Nude woman in Swansea ks

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I' A woman was on Thursday morn'ng 'b- lerved wandering in the fields of Pantglass Farm, one mile and a half from Kidwellv, in a state of nudity. Information was given i to the Kidwelly police, and P. Daviee at once cycled out and brought the poor wonran away. She was found to be quite demented. I There was a fire in the fields, where rubbish was being burnt, and in the remains of this were found portions of hear cloth. Her black high- laced boots- bearing the name of the maker, and hat were.

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The former were A. Harper, Liandrindod Wells, and the reference No. The hat was of bluish greenraw, with a velvet band, and trimmed with cream and pink roses and foliage. T'ne woman is about 5ft. She refuseg to say much, but lit reply to the polfce said that she came trom Porthcawl, and hJLt she wanted to g'; back to the ft aids.

She has also referred to her cdildren. The police took her to the Carmarthen Asylum. Britten said that after being brought to the station defendant said "I want tQ confess all. I was cleaning the windows i and saw a satchel, as they call it, on top of the drawers in something like a bed- room. I opened the satchel and saw Li jn it and tcok it. I did it on the impulse of the moment. I am hard up. I Carjr. Lloyd, Llanelly, moved thai; they j provide a tempwary school for the ehii- dren from the Old Road Schooi who were now on th?

Burrv Port, seconded. Jones Nude woman in Swansea ks that it. Mervyn Peel Danyrallt If the to are so bad, whene is the road sur- j veyor? Jones No road surveyor could remedy this route under three or four thou- sand powies, Sooner or later they wornd have to go in for accommodation for the children m that district, seeing that the of the ateel works employes had. Would it not, he asked, be bettor for them to come to some arrange- ment with the Llanelly authority to get tfaoee children into the Llanelly school which they formerly attended.

The Old Road School was buiJt for these children, end they have been driven out of it because I this authority wont comew any terms with regard to it. Cries of "Shame. Jones proposed that a committee should be ap- pointed to inquire into the circumstances, and that the children should be given to understand that they could go to school next Monday morning.

The Llanelly people had acted the part of the dog in the manger. The Chairman did not blame Mr. Jon, said he did not care a fig what the chairman did. Ultimately the resolution by Mrs. Llovcwifb the addition that a Visitmg Commiti-ee be appointed wit-fe a view to building, wag go-i-Al.

James Gandy super- intendent resgut-arwho prosecuted, and Mr L. Th-e iac-ts of the case were fully disclosed j at the coroner's inquiry and published in j oar columns. Defeixient's wife gave birth to on April 23rd. Payne, a re'srhbour, said the chtid was oorn i-iive.

Dr Armstvong v.

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Defendant had acted in igtio-ance. Ihomas Hughes 'ersret-aker of the burial ground pleaded guilty to permitting the burial of tho child as if it were still-born. The Bench said that Johnson, the parent of the would br- fined 2i-li. I Vies-llv Hughes's offence was the greater in this matter.

I Reuter's Foreign Special. T'iie purcl'. Davies in his absence. On Wednesday afternoon ladies walking alon- the Cliffs Nude woman in Swansea ks Bracelet Bay, Oyster- mouth, heard growis erianating from below, anct gave an aiarm to som? A man was found in great pain on ii. By means of ropes the man TO secured and brought to safety. He is a carpenter, and suiiers frc,rii partial par- alysis, the result of an aoeident in falling off a scaffold ten years ago. His injuries mainly to the head—were found Lv be severe, and he was removed to Dr. V sale s surgery and afterwards taken home. Twelve months ago Gammon met, with a similar mitihap not fai away ijoni the spct wnere Ins was found on the present occasion.

The Swansea Coroner Mr. Doceased stayed a. Deceased was a heavy drinker. Mrs- Bogers, lacdladv, said tliat when she found Jenkins getting worse during the iay she stnt for a policeman to get iiiiu removed to the Workhouse Infirmary, but the policeman said it was a case for the relieving officer and net for the police. The Coroner said it wae the policeman's duty to have assisted 1r5. Rogers ana not to finely define where the duties of the police and the relieving officer came in.

It was not for the public to run after either the police or the rtlie-dng ofiieer, but it was for those offioesrs to run after the pub he, whose servants they were. Detective Howard said he would bring the case to the notice of the Chief Cen- stable.

Hie Coroner said the constable might i'a. Urban Marks attributed death to gvn- cove. Swansea Board of Guardian met oil Thursday, Mr. Meredith p-mdding. The Clerk reported the death of an i; mate at Talgarth Asylum. It was eliciu. Dop-kin that deilth had ooeurre a woek after removal from Bridgend Asylum to Talg'arth. Hopkin ramairked that the man must have been in a precarious con. Evans took objection to an increase of to the salary of Dr. Lloyd Edwairds, medical officer, on the ground that he received other grants.

He regretted that the total income of the doctor was not given to them when they considered the application, as some of the members were under the inrpressiocn that the total income amounted to E 10s. Ho moved that the salary remain as at present. Siedle seconded. He favoured deferring the matter. Evans then withdrew his amendment, and moved that the matter be referred back.

Thomas thought it waste of time. The matter was decided at a large meeting of the Duties and Salaries Com- mittee. There TO a great diiterenoe between Dr. Edwards and the Clerk. Edwards was a qualified gentle- man, who had to spend veair Mr. Thomas: Is Mr. Hopkin in order' Chairman Leave everyone elee aJone. Hopkin said he was not going to refer to anyone else.

The salary paid to the Clark of the Board was approximately or -LM. Edwards was a professional I man, who had spent years to acquire the knowledge of hip profession, and many hun- dreds of pounds. Edwards had dole his work in such a. They could not calculate in money value the services ren- dertd to the wople he visited.

He wanted Rev. Evans and Mr. Griffith to realisso t n. Williams thought it waste of time to send it back, and endorsed what Ifr. Hopkin had said, and spoke of the good qualities of the doctor. Rogers was aJso opposed to r6ierring, and said that the approaching election had something to do with the quetrt-ion. In reply to Mr. Thomes, the Cterk said that Mr. Edwards had paid 12, visits during the year, been consulted in the sxtrgerv 1, times, and bsd dispeneed 18, bottles of medicin-o.

Evans then moved, and Mr. I d Griffiths seconded the following pro- Dd. This was ultimately carried after further discussion. Elliot, of the Cottage Homes, was de- ferred. With the foregoing amendments the re- Nude woman in Swansea ks of the Duties and Sauries Committee were agreed to.

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Mr Joseph Hall, hon. Before Messrs. Chapman, and D. Stephens, who had a con- viction. Thomas Joluson, similarly charged, was finfid 7s. John Shore, labourer, was charged with lodging at the Craigola Fuel Works, and "having no visible," etc. Bevan, watchman, said they were much troubled with these men. Fourteen days hard labour. Defendant left, and the articles were missed on Saturday. Bryngwyn Sheet Mills are now nearing completion, and the machinery will be pot.

Henrietta Chapel Choir, Swansea, were gen- erously entisrtained on Thursday e-vening by their esteemed. Evans Adefphi Hotelat the Gros- venor Cafe. At tne crosa table Rerv. Gibbon, presiding, J who was supported by the donors of the feast, the ohoir, Mr. Jonea, Mr. Stephen Evans, Mr. David Rase Church re- ViryMr. Rre-oa, Mr. Cole Morgan, Miss Carter, etc. The Chairmen proposed a hearty vot-e oi the ks to Mr. Evans and hs brother, Mr.

Nude woman in Swansea ks

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