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Her passion for ceramics began when she immigrated to South Africa where she was introduced to the Jo Penaz ceramic studio in Constantia, Cape Town. Her inspiration for her pieces stems from nature with its array of never ending colours, shapes and tranquility. Her ceramics are of clays such as porcelain, stoneware and earthenware. All her pieces are hand built by coiling and rolling of clay. She combines a variety of different glazes along with the use of be and coloured glass.

To learn more about Jane and her art, please contact:. A native Dubliner, Dearbhail has been living in Kinsale since Her work is influenced by her lifelong interest in spirituality, folklore, nature and the current climate crisis. Dearbhail is available for private commissions and her work may be seen on Instagram DearbhailConnon. Her favourite painting media are oils and acrylics, preferably using the palette knife. For her textile pieces, she likes to use a combination of hand printing and embroidery embellishments. When she works, she likes to draw inspiration from the present e. Paradoxically, she loves both the discipline and the freedom that making art gives her.

Lucy has been living in Kinsale since and started her creative journey here. She began selling her work online in and is currently completing a Masters in Art Therapy. Little did she know when she turned a lamp to put on her piano over twenty years ago that woodturning was going to dominate her life for years to come.

Unless she is out collecting a tree or meeting customers at a craft fair she can usually be found covered in shavings next to a spinning piece of wood in the studio of her house in Summercove just outside Kinsale. Usually working with storm felled, locally grown timber she produces a variety of hand crafted pieces from key rings and cord pulls, cutlery and bottle stoppers to dramatic statement pieces like her hollow vessels and massive bowls. Many of her pieces make lovely presents for weddings and special occasions. Using local timbers including ash, oak, robinia, beech and yew she first turns bowls into rough shapes and leaves then to Painter named granny massage dry for up to two years before returning the pieces to the lathe for refinement and finishing.

Illustrator, Painter. Since ,she has dedicated her professional life to art. She stopped working as a Veterinarian and started being an artist.

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She loves old techniques in painting and photography and thinks it is important to save the knowledge of the past. At the same time she loves the modern inventions …. The philosophy at the Norfolk School is that you need to understand the rules and techniques so that you can then break them. Website: www. Mary is from a pretty little village close to the coast in Wexford and has lived in Innishannon for almost twenty years. Her art studio is nestled among my flower beds in her garden where she can see the beautiful vistas of West Cork all around.

She is inspired by the beauty and ruggedness of nature. She has a fascination for trees of all varieties and sizes but particularly Birch trees. She often draws inspiration from social and emotional dilemmas that we face as individuals and as a society, or race.

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She works in a variety of media, including acrylics, watercolours, inks but has a particular love of working in the textile arena. She started posting her work on Instagram in February and in July that year participated in Kinsale Arts Weekend for the first time. She then created her Kinsale de and had it printed on organic cotton t-shirts to sell in the Famers Market. Her greatest personal achievement and proudest moment was when her Kinsale de went up as a printed mural for arts weekend in and still hangs in the main car park in Kinsale measuring 12 ft x 21 ft. She has a similar style Cork mural in Cork city.

Simon is an Irish landscape photographer based in Kinsale, County Cork. He grew up in the scenic countryside of West Cork, where he always felt a strong connection with nature and the ancient landscape of Ireland. ly self employed within the I. T sector as a web master, Painter named granny massage ran a successful web de firm but always held a flair and keen interest in photography. He has a strong eye for composition, balance and light; making his photos unique and highly collectable.

He specializes primarily in landscape and nature photography but also contributes to press photography from time to time. Mary is a local artist and part of Kinsale Atlantic Artists Group. Living in the countryside and also close to the sea greatly inspires her work. Through her art she journeys through various landscapes and elements of nature using a range of materials including textile, collage, ink, paint and print. Her colour palette tends towards natural earthy tones to reflect the changing seasons and the diversity of our natural environment.

Chloe Austin b. Austin is a multidisciplinary artist, working with video, performance, installation and poetry within her current creative practice. The work aims to capture the struggle and fragmentation of language, performing the body and its relationship to new technologies.

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Triona Ryan originally studied and worked in Film production. She lived in France for 16 years where she developed her love of clay modelling. Her sculptures are predominantly figurative, and she finds inspiration in nature and the human form.

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Her latest bronze piece will be exhibited at Ballymaloe Sculpture Exhibition She produced her first outdoor piece recently. Modelled in clay and cast in fiberglass, it is on permanent display at the Tracton Arts Centre. Currently a student at the Crawford College of Art and De she is enjoying experimenting with mixed media and glass as well as upskilling in ceramics.

A native of Kinsale with a keen interest in ceramics from a very young age. Emma studied art in school and since then it has always been her dream to make her own ceramics. Her work is inspired by sea creatures found along the Wild Atlantic Way. She has lived in Kinsale since and started painting inspecialising in landscapes in acrylic. She takes her inspiration from the beauty of West Cork and has exhibited at the Kinsale Arts Weekend since Her work is largely semi abstract landscapes.

She has been drawn to places near water, ponds, the sea and rivers. She allows the paint time to dry in between layers and she plays around with the colours, often an oil painting will take a year or more to complete. She started her career as an artist with drawing. She did her degree in the Crawford College of Art in Cork and later completed a second degree in De Communications.

She loves drawing and starts each day with a small scribble. She feels drawing is the beginning. Karen has a passion for nature, and enjoy experimenting with the pattern and light found all around us. She likes to allow my work to evolve naturally by applying various pouring, drip and drying techniques in order to create pattern and contrast between light and dark. Maree predominately paints on silk but also dabbles in mixed media. As a floral deer she love to paint colourful flowers. As a watercolor painter currently living in Cork, Emily is inspired by the textures of the unique Irish landscape and finds solace and peace in the creation of these landscapes.

She is intrigued by the hopeful and peaceful feel of both the mountains and the sea and feels that her relationship to the natural world is central to her art practice. The enclosed body of work is focused on the seascapes in Ireland. Through the exploration of layering watercolor paints, as well as incorporating mixed medias such as tissue paper, and oil pastel she attempts to capture the movement and beauty of the moment the sea and land meet. This relationship between the land and sea is a momentous occasion, where the mystery of the ocean and the safety of the land are fused together for a time.

Painting mostly with oil paint and sketching charcoal drawings, she works both from life and imagination, and at times from photographs on commission. She was born in Co. Clare, Ireland but grew up across Europe as her parents have a travelling horse drawn theatre and Painter named granny massage always on the move.

She does not have one particular style, it all depends on the mood of the day. However the main theme has always been horses. The goal is to create alive Painter named granny massage beings rather than realistic ones missmiljaraulo gmail. His hand printed Linocuts include mainly monochrome prints of such images as local landmarks, flora and fauna and also a collection of old Irish coins.

Linocut is a printmaking technique, in which a sheet of linoleum is used as the relief or negative surface. He carves a de into the linoleum surface, the raised uncarved areas represent a mirror image of the desired printed image. Once carved, the linoleum sheet is inked with a roller, and then pressed onto paper to create the final image. He prints all pieces by hand onto handmade paper, each one being slightly different and unique. The past few months have been challenging for all of us in Painter named granny massage myriad of ways.

Now we are coming out of our cocoons and reing friends, family and our wider community. We come together with renewed positivity and Hope in our hearts. This theme runs through our walking gallery this year. Our fiercely talented local artists have generously agreed to showcase their art. Many town venues have offered up their spaces to allow us all to enjoy the beauty and imagination in their pieces.

The synergy of these alliances and the expression of these artists brings Hope to the fore. We are privileged to share this with you during this weekend. There is joy, wonder and hope all around us! Feel free to contact any of the artists if you would like to know more or support their work.

Contact details to be found here and on our website. Riki Matsuda Prims Bookshop. Riki Matsuda is a painter and illustrator who divides her time between Ireland and the U. Her work highlights an acute awareness of the imperfection and limitations inherent in human communication. It gives the viewer an opportunity to experience the distress and humor of misunderstanding, as well as how the artist embraces these shortcomings with a curious sense of familiarity.

The artist recently endured a grueling four-month residency in which she barricaded herself inside a house with only the bare essentials, leaving the studio only to replenish her food supply and battle rotundness. The work from this recent period will be displayed for the first time out of doors during Kinsale Arts Weekend. A ature theme of her work is the play of light on water. She paints from her studio in West Cork. Kit French Gallery Since returning to Ireland he has been dividing his time between landscape and portrait work,one to influence the other.

He only works from life using distance and the changing light to compose. Photographic aids are not used as this would disrupt the dialogue with nature. Originally from Wicklow, Helen now lives and paints from her studio in Kinsale. The sea and weather has greatly influenced her work. For the past few years, she has mainly painted in oils and acrylics. She also works in pastels, charcoal and driftwood. Her artwork is generally colourful, energetic and impressionistic. For more information, please contact Helen here:. Jane Bendon Sheehy Brothers.

Dearbhail is available for private commissions and her work may be seen on Instagram DearbhailConnon dearbhailconnon gmail. Working with oil on canvas, Matt takes inspiration from the beautiful County Cork landscape.

Painter named granny massage

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