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Share this Nonprofit Facebook Twitter. Claim This Nonprofit. More Info. Add to Favorites. Get Badge. Rating: 5. Share Your Story. Rating: 1. Adopted from PALS about 6 yrs ago. It was the most difficult Pals wichita kansas and only due to our own persistence were we finally allowed to adopt. While I appreciate their strict vetting process there is a fine line between being careful and being ridiculous. The rudeness I experienced on the phone and the lack of returning calls and just the general lack of timeliness to process applications was so disappointing. Pals appears to have multiple complaints.

Maybe it is time someone looked into this. Share this review: Flag review. I was immediately taken by a sheltie mix dog who is blind. I applied and printed the app and delivered to their office during a noon hour when no one was there. I called the next to find out if it had been received, and was told "yes" and then the lady hung up.

Well I had umpteen s and several phone calls to them about Princess. I bought her a new orthopedic bed, I have fixed and extended leashes. I know how to leash strain a dog; I called last week to find out if I had been approved and was told "yes". Hung up on again. I even called my last vet to explain that Princess could not see and had a detached retina in the only eye she had left. Is there a way to re-attach?

I was told that there had been limited success in doing a re-attachment and that the longer the condition existed, the hard it was to attain success. I ed this info to Pals and said that I would spend that money to help Princess see once more. After favoring Princess and hoping to actually adopt her, I was told on the phone today, June 30, "I think it is too risky for Princess to be in a strange home. She has been with me 3 years and Pals wichita kansas is better that she stay with me and avoid the risk.

I was so disappointed I started to cry so I hung up. Wish I could give no stars, but the best I could do was one star. First of all, I tried to get a hold of someone for merely a week, left a voic and everything and nobody even got back to me until I contacted them two other ways. I thought maybe it had to do with the recent closures of businesses, but when I went to their Facebook I had noticed they posted something nearly a month ago.

Finally someone got back to me via saying I needed to submit an application and they would let me know when they received it, which was no big deal. I completed it, ed it back and finally got a call back from the organization itself. Worst of all was after this lady got done essentially criticizing me and assuming my husband and I have children which we do not and do not plan to have children in the futureshe straight up hung up the phone. My family tried to adopt a Pekingese dog named Samantha from Pal's Rescue.

Our family had two children aged 12 and We were denied with the justification that Pekingese dogs don't get along with children. I'm sorry, but there's a huge difference Pals wichita kansas a small, rambunctious child who might scare a timid dog and a year-old. It's a shame, since our family had a fenced yard and a decently sized house, as well as an adult who stayed home all day working at a home office.

We ended up adopting a dog from the Kansas Humane Society, and he fit in great with our family. Based on the other comments, I don't think Pal's Rescue actually tries to rescue dogs; it just keeps them in kennels, waiting to find the "perfect" home, which doesn't actually exist. Since retiring from the military, we moved to the country and now wanted to help give a home to animals. We saw Dasher on Adopt a Pet and just new he would get along with our gang 7 cats, 7 dogs, and 5 horsesso called the shelter and drove an hour and half away to see Dasher, now we have adopted several animals in the past but I do have to admit Pals Animal Rescue are very protective of their animals and where they are going to live, the shelter is very clean and didn't smell witch I have come across a lot of sticky sheltersso, I discovered " patience" is the key, they check everything and that takes time but this is a very good thing, they care very much about animals and want to make sure the whole family will be very happy.

I had a very good experience while I was there with my friends who were adopting a dog. It was very clean and organized. The people were so nice and very caring. Darla G. Unfortunately I had to select at least one star I couldn't leave it as a zero. I currently have a Collie and have had them in the past so I know the breed very well. When I saw Finley on the Pals site, I knew that after being abandoned, he needed to get out of foster care and into a forever home as soon as possible.

I encourage some friends I know to adopt him and they were turned down. One lady has 15 acres fenced in and since they live in Hutchinson and work in Wichita, the dogs mostly stay outside rather than being kept cooped up for 11 hours a day. Because of that, this lady has a heated and air conditioned garage for them to get out of the weather if they want to.

Another gentleman was turned down for not having a fence on his four acres of land in the middle of nowhere. So, I Pals wichita kansas to adopt Finley and had the worst experience with Pals. I filled out the application on-line on 6 June and waited to hear from somebody. After a week I called, and called, and called.

Then on 17 July, Ellen said the foster had denied my application. That Pals wichita kansas an outright lie. The Pals Facebook had him featured to be at an event on 20 July. The poor animals at Pals spend way to long in foster care which makes it harder for them to transition to a forever home. Very rude. My mom had to repeatedly call them and they couldn't even find our application. I understand being picky about some things but I could hear this woman's I guess the manager voice snapping at my mom telling her our dog was aggressive she was not and other stuff.

Talking all kind of stuff about our dog about how Cocker Spaniels don't do well with other dogs and are typically jealous when it comes to other dogs.

Basically talking down to us rather than kindly turning us down which wouldn't have been a problem. At that point it was clear our application was thrown away. I now have a dog from the humane society and she is doing perfectly fine with the other dog. I would give PALs negative stars if possible. We tried to adopt a dog through them that would be kept inside our home.

I spoke to a lady on the phone and it was pretty clear that we were not acceptable since we have another dog already that is considered more of an outside dog even though he spends most of his time inside. I never really understood her rationale for the concern at that time. She said we could go ahead and fill out an application anyway which we did. Never heard anything back from them one way or the other. After the fact I compared notes with friends that had also tried unsuccessfully to adopt from PALs.

They Pals wichita kansas had similar stories. This was very disappointing. We intentionally sought out a rescue dog instead of buying from a breeder because we wanted to help. Now we are talking to breeders because of the attitude of PALs. The sad thing is that they are making the situation worse by keeping perfectly good homes from taking in some of these rescue animals that really need the help.

I also know now that this is a bad charity to donate money to since they obviously have an underlying agenda that dilutes the money that should be going to help the animals. They really do more harm than good. My family and I wanted to adopt this beautiful cat that my daughter and I fell in love with that was up for adoption through pals at a local Petsmart. After going home and discussing it first I went back the next day and filled out their application.

Pals wichita kansas took two days before I heard anything back and that was only because I ed the director and another person. The only reason I did this was because the manger of Petsmart recommended it, and said she would put in a good word for me.

After 5 days of ing back and forth we were bluntly denied being Pals wichita kansas to adopt. The reason, we could not show three years of vet history on current pets. Well or current pets we have owned two years or less. Which they are current on necessary vet visits. My past vet from pets that passed on 4 years ago would not give a reference without first talking to me. I called and gave permission and then informed the PALS director and other person handling the adoption that they could call back.

They refused to call that vet back for the reference and still said their was nothing they could do as it was their policy. With that aside that they never followed through on a reference that could give them a 7 year history of me as a good pet clientno where on their website or their adoption application does it list a "policy" that you have to prove a three year vet history in order for them to approve an adoption. They simply did not want to put forth the effort to adopt this cat to my family.

A cat they adopted out to what they considered an approved family, and that family returned him and the dog they adopted a week later. Something I would never do. We met all of their qualifications and were still turned down. The Petsmart manager even stated they are hard to adopt from and make their own rules as they go.

The director mainly was who she was referring to. I understand being picky, but acting this way, its no wonder why it takes them so long to find homes for pets. Plus they don't even respond to your application unless you constantly them. As they do not return your phone calls and half the time their voic box is full. Something needs to be done so they stop abusing the power they feel they have.

I have worked as an adoption coordinator for a shelter before. They are taking their standards too high. This cat my family Pals wichita kansas has been up for adoption for four months and still does not have a home. Especially now when it could, but they are denying it. Their so called policies are not listed on the application or their website. Where is this set in stone? Also I was told by one of their people she had to deny it because of the vet reference, but I could talk to the director as she has before and could very well override that decision.

They were solely basing their decision off of the vet not giving them a reference the first time they called. But yet never called that vet back after the vet was given permission to talk to them. Donate Share. Assistance League of Wichita, Inc. Wichita, KS Rating: 5. Share experience with this nonprofit today Share Your Story. Add to Giving Basket.

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