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Facebook can be used both from your computer as well as from mobile devices through its application available for both Android and iOS. Facebook is the social network par excellencewithin its service you can always be connected with the world, you can find out what your friends and family, your favorite movie stars or your favorite singers and companies that you follow all together in one place ideal for it, Facebook. In addition, this service offers interesting things such as an exclusive section for Videos, as well as an efficient chat which you can use independently, among many other things.

Currently this service has as its main competitors services such as TikTokInstagramTwitterSnapchatto name the main ones. In the current article we will see how we can access this service, there are many ways, we will try to explain the most used as well as provide information that will help you better understand the operation of the most popular social network in the world, safety recommendations to avoid problems with our and much more!

If you already have a Facebook you can log in. You will only need your username your registration and password, next we will see how to access Facebook through computers, later we will see how to do it from cell phones or tablets …. If you are from a computer or laptop you can log in directly from its website, for this you must access with your preferred browser Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge to name examples to the following web link:. Remember if it is not your computer, you must log out when you no longer use it, otherwise it is possible that other people have access to your Facebook and all that this implies, it is a good idea to even delete the browsing data as they could be the autocomplete and cookies for more security and peace of mind.

The best way to enjoy Facebook on our mobile device is by using its own application, which is deed to be very comfortable to use on small and touch screens.

If you have a smartphone or a tablet, then you can increase your experience in the social network using its official application that is freely available for both Android and iOS, thanks to this you can use the popular social network in an easy and dynamic way. If what you are looking for is not having to install an additional application to your cell phone and you are not going to use your Facebook much then you could consider doing it from your mobile web browser, for example with Chrome, or whichever you prefer, you will be able to access in a basic way the service, although this option is not recommended if you are going to use the popular social network frequently since the mobile-optimized web is not very comfortable to handle.

By default both on the web and in the application if we log out, the will be memorized so that later on we can easily access it, although it remembers your username, you will have to password to access it again. If you do not want your profile to be memorized then you must delete it with the X that appears in the photo of it to be deleted on the device. Every time we access Facebook, it will ask us what are you thinking? Main screen where you can find the updates of the people, characters, brands, artists, that you follow, you can easily interact with their publications.

On Facebook we can groups according to our interest to be able to interact with the members of this group. A service the size and proportions of Facebook needs a lot of money to maintain itself, however, it is not the users who have to pay to receive their services but rather they are financed thanks to the advertising of third parties, usually companies and famous people or who want to. Facebook is a trustworthyhowever we are always exposed to malicious people and programs stealing our data and even our access to our Facebook as well as our mail, and other Internet sthey take advantage not so much of weaknesses of Facebook but rather of Login to hotmail with facebook naivety and ignorance of common users, if you want your to be safe I can give you some very general security recommendations such as:.

If you want to take the security of your one step further than the rest, you can activate the two-step authentication function with which to access your you will not only need its password but you will be asked for an additional step beforehand.

Perhaps on the Internet there are many social networks, however there is not one so large, not even close that can be compared to Facebook, which allows us to share photos, videos including live videosstatuses, animated Gifs, etc. Facebook chat allows us to communicate with many options in addition to being able to exchange files, it allows us to liven up the chats with Emoticons, Stickers and animated Gifs, it also has the functions of calls and video calls totally free, using the Internet connection. With them you can publish content and publications as if it were your normal profile but with a public nature it is an excellent way to keep the people subscribed to your informed.

Article written by Juan published on the website:for more information and news about this great service you can continue browsing this website where we have an exclusive section for this great service. This service is owned by Facebook. This is the most popular messenger today, a service that in an easy and simple way keeps us communicated with the people we love, with a very efficient chat from which we can share files, photos and videos, our location, contacts and much more. WhatsApp also provides us with other functions such as the free calls and video calls service of Login to hotmail with facebook high quality, not having to worry about our telephone bills, we will only need to have an Internet connection, in addition to the social function of States, with which we can share publications for our contacts.

Currently this service as a messenger competes with TelegramFacebook MessengerSkypeZoom among others …. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. to use my Facebook! You will only need your username your registration and password, next we will see how to access Facebook through computers, later we will see how to do it from cell phones or tablets … 1. You may have ly configured an additional step, in which case you will have to do this extra security step.

If you do not remember your password you can easily recover it with your registration address or now also available the option to recover it through your cell phone and other methods. Recommendations and characteristics of the website: Remember to log out if you are not at your computer!

You can use the dark mode on the web : brought us good news, and that is now the dark mode is also available on the Facebook website, using it will be your decision, this mode makes reading more comfortable for our eyes since it does not force them so much, it is ideal for low light environments. Enter Facebook from my cell phone or Tablet Access your through the official application: The best way to enjoy Facebook on our mobile device is by using its own application, which is deed to be very comfortable to use on small and touch screens.

To identify ourselves it will be enough to place our username and password. It is possible that we will be asked for an additional security step, if this is the case you must follow the instructions that will be indicated to you. Enjoy the service!

Mobile website? Common questions from users: Can I log in with different Facebook s on my device? If we are on our computerwe can log in with a different in each browser we have, if you want to use two Facebook s in the same browser you can use incognito mode to access your second Facebook.

In the case of the applicationwe will need to log out to access another Facebook. How to log out of Facebook? To log out from the computer web version of the samewe click on the triangle pointing down that is right in the upper right corneronce we click, the options will be displayed in them we will find the one of « Close session «. To log out of the application, we must click Login to hotmail with facebook the Three Horizontal Lineswhich appear in the upper right part just below the chat symbolwhen clicking on it, we will find, below, the option to « close session «.

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Login to hotmail with facebook

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