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Clubs of liv6 or more MEW subscribers will bo fur- nbhcd at Sl. Au additional 25 ceuta. ToruiM of AdrortiMlngr. For 0 mouths, S6j oue year, Uuo half square or less -- 1 week, 15 cents; each insertion afterwards, 16 cents. All legal advertising 25 per cent advance from the abuverutea. Special Notices 33 per cent advance. Cards of acknowledgment, religious notices, and the 1 Ice, one insertion, 50 cunts per squaro. Notloosiu news columns, IU cento per line oue insertion, but no charge made of less than 60 ccuts.

Walker's Building, No. Offico over Post Office. When Robin, Swallow, Thrush and Wron, From " way down South " hadoomo again, I roamed through Reid and wood to see If birds, like mou, could " Rebels" bo; I wondered if their tiny throats Would circulate secession " notes;" I thiuk, may bo, my thoughts they know, So vhat they saug, I'll sing to you. I've seen such fearful wrong!

I thought at first tho storm would clear up, But soon I had no heart to ' chirrup! Cheer up! I'm homo again. Let every bird that's bravo and true. Sing, cheer, tho Red, tho White and Blue! Repairing done with care. Jeweler's work done with elegance and promptness.

Dunham's Block, North St. Architectural Drawings furnished at short notice. House,and Ornamental Painting. Calender's Block, No. Goods sold at city prices. Piano tuned. Orders left at E. Dunham's North St. Sluts looking for men Vorisy at Lenox, Mass. Send for Circulars. Cloaks and Sacks for sale and made to orJ,er. GAGE, Agents. Offico, 21 North St. Residence South St. Office hours from 9 to 10 A. Fish Market, No. Iy33 9I1S Ii. New Patterns J. V received every month. Pittsfield, March 12, Oflicc in Burbank Block, 21 North Street.

Offices, West's Block. Emerson is Notary Public and Commissioner of Deeds, o. Cheerful looks make every dish a feast,-- nnd 't is that crowns a welcome. Cleanliness of person is next to Godliness. Cleanliness of soul is Godliness.

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Listen to a flatterer who understands his" business, and then try to bo what ho says you are. In tin's wli'ld truth can wait; she's used to it,--ebpccially since Government established a censorship of the telegraph. A woman's league has beon'formed in New York. If a miss is as good as a mile, how many women will it take Sluts looking for men Vorisy make a league? Miss Lovely says that males are of no from the time ladiea stop kissing them as infants, till they kiss them again as lovers. There is a river near Quito, in South America, tho waters of which aro as sour as vinegar.

What a splendid plac. An old Aberdoman used to eay, in Bumming up all tho disastrous changes of modern times --" Even tho laddies at the scbeul maum hae their pockct-handkerchers. It is a remarkable peculiarity with debts that their expanding power continues to increase as you contract them. Tho upper leather had worn out three pairs of soles. Judy Braloegan, having been requested to open some oysters, after knocking them about for some time exclaimed, " Upon my con science, but they aro mighty hard to peel! When tho brother middies of Prince Alfred heard that he was elected King of Greece, thoy crowned him with a tin crown having lighted candles stuck on each point--a very fitting coronation lor a monarch of Grease.

A Spanish proverb says--" A little in the morning is enough ; enough at dinner is but little; out a little at night is too much. A policeman on night duty sends ua tho following observation: " It seems to me that with many young men, tlio most approved method of winding up tho night, is reeling it home? This gives a beautiful moral to tho tradition.

White, how suddon you u i e! Well, go and ask my father! Them that disturbs tho S oaco must go to jail! Well for 'cm if they on't faro worse and lose thoir liondrt! Really, children, theo must lot mo have n olmuco to hitch my horse.

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And now i will release my prisoners," added tho old gentleman, opening wide his pockets and lotting out scores ot dizzy, omzy Hies. The poor old gentleman fairly turned pale.

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Now, Mary, I hope theo won't bo offended if 1 ask theo a searching question? Dean had arisen to perform ono of her household duties. Seizing a towel she went quickly to tho kitchen table, whereon was spread ti primitive" fly trap, it being nothing else tban a pool of delusive molaeace. Friend Eaton's soul was stirred within him. Thco can't make a fly! I desire to possess a incok and quiet spirit, but I toll theo I'vo no notion of being turned out of my own houso by an army of Hies.

Jl thco means to send thy eon along with tho world's people lo fight for " "Our country! But i verily believe 1 have been led by tho Spirit, and my mind is now centered down into quietnebs. Tho war is just, and Moses shall stand up for hia country. While 1 am sowing and spinning for Moses, it is borne in upon me to piay for our misguided Southern brethren aa J never prayed before.

I romomber noblo George Washington; dost thou remember him ; Art thou willing to wipe out all ho baa done for us? Wilt thou put tho necks of thy children under a yoke, and die, to have them curtio theo? Doon't thee justify tho wicked when theo folds thy hands and holds thy tongue?

Thco uiusn't think hard of mo for saying thoso things that hour in upon my mind! And then ho nays : "Hero is tho patience and the faith of the saints. Docs thco think, James, our blood is riohor and redder than the blood of tho world's people? If it is, I toll thco we ought to shed it all tho quicker! Lot us make a Hod Sea of it, and the Lord will make tho sen dry land that tho children of Israel may pass over to tho promised land of Canaan f" "Why Mary," said James Eaton, rubbing his hands and looking at them.

Verily and truly i don't know what to say to theo! Paris Lifo nnd Suicido. Two young men were sitting Sluts looking for men Vorisy a fashionable circulating library. They consider marriage as a branch of tho Bourse, and as a last resource for paying the tailor. But what prospects aro in store for tho girl who is dependent on a man who has taken her by estimate, for tho making up of a budget exhausted by dissipation?

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Tho husband, once sot up again, will return to the habita of his youth, with all tho ardor of a lucky gamester lor pleasures abstained from for economical reasons. Ho will leave homo early and return late, to escape from tho ennui, the burden of his houso, from himself, Irom his wile, whose looks aro a reflection of the rcmorso ho feels within. To HIIVO a country, you must save tlio sanctity of family ties ; tor a nation is nothing but an extensive family. It should never bo forgotten that dissipation is the preparatory Hohool for servitude.

Venice know it by experience when sho made tho carnival tho first article of the constitution of dopot- iHin. There in ono special season of tho year when tho Parisian mandarins of high degree allow themselves unwonted --at tho very carnival alluded to. Did you over hoar a do- ficription of a masked ball given by ono of tho princca of tho bank or of diplomacy?

You behold there, it appears, a quantity ol abstract and concrtilo poesies realized by milliners ; Nights, that is petticoats, besprinkled with stars; Auroras, that ifl pink satin corsets, from which tho disc of the sun iu emerging ; Snows and Lightnings, that is to say, tufts of older-down and aigzag rod and orange ribbons.

An original lady hns appeared as a windmill. Ono year, the hero of a masked ball was an American of llomorio stature and herculean muscularity.

Sluts looking for men Vorisy

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