Should there be secrets in a marriage

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Here, some sage advice for couples about starting their lives together. Married: 25 years. People have different tasks in a marriage—I may have wiped more bottoms and unloaded more dishes, but my spouse completed numerous other chores as well. Married: 26 years.

No one remains stagnant for twenty-five years, nor should they. Not every hobby or friend has to be mutual. In fact, a marriage stays fresh when partners have separate interests and relationships. Married: 38 years.

As this past year has shown, you have to keep reinventing your relationship to withstand what has been thrown at you. Married: 53 years.

It keeps her happy. Even when our kids were little, we prioritized making time as a couple. Married: 27 years. A good partner knows when to step in, when to take over and when to encourage you to keep moving forward—not get caught up in keeping tabs. I can remember during different phases of our lives being very conscious of the fact I did more with the. Married: 31 years.

I may have feigned annoyance at his antics before we dated, but he ultimately won me over with his humor and kind heart. I worry what will happen when I run out! Married: 32 years. Having your own interests will give you a new perspective and things to talk about with your partner. Married: 64 years.

There are several things required for a good marriage, including having mutual respect for each other and viewing your marriage as a partnership. We never had separate vacations or bank s and we made decisions together. But, most of all, we frequently hugged.

My husband loves music and plays the guitar, violin, piano, and flute. I love to paint. The recent pandemic forced us to be at home alone together for most of the year doing what we love, with each other. You need to work on building that trust from day one and never lose sight of how precious it is to a marriage. Harry is a sportsman who loves to compete.

I encourage him to practice, get better and enjoy himself when he can. I love music. I sing in a band and often, leading up to a performance, have endless back-to-back practices. Sometimes the entire band sets up in my house and stays until midnight rehearsing. Harry never complains, quite the contrary, he is pleased to see me doing something that makes me happy. Married: 36 years. We always agreed if our marriage was sound, our children would learn what it means to show devotion and commitment to another person. We have remained best friends over the last three decades. Married: 46 years. In hindsight, we did not have a clue about how that would look but we were determined to see it through—divorce was never an option.

With that being our north star, so to speak, we had to constantly condition ourselves to do the things that contribute to a healthy marriage and be equally committed to NOT doing the things that would deter us from our mark. We did not know the road or the way but we were committed to taking the journey together. We are now empty-nesters, and excited about this new phase. I now believe that by speaking and affirming out loud that divorce would never be an option for us, it came into being.

Thursday night has always been our date night—during the first six years of marriage without children and then throughout the 20 years, our two children were at home. The first and third Thursdays of the month we date each other, the second and fourth Thursdays is our time to be alone or be with friends or family.

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Should there be secrets in a marriage

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