Online dating how to tell if a guy likes you

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Working out whether someone you fancy fancies you back has inspired endless memes, thousands of novels and, let's be honest, daily Whatsapp chats between friends. But during this past year, lockdown added an entirely new dimension to figuring out what someone's true feelings or intentions are, because thousands of us turned to online dating — when physical meet-ups were banned — without any idea of when or where we would actually be able to meet the people we spoke to.

Despite restrictions now starting to lift, some people are still feeling understandably cautious about rushing to meet up IRL indoors and with outdoor dates seemingly out of the question thanks to this wet and windy weather, online and video dating is still the go-to for many of us.

If you spoke to people you met online much more regularly over past year than you would have normally, you're not alone. It's comforting, it's a good distraction and a great way to try ' slow dating ' and suss out their intentions them out before putting the time and effort into a physical meet-up. The problem is, how do you actually tell if someone online is worth investing your time in?

So you know whether to proceed forward and continue chatting? They often respond minutes after you send your message. They message often No matter how busy they get, they will always find the time to talk to you or respond to your messages when you need them.

You will feel that they have you on their list of priorities. They use Emojis Although communication is digital, you can already guess from emojis if someone likes you or not and how the emojis become more 'hearty' over time. This is one way to detect if someone takes the time to formulate those messages and make it extra special. They pay close attention When it comes to chatting with someone online, we tend to be eager. It's either we send a lengthy chat or cover whatever it is we want to share in separate sentences.

The bottom line is, we may flood someone's inbox the more excited and engrossed we become. But if a person likes you, they pay close attention. They'll see to it that they back read your multiple chats and reply to every single one if they can. They'll make sure to keep the conversation going. They accommodate your platform of choice There's a lot of ways to communicate with someone in this digital age. It's either you exchange text messages, send memes, chat, go on video chats, or call each other.

The choice that pushes you to try any of these platforms all boils down to comfort. If a person likes you, they'll respect and accommodate to your platform of choice. Are you the type who sends multiple text messages? They'll respond and keep you posted, then. Do you want late night calls? Done deal. As long as the two of you are talking, they're okay with it. Subscribe to Red now to get the magazine delivered to your door. Like this article? up to our newsletter to get more articles like this delivered straight to your inbox.

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Online dating how to tell if a guy likes you

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5 ways to tell if someone you've met online likes you