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Last updated: February 27, The Caribbean. And how do you get one? Buckle up, this is going to be a long one. The girls that no matter how hard you try will always steal your man right when they walk into the room. To be honest, they are not too far away from the truth.

Here are some more mostly true stereotypes:. But there is definitely something that makes Puerto Rican girls gorgeous. Much like other Latinas, they are shamelessly sensual. Life is a lot simpler in Puerto Rico. They are not as concerned with neither of those two super toxic things:. Her aunties might whisper around but that is as far as it goes.

There is no show-offy, obnoxious third-wave feminism. Looking sexy or not, having lots of sex or not, are not political statements. As the wise song says:. If you end up with a Puerto Rican, you become a part of the family. Silent home life is a foreign concept to these people. In a household with a lot of people, you need to speak up if you want to be heard. For that same reason, Porto rico girls Puerto Rican crush can be a bit loud. Accept it and embrace it. This is just how she is. They are more common in Cuba but Puerto Ricans enjoy them as well!

Seriously, these people have an endless imagination when it comes to rice-based dishes. Crystal clear water, soft white sand, beautiful women in skimpy bikinis… What else is there to ask for? Just one piece of advice for you:. Sure, there are plenty of people who just come to Puerto Rico for a sunny vacation.

If you need any more reason not to stay at the grounds of your beach resort, here are a couple more:. Instead of big, secluded resorts, opt for an option within the city. To me, the biggest selling point of vacation rentals is that they offer complete independence.

Guest-friendly accommodation is fairly common in Puerto Porto rico girls. If you plan on getting really busy you know, to the point beyond common discretioncontact the staff beforehand. You would be surprised at how many rules you can circumvent just by being nice! Yup, this is my follow-up advice on where to stay. Personally, I think night game works wonders in the Caribbean.

Warm nights, cold drinks, all the sexy bachata music you could wish for…. Lately, Thursdays have been getting hotter, too. There are plenty of great clubs throughout Old San Juan, party boats are also fun, and Ponce and Caguas also offer some exciting options.

Night game does vary a bit throughout Latin America. The basic tips still apply in Puerto Rico. Get dancing or get out. The way you look is also very important. Men and women alike are dressed to the nines. Follow suit! Pickup lines rarely work with Puerto Rican girls. In Puerto Rico, since they are a US territory, there is a bit more influence by the notorious American feminazis. Girls are still hot and fun, and generally Latina-like. There is research to back my claim that:.

Keep that in mind when you choose a girl to hit on. But this actually comes from a survey among women. The vast majority said that how well a dude did in bed was directly linked to his performance in the club. It should come as no surprise that night clubs — dark and full of tipsy girls — foster some lust. But dancing is seriously your best night game strategy with Puerto Rican chicks. Start with the look. Just glaring at someone from across the room can create massive tension.

Sexy eye contact is very near the line of creepy but it never crosses it. A couple of completely out of line, downright cringe-worthy things not to do :. I mean, guys are a little slow in catching onto those things. If you noticed it, she intended you to notice it. Go over, introduce yourself, and grab her for a dance. You can use the same technique for a rejection-proof approach to Puerto Rican girls. According to scientists yes, there were actually people who took the time to study thiseye contact becomes creepy after exactly 3.

Then look away and in a couple of seconds look again. Is that cute guy looking at me? Oh, yes, hey again! In most of these articles on LatinasI say you should aim to differ, not to blend in with local dudes. It makes very little sense to try and be like them. When it comes to night game or any game at all, for that matterPuerto Rican guys are blunt and straight to the point. Some of them would, unironically, do the licking the straw thing. This is why a slightly more passive approach can actually work wonders. Puerto Rican girls are used to being hit on. If you show some interest but then not act on it, Porto rico girls makes her wonder.

For girls that hot and that outspoken, Puerto Rican women can get really insecure deep-down. Here, once again, less is more. Lingering touches are tricky, though. Watch if she does that and do it consciously yourself. When you are closer to her, random touches become natural. They become the sexy accident that they should be. Of course, you could watch them for their comedic value. But never ever follow the dance advice in Howcast videos. Instead, try to look at sexy dancing scenes from movies. The hand across her stomach or around her waist, and spinning her if you can actually do it without twisting her wrist always work.

As a complete side note, this is your second friendly reminder to smell nice. Just use a good deodorant and invest in an actual perfume if you can. Instead, keep it classic and sexy by focusing on your best features. If you have big muscular arms, put them in a tight ish shirt. Slim fit is the name of the fame for Puerto Rico-friendly fashion.

Crisp clean and properly fitted clothes suit pretty much any occasion. People will judge you on the way you look. When your look is polished, you inspire respect. As for accessories, your watch is the only thing that really matters. Finally, a couple of completely ridiculous garments that tourists wear all the time in Puerto Rico when they really should burn them are:. The title of best is subjective.

But still, most locals and travellers would agree that Club Brava is the place to see Porto rico girls be seen. If you are going with a big group, consider calling ahead and booking a table.

VIP booths with bottle service are always fun, though they do come at a price. Also, be prepared not to sleep at all. We got this far without mentioning Tinder and I feel proud. As usual, Tinder is more of a hookup app, while dating platforms like AmoLatina are for more long-term ish dating. A lot of the girls are on it to find a boyfriend, not a fuck buddy. As with any online dating site, there are also some scammers, though Cupid Media does a pretty great job of policing the platforms.

Seriously, get tested before and after your trip. Porto rico girls is the rule of thumb. But other than those minor differences, having a Puerto Rican girlfriend is just like any other relationship. Anyway, props for scoring her and enjoy your awesome lives together! If you have any tips or stories to share, we Porto rico girls in the comments, awaiting. Ready to date a Puerto Rican beauty? …. Puerto Rican Stereotypes Urban Dictionary which we all know is incredibly trustworthy defines them as: The girls that no matter how hard you try will always steal your man right when they walk into the room.

Big Noisy Families The stereotypical Latino family is just about right. More Problems With Big All-Inclusive Resorts If you need any more reason not to stay at the grounds of your beach resort, here are a couple more: Little to no nightlife options. Not all of them offer local cuisine or cultural activities. As mentioned in this blog postthe Caribe Hilton had no on-site restaurants that served Puerto Rican food. You can get to cities, but your only to options are a bus or a taxi. Partying with the locals gets pricey really fast! There is research to back my claim that: Dance skills correlate with bedroom skills.

A couple of completely out of line, downright cringe-worthy things not to do : Licking your straw or the rim of your glass Sucking on your finger Staring at them with an empty smile a. And yup, it totally works with Puerto Rican girls.

Porto rico girls

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