! All travel trailers are designed to be towed, including aluminum ones. Aluminum is a great material when used in RV manufacturing because of its lightweight capabilities and easy maintenance. 

Weight is important when you look at purchasing a travel trailer . You should never tow more than your tow vehicle can handle. Thankfully, many aluminum travel trailers are lightweight, making them versatile for many vehicles. These trailers are primarily stylish, but many are being built to handle boondocking or full-timer lifestyles. Aluminum travel trailers not only turn heads but can be wonderful homes as well!

But there’s, even more, to learn when it comes to aluminum travel trailers. What might some pros and cons be?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of An Aluminum Travel Trailer?

Make sure you check out our pros and cons list before you move on to some of the best aluminum travel trailers on the market today. You may be swayed one way or another!

Pro: Aluminum Is Lightweight

Making rigs out of aluminum often leads to some of the lightest weight travel trailers on the market. Aluminum is easy to work with and bend, and can be used in many parts of RV manufacturing, from the frame to the roof.

Having a light rig means you may find an RV to work with your standard vehicle or car, or perhaps you won’t need to buy a truck capable of towing a huge rig. Aluminum is great for novice RVers because of its forgettably light weight while on the road!

Con: Aluminum Dents Easily

A noticeable con for aluminum is the fact that it dents or gets physically damaged with ease. An unfair but true fact about aluminum rigs, especially if it’s brand new and sparkly.

Fortunately, a lot of aluminum dents are easy to fix , as you can see in the video, though it is something for you to consider before making a final decision.

Aluminum can also show a lot of scratches over time, so take care of these rigs under low-hanging branches. 

Pro: Aluminum Travel Trailers Are Stylish And Trendy

There’s nothing like looking at a classic Airstream travel trailer, whether you’re on the road or tucking in at a campground. Aluminum travel trailers are stylish, beautifully designed, and trendy right now.

While being on trend may not matter to you or your family, having a new aluminum travel trailer means you usually also get all the bells and whistles. When a certain type of RV is popular, manufacturers always take care of them!

Con: Aluminum Travel Trailers Are Expensive

You might’ve guessed this, but fully aluminum travel trailers are expensive. Should you opt for a travel trailer that only utilizes aluminum for its frame or rippled siding, you’ll definitely be looking at a lower price tag.

However, trends never come cheap, and Airstreams or other aluminum-styled rigs are pricey, to say the least! You may not be able to afford one of these travel trailers right away, and it may always be a dream should your budget be low.

Pro: Aluminum Is UV Resistant

Some traditionally painted RVs don’t look very good after a few years of adventuring, and many warranties for repainting usually expire after a year or two. Fortunately, aluminum travel trailers don’t have this problem!

These silver guys will stay gleaming and shiny with very little maintenance; mainly just a wash a few times a year. You won’t have to worry about your trailer ever looking too shabby, no matter how many camping trips you take!

Con: Aluminum Travel Trailers Can Be Poorly Insulated

While many technological marvels have come about for insulating travel trailers, aluminum is never my first choice for cold-weather camping . These rigs are often noisier and colder, given their lack of thick walls.

However, many modern Airstreams are built with insulation in mind and can be great rigs for all-season travel. If you choose to get a vintage aluminum travel trailer, definitely make sure the insulation and noise levels suit your needs!

What Are Good Brands of Aluminum Trailers?

While there aren’t many strictly-aluminum travel trailer manufacturers out there today, there are a few big hitters. Let’s take a look at them now, and what they may be able to offer you.

The one and only, a classic, one of the world’s most prized travel trailer manufacturers out there: it’s Airstream. These rigs got their start in the 1920s, and this manufacturer was one of the few travel trailer brands to survive the great depression.

Airstream is known for its silver bullet design, luxurious interiors, and consistent RV manufacturing innovations. Airstream is even building space shuttles in partnership with NASA, taking recreational vehicles to space!

Airstream has the most floor plan and layout options for all aluminum trailers on the market today. They are definitely popular, and you can’t go to an RV park or campground without seeing an Airstream trailer.

If you’re looking for a classic aluminum trailer look without the fuss of fixing up a vintage rig, check out Bowlus. These rigs are vintage marvels, both inside and out, with luxurious features that only the highest of budgets can afford.

Contrary to popular belief, Airstream was not the first manufacturer of aluminum rigs. Bowlus was, and there is controversy surrounding Airstream for stealing design ideas from Bowlus all the way back in the 1920s.

All this to say, Bowlus still manufactures their classic silver rigs, beautiful in design and narrowing at one end, making the design inherently more unique when compared with Airstreams. 

If you have the budget, Bowlus is a great pick! They are indeed a luxury though.

Living Vehicle

Are you hoping to live and work full-time in your aluminum travel trailer? Then Living Vehicle is the best way to go. While these rigs cost the same as a modest single-family home, these rigs make it so you never have to have a traditional home ever again.

This is a new company based in Santa Barbara, CA, and they make all aluminum trailers for living and working. These rigs are versatile, with multiple layout configurations and setups. They are spacious and fluid rigs, full of hidden perks and space-saving designs to wow any RVer.

The main drawback to these rigs besides the overwhelming price? The weight. Contrary to the majority of aluminum rigs, Living Vehicle travel trailers are very heavy. Often over 10,000 pounds, their rigs may be too heavy for many customers who are new to towing, and tow vehicle capacity should be checked.

Forest River

Some brands only focus on one type and style of RV, but Forest River, a leading name in the RV industry is shaping the way with a wide variety of adventure vehicles, some including aluminum travel trailers. This is a brand that’s been recognized and trusted for years by so many avid RVers all across the country, and their tried and tested trailers are some of the most popular in the camping community.

Forest River is the name behind countless styles of travel trailers and RVs, and some of their trailers are constructed with aluminum, so get ready to learn more about them later on in this blog!

What Should I Consider In An Aluminum Travel Trailer?

Besides the above brands, there are more things that you should consider in an aluminum travel trailer. Let’s take a look at some of those considerations now.

The length of your travel trailer should always be an important factor for you. The overall length of your rig matters when it comes to your safety while towing, overall interior space, and your ability to fit into various campgrounds and RV parks.

Travel trailers can range in length from 10 feet all the way to 40 or more. This includes all aluminum travel trailers too. I’m sure you can imagine what length of travel trailer is easier to drive! The longer your rig, the more floor plan options and interior designs you will have available to choose from. However, a longer rig is harder to control when driving at highway speeds.

A longer rig will also usually be more expensive than a shorter one, and many campgrounds and RV parks have length limits for individual spots . You don’t want to book a site that’s too short for the overall length of your rig! There are perks and drawbacks to longer and shorter aluminum rigs, but it all comes down to your own personal preferences.

The weight of your rig corresponds to the overall length, and your rig’s weight arguably matters even more than the length. You’ll want to ensure your tow vehicle can handle the overall weight of your new RV, and never go over the weight limits supplied by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

While it’s a nice idea to have a rig that can do it all, travel trailers are often heavy when fully loaded, especially with water and other supplies. You may want the biggest and best trailer available, but make sure your tow vehicle can handle it!

If it wasn’t a no-brainer, your budget should be a big consideration when you are shopping for an all-aluminum rig. These silver beauties don’t often come cheap, so ensuring you have a realistic budget is very important!

Unfortunately, this list is not ideal for those of you shopping for a budget-friendly rig. Many are over $100k, and some are indeed the price of a traditional home purchase! However, this could be exactly what you’re looking for, and budget may not be an issue for you.

There’s a lot to be said for budgeting a camping trip or trip planning around a set price. The upfront cost of many of these rigs will be high, and it could put a damper on your travel plans! 

Available Floor Plans

When you’ve worked out your desired length, weight, and budget for your new RV, choosing a floor plan that best suits your family or situation is very important. Many RVers dislike their first RV because of the floor plan they chose!

Are you a single person looking for a small aluminum rig to drive around ? Or are you hoping to fit the entire family and then some in your silver beauty? What about travel trailers with multiple bathroom options  or unique bed situations?

Floor plans are the most important part when it comes to loving your new RV! Making sure you can tow and afford it is important, but the next best step is loving the available floor plans.

Some of the rigs on this list offer varying floor plans depending on how many people you plan to house in your RV. Some of these RV manufacturers will even work with your dreams and create something bespoke and special, just for you! Floor plans are my favorite part of exploring various RVs.

Standard Vs. Upgradable Features

Unless you are shopping for a vintage aluminum rig, you will have many choices to make when buying a new RV. There are many notable standard features, as well as countless upgrades possible for new rigs, and you may have a hard time deciding what you need and want.

Are you hoping to boondock with your aluminum rigs? What about an outdoor kitchen? Would you like your trailer to have solar or even self-leveling capabilities? These are all things to think about before you go shopping for a new travel trailer.

Your budget will be affected by your non-standard choices, and this is something to keep in mind while you are daydreaming. Stay realistic, and know your needs before you get upsold!

The Best Aluminum Travel Trailers 

Feeling confident about your wants and needs in an all-aluminum travel trailer? Are there certain non-standard features you can’t wait to have installed? Great! Let’s take a look at some of the best aluminum travel trailers on the market.

Best Overall: The Airstream Classic

There’s a reason Airstream is one of the most popular travel trailers on the market today, aluminum or otherwise. This classic design can’t be beaten, both inside and out. The Airstream Classic takes our best overall spot for a great many reasons. Ranging from 30 to 33 feet, the Classic Travel Trailer provides dedicated cooking, dining, lounging, bathroom, and bedroom areas, each as luxurious as the last.

Created for longer trips or full-time living, the Classic Travel Trailer offers every comfort of home I can imagine, along with plenty of amenities I didn’t even know I needed. I love hitting the road, knowing I’ll start and end each day surrounded by features to transform a road trip into a true getaway.

With all-new Smart Control Technology, I can easily control and monitor the Classic’s most important features from anywhere. Turn the exterior and interior lights on and off, extend and retract the awning, adjust the air conditioner or heat pump, and monitor tank and battery levels, all from the app on my phone or device. This is particularly helpful after a long day of hiking when I’m feeling cold, tired, and just want to snuggle down in my cozy trailer.

I also enjoy the GPS system that allows me to navigate back to the location of my trailer, and I can use 4G LTE data or the boosted Wi-Fi signal to stay connected. But for me, t he kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, and it’s no different in the Classic. The galley makes no compromising and is equipped with a stove, oven, hood, convection microwave, and refrigerator/freezer so I can whip up my favorite recipes in no time.

The finish is high-end, sleek, and stainless. Plus, Corian countertops, a large stainless steel sink, and a Kohler faucet add to the style. One of the struggles I have with smaller RVs is the often cramped bathrooms that feel stuffy and tight, but in the Classic floor plan, the bathroom feels nothing like a regular RV bathroom!

It’s a spacious, three-piece residential-style layout, with a large shower and a mirrored double-door wardrobe that makes getting ready a true pleasure. It also includes a heated shower floor to warm me up as soon as I step inside, and a heated towel bar to keep me warm when I step out. It’s these little things that completely change my day, giving me the added bits of comfort and luxury I typically miss when RVing.

Best For Boondocking: Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition

There’s nothing quite like finding a rig capable of handling off-grid adventures, and the Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition hits the mark. Huge skylights in the main cabin, crafted by Bowlus artisans, bring the outdoors inside and are optimized for stargazing and enjoying all the beauty of boondocking locations. 

The skylights are in the Bowlus signature shape, which is the ideal form to allow full tensile strength to transmit along the Bowlus exterior armor-like shell. Beautiful wood covers can be stored in one of the closets and can be used to configure the rig to the traditional main cabin when needed. It’s this versatility that helps put Bowlus in a league of their own when it comes to travel trailers, and since I like to keep my rig authentic and unique, I’m drawn to these trailers in an instant!

The Bowlus electrical power system is designed to enable an effortless off-grid adventure. The yacht quality pure sine inverter is 3,000W, powerful, and capable of handling use from kitchen and bathroom gadgets. I like that I’m not too limited with power use when camping off-grid in the Bowlus Endless, as the lithium iron phosphate system’s capacity is capable of tackling up to two weeks of off-grid battery use.

The impressive system rapidly charges in 3-4 hours too so I don’t have to wait around for days for everything to get charged up.  The air-conditioning in the Endless Highways, which since 2016 has been able to run off of the batteries entirely, is estimated in the Performance Edition to power up to two overnights.

The entire power management system is connected via Bluetooth and the internet (another Bowlus first in 2016) so all critical data is easily accessible on my smartphone whenever I want to monitor the power situation. With all outlets live at all times, this RV is designed so owners never need to think about their power consumption.

Something that stands out to me is that I’ll never find myself stranded during my zero-emission road trip with a Bowlus, as the external 110V outlet additionally can give an emergency micro-charge to the electric vehicle. With a full battery, the Bowlus could extend EV SUVs currently on the market for up to 16 miles which is a big thumbs up from me, and an even bigger one from the planet!

The exterior is Outdoor Kitchen Ready with a 110V outlet and propane outlet. This kitchen-ready setup allows each owner to customize this to their needs, and appliances like induction cooktops, propane BBQs, or even a margarita blender are ready to plug and play.

The best part about Bowlus? Their impeccable design, both inside and out. In addition to their two standard interior design options, Bowlus offers two distinctive Bespoke Customization Programs for those looking to add their personal touch and style to their Bowlus. With each program, the Bowlus design team works with RVers to personalize their Bowlus from over fifty-six million possible combinations!

Best For Families: The Airstream Flying Cloud

The Flying Cloud is Airstream’s most popular, versatile, and family-friendly travel trailer. With more floor plans available than any other model, there’s a “just right” for everyone. And the light and airy design keeps everyone ready to float from one adventure to the next, bringing comfort right along the way!

The rear hatch is a stunning feature usually reserved for special edition travel trailers, but Airstream added it to the Flying Cloud. I adore the ability to open the hatch for the ultimate view at dinner, to let the breeze flow through, or to load and unload gear more easily than ever. Then I can simply close it all back up securely when I’m done. It’s a game-changer.

Bring on the pots, pans, food, clothes, camping and hiking gear, and more. The Flying Cloud’s clean wood look provides plenty of places to keep things out of sight, including roomy cabinets, pull-out pantries, and lots of smart little nooks for all of my sentimental travel items. I like not having to make tough choices on what to leave behind; there’s a place for everything!

I love camping, but sometimes I miss the convenience of appliances at my old house, so I love Flying Cloud’s kitchen. A four-burner gas stove, Baraldi cooking vent, optional microwave, and a large bowl sink make cooking not just easy, but enjoyable. And I can still make s’mores on the campfire whenever I want to!

The Flying Cloud’s dinettes and sofas let me relax and entertain when I need the seating space, and then easily convert into comfortable sleeping when I’m ready for bed. Converting the dinette to a sleeping space is simple: tables act as bases and cushions double as mattresses and are perfect for the kids, friends, and family. 

And it’s not just dinettes that enhance the space! The extended lounges and reclining sofas are perfect sleeping spots, too. There’s space for everyone to find their perfect nook on this all-aluminum rig!

Best For Single Travelers: The Airstream Caravel

There’s no reason in my eyes that RVs shouldn’t have just as much style as home. The revival of Airstream’s historic Caravel Travel Trailer line has an upscale modern interior, with clean lines and sophisticated residential fixtures, and a neutral canvas which is easy to add personal taste to. RVs are notorious for not being the most attractive vehicles , but this little rig has style and ranges from 16-22 feet in length, making it ideal for one or two travelers!

The Airstream Caravel was first introduced in 1956 and continuously appeared in the Airstream lineup as a lightweight, nimble option. The Caravel name comes from early European sailing ships specifically good at sailing windward. Airstream’s founder Wally Byam loved the sea and had many adventures of his own onboard, so it’s easy to see where the inspiration came from. 

The Caravel product line includes some of Airstream’s most lightweight travel trailers able to be towed with an SUV. And no matter your tow vehicle, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the iconic Airstream travel trailer design with its lower center of gravity, weight distribution, and aerodynamic aluminum shell.

The Caravel galley has extra design touches that get the inspiration going – like the stainless steel gas stove with cast-iron burners, Baraldi vent, special black Moen faucet, and rectangular stainless sink. It’s amazing how much more enjoyable cooking can be when I love the space I’m in.

For me, RVing is all about the view, and no matter which side of the Caravel 16RB I’m on, I love that I’ve got a panoramic scene as shown in the video above. 

The hand-crafted, custom Airstream windows are riveted right into the frame of the travel trailer and designed to provide a bigger opening radius so more breeze can flow throughout the cabin. Traveling on your own can be tough, and a bit daunting at times, but traveling in an Airstream will no doubt make your trip easier!

Best On A Budget: The Airstream Bambi

The most budget-friendly all-silver aluminum trailer out there, the Airstream Bambi gives owners the best of both worlds: a small, lightweight travel trailer and the iconic Airstream curved aluminum design. It makes a statement wherever it goes and, more importantly, lasts a lifetime!

The galley kitchen has all the appliances I could dream of having in an RV, thoughtfully arranged according to the way I’ll use them. The dinette doubles as a lounging space and even transforms into an extra sleeping space which is ideal for when the whole family wants to go on a trip! I love that the bathroom has plenty of space to get clean without having to sacrifice space elsewhere in the trailer. This means I don’t feel uncomfortable and cramped, but excited to get ready in the morning.

Every inch of the Bambi is thoughtfully created to meet RVer’s needs on the road. The Bambi trailer is perfect for a weekend adventure with a partner,  but it’s also a great way to bring some family, friends, and pets along for the trip, too. Two people can comfortably sleep in the dedicated bed, and it’s easy and quick to convert the dinette into extra sleeping space for two, then convert it back when it’s time for breakfast the next day.

Inside a lockable compartment on the outside of the Bambi is an exterior shower with hot and cold water. I find this ideal for rinsing off gear or sand after a trip to the beach before stepping inside the trailer. Personally, I love showering outside. It gives me the connection to nature I yearn for on RV trips, so exterior showers are a win for me

If you’re ready to live the Airstream life but not ready to upsize your tow vehicle, Bambi is the perfect fit. Most Bambi models are light enough to tow with an SUV, simple to maneuver, and easy to fit into smaller campground spots. Plus, you’ll still have all the comforts of home following you everywhere you go!

Best For Full Timers: Living Vehicle Pro EV

If you’re truly looking to live full-time in an RV, I can’t recommend Living Vehicle rigs enough. While the price point is very high, it truly is an entire home on wheels. You won’t be making the same sacrifices as other RVers, but keep in mind that this rig is a beast: over 15,000 pounds and about 30 feet long!

As the flagship of the Living Vehicle lineup, the Pro is their most innovative and technologically advanced offering available to date. Living Vehicle has designed the 2022 Pro with unequaled performance and capabilities. The energy system goes well beyond the required provision of necessary power for electrical equipment needs and is truly luxurious in design and capability giving me the reliability and functionality I need for full-time life on the road.

The Pro EV has a 3,520-watt solar capacity, 57.6 kWh possible for its energy storage, a 20 kWh hybrid inverter, and 240V level 2 ‍EV charging. All this to say: I won’t have any problem maintaining the rig off of the grid! With daily solar exposure, the LV Pro energy system is capable of powering the RV’s primary air conditioner completely off-grid – indefinitely.

LV was designed with day-to-day living in mind. Each space is highly functional and intuitive to use, some spaces taking on multiple functions so that you can get the most out of your home. Open up your space by placing the removable kitchen island outside where you can do cooking on the deck. An optional stainless steel BBQ with inline propane quick connect is available for top-of-the-line outdoor cooking and entertaining.

The Mobile Office Option effortlessly transforms the bedroom into an on-the-go workspace so I can work remotely without being limited to a couch or a bed. Living Vehicle sleeps four people as standard with separate sleeping spaces for each pair. I love that I can effortlessly adjust the dining table and rearrange the cushions of the lounge to create a comfortable Queen-sized bed in the living area.

Guests don’t miss out either and can enjoy a fixed Queen-sized bed in the master bedroom suite for a designated private sleeping area. The Euro Loft option increases sleeping capacity to six through a hidden full-size bunk that automatically lowers from the ceiling when needed.

This rig is truly a marvel- if you can afford it. I only recommend it to serious full-timers, as it is prohibitively expensive and luxurious. However, if you’re looking to leave your traditional home and desire zero compromises, definitely check out Living Vehicle’s many amazing designs and rigs.

Most Stylish: Bowlus Terra Firma

The Terra Firma from Bowlus is a travel trailer offering an abundance of innovative and creative additions. The Bowlus signature style is clear with this rig and it’s capable of offering off-grid ability for camping in the raw wilderness.  

Weighing 4,000 pounds dry and capable of sleeping up to 4, this Bowlus is functional and fashionable. It’s perfect for every member of the family, including pets; with remote temperature monitoring, bowls that slide out seamlessly from a drawer, and a coordinated pet bed, every family member is comfortably included which is something often missed with other RVs and travel trailers.

The Fresh Water System with two-stage filtration gives odor-free, better-tasting water which is a feature not commonly found with many RVs and is yet another fantastic quality of the Bowlus. A carbon filter removes bacteria, sediment, chlorine, and other chemicals from entering the water supply so I know my partner and I have clean water to drink and enjoy.

This Bowlus is also built with a HEPA filtration system for the air conditioner, proving they have made well-being a priority with this build. This rig has an integrated Bluetooth brake controller for the modern nomad. With a triple-axis, motion-sensing accelerometer for highly responsive, smooth braking to any tow vehicle without any mods, you can seamlessly perform a tow vehicle transfer with vehicle-specific memory profiles! The interiors and exteriors of this rig are simply stunning; don’t miss touring in one of these!

Most Versatile: The Airstream International

With easy, peaceful style and purposeful design, the Airstream International Travel Trailer earns its name everywhere you look. Ready to excite as well as comfort, it’s all about a fine balance that makes for the perfect adventure. With 12 floor plans and countless add-on features, this rig can be built to suit anyone’s needs and wants. That’s what the International is here for – a silver sanctuary to help RVers get back to what really matters.

Every inch of the International is designed with balance and comfort in mind. Step inside and there’s an immediate feeling of calm energy thanks to cool wood tones, clean modern lines, and natural seashore textures that make all the difference. Some floor plans on this particular Airstream have the optional rear hatch which is a touch I love as it allows nature and all its wonder to flood into the rig.

It’s no surprise as an avid cook that I love the galley kitchen in the International and it’s perfect to inspire some amazing road trip meals. A premium Furrion stove, microwave or convection oven, refrigerator, and a large stainless steel sink with a modern Moen faucet are all at your disposal, ready to create something great, no matter where you are.

Natural light reflects off the cool-toned upper lockers with a liquid glass appearance, and seaside textures are built into the design of the International interior surfaces, surrounding owners with the comfort of nature as they get ready for the day.  There’s nothing I love more than winter camping and getting coy with a book. In this trailer, light fills the room from the panoramic windows but when softer lighting is wanted, blackout curtains provide warm privacy, limited light, and added security.

Plus, certain floor plans feature built-in wardrobes to store clothes and keep things organized, and I can stash all my favorite reads along the sides. The iconic Airstream shape isn’t just aerodynamic. It also allows for panoramic windows that wrap around the curves of the trailer and let natural light fill the interior space. Open them up for a gentle breeze to flow through, watch the landscape as you cook a meal, or watch the sunrise from your bed.

Airstreams aren’t too wallet-friendly, so it’s no surprise the International will set you back a fair price. However, it’s a mighty trailer with a renowned name, so it’s clear to see why this is an investment! For many, Airstreams are an iconic trailer that will forever be looked upon as a revolution in the RV industry.

Best Tandem Axle Option: Forest River Ozark

Forest River is a big name in the RVing world, and the Ozark doesn’t disappoint. There are many different floor plans to choose from, but I’m going to be focussing on the tandem axel floorplan 2420BHKX. This travel trailer is a perfect addition to any family or couple looking for an adventure rig, and with a king bed, double bunks, and a tri-fold sofa, there’s a comfortable spot for everybody to sleep.

The bathroom isn’t the biggest I’ve ever seen in a travel trailer, but it has everything needed for RVing including a spacious shower with a skylight above, a toilet, and a corner sink with wall storage. The kitchen is pretty impressive too and is kitted out with a refrigerator, microwave oven, countertop space, a large sink, and a skylight above for maximum airflow which I love when cooking.

I think upgrading to the Convenience Package is wise for those looking to live full-time on the road, as a 20K BTU Furnace, 13.5K BTU AC, spare tire and carrier, upgraded TUFFCOAT aluminum exterior, and diamond plated rock guard on the front will all aid in ultimate convenience and longevity on the road.

The 200W standard solar setup is ideal for venturing further off-grid and parking up for a few days away from the campground. This can feel a bit nerve-wracking, but having solar power and being able to power an RV without a generator is an awesome, rewarding feeling! 

The 19′ awning is a great addition for bringing shade on hot days and shelter on drizzly ones, as let me tell you, travel trailers can often feel a bit cramped when there are more than two people hanging out inside! Overall, the Ozark has a lot to offer and is a decent size for small families or couples wanting to head out and make the most of nature.

Best Off-Road: Acorn HD Expedition 

travel trailers with metal frames

I intentionally tend to only purchase RV products I know will last me a considerable amount of time. When I chose to buy my travel trailer, I knew I was getting an RV able to handle years more of adventure, and the Acorn HD Expedition has a 100% aluminum construction for durability and longevity. No, this trailer doesn’t look like other travel trailers on the market, and it might not suit the taste of everyone, but I think it has a retro, classy feel!

The Dexter Torsion EZ lube axles help keep things level and stable, whilst the aluminum wheels provide stability from the tarmac up. With a GVWR of just over 11,100, it’s possible to pack plenty inside the Acorn, without having to worry about carrying too much on board.

I like the addition of the four jacks for each corner of the trailer as I camp year-round and often experience high winds and testing weather! When purchasing the Acorn, there’s the option to pick and choose through an extensive number of extras to essentially chose the perfect Acorn setup for your camping desires.

I love this freedom and flexibility, as even when a travel trailer has 5 different floor plans, none of them may have everything you need and want! This is a unique RV, but it’s surprisingly affordable. Although the add-ons will inevitably increase the overall price, it’s possible to bag an expedition with custom features for a fraction of other branded trailers.

Choosing an aluminum travel trailer shouldn’t be a chore. You should feel confident while shopping for one, with this helpful buyer’s guide to accompany you. From the most expensive to the most stylish, there’s an aluminum rig out there for you.

Aluminum travel trailers are amazing rigs to see the country in, and I have no doubt you can find one that suits your budget, needs, and dreams!

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Camper Life

Top 10 Best Lightweight Campers with Aluminum Frame

Campers allow you to enjoy extended travel plans without worrying about hotel bookings. Over the last few years, aluminum is the main item preferred by RV manufacturers due to its incredibly lightweight.

There are numerous options available for these campers. We have reviewed the best aluminum campers to help you make an informed decision.

Table of Contents

Best Lightweight Travel Trailers with Aluminum Frames Reviewed

Airstream cloud travel trailer.


It comes in various sizes to suit all the travel groups’ sizes, making it a suitable choice to go for. Furthermore, it ensures the top-notch comfort level to the travelers. Hence, long-distance traveling gets easier and comfortable.

This lightweight aluminum camper has been designed after extensive research processes and considering customers’ needs.

The innovative design offered by the manufacturers and the lightweight structure has made it the most favorite camper for travel lovers. The features are convenient and encourage the user to go on frequent tours to far-off areas.

This trailer comes with several floor plans that tend to enhance the margin of choice for travelers. In addition, the designs of all these options are quite airy, ensuring that the travelers don’t feel confined inside them.

  • Airy designs.
  • Modern and compact design.
  • Offers a solar panel option.
  • Air-conditioned camper.
  • Lasts for many years.
  • Lightweight yet durable.
  • Various floor plans options.
  • Limited external storage.

Bowlus Chief Luxury Travel Trailer


What sets this camper apart from others is its extensive electrical system. The manufacturers have made sure that the electronics work for long tours without any halt or discrepancy. On a single charge, it can work for many days without interruption.


The off-grid adventures get a boost, thanks to the electrical power system of the trailer. The battery used can work for around two weeks on a single charge, which is quite expensive.

Moreover, the hotel-style bathroom doesn’t let travelers miss their homes and offer them maximum comfort. The travelers can even entertain the guests on dining, which is available for at least four people.

  • Extensive storage.
  • Sophisticated power management system.
  • Offers a dining table.
  • Cupboards and medicine cabinets are available.
  • Provides maximum comfort.
  • Frequent plumbing repairs.

Dutchmen Aerolite Travel Trailer

Dutchmen Aerolite

The air conditioning option ensures that travelers don’t sweat their way to a desert. The heater provides enough warmth to stay comfortable in a cold area. In addition, the aluminum wheels let travelers move even to the most challenging tracks without any halt or repair requirements.

To add to the safety of the travelers, the glass windows have dark tinted safety glass. There is an exterior shower as well, which cleans the camper thoroughly after every rain or storm. The fiberglass exterior ensures a sophisticated design and longevity of the camper.

The baggage door has a slam latch, which further augments the safety level for travelers. LED lights are also available to make the camper appear beautiful both from the inside and the outside.

There is a spare tire and a carrier already available in the trailer to deal with any emergency. In addition, the speakers on the outside, patio, triple entry steps, and jacks make the vehicle’s exterior quite desirable.

On the insider, it offers a microwave, durable appliances, bedroom with LCD backer, porcelain bathroom, double door refrigerator, and many other amenities.

  • A well-designed exterior.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting.
  • Highly sophisticated kitchen and bathroom.
  • Comfortable queen bed.
  • Extensive floor plan options.
  • A bit expensive camper.

Dutchmen Aerolite FP

Forest River Flagstaff Travel Trailer


The camper also has a rain dump and LED lighting, adding to the travelers’ overall experience. It is so well designed from the inside that the campers never really want to end their tour.

Even if you don’t feel like coming out of it, the huge frontal window gives a good sight of the outside. Hence, even while staying inside, you can hold on to the outer view for a long time.

Furthermore, the standing table and chairs can help you host sudden and unexpected guests without embarrassment. With the sidewalls adorned with laminated fiberglass, the design of the camper turns to be highly sophisticated.

The windows are frameless and tainted, while the doors have magnetic catches. On the inside, the kitchen has three burners.

Hence, you can make a lot of food quite quickly. The kitchen is designed in a residential style, so you won’t feel awkward working in it. The heated tanks, radius roof, insulated ceiling, and microwave oven make cooking worthwhile.

  • Detailed designing.
  • Well-styled bedroom.
  • The kitchen comes with all the amenities.
  • A lightweight option.
  • Requires constant maintenance and upkeep.

Heartland Wilderness 2475bh

As the name specified, you can take the Heartland Wilderness 2475BH even in the wildest most places where no one had imagined taking their vehicles. As this camper is extremely lightweight, it gets possible for travelers to make it tread on the most unexpected places.

The outside of the camper is of fiberglass that is 2′ thick. This adds to the sophistication of the design. Furthermore, the camper’s exterior is constructed to endure minimum damage in case of any unfortunate incident.

The two kind size beds available in the bedroom ensure that the travelers can have a comfortable sleep. However, it still doesn’t affect the overall space of the camper. The storage is available, and that too is quite extensive.

Moreover, the interior gets even more comfortable with the air conditioning facility, which is a polar vortex. In addition, the floors are made with groove plywood that is quite durable and long-lasting.

The entry doorstep is solid, ensuring the camping partners’ maximum level of protection and safety. The compartment doors also have a slam latch allowing the travelers to have maximum privacy and comfort.

Lastly, this camper is constructed well with brick insulation, providing it maximum strength and durability. The roof system is laminated, and the axle system is quite comprehensive. A backup camera augments the safety offered to the travelers.

  • A solid construction.
  • Indoor and outdoor speakers.
  • Hose storage.
  • Well-designed kitchen.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Not enough ventilation.

Livin’ Lite Camplite Travel Trailer


The fact that wood is not used in its construction at any point sets it apart from others. The travelers can’t spot even a single trace of wood in this trailer, which adds to its lightweight.

The floors of this travel trailer are given utmost importance and the maximum attention by the manufacturers. Therefore, the company has developed the most extensive and highly sophisticated floor plans to woo travelers.

The material used in constructing these floors is top-notch, which lets the camper be a durable option for the users. In addition, the lamination and insulation further add to its durability and longevity.

The insulation of this trailer is also quite extensive. The block foam insulation is six-sided, which gives it a well-protective feature. The sidewalls are made of Azdel, while the roof comes with a warranty of twelve years.

Hence, this extensive warranty augments the trust of the user in this camper. The kitchen is also stylish and has long-lasting aluminum cabinets, solid countertops, and a modern design.

  • Well-designed interior.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around.
  • Spacious from the inside.
  • Fiberglass on the outside.
  • Extensive floor plans.
  • Highly expensive.

Aluma-Lite Travel Trailer

What makes the Almus-Lite Travel Trailer the best option is its durability. It is so long-lasting that you can even make it work through generations! In addition, the exterior is quite solid, which can endure any incident happening, unfortunately.

At the same time, the inside is designed in the most sophisticated manner possible. Hence, the functionality, coupled with durability, makes it a desirable product to opt for.

This camper comes with around six options when it comes to layouts. Alongside this, you can customize your plan in whatever manner you want to make your trailer look like.

As it is a considerable investment, the company ensures to provide its customers with the maximum value, comfort, and choice options.

If you are worried about the lightweight of this camper and have decided not to visit a highly windy area, you need to change your perception about it. The exterior of the camper is of aerodynamics, which provides strength to the outer side.

Therefore, the wind tends to slide past them. Rather than hitting it and affecting its form, the wind gives a good cooling effect to it. Hence, you can take it to even the windiest place on the Earth, and it won’t be affected by it.

Being lightweight, the camper doesn’t require a lot of gas to work efficiently. So, you will be able to save a lot of money in this way.

  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Doesn’t require much gas to work.
  • Aerodynamics design.
  • Molds due to insufficient ventilation.

Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer  


The solar power inlet indeed makes this camper a functional vehicle to have. While traveling across many places, this feature lets the camper save enough energy to work efficiently at night. This also saves a lot of money for the travelers, as this solar energy makes the appliances work.

If you are worried about your safety while staying in the trailer, the camera security will make you feel protected. It also has a backup camera prep, which adds to the protection offered by the camper to the travelers.

Furthermore, it uses a tint safety glass to keep the insiders safe from all outer absurdism. Finally, the radius door entry, along with augmenting the safety, maintains the privacy of the insiders.

To add to the entertainment factor, the trailer has exterior speakers. Thus, you can blast the music if you want to have an outdoor party with your co-travelers. Additionally, there is a high-capacity water pump working in the camper to add to travelers’ convenience. The large Tank Capacities never reduce the availability of water!

  • Safety Glass Windows.
  • Hose Breakaway Cable is available.
  • A roof ladders.
  • Backup Camera Prep.
  • Quite expensive.

Forest River Rockwood Ultra-Lite 8336bh


It has a kitchen island, which offers facilities even better than that of a home kitchen. In addition, the outside kitchen is so well constructed that one never wants to step out of it.

The fireplace inside the camper is its highlight. During the winter nights, it offers a cozy option inside the trailer. In addition, this vehicle comes with power stabilizer jacks and tongue jacks to help you with the power issues. Both provide great efficiency to travelers. They can deal with all kinds of problems arising during the travel sessions.

The trailer can keep around eight members quite comfortable inside it, no matter how extensive the tour gets. Be it a weekend outing or a month-long exploration; the Forest River Rockwood comes in handy.

The hide-a-bed sofa aids in hosting an unexpected guest quite conveniently. Additionally, there is a U-dinette, which adds to the sleeping space available to travelers.

A queen bed slide, pantries, and bunks help elevate the comfort level one can feel while traveling in this vehicle.

  • Huge space.
  • Can manage eight people simultaneously.
  • Well-crafted interior.
  • Stylish kitchen.
  • No aerodynamics.

Kz Rv Connect Lightweight Travel Trailer


The doorway of this trailer is quite wide. This makes it easier for you to load and unload your stuff. The kitchen is well-designed, and everything of convenience is added to it.

For example, it comes with an attached pantry where you can stuff food for future usage. Finally, the bedroom is yet another eye candy. It has a king-size bed and still doesn’t compromise on space.

There is an inside and an outside kitchen. Both kitchens can be used simultaneously in accordance with the kind of task one needs to perform.

The interior of the vehicle is highly commendable. It comes with heat insulation, making it easier for travelers to beat the outer wind and cold. In addition, during the extreme winter season, the electric fireplace offers warmth to those sitting around it.

  • Stylish interior décor.
  • Creative floorplans.
  • Nitrogen-filled tires.
  • Kitchen skylight.
  • Electric fireplace.
  • Limited warranty.


How To Choose The Best Lightweight Campers With Aluminum Frames

Rv aluminum frame construction.

Campers are either made of wood or aluminum. Choosing the latter is a good option as it makes the vehicle lightweight as well as safe. It also uses less fuel as its low weight doesn’t require many loads to be carried around. Hence, owing to be a feasible option, the traveler prefers it.

Overall Space

The more space on the inside, the better it is to make the camper functional.

A comfortable bathroom is the most important thing when it comes to traveling long distances. Therefore, campers that come with stylish and convenient bathrooms are the first choice of travelers.

It is necessary to have a camper who can endure the outer environment and deal with all kinds of weather. Hence, a highly insulated inside and solid outside should be preferred while choosing a camper. No matter what kind of road or path you take your camper, it should not be affected by it.

Most of the campers can host at least eight members simultaneously. However, you can choose the vehicle according to the number of people. Most of the time, additional sofa come beds to aid the travelers in hosting extra people quite conveniently. A well-designed kitchen with all the amenities also helps in preparing enough food for all the travel buddies.

What Is An A-Frame Camper?

The A-frame camper offers ample living space to travelers who never want to return home. They are made of lightweight material and are extremely durable. The walls are waterproof, and hence are quite compact.

Alongside this, these A-frame campers are also entirely within the budget. Therefore, they don’t place a hole in the pocket.

What Is the Lightest Frame Camper?

Mostly a frame camper has a weight minimum of 1200 lbs and a maximum of 2300 lbs. Thus, the former one is the lightest.

What Is Better, Fiberglass or Aluminum?

Fiberglass and aluminum both come with their pros and cons. Where the former is easy to maintain and has the aerodynamics feature, the latter is much sturdier. Hence, you should choose according to the kind of features you are looking forward to having.

Can You Paint an Aluminum Camper?

Yes, an aluminum camper can easily be painted. Choosing the right kind of paint, however, is necessary to keep it long-lasting.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on A Camper?

To paint a camper, you would need acrylic latex. If not this, you can use any oil-based paint. However, it’s always better to take professional help and get assistance from your camper dealer before painting the camper.

A lightweight camper is a dream come true for those who love to travel. Being lightweight, these campers can be taken to almost any destination across the globe. They also take lesser gas, which further reduces the cost of having them along on long trips.

Furthermore, they come with aerodynamics and sturdy outer structures; no external inconvenience affects them. Alongside them, with stylish interiors, well-crafted floor plans, and customization options, you may never want to return home!


I`m a current Law Enforcement Officer working within the Counterterrorism Bureau in New York State. I have been Camping for over 20 years. My styles of camping include tent, car, truck, van, and RV travel trailer. I have a YouTube channel where I teach all types of camping with an entertaining method: https://youtube.com/@TheSmallsRVAdventures

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  1. 9 Lightweight Campers With Aluminum Frames - Camper Report

    Aluminum frames are the leading building material for these types of RV’s. Here is a list of 9 RV’s with aluminum frames. 1. Airstream Flying Cloud Travel Trailer. Airstream is a powerhouse company that defines the market of lightweight and durable RV’s. They have been employing the use of aluminum building materials in their ...

  2. 9 Lightweight Aluminum-Framed Trailers of 2024 - RVing Know How

    Here are the 9 best aluminum travel trailer with quality craftsmanship and and all the features you need for touring: Airstream Flying Cloud 25FB Travel Trailer. Bowlus Road Chief Endless Highways Luxury Travel Trailer. Dutchmen Aerolite 2923BH Travel Trailer. Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25FKBS Travel Trailer.

  3. 10 Great Aluminum Frame Travel Trailers - Crowsurvival

    Airstream Flying Cloud Travel Trailer. Dry Weight: 4,500 lbs. Length: 19 ft. Height: 10 ft. Airstream is a renowned RV manufacturer that has been making stylish and durable recreational vehicles for a long time. The company was one of the first companies to use aluminum frames in building recreational vehicles.

  4. The Best 9 Examples of Lightweight Aluminum-Framed Campers ...

    Average Price: $38,000. Lance Camper builds some of the best lightweight truck campers and travel trailers in the industry. The 1575 has a lot of room and features worth consideration. This aluminum framed trailer uses Azdel sidewalls in concert with rigid foam insulation to contain inside temperatures and dampen sound.

  5. 10 Best Aluminum Travel Trailers - Jeffsetter Travel

    Best Overall: The Airstream Classic. There’s a reason Airstream is one of the most popular travel trailers on the market today, aluminum or otherwise. This classic design can’t be beaten, both inside and out. The Airstream Classic takes our best overall spot for a great many reasons.

  6. Top 10 Best Lightweight Campers with Aluminum Frame

    The KZ RV Connect C332BHK Lightweight Travel Trailer is a lightweight trailer that is most stylishly constructed. From the outside, it is quite thick and robust, while the inside is quite gorgeous. With the exterior made of fiberglass, one can say that it is one of the lightest travel trailers you can find. The doorway of this trailer is quite ...