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    banana journey fairtrade

  2. A Fairtrade Banana's Journey

    banana journey fairtrade

  3. Fairtrade reflects people's personal values

    banana journey fairtrade

  4. A Fairtrade Banana's Journey

    banana journey fairtrade

  5. B is for Banana

    banana journey fairtrade

  6. Journey of a FAIRTRADE banana

    banana journey fairtrade


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  6. The amount of effort some companies put into verifying sustainability


  1. A Fairtrade Banana's Journey

    A Fairtrade Banana's Journey. 23 October 2015 | Kyle Freund. Ever wonder how bananas reach supermarkets here in the United States? This fun comic explains who helps get you your favorite fruit. The journey doesn't have to stop here! Learn more about bananas.

  2. Banana farmers and workers

    Fairtrade works with banana farmers, workers employed on plantations and with the banana trade to create more value for producers and ensure people get a decent price and decent pay for the hard labour that goes into growing this crop. ... This film tells the story of some of the people who produce bananas and their journey to getting a fairer ...

  3. More sustainable and resilient Banana Supply Chains: Fairtrade's new

    The Fairtrade Banana Dashboard: Supply Chain Reporting and Visualisation. ... Sustainable and resilient bananas are a journey. Driving change in banana requires a holistic approach, it is not only possible to tackle wages, for example worker rights, similarly, to improve incomes for smallholder farmers climate must be at the centre of the ...

  4. Brighter future for banana plantation workers as Fairtrade launches

    Brighter future for banana plantation workers as Fairtrade launches 'game changing' new offer for traders and retailers. Madrid, Spain, 2 Oct 2023 - Fairtrade International is excited to launch a major new initiative in the drive to deliver decent incomes for workers on Fairtrade certified banana plantations across the world.

  5. Brighter future for banana workers as Fairtrade launches 'game changing

    The panel will include representatives from Fairtrade, banana growers and commercial partners. Fairtrade Minimum Price (FMP): the updated FMP for bananas comes into force from 1 January 2024. The FMP for Fairtrade bananas at 'Ex-works' level will increase by an average of 2.1 percent (an increase of between US$ 0.05 and US$ 0.35 per 18.14 ...

  6. PDF The future is fair Fairtrade & Bananas

    Fairtrade by the Numbers 75% of Canadians believe that buying Fairtrade means they are supporting fairness for farmers and workers +86% In Canada, Fairtrade bananas sales grew 86% in 2022 17% of Fairtrade banana farmers and workers on banana plantations are women 35,895 farmers and workers in 257 banana producer organizations $259 million

  7. Top 12 facts about Fairtrade bananas

    Top 12 facts about Fairtrade bananas. 24 August 2022. 1. Fairtrade is the only certification scheme with a minimum price. Banana farmers and workers across the world are facing increased financial struggles and uncertainty. Fairtrade's minimum price means that farmers and workers can build their resilience.

  8. Come On In to Coobana Banana Farm

    Welcome to the farm of the Coobana cooperative in Panama. Coobana grows Fairtrade bananas, most of which are exported to supermarkets in Europe. This 360 vid...

  9. Fairtrade International

    Fairtrade Banana Dashboard. Browse this rich set of information to learn more about Fairtrade bananas and the path to a fairer banana sector. You'll learn about Fairtrade producers and origins, services and programmes, insights into human rights and environmental topics, and ways to deepen impact in living wages, climate adaptation, and more.

  10. Lesson plan and activities for Early Years

    Follow the journey of the Fairtrade banana with this lesson plan and activity pack for Early Years settings! This pack includes: A presentation about the journey of the banana. Make your own banana plantation. Act it out! Inside activity. Banana Hide and Seek. Banana Hand Playdough Activity. Role Play Shop Activity.

  11. Go Bananas: Discover where food comes from

    Updated with new facts, photographs and stories, this cross-curricular resource will help learners aged 7-11 to discover where their food comes from. Learners can gain a vivid insight into the banana supply chain and research the countries where bananas are grown. They will get to grips with Fairtrade and think critically about the enormous ...

  12. About bananas

    What difference does Fairtrade make? Fairtrade works with small-scale banana farmers and with workers employed on large banana plantations. There are currently 10,370 banana farmers and 26,100 plantation workers participating in Fairtrade in 119 certified co-operatives and 139 certified plantations.

  13. Five reasons why we're bananas about Fairtrade bananas

    Fairtrade bananas mean more stability. Fairtrade bananas have a minimum price, enabling more stability and long term planning for producers in a market dominated by low prices. If the market prices go up, naturally Fairtrade producers can negotiate a better price! 4. Fairtrade bananas power better wages for workers.

  14. Fairtrade launches the world's first upright banana

    Working together with banana importer AgroFair, and farmers from the banana cooperative Plátano Recto in Colombia, Fairtrade has created the first upright banana in the world. The upright Fairtrade bananas will be available in supermarkets as of today. With the introduction of the upright banana, Fairtrade easily helps consumers make a ...

  15. Bananas factfile

    Bananas factfile. Colombia is a South American country with a population of 51,3 million. Fairtrade commodities from Colombia include coffee, bananas, fruit, and cocoa. Bananas are the staple food for millions of people around the world and the UK's most popular fruit. Bananas are grown both on small family farms and much larger commercial ...

  16. Fairtrade 'significant' step towards living wages for banana workers

    A new study shows that sourcing on Fairtrade terms is critical in the journey towards achieving living wages for banana workers. ... (€0.96) per box of fresh banana (18.1 kg; Fairtrade International, 2021b) and is paid to the Hired Labour Organisations (HLOs). Each HLO has a Fairtrade Premium Committee that decides democratically - together ...

  17. Bananas

    Bananas. Every Fairtrade banana purchased in the UK makes a significant difference to the lives of the 36,000 Fairtrade farmers and workers who produce them. For farmers and workers in countries like Colombia and the Dominican Republic, growing bananas for a living has always been challenging. Buying Fairtrade bananas means that producers ...

  18. Bananas

    The aim of the Living Wage Reference Prices is to support banana producers and companies in their journey towards Living Wages. The Fairtrade Living Wage Differential is a voluntary contribution that commercial partners can pay after the Fairtrade Minimum Price and Fairtrade Premium for a worker to earn a living wage.