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Are you looking for a certified digital marketing expert or best SEO Freelancer expert in India who can boost your online sales, presence, reputation, and more? Are you looking for the best SEO consultant in India who can boost your website ranking in Google organic search ?

Are you looking for a affordable freelance SEO services for your website? Attention : Small business owners, entrepreneurs, startup founders, and hustlers. My name is Anand Kumar Jha. I am an aeronautical engineer by qualification and freelance SEO expert in India by profession. Attention: Small business owners, entrepreneurs, startup founders, and hustlers. Do you know that more than million in India are internet users?

More internet users will be added in the coming years.

Do you know how many? This will be in billion. Can you imagine what these users are doing on the internet?

They are making new friends, learning new things, searching for jobs and for shopping. Does your business fall into any of these fields like health, law, education, engineering, construction, dating, and shopping, then you should take digital marketing seriously? Digital marketing is different from traditional marketing. It is a way of marketing your business on digital platforms like mobile, computer, tablets, etc. In traditional marketing you invest thousands of dollars in flyers, pamphlets, banners, etc.

Most of the time they get ignored, thrown in the dustbin, tempered by people, etc. Search engine optimization is the freeway to get new customers, buyers, users from the internet without any cost. These are some advantages of digital marketing. You can imagine the glory of digital marketing by the worth of Google and Facebook. These 2 internet giants have more than a billion users and they have the company worth in more than billions of Seo freelancer india. The Internet has a billion users worldwide. Most of the internet users use Google to search, explore, shop and more.

There are 2 types of search on SERP i. Search engine optimization is a technique for optimizing the business website and app s so that they can appear higher in SERP Search Engine Result s. When your business website and apps s will appear higher then you will get a maximum of new customers daily. This is a free way to get a new customer online. You will see some clinics suggestion on Google.

Where you saw clinics suggestion that is known as SERP. You will prefer to call or book an appointment on the suggestion which is at the top. Most of the searchers prefer top suggestions. In this way, SEO help in generating le from the internet. SEO or search engine optimization is a freeway to get new customers from the internet. Content is known as king in SEO or Google search engine optimization. The web content is the first impression of your business.

When a user comes to your website landing they first see your approach. Every search engine loves unique and researched content. You should hire any professional for adding the best content to your s.

The keyword is known as the queen of SEO. The keyword is the query or phrase user enters into the search engine to search for anything. Choosing the right keywords not only helps in driving the right audience it also save your money. Local SEO is a technique to optimize the web s and local businesses to rank higher in local search of Google, Bing and more.

Here is my post on 21 indispensable qualities and skills of the best SEO freelancer. You should read this post completely to qualify and hire the best SEO experts. PPC stands for pay per click. You have to pay for every single click on your selected keyword, phrase and post in the search engine like Google, Bing, and Facebook.

You can hire me for this also. Social Media Marketing is a technique of Seo freelancer india marketing which lays on promoting your business on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and more. You need to select the right social media platform where you have researched that your buyers and customers are hanging.

Video marketing is very helpful in social media marketing and PPC. The video is a trending content type in digital marketing. Videos help in lead generation and sales. Content marketing is in simple words known as blogging. More you blog and distribute your unique and researched content in different content types on social media and other platforms more you will get le and sales.

Till now, you have learned about digital marketing and its parts. Here comes the digital analytics. Analytics help in measuring digital marketing and SEO. Analytics helps in. In the future, the Search engine will boost voice search, rich answers, rich snippets, related queries. The future of SEO or Google search engine optimization is more bright.

Hiring the best SEO expert and digital marketing expert is your initial step to achieve your business goals online. You should hire an SEO expert and digital marketing expert on the basis of their experience, certifications, success stories, and vast updated knowledge in SEO and digital marketing. We are extremely sorry but we are not black magicians. According to this survey report by Moyak.

Every big brand focuses more on organic visitors to their website. Anand is one of few gems in the web-service industry of India. It can only come with a lot of experience. I highly recommend Anand. Anand is the best PPC expert I have seen. Seo freelancer india has great knowledge of Google Adwords and always optimized my campaigns.

I will use him forever now after trying so many experts. He is the best SEO Expert with a proven strategy. He did a great job for my limo website! Very happy with the service, Highly recommended. Getting in a short time. Keep Shining Mr. Anand Way 2 go. If you want to hire me for your business SEO and digital marketing.

You can book your appointment here.

You can also request a free call back here for a free consultation. So, what are you waiting for? Now, the following are some questions usually searched by users looking for best SEO expert in India. Check our SEO packages and plans here. An SEO expert is a person who improves your website ranking in search engine result s with a white hat strategy. An SEO specialist does everything to improve your website ranking in search with a white hat strategy.

Best SEO expert is the person who has experience of more than 7 years with recognized certifications. Who knows the fundamental of search algorithms and has updated knowledge in SEO trends.

Seo freelancer india

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