Need to relieve stress Concord

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Music and cats. Being a person who deals with an inordinate amount of stress, I feel happy to share my secrets with you. The following activities help me stay on an even keel. My strategies, in no particular order, are as follows:. I like to create collages and make use of my artistic ability. Doing nice things for others is also another for-sure stress reliever.

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I find plenty of calmness in gardening. My husband would probably rate this as my most time-consuming coping strategy. I enjoy the company of a good book and read whenever time affords. There is a logging trail in the woods behind my house and Bear, Cheyenne, Scout and Riggins are my companions on this adventure.

Occasionally my kittens us. One of the kittens, Babar, could qualify as a therapy animal. Hold him and you feel any stress melt away. My family bottle-fed him and his sister as they were orphaned and found in our woodshed. The bond that developed has been highly beneficial. Lastly I try to cultivate my healthy sense of humor.

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These are my turn-to, sure-fire ways of dealing with stress. We are truly strangers in a strange land these days. We may on occasion feel a sensory overload that is debilitating. I find that at those moments it is wise to take a temporary time out. Yes, hit the pause button and refocus. A personal method that I find helpful is to close my eyes for a minute, if possible, and be silent. I then recite: Be still, Charlie. Listen to me. I AM — I am with you all — always. Ah, stress! It has been a fact of life for us since our ancestors left the trees and walked on two legs.

So how do I, personally, deal with stress?

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One is to step back and take a deep breath, in fact, many deep breaths. Focus on breathing is a successful method for de-escalating stress, and it works for me. It is a component of a of evidence-based strategies, including mindfulness meditation, yoga, tai chi and diaphragmatic breathing. And I try not to catastrophize, predicting that the headache will worsen and sabotage all my plans, or my efforts to live a good life.

Instead, I step back and ask what my body is telling me. Stress is inevitable in all of our lives. I love stress.

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The kind where you feel the blood drain from your legs and your knees buckle as the jumpmaster dramatically swings open the overhead cargo door to a perfectly good airplane, and you peer down and see nothing between you and subtle shades of an emerald quilted patchwork of ground 10, feet below. And, at this point, the only way down is to jump. Or, standing in the starting gate to your first fill in the blank 5K, half-marathon, ski race — whatever you chose to venture beyond your comfort zone, to allow you to feel your edges, to do something you never thought possible.

When self-inflicted, it is the antidote for boredom. Too much work. Not enough work. Single parenting. It is taking the time to walk, mindfully, in nature to study the single leaf of a quaking aspen twisting in the undulating rhythm of the wind.

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It is the intermittent splat of fat raindrops falling on a leafy overhead canopy in the thick, tropical air. The simple act of connecting with a landscape as humble as a nearby park is my prescription for emotional wellness. We can never have enough nature.

Need to relieve stress Concord

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Question of the week: What do you do to relieve stress?