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Hi, I am Rohan. I am in love with my caretaker. Read the story to know more about her and the relationship we shared.

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It all began six months back when I moved to Mumbai India for my job. I decided to the company and move to Mumbai. It was a very big firm. I moved to Mumbai a week earlier than I was supposed to. Using the ing bonus, I stayed at a mediocre hotel. I booked a hotel booking site. In that one week, I went flat hunting. On the 4th day, I found a great 2 BHK apartment in a very big housing society.

I was looking for a 1 BHK as I was alone. But went for a 2 BHK as my pay was more than enough to sustain myself. Also, having an extra bedroom can be useful when I have guests over. It is a semi-furnished flat. Meaning only the essential furniture was available at the beginning but it was enough for me.

We finalized the rent and I planned to move in next Sunday. Sunday was here and so was I. So I unpacked everything in just a single day. I was off to other chores in no time which also tired me a bit. I bought some groceries in the evening and planned to buy more the next weekend. I made myself some dinner.

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Now I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. Of the 2 bedrooms, only one had a mattress bed. I was staying alone so I removed all my clothes except my undies and slept. I had a very good sleep that night and woke up fresh the next day. It Sexy maid wanted please read Monday now and my first day at the job. I reached on time and started to know what my job was.

In just a week I got a hang of it. It was a mess after a week just like the food I made for myself. So I decided to hire a maid. I got to know my neighbors a little and asked the neighbor lady if she could help me find a maid. She told me to ask the building watchman about it.

So that I did. I told him I needed a maid to do the house chores and make food for me. It was Sunday morning around I was sleeping when the doorbell rang. I got up, put my pants and vest on and rushed to the door.

It was the watchman with the maid. He introduced me to Madhu. She was tall. Exceptionally tall compared to Indian standards. She also had a really cute face for a maid and was fairly well built. A little chubby with just the right amounts of fat in all the right places. She has a really wide stance but she was beautiful. Marathi women typically wear saree with blouses that barely cover their backs. As if the back portion was just meant to hold the two ends together.

She was no different. But being so wide and tall made her back exposed more than any normal woman. I could almost imagine her body line through her blouse. So more and more of her skin was available to be seen. I love tall, well-built, confident women and I instantly admired her. I invited both of them in. The watchman introduced me to her, gave her info that I was new and what I required of her. She took it all in. The watchman then left leaving me and Madhu to ourselves. I showed her around the house and we talked for a bit. I told her about me. She stayed there as her house was very far.

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And she had no one to go to. She told me she was 48 years old. Her husband had died in a railway accident. So her single son had to take up the duties and become a locomotive driver. He seldom visited her home in Mumbai. So Madhu had no reason to go home. I asked her when can she start working. We both laughed at that and I showed her around the kitchen. She asked if I liked tea or coffee. The answer being tea, she offered to prepare one for me. While she was going through the kitchen and groceries she made me note things that would be needed to get the kitchen running.

I made the list and told her I would get the groceries from the store. Yes, she said that to me. She came in the evening at Sexy maid wanted please read. She looked around the kitchen to find all the groceries that she had ordered. She was pleased and started making me dinner. The food was just amazing and I loved it. I told her as such to which she blushed and thanked me for the compliment.

She asked me what time I leave for the office so she could come accordingly. We decided that if she comes in atwe could both go our ways by 9. But me being the idiot I am, slept in just my undies. She entered the house and started sweeping the floor. When she reached my room, I sensed that she had come. I also remembered that I was almost naked. I almost jumped and pulled the sheets to cover myself. She laughed it off and continued with her sweeping. I was being careful about not revealing myself and she sensed that.

She assured me that she had no problem with me being in my underwear as she knows what bachelorhood is.

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I just nodded in shame and waited for her to go to the kitchen. I got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

Sexy maid wanted please read

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