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W hen Carol was eight years old, she was baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon church.

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But she refused to stand up in front of the congregation and bear her testimony — to make a Lady looking sex Mormon Lake about how she knew that God, the Heavenly Father, loved her. Carol only remembered this years later, in her 20s, while working with a therapist who specialized in childhood trauma. She gradually came to realize that she had been abused since she was a very young. Her father justified sexual abuse by using an example from the Bible.

Now, at age 56, Carol not her real name has watched her Facebook feed fill up with messages of women saying metoo. She thought these very small words held huge stories. But I have this voice. Telling the truth about sexual abuse is hard for anyone, but it has particular challenges in the conservative, Mormon community of Utah where Carol was raised for most of her life and where she now lives. Carol, who identifies as a Mormon feminist, sees a parallel with powerful men in Hollywood and those in the Mormon church.

On paper, the rules are clear. It was ; Carol was 29 years old by then, and her father had since remarried and moved to another state. According to a three- letter read it in its entirety here addressed to Carol, church leaders confronted her father, and he denied it.

She decided not to bring her rape to the attention of an even higher church authority or to take legal action. Instead, she focused on her own healing, and she says her Mormon community has been instrumental in that. Over decades, she says she has had many positive relationships within the church, including some supportive local bishops. She is committed now to helping to contribute to these difficult conversations among her fellow Mormons.

One of the most high-profile cases of sexual abuse in Lady looking sex Mormon Lake Mormon community was the abduction and repeated rape of year-old Elizabeth Smart by a religious fanatic in Smart has said those teachings contributed to her sense of hopelessness.

At the time, she feared she was ruined, not worth saving. Since that time, a controversial verse from the Book of Mormon has been removed from a workbook on virtue for Mormon girls. While the church continues to teach chastity and abstinence, spokesman Eric Hawkins says victims of abuse should be assured that they are not to blame. But the shame persists among victims, and it can create a ripe environment for abuse, according to Tara Tulley, a therapist practicing in the predominantly Mormon community of Utah County.

Tulley said these reported rapes represent only a small portion of the actual s. In Utah, she said, the internalized shame runs deep. The website also advises members to always be neat and clean in appearance, and not to disfigure themselves with tattoos or body piercings. Tulley does not look like a typical Mormon with her purple hair and tattooed skin. She says many women here feel pressure to appear perfect, to avoid showing any vulnerability.

Tulley encourages people to seek healthy support.

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Church leaders are instructed to work with the victim in ensuring the abuse is reported to authorities, and they have access to a hour help line provided by the church, but Tulley says a well-meaning bishop can sometimes give psychologically damaging messages to a vulnerable person. At Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, several students spoke last year to the media about how they were afraid to report sexual assault because it meant putting themselves at risk of investigations into their own conduct.

Students at the church-owned school must the Honor Code, which prohibits use of alcohol and illicit drugs and sexual intercourse before marriage. If students reporting sexual assault were found to be in violation of the Honor Code, they could be disciplined — even barred from attending the school. After investigations by the Salt Lake Tribune and the federal Office for Civil Rights, the school changed its policies in June last year to give accusers amnesty from Honor Code investigations. A survey conducted in March this year on BYU campus revealed that most students who said they had experienced unwanted sexual contact did not report it.

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If they did talk to anyone, they were most likely to speak to a religious leader like a local bishop. Survey committee leaders determined that more work needed to be done to educate students about reporting, sexual assault policies and support services. The school now has a new full-time Title IX coordinator and an advocate for victims of sexual assault.

For the first time this fall, BYU trained new students on consent at orientation.

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I would love to live in a society where victims are believed and not shamed or blamed. Richardson wrote in a recent column about how she posted metoo on her social media feed. She would like to see a response from the highest levels of the LDS church, to create opportunities and training for members to talk about sexual harassment and assault in a church setting. At this point in her life, Carol says she would be happy to never speak of her father and the abuse again, but she feels a moral responsibility to do so.

That includes church meetings, where it may be hard for people to hear what she has to say. Through her difficulties at home, it was this community and her belief in God that affirmed her sense of self-worth, but she says, there is a dangerous and hurtful flip side. But Carol knows she is not the only one in the room who has been abused. She speaks for them, and others in a position to help them. Andrea Smardon is an award-winning reporter and contributor to National Public Radio based in Utah and executive producer of the podcast Changing Our Stories.

And I was born to tell the truth. For Mormon women, saying MeToo presents a particular challenge. Wed 29 Nov Her father punished her by raping her. Reuse this content.

Lady looking sex Mormon Lake

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