List of 20 questions to get to know someone

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Medically Reviewed By: Rachael Lee. Getting to know new people can be hard, especially if you are shy or suffer from problems like social anxiety, autism, or depression. Even though it can be difficult to meet and get to know new people, most of us still want to have at least a small circle of friends and family to feel connected to.

Friendship can have a very positive impact on our health and well-being. Good friends are good for our health, and friends can teach us a lot about life. Friends can also help to keep us mentally strong and can even help to promote brain health. According to the Mayo Clinic, friendship is good for your health. Adults with strong social support have a reduced risk of many ificant health problems, including depression, high blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol and an unhealthy body mass index BMI.

Some studies have even found that have rich social circles are likely to live longer lives than their peers who have fewer connections. Friends are able to give us a sense of connectedness. The need to belong and feel connected to someone or something is a universal human need.

The need for connection is an emotional and psychological drive within us as human beings, and friends can make us feel connected in a way that provides a sense of identity and belonging. The obvious benefit of friendship is not feeling lonely. Even though some people are much more social than others, we all tend to need personal interaction with others at certain times. Knowing that you have someone that you can call up and lean on, or give you a hand when you need it, can provide us with a sense of support and peace of mind.

Friends can teach us how to be patient, how to forgive, how to laugh, how to play and how to have fun. And we, in turn, get to learn how to do that with others. Friendship is a two-way street where you can feel trust, support, love, kindness and caring, and where you can, in turn, show that to someone else.

Source: pexels. One of the most common frustrations these days is - "where and how do I make friends? With social media ruling the world, it can sometimes feel difficult to know where to meet someone in person and start to List of 20 questions to get to know someone a friendship.

One way to move towards finding and establishing a social circle is to draw on the people that you already know that could end up being a good friend. Getting more out of the people you already know can go a long way, but it doesn't always yield new and lasting friendships.

Oftentimes you might find yourself at the point of needing to meet entirely new people. This requires getting out there and meeting people in places - but where? Getting in hobbies or communities where you can naturally meet a lot of people that you already know you have something in common with. This might be a running group, going to an art event, ing a club etc. Think about the things that you like to do, and then look for ways to do it in a way that involves other people. Meeting people definitely requires an effort and it requires getting a little bit uncomfortable and getting out of your daily routine, but it is worth it.

Once you have found these ways and places to meet people, then we can move on to how to start to get to know the people you have made an effort to be around. One way that you can improve your social skills and establish friendships is by using good questions to get to know people.

These types of questions can be used as ice breakers to get conversations going when you aren't sure what you have in common with someone yet. Chances are, you aren't going to use all 20 of these questions with the same person in one sitting - unless you decide to make a fun game out of it and answer them all with a new friend! The idea is to pick a few favorites. Choose questions that make you curious and that you feel comfortable asking the person that you want to get to know better. Some of these questions are very simple, while others are deeper questions that touch on things that are a little more personal like family and fears.

Gage your questions based on how long you have known the person. Do you need the basics first or have you known this person for a while and want to get to know them better? This is when it can come in handy to have a list of good questions to use such as icebreaker questions. They allow you to get to know each List of 20 questions to get to know someone without going too in-depth. You probably have different goals when getting to know a date instead of getting to know just the average person next to you on the bus. Here are some date questions to keep in mind:. These are just a few examples of the best questions to get to know people that can help you start a conversation that goes beyond how someone's day is going and the weather.

By asking these types of interesting questions, you can potentially find out that you have more things in common with the people you meet and form deeper relationships with them because of it. After a while, asking these types of questions should become second nature and you will feel less nervous about engaging in conversations with new people. You can even come up with your own list of your favorite questions to ask people when you are getting to know them better! You can add questions from this list and come up with your own unique questions.

If you feel like you have persistent problems connecting with people or don't feel at ease in social situations, you might want to consider speaking with a counselor. Whether in-person or through an online counseling service like BetterHelpan experienced counselor can help you get to the root of your social anxiety, giving you insight and tools to make it easier to connect with people. It is advised you ask small, easy questions at first to build trust.

Once you have laid the foundation with the basic questions, it is the time for follow up questions, you can ask more personal questions or simply build off the questions already asked or from the answers given. Ask open ended questions which are conversation starters that require creativity to answer.

You should also ask about the family, friends, family members, and their backgrounds. When you ask about the family, you get to know about their traditions, habits, and backgrounds. You can also ask them personal questions about their goals and aspirations. It is better to avoid conversation starters.

Make sure that the questions asked are very comfortable to be answered. Getting to know someone on a deeper level is much more challenging than making acquaintances. The real work is done at this level. Humans are varied in their personalities. Remember that people often like to talk about themselves.

Other people may be a little shyer and to themselves. To get to know them on a deeper level, it may help to start by asking them a fun question or casual questions until they feel more comfortable. Look for interesting questions that the person seems to connect with. Below are some interesting questions you can ask if you want to want to know a person more deeply. Majority of the time, they are funny questions that are generated to spark interest in the conversation, but it is advised to minimize the volume of funny questions in your conversations in order to avoid being erroneously perceived as an unserious person.

They are some of the best conversation starters which can generate interesting answers, they include:. When you like to know a person on a deeper level, it is best to ask questions of interest to both parties, especially open-ended questions, this will enable you to know the mind and thoughts of the other person and you will be able to connect on an intimate level.

Make sure you are listening as they answer. If you find that they seem to be really engaged in answering a certain open-ended question, this could give you insight into what they like to talk about and are interested in. It is quite better you ask open ended questions which are good conversation starters, this will allow you to be able to know his mind and thoughts.

Below are few juicy questions you can ask your guy? Remember to adjust your personal questions based on what level you are in dating and how well you know him. If you jump to deep questions right off the bat, you might scare him away. But if you use the right fun questions, you may find that he really starts to loosen up and have a good time. Also, when chatting online or making calls, you might find it difficult to keep the conversation going sometimes, here is a trick on how to go about it. Ask questions.

To ask questions that really get her talking, make sure to choose the right ones. Here are some to get you thinking:.

There is no one specific question which is regarded as the hardest to ask someone. But a question can be very hard depending on its complexity, who is asking, who ought to answer, where and when it was asked and the situation at the time it was asked. When asking a person, a question, it may become a hard nut to crack when there is reduced knowledge and reduced self-awareness. Remember that people have different comfort levels around sharing personal information. A question is deep when it takes the person to answer a need to reveal his inner, private self to another person. Asking personal question depends on selecting good questions and good conversation topics.

These conversation topics can be drafted to suit the particular conversation. Some of the conversation topics that are best suited for deep conversation include family, goal, romance, aspiration, value, experiences, etc. Deep conversation starters are generated from these topics. These are often open-ended questions and are suitable to start deep conversations.

Example of deep conversation starter or deep questions include:. Often times, it will be an interesting question or maybe even an unconventional question that makes the other person have to stop and think before answering. Random questions work so well because they help to throw the listener off-balance in a conversation. This makes people when asked random good questions to give more honest and genuine answers because they have little time to predict or think about it.

And due to this, they are used to keep conversations lively and interesting. They are used as good conversation starters, to unsettle and surprise your conversation partners. These and many more are what make them most suitable as conversation starters. You can use funny questions, open-ended questions or even deep questions that are random. There are plenty of questions that work well when talking to a lot of people, even if they seem very different from each other. It can help for you to have some great questions to rely on to get each other talking. When thinking up questions for couples, you may want to ask your partner to share a related story along with their answer.

Most kids love fun questions. They love to be entertained and can give some pretty entertaining answers themselves. It may be a silly one, but this question is great for getting the wheels of creativity turning.

But you want to find ways to help them feel comfortable talking to you and answering your questions. You can also look for a related story that you can share or ask them about as your conversation continues. Remember, a lot of people like to have fun. Personal conversations can stem from a good question.

List of 20 questions to get to know someone

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Questions to get to know someone