Things to turn a guy on

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The problem with figuring how to be sexy to a particular man is that different guys get turned on by different things. Some guys love being the dominant partner in bed, while others like being totally submissive. Most, however, prefer a mixture of the two: sometimes being the dominant partner, sometimes being the more submissive partner. There are hundreds of different ideas for things to try in bed related to a wide variety of kinky sex ideas and fetishes your man might get incredibly turned on by.

He might love to see you dress up in super sexy, skimpy clothing. He might like when you dress up as his favorite video game character. Or maybe he likes nothing more than when you lick his toes. There really are hundreds of different fetishes and no end to kinky sex ideas you can explore together. There are a ton of different ways to talk dirty to your mandepending on what you're most comfortable with.

You can take the wild route by being really explicit and descriptive when talking dirty to your man — basically, saying the nastiest, trashiest, most kinky things you can think of. But you can take the complete opposite route when talking dirty too. If you want, you can be really polite and not explicit at all. This pretty much goes without saying, but guys absolutely adore getting oral sex. A huge amount of guys even prefer getting a blowjob to having regular Things to turn a guy on.

So, if you are truly serious about turning him on, then you should start learning these great oral sex techniques to improve your sex life. I Found Out. Telling your man what you like and enjoy him doing in bed serves two purposes. It lets him know what techniques and positions get you off most easily, while also massaging your man's ego in a subtle way.

If you like him making love to you in a certain positionusing a certain technique, or kissing you in a certain waythen let him know. Describe what it is about it that turns you on, and try to use as much detail as possible. Men love a woman on top, and either the cowgirl or the reverse cowgirl position will turn them on. In this position, you can take advantage of being in control and he has the free range for his hands to roam all over your body.

This will always be the best sex position because it's so intimate, you both have control, and you can have a lot of kissing action at the same time. It's the perfect position for deep penetration and a possible g-spot orgasm to occur. This also will turn your man on because he has a lot of control in this position.

This is the ultimate sex position and probably superior because it feels amazing for the both of you and it doesn't make the two of you as tired and you can make out while he has free range to touch your breasts, butt, and rub your clit. Try the pretzel position for increased stimulation and excitement.

Lay on your side with one leg laid out on the bed and the other one bent and raised wrapping around your partner while he's on his knees thrusting into you like missionary except your body is to the side instead of lying flat. When making out with him, kiss him from his lips to his cheek then down his neck, and then back up the other way. This one might be a no-brainer but biting his lip while kissing and teasing him while kissing will definitely turn him on he'll grab you and pull you closer.

Sucking on your partner's lips gently is another great way to turn them on and suck and pull away to let his lip slide out of your mouth. Use your hands to your advantage when kissing up and down his chest, neck, and wherever Things to turn a guy on want to turn him on, even more, when kissing. This might sound weird if you haven't tried before but kissing your partner's ears and biting them a little can turn them on a lot because ears are one of the most sensitive parts of the body.

Your man might find it really hot when you take a little bit of control and initiate things. If your man is usually the one who starts things in the bedroom, without mentioning it to him in advance, change things up and be the one who initiates things on occasion. Taking initiative and switching it up during foreplay is very important in turning your man on. Try out a few of these ideas if you need some help.

He might be surprised and turned on to see you in something different and he won't be able to wait to take it off of you. Key tip: wear red. Anywhere you take your clothes off and tease your manhe'll be turned on by you. Try to get steamy in the kitchen, the bath, the shower, or wherever else your heart desires. Reading erotica to your partner while looking at them and either sitting on top of them or next to them is a very easy way to turn them on and what's best is if you are sitting on top, you can actually feel and see him get excited.

Feel each other's breaths in motion while you are touching each other and cuddling. It's a very sensual and meditative way to engage in foreplay. Try sexting each other to engage in a bit of foreplay. You can do this while you're apart or while in each other's company.

It's an easy way to turn him on and when you see him he'll want you so bad. This is a great toy to help the two of you in some foreplay. You can control each other's sex toy like a panty vibrator or a cock ring and try different speeds and vibrations to turn each other on. Sometimes it's Things to turn a guy on to be a different person for a day or for the night and you can do this by engaging in some sexy roleplay with your partner. There are many options you can choose fromso be as creative as you want. Sometimes the best foreplay starts from showering together and getting each other's body primed and ready for some killer sex.

This can destress your partner but also relax them and turn them on at the same time.

If you want you can use ice cubes on his erogenous zones and sensitive parts for more stimulation. You could also mix sex and food like whipped cream, for example in the bedroom. This can also really turn a guy on because seeing you touch yourself while he's looking at you makes him very turned on. This is also an easy way to turn a guy on without trying because you're just pleasuring yourself, and you also might be turned on by looking at him touch himself while looking at you.

If you truly want to turn your man on in a way that no other woman can, then you need to find out his kinks and fetishes. Just like they are for women, for guys, these are often deeply personal and private. Guys are usually very nervous and shy about revealing them to anyone, so if you surprise him and directly ask him what really turns him on and what his kinks are, then he might try to dodge the question.

My advice is to avoid asking him about them directly. Instead, I suggest you be indirect in your questioning. Wait until you're both in bed. Right before sex is a perfect time. Start by telling your man about some of your tamer kinks and turn on's. It could be him being very aggressive in bed or going down on you. Then, if he seems to like hearing about them, tell him about your deeper fantasies and turn on's. After talking about your kinks for a while, it's time to find out about his. Rather than asking him really directly about what his turn on's are, be indirect so you can get him to secretly admit his kinks and fetishes to you.

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Things to turn a guy on

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